Big Booty Bitches Ch. 24

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 24

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez

Codes: MF, cons, rom, affairs, oral, anal, tit fuck, facial, spank

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

A short plane ride from New York to Miami had unfolded within the past two days, offering a new breath of fresh air. Jennifer Lopez returned to Miami on a Monday afternoon, looking for a break with her work in the studio recording a new album. Like any trip out to Miami, the first thing she did after arriving was contact an old friend to see if they could meet up for a party. That old friend was none other than Tony Diaz. The man informed Jennifer that he was avaiable last night and to come over in the afternoon to have a few drinks, just before they spoke again on the phone later that night. That would be today’s events once Jennifer hit the road in her jeep to drive out to the docks where he kept his yacht. She got up early in the morning and took a shower before putting on a casual wear of blue jeans and a white T-shirt. She tucked her hair in a white New York Yankees baseball cap and slipped on a pair of gold sunglasses before heading out.

Things had sparked recently in the media with Jennifer’s love life. She had been rumored to be connected to a high profile baseball player. She had began dating Alex Rodriguez but in what was considered a loose relationship at the time. There was no time to get serious yet, hence the reason she could return to Miami and look for some fun with Tony. So far, she had not heard anything about his private life, but she was sure that he would teasing her about her own. Jennifer considered such things as she sat behind the wheel of her jeep when driving out to the docks. Above, the sky was blue and cloudy giving off the impression that a storm may have been arriving in the later hours. With the jeep parked near the docks, within minutes Jennifer had boarded the boat and waited for Tony to come out and greet her.

“Well, well! How do you do, Jennifer? Good to see you.”

The man had come out from the door of the inner cabin of the yacht. Jennifer greeted him with a smile before approaching him to kiss his cheek. Tony was wearing a polka-dotted robe, nothing fancy whatsoever. The first thing he noticed was the Yankees hat over her head.

“I see you’re representing back home, huh? Or is that the token of a new relationship?”

Jennifer laughed. She expected him to mention something about her relationship with Alex, but not as the first thing out of his mouth.

“Oh no, I just thought it looked good for today. We’ve been dating, but it isn’t anything serious yet.”

Tony nodded, a smirk over his face.

“I see…Is that the reason you came out here to see me?”

She nodded to him.

“Yeah, I figured we could have some fun while I’m in town. It’s better than sitting at my mansion all alone.”

He began to step around the deck of his yacht, inhaling the cool breeze of hot air while glancing over at the city in long distance. She didn’t seem to be aware of his own serious relationship. Tony decided to go ahead and tell her about Salma and his own plans for them both.

“Well, I’m in a pretty solid relationship right now myself. I started dating Salma Hayek last year, if you didn’t hear.”

A shocked expression crossed over Jennifer’s face. She turned to face Tony before replying.

“Salma Hayek!? Wow! I didn’t know you two had hooked up.”

“Yes, it’s been going on for a while now. I’m about to get on a plane tonight to go meet her out in L.A. She is expecting me, you should come.”

Jennifer looked back at him surprised again. He didn’t mention any of this over the phone last night. The information was dropped here almost like a bombshell.

“You want me to come with you?”

Tony nodded. The grin over his face was dripping in smug arrogance.

“Yes, why not? Salma likes surprises and she isn’t aware that you and I are friends. Would make for a hot threesome, don’t you think?”

She shook her head, looking away at him. Jennifer had known Tony for over fifteen years but had never had a bombshell dropped over her like this. She found herself feeling used in a way. It was as if he wanted to present her as a present for sexual satisfaction with his girlfriend now. She looked back at him and shook her head in disappointment.

“No thanks Tony, I’ll pass.”

He was still grinning. There wasn’t a care in the world with Tony’s mind as he replied back to her.

“Why, is there a problem?”

“Yes, there is! I have known you for a long time and we’ve been friends forever. I just wanted to hang out and have some fun with you. If you had planned on leaving for L.A. why didn’t you tell me that on the phone last night?”

Tony looked back into her eyes and nodded.

“I thought it would be a surprise for Salma. I believe she would enjoy if you joined between us.”

Jennifer shook her head.

“Yeah, for her! But what about me? How would you feel if I put you in this kind of situation? If I invited you over and then just drop a bomb that I want to have a threesome with you and a guy I’m seeing at the same time.”

He shook his head before sighing.

“Jennifer, baby…You’re making a big deal out of nothing. Look, just let me explain.”

“Whatever! I’m finished with this today. I’m not your fuck doll to use for threesomes, see you later Tony.”

She didn’t want to bother with this any longer. Jennifer felt a sadness striking over her feelings. She stomped away over the deck of his yacht, moving towards the ladder to make a fast exit. Tony followed behind her, gripping the railing of the boat as he began to yell to her as he watched her leaving.

“Jennifer, wait!! I’m sorry!! Look, it was all just one big misunderstanding! Wait, you gonna listen to me! I was kidding! I was kidding!!”

Ignoring his words, she didn’t bother with him. She stomped off the staircase to the yacht and then walked towards her jeep. Jennifer opened the door, getting in the driver’s seat and cranking the vehicle back up. As Tony realized she truly was leaving, he decided to yell louder as he watched her Jeep speed out of the docks.


It was no use. All he could do was stand there on his luxurious yacht and watch as her blue jeep faded off into the distance leaving the yacht. Behind the wheel, Jennifer bit her lower lip trying not to think about him anymore. Her feelings were truly hurt. Tony was a man that she had known for a long time and had great memories with. She had not known him to treat her like this in the past, but she had more respect for herself than to allow him to use her like this. He could leave and see Salma in L.A. for all she cared. Jennifer went back to her mansion on Star Island where she wanted to sit alone for now.



Neon lights lit up before slowly fading off into changing colors. Going from pink to blue, just before fading into a yellow and then back to pink. It was just another night at the club for Steven Diaz. He stood from within his office, glancing through the shades of mini blinds down onto the dance floor, observing the actions down below. Disco Fever was always a packed mad house once it was past 10 PM on the clock. He stepped away from the window and back to his desk. Over the chair was his white blazer jacket. Steven had dressed in a pair of white pants and a blue shirt for tonight. Though he had been seeing Vida on a consistent basis, she had left over the weekend to head out to L.A. for a modelling shoot.

Down the hall, Antonio was in the office as usual since he had come back to work on the job. Outside, Maria was doing her rounds of checking through with security. Since the incident with Khloe and her bodyguards, Tony had advised more caution on security to prevent such damages from occurring within the club. Steven moved back to glance from the window yet again, peering his eyes down at the action around the dance floor and the bar. He noticed the figure of a woman in a blue dress with her hair fixed up in a fancy ponytail. Steven had noticed this woman had been sitting there for at least well over an hour. She appeared to be distraught, perhaps ordering drinks, but at the same time she looked familiar from the distance above.

He grabbed his jacket off the desk chair and slipped it back over his arms before heading out of his office. Once Steven had left the V.I.P. halls and headed outside the door to the main part of the club, the music hit his ears. He noticed Maria standing near the railing upstairs and he approached her. She had been just standing there gazing down a bit, moving her head in rhythm with the dance music playing from the DJ set table down below. As Steven approached the blonde assistant, she turned and smiled to him. Maria wore a yellow shirt and white pants, her long golden hair split down the middle.

“Hey Steven, I figured you would stay in your office all night.”

“I almost did, but something told me to come out tonight.”

Maria smiled to him.

“And what was that?”

He pointed his hand down near the bar downstairs before answering her question.

“You notice a woman down there sitting in a blue dress?”

She nodded to him. Steven spoke again.

“How long has she been sitting down there? I know she was there an hour ago.”

Maria looked back down over the railing before glancing back to Steven.

“Oh, you wouldn’t believe this. That’s Jennifer Lopez down there, I think. You know, J-Lo, the real deal.”

Steven raised an eyebrow to her.

“Jennifer, seriously?”

Maria nodded with a smirk. Steven immediately thought that if Jennifer was sitting down there at the bar to herself then something wasn’t right. She was one of Tony’s long time friends, he wanted to know what was going on. He nodded to Maria before he began to walk off.

“Thanks Maria, I’ll see to this.”

He turned to walk away, just before quickly racing down the staircase. Once he turned to the distance of the bar, he realized it truly was her. He could tell by her figure from behind. Steven stepped to the bar, approaching her quietly. Jennifer had a drink near her while playing with her cellphone in her hand. Steven walked towards her and sat down, offering a smile as he greeted her.

“Hey, long time no see.”

Jennifer glanced to her left and smiled back at him. She sat her phone down over the black marble stone of the bar.

“Oh, hello there Steven. How are you tonight.”

“I’m bored to be honest. I thought I saw you upstairs, what’s going on? It’s not like you to see you all alone.”

She sighed, looking away back at the bar. His eyes studied her every move as she brought the glass to her lips and had a drink. Jennifer thought to herself if she truly wanted to tell her problems with Tony to his brother of all men. On the screen of her phone, she had been texting with with a friend who was in Miami. After she moved the glass from her lips and didn’t answer him, Steven became worried. He spoke again.

“Come on, Jennifer. Something is bothering you, I can see it all over your face. You look like you’ve been through a pretty rough day. I’m here for you, as a friend if you want to talk about it.”

He patted her on her shoulder and then Jennifer finally turned and smiled to him. Steven had always given her the most respect as a friend since she had known him. Despite her romantic affairs with his brother over so many years, Steven had never made a move on seducing her. She had respected him for that. After Tony’s act today, she was left questioning which of them had the most respect for her. She gave Steven a nod and finally spoke.

“Yeah, I’ve had some day. A bad one, but I don’t know if I want to talk about it to you.”

“Why not? If you would like to go someplace more private and discuss something, I can take-”

She cut him off, speaking over his words.

“It’s about your brother.”

Steven raised his eye brow at her answer. If this was about Tony, then he definitely wanted to hear about it. He looked forward at the bartender and held up his finger.

“Get me a glass of Black Jack, please?”

The bartender gave him a nod. Steven had ordered a drink so he could sit and talk with her about this problem with Tony. Looking back over at Jennifer, he watched as she moved her phone away and placed it back into her purse. He had not even noticed that she had a black purse sitting up on the bar, it almost blended in with the dark surface. Steven looked over and spoke back to her.

“I’m all ears if you want to talk about it. I can imagine he did something to upset you. I’ve never seen you like this, well I will listen. I am your friend, Jennifer. We may not have been as close as you are with Tony, but I am offering my shoulder for you to lean on.”

Jennifer let out a deep breath and a sigh. The bartender handed Steven his drink, followed by him thanking the man. While he sipped on his glass of Jack Daniels, she thought for a few moments what to say. It was somewhat unreal for her to be upset with Tony and then spend an evening drinking at his club. She knew he wouldn’t be there, but she didn’t expect Steven to care for her like this. After a few seconds, she spoke back to him.

“Tony wants me to go to L.A. and share a night with his girlfriend, you know? I told him no. It made me feel like he’s using me just for them to have some fun. He then claimed it was all a joke, like it was funny for some reason. I felt humiliated today looking in his face.”

After taking a sip, Steven put his glass down on the table and nodded. He listened to her words before replying.

“That’s not a surprise. Tony can be an egotistical prick from time to time. I know, and I’m not shocked at all he did this to you. Ever since he started dating Salma, his head has been too big to fit through the door.”

She began to softly smile to herself. Steven let out a sigh as he thought to himself. He had to get Jennifer away from here, perhaps a good night out would cure her stress and the pain that she had been through. He moved his hand over hers, tapping it to get her attention before he spoke again.

“Hey, I got an idea. How about I take you out tonight? Get away from here, we can go do something. There’s no use in sitting here watching people enjoy themselves with one another while having drinks. I know, it makes you feel down in the dumps.”

Turning to glance at him, Jennifer shook her head initially.

“What do you mean get away from here?”

Steven smiled and continued speaking.

“I want to take you out, that’s what I mean! You didn’t deserve Tony to treat you like that, you’ve been a friend to us for a very long time. I want to try and put a smile on your face before you go back home. We can do whatever you want, Jennifer. I’ll take you to go see a movie, we can ride around town, anything you want to do.”

She thought for a few seconds, looking away from him before she nodded her head. Steven appeared to be sincere and wasn’t trying to seduce her into a one night stand. She knew what a playboy he could be, but this was a time he seemed to be genuinely worried for her sake. Finally, looking back into his eyes she smiled and nodded.

“Okay, I’ll go with you.”

Steven smiled and got up from the bar stool. He offered her his hand, pulling her up from the chair. As they began to walk out of the club, Jennifer spoke up.

“I didn’t bring my car, so you will have to drop me off later.”

“That’s not a problem, I can do that.”



The midnight hours brought on a cool breeze outside in the dark city. True to his word, Steven took Jennifer out. While riding around in his Cadillac, they discussed various options of how to spend the evening. Steven wanted to do anything to make her feel better. He was disgusted in his brother’s actions towards a longtime friend such as her, but there was no use in screaming at Tony over it. While driving around, they went over ideas. Steven offered to take her to the movies, but Jennifer refused. They eventually settled on Jennifer requesting for Steven to show her around town late at night. As he had suggested to her, that he knew specific places around town that were beautiful during the night. He proceeded to drive them out near the docks around Brickell. It was a place Steven had been familiar with going back to when he was young.

Jennifer had told Steven about his Cadillac bringing back memories of her youth. The metallic blue paint had reminded her of a similar car she had once seen almost everyday while growing up back in the Bronx. The two traded laughs and jokes while they sat on the hood of the car starring up at the stars hanging above the sea during the midnight hour. Out at the docks were a number of boats tied down to the pier, most of them appearing to be standard fishing boats. While sitting among the hood of the car and watching the stars, Jennifer sparked a conversation about children. Telling Steven about her young ones. He laughed at her, glancing back towards her before replying.

“You’ve gotta enjoy it while they’re young. I can tell you, it won’t be long until they grow up and will be yelling at you.”

With a soft laugh, Jennifer couldn’t help but laugh at his words. She had forgotten how Steven had his son at such a young age.

“I forgot about your son. How old is he now? Oh god, I forget that you had him when you were so young.”

“He will be twenty-three in July.”

Jennifer looked back at Steven somewhat surprised. She knew that Steven had his own birthday just recently.

“And you just turned forty-one and your son is already that old!?”

He nodded to her. Jennifer let out a sigh, as she was shocked at this revelation.

“Wow, oh my god. You were still in high school when you became a parent, I can’t imagine going through that. Not having a plan or knowing what to do.”

“It’s rough, you do stupid things when you’re young. I had a wife and kid to feed before I was legally old enough to buy alcohol. I guess you could say it made me grow up quicker, but took a lot for me to really act my age. I was doing stupid stuff for a long time back then, had to learn from my mistakes.”

Jennifer nodded. She gazed back at the docks, glancing up at the stars before she replied to him.

“I can relate to that. I’ve done a lot of stupid things too, back in the early days of my career when I didn’t know what I was doing yet.”

Still looking over the stars, Jennifer smiled and changed the subject.

“This is a beautiful spot at night. How long have you been coming here? I’ve had a home in this town for some years and never quite seen little places like this around.”

“Since I was a teenager. Back when I was first seeing my ex wife and Jacob’s mother Tara in high school, I used to take her out here on Friday nights. We would spend a few hours starring at the stars and talk about things. Pretty much anything that was on our minds, really…

“Well, it’s a wonderful spot. I appreciate you taking me out here.”

Steven smiled back at Jennifer, stretching his leg out over the hood of the car as he replied.

“You deserved some relief. I’m sorry about what happened with Tony. Sometimes he can be like that, I guess it’s because he’s always had his own little world to relax in. He’s never had to really get his hands dirty in the real world.”

“You’re the one that has to run his club, Steven. I don’t know how you put up with him sometimes.”

He laughed at her words.

“Let me tell you, it’s a relief he don’t spend a lot of time around the club. I can get things done much better without him around.”

Jennifer bust out laughing at his words. She always knew Steven as a man who got things done, even if he wasn’t the main man in the spotlight. She stretched out, leaning her back over the front windshield of the car and taking a deep breath after she stopped laughing. Changing the subject on her mind, she replied.

“So, are you seeing anymore right now? I assume you know that I’m in a relationship, maybe that’s why you haven’t made a move on me.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve been seeing an old friend. You remember Vida? I started seeing her again since my birthday.”

“Vida? Yeah…I didn’t think you two would ever get back together and be serious about it, that’s a surprise.”

“Well, it happened. She walked back into my life on the night of my birthday, I didn’t expect it either.”

“Are you hoping it can be a long term deal and serious?”

Steven crossed his arms, looking back at the dark sky as he let out a sigh. He thought to himself for a moment. Since Jennifer was honest with him about her problems, he figured he might as well open up to her about his feelings with Vida.

“I don’t know, Jennifer. In some ways, I feel like it’s something out of the past coming to haunt me. Vida and I had not spoken years for a number of reasons. The last time we tried something serious, it didn’t end well at all. I hate to repeat the same story again, you know? I don’t know about her yet…If things have truly changed, that is. She’s out of town right now at a modelling shoot, so I’m all by myself to think about these things.”

She listened to his words before nodding. Jennifer could read him easily, just the tone of his voice with worry told her everything she needed to know.

“So, is that why you haven’t tried to seduce me tonight? Or is it because you know I’m seeing someone too?”

He laughed to her words before blurting out his answer.

“Oh, hell no! No way, Jennifer! I think of you as a friend, I wouldn’t do that to you when you’re upset, no way!”

She bust out giggling at his reaction. She was truly teasing him, just to test his reaction to her words.

“I’m only playing, Steven! I thought at first when you wanted to take me out, maybe you wanted to sleep with me, but I know better now.”

“Oh, Jennifer. You don’t know what goes on in my office. That’s the most I’ll say, what goes on back there, stays there.”

At this point they both were laughing now. Jennifer knew that he could be a womanizer, but she admired the honesty and respect he presented for her. Despite her knowing Tony for over 15 years, Steven had never tried to get lucky with her in the past. Not even tonight, which made him a man that she had even greater respect for her after the bad day with his brother. After a few moments, Steven spoke again.

“Mind if I ask you about your relationship?”

“Sure, go ahead. I assume you know by now.”

“Yep! I saw it on the gossip channels on TV. You’re with Alex Rodriguez, quite a big name…How is all that going?”

“Well, to be honest, I don’t know how it will go yet. I like him, he’s fun…but we’re not ready for the next level yet. Kinda going too fast right now, it’s starting to worry me.”

Steven listened and realized that Jennifer appeared to be a similar situation of a relationship like his with Vida. The two of the were in problems they could relate with, not knowing what the future would hold for them. He nodded before replying to her.

“I think I know exactly how you feel right now, Jennifer.”

“You do, I know…”

Their eyes met after her soft reply. At that moment, it seemed like they were due to kiss one another, but Steven knew it was wrong. He didn’t let the temptation get the better of him. He looked away and then Jennifer changed the subject, knowing that she almost had given in as well.

“This was nice of you tonight, Steven but I think I need to go home now. I’m getting tired, I don’t want to keep you out all night. I appreciate this though.”

“Alright, that’s fine. I’m glad we had tonight, you can come to me if you ever want to talk. We can talk about anything, I enjoyed this. Drop by the club anytime, Jennifer.”

“Thanks, Steven. I’ll remember that…”

With both of them trading smiles, they climbed off the hood of the Cadillac and proceeded to get back in. Steven had to drive her home now, all while he knew he was going to get a good night’s rest after a wonderful evening like this. Vida would still be out of town for the rest of the week, so he had time to kill on his own. Still, as alluring as Jennifer could be, he was happy to fight off the urge to seduce her. For all the years they knew each other, Steven had dreamed of such a fantasy of spending a night with her, but he couldn’t give in to that right now or possibly ever. Once he had driven her home, he planned to go back to his own home and go to sleep.



Los Angeles, California

The wheels of the limousine rolled down the road while Salma Hayek sat in the back alone to herself. She received word that Tony had arrived in L.A. to see her. Within the back of the stretch limo car, Salma sat over a plush leather seat. The back was luxurious, offering full black leather seats almost like a large couch and with gold interior. It was Salma’s personalized limo that she used around Hollywood when she was in town. Over her body, she wore a thin black one piece dress with a matching leather belt over her waist. The straps were tight, revealing quite heavy cleavage and wearing fishnet stockings over her legs while her feet were pushed into black pump high heels. Her long black hair was split down the middle, revealing some small diamond ear rings she was wearing.

Her driver was under orders to keep the panel pulled up at all times. Apart from going to the hotel, Salma had requested her driver to do as he pleased once Tony was to get in the back seat. There was a panel wall that remained closed, not giving her driver any view of what would be occurring in the back. These were the circumstances and rules of a ‘private party’ as she liked to call it. The driver could take any route he wanted, driving all over the downtown area until Salma was to buzz him, but that would be far later in the day. All that mattered now was the initial destination to Tony’s hotel to pick the man up. Salma sat in the back seat, anxious to get her hands on her lover again.

The car pulled up near the hotel where Tony would be leaving. Despite arriving late last night, he didn’t call for Salma to stay with her on the night. She refused, telling him that she would rather surprise him with something instead. The surprise was going to be the limo ride, as she had fixed it up with a bottle of champagne sitting in a silver bucket of ice and two glasses. Where would they be driving today? Anywhere, just as long as they had the back seat to themselves for several hours. She sat with her legs crossed over the back seat, waiting on him to come out. After several minutes, she noticed a figure moving past the car outside and heading to the back door on the right side. Salma grinned as she watched Tony open the door and stick his head in.

“Hey, baby! Dios, have I missed you!”

Salma leaned over, embracing him with a hug as he entered the limo. They kissed passionately while Tony grabbed the door to close it from behind. He was dressed wearing his blue suit with a white undershirt beyond the jacket. They sat down next to one another in the limo as Tony’s eyes gazed over the marvelous interior of the vehicle. Salma noticed his wandering eyes and spoke up.

“How do you like my limo, Tony? This was meant as a surprise.”

“It’s wonderful, a bit sexier than mine back home. But then again, any vehicle with you sitting in it is automatically going to look better.”

She laughed at his silly joke. After a few moments, the car began to drive off back onto the streets. Tony took a deep breath and moved his hands over his legs.

“So, where are we going baby?”

Salma smirked to him.

“Nowhere, really. I just wanted to ride you around in my limo while I present to you a surprise.”

“My surprise?”


Nodding her head, she gave him a grin and then moved off the seat. Salma pushed her hands over his chest, pulling at the material of his suit as she kissed him passionately. It had been such a long wait for the last time that Tony and Salma shared time together in the bedroom indulging in their lust for one another. Upon breaking the kiss, Salma stepped back with a little smirk on her face. The limo was riding down a highway, but it wasn’t like they had any care in the world. Inside the vehicle, behind the black tinted windows, Salma and Tony had their own little world apart from reality. Tony smirked to her, sitting up in his seat before he spoke back to her.

“So what is my surprise, baby?”

Salma bit her lower lip, as she began to undo the leather belt around her silk dress.

“Me! I am jour surprise, mi amor!”

From the sound of her sexy accent slurring her speech, everything changed at that moment. Salma quickly pulled off the leather belt and then pulled her dress over her head. Her voluptuous body was presented to him wearing a silk red thong and matching bra. Her eyes were locked on his as she brought her hands together and clapped them. Salma broke off into a dance routine, despite there being no music playing in the limo. She didn’t need music, for this was a routine that she had worked for a new film. Tony would be the first to witness a full demonstration of this dance. Salma began to sway her hips, moving to the left before the right. After a few seconds, she turned around and clapped her hands again.

The hand claps were of her own method of timing her moves. Salma had turned around and began to lower herself a bit before stepping back up. Tony remained speechless, not interrupting her whatsoever. He knew how dedicated of a dancer Salma could be, as she had proven to him before back on the yacht. He took deep breaths, watching as she continued to sway her hips and bounce her ass around. After several seconds, she eventually stood and spread her legs. Salma moved her hands out and began to jiggle her ass a bit, making it ‘clap’ as it was called in street slang. Her firm thick ass cheeks began to jiggle and bounce all about. Tony almost began to drool at this sight. He swallowed his breath, feeling the erection rising in his pants. Finally, he blurted out to her.

“Yeah, go baby go! Shake that big fucking ass! Shake it, yeah!!”

“Mmmmm, jou love dat ass, don’t jou mi amor?”

“Ohhhhhhh, yes! I fucking love it, yes yes yes!!”

Salma moaned. Though she couldn’t see him, she knew from the tone of his voice that his excitement levels were rising. She knew it was time to proceed into a serious lap dance now. She backed herself up, swaying her thick phat ass a bit more before planting it down over his lap. Tony gasped to the feeling of his love’s amazing ass. Salma moved her hands over his knees to set a firm position as she began to grind her hips and pump her ass over his crotch. He took a deep breath and moved his hands to roam over her stomach, feeling her soft skin as Salma continued to grind into him.

“Ohhhhhhhh, baby. This is it, right here…There is nothing better than your big fucking ass grinding over my dick. Ohhhhh, man…”

She turned her head to the left, trying to hint for him to kiss over her neck while she continued to grind her hips. Tony moved his mouth towards her ear and kissed over her earlobe before he began to kiss down her neck. Salma moaned before she replied to him.

“Ohhhhh, is dat so? I would imagine there are other things. Like having jour big fuckin’ cock down my throat, in my culo, or between my big tetas…”

Tony grinned, pulling away from her neck. Her words had enticed him, as she obviously could tell with his hard cock sticking up in his pants. Salma remained grinding her phat ass down but not for long. She turned, moving quickly enough to force her large boobs to bounce around a bit. Placing her hands over his chest, she pushed her lips to his for a passionate kiss. As their tongues moved alongside one another, Tony ran both of his hands down to her firm ass cheeks, squeezing them as he always liked to do. Salma pulled their lips apart, as she had enough at this point. She stood back up, stomping her heels over the floor as she reached her right hand to drag Tony up from the seat.

“Dat’s it!! I can’t take it anymore! We gotta get deez clothes off now, I want jour cock!”

If he didn’t think she was serious at first, her slurred words was enough to say it. Tony stood up and unbuttoned his jacket, quickly tossing it to the floor. Salma had went down to her knees and unbuckled his small belt. It took a few minutes for him to get his shirt unbuttoned and thrown off, but Salma had wasted no time getting his pants tugged down and then his shoes and socks off. Once she pushed his underwear down, Salma gripped his cock in her right hand and refused to let go while pushing his pants to his ankles. Tony stepped out of his clothes, making himself naked as the clothes became a pile on the floor. Salma didn’t move her hand from his cock, holding onto it as if she owned it. Starring up into his eyes, she spoke to him again.

“Dis cock is mine! It’s mine FOREVER!!”

“Oh yeah, it’s yours baby! Take-OH!”

Before he could finish speaking, Salma had lowered her mouth and wrapped her lips around his swollen rod. Not long before proclaiming her ownership of his cock, here she was sucking on it. Tony gasped watching as her hair began to shake around as Salma had aggressively began to devour his cock by bobbing her head up and down. She moved her fingers down to the base, still gripping it. They had to make up for lost time being apart, as Salma couldn’t bear going longer than a week without fucking her man. After a few more seconds, her eyes gazed up to his to witness the pleasure over his face. Salma pushed her lips up and released his cock from her mouth with a loud pop noise. She then breathed in heavy before spitting on it. Still looking into his eyes, she spoke as she began to stroke his cock again.

“Yeah, this is what I’ve missed. Having you around and your cock, mmmmm.”

“Yes, I missed you too baby. You have no idea how much.”

Ignoring his words for now, Salma went back down on his cock. This time, she sucked and stroked it with her hand in sync; stroking and sucking his dick simultaneously. Tony was in heaven, all from her amazing talent at sucking dick. Despite his lifestyle as a swinger with various women in his life, he had never fucked a woman in the back of a limo. That was about to change, all thanks to Salma’s dirty mind. Eventually, she moved both her hands to grip his legs and then began to devour his cock, bobbing her head up and down and taking it all the way down her throat. Salma was aggressive sucking on his meat, forcing her mouth to generate various slurping and slobbering noises.


All Tony could do was stand there and take heavy breaths as Salma declared her ownership of his cock by devouring it. She had great skills and technique when it came to sucking his cock, something he would never find in another woman within his life. He figured that she was going to continue to slobber all over his cock until she forced him to shoot his hot load down her throat. Salma came off his cock yet again, making another pop sound. The saliva strings flowed back from her lips to his rod. This time, she went down to play with his nuts. Her hands squeezed over them as the Mexican Hollywood actress moaned and bit her lower lip. Tony grinned down at her and spoke.

“Yeah, go ahead! Play with those nuts, dulce amor…”

A smile appeared over her lips after he called her ‘sweet love’ in Spanish. Salma went down, allowing his saliva coated shaft to rub up against her left cheek as she pushed her lips over his nuts and began to slobber over his nuts. Tony took a deep breath, listening to the various noises and sounds that her mouth produced. Salma’s jaws became inflated when she shoved both of his balls into her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhh, god!! You drive me fucking crazy, baby! YES! I LOVE YOU!!”

Salma didn’t want him to cum, at least not yet. She wanted his fat cock tucked into her pussy before they both had reached an orgasm. She released his balls from her mouth and then lapped her tongue over them one last time. Her lips moved back to the head of his shaft, giving it a soft kiss before she pulled away and began to rise up from the floor. Looking him in the eyes, she spoke while pulling her thong down and stepping her heels out of it.

“Tony…I need jou, I want jou to fuck me! Fóllame como una puta!”

Her words in Spanish said it all, a subtle request of ‘fuck me like a whore’. He swallowed his breath, offering her hand to pull her up. Salma took a few steps back, moving towards the large comfy seats behind him. The seats of the limo were almost as large as a couch, making it easy for Salma to sit back and spread her legs for him. Tony let go of her hand, seeing as she had moved her body in the position she wanted, allowing him to be in control. All the while, the limo was still rolling down the streets with the driver not having a clue what was going on in the backseat. Tony pointed his finger at her bra and spoke up.

“Take that off for me, baby! I gotta see those big titties!!”

While biting her lower lip, Salma completed his request by undoing the red strap over her left shoulder. She teased him as she slid the bra off and tossed it behind him to the floor. Tony smiled big when his eyes glanced over Salma’s famous breasts. Her legs were spread around him, begging for him to thrust his cock into her pussy. When he leaned up to try and grab her boobs, Salma pushed her legs together and raked her heels over his chest. The mischievous grin over her lips told him everything. She wasn’t allowing him to grab her boobs until he had fucked her. She spoke again.

“Come on, I want it and I want it now! FUCK ME, TONY!!”

He chuckled a bit, moving his hands over the front of her heels. Salma arched both her legs up on his shoulders as she felt him finally thrusting his cock into her wet clit. She was dripping wet, so ready for him to finally fuck her. The Mexican woman couldn’t help but to gasp and moan as she finally felt his cock slip inside of her. Tony moved his hands to gently grip at her strong legs as he began to pump his cock slowly into her pussy. Salma moaned, almost in a crying voice. At last, she and her love were finally making love again. She cried out to him in her voice.

“Yesssss, yesssss! Ohhhhh, god yes! Go on, Tony! Fuck the shit outta me! Fuck me like a puta, come on!!”

As he began to thrust into her harder, Salma yelled at him even louder than before.

“Yes, yes! Come on, DAT’S IT! YEAH, GO ON! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!”

Salma had gritted her teeth as Tony began to pound his cock harder and faster into her pussy. This is just how she wanted it, a hard fucking that was long overdue for. As he continued to buck his hips, all he could do was watch her great epic breasts bouncing around. Her legs remained arched over his shoulders. Tony groaned, roaring out in pleasure as he was fucking the love of his life.



There wasn’t a care in the world to either of them. Salma didn’t care if her driver heard the screams at this point. He was paid to do his job without asking questions, so nothing mattered. Tony continued to pound his cock into her, almost to the point of exploding. Salma was already getting close. She ran her hands up to her breasts, squeezing them, pinching her own nipples between her fingertips. Tony continued to thrust into her, pushing to the brink of sharing a climax together. Salma closed her eyes, throwing her head back as she began to cry out to him as her orgasm was merely seconds away.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, yes! Ohhhhhhhh, god yes! Go on, Tony! Give…Give…Me…Dat…COCK!!”

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and gritted her teeth. Salma growled in her voice before screaming to him.


Tony raised his head and began to yell out. He felt her body tense up, at the same time that his own rod had reached a breaking point inside her.

“Sí Sí! Te quiero, Salma! Ohhhhh, sí!

His words sounded so romantic to her ears, knowing that he occasionally would speak Spanish to her. Tony felt his orgasm hit, sharing the moment with the love of his life as their juices mixed together. Salma moved her legs from his shoulders while moaning. The man had to catch his breath, but she knew that Tony had more energy in him. She knew him better than he knew himself, just enough to know which hole he wanted to fuck next without him saying a word. It took them a few minutes in silence, just simply starring into each other’s eyes while they caught their up with their breathes. Salma waited for Tony to ease his cock out of her pussy before she knew what to do next.

“Ohhhh, Tony! I missed you so much, yes! That was fucking amazing…”

He leaned forward, roaming his hands over her stomach. This time, he finally gripped her breasts that he missed so much. Salma moved her lips to his and they embraced in a kiss. Upon breaking the kiss, she watched as he leaned up with a big smile over his face. Tony spoke up.

“Honey, we aren’t finished yet I hope.”

Salma shook her head before replying.

“No, we’re not! We’re never finished this fast!”

“Good, cause I still wanna fuck you in-”

“My ass?”

She grinned to him as she had cut him off to finish his sentence. He bust out laughing to her and nodded.

“Yes, love! Your ass, I’ve missed pounding it!”

“Mmmmm, and it’s missed dat big fuckin’ cock of jours too! Let me get up real quick.”

Just as she had spoken, Tony leaned up allowing Salma to move around on the seats. He had completely forgotten about the fact that they were fucking in the back of a stretch limo. The size and space was so immense, it was almost like a room in a bedroom in an expensive hotel suite. Salma climbed up and moved herself on all fours over the seat, sticking her thick juicy ass out to him. She glanced over her left shoulder and brought her hand back to slap one of her ass cheeks, teasing him. The sound echoed through the vehicle, Tony watched her firm skin remain still barely moving before he stepped behind her. He placed his hands over her ass cheeks, spreading them apart for him to push his fat dick to her small dark hole.

Salma moved her head up against the seat, closing her eyes and letting out a deep breath. She loved anal, and Tony made sure never to neglect giving her this wonderful pleasure. Within a few seconds, she felt the head of his cock pushing through her powerful, mighty ass. Tony raised his right hand and spanked one of her ass cheeks. All Salma did was smile and moan as she felt the rest of his cock begin to slowly pump into her tight hole. Taking in a deep breath, the man moaned as his eyes shifted to the beauty among the small of her back. He ran his left hand to her back, holding her in place while he began to slowly pump his cock into her ass. Salma moaned, almost in a cry as she began to speak to him in a low seductive tone.

“Así como eso…Yes, go on! Ohhhhh, fuck my ass, mi amor! Go on, POUND ME IN THE FUCKIN’ ASS!! DO IT, TONY!!!”

From her words, Tony raised his right hand and spanked over her ass like before. He began to thrust faster, pumping his dick back and forth into her ass. Salma yelled to him.


Smack! Smack! Smack! The sound of his hand slapping down over her right ass cheek echoed throughout the walls of the limo. If it weren’t for the pleasure he was experiencing at the moment, Tony would’ve chuckled to the sound of her beautiful accent slurring her speech around. By now he was pumping his cock harder into her ass and back. His balls were slapping over the underside of her firm ass cheeks. Tony groaned, roaring in pleasure to her.


She didn’t reply back, all she could do was moan louder. Tony continued to ram his cock back and forth into her ass. He knew eventually he was going to end up blowing his load for the second time. He didn’t want to think about, as he just grunted and continued to pound Salma’s beautiful round ass. Salma screamed out to him once more.


Tony realized that at any moment now, he would end up blowing his load. He slowed down, taking one final thrust into her ass before he stopped. His mind wandered to those amazing breasts of hers, something he could not refuse to shove his cock between. He leaned up, quickly pulling his cock out of her ass. He slapped her right ass cheek to alert her attention.

“Venga! Get up, baby! Turn around for me, I gotta fuck your tits before I blow.”

Salma began to roll over, but not without teasing him with words of filth.

“Ohhhh, is dat so? Jou wanna shove dat big fuckin’ cock between my tits and fuck ’em before jou cum all over my face!?”


She giggled as he had yelled at her. Like before, Salma knew that she could drive Tony’s excitement with teasing. She sat up, leaning against the seats as she watched him quickly get up and sit down on her stomach. Salma held her tits up for him as Tony wasted no time pushing his thick cock between her amazing boobs while she folded her hands together over them. She looked into her eyes, moaning as she figured this would go slow but Tony had proven her wrong. He placed his right hand down over the seat and began to buck his hips as hard as he could, forcing his cock to pump between her tits. She moaned, dropping her lower lip while starring into his eyes.

Any other time, Salma would tease him with words, but this time she used eye contact instead. His eyes could not keep a main focus from her beautiful face or watching the action from below her chin. Over and over, his long shaft would pump between one of the most famous pair of tits in the world. Tony groaned, enjoying every second of the pleasure while feeling his cock driving between her tits. Salma continued to gaze up into his face, as she knew the time would be coming for him to blow his second load. If he wanted to drain his balls from fucking her tits, she wouldn’t deny him that pleasure. She loved this man and the naughty things they did together. Finally after a few minutes, she did speak up and tease him but in a low voice.

“Yes, go on! Come on, fuck those titties!! Yeah, there you go! Fuck ’em!”

Tony panted, still thrusting his cock back and forth between her tits as he replied.

“God, I fucking love these tits! They were made to be fucked!!”

She began to grin, moaning while feeling his cock pump between her tits. Salma yelled to him this time, her accent was bound to slur her speech.

“Yeah…Fuck ’em good! Dat’s the truth! My tits were made for fucking! Jou know what I want, Tony?”

“What’s that, baby!?”

He groaned, still thrusting his rod between her boobs. Salma knew from the panting and sound of his voice, his climax was fast approaching. She continued to tease him with dirty talk, her accent slurring her words like before.

“I want jou to cum for me! Yes, cum all over my face! Shoot dat hot load and fuckin’ drench me! Come on it, GIMME DAT FUCKIN’ CUM, TONY! MMMM, I WANT IT!!”


He groaned and thrust his cock forward between her tits. Salma squeezed her hands over her mounds tight, not allowing him to pull his rod from her tits to get a clear shot. She leaned her head down, opening her mouth wide for him. Seconds later, a thick string of cum shot forward and splashed over her upper lip and nose. Tony groaned, crying out to her.


Another string of cum went flying, this time over her nose and dripping down the left side of her face. Salma moaned, closing her eyes as he continued to shoot his cum over her face. Thick droplets splashed over her chin and ran down in streams. Tony grunted as a hard wad shot and landed over her right cheek. Since his cock was stuck between her tits, he wasn’t able to drench her in a face full of cum like previous times. Once the initial hard blasts had ended, the rest of his cum splashed and created a hot river running between her tits and down to her neck. It was the perfect ‘pearl necklace’ that she needed after being gone from him for so long. Salma finally parted her hands away from her tits to allow his cock to spring free. Tony moaned as he began to move off her and sit down on the seat next to her.

“Ohhhhhhh, man that was fucking amazing. You know, baby? I’ve never fucked in the back of a limo before and then, today…”

He stopped speaking to laugh. After a moment, Tony finished his sentence.

“Well today, you gave me the best surprise. I’ve missed having you around, Salma. I love you so much!”

Salma gave him a smile as she wiped up the cum from her face.

“This was only for you! Only one man in my life I would do anything like this for! I gotta get cleaned up and we need to get dressed. Now that we’ve had some fun, I might as well take you back to my hotel suite and we can have lunch.”

“I love the sound of that, darling.”



Miami, Florida

The neon lights were lit up outside the club, as it was just another night back at Disco Fever. Steven was upstairs, heading back to his office after having a word with Antonio down the hall. Maria was out on the dance floor tonight, keeping the young man alone working behind a computer at the desk. He returned back to his own office, closing the door and slipping off his white blazer jacket to hang it over his desk chair. The ceiling fan above was slowly spinning, just enough to bring a cool breeze over the room. Steven sat down in his chair, thinking to himself while attempting to relax. Many things had been going over in his mind the past couple nights.

It had been over three days since he had last heard from Vida. Though they kept communication through text messages and phone calls, it wasn’t uncommon for her to drop contact all together when she was out of town. Steven was familiar with this from her, as it was nothing out of the ordinary for her behavior regardless if they were in a relationship. His conversation with Jennifer a few nights had sparked many thoughts in his mind. Here he was, back with Vida and he was beginning to realize the same pattern was emerging from years gone by. Steven hated to feel like he was repeating the past, going in circles. It was this reason why he couldn’t get Jennifer out of his mind. For the past two nights, he sat in bed thinking about only her.

The funny thing was, as much as he hated to repeat his past, Jennifer was nothing new in his life. They had been friends for several years, ever since she had first began having flings with Tony. Steven had often fantasized about her, but he was smarter than to approach even a one night stand with the woman back then. All those years, he had his opportunities and passed on them. He didn’t want to upset his brother, much less, take the chance at Jennifer when the two always had been respectful to one another. Now more than ever, Steven was thinking about her and not caring that he was in a relationship with Vida. It was almost funny to him that their situations mirrored one another. Both of them were stuck in a relationship that they had great doubts about. He sat back in his chair, trying not to think about it. While he sat there for several minutes, the office phone began to ring. Steven picked it up and answered.


“Hey, Steven! Are you busy right now?”

From the other end of the line, the voice was Maria. He leaned up against the desk while answering her back.

“No, what’s going on?”

“You’ve got a guest who is requesting to speak to you.”

There was only one name on Steven’s mind, just the name he was going to ask.

“That isn’t Jennifer now, is it?”

“Actually, yes! I think you know who. She wants to see you, I’ll send her up if you want.”

“No, I got this Maria. Tell her I’ll meet her outside the V.I.P. door, give me one minute.”

He hung up the phone and let out a long sigh. ‘Holy fucking shit, this can’t be real’. All this time he had been thinking about her. Steven could not get Jennifer out of her head and now she was back in the club wanting to see him. It almost felt like a dream, as something he couldn’t believe was real. As he stood up, he grabbed the white jacket off the back of his chair and began to slip it back over his purple shirt. In a matter of seconds, he was out of his office and walking down the long hall to go meet with her. He couldn’t help but to feel like this was some kind of dream he was walking in to, meeting up with the woman who had dominated his thoughts all day. Once he stepped out of the door and headed back into the club, there she was.

“There you are, hello Steven!”

Jennifer stood greeting Steven with a smile. Maria walked off, leaving the two alone near the railing of the upstairs part of the club. She looked absolutely stunning, wearing a silver shirt with straps that revealed heavy cleavage. Over her wrists was matching silver bracelets and a few large rings, her hair fixed up in a high pony tail. From below, Jennifer had on a pair of matching silver pants and wore matching silver high heels that revealed her toes. She could tell from the first impression, Steven had his breath taken away from her alluring beauty.

“Hello again, Jennifer. Wow, you look amazing tonight.”

“Thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself wearing white suits all the time.”

“So, what brings you back here tonight? I figured you would be back in New York by now.”

She took a few steps, approaching the railing before she glanced down and gripped both her hands over the metal bar. Steven walked over, standing next to her as he awaited her reply. Jennifer glanced back at him with a smile.

“Well, I don’t want to go back to New York yet. I came out here to take a break from my work. Since you took me out a few nights ago and we had a good time, I thought I would offer the same to you.”

“You want to go out with me, Jennifer?”

Slowly, she nodded her head before stepping away from the railing. By now, Steven was smiling to her. She offered him to hold her hand, just as he had done to her three nights ago when he took her out. Steven accepted her hand, feeling her fingers clutch a grip over his as she began to lead them down the stairs and to the exit of the club. Steven had no idea where exactly she wanted to take him. It wasn’t until they left the front doors of the club and walked past the bouncers outside, he finally asked her.

“Where are we going?”

“I’m taking you out to my place, we can talk there in private.”

Jennifer’s heels clicked and clacked over the pavement as she walked Steven to her she had parked her gold Wrangler Jeep. He stood for a moment, taken back at the beauty of the car.

“Wow, you drive this thing?”

“Yes, it’s one of my babies.”

“It’s quite a beauty.”

“Go on, get in Steven.”

He watched as she walked to the left side of the jeep to open the door on the driver’s side. Since Steven had taken his own car to the club, he immediately thought of that.

“I might as well follow you, I’ll have to come back and pick up my car.”

“Oh no, don’t! You make me jealous of that Cadillac you drive.”

Steven laughed.

“Alright, you’ve got me on that one.”

Her gold Wrangler Jeep was one that Jennifer did not often take out of garage in Miami. There was a special reason why she wanted to drive Steven back to her place in it. Together, they joined into the jeep before she cranked it up to pull out of the parking lot. Steven could not refuse that he was impressed with the gold interior inside the jeep, making it much more glamorous than one could’ve imagined. Jennifer’s home was on Star Island, it would take a little bit of time to get there from the highways, but nothing for them to stress over. Steven remained quiet in the car, allowing her to concentrate on the road. Though he wanted to say many things, he didn’t quite know how to approach his feelings at first.



Back at Jennifer’s mansion, Steven found himself standing in the living room clutching a glass that was half empty of wine. True to her word, she wasted no time taking him back to her Miami vacation home. The jeep had to pull through a gate before parking. Jennifer took a few minutes to show Steven around, just as she preferred to do when she had a friend over who had yet to witness her luxurious home. Showing him around was only a small set back over what was bound to approach with the two them alone in the home with only their feelings to confront each other. As Steven stood sipping the final drips of wine from the glass, he looked back at Jennifer who was sitting on the couch.

“This wine is delicious, thank you…”

“Not a problem, honey. It’s some of the best I have saved around here.”

At this point, he figured they both had been stalling on the true subject of the matter. Steven turned to look away from her. The living room had large paintings hanging on the wall. He glanced over them before setting his empty cup back down next to hers on the coffee table. Jennifer watched his face, reading the conflict he was obviously carrying over the expression he held. He eventually turned to her and spoke once more.

“It’s funny that you wanted to see me and brought me here. I must ask, why?”

She gazed back into his eyes and offered a soft smile.

“I can’t stop thinking about you, Steven. After the other night, I figured we should spend some more time together.”

He bit his lower lip. Steven didn’t want to admit to her that she the thought of her had been heavy on his mind the past couple nights. He moved to sit down on the couch next to her, starring back at the empty wine glasses and the bottle sitting on the coffee table. He let out a sigh in silence, Jennifer was studying his facial expressions like before. She eventually spoke up.

“What’s wrong, Steven? You look you’ve got a lot on your mind right now.”

“To be honest with you, I do. I’ve been thinking a lot the past couple nights.”

“About what?”

Turning to look at her face, Steven simply couldn’t lie directly to her like this. There was no way he could stare Jennifer right in the face and tell her the opposite of what he was feeling.

“About you! Yes, you! I don’t know what it is…You showed up tonight and I feel like I’m in a dream right now, you’ve been the only thing I’ve really been thinking about the past two nights.”

She laughed at him. Jennifer leaned up and cupped his face with her right hand, still starring into his eyes while she embraced the warm touch of his face.

“Steven, you’re not dreaming. I’ve been thinking about you too, it’s why I went back to the club.”

Looking away from him, she moved her hand and got up from the couch. Jennifer stood up and let out a sigh before turning to look at him once more.

“I know how you are. If you wouldn’t chase after me years ago, I knew that you wouldn’t call me or try to seek me out. You’ve never been that kind of man who chases after me, that I know. I had to come to you instead, it was the only way.”

He got up from the couch, standing right next to her as they were looking back into each other’s eyes. Steven knew what her words truly meant, it was the answer to the call he needed. She was correct, he wasn’t the kind of man that would chase after. He didn’t know what to say back to her at first, immediately thinking of her relationship she was currently in.

“But what about you and Alex?”

“What about him, honey? Who’s to say it won’t last? I can easily leave him once I find something better, and I think I have.”

Looking away from eyes, Steven knew what she was hinting at. They both shared the same feelings for one another. Jennifer spoke again, moving her hands to cup his face and force him to glance back to her.

“Honey, do you love Vida? Be honest about this, please.”

“I…I don’t know, honestly. I really don’t.”

Jennifer smiled to him now.

“That would be a ‘no’, then.”

“This is fucking pointless! You have no idea how much you’re torturing me inside!”

He pulled away from her, forcing her hands to let go of his face as he stomped back. Jennifer looked at his back, watching as he placed his hands over his hips and listening to him breathe out a long sigh. She waited a moment before speaking again, approaching him as she moved her hand over his shoulder.

“Steven, listen to me! You deserve better! When you took me out a few nights ago, I saw something different in you!”

“Oh yeah, like what?”

Moving her hand over the front of his shirt, she spoke again looking in his eyes.

“You’re a man who busts his ass working and never stops. Tony may have let fame and fortune get to his head, but you haven’t! You’re still the same man you always were. Come on, Steven! Don’t lie to yourself! You know it as well as I do, you’re the type of man that most women dream of falling in love with.”

“What do you mean by that, Jennifer?”

“You deserve better, that’s what I mean! Look, if you can’t tell me that you’re in love with Vida, who’s to say she’s in love with you?”

Glaring back into his eyes, she raised her finger while still speaking.

“Don’t lie to me either, Steven! I know what happened when you two broke up years ago, I heard all about it. Come on, you said that you don’t want to repeat the past again. Honey, I can give you something that she can’t.”

Quickly, Jennifer cupped his face in her hands and pushed her lips to kiss him. She didn’t want to give him the opportunity to reject her offer, as she found herself almost falling in love with this man. Their lips moved before the kiss became a passionate one. Steven moaned into her mouth before trying to break it apart, but Jennifer overwhelmed him. She kissed him again, pushing him back to the point he fell to the floor with her on top of him. The man couldn’t refuse, he found himself wrapping his arms around her and enjoying every second of their kiss together. After breaking the kiss, Jennifer moved her hands over his chest and looked down into his eyes.

“If you want a taste of something, you can follow me. Come upstairs, Steven and make love to me. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Offering him a quick, Jennifer quickly climb off him and then stomped her heels to leave the living room as he remained on the floor. As if she couldn’t tease him enough, Jennifer was forcing him to chase after her for once in his life. He turned to look over his shoulder before slowly rising up from the floor. How was he going to say no to her after this? He quickly threw his white jacket off, tossing it to the couch and then removing his shoes. As Steven waited around, he figured it would build up a little anticipation for Jennifer. Once he was completely barefooted after taking his socks off, he left the living room and went to the staircase. The large home was in empty silence at the minute.

As Steven reached the staircase, he ran his right hand up it before slowly moving his feet over each step. It took less than a minute to reach the second floor of the house. Down the hall was various doorways to different rooms. One room on the far left was open with a light illuminating the pathway. When Steven moved to enter the door, he found Jennifer waiting for him. She stood on her knees, as if she were waiting for him all this time. Her silver pants and shirt had been removed and she stood wearing a black bra with a matching black thong. The long pony tail remained with her hair fixed up.

She looked at him over her shoulder and proceeded to tease him as she knew that his eyes would be locked on her mighty, supreme ass. She raised her right hand and spanked one of her ass cheeks from behind. Jennifer then used both of her hands to roam them over her ass cheeks and up her back. Steven had his breath taken away at that moment. After all those years of fantasizing, he was witnessing the ass of Jennifer Lopez in all it’s glory and only for him. He dropped his jaw as he began to push his pants down. Jennifer turned around, licking her lips as she crawled over the floor to help him out. After their eyes met, Jennifer spoke while pushing his underwear down to allow his cock to flop freely to her grasp.

“I’m glad you could join me, Steven. I promise you’re not going to regret this.”

“I know I’m not, Jennifer. I want you, and I’m not going to hold back on that anymore.”

Her lips curved into a smile. Jennifer loved to hear him admit the truth, just as she couldn’t hold back her own feelings for him. With a firm grip over his cock, she moved her head down and kissed the head of his swollen rod. Jennifer began to slowly stroke it, pumping it back and forth between her fingers. Looking back into his eyes, she giggled before speaking again.

“You know, this is funny!”

“Yeah, it kinda is!”

“After all these years…You and I have never done this before! That changes now, baby!”

Jennifer spoke almost as if they belonged together some how. Steven didn’t reply, he simply watched as she closed her eyes and brought her mouth down over his cock. He let out a loud moan as he began to experience something he had dreamed of for several years knowing this woman. Here they were, at last in the making of true pleasure.

“Ohhhh, yes! There you go baby, YES!!”

He couldn’t stop himself from screaming out in pleasure. Jennifer moaned, pushing her tongue against his thick shaft to send vibrations into him. ‘Mmmmmm’, she bobbed her head up and down his meat pole, sucking on it before coming up and making a loud pop noise. She looked back at the head before spitting on it and then pushing it back between her lips. Steven remembered that he still had to remove the pink shirt from his body to be completely nude, but he was far more focused with watching Jennifer at the moment. She continued to slobber and suck on his cock before pulling her lips off with another pop sound. Jennifer gazed up into his eyes before speaking.

“You like that, Steven?”

“Ohhhh, yes I do babe!”

All she wanted to do was please him, knowing that he would give her quite the fuck that her body was made for. Jennifer went back down, moving both of her hands to play with his balls and she began to aggressively bob her head up and down his shaft, devouring it in her mouth. Over and over, Jennifer sucked on his cock and listened to him moaning. At the same time, Steven was busy listening to the slobbering and sucking noises that her mouth created. After several seconds, Jennifer came up and released his cock from her lips yet again with a pop sound. Long strings of saliva sway back from her mouth to his soaked rod. As Jennifer pulled back, Steven eyed the black straps over her shoulders to her bra. He pointed to them and spoke.

“Jennifer baby, I gotta see those boobs finally! I’ve always wanted to!”

She giggled, it was funny listening to him sound so excited. She let go of his cock and moved both her hands to unclasp the straps of her bra and pull it off, freeing her tits. Jennifer looked back into his eyes and raised her eyebrow before popping a question to him.

“Do you wanna fuck my-”

“Yes!! Go on, get those tits between my cock!”

Once again, she laughed as she gripped her breasts. Her long pony tail whipped around a bit from her movements.

“Oh my god, your brother would never let me titty fuck him, ever!”

Steven placed his right hand over her shoulder and leaned down before replying to her.

“Jennifer baby, let’s not discuss Tony anymore! I’m here, he’s not! Let me make love to you while you can forget about him!”

She leaned up and kissed his lips. After the short kiss, Steven leaned back up and watched as she moved her tits to trap his shaft between them. She squeezed them together and let out a moan as she began to move them up and down, fucking his cock. Steven gripped her shoulder and began to buck his hips, taking over as he was now fucking those lovely breasts. Jennifer leaned her head down, watching as his cock began to push back and forth between her mounds. She glanced up into Steven’s eyes and moaned. He spoke to her.

“Do you like that, baby?”

“Mmmmm, yeah! Fuck my titties, Steven!”

Jennifer felt her breasts often did not get enough attention. It was her powerful booty that often took the spotlight of her curvy body. Steven continued to thrust his cock between her lovely breasts, taking in a deep moan as he watched her lean her head down and spit on it. Jennifer parted her lips and used her tongue to lick the head each time it poked up. Over and over, he continued to fuck her tits for several minutes until Jennifer looked up into his eyes and spoke.


“Yes, baby?”

“I wanna get on top of you and go for a ride!”

Just then, he stopped pumping his dick between her tits and took a few steps back as Jennifer let go of her breasts. As he was finally free from her, Steven could take his shirt off and step his feet out from his pants and underwear. She stood up and slipped her thong down, but not without wrapped her arms around his neck and kissing him passionately. Jennifer wrapped her legs around his body, pushing the end of her heels into his buttocks as Steven began to carry her around the room. He broke the kiss only to turn his head and find the bed. Taking a few steps to turn around, Steven position himself to lay his back down over the large king size bed in her room. This allowed Jennifer to unwrap her legs and be right on top like she wanted.

The bed itself had light blue sheets while the pillows were purple. Jennifer placed her hands over his bare stomach, running them up to feel his hair between her fingers and raking her nails over his skin lightly. Jennifer reached her right hand down to wrap her fingers around his cock and guide it towards her wet loving cup. As she teased him, rubbing his dick against her clit, she leaned down and kissed his lips. Steven roamed his hands over her lovely skin, reaching his hands up to grab her breasts and squeeze them. He could feel her hardened nipples poking against his palms.He gasped, breaking the kiss and closing his eyes once he felt his cock thrusting into her. Jennifer leaned up, her hands still pushing against his stomach as she felt him begin to buck his hips and thrust his cock back and forth into her.

“Ohhhhhhh, Steven! YES!! Mmmmmm!!!”

As he began to buck his hips harder, her breasts were bouncing all around. Steven leaned up, allowing her tits to slap across his face. He cupped her left breast and sucked on her nipple. Jennifer moaned as she reached both hands behind her head and finally pulled apart that long pony tail, allowing her hair to wave about freely. Steven eventually moved away, relaxing on his back as he watched her breasts jiggling around. Jennifer glanced over her right shoulder to take a look at her thick ass cheeks moving with each hard thrust he sent into her pussy. Jennifer was proud of her mighty ass, sometimes wishing she could watch it in action. She reared her right hand back and smacked her ass, gripping the cheek for a second before moving both her hands back to his chest and moaning.


The sound of her hand slapping her own ass echoed throughout the room. Steven grunted, still bucking his hips back and forth. He moved his hands to grip her large ass cheeks from behind, sinking his fingers down into her immense thick booty as he still pumped his cock back and forth into her pussy. Jennifer began to move her hands back and forth, roaming through the hair on his chest and feeling his skin. Her long brunette hair waved around wildly. She raised her neck, closed her and eyes and shouted to him.



Clenching his teeth together, Steven grunted while he closed his eyes. He was so close to blowing his load within her. Since he knew that she was close too, he didn’t want to pass on experiencing an orgasm together with this lovely woman. He continued bucking his hips, only opening his eyes to yell as he couldn’t hold back anymore. His cock began to erupt within her tight pussy.



He came to a stop with one last thrust. Jennifer dropped her jaw after yelling as she began to cry out. Together their moans created a chorus that echoed throughout the large room, echoing down the hall way from the open door. Both of them became out of breath once it was over, feeling their juices mixed together from within her clit. Jennifer opened her eyes and looked down into Steven’s face. Seconds later, they both were starring into one another’s eyes while they matched each other’s breath rate. Jennifer leaned down and kissed his lips while cupping his face in her hands. They shared a passionate kiss before she pulled their lips apart and spoke.

“Ohhhh, god Steven…I loved that.”

Unable to help himself, he kissed her again after she spoke. Steven didn’t care anymore. If this was to become an affair or just a fling, he had enjoyed every second with Jennifer and wanted it to last forever. This time as they pulled their lips apart, she spoke of question to him.

“Mmmmmm, I have something to ask you.”

“Yes, baby?”

Jennifer giggled before she replied back.

“I know the woman you’re seeing right now has quite a spectacular booty…but I want to know if you’ve ever thought about fucking me in the ass before.”

Hearing her words, Steven couldn’t help but laugh and nod his head.

“Jennifer, baby…Listen, you are the big booty queen!”

Steven quickly ran his left hand over her ass. Raising his hand, he spanked one of her ass cheeks hard before replying.

“Don’t you ever forget that! If you’re asking me to fuck your ass, it would be my honor!”

Just then, Jennifer ran her hands to the back of his head while sinking her lips to him. Once again, they shared a passionate kiss. Steven took both of his hands and gripped her mighty ass cheeks, pushing his fingertips down into her skin. After a few seconds she pulled away from him and began to rise back up. His cock finally left her sweet pussy, Steven watched it come out and flip against his stomach. Jennifer moved off the bed and then got back down on the floor, moving on all fours to push her thick, mighty ass up for him to see.

“Come on, Steven! I know you want it and I’m about to give it to you! Here it is!”

When he set his feet back down over the floor, his eyes became large as he starred down into her immense ass. There it was, Jennifer Lopez’s supreme booty calling for him. She glanced at him from over her shoulder as he starred into the crack of her large ass. Jennifer teased him by rearing her right hand back and slapping her ass, looking back at his face as he watched her firm skin jiggle a bit. This was the definition of ‘epic’ if it could be summed up using a big ass. After a few seconds of admiring the sight, he stepped his feet in place and spread them apart. Jennifer still glanced over her shoulder, but not without teasing him in her words.

“Go on, take it! I can’t wait to feel you pounding that cock in my big ass. Take it, Steven! Fuck me in the ass!”

He placed both of his hands over her ass cheeks, spreading them apart to thrust his cock between her ass crack. Jennifer began to grin as she felt the head of his rod poking through her back door hole. She bit her lower lip and moaned as she felt him thrust into her. Steven had always fantasized about her epic booty for so many years since he knew her. Finally, at last, he was living that dream he always had. He thrust his cock through her tight ass and moaned a loud.

“Ohhhh, fuck!! So tight, baby! Wow!”

Rearing his right hand back, he placed a hard spank over her right ass cheek. Jennifer moaned and spoke out.

“Yeah, that’s it! Ohhhh, you can spank that phat ass too! Take it, baby!! FUCK MY ASS!”

Just like that, Jennifer had encouraged his kinky mind into a new pleasure. Steven gripped the left cheek of her booty while bucking his hips back and forth. He reared his right hand back and began to spank her with each thrust. Jennifer moaned and screamed at him in pleasure.









“ME IN-”



Spank! Spank! Spank! Steven continued to send smack after smack into her right ass cheek with each pump he made into her ass. By now he was gritting his teeth, watching as his cock would disappear and move back and forth as he rammed her beautiful ass with it. Her tits began to bounce from underneath. Jennifer moaned, panting in her breath as she felt him continue to buck his hips and push that fat cock back and forth into her ass. Steven groaned before bragging a loud.

“Ohhhhh, fuck!! Your ass was built to be pounded, ohhhhh yeah!!”


He reared his hand back and began to smack her ass yet again despite his palm stinging in pain. Each time he thrust into her ass, Steven would lay down a slap over her right cheek. Smack after smack after smack echoed through out the room along with their loud moans. He began to moan, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to continue pumping his dick into her ass without blowing his hot load. Steven slapped her ass one last time before calling out.

“Jennifer, I think I’m going to fucking cum again! Ohhhhh, fuck!!”

“Ohhhhh, yeah!? Are you gonna cum in my ass, Steven!?”


Groaning, he began to slow down with the final thrusts into her ass. This was enough to tell her that he was close to reaching his climax. Jennifer took a deep breath and glanced over her shoulder to look back at his face. He bit his lower lip, taking one last thrust into her ass to watch his cock completely disappear inside her supreme booty. Steven groaned as he called out.

“I want to cum on your ass, Jennifer.”

“You do!? You wanna make a mess of my ass in your cum, is that it!?”

She bit her lower lip, teasing him while still glancing at him from over her shoulder. Steven slowly inched his dick from her ass, watching it pop out and rest between her thick ass cheeks. Jennifer began to lick her lips as he stepped back and was stroking his cock. She knew what was coming next and she couldn’t help but tease him about it.

“Ohhhh, yes! Cum on my ass, Steven!”

“It’s coming, baby!!”

He spoke while stroking his cock as fast as he could, pointing it directly at her large ass. Jennifer let out a soft moan, once more teasing him with her dirty talk.

“I can’t wait to feel your hot cum dripping off my huge…thick…round…ASS! Come on, cum for my Steven! Cum for me!!”


With a grunt, Steven moaned as he watched the first string of cum fly out of his cock and land over the left cheek of her ass. He groaned as a second string shot out, coating her right cheek. A thick drop went over her left cheek, followed by a hot string that went over the crack of her ass and to the left cheek. Jennifer began to giggle as she felt his hot seed pouring out over her skin from behind. Though she could not witness it with her eyes, she felt every drop as he didn’t stop until he had drained his cum over her ass. Once Steven was done, he groaned took a few steps back. Jennifer spoke up.

“Mmmm, I take it that you’re finished now?”

“Yes, baby! Ohhhh man, that ass is something out of this world.”

“I know, as you said, I am the big booty queen after all.”

“That’s right, baby!”

Steven watched as Jennifer glanced over her left shoulder this time. She bit her lower lip, letting out a soft moan as she used her left hand now to reach back towards her ass. With her index finger, she began to move in a circle, collecting a good bit of cum on her finger tip before feeding it back to her lips. She sucked her finger loudly, swallowing his cum. Steven walked over to her with a big smile on his face and spoke.

“You have no idea how many years I’ve thought about this. I feel like I just lived out something I’ve been dreaming of forever.”

“Did you have fun with me, Steven?”

“Ohhhh, yes! I think I just had the time of my life with you, Jennifer!”

“Mmmmm, good. I enjoyed this too. Let me clean up this little mess you made over my ass and then we can go to sleep in my bed. Would you like that?”

“Oh, yes! I would love to wake up with you next to me, darling.”

She moved, getting up from the floor to rise up and stand next to him. Jennifer softly kissed his lips, looking back into his eyes as she smiled.

“You’re a wonderful man, Steven.”

Again, she pushed their lips together for another short kiss. After pulling back, she finished speaking.

“Don’t ever forget that!”

With a smile, she stepped away from him. Her high heels stomped loudly over the floor as Jennifer ran off to the bathroom attached within the bedroom. She had to clean herself up, leaving him alone for a few minutes. Steven took a deep breath and sat down on the bed, going over his thoughts over what had just happened. He didn’t care anymore, for Jennifer had opened a new door in his life that he felt more confident about at the moment. Once she had returned back in the door, he slipped his underwear back on before joining her between the sheets for a slumber that would be much needed after tonight’s events.



Light began to creep through the curtains and peak out of the window in the morning hours. Steven found himself awakening quite early from the soft light pouring out of the windows. He leaned up in the bed, noticing Jennifer right next to him on the left side. Her arm had been over his stomach all night. He gently moved it as he began to climb out of bed, taking a deep breath and stretching his arms out. He woke up, knowing exactly where he had been the previous night. He and Jennifer had a short talk before they fell asleep together in the bed. He took a few steps around the room before he walked off to the bathroom to rinse his mouth out and wash his face.

A few minutes later, Jennifer had awakened and found herself alone in the bed. Throwing her arms out, she yawned while stretching them out and moving among the blankets. She had slipped on a small grey shirt and a pair of panties before going to bed with him the previous night. Pulling the blankets back, she climbed out of bed and noticed a light on from the bathroom. Jennifer figured Steven must have been in there, as she could hear the water running from the sink for a few seconds. She waited a moment to watch him walk out, standing tall in his underwear. She offered him a smile as Steven approached her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. Steven spoke to her.

“I hope I didn’t wake you, was trying to let you sleep.”

“Oh no, I usually am awake around this time in the morning.”

Steven moved away from her and sat back down on the bed. His pants were still on the floor from last night. Jennifer watched his eyes, seeing as it appeared he was trying to get dressed. She didn’t bother to waste any time with a conversation of small talk, she knew he was a busy man who had things to tend to.

“I guess you better get dressed and I have to drive you back to the club to pick up your car.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve gotta get some new clothes. My maid back home gets upset over me being late. She likes to clean my suits and pants before her soap operas come on so she can watch them without being busy.”

Jennifer bust out laughing.

“Oh god, that’s hilarious!”

He nodded his head, trying to hold back from laughing. Steven glanced back at her as she moved to join him sitting on the bed to his left side. He reached out and held her right hand, bringing it up to his lips to gently kiss. He let out a deep breath before he spoke to her.

“After last night, I really hope you weren’t just telling me all those things to get my hopes up.”

“What do you mean, Steven.”

Glancing into her eyes, he replied back.

“Remember when you told me that you could give me something that Vida couldn’t?”

Without a reply, Jennifer simply nodded to him. He spoke once more.

“I..I think I know what you mean.”

“I can give you love, Steven. If you don’t think she could in the past, you know it will be a long short for her to love you now.”

He looked away from her only to smile. Steven still held her hand into his, moving his fingers to gently caress her skin. Jennifer spoke again.

“When is she coming back in town?”

“Next week she will be back. I haven’t spoken to her in a few days, she likes to show up as a surprise.”

“Well, I’ve gotta be back in New York soon. I’ve got some residency shows coming in Las Vegas. I could invite you, we need to start keeping in contact more if we’re going to have this affair.”

“It takes two to have an affair. Oh well, this is better than nothing I guess.”

Steven got up from the bed, walking around the room. Jennifer smiled to him before replying.

“I’ll end my relationship with Alex if you want to be with me, Steven. I’ll give you that offer, but you have to end your relationship with Vida. I don’t like having affairs and sneaking behind someone’s back constantly.”

He turned to look back at her and nodded before sighing. It was a heavy thought, as a break up with Vida was not going to be easy.

“I can do that, but I think it’s going to take some time to work that in. I have a history with that woman, it won’t be an overnight break up.”

Jennifer nodded to him.

“That’s fine! I need some time to distance myself from Alex too, I don’t like a messy break up to get in the tabloids. They write all kinds of nasty stuff about me when they can.”

Taking a few steps to her, Steven leaned down almost lowering himself on her knees. Jennifer responded by cupping both cheeks of his face in her palms. She could feel the light facial hair he had developed after going a day without shaving. He looked back into her eyes and smile before speaking.

“Thank you, Jennifer. We’ll be together eventually, I know we will.”

“Yes, we will. I kinda get the feeling that we belong together after last night.”

From her words, he leaned up and softly kissed her lips. Steven stood back up, stepping away from Jennifer as he grabbed his pants off the floor and began to slip them back on. He spoke once again as he got himself dressed.

“Well, when do you want to get together again? Once I’m with you, I don’t want to look back. Just you and me, baby.”

Jennifer bit her lower lip and crossed her legs while leaning back on the bed.

“Vegas, baby! If you can hold off until around the end of next month, you can come for my last residency show. You can plan a little vacation off from work, come visit me and let me give you the time of your life.”

“I love the sound of that, Jennifer. I could go for a vacation.”

“I’m about to go make us some breakfast. We can eat first, then I’ll drive you to pick up your car. I would hate for your maid to miss her soaps.”

Jennifer got up from the bed and giggled to him as she walked to the bathroom. Steven shook his head while laughing at her words. He grabbed his shirt from the floor and resumed getting dressed. There was a lot to think about the future, but Steven felt confident and looking forward to the journey that awaited him with this woman. It would take a bit of time to move all the pieces together on the table, but the reward would be definitely worth it. Las Vegas would be quite the choice for a vacation later on.


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