Big Booty Bitches Ch. 25

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 25

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Vida Guerra

Codes: MF, cons, rom, affairs, blackmail, viol, FDom, oral, anal, spank, tit fuck, facial, slut

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

The sound of stomping filled the room as high heels beat into a solid rhythm. The club was dark in the afternoon hours while janitors swept the floors. Vida Guerra had returned from her time out modelling out in L.A. Her flight took her back into Miami last night, arriving home to see Steven. After spending a night catching up on rest, she headed out to the club to see her lover. Vida had a habit of not talking on the phone often when coming back into town, it was her way to build up suspense for a bit surprise. She wore a black long sleeved dress. The front was cut low, allowing her heavy cleavage to nearly bust out. Vida’s hair was pinned up neatly into a pony tail. Over her feet she wore a black pair of tall pumps to match the dress.

Going up the stairs, she noticed that it wasn’t many crew around the club. She knew Steven had to be here, as he practically lived at Disco Fever. It was more than just a job to him, the club was his soul, at least Vida assumed. His beloved Cadillac was parked outside, that was all Vida needed to know that her lover was here. Once she slipped past the white door of the V.I.P. hallways, her loud stomps echoed down the hall as she headed to his office. Silver hoop rings connected to Vida’s ears bounced with each step she made. She carried nothing in her hands, for her purse was left back in the car. Approaching the office door with his name on the glass, Vida raised her right hand and knocked softly with her knuckles. A few seconds later, the door opened to a handsome young man standing in a bright neon yellow shirt. He turned away and spoke.

“Hey, looks like someone is here to see you.”

From the right side of the room, Steven sat at the desk wearing a blue shirt and white pants. He got up to see that it was Vida, he smiled and walked to her. She leaned in to kiss his cheek while he spoke.

“Hey baby, when did you get back? I wish you would’ve called, I would’ve sent for you at the airport.”

“Last night, honey. I wanted to surprise you.”

They kissed again, pushing their lips against one another for a soft kiss. Vida stepped back and pointed to the young man, giving him a smirk as she spoke again.

“Who is this? Do you have an assistant, Steven?”

The young man blushed, his cheeks flaring red for a bit. Steven laughed as he replied.

“No, baby! That’s my nephew, Antonio. I guess you two have not properly met yet.”

Vida shifted her focus to Antonio now. A smug grin ran across her lips as she noticed the young man was clearly starring into her heavy cleavage. She offered her right hand up for him to shake, followed by their hands touching. She stood a bit taller than him, only due to the extra height added from her heels. She suddenly realized, this was the Antonio whom Steven had talked about so much.

“So, you wanna go out for lunch or something?”

Steven spoke up. Vida turned to him and nodded with a smile.

“Yeah, let’s do that.”

“Well come on, I need a break from the office about now.”

He turned to grab his white blazer jacket that was hanging from his office chair. Steven offered a reassuring smile to Antonio, as the young man would be left behind in the office to do scheduling work on the computer. From the distance, Antonio could see Vida’s eyes studying him in a way. The two swaggered out the door together, leaving him in silence. Antonio stood there thinking as the way Vida had looked at him. She seemed to be a woman of mystery, as he had heard by now that she was dating his uncle. Letting go of the thoughts for now, he left Steven’s office to return down the hall and work in his own room with Maria.



A hot afternoon quickly faded over as the long hours stretched the day into a glorious night. It was Tuesday night in Miami. Disco Fever would be a packed club like it was any other night. Antonio had been working long hours in the offices, getting used to pending all his time helping Maria file paper work and get schedules worked through for the club. Steven left with Vida but had promised to return later in a phone call with his nephew. He did not say that he would be bringing company with him however by the time he came back to the club. Vida had kept him occupied throughout the day, as she took him to show photos of her recent session in L.A.

The thoughts of last week’s events with Jennifer were tucked in the back of Steven’s mind. He didn’t want to think about it while Vida was back. He had been unfaithful to her lately without any good reason other than lust. Vida made him completely forget about the affair with Jennifer for now. She wanted to go to the club with him and be his date for a change. The one year anniversary reopening of Disco Fever was coming up and Steven had yet to experience a true date on the dance floor. He took up Vida’s offer, ready to go out with her as his date. When 8 P.M. hit the clock, they finally ventured out and went to the club as if it were a date.

While together during the day, Vida had asked Steven about Antonio. It dawned on her eventually that he was the same nephew that Steven had spoken so highly about in the past month. Vida soon realized that he also was the other man who’s cock appeared in a photograph that Vida held in her possession. The photo she made Steven take with Khloe Kardashian, something that she had been holding onto and hoped to use in the near future for a card to play into a blackmail scheme with Kim Kardashian herself. Judging by the photograph, Vida was impressed with the length of Antonio’s rod, but she didn’t say a word to Steven. She had not even brought up the photo at all. She wanted him to forget about it, at least for now. It was her game and none of his business.

Arriving at the club, Steven and Vida stepped out dressed in all class. He wore his white suit, but had changed into a purple undershirt. Vida had changed into a matching white outfit, one that she had worn over a year ago. With tight white pants, she wore a jacket that only had one button, exposing her cleavage and showing off her muscular stomach. The small baby devil tattoo was visible from the front line of her pants. Vida’s hair was split down the middle, large golden hoops were connected to her ears. She wanted to go matching with Steven’s white suit, a look that would guarantee everyone to know that they were a couple together. When they entered the club, Vida held his hand and walked right to the bar. She wanted a drink tonight.

“This one is to us, honey! Come on, I want a martini right now. Let’s drink to our love.”

“I’ll be having a glass of Black Jack, thank you.”

She smiled, setting her hands over the marble black stone top of the bar. Steven turned an smiled to her while their drinks were fixed by the bartender. A few seconds later, the glasses were waiting for them. They picked them up, holding the glasses up together. Vida moved hers so they clanked together.

“To us!”

“Yes, to us darling!”

While looking back into her eyes, Steven raised his glass and began to down the whiskey. Vida was determined to drink the entire glass in one gulp, following his every move. He could probably see the ambition from her eyes, not that she cared. Tonight was more than just a date night. Vida wanted him all to herself. She was confident that soon, Steven would be hers and this relationship would become more serious. After finishing the glasses, they both set them down simultaneously. Vida offered him her hand, pulling him to her with a smirk on her face.

“Shall we dance, Steven?”

“Yeah, come on and take me out to the dance floor baby.”

She pulled his hand, walking him from the bar. Together, the two stuck out from among the crowd in the club due to their matching white outfits. Vida marched Steven to the dance floor, walking through a number of people as they began to shuffle into the crowd. The DJ was playing a mix of old 80’s hit songs that he strung into a medley of various pop hits. At the moment, a Lionel Richie song was heard playing with the famous laid back chorus. All Night Long was a hit, keeping the dance floor moving slow. From above the dance floor, upstairs beyond the walls of the office was another man looking down from the glass window and behind the shades. Much like his uncle would do every night, Antonio was looking down at the action in the club.

Every night, the young man would gaze down from the window in his office behind the shades to look at the dance floor and bar. From time to time, Antonio would try to spot some action going on downstairs. If he seen anything suspicious, he called security as he had been instructed to do long ago. He was beginning to learn the ropes working at the club. Since coming back, everything had been mostly business to him. As much as he wanted to leave the office and go downstairs to have some fun, he wouldn’t. Work had become more important to him, something he learned from working alongside his uncle Steven who had become his mentor at this point.

The music shifted from the dance floor, fading off into a Rick James hit song. Vida and Steven had only been moving a bit on the dance floor, slow and clumsy between all the people. So far, she was confident that she could blow his mind with her dancing skills. It had been so many years since they had been together and she could truly dance for him. The heavy funky bass began to play through Rick James’ song ‘Love Gun’. Vida took this as her opportunity to get some touchy dancing go on between the two of them. All she needed was a dirty song to make her body move. She turned around and began to bump her thick huge ass up against Steven’s leg. He moved around, throwing his arms out as he watched Vida turn around.

She gazed into his eyes and gave him a smug grin. Before Steven could react, Vida pulled his arm, forcing him to step forward as she turned back around. This time, she bent over and placed her hands over her knees. She began to grind her hips, forcing her thick booty to rotate into a circular motion. Steven realized soon that she was doing the ‘twerk’ dance routine, moving up against his crotch as she bumped her hips to the rhythm of the funky song. So far, Vida didn’t offer any sense of a subtle approach. She was already doing her best to turn him off, regardless if they were on the dance floor among a crowd of strangers.

Lights from above shifted into a dark purple hue. Vida turned around, still grinning as the song faded on and went into another famous track. She pushed herself up to Steven’s chest, allowing him to lean in and kiss her lips. Her dirty dance was turning him on. She glanced down to see the erection sticking up in his pants. Vida giggled, though her voice couldn’t be heard over the loud music. The DJ was still playing his string of pop songs from the 80’s, but neither of them were sure of what song was currently playing. It was a New Wave tune with bright synth keyboards. Steven reached for her hand to pull her off the dance floor with him, walking off. Once they were away, Vida laughed to him and teased with her words.

“What’s wrong, honey? You can’t dance with that big bulge sticking up in the front of your pants?”

Steven sighed before nodding at her.

“Maybe, I guess you can leave it at that.”

Vida giggled at him. He was obviously making an excuse, she knew him all too well.

“I guess my dancing is too much for you. I don’t want to waste anymore time at the club, I’m just going to be honest with you right now.”

Biting her lower lip, she spoke to him in a low voice.

“I want to leave here and go get fucked. Even if you want to fuck me in your office upstairs, that’s fine too.”

Steven laughed at Vida’s request. She brought back memories of the time he did fuck her back in his office, but they weren’t going to be doing that here. He took her hand and nodded.

“Come on, baby. I’ll take you back to my place, that way we can wake up together.”

While Steven and Vida began to leave the club, someone upstairs found himself busy. Antonio had requested Maria to pull up charts of spending from downstairs. He was growing suspicious that money was going missing from somewhere. After studying the numbers, he realized that the bar wasn’t making as much in profit as it was in the last few months. Now that his worries had been confirmed, he wrote a note to pin on his uncle’s desk to speak with him over the situation. Antonio had thought to tell his father who was still the owner of the club, but he knew better. Steven was the one who always tended to everything, so it was best to let him handle the situation with the missing money from the bar.



“Give me a shot, of your love gun!”

Steven sang the lyrics of the specific Rick James song from the club while clapping his hands. He sat in the chair, watching as Vida danced in a white thong. He brought her back to his home in Coconut Grove, in the bedroom they had stripped down and Vida had proposed the idea of a lap dance to him. He sat only in his underwear while clapping his hands. Vida had turned her back to him and began to do the same ‘twerk’ dance routine from the club, only this time Steven could truly watch her immense ass bounce up and down. She sway her hips to the left and right, moving them back and forth before she bent over to shove her ass into his face. Taking one fine look at her supreme booty, Steven reared his hand back and slapped her right ass cheek.

“Ouch! That hurt!”

Vida spoke in a smart ass tone. She jiggled her booty, forcing the thick ass cheeks to wobble and shake before she placed her hands down on the arm rest of the chairs and began to lower her ass down onto his lap. Steven let out a moan as she began to grind he hips, pumping that huge lovely ass down into his crotch. Vida closed her eyes and leaned back, speaking to him in a soft voice.

“Is this what you wanted, baby?”

“Ohhhh, god yeah! This is it!!”

There was nothing better than this in Steven’s mind. To have Vida Guerra as his girlfriend for the second time in his life, let alone to experience a lap dance from her with this famous big ass sitting on his lap. He let out a heavy moan, taking in his breath while reaching his hands over to grab her breasts from behind. Vida moved her hands to his, forcing him to smash the palms of his hands up against her big tits. She felt Steven squeezing her nipples, causing her to moan as she continued to grind her hips down into him.

“Mmmmmm, you feel so fucking hard under my ass.”

“Do I?”

A laugh was heard from her voice before she answered back his silly question.

“Yeah! I can feel that big fucking cock pushing between the crack of my ass.”

Still grinding her hips down, Vida could feel his swelling cock poking straight up into the crack of her large ass. It didn’t matter that she didn’t have music to dance to, she didn’t need it. She could slowly rock back and forth, grinding on him to tease the man even further. Steven squeezed her boobs, still toying with them between his fingers. He leaned his head down, brushing his lips through her dark hair as he tried to find her neck. After a second attempt, he pushed his lips to her neck and began to kiss upward. Vida raised her head, closing her eyes and letting out a soft moan while still grinding her hips into him. The touch of his lips up against her neck was making her so wet, she couldn’t contain herself anymore. She got up from his lap, his hands fell from her body as she turned around quickly to push her lips to his. Steven kissed her passionately, feeling her moan into his mouth before she broke the kiss. Looking into his eyes, Vida spoke in a low voice.

“Mmmmmm, I know what I want.”

“Do you, baby?”

She bit her lower lip and reached through his underwear to wrap her hand around his cock. Without saying a word, the voluptuous Cuban model went down to her knees and pulled him by his rod to force him to stand up. With her eyes locked onto his, Vida dropped her lower lip while Steven tucked his underwear to fall down to his ankles. She looked at him with such hunger in her eyes. Lust had been built up from the time they were apart from one another. She stroked his swollen dick in her hand, pumping it back and forth before she broke eye contact and looked down. Steven took in a deep breath as he watched her push her puffy red lips up to the head of his cock and kiss it. Her lips parted and then Vida slid his long shaft between them, wrapping her lips around it to begin sucking on it.

‘Mmmmmm’. A moan was heard from her closed mouth in a muffled tone. Steven stood there moaning as he watched her eyes close and she began to bob her head up and down his long cock. Vida wasted no time with pushing his down down her throat, clearing showing that she could deep throat his road with such ease. She continued, going up and down as she soaked his cock in her saliva. Steven let out a heavy moan, breathing in as the sounds of her slurping and slobbering could be heard from down below. After several sucks, Vida came up and released his cock from her lips with a loud pop noise. She breathed in, watching as a string of saliva broke off from his cock and dangled to the floor. She spit on his cock hard, wrapping her hand around it as she stroked her spit into it like lube.

“Mmmm, I’ve missed sucking this fucking cock. I was craving it all last week, oh yes.”

Looking up into his eyes, Vida used both of her hands to stroke his rod. She smiled at him so mischievously. Steven could still witness the hunger in her eyes, knowing now that nothing would stop her from devouring his thick meat. She eventually moved both of her hands away, allowing his cock to bounce freely until she brought her mouth back down onto it. Steven moaned and called out loudly as Vida began to suck his cock harder.


His loud roaring had the possibility of waking up his old maid downstairs, but Vida didn’t care at all. She wanted him to yell it was how she knew that she was pleasuring him to the extreme. Spit began to build up from the base of his cock, dripping down to his balls. Vida continued to bob her head up and down his meat pole, faster than before. Loud slurping and slobbering sounds echoed from her position on the floor.


Like before, she came off his cock and made another pop sound. Vida spit on his slobber-covered shaft, watching it drip down to the floor. She gripped his dick in her hand as she leaned down and began to lick his balls, slurping over them with her mouth. Steven closed his eyes for a second and loud another loud moan as he called out to her.

“Ohhhhh, fuck!! Yeah, go on! Suck on those nuts, baby!”

Opening her mouth, Vida used her left hand to help shove his balls into her mouth. From the size, it inflated her jaws a bit. She sucked on his left nut before alternating to the right, leaving a trail of saliva that dripped down to the floor. While her mouth sucked his balls, her right hand remained gripped over his cock. Vida pulled away from his balls after a few seconds and brought her attention back to his dick. She looked up into Steven’s eyes as he smiled and spoke.

“No woman ever handled my cock better than you, baby.”

“That’s because I love this cock!”

She kissed the head after answering him. Vida gave him a wink as she slid her lips back down his shaft. Like before, she quickly began to bob her head up and down the shaft. Moving her hand away, to allow herself to push her lips all the way and devour his entire shaft. Steven gritted his teeth and groaned as he could feel the head hit the back of her throat. Vida’s lips buried at the base of his shaft. Steven knew if she continued her aggressive devouring of his cock, she would end up making him cum before he could fuck her tits or pussy. He reached down and grabbed her hair and pulled her head to force his cock free from her mouth. As it was released, long strings of saliva attached back from Vida’s mouth to his cock. She looked up into his eyes and spit on his dick like before.

“Hold your tits up, baby! I wanna fuck ’em!”

“Oh yeah, you wanna fuck these titties, Steven?”

Vida teased him as she reached down and held her large breasts up. Once they were pulled apart, Steven guided his saliva soaked shaft right between then. A string of spit dripped from the left corner of her mouth, but Vida wasn’t bothered by it whatsoever. She squeezed her breasts around his cock and then leaned up to look into his eyes as she felt him buck his hips and thrust his rod between her tits.

“Mmmmm, yeah! Go on, fuck those titties! I know you always like to fuck ’em, baby! Fuck ’em hard, yeah!!”

She remained looking down, only to watch the head of his cock poking up with each thrust he made between her tits. Steven continued to move his hips back and forth, forcing his cock to pump between her huge breasts. Over and over, Steven couldn’t stop himself. Vida opened her mouth and leaned down to lick her tongue across the head each time it pumped up. He began to slow down, giving Vida the notice that he was probably about to blow his load. She knew him all too well after several years. If there was one man Vida could predict in the bedroom, it was Steven. She looked up into his eyes and smirked.

“You’re gonna cum soon, aren’t you?”

He sighed while finally coming to a stop from his motions.

“Not unless you want it all over you. If I cum right now, I’m going to blast your fucking face, baby!”

Vida shook her head.

“Ohhhh, save it! I’d rather you shoot that hot fucking load all over my ass instead of my face!”

She let go of her tits and freed his cock from the fleshy prison of her firm skin. He didn’t have to say anything, Vida assumed control for now. She stood up from her knees and reached down to grab his cock, pulling him towards her as she walked to the bed. Steven pulled at her arm to force her to turn around. He moved in, pushing his lips to hers for a soft kiss. Now he was going to take control, he called out to her with his request.

“I want to fuck you hard, baby. Get up on the bed and stretch those beautiful legs up on my shoulders.”

“Mmmmm, I like the sound of that.”

Vida bit her lower lip and let go of his cock. To comply with his request, she lay down on the bed, moving into position where she could arch her legs up on his shoulders. Steven watched as her strong legs stretched with ease up to his shoulders. He looked at one of the tattoos on her ankles before glancing back down at her nude front. His favorite tattoo was the one of the little devil in a diaper holding a pitch fork above her right hip. He always smiled when looking at it. His hands moved to hold her legs as he thrust forward to pump his cock into her pussy. Vida looked into his eyes, running her hands up to her breasts as Steven began to thrust into her.

“Ohhhhh, yeah! That’s it, come on! Come on, fuck me! Fuck me, Steven!!”

He let out a heavy sigh as he began to buck his hips, driving his cock deeper into her pussy with each thrust. Steven knew just how to properly fuck Vida. She was the type of woman who always demanded that he fuck her hard and fast. If he didn’t have the strength to deliver this pleasure for her, she would’ve preferred to dominate a man instead.

“Mmmmmm!! That’s it, come on! FUCK ME!! YEAH, FUCK ME HARDER!! HARDER!!!”

From her own screams, Steven began to thrust harder into her. His cock pumped into her deeper, as far as he could reach as he bucked his hips to send his rod into her over and over. Vida’s breasts began to bounce freely as she did not grip them tightly enough to contain. She closed her eyes and moaned out. This was how she liked it, he never disappointed once he began to pound his cock into her clit.


Steven had no plans of stopping yet, but he thought of a different position where he could spank her ass. Over and over, he bucked his hips and pounded into her. His grip over her left leg tightened, as her legs moved a bit with each hard thrust he sent into her. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. The urge to switch positions had come to him. He stepped back, pulling his cock from her pussy and letting go of her legs. He called out to her loudly.

“Get up, baby! Come on, turn around for me!!”

When Vida didn’t move quick enough for him, Steven reached down and snatched her up by the hair. She cried out playfully as he pulled her hair, forcing her up and on her knees.

“Up! On all fours, now!”

He let go of her hair once she turned around. Vida sank her knees down, leaning over as she stretched her arms over the bed. Steven climbed atop the bed, moving towards her body as she was bent over exposing her thick juicy ass to him. He reared his left hand back and spanked her ass hard. The smack echoed across the room. Vida became worried he was going to neglect her climax to fuck her ass.

“Steven, please! Fuck the shit outta me, you can fuck my ass after your done! I need to cum so fucking bad, you just don’t know!”

Rearing his left hand back, he spanked her ass again. Vida looked over her shoulder just to make sure he was sliding his cock back into her pussy. Steven groaned and reared his hand back while he felt the warmth of her pussy surrounding his dick as he pumped back into her.

“Mmmmm, yeah! I was about to say, if you didn’t keep fucking me, I was gonna be-”

Spank! Steven’s left hand smacked across the left cheek of her ass.

“I’m gonna make you squirt, so chill the fuck out baby!!”

She giggled before her voice faded into moans. Vida loved to tease him with her sassy words. Other men would often get aggressive and call her a bitch, but never Steven. As he began to thrust into her harder, the sound of his balls smacking up against her ass was heard loudly. Steven watched as her ass cheeks rippled and shook with each hard thrust he sent into her pussy.

“This is how you wanted it, baby? Like this!?”

Like before, he reared his left hand back and slapped her ass. Vida cried out.


Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of his balls slapping up against her ass could be heard. Steven reared his hand back again, still thrusting his hips to pump his cock back and forth out of her pussy. She was so close to finally reaching her climax, Vida closed her eyes and began to cry out to him. Just then, Steven was prepared to strike his hand down over her ass if she dared to speak.




Spank! Spank! Spank! Steven brought his hand down over her thick ass over and over until his palm began to sting. Still bucking his hips to thrust into her pussy, he shook his hand out while crying out.

“Ohhh, fuck!!”

Any other time, Vida would’ve teased him for spanking her so hard to make his own hand hurt, but right now she couldn’t focus on that. True to his word, Steven was going to make her squirt and in the coming seconds, she couldn’t hold back. Leaning her head down over the bed, Vida bit her lower lip before crying out as her climax was successfully reached now.


Steven let out a deep sigh as he felt her juices gushing over his cock. He made one final thrust into her pussy before began to slowly ease his way out. His right hand moved across the bed, clutching at one of the pillows as he moved his left hand to grab his cock. Just the reason he wanted her in a doggy style position, Steven couldn’t wait to slide his cock between the cheeks of her juicy phat ass and find her dark hole. She leaned her head up and opened her eyes to moan while feeling the head of his shaft poke into her tight little hole.

“Ohhhhhh…Mmmmm, are you gonna fuck me in the ass, Steven? Ohhhh, yeah do it! Go on, fuck my ass!”

Bucking his hips like before, Steven groaned as he slammed his cock into her ass. He wasted no time picking up speed, thrusting his rod back and forth into her ass. He moved his left hand to push down over the small of her back, watching as her thick ass cheeks clapped and shook with each hard thrust he sent into her ass. A red mark developed over her left cheek from the many licks of spanking he had given her. Groaning in pleasure, Steven called out to her.

“God, this ass is so fucking amazing! Ohhhh, fuck!!”

“Yeah, MY ass is the best! Tell me, baby! Tell me that I’ve got the best ass in the world!!”

“You fucking do! Ohhhh, yeah!! This ass is the best!!”

Over and over, Steven rammed his cock back and forth into her thick supreme ass. He had planned all along to finish himself off by pounding her ass. Vida raised her hands on the bed, sinking her palms down as she felt him thrust into her each time. She decided to tease him further, screaming at him.


She knew he wasn’t going to be able to maintain without blowing his load soon. Taking one final deep thrust, Steven pulled his cock from her ass and began to stroke it with his left hand. Vida was fully aware what was about to happen, as she had already teased him about shooting his hot load all over her ass. She began to move a bit, forcing her thick booty to shake and rumble. Her ass cheeks began to ‘clap’ from the small movements she made.

“Cum on my ass, Steven! Shoot that hot, sticky fucking load all over my ass! Come on, I want it!!”

“Here it is! OHHHH, FUCK!!”

Vida leaned up, looking over her right shoulder as she continued to shake her ass. Steven aimed his cock directly at her lovely round ass. All it took was a few strokes with his hand and he was shooting string after string of his white seed over her huge booty. She moaned, licking her lips as she felt the hot liquid substance striking her skin. A thick wad of cum dripped between the crack of her ass.

“Mmmmmmm, there you go! Make a big fucking mess out of the best ass in the world. MY ass, that is!!”

“I love you Vida!!”

Steven cried out, as he was out of breath after shooting his load all over her ass. Vida could feel the cum dripping from her ass, it was just enough to require her to wash up before bed. Steven leaned over, looking into her eyes as he smiled and leaned down to kiss her lips. He wanted to say something, but couldn’t think of the right words. Vida sucked on his lower lip before turning the kiss into a blistering passionate one. He would never be able to escape this woman no matter what. Steven suddenly felt guilty for cheating on her last week with Jennifer. After such mind blowing hot sex, the feeling of guilt would definitely be sinking into his mind by the time he laid down to sleep next to her.



A bright afternoon came throughout the day as Steven sat at the kitchen table in his home. The past two days with Vida had been a refreshment, but more than anything he felt guilty about cheating on her. While home, he caught on sleep for a bit as his old maid Bette was washing clothes about now. From the kitchen table, he sat in a black night shirt as he waited for his suit pants to be finished from washing. Tonight and tomorrow there would be much to do back at the club. Steven had received Antonio’s note and spoke with him briefly about what they were going to do with the bartender that was obviously skimming the club money. The man went by the name of Henry Davis.

The time was coming that Steven wanted to teach Antonio the true dark side of the club business. So far, the young man had been exposed to the night life and indulging in wild times, but it was time to truly show him how to handle business through the means of intimidation. Steven had a reputation for brutality at times when it came to handling certain individuals who got in his way. Soon, Antonio would learn the importance of this practice for dealing with sleaze balls ripping off the club. Today, Steven was busy calling around town with his contacts. He had to check in with his brother Tony, just to make sure everything was going fine on his end. Tony wasn’t very active with the club anymore, but Steven couldn’t complain as he found it easier to handle without him there. For now, Steven had other things on his mind.

Jennifer Lopez remained fresh on his mind after the past few days spent with Vida. He felt guilty about cheating on her after the wonderful romance he spent with her. The affair with Jennifer was something else at the time, but now it seemed nothing would truly develop out of it. As he sat at the kitchen table, a laptop was opened up in front of his eyes. Steven began reading on the front page of a celebrity gossip website which featured a stop with Jennifer Lopez and her high profile relationship with Alex Rodriguez. Steven clicked on the article and scrolled down, witnessing a few photographs that had been shared on social media of the two. He sighed when looking over the pictures.

From that moment, he realized that he was better off with Vida. Steven sat back in the kitchen chair and folding his hands over the back of his head. Perhaps it was better to let the affair with Jennifer die on out, as it appeared that she was becoming serious with Alex in a relationship that was a media frenzy. Though his relationship in the past years with Vida had an ugly break up, Steven was beginning to believe they truly had a chance at this point. He felt even worse about thinking of moving on from her after seeing the photos online of Jennifer. Steven shut the laptop and silently moved his mind back to the business at hand. Vida was right anyway, as he knew, she was among ‘the best’ as she liked to call herself.


Across town, Vida had her eyes set on a new conquest for an affair with a young man. Memories shifted in her mind, as now it was over a year since the one time she sought out Steven’s son Jacob and had an affair playing the older woman to a younger man. Antonio was on her radar and he wouldn’t be fading out any time soon. Vida had took a liking to the young man, all due to the photograph that she made Steven take for her of his affair with Khloe Kardashian. The photo contained the Kardashian woman with a face covered in cum, kissing Steven’s cock while another large rod was near her face. Vida knew just from that picture as proof, Steven’s nephew had quite the size packing.

She asked Steven a few questions about him in passing before. Vida remembered the conversation they had together, how he had told her Antonio was like a son to him. With some digging for information, she discovered that he was twenty-one years old. Vida found this to be quite funny, since she was forty-three and this made the young man half her age. Either way, he wasn’t going to disappear from her radar any time soon. She wanted to seduce this young man and see if he could live up to his uncle in the bedroom. With a chance to take, Vida spent the afternoon driving out to the club where she knew Antonio would be. It was almost 12 P.M. which she knew was the lunch break for the offices, as Steven had told her a while back.

Parking her car outside the club, Vida figured she would wait to catch Antonio walking outside. If she went into the club, she ran the risk of someone catching her speaking to the young man. She knew better than to do something like that. In the driver’s seat of her car, Vida wore a large pair of dark sunglasses over her eyes. A white tank top under a blue denim jacket and tight black pants to hug every curve of her luscious Cuban body. Underneath her clothes was something better, as her body was tucked into a small bikini. She didn’t have to wait long until she spotted Antonio. He walked out of the club with a black suit jacket hanging over his shoulder and wearing a light green neon shirt with white pants. Vida couldn’t help but think to herself the fact he dressed so alike to Steven. She got out of her car, slamming the door as her heels began to click and clack over the pavement as she approached Antonio.

“Hey there!”

The young man stopped as he watched Vida approach him. She walked slow, swaying her hips a bit while pushing her sunglasses up to her hair so she could look at him with her eyes. A smirk appeared over her face while Antonio looked dumbfounded starring into her beauty.

“Hi, you’re Vida right?”

She nodded her head to his question.

“Yeah, it’s me. You’re going out for lunch right now?”

“Actually, no. I’m taking the next few hours off. I’ll be back tonight, are you looking for Steven?”

His reply played into Vida’s plan even better. She gave him a smirk while shaking her head.

“No, Steven is busy today. I thought I’d ask you out, I’d like to get to know you better.”

“You want to get to know me better?”

Such a silly reply from him. Vida could see from the confused look over his face that she sent the young man’s mind into a wrap. Nodding her head, she offered her hand to him. Even if he said no, she wasn’t letting him get away easily.

“Yeah, come on! I’ll take you out to a pool and we can go swimming.

“But I don’t have my swim trunks with me.”

“That’s fine, then. You can watch me swim instead. Come on, we’ve got a beautiful day to enjoy.”

She pulled at his arm, forcing him to walk with her to the car. Her response displayed such vanity, but Antonio didn’t say a word at all. She let go of his arm when he proceeded to walk to the passenger side of her car. Vida thought to herself that he was going to be an easy young man for her to sink her claws into. So far, he didn’t display much of a resistance whatsoever. Once the clothes came off and he would see her beautiful body in a bikini, Vida was confident he would be unable to say no to her. Once they were in the car, she took off from the parking lot of the Disco Fever club and began to drive him out to South Beach where she had a condo with a swimming pool rented out.



The sun poured on heat waves from high above in the clear blue sky. Yellow and pink umbrellas offered a bit of shade from the sun as the white marble floor outside the swimming pool was hot. Vida had taken Antonio back to her condo, a place that Steven had yet to learn that she had rented out. The building had an upstairs which led outside to a large swimming pool and a balcony. She planned to reveal the place to Steven later in the week, but for now it would be the first place that she took her chances with his nephew. Before they arrived, she took him out to eat for lunch and now they were on the balcony of the luxurious condo home. Antonio left his jacket inside and had removed his shoes and socks, sitting outside on a fold out chair as he enjoyed a drink in the shade.

Vida had stripped inside and returned to the brightness outdoors with a yellow beach towel wrapped around her body. She stomped her bare feet forward, stepping near Antonio’s seat as she began to pull the towel undone. Her back was turned to him as the towel fell, revealing her Cuban body in a white bikini. Antonio’s eyes looked at her back before glancing down at her huge thick ass tucked in the small bikini thong. He suddenly realized just why his uncle was dating this woman after all. Vida stomped away, heading towards the rail of the pool as she grabbed the metal pole and began to step into the water. She turned and looked at him from over her shoulder before calling out.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna go for a swim, Antonio? The water is nice and cold.”

“No, I’m fine. I don’t want to get these clothes soaking wet.”

“I see, well you can enjoy watching me. But you could always just swim naked, dear…”

She gave him a wink while sinking her feet lower into the water. Splashing was heard as Vida climbed into the pool and began to swim around. Antonio had a lot to think about with the reason this woman had brought him here. With her choice of words, he knew that she didn’t drag him out here alone just for a social visit. He sat back in his chair, listening to her swim. The wind began to blow, rusting the palm trees from outside the condo home. After a minute of sitting there to himself, Antonio sighed and got up from the chair. He stood near the swimming pool, watching as Vida moved through the clear water. She turned and smiled at him, looking up as she moved into the water so he could see her heavy cleavage in the bikini top. It was time to tease this young man until he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Did you come to watch me?”

“Yeah, I wanted to ask you something Vida.”

“Oh, you did? What’s on your mind then?”

She moved forward in the swimming pool before falling back and rotating her arms backwards, pushing her tanned body in full display to his eyes. Vida floated a bit on the water while Antonio began to speak.

“Why did you bring me out here? I don’t understand. Here you are flirting with me, but you’re my uncle’s girlfriend.”

Vida giggled, flashing a smile as she moved forward again. She threw her hands up and began to swim hard towards the edge of the pool where he stood. She wanted to look in his eyes before answering him. She came to a stop and looked up at him to speak.

“I decided to take a chance today, that’s all. You’ve gotta take chances in life, or you’ll end up missing out on them. That’s what I did when i seen you today, Antonio.”

The look in his eyes was of utter confusion. Vida was beginning to read this young man by his facial expressions. She assumed he could be easy meat so far. Finally, after a minute he replied back to her while blushing.

“What kind of chance do mean?”

Vida rolled her eyes and giggled at him.

“I think you know what kind of chance I’m taking, big boy.”

Swimming away from him, she moved to the rail and decided to climb up. Since she did not go underwater, her hair was not entirely wet. Beads of water dripped from her voluptuous thick body. Antonio walked a bit towards her, but Vida turned to him and smirked. He was gazing right into the heavy cleavage of her large breasts. She looked down and could see a bit of en erection rising in his pants. This was indeed going to be easy. Vida teased him again with soft words.

“Do you often take chances like this?”

“I don’t know, really. I shouldn’t even be here and you know that.”

He let out a sigh after replying. Vida knew from this response and the way he looked away from her, he was nervous. This was the type of young man she could dominate, the opposite from how Steven was. Stomping her feet around him, she turned to look into his eyes and moved inches closer to his body.

“Let me ask you something clearer then, since you seem to have a hard time making decisions. Are you gonna take a chance to fuck me today?”

Her eyes glanced down, viewing the erection that grew in his pants from her words. Vida chuckled, deciding to push him even further to see his reaction. It would be from here how she determined this event would go. Looking back into his eyes, she spoke in a seductive voice to encourage him.

“Or maybe you’re gonna be a little pussy about it and let the opportunity go, hmmmm?”

Antonio gasped and looked back at her shocked. From this expression, Vida immediately smirked. She ran her hand up to grip his shirt hard, pulling him forward to her. She wanted to see if he would kiss her with the force she implied of pulling at his shirt. Antonio pushed his lips to hers and kissed her softly. Vida wrapped her right arm around his neck, pulling the kiss into a passionate one as she used her left hand to reach down and squeeze the fat bulge in his pants. She moaned into his mouth before pulling away from the kiss. Vida looked into his eyes and then spoke to him in a commanding voice.

“You want some of this, don’t you?”

When he nodded his head, she wasn’t pleased that he didn’t reply back. She gripped his shirt harder, pulling at it.

“Don’t you!?”

“Yes, I do! You are so fucking hot and I can’t take it anymore!!”

“Good, now that’s what I wanted to hear. Now get on your fucking knees and eat my clit! Make yourself useful, Antonio!”

She was in complete control now. Vida was going to dominate this handsome young man for every minute he was worth. True to her suspicions, he couldn’t resist her alluring beauty. When Antonio began to lower himself down to her knees, she reached her right hand down and gripped his short brown hair and yelled.

“Move fucking faster!! Don’t fuck around making me wait, I’m wet and I need to feel your tongue inside me!”

Antonio worked frantically, pulling at the strings of her thong to free her smooth entrance. As it fell to the white floor under him, he saw her juicy wet clit begging for attention. Vida didn’t wait, she planted her feet down into the floor and shoved his head forward. Like a good boy, he embedded his mouth to her dripping wet pussy and began to slither his tongue into her. Vida was pleased.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah! There you go! Lick that fucking clit!!”

She tightened her grip of his hair, digging her fingernails down into his hair while shoving his head further between her thighs. Vida had usually been on the other side of men aggressively fucking her mouth, so she enjoyed to be the dominant one when she had the opportunity with a young man like this. Antonio was proving to be quite easy. She knew he wasn’t the type of young man who would snatch her by the hair, fuck her mouth and the shoot a hot load all over her face. His uncle was that kind of man who liked being in control, but so far Antonio was proving to be completely different. He didn’t even utter a word in protest before becoming a submissive fuck toy for her. Now Vida was enjoying feeling his tongue slither back and forth into her clit.

“Mmmmm, yeah! Go on, keep licking me! You’re gonna make me fucking cum and you’re gonna swallow it down too!!”

Still gripping his hair, Vida shoved his mouth further into her clit as she felt her climax approaching soon. Antonio seemed to work at a faster pace when she yelled at him and pushed the young man further. She liked this, as he put forth the complete effort to satisfy and pleasure her.


Vida let go of his hair, just to see if he would pull away or keep licking her pussy like a good boy. To her surprise, Antonio was still thrusting his tongue into the fold of her pink lips, delivering the pleasure that she wanted so much. She closed her eyes and raised her head, moaning as the sun was pouring down waves of heat to them from high above. She bit her lower lip, trembling as her body began to shake. Vida couldn’t hold back anymore as she had reached her orgasm. Her juices sprayed past Antonio’s lips and gushing into his mouth. He listened to hear roar into pleasure. Vida had to slowly catch her breath, but not without ordering him around in her stern voice.

“You better fucking swallow that! Every last drop of it!!”

Antonio swallowed his breath and moved from between her legs, looking up at her as he opened his mouth to reveal to her that he did indeed swallow all over her sweet juices.

“I swallowed all of it, see?”

A smirk ran across her lips before she laughed at him mischievously.

“Good boy! Did that taste good?”

He nodded his head while laughing at her. Vida clapped her hands together as she was pleased with him. Vida reached her right hand down to claw at his hair. She wanted to pull him up from his knees, just as men had done to her in the past. Antonio’s hair was too short for her to properly grip.

“Come on, get up! I want you to get up for me and take your fucking clothes off! I want that hard dick!”

How could he refuse such a request? Antonio was quick to rise up from the floor. He pulled his shirt off, throwing it over his head and to the floor. The brightness outside made his skin look pale compared to Vida’s tanned Cuban body. She licked her lips and whistled as she looked at his skinny chest.

“Mmmmmm, looking sexy there with that chest. Hubba, hubba!”

“Oh, thanks!”

He laughed upon answering her Once his pants were tugged down with his underwear, Vida went down to her knees and looked up into his eyes as her right hand reached up to grip his swelling cock. Though she would never admit it to him, she had studied his cock from the photograph that Steven took with him and Khloe. Vida had been craving this young man’s meat pole and finally it was within her grasp. She looked into his eyes and spoke while wanking his cock back and forth in her hands.

“Since you proved that you know how to lick, I’m about to give you the best blow job you’ve ever had in your whole fucking life.”

Such a bold statement, but Vida was confident in her own skills and abilities. She opened her mouth and took his rod between her lips. Wasting no time, she moved her right hand away and gripped the sides of his legs and began to bob her head up and down his meat. Antonio cried out. Here he was, standing with his underwear and pants pushed down to his ankles and experiencing his uncle’s new girlfriend sucking him off. The sun blinded him as he gazed up into the sky, moaning in pleasure.

“Ohhhhhh, god!! You are right, holy shit! I think you are giving me one of the best blow jobs ever!”

Vida ignored his words for now. Over and over, she bobbed her head up and down his meat. Her hands pushed over his legs as she began to take his shaft deeper into her mouth. Slurping and slobbering sounds began to form as her mouth generated several noises.


“Ohhhhh, fuck yeah!!”

Antonio’s cries of pleasure drowned out the sound that her mouth was creating. Vida took his cock further down her throat, completely showing to him that she had deep throat skills better than most women he had fucked so far in his young life. She came up from his cock, releasing the head from her lips with a loud pop sound. Vida spit on his cock and then wrapped her right hand back around it. She looked up into his eyes and spoke while reaching her right hand up to quickly untie the strings holding her soaked white bra over her breasts.

“Mmmmm, such a wonderful young cock. So fucking nice and big, I can’t wait to fuck it with my tits!”

He gasped when he heard her words. Vida used her right hand to hold her tits up and then brought his cock over the middle of them as she began to stroke it hard from the grip of her right hand.

“Oh my god, fucking yes! I would love to fuck these big titties!!”

“Yeah, I knew you would! You probably haven’t had a proper tit fuck once in your life, huh!?”

Suddenly, she let go of his cock and moved her hands around her breasts. In an instance, Vida pulled them apart and wrapped them around his hard shaft. Antonio gasped loudly as he watched his cock completely disappear between the fleshy folds of Vida’s big Cuban breasts. She began to move them up and down, fucking his cock to a pulp with her breasts. Her wet body had dried up from being out in the sun. Vida looked back up into his face and laughed. Antonio’s cheeks had curled up, he was definitely enjoying the feeling of his rod being fucked by her large tits.

“Look at you! You fucking like that, don’t you!? My tits fucking your dick like this? Mmmmm!!”


“Mmmmm, ask and you shall receive!”

Only because he had begged with such excitement, Vida decided to titty fuck him longer. She continued to bounce her breasts up and down, forcing his cock to push through them and the head pop back up with each thrust she pushed down. Antonio was panting heavily, giving her one sign that his orgasm wasn’t far off. Since she intended to dominate this young man, Vida wasn’t going to allow him to cum until he was ready. After a few minutes she stopped moving her tits and let go of them, allowing his cock to spring free from the prison of her tits. She then got up from her knees and looked up into his eyes to call out to him.

“You need to lay down for me, right fucking now! I want you on your back, like a good fucking boy!!”

Panting, Antonio stepped back and began to lower himself down to the floor like she commanded. As he laid down on his back, the bright sun was blinding him from the corner of his eye. There wasn’t a single cloud hanging in the boring blue sky. His vision was soon blocked as Vida had bent over, shoving her thick huge round ass into his sight. She came over his legs, ready to sit on him in a reversed position. With his cock gripped in her right hand, she held it up and then began to bend over as her thick ass cheeks spread. Antonio soon realized that she was about to thrust his cock forward into her dark hole.

“I doubt you’ve had a woman with a bigger ass than me before! Get ready to experience the fucking best you’re ever going to have!!”

Little was she aware of any famous women Antonio had fucked in the past. Jennifer Lopez and Khloe Kardashian offered fine competition in the booty department, but he didn’t care right now. He was watching as another woman with a huge ass was now lowering her powerful booty down over his cock. He groaned in pleasure as the head and first few inches of his cock pushed into her ass. Vida wasn’t going to allow him to ram and pound her in the ass, that was something Steven could do. Antonio was a young man she was content with dominating into her submissive fuck boy. He gasped and cried out as she began to pound her ass from atop of him. Vida bent over, flexing her body forward. Her hair began to hang over her head as she looked between her thighs to watch her ass pushing down over his cock.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeah!! Look at that! I’m going to fucking OWN your cock with my big fucking ass! You like that, don’t you? DON’T YOU!?”

“Oh god, yes! FUCK YES!!”

With a screamed response, Vida was most pleased. She began to pound her ass down harder, fucking his cock as it moved back and forth into the tunnel of her back door hole. She wanted to dominate this young man using the power of her booty and she proceeded to do just that. She ran her arms behind her back, pushing them palms of her hands down into his stomach to position herself up as she continued to pound her ass down onto his cock. Antonio’s sight of watching her ass dominance was blocked by her arms. He studied the tattoos under her wrists while groaning in pleasure as he felt that thick amazing booty thrusting down into him over and over.

“I have the best ass in the world! No slut comes to close to me! You better fucking remember that Antonio! REMEMBER THIS ASS OWNING YOUR DICK!!”

He didn’t say a word back, all he could do was cry out into pleasure. Vida continued to pound her ass down over him. With each heavy thrust she made, the thought raced through her mind of forcing him to cum. Since she had dominated him all day, Vida wanted to make him cum but not allow him to shoot his hot load all over her body whatsoever. She was in control, so he would cum however she wanted him to. Antonio whimpered, mustering a few words together as he spoke mindlessly while she continued to thrust her ass down over his cock.

“This ass…Oh, god! This ass is so fucking…AMAZING!!”

“What!? You better tell me that my ass is the BEST! That’s the only thing I wanna hear come out of your fucking mouth!”

“Ohhhh, god fuck yeah! You’ve got the best ass in the world, Vida!”

“Mmmmm, good boy!”

Pleased with his choice of words, Vida continued to slowly pound her ass down over his cock. Antonio couldn’t take it anymore. The way she dominated with him her ass, she was bounce to make him at any moment. He closed his eyes, blocking the heavy sunlight from blinding his view. A bead of sweat began to drip from his forehead as he called out to her.

“Ohhhhh, FUCK!! You’re gonna make me cum with that big fucking ass!”

His words alerted her. Vida grinned and let out a soft moan as she came to a stop.

“Ohhhh yeah? I think I’ll make you cum right now!”

Quickly, she got up from him. His long shaft fell loose from the tight hole of her ass. Vida turned around and moved to lay down over her left leg as she gripped his cock tightly in her right hand. She began to jerk it as hard as she could, moving her hand so fast that it caused him to moan aloud. Antonio had never had a woman aggressively wank his rod this hard before.

“Oh my god! I’m so fucking close, ohhhhh man!!”


“I’m so close, ohhhhh!!”

Her hand frantically pumped his shaft back and forth. Vida watched as she worked his shaft back and forth in her firm grip. She opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out as she knew he would be blowing his load soon. From the angle of her hand, Antonio looked down at the head of his cock as he gritted his teeth and cried out.


The explosion of his cock sent a thick string flying into the air. It almost looked like silly string for a second. Antonio moaned as he felt his own cum flying over his face and into his hair. Vida laughed as she watched the cum go flying. Another string came out and shot over her fingers from underneath. She brought her mouth down, licking the head as another string of cum shot, this time it struck her chin and dripped down. Moaning loudly, she rubbed the head of his dick up against her lips while coming to a stop from pumping his shaft. She controlled his orgasm completely from her grasp. Vida brought her lips to the head of his cock and began to squeeze his cock as she moved her hand up and down, forcing the next releases of his cum to flow into her mouth.

All Antonio could do was lay there, watching as this Cuban goddess was milking every last bit of his orgasm between her lips. Vida moaned against the head of his shaft, brushing her tongue over it. ‘Mmmmmm’, the muffled moan from her mouth could be felt with vibrations pushing into him. After she was finished, she let go of his cock and released it from her mouth, audibly swallowing his load. Vida glanced up and saw the string of cum drenched over his left cheek, chose and over his forehead. She giggled at him while pointing her right hand up, unable to stop herself from bragging.

“Look at you, big boy! I made you cum so hard, it ended up on your face!”

He sighed and let out a blush as his cheeks faded red. Vida only laughed harder as she got up. He thought she was going to lick the mess up from his face, but she didn’t plan on cleaning up his mess whatsoever. She climbed up to her feet, turning her back to him and allowing him to gaze up at her nude ass once more. It was the final sight of looking into the thickness of a supreme booty that dominated him. Vida turned and looked down at him from her shoulder and spoke.

“I hope you’re smart enough not to tell your uncle about this. You got fucked by a real woman today.”

“No, no! I wouldn’t tell him! This is our secret!”

She smiled, flashing her pearly white teeth.

“Good, that’s what I like to hear! I can get used to having fun with you like this. Maybe later on I can teach you how to be a man.”

After she was done speaking, Vida stomped her feet forward and walked off. She left him laying there on his back, starring up at the bright blue sky. As she made her way back inside, Antonio crawled up and began to climb to his feet. He let out a sigh, trying to gather his thoughts over what had just happened in the day. It appeared that he had begun an affair with his uncle’s girlfriend. For now, he didn’t know how to comprehend the thoughts of what had just occurred. In one way, he felt that he betrayed Steven in some way, but on the other hand, he enjoyed Vida’s dominance. She was a different kind of woman and her vanity made her stand out from other women he knew. Once he stood on his feet, he collected his clothes and marched back inside where he would get dressed.



The time had come for an event Vida had planned against a woman she perceived as competition throughout the years. It was time to put that photograph Steven had snapped over a month ago to good use. Vida knew exactly what she wanted to with the picture from the day she asked Steven to snap it. An old feud with a Kardashian woman had led to this, for Vida wasn’t one to forget when she was screwed over by someone in the modelling industry. Early in the morning, she went out and bought a cheap prepaid cellphone and had plugged it into her laptop. Among the computer, she had uploaded the dirty photo that Steven snapped of Khloe Kardashian. Now she had to move the file to the cheap disposable phone.

With the phone ready, she drove out to a cafe in Downtown Miami. It was close by the Disco Fever night club, but that wasn’t any of her concern at the moment. Vida needed a public place to dispose of the phone once she was done with it. The afternoon hours were settling in for lunch hour. She went in an ordered a drink, taking a seat far off where she could sit alone. From here, Vida got to work by pulling out a note from her pocket that she had been holding for some time. Among the note was a cellphone number. She punched in the number and began to write a text message, attaching the dirty photo to the message.

“Hey bitch! You won’t remember me but I haven’t forgotten about you. Check out your sister and what a whore she is!”

Once the photo was uploaded into the text, Vida hit the send button. After it went through, she quickly typed up another text message.

“Cancel your photo sessions with Larry immediately, or I will leak this photo of your slutty sister onto the internet.”

The recipient to both of text messages was Kim Kardashian. With the messages sent, Vida turned the phone off and then left the cafe while slinging the phone into the trash can. It had served it’s purpose for now so she could easily dispose of it. Her heels clicked and clacked over the pavement as she left the cafe and walked to her car. A smug grin formed over her puffy lips as she started the car and began to pull out. Hopefully her blackmail plan would succeed. If Kim were to get out of her way, she could land a serious photo shoot and return as a force to the modelling scene despite her age.



Bass beats pounded throughout the club walls while neon lights flickered and blinked to the beat of the music. Steven stood in his office, glancing down from the window and peering through the shades at the action going on in the club. In his hand was a glass of whiskey that he raised to his lips to finish off while standing there. Tonight had a special planned event that Steven was going to share with Antonio. After he finished his drink, he left the office and walked down the hall to go knock on the door of Antonio and Maria’s room. The young man was sitting behind the computer, eagerly anticipating tonight’s events. From the knock at the door, he knew it had to be his uncle. Antonio got up and stepped to the door, opening it to see Steven standing tall.

“Antonio, come on. It’s time to do this.”

The young man stepped out of the office, joining his uncle as they began to walk down the hall. Last night, Steven discussed with Antonio what they were going to do with their thieving bartender. The first step of the plan was to make sure that Henry was unaware that he was about to be jobless and thrown out on the streets. More than anything, tonight would be a learning lesson that Steven wanted to share with Antonio. If he was to becoming a club manager in the future, he had to learn how to intimidate thieves such as this who were screwing over the club. Together they walked down the halls, almost looking like father and son. Steven was wearing his white suit jacket and matching pants with a pink undershirt. Antonio wore a black jacket with a blue shirt underneath.

Once they reached the security office, Steven stepped in and spoke to the security director. It was time to pull Henry from the bar without him expecting it. Under any circumstance, a scene downstairs in the club had to be avoided. Steven had told Antonio about this last night, informing the young man that when it came to pulling someone from staff, it was best to maintain a plan to avoid the possibility of a violent scene in the club. The last thing they wanted was to have news stories about violence breaking out in the club. Steven’s plan was to send Maria down to the bar to tell Henry that a woman wanted to see him beyond the V.I.P. halls. Once he was in, he would be forcefully brought to a room and be interrogated.

“Alright, there she is. This shouldn’t take long.”

Steven spoke while looking into a security monitor that focused a camera on a bar. Among the color screen was Maria standing in front of the bar talking to Henry. A few minutes later, Henry was seen on the same security screen walking off from the bar behind Maria. Steven smiled.

“That’s it, right there! Go get ’em once he’s through the door. Bring him back here.”

His words were to the two tall security men standing by the door. They left the room and then Steven turned looked at Antonio and spoke once more.

“This is how you deal with people like him. Look, just watch me. You don’t need to waste your strength beating up on someone. Let the security do their job and fuck this guy up.”

“You think he’ll confess after taking a few slugs?”

“Maybe, but it’s not going to help him. He’s fucked either way, he isn’t getting this job back.”

A few minutes later, a scuffle could be heard down the hall and loud shouting. Antonio realized that now was the time of interrogation. The two tall security guards dragged Henry into the room, slinging him to the floor as he fell to his knees. The door slammed shut behind him as the tall dark haired man turned around to see Steven standing tall in front of him with his arms crossed.

“What the fuck is this about!?”

Steven grinned down at the bartender before speaking.

“I think you know exactly what this is about. What does your guilty conscious tell you, Henry?”

The man looked up at Steven bewildered at his words. Steven spoke again.

“Someone has been shorting us change from the bar. I know it was you, don’t deny it. Come on, we’ve got you on record.”

“What!? You’re fucking accusing me of that!?”

Confusion had washed over into rage among Henry’s facial expressions. The man got up from the floor, rising to his knees and standing up. Steven looked over at one of the security guards and gave him a nod.

“Go ahead, make that mother fucker bleed.”

The two security guards proceeded to step forth and begin throwing punches at Henry. One connected to his left jaw, another went into his stomach.


Antonio stood there silently, taking mental notes as he was learning from the events unfolding. The security guards pounded and beat the bartender for several minutes. Blood rushed from his nose after taking a hard punch. By the time they stopped, he had fallen to his knees, clutching his stomach and covering his battered face. Steven looked down at him and uncrossed his arms.

“So, you’re calling me a liar? You DIDN’T steal the money from the bar?”

Among the heavy breathing, Henry shook his head and sighed.

“Fine, you’ve got me. Look, I’m in heavy debt right now from gambling. I took the money cause I’ve gotta pay off my loan sharks, they’re driving me fucking crazy. If you want to kick my ass, fine, but I’ve taken enough beatings for now.”

Steven nodded.

“Well, you stole money from the club. I can’t forgive you for that, I don’t give a fuck what your problems are. Maybe you shouldn’t gamble. As of tonight, you’re fired. Now get your fucking worthless ass out of here, go on! Don’t come back either! I don’t want any loan sharks stalking outside this fucking club!”

The bodyguards moved, watching as Henry stood to his feet. They began to escort him out of the room to leave the club. Now that the confrontation had ended, Steven turned to Antonio and spoke to him.

“Every one of these assholes has some sob story to sing to you and try to make you feel sorry for them. They want your pity after you bust them, so don’t give them any. Save your empathy for someone more deserving. Don’t let them sweet talk you into keeping their job here, or else they’ll just keep fucking you over. You understand what I mean?”

Antonio nodded to him.

“Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.”

Steven smiled as he began to walk out of the security room.

“Good! Now go relax downstairs and enjoy yourself for a change. I’ll handle the office tonight, you go have some fun. You did a good job busting this guy, I’m proud of you.”

Taking in a deep breath, Antonio thought to himself while walking out the door. He smiled to hear Steven’s words. It was becoming more clear to him every night working at the club that eventually some day, he would be the manager in his uncle’s place. Tonight was just another learning experience to take into consideration in the future.



Saturday morning came with the early morning sun setting over. Despite a busy night and not much sleep, Steven got up around 8 A.M. hoping to go meet up with Vida in Miami Beach. She didn’t spend the night at his place, instead texting him that she had something to show him this weekend. As it seemed she wanted to surprise him, he decided to get dressed and drive out to surprise her instead. He put on a black shirt and slipped on a light orange pastel colored jacket over the shirt and a pair of white pants like he had been wearing all week. Once he got behind the wheel of his Cadillac, he drove out from his home and into town. After around twenty minutes of driving, Steven pulled the car into a gas station and figured he would stop and go in and get a drink. He already had ate breakfast and enjoyed a cup of coffee before leaving his house, but he wanted a soda drink for now.

Steven turned off the car and pulled the key out of the ignition before getting out and shutting the driver’s door. He left the Cadillac unlocked, as he knew he would be back within a few minutes. The gas station appeared to be empty without a car parked whatsoever. He let out a sigh while entering the building. He went straight to the back of the store and took his time picking out a drink from the back freezer. After a few minutes, he returned to the check out and paid for it. When Steven stepped out of the doors of the gas station, two black SUVs with dark tinted windows had parked into the gas station. He glanced down while clutching the plastic bottle of his drink when suddenly, someone approached him from behind and grabbed at his arm.

“What the fuck are you doing!?”

When Steven turned around, he looked at a tall bald black man wearing a navy blue suit and dark sunglasses. The man reared his right hand back into a clutched fist and with a second later, he sent a hard punch directly into Steven’s left jaw. He didn’t have time to react in defense, the punch sent him falling down to the ground while blood began to build up in his mouth. As he lay there for a second, two more men came rushing towards him. Steven heard the sound guns clicking and then looked up to see four black men all wearing similar navy blue suits and sunglasses had circled around him with pistols pointed directly at his heart. Steven looked up confused as the blood began to drip from the left corner of his lip. The one black man in front of him who had delivered the punch looked down at him and spoke.

“Get your ass up, you’re coming with us.”

The men stepped away, still pointing their guns at Steven’s body as he slowly climbed up from the pavement. The one man who had punched him moved behind him, pointing his drawn gun towards his back as he began to walk Steven back towards his Cadillac. Steven swallowed his breath and spoke up while holding his hands up.

“What the fuck is this!? Where are we going!?”

“Shut the fuck up! You’re gonna get in your car and follow the vehicle in front of you. Don’t ask any questions, just do as I say.”

Steven moved to the driver’s side of his Cadillac, opening the door to get in. The man holding the gun opened the passenger’s door and invited himself in before slamming the door shut. His hand gun remained pointed towards Steven as he put the key back into ignition of the car and started the engine. The man spoke again.

“Don’t try anything stupid. This is a beautiful car, I’d hate to paint your brains all over the fucking windows.”

Not intimidated even with a man pointing a gun at him, Steven chuckled and replied while cranking the car.

“Yeah, sure.”

The other armed men had moved to the SUVs, cranking them back up. Steven let out a quiet sigh as he watched one pull out first and then he did as he was instructed, moving his car behind the vehicle in front. The other SUV moved behind the blue Cadillac, boxing him in as they began to escort him to an unknown place. Steven had no idea what the hell was going. If this was kidnapping, all he could do was hope for the best. The first thing he thought was that this could be a robbery, but now it seemed like something a lot more planned out. It wasn’t worth thinking it too much, not while driving through the roads following the SUV in front of him. Keeping quiet while driving, Steven figured he would learn soon once the destination had been reached.


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