Big Booty Bitches Ch. 22

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 22

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Vida Guerra, Iggy Azalea

Codes: MF, MMF, cons, drugs, oral, anal, tit fuck, DP, slut

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

March 21st

Hands clapping together filled the room in sound, echoing through out the small walls. Behind the closed doors of the V.I.P. rooms to Disco Fever, a private birthday party was underway in the lounge room. Tony had gathered friends and family around him, all to the surprise of his brother Steven. As of tonight, Steven turned forty-one years of age. He sat on the couch, blushing as friends and family were clapping their hands as the birthday cake was revealed and brought out. A large round cake that said ‘Happy Birthday Steven!’ with a simple candle of the number 41. The icing was white with a light blue around the edges to match the large candle. Around him was his older brother Tony; Steven’s own son Jacob, Antonio, Salma Hayek, Maria and Ramón gathered. They all clapped as a woman stepped into the room in a white dress to walk the cake out. Steven didn’t notice her at first.

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear, Steven-“

“He’s getting up there over the hill now!”

Tony interrupted the singing chorus to blurt out before laughing. Steven glanced at him, shaking his head before he looked forward again. He caught sight of the woman walking him the cake and then became shocked when he realized the familiar face. Standing behind the coach, Steven’s son Jacob dropped his jaw when he realized just who this woman was.

“Happy birthday to you, Steven!”

Her voice rang out. Steven was looking back into the eyes of Vida Guerra. An old lover of his who he had not seen in some months. The last time Vida visited Steven it was right here at the club. He had not thought about her in months, but they had a past history of an off and on again relationship over the years. Now his son also knew of her, all from that incident back in July of last year. She sat the cake down on the coffee table and then joined Steven to sit next to him on the couch. She had wore a white dress hoping that he would come in his white jacket, but instead Steven had chose his light blue jacket for today with a black undershirt and black pants. The flash of camera snapped before Tony called out.

“Blow out that candle! Go on!!”

Lowering his head, he blew out the candles with his breath. Vida was the first to clap her hands before everyone else followed suit. Once he was done, Steven leaned up and turned to Vida. They smiled at one another before Tony stepped forward and called out to him.

“When are we gonna cut that cake? I’m hungry, dammit!”

He laughed, offering to show that he was only joking. Vida shook her head and replied back to Tony before Steven could.

“Let the birthday man decide, it’s his cake after all!”

More laughter clouded the room among the guests. Steven’s mind was on Vida and nothing else. His first assumption was that from his break up with Emily, perhaps Tony decided to call Vida up. There was a history between Steven and Vida, one that anyone in the family knew about. They kept a low key relationship from time to time, all before breaking up and spending five years away from one another. Going through the problems with Emily over the month, he wasn’t about to complain about Vida’s recent reappearance back into his life. It was his birthday after all, there couldn’t have been a better surprise than this. As time passed in the room, the cake was cut and bottles of champagne were opened for drinks during the celebration.

Steven accepted gifts from friends and family. He took photos with his son, the first time they had really spent any time together since the end of the football season. Jacob and Steven had a distant relationship as father and son. The old days were gone of raising a son and coming home to kids and the family. To some degree, Steven often missed this sometimes. After taking photos, Vida wanted one of herself and Steven together. The photo was taken by Antonio of the two standing there holding wine glasses up to one another. Vida then proceeded to offer her glass to the birthday man, he devoured it down in one gulp. Hand in hand, they walked around the lounge room while others among them were socializing. Steven looked back at Vida before striking up a conversation.

“So, let me guess…Tony called you to come surprise me for my birthday?”

The Cuban model famous for her large booty rolled her eyes. Vida shook her head before responding to his question.

“Fuck no! You know I don’t talk to your brother! I’ve been waiting to see you for some time, I wanted to surprise you. I’ve got something I wanted to share with you.”

“Oh yeah? What have you got for me, babe?”

Vida smirked and looked over her shoulder.

“Go get my purse off the coffee table in there.”

Steven raised his eyebrow, grinning at her.

“You need a man to go get your purse?”

“Are you scared of holding a woman’s purse?”

“Not at all, I’ll get it.”

She giggled. Steven was a man she could toy with and crack jokes around, without him being insecure about it. Like he said, he went and grabbed her large white leather purse off the table, walking back to her with it. She took it from him and nodded.

“Thanks, come on let’s go some place more private.”

“My office?”

With a nod, Steven took her hand and they slipped out of the lounge room with no notice. As they stepped through the hall, Steven quickly walked them back to his office and opened the door. He allowed Vida to enter first, just before he stepped in and closed the door behind him. Her eyes wandered around the room, before she swiped her hand over her long brunette hair, pushing it back over her ears. She had large gold hoop ear rings, a matching gold Rolex watch and a few rings on for jewelry. As they were now in the office together, she sat her purse down on his desk and began to dig through it. Steven struck a conversation as he stood there.

“So, how have things been? I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

“I’ve been busy, out in New York and L.A. Trying to get back into modelling. What about you, birthday man? Have you been with any women lately?”

“Oh, you know it! I get around, that isn’t a mystery. I almost settled down recently with a model babe. She kinda reminded me of you.”

His words caused her to stop. In her right hand, she clutched a small photo album. Vida leaned up, starring right into Steven’s eyes before she forced a smug grin past her puffy lips.

“You’re lying. There is no other woman like me, you know that.”

“Indeed, I was lying. Wanted to see if you’d call my bluff.”

“And I did! How about that!?”

Her lips remained in a grin as she spoke back to him. Vida had leaned forward, their lips merely inches away. Steven softly kissed her lips. After he was finished, she stepped away and offered her hand with the photo album.

“What’s this?”

Steven spoke in an excited voice. Vida handed over the photo album, just before speaking.

“It’s some precious memories of our times together over the years.”

Opening the picture album, the first page was a simple print with the words ‘To Steven, love Vida’. He flipped past it, his eyes looking over the first photos from several years ago. Old photos of them together in Miami on a date from 2002, just when they had first met. Around the frames of the photos were dates. He flipped another page, seeing more photos; one on a boat together, another in a club dancing. He smiled to himself, flipping through the photos. His brain filled with memories washing over. All those old times with her as friends and lovers. Vida spoke as he continued flipping through the album.

“I saved all our photos we used to take together, I thought you would like this.”

“I do, wow. I remember all of this, I didn’t know you still had all these pictures.”

She reached her hand, flipping through the photos to the back. Vida continued speaking.

“They’re all ordered by date and year, but in the back right here-“

Her hand flipped to the far back of the photo album, right to a page with a nude shot. A Polaroid image of Vida sitting naked on his lap while he sat in a chair. In the corner of the photo was ‘2005’ written in black ink over it. Next to the photo was another explicit one of her naked pulling his pants down. Steven suddenly remembered that he and Vida had done this several times many years back. His mind wandered back to those old times of fun with the cameras. It was all bound now in a commemoration of this photo album. Suddenly, he remembered something they did way back in 2005.

“Oh my god, these photos are so old. Do you still have the-“

“Our sex tape?”

He swallowed his breath while looking into her eyes. Vida couldn’t help but look so smug when she would smile. There was a true sense of passion between them, all in years gone by and still to this day. She nodded her head, continuing her words.

“Yeah, I still have it. But I didn’t do any prints from it, that photo album in your hands is every photo we snapped when together. I wanted you to have it, so you could never forget the time we had together.”

Looking back down at the photo album, Steven closed it and smiled to himself. This was the perfect opportunity for him to forget the past with Emily and breaking that girl’s heart. No woman other than his ex-wife Tara had ever remembered his birthday like this. He clutched the photo album in his hands, taking a few steps back before he looked back and smiled at Vida.

“Thank you for this, babe. I…Vida-“

Unable to muster the words to tell her, he called her name randomly. She looked at him before stepping a bit closer.

“What, Steven?”

“I love you, babe.”

She smiled hearing his words. To Steven, it was the first time he had said those three simple words to another woman in many years. He couldn’t help it, after the blues he felt from breaking Emily’s heart and with Vida walking back into his life, he just had to give in to the passionate feeling. Vida stepped forward to him, pushing her lips and wrapping her arms around his neck. They embraced a passionate kiss together, moving their tongues back and forth among one another. After breaking the kiss, she whispered back into his ear.

“I love you too. You’re the only man I’ve ever come back to all these years later. Of course I remember your birthday, it’s just two days after mine. Would you like to get a little dirty here in your office again?”

Steven shook his head to her, looking back into her eyes.

“Not tonight, baby. I’m older now, I want to go back home and have some wine with you. Then we can go upstairs to the bedroom and make love like we used to.”

“Oh, I would like that! You still have that same house in Coconut Grove?”

He nodded to her.

“Well, I haven’t been to your house in a long time. Let’s go now, whenever you’re ready birthday man. I’ll make you feel like you’re young again.”

“Is that so, baby? 41 is a pretty rough number.”

She rolled her eyes, sighing in his face.

“Look at me, honey. I’m 43, so I still have one above you to complain about age!”

He shook his head while she laughed. Vida finally unwrapped her arms around his neck, allowing him to reach for the door knob so they could make an exit soon. Vida spoke once again.

“Are we riding home in that fancy Cadillac of yours?”

“Yep, you know it baby!”

Still holding the photo album in his hands, Steven stepped out of his office and then Vida moved to shut the door. They began to walk together, she moved her arm over his as they made an exit through the V.I.P. rooms together. From the distance, Antonio stepped out and waved his hand to his uncle.

“Happy birthday!”

“Thanks Antonio, I’ll call you tomorrow!”

As they stepped towards the door to exit the V.I.P. halls, Vida looked over her shoulder at the young man watching him step away. She made a mental note to ask Steven who he was later on, but not right now. She couldn’t wait to get back to his place and to throw the real party in his bedroom. If he told her that he loved her, perhaps this could be the beginning of a re-lit flame for their passion? Only time would tell.



Ramón left the club early, fading out of the party so he could back home to his apartment for a good night’s rest. It was the first time since January that he had met face to face with Steven. Since the incident with his brother Carlos, he had been keeping a low profile and distance away from them. Luckily for him, Steven didn’t bring anything up to him at the party. He was expecting some kind of word, or just the question of why he had been keeping his distance. The other topic that could’ve easily come up was Carlos. As of the past few weeks, Ramón had not seen Carlos but had spoken to him in text messages. He knew about the incident with Antonio and had overheard rumors of Steven fighting him in a club around South Beach.

The money he had made from the split deal with Steven just a few months back had been squandered rather quickly. Ramón blew the money gambling, wasting it all on ‘March Madness’ college basketball bets that didn’t go his way whatsoever. He had a history of gambling problems, always trying to double his money with bets. Sometimes Ramón would hit with college football games or pro basketball. When he would make good on one bet, it opened the door for another one and then another one. He just couldn’t stop himself sometimes. At the moment, he owed a few hundred dollars to a loan shark from his blown bets on ‘March Madness’. As soon as he stepped through the door of his apartment, he turned on the lights and inhaled cigarette smoke. It was the first sign alerting him that he was not alone in his apartment. Ramón marched through the living room, calling out.

“Who is in my house!?”

“Me, I’m over here!”

Ramón gasped when he noticed the voice. It was the sound of his brother Carlos. He moved to the kitchen, looking at his brother sitting in the dark puffing on a cigarette. Ramón turned the light on, revealing Carlos’ face to him. He had a large gash wound over his forehead down the right side. His lower lip dropped when he seen the wound, it didn’t appear that Carlos had any stitches whatsoever.

“Carlos, the fuck happened to your head!?”

“Oh this?”

Carlos pointed his finger at the wound on his forehead. Taking a drag from his cigarette, he blew the smoke and then responded.

“Your fucking cousin did this to me.”


“Who the fuck else? Yeah, since he has to stick up for that stupid fucking punk son of Tony’s.”

Ramón pulled the chair out from across the table, having a seat on the opposite end of his brother. Carlos pushed the cigarette down in the ash tray and spoke again.

“I’m done with this bullshit, you know? Fuck Tony, fuck Steven and fuck their club. We need to get out, set our own mark away from them.”

“But they’re family, Carlos. What the hell are we gonna do without them to help us?”

“True family don’t smash their cousin’s face through a fucking mirror.”

His words made it difficult for Ramón to disagree with him. He replied, changing the subject.

“What exactly do you want to do?”

Carlos glared back at his brother before speaking, starring directly into his eyes.

“Come with me, man. I know a guy who can get us some serious cash with a few deals here and there, we’re talking big money for yeyo.”

“How much are we talking?”

“Ten grand for us both, this is just for deliveries. We get the packages move them back and forth, maybe have to sit on it for a bit before Legba calls. He has his associates spread around town, they pay monthly in advance for their product, then we move it. I’ve already made some big deals with him, it’s guaranteed cash.”

The name ‘Legba’ rang through Ramón’s ears. He remembered Steven telling him that this guy was bad news. Ramón could’ve used the money now though, knowing that he owed loan sharks from his gambling issues.

“I don’t know about this. I’m not one to get back into dealing, but I could make good use of that money right now. I owe a couple guys from blowing it on March Madness bets.”

Carlos looked back at his brother, replying in a strict tone.

“And you think Steven is going to give you that money to help you? Look at that fucking club, hermano. It’s a dead end job, we’re losers working there. That mother fucker and the old man just wanna pay us chump change to be security guards, meanwhile Tony’s punk ass son is being mentored to eventually run the place. Look man, I can see through that nepotism shit right out in the open. Maybe we can get laid from some sluts off the dance floor every now and then, but fuck that. We deserve to be rich! We’re the ones busting our asses while they sit back and count their fucking money!”

Seeing as Ramón did not instantly reply back to him, Carlos smirked and continued.

“How about it? We’re brothers after all. I can introduce you to Legba, I can get you in. Just you and me. You won’t have to run errands for Steven or play security guard for the old man back at his stupid club. Fuck them and that bullshit. We can get rich through this game, I’m telling you.”

While sitting there, Ramón thought to himself for a second. He wasn’t shy of getting his hands dirty in illegal business. The thought of having money to pay back his loan sharks was getting to him, something he truly could use at the moment. After a few more seconds, he nodded to his brother and spoke up.

“Yeah, I’m in. I’ll be your partner.”

A grin formed on Carlos’ lips. The wound over his forehead would create a grisly scar, it already made him look somewhat sinister with his eyes.

“I knew I could count on my brother.”


A loud bang echoed through the room from upstairs. Vida shoved Steven against the door of his bedroom, kissing his lips as she pulled on his shirt. They had arrived back at his home in Coconut Grove, enjoying some drinks together before they began to take their clothes off and head upstairs. As soon as they had got home, he set the picture album on the dresser in his bedroom. He planned to put it up in his box, where he kept other precious belongings from his life. Vida had stripped out of her dress, revealing her voluptuous body in a white string bikini top and high heels. Steven removed his jacket and shoes earlier, only keeping his paints and shirt on, but that would change soon. After breaking the kiss, the Cuban model pulled at his shirt, and then he raised his arms for her to slide it off.

“Come on baby, sit on the bed for me, I’ve got another surprise for you!”

Her words to spoken to him in whispers. Steven softly kissed her puffy lips and then stepped back before walking to the bed. She licked her lower lip, just before turning to face him. Steven sat on the bed, watching as Vida made a little smile and stepped over. Those heels stomped loudly into the floor, his eyes looking over the little baby devil tattoo she had on the right side of her stomach under her belly button. She turned around to him, revealing that massive thick ass to his vision. The string thong she wore was small, with just a white line tucked between the crack of her ass. While he sat on the bed, she pushed her hands down and lowered her immense, titanic-sized ass down onto his lap. Steven gasped, breathing in heavily before she sat down firmly. Vida didn’t waste any time, she began to grind her hips, pumping that ass back and forth into his lap.

“Ohhhh, god! Yes, baby yes! Don’t stop!”

“Mmmmmm, tell me I’ve got the best ass in the universe, Steven.”

“You do, baby, oh yes you do! The finest ass I’ve ever had sitting right on my dick!”

She could’ve kissed him if they were facing one another. Vida loved a man to shower her in praise, to worship her thick ass when the clothes came off, something Steven never refused to do. Closing her eyes, Vida continued to pump her ass down. She didn’t need music to give a proper lap dance, she knew all too well how to grind her thick plump bottom down onto a man. She could feel his cock growing harder, pushing up as a bulge to poke between the crack of those massive cheeks. Steven gasped, letting out a soft moan. His hands roamed her bronze skin, just before lightly wrapping his arms around her stomach. While she continued to grind, he leaned over and began to kiss her neck softly. Vida moaned, feeling him trail his kisses up and down the left side of her neck.

“Ohhh, Steven…”

Suddenly, she couldn’t restrain herself. Vida turned around and pushed her lips to his. Her hands moved down his hairy chest as she still sat on his lap. Steven deepened the kiss, dancing their tongues together passionately. Until she broke their lips apart, the man looked back into her eyes with a smirk. Vida spoke in a low sexy tone of voice.

“Are you ready for me to make you feel like you’re on top of the world, Mr. Birthday man?”

Steven nodded.

“Babe, you already make me feel on top of the world, but go ahead anyway.”

A giggle erupted past her lips. Vida pushed his back down on the bed, kissing him once more. After breaking the kiss, she began to slowly make her way down his stomach, kissing his chest in a trail. Her eyes never left his. Until her hands pushed on the front of his pants, Steven reached down to help her, unbuttoning them. Since he didn’t wear a belt it made it easier for her to push his pants and underwear down. Vida got up, just to shake them off his body, leaving him fully naked to her hungry desire. Her little hand wrapped around his swelling meat, gripping it as she looked back into his eyes. She used her free hand to cup his balls, massaging them over her long fingernails.

“Just relax, baby…”

Like before, she spoke to him almost in a whispering voice. Vida finally broke eye contact, just to lower her head and taking the crown of his shaft past her lips. Steven watched as her long hair moved down, getting in her face as she began to slowly suck his rod. He used his hand to move her hair out of place, trying to assist her somewhat, but Vida was solely concentrating on devouring his shaft. ‘Mmmmmm’, she moaned while bobbing her head up and down, sucking him as if he were a long peppermint stick. After a few seconds, she came up, releasing his cock with a loud pop noise. Looking back down at his cock, she spit on it before wrapping her hand back around it and stroking it. As much as Steven enjoyed a blow job, he had other plans in mind.

“Vida, babe!”

“Yes, honey?”

“Get on top and ride it! You can suck me off later!”

She laughed. Any other time, Vida would have never listened to him, but this was an exception since tonight was his birthday. She let go of his cock, rising up as her knees sat on the bed. Vida then shoved her thong down, Steven caught a glimpse of her wet shaved pussy. She then unhooked her white top, throwing it to the floor to allow her augmented large tits to bounce around a bit. Wasting no time, she straddled his body and then climbed a top, grabbing his cock from her under as she began to slowly lower herself down on him. Vida starred down into his eyes, teasing him with her words.

“Do you really want me to fuck you, baby? Or make love to you with a slow ride?”

“That’s a difficult choice, you know?”

With a grin, she shoved the head of his cock into her waiting hole and then shook her head. Vida’s hair moved about wildly.

“It shouldn’t be that difficult for you! Come on, birthday man! Do you want me to fuck you or do you want a slow ride of smoldering love making?”

“Oh fuck it, babe! Just fuck me, go for it!”

“That’s more like it, Steven!”

A mischievous grin had lit up her face before Vida slammed herself down. Steven couldn’t help himself, he knew that she tried to dominate him from time to time. A sexual session with Vida ended up becoming a tight rope struggle of who was in control, just the way they liked to fuck each other. It had been years since he brought a woman home to his place and fucked her in the bedroom and tonight, he was going to enjoy every moment of this. Vida slammed herself down and began to move up and down on top. His hard cock pushed back and forth into her pussy. Steven began to buck his hips, running his hands up to grab at her hips to hold her down, but he found a struggle as her bouncing was too much for him.

Each time Vida thrust her body down, those thick ass cheeks would bounce over his balls. Steven groaned, moaning out as his cock continued to push back and forth into her pussy. She ran her hands down, pushing them into his hairy chest as she didn’t stop moving her body up and down, forcing that cock to pump in and out of her loving cup. Steven couldn’t focus his eyes either on her pretty face while her hair was waving all around, or to stare into those big tits. Soon enough, they would be wrapped around his cock eventually. Gritting his teeth, he groaned as she continued to move up and down on him. Vida breathed in heavily, her body shaking as she could fell his balls slapping on her ass cheeks each time she thrust down. She couldn’t help but to tease him.

“Oh yeah, you like that baby? Oh yeah!!”

“Fuck yes, harder! Let me pound that pussy, babe!!”

From hearing his words, she moved her hands up his chest, leaning down to look into his eyes. Vida arched her back forward, allowing Steven the room so he could thrust his hips and pump that cock in and out of her pussy himself. True to his desire, he began to buck his hips, forcing his cock to pump into her at a faster pace. She closed her eyes and began to moan out to him.


“I do love you, Vida, yes!!”


Vida gritted her teeth. Over and over, she felt his hard shaft pumping into her moist hole. Soon enough, he was going to force her to cum. The sound of his balls slapping up against her ass could be heard, but nothing was drowning out the sound of their moans. Did he really love her? She didn’t know right now, but it wasn’t like she could care. Already close to a breaking point, Vida opened her eyes only to look at Steven for a second. he moved his hands to cup her face, pushing their lips together for a passionate kiss. She moaned into his mouth, sucking their tongues back and forth as she could feel her climax building up soon. Steven pumped his cock into her faster, unable to control himself as he too was ready to experience an orgasm. Vida finally broke the kiss, screaming loud enough to echo through his ear drum.


Panting and screaming, she felt her sweet pussy tense up around his rod. Steven stopped pumping, only to experience her orgasm for a short few seconds before his cock exploded within her. He gritted his teeth, moving his hands to her back to grip her shoulders before he cried out.

“Ohhhh, yes! YES, BABY!! YES, THAT’S IT!!”

She dropped her lower lip, closing her eyes and moaning as she felt his hot seed pouring out deep within her. Vida raked her fingernails over his hairy stomach, lightly digging into him as they experienced such a high level of pleasure together. It was only the beginning, for they had far more tricks to burn during the long night together. Without saying another to him, she leaned up and began to climb off his body. That hard shaft eased out of her pussy, soaked in a mixture of their juices together. Steven leaned up, watching Vida as she wrapped her around his wet cock and went down to suck on the head, licking up their juices. He took a deep breath before speaking.

“God, that was fucking hot.”

With a loud pop noise, she released the head of his dick from her mouth.

“Mmmmm, yeah! Come on, off the bed. I need you standing up, I want to suck this hard fucking cock!”

Vida’s words told him that she was in full command for now. She released his cock from her grip, only to give him enough time to rise off the bed and step his bare feet over the wooden floor. Vida got off the bed too, moving down to the floor as she crawled on all fours. Once Steven was standing up, she gripped his cock and then looked into his eyes as she began to stroke it.

“This cock is all mine tonight! MINE!”

“Yes, all yours, baby!”

From his words, she looked into his eyes and kissed the head of his cock. Now that Vida was ready, she moved down and began to lick over his balls. Thanks to the position of crawling on her hands and knees, Steven was able to look down at that large plump ass sticking straight up in his view. As Vida began to slobber all over his nuts, he leaned down and used his hand to spank the right cheek of her ass. Vida moaned over his balls when she felt his hand slapping down on her firm ass. A string of drool dripped down from his ball sack, just before she moved her mouth off it and brought her lips back to the shaft. Closing her eyes, she removed her hands to push into his hips as she brought his cock between her lips. Quickly, she began to bob her head up and down on his long rod. Steven put his hand down into her hair, taking control of her oral skills as he moved her mouth up and down.

“That’s it baby, yes! Suck that fucking cock!! Always the best!”

Vida loved this. He had not changed one bit over the years. Back in the day, she used to suck him and he would take control by gripping her hair. Over and over, he pushed her mouth down and up. She slobbered and sucked over his cock like a hungry whore. As Steven continued to push her mouth down and up, Vida’s mouth created multiple slurping and slobbering sounds.


He pushed her head down, his cock pumping to the back of her throat as Vida’s large lips buried at the base. She held herself there for several seconds before gagging and choking up. Steven then pulled her hair, forcing his cock to be released from her oral hole. Several sticky strings of saliva waved back from his cock to her lips. Vida took a deep breath, licking her lips around before she spit on his dick. While she could’ve easily went back to sucking it, Steven had other plans. Looking down into her eyes, he smiled.

“Come on baby, sit up and hold your titties up.”

“Mmmmmm, you are the one man that always loves to fuck my tits!”

She couldn’t stop herself from chuckling. Steven never neglected her large breasts. She scouted herself up, just before sitting down on her knees and placing her hands up on those large breasts, holding them up for him. A string of drool began to drip from his slobber coated shaft, just before Steven pushed it between the fold of her amazing tit-flesh. Vida smashed her tits together, trapping his dick between them. She looked into his eyes, smirking as he began to thrust his hips forward and fuck her tits.

“That’s it, there ya go honey! Mmmm, fuck those tits!”

Steven grunted, as Vida had teased him, he began to buck his hips harder. His cock pushed, the head poking up between her impressive boobs with each thrust. She would’ve leaned down and licked the head, but she wanted to tease him with her facial expressions. She moaned, dropping her lower lip and gasping as he continued to thrust between her tits. Again, she teased him with filthy words.

“Ohhh, yes! That feels so fucking good, HARDER! FUCK MY TITS!!”

Gritting his teeth, he grunted once again while still bucking his hips. Vida teased him with a giggle. She knew he loved her tits, he never could keep his eyes off them from time to time. Over and over, he pumped his shaft between them, grunting and moaning. Once again, she teased him with her words.

“God, I just love feeling that hard cock pumping between my tits! Mmmmm, yeah!”

At this rate, Steven was aware if he continued to fuck her tits like this, he would end up blowing his load before taking that juicy thick Cuban ass. He came to a stop, taking in a deep breath before he called out to her.

“Get back on all fours, babe! I need to-“

“Fuck me in the ass!? Is that what you want, baby?”

She gave him a wink, Vida knew Steven all too well. He didn’t respond, she let go of her breasts to allow his cock to spring free from her cage of tit-flesh. Vida then moved, pushing her hands back down on the floor to get in the position on all fours. She watched his leg as he walked around her, moving just behind her. Steven stopped for a moment to gaze into her immense ass. It was the best, at least in his mind of all the booty he ever seen in his life. Vida’s supreme ass was just the one he always wanted to come back to. Glancing down at the floor, she smirked as she began to feel the head of his cock poking between the crack of her cheeks to find her dark hole. Steven placed his right hand to grip one of her cheeks, squeezing it as he slid his thick shaft into that plump ass. Vida moaned as she felt the first thrust inside of her.

“Ohhhh, yeah! Go on, fuck my ass! Yeah, give it to me!”

“This is the best ass I ever had in my whole fucking life, yes!”

Steven cried out in his voice as he began to buck his his forward. His hard cock pounded into her large, thick booty. Over and over, he thrust his hips forward and fucked her ass. Vida’s hair began to wave about, her large tits bouncing from under her while her hands remained planted into the floor. Gasping for breath, she screamed to him.


Pump after pump, his cock pushed in and out of that glorious large ass. Vida’s ass had been famous for years, just another reason Steven felt as if he were sitting on top of the world when he spent time in the bedroom with her. Her breasts from underneath continued to sway and jiggle around, each time he thrust his large pole back and forth into her ass. Steven grunted, knowing that he wouldn’t last long. Not after the blow job and titty fucking from earlier, this was just the end before they would collapse into a good night’s rest. He was almost disappointed that he couldn’t continue. Rearing his right hand back, he spanked her ass and then stopped with one final thrust into that thick booty.

“Baby, I’m about to fucking cum! Ohhh, fuck, I can’t hold it!!”

“Mmmmmm, then cum Steven! It’s your birthday, you get to decide where you’re gonna blow your load. Do you want to fill my ass with that hot load? Or cum on my face, or maybe let me swallow it down?”

Thinking for a second, he began to ease his cock out of her ass. The last time he had fucked Vida, he shot his seed up her back. Right now, Steven was thinking of painting her beautiful ass with his seed.

“What if I cum on your ass instead? We can get a shower before going to bed.”

She giggled.

“You want to cum on my face? Then do it! Yeah, CUM ON MY ASS! I WANT YOUR CUM!!”

It was funny how she could tease him by yelling her words aloud. Steven quickly pulled his rod free from between those large ass cheeks. Holding it in his hand, he began to stroke it. He couldn’t see the grin over her face, but Vida was enjoying every second of this. Like before, she had to tease him while he stroked himself.

“You worship that fucking ass, don’t you? Mmmm, cover it in that hot load!”


The first spurt of his cum went directly over her left cheek, dripping down into the crack of her ass. Another string of cum shot over her right cheek, coating it equally. Steven continued to stroke his cock, forcing a thick wad to land on her round ass just above the crack and dripping forward through the small of her back. Vida laughed as she felt his hot seed pouring out over her ass.

“Mmmmm, yeah…Cover that ass, I can feel it dripping!”

With a soft moan, Steven continued to drain his cock, shooting another wad over her right cheek. A thick string drenched across both ass cheeks, he finishing himself off by pushing the head of his dick against her left cheek to empty out the final spurts. Since he had shot his load earlier in her pussy, his second orgasm was weaker than the first, but he still gave her a shiny mess. Once he was finished, he took a step back and then Vida smirked at him from over her shoulder. Steven spoke up.

“Come on, babe. Let’s get in the shower, I’ll clean you up and then we can get ready for bed.”

“That’s my man, right there! You always remember to clean up the messes you make!”

He smiled, just before giggling at her words. Vida climbed up, Steven offered her a hand and then they kissed together. After pulling their lips apart, she smiled while looking into his eyes before speaking.

“Happy birthday, Steven!”

“Thanks babe, love you.”

Vida still wasn’t sure if he meant his words, but she wasn’t going to spoil the fun with a question. Once more she kissed his lips, all before stepping away. Steven took her hand, leading her to the bathroom doorway in his bedroom. She had been the first woman he brought home in some time, but it was far from the first time Vida had visited his home. She was just one of three women that Steven had shared a bed with back in his home. For his birthday, it made him feel better than to spend it alone. He had thought about Emily since their breakup, but he wouldn’t be thinking of her anymore with Vida next to him between the sheets.



A cool breeze pushed with the wind, blowing through the trees and whistling over the water. Time had passed and Ramón found himself working alongside his brother in the past two weeks. The wound over Carlos’ forehead was healing up but would form a scar in a line. He could’ve paid money to have it surgically fixed or even with stitches, but he didn’t. Ramón joked to him, calling him ‘Scarface’ and making a reference to the infamous Al Pacino film, but Carlos wasn’t amused whatsoever. The first job Carlos shared with his brother was to hold a package safely until it could be delivered. The bundle was two bricks of cocaine; two kilos of pure white snow.

For a week now, Ramón hid the drugs back at his apartment under the couch. Today however, was the check out day. Carlos had called him last night, informing him that they had to move the product for delivery. Ramón had not met Legba yet, and wouldn’t until he did a few more jobs alongside Carlos. There would come a time when Carlos could properly introduce him to his boss. As of now, Ramón sat back in the driver’s seat of his DeLorean car. He was parked outside an apartment complex in a neighborhood within Miami Beach. Large apartments and a few nice houses were in the neighborhood, but Ramón didn’t pay attention. He was parked outside, waiting on Carlos to return. His brother had left the car with the two kilos of cocaine stuffed in a briefcase. He knocked on the front door, as Ramón witnessed a tall white man open the door and allow him in.

So far, he had been waiting for ten minutes. Carlos had told him specifically if he had not returned after twenty minutes, then something could’ve been wrong. Ramón was already nervous and somewhat worried. The time was just 2:10 PM, Ramón looked at his watch over his wrist while sitting back in the car. He was sweating in his black suit, just thinking about the money that Carlos had promised. Every now and then, he had doubts since he knew that Steven had warned him about this man named Legba. Each time he thought back to that conversation, he had to remind himself of needing the money to deal with his gambling debts. While he thought to himself, and became relieved to see Carlos stepping out from the front door of the house. A smile graced over his face, the bright sun beaming down over him and highlighting his yellow button up shirt and means. Carlos returned to the car, getting back in the passenger’s seat. Ramón sighed and spoke up.

“Thank fucking god, I was beginning to get worried!”

“Relax, man! I got held up, they gotta test the product and do all that shit, you know? Everything went smooth though, pure Grade-A, 100% fine Colombian snow. I gotta meet up with Legba now and get paid.”

“I’m going with you, I want to meet this guy.”

Carlos laughed, shaking his head.

“No you ain’t. You can drive me there, but I’m the one that has to speak to him.”

Ramón looked back at his brother in shock.

“What the fuck? You said you were going to introduce me and get me in with this guy!”

“I can do that eventually, it takes time. Look, he don’t know you. If you go in there, they’re just gonna hold you back. Legba don’t trust no one unless he knows him. You keep working with me and stuff, I can eventually work you in and have him meet you. He don’t like outsiders, you understand?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Look, man! It’s MY money I’m splitting with you! I could be selfish and greedy, just take the twenty grand all for myself, but I want to split this with you. So come on, give me some time, alright?”

“I see, okay.”

Finally, Ramón nodded. Something didn’t add up in his mind. How could Carlos be getting paid twenty grand just for deliveries? The story a few weeks back didn’t quite add all the way up. His only assumption was that Carlos had to be in on the deals and wasn’t telling him the full story with Legba, but Ramón wasn’t going to push him on it just yet. He sat back in the driver’s seat, Carlos fastened his seat belt and spoke once again.

“Come on, I’ll give you the address. It’s not far from here, we’ll get our money and go have some fun tonight.”


Across town, a reflection cast against the mirror of a fast food restaurant as Steven sat down with Vida across from him as they had lunch together. He still had a few hours before he went to the club, back at Disco Fever he had some stuff to do in his office. He had been waiting some time to ask Tony about letting his son Antonio back on the staff, something he was impatient to do right now. The help of Antonio around the club would’ve been greatly appreciated. While sitting down, he sipped through the straw of his soda while she chewed on a french fry. Vida’s hair was pinned up in the back through a pony tail, Steven had taken off his white blazer jacket to reveal a pink shirt underneath. The heat outside was too much to wear a jacket all the time.

For the past few weeks, Steven and Vida had been spending more time together than usual. They met up for dates three times a week, with her occasionally arriving at the club to see him. Steven was beginning to think that he could get used to her company all the time, but he knew it wouldn’t last. She was still trying to do her modelling career, even if it wasn’t at the high level of fame it used to be. Just a few nights ago, she informed him that she would have to fly out to New York for a few weeks before returning. Vida felt proud that Steven was still unaware of her secret with his son. She noticed that cute ‘deer in headlights’ look the young man gave her back at the birthday party. Her mind wandered, thinking about the other young man who had waved goodbye before they left the club the night of his birthday.

“Hey Steven, I’ve been wanting to ask you something.”

“Yeah, what’s on your mind babe?”

She smirked back at him.

“Do you have a second son that I never knew about?”

He laughed at her words, shaking his head.

“No, what do you mean by that?”

“Who was that young man back at your birthday party? You called him by the name of Antonio, he looks just like you.”

“Oh, that’s my nephew. He’s Tony’s son. He’s a junior actually, but he prefers to be called by Antonio.”

Vida shoved a fry into her mouth, chewing it before nodding. She grabbed her cup and took a sip from the straw before replying.

“Well, I’m surprised! He looked just like you and he dresses like you too!”

Steven laughed to himself, sitting back as he was finished with the food. He nodded to Vida, just before speaking again.

“Guess you could say I wish he was my son, sometimes. He’s a good kid, stays out of trouble. One of these days, he’s going to run that club.”

She listened, just before wiping her hands with a napkin. Vida was curious just who that young man was, now she was interested as Steven appeared to think highly of him. Soon they would have to leave this place and make a few rides around town. Steven had took the out for lunch in his blue Cadillac. Vida planned to stay the evening with him back at the club, if he was lucky she would be dancing for him back in his office.



Evening hours began to set in, all while the sun quietly began to fade into the ocean. Ramón was forced to drive his brother back across town, crossing over the MacArthur Causeway and back into Miami from South Beach. The drug baron’s home was situated in Coral Gables, just around the University. He was forced to sit back in the car for an hour, all while Carlos went to meet with Legba inside a gated mansion with heavy security. It took some time, but he was a patient man who could wait. By the time Carlos had returned, their cash had been lined up in a suitcase together, since the payment was specifically for Carlos. After the meeting, Ramón drove the DeLorean car back to his apartment where he and Carlos split the money.

$10,000 in cash was nice money for Ramón. From within the suitcase, all the hundred dollar bills had been neatly made up in stacks with a rubber band over them. A large sum of the money would go straight to his loan sharks, just to pay up and finally be done with the debt. Ramón was thinking already, he could get used to making money like this alongside Carlos. After everything was done back at the apartment, Carlos had talked about bringing him to a party he heard about around Miami Beach at some mansion. The drive wasn’t far from the apartment, but Ramón and Carlos had took their time before arriving.

They pulled up to a mansion on 27th Street, Sunset Islands. An orange sky hung from above, the sun quickly fading away before the DeLorean had pulled up into a driveway packed with luxurious sports cars. A white Lamborghini sat next to a red Ferrari, a gold car was on the opposite end. While they were parked and sitting back in the DeLorean, Ramón sighed to himself before glancing back at his brother. The nervousness could be seen all over his face. Carlos patted him on the shoulder, just to get his attention. He spoke, trying to ease his brother’s tensions.

“What’s wrong, man? You aren’t too tired to party, are you?”

“No, it’s just looking at the guests, I feel I’m poor compared to them.”

Carlos rolled his eyes.

“You worry too much. Stress is going to fucking kill you, hermano. Don’t worry about them, just worry about us. Now come on, maybe we’ll get lucky tonight and party with some hot sluts.”

After speaking, he pulled the door up on the car. Together, they exited the car like brothers. Carlos led the way, as he had been to private parties like this around Miami Beach in the past. Maybe it was Ramón’s first, at least he could think to himself. Carlos stepped forward to the gates, greeted by two large muscular black men that were obviously the security guards. One of them spoke directly to both of them.

“It’s an entry fee of five hundred dollars.”

“I’ll pay for us both!”

Carlos spoke up, just before digging into his wallet to count out the hundred dollar bills. Ramón was surprised to see such a a fat fold of bills within his wallet. It took him just a minute to count them out and hand it over to the security guard. After he put his wallet up, the other security guard demonstrated them to hold their hands up for a proper pat down. Both guards frisked them, making sure there were no weapons on either of them. Once they were finished, they unlocked the gate to allow a proper entrance. Outside in the distance, loud music could be heard coming from within the mansion. As they stepped closer, it became louder. Ramón grabbed the door, the loud noise filling his ear just before they stepped in.

Inside the foyer of this large mansion, the walls were decorated in a cream colored painting. Red carpet was under the floor. The loud music was none other than Hip Hop music, filling the room as various people walked about. Ramón walked between a couple of people, gazing around as they made their way through the mansion. There was a large spiral staircase, leading up stairs but there was no need for either man to climb that staircase for now. While walking through the rooms, there was a bartender serving drinks with a mini bar up against the wall. On the far side of the room, a few people sat snorting lines of coke through rolled up dollar bills off silver trays. A woman in pink hair and a silver leotard walked by waving at them.

“Hi Carlos!”

“Hey, sexy lady!”

Ramón stood there and watched as the mystery girl blew a kiss at his brother before walking off. Curiosity had got the better of him to ask a question.

“You know that chick?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen her at some parties before.”

Stepping through another room, Carlos looked on as he spotted a black man wearing large star shaped sunglasses, an odd gold and glitter outfit and an orange cowboy hat. To Ramón’s mind, he looked to be wearing a costume straight from a Parliament-Funkadelic album. The man yelled out to everyone in the room.

“Iggy’s got a real ass factory going on upstairs, y’all! You heard it from me first, real bouncin’!”

Carlos and Ramón both turned to look at each other. Could this man truly mean Iggy as in Iggy Azalea? Carlos spoke up.

“Could it really be her?”

“You never know! I heard that Britney used to do wild stuff down here at parties.”

From that answer, Carlos smirked. He remembered those same wild stories about Britney, all rumors around the family. Since his brother had spoken up about that, he figured it was worth taking the chance upstairs. He nodded to him, a silent gesture for him to follow along. Together, they went up the stairs. The sound of a voice could be heard pumping through speakers saying one word repeatedly.


Down the hall, Carlos found a room with an open door. Inside, the room was lit up with pink walls. On the far wall was four stripper poles set up, four women each holding a pole and bent over shaking their asses in the ‘twerk dance’. The smell of marijuana filled the room, a cloud of smoke could be seen from the far left. Carlos inhaled the disgusting smell while Ramón gagged and coughed. A few men sat in the left corner on bar stools, passing a joint around while taking puffs. Over on the right side, a man sat alone watching the show. Ramón’s eyes were glued at the women at the stripper poles. Only one was wearing a thong, the others were in tight spandex shorts shaking their asses in twerk motions. His eyes were glued at the waves of their asses shaking back and forth.


The two men stood there together, just watching the four women shake their asses against the poles. If this was an ‘ass factory’, it sure was a hell of a show. From behind them, a tall woman stepped forward, yelling in their directions.

“Y’all assholes enjoying my mother fuckin’ show!?”

Ramón turned around before Carlos, surprised by the appearance of just who this woman was. The Australian rapper stood, behind her pale white skin, blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Could this really be Iggy Azalea? It appeared to be, at least going by her build. She wore a one piece, white outfit that hugged over her shoulders and looked like a swim suit from down below. The outlines traced around her hips, all while her legs were in a tall pair of pink latex hooker boot heels. When Carlos glanced over her right wrist, he noticed the tattoo of the face to the Roman goddess ‘Venus’. This made him smile and greet her.

“How’s it going Iggy?”

The smirked, arrogantly.

“Good to know I don’t have to introduce myself to some new people up in here. I get tired of telling basic idiots who I am.”

“Do you always greet newcomers by calling them assholes?”

Iggy smirked at Ramón’s words before nodding.

“Oh yeah, it depends. You guys look like you know what you want from a sexy bitch.”

Carlos nodded his head.

“How about you, then? I want to have a good time, something better than watching a few whores twerk it.”

With a grin on her face, Iggy could read these men easily. They were obvious horny guys, luckily for them she was bored with men thus far. Some ideas were up her sleeve, just to see how far both of these men could go. If they were the type of guys who could play games and be brave, she would take them for a long ride.

“I’ll take y’all some place more private, but I want you to play a lil’ game with me first.”

Neither of them said a word back. They watched Iggy turn her back and begin to walk off. Ramón and Carlos followed, she led them outside the room and back down the hall. It never dawned on either of them just how large this mansion was. Down the hallway, was another staircase, leading back down the floor. It appeared to be empty once they got back down the stairs, revealing that no other members of the party had explored this party. Iggy led them behind a door of what became a massive lounge room with various couches and leather chairs. All the furniture was in black leather, matching the walls with a dark purple color. The music could still be heard as loud bass beats from upstairs.

“I hope neither of you are scared to get dirty.”

The door shut behind them. Carlos wanted to mock her voice, but he stopped himself. Ramón simply watched as she walked to a table in the room. A round silver tray was on it, revealing what appeared to be a small pile of cocaine and a credit card. Iggy picked it up, showing them her red painted nails and the tattoos inked over her fingers. There were some lines made among the tray, proving that someone had previously used it. Carlos smirked, speaking up to her.

“You snort yeyo, baby?”

Iggy shook her head.

“Hell no! I don’t need that shit, but I don’t see why I can’t tease men with it. If y’all want to see me twerk it, snort a fuckin’ line!”

Ramón looked back at her, a shocked expression clouded over his face.

“Fucking seriously!?”

“Yeah! Seriously! I want to see one, or both of you do it! How bad do you want this bitch to twerk it for you? Think about that!”

She shoved the tray at them. Carlos wrapped his hand around it, he wasn’t scared of snorting a small bit of cocaine. Ramón however, had never did this before and was thinking of ways he could fake it. The rapper stepped away, only to come back and lay a gold plated metal, round straw on the table. It was obvious whoever owned this had bought it for a serious habit. Iggy spoke up.

“I want to know your names.”

“I’m Ramón…”

“And I’m Carlos.”

With a nod, she spoke again.

“Alright, who wants to go first?”

“I will!”

Carlos spoke up, he winked at his brother. He could read him easily, knowing that he wasn’t one to indulge in a little powder. Ramón was already thinking of ways he could fake this, the wink was a silent gesture from Carlos to let him know that he had his back. Iggy crossed her warms, watching as Carlos stepped towards the bar in the room with the tray. Ramón followed behind him, standing on the opposite side. Once he sat the tray down, Carlos shoved the gold metal straw towards a line and looked back at Iggy. In one go, he lowered his nose and shot the line directly into his nostril. His eyes widened as he felt the white powder substance entering his system. He immediately felt slight numbness, proving that this coke was the real deal. Iggy was pleased nodding her head.

“Very good, that’s what I like to see. This mother fucker right here proved that he wants to see me bounce! Now it’s your turn, Ramón!”

It was almost as if the woman could see the nervous tension painted over his face. Never had Ramón snorted a line of coke in his life. He lived the old saying ‘never get high on your own supply’, though this wasn’t his own possession, but he still didn’t want to do it. Carlos remained standing opposite of him on the side of the table. Since he dropped the straw, Ramón picked it up and brought it to a line He shoved his nose to the straw and then considered a way he could fake the current situation. It probably wouldn’t work, but it was worth the try anyway. As he lowered his nose down into the coke straw, he loudly inhaled and quickly shoved the straw forward. To Carlos’ eye, it was clear that nothing went up Ramón’s nose. Iggy tilted her head to the side and spoke up.

“I hope that really went up your nose, big boy…”

Carlos rolled his eyes before yelling at her.

“It fucking did! Hey, I don’t see you snorting anything! Shut the fuck up unless you’re gonna do a line too!”

She nodded her head, not wanting to get into an argument now with Carlos. He appeared to be the type of man who could show true rage when high on coke. The substance was already taking an effect in him.

“Alright, alright! It went up his nose, gotcha! I’ll bounce for both of you!”

Now that everything was settled, Carlos winked back at his brother and smiled. It was refreshing to know for Ramón that his brother backed him. They turned to watch Iggy move up against the wall. She spread her legs, planting the high heel hooker boots down into the floor to spread her ass. The palms of her hands pushed against the wall and her long blonde hung down as she turned her head to look over her shoulder. She began to tap her feet, grinding her hips to force her huge ass to begin bouncing. The infamous ‘twerk’ motion was in full gear. Both men dropped their jaws as they watched her thick firm ass shaking, like waves of water moving back and forth.

“Holy fuck!”

“Yes, yes!! Shake that ass, you nasty bitch!”

Iggy continued, still rocking her booty back and forth to force the motion. Their eyes remained glued on the action. The drug effect was kicking in for Carlos, his cock was already hard within his pants. To her mind, she knew that these men were horny and would get freaky with her. Once she was done twerking her ass and shaking it for them, Iggy turned around and commanded both of them.

“I want both of you to take your fucking clothes off, right now! I wanna see those big cocks!”

“As you fucking wish-“

“Don’t have to ask me twice!”

It was unclear to her which man had spoken first, their voices were nearly identical. The only difference in the looks; Ramón had a small five o’clock shadow over his face and short hair, while Carlos had a mustache. One of them wore a suit, the other was in a simple ‘jeans and a shirt’ outfit. Together, they took off their clothes, starting with their shoes before taking their shirts off. Iggy decided to take her hooker boots off, knowing that soon she would have two hard cocks to please. As they slowly slipped their clothes off, Iggy stripped herself of the one piece swimsuit. Throwing it above her head to ease her arms out, revealing her fully naked body. As she had finished, both men were naked as well. Iggy smirked to them both.

“Alright, this is gonna be a lot of fun!”

She wasted no time lowering herself down to her knees. Both men stepped forward; Carlos on her right side, Ramón to the left. Their eyes looked over her pale beauty, starring into her big fake tits for a few seconds. Iggy raised both her arms, wrapping her hands around their swollen shafts. She began to stroke their cocks, listening to them moan. Carlos couldn’t feel a thing, he just watched as she stroked his hard meat. Ramón let out a moan, just until she moved to the left side and went for his cock first. She parted her lips and slid his shaft between them. Iggy began to bob her head up and down, sucking on his cock. Carlos watched, listening to his brother moan before he spoke out.

“Wow, she sucks dick like a fucking vacuum cleaner.”

His compliment was a cheesy one, at least as Iggy thought to herself. She released Ramón’s dick from her mouth and then moved to her right side. She spit on Carlos’ mean, just before wrapping her lips around it. As she began to suck on his rod, she used her left hand to jack Ramón off. Moans could be heard from both men’s voice, but Carlos couldn’t feel a thing. He regretted snorting the line of coke now, but he could feel energy pumping through his veins. She slobbered all over his dick, just before releasing it from her lips with a pop noise. Iggy alternated back to Ramón’s shaft, spitting on it while her right hand began to stroke his brother’s cock while she sucked away with her mouth.

Slow and steady, Iggy continued her motions. She would suck on one cock, then alternate to the next and spit on it. While sucking, she used her hand to wank the other cock. Iggy continued this for several minutes, accumulating saliva strings that dripped down her chin and to her breasts. Ramón moaned the whole time, planting his hand down into her shoulder, all while Carlos was slowly feeling an odd burst of energy coming out of him. He waited until Iggy had released his dick from her lips yet again. A few saliva strings dangled down from her mouth back to his rod. Carlos then looked down at her and smirked, the urge of snorting another line had got to him.

“Hey Iggy…”


Looking up into his eyes, Iggy stroked both their cocks while Carlos gave her a typical shit-eating grin.

“I want to snort another line, but I want to snort it off your body.”

“Mmmmm, that would be kinky. Where you wanna-“

“Your ass. Right down the crack of it.”

“Alright, go right on ahead!”

She removed her hands from both dicks, allowing Carlos to step away. Ramón looked down at her and spoke.

“Can I fuck your mouth while he does that from behind?”

Iggy smiled.

“Sure, why the fuck not?”

Ramón planted his hand on the back of her head. Iggy pushed the palms of her hands down onto the carpet floor, leaning on all fours with her ass spread out. From behind her, Carlos took the coke tray and used the credit card to scoop up a good bit of the white powder. First, he pushed the end of the metal straw to the crack of her ass, then he lay the credit card down, pushing the small bit of coke over her skin while he climbed down to his knees. Iggy giggled before she felt the straw blowing, Carlos snorted the coke from the crack of her ass. Her eyes glanced forward at Ramón and she spoke.

“Come on, what are you waiting on? Fuck my mouth!”

She parted her lips wide, allowing him to slide his saliva covered meat pole down her throat. Ramón groaned as his cock slid into her mouth. He gripped her hair and began to buck his hips, pushing forward as he began to fuck her mouth. From behind Iggy, Carlos simply could not stop himself. Two lines wasn’t enough, he wanted more. He poured a bit more coke above her ass, keeping the straw right between the crack of her cheeks. Using the credit card again, he created a new line. This time, he moved the coke straw from her ass and snorted it up. At the same time, Ramón was fucking her mouth while Iggy’s muffled voice made several slobbering and sucking sounds.


A bubble of spit began to flow from her lips. Ramón grunted as he pushed his cock all the way down, watching her lips meet at the base. Iggy gagged, just before choking on his meet. From behind her, she could feel the cold steel of the coke straw pushing over her left ass cheeks. Carlos made one final small dot of coke over her skin and then used the metal straw to suck it up his left nostril. Ramón cried out as he let go of her head, allowing his cock to come out of her mouth with a flood of saliva. Iggy coughed, catching her breath as the spit flowed down her chin and over her augmented breasts. Carlos had got back up from his knees and placed the tray with the utensils and coke back on the table. Iggy glanced from over her shoulder and called out to them.

“Are you both ready to fuck the shit outta me together? I figure that by now, you gotta be done with the little kinky shit. I want some real fucking!”

Carlos offered his hand to pull her up.

“You are one nasty bitch with a big fucking ass! After starring at it, I just gotta fuck it!”

She laughed, looking back at Ramón now.

“I hope you’re in the mood for some pussy!”

“Fuck yeah, I am!”

“Let’s get over on this couch them!”

It was clear that Iggy had previously been in a hot situation like this before with two men. Threesomes were nothing uncommon for her. Ramón moved to sit on the couch, just as he knew that’s what she was hinting to. The big booty singer got up from the floor, stomping her bare feet on the carpet before she moved to Ramón. She climbed atop him, sinking her knees down into the couch as her hand found his cock from underneath and began to guide it to sweet honey pot. It dawned on her that she had not kissed either of these men, but Ramón was the only one she wanted to push her lips against. She had no interest in Carlos after he consumed all the coke from her body. As she guided his cock into her clit, a moan was heard. She pushed her lips to his and kissed him softly. Afterwards, Iggy gripped her nails into his shoulder and arched her back to invite Carlos to fuck her ass.

Ramón’s hands roamed her soft skin. He couldn’t stop himself from reaching them around back and gripping that amazing ass. He moaned, feeling his cock in her pussy while his fingers dug into that wonderful ass. Carlos stepped behind her, his eyes looking at the spread ass cheeks to slip his cock right on in. He expected Iggy to say something, but she didn’t. There was no need to waste time with small words, soon she would be yelling her lungs out at both these horny men to fuck her. By now, he was beginning to truly regret letting one high kick get to him. The cocaine in his system had made his hands numb, the feeling in his fingertips was tingling. Iggy’s patience had finally hit a cold streak and she called out to him.

“Come on, fuck my ass! Both of you, I want those big fucking dicks pumping in and out of me!”

Finally, Carlos pushed the head of his cock into her ass. With his hands locked over his back and Ramón’s fingers spreading her ass, the two began to buck their hips simultaneously to fuck her in unison. Iggy gasped her breath, both men grunted and then she yelled.

“Yeah, that’s it! Come on, FUCK ME! YEAH, FUCK ME! THAT’S IT, OH GOD, YEAH! FUCK ME!!”

Pound after pound, both cocks pumped into her ass and pussy together in a matching time of a chorus. Her breasts bounced a bit with each thrust into her holes, Iggy’s long blonde hair began to wave around. Ramón wanted to squeeze her tits so bad, but he could not remove them from being locked onto her ass. Over and over, their cocks continued to pump into her. He yelled out in pleasure.

“Oh my god, yes! God, you’re so fucking tight!!”


“You nasty fucking bitch, this ass was made to be fucked!!”

Carlos gritted his teeth after speaking. As he began to pump his cock harder into her ass, Iggy yelled to him.


Both men had lost their pace from thrusting their cocks into her holes. By now, Ramón pumped his dick forward into her pussy and then Carlos would pound her ass right after. They continued to thrust their hips in this motion, Iggy was pushed into a frenzy of pleasure. She knew eventually both these men would bust their nuts and blow loads of cum for her. But she wondered if they could make her cum first. Ramón was already drawing close, the first one to yell out.

“Fuck!! I don’t wanna cum yet!!”

Carlos came to a stop when he heard his brother’s words. One thing for sure, he didn’t want to pump his dick into her pussy if he had to feel Ramón’s seed dripping out. Immediately, he let his cock slither out of her ass on time. Ramón had stopped thrusting too, alerting Iggy as she felt her ass empty of Carlos’ dick.

“Come on, get up both of you! Let’s switch it around!”

Iggy flipped her hair to look over her shoulder. As she began to climb off Ramón, Carlos helped her by tugging at her. She turned to speak to him.

“Are you both gonna stand up and get me between you?”

“Fuck yeah! But I’m taking that pussy this time.”

“Mmmmmmm, such a fucking bad boy!”

Carlos kissed her on the forehead. An odd gesture she didn’t quite get, but it made her giggle. Ramón got up from the couch, standing in front of them. They now moved to create the new position; Carlos stood facing her while Ramón stepped behind. Iggy responded by clutching onto Carlos’ shoulders, lifting herself up and wrapping her legs around him. Ramón wrapped his arm around her waist, holding her there while Carlos hugged his arms over. Both men used their left hands to guide their cocks back into her holes. Iggy took deep breaths as she felt them both slide into her. Within seconds, she had a cock in each hole and began to yell at them.

“Oh yeah, fuck me! Come on, FUCK ME!!”

The Australian accent in her voice began to come out. Iggy used her grip on Carlos’ shoulders to begin to bounce herself down. Her thick ass cheeks smashed into Ramón each time he thrust forward and she would bounce down. Closing her eyes, she whimpered as their cocks pumped in and out of her holes repeatedly. It was amazing that she could hold off a climax earlier, but it was evident by now that Carlos was going to push her into it within this position.


Like before, her Australian accent was now piercing through both men’s ear drums. One before the other, their hard dicks pumped into her holes. Ramón grunted, Iggy lost her grip on Carlos’ shoulder so she ran her hands to his back. Her ling red painted fingernails scraped deeply into his back, causing lines to break into his skin and blood to pour out. Carlos only grinned, he couldn’t feel a thing from his back. Iggy had closed her eyes, groaning aloud.


From all the white powder that went up Carlos’ nose, he didn’t her orgasm at all. He continued pumping his shaft, but Ramón was forced to stop with one final thrust. Like Iggy, the time had come for his impending explosion.

Ohhh, shit!! I can’t hold back any longer, here it is!!”

Without a way to stop, Ramón’s cock shot his seed deep within her ass. While Iggy’s own juices were coating Carlos’ shaft, he didn’t realize that he also was pushed towards an orgasm. He may not have felt it, but she certainly did.


A grin formed over her face while she purred a moan. Carlos finally realized that his orgasm had come, he slowed down and took a deep breath. From the effect of the drug he snorted, his sense of touch was all over the place. Some moments, he was numb completely, other times he could feel a sharp energy running through his body. From behind the big ass Australian rapper, Ramón just closed his eyes and groaned out into pleasure. Both men had to catch their breaths, slowly. All the fucking had reached a high point in pleasure.

They took a few steps back, Iggy unwrapped her legs from Carlos’ waist and allowed her feet to touch the ground. Both their cocks slithered from her holes, releasing her body. They took a few steps back, eyes locked solely on her. Iggy spread her legs, moaning as she looked down to see their juices trailing between her thighs and running down her legs. A giggle echoed from her lips, just before she smirked at both of them. After laughing, she glanced at both of them. Carlos first, then Ramón before speaking to them.

“Look at all that, I gotta go clean myself up!”

“At least we didn’t pull out and cum all over your fucking face. You could’ve been like those pretty girls, then you’d have a real mess to clean up.”

Carlos’ response made her laugh, especially at the phrase of ‘pretty girls’. Iggy walked off, leaving the two men standing naked together as she collected her clothes to get dressed. Ramón stood there, grinning as if he had achieved something. The thought of working alongside his brother and going to parties like this left him thinking of future possibilities. ‘I could really get used to this.’, he said to himself.


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