Big Booty Bitches Ch. 20

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 20

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Salma Hayek

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, romance

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

Darkness had fallen over the city some hours ago. It seemed at times that Miami during the night was a whole different place than the hours with the sun hanging in the sky. Tony knew that feeling, all the way back to his own youth. Here he was, taking the drive out to his club after an emergency phone call with Maria. An altercation had been made between his son Antonio and cousin Carlos. On the way there, Tony sat on the phone listening to one of the security guards describe the scene. They both were bruised up, but it appeared that Antonio got the worst end of the beating. Multiple men were thrown out of the club who had arrived as an entourage with Carlos.

After parking his car, the old man got out and slammed the door before making his entrance into the club. Tony wasted no time going upstairs, walking through that white door that led to the V.I.P. rooms and the inner areas of the club. He had thrown on a black suit before leaving his yacht, nothing too fancy as he had no desire to stay the night after he took care of this situation. Upon walking through the halls, he seen Maria coming down to greet him. The young woman appeared to be burdened from the sign on her face. She pulled at her white jacket over her shoulders while approaching Tony.

“Señor Diaz, I’m glad you’ve arrived.”

Yes Maria, I’m here now. How bad is my boy injured?”

“I don’t know, security is holding both of them down in a room. They wouldn’t let me in.”

“I’ll see to it, thank you for calling.”

The older man offered her a reassuring smile, but he could still witness the sense of worry over her face. She bit her lower lip, before walking off. Tony continued to walk his pace down the hall. For Maria, she had every reason to fear the worst for Antonio. If only Steven had answered his phone, she wouldn’t have been forced to call Tony. She could sense from her interactions with Antonio that he did not get along with his father, at least compared to the positive relationship he had with his uncle Steven. While walking down the hall, her phone rang in her pocket. Maria hurried to the office upon answering it, she could see it was Steven from the caller ID on the screen.

“Hey, you called?”

A sigh was heard before she answered back.

“Yeah about twenty minutes ago.”

“I was having dinner with Emily. I couldn’t answer right away, sorry. What’s going on?”

“Carlos and Antonio got into a brawl.”

“What the fuck!? Antonio’s not hurt bad, is he?”

“I’m afraid so, security had to get involved.”

“Give me five minutes, I’ll be right there.”

“I had to call Tony since you didn’t pick up.”

“Don’t matter, I’m coming to the club anyway. See you soon, thanks for the call.”

The phone clicked, hanging up. Maria sighed, hoping that she didn’t create a family problem with the two older men. By now, Tony had made his way into the security room and observed the scene of Antonio and Carlos broken apart in the same room. They were guarded by bouncers who retold the story. The surveillance cameras were brought to Tony, allowing him to witness the altercation and make a judgement for himself. The man was enraged, already not wanting to hear both sides of the story. His son appeared to be wrong from the camera evidence, as Antonio threw the first punch, but Carlos had outnumbered him with a number of men.

Antonio sat bruised and bloody. His nose was busted, but thankfully not broken. He held a bloody rag up to his nose to stop the bleeding. A purple bruise had formed over his right eye, forcing the skin to inflate a bit. Carlos on the other hand, barely had a scratch. It wasn’t a fair fight at all since he was older; bigger, and had came with other men to outnumber the younger man. Tony looked back at both of them in the room as they sat apart. Between them were two security guards there to prevent them from fighting again. While shoving his hands into his pockets, the old man looked at both of them sternly before speaking directly to Carlos.

“You, look at me.”

Carlos looked up at Tony, just before the man spoke again.

“Get out, you’re fucking fired.”

“Wait you-”


The eruption of the old man’s voice into screaming was enough to tell anyone in the room that Tony truly was not playing. Carlos sighed and then got up from his chair, proceeding to walk out the door. Tony’s eyes watched him, moving to the door to open it for him. The older man had to make sure he still got the last word. As Carlos stepped out, he taunted him again.

“I told you, this was your last chance! Don’t fucking come back trying to ride my coat tails for another job! You just fucked yourself out of this one!”

Now that Carlos was dealt with, Tony slammed the door and turned his attention to his son. He took a sigh before looking over Antonio’s injuries. The young man looked up at his father before listening to him launch off into another rant.

“And you, what in the fuck is wrong with you? I watched the surveillance tape, what did you think you were gonna accomplish? He had you outnumbered, and you don’t need me to tell you how Carlos is much taller than you, yet you still threw the first punch. Why!?”

He sighed while rolling his eyes. Tony continued to speak again.

“Did it not cross your mind that you were going to get your ass kicked?”

“Dad, you don’t understand.”

“Yes, I do understand! You’re the one that don’t! I raised you better than to stupidly get into fights where you know the odds are stacked against you. What the fuck were you trying to prove to him!?”

Antonio sighed before looking back at his father.

“Look Dad, he came to me talking shit.”

“But still, why did you try to fight him!? You could’ve called a bodyguard or someone to dispose of him. I know Carlos is stupid, but this isn’t an excuse. This is so fucking embarrassing. It makes ME look bad! My son getting in fights at my club, were you trying to make me look like a goddamn fool tonight!?”

“No! Why is this about you now!?”

“It’s my club, and you are my son. It is about me, I’m the reason you are here.”

At that moment, Antonio couldn’t help but to drop his jaw in sudden shock. His dad always did make problems all about him, but this was too much to bear. Here he was, bruised and beaten yet his old man had such a lack of understanding. Tony stepped away, turning his back to Antonio while shoving his hands back into his pockets. The older man took a sigh before turning around and waving his finger back to Antonio.

“You must learn from this, I’m taking you off staff tomorrow.”

“What!? Are you fucking serious!?”

“Yes, I’m serious and watch your mouth, boy!”

“This is unfair, dad! I’m getting punished for this bullshit?”

“I can’t allow my son to be seen like this. Have you looked in the mirror yet? Your face is all fucked up. Besides, you have this altercation and it makes me look bad. My son getting in fights in my club, how you think that’s gonna read in the newspapers?”

A knock was heard on the door, interrupting their argument. Tony sighed and then walked to the door, ready to blow up at whoever was outside. He opened the door and was greeted to the face of his brother: Steven. The older man looked back somewhat confused before speaking.

“Steven? What are you doing here?”

“I got a call that it was an emergency at the club. I called off dinner to get here as fast as I could.”

Steven gazed beyond Tony’s shoulder to see Antonio sitting in the background. The younger man leaned in his chair to see his uncle. Tony eventually stepped back, allowing him to enter the room. Steven stood tall in his grey suit with matching grey pants. Underneath the jacket was a neon purple shirt. He took one look at Antonio’s battered face and then spoke to him.

“So Carlos did this?”

Taking in a deep breath, Antonio nodded at him. Steven shoved his hands into the pockets of his jacket before speaking again.

“Where’s he at now?”

“I told him to get out and I fired him.”

As Tony answered, Steven looked back at him and rolled his eyes.

“Oh, that was fucking smart. You should’ve left him here until I arrived, I would’ve beat the living shit out of that fucker like he deserves. You just let him walk free after beating up on your son, that was a fucking genius decision Tony.”

Tony shook his head, knowing that soon he would have to hear Steven’s mouth and an argument. Looking back at his brother, he offered his reply before getting angry.

“My boy is the wrong too. You see, I got the tape and Junior here threw the first punch. It didn’t even cross his mind that Carlos had two guys with him and that meant he was outnumbered!”

Steven shook his head.

“Come on, you can’t be serious. If Carlos came to him with two guys, you should know he wanted to start some shit. The fuck is wrong with you, man? That’s your son right there, look at what that mother fucker did to your son.”

It was that moment when Antonio realized something he would never forget. His uncle truly had his back. Tony looked back at Steven and nodded before giving him an irritated response.

“Step outside with me and let’s talk about this.”

The two older men proceeded to leave the room. Antonio watched as his father shut the door, leaving him inside. He was hoping not to expose his son to their argument. Standing outside the hall, Tony launched back at Steven with a heated response.

“Look, don’t fucking tell me how to deal with my son. He’s my kid, not yours. I don’t appreciate you criticizing my parenting in front of him like that. You fucking got that?”

“He’s your son, but I’m the one that spends the most time with him. I watch out for him all the time.”

“I appreciate that, you do your job well. But why weren’t you here tonight?”

“I was out for dinner with Emily, but don’t fucking blame that on me! You’re the one that brought Carlos into this mess. You couldn’t just take my fucking advice when I told you to let that piece of shit rot after he got out of jail.”

“He’s family, Steven. You don’t just up and abandon family members like that. Families look out for each other.”

“Well, fuck him! I don’t care if he’s family or not! I warned you about him, and you fucking knew! You knew damn well what a fuck up he is! That’s not my fault for not being here tonight! Family or no family, Tony you can’t fix a scum bag. I gave up on Carlos after he ended up in prison. I knew right then and there, he wasn’t ever going to get his shit together.”

By now, Antonio had moved to the door. The young man forced his ear up against the door, attempting to listen in on the argument. Occasionally when their voices raised, he could hear the conversation.

“I fired Carlos, so it’s all taken care of now.”

“No it’s not, this don’t take away what he did to your son. I’ll hunt that mother fucker down myself and kick his sorry ass.”

Tony rolled his eyes before responding.

“I’m removing Antonio from staff too. He has to learn not to embarrass me like this.”

“Are you fucking serious?”

With a laugh, Tony nodded back to his brother.

“Yes, I am! Got a problem with it, hermano?”

“Of course I have a fucking problem with it! You think he embarrassed you? You embarrass yourself, Tony! You are the one who had to be a fucking idiot and not listen to me when I warned you and told you repeatedly what bad news Carlos is! You couldn’t just think for one minute and trust me on that!”

“It’s my club, Steven! Go ahead and throw your temper tantrum, call me whatever you want! You know who I trust? ME! THAT’S WHO! I put this whole fucking together, ME! I call the shots, not you! Junior ain’t gonna embarrass me with another altercation like that! As of tonight, I don’t want him back in the club.”

Steven sighed. He looked back in anger at his brother before speaking.

“That kid is our future, man. He don’t deserve to be treated like this.”

“I don’t deserve to be embarrassed by him! I’d like to think that I raised my son to be better than to act like this.”

“You embarrass yourself with your fucking ego! I’m the one that is here every night while you get to live like a king on your fucking boat!”

Tony rolled his eyes and began to walk off. He understood Steven’s rage to the point he clearly knew when it was time to walk away and avoid a violent altercation. Back when they were young, their arguments always led to fist fights. Tony had learned to try and avoid Steven, as he often got the better of him in those fights. Steven was forced to stand there and watch his older brother walk off. He was enraged, curling his hands into a fist and letting out a deep sigh. Once his mind began to clear, he opened the door to find Antonio sitting in the chair with the look of disappointment over his face. Steven approached his nephew, as Antonio looked at him and spoke.

“So I’m out of the club for now. Dad told you, huh?”

“Yeah, but don’t worry. Your father gets angry, but I can talk him out of it once the dust settles.”

Antonio sighed before shaking his head. Steven continued to speak.

“I’m sorry, Antonio. Your father…your father is a fucking idiot, to be honest. I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t trash your old man in front of you, but he’s my brother. He’s given me enough headaches over the years, always thinking about himself first.”

“He is right though, I can’t say he’s not. I was outnumbered, I knew Carlos was going to kick my ass but I didn’t want to back down after he insulted me. Carlos said he was looking for you. He wanted me to call you over something, he didn’t say what for.”

Looking back into Antonio’s bruised face, Steven nodded. He knew exactly why Carlos wanted to find him. It was over the product he had gotten rid of. All Steven could hope for was that Ramón didn’t spill his guts out about the money, or give Carlos a share. He nodded to Antonio before replying.

“Oh, that figures. Well, I’m gonna be looking for him now. Don’t blame this on yourself, you can’t help it that Carlos is looking for trouble. Don’t let your old man’s words bother you either. You got me, and I’ll always have your back. When I get my hands on Carlos, I will make sure he looks worse than you do tonight.”

The words were enough to make Antonio smile a bit. To hear Steven’s remark about making Carlos look worse than he was tonight. The bruises over his face stung, but he was more worried about being seen in public like this. Steven patted his shoulder before speaking again.

“My car is outside, it’s unlocked. Go ahead and get outta here and meet me out there. I’ll drive you home.”

“Thanks Steven, I know I have you to count on.”

“You’ll always have me to count on, Antonio. Give me a few weeks with your old man. Once he’s in a better mood, I can talk him into letting you back on the club staff.”

Giving his nephew a reassuring smile, Steven patted his shoulder again. He then turned around and headed for the door, ready to leave the club. Before he made his exit trip to bring Antonio home, he had one more thing to do. Steven marched down the hall and to the office doors at the end He opened the door to the office leading where Antonio and Maria worked. The blonde assistant sat behind her desk with her arms crossed. As Steven stepped in, she looked back at him and spoke.

“I was just informed a few minutes ago that Antonio has been put on leave.”

The tone of her voice was enough to tell Steven that she was not amused. He looked back at her and nodded.

“Yeah, I can’t help it that Tony makes the decisions over me. I want you to do something for me.”

Rolling her eyes, Maria looked back at him but did not speak. He had her attention to the point he spoke again.

“Look, I can give you some time off to do this. I want you to spend tomorrow with some time with Antonio. A week or two, is that fine?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re his only friend I know. He’s not going to be at the club so I won’t be able to watch out for him.”

Steven turned, looking outside the doorway of the office before he stepped in. He shut the door behind him and moved closer to her desk. Maria moved her arms, looking back to the man before answering him.

“What do you want me to do though? We are friends yes, but I don’t understand.”

“You know what I mean, Maria. Look, Antonio lives in a penthouse all to himself. I know he don’t have many friends and he’s been sheltered most of his life. I’ll give you the address, just go up and surprise him. Talk him into doing something. Go out to the park, go see a movie or a basketball game, whatever you want to do.”

“So you’re asking me to take him on a date, is that it?”

“In a way, yeah. Something to get him out into the city to enjoy himself.”

The young woman bust out laughing. She looked down while giggling before she answered Steven.

“And you’re serious about paying me a week off for this?”

“Yes! I’m worried about him! I’ll feel better if he has a friend there to keep his spirits up. After what happened tonight, he could use it.”

Maria laughed again. It wasn’t that he was funny, it was so hard to believe Steven would suggest such a thing. She looked back at him and nodded before responding.

“Alright, what the heck, why not?”

Steven sighed in relief before smiling.

“Thank you, Maria! You just lifted a great burden from my shoulders. Where’s a note pad? I’ll write the address of the hotel down and the room number. You have his phone number, right?”

“Yes, I can text him tomorrow, but I think I’d rather drop in as a surprise.”

“Good, I’ll write down the room number. Take him out, do whatever you want. He needs some fresh air, I don’t want him sitting there feeling horrible after getting his ass kicked like this.”

“I know what you mean. I’ll be happy to spend some time with him tomorrow!”



Quiet days were spent back in the secluded yacht that Tony called his home. After he left the club last night, he returned home to get some rest. Since winter of last year, he had been spending far less time around the club. Steven handled things better than he did, something Tony had realized over time. The true reason he was distancing himself away from his former lifestyle was more or less a product of age. Life had changed a bit as he was slowly falling in love. Tony had began to think more about his future than anything else. The days of the swinger partying lifestyle appeared to be moving to an end. He woke up almost every morning with the same woman beside him in bed.

The afternoon was settling into the day as he sat in his office within the yacht and handled phone calls. A lit cigar remained in the round ash tray while he set the phone down. Tony then pulled out his notebook to write down a scheduled time for a meeting next week. All information that would later be passed down to Steven at the Club. From the distance, the door opened to his office and the sound of high heels could be heard coming in. Tony didn’t look up, he just continued writing while he spoke aloud. He could’ve guessed just who made their entrance into the cabin room.


“Good afternoon, dear…”

His eyes looked up to see Salma Hayek. Tony smiled as she came approaching him. The woman wore a pair of blue jeans with a brown leather belt over them. A white shirt was over her chest, tucked in with a black jacket over it. Her jet black hair was neatly pinned up. She was so beautiful, all ready to go out in town by her appearance. She walked over to his desk and leaned down, placing a kiss over his cheek.

“How are you today?”

“Hey baby, you about to go out for a bit?”

Salma nodded.

“Yes, I want to go shopping today. I’m sorry about your boy, I heard last night.”

Tony let out a sigh before nodding to her. At this point, five months into a steady relationship, they knew everything in each other’s lives. Tony had given up on sleeping with other women, remaining loyal only to Salma. He couldn’t prevent himself from truly falling in love with this woman. Looking back at her, he thought for a second before replying.

“He’s truly my son. He lets his anger get the better of him at times, I used to be like that.”

She smirked, running her hand over his shoulders before responding.

“It’s not your fault. He’s young and will learn over time.”

“I guess you’re right, mi señora. You’re really gonna go out shopping today?”

Salma nodded.

“Yeah, I want to look around town and splurge on some money.”

“Mind if I tag along? I’d like to take my woman out shopping.”

After speaking, Tony reached for her hand. Cupping it gently, he moved it to his lips and placed a kiss over her knuckles. Salma couldn’t help but laugh at his action.

“So you wanna make this a date, Tony?”

“Sure, why not? I like to spend money too, I’d like to buy you some jewelry today. Let’s get out and enjoy ourselves.”

Salma grinned big, nodding at him slowly.

“That sounds lovely, to go out shopping with my man. Well, go get yourself dressed and we can go out together. You are a sweet man, that’s what I love about you.”


Within the walls of his penthouse suite, Antonio sat at the kitchen table with his laptop opened before him. Wearing only a pair of shorts and a white T-shirt with Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ album cover over it. He sat with the laptop opened playing an old game he had not touched in some time. Next to the laptop was a large pair of dark Carrera sunglasses. The young man had figured while his face was bruised up from last night’s brawl, he would wear the sunglasses to shield the damage of his swollen purple cheek and eye. He let out a sigh while hammering his fingers over the keyboard. His left hand grabbed at the mouse, concentrating on the screen while the MIDI music of Heavy Metal riffs played through the speakers.

The game Antonio played was none other than good old classic ‘Doom II’ on the ‘Ultra Violence’ difficulty. He was fond of fighting the game as a teenager, an old habit that he went back to from time to time when dealing with stress. He found himself angry at his father after last night’s events, but with the game on his mind, he didn’t spend much time seething in rage over it. Antonio simply used the video game to channel his rage and take it out on the digital demons that plagued the levels. So far, he had spent the last three hours fighting the game in between drinking coffee. On one of the later levels in the game so far, he found himself becoming increasingly frustrated at the higher difficulty. The death scream from the game echoed from the laptop and the screen blinked in red as he died from a monster closet of Revenants. Antonio sighed and then heard a knock at the door surprising him. He grabbed the shades from the table while stepping out of the kitchen. He figured it was probably his uncle Steven coming to check on him, so he didn’t peak through the hole at first. He slipped on the shades and then opened the door to a surprising visit.

“Hey, Antonio! I thought I would drop in and check on you.”

He found himself amazed starring back at Maria. She smiled, looking back at his dark sunglasses. It was obvious that he wore them to shield his face. The young woman had her blonde hair pinned up in a pony tail, a purple shirt hugged over her chest while she wore a pair of blue jean shorts underneath with sneakers. Recovering from the shock, Antonio stepped back and replied.

“Oh, that was kind of you. Come on in.”

Maria stepped past the door, entering his penthouse suite. Antonio closed the door behind her. She couldn’t help but observe the room in amazement. His suite was the most luxurious home she had seen so far. She found it to be far more impressive than the small apartment she lived in down South Beach.

“How did you find out where I stay?”

Antonio spoke, stepping over to the couch as she followed behind him. Maria offered him a smile before replying.

“One can accomplish many things if they put their mind to it! You should know that, Antonio.”

He chuckled while sitting down.

“I see, I should’ve thought of that first.”

“This is a nice place you have, much nicer than where I stay.”

She responded back, changing the subject before she joined him on the couch. Maria refused to allow him to know that Steven truly sent her to be with him. She didn’t want him to know, figuring it was better on her own kind intentions to be with him as a friend. Antonio spoke up as they sat together.

“My dad don’t want me coming back to the club after last night. I’ve been removed from staff.”

“I know, he told me. I’m going to miss coming to the office everyday expecting you.”

His face curved into a smile hearing her words. Antonio nodded, speaking again.

“So, is that why you came to see me today?”

Maria nodded.

“Yes! I’ve been worried about you, I heard about what happened and wanted to check on you.”

While starring back into his dark sunglasses, she bit her lower lip. Maria raised her hand before asking a simple question.

“Antonio, may I…see your face, please?”

The smile from his face faded. He didn’t want to take the glasses off, but since she asked kindly, he wouldn’t refuse. Taking a deep breath, he reached for them and slowly removed them from his face. Maria sighed when she looked back at his beaten face. His right eye was truly blacked, his nose had a small bruise and the upper area of his right cheek was purple from bruising. She bit her lower lip while shaking her head, just before speaking.

“God, I’m so sorry. Carlos is such an asshole.”

“Well, it is what it is. Maybe if I get my job back at the club, by then my face will look better.”

“Are you too scared to go out looking like this?”

He looked back, shaking his head at her.

“I don’t suppose I am. The shades cover up the better part of the bruises.”

“Well, to be honest with you Antonio, I wanted to take you out today.”

The young man laughed before looking back at her somewhat surprised.

“Are you serious, Maria!? Why me?”

“Because, you’re my friend. You’re one of the few friends I have since I moved out to Miami, would you like to have a date with me?”

“Wow, I’m…I don’t know what to say. You really mean that?”

Looking back at him, she shook her head while grabbing his left hand.

“Yes, I mean that! And I don’t care if your face is bruised up, it will get better. How about we go out to the park in South Beach? I’ve had an apartment there for almost a year now and never took a walk near the beach.”

“I would love to go out with you, Maria.”

She smiled back at him, rising from the couch. Pulling his hand, she forced him to stand up with her.

“Well, go ahead and make yourself ready! I’ll wait right here!”

Excitement was painted across his face. Antonio walked out of the living room, hurrying to his bedroom so he could change and put on a pair of pants and a better shirt. Life had been somewhat lonely for him since he began working at the club. He broke up with his long time boyfriend Luis some time back, yet he didn’t want to rush into another relationship. He kept his sexuality hidden from within the family, he didn’t trust any of them to reveal the truth. A day out with Maria sounded like just the kind of medicine to cure his depression of the day. It made him happy to know that she looked at him as a friend. She was someone he truly felt relaxed around. It meant more to him than anything that she came to visit after last night’s horrible events.



“This one is simply marvelous, wow…”

Salma looked down at a pearl necklace sitting under a glass case. She and Tony had spent their day out shopping, loading up the Mercedes Benz with numerous bags of gifts. So far, Tony had spent well into four figures without caring at all about the money. There was nothing he enjoyed more than splurging, spending his money left and right. What better way to have this fun with the woman he loved? At the same time, Salma spent some of her own money buying him a new suit and a new gold Rolex watch. The pearl necklace was priced at a few hundred dollars, not a problem for him. While standing behind Salma, she turned to face him while he gently cupped her hand into his. Tony spoke while starring back into her beautiful eyes.

“Would you like that necklace, baby?”

“I think you’ve spent enough money on me today, amante.”

“Ohhhh, come on baby. I know you want it.”

She giggled to him, looking down to see their hands together. Salma slowly nodded.

“Yeah, I think I do want it.”

Tony smiled, nodding back to the woman he loved.

“Then, it’s all yours.”

A few minutes later, he caught the attention of a woman behind the counter to fetch the pearl necklace. More money spent, a lovely pearl necklace that Salma had to put over her neck right after he finished payments from his credit card. So far in the day, they changed their clothes while shopping. She bought him a new blue suit at one store, one that he couldn’t keep his eyes off. She wore a silk white shirt and a navy blue jacket over it. The greatest thing Tony had purchased for her today, was a large Gucci purse. Salma found herself walking out the store with him, the purse over her left hand. She found herself happier the more time she spent with this man. Their relationship was nearing a serious turn, one that Salma was prepared for.

After leaving the jewelry shop thirty minutes after the final purchase, they sat in the car to cruise back home to his yacht. A day shopping had been nothing short of joy. Between hitting stores, Tony shared lunch with her at a small but costly diner. All that was in the past now, Tony sat behind the wheel as he moved the car on the highway. Salma sat back, relaxing in the passenger seat while looking out the window. Many thoughts ran through her mind. She was beginning to think about the future and the possibilities she had with this man. Starring back at her reflection in the window, she nodded to herself before speaking aloud to Tony.

“I was thinking about your boy just now.”

“Oh yeah, baby? What about him?”

“How does he get along with his mother? I mean, do you have a woman in your family?”

Tony laughed, moving his hands over the steering wheel to turn the car.

“I don’t speak to his mother often. We got divorced a long time ago. What did you mean by that, baby?”

“What I mean is, I think I am falling in love with you Tony. I’ve been staying with you for months, living on your boat when I’m not in L.A. I’m sorry, I should’ve waited until we were back home to admit that to you and not while you’re driving.”

He thought for a moment, hearing her words before stopping at a red light. Once the car was stopped in traffic, Tony turned to look at her and smiled, nodding to her words.

“I love you too, Salma. I just haven’t known how to say it.”

“We will say it to each other soon enough back on your yacht. In between a glass of wine in the bedroom.”

Tony chuckled, laughing in excitement before the light turned green. He replied while focusing on the road.

“Yes, we will baby. Oh yes, I’m looking forward to tonight!”



The sun began to drip down, slowly into the ocean as the sky faded into a pink color. Antonio sat on a bench, looking up at the sunset between the large palm trees. Sitting next to him was Maria. They faced the beach, forward as the wind blew Antonio’s black hair in front of his face. Behind them, the pastel color painted hotels lined up the Ocean Drive street with their neon lights turned off in the daytime hours. The dark sunglasses remained on his face, covering the wounds he suffered. For the past few hours, they walked along the park near South Beach. Maria sat down and talked to him for over an hour. Antonio wanted to learn everything about her; her family, where she was from, what she wanted to do in life. Maria explained to him how she came from Baltimore, Maryland. She ended up in Miami with a scholarship at the University known as ‘The U’.

To help pay off her apartment at the time before dropping out, she took up a job working for Antonio’s father just as Disco Fever was about to open. Originally, the young girl hoped to become a lawyer. Maria’s education was paid for by her brother and his criminal activities. She didn’t explain to Antonio the true reality of her older brother. It was an embarrassment to herself knowing that her brother had paid for everything to send her to Miami while he served a prison sentence for trafficking narcotics. Together they sat on the bench, just two friends enjoying their day. Occasionally, pedestrians would pass on by. South Beach was always a popular tourist attraction. Antonio sighed leaning up from the bench and looking forward. He spoke up to her.

“You know, we should hang out again more often.”

“Do you like sports, Antonio?”

“Kinda depends. I like basketball, don’t really care for watching football with all of it’s injuries. I know absolutely nothing about baseball.”

“Maybe we can go to a Heat game for a date?”

He laughed at her response, slowly shaking his head.

“I would’ve said yes to that a few years ago! They aren’t much fun without LeBron or Wade in town. We would be going to a game just to see them beat down, I would guess.”

Maria smiled back at him.

“But who cares if they lose? It would still be fun. Just you and I spending time together.”

“You know, I can’t say no to that. I’ve enjoyed spending time with you today. Thank you, Maria. After last night, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I’ve always got my uncle who looks out for me, wish I could get along with my dad like him.”

Curiously, the young woman couldn’t help but to ask him a question now.

“Do you look up to your uncle?”

Antonio nodded.

“Yeah, actually I do! I’ve always been a lot closer to him than my father. He gets it, he understands me better. Steven is the one person in my whole family I’ve always looked up to. He told me a while back that I was like a son to him.”

Just then, Maria knew that she was right all along. If only Steven had picked up the phone last night. If only she didn’t have to call Tony instead of him, things would’ve went differently. Letting out a sigh, she replied.

“Steven is a good man. I’ve never had a problem with him, maybe he can help get you back to work at the club.”

“He said he was going to try. He was pretty pissed at my dad last night about the whole thing.”

“Well, now you know that people care and look out for you. I think I better get you back home, I have to get up early in the morning.”

“Thanks for taking me out, Maria. It was good to spend time with you.”

“No need to thank me, maybe you should text me sometime. Or call me on your telephone?”

She looked back at him, offering a goofy smile as she spoke. He laughed back at her, an accomplishment on her part to put him in a better mood.

“I am not going to say no to that! I would spend hours talking to you on the phone.”

“Good, I’ll be looking forward to that. Come on, let’s get back to my car so I can drive you home.”


Back at the yacht, Tony and Salma stacked their bags in the main cabin. A servant brought out a bottle of wine, as per Salma’s request. He walked into the bedroom, clearing off the bed and taking off his suit to change into a small robe. Salma had already taken off her jeans and heels, only wearing a black thong tucked between her thick ass. When Tony returned to the room, he witnessed her standing above a table. The wine bottle had already been uncorked. She slowly poured the dark substance into small glasses. He stood there and watched her actions, studying her curvy legs. Salma looked over at him and smiled. The man finally walked back to join her, taking one of the glasses from the table. They held each wine glass together, looking into one another’s eyes.

“This is to us, Salma. A nuestro amor.”

The wine glasses created a ‘ding’ sound as they clanked up against each other softly. Salma looked back into her lover’s eyes and nodded, speaking back to him in Spanish.

“Al hombre que he caído en amor con.”

‘To the man I’ve fallen in love with’, she said in her native language. Together, they raised their wine glasses and consumed the liquid substance. The flavor was grape, an expensive taste to satisfy the rich lifestyle they enjoyed together. After they completed draining the glasses, they both sat them back down on the table. Salma reached out, cupping the back of Tony’s head as she brought their lips together for a passionate kiss. The man grabbed her hand, squeezing it as their fingers laced together. True love had been lit into a flame with their hearts. Upon breaking the kiss, Salma held his hand and walked him out, heading to the bedroom.

All Tony could do was follow behind her. He didn’t try to speak, for there were no words worth uttering to ruin this moment. Without her heels, Salma truly was shorter than him by a few feet. Tony studied her thick, juicy ass from behind. With each step she made, her cheeks pushed back and forth against one another. She walked them back to the bedroom and closed the door behind them. Back in the bedroom, Salma turned to face him and kissed his lips once again. Her hands pushed beyond the robe he wore, feeling his hairy chest from over her hands. Tony moaned past her mouth, just before breaking the kiss. A grin ran across his lips, all while his hands reached down to pull at the front of her thong. Gazing back into her eyes, the man spoke.

“I want to prove my love to you tonight, baby.”

“You’ve already done that.”

“No, I mean something else.”

A giggle escaped her lips. Salma reached for the ends of her shirt and began to peel it off, tossing it over her head. Her huge breasts contained in a black bra bounced a bit. She watched Tony go down to his knees, his hands pushing her thong down past her thighs and to the floor. Soon, she realized just what he had in mind. The woman gasped her breath when she felt his mouth kissing over the lips of her wet mound. Salma’s eyes narrowed down, looking into his matching brown eyes before she gasped and moaned. Tony slid his tongue into her wet slit, beginning to lick all around her.

“Ohhhhh, yes! Ohhhh, don’t stop cariño!”

Her hands moved up to her glorious breasts, quickly unstrapping her lace bra to allow them bouncing freedom. At the same time, Tony ventured his tongue deeper into her pussy. Licking it slowly while he thrust his tongue in and out of her repeatedly. His hands moved to cup her thick ass cheeks from behind, squeezing them while he continued to eat that wonderful clit. Salma gasped, taking in a deep breath as she smashed her hands over her breasts.

“Please don’t stop! Make me cum, my love! Yes!!”

The pitch of her voice elevated a bit. Her accent was beginning to come out stronger. Tony’s hands pushed over her ass cheeks, squeezing them harder as he moved his tongue back and forth, slithering in and out of her pussy. He wanted to taste her, to give her this sensational oral pleasure to prove his love to her. Salma eventually took a step back, sitting on the bed while her thong dangled past her feet to the floor. His mouth remained embedded over her clit, still licking even as she sat down. Tony was forced to move his hips, gripping her hips instead while he ate her. Her own hands pushed up against her breasts, rubbing her nipples before gritting her teeth and roaring out.


Just like that, Salma’s accent began to slur her words. Her voice could be so soothing, her accent was one of Tony’s favorite things about her. His mouth continued to work at her pussy, just begging for her juices to gush between his jaws. Salma closed her eyes, moving her hands to the front end of the bed. Her nails dug down into the sheets, just before stretching her legs out, kicking them around frantically. It was remarkable how fast he was pushing her to an orgasm, enough to break her voice screaming out.


Her body tensed up, shaking just as her clit exploded. Her juices overflowed past Tony’s lips, into his mouth as he tried to swallow it down quickly. Salma moved her hands to lean back on the bed. Her long black hair over flowing while the man swallowed down the juices she had squirted into his mouth. Once he was done, Tony moved his mouth away from her clit. He quickly took his robe off, revealing his naked body while looking down at the heaven made of her own beautiful body. Salma was a goddess, one that he truly worshiped. As he leaned up on the bed, towering over Salma, the woman reached her hands up to cup his neck. She brought him down on top of her, kissing his lips. Those huge tits crashed up against his chest. Salma rolled them on the bed, forcing him down on his back as she took control.

“Now it’s my turn, Tony! I am gonna take jou for a hard ride!”

“Oh yeah, baby? Is that what you’re gonna do?”

“Yes! I want jour cock!!”

Tony laughed, looking up at her. He had only teased her just to hear her strong accent speak again. It was so sexy when her words slurred. Salma reached her hand down and quickly grabbed his hard cock. Usually she sucked on it before pushing it into her pussy, but he began this night with oral pleasures himself. She watched his hands move to her hips, right on time as she thrust herself downward to take his cock into her pussy. As they became one, moans created a chorus of their voices together. Salma began to bounce pushing herself down, fucking him as her huge breasts bounced up and down.

“Ohhhhh, yes baby!! Yes, fuck me Salma!!”

His voice called out to her, but she ignored him for now. Salma’s long black hair waved around, moving in her face as she placed her hands down on his chest and thrust her hips downward. Tony’s eyes narrowed in, watching her breast bounce until the point he couldn’t stop himself. He moved his hands to cup them, preventing them jiggling around as he squeezed one of the greatest pair of tits in the world. The man began to buck his hips, pumping his cock into her pussy at the same pace she thrust down. Together they made love, just as they had done for months now.

“Te gusta que sea así? Me on top!?”

“Fuck yes, baby!!”

A simple question in their native language: asking if he liked it this way. Salma continued to crash down, pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. While he squeezed her tits, she couldn’t help but tease him in her strong accent.

“Oh, jou like those titties, Tony? I bet jou’re waiting to slide dat big fuckin’ cock between ’em!”


There was no way she could deny this man’s request. Salma giggled, moaning in her voice before she stopped. She leaned up, watching his hands move from her breasts before she came up and released his cock from her loving cup. Salma took a deep breath, climbing off the bed. She offered Tony her hand, pulling him up from his back. Once his feet touched the floor, she lowered herself down to her knees. Reaching her hand out, Salma gripped his hard cock. She began to stroke it, pumping it between her fingers before leaning her mouth down and kissing the head. She just had to taste him before getting her tits ready. The man took a deep breath, watching her bring his cock into her mouth to suck.

“Ohhhhh, yeah! Yes, suck on that cock baby!!”

‘Mmmmmm’ a muffled moan escaped her lips. Salma stroked his cock in her hand, moving her hand and lips in sync as she bobbed her head up and down on his thick pole. Her free hand dropped down to play with his balls, massaging them over her finger tips while she sucked on his rod. After a good bit, Salma came up and released his dick from her mouth with a loud pop sound. A saliva string dangled from her teeth back to his rod. She broke it with her hand, gripping his cock to wrap her fingers around it and slide them up and down.

She looked into his eyes before spitting on the head. Tony’s breath had been taken away at the sight below. Moving down, Salma continued to stroke his cock in her hand. She brought her attention down to his big balls, still rubbing them slowly with her left hand until coming to a halt. The woman then brought her mouth down and began to loudly slobber all over his cock. Pushing her lips together, she made numerous sucking and slobbering noises while creating saliva to drip down his balls. In that moment, Tony roared in a moan of pleasure.

“Suck on those nuts, baby! God, you are the fucking best!! I love you!!”

Slobbering sounds echoed loudly in the room. She came to a stop from stroking his cock, not wanting to make him explode this early. Since Tony had tasted her juices earlier, Salma decided that she would repay the favor by swallowing his load herself. Moving her lips away from his nuts, she looked back into his eyes while gripping her large breasts. She held them apart, inviting him to slide his cock between them. Tony did just that, pushing it between her large mounds. Salma then pushed her breasts together, squeezing them over his trapped cock. Her fingers laced over the front of her tits, feeling his rod as he began to slowly pump forward between those wonderful breasts.

Tony took control, bucking his forward to thrust his cock between those amazing tits. Salma looked down, watching the head of his dick poke up each time he made a forward thrust. She spit on it, just before moaning and looking back into his eyes. The excitement over Tony’s face told her everything. She knew that her tits were her most famous asset of her body and she never failed to use them. With a soft giggle, she couldn’t help but to tease him. With a big grin sweeping over her face, she continued to feel his cock pumping between her tits. Salma shook her head, laughing a bit before she began to tease him with her words.

“Oh yeah, that’s it! Look at your cute face! You’re just having the time of your life pumping between these big tits!”

With a laugh, Salma’s words had surely teased him. Tony couldn’t focus on her face or watching his cock push between her tits. The man grunted, knowing that his time was short before he would be blowing his load. He began panting, trying hard not to think about the incoming orgasm. Salma studied his face, knowing that his time was short. Still, Tony continued to pump his cock between her boobs.

“I’m so close, baby! Oh god, I’m gonna cum!!”

“Mmmmm, tasty cum all for me! All of it, Tony!!”

Her strong accent replied back to him. Salma let go of her breasts and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. She brought the head past her lips, into her mouth as she began to suck on it. Closing her eyes, the woman quickly stroked his rod while her lips remained glued sucking on the head. Tony grunted, crying out to her.

“Oh, fuck! YES! OH…..god, baby…”

His breath was lost just as Salma felt the head of his cock explode into her mouth. All he could do was try and catch his breath while she milked his cock of cum. Load after load shot between Salma’s closed lips. A moan was heard from down below, all while her hand continued to squeeze at his thick meat to drain him of every drop. Once Salma was done, she released his dick from her mouth and leaned up. She revealed to him the puddle of his seed drenched over the saliva in her mouth. Pushing her lips together, she loudly swallowed his load down. A smile appeared over her face before giggling.

“Mmmmmm, now we’re even.”

“Are we?”

“Yes! You swallowed mine, I just sent your seed down my throat.”

Tony laughed at her words, but Salma spoke again.

“But we ain’t finished just yet. Oh, no. You still gotta fuck my ass.”

“That’s how I know we were meant to be together, baby. You didn’t forget!”

“Of course, I wouldn’t forget! I love when you pound my ass!”

A big grin curved past Tony’s lips. Salma knew him all too well. Her ass was something he loved, never failing to make good use of it. She climbed up from her knees, looking back on the before moving atop. Tony came behind her, ascended over the bed. His feet sunk down into the mattress while Salma’s knees pushed down to elevate her huge thick ass to him. One look at her large sized booty was simply breath taking. The small hole to her ass was in clear sight. Tony slapped his hands over her cheeks and began to slowly push his cock to enter her ass. Salma gasped, allowing the left side of her face to touch the mattress while he pushed in her back door hole. She couldn’t help but to blurt out to him in Spanish.

“Ohhh, yes! Fuck my ass, Tony! Fóllame como una puta!!”

It always made Tony laugh when she spoke in Spanish demanding to be ‘fucked like a whore’. Within seconds, he began to ram his cock forward and back, fucking her tight ass. A moan escaped his lips. Salma’s big breasts pushed up against the sheets of the bed as she began to moan. The woman closed her eyes, enjoying every moment of it. She loved it when Tony pounded her ass. He was just the man that knew how to do it right. Over and over, he thrust his hips to push his cock in and out of her tight back door hole. His hands moved to her hips, positioning a grip while he continued to pound her ass with his hard cock.


Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of his balls slapping up against her ass could be heard with each hard thrust he made. Salma’s accent slurred her words like always, but Tony was too focused on pleasuring of her back door hole to pay any attention to her words. Salma didn’t want him to stop. His cock rammed into her at a fast hard speed, just the way she enjoyed a hard pounding. Gritting her teeth, she screamed out to him once more.


Like any other time before, her strong accent came out with her words. Tony reared his right hand back and began to slap the right side of her ass. Each time he thrust his cock in, he spanked her ass loudly. The spanks could be heard echoing into the master bedroom of the yacht, yet nothing could drown out Salma’s moans. Tony could feel his cock pushing to the point of exploding once more. He began to slow down, taking each thrst at a more slow pace. He stopped spanking her ass, only to grip the right cheek of her ass and squeeze it. Salma opened her eyes, still moaning but couldn’t refuse the opportunity to still tease him.

“What’s the matter? Did jou get tired and run outta energy?”

“Oh no, baby! I’m about to cum again! I want to shoot my load over your back!”

Salma laughed. Leaning up on the bed a bit, she rested her head chin under her hand.

“Oh? Go ahead, I don’t mind. Just as long as we take a shower soon. I don’t wanna get cum stains all over the sheets.”

Tony’s voice roared in laughter. He raised his hand back and spanked her ass. He took one final thrust into her ass before pushing his cock out. He grabbed his rod, stroking it while he replied back to his love.

“Seriamente? The sheets can be washed tomorrow, it never stopped us before from dirtying them up. You ready for this fucking cum, baby?”

“Oh yeah, do it! Cum on my back and my ass! DO IT!!”

By the stroke of his hand, Tony grunted before watching as a thick string of cum shot over her back. The only regret Salma had was that she couldn’t watch for herself. She felt his hot load streaking over her smooth skin. A moan was heard from her voice. Tony grunted, shooting a second string of cum. It landed directly over the small of her back. A third wave of his cum splashed over her left ass cheek before dripping down.

“Ohhhh, you’re making a mess…”

“You said I could!”

“I’m just teasing you, Tony! Go ahead, get me all messy!”

A laugh was shared between them, just as more cum splashed over her ass. Since it was his second orgasm, it wasn’t as strong as he would’ve liked. As he finished, the man took a deep breath and looked over the art on her skin painted in his seed. With a smirk, Tony spoke out to her.

“Alright, I’ll give you that shower you wanted since you let me do this.”

Salma crawled from the bed, turning around to look at him. She had to wink before laughing at him.

“I was only kidding! But I do love you, such a gentleman.”

Not caring at all about the cum on her back and ass dripping off, she turned around and moved to her knees. Salma and Tony met, kissing each other passionately. Her arms wrapped around his neck, just before breaking the kiss. Looking back into her eyes, Tony nodded.

“Come on, baby. After the fun we just had, it’s only fair if I wash your lovely body.”

“Lead the way, mi amor.”

A nice shower was just the perfect way to end the night before wrapping themselves up in the cum stained sheets. Tony had learned one thing from Salma in the past day: she was the only woman in his life who could please him and make him feel loved. So far, she was the one woman who he stayed and remained loyal to. The only time he seen another lady, was when Salma brought Shakira onto the yacht for a threesome. It was time to begin thinking of the future more seriously. He came to realize that there probably wouldn’t be another woman this late in his life who he would rather spend the rest of his life alongside. True love was found, ignited in passionate flames with Salma. He couldn’t wait to see what awaited them in the future.


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