Big Booty Bitches Ch. 28

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 28

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Demi Lovato

Codes: MF, cons, rom, oral, anal, spank, tit fuck, facial, viol

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com





Miami, Florida


A cool breeze shot out of the vents, giving the room a much needed dose to kick down the steaming temperatures. The offices inside the Disco Fever club were a steam box during the day, but with winter beginning to roll over, they became quite cool during the night hours when the club was heavily populated. Antonio didn’t let any of it phase him as he sat at his desk, going over paper work for earnings of the club. A light blue shirt covered his chest while he had on a pair of white pants underneath. The young man had been teased by Maria that he was dressing like his uncle Steven, but Antonio wasn’t bothered at all by her puns. He found them to be a bit funny, though it was true that he took after his uncle. Especially now as the young man was being thrust into the role of managing the club during Steven’s absence.


Every afternoon would pass by, but not without Antonio arriving at the club and heading straight back to the offices. Without his uncle around and without his father supervising anything whatsoever, he felt that this was the time to prove himself that he was the right person to hand the keys in the future. Antonio tirelessly worked himself managing the club with Maria’s help, making sure everything was kept under order while they awaited Steven’s return. Every night, Maria was his eyes and ears outside the walls of the V.I.P. halls while Antonio sat back in the offices and managed everything. He occasionally went over surveillance videos, making sure there wasn’t any bartenders or anyone in the club acting suspicious. During this time, the young man made excessive usage of the security to watch over anything he considered to be suspicious. Nothing escaped his watchful eye during the time span he was the working manager.


Today things would be changing back to normal for the night club’s management. It was a Monday afternoon and Steven was coming home after his vacation in Las Vegas. Antonio wanted to be the first to greet his uncle when he walked through the doors of Disco Fever. Steven had called yesterday evening, alerting his arrival to be expected. The young man didn’t know what to expect from his uncle returning. The vacation he had taken was well needed, working it’s way to allow Antonio to have more experience on his own. The clock read 1 PM when the phone rang in the office. Maria answered it while Antonio was walking down the hall, unable to reach the door in time. He soon heard Maria’s voice shout to him.




“Hold on just a second, I’m coming!”


Only a few steps had to be made for him to poke his head through the door. The blonde assistant smiled towards him as she set the phone back down.


“That was your uncle calling, he said that he’ll be here in the next twenty minutes.”


“Great, I wanna surprise him. I’ll be waiting downstairs near the bar if you need me.”


Maria didn’t get a chance to reply back to him as he hurried down the hall with all intents of going outside. It was funny to see someone so surprised and enthusiastic to be reunited with a family member, she thought to herself. During the afternoon hours, the janitors were busy cleaning the main inner walls of the club. The bar was completely closed, regardless if Antonio wanted a drink or not. When he hurried his shoes down the stairs, he noticed someone walking through the doors accompanied with a dark haired woman at his side. Once Antonio had made it completely down the stairs, he noticed that it was his father Tony and Salma Hayek together. He tried not to frown, as he was taken back at the presence of his old man. He was wearing a black pinstripe suit while the older Mexican actress was wearing a black dress almost matching his father’s style. The aged man glanced over his right shoulder and lit up in a smile towards Antonio.


“There’s my boy! How are you doing, son? Come see me!”


For once, Antonio had witnessed his father appearing to be happy in his presence. Just to have him here at the club unexpected was a completely surprise, but now he was even more shocked. This was something he had least expected from him, since his father Tony had not been to the club a single time since his son substituted managing in Steven’s absence. As he approached his father, Antonio looked back at him with a shocked expression when he pulled his arms apart to give a hug.


“Looks like you’ve been doing quite well for yourself, son. I’m proud of you, you’re doing a good job here.”


To hear his father’s words during their embrace, Antonio’s jaw dropped. They rarely ever had bonding moments like this as father and son. When he had told him that he was proud, the young man almost shed a tear. Antonio always felt that he was rarely noticed by his father, so this was a moment he wanted to treasure forever. When he pulled apart from the hug, he smiled to his old man.


“Thanks dad, that means a lot coming from you.”


Off to the side of Tony was Salma Hayek standing there with a big grin over her face. Sometimes Antonio found it funny that his father was dating such a high profile Hollywood celebrity, but it wasn’t unusual. His father always had famous friends, but Salma seemed to serious about their relationship. He didn’t know of his dad to ever settle with one woman, but Salma seemed to change things. Tony turned and threw his arm around Salma’s shoulder, still grinning as he glanced back to his son and spoke.


“Salma and I’ve have got big news to share with you, son.”


Antonio glanced back surprised as he replied.


“So that’s why you’re here? I figured you were here cause Steven is on his way.”


“Steven’s coming back from his vacation?”


“Yes, he just called a few minutes ago and said he was on his way.”


Tony’s face flashed in a surprise. Antonio had assumed that his uncle had alerted his father, but apparently not. The young man watched as his father turned to look at Salma before glancing back to him and replying once again.


“Well, if that’s true, then our news can wait.”


Together, Salma and Tony stepped away and left Antonio there alone for a few moments. He wondered to himself, just what was this ‘news’ they had to share? He didn’t know what to think, but could make many guesses. Knowing how his father liked expensive toys, Antonio guessed that it was probably a new yacht or home for both of them. While thinking to himself, he walked over to the bar where Salma and his father were seated before changing his mind in the final seconds and stepping away. Though it hadn’t been that much time since he last seen his uncle, it still felt like a long period for Antonio. He walked to the front doors, deciding that he was going to step outside and await Steven’s arrival.


The morning coolness had already faded into another blazing hot day in southern Florida. When the winter came, it was almost like a gift from the seasonal change, but it was rarely ever cold after the sun had risen to heat the day up. Ambient sounds of traffic and the wind filled his ears, just another day in town. Antonio had left his sunglasses back in the pocket of his blazer jacket sitting in his office, but it wasn’t worth venturing back into the club to retrieve. A gold Wrangler jeep came pulling into the driveway of the club. The metallic paint over the vehicle almost blinded Antonio’s sight, but he watched as it pulled up into a parking space up front. When the engine shut off, both doors opened with a man stepping out of the driver’s side. From the passenger’s side, a white high heel could be seen briefly before stomping over the concrete pavement beneath the luxurious vehicle. When the driver’s side door slammed, Antonio lit up in a smile.


“Welcome back, it’s good to see you again.”


Steven was back in town, standing just before his nephew now. Their white suits were nearly an identical match, except for Steven wearing a purple shirt underneath and a gold watch over his left wrist. The high heels clacked over the pavement until a female voice called out to Antonio.


“Hey, it’s good to see you again too Antonio. How are you doing?”


When the young man turned around, he was greeted to the smiling face of Jennifer Lopez. She stood tall in her white heels, wearing a pair of stone washed blue jeans that hugged every curve of her body. A simple brown T-shirt was over her chest while her long brunette hair was pinned up in a pony tail. She had caught the young man by surprise, giving her a nervous look as he most certainly wasn’t expecting her.


“Oh hey, Jennifer. It’s been a while since I last saw you, I’m doing pretty good lately.”


Laughter crackled from Steven’s voice as he stepped around his nephew and patted him on the shoulder.


“How’s things been at the club?”


Steven spoke back to Antonio as he and Jennifer began to walk from the car and to the front entrance of the club. It was a quite surprise for him to know that his uncle appeared to be now dating Jennifer Lopez. They must have got together back in Las Vegas, Antonio thought to himself.


“Things are going pretty good! Dad is here, he told me that he was proud of me.”


“Oh, he did huh? It’s about time he appreciated something from you.”


“So, where did you get the gold jeep? It’s beautiful!”


Jennifer laughed at the young man’s words as all three of them reached the door. She couldn’t help but reply.


“It’s my jeep, he just wanted to drive it for himself once we got back.”


The jeep itself had been brought to the airport by one of her bodyguards, waiting for the two of them when they were to arrive in Miami. For Steven to step back into the night club after being gone away for a few weeks, it almost felt like a breath of fresh air. The woman who had stole his heart was clutching his right hand, holding their fingers together as if they were young lovers. This was a day he had been looking forward to with his Vegas vacation coming to a close. He stepped through the door with Jennifer and Antonio, walking directly to the bar where he witnessed his brother Tony awaiting him and Salma. Tony was surprised to be face to face with Jennifer Lopez again after their bad meeting just a few months ago. As the two brothers shared hugs in their reunion and everyone laughed and smiled, there was a small bit of awkwardness among them. Tony, Salma and Antonio had all come to realize from Steven arriving with Jennifer that they had become a couple.


After a few minutes, they all moved upstairs and went beyond that same old white door with the gold knob. Through the halls of the V.I.P. rooms, Tony and Steven found themselves in a lounge room with Salma, Jennifer and Antonio. Maria heard them from the hall and decided to join in, offering a hug for Steven and telling him kindly ‘welcome back’. Despite their last meeting ending on a negative note, Tony and Jennifer were able to put aside their differences and get along without causing a distress among this unexpected social gathering. Steven couldn’t have been more happy to come home with this kind of reception to make him truly feel missed back at work, but there had to be another reason Tony would come here with Salma at his side. The older brother wasn’t about to let Jennifer and Steven’s newly announced relationship steal the show. This wasn’t meant to be about him, at least from Tony’s perspective. He had better news to share with everyone in the room now. He took a hold of Salma’s hand, smiling at her as she winked and nodded. Now was the time to finally spill the beans and make a true announcement.


“Alright everyone, this has been nice but I’ve got some news to share with all of you.”


Salma quickly cut Tony off from speaking, correcting him in the instance.


“Actually, we’ve got some news to share, both of us!”


Since Salma had taken over speaking, Tony patted her on the shoulder to encourage her to go ahead and continue. A smug grin moved across her red lips before she revealed their news.


“Tony and I are engaged, we are getting married next year!”


Just after speaking, Salma held up her left hand to reveal a giant gold engagement ring with an excessively large diamond in the middle. Jennifer’s jaw dropped as she was the first to speak out in response.


“Wow, that’s very nice. Congratulations to both of you!”


“Thank you, Jennifer!”


Tony responded as Steven smiled back at him and then spoke again.


“Congrats man, this is pretty amazing to hear.”


It was quite a surprise for Steven to hear, but when he thought more of it, perhaps he shouldn’t have been shocked. Tony had retreated from his playboy lifestyle since he started seeing Salma, as things truly weren’t the same with him anymore. Steven couldn’t complain though, since Tony rarely stepping foot into the club left him to handle all the serious business with no interference. Antonio was the only one standing there who seemed to need a moment to take in this news that was quite startling to him. He was about to have a step mom who was a Hollywood actress. Just like that, Tony and Salma had pretty much taken over this social gathering to make it all about themselves. This was their private party during the afternoon hours when no large crowds were occupying the club building.


A week had passed since Steven last saw his office. He couldn’t stop himself from stepping out of the lounge room and taking that same walk down the hall that he always knew. His head had been cleared in Las Vegas, all thanks to Jennifer who had even taken care of his problems with Vida. When he opened the door leading to his office, Steven took in a deep breath almost as if he were inhaling his return as the club manager. Everything on his desk was left exactly the same from the last night he had spent in the room. He walked over to his chair, having a seat and then closing his eyes to kick back and relax. This club was his life, the place he spent every night working. Nothing caught his attention from noises in the hall. A voice called out to him and then he opened his eyes to see Jennifer standing before him.


“Are you comfy there, baby?”


Jennifer stood before him with both of her hands placed firmly over her hips and a goofy smile across her lips. Steven shook his head before replying back to his lover.


“Yeah, now that I get to sit here and look back at you.”


She giggled, moving across the desk as she approached his chair. All Jennifer did was gaze into his brown eyes before she lowered herself down, straddling his lap as she rested her ass over him. Her hands went to his shirt as she was still starring back into his eyes.


“Does this make you a bit more comfortable?”


“Yes it does, babe.”


Steven leaned up to kiss her lips softly. When their lips were pulled apart merely seconds later, Jennifer spoke.


“We should go back to my place and unpack now since you’re moving in.”


“Oh, am I?”


Looking back at him, she almost laughed before nodding her head.


“Yes, silly! You’re going to be sleeping in my huge bed, I already have an empty closet for your clothes for you to use.”


He sighed, trying not to smile as he replied back to her.


“I thought maybe you’d want to move in with me instead?”


“Honey, no! Your house is small, I want to get you out of that little place. You’re going to be living like a king next to me. Come on, let’s go home baby. I want to drive this time.”


“Alright, babe. But first, you gotta let me go back to my place and check on my old maid.”


“That’s no problem, give me the keys and I’ll go outside and get the jeep running.”


Reaching into his pocket, Steven handed Jennifer the keys before she got up from her seat among his lap and headed out of his office. He smiled while watching her run out, thinking to himself at how old they both were yet it felt like they were in the prime of their lives. Perhaps that was the feeling of passionate love, Steven couldn’t help but wonder to himself. As he got up from his chair, a shadow could be seen approaching the door and then Steven realized it was his brother Tony coming to him alone. He walked through the door, smirking at Steven before he spoke.


“I never would’ve guessed that you and Jennifer would become a couple. I still don’t know what to say about that.”


Standing up now, Steven laughed before replying to mock him.


“Yeah, I never would’ve guessed you and Salma would tie the knot together.”


Tony let out an exaggerated laugh. Steven could tell that he found this amusing, but there had to be something else on his mind for him to step in like this alone. Tony glanced back to his brother before speaking again.


“She isn’t talking to Alex anymore is she?”




“Alex Rodriguez, don’t play dumb, hermano. You know she was with him before she all of a sudden got with you.”


Steven rolled his eyes and let out a sigh before answering him back.


“Yeah, I know. What are you trying to say here?”


With a smile on his face, Tony replied back as he starred his brother in the eyes.


“She’s too good for you, that’s what I’m telling you here.”


“Oh yeah? I could say the same thing about Salma.”


“Jennifer falls in love too easily, always has. She goes from man to man and she is a pure soul, always was a good person with a heart. She won’t put up with no bullshit from any man, not even you, Steven.”


Suddenly, Steven found himself offended at his older brother’s words. He gazed back at him, almost as if he wanted to punch Tony right in the face.


“What bullshit are you talking about?”


“You know exactly what I’m talking about, hermano. We keep an archive on the surveillance tapes, did you forget that? You get around…I’ve seen a lot of girls go in your office from those tapes.”


“Hey, fuck you. Don’t act like your innocent in all of this, you fucking hypocrite!”


Tony busted out laughing. He shook his head before replying back to Steven’s rage.


“Don’t get all mad at me, I’m just warning you about her. If you fuck around behind her back, she ain’t gonna put up with you.”


“She don’t put up with your bullshit either.”


As Steven began to walk out the door, Tony made one final remark.


“She also ain’t gonna put up with your anger problems! Better not break anything around her, she’ll drop your ass faster than the cars she drives. Go seek some anger management classes if you’re planning on getting serious with her.”


Tony was left in the door way, watching his brother stomp away down the hall. Steven didn’t even bother responding back to him, deciding to ignore him and not give in to the desire he had to physically beat him right there. All Tony could do was shake his head in disappointment. He and Salma both had been let down by Steven’s actions of pushing away a relationship with Emily Ratajkwoski. At least Tony knew deep down, Emily was the type of girl who Steven could’ve made it work with. He didn’t feel it was going to work out with Jennifer, since he knew her far better than his brother ever would. This was a script he had seen written several times in the past with other men in Jennifer’s life, but maybe Steven could prove him wrong, at least he thought to himself in the benefit of a doubt.






On Star Island, Jennifer’s mansion sat among a neighborhood of an affluent community. There were other famous names living there, but the only one Steven cared about was the one he was now sharing a house with. Before they had arrived to her home, he went back to his own place in Coconut Grove to check on things. His old maid Betty always kept the home spotless, watching over everything for several years now. If he were to ever leave his beloved gated home, Steven was almost certain that he would be leaving it to that old woman as a way of saying thank you for her hard work over the years. Now was the time he had to adjust to his new lifestyle with Jennifer, attempting another closed relationship as his heart had been completely stolen by her. Unlike his time with Vida, Steven had tender feelings towards Jennifer.


Nothing his brother had told him earlier could bother him today. Steven didn’t think about Tony’s words at all, even if it was some kind of ‘warning’ as he suggested. The attraction of a high profile lifestyle was something that put him off a bit. From the distance, Steven could tell that adjusting with Jennifer was not going to be an pleasant task to complete. He did not like living a lifestyle where he was exposed to the open eye, nothing like how his brother enjoyed having his name thrown around as a local Miami celebrity. It was almost unavoidable for him now. Any man that was dating Jennifer Lopez was bound to end up in paparazzi pictures and have his name published in gossip columns to magazines. Steven had already discussed this with Jennifer, but it led to a strong disagreement. When she was in love, she had no problem telling others while he remained the opposite in fear of his privacy. There was already an unsettling difference between how the two of them liked to live, but Steven still felt there was a chance for their relationship to succeed.


“So, do you really think your brother is going to marry Salma Hayek?”


Jennifer asked Steven as they sat on the couch together in her living room. He had already taken off his jacket to relax within her place, crossing his legs as he leaned back over the plush cushions. He turned to look back at her lovely face before nodding.


‘Well, I guess so. I didn’t think Tony would ever settle down, but he must truly be in love with her if they’re getting married.”


“I think she’s too classy for him.”


Steven laughed at her remark. In all honesty, he had not really been thinking about Tony’s news for the past few hours since they left. All he was thinking about was Jennifer and getting back to the club later in the evening.


“You would know Salma better than me, I don’t know a thing about her besides the fact that she always looks good no matter her age.”


“Are you jealous of your brother, Steven?”


She frowned while teasing him with her words.


“Hell no!”


Leaning up from the couch, Jennifer moved to quickly sit down on his lap as she straddled him and bent her knees back. She looked into Steven’s eyes, quickly replying as her hands moved to cup his face.


“Good! Cause what I wanted to say was, I think we could surprise them some day with our own news like that.”


Before he had a chance to reply to her words, she kissed him hard and passionately. Steven’s mind was left wandering about in Jennifer’s words. Could she already be thinking of marriage this quickly into their relationship? Whatever the case, he didn’t think negatively as he was dancing his tongue alongside hers. When their lips finally pulled apart, Jennifer gazed back into his eyes while biting her lower lip.


“That airplane ride was torture, you know?”


“Yeah, tell me about it babe.”


“I wanted to put my hands all over you, I would’ve been bending over and begging for it if we didn’t have so many people on board with us.”


Again, Jennifer kissed him before he could reply. She began to grind her thick, phat rump over his crotch. Steven moaned into her mouth, sucking on her lower lip momentarily before their kiss came to a sudden end. Things were about to get heated in her large mansion. Jennifer continued to grind her booty down into his crotch before quickly rising up. She had felt his hard cock coming to life from underneath her, within the dress pants he was wearing. As she stood in front of him, Jennifer ordered him in a seductive tone of voice.


“Take of all your clothes, baby. When you’re naked, then you can march up the stairs to come and fuck me.”


She turned her back to him, allowing him to watch her thick ass bounce back and forth in the pair of tight jeans she was wearing. Jennifer left Steven there before she marched up the stairs with her heels clacking and clicking loudly with each step. He wasn’t used to being ordered around like this, but Steven loved how playful Jennifer could be. Once he didn’t hear her heels anymore, he got up from the couch and began to slowly take his clothes off. This was somewhat reminiscent of the first time they had made love in her house, when she left him in the same living room only to force him to follow her up the stairs. Only this time, he was going to be walking up those stairs with no clothes over his body. After a few minutes, his bare feet touched over the carpet and he was ready to make the walk while his hardened rod was swinging back and forth with each step he made.


Upstairs in the bedroom, Jennifer awaited her lover to arrive through the doorway. She had taken off her clothes and quickly changed into something more fitting for this sensual mood. Since he was taking his time, she was able to step around towards the windows and pull the curtains open to allow the sunlight to beam down over them. A raspberry scented candle was lit, but would truly heat up the room would be their bodies making love. When Steven finally did make it to the door way standing there in his naked form, Jennifer smirked as she witnessed his eyes glance over her as she sat still on the bed. A pair of silk black stockings were over both her strong, bulky legs while she had slipped her feet into a pair of black matching high heels. The stockings connected to a thong while she had on a black bra to complete the lingerie outfit. Her hair was fixed up neatly in a high pony tail, as Jennifer loved to have her hair whip around in the bedroom. Moving her head over her left shoulder, she raised her eyebrows before speaking to him.


“You like what you see, baby?”


“Oh yes, I do…”


He stepped through the room, her eyes instantly glancing down to see his long thick shaft. Jennifer licked her lips, letting out a moan before he reached the bed. Steven placed his hands on her shoulders, just before leaning down to kiss her passionately. Jennifer allowed the kiss to linger for a few seconds before she broke their lips apart to place her hands up on his face. She smirked at him and then teased with a reply.


“Good, cause you shouldn’t be jealous of your brother. You’ve got me now and he don’t.”


Steven laughed before Jennifer took control, moving her hands to wrap around his back before turning and rolling him onto the bed. He wanted to reply to her, but it wasn’t worth even having a playful argument. There was absolutely no desire to break this romantic mood of hers, as Steven couldn’t help himself from falling in love with Jennifer Lopez of all women in his life. She gazed into his eyes while straddling his body and pushing her knees down into the bed. For the moment being, he was able to glance up at the body of a goddess towering over him. Instead of pulling her thong down, Jennifer used her right hand and ripped the garments away. The stitches loudly broke before she threw it to the floor below and Steven was gazing down at her dripping wet pussy. She used both her hands to wrap around his thick cock, holding it up and rubbing the head over the lips of her entrance.


“Mmmmmmm, this is what I’ve been thinking about all day…”


Subtle words beyond Jennifer’s lips were only a sign for what was about to come. As she held his hard rod up, she then prepared herself before impaling herself down over it hard.




He groaned aloud as Jennifer took complete control, riding his cock as if she owned it. Her hands pushed down into his chest, raking her nails through the stringy hairs that covered his skin. Steven reached his hands up, grabbing at her bra but fumbled his grip as Jennifer was grinding her hips so hard at this point. His balls could be slapping over the undersides of her massive ass from behind.




Smack. Smack. Smack. His balls were beating against her ass with each hard thrust Jennifer made over him. Steven groaned, watching her tits bounce back and forth, knowing they could shake better if he could manage to free them from her bra. Jennifer eventually brought her hands up to unstrap her bra, but not without continuing to buck her hips back and forth. When she pulled the bra free, her tits began to shake and move up and down. Steven reached his hands up only for her hardened nipples to batter against his palms before he latched on with a tight grip. Jennifer gritted her teeth, raising her head before she cried out louder in her lovely voice.




Steven realized he wasn’t going to be able to hold back this coming orgasm that Jennifer was pushing out of him. She was in complete control, riding him as if they had not spent the last week in Vegas doing these same naughty acts together. Over and over, she pumped her tight clit down over his rod, sending him inside of her as he groaned and let out cries of pleasure. Jennifer’s hair whipped all around from the pony tail, twirling and shaking her brunette ropes of hair all around. Never once did she slow down, not even as she felt her own climax building up towards what was about to be a hard release. Steven grunted, calling out to her.


“Jennifer! Fuck!! Ohhhhhhhhhh, god I’m so fucking close right now!”




Apart from the hard thrusts Jennifer sent down over him, nothing could top a moment of her telling him that she loved him. It may not have seemed like much, but for Steven it meant everything just to hear those three simple words repeated. Two had become one and now they were about to share an orgasm together. Jennifer pushed her palms down over his hairy stomach, rubbing her fingers up over both his nipples before she closed her eyes again and then raked her nails down before howling into the air.




Though he cried out behind her, his voice was easily drowned out from Jennifer’s louder moans. Together they had reached an orgasm simultaneously. Steven’s cock exploded from within, filling her with his seed just as her own juices came gushing in unison. He closed his eyes, embracing the moment as he slowly brought a big smile over his face. Jennifer didn’t need but a few seconds to catch her breath and then she re-opened her eyes, gazing down at her lover man. She leaned down, cupping his cheeks with her finger tips as Steven called out to her.


“Tell me you love me again, babe. I just love hearing-”


Cutting him off, Jennifer responded.


“I love you, Steven.”


Her lips pushed against his for a slow tender kiss. There was nothing that could top a moment like this, all in passionate grace. Steven’s hands roamed over her back while their tongues were pushed together. When Jennifer finally broke the kiss, she leaned up and got off him, releasing his cock from her tight pussy. He watched his rod fall free, bouncing against his chest before she smirked back at him.


“We’re not done yet, so I hope I didn’t just tire you out baby.”


He chuckled before shaking his head.


“You never tired me out with one round back in Vegas, so you should know I’m not exhausted yet.”


Jennifer didn’t reply to him. Instead, she had moved around on the bed, crawling to the opposite of where he had been laying on his back. Steven rose up to his knees, only to witness Jennifer crawling towards his shiny cock, glistening in their own juices mixed together. With her lips parted, she raked her teeth lightly over the head before closing her lips around it and beginning to suck him clean. Steven let out a moan.


“Ohhhhh, fuck…I just love the things you do to me, babe.”


‘Mmmmm’, she moaned while sliding her lips up and down his rod. Jennifer cleaned him entirely, gathering all of her own juices before swallowing them down. Steven placed his hand over the back of her head, encouraging her to continue. Jennifer groaned again, pushing her tongue up against his thick shaft. ‘Mmmmmmm’, her moans sent vibrations into his body while she continued to bob her head up and down. Steven took a deep breath before gasping while Jennifer didn’t seem like she was going to stop giving him this oral pleasure.


“God, you’re so fucking amazing, Jennifer.”


When he spoke, she finally did come to a halt. Raising her head up, her lips made a pop sound as she completely released his cock from her lips. ‘Mmmmmmm’, Jennifer cooed again as she began to crawl away from him and to the front of the bed where the pillows were resting. Steven was clueless over what she had in mind for the next round. Not until she had moved her knees to sit up and arched her back to blind him with her gigantic, phat booty that was begging for attention. Jennifer knew that she didn’t have to tell him what she wanted now. Steven moved, watching as she used her knees to push her legs up and then begin shaking her thick ass for him.


“Mmmmmm, you know what I want, baby.”


“Yes I do…”


Her thick, supreme ass shook back and forth. Jennifer began to ‘twerk’ it back and forth, forcing her thick ass cheeks to bounce up and down. Steven pushed his bare feet down into the sheets of the bed to stand up as he moved behind her. She stopped when she could feel his hands pushing over her thick cheeks to pull them apart. Any time he was looking down into her massive ass, it was simply breath taking of an experience. Steven used his right hand to guide his cock between her thick cheeks, finding that dark little hole that he couldn’t wait to explode. Jennifer gasped when she felt his cock slide into her ass. His hands moved to her cheeks as he began to slowly buck his hips forward.


“Mmmmmm, fuck that ass, Steven! Go on, fuck that big booty!!”


She crossed her hands over a pillow in front of her, leaning her head down as she opened her eyes and moaned softly. After their time in Vegas, Steven knew that if he didn’t fuck her ass fast enough, she would scream it to him in demand. he had to tease her though while he was still moving slowly with pumping his cock into her.


“This is the best ass in the world, baby. Never forget that!”


He couldn’t refuse, Steven just had to tell her that she had the best. After all the times Vida had demanded him to tell her that her booty was the best, he had to tell the other woman the same thing. Letting out a groan, he picked up speed, bucking his hips harder to the point his balls were smacking against her cheeks. Jennifer moaned as she became pleased with his increasing efforts.


“That’s it, that’s it! Yeah, you think this ass is the best? Then prove it to me and fuck it hard!!”


Letting out a grunt, Steven raised his right hand up and then spanked her ass hard as he continued to pump his cock into her mighty ass.


“Oh yeah, that’s it! Just like that!! HARDER, STEVEN!!”




Once again, his hand came smacking down over her powerful ass. Jennifer groaned, screaming to him again.




Spank! Spank! Spank!


His hand began to sting in pain as he had smacked her ass harder with each swat. Steven gritted his teeth, slamming his cock harder and faster into her ass with each thrust. The bed began to shake, the frame hitting up against the wall as Jennifer cried out in pleasure. Each time she uttered a word, he was quick to give that epic booty a hard smack of the hand.
















Spank! Spank! Finally, he had to stop tapping her beautiful ass with his hand, as he left a red imprint in the shape of his hand. Steven moved both his hands to the small of her back as he could feel his orgasm building up from within her thick booty. He didn’t want to stop, but all this pleasure was about to come to an end as his cock was an hourglass before an explosion was to occur. Jennifer raked her hands down into the pillows near her head, crying out to him as she felt Steven begin to slow down. She knew exactly what he was about to do, there was no way he could hold back anymore.




When he came to a complete halt in his movements, Jennifer shook her hips and pushed her ass back on his cock. With his rod all the way in, she began to do the ‘twerk’ motions once more, causing him to reach his orgasm before he intended to.


“Ohhhhhh, fuck!! Holy shit, babe! That is so fucking hot!!”


She giggled as his cock was pouring out spurts of hot cum deep within her tight back door hole.


“Mmmmm, I know it, baby. I can feel something hot inside me right now.”


Her words caused him to blush. Jennifer had such a wonderful sense of humor, Steven tried not to laugh as her own voice had already crackled into a sensual giggle. ‘God, I love this woman so much’, he said to himself.


“I love you so much, Jennifer.”


“I love you too, Steven.”






With the evening’s now cooler from the winter breeze, Tony and Salma did not spend a lot of time outside on the main deck of his massive yacht. They had spent their evenings inside where it was much warmer and they had their privacy in tact. Hollywood gossip magazines had recently caught up with the private life of the Mexican actress. Tony had been photographed multiple times in the past year with Salma in both Miami and Los Angeles. Their relationship had become a talking point with the gossip columns, but Tony was loving all the attention he received alongside her. Since he was a local celebrity in the Miami era, he had done nothing short of embracing his name reaching new heights and now buzzing around Hollywood as Salma Hayek’s beau.


They had just returned to Miami last month after attending a film festival back in Europe. It was Salma’s idea to bring him along, as Tony was afraid at first that he would steal attention away from her. Life was changing for him and he couldn’t complain, as he now was about to settle down with the love of his life. He would be reaching the big number of fifty in age next year and by then, he wanted to at least be married and preparing for a life of retirement. Within the inner cabins of the yacht, Tony had enjoyed a private dinner with Salma before they smoked a cigar together in celebration of their announced engagement. The next time she were to leave Miami, she expected the gossip writers to create stories about the marvelous engagement ring over her finger. Tony and Salma joked about the columns they would be printing. The two of them sat together in the main cabin of his yacht, stripped down in their robes to prepare for an early bedding. They discussed various subjects together, just as if they already were husband and wife.


“Your son looked quite nervous back at the club after we spilled the beans.”


Tony laughed, glancing back to Salma with a smile.


“Oh, Junior always looks like that. It’s something he never quite grew out of.”


“Sure he isn’t afraid of me becoming his step-mom?”


Unable to stop himself, Tony busted out laughing hard. The thought had not crossed his mind once of Salma becoming a step-mother to his son, but now he couldn’t contain his laughter.


“I wouldn’t blame him if he was. If I was his age, I’d want you as my step-mom too.”


Salma giggled at his dirty joke.


“Sure, I knew you’d say that. You have such a dirty mind, Tony…”


“Don’t we both?”




Together they laughed for another second, but Salma was quick to change the subject. Something else was on her mind and she had been waiting to talk about it with Tony.


“Your brother, I just can’t believe him…”


She shook her head, Tony watching every movement she made while he let out a sigh. Salma continued speaking.


“What was wrong with Emily? I don’t know why he left her, she mentioned him to me the last time I saw her back in L.A.”


“Steven is a fucking idiot, that’s what’s wrong with him. Emily, Vida and now Jennifer.”


Tony shook his head, almost mimicking Salma before he carried on with his words.


“My brother is a fucking idiot, that’s the bottom line here. I know Jennifer, she ain’t gonna put up with him once she sees his bad side when he loses it. I tried to tell him today, you better not go berserk around her, but he don’t care.”


Salma listened to every word Tony spoke. She had her own image of Steven crafted in her mind from everything she had learned about her future brother-in-law. He was a good man in her eyes, just the kind who kept a dirty and dangerous life. She knew men like him back in Hollywood in the early stages of her career. In many ways, Steven reminded her of an old flame she once had over twenty-five years ago. Getting up from her seat on the couch, she turned to Tony and smirked, prepared to change the subject yet again.


“Enough ’bout dat for now. I want jour whole attention on me, mi amor.”


Her accent had slurred her speech a bit, as Salma was ready to change the mood entirely. She dropped her robe, revealing her voluptuous body in a crimson red thong and bra. Tony’s eyes looked down at her bare feet, rising up her amazing legs and then gazing into her beautiful plump ass. A big smirk appeared over his face as Tony replied.


“I love the sound of that, baby…”




As the night had comenced, Disco Fever was quick to become populated with a growing crowd as the hours ticked by. For Steven, this was just another night in Miami. he was back at work, feeling like his usual self after the needed vacation break he had taken in Las Vegas. Things were much different now, as he had arrived to the club with Jennifer as his date. Early during the night, Jennifer had told him that she invited a friend to join them for the party. That friend was none other than Demi Lovato who had arrived early and made her way upstairs. The struggle would be for Steven to balance work and his love together in the same place. As much as he wanted to be downstairs with Jennifer on the dance floor, he knew that he had a lot of catching up to do within the management of the club. Right now, she was upstairs beyond the white door leading to the V.I.P. rooms. Jennifer wore a black shirt that tied around her back and a pair of tight white pants revealing every curve. Like earlier in the day, her hair pinned up in a newer pony tail for tonight.


Antonio did his job filling Steven in on things he had been missing out on. True to Tony’s praise, the young man had done a remarkable job running things. Steven could already see in the future, his own shoes would be filled by Antonio as the manager. Various parties had been scheduled and Steven was late to learn that tonight was a party where a number of players from the Miami University football team would be attending. The Hurricanes were off to a successful season and suddenly, Steven had been hit with a dose of reality. His son Jacob played for the team and he now felt like the neglectful parent he was, since he had rarely kept up with the Hurricanes season in the past three months. The party itself was bought and paid for by multiple coaches who wanted to celebrate a recent victory over a rival. When Steven returned to the lounge room where Jennifer was, she was instantly alerted to the blank look across his face.


“Hey, what’s wrong, honey?”


Letting out a sigh, Steven turned to Jennifer and tried to smile before speaking.


“There’s a party that’s gonna be going on in here soon with the college football team, you know the Hurricanes, right?”


Jennifer smiled.


“Oh yes, this sounds like a lot of fun. What’s bothering you?”


“Well babe, my son plays for the Hurricanes. To put it simple, I haven’t really been the best of a father to him lately.”


Her smile quickly faded into a blank stare. Steven continued.


“He was on the practice squad last year and I used to attend the practices when I had time for it. He made it as a starter this year and I haven’t really been as supportive of him as I wish I could say. I should be going to all the home games like the other parents do.”


After hearing his testimony, Jennifer offered a hug. In the background, Demi Lovato sat alone on one of the couches while she was enjoying a drink to herself.


“Honey, it’s okay. I don’t know how you feel since my kids are still young but tonight won’t be that bad. I would love to meet your son.”


The thought of her meeting Jacob nearly made Steven faint. They had a strained relationship as father and son, something that was incredibly difficult to explain in brief. Steven wasn’t about to talk about his problems with his son, not tonight. He shook his head to that idea.


“Oh no, this isn’t gonna be a social visit. He’s coming in here with the rest of these football players, I’m sure they’re gonna get drunk off their asses before going home. I just hope they don’t start any senseless violence in the club tonight.”


Outside the club, the cars were already parked and an entourage of college jocks were making their way into the club. In front of them, a coach in a white hate with the orange and green ‘U’ on it led the way inside. Every player had on either an orange or dark green shirt, signifying their team’s colors as they marched the doors of the loud dance club. Jacob Diaz felt the rush of the loud music piercing through his ear drums as he made his entrance into the club that was his family’s pride and joy. His face was completely shaved, his muscles bulging from working out and his hair was short and black. To many in the family, he looked just like his father, except for the pair of blue eyes he inherited from his mother Tara’s natural beauty.


“So your uncle owns this place, dude?”


A friend among the team called out to Jacob. He turned and nodded towards him.


“Yeah and my dad works here too. This place is supposed to be awesome.”


Jacob didn’t know what to make of Disco Fever so far with an early impression. Even though the club had been open for a year, he mostly stayed in Coral Gables since that’s where the university was and he always stayed on campus. There were plenty of strip clubs and bars around there to keep him and his teammate friends occupied when they weren’t traveling to play games. This club was much more larger in size and appeared to have a sense of class to it, apart from the blaring Synth Pop music coming from the dance floor. As he stood near the bar, the young man glanced up seeing where a staircase connected to a whole other area above. Bright neon lights in the colors of yellow, pink and blue were moving across the walls of the club. The place was busy tonight, but Jacob wasn’t thinking of anything else besides having the first drink to get this party started.




“Montarlo! Yeah, just like that!!”


Tony’s voice called out to Salma as she was in the process of riding his cock with her thick ass. The two lovers had spent the last few hours fucking each other mindlessly in the main cabin of his yacht. It didn’t matter how they began, Salma always knew how to rewind the clocks to make Tony feel as if they were a few decades younger, fucking each other silly. As of right now, Salma had him seated over the couch and was on top of him. Her pussy dripped with his seed, as they had just finished a second orgasm together on the floor. With his cock pushing into her ass, Salma would grind her hips back and force her amazing booty to shake while his rod was pushing in and out of her dark hole. She glanced behind her left side shoulder, her hair flipping around as she had fixed up a quick pony tail to prevent her dark locks from constantly moving into her face. Tony’s hands were folded over her back, but he would occasionally swipe his hands down to spank her phat ass.


“Golpéalo otra vez!”


Salma’s words called out to him in Spanish, specifically commanding him to ‘hit it again’, as she requested for him to spank her ass. Tony raised both of his hands and loudly clapped his palms over both ass cheeks as she continued to bounce her thick ass up and down his cock.


“Ohhhhhhh, yeah….”


Her giant tits were bouncing back and forth into his face. Tony moved his head so Salma’s breasts could batter him in the face, feeling her hard nipples poke over his nose and forehead. There was never a time that Salma went with Tony where she didn’t make great use of her tits and ass. Moving her hands to squeeze over her breasts, she smothered his face with them as she continued to bounce her ass up and down his cock, almost as if she were giving him a fast tempo lap dance.


“Jou love deez big breasts, suck on ’em!!”


Like before, her accent was slurring her words in speech. When Salma pushed those epic big tits into Tony’s face, this time he began to slobber all over them, proceeding to ‘motor boat’ them as the term he knew. He loudly sucked and slobbered over her breasts, causing strings of drool to drop down. She had done a great job distracting him from the pleasure of her ass riding his cock, as Tony now wanted to fuck her beautiful tits before he blew another load tonight. Raising both of his hands, he brought them down hard, spanking both cheeks of her phat ass while he moved his face away from her boobs to address her.


“Salma! Get up, baby! I want to fuck these tits, baby.”


Coming to a complete stop, Salma leaned down and kissed his forehead before teasing him with her words.


“Ohhhhhhh, is dat right? Jou wanna fuck mah big tetas?”




Tony growled after he listened to her strong Mexican accent slurring her words yet again. He thought to himself, as she would probably never understand how sexy her voice truly sounded when the accent got in the way of her speech. Salma got up, allowing his cock to flop freely once it was pulled from her dark anal hole. Tony took her hand, thinking that she was going to fall down to her knees to titty fuck him, but Salma had her own idea in mind for this next position. She smirked, gazing into his eyes as she pulled his hand and laid her back down over the couch. He eventually caught onto her idea and moved to join his future wife. Due to the angling of the couch up against the left side wall, he had to bend his left knee and sink it around her body while his right foot remained touching the floor. Salma looked down at his cock, spitting on it. She looked up into his eyes while raising both of her hands to the back of her head to undo her ponytail.


“Hazlo bebé, get dat big fuckin’ cock between those huge tetas!”


Using his hands, Tony pushed her tits apart to slide his cock between them while she was fixing her hair from the pony tail. He didn’t know what was funnier, her accent slurring her words or to hear Salma admit that her tits were huge. Once she was done, she folded her hands over the front of breasts, trapping his long shaft between them. Tony wasted no time bucking his hips, thrusting his rod between her breasts.


“Ohhhhhh, yes! Fuck ’em, Tony! Yeah!!”


He moved fast, slamming his cock forward between the folds of her amazing breasts. Tony grunted, as he realized it wasn’t going to take much pumping between Salma’s lovely tits before he was blowing a hot load for his love. She leaned her head forward, glancing down to witness his cock pushing between tits back and forth. With her lips parted, Salma lapped the head with her tongue each time in poked up. She listened to him groan as Tony called out.


“FUCK!! I love those tits so much, ohhhhhh yeah!!


She wanted to reply to him, but Salma couldn’t as she knew his time was short before she was about to have a mess made over her skin. After two final thrusts, Salma looked directly at the head of his cock as the first spurt of his cum came flying out.




As Tony cried out in pleasure, the first string of cum shot over the left side of her nose and dripped down. Salma moaned, closing her eyes and raising her head as the second spurt hit her chin and lower lip. When she opened her eyes, she giggled while looking into Tony’s face while a wad of cum drenched over her left cheek. Another shot went directly into her mouth, catching her off guard while some dripped from her face and down her neck. She closed her eyes again, completely missing a thick shot that went over her head and into her black hair. Just as she reopened her eyes, a second thick string went directly up the middle of her face, drenching a line over her forehead and down to her nose. Salma gasped and looked down as his orgasm was beginning to fade, but not before a few thick droplets fell from his cock down to her neck.


“Ohhhhhhh, my. I’m fuckin’ soaked over here.”


Salma spoke before she giggled while looking into his eyes. Tony had impressed her yet again, despite this not being his second orgasm, he was able to load her face down. What didn’t coat her beautiful face dripped down to give her a ‘pearl necklace’ below. Salma closed her lips and swallowed what bit of cum had flew into her mouth while Tony gazed down at the decorations he had painted over her smooth skin. He smiled down at her while speaking to himself inside his mind. ‘I love this woman, wow. Nothing will ever come close to her’.




Through the halls of the club, various people walked around while the lounge room was occupied by the usual V.I.P. guests. Steven found his way back in the office, not noticing that Antonio was right on top of things from within his own office close by. Still wearing his same suit from earlier today when he got off the plane, all Steven had done was swap out his shirt for a yellow colored one. He sat at his desk, working alone while Jennifer was outside enjoying herself in the club. Steven had promised he would join her later, but he had already forgotten after he sat down and started going over his notebook with plans. As he sat there alone, his cellphone began to ring from within the pocket of his white jacket. Steven reached down to grab it and seen that it was an unknown number calling at 11:35 PM. Answering the phone, he raised it to his ear and spoke.




“Yes, is this Steven Diaz?”


“Who am I speaking with?”


“It’s Sean, remember me?”


Suddenly, Steven smiled to himself after listening to the man’s voice. He remembered Sean from his unfortunate incident with Kim Kardashian and the drug deal. This wasn’t a call that he expected at all.


“Oh yeah, how could I forget you? What’s going on, man?”


“Nothing much, I’m looking for work right now. I’ve been laid off from the Kardashian security gig. Someone’s husband don’t like competition getting too close.”


Steven laughed.


“I could use an extra hand around here, but I can’t pay you Kardashian cash, if that’s what you’re expecting.”


“That don’t bother me, I’ve got enough money as it is. I just need to get outta L.A. and start fresh somewhere.”


“And you’re considering starting over again in Miami, is that right?”


“Yeah, that’s exactly right.”


Once more, Steven couldn’t stop himself from chuckling.


“Alright, when you get down here call me again and we’ll meet. I’d love to have you around.”


“Thanks, I’ll be seeing you soon.”


Outside the halls of the V.I.P. rooms, Jennifer Lopez stood alone near the railing upstairs as she danced to the music coming from down below. She had been patiently waiting for Steven to join her, but since he had not left his office, she didn’t have her hopes up. It was better to just enjoy herself while she had the chance, rather than spending all night waiting for him to come out. Placing her right hand on her hip, she rotated her famous ass as she began to shake it back and forth. The music from the DJ’s choice was a modern array of Synth Pop and Jennifer just how to work an easy groove with her body to the slow rhythm beats. Her pony tail shook as she continued to move, still working those curvy hips in the slow rotation. Jennifer loved to dance, even if she wasn’t in the company of a special someone.


The club had become packed downstairs with the dance floor taking a turn for it’s busiest hour so far as the night moved on. Jacob was finished with his first few drinks and now looking for some action. Paying no attention whatsoever to his team mates who were also in the club, Jacob kept his eyes peeled towards the attention of any female who may have been looking his direction. When he stepped foot on the dance floor, he couldn’t take his vision away from the back of a particular curvy girl moving in black leather high heel boots and a one piece dark blue dress. Her hair had curls, running down over her shoulders in a dark color. Being the typical jock he was, his eyes instantly gazed directly into her thick ass. The woman was leaning over, shaking her booty left and right before she leaned back up. A smirk curved across his lips as she turned around, seemingly to catch his stare. With a smile, a pair of dark eyes looked to Jacob and called out to him.


“See something you like, hot shot?”


He didn’t utter a single word in response. Jacob could do nothing but grin back at the girl, almost as if he were star struck. Something about her face was instantly recognizable. The front of her dress was cut, revealing a bit of some busty cleavage while he caught a glimpse of ink work over both her arms. The dress itself didn’t have any sleeves.


“Since you can’t say anything back to me, I take that as a yes?”


Finally, he had to reply back to her. Jacob nodded his head and flashed his teeth with a smirk.


“Yeah, you’ve got some nice moves. What’s your name, baby?”


“Demi, and what’s your name?”


She spoke with a confident smirk right over her pink lips.


“I’m Jacob.”


Offering him her left hand to dance, the beautiful dark haired girl replied again.


“Let’s have some fun, Jacob. And don’t call me baby, I’m not your baby.”


Taking her hand, Jacob thought of how he could respond to her words but he didn’t. Demi pulled his arm, forcing him to move into the beat of the music that was playing. The DJ had shifted his set list, moving from the up tempo jams to something a bit more slower. The synths were still bright, piercing through the speakers with a handful of chords in two keys. While he didn’t know anything about music whatsoever, something told Jacob that this girl had a special kind of ear. He may have been a lazy dancer, but she moved to every beat and twitched her hips in perfect sync to the bass and rhythm. Their eyes had shifted away as Jacob glanced into the darkness, watching the ray of colored lights that moved over the faces of other people on the dance floor. There was something familiar about this woman that he couldn’t shake out of his mind as time continued to move.


A row of tattoos were visible along her right wrist, the artwork of a flock of birds and the face of a lion over hand. The ink work was visible when the rays of light moved down, flickering in hues of yellow and blue colors. Jacob recognized the tattoos from somewhere, as he felt he had seen them on a magazine before. All of his thoughts were lost when she turned her back to him and let go of his hand. Demi knew his eyes had been concentrated solely on her thick rump and now she was pumping it back and rotating her hips against his crotch. Still moving in a perfect sync to the beat of the music, Jacob no longer cared about any other detail he could see over her skin. As long as that phat booty was grinding back and forth against him, that was all he cared about. Demi seemed to enjoy teasing the poor guy, as she giggled to the feeling of his bulging rod in his pants. When she turned around to take his hand, her name had finally hit Jacob’s mind and he spoke out.


“Oh shit, you’re Demi Lovato, aren’t you? Holy fuck, it has to be you!”


She smirked, nodding her head while gazing back into his eyes.


“You’re a smart man, i didn’t expect anyone to recognize me tonight.”


Jacob grinned and immediately thought up a lie to recite back to her.


“I’m a big fan, I think I would be able to tell who you are given how much I watch your music videos.”


Demi laughed, almost as if she had caught on to the fairy tale he had just made up right there. Around them, the dance floor was still moving and no one seemed to pay attention to them as they had come to a stop and were no longer focused on the music playing. Jacob spoke once more.


“You wanna go for a drink, Demi?”


“Sure, I’d love that.”


He had just been able to enjoy a fantasy that most men his age would’ve only dreamed about. To have Demi Lovato dance alongside him, not even counting her rubbing that famous ass up against him. Jacob’s mind was already spinning with how he could try and bed this beautiful babe. He had the impression that it could be easy, since she seemed to have a wild taste for fun. He didn’t want his team mates in the club to recognize her and want to join in. Demi was someone he wanted all to himself. As they walked off the dance floor, he changed his mind about heading to the bar. Fearing that one of his college jock friends may recognize her, he took her hand and began to walk her up the stairs while speaking to her.


“Come on, let’s go to the V.I.P. rooms.”


“Are you sure you can go back there with me? I mean, I was back there earlier but-”


Jacob cut her off from speaking.


“Fuck yeah, I’m sure! My dad works here, it’s all good.”


From his words, Demi couldn’t help but gasp for a breath. If his father was a manager here, it was possible of her to guess since Jennifer had told her quite a bit of details about the place. She had come to the club with all intentions to shake her ass on the dance floor and have some fun with a hot guy or two and lucky for him, he was quite cute. Maria was standing in front of the white door with the golden knob, just as she did most nights. She stepped out of the way when she seen Demi, recognizing her from earlier. Despite his arrogant bragging about the privilege he had of his father working in the club, this was actually the first time Jacob had ever stepped into the club, much less been in the V.I.P. rooms. Demi could see through his act when he stood there with the music compressed to a lower volume behind the closed doors. Jacob remained standing there for a few seconds, grinning as he glanced down the halls. Demi took his arm, tugging it as she smiled to him.


“Come on, this way!”


The boots she wore stomped loudly over the floor as Demi had pulled him down the hall and led him where she had previously knew the lounge room was located. Since he didn’t seem to know exactly where he wanted to go, she figured it was best to lead him. The lounge room of white walls and couches was completely empty, only with a television set flickering from where someone had been seated watching the local news. Over the coffee table, someone had left a pair of tall glass goblets that remained empty. Jacob sat down over the couch as Demi looked at the glasses.


“Maybe we should order some wine?”


He shook his head as she began to sit next to him.


“You drink wine? That shit’s too weak for me. I want some real alcohol tonight, something to get you moving up on me again.”


Spoken like a true jock with a one-track mind. Jacob didn’t seem to care at all if he would’ve offended her with such remarks. Demi just laughed at him and decided to tease.


“Oh, you liked it when I was grinding up against you on the dance floor, huh?”


“Fuck yeah! That’s the kinda moving that I like!”


Giggling to him, she nodded her head.


“Alright hot shot, how about we order some bourbon? Is that strong enough for your tastes?”


“Yeah, I like the sound of that.”


Down the hall, Jennifer Lopez had retreated to Steven’s office since he didn’t come out to join her for a bit of dancing. After they had shared a few drinks, Jennifer would a seat directly over her man’s lap. Steven had been so caught up handling business tonight from his office, Jennifer wanted to settle his mind with a subtle bit of dancing. All it took was swinging her hips around and moving that giant ass and she had caught his entire attention. The old ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign was hanging on the outer knob connecting to his office door while Jennifer was grinding her hips over Steven’s lap. Not a sound was heard from outside his office, as only their breathing could be heard as that famous rump was pounding down into him. Steven breathed down her neck before Jennifer leaned her head to the right side so they could share a brief kiss.


Back in the lounge room, there was another game of grinding and a lap dance going on. From the first minutes the bottle of bourbon was opened, it didn’t take long that Demi was bending over in front of Jacob and shaking her ass to tease him. Some other men may have thought twice about raising a hand to smack her ass, but not him. Demi playfully teased him, crying out when he spanked her. When she finally did push her rump down into his lap, she grabbed the bottle from the coffee table and began to chug it down, drinking large gulps while she was grinding down into him. Soft moans escaped both their lips as they sat alone in the lounge room together. Jacob couldn’t wait to take Demi back to his dorm room all by himself. He wouldn’t be leaving with the entourage of his other jock team mates. He was going with her with her car, as she was quick to offer after performing her sensual dance against him.






Leaving the club and navigating the roads took some time for Demi. Though she had driven a car through Miami before, she didn’t know much of the area by heart. Jacob had to guide her south, telling her which routes to take before they entered Coral Gables. An hour passed before she pulled up to the college campus in her black Lexus car. It was almost funny to Demi that she left the club with a complete stranger and had now driven across town to where he was staying on a campus. It was something about the dirty side of an adventure that got the better of her mind tonight. She wanted to have fun, though this was a major risk she was taking without going back to her own place. When the car was parked and Jacob stepped out, she made a quick move to text her bodyguard the location of where she currently was.


Both of them had consumed a fair amount of alcohol to the point that they shouldn’t have been on the road. He was impressed with how she maintained to drive despite the bourbon clearly in her system. Along the way, they had a few short conversations but everything always came back to him talking about her ass. There wasn’t a question about it, he was getting laid tonight and none of his jock friends would be involved to share this lovely singing starlet with. He had Demi Lovato all to himself, stripping naked before him within the quiet walls of his lonely dorm room. Jacob had locked the doors, as he didn’t want to allow his room mate to enter later tonight and spoil the fun. This was his joy to share, all with one of the most famous current singers in the country. The last thing he wanted as for his room mate to barge in without knocking and want to join in with him.


Despite the short flirty conversations they had shared in her car, it was nothing but complete silence among the dorm when they began to take their clothes off. Demi’s eyes observed the room, as everything seemed to be well placed and taken care of it. The dorms themselves appeared to be empty, as most of the jocks were still back at the club getting drunk and partying. It didn’t appear that Jacob spent long periods of time in here, at least not by looking at how neatly organized the room appeared to be. The bed sat with yellow sheets and a single pillow. Demi smirked at Jacob after she had taken all of her clothes off, standing in all her nude glory before him. Her body decorated with various tattoos, all now visible to his eye. Jacob didn’t focus on her lovely ink work, though he found the art to be charming. His eyes looked over her boobs before glancing down to see her dripping wet pussy. Without a hair in sight, he could clearly see the shiny folds revealing how wet she truly was.


From the start, Demi had her own ideas in mind for teasing him. Since he wasn’t speaking a word back, all she had to listen to was the silence among their breathing. Jacob stood taller than her with a muscular body. Though she had glanced down to see his swollen rod, she kept eye contact while teasing him with a little grin. Taking two steps back, she then collapsed over the bed. When her back hit the soft sheets underneath her, she cut up giggling, assuming that would be enough to make him talk. To her surprise, Jacob still didn’t utter any words. He moved to the bed, hovering over her as his knees sunk down into the blanket beneath. Demi felt his hands move up her stomach as he raised them to gently squeeze her soft breasts. She raised her head back while closing her eyes, letting out a soft moan to him.


“Ohhhhhh, yeah…”


His hands squeezed underneath her breasts, pushing them up into a busty position. Jacob’s mind was swirling in several directions, as he didn’t know how he wanted to take this beautiful girl at first. When Demi’s eyes reopened and looked up into his face, she set the tone by speaking to him as a naughty seductress.


“You like those tits, don’t you?”


“Yeah, they’re nice and soft…”


Squeezing her breasts again, this time Jacob moved his palms to feel her nipples harden up. Demi gritted her teeth, looking into his eyes as she spoke once again in her low, slutty voice.


“I want you to fuck me, hot shot. Fuck me nice and hard…”


“That’s just what I plan to do, baby.”


Demi laughed at him while he squeezed her breasts harder this time.


“Didn’t I tell you not to call me that?”


Jacob grinned to her.


“You don’t like being called baby?”




“Alright, how about if I just call you ‘bitch’ then?”


With a smirk across her lips, Demi nodded.


“Yeah, I like that. Are you gonna fuck me like I’m your bitch, then?”


“Fuck yes, I am!”


The tone had drastically changed from here all with their dirty words. Demi started off slow and sensual, but now things had become smoldering hot with nasty filth. She could read this man so easily, just from knowing that he was a jock. It didn’t matter if he was sincere about being such a big fan or not, Demi knew he was going to fuck her raw, just as she desired. Jacob climbed atop her, wasting no time pushing his body up against hers as she wrapped her arms around his back. Bringing his right hand down, Jacob wrapped his fingers around his swollen dick and guided it towards her pussy while he could feel Demi breathing over his neck. Once the head slipped past her folds, she moaned out to him.


“Yes, yes! That’s it, get it in there, mmmmmmm…”


Calling out to him in a soft, voice, Demi gasped when she felt his hard rod sliding into her clit. Her tits pressed up against his chest as Jacob groaned to the feeling of her tight walls within. She wrapped her strong legs around him, encouraging him to thrust further.


“Ohhhhhh, yeah! Come on, fuck me! Fuck me!!”


Grunting in pleasure, Jacob pushed his hands down into the bed as he could feel Demi’s finger tips sliding over his back. He began to thrust hard and fast, pounding his thick cock into her lovely pussy. Her tits bounced and shook, rubbing up against his bare chest. Demi moaned, moving her lips to his for a quick, hard passionate kiss. She moaned into his mouth before pulling their lips apart and then screaming aloud.




The bed began to shake with the front side beating up against the wall. The thought didn’t cross his mind whatsoever, that if the dorms were occupied tonight, someone would be angry and yelling right now over this commotion. He didn’t care if anyone could’ve heard them from other dorm rooms. Jacob was having a dream of his life come true, fucking Demi Lovato. A girl he had been crushing on for some time now. Grunting, he continued to thrust into her as she moved her hands across his back.




Her nails of both hands raked across his back, scratching him as Jacob did not slow down whatsoever. This was how she wanted it, to be fucked raw and he complied with her request so easily. Demi moved her head to the left side of his neck, biting down over him as Jacob was still pumping his fat cock into that tight pussy. Over and and over he continued. Eventually he was forced to cry out in pain.


“Fuck!! You’re a kinky bitch that knows how to bite!”


Demi refused to let go, still sinking her teeth over his neck to leave bite marks into his flesh. If her nails weren’t enough to scratch the surface of her skin, she certainly could break the blood with her perfect white teeth but Demi didn’t want to. What she desired more than anything right now was to reach her pinnacle of pleasure. Moving her lips away from his neck, she gritted her teeth for a moment, letting out a distorted moan before screaming to him.




Jacob almost wished he could’ve smacked her ass for telling him not to stop. How could he control himself at this point? As he made each thrust into her pussy, he wanted to experience what her orgasm was going to feel like. This was better than all the other sluts he had been fucking the past several months on campus. With each thrust he sent into her, Demi cried out louder. Her voice was beginning to echo through out the room as she came closer and closer to the edge of her climax.




She could only scream a few words as Demi lost her train of thought. Letting out a cry, she scraped her nails across his back again while closing her eyes and belting out a loud cry. Unable to hold back this moment, her climax had been reached. Jacob came to a complete stop and dropped his jaw, moaning as he felt her juices from within her. It was taking everything in the young man not to blow his load inside a woman he desired, but he maintained by moving up and pulling his rod free from her clit. Jacob set his feet on the floor as he left Demi there on the bed to recover from the orgasm she had just experienced. A few seconds went by of both of them just breathing aloud. As he stood there, his cock dripped with her juices. Demi finally spoke out to him.


“Wow, holy shit. That was fucking great, ohhhhh yeah.”


“You’ve got some sharp teeth for a kinky bitch, I can tell you that.”


Laughter crackled from Demi’s voice after Jacob’s words. She leaned up on the bed, moving over as she crawled forward with a smirk across her lips. Her eyes were instantly gazing down, looking towards his dripping cock. She licked her lips and then teased him.


“I think you need me to clean that up…with my mouth, that is.”


Once again, she licked her lips while Jacob laughed. Demi rolled over on her back, almost to the point that her head was hanging upside down from the bed. She looked up at him from her inverted view and then teased him once more with filthy words.


“You want me to clean that cock, hot shot?”


“Yeah, just don’t bite it.”


Demi giggled.


“Don’t worry, I know better. I’ll clean it like a nasty bitch if you wanna fuck my mouth.”


The position she put herself in now made complete sense to Jacob. He stepped forward and used his left hand to reach down and grab a hold through Demi’s long black hair. She called out to him one last time, knowing that she was about to have her jaws filled with his long shaft.


“Come on and fuck my mouth, hot shot!”


“Shut up and suck it, bitch!”


Jacob was quick to reply to her as he gripped her hair tighter. Using his right hand, he eased his cock past her lips, slipping it as he was greeted to hearing Demi moan and slurp against his shaft. ‘Mmmm’, her moans sent vibrations into him as he grinned. Her head remained hanging upside down from the edge of the bed, creating the perfect position where he could truly fuck her mouth and leave her face a mess of drooling spit. He leaned over the bed, looking at her pussy as he began to buck his hips forward and drive his cock into her mouth. The sounds of her slobbering and sucking began to echo throughout the room.




“Take it, bitch! You wanted it, fucking take it!!”


She closed her eyes, gagging on his cock while he pumped every inch between her lips. His balls slapped against her nose as she inhaled the sweaty scent of his body odor. Her eyes opened back up as she took in the smell. Demi guessed right away when she first met him that he had to be an aggressive man in bed, so far he wasn’t disappointing her expectations whatsoever. Over and over, he continued to thrust his cock into her mouth, thoroughly giving her the skull-fucking that she craved.




Once more, her mouth generated various slurping and slobbering sounds as he was still thrusting his cock past her lips. Finally, he came to a stop and then pulled his cock from her lips to offer her a break. Demi gagged, choking on his length before a long string of saliva fell over the left side of her face. Due to the position she was in, her drool dripped down her face and into her long black hair. Jacob pushed the head of his cock back between her lips and then Demi began to suck it again as she awaited him to fuck her mouth again. The grip in her hair tightened like before, and soon he was thrusting his hips forward while yelling.


“God, I could fuck your mouth all day! You certainly were born to be a singer!”




Like before, her mouth created various slobbering and sucking sounds. Demi’s eyes watered up as he pushed his cock deeper down her throat. The string of spit that had been hanging from her lips continued to dangle with each hard thrust Jacob send into her mouth. He truly could’ve continued skull-fucking her all night to get his rocks off, but there was one more hole left that he had truly saved for the final treat. When he pulled his shaft free from her lips, another string of saliva dangled over her upside down face. His meat pole glistened in a shiny coat of her saliva dripping over it. Jacob took a few steps back, pulling her hair as Demi looked up into his face with her inverted view. Taking in a deep breath, Demi called out to him as she knew what was about to happen.


“Are you about to cum all over this bitch’s nasty fucking face, hot shot!?”


“No, not yet.”


Jacob shook his head. He let go of Demi’s hair, as she looked bewildered over what he was about to do next.


“Get up, climb back over the bed baby.”


He slipped, referring to her as ‘baby’ instead of ‘bitch’ as they had agreed to use. Demi didn’t bother correcting him. She leaned up, moving as she sat on the bed and then Jacob called out to her again.


“I want you on all fours.”


After he spoke, she knew exactly what he wanted.


“Ohhhhhhh, so you can fuck me in the ass?”


“Fuck yeah! Don’t make me fucking wait any longer for it!”


Jacob’s cry sounded as if he had waited all night for this one thing. Demi giggled as she moved into position, as she loved to take it up the ass and tease a man senseless with her round shaped bum. With her hands placed down over the bed, she pushed her legs together and then began to shake her ass up into the air while glancing over her left shoulder. Jacob’s eyes followed the movement her booty made, just as he climbed up on the bed. He was using to use his left hand to smack her ass getting her to stop. Unlike his playful spanks back at the club, this one was hard enough to leave a mark. Demi wanted to tease him, as she didn’t think he would be able to properly fuck her ass before blowing his load, but it wasn’t worth creating an argument. He was a jock and it was easy to guess what body part he used to do his thinking. Using both hands, he pulled her thick ass cheeks apart and then guided his cock between them.


“Mmmmmmmmm, come on. I want you to fuck me in the ass, I need it.”


Taking the first thrust into her ass, he bit his lower lip and groaned as Demi gasped. Jacob replied to her as he moved his hands to grip her phat cheeks.


“Ohhhhh, you need it, huh? You need this cock in your ass, you dirty fucking bitch?”


“Yes, I need it! Give it to me! GIVE IT TO ME, FUCK MY ASS YOU SEXY MAN!!”


Being called ‘sexy man’ wasn’t something Jacob expected at all. He pushed his feet down into the bed sheets beneath him, spreading his legs as he began to pumping his cock into Demi’s firm tight ass. She moved her hands to the edge of the bed, as the pillow was far out of reach from her hands. Biting her lower lip, she moaned before hollering to him again.




Jacob wanted to smack her ass with both his hands so hard when she screamed to him, but he prevented himself. He knew it deep down that his orgasm was pushing closer and closer. It had been a pain thus far to hold his load all this time, but at least that was enough to tell him that he would have enough to paint her face with more spunk than he could’ve produced earlier. Over and over, he was still slowly ramming his cock into her dark little hole. Jacob moved slow so he could enjoy the feeling of every inch of his long rod pumping into that thick ass. Demi’s tits wound bounce momentarily when he thrust in.




When she screamed again, Demi couldn’t contain herself from balling her hands into fists and pounding them down over the bed. Jacob was panting, trying to hold back his load from exploding through her dark back door anal hole. He only wished he could fuck her ass at a longer length, but it seemed impossible. Even as he made slow thrusts, Jacob could only count three more before he had to pull his rod free from her ass. Demi knew he couldn’t take it anymore, as she began to turn before he could even tell her to.


“Get on your fucking knees for me, you dirty bitch!”


“Ohhhh, you wanna cum on my face, right?”




Climbing up on her knees, Demi looked up into his eyes with a face that was already a bit wrecked. Her makeup smeared under her eyes and she still had spit strings in her hair and over her face, all the result of his face-fucking from minutes earlier. He took one step back, pushing his feet down into the mattress as Demi stood on her knees before him. She placed her hands over her breasts, pushing her hands into them as she began to massage them while Jacob was stroking his hard cock aimed at her face.


“Cum for me, hot shot! Cum on my face, yes!”


Demi spoke to him in a low voice, her eyes closed and begging to receive a face full of hot spunk from him. The head of his lengthy rod was aimed directly at her lips. Jacob grunted as he felt the surge pushing through his veins.




Just as he spit out his words, Jacob’s cock began to explode. The first initial blasts of cum were thick and stringy, shooting direct lines up the middle of her forehead and streaking into her hair. He painted three direct lines, all going down her nose before he made a splattering wad connect under her right eye. Demi remained seated with her eyes closed, moaning as she felt his hot seed flying across her smooth skin. Another line went up forehead, streaking over her right eyebrow while one strand of cum dripped down from her chin and fell to her breasts below.


“Mmmmmm, yeah that’s it. Cover me good, you dirty man.”


She gritted her teeth, causing her words to growl as she talked dirty to him. Demi began to slowly grin, all before she cracked up giggling as the cum was dripping from her face. She suddenly remembered how the night began and just what she had done that caused her to go back to this jock’s dorm and fuck his brains out. For a one night stand, this was something that felt completely satisfied with her filthy desires. It wouldn’t be long before she would clean her face, put her clothes back on and head out the door. Jacob had memories that would last for him within a lifetime, all thanks to a party he wouldn’t have been attending if not for his football stardom at the university.




Across town, a mansion sat in the darkness beyond a gate that had been opened from the inside. A dog from another property was barking loudly, though nothing could be seen outside except a few lights brightening the surface near the front door. Three bodies remained lifeless outside the gate, all in pools of blood from gunshot wounds to the back. A van was parked in the opposite direction in the driveway, clearly intentional for a fast escape. Beyond the doors, a grim scene awaited anyone who may have stumbled inside the house. This wasn’t a normal home invasion by any means. Not in a wealthy neighborhood like Baypoint, right in the upper east side of the town. Such an event had been clearly orchestrated and thoroughly planned by a small crew who had now been inside the mansion for an hour with their hostage.


A man stood tall in the living room, right under a double-staircase decorated in gold and white. His appearence was notable with a black pinstripe suit, wearing a white shirt underneath with no tie beneath his collar. A luxury watch was on his left wrist; a chain over the right and a few rings around his pinky and ring fingers on both hands and finally, a gold necklace visible with his shirt and jacket unbuttoned, all in gold. Clutched in his right hand was a black pistol, fitted with a silencer to suppress the loudness of shots fired. Ramón Diaz had changed, not only in appearance but profession too. This wasn’t a robbery, this was a take over and rub out. New names were rising in the drug business of the Miami underworld. He and his brother Carlos had staged the takeover of a drug lord’s operations, all after paying off three of his security guards and leading to the silent murder of the rest. Tonight’s work came after three whole weeks of careful plotting.


The assault of the fortified home had went over in a matter of minutes, all thanks to the intel of their new goons who had turn-coated their former employer. Ramón led the charge, sneaking beyond the gates, killing the guards outside and then opening the gates to allow entry of the van. Once the front doors had been kicked in, it was easy to take control of the house between the five men. Two servants were murdered at sight while Ramón ordered their newly hired thugs to go upstairs and wake up the old man and drag him down to his living room. The man leading the entire operation was Carlos, keeping his hands busy with another paid henchman who helped show him where the vault in the home was where drugs were kept. The intel from their new friends had surely paid off, as everyone had a price when money was involved.


“What is this? Is it money you want? I’ve got plenty of cash, if you’ll let me show you…”


On the floor, the old man spoke up to his captors holding guns to him. Over his body, all he wore was a white robe, as he had clearly been sleeping when the home invasion took place. His head was mostly bald, as his hair had fell out a long time ago and his mustache had faded grey. He had yet to lay eyes on Carlos or Ramón. The goons holding him captive were dressed in jeans, black sweat shirts and wore matching black balaclava ski masks over their faces. They didn’t say a word back to their captive. In their arms, they held Uzi sub-machines with large silencers attached to the end of the gun’s barrels. Carlos was finally finished loading up the back of the van, as he ran back into the house brandishing a short, black painted Ithaca 37 shotgun in both hands. Ramón stepped towards the living room, looking at the old man who was still on the floor pleading for his life.


“Please don’t kill me, I can make you rich. Very rich! Just listen to me, please.”


“Shut your fucking mouth, you old fossil.”


Suddenly, the other man stepped forward through the door way and the old man’s eyes became enlarged as he looked up at Carlos. He wore a white pinstriped suit, almost matching his brother’s, except for a dark red shirt underneath. They both wore an equal amount of bling, all in shiny gold. The only notable difference to Carlos besides his wardrobe, was a grisly scar over the left side of his forehead. The scar line was visible, as his hair was cut short and slick back now. It formed after an altercation he had some months back in the bathroom of a club. The old man shook his head as he glanced up at Carlos.


“Carlos, I heard that you were dead.”


A sinister laugh crackled as Carlos shook his head.


“You heard fake news, cabrón…”


It wasn’t hard to see the fear over the man’s face from Carlos’ perspective. He had this man right where he wanted him, on his knees begging for his life.


“What is this? Why are you coming in here with guns?”


Carlos stepped forward, holding the short shotgun in both hands as he grinned down to his hostage. Shaking his head, he whistled before replying to him.


“I’m here to take over, you stupid old fuck. Your time is over, I’m the man in charge now. What used to be yours is about to become mine, starting tonight.”


After speaking, he cocked the gun ready to fire.




The old man raised his hands up, pleading for his life once more. Carlos spoke to him in Spanish as he waved the gun point-blank to his face.


“Di las buenas noches, tu tiempo ha terminado.”





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