Big Booty Bitches Ch. 27

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 27

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Vida Guerra, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears

Codes: MF, MFF, cons, oral, anal, rom, affairs, tit fuck, facial, 69, spank

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Las Vegas, Nevada

Hot air could be felt outside during the afternoon, just an hour from stepping off the plane. A much needed vacation was now in order all at the hands of Steven Diaz himself. As he had promised Jennifer Lopez over the phone a few days ago, he made the trip out to the city of sin and brought his girlfriend Vida Guerra along with him. They had arrived around 3 P.M. before heading out to a luxury hotel where they would buy a suite package. Steven had told Tony that he was only going to be gone for a week. The club was left to Antonio in a big test to see if the young man could manage without Steven’s guiding hand there to watch over him. As the night began to approach, they sat alone in their hotel room. Steven gazed out the window, looking over the bright sparkling lights from down below. Vida sat on the bed, going through a few advertisements that were left for them in the room. She spoke up while discarding a few ad pages.

“You know, I’ve had a lot of photo sessions out here. This city is a lot of fun when you can afford it.”

“I’ll have to take your word for it. I’ve never been out here before.”

She smirked to herself after he had replied. Laying on the bed, she kicked up her legs while wearing a pair of gray jogging pants and a white top. Vida knew there was still tension between Steven and herself. He didn’t bring it up at all, as he had informed her that this vacation was to possibly mend their strained relationship. That was what she believed from his words. Once Vida came to the last card of advertisements, she sighed. It was a promotional piece for the Britney Spears residency show.

“Oh my god, Britney Spears is still performing out here in Vegas? She’s so fucking washed up, like anyone cares about her shows anymore.”

Steven wasn’t shocked by Vida’s snarl words towards Britney. He remembered her jealousy of the woman, going back over ten years ago with that story Vida had explained to him that involved Tony’s yacht. He turned away from the window and smiled at her before replying.

“I guess it’s nice to have stability without touring. She’s probably making good money here.”

“Yeah, I bet! With the fucking lip sync show, that bitch couldn’t sing fifteen years ago and don’t even bother trying these days. I want to go see a show with you, but not that whore.”

Stepping towards the dresser, Steven had a surprise to reveal to her. Before they had arrived in Vegas, he had talked to Jennifer on the phone to get a few tickets in order for her own show. Under his cellphone, they sat where Vida had not seen them just yet. He picked up the tickets and turned around, smiling as he flashed them to her.

“How about this woman’s show, baby?”

Vida glanced at the tickets before getting up from the bed. She snatched them from his hand, looking at them up close. The tickets clearly read out for Jennifer Lopez’s ‘All I Have’ residency show at Planet Hollywood. Vida was amazed when she seen that it was two front row tickets.

“When did you buy these, honey?”

“I didn’t, Tony gave them to me.”

She looked back into his eyes and smirked. Vida bought into his obvious lie. Steven wasn’t going to tell her the truth that he and Jennifer had planned this occasion. Vida flapped the tickets before answering him.

“Well then, that was nice of him.”

Looking back at the tickets, she saw that the date was for tomorrow evening. Vida glanced back into Steven’s eyes and spoke again.

“Tomorrow night, we have a date then.”

They looked back at one another, all smiles. Steven grabbed his cellphone and stepped away, heading to the bathroom with plans to text Jennifer himself. He had to let her know that the plan was on and they would definitely be at the concert tomorrow night. Vida simply sat there on the bed, watching as Steven moved to the bathroom and shut the door. Once he was alone to himself, he sat down on the toilet and went to pull up a text message to send to Jennifer.

“Go ahead and get the water running in the shower, honey! I’ll be with you soon!”

It was Vida calling out to him in a commanding voice. Steven ignored her momentarily, punching his thumbs over the screen of his smart phone to write out a quick text for Jennifer.

‘We’re on. She agreed to the tickets, we will be there tomorrow night. XOXO’.

After hitting the send button, Steven held down the lock button on his phone to lock the phone. He knew better than to keep his cell phone insecure, so he locked it with a five digit pass code that only he would know. He set the phone down near the sink and then pulled off his pink shirt. Just as soon as he removed his shirt, the bathroom door came flying open. Steven turned his head to witness Vida standing wearing nothing but a white thong and bra. She gave him a smug grin before speaking.

“I told you to get the water ready.”

“I didn’t hear you.”

“Sure you didn’t, too busy playing with your phone.”

She wasn’t fooled by him. Slowly stepping into the bathroom, her tits bounced with each step. Steven had deprived her of a good lustful evening for a week now. She understood he was angry with her last week after the incident with Kim, though she didn’t know all the details. Vida held back on teasing him, as she had done days ago with teasing him about Kim Kardashian. She walked past him to the shower and turned the faucets to activate the water. From behind, she pushed her thick phat ass out, teasing him as she looked at him from behind her shoulder. There wouldn’t be anymore waiting for him to fuck her, she was going to demand him to get involved.

“You haven’t fucked me in a week, I hope you’re planning to change that soon.”

Steven chuckled at her remark, unbuttoning his pants.

“There couldn’t be a better time for this.”

Deep down, Steven knew this would probably be the last chance he had of a steamy evening with Vida. After tomorrow, their relationship was sure to be shattered into hundreds of pieces beyond repair. He had no regrets for the plan he put in place, just as he didn’t plan to feel regretful for this evening. She slid her thong down, stepping out of it while the sound of the water splashing over the large bathtub could be heard. When Vida unhooked her bra and threw it off, Steven had joined her in complete nudity by stepping out of his pants and underwear. She offered him a hand, pulling him into the shower and then closing the glass screen door once they both were inside. Vida pulled him towards her, brushing her large tits up against his chest as she pushed her lips to his for a passionate kiss.

The water continued to spray down over them, glistening their skin in droplets. Steven ran his hands down her back, sinking his palms into her immense thick ass cheeks while she kissed him passionately. While he squeezed her ass cheeks, Vida brought both her hands down and wrapped them around his cock. They remained kissing, their lips still locked while her hands slowly glided over his thick shaft, pumping it back and forth with the grip of both her hands together. When their lips finally parted, he let out a loud moan while gazing into her eyes. She had the look of hunger in her eyes, the one subtle hint of what she wanted to do.

Without uttering a single word, Vida fell down to her knees. The water splashed to the back of her hair, trickling streams down her back. Steven groaned as he witnessed her puffy lips wrap around the head of his cock. She pushed her hand down to the base of his swollen dick and then popped her lips off it loudly. ‘Mmmmmm’, Vida moaned before going back down on his cock. He groaned once more, watching as her lips bobbed up and down over his cock. Vida devoured every inch of it. Moaning loudly as she sucked and slobbered over his long shaft.

“Ohhhh, god! Fuck!!”

After a few minutes of a lack of speech, Steven found himself groaning and calling out to her. Vida ignored him however, still focused on pushing her lips down and up, sucking him off. By now, the steam had began to rise from inside the shower, fogging up the glass door before they even had a chance to truly fuck each other hard. Vida popped his rod from between her lips, only to spit on it. Steven laughed and spoke up.

“You know, we’re going to be soaking wet from this shower.”

“Yeah, but you always did like it how I spit on your dick. Don’t fucking lie, Steven!”

He chuckled while she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and stroked it back and forth. Vida gave him her classic smug grin. It was the look of a woman who felt she was in complete control. Going back down, she used her tongue to lick the underside of his cock slowly up to the head where she twirled her tongue around it. Gazing up into his eyes, she went down again and this time began to lick and suck on his balls. Her tongue slathered over the hairs sticking out from his nuts before she closed her lips around his left nut. After washing it around in her mouth, she popped it out and alternated to the right ball. Steven brought his hand down into her wet hair and groaned out.

“Ohhhhh, fuck!! There you go baby, yes!”

She didn’t plan to waste all her time sucking his balls while in the shower. Vida lowered her hands down to hold her large augmented breasts up. When her mouth broke free from his balls, a string of drool dripped down to the floor of the shower. She held her tits up and gave him a grin, flashing her teeth while she pushed them around his cock.

“You wanna fuck my titties, don’t you?”

“Yes I do, baby!”

‘God, I’m going to miss fucking these big titties’. Steven thought to himself as he began to buck his hips forward and back. His cock pumped back and forth between her tits, all while Vida dropped her lower lip and moaned while gazing up into his big brown eyes. Vida shook her head to move her hair back over her shoulders while she felt Steven’s hand move down to hold her left shoulder.

“Mmmmm, yeah! That’s it, fuck those tits! Mmmm, fuck ’em hard!!”

She didn’t have to encourage him with words, but it helped. All while he continued to buck his hips, the water was still splashing from behind and spraying over her upper back. She allowed him to continue pumping his long dick back and forth between her tits, but Vida had other plans in mind next. After another minute, she let go of her boobs, forcing his cock to spring free. Vida then quickly got up from her knees, pushing her tits up against his chest to kiss him passionately. Steven was forced to step backwards, almost pushed against the wall from her force. When their kiss broke, she called out to him.

“I’m tired of waiting, I need to feel your big fucking dick inside me. While hole you wanna fuck first, honey?”

Steven grinned. He almost wanted to laugh at the fact she was giving him such a choice. Kissing her again, he stepped back and starred into her eyes when he prompted his answer.

“How about your ass first, baby?”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

With a nod, Vida turned around and stepped around the bath tub. The steamy fog had created a misty atmosphere. She put her hands up against the wall, pushing her thick Cuban ass out for him. She rared her right hand back and spanked her booty, allowing him to watch her firm skin move around.

“Come and fuck this ass, Steven! You know it’s the best ass in the world, fuck it like you mean it!”

He responded to her words by raising his left hand and smacking it down hard over her left cheek. Vida moaned as she began to slightly shake her ass, making her thick cheeks bounce a bit. The water was now spraying down the small of her back, causing a small water fall that fell between the crack of her plump ass. Steven finally pulled her ass cheeks apart after several seconds and guided his long shaft into the crack of her ass, finding her little back door hole. Vida let out a soft moan as she felt the head of his cock begin poking into her.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah! Go on, get it in there! I want you to fuck this big ass! Fuck it hard!!”

Steven raised both hands back and smacked them both on her ass cheeks in a double clap. The smack sent drops of water flying throughout the steamy bath tub. Vida gasped as she felt his cock pump into her dark hole. With a groan, Steven firmly got into position to consistently pound his dick into her ass. Vida grunted before screaming at him.


Such vanity in her words, Steven had to admire her pride more than anything. Vida meant every word she said about her booty being ‘the best’. There was no competition in her mind, not even the specific woman who was on those concert tickets from earlier or the Kardashian women she considered rivals. Vida moaned while feeling every inch of his thick cock pounding into her phat ass. Over and over, Steven continued to buck his hips forward, all while his eyes watched the river of water flowing down the small of her back.

“Tell I’ve got the best ass, Steven! FUCKING SAY IT!!”

Rearing his hand back, he smacked it down over the left cheek of her ass while still pumping his cock back and forth into it. Steven didn’t fulfill her request, only irritating her slightly to beg him again.

“My ass is the best, SAY IT!! I WANT TO HEAR YOU FUCKING SAY IT!!”

“YES, IT IS!!”

Finally, he obliged but not with repeating the words she preferred to hear. Steven was still thrashing his hips forward, fucking her ass like it was the last time he ever would have the chance to truly enjoy her thick rump. Steven knew if he didn’t slow down now, he would end up causing his orgasm early within her ass. He took a few steps back, almost slipping over the wet floor of the bathtub. Vida knew he was about to pull his cock free from her phat booty. She had a plan to try to take control herself. Once she heard him step back again, she pumped her ass out hard to shove him backwards. Steven’s cock broke free from her ass as he nearly fell backwards into the wall. She turned around quickly and pushed towards him.

“Now it’s my turn!”

Vida smirked at Steven before pushing her body up against his and kissing him passionately. From the distance, the water was now spraying down to her thick booty but neither of them could witness such a sight. She wanted to take this lustful event outside the shower, regardless if their bodies were dripping wet of warm water. Breaking the kiss, she pulled away from him and stepped back through the steamy fog. Vida turned the water off and then moved to slide her hand over the glass door. Steven placed his hand up against the glass, creating a hand print from the fog while Vida slid it open and called out to him.

“This bathroom is too small for me to fuck you in.”

“Oh, so you’re gonna fuck me, baby?”

“That’s fucking right!”

“What if I want to bend you over and fuck you harder?”

She smirked, raising her eyebrow before nodding at him.

“You know how much I love to get rough, I’ll take you up for that challenge!”

Just after responding to him, Vida stomped her naked body out of the shower. Streams of water and drops fell to the floor before Steven followed behind her. He ran his hands over her hips, causing her to tease him by pushing her thick ass out to grind on him while looking past her right shoulder to kiss his lips. Stepping forward, Vida grabbed his hand from behind and pulled him out of the bathtub with her. Most of the steamy atmosphere had been contained within the closed door of the shower, only leaving the mirror covered in fog. Vida didn’t care at all how wet their bodies were or the fact that the shower had been canceled in place for moving to another room. She pulled his arm hard, forcing Steven to stand in front of her.

“To the fucking bedroom, let’s go!”

Steven couldn’t help but chuckled. He loved it when Vida would play would this commanding act, trying to take control. For now, he was going to let her have her way. She tugged his hand and forced him into the bedroom where she turned to face him once more. Kissing his lips, Vida shoved Steven down onto the bed and then climbed her wet body atop of him. She reached her hand down to find his thick cock, shoving it towards her moist and wet entrance. Steven was able to glance up at her body as she towered over him while Vida shoved his long prick into her sweet clit. Vida gasped, her knees were bent over the bed as she began to pound herself down. His cock began to thrust forward into her pussy.

“Go on, baby! Yes! Fuck me, go on!!”

It was the first time Vida had truly heard Steven to tell her in response to fuck him. Usually, it was the other way around with that phrase between the two of them. He began to buck his hips forward, forcing his balls to slap against the underside of her thick booty while she was still thrusting down over him. Her large breasts bounced up and down, as Steven could only lay there and look at her tight fit body for what could be the last time he was able to enjoy such a thing.

“You like that, Steven!?”

“Yes!! Go on, baby! More!!”



She didn’t stop herself at all, despite their back and forth bickering. Over and over, she continued to thrust herself down and forcing his cock to pump into her pussy. Steven just watched as her great big epic tits would come bouncing forward with each movement Vida made. For now, she had the upper hand in control but that wouldn’t last for long.

“Oh god, yes! YESSSS!!”

Steven grunted, listening to her voice yell across the room. He moved up, placing his hands over her tits to squeeze them. Vida stopped moving, knowing that he was about to take control. She didn’t wrestle him for the change of control as Steven pressed his lips against hers and kissed her before pushing her back over the bed. Once Vida fell on her back, he moved up and pulled his rod from her pussy. Steven brought his hand up to grip her wet ropes of her hair, pulling them as he ordered her for the position he wanted.

“Get up and turn that ass around for me!”

“Oh, you wanna fuck me from behind, is that it?”

“YES!! I want you to shake that fucking ass up against me too!”

“Mmmmm, make me!”

Since she had teased him with such a request, Steven pulled her hair hard.

“Get up, off the bed! I want you on the floor.”

“Mmmm, you’re the man after all.”

Her reply was in a smart ass tone of voice in a slight attempt to push him further. Vida enjoyed a man that could give her a bit of rough play, especially after dominating Antonio so easily last week. Steven let go of her hair once she moved to the floor, pushing her knees out as she positioned herself on all fours. Steven sat at the edge of the bed, spreading his legs out before he commanded Vida with a new request.

“I want you to back that pussy up over my cock, make that ass clap up against me.”

She giggled at his request while folding her arms together. Vida didn’t reply back to him in words, she simply waited for him to guide his cock back into her pussy and then Steven sat there waiting for her to do the rest of the work. With his cock firmly placed back into her clit, Vida began to back her hips up, forcing her big wet booty to ‘clap’ as the cheeks shook coming down onto his cock. Their bodies were still dripping wet from the shower minutes earlier, but neither of them cared at all anymore.

“I’m not gonna fucking stop until I cum…”

Steven chuckled at her words. He wanted to raise his hand up and spank her ass, but for once he refused the temptation. All he could do was sit there at the edge of the bed, moaning as he watched that epic ass move backwards and bounce each time it touched against his thighs. His balls didn’t slap loudly against the underside of her ass cheeks, this was all Vida in control handling her own pace and movements. She gasped, moaning while he called out.

“God, this is fucking amazing to watch. Your ass bouncing like this, it’s so fucking beautiful.”

“Mmmmm, yes! I know it is, cause I’ve got the best ass in the world! No one comes close to mine!!”

Never a moment to avoid displaying her great pride, Vida had to brag about her booty once again. She listened to Steven grunt and moan, but she was the one coming close to finally reaching her climax. To Vida’s guess, she expected Steven to cum over her ass or up her back. None of that mattered now, as she continued to back herself up and let her plump ass clap up against him.

“I’m so fucking close!! I need to cum, yesssss!”

“Keep going, baby! Don’t stop, just keep on going!”

His words were encouraging but Vida didn’t care. It wasn’t like she truly planned to stop at any moment. Steven was grateful that she moved slow, allowing him the time to save for his own orgasm. Vida began to pant, crying out as she was forcing herself closer to her climax. All that was needed was to pick up the pace, pushing her hips backwards faster. With her teeth clenched, she felt her orgasm finally coming at long last.

“This is it! Yessssss…This is…IT! YESSSS!!”

Steven dropped his lower lip and moaned as he felt her juices flooding over his rod from within her pussy. Setting his feet back down on the floor, he quickly pulled his cock from her pussy and then brought his hand up to grip her wet hair once more. He had saved his own orgasm for now and it was time for him to release.

“Turn around baby, I’ve got some cum for you.”

“Mmmmm, where are you gonna cum on me, Steven?”

“Your face, that’s where!”

“Ohhh, I didn’t know I was getting a facial tonight. You should’ve told me earlier, I would’ve got ready earlier.”

Like earlier, Vida teased him with her smart ass voice. Steven didn’t fall for it again, simply pulling her hair harder to position her straight up on her knees. She gave him a smirk as she watched him placed his hand over his cock, dripping in her own juices. Since Steven was holding her hair tight, she couldn’t reach out and lick it to clean his cock so Vida teased him about it.

“Seriously? You’re just gonna get your hand all fucking wet in my juices and not let me clean that?”

Finally, she had got the better of him.

“Suck up your own juices, Vida! You wanna clean that fucking cock, then do it!”

Vida was pleased to finally aggravate him enough for a bit of rough play. Steven pulled her hair as she opened her mouth and he guided his cock past her lips. Still holding her hair, he began to buck his hips and drive his cock back and forth into her mouth.

“Clean that fucking cock, baby!!”

He grunted while proceeding to fuck her mouth. Vida began to make several slurping and slobbering noises as she always did.


“Take it, baby! FUCKING CLEAN THAT COCK!!”

A string of saliva broke free from the left corner of her mouth, dangling down. Steven eventually stopped bucking his hips and slowly pulled his cock out from between her lips to make a loud pop sound. More strings of drool dangled from his slobber coated shaft and back to her lips as he held her hair tightly and began to stroke his cock aiming it directly at her face. Vida swallowed her breath and looked into his eyes, giving him that classic smug grin she always did.

“Are you gonna cum all over me, Steven? Mmmmm, I want it.”

“You’re gonna get it, baby! Ohhhh, fuck!!”

“Mmmmm, give it to me! Gimme that hot fucking cum, yeah!!”

He grunted just as she closed her eyes, ready to get glazed down in his hot seed.


Just as he had groaned a loud, a thick string went flying over her forehead and drenching into her face. Another wad of his cum splattered over her left eyelid, dripping down the corner of her nose like a semen filled tear drop. Vida dropped her lower lip, giggling as more lines of cum went flying over her forehead and into her hair.

“Mmmmm, it’s so fucking warm. Ohhhh, god I love getting caked in your fucking cum.”

He moaned, still busy shooting strings of cum over Vida’s beautiful face. Once he was finished, her face was covered with a few wads of cum streaking down her right cheek, and her left eyelid drenched in cum. Her forehead had several lines running up into her hair. Vida slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him smirking.

“Well, now I think we need to really take a shower. You made me into quite a fucking mess.”

“You wanted me to, don’t deny it.”

She giggled at his words before answering back.

“Yeah, and don’t deny that you enjoyed that too. Let’s get a real shower and then go to bed soon, honey.”



The afternoon washed over quickly with a sudden relief through Steven’s mind as the night hours came to life. Steven was content with the events that would be following tonight, knowing that the plan was all in act from the hands of Jennifer Lopez. He had traded text messages with her off and on during the night, promising her that he would be taking Vida to the concert as they had plotted out before. Deep down, he almost felt guilty of knowing the humiliation he was about to present for Vida, but Steven had no regrets. She had nearly gotten him killed recently with her whole blackmail act against Kim Kardashian leading to him being taken hostage at gun point. Steven was still a bit stressed from last week’s events, but he looked to the next day to move on.

It wasn’t the first time Vida had nearly cost him his life with her acts of ambition. It was over six years ago now, their relationship had fallen apart for what seemed to be the last time. In 2012, her star was fading in the modeling industry and Vida had used Steven to get in touch with new contacts who she would later on blackmail after she felt unfairly treated by a bad contract. Like recently, Steven had taken the majority of the blame at the hands of a few powerful people looking for a beating. When he had his affair with Jennifer a few months back, she brought up that incident as she had remembered it. Steven and Vida had broken up back then over that, which he now realized he should’ve never forgave her.

She would never change. Always one step ahead looking to place her foot in the door step of power. Vida was often fascinated with the good ole days of her modeling career, her ‘prime’ as many liked to call it. In her heart, she truly believed she was the best of the ‘big booty models’ in terms of demographics. Vida had come into the scene long before Kim Kardashian’s famous ass dominated the headlines of the modeling world. In the last decade, there were countless models inspired by them who were marketed for having plump phat asses. Vida didn’t care if she was forty-three years or not. She came first, that was all she needed to remember to know that she was the best out of all of them. No one came close in Vida’s own mind.

Steven had found it truly funny that Vida had only walked back into his life after he had made another leg up in the business. Before last year, he and Tony had struggled to run old night clubs that their father had left behind for them. Tony was always the more sheltered son spoiled from the rod of nepotism. Steven had to truly get his hands dirty for years, all to support a wife and a child fresh out of high school. He had spent years dealing with shady figures of the Miami underworld, all while trying to manage Tony’s clubs outside the heavy spending to support his brother’s grandiose lifestyle. The reopening of Disco Fever had been such a major success that Vida must have seen Steven as a new piece to help her conquest with moving back up in the industry. He was no fool, despite what seemed like a strong relationship, he was well aware of the fact that she had used him just like she did six years ago.

Before the night had arrived to prepare for the concert, Steven had thought to himself of other plans. Vida had humiliated him in the past week with her blackmail attempts that led to his armed kidnapping. He had all plans to get revenge tonight with Jennifer’s plan but there was another woman in mind. Britney Spears was a woman Vida truly despised, all over once incident that happened over a decade ago back in Miami. Since she had mentioned her last night while looking over advertisements in town, Steven was well aware that Britney was still taking up free space within the back of the Cuban model’s mind. He would have to talk to Jennifer tonight to see about his own idea to make Vida jealous. Steven was prepared for this to turn into a showdown, as he knew Vida’s own arrogance would never allow her to stand down and be outdone easily by another woman.

When the midnight hours drew closer, Steven and Vida had arrived at the casino resort for the big concert. ‘Jennifer Lopez: All I Have’ the premier show was within a sold out theater. Steven had dressed in one of his typical white jackets with a light blue undershirt and matching white pants. Vida had come in a red dress, revealing a bit of her busty cleavage. The tickets were at the front row of the stage, giving one hint that Jennifer Lopez herself would be gazing down at them whenever she was at the front area. The theater filled, packed with screaming fans and local Vegas tourists. Steven and Vida soon found themselves crowded at the front center stage with a few die hard fans and some wealthy tourists. From the front of the stage, it was positioned into a T with a walkway for the singer to come out. The lights faded out as the show had begun, many of the fans took out their phone cameras and began to record as the lights blinked. Vida clutched a plastic cup for a drink in her left hand as she turned to Steven.

“It’s gonna get loud in here soon, you know that right?”

“Yes, I’ve been to concerts before baby. Just haven’t seen a big show like this in a while.”

“Honey, you don’t know. Vegas shows are much louder than any other concerts, you’ll see soon.”

Despite the big plan that was to play out soon, Steven felt calm and was relaxed the whole time. The lights faded and blinked into an array of several colors. Blue, white, purple and pink flashed with a hue of orange as the dancers rushed the stage and the music began to play. The crowd erupted, cheering as Jennifer Lopez now took the stage with a dozen dancers and began to play with the opening song. Despite the loudness of the audience, Steven and Vida were stuck in the middle of the front row which didn’t move much at all from the beginning. After a few minutes of the first song playing, that soon changed as the crowd was dancing and moving all around. Vida gulped down half of her drink and began to move to the flow of the music herself.

Jennifer Lopez took the stage wearing a sexy outfit of a silver top and thong with stockings and matching silver high heels. Every part of her outfit sparkled in glitter and beads, adding a dynamic view while the lights faded and blinked in constant changing colors. Her long brunette hair was hanging from both sides, bouncing and waving around each time she pranced among the stage. When she first approached the front of the stage, Vida and Steven heard every audience member around them gasp and shout as they leaned over to try and capture the moment with their phone cameras turned on. Steven got his first glance at the woman who had stole his heart when she turned to the side and proceeded to move into a dance routine. There were no other dancers around Jennifer from the main stage, this was all her show right now.

The song changed, turning into a more upbeat tune with a hip hop sound to it. Jennifer turned around as the stage lights blinked in hues of purple and blue. There was a fan machine under the small lights at the bottom of the front stage. With her back turned to the crowd, Jennifer spread her feet over the floor and now it was time for one of her booty dance work outs. Steven and Vida stood in the middle of the stage while the model was forced to watch as the air machine blew Jennifer’s hair forward and she began to shake her legs out and force her thick famous ass to bounce all around. The lights continued to blink while Jennifer ran her hands over her ass cheeks, running them up to her back as she shook to the beat of the music.

Once again, the lights faded as confetti fell from the ceiling and to the back area of the stage. When her hands reached her upper back, Jennifer ran them through her hair playfully. All eyes were focused on Jennifer’s ass shaking mini dance that she did.

For a brief moment, Vida found herself envious at the woman on stage. It didn’t even matter after Jennifer stopped her dance break down and turned around to face the crowd. She wore a microphone headset, singing out Spanish lyrics to one of her newer songs. Loud synths belted out from the background music, adding another layer of the dance themed song that Jennifer was performing in front of her screaming fans. Once the song was fading to a close, Jennifer turned around and the lights shifted into an orange hue. Just like the first time, her epic ass was on full display as she began to grind her hips and move to the slowed down tempo of the music. Steven knew what was about to happen next as Jennifer bent over at the end of the song, fully displaying her thick ass to the crowd.

As she was bent over, she glanced between her legs and found both Steven and Vida in the crowd. Looking into the man’s eyes, Jennifer smiled and held up right hand between her legs, pushing up her thumb upward. The crowd was erupting cheering while flashes of cameras went off. Jennifer looked directly into Steven’s eyes, giving him the thumbs up while she narrowed her thumb to point it straight to him.

Steven smiled back at her while Vida glanced towards him. Once Jennifer had seen the reaction of his girlfriend, she jumped back up and stomped her heels and began jumping to the beat of the music. Vida felt a rush of rage go through her mind suddenly. She remembered him telling her that Tony had just given him the front row tickets but why? To have her showed up and have to watch another woman tease him like this? Such questions ran through her mind. Steven was still smiling when he turned to look at Vida’s enraged face.

“You goddamn asshole…”

The hues of orange lights had faded over Vida’s face. Steven was still grinning, not even trying to hide the fact anymore that this was all a set up. He heard Vida’s words loud and clear, but didn’t reply. So many thoughts of anger were going through her mind right now. She held up her drink and shouted again.

“You think you can fucking embarrass me like that and laugh about it right in my fucking face!? You mother fucker!!”

With her left arm raised, Vida gritted her teeth and smashed the plastic drink up against Steven’s face. The red liquid splashed against his face as she brushed through the crowd and left him there. One of the people close by in the audience yelled out while grabbing at Steven, offering a hand to help him. Vida was pissed. She may have been naive at times, but she wasn’t a fool. This was no coincidence at all for him to have front row tickets and have Jennifer Lopez herself give him the thumbs up and point directly at him. She wasn’t going to put up with watching another woman shake her ass like that, knowing in her mind that no one could compete with her. Vida stomped her way out of the crowd and proceeded to head back to the hotel. ‘That mother fucker thinks I’m stupid, I’m gonna show him one of these days…’. The thoughts of rage and retribution already were running wildly through her mind in the heat of the moment.



When the show reached it’s ending, Steven found himself approaching security to go backstage. Everything had been arranged properly, all at Jennifer’s hand as she had told him earlier in the day through text messages. The drink had splashed over his face, staining his shirt and leaving drops of stains over his white jacket. He had left for a bit to go clean his face from the bathroom, but was only bothered by the stains on his jacket. Jennifer’s show was a phenomenal one, expanding her career in music with a mix of dance, hip hop and Iatin music. He found a particular liking to her new Spanish songs that were played towards the end with the encore. After waiting a few moments with security, he was led backstage to see Jennifer.

“Wait here, Miss. Lopez will see you soon.”

One of the bodyguards spoke to him while walking off. Steven slipped his hand into the pocket of his jacket, checking his phone. There were no calls or text messages, but he expected quite a roar to come out of Vida before the night was over. Heels were heard clacking over the floor as Jennifer Lopez came out and greeted Steven with a smile.

“Hey baby, there you are! What happened to your shirt?”

“Oh, I had a little accident. Someone didn’t really like your show and left early.”

Jennifer kissed him on the cheek, running her hand over the stained part of his blue shirt.

“Well, looks like your shirt is ruined. Some of it is on your jacket too.”

“Yeah, but it’s fine. I can buy more, it won’t be a problem.”

Biting her lower lip, Jennifer smirked before speaking again.

“So, she didn’t like my show, huh?”

Steven laughed.

“I don’t know, you tell me? She was pissed off enough to throw a drink at me. I’m just waiting on her to blow my phone up.”

“You mean, this wasn’t enough to completely embarrass her to the point she leaves you?”

He sighed before responding to her question.

“Look, this is Vida we’re talking about. At most, her ego is bruised right now but she won’t go down without a fight. I’m sure she’ll strike back before the night is over.”

Jennifer couldn’t help but sigh. She expected all this to be over with by simply embarrassing the other woman. Steven knew Vida better than she ever could. Taking his hand, Jennifer walked him back to her private room. They would be clearing out soon and she would be going back to her hotel. Jennifer glanced over at him as she let go of his hand and spoke.

“You’re gonna stay with me tonight, right?”

“Of course, that’s what we agreed to.”

Steven had only packed a few spare shirts and clothes that were disposable. Everything of complete importance remained in the pockets of his jacket. He had planned all along to dump everything back at the hotel and leave Vida alone. It wasn’t until thirty minutes had passed when he and Jennifer were in the back of a Bentley driving to her hotel when his phone finally went off. As Steven sat next to Jennifer, he pulled his phone out and took a deep breath while looking at the screen.

“Well, there she is. I knew she was going to call.”

“Don’t answer it, hun! Just let it ring!”

He didn’t listen to Jennifer’s advice. Steven knew if he didn’t answer now, Vida would continuously call until he finally picked up. He answered the phone to hear her screaming at the other end.


Jennifer’s jaw dropped as she could hear Vida’s loud voice from the other end of the phone. Steven didn’t answer her back initially, allowing the woman to proceed to rant yet again.

“I know you were planning this all along now! I fucking know it!! Don’t you dare deny it, I knew something was up with you just all of a sudden wanting to take me to Vegas after you were so pissed off over what I did to that fucking Kardashian whore! I’m sure you’ve got your head up Jennifer Lopez’s ass too, you fucking asshole!”

Just like that, he had heard enough and hung the phone up. Jennifer spoke up.

“If she calls again, don’t answer it. You need to just block her out and don’t put up with her talking to you like that.”

“She’ll be calling back, she always has to have the last word in everything.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes. Sure enough, the phone began to ring again in his hand. Before Steven had a chance to answer, Jennifer snatched it from his hand and then opened her purse to place the phone inside.

“Let it ring, she can keep calling but you’re going to ignore her for now. She’s got you stressed out enough, you’re with me now and I’m going to change that.”

Steven smiled back at her. Jennifer was so loving and caring towards him, just the kind of woman he wanted in his life after everything he had been through with Vida. As the Bentley still drove through the streets, he smirked as the phone was still ringing.

“You know, I’ve got an idea that could really piss her off.”

He was smirking by now, Jennifer was invited by the mischevious grin over his face.

“What’s your idea, baby?”

“Well, this idea depends on if you’re friends with a special somehow.”

“And who would that be?”

“How well do you know Britney Spears out here? Vida hates her more than you, I could really make her jealous getting a photo with Britney.”

Jennifer laughed at him.

“You’re lucky, I’m good friends with her people. One of her bodyguards used to work for me and we occasionally hang out together when I’m in Vegas. I could do more than just get you hooked up for a photo.”


“Yes, I can get her on the phone tomorrow. How about we plan a get together and do something fun? You want to make her jealous, a threesome with the two of us should be enough to accomplish that.”

Steven closed his eyes for a moment and smiled. Just to hear Jennifer offer such an event like this made him realize how lucky he was. He had the memories with Britney from years ago with that one lucky event that took place back on Tony’s yacht. It was over a decade ago by now but he cherished that moment deep down. When he reopened his eyes, Steven nodded to her as the phone was going off yet again from inside her purse.

“If you think that you can truly arrange that, let’s do it. I want to call her on the phone when I have both of you with me and let her listen for a bit.”

Jennifer laughed at his reply.

“That’s what I like about you, Steven. You’ve got a dirty mind, I think we’re going to enjoy our future together.”

After replying, she leaned over and kissed his lips softly. Steven moved forward, sinking the kiss into a passionate one. Jennifer had become his safe haven after all the hell he went through last week. Dealing with Kim’s little games of payback; the guns pointed at him, all of that mess with the drug deal and last but not least, Vida’s hand getting him into the mess to begin with. The nightmare was finally coming to an end, as he thought about the future while kissing this woman. Jennifer had a heart, he felt he could truly fall in love with this woman and begin a new chapter in his life. It was time to leave behind the old pieces from his past with Vida and move on to better things.



A heavy breath was heard from inside the room before a suitcase was unzipped open. Vida Guerra found herself packing up her bags, getting ready to leave Las Vegas even though it had only been two days. She was ready to return back to Miami and enjoy herself at her private condo that he still had yet to learn about. Steven didn’t even bother coming back to the hotel after the concert, that was one clue she had that he truly was in on some plan with Jennifer Lopez. Vida wasn’t having this after being shown up by some woman on stage and mocked with a small gesture. She would find a way to get him back eventually, it was the only thing on her mind. Many considerations had ran through her mind to try and humiliate him in return.

Vida had her own cards at play if she wanted to use him. She could’ve teased Steven about the fact she fucked his son over a year ago, or that she had been cheating on him all along with Antonio who she used as her young man of a fuck toy. Even though she had already sent him a dozen text messages calling him several names and cussing at him, it was these cards she kept to herself for now. Vida was confident that somewhere along the line, she would have her shot at getting even at Steven some day. When that day came, she would feel so much better after last night’s horrible event spent here in Vegas. After packing her bags, she grinned to herself and grabbed the suitcases while thinking to herself ‘Some day, he’s going to regret fucking me over like that. Some day…’

Across town, two other people were busy with themselves during the afternoon. With a bit of spare money brought with him, Steven wanted to go buy some new clothes after his shirt and jacket had been ruined from last night. Jennifer took him herself, seizing the opportunity to make this their first true date as a couple. Over the night, Steven had explained to her the trouble he had been in last week that led to this entire plan between the two of them. Though she was friends with Kim Kardashian, Jennifer avoided the whole family’s empire for a reason. Steven had told her how he tried so hard to lead a clean life in the past few years and not get stuck dealing with the sleazy underworld that he had known from his youth. Jennifer respected his honesty towards her about such topics.

At an expensive suit shop, Steven got himself fitted with a new dark colored jacket. He then went with a neon blue colored shirt and white pants for his new outfit. He picked up a few darker purple neon colored shirts to go with the jacket later on, balancing out the wardrobe he had back home. In Miami, he had plenty of light pastel colored shirts to go with his white jackets, but now he had plenty of dark neon colors to go with the black and gray jackets. Once he was finished shopping, Jennifer had a surprise to reveal to him after they got back to the hotel. Back in the room, she watched Steven sit down on the bed and roll up the sleeves of his new jacket, revealing his wrists. It made for the perfect time to reveal to her a gift she had bought him just last week. He rarely ever wore a watch, even now Jennifer couldn’t help but notice it missing around his left arm. She stood in the doorway, crossing her arms over her chest wearing a white shirt and matching white pants.

“How come you never wear a watch, baby?”

He looked over his left wrist before chuckling.

“I guess I don’t see the point in them anymore. It’s twenty-seventeen and everyone walks around with a smartphone to check the time.”

“But, come on! You aren’t young like the generation of these days, you’re close to my age. Men like you are supposed to wear a nice watch.”

Her words couldn’t do more than make him blush momentarily. Jennifer truly had him here with her statement. She stepped out of the doorway, walking over to her dresser where she had a little white box waiting for him. Jennifer opened it, grabbing her gift among her fingertips and then approached Steven before dangling a brand new 18 karat gold Rolex watch for him.

“Since you like to dress as if you’re modelling for GQ, this should help you complete the look.”

Once Steven opened his hands, Jennifer dropped the expensive watch down into his palm. His eyes became enlarged, his dropping as he looked over the lavish piece of jewlry. Steven’s heart nearly sank over the thought of such a fine gift. The gold was so fine that a small glow reflected over his fingers. Jennifer simply stood there, smiling as she looked over his shocked expression.

“Do you like it?”

“Oh my god, I love this…Where did you get this? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a watch more beautiful than this.”

“It’s a presidential style Rolex, eighteen karat gold. I figured it would look great on you. That’s from me to you, baby.”

The front of the watch clearly read out ‘Rolex: Oyster Perpetual Day-Date’. The entire watch was decorated in fancy gold, including the front ring and the numbers. Steven turned it around, looking at the metal links as he began to adjust it and was ready to slide it over his left wrist. When he began to put on, Jennifer sat down on the bed and helped him. The watch was fit specifically for his wrist size. How she had learned such details, Steven couldn’t guess. All he could think about was how this was such a generous gift and no one in his life had ever given him such a luxurious prize. It meant that Jennifer must have truly thought highly of him, to give away a watch that had to have cost at least several grand. When he looked back into her eyes, there was simply no words that could come into his mind.

Leaning forward, Steven pushed his lips against hers and kissed her softly. Jennifer deepened the kiss into one of passionate, throwing her arms around his neck as they continued to kiss. Steven never wanted this time to end with Jennifer. All it took was a small gesture like the watch to truly make him feel special. It was the first time in a long while during his life that he felt loved. Sometimes, it was the little moments like this without words being spoken that could make someone feel embraced in love. When their lips had finally pulled apart, he looked back into her eyes and spoke.

“I’m never taking this watch off except for when I go to shower. Thank you Jennifer, this means the world to me.”

“No problem, it was just for you. Now, I think I need to get on the phone and check in with a special Toxic singer and see if she can spend some time with us in the next few hours.”

She gave him a wink while getting up from the bed. Jennifer was right on top of things, right on time and schedule for what they were planning to do. Right now, they were in a penthouse suite guarded by Jennifer’s expert team of security. Just outside the window, one could see the various tall casino buildings and parts of signs that would be lit up once the night hours rolled through. For now, all Steven wanted to do was stretch out on the bed feeling the warm metal links of his new watch while thinking to himself how grateful he was for this small vacation. He wasn’t even day dreaming about the planned threesome with Britney, all he could think about was his love for Jennifer. Twenty minutes passed of him stretched out across the bed relaxing when Jennifer returned into the room and spoke out to catch his attention and wake him from his short mind slumber.

“Wake up, baby! We’re on! Britney said it’s a go, get yourself ready cause we’re both going to wear you slap out within the next hour.”

He leaned up from the bed, opening his eyes to smile as Jennifer spoke once again.

“Be ready cause you’re gonna need all the strength you have. By the time Britney and I get finished with you, I hope you’ll be able to walk forward without falling over.”



Britney Spears found herself taking a private escort from Jennifer’s bodyguards back to the other woman’s hotel. It wasn’t the first time she had some naughty fun with Jennifer, but it had been a long time. They had once did a mini tour together several years ago, back when Britney was thriving off the success of her early career. So much had changed since then, but it was good to remain as friends often associating with one another when it came to their time in Vegas. All Britney cared about today was having some fun to satisfy her sexuality after a long break of not having any boy toys to mess around with. Steven Diaz was a name she didn’t quite remember at first until Jennifer had explained his brother was Tony. Britney recalled the birthday surprise she had worked for Tony’s son last year.

When Steven set eyes on Britney, he couldn’t believe it had been over eleven years since he last seen her face to face like this. Time had changed a lot throughout over a decade, but she aged like fine wine for the woman she had become. He teased her that she had turned into a proper MILF, causing the blonde singer to laugh. Britney stood tall in a little white skirt and a matching low cut white top that revealed her muscular stomach and a silver navel ring piercing down below. Steven had already undressed of his new suit to put on a black robe to prepare for this lustful event. Though they had been enjoying the past hour talking about various subjects, Jennifer was ready to get the true meaning of this date under way.

“Look, I know we’re having a good time talking and all, but I think we need to get things in order now. You ready to get naked with me, Britney?”

“Yeah, I’m ready!”

He was sitting at the edge of the bed, watching the two women face to face. What was next to come truly surprised Steven all together. Britney pushed her lips up against Jennifer’s, kissing the older woman with a fury of passion as they moved their hands over one another’s bodies. He didn’t expect to see them kiss one another with such force, but after their lips were pulled apart, Britney stepped back and pulled her little shirt up to allow her large breasts to fall free. There was something else on Steven’s mind besides what they were about to do.

“Hey Jennifer, can you bring me my phone, please?”

“Sure, baby!”

She gave him a wink after unzipping her pants and stepping out of her heels. The two women proceeded to strip naked with Britney being the first to complete disrobe and stand naked. Her long golden hair was fixed up in a pony tail, but soon came free when she pulled it apart and straightened her hair. After Jennifer had slipped off a purple g-string that barely covered her massive thick ass, she stomped over to the nightstand and grabbed Steven’s cell phone. She tossed it to him on the bed, but he failed to catch it. After Steven grabbed his phone, he looked to see Britney moving towards the bed but not without shaking her head.

“Look, I don’t want you recording any footage of me! I’m not stupid to let something leak of me all over the internet, so before we begin, I want your word.”

Jennifer was quick to answer her before he had a chance to say the wrong thing.

“Oh Britney, don’t worry babe! This isn’t about you at all. Steven is going to call his ex and hang up in her face after she hears us. She won’t have a chance to record it or anything.”

“Well, I hope that’s all you’re going to do. You know how much I value my privacy.”

“Jennifer speaks the truth, Britney. You have my word, no photos or recorded videos. I just want to make my ex jealous with this fun I’m about to be having.”

“Alright, well I’m ready to get started then!”

Just after replying, Britney didn’t waste any time moving towards his face and locking lips for a sweet kiss. Jennifer figured it was best if she handled the phone, so she moved to the bed and snatched it from Steven’s hands. While Steven was busy trading tongues with Britney, the blonde pop princess wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him to sit up forward forcing him to nearly stand up. Jennifer placed the phone at the edge of the bed, right in place to use later. After he broke the kiss with Britney, she fell down to her knees with a grin over her face.

“I’m hungry for some big fuckin’ cock…”

Jennifer giggled as Britney’s southern accent was coming out in full swing.

“Go on, let her have her fun first. I’ll just distract you from the distance.”

The distraction that Jennifer had in mind was simply to turn around and spread her legs out and bend over to shake her ass. By now, Steven had spread his own legs and Britney had lowered herself down to her knees between them. Britney kissed the head of his cock before pumping it up and down with the grip of her right hand. Steven only looked away from Jennifer’s power ass shaking about, to see Britney jerking him off.

“I see she really is taking your attention, huh?”

“I guess you could say that.”

Britney looked over her shoulder at Jennifer after he answered her and then she had an idea.

“Why don’t you get on the bed and shake that ass in his face, Jennifer?”

“Mmmm, that sounds like a perfect idea!”

While Jennifer began to climb up on the bed towards Steven, he turned his head to look in her eyes while she crawled towards him. Meanwhile, Britney had brought her mouth down over his long cock and began to suck on it, devouring his shaft while he locked lips and kissed Jennifer. The pop princess placed her hands up on his legs, holding them in place as she began to bob her lips up and down, devouring every inch of his cock. Steven moaned into Jennifer’s mouth before breaking the kiss. Britney’s big tits began to shake, her hair barely waving a bit as she sucked on inch after inch of his meat pole. Jennifer glanced down, watching Britney as both women heard Steven moaning in pleasure.

“Damn, looks like she’s gonna give me some competition.”

“Fuck!! She’s amazing!”

Steven had forgotten what amazing oral talents Britney had presented to him over ten years ago with the threesome back on Tony’s yacht. He groaned in pleasure while Jennifer turned around to him and began to shake her ass up against his face. Her thick booty cheeks beat up against his face, only for a minute before Steven got a new idea in his mind. He reached down and pulled at Britney’s long golden hair, forcing her lips to make a pop sound as they broke free from his cock.

“Get up, Britney! I want you on the bed! Jennifer, I’ve got an idea, crawl forward up the bed.”

He didn’t elaborate on his idea to the two lovely ladies. Steven simply pulled Britney’s hair, forcing her to rise up from her knees and moving her to the bed. In his mind, he figured nothing would be sexier than being able to possibly rim Jennifer’s thick ass while Britney was slobbering all over his dick. For now, he had completely forgotten about the phone and his idea to call Vida and make her jealous with the sounds of their hot lust in action. Once he let go of Britney’s blonde hair, he spoke again.

“Lay down on the bed for me, I want your head to hang from the end of the bed.”

“Yes, sir!”

Her reply was in a goofy tone of voice. Jennifer soon had a hint of what Steven wanted to do. With Britney laying down on her back, the older singer began to crawl backwards until she was towering her body on all fours with Britney underneath. It made for a decent 69 position, as Jennifer thought to herself. Steven was busy stroking his saliva coated shaft, moving it towards Britney’s mouth from the upside down position.

“Spit on that fucking dick!”

Britney obeyed his wish, spitting on his cock as a a bit of the saliva moved over her upper lip. Since her head was hanging upside down, it caused the string of spit to begin dripping down her nose and towards her forehead. Steven pushed the head of his cock into Britney’s mouth, moaning as she began to suck on him again. He then raised both hands and slapped them hard over Jennifer’s thick supreme booty.

“Ohhhhh, yeah! Spank that ass, baby!”

Spank! Spank! Jennifer leaned her head down while they could both clearly hear Britney slobber and sucking over his meat pole. The older singer was determined to lick over Britney’s pink clit while they were in this position. Steven pulled Jennifer’s phat ass cheeks apart, and before she had a chance to bring her mouth down over Britney’s pussy, she felt his tongue sliding up the crack of her ass to discover her back door hole and licking around it.


Such excitement had come from Jennifer to yell so fast. She didn’t expect him to begin rimming her ass, it was one of her favorite pleasures when a man properly would worship her huge booty with such a treat. Soon, Britney released his cock from her mouth, allowing it to hang upside down up against her nose. Steven was busy circling his tongue around Jennifer’s dark little hole while his face was buried in her immense ass cheeks. Britney took a heavy breath before her eyes enlarged at feeling Jennifer’s tongue slipping into her clit.

“Ohhhhh my god, yeah! Go on, eat me! Eat me, Jennifer, yeah!!”

Another trail of spit began to drip down from Britney’s upper lip and down her right cheek this time, all due to her face hanging upside down from the edge of the bed. When Britney pushed his cock back between her lips, she groaned and moaned against his thick rod as Jennifer was busy thrusting her tongue and twirling it into her clit. All the while, Steven refused to move his head up as he was busy circling his tongue around Jennifer’s dark hole. For the time being, all three of them worked into a motion of sending pleasure into one another. Eventually, Jennifer moved her head up from Britney’s pussy and then remembered that she had to grab the phone and make that special call. She began to grind her hips, forcing her thick ass cheeks to bounce up against Steven’s face while she reached her left hand out to grab his smartphone and begin quickly scrolling through the contact list to find Vida. Pushing the screen to make the call, it was only a couple seconds before Vida answered screaming.

“You wanna call me now, mother fucker!?”


When Steven heard Jennifer yell into the phone, he raised his head from between her ass cheeks and then began to moan aloud in an exaggerated tone.

“Ohhhhh, god! Yes, this is it! THIS IS THE BEST!!”

He knew just the words to use to try and drive Vida crazy. To call something ‘the best’ would be enough to truly make the woman bitter as her ego took a dive. Jennifer hung the phone up and then tossed it across the room, letting it fall to the floor. At the same time, Britney was still busy sucking his cock as if she were trying hard enough to force him into an orgasm. He was forced to move his hands down and pull her hair, forcing his cock to loudly pop free past her loving lips. The desire to slide his cock up into Jennifer’s plump phat ass was too much now. A string of drool dripped from his cock down to Britney’s forehead as he brought his hand up to the lower area of Jennifer’s back to push her down.

“Come on, Jennifer! I’ve gotta fuck this huge ass!”

“Mmmmm, yeah! Britney, I hope you are gonna lick me after all the attention I’ve been giving this juicy little pussy.”

“Oh, yeah! You’ve got it, I’m gonna eat you harder than he ever could!”

Britney’s response was enough to make both Steven and Jennifer bust out laughing hard. Perhaps the blonde singer was true in her promise, but it was still funny to hear. Gripping his slobber covered shaft, Steven ran it between Jennifer’s thick ass cheeks and pushed it towards her back door hole. A gasp was heard just as he pushed into her ass, causing her to moan and call out.

“Mmmmm, yeah! That’s it Steven, I want you to enjoy fucking my ass like you’ve always wanted to.”

A sigh was heard from below, Britney almost becoming impatient to experience pussy being eaten.

“Come and lick me, dammit! I hate fuckin’ waiting!”

Jennifer didn’t waste anymore of Britney’s precious time, sinking her head down to the woman’s thighs and slipping her tongue back into the pink folds of her lovely pussy. Just as Steven began to buck his hips and slide his thick shaft back and forth into Jennifer’s ass, Britney followed her actions and leaned her head forward to embed her mouth over Jennifer’s clit. Just like minutes before, they were all experiencing pleasure from another one through this same position. Steven raised his left hand back and smacked Jennifer’s ass while groaning out.

“Oh god, this is fucking amazing! I’m sitting on top of the world today!”

Smack! He laid down another hard spank over her supreme booty. While he was busy thrusting his cock into Jennifer’s ass, both women moaned as they were focused on pleasuring one another orally through the 69 position. Steven was determined that he wasn’t going to stop pumping his shaft through Jennifer’s immense phat ass until he was ready to blow his load. With Britney positioned under her and busy licking her clit, his cum could easily drip right out and over the blonde girl’s beautiful face. He was too busy fucking Jennifer’s ass, groaning as he reared his left hand back ready to proceed to spank her.

“God, I just love this fucking ass! This is the fucking best!”


“Yes, I said it’s the best! YES!!”

Spank! Spank! Spank! Each time Steven delivered a strike over the left cheek of her ass, the skin shook firmly in place. He began to buck his hips harder, pushing his cock faster into her ass. At the same time, his balls began to slap up against Britney’s forehead but she was too busy thrusting her tongue forward and back into Jennifer’s pussy. Only the sounds of muffled moans were heard between both women. Steven was beginning to feel closer towards his orgasm with each thrust he sent into Jennifer’s powerful ass.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum soon! I want to fill this ass up with my load!”

His words were enough to alert Jennifer to move her head up from Britney’s clit and shout to him.


Soon, Britney’s voice was calling out to Jennifer in the same yelling manor.


“Only as long as you stop licking me! I want Steven to make me cum, not you!”

If it weren’t for the heat of the moment during all this pleasure, Steven probably would’ve laughed at the exchange between Britney and Jennifer. Britney didn’t move her mouth back towards Jennifer’s clit, giving in to the woman’s wish as now she was free to moan loudly at feeling Jennifer’s tongue circle and twirl around from within her pink folds.

“Ohhhhh, gawd! Yes!!”

Steven was not bothered, still thrusting away into Jennifer’s ass waiting to blow his load. That sultry southern accent wasn’t enough to truly grab his attention. He tried to look down at Britney’s face, only seeing her momentarily as he would buck his hips. Since Britney had leaned down, his balls were no longer smacking up against her face. He wasn’t the only one moaning, as Britney began to yell as her own climax was fast approaching by this point.


“Fuck! I can’t take it anymore! I’m gonna cum!!”

He had spoke just after Britney cried out. Jennifer wasn’t phased at all, trying so hard to push the pop princess into an orgasm. As soon as Steven felt his cock exploding within Jennifer’s thick booty, he cried out and slowed down.

“Fuck!! That’s it, ohhhhhh man!”

Britney gritted her teeth before crying out loudly as her body tensed up and shot her juices into Jennifer’s waiting mouth. All their screams and moans had echoed throughout the room continuously but now, all that could be heard was the heavy breathing and their soft pleasuring cries. Jennifer raised her head and swallowed Britney’s hot juices, gulping it down while Steven was slowly easing his cock out from that big famous ass. From below was Britney’s face still hanging off the edge of the bed. Steven grabbed his cock as he slowly edged it out, watching as his hot cum came pouring out and landing over Britney’s face.

She opened her mouth and tried to catch some of it, but most of his cum splattered over her beautiful face. Steven laughed as he stepped back, looking at Britney’s cum covered face.

“Damn, looks like I made a mess.”

“Mmmm, you sure did.”

She had swallowed what little bit of his seed splashed past her lips. Jennifer began to climb off Britney, finally allowing the blonde woman to lean up and climb back up. The two girls met face to face sitting up and then Steven was able to witness Jennifer cleaning Britney’s face by licking up the strands of his cum that had been dripping off. They soon embraced into a short kiss before pulling back with a string of cum that nearly broke before they both had sucked it back up.

“God, you two are fucking amazing to watch.”

Jennifer moaned hearing his words praise them both as she was still busy cleaning Britney’s face after the soft kiss. Steven moved to sit on the bed, ready for the next round of fucking to come. After Jennifer was done and moved away from Britney’s face, he pulled at the blonde woman’s hand to get her attention.

“Come on, Britney! I want to fuck you again! It’s been so long, I always remember that day.”

“It’s funny you remember, cause I had forgotten about that until today!”

Taking his hand, she giggled before climbing up onto his lap. Britney could tell from the way Steven was sitting up, he wanted her on top to ride him. She kissed his lips and then pushed his chest to force him to fall down to the bed and then climbing a top of him. Jennifer just sat there, watching as Britney grabbed his thick pole with her hand and then hovered her clit above him. She waited just a minute before guiding the head of his shaft past the puffy pink lips of her pussy. Steven groaned as Britney pushed herself down on him hard, forcing his cock to thrust forward into her clit.

“Ohhhhh, yes! Mmmmmm, that’s it!”

After calling out in pleasure, she ran her hands down to his chest and began to bounce herself up and down. Britney proceeded to grind her hips down, forcing his cock to pump up and down into her pussy. Steven brought his hands to grip Britney’s tight ass, squeezing her cheeks as he took over bucking his hips to drive his cock back and forth into her clit. Her large tits began to bounce back and forth, her blonde hair waving about as she dropped her lower lip before screaming out to him.


Jennifer couldn’t help but feel left out momentarily as Steven was having the time of his life fucking Britney hard like this while she atop him. She wanted him to force her to cum, hoping that she wouldn’t have to sit here alone for much longer listening to them moan. Jennifer stuck her finger down to play with her clit, circling her middle finger around it before dipping the nail in. Britney was still screaming out to him.


Steven glanced to his right side, seeing Jennifer almost look sad that she was left out. That was enough for him to turn his attention over to her soon. He leaned up, allowing Britney’s tits to shake in his face before he pushed her down on her back and made himself on top. He took a few final thrusts into her pussy before coming to a halt and pulling his rod from her clit. Jennifer bit her lower lip, happy that he would turn his attention back to her and finally fuck her by now. She laid down on the bed, inviting Steven to come over and get on top. Britney gasped and moaned as she watched him climb atop Jennifer. A small kiss was heard before Jennifer wrapped her legs around his waist to push him down and force his cock into her pussy.

“Yes, come on Steven! I want you to fuck me and make cum!”

He kissed her lips once again while thrusting his rod into her. Steven smashed his hands up against her breasts, looking down into Jennifer’s eyes as he felt the soles of her feet pushed against his ass cheeks.


Now she was screaming as loud as Britney had previously been doing. This was just the way Jennifer hoped they could finish their act, both of them close to their orgasm and ready to share it. Steven was working closer to his second climax of the day, all while Britney could only lay there and watch the two lovers.

“I’m so close, yessss! Make me cum, Steven! MAKE ME CUM, FUCK ME!!”

He moved his hands away from her tits, leaning down to kiss her again and feeling her hard nipples push up against his chest. Steven didn’t stop, still thrusting his cock deep into her pussy as he knew they both were close at this point. When he pushed his hands down into the sheets of the bed, Jennifer responded by bringing her hands over his back and raking her nails hard against his back. He grunted while feeling her climax commence.


Britney leaned up from the bed, listening to Steven scream out as both he and Jennifer had began crying out as they shared their orgasm. From Britney’s perspective, it was funny to sit there and experience two lovers especially after they had used her for their own pleasure and enjoyment. The two lay there together, still embracing one another as they caught their breaths and shared a passionate kiss. Jennifer rolled them on their sides, still keeping her arms wrapped around her man as she kissed his lips again. Britney couldn’t help but laugh.

“Damn, y’all sure are cute together! I’m going to be wishing you the best since this seems real.”

Her words were enough to make Steven laugh for a bit after breaking the kiss with Jennifer. There was something about Britney’s goofy personality that brought joy to any situation. Jennifer leaned over and whispered into his ear, not forgetting that she wanted to tease him about something she said earlier.

“Well, I hope we both didn’t wear you out enough to the point you won’t be able to walk the rest of the day. If so, you’re gonna need some rest handsome.”



The morning sun was beginning to set over the town as Steven had climbed out of bed and walked towards the balcony from Jennifer’s hotel room. Despite living in a different time zone during this vacation, he was still waking up at unusual times and was used to the schedule he had back in Miami for work. She was still sound asleep in bed after a night out in town. Vida had not bothered calling again or sending text messages. The surprise threesome fun with Britney was only one piece of fun he had been enjoying with Jennifer this past week. Once out of bed, he took a quick shower and went into the kitchen to make himself a glass of orange juice after getting out. Jennifer was still sound asleep in bed when he carefully slipped back into the room to take another view at the tall windows where the balcony was.

Trying his best to stay quiet, Steven slipped open the balcony door and crept out while holding his glass of orange juice. A white robe was wrapped around his body, the new Rolex watch firmly placed over his left wrist. He stood there on the balcony, gazing at the tall buildings of Vegas as the sun was beginning to rise in the sky. The humidity of the morning made him feel as if he were at home in southern Florida. In the ambience, he could hear traffic moving from down below along with the wind blowing. He thought to himself that he was almost reborn as a new man after all the relief that had washed over him with this vacation. Raising the glass up to his lips, he sipped on the orange juice as he heard the balcony door slide open from behind him. Jennifer joined him in her white night robe.

“Hey you, good morning.”

Steven smiled as he leaned forward to accept a slight kiss on the lips from her. Jennifer stood side by side with him, gazing over the balcony at one of the casino buildings across her hotel. She spoke again.

“You like the view up here?”

“Yeah, I don’t get to see anything like this back home. It’s nice to feel like you live on top for once.”

He couldn’t help but to think that his brother had enjoyed things feeling so often in his life. Tony was able to live like a king at all times, but for once Steven had enjoyed that lifestyle to himself. He turned to look at Jennifer and then let out a sigh before continuing on.

“You know, I’ve gotta head back to Miami when next week begins. I’ve had the time of my life with you, I want you to know that.”

“I’m going back with you, Steven. You don’t have to worry, we’re more than just friends now.”

She didn’t have to outright say it, there were other ways of telling him such tender things. He was the man in her life now and Steven couldn’t have been happier with that decision. Jennifer had so many ways of proving her love to him without flat out saying it in short words. He leaned over and kissed her again, this time cupping her face to sink a passionate kiss. After all the trouble and hell Steven had gone through in the past month, he finally had a reason to look into the future with a positive feeling.


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