Big Booty Bitches Ch. 19

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 19

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Heidi Klum

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, facial, blackmail, viol

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

A ray of light from above beamed down from below onto the table, illuminating the dark room. Over the table sat a briefcase, opened revealing the content. Steven sat across the table as he counted up the stacks of money, dividing the share of twenty five grand with his cousin, just like he promised. Across the room, Ramón glared out the window into the subtle darkness. Steven had arrived at his apartment just an hour ago as it was around midnight. Yesterday the private jet had returned to Miami and after some rest, Steven went back to work. He divided the share of money into twelve thousand and five hundred dollars. One half for Ramón, the other half for himself. Once it appeared he was finished, he let out of a sigh of relief and rose from his chair.

“I’m finished, you’ve got your half and I got mine.”

Ramón turned around from the window and walked over to the table. Everything had been done over the kitchen table inside his apartment. He looked at the stacks of money sitting on the table while Steven shut the briefcase and re-locked it. Ramón spoke.

“So, that’s it? Twelve thousand, five hundred dollars yeah?”

Steven looked t him and nodded. He didn’t have to say a word to confirm it. Ramón just smiled as he looked down at the money. Steven always kept his word with business, and here they split the share of the coke deal just nicely. With a big grin on his face, Ramón spoke once again.

“I might use this money and buy some new clothes. What are you going to use your money on?”

“Nothing. It’s going right into a savings account where it belongs.”

The little bit of cash was already burning a hole in Ramón’s pocket. Steven knew his cousin all too well. Ramón could be easily persuaded by his brother Carlos at times when it came to blowing money left and right. Steven thought about it while he moved to the refrigerator. He opened it up to grab a soda can. After shutting the frige, he looked over at Ramón and spoke while opening the top of the can.

“Did Carlos ever crack and tell you where he bought that coke from? It was fine yeyo, must be from a good source cause it tested high.”

The sound of the can’s cap snapping echoed loudly in the room. Ramón just looked back at his cousin and nodded before replying.

“Yeah, he said it came from some guy named Sylvio Legba.”

Steven held the can up to his lips while drinking but came to a stop when he heard the name. Lowering the drink from his lips, he replied.


Ramón simply nodded. He watched Steven’s face as he turned around. It was clear from the expression, he could read that Steven was familiar with the name. What he was not telling Ramón was that he had history with Legba. If Carlos was messing around with this dealer, he was playing with fire. He turned away from Ramón to look back at the table while grabbing his black jacket off the chair.

“Did he tell you how long he’s been buying from Sylvio?”

“Yeah, Carlos is in with him so far. That was the first deal and I gotta tell you, Carlos has been really fucking pissed that you snatched that brick from him. I’ve heard about it all the time, non-fucking-stop how you cost him a lot money just to lose that yeyo.”

While slipping the dark jacket over his green neon shirt, Steven stopped and thought to himself. If Carlos was dealing with Sylvio it was one thing, but now Ramón had alerted him to the fact that Carlos was probably searching for payback. It didn’t seem like he retaliated in any shape of form while he was away in London, but you could never lower your guard. Steven turned around and looked back at his cousin before speaking.

“Has Carlos been waiting on me to come back in town?”

Ramón shook his head.

“I don’t think so. He left a few days ago for a trip to Fort Lauderdale to meet with a friend. He told me he would be back sometime next week.”

Steven rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“He’s probably up north trying to find another deal and something cheaper.”

Reaching his hand down, Steven picked up the suitcase loaded with his money and now, it was time to go back home. He turned to look back at Ramón one last time before he was to leave.

“Your brother is a fucking moron. Dealing with guys like Sylvio, he needs to watch himself.”

“You know this guy?”

“I know him well enough to the point that he’s not someone I’d want to fuck around with.”

Without giving too many details, Steven left it at that. With the briefcase in his hand, he walked out of the kitchen and began heading to the door to leave. Ramón could tell from the words that Steven clearly knew about this man to some degree. He would have to sit down with him some other time and have a discussion of the matter. Ramón was curious now who his brother was dealing with. He called out to Steven.

“Hey, good looking out for me! I appreciate it!”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll catch you at the club tomorrow night.”

Ramón heard the front door open and then Steven left. A lot went through Steven mind while he left his cousin’s apartment, just thinking about what he had told him. He had a history with Sylvio Legba, one that went back to when the two of them were young over 20 years ago, back in the 90’s. The memories ran through his mind while he drove through the empty streets back to his home in Coconut Grove. Just yesterday he had returned from the London trip and had some hours of sleep, but none of that mattered at this point. Steven was sure to get some rest even if he was thinking about too many things.

Sylvio Legba was a Haitain drug baron, a member of the Zobops gang. They had a reputation for using religious symbols traced back to voodoo myths in their home of Haiti. It had been some years since Steven had last dealt with Sylvio. The old business relationship had ended on uneven terms involving a deal gone wrong. The one thing that worried Steven the most with Carlos shaking hands with underworld figures was the exposure of the Diaz name associated with the club. After all these years, all Steven wanted was to run a club legitimately without any old connections from the past coming back to haunt him. Carlos was already known as a fuck up after he was busted by undercover cops and served time the last year.

The purity of the cocaine seized from Carlos raised even more questions. If he made the purchase from Legba and it was this pure, then he had to have a source to an elite drug lord in town. Legba and the Zobops gang must have moved up and were now taking supply from someone more powerful. So many thoughts and speculations ran through Steven’s mind when he laid down to sleep in his bed alone. He could’ve laughed while replaying the time where this had all began. Just a week ago, it all started with the car accident in the rain. One coincidence of a pot hole in the road led to a crash in the ditch and another stroke of luck with two kilos in the back seat; one busted creating a mess and the other had just been sold over the pond in Britain. All Steven could say to himself when falling asleep was that he did not ask for these problems. It simply followed him.



Sunny skies had moved past the week with no bad weather in sight. The typical winter time of southern Florida was always hot during the day time. Anyone that had the money to afford vacations in Miami, were always best to do them during the prime of winter to escape the tourism that was always big during summer time. Today was Tuesday, like any other day of the working week. Everything seemed to be back to normal for Steven after he had come back home. He spent his time with Emily, completely forgetting that he had cheated on her with Holly Willoughby during the short London trip. When he wasn’t working at the club at night, he spent his time alone with Emily. Over the weekend, they visited a golf course for a game. Refusing to take nights off the club, he simply invited her to have some fun with him while he was at work.

Nothing had really happened back at Disco Fever for the two nights that Steven was absent. True to his original thought, Antonio handled the place just fine. He spent a day with his nephew who told him about his father coming to spend a night with him at the club for a bonding time as father and son. Steven had been impressed with how dedicated Antonio was with stepping up and handling his fair plate of work with the club. In times, Steven felt bad as a father that he related more to his nephew than he did his own jock son. College football season was over and Jacob had all the time to himself now to party and indulge in the campus lifestyle he had at Miami University. The Hurricanes played in a bowl game up in Orlando that they won with ease, following a team party that was hosted at the club. Steven felt happy that he at least had that moment with his son to hug him and tell him how proud he was, but their relationship was always strained. Despite the differences with his son, he loved him enough to fund his dream. The scholarship to the local university was not cheap, but Steven would never regret it. He wanted his son to have the best of everything, no matter what.

Emily remained on his mind through out the day. Steven knew their relationship was doomed to fail at any given moment. It wasn’t so much that they had a loveless life outside of having amazing sex and fancy dates. The subject of social media had come up during the weekend and again yesterday. Emily demanded that they take photos together to post on her social media accounts while Steven refused at every moment. The only photos they had together were stored on his phone and he wouldn’t send them to her. The argument of trust had erupted last night. All Steven could think about was that he probably had made Emily curious as to why he wanted to remain out of photos with her. He knew a young woman like her had no business dating someone like him who could be trouble. Eventually they would have to split, but he did not want to hurt her with an ugly break out.

The afternoon hours came through the day while he sat behind the wheel of his metallic blue Cadillac and took a ride out from home. Steven wasn’t sure yet where he was going just yet. Every now and then, he liked to get behind the wheel of his Cadillac and enjoy a nice quiet cruise by himself. The Cadillac was a Coupe DeVille from the year 1964 with a white top and matching white seats and steering wheel. Steven adored the old car more than anything that belonged to him. Unlike his brother Tony who needed luxurious things at all times, he would take the old blue Cadillac over any sports or luxury car. He had another car, a black Mercedes that he rarely took out for a drive. While he was driving through the neighborhoods of Coconut Grove, his phone vibrated with the notification sound of a text message. While stopped at a red light, he reached for his phone through the inside pocket of his jacket to read the text from an unknown number.

‘Hey, it’s me love! Need you to meet me ASAP’

A second text appeared moments later with an address. No name was given in the texts so Steven wasn’t sure what this was about. His first thought was that it had to be Emily in some emergency probably texting from a friend’s phone. Regardless what it truly was, the message couldn’t be ignored. Steven put the phone down and turned the wheel of the car after reading the text. The address listed was on Star Island. To get there, he would have to get on the interstate and hit the MacArthur Causeway and go through some toll gates. Star Island was quite known for being an island with numerous big mansions and some famous names who resided there. When crossing over the interstate, numerous thoughts ran through his mind of just who this mystery text could be from. It wasn’t until half an hour later when crossing through the toll booth into the wealthy island neighborhood, Steven had remembered something that was beginning to feel all too familiar with the text.

The address led to a large mansion that was owned by Heidi Klum. Steven remembered as the old flashbacks ran through his head. He smiled to himself once he realized the destination he was moving to was her mansion. Heidi had been a long time friend to the Diaz family, going back to the 90’s. She had known Tony and Steven’s father: Esteban Diaz, otherwise known as ‘papa’. After his death, she had carried on a good relationship with Tony for party favors. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s did Steven really grow close to the woman. They used each other a little bit for business apart from a fling here and there in the party night life of the town. Heidi always came back to Miami once a year to check with Tony, leaving Steven wondering if this was her time to arrive for a little vacation.

Once he reached the gates to the mansion, he could see a figure above on the balcony. Heidi’s mansion had a large black gate leading to a driveway. The mansion itself was a two-story house with a balcony up the front. Steven could see a blonde woman in a fur coat and sunglasses looking at him. Judging by the distance, it didn’t appear she had any clothes on beyond the fur coat. Steven had to wait for the big automated security gates to open while the female figure disappeared from the balcony, back beyond sliding glass doors. After a moment waiting, the gates rattled and began to move to the left, opening the pathway for him to move his car and park next to a fancy white sports car that Heidi had. Steven assumed it was a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. He stepped around the stone walkway, heading to the front door when it opened to Heidi herself standing in the fur coat. Below, she wore a brown bikini bottom. Steven smiled while she moved the pair of gold sunglasses from her eyes to look at him.

“Heidi, I wasn’t expecting you to text me today from an unknown number. What happened to your old phone?”

“I ditched my old phone after Christmas. I just got a new one and I imported my contact list, so you’ll have to change the number in your phone. Come on inside, I’ve been wanting to talk to you.”

Her explanation was subtle. Steven just followed her steps and entered her mansion behind her. The door shut once they stepped in. He couldn’t help but tease Heidi about her fur coat while she took the walk upstairs and he followed behind her yet again.

“Are you tanning topless, babe?”

She giggled in her German accent before looking over her shoulder to answer him.

“Yeah! I take it that you see something you like, hmmmm?”

“Oh, you know I’m not going to say no to that.”

Once again she laughed as they stepped their way up the stairs and Heidi led him to her upstairs bedroom. The lights were out, relying solely on the glass sliding doors to illuminate the room in a nice shade. Heidi walked over to a chair she had near the bed and sat down, crossing her legs as she looked back at Steven. He had picked out a light orange jacket, wearing it over a black shirt and white pants. Heidi smirked and spoke again.

“I heard that you’ve been a busy boy lately, Steven.”

“Oh yeah? Where did you hear that from?”

Her fingers played with the gold pair of sunglasses, moving them back and forth before she gave him the short answer.

“Sebastian Taylor, that’s who. Or should I mention someone else?”

Steven rolled his eyes and shook his head before answer.

“Oh, who else would that be?”

Heidi stopped playing with the sunglasses and then gave him a smug grin before she answered.

“Kate Upton? Yeah, I know about that too.”

She rose from her chair, setting the sunglasses down on a little table stand near the long glass sliding doors. Heidi looked out the windows at her small back yard and the water stretching out over it. She could see her reflection through the surface as she slid the black fur coat down, revealing her tight ass tucked in the little brown bikini outfit. Steven could clearly see that the blonde woman was trying to tempt him.

“How do you know about all this?”

With a slight giggle, she turned around smirking at him. His eyes looked over her large bare tits while she responded.

“Well, first of all, Kate is working with me in L.A. We have a fashion show and she is going to walk the runway at my show. She told me all about meeting you in Miami and the new club. I already had heard about Disco Fever in the news last year.”

“Oh yeah? Shame you didn’t bring her with you.”

“Why is that, Steven? Are you thinking about having the two of us at the same time?”

Her words teased him even further. All he could do was shove his hands into the pockets of his pants and shake his head at her. He remembered Emily just now.

“No, I don’t believe I could. I’ve been seeing someone lately.”

Heidi became shocked, dropping her lower lip.

“Oh! You have a girlfriend now, Steven? That isn’t really like you…”

“Yeah, at the moment. I’m seeing Emily Ratajkowski, I’m sure you know her name.”

The blonde nodded.

“Yes, I’ve met her a couple of times. I may be having her at a fashion show soon. I can’t believe you’re really dating her, are you in love with her too?”

“To be honest with you, no. I’m not, but I don’t want to tell her that.”

“Why not?”

Steven approached Heidi, trying to fight off the temptation of her nude torso to his view. She was teasing him enough with her body, not to mention her words.

“I’m afraid I’ll hurt her and I don’t want to do that. I’m old you know? I just turned 40 last year-”

“Hey! I’m older than you by a few years!”

He laughed as Heidi had snapped back at him with her words.

“Yeah but you know what I mean, right? This girl, she’s like 23 or 24. She’s in the prime of her life! She needs to be enjoying herself and not wasting her time with a man like me reaching middle age.”

Heidi rolled her eyes while moving to the bed and then replying to him.

“So? You fucked Kate who is around the same age as her. Honey, just be honest about it. You’d fuck her just like you fucked me years ago. You’re not worried about that at all, you just don’t want to be in a relationship.”

She leaned back on the bed, smirking at him. Heidi couldn’t deny it in her mind that Steven’s hypocrisy could be quite cute. He nodded at her and responding, quickly changing the subject.

“What did you want to see me for?”

Heidi laid back on the bed. She pushed her feet down to raise her knees up and then spoke.

“Sebastian had a big party with the white powder you sold him. He told me about dealing with you, I didn’t know the two of you were business friends.”

“We’re not. That was a one time only deal with him.”

“Well, that’s fine. Anyways, I figured I would see what you’re up to. After all, I’ve heard your name a lot the past month. First from Kate, then from Sebastian. I figured maybe you could help me out with something.”

Finally, she cut the chase from beating around the bush with small talk. This is what Steven really wanted to know, why she was here in Miami now. Heidi continued speaking.

“I have an ex-boyfriend who is blackmailing me right now. We broke up back in October and now he’s blackmailing me. I know he’s in Miami, that’s why I figured I would ask you for help. He has some photos of me that he is threatening to leak unless I pay him money.”

“Are you paying him now?”

She sighed before answering.

“Yes, I have no other choice at the moment. I’ve sent him cash twice since Christmas.”

“I’m assuming the photos are on his phone? Just so you know, if he has the photos uploaded somewhere, they’re on the internet already. If he’s smarter than that, he’s probably already uploaded them some place safe.”

“Yeah but I figure it’s a chance I just to have to take. I need his phone in my possession.”

Steven crossed his arms and nodded.

“You said he’s in Miami? Do you know where he’s at?”

She nodded.

“My bodyguards have already tracked him down. He’s staying in a hotel back in South Beach, but they can’t get anywhere close to him since he can easily recognize them.”

“So I take it that he also knows you’ve found him, huh?”

Heidi sighed before nodding her head again. Steven thought for a minute, raising his hand below his chin. He would have to scare this guy enough and retrieve the phone. After thinking it over for a minute, he responded back to her.

“Get one of your bodyguards to text me a photo of this guy and give me all the details you have on him. I’ll take care of this tonight.”

She smiled while leaning up over the bed.

“Oh? You mean, we’re not going to have fun first? I guess you’re already persuaded to help me.”

“No need for it now. I like to take care of things first and then, we can have some fun together.”

Rising from the bed, she placed her hands on his shirt and looked into his eyes before smiling. Steven figured Heidi was probably going to kiss him, just as she usually did when they met. Instead she simply nodded. Her every move was simply to tease him further after learning the fact he was seeing another woman.

“I’ll get my bodyguard Max to text you in a few hours. I just want his phone, that’s all.”

Steven nodded.

“Don’t worry, babe. I’ll get the phone for you. When I’m done with this guy, he’s going to be praying to whatever god he believes in that I don’t come back and finish him.”

She leaned up and softly kissed his cheek.

“Thank you, Steven! You’ve always been a good friend to me.”

“No problem, Heidi. I’ll bring the phone to you tomorrow after I have it.”

“Sounds wonderful, I’ll be waiting.”



After leaving Heidi’s mansion, Steven had some work to do as usual with preparing for the night. To do this little job for her, he would have to call off the night back at the club and give it to Antonio and Ramón. Emily had not text him all day, probably out of bitterness to their arguments over the weekends. He had to think of a way to break up with her eventually but right now, he had more important matters at hand. He went back to his home to get ready for the night. With a nice long bath, he spent the hours in a calm state of mind in the hot water. When he looked in the mirror hours later and slicked back his short black hair, he was at least happy that no grey hairs had come yet at the age of forty.

Heidi’s bodyguard texted two photos of a blonde haired white male, proving they had spent quite some time gathering information on their man. He was described to be as tall, skinny and occasionally wearing dark sunglasses. Steven had a name to go by: Chris O’Hara. The hotel he was staying at on South Beach happened to be one of the fancy art deco themed hotels that the city rented out by tourists coming in and out of town. The Sun Ray Inn was painted in bright orange and white pastel colors during the day time, but would be lit up in neon lights tonight. Within the texts, he had the specific room number on the second floor. Steven prepared himself, dressing in black pants and a blue shirt under his matching black jacket. In the bedroom of his house, he kept a few guns locked up in an old box with precious items from his life. Inside the box contained his original prom photos from high-school with his now ex-wife Tara; the first baby photos of their son Jacob and a copy of the birth certificate, photos of his mother and father, a pocket watch that belonged to his father, and two pistols.

The first gun in the box was a black Beretta Model 81. The gun had numerous scratches over it, showing the age as it was a gun passed down to him from his deceased father. The second gun was also black, Steven’s SIG-Sauer P220. This one was the weapon he preferred, it had just been purchased five years ago. Back at the club, he kept a second SIG pistol of the same kind in his office, locked in the desk. He loaded a fresh clip into the gun, cocked the hammer back and then set the safety. Before he had put on his jacket, he had to look in the closet to grab his old shoulder holster to seal the gun. It had been some years since he left the house armed under his jacket, but tonight was an exception. He had to scare this guy to the point he wouldn’t come close to Heidi again. Steven left the house after making some calls to Ramón to give a notice to Antonio that he wouldn’t be there tonight.

Once at the hotel, Steven kept his jacket buttoned up. He couldn’t reveal the content of what he was packing with the pistol. He parked the black Mercedes around the back parking lot and went in from there. He couldn’t take his Cadillac this time, only the car he rarely used as it would shield him from any potential witnesses identifying the blue Cadillac he loved to drive. Avoiding the elevators, he used the stairs to make his route up. Steven remembered these hotels from when he was young. They were much different than they were decades ago back in his youthful days as a juvenile, long before the hotels had been remodeled. Inside the hotel, he surveyed all the halls. The second floor is where the room was: #037. The thoughts ran through his mind on what to do. The hallway was empty and he figured he could easily just kick the door in, but what in O’Hara wasn’t inside to be found? That was a risk he was simply going to have to take. Another risk would be waking anyone up in the hotel and causing a loud commotion.

Taking in a deep breath while he stood against the hotel door, he moved to the side and figured a neat little idea. Perhaps if he toyed with the door, he could force O’Hara to open it. There was a peep hole in the front of the door. Steven moved against the wall and then raised his left hand to knock on the door while he unbuttoned his jacket. He slid the gun out of the holster with his right hand and firmly gripped it while he knocked again and moved his hand. After the second knock, he counted to ten in his head and then, he moved his hand across to wiggle the brass door knob. Leaning up against the wall, he used both hands to hold the guy now. Within a few seconds, he heard a noise from behind the door and then it began to slowly open. Steven quickly moved in front of the door to the face of a blonde haired young man and pointed the gun directly in his face. He looked him in the eyes and spoke in a soft voice.

“Chris O’Hara? Don’t fucking move. Take two steps back and let me in.”

Steven could see the look of fear on the young man’s face. He looked as if he was going to shit himself and had raised his hands back. The heavy breathing was a clear sign of fear and nervousness. O’Hara took two steps back and then Steven walked into the apartment. While pointing the gun at him, he used his left hand to push the door shut behind them. Chris breathed in heavy while looking back holding his hands up and then spoke.

“You-you’re here to kill me, right!? I bet that bitch sent you…”

“No, I’m not here to kill you. I’m here to stop you from blackmailing her.”

Chris just starred back at the man holding a gun at his face. Steven spoke again.

“Look, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. I want your phone and whatever device you have the photos on.”

“So, this is about the photos?”

Steven continued speaking.

“Just give me your cellphone and I’m out of here.”

“Alright, I’ll do that.”

Chris turned around and looked over his apartment. From where they stood near the door was the kitchen to the left and the living room had a coffee table and a couch. Over the table was a backpack and across the room near the window sat his laptop on small wooden table with a chair. He slowly walked towards the table where a baseball remained. Steven had lowered his gun and slowly walked behind him. Once Chris gripped the bat in his hand, he turned around and quickly swung at Steven’s shoulder. He knocked him back and Steven yelled out while taken from surprise.

“Oh, no you don’t!”

“You’re not taking the photos, fuck you!!”

The bat hit Steven directly in his left shoulder, causing him to take a few steps back but still holding the gun at the man. It took everything in him not to pull the trigger in rage. He couldn’t make this a bloody scene for the newspapers. A second later, Chris tried to push the bat forward and shove it into Steven’s gut. The young man yelled out in rage.

“You can’t take it, no!!”

Steven put his hand around the bat while still holding the gun aimed back at Chris. With his grip on the end of the bat, he moved his right hand over it, despite still clutching the pistol. Chris tried to push all of his strength into the bat to push Steven to the floor. All Steven could do was grunt and hold it, proving that despite his age of forty, he still had plenty of strength in his bones that this young man did not.

“I’m impressed! To try and come at me with a bat even when I have a fucking gun aimed at you, that takes balls!”

“You should’ve shot me if you were going to!”

The young man seemed to get it. Steven really didn’t want to kill him. He grunted and then pushed the bat forward with all his strength, shoving Chris up against the table hard before the young man cried out in pain and lost his grip on the bat. He fell to his knees while Steven took a hold of the bat and tossed it across the room. He slid the gun back into the holster of his jacket while Chris loudly gulped in his throat and gazed up at Steven. All the older man could do was smile down at him.

“You stupid fuck! You should’ve chose the easy way instead of this! Now I’m really gonna have to go fuck you up!”

Reaching down with his left hand, Steven grabbed the collar of Chris’s shirt and dragged him up on his feet. The man didn’t fight back, only the look of fear remained in his eyes. Steven reared his right hand back and punched Chris in the gut hard. The young man screamed.

“OH, SHIT!!”

“So you like blackmailing famous women into taking money?”

As Chris leaned back almost falling to the floor, Steven grabbed him by his shirt again and brought him back up. This time he just looked at his face for a second before slapping him hard over the right cheek. The slap echoed across the room as the man grunted in pain and leaned down. Steven snatched him up by his short blonde hair and taunted him again.

“So you think you’re a tough guy, huh? See how tough you are now!”

Raising him back up until he was standing tall, Steven punched him again in the stomach and then grabbed him by the shirt. Steven turned Chris forward and began to walk him backwards into the living room until he pushed him forward and let the young man’s body fly in reverse over the coffee table. His back slammed into the table, causing it to fall over on it’s side and knock the backpack to the floor. As Chris hollered out in pain, Steven was ready to end this and put unending fear into this young man’s heart. With his eyes locked on the target, he lunged forward and reached into his jacket to pull the gun back out from it’s holster. Chris took a deep breath, busting out in tears as he held his hands up. It was as if time had slowed down and he felt as if he was about to witness his death from the barrel of a gun in an assassin’s hand, like in a movie. Chris screamed while Steven held the gun in both hands and aimed it towards his head.


Steven stopped. He never had true intentions of killing him tonight. This was simply to frighten him and scar his mind with trembling fear. Still holding the gun in both hands, Steven replied.

“Oh yeah? Where is it?”


Turning around, Steven looked back over at the table in the corner of the room. Sitting on the table was a small laptop and the flat shaped smart phone near it. He picked up the phone and shoved it into the inner pocket of his jacket. Next, he looked over at the laptop. It was black and obviously was another device that he could store the photos on. Gripping the laptop in his left hand, Steven called out to Chris.

“You’ve got the pictures uploaded on this laptop too?”

He didn’t answer. Only the sound of sobbing could be heard. Steven was leaving with the laptop anyway. He assumed the photos would also be on there. He walked back over to Chris who was on the floor clutching his stomach and crying. With the gun in his right hand, and the laptop tucked under his left arm, Steven leaned down and spoke.

“Hey, look at me.”

When Chris didn’t look up, he yelled at him.

“Look at me, you fucking moron!”

Once Chris had looked at Steven, he spoke again.

“You’ve got balls to swing a bat at a man holding a gun, I like that.”

Swallowing his breath, Chris gritted his teeth before barking out in his saturated voice.


Steven just smirked.

“I’m gonna sleep just fine tonight after I leave. I don’t know about you, probably gonna be hard for you to fall asleep. I want you to think long and hard about this gun right here, Chris. Don’t make me back here, you understand?”

With tears in his eyes, the man just nodded.

“Y-yeah! Yeah, I understand!”

“Good, now play smart next time! Don’t fuck with the wrong people!”

Pushing the gun back into the holster inside his jacket, Steven moved fast to button up his jacket and then went for the door while clutching the laptop in his hands. He opened it and looked over the empty hallway before walking out like nothing happened. The staircase was used to walk back down to the main lobby, before he crept out in the back exit and went to the parking lot. He had what he came for: the phone and the laptop. He guessed that the laptop also had the pictures stored. With any luck, there wouldn’t be a password behind logging in after flipping it open. All that would be for Heidi’s bodyguards to decide what to do. It was time to drive back home and get some rest during the night. He planned to visit Heidi during the afternoon with the collected loot that she wanted.



Another bright day with clear skies felt like any other cliché that the town had to offer. True to his word, Steven slept just fine last night. After he got home with the black Mercedes, he move the laptop and phone into his Cadillac. Behind a locked gate to his house and a locked garage, nothing was getting to it. He had a small bruise over his left shoulder from the baseball bat earlier in the night. Just a little bump, it would go away in a week or two. After taking a shower and doing his daily routine after awakening, Steven texted Heidi the message to expect him to come soon. She only replied back with a one word response: ‘waiting’, it said. After dressing up, he took the Cadillac and went to take that drive through the MacArthur Causeway bridge to Star Island yet again.

Despite a cold front, it had worn off during the week. The hot weather outside forced him to go without gray jacket that he chose for the day. Steven wore matching gray pants and a black shirt underneath. Dark colors, despite the hot weather. It took over half an hour on the interstate and causeway to reach Star Island. After he paid his way through the booth again, he found Heidi’s house and drove the car through the gateway like before. The only difference was this time, no woman in a black fur coat was on the balcony looking over him. He stepped out of his car, clutching the laptop and the phone in his hands as he walked to the front door. Before he could knock, Heidi opened the door. She must have been watching from upstairs.

“Hello again, Steven!”

The legendary international model stood in only a little white shirt and some panties underneath. Her makeup was simple, only with some dark eye liner and mascara. She looked over what Steven held in his hands and then smiled back up at him.

“I knew you wouldn’t let me down, come on in honey…”

He didn’t say a word. He simply walked in and watched as she shut the door behind them. Steven handed her the phone.

“This is what you wanted, right?”

“Yep and I see you have something else with you.”

All Steven did was shake the laptop at her in a goofy little dance within his hands. Heidi laughed and walked off to the living room while Steven followed behind her. Once in the large room, she pointed over to a table near the entrance room.

“Just set that down right there, honey.”

His eyes wandered around the room while he set the laptop down. The large living room was decorated in yellow. A gold carpet was on the floor and then a black coffee table in the middle. Heidi sat the phone down on the coffee table and then Steven shoved his hands into his pockets while walking closer into the room.

“You know, Chris looked to be a bit young. What are you doing messing around with some idiot like that?”

“Steven, stop! Take your shoes off, honey! This carpet cost a lot of money!”

The little smirk on her face when she spoke made him wonder if this was simply a flirtatious gesture, or was she truly serious? He didn’t refuse her request. Kicking off his loafer shoes, revealing that he was barefoot. He stepped over the carpet and returned a smile to her.

“What’s wrong, Heidi? Not like you can’t afford a new carpet.”

“I can if I wanted to, but I don’t. Now I figure I must ask you a serious question now, Steven.”

“Oh yeah? Like what?”

She stood in front of him, walking forward while her hands moved down to the ends of her small white shirt. She looked in his eyes and spoke in a low seductive tone from her strong German accent.

“Are you thinking about Emily right now or are you thinking about me?”

Steven smiled, looking back into her piercing brown eyes before responding.

“No, I’m thinking about what you wore yesterday. That black fur coat.”

“Oh? You weren’t having naughty thoughts were you?”

“Not like I am now.”

He leaned forward, pushing his lips to hers. Heidi moaned as she opened her mouth and wrapped her hands over his neck to sink in a passionate kiss. She wanted Steven yesterday but today was no different. After their little kiss, Heidi stepped back from him and then slowly peeled her shirt upward. Her huge tits flopped down as she threw the shirt from over her head and down to the floor. Steven smiled as he looked at Heidi’s lovely breasts. He ran his right hand up to grip one of her tits, softly squeezing it as he looked back into her eyes. She spoke, once again in that seductive tone of hers.

“I think you’re a little overly dressed right now.”

“Mind fixing it for me, babe?”

“Not at all, honey…”

She kissed his lips again before running her hands over his black shirt. Heidi fell down to her knees and quickly tugged on his pants to unbutton them and push the zipper down. Placing her hands on the sides of his legs, she pushed his pants down past his knees and to his ankles. As he stood there in nothing but his white underwear, she reached her hand into his pants to grab his hard cock. Heidi looked into his eyes while pushing his underwear down.

“This right here, this is what I want…”

His eyes looked down as she began to quickly stroke his cock in her little hand. Heidi had wanted so badly to spend a week on Tony’s yacht like she had done years ago, but that was next to impossible since he had settled down. Years ago, she had an affair both both Tony and Steven back in 2002. It was all old memories but they always resurfaced in her mind when she had one of them in the same room as her. Now all she could do was smile at Steven while she pushed the head of his rod towards her lips and parted them. Slowly, she moved her mouth down to suck his cock. She took her time, sucking on his rod while her fingers remained wrapped down at the base. Heidi had closed her eyes and moaned into the shaft. ‘Mmmmmmmm’. When she brought her lips up, she looked up into eyes before coming off his rod with a loud pop sound.

“I’ve missed having fun with you, Steven.”

After speaking, she spit on his cock and then slowly licked the underside of the shaft with her tongue. Steven needed to remove his shirt but he couldn’t as all he could do was watch Heidi’s every move. Her mouth moved down to his balls and she began to lick, suck and slobber all over his nuts. It was then that he made the move to throw his shirt over his head and sling it on the floor while her mouth created numerous sucking noises. When Steven looked back down, he could feel his cock re-entering her mouth as Heidi had began to bob her head up and down on his meat again. Taking in a deep breath, he moaned out.

“Ohhhhhhh, god! You always did know how to work me over!”

Heidi just ignored his praise. She focused solely on sucking his long hard dick. She moved her lips, down and up before coming up for air and making her lips pop off the head. Looking up at him, she spit on his cock again and this time, began to stroke it between her fingers. Heidi smiled and spoke to him in her cute German accent.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah! I want to taste your cum, Steven!”

“You’re gonna make me cum if you keep it up!”

Going back down, she licked his thick rod once again before coming to a stop. Heidi had other plans before she forced his first orgasm of the day. Holding his cock in her hand, she looked behind her at the black coffee table. Suddenly, she got up from her knees and walked over to the coffee while still holding onto him by his cock. She used her free hand to swipe the table clean, knocking over a magazine and the phone he retrieved for her to the floor. She looked back up at Steven and spoke.

“Go on, sit down right there for me honey!”

Steven couldn’t refuse. After all, she held him by his cock like another woman had done just a week ago on a private plane. He moved to sit himself down on the table. He spread his legs out on the floor but didn’t lean back. Heidi fell back down to her knees between his legs and began to stroke his cock with both hands. One over the other, Heidi stroked his cock while looking in his eyes before teasing him with dirty talk.

“I bet you’re thinking about doing more than just having me suck on this cock. I bet you want it between my big tits too, huh?”

“Yes, fucking yes!! You read my mind, babe!!”

Heidi smirked hearing the excitement in his voice. She leaned down and kissed the head of his dick before she ran her hand through her golden hair. Tucking her hair behind her ear, she then reached down and placed her hands up on her large breasts. They were just the right size for titty fucking. Once she held up her breasts, Steven helped her out by pushing his cock towards the opening of her large mounds of tit-flesh. Heidi squeezed her boobs around his cock and then began to slowly pump them up and down, fucking his cock with her tits. She looked at him and lowered her lip, moaning. Her hands had folded over the middle of her breasts while she thrust them down and up, up and down.

“You like that, honey?”

“Ohhhhhh, fuck yes!! Fuck me with those big titties!”

“Mmmmmm, you’ve always liked these tits.”

His cock pumped up and down, the head raising up with each thrust that Heidi made with her breasts. She moaned, looking in his eyes. Never breaking the eye contact with him while her tits moved up and down on his rod. She wanted him to cum, knowing that she could force him to do just that with her marvelous boobs. They may not have been super large, but her tits got the job done when needed. Steven grunted, sitting back and moaning as he struggled to look at her face and watch her breasts at the same time.

“God, I don’t want to fucking cum yet…”

“I want you to cum! I want to taste you!”

Heidi’s words were a demand more than a typical response. She looked in his eyes, gritting her teeth. It was as if she was giving him one of those famous faces she made in modelling magazines years ago. Heidi would forever be a legend, especially in Steven’s mind She studied his facial expressions while still moving her breasts up and down on him. The squint of his face and grunt told her that he had to be close. She finally broke eye contact to look down and spit on the head of his shaft while it pumped up. Finally letting go of her breasts to free his cock, she wrapped her little hand back around it and pushed her lips back over the tip. Heidi began to pump his shaft within the grip of her hand while she sucked on the head.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck!!”

Steven yelled out and then Heidi gazed up at him with her eyes. She stopped sucking, only the head of his dick remained in her mouth while she began to pump her hand as fast as she could to jerk him off. He gritted his teeth and yelled out.


From between her lips, Heidi tasted his warm seed splashing into her mouth. Wad after wad of his cum entered her oral canal while she drained him dry. Her hand still pumped his shaft, only slowly as she worked to drain those balls into her mouth. His voice cried out, giving her the alert that she had truly done her job to begin this day with his first orgasm. Heidi moaned into the head of his shaft before she moved her lips away, creating a pop noise. She leaned up and showed Steven the sticky semen mixed in with her saliva. After giving him a good look, she closed her mouth and loudly swallowed his cum. His eyes watched her throat moving before he spoke.

“God, that was so fucking sexy.”

“Mmmmmm, I always loved swallowing your cum more than your brother’s.”

Steven raised his hand up to cup her left cheek before kissing her forehead. He didn’t care if she was telling the truth or not. She was such an angel still to this day. She looked up in his eyes biting her lower lip when he spoke.

“Are you ready for me to really fuck you?”

“Mmmhhhmmm, that’s what I want right now.”

Heidi raised herself from her knees and then offered him her hand to get up from the little fancy black coffee table. Standing together, they kissed softly on the lips before she turned around and faced the couch. She had been in control all this time and still would be, only from her demands. Standing in front of Steven, she looked over her shoulder and spoke.

“I’ll let you fuck my ass first, but only if you promise to really give it to me when you take my pussy next.”

“Oh, I’m going to pound your ass alright. Then I’m going to turn you around and fuck the living hell out of you, just like I always do.”

She moaned and smiled at him.

“I know you will, honey.”

Gazing towards the couch, Heidi bent over and placed her hands down on the cushion seats and raised her ass up for him. She wasn’t wearing heels, but that didn’t matter. Her legs spread out and she pushed out her thick buttocks to tease him. Steven stepped behind her, positioning himself to prepare for taking this lovely ass. He softly caressed her skin, running his hands over her cheeks before he spanked her right cheek. Heidi moaned to the feeling his hand striking her ass. She held her head down and suddenly could feel the head of his cock piercing into her deep dark hole. Heidi gasped and Steven moaned while he slid his cock into her ass. He didn’t say a word, only sigh of relief as he felt his cock pushing in and his balls slapping against the underside of her ass.

She bit her lower lip and began to gasp while she felt his dick slowly pumping in and out of her ass. Steven’s fingers gripped over her cheeks, feeling her firm skin while he thrust into her ass. All she could do was moan, closing her eyes and enjoying this sensational moment. Steven and Tony were men that never neglected to give her ass attention. Heidi moaned, but she couldn’t call out to him in words. All Steven did was grunt and slap her ass while he began to push his cock into her harder and faster. The time was coming that he really took this beyond the point into some real fucking.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah! Take my ass, Steven!”

His hand slapped over her left cheek while he continued thrusting his cock in and out of her ass just a bit faster. Heidi’s nails dug into the cushion of the couch until she dropped her lip and screamed out. Her big tits were bouncing up and down from underneath her.

“Yes, yes!! Go for it, honey! Take me!!”

“Ohhhhhh, I’m just about to do that right fucking now!”

Steven couldn’t resist. Despite how amazing her ass felt, he could see her wet pussy dripping from below. A wet stream trailed down her legs giving him just the sight to understand how desperately she needed his cock. He took a step back, pulling his rod from her dark hole and then he slapped Heidi’s ass to get her attention. She quickly moved to face him and then Steven spoke his words in a commanding voice.

“Up on the couch babe, I want to look in your pretty eyes!”

Heidi moaned and fell down on the couch behind her. While breathing heavily, she looked into his eyes and crawled into the corner of the couch where she reached her right hand to grip the arm rest of the couch from underneath. Raising her knees, she looked at him as he came forward and began to push his cock towards her entrance. Steven put his hands over her legs, to hold them while he began to thrust his cock into her pussy. Heidi moaned while she felt him enter her.

“That’s it, give it to me! Come on Steven! Come on and fuck me!!”

Her pussy walls contracted against his cock as he began to thrust into her as fast as he possibly could. Constantly bucking his hips forward, Steven groaned while his eyes remained focused over her beautiful tanned body. Heidi always had a wonderful body, even now all these years later. Her breasts began to bounce up and down with each thrust and he looked up to see her face. Never once did her eyes leave his. She gritted her teeth and began to yell at him while he fucked her.

“That’s it! Ohhhhhh, yeah! Give it to me, give it to me!! FUCK ME STEVEN!!! FUCK MEEEEE!!!!”

All he could do was grunt, moaning while Heidi continued to scream out. His cock still pumping into that lovely pussy.


Steven gritted his teeth, never once stopping as he continued to buck his hips and pump his hard dick in and out of her pussy. Heidi’s legs shook around in his hands, causing him to grip them tighter. Meanwhile, Heidi’s own fingers were slowly slipping from the couch. She swallowed her breath, knowing that the time was shortly approaching with how fast Steven thrust his hard meat into her sweet hole. Still looking in his eyes, she yelled as her voice began to cry out.


Closing her eyes, she howled in her moans that echoed all through the room while her climax was reached. Steven had come to a stop, with only one final thrust into her pussy as he embraced the moment of feeling her pussy break over his cock. It took everything for him not to blow his load deep within her and share their orgasms together. He wanted to blow his load outside of her body, over her face. His hands freed her legs and he began to pull his cock slowly out of her pussy. Heidi was panting, trying desperately catch her breathe but opened her eyes to look up at him. Steven spoke to her.

“Come on, get down on your knees for me babe.”

“Ohhhhh, you have to cum now, right?”

“Yes! I want to cum all over your fucking face, baby! I’m so fucking close right now!”

She giggled while climbing off the couch and falling down to her knees.

“How could I ever forget this!? You always bust that nut on my face, so go for it! Cum on my face, Steven!”

Since she was facing his cock down on her knees, Heidi quickly wrapped her hand around it and brought the head past her lips. She knew how Steven was, he would let her know when he was pushed to a breaking point. Over and over, she bobbed her head up and down with speed. ‘Mmmmm, mmmm, mmm’ she moaned into his cock while he took a deep breath. He didn’t want this pleasure to end from this fantastic woman but it was coming to an end soon. After a few moments of her sucking on his dick, he brought his hand down to lightly grip the back of her head. Steven always did this. Heidi knew it was time for him to blow his load. She released his cock from her mouth and closed her eyes and he gripped his rod.

“Mmmmm, go ahead! Go for it, cum all over my face! Drench me with your creamy mess!”


Just as he had spoke, his cock tensed up and shot a thick string of cum down her face. The first spurt drenched over her forehead and down her left eye. Steven grunted and another string went flying out of his cock, stretching out into her golden hair and down her nose. He held onto the back of her hair, forcing her neck up a little further as his cock shot another wad that went over her right eye and dripped down her cheek. Heidi moaned as she felt his cum stretching over her face when he shot more drops down over her right cheek. His orgasm wasn’t as strong as the load she swallowed from earlier, but he still managed to splash a mess over her face. Heidi giggled and spoke.

“Oh my god, that’s what I was talking about! You always do make a mess when we fuck each other!”

As she giggled, a few remaining drops of cum splashed over her right cheek. Steven took a deep breath as he let go of her hair. He was exhausted, but had enjoyed every moment spent with Heidi. She slowly opened her eyes, blinking while a few drops of cum ran down her eyebrows. She made a big smile at him before speaking.

“How do I look, honey?”

“Absolutely fucking beautiful.”

“Oh yeah, I do huh? I always did look good with your cum on my face.”

He didn’t reply back. She ran her hands through her hair and began to rise up from her knees. It didn’t bother her at the moment that her face was covered in cum as she looked around the room. Steven stepped around to collect his clothes off the floor while Heidi grabbed the phone that had been knocked from the table. After she placed it back down, she looked over him with a smirk.

“How about you stay and we have some drinks?”

“No babe, I gotta be at the club later. I called off last night so I could do that job for you.”

“Just a few drinks isn’t going to waste hours of your time. Come on, we can have some fun and then when the sun starts to go down, you can go to work.”

“I’ll hold you to that, babe.”

“Wonderful, honey! Let me go get cleaned and then I’ll be with you.”

After putting his underwear back on, Steven stood there and watched Heidi’s bare ass move while she walked out of the room. It was day’s like this where his lifestyle got the better of him, that he knew a long term relationship was never going to work. He was a player and the bedroom blues was something he could never refuse.



Neon lights flickered from above in the club while Antonio stood on the upper floor, watching the action go on down below. It was Friday evening, one of the most busy nights that always started the weekend. This was his second Friday night spent alone. Steven had to leave the club early as he had promised to take Emily out for dinner. This left Antonio by himself, as Ramón wasn’t anywhere to be found. He wasn’t bothered by this, at least he had Maria back in the office if he ever needed help. Standing alone near the railing, he smiled while watching the dance floor. The DJ of the night was busy playing new SynthWave tracks through the loud speakers. While he stood there, Antonio heard a familiar voice call out to him.

“What’s up, little junior?”

His hands gripped the rail under him as he heard the voice. Antonio hated being referred to as a ‘junior’. The voice was none other than his cousin Carlos with his hands shoved in his pockets. He quickly turned around to see Carlos standing tall with his hands in his pockets and two men accompanying him. The men wore black shirts and blue jeans while Carlos had on a pair of black pants and a light blue Hawaiian shirt. Antonio stood in his white jacket with a pink shirt underneath and matching white pants. The young man spoke to his cousin.

“What do you want? You know I don’t like being called junior.”

“I’m looking for your uncle. I’ve already went and asked around the offices to know he left, so do you know where he went?”

“Why would I know where he’s at?”

Carlos raised his eyebrow before replying.

“Why WOULDN’T you know? I thought you were supposed to be the man in charge when he’s gone? Look at you, even trying to dress like that mother fucker in your fancy suits.”

The rage was building in Antonio’s heart as he balled his hands up in fists. He thought to himself to try and ignore this. Since he didn’t speak back, Carlos ran his mouth again.

“Call your uncle for me. I’m sure he answers the phone for you, since your his little bitch.”

Just like that, the rage had hit a boiling point with Antonio. He gritted his teeth and quickly raised his fist at Carlos. He didn’t care about the fact that he was much shorter than his cousin, or that he was outnumbered three to one. His anger was the driving force in his actions. Antonio screamed out while he tried to ram his fist into Carlos’ jaw.


The punch landed on Carlos’ face before the two men grabbed Antonio and then Carlos grabbed the young man by his hair.

“Stupid fucking punk!! You wanna fuck with a man, junior!?”

Rearing his hand fist back, Carlos smashed a punch over Antonio’s nose while his two bodyguards kicked at the young man.


A voice rang out from downstairs while a number of security guards came running up the stairs to try and contain the situation. Blood poured from Antonio’s nose while the scuffle was contained. He looked back at Carlos and yelled.

“You’re the punk, you fucking cabrón!!”

Antonio spit into Carlos’ face. Out of reaction, Carlos crushed his fist into the young man’s right eye. At the same time, Antonio felt a foot kick into his chest before security came grabbing Carlos and breaking the fight up. A tall security guard raised his baton to strike Carlos over his back and hit one of the men with him. While the fight was being contained and broken up, the security chief came racing down the halls of the inner V.I.P. rooms that led to the offices. Maria had caught the call from her office and ran down the hall. As she met face to face with the tall black security guard she spoke.

“What the fuck is going on out there!?”

“Call Mr. Diaz right away, his son has been involved in a scuffle with another employee. Call him, tell him it’s an emergency.”

“OK, I’m on it!”

As she turned around, the blonde woman went racing back to her office to make the phone call. Maria wondered if Antonio was injured badly, but she knew now was not the time to interfere. She had developed a close friendship with Antonio since he had began working with her in the offices. Maria knew if anything, she was best to call Steven and not Tony regarding this. As she reached the phones in her office, she quickly pressed the speed dial button for Steven’s cell phone. Her heart was racing while she listened to the phone beeping.

“Come on, come on!! Pick up dammit!!”

Within a few seconds, a click was heard on the phone line. Maria froze and then sighed when she heard it was only an automated voice for Steven’s voice mail. She slammed the phone down and then redialed. After another minute of waiting impatiently on the phone, she got the voice mail again. This time, she screamed into the phone after it beeped.

“For fuck sake, Steven! ANSWER YOUR GODDAMN PHONE!! We need you at the club right now!”

The young lady slammed the phone down again in rage. Why couldn’t he pick up? Now she was forced to call Tony instead and drag him to the club. She didn’t want to call Tony, all out of sake of his son. She cared about Antonio to the point she had a feeling his father would scold him for this incident, while she knew Steven would be more understanding. After a long sigh, she picked the phone up again and pushed her index finger down on the speed dial button for Tony’s cell phone.


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