Big Booty Bitches Ch. 23

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 23

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Vida Guerra, Khloe Kardashian

Codes: MF, MMF, cons, oral, anal, DP, tit fuck, facial, violence

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

Slight winds pushed over the air, offering a bit of a breeze. The bright sun was beaming down, just another hot afternoon in Miami. Steven found himself today sitting on the deck of Tony’s yacht for a visit. The family had just went through the holidays with Easter gatherings and a little party. Today was Tuesday, business as usual had come back up during the week. Steven had to meet with Tony to discuss bringing Antonio back into the club staff. He had waited until after Easter, just so this wouldn’t be a discussion during the holidays. At the moment, he sat in a chair on the deck with his brother next to him. A pair of black sunglasses were slipped over his eyes. Over a pink shirt, he wore his gray jacket with matching pants. Tony was simply wearing a tan colored shirt and shorts. After all, the yacht was his home.

As the two brothers had sat together, they discussed various topics for the time being. Tony had told him that Salma had left back to Hollywood to help directing with a film. Steven teased him about the possibility of walking the red carpet with her, as it appeared their relationship was still going strong. Tony on the other hand teased Steven about Vida, reminding him of old stories with the girl. The men may have been getting older, but nothing had really changed for them besides age. After a couple of laughs between them, Steven felt it was time to bring up the topic of Antonio into discussion. While gazing forward at a few seagulls flying through the air, Steven spoke up.

“You know, I’ve been wanting to ask you about letting Antonio come back to work. I could use him around the club.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, surely. His face is healed up now, so he looks better. If you’re worried about him getting in a fight, I can put him upstairs with Maria or always keep a bodyguard around him.”

Tony let out a deep sigh. When he didn’t reply after a few seconds, Steven spoke again.

“Come on, I need him. I can trust that kid, wish we could’ve said the same thing about Carlos.”

The last comment made Tony chuckle. He went over his thoughts, nodding his head.

“Yes, that’s true. I’ll tell you what, you can let him come back. But look, one fuck up from him and he’s gone again. I don’t want my boy embarrassing me, you know? You would feel the same way if Jacob was doing anything stupid.”

Steven let the comment slide without replying. He hated when Tony compared them like this over their sons, but it wasn’t worth an argument. Just having Antonio back at the club was fair enough, as then he could get work done faster. Finally, he turned to look back at his brother and smile.

“Thanks Tony, appreciate this.”

“Not a problem. Guess I might as well call him myself and break the news.”

Shaking his head, Steven refused. If anyone was to give Antonio the news, he wanted it to be him.

“Nah, let me do it. I can surprise him tomorrow, call him out the blue when he isn’t expecting it.”

Tony nodded.

“Alright, that’s fine. I’ll be dropping by over next Monday to check on things. Guess I’ll see both of you around then.”



The ceiling fan was spinning in a fast rotation from above, but with no sound to dull out the music playing. A stereo across the room was playing a CD containing various dance tracks. Antonio walked back into his living room, wearing nothing more than a pair of blue shorts and a T-shirt with Marilyn Monroe’s classic smile over it. He had got up early in the morning, become used to the schedule he had since not working at the club anymore. While the young man walked around the living room, he heard his cellphone begin to ring over on the coffee table. Stepping over, he saw that it was his uncle Steven calling. Antonio grabbed the phone, answering it quickly.


“Hey, Antonio! Listen up, I talked to your dad about bringing you back into the club to work with me.”

Suddenly, his eyes became huge while listening to his uncle’s words over the phone. Antonio smiled to himself, just before answering back.

“You did? What’s going on, then?”

“He said you can come back tonight. Get one of your suits ready and come on up before five P.M, you’ve got around four hours till then.”

“I’ll be there for sure, thanks for this!”

“No problem, see you soon.”

The phone clicked as Steven hung up. He was sitting in his office with Maria across from him, having explained to her the situation with Antonio’s return. The blonde haired assistant appeared to be pleased that her friend was returning to work with her. Steven had already clarified to her that Antonio would be working behind the desks with her for the time being. Now that everything had been taken care of in this subject, Maria spoke up.

“Did you get the call earlier about the party tonight with the special guest?”

Steven shook his head.

“I don’t think so. What ‘special guest’ are you talking about, Maria?”

The blonde haired woman smirked at him.

“We got a call from a Kardashian in town. She wants to bring her friends and have a private party here, I’m assuming it’s going to be a big deal.”

“Which one? Was it Kim?”

Maria shook her head, laughing.

“No, it was Khloe Kardashian! I spoke to her personally over the phone. She wants a private party with V.I.P. access upstairs. She said that the club was referred to her by a special friend, I couldn’t get her to say who. She said that she would call back to get a manager on the phone to go through the details.”

Steven thought for a few seconds before nodding. His first thought that it was probably Kim, but he knew that Khloe had a reputation for partying too. The ‘friend’ could be a reference to anyone, since the Diaz name was associated with various people connected to the Kardashian family. After he gathered his thoughts, he answered Maria back.

“Very well, I’ll handle this. We’ll have the party upstairs with her and whoever else she brings in. I want extra security, I’ll go talk to our security personnel in an hour. I want you to call downstairs and get the most expensive wine and champagne, nothing cheap for them, alright?”

Her blonde hair shook as she nodded back to her boss. Maria got up from her chair and proceeded to leave, just before she replied back to him.

“Yes, I’ll do that right away.”

Once the assistant left his office, Steven snatched his cellphone of the inner pocket of his gray jacket. He had to call Vida, just to let her know that he wouldn’t be home tonight since the club would keep him busy. Since his birthday, they had began to keep a close relationship in tact once again. He didn’t want her to be left in the dark about his business, as she was one of the few women that he truly trusted. After pulling her name up on the contact list, he listened to the phone ring. She answered it, greeting him in her soft voice.

“Hey baby!”

“Hey, I need to call you and tell you I’m not going to be home till late. We’re having a private party at the club, I need to watch over things.”

“Alright, I’m at the beach right now. I’ll leave my apartment door unlocked if you want to go back to my place this evening.”

“Are you going to be up in the wee hours of the morning, babe?”

A chuckle was heard from the other end of the phone.

“Probably…probably not. But I wouldn’t mind waking up with you beside me.”

Steven smiled to himself, just before responding to her.

“Alright, you win babe. I’ll go by your place later. Love you.”

“Love you too, Steven. Take care tonight!”

Silence ended the phone call. Steven sat the phone back down and then looked at his desk. Now all he had to do was wait on Khloe to call with requests for arranging her party. He still had to call security and arrange everything himself. In a few hours, Antonio would be arriving for his first night back at the club. Perhaps an interesting night was to unfold in the following hours. All the while, Maria had her hands full too arranging requests. Steven was prepared to set up the V.I.P. rooms as the best that Disco Fever had to offer. There would be nothing less of luxury when it came to pleasing a Kardashian woman.



A packed house had become of the club by night hours. The dance floor was full of people, shaking and grooving their bodies like any other night. Upstairs beyond the door of the V.I.P. rooms, there was another party going on. One that had begun downstairs before venturing behind closed doors. Khloe Kardashian had arrived for her private party, bringing along eight other people. She was the only Kardashian woman, there were a few men and bodyguards along with her girlfriends. The security already had a difficult time at first keeping track of everyone, but it became easier once they were beyond the V.I.P. halls.

Steven had worked a deal with Khloe for the private party. She had called back earlier and they negotiated terms. He wanted this party to showcase just how fun Disco Fever could be as a club. Without telling her, he had the finest champagne, wine and drinks all brought upstairs for her. The bill would be a couple grand, nothing that she couldn’t afford from her name alone. Upstairs, they crowded up in the lounge room while sharing drinks and talking loudly. Steven could tell early on the night, the chance of problems was rising. A couple of Khloe’s friends appeared to be loud mouths and they became more unpredictable after numerous drinks.

The queen of the hour had greeted Steven some hours earlier, exchanging their names to one another. Khloe had arrived with her entourage, wearing tight stone washed blue jeans and a red button up shirt revealing her cleavage with the last buttons undone. Her long blonde hair fit the look, behind bright red lipstick. She looked beautiful, as she was never the center of attention like her sister Kim. Khloe had already caught Steven once gazing behind her, watching her huge bubble butt move back and forth with each step she took. After glancing over her shoulder in the lounge room, she decided to tease him about his eyes constantly looking down.

“See something you like there?”


Khloe offered him a wink, just before stepping away. She walked slow, teasing him again before she went to tend to a friend. Steven didn’t have any intentions of getting laid tonight, but it appeared that Khloe could be quite a tease. He was staying loyal to Vida for now, unless she were to cheat on him in the future. Eventually, Khloe went and sat down on the couch next to one of her girlfriends. Steven had been standing against the wall, just observing with his eyes. Across the room, a scene was beginning to unfold with two men standing face to face in a heated argument. Their words could not be heard among the chorus of other voices having a conversation.

Steven kept his eyes locked watching the two men. Both of them were wearing black suits, looking as if they had muscular builds. One had short black hair, the other had long brown hair. Khloe was sitting down on the couch, enjoying another drink with her friends while the action went on from behind her. The two men eventually moved away from one another, forcing one of them to begin walking off. Steven took a deep breath, figuring that the high tensions must have cooled down. Steven began to step around the wall, nearing his way towards Khloe. At that moment, the man who had stepped away went running back towards the other man and a violent altercation broke. A woman screamed at the top of her lungs.


A punch was heard connecting to a jaw. As the two men began to fight, Khloe looked behind her and was in shock. They began to shove each other against the wall momentarily. One of them tried to punch the other but missed, slamming the fist into the wall to cause a crack. Only the members of her group knew that both men were her bodyguards. Steven ran out of the room, yelling for the security guards outside.

“Get in here now! We’ve got a situation!!”

As the club’s security came rushing into the room, a few people had tried to break up the right but it became worse. The brown haired man had shoved a woman off him and moved to throw the other guy across the empty couch. His body went flying over the white coffee table, smashing it into pieces. Steven returned into the room, greeted to Khloe running to him and yelling.

“That’s my bodyguards! I CAN’T MAKE THEM STOP! PLEASE HELP!!”

“Restrain them, come the fuck on!”

Another voice yelled out to them. The two security guards that had followed Steven in, tried to get around both men. By now, th eman who had slammed into the broken coffee table had risen. The brown haired man had grabbed his victim by the collar of his shirt and was punching him in the face repeatedly. Both of the club’s security guards came to snatch him off, forcing Khloe’s bodyguard to let go and then punch one of the club guard’s in the gut hard. He turned to the other security guard but was met by the man grabbing his arm and twisting it, finally restraining him. A wave of calmed nerves began to flow into the room. Steven’s eyes narrowed down at the broken coffee table, Khloe looked at him before glancing into his sights.

“Oh shit, I am so sorry. I can pay for the damages. My bodyguards had been arguing last night, I didn’t know they were going to do this.”

The club’s security guards had restrained both men in handcuffs, escorting them out. Steven stood in silence, just before he began to walk around the room. After a moment, he spoke aloud to all of Khloe’s friends of her entourage in the room.

“This party is over, you all need to get going.”

“What? That’s all it took to end it?”

An unknown voice called out. Steven nodded, replying back.

“Yes! This room is in no condition for partying, you all need to leave.”

The party members began to walk out of the room, one by one. Khloe stayed behind, crossing her arms over her chest as she watched Steven. He walked around the room, observing the damage. When he witnessed the crack in the wall from a punch, it was enough to make him furious. If Tony heard about this incident, he was going to be enraged. Steven glanced back over at the coffee table, seeing that it was cracked on the front and all four legs of it were smashed to bits. He looked to Khloe and began to storm out of the room while he called out to her.

“Come with me.”

“Where are we going?”

“My office, I want to discuss this with you.”

“Look, I can pay for the damages no problem! I am so sorry for all of this.”

Steven didn’t say a word back. Khloe was forced to follow him out of the lounge area and down the hallway. Her heels clicked and clacked as he led her to his office. Steven opened the door, inviting her in first before he stepped in and slammed the door shut. Khloe unfolded her arms as she looked back at him, but Steven spoke first.

“So, you’ve got some pretty negative men working as bodyguards, don’t you think? Those two assholes not only roughed each other up, they managed to fuck up the room too.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that. They had been bickering about something last night, but I thought they had worked it out and could act like adults.”

A chuckle was heard from Steven’s voice. He walked across the room, peering out of the mini-blinds to look at the dance floor from down below. He spoke back up in response.

“Not all men can act mature at times. The damage on that wall isn’t going to be cheap, nor was that coffee table.”

“Look, I can pay! If it’s money you need, that won’t be a problem.”

Thinking for a minute, Steven took a deep breath. He had no previous history with Khloe whatsoever. Kim was the Kardashian woman who had been a friend of Tony’s. If Khloe had heard from the club from a friend, he now had to know if that ‘friend’ gave her knowledge of how the Diaz men liked to handle business. Steven turned back around, crossing his arms as he smirked at Khloe. He immediately changed the subject of their conversation.

“Let me ask you something, Khloe.”


“Who was your friend that told you about our club?”

“I don’t think that’s the point of this discussion.”

“Oh it is, trust me. Cause if you know any of my friends, I need to know if they told you how I like to do business.”

Khloe rolled her eyes. She stepped closer to Steven, taking the hint of what he meant by ‘business’.

“What the fuck do you mean by that, Steven Diaz!? Fine, I’ll tell you. Remember Emily? That girl you were dating not that long ago? She’s a friend of mine. My sister as you know, has partied with your brother for years. But I haven’t heard any of the real stories, so it seems. Just that you were a nice man and this was a fine club.”

Steven smirked, laughing a bit as he looked into her beautiful brown eyes. It was time to make her an offer to get out of this trouble. He was already thinking of Antonio, this could be another bonding moment for them.

“You know what I think, Khloe? You could blow off some steam with some hot fun.”

Once again, the blonde woman rolled her eyes.

“I knew it. You just want to fuck me, I could tell earlier when you kept looking at my ass. You fucking want it, don’t you?”

“How about I make a deal with you? Can you handle more than one guy?”

Khloe looked away before nodding to him. She spoke up, interested in this offer.

“You want me to have a threesome with you and who?”

“My nephew. His name is Antonio, he is younger. I think you would like him, but can you handle more than one man?”

“Yeah, I know I can.”

Steven gave her a nod, replying back.

“Alright, here’s the deal. Get your bodyguards to pay out their pockets, or use whatever you’re paying them for the damages. I’ll drop everything, make those two morons pay for their own damages. You and me, we can have us some fun and everything is settled from there. Are you going to be free tomorrow?”

A smirk appeared over her face. It was clear to Khloe that she couldn’t avoid indulging in some naughty fun.

“I think you’ve made me an offer I can’t refuse, Steven.”

Khloe giggled as Steven nodded and replied to her.

“Good, I promise we’ll have a lot of fun tomorrow. Can you drop by the club sometime during the afternoon? I can wait for you, I’ll pick you up and we can go back somewhere.”

She nodded to him.

“Alright, Steven. You have my word, I’ll be here tomorrow around 1 P.M.”

“Good, I’ll be on time.”

With an agreement reached and settled, Khloe turned around to leave his office. Steven couldn’t help but smirk to himself. It wasn’t so much the desire he had for her body, but also to have a fun day bonding with his nephew again. He figured Antonio would be surprised after his first day back at work, he would be indulging in another fantasy similar to one back in the past. After Khloe left, Steven exited his office and went down the hall to the other office room where Antonio shared a desk with Maria. Opening the door, he stepped in and greeted his nephew before speaking up.

“Hey, Antonio! Need to talk to you in private about something, you’re gonna love this. It should be fun.”



The rays of sunlight began to creep through the white curtains, illuminating the bed during the morning dawn. Vida Guerra found herself alone in bed, the clock stated 9:48 A.M. as the current time. Across the bed over by the night stand, she noticed a gray jacket sitting across a chair. It was a sign that Steven had kept true to his word, arriving back at her apartment late last night and spending the night there. She smirked to herself while climbing out of the bed, throwing her arms out to let out a yawn. Over her curvy body was a small white night gown. The blankets had been pulled back and she figured Steven must have been somewhere roaming about. A few seconds later, she heard the sink faucet running from the bathroom connected to her bedroom. He must have been busy in there.

Vida’s apartment was a little beach house located in Miami Beach, on Atlantic Way street. It was up in North Beach, taking Steven a long while of driving through the night to get there. He quite liked that Vida’s place was far out of town, offering a subtle escape from being close by anywhere. The beach house had numerous large bushes covering the front of it, making it easy to miss without a careful eye. Outside the backyard were a couple of trees covering up the light blue painted building and offering the beach shore accessible in walking distance beyond a small gate. It was a quiet little place giving the model closure as she liked to have her privacy. Vida climbed out of bed, running her hand through her long dark hair before she called out to him.

“Steven, honey? Are you here?”

“Yeah, just one minute!”

He called out from the bathroom. Vida glanced, seeing the door was opening and a light shining. She ignored his words, walking right in as she caught him rinsing out his mouth from brushing his teeth. Steven placed the pink tooth brush back in it’s spot after he was finished. He turned to greet Vida with a smile, standing there shirtless wearing nothing but his underwear. Vida leaned in and kissed his cheek before speaking.

“Good morning.”

“Hey, good morning sweet heart.”

She stood beside him as he turned to face the mirror above the sink. It was a large round shape with a gold border around it. Vida glanced back in the mirror, starring at them both before Steven began to wash his face. As he ran his wet hands over his face, she spoke again.

“What time did you get in? I must have been asleep, didn’t hear you.”

“About three in the morning. Took me a while to drive out here, no traffic in the dead of night.”

He placed his hand up on the faucets, turning them off as he was now finished. Steven turned back to look at Vida, just before she replied to him.

“Well, how did the party go last night? It sounds like you must have been busy to get here that late.”

“Oh, the party…”

Steven laughed, shaking his head. He had just remembered the deal with Khloe.

“I’ll tell you about it after I make breakfast. I’ve got a funny story to tell you, baby.”

Vida smirked to him.

“Now I’m interested, but I’ll wait and let you tell me. Sweet of you to make me breakfast, Steven.”

“Not a problem, baby. Hold off on a shower for now and I’ll join you after we eat.”

She kissed his lips, just before he could walk out of the bathroom leaving her to tend to herself in privacy. Steven didn’t mind cooking breakfast for a woman he was in love with. It reminded him of his old days, being married and raising a son. While Vida washed up for the morning, Steven put on his pants and threw back on his shirt before leaving the bedroom. In the kitchen, Steven found enough supplies in the cabinets to make a few pancakes, as well as enough eggs to scramble and offer with toast. He would go on to spend the next hour cooking in the kitchen, making them both a nice breakfast meal. By the time Vida had reunited with him in the kitchen, she inhaled the scent of fresh food and smiled. There were two plates each for both of them with pancakes and eggs, and then a separate plate with buttered toast.

“Oh my, I forgot how much you love to cook Steven.”

Vida had slipped on a black T-shirt and a thong before arriving back in the kitchen. They still had time to shower, so she didn’t bother dressing up yet. Her hair was fixed up in a pony tail. Steven took two glasses and filled them with orange juice before he joined her to sit down at the table and eat. While the Cuban model took her fork and cut into the pancake, she spoke up to strike a conversation.

“So…Who’s party was that last night? I’ve been just dying to know since you told me yesterday.”

Steven glanced at her while raising the glass of orange juice to his lips. After taking a sip, he answered her.

“Khloe Kardashian. She came into the club with a bunch of friends, had to give them a private room upstairs.”

“Oh, that’s interesting.”

Vida replied while taking another bite from her fork. Steven continued speaking.

“Yeah, she needs to find some better bodyguards. Fucking idiots decided to start a fight in there, smashed a table and put a crack in the wall. I wasn’t too happy about that.”

“I can’t imagine you were. So, is she going to pay for the damages or what?”

Steven continued eating. Before he answered her back, the sound of their forks edging on the plate could be heard. Thinking to himself, he didn’t want to flat out admit that a plan had been made in exchange of sex. Steven thought for a minute how he could word it better to Vida. He swallowed down a piece and then looked back at Vida with a smirk before replying

“Yeah, get a load of this; she wants to pay off the damages but with sex, she offered a threesome between me and my nephew Antonio.”

Vida’s jaw dropped.

“Oh my god, are you for real?”

“Yes, baby! I’m honest here! She said it would be cheaper than spending a few grand if she just had some fun with us.”

“I knew it, I knew those Kardashian women were cheap asses. She’d rather fuck you than paying the damages herself, she’s like that.”

Just like that, Vida bought his story without questioning. She had heard rumors within modelling for several years, so it didn’t surprise her to hear something like this regarding a Kardashian. They continued eating, Steven chuckled at her words. After a moment, he spoke again.

“So, what do you think baby?”

“What do you mean, Steven?”

Their eyes met, both of them sipping on their glass of orange juice. Steven tilted his head a bit before smirking. Still toying with the truth in his mind, he had to word this better for her approval. He didn’t want Vida to know the fact that he already planned this out last night.

“You don’t mind if I do fuck her? My nephew is going to be there with me. I figured he could use a good time with a beautiful woman.”

Vida laughed at him. It was a slow, almost sinister sounding laugh. She slowly shook her head before glancing back into his eyes to answer his question.

“Do you really wanna fuck her, Steven? Then go right on ahead, who am I to stop you? You’re a man after all. Don’t take me for a fool, as I know how you men are. You get what you want in life, that’s what I like about you. I’ll let you fuck her, but under one circumstance.”

“What do you mean by that, babe?”

She smirked at him. Since Steven had brought this up, Vida had developed an idea in her mind. She had her own card to play when it came to the Kardashian women. Vida wasn’t going to allow Steven to have his fun without her getting something out of it.”

“Bring your phone with you. I want you to take a photo for me.”

“A photo?”

Vida nodded, continuing on.

“Yeah! I want you to cum on that whore’s face and take a picture of her with her kissing your dick. You can do that for me, right Steven?”

“Oh yeah, I can do that for you. I have to meet her in a few hours. I’m going to take her to Antonio’s penthouse where we have everything planned.”

She smirked a sinister grin.

“Good, thank you. Now let’s finish eating and go get in the shower. You aren’t fucking that whore yet until I have some fun with you first!”

They resumed eating their breakfast before it could get cold. Steven thought of asking Vida the reason she requested the photo, but he dropped the thought for now. Since she had given him her blessing to fuck Khloe, he figured he had to repay her the same respect of not pushing her motive for the photo. Perhaps she wanted it for their own photo collection, as Vida was a kinky freak like that who loved to have photos. He almost asked her if the photo would go in their album that she had given him for his birthday, but after second thoughts, he didn’t mention it. The thought of shower sex with her was overcoming him, as he couldn’t wait to finish eating now.

It took them both a little over twenty minutes to finish up. Vida took the dirty dishes and placed them into the sink to wash later after he was to leave. Together, they walked back into the bedroom hand in hand. Steven had just realized that his suit was the only clothes he had with him here. He would have to take a shower, drive all the way back home to Coconut Grove and change his clothes before picking Khloe up. Vida walked them back to the bathroom connected in her bedroom, pushing her hands up against his chest before kissing his lips passionately. She then stepped away, stripping her shirt and thong off to reveal her thick Cuban ass to his sight. Steven followed her actions, stripping his clothes off to join her in the nude as she turned the faucets to get the water running in the shower.

Vida offered her hand after stepping her left foot into the shower. Steven gazed back into her beautiful brown eyes before taking her hand. As she pulled him into the shower, he reached back for the light green shower curtain and tugged it to close them up in the tight space. Vida wrapped her arms around her neck, shoving her body up against his as her huge breasts pushed over his hairy chest. Within hours, he would be fucking another woman, but Vida knew that she could outdo that other woman when it came to this man only. They began to kiss while the water sprayed over their heads from above. Making their hair wet at the same time their tongues danced back and forth. Steven ran his hands over her smooth tanned skin, finally pulling back from the kiss to let out a moan. Vida smirked and called to him.

“Nothing better than fucking my man in the shower.”

Her hand reached down, grabbing his cock. She let out a giggle before speaking again.

“And I get to fuck him before he takes a Kardashian whore and fucks her like a bitch.”

She laughed, forcing Steven to crack up too at her words. Her hand still pumped his shaft with her small fingers wrapped around it. Vida quickly went down to her knees, forcing Steven to take a few steps as the warm water sprayed on his back. From the floor of the shower, she pushed her puffy lips over his cock and went to sucking on it. ‘Mmmmmm’, she moaned while moving her hand back and forth as her lips bobbed up and down on his cock. Her lips and hand moved in perfect synchronization to jack him off and suck at the same time. Steven took a deep breath, moaning out as Vida continued to suck his cock.

“Yeah, there you go. Suck it baby!”

‘Mmmmm, mmmm, mmm’, the sound of her moaning over his rod was muted by the loud sounds of the water faucet spraying from above them. Vida twirled her tongue around Steven’s meat pole, sucking on it like a peppermint stick. She knew they were about to fuck on a time table, so Vida couldn’t waste a whole lot of time. She was ready to get that cock lodged into her pussy, knowing that he would be fucking her thick epic ass soon after. Once she had coated his cock with layers of her saliva, Vida released it from between her lips and pulled herself up to face him. Steven put his hands over her breasts, squeezing them before she moved her face inches in front of his.

“Come on, fuck me against the wall! Fuck me hard!!”

Vida quickly wrapped her thick legs around him, forcing his cock to brush up against her clit. Steven wrapped his arms around her, shoving her to the wall as she requested it. She reached her hands down, guiding his cock into her pussy and groaning into pleasure as he made the first thrust. Their lips connected yet again, kissing as he began to thrust into her as she leaned against the wall. There wasn’t a care in the world about the shower spraying down from above them. Soon, the sound of her thick ass pushing up against the wet wall could be heard. Once their lips broke, Steven planted his lips to her neck, kissing it as Vida closed her eyes and cried out.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah!! That’s it, fuck me! FUCK ME!!”

Over and over, his cock thrust into her pussy back and forth. Vida’s hands ran over his back, latching onto him as her long fingernails began to scrap over his skin. Steven groaned, crying out as she broke his flesh.

“Oh, fuck!!”

With a grunt, he took a few steps back and moved her from against the wall. Steven turned, pushing Vida up against the opposite wall where the shower sprayer was. A flood of water rained down over his face and chest, but he didn’t stop from thrusting into her back and forth. Vida’s nails raked into his back yet again, this time creating small cut wounds on his back. The feeling of pleasure was enough to override the stinging pain over his back. Steven leaned his head up to kiss her lips again, still bucking his hips as hard as he could to pump his cock into that sweet pussy. She was already close, due to how fast he maintained his pace.


As if her words couldn’t be encouraging enough, Steven placed his hands up on her shoulders to try and force himself to pump into her faster. Vida unwrapped her legs from around his waist. The splashing of the water couldn’t become louder than her voice moaning aloud. For Steven, he wanted to hold off his own orgasm. He planned to shoot his load in her ass since he had be out the door and on the road within the next hour. Vida closed her eyes, gritting her teeth as she knew the time was coming short now. As he continued to pump his dick in and out of her clit, she felt herself approaching the busting point of her orgasm. Vida gasped, groaning aloud.


Finally, Steven slowed himself down as he felt her juices coating his cock. He made one final thrust, pushing her ass back against the wall for what would be the last time. All Vida could do was close her eyes and embrace the feeling of the orgasm. She moved her arms from around his back, freeing him of her grasp for now. It was a miracle that Steven didn’t blow from within her, for he was close already. He pulled his cock from her pussy, taking a few steps back. It suddenly dawned on him that the shower had created a mist of fog clouding up the entire bathroom. Vida giggled as she reopened her eyes to gaze forward at him. Steven took a second to catch his breath before speaking out to her.

“Come on, baby! I need you to turn around for me, get your hands up against the fucking wall.”

Due to him being out of breath, his words came out softer than usual. Vida was well aware that Steven meant to order her in a stern matter, but she couldn’t help but giggle to him. She moved from against the wall, turning around but not without teasing him with sweet naughty words.

“Oh, yeah? You want me up against the wall so you can fuck me in the ass, yeah?”

She closed her eyes, leaning the palms of her hands against the wall to spread her ass out from behind. Vida could feel the water spraying down over the small of her back, creating a small river that overflowed down both sides of her body. When Steven didn’t reply back, she teased him again.

“You wanna fuck my ass while you think about that Kardashian bitch, huh?”

A loud smack was heard and Vida moaned. Steven had raised his left hand back to strike her ass cheeks. A few seconds later, he pulled her thick cheeks back with his hands and slid his fat cock into her dark hole. She gasped, moaning out as he began to slowly pump his cock into her ass. Vida teased him yet again since he was still silent of words.

“Yeah, go on! Fuck that ass! FUCK MY ASS! I want you to be thinking about MY ass when you are fucking that Kardashian whore!! FUCK MY ASS, STEVEN!!”

Over and over, Steven rammed his cock back and forth into that thick Cuban ass. He reared his hand back and spanked the left cheek of that famous booty. Vida gasped, moaning in an innocent voice to drive him crazy. All she could think about was the fact he would be with that Kardashian woman in a few hours. She wanted to drive him nuts as he continued to pump his cock back and forth into her ass.


“Fuck, fuck!! Baby, I’m gonna cum!!”

A grunt was heard between the water spraying down over her tanned body. Vida groaned, teasing him with her yelling voice again.


His hand reared back before slapping the left cheek of her ass again. Steven made one final thrust and then grunted as his cock exploded deep within her back door hole. Vida moaned, feeling his hot load in her while the warm water still flowed over her body. Steven took a deep breath, leaning up as he pulled his cock from her ass. Vida wasn’t bothered by his hot cum pouring out down her thighs. He had his fun for now, but they now had to wash their bodies while the bathroom was a misty room of fog. No words were exchanged as she had turned around to face him. They kissed before finally grabbing the soap and wash rag, proceeding to wash one another’s body in exchange.

Twenty minutes had passed by the time they were done with the shower. The fog seemed to be permanent in the room before they had turned off the water and stepped out. Steven was stuck in his old clothes from last night, forcing a small conversation as Vida had teased him about having to drive all the way back in town to find a fresh suit of clothes. By the time he was dressed, Vida had rolled her wet hair up in a towel and put on a blue robe over her body. She had a seat down on the bed, watching as he put his shoes back on and shoved his cellphone into the inside pocket of his jacket. As he was ready to leave, Vida decided to tease him as he was ready to walk out the door.

“Go get her, baby! Go fuck that Kardashian bitch like the whore she is!”

“I will!”

“Don’t forget to take the photo for me.”

Steven laughed, shaking his head before he smiled back to her.

“I won’t, I promise baby.”

He headed out for the door, ready to get behind the wheel of his Cadillac and go back home. Steven had a tight schedule, to go get a new suit from home and then drive back to the club to pick up Khloe. Vida would go down as a great warm up for today’s challenge with Khloe.



A breath of fresh air was inhaled upon looking back at the mirror. Antonio looked into his reflection, making sure he didn’t miss a spot on his face after shaving. Today was an important day for events that would be taking place within his penthouse suite. Just last night, his uncle Steven dropped a bombshell on him that they would be sharing Khloe Kardashian in a threesome. There was no question about it, as Antonio just wanted to experience the fun of another famous woman. Despite past experiences of famous ladies, he found himself to be somewhat nervous this afternoon.

The young had went home and straight to sleep the previous night. As Steven had told him, the words rang true: ‘She’s a fucking Kardashian. We can’t half-ass this, gotta give her the best we can offer’. It was true, regardless if the subject was a party or bedroom pleasure. Antonio didn’t want to disappoint Khloe whatsoever, knowing that a woman like her could be hard to please. After he was done washing his face, the young man stepped out of the bathroom. Earlier back in the morning, he took a shower upon awakening. He was dressed in a pair of pink shorts and a light green T-shirt. Upon walking back into the living room, he heard his phone sound off a text notification alert. Sitting down on the couch, he grabbed the phone and opened up a text from his uncle Steven.

‘Be there soon in 10 minutes. Hope you’re ready.’

Outside the building, Steven parked his Cadillac in a spot behind the luxury hotel. Sitting across from him was none other than Khloe Kardashian herself. True to her word, she waited outside the club for Steven’s arrival. Khloe had arrived with her own ride to deliver a briefcase of cash that was now sitting safely in the trunk of Steven’s car. The briefcase contained ten grand in cash, more than enough to pay the damages back at the club. She had fired her bodyguards under twenty four hours, true to her word from last night. Steven and Khloe had a short conversation before the drive, he was impressed with her. She was all business, ready for pleasure. Over her curvy body she wore a white jacket zipped up covering most of her body. Her long blonde hair was parted down the middle, large gold hoop ear were attached to her ears. As for Steven, he had changed into a pair of black pants with a purple shirt under a white jacket, freshly clean clothes from his home.

‘Business and then pleasure’ was Khloe’s motto, at least when it came to a situation like this. She was well aware that Steven took an interest in her the previous night. If all would’ve went well, she probably would’ve went home with him. She seen him as a player, reading him carefully as a dangerous type of man she liked to associate herself with. As they got out of the car, she held his hand while walking into the lobby of the hotel room. She was ready to have a good time with this man and his nephew, offering small conversation in the car. Back in his penthouse suite, Antonio turned on the air conditioner as he felt himself ready to break a sweat. When he walked back into the living room, that was when he heard the knock at the door. The young man gasped, stopping in his tracks before he took a deep breath. It was time.

“He must be nervous behind that door.”

Khloe spoke to Steven as they waited. He chuckled at her comment before replying.

“Can you blame him?”

“No, not really. I assume a lot of young men would line up the street for a chance to fuck me. I just hope he is as handsome as you are.”

Before another word could be uttered, the front door swung open to Antonio standing tall. His eyes glanced over Khloe as the woman gave him a smug grin. Beyond the white jacket, he could see the outline of her cleavage in what appeared to be some black outfit. She looked him over before speaking.

“Ah, so you’re the young man known as Antonio.”

“Yes, hello Miss. Kardashian.”

She rolled her eyes, stepping through the door. Her high heels clicked loudly over the floor. Steven stepped in behind her and closed the door, secluding the three of them in the privacy of the penthouse. As Khloe walked about in the living room, she answered Antonio back while unbuttoning her white jacket.

“I don’t want to be called by ‘Miss. Kardashian’ today. Khloe will do just fine, young man.”

Her back was turned to him by the time she had unbuttoned the jacket. Khloe let it fall to the floor while stepping her right leg out, revealing herself to be wearing nothing more than a one piece bustier outfit with long sleeves covering her slender arms. From the back view, both men could see the immense size of her gigantic ass with the lower piece of the outfit extended between her ass cheeks like a thong. Khloe ran her left hand down, gripping her ass cheek as she looked beyond her shoulder with a smug, but inviting grin to both of them.

“Get your fucking clothes off, if you know what’s best for you.”

“Are you talking to me?”

Steven teased her. Khloe, shook her head before leaning over to show them her huge ass in clear sight. She answered back while shaking it around to the left and right.

“That’s to both of you! I know both of you better have the balls to fuck me good!”

“Yeah, you’ll see. Get that fucking outfit off too, since we’re stripping.”

The older man’s response to her set the tone of snarky comments. Steven grabbed his cellphone out of his pocket and placed it down on the coffee table facing the couch. It was a mental note to not neglect the promise he made to Vida earlier. Khloe turned around, watching as the men began to undress themselves. Her outfit was a one piece bustier that zipped up the middle. Apart from being long sleeved, it would be easy to disrobe. She waited until both of them were standing naked before her and holding their cocks by the time she was ready to give a strip show. Khloe began by looking up into their faces and smirking a little. Her long golden hair moving down from both sides of her face.

With her hand placed down on the zipper, she pretended that there was a song playing in her mind. Subtle hip hop beats were what she usually stripped and danced to. Khloe slowly tugged the zipper down, noticing that by now both men were stroking their cocks with the grip of a hand. She ran her hands through her hair, grinding her hips to move them back and forth; to the left, then the right, back to the left again. After pulling the sleeves, she thrust the rest of the outfit down revealing her voluptuous nude body to them. Khloe pushed her hands over her breasts, holding them up as she took a few steps forward. The black pair of heels was the only thing remaining on her body. It appeared that both men caught sight of her wet, shaved pussy from underneath. With a smirk on her face, she moved her hands to use her index fingers to call them both to her. Khloe called out to them.

“Bring those big dicks over here, both of you! Now, don’t make me wait!”

Khloe fell down to her knees. Steven wasn’t sure if this impatient act was something trademark of her attitude or just a phase. He moved to her right side, while Antonio was to the left. Once they stepped closer to her figure, Khloe reached both her hands up to grab their cocks and wrap her fingers around them. She glanced into both of their eyes, Antonio before Steven. Her hands began to slowly stroke their cocks, forcing both men to moan together as the Kardashian goddess was ready to pleasure them. Steven teased her with subtle dirty talk.

“You’ve got big lips, you know that right?”

She rolled her eyes, stroking his cock faster before she replied.

“What are you gonna tell me, then? That they need to be kissing your big fucking dick instead of your lips?”

“Yeah, we haven’t kissed yet, so why not?”

Khloe made it a mental note that she had yet to kiss either of them. That would be for later on, as she knew her lips would be planted over their cocks soon enough. Since Steven had decided to tease her with words, she turned her head to the right side first. Her large hoop ear rings bounced around a bit as she parted her lips and pushed Steven’s cock between them. As she began to slowly suck on his rod, her left hand worked Antonio’s meat simentalnousely. Steven let out a sharp moan as the blonde Kardashian began to suck on his cock, bobbing her head up and down on it slowly. Considering the act of control, Steven brought his hand down and patted the back of her head almost like she was a pet. Khloe ignored his tongue, pushing her lips further down his to swirl her tongue around it.

Slobbering sounds began to echo between the moans of both men. Antonio watched her hand, trying to make out the small tattoo above her thumb. After a full minute of slobbering all over Steven’s thick rod, she came off it making a pop noise. A string of saliva broke from her lips, falling down to her tits as Khloe turned her head to the left at Antonio’s hard meat. She was amazed that both men had impressive length of their cocks, they appeared to be the same size. She planted her lips over Antonio’s rod while taking her right hand to grip over Steven’s saliva coated rod. As she began to suck the young man, he took a deep breath and moaned aloud.

“Oh god, this is fucking awesome! Khloe is the best Kardashian!”

What a way to stroke her ego in words. Khloe took great pride in hearing him refer to her as ‘the best’ of her family’s name. Neither of the two men had witnessed her bare ass yet, she hoped one of them would compliment her booty as being superior to her more famous sister’s. Khloe pushed her lips all the way down, sucking every inch of Antonio’s rod as she pushed her left hand down to the base of it. The young man gasped, just before she pulled her lips away making a pop noise. Khloe licked her lips in a circle before turning her head to the right and forcing her attention back to Steven’s dick. Khloe spit on the head before planting her lips back around it. As she began to suck on Steven’s cock again, he moaned as Khloe’s hand found Antonio’s rod to stroke it while she sucked on his uncle.

“Yeah, there you go! Suck it, babe!”

A string of saliva broke from Khloe’s lower lip, dangling down her chin as she began to bob her head up and down on Steven’s dick. She became a bit more aggressive, devouring his meaty shaft. ‘Mmmmmm’, she moaned a muffled sound over his cock before coming back off it with another pop sound. Khloe moved back to Antonio’s rod spitting on it before sucking on it. She began to suck on them in a pattern, slobbering all over one dick before moving back and forth to the next. Each time Khloe released one cock from her mouth, her hand would place back over it to stroke. Steven reached his hand down and began to feel one of her breasts, rubbing her nipple as she sucked on his cock. This time, he ran his hand down to grip her hair, tugging at it as she popped her lips from his cock. Khloe gritted her teeth looking in his eyes as he spoke.

“Can I have a kiss?”

“Mmmmm, yes you can!”

Keeping the grip of her hair, Steven leaned down as his lips brushed up against hers. Khloe let go of his cock in her right hand as their lips traded touches, dancing their tongues along one another. Her left hand remained with a tight grip around Antonio’s shaft, but she stopped stroking it while kissing his uncle. Steven grabbed his cock while kissing Khloe, rubbing it under her to slide the saliva coated head over her hardening nipples. She moaned in his mouth before breaking the kiss. As Steven leaned back up, she looked down to see his cock rubbing up against one of her breasts. Khloe moaned, biting her lower lip before she looked back into his eyes to tease him.

“You wanna fuck my tits, Steven?”


His reply prompted her to let go of Antonio’s cock. Khloe moved her hands over her big boobs, pushing them together. Steven placed his hand on her right shoulder as she moved a little bit on her knees to face him. As he thrust his cock between her tits, she leaned her head down and spit on it while squeezing her tits together. Steven responded by bucking his hips, forcing his cock to pump between those lovely breasts. He let out a moan as Khloe licked her lips and starred into his eyes. Steven was pumping his cock at a fast rate between her tits, but was ignoring Antonio for now. He took a few steps to her left side, holding his cock as he shook it in front of her face and spoke up.

“Hey, don’t forget about me!”

Khloe turned her head to Antonio’s cock and pushed her lips around it. Her big golden hoop ear rings began to bounce around and she slobbered all over the young man’s shaft while Steven was pumping his dick between her tits. Usually, Steven liked to fuck Vida’s tits, but he had forgotten about it during their warm up session earlier. ‘Mmmmmm’, she moaned over Antonio’s rod while feeling his uncle’s shaft pumping between her large tits. Khloe was loving the attention that these men presented to her body, knowing that she was the Kardashian sister always in the shadow of Kim’s sex symbol status.

“God, I just love how you suck me off!!”

The young man called out to her almost in a cry of a voice. Steven slowed down his movement between her breasts, eventually pulling his cock out of from between her tits to prevent himself from blowing his load early. Khloe moved her hands off her breasts, taking advantage now of Antonio’s cock. She moved her lips up to the head and popped it out loudly. A few strings of saliva dripped from his cock as she put her hands on her breasts, allowing him a chance to slide his meat pole between her cleavage and fuck them next. Steven stepped around them, having a seat on the couch to take a little break. He watched from behind as Khloe gripped her tits around Antonio’s cock and began to move them up and down.

“Mmmmm, you like that? You like how your dick feels between my tits, yeah?”

“Fuck yes!!”

Over and over, she slid her tits up and down, pumping them on his cock. Antonio was in heaven, moaning out as he experienced such amazing pleasure from a Kardashian. it was a fantasy come true, at least for him. From Steven’s sight, all he could do was watch her round plump ass move a bit on the floor as he could see her back from sitting on the couch. Antonio just stood there, allowing her complete control to move those big tits up and down over his cock. Steven couldn’t resist from looking at her ass. He smirked and then called out to her.

“Hey, Khloe babe! You ready for some double fucking?”

She glanced up into Antonio’s eyes, still pumping her tits up and down on his cock. She spoke to the younger man.

“Your uncle over there has some kinky ideas.”

“Yeah, he does!”

He didn’t know what to say back to her, just a simple agreement. Khloe let go of her tits, allowing Antonio’s dick to fall free from between them. Khloe raised herself from the floor, getting up from her knees. Steven responded by standing up off the couch, looking into her eyes as she stomped her heels loudly on the floor to approach him. Steven spoke up to her.

“You ready?”

“Yeah, but under my rules! I want him to fuck my pussy first.”

She glanced back at Antonio, no need to point her finger or anything. Steven nodded back to her as their eyes returned to one another’s.

“That’s fine, I’d rather fuck that gigantic ass of yours first anyway.”

“Yeah, I knew you wouldn’t complain. It looks even better than it did last night when I was in those tight pants!”

Steven couldn’t help himself. He put his hand on her shoulder and leaned in for another soft kiss over her lips. Khloe returned the kiss, but didn’t waste much time sucking face with him. Antonio got himself in position, now experienced enough with threesomes to know where he should be at times to let her get on top. The young man had a seat down on the couch and then Khloe moved to get atop him, sinking her knees down into the couch as she leaned down to trade a kiss between his lips. Steven was left standing, watching her giant ass sway forth as she rocked herself in position over Antonio. That ass was massive, definitely worth respect. All the man could do was stand there and gaze into the endless firm skin, knowing soon his dick would be lost inside the small hold past those huge cheeks.

Khloe reached her hands down, gripping Antonio’s cock to guide him forward into her warm wet clit. The young man leaned back on the couch, taking in a deep breath as he felt his cock enter her. From behind her, Steven took a few steps forward and continued to stare into her amazingly large ass. There was no one word he could think of to describe it. Enormous? Gigantic? Titanic? It didn’t matter, this was an ass one had to witness with their very own ideas. He stepped forward, running his hand over the right cheek of her ass to feel her smooth skin. Khloe let out a moan and leaned forward a bit, forcing Antonio to sink further down into the couch. Antonio ran his arms up, wrapping them around her back.

“Holy fuck. I’ve seen a lot of big asses in my life, but this thing? I don’t know what to say. It’s something else, babe.”

She turned her head, flipping her hair into Antonio’s face. Khloe ran her hands back, gripping her own ass cheeks and pulling them apart to invite Steven into her small tight back door hole. With a glance into his eyes, she responded to his praise.

“Yeah, it’s just what you want. The ass of your dreams, huh? Go ahead, slide that fat fucking dick in my ass! I want to feel both of you pounding into me!”

“Ask and you shall receive!”

A smirk ran across his face upon replying. Steven stepped forward, pushing the head of his cock into her tight dark hole. Khloe gasped, moaning as she felt him slip his cock inside of her.


Her eyes enlarged as she felt him sink his cock further into her ass. With both of them pushing their dicks into her, Khloe was ready for them to begin pounding her. She waited a few seconds, offering Steven the moment to get used to the tightness of her insanely large booty. Khloe called out to them as they began to thrust into her pussy and ass simultaneously.

“Ohhhh, yeah! Come on, fuck me! FUCK ME!!”

Khloe’s hands remained firmly placed over her glorious ass cheeks. The men pumped forward almost in a pattern; Steven would thrust his cock into her ass and then Antonio would pump into her pussy. Over and over, they continued to fuck her in the position. The big hoop ear rings hanging from her ears bounced around as her boobs sway from under her and over Antonio’s face. Khloe was in a world of pleasure feeling them both take her. She moaned, far louder than the cries heard from their voices. Swallowing her breath, she attempted to think of some words to tease them with, but was failing. Khloe called out to them, regardless.

“If it was only one of you in here right now I-”

Steven heard her words and responded by reaching down to snatch her long blonde hair up in his grasp, she stopped talking momentarily. He tugged it, still thrusting into her ass as he replied.

“You’d what, Khloe?”

She gritted her teeth, growling in rage as she looked down into Antonio’s face. She yelled back at Steven, raising her voice.


Just the words to tell him to boost him into pounding that thick ass harder and faster. Steven let go of her hair, impressed how Khloe managed to her palms planted over her ass to prevent him from spanking her. They continued pounding their cocks into her, pumping them in perfect synchronization, one after the other. Khloe gasped, screaming out to them louder in her voice.


“God, this ass is-”


The sound of grunting could be heard, but Khloe was unsure which man was making the sounds. She was pushed into a frenzy of pleasure, not even caring that both of them were possibly on the brink of exploding already. What she said earlier was not far from the fact, if it was just one of them in the room, she would have been dominating the lone man with her powerful ass. Antonio cried out to her while still bucking his hips to thrust into her pussy.

“I’m gonna fucking cum! I can’t hold back anymore!!”


Steven came to a stop from behind her. Taking a few steps back, he quickly pulled his rod from her tight back hole. He didn’t want to waste his load inside of her, remembering that he had a mess to create for a photograph. Khloe realized that her ass was free from his cock and decided to finish Antonio off herself. She moved her hands to his shoulders and began to pound herself down, riding him. With control taken over the young man, her big tits shook up and down as she thrust herself down on his cock. Steven turned around and grabbed his phone, trying to set up the camera so it was all set for that one photo he had to take. While he toyed with the camera, Antonio and Khloe became louder. The young man’s voice called out first.

“Ohhhhh, man! Ohhhhhhh, god!!”



She thrust herself down one last time, arching her head up as Khloe had come to a complete stop. Both of them shared their orgasm together, moaning aloud in screams loud enough to echo through the walls of the penthouse. All Steven could do was stand there and witness such an amazing moment shared by two people who were not in love whatsoever. Antonio and Khloe had to catch their breathes while sharing their climax together. The Kardashian goddess opened her eyes, gazing down into the young man’s bewildered face. Antonio began to mutter words, not knowing how exactly to describe the moment.

“Wow…That was…that was…”

“Incredible! Yes, I know!”

After responding to him, she leaned down to cup his face and kiss his lips softly. From behind her, Steven put his phone back down on the coffee table. The sound of it alerted Khloe, as she remembered right away that he pulled his dick from her ass and had yet to share an orgasm with her. She began to climb off Antonio, releasing his cock from her pussy as she turned her attention back to Steven and spoke.

“Why did you pull out like that? I figured you were gonna shoot a hot load up my phat ass.”

Steven shook his head at her.

“Nah, I didn’t want to.”

“Why not?”

“I’d rather blast my load all over your cute fucking face, that’s why. I was curious if you’d allow me to take a photo with my phone if I cum on your face.”

She giggled at him upon replying.

“And why do you wanna do that?”

He smirked. Steven was prepared to smooth talk an easy story that she would buy into with his charm.

“So I can have a memento, knowing I got to cum on the face of the most beautiful Kardashian woman in the world.”

After a small wink, Khloe smiled at him. She liked to hear praise, especially knowing that she was usually in Kim’s shadow. Looking back at him, she bit her lower lip and nodded.

“Alright, I’ll let you do that. But first, I want to be double fucked again. This time, me on top of you and him pounding my ass from behind.”

Antonio got up from the couch as she had spoken. Steven gave her a nod, standing face to face with her. He motioned for Antonio to get behind her, ready to demonstrate the new position as they would stand up and pump into her. Khloe knew what to do, this was not the first threesome she had been involved with between two men. Steven motioned his hands for Khloe to approach him.

“Ready, baby?”

Khloe turned around, glancing at the younger man before speaking.

“I really hope you can handle me! My ass is huge, I could overpower you with it if I wanted to.”

“Babe, he’ll be fine. After all, we’re both gonna be pumping into you.”

Steven’s words reassured Antonio not to worry. Khloe glanced back at the man in charge and nodded her head, giving him the notice that she was ready.

“Alright, hold me up and get those dicks inside me!”

Khloe moved her hands over Steven’s shoulders, lifting herself up to wrap her strong legs around his waist. Steven responded by using his hands to hold her legs up from underneath. It was up to her to reach down with her right hand and guide his cock into her pussy. Once his dick was embedded into one of her holes, she looked over her shoulder forcing her large hoop ear rings to move about. With a nod, she impatiently called out to Antonio.

“What the fuck are you waiting for!? Come on, get your dick in my phat fucking ass, NOW!!”

The response forced Antonio to get into position fast. He placed his hands on her thick ass cheeks, guiding his cock between them to find her tight hole. Within seconds, Khloe gasped in pleasure, both of them were sliding their cocks into her holes for another double fucking. Steven and Antonio both began to thrust forward into a rhythm like before, one after the other. Khloe’s body rumbled, feeling one cock pound into her before the other.

“Yes, yes!! Ohhhhhh, god, yeah!! That’s it, both of you! FUCK ME!!”

Like before, she was screaming, but this time right into Steven’s face. He grunted, groaning out as he would thrust forward and then Khloe felt Antonio pumping his cock into her thick firm ass. The blonde woman scratched her fingernails over Steven’s shoulder, digging the nails into his skin to give him more scratch wounds for the day. One behind the other, both men pounded their cocks into her curvy luscious body. Khloe closed her eyes, raising her neck to moan aloud. The pleasure had overcome her, just like before. Antonio moved his arms to wrap them around her stomach, allowing him to buck his hips easier to pump into that ass.


Pound after pound, one cock after the other pushed into her ass and pussy in chorus. Steven felt he would be blowing his load soon, possibly because he had yet to have an orgasm with her so far. He made one last thrust and then cried out.

“Khloe!! I don’t think I can hold it anymore, come on! I need to set you down!”

“I’m not ready yet!”

Antonio cried out in a protest of frustration. He still had a little ways to go before he was ready to blow his load again, but more than anything, he was having the time of his life in her ass. Khloe moaned, feeling Steven let go of her legs and allow her heels to touch the floor again. Antonio’s dick was still stuck between her ass cheeks, but she had an idea.

“Let me get down on my hands and knees! You-”

Turning to face the younger man, she addressed his concerns.

“Keep fucking my phat ass with that big fucking dick! And as for you-”

Now facing Steven, she finished her sentence.

“I’ll let you fuck my mouth!”

“Fine by me!”

It would’ve seemed like a struggle to change positions, but it wasn’t. Steven took a few steps backwards after he set Khloe down, his cock bouncing free now that it wasn’t lodged in her pussy. From behind her, Antonio was still in her ass. She placed her hands down on the floor, moving on her knees. The man from behind her sunk the palms of his hands into her thick cheeks, bucking his hips forward as his cock was lost in the tight hole of her thick large booty. She gasped, taking a deep breath as her eyes glanced up at Steven. From underneath, her breasts began to bounce and sway around. Steven gripped her hair tightly in his hand before feeding his cock between her lips. Khloe moaned a muffled noise over his swollen rod before he began to buck his hips and fuck her mouth. It didn’t take long for her mouth to start making sucking sounds.


Whatever fantasies Steven had previously thought of fucking Kim had long been washed over from Khloe. He groaned, gasping his breath as he pumped his hips and fucked her sweet mouth. At the same time, Antonio was thrusting into her ass back and forth as fastest as his young body allowed. Steven only wished he could continue pumping his cock down her throat, but he knew that his time was short before he was to blow. He let go of her hair and pulled his dick from between her lips. A few saliva strings fell down from her chin. Khloe looked up into his eyes, growling as she teased him.

“You ready to fucking cum on me!? Go on, get your phone ready!”

“I’m ready to cum too, ohhhhh man! Your ass is the fucking best!!”

Antonio spoke before taking a few steps back and pulling his rod from her phat ass. Khloe began to position herself sitting up on her knees. She ran her hands through her hair as Steven grabbed his phone off the coffee table. He glanced back over at her before speaking up.

“Get your hair up in a pony tail.”

Letting out a sigh, Khloe followed his order. She knew exactly why her hair would be required to be in a nice pony tail, it was to offer a clear canvas of her face for a steamy coat of thick white paint. It took her a good minute to straighten her hair up into a pony tail, but luckily Khloe’s blonde locks were long enough that she could wrap it up without a band. Steven faced her from the right side while Antonio had walked from behind to her left. Among Steven’s grasp was his phone, but he wasn’t quite ready yet. They still had to decorate her face before he could snap the photo. Khloe almost reached up to grab their cocks, but stopped herself when she noticed that they both were stroking their rods aimed at her face. She didn’t have to interfere, they were finishing themselves off on their own.

“Come on, cover me! Give me your fucking cum!”

A little words of encouragement never hurt. Antonio brought his right hand down, gently gripping the back of her hair to get a clear shot. The young man grunted, as it appeared he would be the first one to blow. Steven was stroking his cock while holding the phone in his free hand.

“I’m ready, give it to me! I want that hot fucking cum right now!”


True to an assumption, Antonio was the first to explode. Khloe closed her eye lids just in time as the young man grunted and shot a thick wad flying over her forehead. A couple thick drops streaked up into her hair while the rest drenched her forehead. A second wad went over the left side of her forehead, dripping down over her eye. The young man moaned louder as he shot a thick string of cum, again over the left side of her face landing on her cheek. As it appeared he was about finished, he stroked his cock to milk the remaining bits of cum as thick drops that splashed down to her breasts. As he was finished, Steven handed Antonio the phone.

“Here, hold her head in place. I want you to snap the photo after I’m done draining my balls all over her.”

Khloe giggled hearing Steven’s words. She found it amusing to hear him describe just what he was about to be doing to her. Antonio took a hold of the phone in his left hand, keeping his grip within her hair. Steven let out a soft moan as she stroked his cock and shot a thick wad over her forehead. Khloe dropped her lower lip, gasping at the initial feeling of his powerful strike.

“Ohhhhh, yes! Look at you now, babe!!”

Steven bragged, shooting a thick string that went over her nose and drenching her right cheek. Khloe kept her eyes closed upon replying to him.

“Mmmmm, your cum feels so fucking hot all over me.”

More hot spunk shot from Steven’s rod, painting a web over her forehead that dripped down her forehead and into both eyelids. Khloe began to slowly open her eyes as she felt the last remaining bits of his cum. Steven glanced at Antonio, giving him the nod to go ahead and prepare to snap the photo. The young man held the phone down as Khloe looked into the lens. She pushed her lips over the head of Steven’s cock as if she were posing for the camera with it. Steven was impressed, he didn’t even have to ask her to suck on his rod one last time for the photo. After a few seconds, the camera flashed snapping the photo. Khloe kissed Steven’s rod. She turned her attention to Antonio’s dick next, kissing the head. She looked up at Steven and smirked as he took the phone back between his fingers.

“Was that picture perfect for you?”

“Yeah, you were perfect babe.”



The television screen offered subtle lights flickering in the dark room. Vida Guerra sat among the darkness in her bedroom. Her legs crossed on the bed, a bowl of popcorn resting among her lap as she sat through a Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall film from the golden era of Hollywood. She was only a half hour into the movie thus far, but her focus soon shifted to her cellphone sending off a text notification alert. Vida stopped for a second, as she remembered her conversation with Steven earlier in the day. She could’ve easily guessed that his text had something to do with that. Leaning over the bed, she grabbed her phone with her left hand and pulled it over. The text notification was from none other than Steven himself. Vida opened it.

‘Here’s your photo you wanted, love you baby’

Her lower lip dropped when she glanced the photo. Steven had kept his promise; delivering Vida a photo of Khloe Kardashian’s face splashed in cum and with Steven’s own cock between her lips. She witnessed Antonio’s rod in the same nasty photo, but couldn’t help but smirk at the detail of Khloe’s eyes starring directly into the camera as if she were proud of the photo. Vida grinned to herself. With the photo now in her possession, it made for a powerful card up her sleeve. A card that she planned to play as leverage with a different Kardashian woman in the future.


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