Big Booty Bitches Ch. 26

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 26

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek, Vida Guerra

Codes: MFF, MF, cons, oral, anal, 69, tit fuck, facial, drugs, affairs, blackmail, viol

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

The wheels of the cars continued to roll on the street. Steven didn’t say a word as he followed the instructions of his captor holding a gun at him while sitting in the passenger’s seat of his Cadillac. Something was truly wrong with this whole picture and situation, but he couldn’t place his finger on exactly what yet. Who would think to send armed henchmen out to kidnap him like this? Nevertheless, Steven continued to follow the SUV in front of him, following all the instructions given to him. Going by the streets and turns made, it appeared that he was being escorted somewhere into a high class neighborhood up north of Downtown. Steven could already see mansions among the gated community.

This wasn’t the first time in his life a gun had been pointed at him, but it was certainly a surprise to see multiple guns aimed in his direction. Steven continued to wonder what the hell was happening with him. He figured it up in his mind that these men must have been following him before they caught him outside the gas station. Soon, the SUV in front of him stopped outside the large black gates of a tall mansion. Steven wondered if this was someone out of the past coming back to haunt him or maybe something more sinister than that. He knew of drug barons before that had beautiful mansions like this, in this town you could never be sure about anyone. He pulled the car through the gates, following the SUV in front of him as it parked.

“Park right there next to the other vehicle.”

Instructions were spoken to Steven from the man sitting next to him, still holding the hand gun aimed at his chest. Steven did as he was told, stopping the Cadillac right next to the SUV on the right. The other SUV that had drove in escort behind him parked next to him, boxing his car in. He turned the key in the ignition, shutting off the engine. The man then opened the passenger’s door and placed his gun back into his jacket.

“Come on, let’s go!”

More instructions were given to Steven, telling him to exit his car. Stepping out of the car, he looked around the large space outside the mansion. The black man that had forced him to drive from gunpoint had placed his weapon back into his jacket and then instructed Steven to the front doors of the mansion. He didn’t say a word back to his captor as the man opened the door and began to lead Steven inside. The mansion itself was nothing out of the ordinary. By now, Steven had begun to assume that this must be a big time drug lord that he previously knew in the past. Steven had a lot of history with shady figures in the past, though he tried to lead a clean life and leave all of it in the past. Walking through a hallway and into a living room, Steven got the shock of his life as he looked at a black haired woman sitting in a chair who had apparently been waiting for him. She gave him a smile and spoke.

“Ah, Steven Diaz. I’m glad you could make it, welcome.”

The woman was Kim Kardashian herself. She gave Steven her signature little smile as the black bodyguard moved to the door where he stood. Steven looked back at Kim surprised. He couldn’t believe she of all people in the world would send armed henchmen to take him in like this.

“Kim? What’s this all about?”

She laughed at the bewildered look over his face. ‘Surely he can’t be this stupid, can he?’ Kim thought to herself. Perhaps he truly had no idea why this had come to be. Still sitting in her chair, she replied back to him.

“I needed to see you about something important.”

“Well, most people go into the club and make a fucking appointment to see me. It’s not very pleasant when you have armed men following you and pointing guns in your face.”

Kim couldn’t help herself, she laughed again. His voice displayed how aggravated he was, though Kim wasn’t hearing fear in Steven’s words. Leaning over in her chair, she grabbed a folder sitting on the coffee table and then looked up at him with that same smug grin over her face. Kim offered the folder to him.

“Here, I think you should explain to me what this is all about.”

Stepping forward a bit, Steven grabbed the folder from Kim and then began to slowly open it. His jaw dropped when he realized just what was inside. The first page had the photograph he snapped of Khloe just a month ago from the threesome that involved him and Antonio. Down the page was text messages printed out with threats. Horrified at this sight, he let out a sigh while reading them over. Kim began to speak up.

“You see, I don’t appreciate someone fucking with my family like this. It appears to me that you have quite a problem with a girlfriend who thinks she is some hot shot with her blackmail stunt. The text messages were sent to me a few days ago, I had a private investigator trace the phone back to Miami. Come to find out, your girlfriend used a cheap phone that she disposed, I guess that stupid bitch thought she was smart.”

Steven’s confused expression had turned into a face of horror. He closed the folder and sat it back down on the coffee table. He couldn’t believe this. Why would Vida do such a thing like this? He thought the photo was to be put in their special album of naughty pictures, here he was getting used and played for a fool by her. Looking around the room, Steven found a chair close to Kim and sat down. He ran his hands up to his face and let out another sigh before leaning back. Kim studied every move he made, specifically how his face looked in complete shock and disgust. She continued speaking.

“Khloe told me everything about the photo. You had a threesome with her and your nephew, I really don’t care about your sex life, but she told me you snapped the photo.”

“Yeah, I took the photo, Kim. But I seriously had no fucking idea Vida was going to do this with the photo. Weather you believe me or not, that’s up to you, but I swear this wasn’t my idea.”

Still studying his face, Kim waited a moment before nodding at him. She believed him, simply due to his reactions the entire time. Steven was very distraught, she believed it to be sincere. The entire point of dragging him at gunpoint was to see how he would react. Kim liked to handle affairs with old family friends like this, as she had known Steven and his brother Tony for quite some time. In the past, Steven had offered his hand with helping Kim out, something she never forgot from him even if they didn’t have an affair.

“I believe you, Steven. After all, you’re a very smart man from what I know. We’ve been friends for a long time, though it was only business. I just have one question though, how does a smart man like you get played by some stupid bitch like her? I’m really disappointed in you, to be honest.”

He let out a deep sigh, becoming instantly angry but thought about his words for a few seconds. Deep inside, Steven was enraged over Vida’s actions, yet there was truth to what Kim was asking him. How did he get played by her like this? He didn’t even think about it when Vida asked for the photo, he just assumed it was to go in their naughty album. Steven realized at that moment, had he not opened his mouth about the situation with Khloe, this could’ve all been prevented. After thinking his words clearly, he replied back to her.

“Vida likes to take pictures, I didn’t think nothing of it when she asked me to snap the photo. We have an album of photos collected from years gone by, she always liked to take naughty photos. You’re not wrong, it was stupid of me. I should’ve never told her that I was about to have that threesome with Khloe. I must have put the idea in her head, it’s my fault.”

Kim laughed at his words.

“You gave her the idea, huh? Oh please, Steven.”

While rolling her eyes, Kim stood up from her chair. She crossed her arms while looking down at Steven still seated in the chair.

“You need to realize, that bitch has her own agenda in play. She thinks she can blackmail me to get a bigger modelling gig. Personally, I don’t give a shit about her career. She’s a washed up model trying to make a comeback and deep down, she knows it. That’s the whole point of her blackmailing me to begin with, she knows her career isn’t coming back. She ain’t gonna touch me or my family, but I don’t appreciate the threats.”

Looking up at Kim, Steven raised his eyebrow at her. He realized that from the beginning, he probably was not going to get out of this free without paying a price. A powerful figure, regardless who they were did not often send armed henchmen just to warn someone. The look in her eyes said it all, Kim was about to ask him for something. Steven thought for a few more seconds before responding.

“So, what about it? You dragged me here out with guns pointed at me, not Vida. I know you want something out of this, Kim. I can tell from that look in your eye.”

Placing her hands on her hips, Kim gave him that same smug grin he had seen so many times before.

“You have a choice between two options. I can completely send Vida’s career down the drain, that’s option one. All I have to do is throw some cash at her modelling agent and the studio she’s on contract for and they’ll drop her.”

“What’s the other option?”

Kim raised her eyebrow at him before answering this time. Looking over his pastel orange colored jacket and black shirt underneath, his fashion style wasn’t fooling her whatsoever.

“The other option? I could use your help with a big time drug deal.”

Steven immediately rolled his eyes and sighed. Kim seemed to be so excited when she spoke of this, he began to wonder if this was the true reason she wanted his help. It was as if she were turning a blackmail plan over to him now. Looking back up at her, he shook his head.

“No, I don’t deal anymore.”

“Are you sure about that, Steven? You still dress like a drug dealer and I know you from the past.”

“That was in the past, I don’t mess around with dirty money anymore like that.”

Still gazing into his face, Kim dropped her lower lip, pretending to be surprised at his answer. It was time to drop a bombshell on him, to let him know just how much she really knew he was lying.

“I guess I was misinformed then when I last spoke to Sebastian Taylor.”

Steven looked back at her with another shocked expression. This was just what Kim wanted to see. She enjoyed every minute of toying with his emotions, offering him another smirk as she continued.

“He told me about that deal you made with him back in January. Two keys of coke, purer than a Catholic nun?”

Kim stopped and smirked again, just to tease Steven. He blushed as he realized that Sebastian must have been friends with the Kardashian family some how. Letting out a sigh, Steven shook his head. It was no use in denying the obvious. Kim obviously knew enough about him to have him backed into a corner like this.

“Fine, you’ve got me. Yeah, I made a deal with him. So what do you want help with, Kim?”

Just like that, Kim realized she had Steven in her grasp. All she had to do was play with his emotions a little bit and he was ready to give in to her demands.She knew he would say no to crumbling Vida’s career, Kim knew him better. Satisfied with his answer, she stepped away, turning her back to him. Steven looked into the sight of her huge plump ass in the tight dress that she wore while Kim began to speak of the situation.

“I have an agent, he’s a very close friend of mine who goes back a long ways. He’s got twenty keys of coke that he needs to get rid of and make a good bit of money. He needs a negotiator, someone who can lead the deal to come out with a good profit.”

While gazing into her large round ass, Steven replied.

“What’s the going price he’s trying to get?”

“At least half a million dollars, so about five hundred thousand is what he wants. Do you think you can do that for me?”

He didn’t reply back immediately. Kim turned around and smirked at him while placing her hands on her hips.

“Are you too distracted looking at my ass, Steven?”

“No, no! I can do it, but I’m gonna need some help. If you want me to pull off a deal like this, I want some back up. I’m not going in there by myself to get killed and ripped off.”

Rising up from the chair, Steven turned to look at the bodyguard standing near the door. It was still the same tall black man that had punched him in the jaw earlier in the morning. Steven pointed to him and then looked back at Kim to speak again.

“You’ve got guys like him, they’re intimidating and armed. I want some back up, let me bring some of your bodyguards with me and we can pull off this deal.”

Kim smiled and nodded.

“That won’t be a problem, I’ll let you bring four men as back up.”

She turned to look at her bodyguard and laughed.

“Sean, you’re going to be in touch with Steven from here on out with this deal.”

“Alright, that’s cool.”

The bodyguard turned to look at Steven and offered him a smile. It was a strange feeling, knowing that this man had held him at gunpoint and delivered a good punch to him earlier. Steven felt odd about it, but he couldn’t complain. It was better than to plan for a deal and go in alone only to be ripped off or worse. He had experience in the past with big time drug barons well enough to know their tricks. Everyone cared about money over everything, it was a dangerous game every step of the way.

“My agent will call you in the next few hours, his name is Mario. Be on the look out for that call.”

“Alright, after this is done, are we cool?”

Kim nodded her head to Steven’s words.

“Yeah, it will be fine. If I were you though, I would maybe consider a replacement for a better girlfriend. You’re a smart man, Steven. It’s a shame you waste your time with that stupid bitch and let her make a fool out of you.”

Somewhat offended at her remark, Steven looked back into her eyes and replied.

“Maybe you’re right, but I know you’re married to egotistical clown too.”

Kim raised her eyebrow as he mentioned her husband Kanye West. She almost laughed at Steven’s comeback remark.

“That’s true, but do you see my husband making a fool of me or my family by doing stupid shit like Vida just did? He knows his place in the family and who holds his strings. If I were you, I would put that bitch in her place and be the boss, or find someone better.”

Her words were spoken in complete sincerity. Kim was very revealing of what the dominant control freak she was in a relationship. Steven sighed as he turned away from her, knowing he couldn’t argue with her words. She was right about many things, all he could think about was the rage inside he had right now for being made into a fool by Vida. He was humiliated by her actions and now a pawn in Kim’s game. Sean escorted Steven out of the room, allowing him to leave the mansion now after trading phone numbers with the bodyguard who would now have to watch over him with the future deal. Kim stood triumphant in the room alone, feeling more confident than ever after this successful turn of events.

Kim had taken Vida’s little blackmail plan and flipped it upside down. Now she was in control of this game, taking advantage of the woman’s boyfriend to use him for the help of an associate of hers. While she was in Miami, Kim considered reaching out to the other Diaz man who she was on better terms with. Though she had a past of business dealings with Steven, it was Tony who was the party animal playboy who she liked to spend time with back on his yacht. At the moment, Kanye was busy on tour leaving Kim all along with her boy toys. Perhaps Tony would be up for a fun time, she considered. Moving across the room, she grabbed her large cellphone and began to scroll through the contact list. It was time to give him a call and see what he was up to.



A big smile curved across the older man’s lips as he puffed on a cigar in his office. Tony couldn’t have been happier today as he was finished up phone calls with business partners. An excellent week was coming to a close. First he received word of his son’s good actions back at the club during the week, a moment where he was truly proud of his boy for something. Second, the love of his life Salma Hayek was spending the month on the yacht with him as she was taking time off after completing a film in L.A. The third event he was thrilled for would be a surprise that he couldn’t wait to discuss with Salma. Just an hour, he got off the phone with Kim Kardashian who was calling for a second time to discuss some ‘fun’ they could have together on his boat. Today was Saturday and Tony already was thinking about spending all weekend fucking Salma.

Kim did not mention anything as to why she truly was in Miami this week. Not a word was spoken of the deal with Steven and her troubles with Vida Guerra. Tony was a man she could have fun with while Kanye wasn’t around to satisfy her. Tony mentioned to her that he was dating Salma Hayek, something that truly surprised Kim. It wasn’t long until their conversation became centered around the possibility of a threesome with the older woman. Tony had told Kim that he had become loyal to Salma, only ever fucking other women unless she were in the room to watch and enjoy the fun as well. Now that he was finished with his phone calls, Tony was ready to approach Salma about the whole situation.

Salma was enjoying her day out on the deck of the massive yacht, sitting in a fold out chair with an umbrella high above to create shade. For now, she was wearing a black bikini thinking of plans to go out for swimming later. A pair of fancy green emerald and diamond rings hung from her ears, a new gift she received from her lover recently. Tony was bare foot, like always on his yacht. As he began to step through the cabins and go out to see her, he thought of how he was going to approach this conversation. Deep down, he was still disappointed and somewhat bitter that he couldn’t promise her a threesome with Jennifer Lopez. Hopefully Salma would be excited over the offer to share one with Kim Kardashian instead. As he stepped out of the door to the inner cabins, Tony approached Salma with a big grin over his face. She turned to look at him, greeting him.

“It’s a beautiful day, mi amor.”

“Yes it is, baby.”

He leaned down to kiss her lips softly. Salma smiled and spoke back.

“You look happy about something.”

Tony laughed before answering her.

“Salma, did I ever tell you that I’m good friends with Kim Kardashian?”

Raising an eyebrow to his words, Salma looked back and shook her head. Clearly she could see that Tony was up to something and now she was interested.

“No, but I would love to know about this. You’ve gotta tell me now.”


Hours had past since Steven had left Kim’s mansion. With the phone numbers traded and speaking to Kim’s agent, he knew he had a job to do now. The bodyguard responsible for punching him had shockingly turned out to be a decent guy in the passing hours. Steven joked with him about riding in his Cadillac at gunpoint, though it was the only way he could approach the day without seething in rage over the whole turn of events. Steven was enraged at Vida and wanted to avoid her completely during the day. He planned to see her today, but now that was all shot. From his anger, Steven knew it was best to avoid her for now until he could cool down. When he was ready to confront her, it was not going to be a pretty sight but would probably happen before the night was over. Before he left Kim’s mansion, he asked Sean to go back and request Kim if he could take the photograph with him. He wanted to show Vida the print out pages of the text messages and photo, so she couldn’t deny it to his face when he decided to confront her about it.

He went out to a small cafe to have coffee and ended up staying for lunch. Kim’s agent Mario had called Steven and gave him instructions for meeting tomorrow. The two talked briefly, as Mario promised he could probably get the deal done throughout the weekend and be out of town by Monday. While sitting there alone, Steven thought of the whole situation with Vida and their now crumbling love affair. Kim was right when she spoke of taking control of a situation, but Steven knew that Vida was not the type of woman one could control in a relationship. If that were the case, this whole situation wouldn’t have happened to begin with. He couldn’t help but think of Jennifer Lopez and the affair he had with her. Jennifer’s romance with Alex Rodriguez was big talk in the celebrity news, it just made Steven feel even worse.

Jennifer had promised the possibility of getting serious to Steven, yet he felt it was a long shot at this point. That was a month ago and she had yet to contact him, or maybe she was waiting for him to reach out to her? He looked through his phone, noticing her in his contact list. He wanted to call her right now or text, but stopped himself. Maybe it was better if he came out alive in the next few days from this large scale drug deal. His heart was breaking due to what Vida had done. Jennifer had told him that it would only end on a bad note, just as it did years ago. Steven knew he shouldn’t have been surprised by Vida’s actions, for similar events had happened years ago that doomed their relationship in the past. History had an odd way of repeating itself, some habits never changed with some people no matter how hard you wanted to believe they had moved on.



The sun began to fade off,leaving the sky lit into fading colors. Kim had arrived back at Tony’s yacht an hour ago, enjoying an evening of drinks with the man and Salma Hayek. After having the discussion with Salma, Tony found that they both were looking forward to having some kinky fun with the tabloid sensation. Kim had changed into a tight pair of blue jeans, her feet pushed into heels and a white T-shirt over her chest. Tony and Salma wore matching robes, offering a sign that they were serious in their relationship. While drinking in the main cabin, Salma was quick to shift the conversation over the Kim. It was the first time the older woman had met her, yet she clearly had something else on her mind instead of a normal discussion.

“You’re quite the beauty, Kim. Everyone knows that, but I have to say, you’re simply breathtaking to witness in person.”

“Thank you, Salma. That’s a real compliment coming from you. I hope I can look as good as you when I reach fifty.”

Tony laughed at Kim’s returning compliment. All Salma could do was smile, though she often hated being reminded of her age. Tony always told her how she didn’t look to be fifty years old, how her body was aging like the finest wine in the world. The man sadly couldn’t say that for himself. He missed the days before his hair had faded into a gray color. They all sat together on the seats in what Tony considered to be the living room of the yacht. He thought to himself, how he could possibly tease Kim as he knew Salma had her own tricks in mind. Looking at Salma, he began to speak.

“You know, Kim and I have had a lot of fun over the years, baby. Shame on me for never telling you any of those stories.

A giggle was heard from Kim’s voice. She leaned over, wrapping her arm around Tony’s shoulder as they both looked at Salma.

“Yes, it’s true! We’ve had some wild times over the years, this man is a king in my eyes.”

Tony smirked. Any time a woman referred to him as a king in some metaphor, he felt proud. All Salma could do was nod. She reached up, pulling Tony by his robes and kissed his lips softly. He wondered if she was bothered seeing Kim throw her arm around him. While Kim watched the two lovers kiss, she knew what was about to come from them. They weren’t wearing their robes for nothing and Tony already had talked to her about the threesome on the phone. Kim pulled her arm back from Tony and then got up from the seats, she stood talk waiting until they broke the kiss and looked forward at her. She felt as if she were the star of the show and it was time get hot and dirty.

“Well, I think it’s time to to make this a new chapter of wild times. What do you say, Salma? You ready to see how I really look without any clothes?”

“Yes, what are jou waiting for!? Go on, take jour clothes off!”

Kim laughed at Salma’s words. She found her accent slurring her words to be absolutely adorable. ‘Oh my, I could listen to this woman talk for hours’. She spoke in her mind while reaching to pull the ends of her shirt out from her pants. Kim had kept the shirt tucked in until now. Both Salma and Tony sat there, watching her pull her shirt from over her head and stand tall in nothing but a black push up bra. Salma’s eyes instantly went to Kim’s large breasts. They were bigger than her own famous pair, it was the first thing she noticed about this woman’s voluptuous body. Not a word was spoken from the two lovers as Kim unbuttoned her jeans and then stepped out of her heels. Salma continued to watch as she tugged the jeans down, revealing that she only had a black g-string on underneath.

Salma was amazed so far as Kim was stepping out of the jeans and then turned to her side, as if she were modelling her almost naked body. The older woman couldn’t help but stare into the large size of Kim’s huge booty. Everyone knew she had quite the size from looking at pictures and videos but in person, that ass was truly massive. For Salma, it was the biggest booty she had ever witnessed in person. Her lower lip fell in amazement as she found herself gazing into the massive ass as Kim turned around. Tony whistled when bent over, the small g-string disappeared between the crack of her ass and now they both stood starring into her large rump.

“Oh dios mío, podría desmayarme…That is the biggest ass I have ever seen on another woman.”

Kim couldn’t help but giggle at Salma’s words. She slid the thong down and then turned around. Her wet pussy was revealed, soaking wet as it was clean and shaved. Kim noticed both of them were looking at her with such hunger in their eyes. Reaching behind her back, she unsnapped her bra and let it fall as her large breasts came loose. A smile curved over Salma’s lips as Tony looked back at his love. It was time for the fun to begin, Tony spoke up to Kim.

“Looking lovely as always, I think it’s time for Salma and I to get naked too. Los tres de nosotros, we’re about to have a world of fun together.”


With sunlight fading and a darkening sky, Vida had decided to go out and meet Steven back at his home. She sent him a text message earlier in which he replied that he was at home and wouldn’t be going out tonight. After the disappointment of expecting him to show up and reveal her surprise to him, she couldn’t resist but to meet him at his place. After pulling up past the gates, she got out of her car and walked to the front door. Her high heels clicked and clacked over the walkway before she stepped into his house. She wore a tight white shirt, revealing a bit of a cleavage while a pair of stone washed blue jeans hugged her every curve. Over the shirt, she wore a matching denim jacket. While stepping around downstairs, she searched for Steven. The house was quiet, Vida called out to him.

“Steven honey!? Anyone home?”

Suddenly the sound of stomping was heard upstairs. Vida moved to the staircase and clacked her heels up every step. He must have been in the bedroom, she thought. As she stood up the staircase, the bedroom door came flying open with a hard crash. Steven looked at her with rage in his eyes, catching her completely off guard. Looking back at him shocked, she spoke.

“Steven, what’s wrong?”

“Get the fuck in here!”

Moving out of the bedroom, Steven came out and grabbed Vida’s arm, pulling her into the bedroom. He then slammed the door shut behind them so hard, picture frames rattled in the hallway. Vida pulled his arm away and looked back at in rage before yelling at him.

“What the fuck has gotten into you, Steven! You’re acting like a fucking maniac, what the fuck is your problem!?”

Taking a deep breath, Steven screamed back at her while pointing his finger in her face.

“You are my fucking problem, that’s what!”


“Yeah, you! Since you like to make a fucking fool of me so you can play your little games.”

Vida rolled her eyes at him. Steven stepped back from her. She had become angry at the way he screamed at her and pulled her into the bedroom. It was rare to see him this enraged, her first assumption was maybe Antonio had ran to him and confessed the affair they had a few days ago. Vida wasn’t ready to consider blaming his nephew yet. She crossed her arms and barked back at Steven.

“What little fucking games are you talking about?”

A few seconds later, Steven had grabbed a white piece of paper from the dress and shoved it into Vida’s face. It was the print out of the text messages with the picture of Khloe enlarged and the threatening texts underneath it. Steven screamed at her.

“Explain this to me, Vida!”

She grabbed the paper and her lower lip dropped. Steven let a heavy breath as he looked at her with rage, crossing his arms and studying her facial expressions as she quickly read the text messages. Vida looked embarrassed, she didn’t know what to say at first.


Steven began to speak again.

“I leave the house this morning and you know what happened to me? I pulled over at a gas station to get a drink and I come out and I have a bunch of guys pointing fucking guns at me. All because of YOU and your little fucking games sending threats to people!”

He stepped away from her. Vida let out a heavy sigh as she listened to Steven’s words. She felt bad instantly over what had happened to him. Usually she would tease him in a situation like this, but it wasn’t a joke whatsoever. The way he spoke to her with such anger, she knew that he was telling the truth. Kim Kardashian obviously had went after him, but Vida couldn’t seem to understand how. She thought her plan using a prepaid phone to dispose after sending the text messages would’ve been perfect. Deep down, Vida was angry as Kim had obviously ruined her plan. Sitting down on the head, she let go of the paper and tried to speak to him in a low voice, hoping to calm his rage.

“Honey, you don’t understand. I have problems with that Kardashian whore, she’s been a big problem to me in the past with my modelling career. Please, let me-”

“I DON’T FUCKING CARE!! Because of your little games with her, now I’m in deep fucking shit right now. All thanks to you!”

“What did she do to you, Steven?”

Only breathing could be heard. He turned his back to her, his arms still crossed. Vida knew how angry Steven was, but he wasn’t an abusive man. He could be dominant at times in the bedroom, but she knew he was not going to physically beat her. Once more, she tried to give her side of the story and just why she wanted to blackmail Kim in the first place.

“I’m sorry, Steven. Whatever she did to you, I’m sorry, but please. You have to understand, this is something between me and her. This is-”

He quickly turned around cut her off.

“Not anymore! Now it’s between all three of us! I’ve been dragged into this fucking mess, cause you don’t realize that you decided to fuck with someone who has brains. Kim isn’t stupid, I don’t know what made you think that to begin with.”

Vida looked back at him shocked.

“Are you calling me fucking stupid, Steven!?”

She was trying to bait him, but Steven knew before. He looked back at her before starring at the wall and thinking. Vida waited a few moments before trying to change the subject and ease his mood. The act of seduction was her last attempt, hopefully he would fall for it.

“How about we do something to make you feel better? I know, you’re pretty pissed off at me right now. How about you fuck all that energy out of me, huh?”

Leaning up on her knees, Vida reached over and grazed his black shirt with her left hand. She spoke softly in her voice.

“Come on, I’ll let you dominate me. You can skull fuck me and maybe that will make you feel better. Take your anger out with some rough play, come on.”

Steven grabbed her wrist, pulling her hand away from him. She didn’t understand how angry he was, he found it difficult to even look at her face right now.

“No! I don’t want your fucking hands touching me tonight. I am so fucking mad at you right now, Vida. You just don’t know. I’m heading out for now.”

As he began to walk off, she leaned up and yelled back at him.

“Where the fuck are you going!?”

“I’m going to work, that’s where!”

She knew him so well from years of experience. Steven was the kind of man who could never be pulled away from his job, he practically lived back at the Disco Fever club. Vida couldn’t help but smirk as Steven grabbed the pastel orange colored jacket and slipped it on. From knowing how he was, he wouldn’t have the anger to hit her if she were to insult him back. Steven never called her a ‘bitch’, even when she tried to force him to utter that word. Vida couldn’t help herself up to yell as Steven slipped the jacket on.

“Oh yeah, so you’re going back to the club huh? Let me guess, you’re probably going to find some other whore to fuck tonight instead of making up with me. Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly what you’re about to fucking do!”

Like before, Steven didn’t take her bait. He didn’t even reply as he stomped out of the bedroom door. By now, Vida was angry that he didn’t even have the nerve to talk back to her. As he went down the staircase, she decided to really tease him now with insults. Chasing him out the door, she yelled.

“I’d love to know what the fuck that Kardashian whore told you! You probably have your head stuck up her huge ass, since you don’t want to spend the night with me.”

Finally, Steven heard enough. He stopped and looked up at the staircase and answered her back.

“You know what you can do, Vida? You can get the fuck out of my house right now.”

“Fine, I think I’ll just fucking do that!”

Within seconds, stomping could be heard as she came down the staircase while he made his way out the front door. Steven didn’t glance back at her, he just moved to his Cadillac and opened the driver’s door. Within minutes, he pulled out the driveway of his Coconut Grove home while Vida’s car followed behind him. The allure of sex was the last thing on his mind. All he wanted to do was go back to work and get his mind off this horrible day by managing the club. Vida however, had other plans. If Steven wasn’t going to spend his time fucking her, she was ready to turn her sights to his nephew. She planned to seduce Antonio again out of revenge for Steven treating her like this.


“Ohhhhhhh, fuck! Maldito, this is what it feels like to be a king right here.”

Tony grinned, flashing his teeth and moaning as both Salma and Kim were licking his cock in unison. From his left hand side, Salma had gripped his cock from the base and held it up. She licked it up from the left side, while Kim was to his right and sliding her tongue up and down his rod. Salma’s hair was pinned up in a pony tail, her emerald diamond ear rings in plain view while she licked his thick shaft. Both women were so close, their noses touched as their tongues finally reached the head of his cock. All three of them were naked as the lustful act had began. Tony placed his hand on the back of Salma’s head, running it through her long dark hair as if he were petting her. Kim lowered her tongue down to his balls and began to lick and suck one of his nuts in her mouth while Salma began to take control to slide the head of his cock between her lips.

Tony grinned, flashing his teeth and moaning as both Salma and Kim were licking his cock in unison. From his left hand side, Salma had gripped his cock from the base and held it up. She licked it up from the left side, while Kim was to his right and sliding her tongue up and down his rod. Salma’s hair was pinned up in a pony tail, her emerald diamond ear rings in plain view while she licked his thick shaft. Both women were so close, their noses touched as their tongues finally reached the head of his cock. All three of them were naked as the lustful act had began. Tony placed his hand on the back of Salma’s head, running it through her long dark hair as if he were petting her. Kim lowered her tongue down to his balls and began to lick and suck one of his nuts in her mouth while Salma began to take control to slide the head of his cock between her lips.

While Kim was slobbering all over his nuts, Salma began to slowly bob her head up and down his shaft. Still grinning, Tony was amazed at this site as both beautiful women were working to pleasure him. Salma moaned as she went down every inch of Tony’s shaft. ‘Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm’ she moaned into it while the sound of Kim’s mouth slobbering over his balls was heard much louder. Salma eventually came up, only to release his dick with a loud pop noise. She pulled back away and then Kim took over, moving away from his nuts while a string of drool dripped to the floor. Salma wanted to watch the other woman suck on Tony’s cock, to see if the rumors were true of Kim’s skills in the bedroom. Kim smiled at Tony as she took over, parting her lips to slide his cock into her mouth.

Salma licked her lips and simply stood there on her knees, watching as Kim took her time bobbing her head up and down his meat pole. He moaned, starring down as Tony’s cock would completely disappear between Kim’s lips as she slowly went down. Salma realized right away that Kim was talented when it came to deep throat skills. ‘Impressive, she’s got quite the mouth for sucking cocks’. Salma spoke to herself as she studied every move Kim made. After devouring his dick several times, Kim came up and released it from her lips with a pop sound. A few strings of slobber were attached, dripping down to the floor. She placed her hands up on her breasts, holding them up as she wanted to titty fuck him now. Salma’s eyes became enlarged as she watched Kim hold her breasts up push his fat cock between them.

“Holy shit, her boobs are bigger than mine!”

Kim giggled at Salma’s words as she slowly began to pump her tits up and down. All Salma could do was sit there, watching Kim’s amazing breasts as Tony’s cock completely disappeared between them. He took a deep breath before moaning. When the head popped up from a thrust, Salma leaned her head down to lick over it. Tony groaned in pleasure, calling out to her.

“Yeah, there you go baby! Lick it while Kim works her big tetas.”

Licking her lips, Kim leaned her head up to allow Salma more room to lick and slobber over the head of his cock each time it thrust up. She felt kinda bad, as she knew Salma’s breasts were a famous part of her body with many men lusting over them, yet here was Kim, showing her up and titty fucking her man in front of her. After a few more seconds of slowly moving her breasts up and down, Kim let go of them and spoke up to Salma.

“I’m done now. I want to see you fuck his cock with your tits, Salma”


A laugh was heard from Kim as she nodded her head back at the older woman. Salma felt somewhat intimidated, knowing that Kim’s breasts were larger than hers.

“But I think jour tits are much bigger than mine.”

Once again, Kim found herself giggling at Salma’s strong accent.

“Oh no, that don’t matter! Come on, I know men fantasize over those tits. God knows, you’ve probably titty fucked countless many men before Tony, I want to see you do it!”

Tony got up from his seat. He leaned down and kissed Salma on the forehead, encouraging her now with his own words.

“Go on, baby. Your tits were made for my cock, let’s prove it to Kim.”

Backed by the confidence of her lower, Salma proceeded to situate herself up on her knees. Tony stepped over while Kim found her way behind Salma’s shoulder. Kim wanted a better view from behind as she began to breath down Salma’s neck while the Mexican goddess held her large breasts up. Tony slid his dick right between them, crying out a moan as Salma squeezed her tits around the shaft. He began to buck his hips, driving his cock back and forth between her tits. Salma closed her eyes and moaned, enjoying the feeling of every inch of his thick dick sliding back and forth between her tits. Kim found herself moaning too, speaking out.

“Mmmmmm, wow. That is amazing right there. I always wanted to see your tits get fucked, Salma.”

Moaning, Salma opened her eyes and looked down to see Tony’s cock driving back and forth. She licked her lips and spit down the fold of her large cleavage. He began to pump his dick faster between her tits, fucking them like he always did. Before Salma knew it, she could feel Kim’s puffy lips pushing up against her neck. Tony moaned as he watched Kim kiss her neck and come up. Within seconds, Salma turned her head and locked her lips with Kim to embrace a passionate kiss while Tony was still pumping his cock back and forth between her tits.

“Oh si, kiss her Kim! She’s a wonderful kisser!”

Tony wasn’t lying, as Kim soon realized that Salma’s passionate kisses were strong. He continued to thrust his long shaft back and forth between Salma’s breasts. Soon, he came to a stop and took a heavy breath, knowing he would end up reaching his climax too soon if he didn’t stop. The kiss broke between the two ladies and Salma smiled up at Tony. He was ready to truly fuck both of them now.

“I think that’s enough for now, baby! I want to fuck both of you! Side by side, gonna take my turn pounding you both.”

Kim began to kiss Salma on the neck yet again, forcing the older woman to cry out as she answered her lover.

“I wanna watch jou fuck Kim in her big phat culo! Since she got to watch my big tetas in action, I want to see jou pound dat huge fuckin’ ass!”

Salma felt Kim’s lips come to a halt from kissing over her neck. The voluptuous woman leaned back and busted out laughing. Kim simply couldn’t control herself, Salma’s thick accent slurring her speech was so cute to listen to. It was even sexier when she used a few Spanish words. Kim began to realize from the way Tony and Salma talked back and forth, they already seemed like a healthy couple who belonged together in a wonderful relationship.

“Don’t worry, mi amor. I’m gonna pound both of you in the ass, that will be later. Come on, get on all fours for me.”

Turning around, Salma looked back at Kim who was smiling at her as they began to move and arch themselves up on all fours. Just the way Tony liked to fuck two women together in a threesome, he always liked them to be lined up side by side. Kim was to his left and Salma was on the right. As Tony stepped behind them, he had quite the choice to make between two of the most beautiful in the world. Salma could feel Kim’s large hips pushing up against her side. She looked down into the carpet floor of the cabin as she soon felt Tony’s hand slowly caressing her ass. He used both of his hands to run up the smooth skin of their large buttocks. Salma had quite the impressive ass herself, but there were very women who could compete with Kim’s massive size.

He decided to choose Kim first, stepping to the left as he used his right hand to guide his cock towards her wet and dripping pussy. A gasp was heard from her voice as the head of Tony’s cock came sliding into her wet clit. Salma licked her lips, realizing that she would have to wait her turn. As Tony began to thrust his cock back and forth into Kim’s pussy, the sound of his balls slapping up against her huge ass could be heard. Smack. Smack. Smack. Salma sat there on her knees, listening to the sounds of his balls smacking against her ass while Kim was moaning. Curiosity eventually got the better of her, she had to witness her lover man and his balls slapping up against Kim’s titanic-sized ass. Salma got up, crawling up to stand close to Tony. He looked over at her, pushing both of his hands down to grip Kim’s hips. He yelled at Salma in Spanish.

“Qué coño crees que estás haciendo? Get back down on the floor, baby!”

“I gotta see jou pound her, mi amor! No maldecir a mí!

“You can watch later!”

Kim gasped. Her large breasts bounced up and down from under her with each thrust Tony sent into her pussy. She would’ve laughed if not for experiencing such pleasure. It was hilarious to her ears, listening to Tony and Salma go back and forth cussing each other in Spanish. They sounded like such a married couple at times. Salma moved back on the floor, sitting next to Kim back on all fours like before. By now, the Kardashian woman was screaming at him.


While Salma felt left out, the most she could do was use her right hand to reach down and rub her clit while Tony was busy pumping that thick cock back and forth into Kim’s clit. His balls continued to slap against her ass, but soon it was his hand that was coming down slapping over her massive cheeks.


Spank! Spank! Spank! Tony reared his left hand back and continued to spank Kim’s ass with each thrust he sent into her pussy. He wanted to force her into an orgasm before he moved on to Salma.

“Maldito, I always loved to pound this fucking pussy!”

“Make her cum, Tony! DO IT!!”


Over and over, his cock continued to pump into her tight pussy. Kim was so close, whimpering in her voice as she had screamed. Salma looked over, noticing that the woman had closed her eyes. She couldn’t help but watch as Kim’s large breasts bounced each time Tony pumped into her. Kim bit her lower lip, unable to hold back before gasping and screaming out.


Tony grunted, groaning out as he felt Kim’s juices flooding his cock. Her walls had tightened up as her body shook. He made one last slow thrust before he began to ease his cock from her pussy. So far, he had held himself from blowing his load early, as he didn’t want to torture his cock further as he knew he could have exploded within Kim’s clit. Salma was eager to join in on the fun and experience a bit of Kim’s lovely body for her own pleasure. After Tony had pulled his cock out, Salma crawled over to Kim who was still seated on her knees. As Kim began to slowly catch her breath, she soon gasped at the feeling of Salma’s mouth over her clit.


The man busted out laughing as he heard Kim’s words screaming through out the large cabin room of the yacht. Salma had truly caught Kim by surprise and now her tongue was darting into her pussy back and forth, cleaning up all the juices that would’ve dripped out. Biting her lower lip, Kim moaned as she watched Tony walk around to her. He gave her a wink as he moved his cock towards her mouth, inviting her to clean up her own juices. She parted her lips and slid them down his shaft while experiencing the pleasure that Salma gave her down below. For a minute, both Salma and Tony were enjoying the experiences of Kim’s lustful body. Once Salma was finished cleaning her pussy, she moved her mouth back. Kim released Tony’s dick from her lips with a loud pop noise.

“It’s my turn now!”

Salma spoke aloud, alerting both Tony and Kim with her voice. Kim turned around, crawling towards Salma before speaking.

“I’ve got an idea, how about you keep licking me while he fucks you?”

“Ohhhh, now that sounds fucking hot! How about it, baby?”

Of course Salma could’ve guessed that Tony would be thrilled with Kim’s idea, as he spoke up before her. With a smirk on her lips, the Mexican goddess replied to both of them.

“Sure! Dat could be fun!”

Once again, Kim was giggling at Salma’s response when her accent came out. To get into a proper position, Kim moved to the seats, sitting down and spreading her legs. Tony soon realized how this would be easier, as he watched Salma get back down on her hands and knees, crawling towards Kim. The seats were positioned perfectly where Salma could sit there on her knees and lick Kim’s clit. Once Salma’s mouth was embedded back over Kim’s pussy, that was when Tony decided to move his hands over her hips and guide his cock into her pussy. The tables had rotated a bit for this threesome as now it was Tony and Kim indulging in the pleasures of Salma’s lustful nature. Salma moaned as Tony began to buck his hips and slowly drive his cock into her pussy. Kim gasped as she felt Salma’s tongue slithering back into her pussy.

“Mmmmmm, ohhhh yeah! No one can tell me older women don’t know how to lick it!”

Tony chuckled at Kim’s words as he was thrusting his hips back and forth. The moan moaned as he was fucking Salma, always enjoying the time he had with her like this. Kim licked her lips, watching as Salma was busy licking her clit. A muffled moan was heard over Kim’s clit, as Salma tried not to, but she couldn’t help but cry out into pleasure even if her mouth was working busy. For the time being, Kim felt she was in control watching the older woman lick her. Eventually, Salma couldn’t take it anymore. As she felt every inch of his cock pumping into her pussy, she just had to scream at Tony. Her large tits began to bounce, her pony tail fell from her back to dangle from her left shoulder. Salma raised her mouth from Kim’s clit and roared to Tony.


Kim reached her right hand down and gripped Salma’s hair, just before pushing her head back between her legs. a groan of pleasure and relief escaped Kim’s lips as Salma’s tongue found it’s place back into her pussy. Kim remained gripping Salma’s hair, not wanting to allow the older woman the chance to ease that tongue out from her clit again. Tony was quickly bucking his hips from behind, pumping his fat dick back and forth into Salma’s clit. Kim listened to his balls smack up against the underside of Salma’s lovely ass, all while her tits were bouncing around from under her. Kim couldn’t help but to brag yet again.

“Oh my god, yes! I’ve gotta tell you Tony, you picked a real woman who knows how to work that tongue!”

“She’s the fucking best I’ve ever had, I love her!!”

Such sincerity was spoken in his words. Salma felt Kim’s fingertips release from the grip in her hair, just as she was closer to reaching her climax. Tony moved his hands to the small of her back and then made one final thrust before pulling out. He didn’t want to cum inside of her, as by now he was planning to have one sole orgasm at the very end. Tony realized both of these lovely women were going to work him into exhaustion.

“Mi amor, I’m ready to ram your ass first!”

Pulling her mouth away from Kim’s clit, Salma groaned out to Tony.

“I was so close!! You aren’t going to finish me?”

Kim reached down with her hand, this time she snatched up Salma’s hair hard to force her to look into her face. With a smug grin, she spoke back to the older woman.

“Leave that to me while he fucks you in the ass. I’ll finish you off, honey.”

She licked her lips around in a slow rotation. Salma realized just what Kim wanted to do now. She let go of Salma’s hair and then got up from the seat. Tony stepped around Salma as he watched Kim go down to the floor and lay down on her back. Salma crawled over Kim to create a 69 position. Just like before, Salma found herself embedding her mouth to Kim’s delicious clit, only this time she could feel the voluptuous Kardashian woman twirling her tongue around her own clit. Tony grinned as he stepped forward and pulled Salma’s thick ass cheeks apart. He rubbed his cock between the crack of her ass, just before finding her dark little hole and sliding the head of his shaft inside. Salma raised her head from Kim’s clit, only to yell out at Tony.

“Ohhhhh, yes! Dat’s it, there jou go! FUCK ME IN THE CULO, MI AMOR!!”

Kim didn’t have a chance to giggle this time at Salma’s words slurring from her accent. Both women worked their tongues together in a perfect chorus, licking each other’s clits. All the while, Tony was slowly ramming his cock into Salma’s beautiful thick ass. He pushed every inch inside of her before backing out, working into a quick frenzy of ramming his fat cock into her ass. With each thrust, his balls would rub up against Kim’s face from underneath Salma. It didn’t take long until Salma was forced to move her mouth from Kim’s clit yet again to scream at him with a bit of Spanish mixed in with her words.


Over and over, Tony didn’t stop as he gritted his teeth and continued to ram Salma’s lovely ass. She quickly pushed her mouth back down over Kim’s pussy, licking around in a rotation before plunging her tongue back inside of her. Salma could feel her orgasm quickly approaching as Kim was slithering her tongue back and forth into her pussy and didn’t stop at all. Eventually, Salma was forced to raise her head up again as she gritted her teeth. The time had come, she simply could not hold back her climax any longer. Kim’s tongue forced her body to tense up, the older woman screamed as her juices shot into Kim’s loving mouth.


Tony was still ramming his cock back and forth into Salma’s ass while listening to her cry out during her orgasm. He finally began to slow down after Salma’s voice faded out. With a loud groan, Tony stepped back and pulled his cock from Salma’s ass. Now that she was free, she soon felt Kim stop licking her clit. Salma climbed off her, just before Tony called out.

“Come on, baby! Get up for me, I know you wanted to watch Kim get rammed in the ass!”

Salma had to catch her breath. She crawled her way off Kim before looking up. Tony had moved and offered his hand up to help her rise from the floor. After she stood up, he kissed her lips softly before Salma forced the kiss into one of burning passion. While they kissed, Kim decided to move into position and tease them. Her powerful ass was one of Tony’s favorite things. She knew it from the several times she fucked him in the past, he usually would save her ass as the last piece almost like a fine dessert before he reached his own orgasm. While the two lovers remained kissing, Kim sighed and then called out to get their attention.

“Hey!! Did you both forget this big epic booty, huh!?”

Breaking the kiss, Tony stepped back and turned to his right to see Kim positioned on all fours sticking her massive ass out. Salma’s jaw dropped while looking into Kim’s huge thick booty. it was massive, just the sight alone was enough to knock the breath out of the older woman. Tony grinned and stepped forward as Kim teased him with a smirk as she glanced over her shoulder. He looked back at Salma and winked at her, knowing that she truly wanted to see him pound Kim. As Tony stepped forward, he reached his hand to gently grasp at Salma’s hand and pull her closer to him. He wanted her to watch and enjoy every moment of this. His hands reached up to pull apart Kim’s huge ass cheeks, allowing his cock to slip between the crack of her ass.

Tony smirked, teasing Kim as he would move his cock up and down the crack of her ass. She closed her eyes and moaned, leaning her head back forward. Salma bit her lower lip as she noticed that Tony’s cock would probably completely disappear once he found the dark hole between those cheeks. After the fourth time of moving his cock back and forth in the crack of her ass, he finally decided to thrust forward and find her dark backdoor hole. Kim gasped, letting out a soft moan as the first few inches of his cock went into her ass. Salma raised her head, looking almost proud to watch her lover proceed to fuck one of the most famous plump asses in the world. Within seconds, he was thrusting forward and pumping his cock back and forth into Kim’s ass.

“Wow…Her ass is so fuckin’ big, jour cock just vanishes every time dat jou pump it in.”

Letting out a moan, Kim opened her eyes and licked her lips. Unlike earlier tonight, she couldn’t focus on Salma’s lovely accent slurring her speech. Though he went slow at first, she knew Tony well enough to the point she could guess at any moment he would be pounding her at a hard rapid pace. Right now, he was going slow, only to allow Salma to witness Kim’s supreme booty in all of it’s wonderful glory. After a minute of his slow thrusts, Kim called out to him.

“Come on, Tony! I know you’re gonna do it sooner or later, but go on! Fucking POUND ME!! Ram me with your big dick, I want it! POUND ME, TONY!!”

“Do it, mi amor! Fuckin’ do it! RAM DAT ASS WITH JOUR BIG FUCKIN’ COCK!!”

All it took was to hear Salma’s words slurring from her accent to force Tony into a frenzy. He gritted his teeth and began to pound his cock into Kim’s ass, bucking his hips as hard as he could while sending every inch of his thick meat into her famous booty. Salma gasped, enjoying every moment of watching his cock go back and forth, pumping into that massive ass. Tony groaned, while Kim began to scream at him.


The sound of clapping could be heard apart from Tony’s balls slapping against Kim’s ass. Salma simply couldn’t stop herself, she was jumping up and down and clapping her hands, forcing her big tits to bounce around. She found such enjoyment and a thrill from watching her man fuck Kim in the ass. Both ladies had traded the pleasure of experience an epic sight of one another; Kim watched Salma get her tits fucked, now Salma was watching Kim get fucked in the ass.


Though Kim demanded for more, Tony knew he was coming to a close as his orgasm was approaching yet again. He didn’t feel like trying to prevent his climax this time, as both ladies had shared their own and now it was finally his time to blow his load and make a sticky mess. Grunting and moaning, Tony slapped Kim’s ass while slowing down and crying out.

Maldito!! Fuck!! I’m gonna cum!”

Stepping back, he pulled his cock from her ass and began to breath heavily. Kim quickly got up from her knees and began to turn around while yelling at him.

“I want that cum all over my face! Bring me that dick!!”

While seated on her knees, Kim raised both of her hands to ruffle them through her long black hair. Salma panicked, moving down to the floor and getting next to Kim from the right side. Tony began to stroke his cock, aiming it directly at Kim’s face. He didn’t have the time to think it through, he just wanted to blow his load as quickly as possible. Licking her lips, Kim called out to Tony.

“Come on, give it to me! Give it to me!! Cum on me, Tony! CUM ON ME!!”

Salma didn’t know how to react. All she could was lean up, close to Kim. She wanted to try and catch some of his cum, but Kim had taken the front seat and was demanding to have his load. A grunt was heard from Tony’s voice while he still stroked his cock, eventually crying out as he finally reached his limit.

“Here it is, YES!! OHHHHH, FUCK!!”

A heavy wad came flying out of Tony’s rod, splashing across Kim’s left cheek and dripping down. Another string of cum came out soon after, striking her upper lip and getting a thick drop under her nose. Kim moaned and raised her right hand, using her index finger to push along her lips and twirl around as if it were a tube of lipstick. She teased him while he shot another load over her right cheek. Soon, Salma couldn’t help but pant and yell for her turn.

“Don’t forget me over here, Tony! I want some cum too!”

Just as Salma had spoke, Tony moved his aim to her face and shot a thick string that went directly into Salma’s right eyelid. Kim turned her head to see the thick line of his seed dripping down from her eye almost like a tear drop. Kim laughed, just before another thick string of cum shot up to Salma’s forehead and streaked into her hair. The older woman opened her mouth, moaning as another wad went flying over her right cheek. Tony then turned his attention back to Kim, finishing off his load with the final thick droplets over her left cheek. Tony had to catch his breath while his cock was now completely drained of semen. Salma and Kim sat together, their faces a mess in cum.

“Well ladies, that was a lot of fun. Looks like you’re quite messy down there.”

A giggle was heard from Kim’s voice before she replied.

“Yeah, but it’s nothing we can’t clean up.”

Salma turned to look at Kim’s face just before the Kardashian woman opened her mouth and licked up a string of cum from her face. Closing her eyes, Salma moaned as Kim began to clean her face, licking her tongue over her smooth skin to collect every bit of cum. Tony stood there, smiling as he watched Salma take her turn now and lick up the smears of cum from Kim’s face. Both of them had cleaned each other’s face, but what came next was the true surprise for him. Kim opened her mouth and showed Salma all of the collected cum mixed with her saliva, just before pushing her lips to the other woman and kissing. Their tongues danced together as they began to swap the cum around while kissing. Kim eventually pulled their lips apart, only for a thick string of his cum to stretch out and fall to the floor.

“Magnífico, what an amazing sight!”

Tony began to clap his hands, but Salma and Kim were too focused on going for another kiss and swapping more cum from their mouths. Soon after, another kiss came and finally, both of them swallowed the cum they had swapped back and forth. Tony heard both of their throats gulping his hot load down. Salma smiled at him before speaking out.

“That was a lot of fun, I think Kim and I are officially friends now.”

“You ladies certainly made me feel like a king tonight. Thank you for coming Kim, you’re always a real treat for fun.”

Shaking her head, Kim replied.

“No, thank you and thank Salma! I had the time of my life, much better than sitting back at my mansion waiting on Kanye to call late at night.”

All three of them proceeded to crack up laughing at Kim’s joke. What a surprise today had been for Tony. Had Kim not called, he surely would’ve had fun with Salma alone, but the addition of another busty woman made everything better. Memories had been made on his yacht yet again. Kim did just enough to make him completely forget about the disappointment when Jennifer Lopez had turned down a threesome with Salma. This was even better, as Salma clearly had enjoyed every minute with both of them through the evening.



Dark clouds remained high above as the morning hours of the day came sweeping in. Thunder broke while the sun was clearly hidden beyond the darkness. Steven finished getting dressed from inside his home, ready for a day out in town. Last night at the club, he spoke to Mario again on the phone. He told Steven specifically he would get in contact with Kim’s bodyguards early in the morning and to be ready for the meet. It would be the morning when everything was prepared for the drug deal to go down. After taking his morning shower, he had to get dressed and ready. Steven slipped on a pair of gray colored pants and proceeded to put on a fresh clean black T-shirt, all before he grabbed his gray matching jacket out of the closet to put on. The only thing unusual was not shaving his face. The five o’clock shadow was clearly over his face. Steven rarely went a day without shaving, but under heavy stress at the moment, he didn’t care.

While sitting alone in his bedroom, he waited for the text message or call to arrive. Sean had told Steven last night over the phone, he would drop by his home in the morning to pick him up. 6 AM hit the clock while Steven patiently waited. He didn’t figure it was worth strapping on his holster and bringing a gun with him, he was going to have to trust Kim’s bodyguards that they would not sabotage and betray him. Thinking back, this was just the reason Steven was happy he wan’t deep in the underworld crime games anymore. Some people got lucky that they weren’t back-stabbed by those that they trusted. It was a world where you couldn’t trust anyone, sometimes not even your own family members.

After waiting ten more minutes past 6 AM, the text message finally arrived. Steven got up and headed downstairs. His old maid Bette was asleep downstairs and he didn’t want to wake her with any loud noises. Quietly opening the front door, Steven headed outside through the small bit of rain. He stepped through the driveway and then ran to the front gate of his house. Sure enough, the black SUV was waiting there with the engine running. After crossing through the gate, he closed the locks and stepped towards the front passenger’s seat of the SUV. Steven opened the door and climbed in as Sean was in the driver’s seat. The black man looked back at him and smiled.

“Good morning, nice to see someone can make it on time.”

Closing the door of the SUV, Steven let out a sigh while reaching for the seat belt. The vehicle began to move while Steven replied back.

“Were you expecting me to be late?”

“No, I don’t know what to expect from someone I don’t work with.”

Steven chuckled. He seen the opportunity to crack at a joke at the bodyguard now.

“For a guy that pretty much stalked me outside my house a few days ago, you don’t keep records and tabs on how fast I’m out the door?”

Sean sighed and shook his head. He wasn’t going to be baited from Steven’s smart ass comment. The SUV rolled through the streets while the light rain poured on. Steven spoke again.

“So, we’re going to meet this Mario guy, right?”

“Yep. The deal is set for the afternoon, he’s going to walk you through all the information for it. You’re just the negotiator, your job is to make sure he don’t get ripped off by the buyers.”

Taking a deep breath, Steven sat back in the seat and watched the small drops of rain beat over the windshield of the car. Occasionally, the windshield wipers would move once the glass was pelted in enough rain. The drive took thirty minutes as Sean moved the vehicle out of Coconut Grove and into a neighborhood west. Eventually, they pulled up through the gates of a large mansion and drove into a fixed garage that was waiting for them. Once the SUV stopped, Sean shut off the ignition and got out. In the garage, Steven was greeted to a short man wearing a black suit with a white tie. If this was Kim’s drug dealing agent, he certainly did not appear to be a dealer. Steven instantly noticed that he lacked the jewelry and occasional gold that gangsters usually had. The man offered his hand to shake before speaking up.

“Hello, I’m Mario Cortez. You must be Steven Diaz, I’ve heard a lot about you. It’s my pleasure to meet you.”

While shaking hands, Steven gave the man a nod and replied with one word.


“Come on, this way. We’ve got a lot of time on our hands before the deal, I’ve got much to explain for you.”

Mario was a short man with slicked back dark hair and spoke like a normal business man. Steven was curious just how long the man had been dealing drugs, for he didn’t come off like a normal dealer whatsoever. He followed him from the garage into his mansion with Sean behind them every step of the way. Hours would pass before the deal was to go under way, as Kim’s other bodyguards had yet to arrive as the back up to assist in the deal. It wasn’t until Steven started to drink from a glass of orange juice, he began to feel more confident about this entire situation. Mario explained to him the deal was set with a few men from Europe who would be using a helicopter to fly in. The spot for the deal would be on a mega yacht that Mario owned. The yacht itself was off shore, sitting alone near the docks in South Beach.



From rain early in the morning, the afternoon had faded into a sunny day after the sky cleared up. Vida enjoyed a lonely morning out by the swimming pool of her brand new condo home in South Beach. True to her original intentions, she invited Antonio to come over today by sending him a naughty text message with a picture of her booty in a thong. The young man replied back that he would be on his way, prompting her to send directions in case he had forgotten the address. Her eyes were covered with a thick pair of sunglasses as she lay in the beach chair, soaking in the sun while wearing a red bikini. Antonio arrived twenty minutes ago, but had yet to come outside and enjoy the pleasant view with this seductive woman.

Deep down, Antonio wasn’t sure exactly why he was here. It was for the quick and easy sex, yet he felt guilty at times since this was his uncle’s woman. The few times Antonio confessed these feelings, Vida was quick to tell him to shut his mouth. She told him that his uncle was a cheater, fucking whores at the club and not to feel bad about it. Besides that, Antonio was well aware that Vida was simply using him as a young boy toy. He picked up quite easily that she had a liking for younger men like him. What he did not understand, was what Vida meant by telling him that she planed to make a man out of him. Some day he would realize her attentions. He sat on the couch upstairs, drinking a bottle of water as he had taken his shoes off and was relaxing in the cool room.

Vida eventually realized Antonio wasn’t going to join her outside. She hoped the young man wasn’t afraid of her alluring temptation, at least not after what she did to him last week when she dominated and fucked him. Opening the glass door to go back inside, she pulled a pony tail from her hair to allow it to flow freely. The voluptuous Cuban model stomped her bare feet over the white stone floor as she moved through the Art Deco designed condo. She found Antonio sitting on the couch relaxing. With a smug grin, Vida placed her hands on her hips and called out to him in a low seductive voice.

“What’s wrong? You’re too scared to come watch me swim again?”

He shook his head at her.

“No! It’s so hot outside, I don’t see the point in wasting time out there.”

She laughed at his words, stepping around before joining him on the couch.

“There’s plenty shade outside, or you could just take your clothes off and get in the pool. The water is cold until you’ve spent some time in it.”

Antonio didn’t reply back. He just looked at her while Vida was studying him as if she were about to devour this young man. He knew the possibility was on the table that she would end up dominating him once his clothes came off. Again, she spoke to tease him.

“You know why you’re here, don’t you? Don’t fucking lie to me either.”

He nodded, laughing at her before replying.

“Yeah, I guess I do. When you fucked me, that was some of the most amazing sex I’ve ever had in my life.”

A smirk graced across her puffy pink lips. In all of her vanity, Vida assumed this young man had never experienced a woman like her before. He was young, at least she assumed he wasn’t fucking the number of women that his uncle had went through.

“Is that right, Antonio? I think by the time I’m finished with you, you’re gonna be calling me the best you’ve ever had in your whole life. I want to make you into a man one day, that’s my goal.”

Antonio looked at her confused over her words.

“What do you mean by that, make me into a man? I’m twenty-one years old.”

Vida laughed at him before shaking her head.

“Honey, just cause you’re of the age don’t mean you’re a man. You let me dominate you, I saw it last time. I assume other women just walk all over you, unless you enjoy being a pussy like that. You keep spending time with me, you’ll learn how real men can handle women like me.”

Thoughts ran through Vida’s mind while she starred into Antonio’s eyes. He resembled his father Tony, but he dressed like Steven. Despite how angry she was at Steven, she did love him deep down, but Antonio was something else. Perhaps some day she could teach him to be more like his uncle in the bedroom. Leaning up from the couch, she came closer, breathing into his face before speaking again in a low voice.

“Don’t be a fucking pussy, Antonio. Come on, kiss me like you want me.”

Without any hesitation, he leaned forward and locked lips with the busty Cuban model. Vida didn’t hold back at all, gripping his shoulder with her hand to sink in a passionate kiss. Though she had her plans of dominating him eventually, today was going to go different unlike last week. Vida planned to teach Antonio some new tricks, hopefully to build up some moves for him in the bedroom that he could use on her and other ladies in the future. She stood firm by her decision, some day she would definitely make him into a man.


From boarding the yacht, Steven felt already a bit exhausted from being in Mario’s presence. The man definitely wasn’t a dealer at all, yet he tried to act like one. It was his attitude that rubbed Steven the wrong way, but he couldn’t complain or do anything about it. Mario claimed to be a modelling agent who worked with the Kardashian family off and on. How he got into drug dealing was the true mystery, Steven found his story to be too good to believe at times. The twenty kilos of cocaine he claimed was found in the back trunk of a van from another modelling agent who he worked with. What Steven didn’t understand about his story was that most drug dealers would show up looking for a missing supply, yet Mario claimed that never happened.

The sooner this was over with, the better, Steven thought to himself. The negotiations had already been in place with Mario’s buyers, as was explained to him. Steven took the type to explain to the man to allow him to handle the negotiations and sit back and do not interfere whatsoever. Kim had sent eight bodyguards, not counting Sean who acted as the head to all these armed men. Mario informed Steven that the men were to arrive with briefcases of money that would estimate for five hundred thousand dollars, just half a million for the drugs. Steven’s job was to make sure nothing went wrong and blood wasn’t spilled over the deal. Mario obviously was new to this kind of thing, as he had no negotiation history whatsoever. Apart from all his fishy stories, what Steven didn’t understand was how this man ended up owning a mega yacht despite claiming not to have a history as a drug dealer. His only assumption was that maybe he made money doing other dirty deeds.

“Alright everyone, they’ll be here at any minute. Keep your eyes peeled for a helicopter coming in!”

Mario spoke up after looking down at his watch while all the bodyguards sat around the main deck near the helipad. Steven stood on the right side of the massive yacht, clutching onto the rails with his hands. Over his eyes was his pair of black Ray-Ban Wayfarers. As Mario stepped back, he held out his hand to get the man’s attention.

“Remember what I told you about the sample key. You gotta let these guys take a sample, they’re gonna ask for it.”

The agent rolled his eyes while nodding his head.

“Yeah, yeah! I know, I’ll let you handle all of that!”

He stepped away, leaving Steven there by himself. Sean stepped towards Steven, his suit jacket was opened up revealing the gun he was packing in the holster. The black man looked back at Steven before giving him a nod and speaking up.

I know man, he’s an asshole. I don’t like listening to that mother fucker run his mouth, I can tell you that.”

“He’s more than that, he’s a fucking moron too. I just hope he stays out of this deal, cause I can see him fucking it up for all of us.”

Sean took a deep breath, still standing next to Steven. He could see the stress painted all over Steven’s face, it was enough to make him pat him on the shoulder and offer a small smile. Though he was only a bodyguard and mostly there just to protect Steven by Kim’s wish, Sean felt a bond to the man almost as if they had more in common with each other besides today’s job. Steven smiled back at him, a silent way of telling him thanks. Though he knew you could not trust anyone in a dirty business like this, Steven was well aware that he would have to put his trust in Sean if things were to go bad.



Vida screamed at the young man as she lay on her back, watching as he bucked his hips to pump his dick back and forth into her pussy. It didn’t take long for their clothes to come off and now she was laying on her bareback, forcing him to fuck her by commanding him in her voice. Her big tits bounced up and down as Antonio looked at her amazing tight fit body, studying her facial expression while he drove his cock back and forth into her clit. Vida had wrapped her strong muscular legs around his waist, locking him in place unable to step back. He wasn’t going to stop until she reached her climax, that was her plan.

“Ohhhhhh god, you are so fucking amazing!”

“I’m the BEST! Tell me that, you fucking scream it at me!”


There was no doubting his words, as Vida believed him. At least she could get Steven’s nephew to say it to her. She panted, crying out in her loud moans as she was beginning to reach her orgasm soon. With her teeth gritted, Vida tried to bite her lower lip but failed. Her huge tits bounced back and forth as he was ramming her pussy harder and faster now. For now, she was proud of her boy toy. He was pounding her like his uncle would’ve. Her hands pushed into the white cushion of the couch before she closed her eyes and cried out.


Soon, Antonio found himself dropping his lower jaw and moaning out as he felt Vida’s juices flooding over his rod from inside of her. She licked her lips and unwrapped her legs from around his waist, freeing him to move around. It took everything in him not to share the orgasm with her, as he still had his own load to blow. He had his own idea for getting himself off now.

“I want to fuck your tits, Vida!”

“Since you’ve been a good boy and pounded me real good, come on then! Get up here and fuck ’em!”

He didn’t waste any time climbing onto the couch and straddling her stomach. Vida ran her hands up to her large breasts, holding them up for him as she watched him get situated on top of her. She wasn’t going to make this easier for him, Vida’s whole intentions were to push Antonio today and see how far he could go by just her encouraging words.

“Shove your cock between my fucking tits! I want you to spit on it too!”

Using his left hand, Antonio gripped the base of his cock and made a hard push between her tits while leaning down. He spit right in the middle where her tits were held together. Vida moaned as she felt his thick shaft pump right between her tits. He didn’t disappoint her whatsoever, as now his cock was driving between her large tits.

“Mmmmmm, yeah. Just like that, fuck those titties!”

He moved his hand away from his cock as he began to quickly thrust and pump it between her large tits. Vida squeezed her tits together tighter, licking her lips as she looked forward and seen the head poking up with each thrust. Vida moaned and began to tease him once more with her dirty words as she looked up into his face.

“That’s how you properly do it, yeah! Just like that, keep fucking my tits! I don’t want you to stop until you cum!”

Her eyes glanced back down, watching his meat pole poke up from between the prison of her skin between her large tits. Antonio groaned, knowing that he was getting close.

“Don’t worry, that’s just what I’m gonna fucking do! I ain’t gonna stop until I cum!”

“That’s right, good boy! Don’t stop until you cum, I want you to enjoy every moment of my big titties!”

As his orgasm was approaching, Antonio continued to thrust began to scream aloud. Vida licked her lips, watching his conflicted face as he began to yell.



Load roaring was heard over the front deck of the yacht as the helicopter was beginning to land down on the pad. The loud sounds pierced everyone’s ear drums, all while the heavy winds began to blow and rustle through the suits as it lowered down. Steven slipped his sunglasses off and placed them back into his jacket. He gripped the rails while Sean stood next to him and they both watched the helicopter land over the special pad. ‘This is it, I sure hope he don’t fuck this up by getting involved’. Steven spoke in his mind as he watched the silver painted chopper land down. The landing itself took several minutes before the the engine was finally turned off and the rotating scissors began to slow down.

Most of the bodyguards were in position inside the cabin as that was where the main deal was to go down. Only Sean, Steven and Mario himself were outside with a few other bodyguards. Steven wanted to see for himself what this European business man was all about. After the helicopter had shut off, the doors opened and four men stepped out brandishing Uzi machine guns strapped over their shoulders. That must have been the bodyguards coming armed. The man himself appeared to be an old tall bald man with a gray mustache. Steven watched as Mario approached him and the two men began to shake hands. Sean looked over at Steven and gave him the nod, hinting to go inside and be prepared for the deal.

Within five minutes, the deal room was set inside the inner cabin of the yacht. Kim’s bodyguards who had arrived had positioned themselves within corners of the room, while lining up in the back. In the middle of the room would be the exchange. A table was placed that had two large duffel bags, containing all the keys of cocaine. Inside the room, Steven stood next to Sean as Mario eventually joined them with a big smug smile over his face. The European man stepped forward, an expressionless look across his face while he had two bodyguards on both sides of him. The guards carried briefcases, two in each hand while their machine guns lay strapped over their shoulders. The men accompanying him were all wearing similar matching suits, making every man including all the bodyguards well dressed for this occasion. After they dropped the briefcases to the floor, Mario spoke up.

“Gentlemen, I’m so glad we could be here today. It’s my pleasure to do business.”

“Some army you’ve got with you here, Mr. Cortez. What are you expecting from me, a robbery?”

“Well, I’ve gotta have protection, you know! This is my first time doing this!”

From hearing Mario’s words, Steven glanced back at Sean giving him a cold look. ‘Holy fuck, I can’t believe this fucking moron just admitted that. ‘ Steven couldn’t believe how stupid Mario was acting so far, to admit that this was first deal. He had specifically told Mario not to say anything that could give the buyer a chance to think about screwing him over. Now Steven was worried, as Mario was proving his worst fears right from the beginning.

“Mr. Schultz, this is Steven Diaz here.”

The man approached Steven, offering him a smile without saying a word back. Mario continued addressing Schultz.

“Mr. Diaz here is my main consultant, he will be discussing the deal with you now.”

Steven offered a smile and approached the table containing the large bags of cocaine bricks. Schultz followed him, stepping towards the table. Finally, the business man spoke again.

“So, let’s see what you’ve got. You promised me twenty keys of pure Colombian cocaine, I want to see it.”

“I’ve got it right here, this is what you’ll be getting.”

Reaching down to unzip one of the large duffel bags, Steven grabbed one of the bricks of coke from it. He smiled back at the business man while offering him to check it himself. The man took the brick in his grasp, examining it as he squeezed it to feel hard the substance was. Schultz glared back at Steven and Mario with his big blue eyes before he looked back at the brick of cocaine. The man slipped his hand into his jacket and pulled it out with a small knife. He pushed the edge of the knife toward one of the corners of the bricks, cutting into it. Mario moved towards Steven and whispered into his ear. ‘What is he doing? It looks like he’s trying to open it.’

Steven froze in complete shock. The stakes were already high enough with his deal, all without Mario acting like a fool. At any moment, the DEA could’ve raided the ship and they would all be looking at hard prison time, but now he had four men armed with machine guns glaring at them. Steven didn’t reply back to Mario, he simply stood there and attempted to remain calm and collected. Just getting the wrong attitude in the middle of a deal was enough to screw it up. Steven was worried that by Mario acting like this, Schultz would probably think he’s getting ripped off with a cut product. After getting a rock on the knife, they all stood there and watched the man pull a test kit vial out of his jacket. Mario couldn’t help himself at this moment but to run his mouth.

“What are you doing? What’s that?”

Schultz looked up at Mario as he slid the small bit of cocaine into the vial. Steven was expressionless, worried at the moment that this entire deal could be ruined by this fool asking silly questions. Schultz replied in a stern voice.

“I’ve gotta check my product. We must see how pure your snow really is.”

“But I told you it was pure! Don’t you remember!”

Just like that, Steven knew the stakes of this deal had just been raised higher just from Mario’s response. He looked back at him shocked, desperately wishing that he could beat the living hell out of this stupid man. Schultz replied back, his tone of voice showing how offended he was at Mario’s words.

“I remember, just fine. Don’t question my memory, I’m not in the mood to being ripped off especially by someone like you.”

With the test kit vial closed, Schultz began to shake it in his hand. Mario then stepped forward, approaching the older man as he spoke again.

“Come on, I’d never rip you off! Who do you think I am?”

Just as Mario put his hand onto Schultz arm, the sound of a gun clicking could be heard.


One of the bodyguards screamed while cocking back the Uzi machine gun. Within seconds, several gun clicks could be heard as the other bodyguards accompanying Mario and Steven had all pulled their handguns out and cocked them back, aiming at the other guards. Steven took a deep breath, realizing now that this situation could be his doom. ‘Oh great, this idiot is about to get me killed. Mario became scared, stepping back and immediately raising his hands up over his head. Schultz was completely unfazed, standing there with the same expressionless look over his face while shaking the test kit vial in his hands. Steven didn’t move, simply standing still while one of the bodyguards aimed the machine gun directly into his chest. His eyes shifted back to Schultz, trying to at least work a charm over this business man to save the deal. It was the least Steven could do to prevent bloodshed and costing lives.

“You better hope this is pure, Mario. I didn’t come all the way down here to Miami to get ripped off by you.”

“C-C-Can you…Can you ask your men to put the guns down? Please!”

Schultz let out a small chuckle before shaking his head.

“It makes no difference to me. If you’re gonna rip me off, we can all go to hell today.”

Such grim words spoke the horrible truth. By now, Mario was breathing heavily and shaking in fear. Their fates rested on the purity of this cocaine. Steven didn’t even get a chance to test it in the many hours before the deal took place, now he was fearing his life while the old man was still shaking the test tube in his hands. Swallowing his breath, Steven decided to make one last pitch effort to save this deal. He would take credit for the coke, thinking up a believable lie and risk his life now to negotiate. Speaking up in a calm voice, he proceeded.

“I apologize for him. He’s a fucking idiot, as you can see. I’m the one you want to talk terms with on this deal. The yeyo is mine, not his. It’s straight from the heart of Colombia, you have my word on that.”

Schultz quit shaking the test vial. He stood still, watching as Mario turned to Steven now and looked at him with rage. After a moment, he looked back at Steven and replied.

“So, you want to go to hell today, Mr. Diaz? Cause that’s what’s gonna happen if this coke isn’t pure. You’ll be the first to die.”

“And then I’m gonna unload my whole clip into your fat chest, old man. We’ll all die today, it don’t make no fucking difference to me either. If you’re gonna kill my boss, I’m putting you down too.”

The voice that answered Schultz was Sean, standing behind Steven with his pistol gripped in both hands aimed directly at the old man. Steven turned to look over his shoulder, witnessing Sean’s stance and his locked stare back at Schultz. At that moment, Steven realized that Sean was true to every word he spoke to him about protecting him. Here he was in a situation where all their lives were on the life. Despite the bad circumstances, Sean was still persistently dedicated to protecting Steven’s life. None of that would matter in a few seconds as Schultz looked back at the test vial and smiled at the results. It was a reddish-brown color, proving that the cocaine was at a high level of purity. With a smile, Schultz changed his tone completely as he looked into Steven’s eyes and replied.

“It looks like there was a panic and misunderstanding for both of our parties. Your product is the real deal, pure as I see now from the results.”

Steven gave the older man a smile, nodding to him. Just like that, the high tensions had went back to normal. The guns were no longer pointed at anyone and everyone breathed in a sigh of relief. Steven replied back, continuing with Schultz.

“I’m happy to hear you’re satisfied with my product. Do we have a deal for five hundred thousand dollars and no less? I believe that’s what Mario here discussed with you.”

“Ah yes, that’s correct. I have the money here in the briefcases, five hundred thousand in American bills for cash.”

One of the bodyguards moved down to the floor, letting go of the machine gun that was hanging from his shoulder. The other three bodyguards stood there while the lone man opened one of the briefcases revealing the cash. He then moved to the next briefcase and it opened it too, before repeating the same with the last two. As Steven looked at the money, he nodded to the man. Everything looked clean in the money, Steven was satisfied but Mario wasn’t. He approached Steven and spoke to him.

“So the coke is pure, right? I think it would be worth more than this?”

Finally, Steven snapped at Mario and reached over and grabbed him by the shirt while yelling in his face.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU STUPID FUCKING PENDEJO!! I’m the one in charge of this fucking deal now, not you! You’re gonna shut your fucking mouth and go by the terms that I agree on!”

He let go of Mario’s shirt, shoving him backwards. Laughter broke up among the European man, his accent coming out strong. As Steven breathed heavily, he soon heard Sean’s voice cracking up in laughter as well as other bodyguards. Schultz stepped closer to Steven, offering his hand to shake.

“I’m sorry for this inconvenience you’ve had to deal with. If you agree to my deal, I believe we are in good terms for this exchange then.”

“It’s a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Schultz.”

“My pleasure as well, Mr. Diaz.”

Their hands shook together as the two men offered smiles. The bodyguards collected the two large duffel bags, leaving the briefcases of cash on the floor. After the exchange, the five men headed out the door of the cabin and returned to the helicopter. Once the loud engine of the chopper could be heard, everyone breathed a sigh of relief except for Steven. His rage was taking over his mind, knowing that Mario nearly just got everyone killed by his foolish antics. The man stepped around, looking at the briefcases of money before sighing and speaking.

“Well, thank fucking Christ, that’s over! Jesus, I was scared for a minute that we were all about to die.”

Steven turned to Mario, replying back to him.

“Yeah, all thanks to you, genius! We nearly got killed thanks to you running your fucking mouth. Oh, you were scared, huh? You need to be scared right now that I’m about to crack your fucking ribs!!”

Sean’s voice could be heard laughing at first, but the laughter faded as Steven locked his sights onto Mario with pure rage. He stepped forward to him, reaching his hand up to snatch him up by the shirt and then using his right hand to clench a fist and slam into the man’s gut. The bodyguards scrambled to break them up while Sean yelled out to Steven.


Within seconds, the bulky bodyguards had broke up what nearly became a brawl. Steven was able to get one hard punch into Mario’s gut before Sean pulled him back with the help of two other guards. Slowly catching up with breathing, Steven swallowed and began to calm down. When the bodyguards let go of Mario, he fell to his knees clutching his stomach.

“Fuck! You’re fucking crazy!”

Steven wasn’t about to apologize to Mario at all. Sean patted him on the shoulder, reassuring him that everything was fine.

“Hey man, let it go. I understand, that little asshole needs his ass kicked eventually, but today ain’t the day.”

Sean was right, Steven knew it was better to let it go for now. He walked out the door of the cabin, going back outside the yacht into the sunlight. Still inside, Mario groaned in pain while trying to rise up from her knees. Sean followed Steven out the door and rejoined him in the bright sunlight outside on the deck of the mega-yacht. The bodyguard approached him again and struck a new conversation between the two men.

“You must have hit him hard to leave him on the ground like that.”

“Not as hard as that punch you gave me to the jaw a few days ago.”

The two laughed together at the joke. Steven smiled back at Sean while he spoke once more.

“You really had my back in there, I appreciate that. I wanted to thank you, for a minute it looked like we weren’t gonna make it.”

“Just doing my job, I told you I had your back. It’s a shame you aren’t getting by Kim for this gig, cause you certainly have earned it.”

The wind blew from the top deck of the boat. Sean reached into the jacket of his suit and pulled out a fat money clip, handing it to Steven.

“Here, I want you to take this.”

“Oh no, I don’t want your money. I appreciate you looking out for me, but I can’t take it.”

“No, man! Take it! You deserve to get paid, there’s a couple grand in there. I don’t care what you do with it, I just hate seeing you go without getting paid. You put your life on the line today, you deserve a break.”

“Fine, I’ll take it. Thanks, Sean.”

Shoving the money clip into his pocket, Steven couldn’t help but smile. It was an odd turn of events, just knowing a man that was aiming a gun at him merely days ago had now turned into what could have been a true friendship. He had one last offer for him before the day was up.

“If you ever end up without a job working for Kim, give me a call sometime. You’re a stand up guy, wish I had more people like you around.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, maybe some day we’ll be working together again.”

After speaking, Sean offered his hand to Steven to shake. The two men had seen a lot together today, it was experience like this that told Steven he would be lucky to meet another man like that in the future. Maybe some day the possibility would emerge that they could reunite together as friends and work together.



As things seemed to be moving back to normal, Steven still found himself considering his options when it came to his relationship with Vida. Kim’s words had echoed in his head every time he tried to lay down to sleep, even after the drug deal was over. For the time being, he felt lucky to escape with his life, since Mario had nearly screwed everything up by getting in the middle and taking a bad attitude with armed men. His dreams had been of nightmares spawned from his inner thoughts of all the doubts he had in his mind. Though he was angry with Vida, he still accepted her apology but was backing his distance from her due to anger. Steven was still mad at her for now, but he didn’t have the heart in him to take any anger out on her.

Kim was pleased with the results of her agent’s deal. Even though Mario complained about Steven, she found herself laughing over the whole story. Steven felt relief wash over his mind when Kim called him personally to thank him for everything. In that conversation, she made another hint over Vida’s problems and how he needed to take control of the relationship or find someone better. Her words had great influence on his thoughts, as Steven was left thinking of a better woman right now. That lady was Jennifer Lopez, the one woman he felt was honest about her feelings towards him. Back in his office at the club, Steven was ready to take his chance now and call Jennifer. While sitting in his chair, he scrolled through the contact list of his cellphone to find Jennifer’s name. Within seconds, he was holding the phone up to his ear, hoping she would pick up.


All it took was a few seconds for Jennifer to answer. Steven smiled to himself while responding through the phone.

“Hey, Jennifer.”

“Steven, is that you?”

“Yeah, it’s me…”

Silence was heard for a few seconds between both phones until Steven finally thought of something to say back to her.

“I need to ask you something Jennifer. What we did together, the time we…was that real?”

“Steven, what’s wrong? You sound like something’s bothering you, are you okay?”

“Just tell me, baby. Was it real or not?”

After a few seconds of silence, Jennifer replied back through the phone.

“Yeah, it was…You better believe it was real.”

He let out a sigh of relief. So the opportunity was still on the table for a serious relationship with her.

“Jennifer, I’ve gotta get away from Vida. You were right, it isn’t work gonna work. It didn’t work back then, it won’t now. She’s got me in some serious trouble, I need to find a way to break apart from her.”

“You’ve been in trouble? What’s going on right now?”

“I can’t talk about it right now over the phone, it’s that bad. I’d love to tell you later, things have been pretty fucked up this past weekend. She’s got me pulled into some deep shit, that’s the most I can say right now. I’ve had a rough ride lately, I need some kind of escape or else I don’t know what the hell could come next.”

“Well, remember what I talked to you about with a Vegas vacation? I’m still performing out here, come book a vacation. Bring Vida with you if she wants to come. I’ll take care of things when you get here, it will be me and you by the time I’m finished.”

“I hope you’re not just getting my hopes up to crush my dreams later on. I’ve seen you in the news with Alex and how cozy you look with that guy.”

“I’ve gotta protect my image and besides, that’s just tabloids and media. I wish you would’ve called me sooner, I’ve been waiting for you.”

He let out a sigh. So it was true, Jennifer had been waiting for him to reach out to her. His original assumption was true, all Steven could think about was how afraid he was to reach out to Jennifer. After a few seconds of not speaking, she spoke once more to try and reassure him.

“Look, come out here to Vegas. Take a vacation, if she wants to come with you, bring her! Once you’re here, we’ll come up with a plan together for our own relationship.”

“Alright, I’ll take your word for it, Jennifer. I’m going to book my vacation tomorrow and I’ll start sending you text messages, if I can call you sometime, that would be even better.”

“Send me a text after you get a flight ready, that way I can plan for your arrival. I’m looking forward to seeing you again, Steven.”

“Me too, baby. I’ll be seeing you soon, I’ve gotta go now.”

“See you soon, honey.”

The phone clicked as Steven hung up, pulling it away from his ear. It was time to try and make the future a better road for his life. He was going to Vegas and no one was going to hold him back from this decision. His first vacation from working at Disco Fever was about to begin.


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