Big Booty Bitches Ch. 29

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 29

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Jessica Alba, Vida Guerra, Jennifer Lopez

Codes: MF, MMF, cons, rom, oral, anal, spank, facial, dp, slut, drugs, viol, organized crime

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com




Miami, Florida

Light cast into the darkness, creating a small flame at the edge of a lighter. The cigarette lit, ready for Ramón to push it up to his lips and take a long drag. Outside, the winter evening had caught on during the midnight hours. The wind rustled through his slick black hair, but not enough to penetrate through his expensive blue suit. He took the walk from the parking lot, ready to enter a club around South Beach. For the time being, Ramón had wanted to go out and enjoy himself alone. It was a new year, though a breath of fresh air had breezed through towards the year’s end. Things were changing for the better, at least Ramón thought to himself. Gone were the days of pushing a small time security gig back at his family’s club. He had a new career, one that he liked better as it came with getting high in the fast lane with a lifestyle he had always dreamed of having.

When he walked through the doors of the club, Ramón was greeted to darkness with only flickering neon lights casting rays from the distance. The club was usually an attraction for all the tourists in South Beach, but it found itself somewhat lonely a weekend night such as this. Ramón needed to go out alone, to have some fun without having Carlos along with him. Over the past several months, it became rare that they were seen apart from each other in public. The brothers had formed themselves as a duo in the criminal underworld of Miami, slowly rising up with infamous notoriety. There was a new duo of ‘Diaz Brothers’ running things in town and it wasn’t the two older men running a nightclub. Carlos had an ambition to go into business for himself rather than working for someone else. With Ramón at his side, the goal seemed possible of accomplishing. It all began with Carlos’ connections to an old time Jamaican drug lord who had dealers all over the map. With all plans to cut loose and go solo, Carlos made his first big move by rubbing out a different established drug lord from a past age.

Everybody had a price. Loyalty never lived long in the streets. All it took was buying out a handful of old bodyguards and access had been granted to the mansion setting up the kill. Such a hit was sure to make headlines across the state, just what Carlos wanted. His idea had been to send a message that old fossils from back in the day were no longer the players running things anymore. There were new faces in town, representing hunger and determination to rise up and control the drug trade. This had been a dream for Ramón, something he had always wanted to experience. He had witnessed only a small bit of this lifestyle from his cousin Steven. The action and fast money was enough motivation for Ramón to continue, even if his older cousin had been trying to distance himself from this past life. None of that mattered now, as Carlos and Ramón were sitting on a supply of around forty keys of pure grade A Colombian snow that needed a buyer.

“Hey there, Ramón it’s been a while since I last seen you.”

The bartender greeted him as he stepped forward. Ramón shoved his cigarette into the tray over the table, giving a nod to the man.

“Likewise, how’s the place been doing?”

“About the same. Busy during the day, not so much during the night.”

As he stood there, Ramón gazed around the club. It wasn’t empty, but there were few people around. The dance floor was completely lonely while a bored DJ sat behind his work station shifting through beats and instrumental works. From the distance, he noticed a lonely woman sitting at a table. Upon a second glance, something had caught Ramón’s attention. The woman appeared to resemble a famous actress whom he had enjoyed a chance encounter with over a year ago. Beyond her pretty face, she wore a black jacket covering what appeared to be a white shirt underneath. Her long brunette hair was fixed up giving a clear view at her lovely face. It was a once in a lifetime chance, one that he was quite proud of. Thinking to himself, he was unsure that it was truly her. ‘No way, it can’t be…’ Stepping away from the bar, he approached her table, looking over her as he spoke.

“Excuse me, are you Jessica Alba?”

Her eyes glanced up and she looked into his face. The woman had clearly resembled her, as she sat in the chair and looked up into his face.

“Who wants to know?”

He smiled, poinding to himself.

“You don’t remember me?”

She took another look at him and then her face turned red, blushing in embarrassment before a smiled crossed her pink lips.

“Oh my gosh, are you Ramón Diaz?”

“Yes, it’s me. Been a long time, Jessica.”

Standing up before him, Jessica smiled flashing those perfect teeth of hers. She stepped forward, giving Ramón a soft hug before looking back into his face and speaking.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude to you. Did not know it was you at first, it’s been a long time.”

“Yes, it’s good to see you again. I’ve hoped for a long time now that we’d maybe bump into each other. We sure did dance up a storm in Disco Fever a while back, huh?”

Jessica giggled to him.

“Oh yeah, we sure did! I went by that club a few months ago wondering if you would still be there. I know it had been over a year, but it was worth a chance.”

Ramón had been waiting so long for the opportunity to ask Jessica something. Though it had been so long ago and they were speaking as friends now, he had to know why she didn’t return to the club after they had their lustful afternoon together at her beach side home.

“That reminds me, I’ve always wanted to ask you this. Why didn’t you come back to the club after that day I spent at your house?”

She gave him a soft smile while shaking her head.

“Honey, I had to leave town and go back to work in L.A. It’s hard when you have to run a business, play with my acting career and go home and be a mom at the same time.”

Her eyes glanced over his suit, instantly noticing the extra jewelry that he was wearing compared to the last time she had seen him over a year ago. Jessica looked over the gold chains; the watch, the rings over his fingers and his necklace. This may have been the same man she had danced with from before, but something had clearly changed with him.

“Looks like you’re moving up in the world, Ramón. I like your rings, when did you get those?”

“Not that long ago, baby. Sometime before Christmas.”

“I take it that you’ve had something of a career change recently.”

Jessica gave him a smug grin after speaking her words so softly. Ramón had to think for a moment as he gazed back into her beautiful dark eyes. It wasn’t any question given his wardrobe that screamed the words ‘drug dealer’ in mind, from his designer name suit and excessive jewelry. With a nod, he replied to her.

“Yeah, you could call it that. I take it that you prefer to have fun with a man who can make fast money, huh?”

She laughed at him, leaning back against the table before she answered back.

“Honey, I’m a married woman. I’m not supposed to be fooling around, having one night stands and flings when I’m off on vacation. It’s hard when you know your husband messes around with girls on the set.”

“Too bad for him, he’s missing out. You wanna dance, Jessica baby?”

Reaching for his hand, she nodded her head upon replying back.

“I thought you’d never ask. Come on, see if you can keep up with me again and maybe I’ll bring you back to my place like before.”

With her eyes locked back on his, Jessica winked to him. Ramón couldn’t help but think that this was so easy for him. He didn’t have to use his charm at all, or attempt to smooth talk her for another chance. Perhaps she really was lonely and needed to break out to have some fun from the stress of marriage and the Hollywood life. Hand in hand, they stepped away from the table and walked to the dance floor. The empty square shaped floor now had the company of two people ready to move together. Despite his new career, it wasn’t enough to kill his talents of dancing. Ramón could work any dance floor, knowing how to work his hips and legs to the rhythm of various styles of music. Jessica had proven herself to be an amazing dance partner in the past, living up to the reputation she had earned from her various roles in films where she worked her tightly fit body in front of the camera.

The club itself seemed to be operating for after hours. The DJ wasn’t bothered at all by the presence of two people on the dance floor, as the music was nothing more than generic bass beats with a few layers of synths over it. Jessica took the charge, bumping her hips and working her heels over the floor as she began to move with the rhythm. Ramón waited until he saw how Jessica was dancing and then he began to move alongside her, facing her so he could study her hips and the moves she was creating with her body. The music itself was slow tempo, as Jessica would shake her hips at the thumping of the bass. It didn’t take her long to figure out how the song was working in it’s predictable pace. While watching her, Ramón licked his lips and moved a bit closer towards her. Jessica was ready to play along. Reaching for his hand, Jessica moved to the beat as she pulled Ramón forward and stepped around him.

She wasted no time sparking the fire with this dance. Moving her back up to him, Jessica placed her hands down on her knees, bend over as she began to grind her hips and proceed to twerk her ass up against his crotch. He didn’t expect, but Ramón refused to disappoint Jessica. As she worked those hips and twerked her ass up against his crotch, he moved with the beat of the song, regardless if she was turning him on and forcing a bulge to appear in the front of his pants. Jessica had torched the dance floor, creating a scene for the small handful of people who populated the night club. While still grinding her ass up against him, she raised both hands up, giving Ramón a hint to make his move and take over the dance. He raised his hands up, touching her palms as Jessica gripped his hands and then turned around to face him. Now face to face, she bit her lower lip and looked into his eyes.

Not a word was spoken between them, but Ramón knew what to do. He moved his hands down to her sides, touching her jacket as he moved his hands down. Jessica was still moving her hips with the music, thinking to herself that the DJ would at least have a clue to turn up the heat by putting on something with a faster tempo. To their disappointment, the music remained the same, reprising the same tired low beats and bright synth that had been playing repeatedly for several minutes now. Ramón could see the resentment over Jessica’s face, as she wasn’t satisfied with this music whatsoever. Not bothering to waste anymore of her time, Jessica stopped moving completely and just shook her head. Her eyes shifted back to Ramón and she spoke.

“Fuck this. If he isn’t gonna change this dull music, I don’t see the point in us trying to dance around this.”

“Yeah, this DJ is lazy tonight.”

“Forget about him. Let’s go back to my place and we can do some proper dancing after taking our clothes off.”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Ramón grinned after speaking, clearly mocking the very same words she had spoken to him minutes ago. Jessica rolled her eyes at him and proceeded to walk off the dance floor, waiting for him to tag along with her. It was quite the coincidence to walk into a club on this night and find Jessica Alba again, but it was something that Ramón had always hoped for in the back of his mind. He couldn’t forget this lovely woman, not after the three nights had spent dancing with her back at Disco Fever over a year ago. Her home would be familiar to him, not that it mattered since his focus would primarily be over her stripper body and nothing else. This was a much better night than staying up in condo apartment home which was now heavily guarded with a security system and surveillance cameras active around the property.



“Do that for me again baby. Yeah, just like that!”

The clothes had come off rather quickly, all between a dirty kiss between the two of them. Ramón wasted no time making himself at home after Jessica walked him through the front door of her beach side home. For a vacation house, the place was rather nice and low key, but he didn’t care where he was as long as she was with him tonight. He sat down naked over the same familiar couch that he known from the first day he spent in her home. It didn’t matter that it was over a year ago, Ramón wasn’t going to forget a lucky night with Jessica Alba of all women in the world. Now he sat down completely naked, still wearing his gold jewelry as the actress had removed all her clothes except for the high heels that elevated her height. Her back was turned away from him, her legs spread out as she proceeded to grind her hips and bounce her ass for him. Ramón sat there, stroking his cock as he watched her ass cheeks wobble and shake against one another.

“Ahi vas, make it clap for me.”

Jessica bit down on her lower lip and continued to twerk her ass. A smile crossed past his lips before he raised his hand up and smacked his palm against her ass.


“Ouch! That hurt!”

She whimpered, letting out an exaggerated cry that forced Ramón to laugh at her. Not wanting to waste all her time working her ass into the air, Jessica came to a stop and then turned around. She sank down to her knees, moving his hand away from his cock so she could grip it with her own left hand. Jessica gazed up into his eyes while pushing the head of his meat pole against her lips and kissing it.

“I didn’t tell you to stop twerking. What do you think you’re doing now?”

Placing her lips around the head, Jessica starred back into his eyes before coming off to make a loud pop sound. She took a deep breath before replying to his words.

“I’m about to suck this big fucking cock, that’s what I’m doing now.”

“I don’t remember telling you-”

“Shut up! You don’t tell me what to do, this is my house!”

His eyebrows raised while he smirked down at her. It wasn’t everyday a woman told Ramón to ‘shut up’, but he couldn’t complain. Not with Jessica Alba of all women down on her knees with his cock in her hand. He tried not to laugh but couldn’t help but to slightly chuckle as she began to slowly suck his cock. ‘Mmmmmmmmm’, Jessica moaned as she closed her eyes and began to bob her lips up and down. She took her time, moving her hand down to the base of his cock while her right hand fondled and massaged his balls. Ramón took a deep breath before moaning aloud with words in Spanish.

“Ohhhhhhhh, fuck. Te extrañe tanto.”

Not allowing his spoken words to distract her, Jessica continued to slobber over his cock as she slip her lips up and down. She still worked slowly, taking inch after inch of his long thick pole into her mouth and sucking on it. Jessica eventually opened her eyes, gazing up into his face as she eased his cock out from her mouth. When her lips released the head, another popping sound echoed through the room. She looked down and spit all over his dick, soaking it in her saliva before using her left hand to stroke it back and forth. The grin across Ramón’s face was just begging for her to drop her lower lip, grit those teeth and then speak back to him in a low seductive voice.

“You like that, baby?”

“Fuck yes, I love how you work that cock in your slutty mouth. I’ve thought about you sucking that cock so many times when I’m laying in bed at night.”

“Mmmmmm, you missed me quite a lot, huh?”

Jessica spoke while still pumping his cock up and down with her left hand. Her right hand remained down below, rubbing his balls.

“Of course I fucking missed you! If I could do this every day with you, I would!”

Such a response was just what she wanted to be told. Giving him a wink, Jessica leaned down towards his balls, using her tongue to begin licking his hairy sack.

“Ohhhhhhhh, yeah. Stuff ’em in your mouth, baby. Go on, I dare you. Do it, Jessica.”

It almost made her laugh that Ramón would dare her to do such a thing. She parted her lips and used her right hand to squeeze his balls, bringing the left nut between her lips as she began to slobber all over it loudly. The sounds her mouth created only made him moan louder.

“Fuck, you’re so nasty…”

Ramón’s reply was another dare to Jessica’s mind. She popped one nut out of her mouth, only to this time to use her hand to aid her in stuffing both of his balls into her mouth. Her jaws inflated from being filled with his sack. She began to stroke his cock back and forth with her left hand, causing him to moan aloud and then stand up to look down and see what she had done with his own eyes.

“FUCK! That’s the kind of freaky shit I like!!”

With his feet back on the carpet floor from beneath him, Ramón was unable to control himself while listening to Jessica’s mouth slobber and suck over his nuts all while pumping her left hand up and down his long dick. He was ready to truly take control, regardless if this was her house or not. He was the kind of dominant man who couldn’t be stopped once his buttons had been pressed. Jessica had done her duty pressing all of those buttons to push him into overdrive like a horny machine. He waited until she popped her lips free of his balls. A trail of spit dangled from them, dripping to the floor below. Ramón reached for her head with both hands, ready now to fuck her pretty mouth as her eyes gazed up into his and she brought those puffy lips back to his cock. Jessica knew what he was about to do as she moved her left hand away from his cock. He grunted as he began to buck his hips, driving his cock forward into her mouth.

Heavy breathing could be heard from Ramón’s voice as Jessica closed her eyes and took every inch of his cock pumping into her mouth. His hands curled up her brunette locks of hair, gaining a quick grip as Ramón began to grunt and moan aloud. He didn’t care if this was just another quick one night stand with her, it was better to have a second chance rather than hoping and wishing for another go with this beautiful actress. Gurgling and slobbering sounds began to echo from below on the floor just as Ramón picked up the pace, pounding his cock further into her mouth repeatedly. She began to gag as drool dripped from the corners of her lips. Ramón grunted and continued to thrust his hips, driving his cock into her mouth over and over. Jessica’s eyes began to water as her mouth sounded off a chorus of various gagging and slobbering sounds.


“Take it, baby! Just like that!”

Ramón was unable to stop himself, still moving his hips forward and driving his cock into her mouth. It was a dream to do this with her again, fucking her pretty mouth as he had desperately missed the feeling of his cock pushing back and forth into it. Jessica’s mascara smeared a bit as a result of her teary eyes. When he finally stopped, Ramón moved his hands to the back of her head to shove her lips all the way down to the base of his cock. The head of his rod poked to the back of her throat as he held her there in position. Grunting out, Ramón screamed at her.

“Just like that, take that fucking cock bebé bonito!”

After a few seconds, she loudly gagged over his cock. His voice was heard letting out a moan. Ramón pulled her hair to bring his cock free from her mouth. Jessica took a deep breath as saliva strings dangled from her open lips back to his shiny, drool covered dick.

“I could fuck your mouth for hours. Your husband don’t know what he’s missing out on, let me tell you that!”

Jessica attempted to giggle while catching her breath. He smiled down at her, noticing the streams of tears that moved down both of her cheeks. Around her right eye, her black mascara and eyeliner had smeared a bit. The strings of drool had broken, now dangling from her lower lip and down her chin. Ramón gripped her hair tighter, pulling her up from her knees and back standing on her heels.

“You ready to get fucked, baby?”

With a smile, she nodded forcing the strands of saliva dangling from her chin to sway back and forth. Ramón bit down on his lower lip to prevent himself from laughing.

“Are you gonna fuck my ass or my pussy first?”

Gripping her hair tighter, he flashed his teeth upon replying.

“That ass. I want you to twerk again for me. You know how to work it, baby.”

She let out a sigh, as his request was nothing short of a predictable one. Feeling in completely control now, Ramón stepped back from the couch and walked Jessica around by pulling her hair with his right hand. He didn’t want to fuck her on the couch again since they had already done it before the first time he was invited to her house back in the day. A bar counter sat in the distance on the right side of the room. Jessica’s heels stomped loudly when they moved off the carpet, as Ramón pushed her towards the bar where he could easily bend her over. He finally let go of her hair so Jessica could lean over the bar. She knew exactly how he wanted her. Placing his hands over her ass, Ramón thrust his cock between her ass cheeks so he could find her dark little hole and poke the head of his rod into the small tunnel.

“Mmmmm, yeah! Get it in there, I wanna feel your big dick poking up my ass. I want you to ram it up in there.”

Because she had spoke up, Ramón raised his right hand and slapped her ass loudly, just to watch the texture of her skin ripple and vibrate. Jessica laid her right hand down over the counter, feeling the cold surface under her wrist as she moved into position so she could properly grind her hips backwards and twerk that ass up and down over his cock. He moved both his hands away from her body, not hindering with her movements whatsoever. It took her a few moments, adjusting from how she was bent over but once Jessica was comfortable, she turned her head to look over her left shoulder and closed her eyes. Grinding her hips, her ass began to twerk as she forced her ass cheeks to bounce back and forth while moving forward and back to drive his cock into her ass. With her teeth gritted, she let out a soft moan as she continued.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah…Mmmmmmmm, you like that?”

Jessica’s voice called out to him in a low seductive tone, similar to when she had teased him earlier with her sexy voice. Sounds were made as his hairy balls rubbed between her ass cheeks. All Ramón did was smile wide, enjoying every moment of watching this sensual woman back it up and use her ass as a weapon of pleasure. He wasn’t going to bother thrusting into her since Jessica was putting on a hell of a show by grinding and twerking back and forth to move his cock in and out of her ass.

“Yesssssss, that’s it! Keep going, baby! Keep backing that ass up, just like that.”

Raising her head, she let out a soft moan while continuing to grind her ass back and forth. Ramón couldn’t have been more pleased with her efforts. At any moment he could’ve took control and slammed his cock into her ass, but he didn’t want to while witness this kind of sexy show that Jessica was putting up. Though there wasn’t any music playing in the room, she bounced her thick rump almost to the point that he had to wonder if she were imagining music playing within her mind. Her body was built for dancing while her ass was thick and well rounded for bumping and grinding it. Ramón took a deep breath as she continued, moaning at the feeling of his cock working in her back door hole. After another minute, he had to force her to stop. Raising both of his hands, he smacked them down over her ass for a loud double spank to catch her attention.

“That’s the end of the show, baby! I wanna fuck you nice and hard now.”

Her eyes came open as Jessica licked her lips, mocking him with her sensual voice this time.

“I was starting to get worried, Ramón. I thought you’d never ask!”

Moving his left hand to the small of her back, Ramón gripped his cock with his right hand to pull it free from her dark little hole. When his eyes glanced down, he noticed the leaking trail along her thighs as her pussy was desperate for his attention now. Jessica moved over the bar, planting both her hands down to allow herself to grip the side of it between her fingers. She spread her legs out a bit further for him, licking her lips and raising her head. Once she felt the head of his cock slipping inside of her, Jessica let out a soft moan.

“Yes, yes…Get it in there, I want you to fuck me so hard…”

Just as she spoke, he could be heard taking in a deep breath. Jessica felt further inches of his cock pushing inside of her, causing her to scream at him now.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard!!”

Ramón was quick to rear his right hand back and slam his palm down over the right cheek of her ass. The hard spank forced her to moan aloud as he began to thrust his cock into her at a faster pace.


Jessica’s voice screamed through out the living room of her home. She gritted her teeth as the sound of his balls beating against the underside of her ass became a strong sound mixed in with all the moans created from their mouths. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound echoed as she clenched the edges of the bar, yelling to him again.


Like before, he reared his hand back to spank her ass yet again while pumping her pussy with his hard shaft. Her tits bounced, shaking all around from underneath her while her hair was waving around wildly. Jessica cried out in pleasure, her teeth still gritted as she growled at him.


Since she had demanded it, Ramón couldn’t stop himself as he sent smack after smack over her beautiful ass. His right hand reached up, snatching her hair as he was still bucking his hips to thrust that cock into her pussy. Over and over, he smacked his palm against the right cheek of her ass until groaning out in pain. The stinging rippled over his hand, but that wasn’t enough to stop Ramón from pulling her hair while he bucked his hips repeatedly.


Her lower lip fell as Jessica screamed to him once more. Ramón fucked her harder, pumping his dick into her as fast as he could move his hips forward. Red marks appeared over her ass, right in the places that his palms had come striking down. She dropped her lower lip, her breasts bouncing up and down. Jessica lost her grip over the counter as her fingers had become sweaty after several minutes of holding tightly. The time had come as her orgasm could no longer hold itself back. With a few more thrusts, she yelled out as her climax had been reached.


As soon as Ramón could feel her hot juices from within, he came to a sudden stop and pulled his cock from her pussy. Jessica sat there, catching her breath as she had felt his rod exit her loving cup. He had held off his own explosion for the time being, but wasn’t about to waste this load by filling her up. He called out to her in a stern voice.

“Turn around and get down on your fucking knees! Right now!!”

She swallowed her breath, doing exactly as she was told as her heels stomped around to face him. Jessica fell down to her knees just as Ramón had ordered her to do so. She knew exactly what he wanted, as he was just the type of man who would leave her face a sticky dripping mess. As he stood there holding his cock, she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the head, sucking on it but only for a moment. Ramón grunted, pulling his cock free from her lips as he couldn’t hold back any longer. All it took was for him to squeeze his dick one time and then the splash came.


Jessica closed her eyes, right in time as his cum went flying out into a wave across her pretty face. The initial first blast drenched her nose, streaking over her left eye and getting a droplet over her right cheek. Ramón breathed heavy as he shot another string directly up her forehead and into her hair, followed by another wad that went over her left cheek.

“Ohhhhh my god, I’ve dreamed of having another time like this with you again! YES, OH YES!! This is my lucky fucking night!”

His voice was almost like a cry of joy. Ramón smiled so wide and bright, still shooting spurts of cum to drench her face in his warm seed. Another wad splashed across her forehead, streaking into her hair and dripping into her left eyebrow. After his cock was completely drained, the final little drops of his cum dripped onto her tits below. Jessica slowly caught her breath, smirking down below as she spoke to him.

“Ohhhhhhhh, yeah. You drenched me like a fucking whore.”

“Are you complaining?”

“No! I love to get dirty from time to time like this.”



Through the morning hours, Ramón remained in a deep slumber that was made evident by the noise he produced from snoring. Jessica had agreed to sleep with him in the bed, even if this was just a one night stand. She had shared the bed numerous times with her husband over the years, but wasn’t shy to allow Ramón to sleep with her. Next to the bed, his fancy dark clothes remained over a chair as he slept the night away in nothing more than his underwear and jewelry. Despite being together in the bed, Jessica refused to wrap her arm around him and instead simply slept next to him in her bra and panties. It wouldn’t have hurt Ramón to leave her home and head back to his own condo around midnight, but few men would deny the opportunity to share a bed with Jessica Alba after a chance affair.

11:23 AM hit the clock, but Jessica and Ramón remained soundly asleep. The sun shined through the white mini-blinds covering the window across from the bed, pushing away the darkness that had previously clouded the room during the early morning hours. His snoring didn’t effect her at all, as Jessica had grown used to her own husband snoring through his sleep. Loud noises rarely awakened her, after years of growing used to sleeping with a man who could fill the room with loud snoring. Their awakening came as a cellphone began to loudly ring next to the bed, playing a fast tempo string of noises. Jessica’s eyes opened first as she quickly got up out of bed, thinking it was her phone at first. She realized it was Ramón’s cellphone as she went to answer it while he rolled around in the bed. Nearly tripping over herself as she grabbed the cellphone, she answered it just after yawning.


“Where’s Ramón? Put him on the phone.”

A man answered her back. Reality had suddenly hit her, as she was slow with catching her mind after waking up. Ramón snapped his finger at her, waving his hand for her to had him the phone. Clutching it in her left hand, Jessica stepped back towards the bed and handed over Ramón’s activated cellphone. He looked at the screen, seeing as it was his brother Carlos who had called. Ramón placed the phone up to his right ear and answered back.

“Hey man…”

“Get up and get your clothes on, we’ve got shit to do today.”

Such a rude awakening with Carlos’ mouth over the other line. Ramón let out a sigh while stretching out in the bed and talking back over the phone. Jessica had moved to the bathroom where a sink faucet could soon be heard in the distance.

“Yeah, what’s today again? I just woke up…”

“Today is Sunday, come on. I’ve been waiting on you to call for over a fucking hour. We’ve got a busy night later.”

Suddenly, Ramón snapped awake as he remembered his plans for the day.

“Oh, shit! Today’s your birthday.”

“That’s right, I need to talk to you later. Come on over once you get your clothes on.”

“I’ll be over soon, give me about an hour.”

“Alright, see you soon.”

Carlos hung up on the phone and then Ramón let out a sigh. He had soon come to realize just where he had spent the night. He stretched out in the bed once more before setting the phone aside and climbing out. Stepping his way around her bedroom, Ramón moved to the bathroom where Jessica stood in front of the sink brushing her teeth. She turned, gazing into his face but not uttering a word until she had spit and proceeded to wash her mouth out. Ramón spoke up.

“Hey, I’ve gotta get going. That was my brother calling, today’s his birthday and I need to see him. We’ve got plans for the day.”

“Yeah, I figured. I’ve gotta call my husband later anyway.”

“Are you going to tell him about what you did last night?”

He smirked at her, but Jessica wasn’t amused. She rolled her eyes to him before answering back.

“Hell no! Are you gonna tell your brother that you fucked an actress last night?”

“Nope. He’d get very jealous at first before calling me a bullshitter.”

“Well, you can tell him anyway since the chances are slim that I’ll run into you again. I’m leaving town tomorrow and heading back to L.A.”

“Would you mind giving me a goodbye kiss?”

Jessica gave him a grin before slowly shaking her head and replying.

“Hell no. Your breath stinks and I’m not letting you use my hubby’s tooth brush.”

Such a response left Ramón completely speechless. He didn’t know what to say back to her as Jessica turned her head back to the mirror in front of the sink and proceeded to wash her face. She seemed to take pride in being a smart ass to his face, but Ramón wasn’t about to complain. It was one lucky coincidence to run into her again. They both had their own priorities to tend to after he was to leave, so he could understand her point of view. Walking out of the bathroom, he proceeded to get dressed with all plans of rushing back to his condo to get a shower. Once he was ready, he would head over to see his brother for the afternoon. A party had been planned for Carlos’ birthday, intertwining with a special meeting that had been set up.


“One two, one two…One, two, three, four!”

Spoken words created a snap count as Jennifer Lopez tapped her heels feet over the wooden floor beneath her and began to stomp. She moved with a rhythm playing through her mind, matching the pace of a metronome creating subtle beats for her to work with. Through out her expansive estate on Star Island, she had a private room that worked solely as a gym and for dancing. She often spent a lot of time in the room, just practicing her moves and enjoying herself. Over her body, she wore a black pair of booty shorts and a black top. Her feet were pushed into black heels with knee high black socks matching. It was a similar look to match a fashion used in an older music video of hers. Jennifer’s hair was curly, fixed up simply for the point of swaying around. She liked to challenge herself by dancing in high heels, as well as keeping her moves when her hair had blocked her vision. Today was more than just a practice, but she was dancing for a man whom she had fallen in love with. Steven was upstairs, getting ready to go to work but Jennifer had an idea in mind hoping she could slow him down and maybe take the day off.

She had figured early on that he had to be a dedicated man to his job. Though they had only been back in Miami for a few days, Jennifer had witnessed it as Steven seemed to work on a schedule and always made sure he was at the club before the evening hours had awakened with a blackened sky. She liked a man who was a hard worker, but she worried that Steven wouldn’t relax himself. Since coming back to Miami, he had been staying with her at the mansion after bringing over some of his own clothes. His Cadillac was parked right in her driveway, next to her jeep where she felt it belonged. Jennifer knew that he would find his way downstairs in her personal gym before heading out the door, just to give her a kiss goodbye. She wasn’t sure if she would hear him approaching beyond the loud metronome that played through the speakers.

From the distance, Steven had found his way to the gym and stepped through the door. Over his body, he wore a light blue shirt while his pants were the same white color as he usually wore when he picked the white jacket to go with his outfit for the day. His jacket was in his right hand, thrown over his shoulder. He wanted to see Jennifer one last time before heading out the door, as he spent his time searching through the large mansion for the past few minutes. Now that he had found her, he simply stood there near the door and watched what he believed to be a goddess dancing. Jennifer’s heels stomped and clacked over the floor below as she danced in a steady rhythm. She moved backwards, swaying her hips as Steven starred into the absolute perfection that was her supreme ass. He stepped through the room, watching as Jennifer moved towards a table that was seated close by on the left side of the room.

She turned around, pushing her hands down before quickly turning to slide her back against the hard surface. Elevating her right leg, she pushed her heel over the edge of the table and then arched her back up as if to complete her little dance show. Steven began to clap his hands, alerting Jennifer to his presence inside the room.

“That was amazing, baby!”

She looked up at him, witnessing Steven’s face from an upside down view. Jennifer giggled before smiling.

“There you are! You about to head to work, honey?”

“I’m afraid so. I just wanted to see you before I head out the door, I think I’m gonna be late.”

Jennifer laughed once more. Her assumption was true with him, as he was indeed about to leave her alone at the house. She got up from the table, clacking her heels over the wooden floor as she walked across the room to turn off the metronome on the surround sound audio system. As she stepped away, Steven stood there and gazed down at her giant ass. He watched her ass cheeks shake, pushing up against one another between the tight booty shorts that covered over her lovely rump. Taking in a deep breath, Steven tried his absolute best not to become distracted by the sight of Jennifer within the same room he was standing. When she turned around to step back towards him, a smirk ran across her lips as she hurried to face him. She pushed her hands over his shirt, leaning in to kiss his lips softly. After the kiss, she looked into his eyes, biting her lower lip.

“Is that all you wanted, honey? Just a goodbye kiss before you have to leave?”

Steven chuckled before answering her back.

“Honestly, I’d love to do more than just that but I know I’ve gotta be in my office soon.”

Before he had a chance to say anything else, Jennifer grabbed his hands and pushed her lips to his. She kissed him passionately, moving his hands around her back and placing them over her ass. Steven gave in easily, squeezing her mighty ass cheeks while he plunged his tongue into her mouth and returned her kiss with one of sweet tenderness. Jennifer moved her hands, pushing them at the front of his pants, just to cheek if his cock hard hardened up beyond the button and zipper. When their kiss finally broke, he spoke again.

“Oh man, I don’t wanna go to work. I’ll be absolutely honest with you Jennifer, I’d rather stay home and spend the day fucking you in this large room.”

She laughed in a sensual voice, tugging at the front of his pants. Her eyes glanced down momentarily before glancing back into his eyes.

“Then why don’t you call the day off, honey? I could use a real work out instead of dancing by myself.”

He sighed before shaking his head.

“You know I can’t do that, baby. I’ve gotta go, but maybe I can get home early tonight.”

Jennifer dropped her smile. There was simply no way to shove him out of his motivations to go to work. She was learning the hard way just how stubborn Steven truly was. He squeezed her ass cheeks once more before pulling his hands away. She gazed back into his eyes while unbuttoning his pants.

“Fine, how about I just make you late today? Let’s do something quick and then you can go.”

Steven smiled, nodding his head.

“Alright, I like the sound of that. I’m real sorry I can’t stay home today, but you just gave me enough reason to get home earlier.”

This was fine by her. Since Jennifer was unable to get him to stay with her today, at least they could meet in the middle somewhere on a decision. She dropped down to her knees, quickly pulling the button apart at the front of his pants. Time wasn’t on her side, but Jennifer didn’t really care. If he was late or not, it didn’t make a difference to her just as long as they had some afternoon fun before he had to sit in his office back at the club. Tugging his pants and underwear down, his cock sprang free from it’s clothed nest, almost smacking across her face. She fixed her hair before her shoulders and then wrapped her right hand around his thick shaft. Jennifer began to stroke it, leaning in to kiss the head while she wanked it between her fingers. Steven brought both of his hands down, cupping her face as he leaned down and rubbed his forehead against hers. Jennifer didn’t stop stroking his cock, as she raised her head high enough just to kiss his lips. Once he moved his hands away from her cheeks, she looked into his eyes and brought his cock between her lips.

‘Mmmmmm’, beginning with an audible moan, Steven was able to feel vibrations as Jennifer began to sensually suck his long pole. Her right hand pushed down to the base as she used her left hand to push up over his leg, keeping her position firmly in place down on her knees. All it took was a few seconds before she picked up the pace, quickly bobbing her head up and down his cock. Steven figured since they were working on borrowed time, perhaps Jennifer was trying to go faster than she normally would. Within seconds, she began to push his cock all the way to the back of her throat. Holding her position just long enough to gag before coming back up and releasing it with a loud pop sound. Jennifer spit on his cock, going back down to use her tongue and twirl it around the head before she resumed sucking him. Steven let out a loud moaning, bringing his hands down to softly caress through her hair while Jennifer was busy sucking him off.

“Ohhhhhh, yes. You always know how to make me smile, baby.”

Jennifer didn’t care if he had a smile across his face. She closed her eyes, concentrating on sucking his cock as she pumped her lips down and up. With her right hand, she began to stroke his cock, working in a sync as she pushed her lips down his length and used her hand to stroke the inches near the base which weren’t between her lips. Together with her hand and mouth in motion, she was able to produce the dual pleasure of a blow job and hand job together. Steven took a deep breath, trying to hold himself back as he simply listened to the quiet sounds of her mouth softly slobbering over his hard shaft. Jennifer took her time, opening her eyes and gazing up into his face. She stopped almost completely, slowly bringing her lips back to the head of his cock and releasing it with an audible popping noise. A saliva string dangled from her lips, but Jennifer paid it no attention. Still looking into his eyes, she brought her pink lips down to the head of his rod and gave it a loud kiss. Jennifer then began to rise from her kiss, wrapping her right hand back around his wet cock.

“Come on, lay down right here for me.”

Her voice spoke to him so softly. Steven followed her instructions, laying himself down over the hard black table that she had previously used to finish her dance. Luckily for him, he didn’t have to walk far with his pants pushed down past his knees. Jennifer pushed her booty shorts down, revealing her mound to be soaking wet. She pulled them off, tossing them to the floor before climbing atop of him. She spread her legs out on each side of the table, straddling his body as she placed her left hand down to his clothed stomach. With her right hand fingers still wrapped around his cock, Jennifer shoved it between her thighs until finding her wet folds and slipping it into her pussy softly. Steven took a deep breath before calling out to her.

“Ohhhh, yes! Come on, rock me babe!”

She ignored his words, placing her hands down over the front of his light blue shirt. Jennifer closed her eyes, taking in a quiet moment of pleasure to experience his cock inside of her. Time was the least of a factor on Jennifer’s mind at this point. She leaned up, taking in a deep breath as she began to slowly grind herself down on him. His cock thrust into her pussy, moving slowly inside of her. Steven looked up into her gorgeous face, only glancing down to witness the hardness of her bare nipples poking through her little black shirt. Jennifer began to move into a tempo, almost as if this were a dance as she began to grind those hips. Steven leaned back, letting out a moan as he brought his right hand back to feel one of her massive ass cheeks, just before slapping it. From the loud smack echoing across the room, Jennifer suddenly woke up from her erotic day dream and began to pump herself down on that cock at a fast pace.

“Mmmmmmm, yeah! Yeah!! OHHHHHHHHHH, YES!!”

Jennifer’s cries of pleasure elevated with her voice with each passing second, soon echoing loudly through out the large room. Steven placed his hands up on her hips, listening to the sounds that their bodies made while she slammed her pussy down over his cock. The little table began to rattle, shaking a bit and creating more noises that echoed together. He grunted, calling out to her.

“That’s it! That’s it, harder baby!! Keep going!”



Upon shouting at one another, all the sounds that were made from their actions had mixed together, creating various noises together. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of Steven’s balls hitting the undersides of her giant booty could be heard with each hard thrust Jennifer sent down on him. She rode that cock, owning it to prove beyond any doubt that he was her man. He wanted to kiss her lips so badly, as all Steven could do was lay there, moaning in pleasure and thinking of all the ways he loved this woman. He couldn’t help but to beg her with his voice.

“Keep going, baby! More, more!!”

Boom. Boom. Boom. The sound of her ass thumping down on his balls became louder with each time she slammed herself down, engulfing his cock right into her pussy several times over. Jennifer’s eyes were closed, her hair swaying all around into her face while her tits were bouncing from within the black top she wore. He knew from the intensity she had created, Jennifer wasn’t going to stop until her climax was reached. The woman remained on top of him, determined as if she were on a mission to deliver this orgasm. Soon, Steven was calling out to her loudly.




Jennifer teased him while still slamming herself down over him. Her hands ran up, lightly raking her nails across his chest. She opened her eyes only for a few seconds, gritting her teeth as she came to a stop. All it took was to slowly roll her hips, grinding them to thrust his cock back and forth into her pussy one final time. As she felt her climax commencing, Jennifer raised her head up and screamed in excitement.


He gasped, holding his breath before grunting. Steven could feel the warm delight within Jennifer’s love hole as she released her juices. She had to catch her breath before slowly rising up, allowing his cock to slowly slide out of her pussy and flop down to his chest. The thought of him having to go to work had soon re-entered her mind, but Jennifer wasn’t done with her lover man just yet. She spread her legs out, slamming her heels down on the floor to stand up. Her eyes shot back up at his face as she grabbed his cock and leaned down to lick it clean of her juices. Steven loaned, leaning up to watch as Jennifer sucked his rod for a few seconds before pulling it from her lips. She moved her head down, still gripping that big dick while she used her tongue to lick over his balls. This act of teasing had only made Steven groan, moving up as he was ready to get off the table.

“God, you’re driving me fucking crazy, baby!”

After hearing his words, Jennifer stopped and came up, giggling as she began to stroke his cock back and forth with her hand. She used her left hand to fix her hair, swiping it out of her eye sight.

“You know where I want this cock next, baby?”

Steven smirked.

“In your mouth again?”

She returned the smile, shaking her head before answering him back.

“No, I want it right in my ass.”

“If that’s where you want it, then you gotta let me get up. You know damn well how much I like to pound you in the ass, Jennifer.”

A sensual laugh came from her voice before she let go of his cock and turned around. Jennifer stepped away from the table, leaving Steven alone. He got up, taking off his shoes so he could properly remove his pants and underwear. He didn’t want them to get into the way while he was to fuck her titanic-sized ass. Jennifer stepped around, moving back to the  little table as she placed her hands down and bent over while Steven moved into position behind her. When he gazed down into her ass, he almost became lost in a mesmerized trance. The ass of Jennifer Lopez was such a sight to behold, no matter how many times he had witnessed it with his own eyes. She glanced behind her shoulder, witnessing the expression over his face. It seemed to be a job for her to remind him that he had to leave soon, even though she didn’t want to tell him.

“What are you waiting for, honey!? You’re gonna be late for work! Come on, fuck my big booty! You know you want it!”

Suddenly, he snapped as if he had awakened from a day dream. Steven had almost forgotten completely about the time at hand. He stepped forward, using both of his hands to pull apart those mighty ass cheeks, slipping his cock right into the crack. Jennifer closed her eyes and began to softly shake her hips, forcing her thick booty cheeks to flap over his cock while he made the first thrust between her crack. It took him a moment to find her dark little hole, but once he did, not a second was wasted as he pushed the head of his cock through.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeah!!”

Jennifer gasped before loudly moaning in excitement. Men could never resist her ass and she loved when Steven promised to pound her in the ass. He went slow at first, moving his right hand down to the small of her back, as if to hold her firmly in position. Her palms were pushed down over the table with her knees, arching herself up for him. Steven went slow at first, watching as his entire long shaft disappeared as it entered her immense booty. Jennifer let out a soft moan, calling out to him once again.

“Mmmmmmm, come on. I want to feel that dick pounding in my booty. Give it to me, Steven!”

Raising up his left leg, Steven placed his foot down on the table underneath her stomach as he groaned. Now in position, he began to ram his cock into her ass, pumping it into her faster than before. Jennifer was pleased now, moaning once more.

“Yes, yes! Just like that! You wanna pound that big booty, give it to me!!”

“I love this fucking ass! You’ve got the best ass in the world, baby!”

Steven grunted once more as he continued to thrust his cock into her ass. Every inch of his long rod disappeared as he pumped into her back door hole. He hated that he had to leave for work so soon, as he could feel the itching inside of him with each thrust into her powerful ass. Time had moved so fast, yet he didn’t realize how close he was to busting a nut for this woman he loved so much.


Just as she had yelled to him once more, Steven could no longer hold back. He made a few final thrusts into her supreme booty before pulling his cock out. Jennifer soon felt his rod escaping her ass, followed by a hot wad of cum striking her back.


He couldn’t contain himself. Instead of filling her ass with his seed, Steven pulled his cock free and wanked it until he exploded. Strings of cum went flying across her back, creating puddles and a little river down the small of her back. He continued to stroke his cock, forcing a thick line of cum to shoot up into her hair. She took a deep breath, softly gigging as she felt his hot liquid substance over her skin from behind. Once Steven was done, he took a few steps back and soon realized that he was far late on his way to work.

“Ohhhhh man, that was fucking amazing. I’m sorry baby, but I’ve gotta go to work now. I wish I could just stay here fucking you all day, but you know I can’t.”

Jennifer giggled at his words.

“That’s fine, honey. I’ll be spending all day cleaning your cum out the back of my hair. Damn, I just took a shower a few hours ago.”

“Sorry about that, I didn’t know I was gonna shoot that far up. I was aiming for your back, honestly.”

She bit her lower lip, softly giggling while Steven put his underwear and pants back on, watching every move he made. He turned to see Jennifer smirking up at him and then he bust out laughing at the expression over her face. She was so much fun with him, as he felt he had finally truly found the woman in his life. If it weren’t for his dedication towards his job, Steven could’ve stayed at her home and spent the rest of the day making sweet love to her. Tonight was going to be a lot of fun if things went his way, at least he thought to himself. For now, he had to head out on the road and get to Disco Fever before his phone blew up with calls questioning his absence. At least the drive would be short to the club, coming off Star Island and going down the bridge.

Back at the club, a tall black man was beyond the doors awaiting Steven’s arrival. Sean wore a double breasted black jacket over a purple shirt underneath. A blue tie could be seen over his shirt while his pants were of white color. Staying true to his word, he had come to Miami looking for work. Steven immediately assigned him as a bodyguard and doubling security work over the club. It was funny how the two of them had become friends and were now working together. Not many people who landed a punch into Steven’s face became a friend later on. He waited by the bar, enjoying a drink as 1 PM soon hit the clock. A late arrival was in order for Steven, as he walked through the front doors of the club right at 1:03 on the clock. Sean smiled when he seen him step through, clapping his hands and calling out to him.

“Look who’s Mr. Tardy coming in through the door today. Glad to see you’ve made it.”

Steven shoved his phone back into the pocket of his jacket while walking through the club, heading directly to the bar where Sean was seated alone. The bartender must have been on break as he was clearly absent from behind the bar. Stepping over towards Sean, he greeted his friend with a smile before replying.

“So the new guy on the block don’t have problems getting to work, huh?”

“Hey man, I hear that you never sleep around here. They say you’re never late, I was beginning to get worried.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you were…”

Their replies were all in good fun, giving snark comments to one another. When he approached the bar, a newspaper sat next to an empty glass. The front headline immediately caught Steven’s eye as he dropped his smile and glanced down to the big bold caps letters reading ‘FORMER DRUG LORD SLAIN’. There was a picture underneath the headline, being the sole piece that had caught Steven’s complete attention. Sean noticed the change over Steven’s face and spoke up.

“Hey man, you alright?”

He ignored Sean’s question, grabbing the newspaper while his eyes remained stuck over the headline. Steven soon spoke up.

“Is this today’s paper?”

“No, it’s yesterday’s news. It was sitting here when I came in, so I just left it there.”

Beneath the main bold headline was another line reading ‘Former drug lord Tito Munoz murdered, sparking memories of the old cocaine cowboys’. Sean moved, looking at the front of the paper as Steven appeared to be reading the column documenting the main story. Steven unfolded the paper, reading through the details of the murder story. Sean soon spoke up again.

“You know that guy?”

Steven’s eyes remained over the block paragraphs, reading over the murder scene. Sean looked back at him, noticing how focused he was on this newspaper story. It was a shocking story to hear of Munoz’s death, since Steven had known him over twenty years ago. He had been a big time player back in his father’s days of running drugs. A business that Steven and Tony had been born into. Their father was a major hustler, spending years along the other ‘cocaine cowboys’ in town back in those days. While Tony had been mostly kept away from their father’s business, Steven grew up working alongside their father. Munoz was an old friend of his father’s, but not someone Steven had associated himself with in many years. After a moment, Steven finally answered him back.

“Yeah, I used to know him. It was a long time ago, but I knew him.”

Once he had read enough of the paper, he let out a deep sigh and turned to look back at Sean. He shook his head, holding back any words he wanted to say. The thought had ran through his mind, as he didn’t want to reveal too many details of his past with his new friend. Those days were a lifetime ago, as Steven had worked so hard to keep himself clean and not go back to the lifestyle he had been born into. The story in the paper had said ‘former drug lord’, but Steven knew very well if Munoz were to be killed this late in his life, then he couldn’t have been retired from the business. According to the newspaper, the hit appeared to be like a robbery, but left a number of people dead. It still seemed odd, as Munoz was in his late sixties at this point, who could possibly want to murder him now? Steven assumed that he had to be involved in something. Munoz was a difficult person to reach twenty-five years ago, leaving many theories that Steven thought of after reading the story. With the newspaper still in his hands, he headed up to his office, determined to read over it a second time.



Through the night, various lights lit up among the piers around South Beach. Down one specific pier, only the lights from within a yacht could be seen from the distance. Various cars were parked close by while two armed bodyguards remained outside to allow or deny entryway for visitors. Among the vehicles parked, most of them were luxurious. Sports cars could be seen in various colors while some vehicles displayed a bit of flamboyance with their looks. Sitting next to a white Lamborghini car was Ramón’s beloved DeLorean. Tonight was Carlos’ thirty-first birthday. The yacht party had been arranged by a British billionaire playboy in town, but it was Carlos’ idea to make the event all about him. A special meeting had been arranged with another young and upcoming player in the Miami drug scene. Going along with his brother, Carlos was ready to introduce himself and Ramón as the new Diaz brothers. Their bodyguards arrived later on in separate vehicles, but weapons were not allowed once they boarded the yacht.

The yacht itself and the party remained bought and paid for by Sebastian Taylor. For two weeks, he whispered through town looking for connections that could hook him up with ‘party favors’ of cocaine. Following the raid from just a few nights ago, Carlos was sitting on forty kilos of pure snow and needed a buyer. Before the party was to begin, Ramón had the idea to get in touch with one of Sebastian’s people and give word they had party favors on sale. An exchange was planned, but it was Carlos who didn’t want to sell too much. Instead, he offered to just sell a single key of coke for twenty-five grand. Upon arriving at the yacht, the two brothers spent the first hour with Nigel negotiating a trade deal. It was the first time Carlos had argued for selling a key instead of grams, but Ramón was there to help with the argument.

From the beginning, Sebastian Taylor did not like the cost whatsoever. This was expected from Ramón, as he at least had experience with trading product for cash. Against Carlos’ wishes, Ramón dropped the price down to twenty-three thousand dollars. He argued that tonight was his brother’s birthday and they could possibly work something out for a special party. Sebastian liked the idea, but wanted to drop the price just a little bit further. With the key of coke brought to them, a purity test had been made to prove their claims. Sebastian was satisfied but he wanted a deal for twenty-one thousand dollars. He argued with them that instead of paying full price, he could re-arrange the party at the moment and blow the other bit of his money with giving Carlos a private birthday party on one floor of the yacht. An agreement had been reached, following a handshake and an exchange.

Sebastian was quick to organize a floor below in the yacht. With a few thousand dollars saved from the deal, he was ready to throw that money towards the women he had previously paid to show up and dance at the party. Most of them were models, doing anything to try and make a bit of money to help their careers. While asking around, there was one specific woman who had asked Sebastian just who he wanted her to dance for. When given the name Carlos Diaz, the woman offered to become his main dancer tonight for free. Sebastian accepted, solely because of the status and name that came with the woman. Now with a dancer, he paid his DJ to move to the floor below and perform for the birthday man. For the payment of three thousand dollars, the DJ didn’t have a problem with the change of plans.

It took a little over an hour to arrange the lower floor, as Carlos and Ramón were forced to wait on the deck above. Carlos stood wearing his blue suit. A new gold ring could be seen over his pinky finger, a gift from another friend tonight on his birthday. Underneath the suit was a white shirt, the upper buttons undone to expose his hairy chest and two gold necklaces underneath. Ramón dressed similar, but in a white pinstriped suite with a pink shirt beneath. They still had to wait for their associate to arrive at the party for a meeting. Carlos’ idea was to build a truce with another player in town, hopefully to the point he could bring him along with his small operation. With the private party set up below, Sebastian soon found the brothers and escorted to their private party. Before they left, Carlos had a word with him to let him know they were expecting a visitor.

Carlos wasn’t exactly impressed with this ‘party’. The DJ took his time spinning through hip hop tracks, going with the recent ‘trap’ music phenomenon. Wine and finger food were there for them to snack on, but all Carlos was thinking about at the moment was enjoying himself. Ramón could sense his uneasiness, as the expressions over his face displayed disappointment and hidden anger at this organized event. Together they sat at a table, sipping on glasses of champagne. Carlos had finally began to lighten up when he tasted the alcohol, as both brothers found it delicious. The lights above had not changed at all, remaining as bright as ever. Ramón could clearly see the scar on the left side of Carlos’ forehead, as it had altered his appearance ever since. He didn’t like to bring it up, as all that accomplished was enraging him over the person who had caused the scar to begin with. Carlos looked over his watch, checking the time. Ramón spoke up.

“What time you got?”

“A few minutes past ten.”

Ramón sighed.

“You told that British mother fucker you were waiting on someone, right?”

“He knows. I just hope I’m not here all night listening to this shitty fucking music. Some idea for a birthday party, huh?”

Trying to smile, Ramón shook off his brother’s complaints. The party was a bore so far, but he had at least tried. Carlos sipped on his glass before slamming it down.

“I’m sorry, I tried. I know this party isn’t much.”

“Don’t worry about it. Tonight’s my birthday, I just wanna meet with Salazar and then get the fuck outta here. I should be getting laid tonight, you know? There should be some bitch out there willing to suck my dick just cause it’s my birthday.”

Ramón couldn’t help but laugh. Maybe they both would get lucky, he at least considered to himself. It was a long time since that had last occurred, but he still had his hopes. Miguel Salazar was the man they were hoping to meet with today. He was known as a new player in town, a man of Latin descent strapped with money looking for a main supplier. After several minutes, the front doors opened to the room. Their table sat across the room, as Ramón had kept his eye on the door for most of the time being.

“That looks like our man right there, he’s here.”

After he spoke, Ramón sat back and smiled while his brother remained seated. Miguel Salazar came in alone, wearing a black suit with a blue tie over his white undershirt. His face was shaved completely clean, his black curly hair in a perm was an instant way to recognize him. He walked his way over to the table, offering a smile to Carlos as he extended his hand across.

“Good evening gentleman, I’m happy to be meeting with both of you face to face instead of over the phone.”

Carlos turned, looking at the man as he shook his hand. He then moved to Ramón, trading a second hand shake.

“I’ve been waiting on this meeting all night. What a way to spend my birthday, eh?”

Miguel laughed.

“Shall I sit down with both of you?”

Carlos nodded.

“Yes, help yourself.”

The two brothers sat there, watching the other man join them at the small white table. Ramón spoke this time.

“Would you like some wine or champagne before we discuss business?”

“No thank you, I’m fine. I like to discuss matters with a clean mind.”

With a second nod, Carlos took over and began speaking to Miguel. He didn’t want to go over any small talk, as they all knew the reason of this meeting was for business and nothing less.

“I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Carlos, and this here is my brother Ramón. He’s my partner, we are known as the Diaz Brothers. I’m going into business for myself, cutting ties with my former employer. I know you’re in this to buy some yeyo, is that right?”

Miguel listened, nodding his head before he replied.

“Yes, that’s what I’m in Miami for. I’ve been here for about a month now looking around. I need someone who can guarantee me product on a regular basis.”

“Well, you’ve got the right person in me.”

Carlos said with a smile, carrying on.

“I can get you the best coke in this town. Class A shit, not cut or laced with anything. The finest snow that comes straight from the heart of Colombia.”

Miguel laughed at his words, smiling softly.

“You can save that line for someone else, Mr. Diaz. Everyone in this town tells me that same story. Everyone has only the best quality cocaine, according to themselves.”

“I’m telling the truth. We can meet together sometime, I’ll prove it to you if I need to.”

“Whatever you say, cowboy. I just need supply that I can take back and forth from here to my island in the Bahamas.”

Ramón was surprised by this revelation from Miguel. He figured the man was a local player, but if he had an operation in the islands of the Bahamas, now this became more interesting. He spoke up before his brother did.

“Why would you come to Miami looking for a supplier? If you’re out there, I figure you’ve got all kinds of connections.”

Miguel shook his head.

“There’s nothing in the Bahamas. There’s a couple dealers connected to the Mexican cartels, but I don’t want nothing from them. I just need somebody who can guarantee me a supply on a monthly basis.”

“How much are we talking in keys?”

Carlos spoke this time, shifting the discussion back into his control.

“Ten keys per month. I’m thinking we could arrange a deal for that, what do you think?”

Suddenly, a small grin formed across Carlos’ lips. Since he had forty keys at the moment, this could prove to be a profitable deal over four months. If he didn’t decide to do anymore hits and rob more supply.

“I’ve got a good bit of supply right now. Ten keys you want? How much are you willing to pay for that?”

“How’s a hundred grand?”

“In cash?”

Miguel nodded his head. Soon, Carlos was grinning to the point his teeth were visible.

“I like the sound of this. If you could pay us that, a hundred grand in cash for the keys, I think we could become really good friends.”

Again, the man nodded to him. His eyes looked back to Carlos as he responded.

“Yes, but I must tell you that you’re not the only one who is making me an offer.”

Carlos dropped his smile, answering back quickly.

“Who’s the other person?”

Miguel shook his head.

“There’s no point in me telling you. The last thing I want to do is start a drug war.”

“I think you’re full of shit, cabrón.”

Ramón spoke while he eyed Miguel. The man glanced at him and laughed.

“And why must you think that? Cause I don’t wanna give you the person’s name so you go out and kill them?”

Ramón continued.

“How do we know this other person exists outside your imagination? For all we know, you might just be trying to run up the price on us, getting us to believe we’ve got competition out there.”

Miguel shook his head. Carlos sat silently, listening to his brother’s objection in the argument. The man eventually continued.

“The price isn’t the problem. I’m looking for a long term solution here. You can get me ten keys this week, that’s cool. But I need somebody who can hook me up every month of the year. It’s January, I wanna roll this thing at least until December. So how long can you supply me?”

“Four mouths at the start, how about that?”

Carlos’ reply made Ramón drop his lip a bit. Shock ran through his mind, as he didn’t expect Carlos to carry on with this conversation. Miguel replied to him almost instantly.

“Four mouths? I like that.”

His eyes shifted to Ramón as he spoke again.

“If it would make you feel any better, your competition is only offering me two months. They want to sell me fifteen keys, raising up the deal for two months. My maximum is going to be ten, as it takes me a bit of time to accumulate up cash to pay during the month.”

“I think we can work something out together.”

Carlos answered him back while Ramón remained speechless. Miguel just nodded at him, beginning to rise up from his chair.

“Yes, I am sure we can. Tonight is simply not the night for business though. I wanted to meet both of you face to face so I could see who I am dealing with. We need to meet again in the near future to discuss our deal. If we can agree on something in the second meeting, then you have a deal. It was pleasure meeting both of you.”

Now that he was finished speaking, Carlos extended his hand for Miguel to shake before he left. After the soft handshake, Miguel smiled at him and began to step away.

“Happy birthday to you, Mr. Diaz.”

“Thanks! Hope to hear from you again soon!”

Waiting until Miguel had completely left the room, Ramón didn’t utter a single word until he was gone. He was still in absolute shock of how this meeting had played out. Deep in his mind, he had doubts that began the minute the man had spoken of another party being involved. Coming from the Bahamas was another red flag in his mind, as he didn’t have an accent and seemed like the typical Miami player. Carlos looked back at his brother and spoke.

“What’s wrong with you? You don’t look happy.”

“I don’t know about him, man. You believe his story?”

“Yeah, I think he’s legit. What’s the matter?”

Ramón shook his head.

“It sounds to me like a fairy tale. Claims to be from the Bahamas but comes in here with no fucking bodyguards? Nah, man. Something is up with that guy. I don’t trust him, not one bit.”

Carlos rolled his eyes.

“Are you forgetting how long it took us to even get a meeting with this fucking guy? Come on, this has been a lot of work. You don’t trust him? Oh well, I like him so far.”

“I don’t wanna get set up by some asshole trying to rip us off, that’s all. He isn’t the only player in this town, we could go work with someone else.”

The blank expression over Carlos’ face told Ramón that he wasn’t in the mood for arguing.

“Yeah…sure. Wait around with forty fucking keys of pure blow in my hotel. Just let it sit there, so any moment the fucking cops can kick in my door and raid me. Just shut the fuck up if you’re gonna complain about it tonight.”

Ramón began to reply to his brother’s snarky words, but suddenly stopped himself. It wasn’t worth arguing. This was Carlos’ birthday after all and he didn’t want to make it a bad night for his brother. While they sat there, the lights suddenly dimmed. The DJ’s music became quiet, only playing a few loud beats that boomed through the speaker system. He began to speak through his microphone, alerting the two brothers.

“May I have your attention please!? It’s time for tonight’s show! This is my encore for the man of the hour, Carlos Diaz. I give to you a special guest!”

The door across the room opened as a voluptuous, tanned skinned black haired woman stepped out wearing nothing but a black G-string and a small matching black bra over her breasts. Her feet were pushed into a pair of high heels with strings wrapped around her ankles. She stepped through the room as the beats played, her eyes glancing right at the table where Carlos and Ramón sat. The DJ then spoke once more.

“Vida Guerra would like to wish you a happy birthday tonight!”

From hearing her name, Ramón’s jaw dropped. She stood next to them, modelling in her tight string thong and little bra. Her ruby red lips curled into a grin as she raised her right hand and blew a kiss towards the table where they sat. The beats suddenly stopped as the voice of a rapper began to play through the speakers. For the song of the encore, the DJ had chosen a special remix of a rap hit from a few years ago, appropriately named the ‘birthday song’. Vida turned around, showing them her magnificent round ass that sucked up most of her g-string. She began to move a bit, shaking her ass back and forth as the lyrics played out to the song. The final lyrics of the verse set the tone, as the DJ turned it up louder.


The beats began to play again in a high tempo mix. Vida turned around, roaming her hands over her body as she closed her eyes and began to flow with the bass beats of the music. This was her show, playing that ‘big booty hoe’ that the song referenced and making herself the birthday present of Carlos Diaz. There was a special reason she was doing all of this, as the brothers would eventually find out once all the fun was over. Debuting a new tattoo under her left breast that said ‘Love Yourself’ in cursive writing, Vida was ready to shake things up in the act of vengeance after what happened back in Las Vegas. Carlos and Ramón looked at each other before smiling and then glancing back towards Vida who danced her way towards their table. Her hips moved with the rhythm of the song, but she focused all of her attention on Carlos alone.

This had to be a planned event, Ramón thought to himself. It was no secret to either of them that Vida was the longtime girl to Steven Diaz. Carlos had a passionate hatred for Steven ever since the incident that left his face scarred. There had to be a reason that Vida was present herself to them like this, playing the role of a ‘big booty hoe’ on Carlos’ birthday. She gritted her teeth, giving him one of the classic slutty looks she had made famous from her magazine shoots years ago. Moving her hips in sync with the beat of the music, she turned around and bent over to expose her massive huge ass towards Carlos. The chorus of the song began to play as Vida moved her hips, grinding them into a twerk routine. Her large ass cheeks clapped, bouncing around and shaking. The grin across Carlos’ lips had widened, just before she placed that plump ass right down onto his lap.

For the moment being, Ramón witnessed his cousin’s longtime girlfriend giving a lap dance to his brother. It was something he never expected from this woman, but at the same time he had fantasized over such a situation. Carlos could be heard moaning as she pumped her huge booty down into his crotch. Vida looked over at Ramón, giving him a wink. The expression painted over her face was an invitation, as it seemed she wasn’t going to leave him out of this party but the birthday man was going to be the center of her attention. She remained in his lap, encouraging Carlos to wrap his arms around her. His hands moved to her breasts, pulling her little bra off. Vida moaned, closing her eyes as she moved her little hands over his, encouraging him to squeeze her over her breasts. When she finally came to a halt from grinding down into him, the Cuban model turned around to face Carlos and pushed her lips to his, giving him a hard passionate kiss. When their lips pulled apart, she glanced towards Ramón and then back to Carlos before speaking.

“It’s your birthday. It would be my pleasure to become your big booty hoe. If this is a bad bitch contest, then I’m in first place.”

Carlos smirked, nodding his head.

“You’re indeed in first place, Vida. There ain’t another woman here tonight to give you any competition anyway. You wanna be my big booty hoe? Come on, let’s ditch this party and go back to my place for some real fun.”

Her focus shifted to Ramón, looking him over before she glanced back to Carlos.

“Mind if your brother joins us?”

A laugh crackled from Carlos’ voice.

“Yeah, we can’t leave Ramón out. Come along, baby. We’re going to my place.”


The midnight hours begun throughout the walls of Disco Fever. Steven sat in his office, going over a schedule while Sean was outside the V.I.P. halls looking over the club on security duty. For a Sunday night, the action was slow within the club. It was usually Friday and Saturday nights on the weekend when the dance floor became a mad house. A slow Sunday night was a breeze to work through, but Steven wasn’t alone at the club. Jennifer had decided to come along, surprising him as she had spent time in his office a few hours earlier. She tried to get him to dance with her, only for him to promise a dance after he wasn’t busy with any paper work. While sitting there alone, his cellphone began to ring. Steven didn’t bother looking at the caller ID as he answered it.

“Yes, hello?”

“Steven, I’m calling you on behalf of Tony. He’s at the club right now and is coming up to see you. Just thought I would let you know before he gets to your office.”

It was Maria’s voice over the other end of the phone, giving a sudden surprise to Steven. What would Tony be doing at the club this late? It didn’t seem like a social visit.

“Do you know why he’s here to see me?”

“No, he don’t look happy though.”

Steven sighed at her response.

“Oh, great. I appreciate the call, Maria. Thanks for letting me know.”

“No problem, just doing my job helping around here.”

He hung up the phone and let out another sigh. His mood had instantly been ruined at the thought of having to deal with his brother’s attitude tonight. Only a few seconds passed after he set the phone down and a knock was heard at his office door. Steven sat back in his chair, folding his hands behind his head while calling out.

“Come on in…”

The door swung open as Tony stepped in wearing a white button up shirt, clearly missing the jacket of his suit. A nervous yet exhausted expression was painted across his face. He looked towards Steven and spoke.

“I need to talk to you, this is important.”

“What’s going on?”

Tony looked away from Steven and swallowed his breath. While watching his brother, Steven unfolded his hands from the back of his head.

“It’s about your son, Jacob. He’s got himself in trouble with a few other football players from the university. They got arrested earlier tonight.”

Steven got up from his desk upon replying.

“What the fuck!? When did this happen?”

“I don’t know what time it happened. They got booked before sundown, so it was a while ago. It was three of them, Jacob was one of them. Him and two of his football buddies.”

“What are they booked for?”

Letting out a sigh, Tony shook his head before looking back at his brother. Steven had walked around from his desk to face him.

“Assault and battery. Something happened at this club down there by the campus. They got into an argument with some old man and then beat the hell outta him.  He’s in the hospital right now, this is gonna be all over the news tomorrow.”

Closing his eyes, Steven let out a deep breath as he felt his blood pressure beginning to rise. Rage was the only thing he could feel while processing Tony’s words. He knew his son Jacob was a bit of a problem child at times, but this was down right embarrassing. He opened his eyes, preventing himself from clutching his fists as he tried to hold off the immediate anger inside of him.

“I got the call, I sent a lawyer down there to spring him before midnight. Throw in a little bit of money to work on it, so he should be getting out soon. I’m just waiting on them to call me back and let me know what’s going on.”

“Wait, what? I don’t understand this. Why didn’t you call me first before sending a lawyer? This happened hours ago and I’m just now learning about. This is my kid, so why didn’t you call me?”

“Jacob called me from jail and needed help. He said he didn’t want to call you. I figured there has to be a reason to that. He called me, not you.”

Tony’s words finally made Steven snap into anger.

“You’re fucking kidding me, right? I mean, you gotta be kidding, right? Right, Tony?”

Taking in a deep breath, Steven turned away from Tony to avoid from hitting him. When he glanced back to him, he began screaming at him.

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? You’re gonna bail him out after he put someone in the fucking hospital!?”

“Steven, calm down! He is your son! I’m just trying to look out for him!”


With the office door being open, Steven’s voice echoed through the hall. Maria had stepped back in through the V.I.P. halls only to drop her jaw at listening to his screaming. From the lounge room, Jennifer came running out to learn what this noise was.

“Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you!? He gets himself into trouble beating up on some old man, and you’re gonna send a fucking lawyer to bail him out!?”

“Steven, calm down! Look, it was the right thing to do. He is your son, you should be thanking me for this.”

“THANK YOU!? You want me to thank you for this? My fucking son wants to act like a thug. He puts some poor old man in the hospital and you want me to thank you for sending a lawyer to bail him out?”

He stepped away from Tony, taking in a deep breath. All Steven could feel was rage. It was a complete shock that Tony would bail him out after something like this. Jacob had no right to be walking free after such a heinous crime like this. As a father, he felt immediate shame for what his son had done.

“Oh, so you want him to spend a night in jail after they run his mugshot all over TV tomorrow? It’s your son, it should be YOU bailing him out, not me! But there’s a reason he comes to his Uncle Tony and not you. I’ve got the father of the year standing right here!”

Tony clapped his hands after taunting Steven. By now, Jennifer and Maria were standing outside the doorway, listening to every word between the two arguing brothers. The young blonde assistant trembled in fear, not sure what to do. She looked at Jennifer, shaking her head wishing that she could get between them and make the arguing stop. It was the first time that Jennifer had ever witnessed Steven become angry like this. He took a deep breath before turning to look back at Tony, pointing his finger at him as he yelled back.

“You know what? I don’t give a fuck what you think, Tony. You call that fucking lawyer right now. Tell him to stop what he’s doing, I don’t care. If Jacob is going to act like that, he needs to sit his ass in jail for a few nights. He needs to learn not that this kind of behavior isn’t acceptable.”

“Look who’s talking! Have you taken a look in the mirror over the years, Steven? I guess it’s never crossed your mind that Jacob probably gets his anger issues from you.”

“Shut the fuck up!! Get your lawyer on the phone right now before I kick your fucking stupid ass all over this room. I’m not fucking around with you tonight, Tony.”


The voice calling out to them was Jennifer as she rushed into the room, trying to prevent an altercation from happening. Maria stood there in the doorway. As Jennifer had run in, Steven took a deep breath and soon realized that she must have been listening the entire time. She looked over both of them and spoke again.

“Please, calm down. You two are brothers, you have no reason to act like this over one another. Calm down and let’s talk about this, okay?”

Steven rolled his eyes before replying to Jennifer.

“What’s there to talk about? My son just got arrested for beating the shit out of some old man with his college jock friends and Mr. Father Figure over here sends a fucking lawyer to bail him out.”

Jennifer sighed.

“Baby, please calm down. I understand you’re upset but getting mad like this isn’t going to change anything.”

Tony laughed, shaking his head at Steven’s ‘father figure’ jabbing remark. It was only a mere days ago when he tried to tell Steven in his office that Jennifer wasn’t the type of woman to put up with a man who had anger issues. Here he was, feeling as if he had been proven right by listening to them. This wasn’t going to work out and tonight had all the ingredients of a recipe for disaster. Steven glared at him before speaking more stern words.

“Call your lawyer, Tony. I ain’t fucking around with you tonight. You better call that fucking lawyer right now if you know what’s good for you.”


Jennifer screamed, grabbing at his arm. She was desperately trying to calm him down but it didn’t seem anything was going to work. Steven didn’t even look at Jennifer as his focus was completely at Tony’s face. His fists were clenched, ready to unleash all his anger. Tony shook his head to him.

“It’s too late. He’s getting him out right now, I can’t call and cancel it. I’m waiting on him to call me back after it’s all done.”

Finally, Steven looked away and it seemed he was going to calm down. Jennifer moved, cupping his face and giving him a hug as she attempted to make him look at her. He continued to ignore her, but she wasn’t going to give up trying.

“Calm down, baby. Calm down for me, please. It’s going to be okay. We’ll get through this, just breathe. Breathe for me, I want to help you.”

His eyes wandered around the room while the sound of all three of them breathing could be heard. From the doorway, Maria was visible as she began to calm down. Steven watched her throat move as she swallowed her breath. Among the silence, Tony’s cellphone soon began to ring from within the pocket of his pants. Steven witnessed from the corner of his eye, watching him reach up to grab. He made his move, turning around fast and throwing himself at Tony to snatch the phone from his hand.


Jennifer screamed, trying to hold him back from attacking his brother. Steven was quick to snatch the phone from Tony’s hand, then shoving him back hard with his left hand.Tony fell back, tripping over a table in his office and falling backwards on his back. Jennifer let go of Steven’s arm and he took a few steps back while answering the phone and quickly raising it to his ear.


“Yes, am I speaking with Mr. Diaz?”

A male voice answered the other end of the phone, this had to be Tony’s lawyer.

“Yes, this is him. If you’re looking for Tony, I’m afraid he’s not here at the moment. This is Steven, his brother. Are you the lawyer with my son Jacob?”

While Steven was on the phone, Jennifer moved over to the table, helping Tony up. He clutched his back in pain, slowly rising up.

“Yes, sir. I was calling to report on the situation. This wasn’t easy to do at all. You’re lucky I’m friends with the judge down here. They didn’t want to let your son or the other boys out at all.”

“How is the old man they beat up? Is he going to make it?”

“Yes, he’s in ICU right now. The scene was a bit bloody, he’s got a few broken bones. According to what I was told, there’s a surveillance tape of the whole incident. Mr. Diaz, excuse me, your brother is concerned over that tape leaking on local news stations.”

Steven stood there in shock and shame as he listened. He couldn’t imagine the pain this victim had to go through. He was left speechless, just with the thought that his son had probably put somebody’s grandfather into the hospital. The lawyer carried on speaking.

“It’s a good thing the judge and I go back a long way. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to get this done. Your brother owes me big time, that’s all I can say.”

“You got my son out of jail?”

“Yes, he’s back in the car now. Should I take him home or-?”

Steven cut him off, replying.

“No, bring him to the club Disco Fever. Tony can take his ass home after I have a word with him. Bring him here, I wanna see him.”

Jennifer gasped, dropping her jaw. She looked back at Tony who shook his head at her as they both heard Steven’s words loud and clear.

“Alright, I can do that. Talk to you later.”

After the reply, Steven hung up the phone and then tossed it to Tony who was now standing up. He fumbled the phone before dropping it. Jennifer ran up to him, her face was a petrified confusion as she spoke in a low voice to him.

“Why do you want him brought here? What are you gonna do to him?”

“He’s gonna beat the shit outta him, Jennifer! That’s what he’s gonna do!”

Tony spoke up while bending down to grab his phone. Steven didn’t object to his words at all. He stood there, shoving his hands down into his pockets. He moved to look out the window of his office, glancing beyond the mini-blinds and  down towards the club that he managed. He blocked out everything in the room, focusing his concentration down on the people below in the club. The dance floor wasn’t busy at all from his view. While Steven stood there looking through the window, Jennifer tried to confront him one last time by stepping behind him. Tony moved to the door, ready to walk out but turned his head to watch Jennifer. She placed her hand over Steven’s shoulder and spoke.

“You aren’t gonna really do what Tony said, are you? Are you gonna beat-”

Steven snapped, cutting her off.

“Yes! That’s exactly what I’m gonna fucking do!”

He turned around as she moved her hand off his shoulder. Steven looked directly at Jennifer as she replied to him.

“But he’s your son! You know that’s wrong! Beating on him isn’t going to change what he did.”

Shaking his head, Steven was ready to explain his point of view to her now.

“He’s not a kid anymore, he’s a grown man. He’s twenty-three years old, will be twenty-four later this year. Think about this, Jennifer. What if that was your son beating the shit out of some old man? How would you feel about it? That could be somebody’s grandfather, or better yet, it could be your grandfather. How would you feel about that?”

“Steven, oh my god…Please stop.”

Looking away from her, Steven pointed his finger at Tony across the room and screamed at him.

“This wouldn’t be a problem if YOU WOULDN’T HAVE BAILED HIS STUPID ASS OUT!!”

When he screamed, Jennifer took a few steps back as she felt his voice ringing through her ears. Her eyes began to water as she turned away from Steven, quickly running out the door. With his finger still pointed at Tony, he continued yelling as his voice echoed through the halls.

“No wonder my son is a fucking idiot. You don’t hold him responsible for jack-fucking-shit. No accountability for his actions when his uncle Tony can just bail him out. GET YOUR FUCKING SORRY ASS OUTTA MY OFFICE!!

Tony stepped out of the door way as Jennifer pushed herself against the wall and began to cry loudly. He shut the office door so Steven could be left alone in silence. He moved towards Jennifer, wrapping his arm around her and standing her up as they embraced into a hug. He spoke softly to her while Maria stepped forward.

“I’m really sorry about this, Jennifer.”

“What…what is wrong with him? I have never seen him get mad like this. He’s like a completely different person right now. Steven is usually calm…and loving.”

She began to cry harder while clutching over Tony. Jennifer didn’t know what to think of this. From the distance, Maria stepped away from them. As she began to walk down the hall, she wondered to herself since she had heard the entire conversation and realized both sides of the argument. She didn’t have the heart to say it in front of Tony, but she understood Steven’s frustrations. Maria had a brother who often found himself in trouble similar to this, as she could understand the rage and frustration. She felt the urge to speak with Steven alone, but not until Jennifer and Tony had left the club. Maria didn’t want them to witness her approaching his office.

Jennifer finally stopped herself from crying as Tony had walked her into the lounge room. Her makeup had become a mess as she needed a tissue to dry her eyes and wipe the tears away. Her hair was all fixed up in a pony tail, as she wore a white dress. She had dressed in the occasion to match Steven’s own fashion. It was something she liked to do since they had began dating, but such little details of dressing were beyond the point now. Deep inside, she felt heart broken over what she had witnessed. She feared what was going to happen by the time his soon reached the club, knowing this wasn’t going to have a happy ending.  Tony threw his arm around Jennifer as they sat on the couch together, still comforting her as he spoke.

“I am so sorry you had to be here tonight to witness this. I know you care about him, but with Steven you can’t choose what you like from the man. You’ve gotta take the good and the bad, it’s just the way he is.”

“No, it’s okay Tony. This…this was an eye opening experience. I’m glad I seen this before deciding to have him meet my kids.”

Shaking her head, Jennifer’s eyes watered up once more before she continued speaking.

“I can’t do this. I don’t think I can make it work with your brother. If he acts this way over his son, I dread a future with him around my own kids.”

Taking in a deep breath, she didn’t want to cry anymore over Steven’s actions. Jennifer began to rise up from the couch, but she looked back at Tony one last time and took his hand into hers. She wanted to forgive him, but not without confronting him about the day at the dock. Tony had hurt her deep down, making her feel as if she were to be a ‘surprise’ for when Salma arrived back in town for a threesome.

“Tony, I want you to know that you hurt my feelings a while back. When you asked me to join you on the yacht as a surprise for when Salma was coming back. That hurt, it’s been hard to get over. We have been friends for a long time and that made me feel just like I was some sex doll for the both of you to have fun with.”

He looked into her eyes and nodded.

“I know, Jennifer. I am sorry, that was wrong of me.”

“I wish that had never happened between us. I was hurt, that was the night I went on a date with your brother. I feel so stupid right now. He was still seeing Vida, but I didn’t think he was like this at all.”

“Jennifer, you have nothing to apologize for. I’ve put up with him like that for my whole life. He’s my brother and I love him, but he don’t know how to control himself when he gets angry. I wish I had warned you beforehand.”

She shook her head.

“No, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s okay. I’m just happy that we are friends again. I hope you invite me to the wedding.”

Chuckling, Tony patted her shoulder.

“Of course, I will invite you. I’ve known you for so long, I feel we’re always be friends in the end. Don’t worry about that one incident, I don’t hold grudges with old friends like you. You and I will always be friends, Jennifer.”


Carlos and Ramón left the yacht party, bringing Vida Guerra with them back to Carlos’ hotel. ‘The fortress’ was the nickname given to his luxury hotel suite, sitting high in the Fontainebleau hotel along South Beach. The nickname came from the fact that Carlos had his hired bodyguards rent out other rooms next to his own, all sitting on the same floor. There were four rooms, all bought and paid for with his drug money. His entire operation was usually ran within the walls of his hotel suite, sitting among one of the highest floors that contained an upstairs level. A screen door led to the balcony outside, but for tonight’s event, everything remained behind closed doors in the living room. A very special big booty hoe remained down on her knees, pleasing the two brothers in unison.

The clothes had come off over half an hour ago, leaving all three of them completely naked together. Vida was on her knees, fulfilling a request from Carlos. He teased her, asking if she could stuff two cocks between her puffy lips at the same time. Gagging sounds could be heard as she sat on her knees, pushing both of their hard rods between her lips. Carlos stood to over her left hand side while Ramón was to the right. As brothers, their dicks pushed against one another as they were shoved between her lips. Vida gagged, slobbering all over them as she blinked her eyes. Ramón brought his fingers down to his rob, squeezing it while Carlos moaned. He waited a few seconds before calling out to her.

“Goddamn, that’s impressive. This bitch’s lips were made to suck on dicks.”

Ramón pulled his cock from her lips first, allowing Carlos to take over as he thrust his rod between her lips. Vida squeezed her puffy red lips around his pole before gagging on it. He called out to her.

“Suck it, bitch! Show me what you’ve got!”

He moved his hand to the back of her head, holding her in place as he began to thrust his hips forward. Carlos couldn’t help himself as he began to fuck her mouth. Ramón took a few steps back and sat down on the black leather couch from behind, stroking his cock as he sat there and listened to all the various noises Vida’s mouth created.


Carlos fucked her mouth, slamming his cock back and forth between her lips to force his balls smack up against her chin repeatedly. Vida’s eyes watered up, forcing her heavy black eyeliner to smear a bit around her eyes. Carlos cried out, pushing her mouth all the way down until the head of his dick reached the back of her throat. He held here there, counting in his head while strings of drool began to drip from her lower lip, falling to the floor below.

“Ohhhhhhhh, yeah! That’s what I’m fucking talking about right there!”

He finally pulled her hair, forcing his cock free from her lips. A flood of saliva ran out of Vida’s mouth, overflowing down her chin and to her big tits down below. Carlos let go of her hair, stepping back from her as she coughed and gagged. A sinister giggle could be heard from his voice as she slowly caught her breath. Stepping back far enough, Carlos sat down next to his brother on the couch. It took Vida a few moments to catch her breath from his rough skull-fucking. Once she had recovered, her eyes looked forward. She saw both men’s legs as she began to crawl towards the couch. Carlos snapped his fingers at her as if she were a loyal pet.

“That’s a good whore right there. Crawl over here to us, baby.”

Vida giggled in a sensual voice that only enticed the dirty side of Carlos’ mind even further. Carlos was sitting on the right side with Ramón to the left. With two men to choose from, it seemed obvious that she would devote most of her attention to the birthday man himself. Rising up from her knees, Vida stood in front of Carlos, allowing to see her full frontal nudity. His eyes glanced over her breasts before going down, viewing her amazing muscular stomach. The baby devil tattoo over her stomach usually got her compliments from men, but Carlos was more fascinated with her body in general. Placing her right foot between his legs, she brought her left leg up, pushing her foot down into the couch while feeling his hands roam over her thick legs and to her large booty from behind. Vida placed her left hand down onto his shoulder momentarily while speaking to him.

“See something you like, big boy? Mmmmmm, I know you do.”

“This body, holy fucking shit. This body is absolutely perfect.”

Carlos planted both of his hands over her ass cheeks from behind, feeling them wobble and bounce around within his finger tips.

When Vida raised her hand from his shoulder, he brought his right hand back and laid a hard smack over the respective ass cheek, feeling it wobble against his palm. He then repeated the process, spanking her other ass cheek with his left hand. She moaned, curving her lips into a seductive grin as she glanced over at his brother sitting next to him. Ramón’s eyes glared with pure lust, speaking silently to Vida as she knew he had desired her for several years. She couldn’t wait to tease him with filthy words, but his brother was the one in control.

“These are the best legs I’ve ever seen on a bitch. How far can you lift them up?”

She raised her eyebrow while glancing down at Carlos.

“What do you mean? Like, lift them over my head.”

“Yeah, I wanna see how flexible you are when we fuck you.”

“I wanna take her ass first.”

Vida giggled as Ramón had finally spoken, offering her chance to tease him.

“Oh yeah, is that right Ramón? You’ve been hoping to fuck my ass for a long time now. I haven’t forgotten all those times I used to catch you starring down at it. Well, you’re about to get your wish. But it’s your brother’s birthday, so he gets to fuck this wet cunt first.”

“Get up, whore. I want you to get on top of him, face me and lift your legs up real high.”

The position Carlos had ordered for her seemed somewhat difficult, but Vida was confident she could get it done. She moved away from him, turning all of her attention towards Ramón momentarily so she could turn around. From his view, he was starring into one of the most famous asses he had ever witnessed. He watched it sit down on his lap, as he used his right hand to guide his cock between the crack of her ass and easily locating her back door hole. Once she felt his hard rod in her ass, the Cuban goddess let out a loud moan.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, that feels so fucking good. I love having a big dick right up my ass.”

Spreading her legs out, she threw them up, demonstrating to Carlos that she clearly had a muscular body that was flexible beyond his wildest imagination. He got up from the couch, standing up to move in front of her. He placed his hands over her legs, pushing them up to the point her feet stretched out beyond her head. All Vida did was smirk at him.

“Is this flexible enough for you?”

She spoke to him with a smart ass tone, taunting Carlos with her attitude. From beneath her, Ramón could be heard moaning as he experienced his rod shoved into her thick, phat ass.

“Holy fucking shit, this ass-”

Vida cut off Ramón, speaking for him instead.

“It’s the best you’ve ever had, right?”

Ramón didn’t respond as all he could do was throw his head back and moan. The time had come for Carlos to place his rod into her dripping wet pussy. He placed his right leg down over the couch, getting into a better position where he could pound her easily. Vida offered her hands to help, reaching down and grabbing Carlos by his long prick, shoving it towards her pussy. Once the head was past her delightful pink lips, she let out a soft moan before teasing him with filthy words.

“Come on, I want you to fuck me. Fuck the shit outta me like a real man, Carlos! This big booty hoe needs it!!”

He grunted as he gripped her legs tighter, glancing down at her big tits as he began to thrust his cock into her. With her legs spread out so far, she looked so beautiful as every curve of her strong thick body was visible. Vida dropped her lower lip, letting out a loud moan as she felt both of their cocks thrusting into her holes now.

“Ohhhhh, yeah!! That’s it, ohhhhhhhh yes!! Fuck the shit outta me!!”

Carlos didn’t utter a single word to Vida’s crying voice. Ramón barely made any movements at all, keeping his cock firmly placed into her giant ass. It was the other brother who bucked his hips forward and slammed that cock into her wet pussy. Vida gasped, feeling his balls slap against her thighs with each hard thrust Carlos sent into her.


Both men could be heard grunting, but it was Vida’s screams that shook every corner of the room. Vida’s eyes remained focused down, watching as Carlos’ dick disappeared with each thrust he made into her tight pussy. From behind her, Ramón wrapped his arms around her muscular stomach, holding her down as he tried to buck his hips forward to drive his cock into that wonderful ass. It became clear almost instantly that Carlos was the one in control, pounding away into her pussy. The time had come for her to scream into his ears, swearing her allegiance to a new man in spite of his cousin who had wronged her.


Just from her words alone, Carlos was bound and determined now to keep her screaming until she had finally reached her climax. She had went from calling herself his ‘big booty hoe’ now to proclaiming herself as his whore. Weather this was just a birthday present or not, he no longer cared. As loudly as she screamed, Carlos wanted to kiss her so bad but didn’t. His face remained locked down on her chest, watching her breasts bounce with each hard thrust he sent into her.

“Scream for me, bitch! SCREAM FOR ME!!”


Gritting his teeth, he continued to pump his cock into her clit. Vida raised her head up, moaning as she soon felt Ramón’s hands slip down to cradle her massive ass cheeks into his palms. Now that he was balancing her, he was able to thrust his cock forward into her ass at a consistent pace. Carlos still rammed his rod into her pussy faster, concentrating all his efforts to force her into an orgasm. Vida gritted her teeth for a moment, closing her eyes and screaming out.


Taking final hard thrust, Carlos came to a complete stop while his brother was still pumping his dick into her ass. Vida’s eyes shot open as she looked into Carlos face while the walls of her pussy had finally collapsed and sent hr juices gushing over his dick inside of her.


While she looked back into his face, all Carlos did was give her a sinister smirk. Vida was catching her breath, but he was ready to move on with a new position. His hands let go of her legs, finally allowing her to lower them as they remained spread out. Carlos ran his hands through her jet black hair, getting a grip with both hands as he began to pull her up off his brother below. His cock slipped from her pussy, forcing her juices to come flooding out and trickling between her thighs. Excess cum dripped over the couch and to the floor below as Carlos pulled the Cuban model up. He pushed his lips to hers, kissing her passionately as she was forced to stand up, making Ramón’s dick fall freely out from her giant booty. Vida kissed Carlos back before he pulled his lips from hers. His devious eyes glared back at her face while he ordered her into a new position.

“On the floor right now, bitch!”

Vida didn’t utter a word in response to him, she just fell to her knees as he had ordered. His hands were still placed in her hair, all while Ramón just sat on the couch and watched his brother.

“Open your fucking mouth!”

A predictable request, Vida had almost guessed this is what he wanted her to do. She placed her hands down over her breasts below, holding them up and rubbing her fingers over her nipples while parting her lips. Carlos didn’t waste any time sliding his wet dick right back between her lips. Her tongue twirled around his pole as he began to buck his hips forward, driving that dick down her throat like he had done before. Vida knew that he didn’t cum yet, so he probably was about to finish himself off for the first round at least. Ramón sat alone, wanking his dick as he watched his brother begin skull-fucking her again.

“Take that fucking dick, you nasty, big ass bitch! FUCKING TAKE IT!!”

‘Big ass bitch’ was a new nickname Vida hadn’t heard before, but she was unable to giggle with her mouth stuffed with his cock. She began to gag as he pumped his rod back and forth between her lips.


The noises her mouth created were so nasty, yet were just the type of sounds that Carlos wanted to hear louder than ever. Like before, Vida’s eyes watered up while he continued to fuck her mouth. He finally moved his left hand out of her hair while pushing her mouth all the way down until feeling the head of his dick hit the back of her throat. She instantly choked, causing Carlos to laugh and taunt her.

“What’s wrong? That dick too big for you? I thought you were my whore, Vida? I figured you could take it better than that.”

A chuckle was soon heard among the voices of both brothers. Vida’s eyes had watered up, smearing her eyeliner like before. Her hands remained over her breasts, still squeezing her nipples between her fingers. A string of saliva dripped her lower lip, falling down to her chin before Carlos pulled her hair to snatch his cock free from those puffy lips of hers. A pop noise could be heard as Vida quickly caught her breath with her mouth a gaping hole. Her eyes looked up at Carlos as he smirked down at her. His eyes had finally noticed her hands over her breasts, giving the hint of a titty fuck.

“You want my dick between your tits, bitch?”

Vida bit down on her lower lip, nodding her head as she gazed up into his dark eyes. A soft giggle was heard crackling from her lips as she brought her big tits up to trap Carlos’ saliva dripping dick between them. He stood there, simply watching as she squeezed her tits around his cock. He began to thrust forward as Vida was still giggling at him.

“What the fuck do you find so funny down there, whore?”

It was a ridiculous question that she ignored. Vida continued giggling as she looked down to watch his thick rod poke between her tits with each hard thrust. Her eyes looked back at Carlos, still biting down on her lower lip to give him sight of her perfect teeth. Her makeup was a mess as she had a black smudge under her left eye from the runny eyeliner. Ramón eventually got up from the couch, stepping towards his brother as if he was there to wait his turn to fuck her tits. Vida was ignoring him while his brother moaned.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeah! Fuck!! That’s what I like right there! A whore with a big ass and big fucking tits, who ain’t afraid to put ’em to good use!”

Finally, she couldn’t help but to tease him with dirty words in a response.

“Mmmmmm, you love these big fat tits, don’t deny it!”

Carlos didn’t reply. The sound of his moans was all Vida needed to know that she had this man under her seductive control. He took a deep breath, realizing that his time was short before his cock was going to explode into a sticky white mess for her. Vida knew he had to be close, as she squeezed her tits tighter while feeling his shaft pump between them. After a few more seconds, Carlos finally snatched his cock free from her tits, giving Vida the impression that she was about to be covered in his load. She closed her eyes the minute she seen him begin stroking his long dick.


Vida gritted her teeth the second she felt his warm seed splashing across her skin. The first wad flew directly into her closed right eyelid, drenching over her eyebrow and streaking down her cheek. His next wad splashed across her forehead, getting into her hair. Carlos could be heard groaning, breathing in heavily as he shot more strings of cum across her face. Thick wads landed across her forehead and the right temple of her face while a loose string caught her left cheek and trickled down her chin. Vida squinched her eyes, using both hands to quickly wipe the cum from her eye lids so she could re-open them. She looked up into Carlos’ eyes while planting her lips back down over his cock.

“Oh my god, you are the best fucking whore I’ve ever had. Look at you, still sucking on it after I covered your face.”

She had closed her eyes only momentarily while placing her hands down over his legs. Vida looked up into his face as she began to bob her head up and down on his cock. It didn’t matter that her face was drenched in cum, she was bound and determined to seal herself at this man’s side. ‘Mmm, mmmmm, mmmmmmm’, she could be heard moaning as she continued to work her lips up and down his cock. Carlos thought to himself that he must have had a real cum slut within his grasp now. The night had only begun, for she was about to become even more sticky alongside him and his brother.


An hour had passed back at the club until the BMW car came pulling up into a parking space. Steven got the word that Tony’s lawyer had arrived with his son, as he remained upstairs alone in his office. Maria had stopped by, but decided against speaking with him tonight as he appeared to still be enraged. She promised to let Steven know when Jacob had walked through the door of the club. As he spent his time locked in his office, all Steven could do was build the rage he had towards his son for his criminal actions. Deep down, he felt like a failure of a father after this whole incident. With everything he had done for Jacob over his life, this was uncalled for. What kind of son did he raise to end up putting an old man in the hospital from a viscous beating?

After receiving the call from Maria that Jacob had entered the club, Steven finished off a glass of whiskey he had and then finally left his office. He put his jacket back on over his shirt while he raced down the hallway. During the time he spent alone, nothing had crossed his mind whatsoever about Tony and Jennifer. He couldn’t focus on anyone else, as his mind was centered directly over his shameful son. The club was still busy around midnight. Steven walked down the stairs, looking over the place until he found Jacob standing near the bar. He wore a white T-shit and black pants. Smudges of what appeared to be dried up blood was over his shirt. The young man looked around in confusion, as he didn’t seem to know why he had been escorted to the club. Steven soon stepped behind him, calling out to him to get his attention.


Turning around, the young man glanced back at his father in fear before answering him.

“Dad? Where’s uncle Tony at?”

“Your uncle went to bed. We need to talk, I heard about what you did.”


Steven cut him off.

“I need to know how bad you beat the shit out of that old man. Is he going to make it?”

Rolling his eyes, Jacob looked right at him and nodded.

“Yeah, he’ll be fine. You care more about some old loser than me, huh? I’m not surprised.”

Steven raised his eyebrow while glaring back at his son. From his smart ass reply, he had enough of this. He put his hand over Jacob’s left shoulder and spoke to him.

“Come on, we’re gonna talk about this in private. Let’s go to the bathroom and talk about this man to man.”

Jacob’s eyes became large as he pulled his father’s hand off his shoulder.

“NO! You’re not taking me to the bathroom, I know what you’re gonna do! NO!!”

Snatching him by the arm, Steven began to drag him away from the bar

“Shut up and take it like a man, you little ungrateful brat! We’re gonna get this over with right fucking now!!”

A struggle broke as Jacob tried to fight off his father, but it was clear that Steven had the upper hand as he dragged his fearful son away from the bar and across the club to where the public bathrooms were. This wasn’t the first time had dragged his son to a bathroom. Jacob knew exactly what was about to happen to him, as this used to be where his father took him when he made a scene in public. His uncle wasn’t here to break this up like in the past.

“I’m not a kid anymore, you can’t fucking do this!”

“Shut your fucking mouth!!”

Once they reached the bathroom, Steven opened the door and shoved his son right through the door. Jacob went flying backwards, falling and sliding onto the cold floor. His heart was racing, as this was the last thing he wanted to experience at the hands of his father. Steven slowly stepped through the bathroom, noticing that it was empty. Hurrying off the floor, Jacob moved to the stalls, quickly locking the door behind him so there was at least a barrier between them. All that could be heard was heavy breathing. Steven almost wanted to laugh at this whole situation. He shoved his hands into his pockets and stepped around while speaking to him.

“Oh, so you’re gonna run and hide like a little pussy huh? I guess this is how you act when you can’t gang up on someone and beat them.”

“Go away! I called uncle Tony, not you! Leave me the fuck alone!”

Steven laughed at him. It was comical how fearful his son was over this whole incident. A sign of immediate guilt, though Jacob knew this wasn’t going to go easy. His breathing could still be heard beyond the stall.

“You know, we could do this the easy way or the hard way. I just wanna know what you did and why? Why did you and your jackass friends beat the shit out of some old man? What did he do to you to deserve that?”

A long sigh was heard before silence fell over the bathroom. Jacob finally replied to his father.

“The old man…wouldn’t keep his mouth shut. He wouldn’t back down, kept running his fucking mouth. So, I got angry. I..I couldn’t stop myself, we couldn’t stop. Once we got into it, we couldn’t stop ourselves. It was stupid, but he was in the wrong too.”

Looking down over the floor, Steven removed his hands from his pockets and thought to himself for a moment before responding back. He tried to control himself for the moment being, though it was taking everything in him not to snap and go berserk. The response from his son clearly showed no sign of guilt whatsoever as he was still blaming the victim.

“How bad did you beat the old guy?”

“I don’t know. I know we cracked something in his chest.”

“You hit him in the chest?”

“No, I kicked him there, repeatedly. I may have ended up cracking one of his ribs.”

Silence fell over the room once more. Steven had made his mind up what he was going to do for the victim of Jacob and his friend’s actions. He was going to make his son pay the medical bills himself, even if it required his spare college money.

“That’s not good. I’m sure we’ll know by tomorrow who he is and what hospital he’s staying in. You’re gonna pay his medical bills. Since you beat that old man like that, you’re gonna be the one that makes it up to him.”

“Are you fucking serious?”

Clutching his fists, Steven screamed back at him.

“Yes, I’m fucking serious, smart ass! That could’ve been someone’s grandfather you just beat like that! Do you even realize what you’ve done tonight?”

Jacob sighed and replied back to his father.

“What about me? I’m your son, you should be worried about me. I don’t even have a grandfather anymore, so why should I-”

Gritting his teeth, Steven cut him off by screaming.


He couldn’t control his anger anymore. Steven moved to the door of the bathroom stall and raised his right leg. Using all the strength he had, he began to kick the door forward. Jacob could be heard breathing heavily again as he called out.

“No, no! Don’t break the door! Please!!”

It was beyond that point now. Steven couldn’t control himself. He kicked the door twice until the hinges came loose, breaking into the wood and damaging it beyond repair. It fell in, falling over Jacob as he sat on the toilet. Jacob looked at his father in rage, moving over the stall to avoid the door from falling on him.

“You wanna beat me? Fine, do it! Mom was right about you! You are a fucking psychopath!”

“Get over here, you little brat!”

Reaching across the stall, Steven grabbed Jacob by the shirt, pulling him out of the stall as he took a few steps backwards. Jacob grabbed at his hands, kicking at him to fight back.

“No, NO! I’m not a kid anymore! You aren’t gonna bully me like this!”

Getting into his son’s face, Steven screamed at him while still gripping his shirt. He ignored the comment about his ex-wife, Jacob’s mother Tara.

“You wanna know why this pisses me off so bad, Jacob!? I’ve given you everything. I’ve worked my ass off to support you. When you went to school, I made sure that you had all designer name clothes, the most expensive shoes in stores. I wanted you to have the things that I was never able to have in my own childhood. Who paid for your fucking scholarship to a top college in this state? ME! I do all this for you, and the only thing I get in return is my own son acting like a fucking punk!!”

Looking his father in the eye, Jacob quickly hacked up in his mouth and then spit directly into over his left cheek. Out of reaction, Steven let go of his shirt, taking a step back and rearing his right hand back. He moved, slapping his son across the face as hard as he could. As Jacob cried in pain and fell backwards, Steven swung with the opposite side of his hand, backhanding him across the cheek. His knuckles clanked against his mouth while he fell to the floor, crying in pain. Blood began to trickle from Jacob’s mouth. He looked up at his father from the floor, clenching his teeth as he screamed at him.

“Go ahead and beat me, you miserable fucking prick! Beat me down so you can feel good about yourself! Come on, do it!!”

Taking a step back, Steven stopped himself from making another attack on his son as he listened to his words. Jacob continued speaking while his mouth filled with blood.

“I don’t care how much stupid money you spend! You’ve rarely ever had anything to do with me in all of my life. You never go to any of my football games, not even when I was in high school, but you want me to feel bad cause you spend money on me. You don’t even give a shit that I spent the night in jail, you’re worried about some old bastard instead, a complete fucking stranger at that! The only thing you give a shit about is your money and how many sluts you can fuck, that’s it! I should’ve stayed with mom in Texas. She did the right thing by divorcing you and getting as far away as she fucking could.”

His words were a brutal sting into Steven’s mind and heart. He didn’t answer him back, only taking a few steps back and gazing down at the floor below. There was some hard truth to Jacob’s words, things that Steven couldn’t deny. Jacob got up from the floor while his father seemed to be lost in his thoughts. The young man walked across the bathroom, moving to the sink where he turned the faucets on and washed his mouth off. Steven looked at his fist and then sighed in shame. He stepped back again, leaning against the wall as he began to sink down to the floor. Jacob ran out of the bathroom, leaving his father alone now. A hard realization sank into Steven’s mind, as he had realized his failure as a parent.

Jacob wasn’t wrong about most of what he said. It bothered Steven as a father that his soon appeared to be desensitized and careless over his actions to a victim. None of that mattered though anymore, as everything he had said was true. Steven’s ex-wife and Jacob’s mother Tara had divorced and moved back to Texas where she had family. They married in high school, following her pregnancy. Both of them were only eighteen-years old, far too young to be raising a child. Steven had felt guilt and shame for most of his life for the failure in his marriage to her. Memories of her had soon become at the front of his mind. While sitting on the floor, all he could do was let the disappointment sink into his mind. He failed his son, just as he had failed as a husband. His son hated him and yet Steven couldn’t even blame Jacob for it. The bathroom door soon opened and a voice called out to Steven.

“Hey man, you alright?”

It was Sean, rushing in to check on him. Steven looked up at him from the floor before shaking his head.

“Your boy left the club, you’ve been in here for a while. Maria asked me to come in and make sure you were alright.”

Glancing up at Sean, Steven nodded to him. He didn’t want to discuss his problems with anyone right now.

“I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me.”

Stepping through the bathroom, Sean went to help him up from the floor but Steven refused. He got up himself, standing on his feet and letting out a sigh. Sean looked to see the broken stall door, but didn’t mention it. He patted Steven on the shoulder and spoke.

“We’ll worry about that tomorrow. You should go home and get some sleep, man. You’ve had a hell of a night, I’ll give you a call and check on you in the morning.”



The night continued as hours passed between Carlos, Ramón and Vida. From the time that Carlos shot his load all over her face, all she did was clean it up and get back to work for another round with the two brothers. For the time being, Vida was in another position where they could both thrust their cocks into her holes. The couch had proven to be a busy spot for their time tonight. Ramón was currently seated down while Vida was on top, leaning over him as her big boobs shook near his face. His cock was lodged into her clit, all while Carlos was standing from behind and pummeling her thick round ass with his dick. Vida had glanced over her shoulder, watching as she felt both of their rods pounding into her simultaneously.


This was the second time tonight that Vida had two cocks pounding into her holes. She had proven to Carlos beyond any reasonable doubt that she could take anything he and his brother threw at her. For the time being, she wanted to them to fuck her until they point they were ready to blow their loads again. Over and over, Vida felt their rods pump into her. Her big tits bounced from underneath, shaking up against Ramón’s face. Carlos was the first one to come to a stop, taking a step back while pulling his cock free from her ass.

“Oh fuck, I can’t take it anymore! I’m gonna cum again!!”

“Yes, yes! Set me down so you can both cum all over my face!”

Ramón almost shot his load right into her pussy when she uttered those filthy words of desire. Coming to a stop, he soon watched her rising off him as his brother had come behind her and snatched her by the hair to help pull her up from the couch. Once Vida was down on her knees, Ramón quickly got up and moved in front of her. The two brothers stood in her view, Carlos to her left and Ramón to the right. Vida wrapped her hands around their cocks, stroking them back and forth only momentarily. Ramón put his own hand around his dick, pulling it from her grasp. Carlos soon did the same thing, leaving her there on the floor awaiting her face to become another sticky mess like before. Vida closed her eyes and used her hands to fix up her hair behind her shoulders. The two men could be heard breathing heavily as they wanked their cocks in unison. She licked her lips, teasing them with dirty words.

“Mmmmmm, you both gonna shoot that hot spunk all over my face? Drench me down like a fucking whore?”

“Yeah, I already did it once and I’ll do it again!”

Vida began to giggle at Carlos’ words. Ramón had proven to be the quiet one, as she listened to both of them silently breathing. Her eyes remained closed but soon, Ramón called out.


Both brothers had reached their climax almost in a perfect unison. Cum went splattering across her face. Carlos shot a thick wad directly into her right eyelid like before. It trickled down like a heavy tear drop. Most of Ramón’s cum went over her forehead and into her hair. Vida began to giggle as she felt strings of cum over both sides of her nose and a thick wad above her upper lip.

“Ohhhhh my god, yeah! That’s what I like! I’m your whore now, paint me down like one!”

She continued giggling while they were still jacking themselves off, emptying their cum over her gorgeous face. The night was coming to an end as she was making sure that both of them had drained their balls completely into exhaustion. She was going to need to take a shower before falling into a slumber at Carlos’ hotel suite, but it was well worth it. Much would have to be explained tomorrow to the brothers, as Vida had planned to reveal just the reason she would walk in and give herself to them. A scorned woman could prove to be more dangerous than a loaded weapon. She felt Carlos was her best opportunity at achieving some sort of payback to Steven after the humiliation he had given her. The days of her playing nice were long gone, as she was ready to walk a dark line and light it up blazing flames alongside an old enemy from his past.


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