Big Booty Bitches Ch. 21

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 21

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Nicki Minaj, Emily Ratajkowski

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, interracial, violence, drugs, romance

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

A crack was visible on the surface of a white glass lamp sitting in the hotel room. Dim lightness faded across the room during the night. Emily Ratajkowski sat alone in the bed, her cellphone within her hands as she texted back with a friend of hers. She awaited a reply, all while she sat there and noticed the crack in the lamp. It looked as if a line of super glue had been applied to prevent further destruction on it. At the same time, the crack was somewhat metaphorical that she could relate to at the moment. A rip had been made into the fabric of what she originally thought could be a long term relationship with a good man.

Emily’s bond with Steven had been slowly fading away ever since January. It seemed after their vacation together, what could’ve been love was slipping away. She set the phone down on the night stand, trying not to think about it. Her friend across the country in L.A. had yet to respond to her text. The young lady did nothing while laying in the bed, sighing as she was reminded of her decaying romance with Steven. She had remained loyal to him since they began dating, often turning down what could’ve been fun times with her friends. She held suspicions believing Steven had not been so loyal to her in the past. It seemed apparent that he lived a swinger lifestyle being a club manager. She didn’t want to think about it, not worth the stress. He proved to be quite difficult, as he seemed to be obsessed with keeping a low profile, even to the point he didn’t want her taking public photos of them to post on social media

Last week he treated her to a lovely late night dinner at an expensive restaurant. The date was cut short for him to rush the club, worried over the safety of his nephew. Emily had noticed that the club seemed to run Steven’s life. He would call off dates, meetings even just a casual night to run things back there. His business did not bother her so much, only that it got in the way of progress of their relationship. Like the crack she witnessed in the lamp, she had to wonder if cracks were in the foundation of what they had together. Or maybe they were not meant to be together all along. Emily had a friend from the modelling agency back in L.A. begging for a nice date. A man the same age as her, one that she had known for years as a close friend. Even now as she lay back in the bed, she almost could tell herself that Steven wouldn’t be calling this late at night. For all she could guess, he was back at Disco Fever doing whatever it was that he refused to share with her as his business.


Wednesday evening was just an average night for clubbing in Miami. Disco Fever always remained busy during the week, though Friday and the weekends were the true ‘mad house’ days as it would be described from the business perspective. Steven Diaz found himself upstairs, standing within the walls of his private office. He stood by the window, eyeing the action down on the floor while sipping on a glass of whiskey. He wore a pink shirt with three buttons undone and white pants. His grey jacket remained over the chair of his office. He had been busy in the past week trying to hunt down Carlos. Ramón had visited the club back and forth, still keeping his job in order, but Steven refused to question him about his brother. If he were to tell Ramón that he was seeking Carlos, it would be pretty obvious what the motivation would be.

Instead, he called around town checking with his contacts. Steven guessed that with Carlos not having a legitimate job, he would end up back on the street dealing and hustling again. At the least, he could possibly get lucky and land Carlos’ location with another club. Steven and Tony had many contacts within Miami, all built up connections from years of club managing in town. Every night since last week, he remained at the club waiting by the phones or observing down the dance floor for any trouble. While he stood by the window, he listened to the muffled bass sound booming from the music going on downstairs. Finishing off the glass in his hand, his cellphone began to ring loudly within the inside pocket of his jacket over near his desk. Steven walked over, setting down the empty glass to snatch his phone out of the jacket and answer it. The caller I.D. revealed a number he was unfamiliar with.


“Steven Diaz, is that you?”

“Yes, it is. Who am I speaking with?”

The male voice on the end came off familiar to Steven’s ears. A crackling laugh was heard before a reply was uttered.

“This is Martin, you know me. Mucho tiempo viejo amigo.”

Steven sighed, trying not to smile to himself. Martin had been an old friend to the Diaz family. He was previously a bouncer at a club Tony owned over a decade ago. Always a good source for information, a loyal friend to the end. Steven had not seen Martin in a few years. Last he heard, the man had taken a job as a bouncer at another club across town.

“Hey, it’s been a while old friend. It’s good to hear your voice again.”

“Likewise! So I heard from someone else that you’re looking for that cousin of yours, yeah?”

“You heard right. I’m trying to track Carlos down.”

“You’re talking to the right man. I’ve got him, he comes to a certain club every night. I’m working security out here, I’ve been seeing his face quite often the past couple nights.”

“Where are you at?”

“Berserker. You know, the weird blue and white club out here in South Beach?”

“Yeah, I know the place. Is Carlos there now?”

“Yep! Your cousin just come in, he’s got a girl with him and they look to be staying.”

Steven looked at the clock, seeing the accurate time was 10:21 PM. He thought for a minute before responding.

“I should be there in an hour and a half. Good looking out Martin, thanks! I owe you one after this.”

“You don’t owe me a thing, amigo! I’ve always got your back and Tony’s, you know that.”

“Thanks, appreciate it. I’ll see you soon.”

Clicking to hang up the phone, Steven smirked to himself. Revenge was something that tasted so sweet. He grabbed his gray coat from his desk chair, quickly slipping it on after shoving his phone back into the inside pocket. He had to leave the club now and prepare for a long drive in the night. His destination was deep in Miami Beach; all the way past the golf course of South Beach around Bayshore and on Collins Ave. It was a long trip, but Steven couldn’t pass this opportunity up. Finally, after over a week of trying to find information to Carlos, he had an old friend to thank along the way. He planned on passing a couple hundred dollar bills to Martin as a token of appreciation for this kind act.

The drive would take a while, but Steven didn’t mind. He would be behind the wheel of his trusted Cadillac, the only vehicle he needed in life. The streets were lit up in the darkness with the street lights, remaining a quiet night outside of Downtown Miami. He decided to go north, getting on Interstate 95 and later turning to 195 to drive along the Julia Tuttle Causeway bridge. Not much traffic remained on the streets approaching midnight. Things seemed quiet once he got out of Downtown. Steven remained cool behind the wheel, sitting back as he thought about Carlos. Silently building up the rage that he would soon unleash on him in vengeance for what he did to Antonio over a week ago.

Berserker was an industrial-goth themed night club down in South Beach. It was infamous for it’s usage of blue and white lights and choice of industrial music. The blue and white design and name was lifted from an obscure album by synth legend Gary Numan, a kind tribute. The club’s doors opened back in 2010, starting off with live tribute bands that took the stage before developing into DJ sets. It became popular with the ‘freaks’ in Miami Beach. Steven had only visited the club once, it made him feel nostalgic for his youth with listening to similar music from a long time gone. That old feeling hit him again as he pulled his car into the parking lot of the big white building. Once he stopped, he got out and headed towards the front doors. He had rolled the sleeves of his jacket up in the car due to the heat, revealing his wrists. The security were all wearing white suits, keeping true with the theme of the club. Martin stood out with his big black mustache, waving to Steven before calling out to him.

“Steven Diaz, aquí!”

Martin waved his arm, motioning for Steven to approach him. The two old friends reunited. Steven offered him a hug, embracing the older man for a few seconds.

“So, Carlos is in the club?”

The man nodded his head.

“Yeah, he’s got a table down on the bottom floor. If you hang to the left side, you’ll find him. He comes in with this girl every night, they always sit at the same place.”

“Thanks man, I owe you for this one. I want you to take this.”

Steven reached for his wallet, grabbing it out of the inner pocket of his jacket. Martin shook his head, protesting the action instantly.

“Oh no, don’t give me any money!”

Ignoring his words, Steven grabbed a wad of hundred dollar bills and created a fist with them. He shoved it to Martin, regardless of his negative reaction. Looking back into the man’s eyes, Steven nodded and spoke.

“Take it! I can’t promise you that I won’t break something when I get Carlos alone in a room. If you don’t want the money, give it to the manager. Tell him it’s an apology from Steven Diaz for whatever damage is caused.”

Right then, Martin understood the business. Steven wouldn’t have made the trip tonight on his own for nothing. He accepted the money and gave him a nod.

“Alright, I understand.”

“Thanks Martin, I appreciate the call tonight. I’ll see you around.”

Taking a sigh of relief, Steven returned his focus to the club. He stepped through the security guards, only stopping for the brief ‘pat down’ search. He didn’t have a weapon on him. Only thing in his pockets were his cellphone and wallet. After the search, he stepped into the club, blinded by the blue neon lights blinking back and forth. Blaring synths drowned out most of the music, all with samples and percussion drums in whatever instrumental was playing from the loud speakers. Steven looked around, observing the scenery of the club before he began to walk around. The dance floor appeared to be far out of reach, meanwhile the bathrooms were off to the left near a small hallway, away from the tables. Much of the club was occupied by people in black with the usual goth-like fashion.

Steven continued his walk, all around the left side. He bumped past a few people, still moving about as his eyes searched for Carlos. The lights flickered, flashing again over the white interior of the club. A fog machine was clearly at work somewhere in the club, perhaps from the dance floor as Steven drew closer to it. Finally after searching, he witnessed Carlos’ face from across the room. Just as Martin said, the man was sitting down at a table with what appeared to be a blonde haired woman. Carlos was wearing a black shirt, forcing him to blend in with most of the club’s visitors. Steven approached the table as Carlos appeared to be busy talking to his date. Walking up front of it, he called out to him.

“Hey Carlos! You been looking for me!?”

The man’s eyes turned and suddenly, his face lit up in fear. Carlos’ jaw dropped as he looked up at Steven’s stern face. He had surely caught him by surprise, obvious from the reaction presented.

“Oh shit, hey…hey Steven! It’s been a while since I seen you.”

“This isn’t a social call, you fucking know why I’m here.”

Steven pointed to the girl and motioned his hand off to the side before speaking directly to her.

“Get lost honey, I don’t want you getting between this.”

From that, Carlos realized that this was definitely a confrontation man to man. Before he could respond, Steven reached across the table and snatched Carlos by his shirt, speaking again. The girl got up from her seat at the table, stepping away to avoid being in the middle of the two men. Steven yelled at Carlos.

“Move your fucking useless ass, come on! Let’s go somewhere more private!”

The table wobbled, as Steven dragged Carlos out from behind it. Carlos stumbled a bit before picking himself up. Steven still pulled him at his shirt to walk the man back while he screamed at him.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!?”

“Shut your fucking mouth! You’ve been looking for me, well I found you now, you stupid fuck!”

Carlos couldn’t help but be dragged by his shirt. Steven walked him away from the tables, off near where the bathrooms were near an exit. He pushed the men’s bathroom door open and then slung Carlos inside. The other man stumbled a bit before falling into the wall to stop himself. Steven looked back at him, witnessing the fear over his face. Carlos yelled back at him.

“What the fuck is this about!? You can’t just come in here and drag me around like that!”

“You were looking for me a few weeks ago, right?”

“Yeah! Where’s my fucking yeyo at!? You stole that from me and I needed it to make some money!”

Steven shook his head. Thankfully, it appeared they were alone in the bathroom. He didn’t want anyone to get in the way of what was about to come from his rage. Looking back at Carlos, he answered him.

“This ain’t about the coke, that’s water under the bridge at this point. Forget about it. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on you, after what you did to Antonio, you’re going to fucking pay for that. Right now!”

“Oh yeah? So you’re sticking up for your little punk ass nephew?”

“Where’s your buddies at tonight, Carlos? You couldn’t take him on by yourself, you had to gang up on him with your pals. You like beating the shit out of someone younger and smaller than you? Well, come on them! Face a fucking man!!”

With one look in his eye, Steven reared his right fist back and punched Carlos as hard as he could through his stomach. Carlos groaned in pain, leaning down and clutching his chest. He almost fell to his knees, but he felt Steven snatch up his hair and pull his face up. Carlos caught a glimpse of the rage over Steven’s face just before his right fist smashed into his nose, instantly busting it. Blood began to rush out of both nostrils. As Carlos groaned in pain again, Steven kept his left hand gripping him by the hair and moved his right hand to grab his shoulder. He moved Carlos, standing him up before ramming his head forward into a mirror above a sink. The mirror busted with a loud bang, glass cutting over Carlos’ forehead and in his hair.


Carlos screamed as he felt the glass breaking over his head. Small shards of glass scattered through the room with countless amounts of tiny pieces falling to the floor. Steven pulled him back before shoving him towards a closed bathroom stall. Carlos’ body flew backwards before slamming into the door, causing it to fall open and then he finally collapsed on the floor next to a toilet. During the commotion, a man tried to enter the bathroom from the door. Steven quickly turned and yelled at the stranger.

“Wait a fucking minute!! Serious business here, you can wait!!”

The man stepped out, not wanting to interfere with Steven’s rage. Steven made sure the bathroom door was closed before turning his attention back to Carlos. The other man lay on his back, holding his knee up while catching his breath. His face was covered in blood, his nose was busted from the punch but most of the bleeding came from having his face smashed through the glass mirror. Streams of blood trickled down his hair, over his forehead. Carlos could see the fluorescent light from the ceiling, starring at it just before the figure of Steven’s body towering over him killed the light. Steven looked down at him and spoke.

“You put your hands on Antonio again, I’m going to fuck you up even worse than this. Do you understand?”

No reply was made. Carlos tried to catch his breath. Since he didn’t respond, Steven leaned down and looked at his blood-soaked face. He reached his hand up, grabbing him by the hair again as he could feel the blood reaching his fingers.

“Here let me help you, let’s clean your fucking face up. Maybe then you’ll understand what I’m telling you.”

With a hard pull, Steven sat Carlos up and turned him around. He forced him to face the toilet and then shoved his face down into the water. He put his foot on Carlos’ back, holding him there before he hit the handle to flush the toilet with his head in it. A gurgling sound was heard as the water ran through the bowl and flushed it down. Once the toilet was complete in flushing, he moved his foot from his back and pulled his hair up. Carlos coughed and gagged, spitting out water as he tried to catch his breath. Steven asked him the question again without leaning down to look at his face.

“Now do you fucking understand what I’m telling you?”

No reply again. Steven just rolled his eyes, sighing.

“For fuck sake, why do you have to do everything the hard way? One more time, maybe after this you’ll learn.”

“Wait! No-”

Before Carlos could completely reply, Steven shoved his head back into the toilet again and slammed the handle down. Yet again, the toilet went through the flushing sound as the water was sucked down with Carlos’ head down in the bowl. Once the toilet was complete in flushing, Steven yanked Carlos’ head out of the bowl again. No different from the first time, he coughed and spit out water. Once he finished coughing, he blurted out his response.

“Yeah, okay! I get it, I’m sorry! Tell the kid I’m sorry!!”

Steven finally let go of his hair, allowing him to fall back clutching the front of the toilet. Carlos turned around and faced Steven. The blood had washed away from Carlos’ face, revealing a hard gash over the left side of his forehead. There were still cuts within his hair, streaming down a few small blood streaks. Steven clutched his hand, realizing all the blood soaked over the palm of his hand. Luckily, none of it had dripped over his suit. Now that he was finished with Carlos, he stepped out of the stall leaving him there. He walked back over to the sinks, realizing the broken mirror above. Steven quickly turned on the faucets and washed his hands. He grabbed some paper towels to dry them off, all before he pulled the door and made a quick exit out of the bathroom.

Back in the club, the loud music rang throughout the walls. Steven sighed as he went to make an exit. A few men walked into the men’s bathroom after he left. He didn’t care who found Carlos or tended to him, he just knew that he had to get out of here and fast. Once Steven walked to the exit, he looked over one of the security guards standing tall in an all-white suit. Steven grabbed his wallet, counting out a few hundred dollar bills before he approached the security guard and offered him a wad of at least six hundred dollar bills.

“Hey, sorry about the broken mirror in the bathroom. If this money right here don’t pay for the damages, tell your manager I can be reached at Disco Fever. Call and ask for Steven Diaz, I’ll pay for it.”

The security guard became confused instantly. He took the money and began to count it. A second guard took interest in Steven, but he ignored him to quickly exit the club before a scene could be made. Once outside, he ran to the parking lot to where his trusted Cadillac was awaiting him. One guard outside tried to run after him, but it was pointless after Steven started the car up and wasted no time pulling out of the parking lot. He left the club, taking in a sigh of relief after what had to be done with Carlos. The least Steven figured he could do was pay for any damages in the bathroom. If it was his own club, he would’ve hoped someone would’ve done the same for him. It was time to go home and get some much needed rest after a night of using force to accomplish things.



The evening hours washed over the town on a usual Thursday around Miami. While he sky began to fade out in color with the wind blowing, Antonio found himself outside. He enjoyed the cool breeze as the weather began to chance with the incoming darkness. After a week, his face began to heal up from the bruises. He no longer used the large pair of sunglasses to shield over the purple swollen skin. He went out with Maria occasionally, enjoying the city for a change with an NBA game and a few other trips to the park. He found himself beginning to grow attached to his friend, realizing the opportunity that something else could develop between them.

He found himself today outside South Beach, cruising around in his green Mercedes car. A wish remained on his mind that he could eventually trade the vehicle in for something more fancier, perhaps with slick glamour to it like a sports car. Antonio ignored the thoughts while stopping the car near a sidewalk in a parking space. His cellphone had vibrated into his pocket, causing him to pull over into the parking space. He knew better than to text and drive, since he almost had an accident with it years ago. Grabbing his cellphone from the empty passenger seat, he glanced at the screen before opening the text. It was Maria that had contacted him.

‘Hey! Got news of a party across Miami Beach I thought 2 let U know about. Call me plz!’

After reading the short text, Antonio hit the dial button on the screen to call Maria. A few pedestrians walked by on the sidewalk next to his car. A few seconds later, she answered the phone.


“Hey Maria, I just got your text. You wanted me to call you?”

“Yeah, I figured you’re down for partying! Someone left cheap fliers at the club, there is a yacht party going on over in South Beach.”

“Sounds like fun. You going with me?”

“No, I have to work tonight.”

“Damn, that’s a shame. I would go with you.”

“Why not go by yourself, Antonio? You don’t need me there to hold your hand. Go on, have some fun.”

He sat there in the car, thinking about her words. At first, he was somewhat offended by the ‘hand holding’ comment, but Antonio knew Maria didn’t mean nothing by it.

“Alright, guess I can go alone. What’s the address?”

“Hold on, I’ll give you the location. You should write this down.”


Back at the club, the line outside was slowly developing at the entrance. By 6 PM, the sun was beginning to sink down into the ocean and the night life would fully awaken. Emily found herself taking a taxi out to Disco Fever. She spent the previous night conjuring her thoughts on Steven, realizing that their relationship wasn’t going to last forever. He didn’t call her last night or the evening before. She had decided to hit the club to confront him and set up what would be a parting of ways for the both of them. Her long brunette hair was split down the middle. She walked in a pair of blue heels, wearing denim blue ‘daisy duke’ shorts and a matching jean jacket over a white low cut shirt revealing her belly button. The jacket was buttoned up, revealing nothing of her torso. Her outfit was simple summer like wear for the hot Miami heat.

The club wasn’t packed full of people just yet, but the music had already been started. A few girls were in the club passing out fliers to a yacht party, but it was of no interest to Emily. She had come for business with one man only, no need to truly party. Walking through the club, she brushed past a few people here and there before taking the walk up the staircase like she had done times in the past. She approached security by the white door guarding the inner V.I.P. areas of the club. Standing there, Emily looked around waiting for someone to come out of the door. She wasn’t too comfortable asking the tall security guard standing by the door. After a few moments, he approached her anyway.

“Good evening, are you looking for someone in there?”

“Yeah, I’m looking for Steven. Is he in yet?”

Shaking his head, the bodyguard replied.

“No, not yet. He should be in an hour or so. What’s your business with him?”

“I’m his girlfriend, I have to see him about something important. Mind if I wait inside?”

“Yeah, you can wait in the lounge. I’ll let him know you’re there once he arrives.”

“Thank you!”



Small white clouds blended in with the fading colors of the sky. Antonio looked out the horizon, witnessing the pink colored sky just as he pulled his car into the parking spaces near the yacht. Maria had given him the location of the party, leading him to the docks west of South Beach. The yacht was massive, somewhat similar to his own father’s ‘Love Boat’ as it was named. Rows of cars were parked near the docks, observing the vehicle choices would lead anyone to believe that the party-goers happened to be somewhat wealthy. He parked his Mercedes near a silver sports car. While sitting in the car, Antonio opened the glove box and grabbed his small hair comb. He used the mirror above the windshield to make sure his hair was combed evenly with a split down the middle.

Once he was finished carefully fixing his hair, he got out of the car. The hot air hit over his face before taking the short walk around the docks towards the entrance of the yacht. Loud music could be heard all the way down at the docks, all coming from the boat itself. A long bridge extended connecting to the docked boat back to the pier. There were four tall bodyguards, standing there to check all visitors. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans, just as the wind blew through his buttoned up pastel green shirt. Antonio walked to the entrance near the bodyguards. They both eyed him, one speaking up with a greeting.

“You’re a guest attending?”

“Yes, of course.”

“It’s a hundred dollar entry fee, you got the money?”

Maria had not told him about an entry fee over the phone. Antonio looked somewhat confused at first. He nodded and then reached for his wallet from the back pocket of his pants.

“Oh yeah, let me get that for you.”

Lucky for him, he often kept a wad of twenty dollar bills in his wallet. Counting it out, he handed the five bills of twenties to the man. Antonio stood there, watching the guard fold the money up and shove it into his pocket. The other bodyguard gave him a nod before speaking up.

“We have to a pat down search, just to be safe.”

“Alright, that’s no problem with me.”

Letting out a sigh, Antonio extended his arms out and allowed the bodyguard to do the pat down over him. He had nothing on him, just a cellphone, his wallet and the keys to the car. Once the guard finished, he stepped aside and gave him a nod. The entry way was allowed before him. The young man then grabbed the rail of the bridging walkway and slowly boarded the yacht. The music became louder with each step he took, all before leading onto the deck itself.


The metallic blue Cadillac slowly slid into the parking spot behind the building, just as it did every night. Steven stopped the engine, just before stepping out of his car and locking the door. He took a look around, all before making the short walk to the back door to enter the club. Wearing a gray pair of pants, Steven had picked out a purple shirt to throw on under his trusted white blazer jacket and a matching pair of white loafer shoes he wore without socks. He entered the club, just like any other night and took the steps of the stairs to the top floor. By now, more people had arrived at the club to crowd the inside walls. Maria was waiting for Steven at the top of the stairs, standing right outside the door. He greeted her with a smile, though she appeared to be concerned.

“Hey Maria, what’s eating you?”

“Emily is here. She demanded to see you about something, but won’t tell me.”

Steven thought for a minute. At first, he was happy to see Emily, but he had a bad feeling now. Giving Maria a nod, he stepped forward and grabbed the gold knob of the door before thanking the assistant.

“Thanks, I’ll see what it is.”

“She’s in the lounge area, I wouldn’t let her into your office without you here.”

Hundreds of thoughts ran through Steven’s mind while he stepped into the V.I.P. halls. He wandered around the hall, arriving at the lounge area where he found Emily sitting on the white couch. She looked up at him as he entered the room, beaming with a delighted smile.

“Hey! I haven’t seen you much lately!”

“Been busy with work, you know? Good to see you babe.”

She stood up from the couch, walking over to him. Steven kissed her cheek as she gave him a hug but refusing to return the kiss. That small gesture led him to wonder if this would be a reunion for bad news. Emily looked up into his eyes and spoke.

“Can I talk to you someplace more private, please?”

“Yes, what’s wrong baby?”

“I’ll tell you in a minute, once we’re behind closed doors.”

“Come on, let’s go to my office.”


The yacht party had proven to be quite the spectacle of a social gathering. Antonio walked around the top deck of the ship, but was more impressed to find out that the bigger party was within the secluded walls of the boat. The yacht itself was abounding with numerous people. Up on the top deck inside, there were stripper poles installed in a large room and a few girls dancing to Hip Hop music. Several men gathered around to ‘make it rain’ in money as the girls worked the poles. Antonio ignored the mini strip club room and ventured deeper downstairs into the yacht. It was within the second room, he found the more hardcore events taking place.

In darkness and neon lights shining from above the walls, some low beat synth music played in the second cabin room of the yacht. There were tables lined up with drinks, an active bar across the room. The main attraction in the room was a table with lines of white powder lined up on trays. Antonio walked around the room, observing with his eyes as he witnessed a blonde haired woman woman in a silver dress roll up a hundred dollar bill and proceed to snort a line of the white contraband dust. It began to dawn on him that the synth music playing was none other than ‘coked up dance music’ as he had been told before. While stepping around the table, Antonio walked to the door across the room and left what seemed to be the drug room of the party.

Within the next room, he was greeted to another party atmosphere involving Hip Hop music. Two black women stood on a table-made stage dressed in sexy police officer uniforms as they worked their bodies back to back with a pole in the middle. Not much attention was given to the girls as they danced. The music played with instrumental beats, loudly booming from speakers above in the corners of the room. A bar was on the left side. A black man stood behind it, offering drinks straight bottles. Antonio approached him, figuring that he would make this room of the yacht his home for now with the party scene. The bartender gave him a nod before speaking up.

“What will you be having?”

“Scotch, please.”

Antonio turned around, leaning his arms against the bar table behind him. Once again, his eyes surveyed the room looking around. There was a diversity of different people among the many who were there for the party. A black woman walked past in the room who caught his eye. With thick strong built legs, she wore a pair of white high heels and then black shorts that hugged every curve of her body. On her torso, she wore a matching black low cut shirt, revealing quite the view of amazing cleavage. Her hair was split down the middle in jet black, trailing down her shoulders. The woman’s face looked quite familiar to him, she walked on by giving him a look before stomping towards the bar. The bartender nodded with a smile, greeting her.

“Hey Nicki, you want another drink?”

“No thanks, I already had a few.”

Just then, it hit Antonio on her identity. He was standing next to the sexy rapper herself: Nicki Minaj. Her curvy form looked even sweeter in person. The tattoo on her left arm was proof alone. Thanks to her heels, she stood a few inches taller than him. He looked at her, just as she began to observe him standing before her with her own eyes. She offered the young man a smile.

“Hey, I don’t think I’ve seen you before at one of these parties. What’s your name?”

“I’m Antonio, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“And you know who I am right?”

She easily read his thoughts from witnessing his face. He nodded, forcing her to respond with a laugh. Antonio couldn’t help but speak up.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you for an autograph or a picture.”

Nicki laughed again.

“I didn’t think you would. I can tell by looking at you that you seem like a man with a plan. I assume you didn’t come here for nothing.”

“Oh yeah? What gives you that impression?”

She smirked to him.

“Just follow me, if you’ve got the balls that is.”

Stepping away, Nicki began to walk of from him. She teased the young man, slowly pushing one leg out before the other to force her huge thick ass to rub cheek to cheek as she walked by. She looked over her shoulder, gazing towards his eyes just to make sure he was starring at her ass. With a smug grin, she spoke again reciting lyrics to a song.

“I got a big fat ass, big dicks follow.”

With the look in his eye, she gave him a wink. Antonio could see this was some game that she was playing with him, even when teasing him if he ‘had the balls’ to follow her. He turned around to the bartender, grabbing the drink that was offered to him, yet still turning his head to watch Nicki. She slowly made an exit in the room off to a door on the left. With the glass of alcohol in his hand, he quickly consumed the entire drink in just a few sips before slamming the empty glass back down on the bar, rattling the ice. He pulled out his wallet to grab the money to pay for the drink, just as the bartender told him the charge. Once he was finished, he made the walk to follow the curvy thick ass rapper back to the room she entered.


“You don’t love me do you?”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Just tell me that you don’t. That’s all I want you to do, be honest with me for once.”

In his office, Steven and Emily had confronted one another in a respectful argument about their relationship. She had popped up the question of love just now, only after they had a meaningless argument over not seeing one another. Steven sat back in a chair across the room near a coffee table as she stood before him. He crossed his arms, looking right at her before speaking.

“Look, love don’t just happen over night. It takes a while to get there, it develops over time.”

Emily rolled her eyes.

“Don’t give me some bullshit answer, please! It’s just a simple yes or no question. Are you in love with me or not?”

He couldn’t argue back with her. Deep down, Steven admired the fire inside of her and how she took no excuses. Looking back at her, this time he let out a sigh before telling her the truth. He was not in love with her, there was no need to lie.

“Okay, fine. I’m not in love with you.”

Her suspicions were confirmed now in his words. Emily looked back and nodded to him just before replying.

“See, was it that really hard to tell me the truth?”

“Yeah, actually it was. I think you’re a wonderful girl. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“I’m a big girl, I can handle it. You aren’t the first guy to dump me, you won’t be the last either.”

So blunt in her choice of words, she offered no subtly whatsoever. Strictly to the point of topic. Steven looked away from her, she moved away and sat in a chair next to him facing the coffee table. All the assumptions she had were true and now it was over. Emily was surprised by his cold silence. She expected the man to argue with her and make a scene, yet he didn’t. Steven starred at the coffee table for a minute before speaking.

“I’m sorry, Emily. I’m not the right man for you.”

Getting up from the chair, he shoved his hands into the pocket of his jacket and moved towards the window. His eyes peered past the slit mini-blinds, looking at the flashing lights and people moving downstairs in the club. As he looked on, he spoke to her.

“You’re in the prime of your life right now in those wonderful twenties. You’re an amazing girl, you’ve got great charm and flash. I’ll be turning forty-one soon this month. I’ve got one failed marriage under my belt, I have a son who is close to your age since I became a father in my teens. And, well…

Turning away from the window, he looked back at her while finishing speaking.

“I don’t make time that I should for things that matter. This club, this is my life. As pathetic as that may sound, you deserve better than wasting your time with a man like me. For all I know, I’ll be managing this fucking place until I’m in my fifties, if I live another nine years. You don’t deserve to be stuck with me.”

With no answer from her, she couldn’t push herself to look at his face. Emily raised her hand under her chin and then a trailing tear ran down from the corner of her right eye. She tried to hold it back, but to no avail. Once she had dreamed that someday love would sweep her up away. She truly had passionate feelings for this man, even still as he stomped all over her heart with his words. Now it appeared that she would be all alone once again, here come the tears.


“Ohhhhhhh, yeah!! He love this fat ass, hahahahaha!!”

Nicki’s voice roared over beats as she came to a close on performing her song. Within the room she led Antonio, five guys were seated and a mini-stage was made with a clean floor. An instrumental song played as she gave these five chosen men a private performance. After six minutes, she came to a close teasing them as the song was about to end. She positioned herself on all fours, starring back at the men as managed to grind her hips and force her thick huge fat ass to bounce in the position. Her cheeks pushed, moving almost in a wave as she teased them.

“Fuck yeah!! Look at dat ass, hell fuckin’ yes!!!”

A loud mouthed pale white man with long hair and a southern accent cracked up yelling from across the room. He had a silver tray in his hand, lining up a straw to snort another line of coke. Nicki had the men seated in chairs across from her, as this was a show for them. Antonio was in the middle, sitting between two black guys who clapped and cheered. The young man found himself remaining silent, his eyes locked on the show as an erection grew in his pants. Nicki’s eyes looked up at Antonio as she began to grind her hips, forcing her thick ass to move in the position on her knees and hands. As her booty rocked, she screamed out the ending lyrics of her song.

“Yeah!! This one is for my bitches with a fat ass in the fucking club! I said, where my fat ass bitches in the club!?”

With all the horny men in the room, they chanted and clapped senselessly. Antonio still stood in silence within his chair. Nicki quickly got up from her knees and then turned around as her heels planted into the floor. She bent over and began to twerk, causing her ass to bounce and grind around within the small tight black shorts she wore. The other four men besides Antonio clapped their hands and cheered like a bunch of football hooligans.


From the moment Emily had broken down into tears, Steven had rushed over and embraced her in his arms. She found herself hugging the man that she would be saying goodbye too. As they stood up and hugged, Steven walked her back to the chair and sat down. He cradled Emily in his arms, she sat on his lap forgetting time as she had her moment of sadness. By now, Steven had truly felt horrible for crushing her feelings like this. Everything was sharp and to the point with not an ounce of subtlety. Thee were no words between them, just silence as the thoughts of loneliness crept in their minds. Emily sat up in his lap, drying her tears with her hands before she unwrapped her arms from around him and moved to stand up.

“Emily, I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be, Steven. I’m a big girl, I can handle this. I don’t want to say goodbye is all.”

“We don’t have to.”

Turning to face him, she bit her lower lip while looking at him. Her face had dried, but her voice had changed due to crying.

“Can we still be friends, Steven?”

“Baby, yes…”

He got up from his chair, approaching her as he wrapped his left arm around her.

“Yes, we can always be friends. We don’t have to be lovers to be friends.”

From his words, she couldn’t contain herself but to push her lips to his and press a kiss. Steven ended up returning the kiss, forcing a passionate one as she slid her arms around his neck. Emily shoved Steven hard, pushing him against the wall before breaking their lips apart at last. With one look into his eyes, she spoke in a low voice.

“I want you to fuck me, Steven. Come on, I’ll probably never have another man fuck me again like you.”

She stepped back from him and unbuttoned her denim blue jean jacket. After tossing it to the floor, she grabbed the short ends of her white shirt and peeled it out from over her head to let her huge boobs bounce free without a bra. Steven stepped forward, running his hands up to gently grab at her breasts before softly squeezing them. She moaned, closing her eyes and running her hands through his soft hair. For their last time together, she wanted to make this count without a single care in the world that it was right here past the closed door of his private office.


After her dance song performance with twerking and grinding of her booty, Nicki had turned the dance game into a small competition. The entire point of having five guys watch her dance was to eventually pick them off one by one. Only a single man would be lucky to take her to bed for the full reveal of her voluptuous thick body. So far, so good Antonio was still in the game. She had already eliminated three men; beginning with the coke-snorting long haired man that couldn’t keep full concentration on her. The only men who remained her Antonio himself and a white guy who he had not noticed in the room with him earlier.

Nicki moved the men deeper within the yacht, moving farther away from the party and towards a bedroom. The next door would be her private cabin bedroom and only one man would enter alongside her. Nicki had made her choice that she would either be having some white meat or Latin meat for her gorgeous black body. So far, she danced in the room for the men as the music could loudly be heard booming from upstairs on the deck of the yacht. Antonio and the other man sat next to him. This game of Nicki choosing and eliminating men was complete torture. She could see the erections standing up in both of their pants. The man next to Antonio could barely contain himself as they both watched on at Nicki shaking her huge fat ass in front of them. She did the ‘twerk’ rotations and managed to grind her ass back and forth.

“Oh god! This is too much for me! I can’t take it anymore!!”

In complete mental torture, the man sitting next to Antonio quickly unbuckled his belt to his pants and slid them down. He had to wrap his hand around his cock and began to jack himself off, grunting and moaning as he did so. Nicki turned herself around and came to a stop from grinding. As the man masturbated in front of her, she shifted her eyes to Antonio.


Her hand reached out, snatching him up by the shirt to pull him up and out of the chair. As he stood face to face with the Hip Hop goddess, she spoke again.

“Come with me, you know how to handle yourself unlike this stupid mother fucker right here.”


“Oh god, yes! Take it, baby!”

Steven moaned as he lay back on the couch on the coffee table within his office. Emily bent her legs, moving her hand to his chest as her mouth bobbed up and down on his cock. She gripped it in her right hand, her hair waving all over the place as she devoured his meat. It only took them a few minutes to disrobe one another of their clothes. Steven had went to his desk, never forgetting to hang that ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the outside door knob. ‘Mmmmmmm’ Emily’s voice moaned a muffled sound as she sucked on his cock. She came up and made a loud pop noise before running her hand through her hair to move it out of her face. He couldn’t help but call out to her now.

“Come here, baby.”

She smiled as he ran his hands through her hair. Emily contained her fingers wrapped around his rod as she came up. Leaning over his body, she pushed her lips to his to kiss him. Afterwards, she stroked his dick in her hand before softly speaking.

“I want to ride it, Steven. Can I ride you one last time?”

“Yes, baby. Do it, ride it one last time for me.”

His response was softly spoken, almost in a whisper. Emily starred back in his eyes, kissing his lips once more. With her hand still gripping his hard shaft, she leaned up and then began to climb atop him. Steven remained laying back on the coffee table. His eyes looked up, watching as Emily straddled him and then hovered his rod over her soft, wet dripping entrance. Taking a deep breath, she thrust her body downward and impaled his shaft inside of her. Emily pushed her hands over his chest as she began to ride him, pushing herself up and down.

“Ohhhhh, yeah!! That’s it, mmmmm!!”

Her voice called out moaning while her hair began to wave all around. Steven bucked his hips from under her, looking up at his former love as her great big breasts bounced up and down as his cock pumped in and out of her pussy. He moved his hands over her hips, each time she thrust herself down his balls smacked against the underside of her ass. Emily didn’t stop, she only began to slam herself down harder and faster.

“Oh god, YES!! OHHHHH, YES!!!”

Screaming out to him, she closed her eyes and continued to ride him. Steven couldn’t think any words to speak, but she could hear his moans and knew that they both were enjoying this together. The sound of his balls slapping against her ass could be heard with soft smacking sounds that echoed with each thrust she made downward. The super model began to whimper, feeling his cock in her pussy push her into a frenzy of pleasure.


From holding the young man’s hand, Nicki led Antonio throughout the yacht’s private rooms finding her own bedroom far away from where the party had started. The man she left alone in the room didn’t offer much of a protest as she left him there to jack off by himself. Antonio was her chosen man for the night, only he would be the luckiest of any man at this party. The bedroom was cabin was small, decorated in hard wood panels and a soft floor. Once they were alone together, Nicki pushed her thick body up against the young man. She wanted to see his eyes enlarge as he starred down into the massive cleavage of her fat tits tucked in the small shirt she wore. He moaned feeling them up against his chest, causing the rapper to tease him.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you boy!? Can’t keep your eyes off my fat fucking tits or my big ass!”

Before he could respond, she pushed her puffy lips to his and kissed him softly. Antonio finally responded by wrapping his arms around her. A moan was heard from her lovely voice as the kiss sank into a deeper one. His hands roamed her beautiful black body, Nicki could’ve easily guessed that he would use his hands to sink them down and grip her fat thick ass cheeks, and he did just that. Upon breaking the kiss, she gritted her teeth and moaned before yelling at him.

“Yeah, just like that! Squeeze my big fat fucking ass! You want it, don’t you Antonio!? You got a real big ass bitch tonight!!”

“I’m pretty fucking lucky, god your ass feels amazing!!”

She rolled her eyes, gigging at him. He squeezed her ass one last time before moving his hands away. Nicki responded to him in a smug tone.

“You ain’t seen shit yet. I know you got a big dick hard as a fucking rock and ready for me, don’t you?”

“Yes!! You have no idea how fucking hard I am after watching you dance for an hour!”

Nicki reached her hand down, grabbing the bulge in his pants to rub her fingers over it. Antonio watched as she stepped back and then moved her hands to pull the little shirt out from over her head. Her long dark hair waved around as her lovely huge breasts popped free. Nicki then grabbed his hands, forcing him to roam them over her smooth black tits. The young man moaned before squeezing them, feeling her nipples harden under the palms of his hands. Nicki moved her hands to the back of his neck, pushing his head to smother him with her large breasts.

“Suck on these fat titties! You want ’em, don’t you boy?”

Her large boobs smacked over his face repeatedly. Antonio pushed his mouth together and began to slobber over her breasts, doing the ‘motorboat’ notion as it was called. Nicki giggled feeling him suck and lick on her tits while his mouth created numerous noises. Finally, after a few minutes, Nicki had enough of it and stepped back. Antonio looked back at her and then watched as she gave him a curious grin and sank down to her knees. Crossing her knees, that juicy large booty sat on the floor. Nicki pulled at the front of his pants, forcing the buttons to pluck apart. Antonio just stood there, watching as the beautiful thick woman pushed his pants and underwear down, forcing his hard Latin cock to spring free towards her. Nicki wrapped her black hand around the shaft, stroking it as she looked in his eyes.

She expected him to utter words, but he didn’t. Antonio just focused on watching her hand move up and down over his hard meat. Since he didn’t speak, Nicki didn’t waste anymore time parting her lips and sliding them around the head of his cock. She moved her hand down to the base as she began to slowly suck on his big dick. Her lips loudly slobbered and sucked on his rod. Nicki began to work her mouth up and down, bobbing her head as strings of saliva dripped from his rod. Antonio moaned loudly, trying not to think about blowing his load. A bead of sweat dripped from his eye brow, all the teasing and anticipation of her dancing was enough to make him almost go crazy, but at last it paid off. He continued to moan as she sucked on his cock. Nicki eventually came up, making a loud pop noise before spitting on his rod. A saliva string dangled from her upper lip back to his dick, she teased him while stroking his cock with her little hand.

“You like getting your fucking dick sucked by a bitch with a fat ass?”

“Fuck yeah!!”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet. I got something that’s really gonna blow your fucking mind.”

“Oh yeah, like what Nicki?”

“Like this!!”

She let go of his cock and quickly grabbed her large breasts, pushing them up and trapping his long shaft between them. Antonio realized that she was about to fuck him with her fat tits, he reacted by thrusting his hips forward and pumping his cock back and forth between them. Nicki laughed at this new found enthusiasm. She could tell that he was a ‘breast man’, as she would say. With a giggle, she teased him with her words.

“Ohhh yeah, look at that! There you go, fuck those fat fucking tits!! Yeah, FUCK ‘EM ANTONIO!!”

Still giggling, she watched his eyes and the pleasure over his face. The young man moaned, and finally she looked down to watch his hard dick pumping between her big tits. Nicki wasn’t going to deprive him of this pleasure. The excitement he received was just enough to tell her how badly he wanted it. Over and over, the head of his cock would poke between the folds of her large black tits. Nicki used her tongue to lap over the head, licking it each time it thrust up.


The sound of moans and kissing was heard in the office between Steven and Emily. After allowing her to ride his cock in one position, they moved to do it doggy style with Emily pushing herself on all fours. They reached their climax together, enjoying the feeling of the first orgasm of the night and then sharing a passionate kiss. After he kissed her lips, Steven leaned up and stood behind Emily. She remained on her hands and knees, sticking her lovely beautiful ass out for him for some attention.

“Fuck my ass, Steven!! You always were the best at that, do it one last time!!”

“Yes baby, just for you. I’m gonna miss this ass so much.”

His hand reached back and slapped the right cheek of her wonderful firm ass. By her request, he spread her cheeks with his hands and then guided his hard rod to her little dark hole. A few seconds later, Emily gasped her breath while feeling his cock slide right into her nice juicy ass. Steven moved his hands to the small of her back, gripping the sides of her frame while he thrust his hips and fucked her ass.

“Ohhh, yeah, just like that…”

Her voice called to him in a whispering tone. Emily turned to look over her shoulder. Watching as his hips moved forward and feeling his cock pound into her ass. Her long brunette hair waved around a bit, just as she gasped and moaned. By now, Steven was pumping his rod in and out of her sweet ass with a good fast pace. He grunted, moaning before he called out to her.

“Your ass is so amazing, remember that!”

“I will, yes YES YES!! FUCK MY ASS!! OHHHHH, GOD!!”

“Ohhhhh, yeah! This ass is glorious!!”

Over and over, he bucked his hips forward and back sliding his cock in and out of her lovely ass. If it weren’t for the pleasure she felt, she would’ve smiled hearing his compliment of her ass being ‘glorious’. Emily closed her eyes to embrace the moment, enjoying every moment as she felt every last inch of his cock sliding into her ass back and forth. She was going to miss this, as a man he knew exactly how to handle her back door hole better than most.



The sound heard in the room was Nicki slobbering loudly over Antonio’s cock. She pushed her mouth down all the way, proving that she had deep throat skills. A thick string of saliva dripped from his dick down to the floor. By now, he had moved to sitting on the edge of the bed. His lower lip hung low, trying desperately to catch his breath. Nicki had titty fucked and sucked him until he busted his nut. The fat ass Hip Hop queen swallowed his load minutes earlier, proving that she truly had him by the balls and was in complete control. Satisfying herself with the taste of his rod, it was soon that she would truly fuck him out of his mind. Finally releasing his cock from her mouth, she made a pop noise and came up looking into his eyes with her teeth gritted.

“Get back on the bed for me, I’m about to fuck you!!”

She was in complete commanding control of the young man. Antonio obeyed her words, sliding himself back on the bed. After she had made him cum, she took his shoes off to allow his pants and underwear to become a clothes pile on the floor. He threw his shirt off, making his completely naked before her. Nicki then climbed up on the bed, sliding her little black shorts down to reveal that she wore solely a pink g-string underneath. It got lost between the crack of her massive ass, but was easy for her to slide down and kick off her body with the shorts. The only thing on her body now was the pair of heels. She climbed over Antonio’s body, towering beyond him as she grabbed his saliva covered shaft and held it up. After straddling him, Nicki sank her knees down into the bed and then took his shaft into her sweet soaked pussy.

“Ohhhh, man!!”

“Ohhhh man, ohhh yeah!! I ride it like a fucking boss bitch!!”

Antonio moaned, calling out to her before she mocked him with her words. Nicki took full charge, pounding herself up and down on him. Her huge ass bounced over his balls as she fucked him, forcing his cock to thrust into her pussy back and forth. The bed began to shake back and forth, slamming up against the wall in rhythm with her huge breasts bouncing up and down. All he could do was lay there watching as Nicki fucked him. The tightness of her pussy and each downward thrust made him moan. Her hands pushed over his stomach, holding him down as she rocked the bed back and forth against the wall with her thrusts.


“Ohhhh, god yeah! YEAH, FUCK ME NICKI!!”


Ba-Bang. Ba-Bang. Ba-Bang. Ba-Bang. The frame of the bed continued to clank against the wall, causing the loud banging sound to echo through out the room. Antonio closed his eyes, crying out as he moaned. Nicki wasn’t going to stop pumping herself down until his cock forced her into an orgasm. It was only fair after she made him blow his load with her breast and mouth. Over and over, the sound of the bed beating up against the wall drowned out the young man’s moans, but nothing could contain the pitch of her voice rising.


“Yes, yes!! Cum for me, Nicki!”


She groaned out, coming to a complete halt as his cock remained pushed into her sweet pussy. Antonio’s eyes popped wide open as he felt her hot juices flooding his cock from within her pussy. She took a few minutes, enjoying the sensation running through her body and catching her breath. Once she had caught her breath, she moved off him, releasing his cock from her pussy as it thumped down against his chest. Nicki only hoped after this that he still had the energy to pound her thick fat booty. As she moved off the bed, she reached for his hand to pull him. Antonio sat up, looking back at Nicki before she spoke.

“We ain’t finished yet.”

“Oh no I want to-”

“Fuck my ass? I’m asking you to do it, right fucking now.”

With authority, her voice rumbled and she curved her lips into a smug grin. Even if she would be in the position, it was still made obvious that Nicki was in complete control of him. Moving from the bed, she planted her hands down into the front over the sheets and pushed her ass out. He was slow moving off the bed, so he needed a bit of encouragement.

“Get your fucking ass up and behind me now! Don’t be a lazy mother fucker! This ass ain’t gonna fuck itself!”

“Yeah, I’m on it!”

A verbal response like that was enough to inform Nicki that she truly did own the young man. She could have turned herself into a dominate woman, if only she didn’t desire to have her fat ass pounded with his big dick. Antonio found it sexy that she called him a ‘mother fucker’ like it was nothing. He quickly made his way around behind her, only to stand there in shock at her round plump ass. Despite the fact he witnessed her ‘twerking’ it multiple times tonight, it was still a sight to behold in amazement. A sigh was heard from her before barking out another order.

“The fuck are you waiting for back there!? Come on, fuck my ass! Don’t just stare at it!!”

“Call me a mother fucker again, please.”

“Please!? You said please for me to call you a mother fucker!?”

He reared his left hand back and slapped her ass, witnessing her firm skin shake and rumble. Nicki moaned from his striking hand.

“Yeah, spank it you mother fucker! Just like that!! Fuck that ass and spank it, mother fucker!!”

A big smile curved past Antonio’s lips. He couldn’t help it, it was something so sexy about her calling him a ‘mother fucker’ like this. Nicki was a true professional at the art of dirty talk. His hands spread her smooth, large black ass cheeks before using his left hand to guide his cock between them and inside. Her ass was so large he immediately began to wonder if his cock would get lost between the fold of those cheeks. It took a few moments, but he eventually found her back door hole and pushed his cock in. Nicki gasped her breath, feeling it slide inside of her. She then roared loudly, begging him to ram her ass.

“Yeah, there you go! Ram it, FUCK MY ASS YOU MOTHER FUCKER!! RAM IT HARD!!”

Her voice screaming at him was enough to push him into over drive. Antonio pushed his hands down on her thick ass cheeks. Nicki helped him by reaching her hands back and spreading them further, allowing him to slam his cock back and forth into her ass at a harder and much faster pace. This is exactly how she preferred her thick fat ass to be fucked. She loved it when a man pounded her hard, letting her know just how desirable her most famous asset of her body truly was.


Again, she continued to call him a ‘mother fucker’ just as much as he loved. Maybe it was because Antonio had listened to her music and loved hearing her say those words. The sound of her voice calling him that made this event steaming hot, better than before. He gritted his teeth, grunting as his ass continued to pump in and out of her ass. Nicki continued to yell at him in her filthy language.


His balls slapped on the underside of her ass repeatedly. Antonio grunted, unable to think of words to scream back at her. He moaned, yet she drowned him out in her moans and continuously screaming dirty words back at him. He was so close, ready to bust his second nut for the night.


“Ohhhh, fuck Nicki! FUCK!! I’M GONNA CUM!!”


Hearing her request, he quickly pulled his rod from her ass and went to stroking it in his hand. Nicki moved her hands away from her cheeks, roaming her arms over the sheets of the bed. She propped her head up using her hand under her chin. Closing her eyes, she moaned and continued to tease him with her choice of naughty words.

“Mmmmmmmm, yeah. That’s right, stroke your big fucking dick. I want you to shoot that hot ass cum on my big fat fucking ass. Do it, mother fucker!”

“I’m almost ready, Nicki! Almost!!”

“Almost!? Come on, stroke that cock faster. FASTER! I want to feel that hot load on my ass, come on mother fucker, you can do it! You can do it, mmmmmm!!”

“Ohhhh god, here it is! FUCK!!”

Antonio screamed as his cock exploded from the touch of his hand. A thick string of cum shot up her beautiful black skin, coating her left ass cheeks. A moan gasped from Nicki’s voice, almost as if she sounded victorious. Another thick string of cum shot up the small of her back and streaking down her right cheek.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s what I wanted right there. God, that feels so fucking hot. A sexy mother fucker like you shooting hot sticky cum all over my fat ass. Mmmmm, yeah.”

Another wad shot over her left cheek, just before thick drops of cum coated her right cheek. He tried so hard to drench her ass equally, but couldn’t quite aim his cock properly. More strings of cum shot on her left side than her right, with a bit of it streaking up her back. Nicki moaned again, as she didn’t feel another drop of his hot seed pouring over her back, so she figured he was finished. She turned her head to look over her shoulder and grinned at him.

“That was fun. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did, mother fucker.”

She winked at him. A small gesture to let him know she didn’t forget how much he loved being called that.


A moan was heard before Emily wiped the sweat from her forehead with her hand. At this point, she and Steven had been fucking for over almost two hours in his office. For what would be the last time they enjoyed each other’s bodies in a relationship, they both made sure to push it to the limit for this one last time. Just seconds ago, Emily had forced him to cum with her mouth. Draining and swallowing his seed only after he spent a while fucking her ass and pussy. Steven was almost nearly exhausted, but still wanted to go one more round. Emily sat up on her knees, stroking his cock with her right hand. Her eyes looked up at him before speaking.

“Are you getting tired?”

“Yeah, but I don’t wanna stop.”

She giggled, still stroking his cock while she responded.

“I know, neither do I.”

Glancing back down at his cock, Emily kissed the head.

“God, I’m gonna miss you so much. All the naughty things we did together.”

“Let’s do one more naughty thing together, shall we?”

“Oh yeah, what you like you to do?”

Steven smirked while gazing down at her.

“Fuck me with your titties, one last time please?”

Emily laughed while reaching her arm to cup her breasts and hold them up. It was funny to hear him request her tits with a ‘please’.

“I’ve been waiting to do that all night! Tell me you’re gonna miss my tits.”

“Ohhhhhhh, baby. Your titties are what I’ll be missing the most.”

Another giggle erupted from her soft voice. Emily gripped her breasts, holding them apart and allowing him to slide his cock right between them. She squeezed her boobs over his fat shaft, looking down at it before spitting on the head. Steven began to slowly thrust his hips back and forth, fucking her tits with his cock. Emily watched as his cock would disappear between the folds of her huge tits before the head popped back up. Emily remained on her knees, moaning as his cock continued to slowly thrust between her tits. She glanced up, looking in his eyes before dropping her lower lip and moaning.

Steven reached his hand down and gently ran it through her hair while still bucking his hips and driving his cock between her tits. She was so beautiful, with that smile like an angel. As Emily moaned, he leaned down as best he could and tried to kiss her. She raised her neck and pushed her lips to his while still keeping her breasts squeezed together while his cock pumped between them. It was moments like this that she truly would miss forever with him. There was something about Steven as a man, his touch truly made him stick out from others. Still, his cock thrust between her boobs while they sucked on each other’s lips and traded kisses. Only a few seconds later, Steven finally stopped and made last thrust between her boobs. She knew what was about to happen, pushing her lips away from his.

“Baby, I’m about to cum.”

“Let me handle that for you.”

She didn’t want to make a mess before having to get redressed and leaving the club. Emily let go of her breasts and took his cock back into her hand. She pushed the head past her lips and then pumped the shaft hard in her hand, jacking him off while sucking the crown tip. Steven softly grunted, just before reaching his third orgasm of the night. Since he had already reached a climax twice, he didn’t shoot much cum into her mouth. Emily moaned as she tasted his seed yet again, swallowing it down before releasing his cock from her mouth. Now at this point, he was completely exhausted after their hours of passionate fucking. Emily let go of his cock and then moved to get up from her knees. Steven took a few steps back, sitting his naked ass down in a chair.

“I better get dressed and get out of here.”

Emily looked reached down from the floor picking up her thong and jean shorts. As she began to get dressed, Steven leaned down to grab his underwear and pants. It was best for him also to get dressed back up. She noticed him fetching his clothes and decided to help him, walking across the room to grab his purple shirt. After he put his underwear back on, she called his attention.

“Here, catch!”

He looked up at her as she tossed the shirt, but didn’t make the catch. It stretched over his face, causing her to laugh a bit at his small misfortune. Steven took the shirt from over his head and then slipped it on, Emily slipped her shorts on over her thong and then took her white T-shirt before slipping it back on. The last thing she had was her jacket, at the same time Steven had redressed himself before her. The only article of clothing he didn’t put back on was his jacket. Standing before her, he looked back into her eyes one last time. ‘Why was it so hard to say goodbye?’ He asked himself without uttering it. She didn’t know what to say back to him. Instead, extending her arms out she wanted to hug him one last time. With one final embrace of their bodies, a sigh was heard. Emily stepped back after removing her arms from him and spoke.

“Did you really mean what you said that we still could be friends?”

Steven nodded.

“Yes! Of course, I meant it. We’ll always be friends, Emily.”

Finally, his words had made her smile. She glanced down before looking back at him and nodding.

“Yes, I would like it that we stay friends, always. If you ever end up in L.A. would you promise to call me, please? I don’t want to come back to this town. If I do, I’ll spend all my nights thinking about you until it drives me insane.”

“I promise, if I go to L.A. I’ll give you a call.”

“I hope you mean that, I really do. Farewell, good night Steven.”

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