Big Booty Bitches: Ch. 2

Title: Big Booty Bitches: Ch. 2

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Vida Guerra

Codes: MF, MMF, cons, oral, anal

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

The lights beamed down consuming brightness in a contrast of neon colors over the black stage. As soon as the music came back on, the lights changed and blinked a clip of colors before fading off. For the first Friday night partying at Disco Fever, it wasn’t like any other club in South Beach that had bright lights and loud music. The dance floor was filled with bodies shaking about while a DJ set at the turn table operating everything to control the crowd’s intensity. All that was downstairs, upstairs was another story.

Steven was just leaving the office upstairs after hanging up the phone with a client of his across town. The younger brother of Tony Diaz, spent most of his time working the clubs they owned instead of lavishing in the wealthy lifestyle that came with it. None of this truly bothered him. While Tony got the spotlight and fancy image, Steven could shift back and work the angles from the corner regardless if it was legal or not.

As he was leaving the club taking the walk downstairs of the spiraling neon lit staircase, his white suit caught the eye of a woman in black. A short figure stood there with a smile on her face before shouting to him.

“Steven! Long time, no see!”

Upon looking over at that face, the man instantly recognized it. Steven smiled and opened his arms as the girl came rushing to give him a hug. It was none other than Vida Guerra, a long time old friend of his.

“It’s been a while Vida, how have you been?”

“Just great! Came down to see the new club and have some fun.”

Moving from the hug, Steven couldn’t help but get lost in those big brown eyes of hers.

“Well, I was about to leave but I want to catch up with you. It’s been a long time old friend, how is the modelling stuff going?”

“Oh, not so much into that anymore. I am doing fitness training and building my body up. That’s the only photo shoots I do anymore.”

“Ah I see, well, let’s go upstairs and you can tell me all about that.”

“I thought you were about to leave?”

Steven smiled at her nodding before responding.

“Not without you in my sights, come on beautiful one.”

He offered his hand out to her and then Vida winked at him before taking it. Together, they walked back up the spiraling staircase and were heading to the V.I.P. rooms where Steven had his private office. He didn’t expect to find himself going back to his office tonight but Vida was an old friend and he wanted to catch up with her and find out what had been going on in her life. The music began to take a short fade as they walked through the V.I.P. halls to the point her high heels were the only thing beating a loud bass sound. Unlocking the door back to his office, the man invited Vida in the door first before himself. She lit up in a smile.

“Thank you Steven, you didn’t have to do this.”

“Yes I did, I haven’t got to see you in what, 5 years now? You walk into one of our clubs, and I gotta take some time to catch up with you.”

Steven walked across his office to the little mini bar that he had set up by the window and then called out to her again.

“What you want, babe? I’ll make you a drink on me.”

“Oh that’s fine Steven, I want some vodka straight up…”

“Straight up? Alright babe, you got it!”

While Steven opened the cabinet to fetch the glass and prepare her drink, Vida’s eyes wandered and observed the office. It was much bigger than the one she remembered he had at the previous club from years ago. Several photos hanging on the wall of achievements, and a much larger and luxurious desk this time around. She smiled at the view, noticing one of the pictures hanging high on the wall was of Steven and his son at what looked like some kind of sports pep rally. She was curious about that photo.

“Is that your boy, Steven? He looks like he’s grown by now.”

“Yeah, that’s little Jacob alright. Just turned 22 recently, he’s at the college down south of town. He just made the practice team with the Canes.”

“Oh my god! That’s awesome Steven!”

With two glasses of vodka made, Steven turned his attention towards her and nodded with one of the glasses in his hand.

“Yeah, here’s your drink babe.”

Those high heels boomed over the floor as Vida slowly walked towards him looking him in the eye. Her black dress hugged every curve of her amazing body and those nicely shaped breasts teased his eye in the low cut of the dress. Once she stopped at the bar, she grabbed the drink and held it up to his glass so they could clank them together.

“Thank you Steven, always.”

“Always babe.”

The two drank down their glasses together slowly, savoring the taste of the expensive alcohol. Vida’s eyes wandered again over the photos on the wall before speaking up when she seen one that had a birthday cake with a big 4-0 on it.

“Your 40th birthday?”

“Yeah, that was back in March actually, I just turned 40. I don’t look it do I?”

Vida bust out laughing hard at him.

“Stop, I turned 42 recently! We still look terrific for our age! At least your hair didn’t start to fade into grey like your brother!”

They both cracked a hard laugh at that one. Steven wasn’t going to pass up any opportunity to make fun of his brother Tony in the trusty confines where he didn’t have to worry about him hearing anything such as this.

“Yeah I guess you’re right about that, old boy loves to brag though like it’s something to be proud of.”

“Oh please, I remember Tony about 10 years ago. He looked better with brown hair than all the grey in there now. He never uses hair dye, I told him about it several times.”

“Well, that’s Tony for you. Hard headed and all about his own pleasure.”

Vida took another sip of her glass, draining it’s entirety down her throat before setting it back down and smirking up at Steven. She thought to herself about his boy and figured up the age in her head.

“Oh my god, so Jacob is 22 now and you just turned 40. I had no idea you were a father at 18 years old.”

Steven blushed before finishing off his drink and then replying.

“Yeah, well that was a long time ago now. It seems weird, seeing your boy grow up before your eyes before you’re even 40. I give his mother Tara a lot of credit. Even though we’re divorced now and that marriage never worked since we were so young when it all happened, I don’t regret it. She deserves all the credit for raising him.”

“See, that’s what I always liked about you Steven. I liked you more than your brother, cause you are a man that works through the problems.”

Vida’s eyes studied Steven as he looked back at her from the other side of the little mini bar. She carried on.

“Tony just likes to fuck things up and leave the pieces on the floor, but you…you are a man that will fix things. I always liked that about you.”

Their eyes met and Vida smirked again. Steven almost wanted to lean and place a kiss on those big lips of hers but he stopped himself. She knew his weakness as a man and the little brotherly rivalry that went on between the two Latin men.

“Tell me Vida, did you ever go on Tony’s yacht years ago? No, scratch that. Don’t tell me if you did. I don’t want to know if he ever fucked you.”

A laugh blew through her lips as she ran her hand through her darn brown hair and looked back in his eyes before shaking her head with a smile.

“Never. I would never subject myself to going on that fucking boat of his.”

Vida turned her face from him now and stomped her heels forward through the office, giving Steven a view of the back of her dress. The low cut revealed her back and he could see that huge ass from behind curving the rear in her tight dress. Vida carried on talking.

“I almost partied with your brother on his yacht some years back. 10 years ago as of now, it was back in 2006. He had his chance, I was willing to dance for him too…but he had other plans that day.”

Steven decided to play into this little memory lane detour of hers and speak up, encouraging her to spill out the beans.

“Oh yeah, like what?”

Vida stopped walking and the laughed to herself before seriously answering his question.

“Britney fucking Spears, that’s what! Oh yeah, your brother had her on his yacht that day, what a surprise. He just forgot about me entirely that night, all he talked about on the phone was Britney and it was like he just won the lottery or something. He didn’t want me anymore, he wanted that slut and he got her.”

Steven frowned from behind the little mini bar. He knew exactly the incident that Vida was talking about, something that was of heavy legend within the Diaz family. All 10 years ago as of today and the multiple incidents with Britney on Tony’s yacht was the stuff of dreams back in the day.

“Yeah I know what you’re talking about babe, kinda hard to believe it was 10 years ago as of today. Man, time flies right by when you don’t even notice.”

Vida turned around to look at Steven as he started to walk back from the bar and approach her.

“Tell me Steven, is it true? Did you fuck that whore too?”

The man made his approach to Vida, walking up to her with a comforting touch as he hugged her into his arms. He shook his head at the question. Vida looked back in his eyes and answered him sternly.

“Honestly, did you?”

“No babe, no I did not.”

Starring in his eyes, he smiled at her. Vida had her doubts about the whole situation, but she knew Steven better after all these years. She believed him, but had to further grill him on it just to make sure he was telling her the truth.

“Are you sure? Tony told me he was calling his brother that weekend so he could share her with you. He told me you both were going to fuck that slut together as brothers.”

Steven smirked and laughed at her before shaking his head. A flashback went through his mind of seeing a blonde haired girl on her knees with both hands synchronizing to a cock in each hand as they began to blow and cum all over her face. More small flashbacks went through his brain of he and Tony both fucking her at the same time. It was true, and Steven lied to Vida directly to her face.

“I didn’t do it. Tony called me that day, but I turned him down. From what I know, he called Ramón and he came to the boat that day and they both shared Britney.”

Vida’s eyes lit up as she responded.

“Oh my, Ramón…I should’ve known better. I once saw her at one of your old clubs with him around the same time. He even bragged like your brother, that she gave such an amazing lap dance.”

Vida snickered as she closed her eyes. Steven laughed a little and hugged her, it was hilarious listening to the jealousy of this woman but it wasn’t like him not to encourage her and carry on with his big lie that she had believed.

“Well, that was Britney some years ago. She surely went through the Diaz family for sure. Tony, Ramon, Carlos…all of them except for me.”

“Except for you! That’s cause you got fucking class Steven, like me!”

Vida leaned in and placed a kiss on her cheek and began to run her hands over his face and down his neck. Finally, he leaned in and locked lips with her. She moaned into his mouth and he squeezed her tight into his arms. As the kiss continued, Steven sprawled his hands down her black dress to find that juicy enormous ass and smack both palms into it. Vida broke the kiss with a laugh over his touch and spoke back to him.

“That is something I have missed from you right there, your touch!”

His mind was racing in many different directions. When she stepped back she could see his erection pointing straight up from his white pants. Vida grinned at the sight, while Steven moved to the desk and went to go finding something. She loosened the buttons on her dress to let her big epic breasts spill out a bit from the low cut top, and then he spoke up.

“Say what was that about dancing, Vida? You worried about some blonde singer, when you are the best dancer that money could never buy?”

She laughed at his comment and then he moved from the desk with something in his hand going to the door. The drinks from downstairs at the bar may have kicked in with the Vodka she drank with him, but Vida couldn’t deny the lonely place she felt in her heart for recent months. Steven was a good man at least in her eyes, one of the few in Miami that she truly trusted to have a good time and keep it under the rug.

“Hey Steven, you fucked any girls in here yet?”

“Nope, not yet.”

“Huh? You haven’t taken some hot broad off the dance floor upstairs and fucked her over your desk or that little mini bar?”

That comment forced him to stop at the office door, and then turn to smirk at her holding his sign. He flashed the sign as it clearly read ‘Do Not Disturb’. Vida was well aware of his dirty secrets, but Disco Fever was only a week old so there wasn’t any women that had been unclothed in his office yet. A seductive smile went across her face when she seen that sign. Steven loved money more than his own life, but there was no pleasure greater than a beautiful woman. His true weakness in life was getting pussy and with Vida standing there back in his life for another day, there was no way he was turning this offer down. She grinned watching him open the door and slide that sign over the outside knob to give them total privacy. When he closed the door this time, the tables had been set for a naughty game.

“So what was that about how well I dance again, Steven?”

“Oh yeah, I was telling you that you dance better than anyone in the world, money can’t buy that. Not even some millionaire blonde singer can do it as well as you can.”

“That’s right! Now sit down for me Steven, over there!”

Vanity was something Vida could never grow out of and Steven was pouring it on with the flattering compliments about her. He allowed her to boss him around for a bit, going and sitting in his big leather chair on the other side of the room with the little lounge area that included some standard metal chairs and a coffee table. Vida waited till he was sat down before she broke into her little striptease routine. Her mind had been all tangled up in past thoughts of other girls and how she felt above the rest of them. She unbuttoned the few buttons down her dress and then pulled the straps at the top to let it fall to the floor exposing her beautiful Cuban body in just a red bra and thong. She then stomped her heels forward to him in her strong legs and turned around and then slowly began to shake her ass at him.

Softly and slowly, she lowered that ass to his legs teasing him as it pushed into his knees a little as her hands went down below her knees and she bounced that thick phat ass to his view again. She couldn’t help herself but brag.

“You see, the difference between me and those whores that your brother would rather fuck is, I don’t need music to give a proper dance.”

Vida turned around now, dropping her lip as she looked in his eyes. She placed her hand up on his shoulder and then she lowered herself onto his lap. Straddling her legs over the chair as she sat her beefy booty down onto his lap. Steven breathed in heavy and moaned with a big grin on his face. It was the grin of a winner, Vida smirked to him. Slowly grinding into him, he ran his hands up her bronze body, playing with one of her breasts in the bra. She got the hint for him and reached her hands back and undid the strings of her bra, letting it down onto his lap. With her big Cuban tits bouncing free, Steven instantly placed his hands onto them. Vida moaned out to him.

“Yes, that’s it. Feel those titties. They are all yours tonight Steven!”

While his hands cupped and squeezed her greatly sized breasts, Vida gripped the back of the chair and went to leaning back over his lap. Her hair was like a waterfall sketch and thankfully with the weight of both their bodies, the chair didn’t flip at all. From the view he could see her muscular toned stomach and that beautiful little devil tattoo that he always loved to see. She came back up, wildly swinging her hair as she continued to grind into him. Steven finally had enough of the teasing and placed a hand up in her hair to snatch her up and then kiss her lips hard. She had invoked a little rough play from him, just what she wanted. The model famous for her glorious ass moaned into his mouth before breaking the kiss.

“I think I am gonna keep you up all night.”

“That’s fine by me babe, do it!”

A soft giggle escaped her lips after he responded to her tempting comment. She could feel his meaty cock hard under her thick massive ass just dying for her attention. Vida then began to slide herself off his lap and go down to her knees while her hands crawled up his light colored pastel blue shirt under his white suit jacket.

“If I were you, I’d get my fucking clothes off right now Steven. You know how easy I can rip that expensive suit of yours?”

He smirked looking down at her. The only thing she wore on her body were the big black high heels, the red thong and a beautiful gold watch on her left wrist. He usually preferred a woman to undress him but Vida had a point, the memories of when she ripped apart his $500 dollar suits into shreds. He stood up and threw off his jacket and then went to slowly stripping for her. Vida watched him disrobe himself from the torso exposing his nicely built chest. While Tony thought he had an athletic aged body, it was Steven that was always in good shape from his weekly work out routine at the gym. From the little strip show she got, Vida decided to help him out with the pants. Luckily he wasn’t wearing a belt so all she had to do was unbutton the top button and slide that zipper down. She pushed his pants down exposing himself only in his boxer briefs with his cock sticking straight up.

To have him fully naked and at full potential to fuck her the way she wanted, she had to kick off those expensive white matching loafer shoes he had on. Steven stepped out of his pants and then Vida shoved her hand over his briefs to feel his hard cock. She looked him in the eyes before sliding them down and freeing his hard rod for her use. Vida instantly wrapped her hand around the shaft and began stroking it. Steven sat back down in the little chair behind him while the Cuban beauty made her preparations for his cock to be taken in her mouth. She looked him back in the eyes for one final go.

“Tell me how much you would rather have a real woman like me, rather than some slutty girl off the dance floor.”

“Enough to put a sign on my door to keep any unwanted visitors out tonight.”

Always so serious about things, Vida had grown used to Steven’s attitude from the past and he had not changed one bit. She ignored his significant attitude and parted her big lips to run her tongue over the head of his cock. The long shaft was greatly prepared just for her now, taking it into her mouth and closing her lips. Vida sucked the first few inches down slowly before coming up with a loud pop noise and then looking back up at him.

“I missed your fucking cock, I’m gonna enjoy this.”

She laughed as she stroked it up and down fast with her hand. She used her free hand to cup his balls and now Steven sat back and watched the show. Outside the walls of this office, the subtle sound of the music downstairs could be heard but not louder than Vida slobbering all over his cock. She sucked it back between her puffy lips and began to bob her head up and down fast. Playing aggressive the way she sucked his cock early, she suddenly came up again popping her lips off the head.

“Oh yes, mmmmm.”

Looking down at his cock, Vida hacks up and then spits all over it. She looked into Steven’s eyes as she took both hands and stroked his cock together, rubbing her own saliva into it as if it was lube. He grinned watching her.

“You’re a very nasty woman, Vida…”

“I thought you liked being dirty, Steven?”

Ignoring weather he would respond or not, she brought her mouth back down over his cock and began to suck it faster now, bobbing her head up and down at such a fast pace her hair was shaking wildly about. If she was trying to push him to get involved with aggression, Steven was happy to necessitate by bringing his hand down into her hair and snatching it up to push her down and take control of this oral pleasure she was giving him. He pushed her head all the way down until he seen her lips take his cock entirely. He felt the head jam at the back of her throat and her lips in the bush of hair down there. He held her there for a good minute, counting until he finally heard her choke and gag on it. Finally releasing her, he pulled her head from his cock, holding her hair as he finally answered her.

“Oh yes, I do like it nasty babe. And you? You like it rough don’t you?”

A long rope of slimy saliva trained from her lower lip back to his pole. Vida looked in his eyes and responded first while he grabbed his slobber coated shaft to aim it up.

“Yeah I do.”

Flicking her tongue back she spit hard on the shaft and then he grinned, still holding her by the hair. Vida spoke again.

“I thought you liked surprises too didn’t you?”

Steven nodded to her and decided to play into her game. Her hands crawled up to her big breasts, playfully pulling them apart and pushing them up.

“Oh yeah, what kinda surprises?”

“Watch and see.”

That was enough of an answer for him to let go of her hair. Vida immediately lifted up herself a bit and brought her parted chest up to squeeze her magnificent Cuban tits over his long cock. The man gasped and moaned while she prepared for a nice titty fuck session.

“Holy shit.”

“Oh yeah, I knew you’d like my kinda surprises!”

Suddenly, she pushed her tits together with her hand and began to lift them up and down over his saliva coated cock. Steven reached over to push a lock of her hair over her shoulder so she could concentrate as her tits smashed together and began to fuck his nice cock.

“Yeah babe, god damn.”

His mind was blown. Those big breasts moving up and down on his cock over and over. Vida leaned her head down and opened her mouth so each time the head of his dick popped up she flicked it with her tongue. Slowly pumping her boobs up and down until Steven seemed to have had enough of it and began to move up from the chair.

“Let me stand up babe, I want to fuck those big girls myself!”

“Sure, I’ll let you baby. But only if you promise to give me a nice pearl necklace before you fuck me from behind.”


It didn’t take much to convince him. Vida let go of her tits and allowed his long cock bounce free before shifting back. The man stood up, and grabbed a hold of his rod and then she lifted her breasts back up and parted them in the middle. Steven slammed his cock back between them and then put his hand on her shoulder and began to pump between them. She moaned and pushed her breasts together to tease him.

“Yeah that’s it, fuck my tits!”

The slight encouragement was enough to easily drive him into a frenzy. Steven placed both hands on her shoulders and began to pump hard and wildly between her tits. Her body began to shake as she had to push her tits together harder, almost losing her grip from the roughness he played but over and over his cock slid between the tunnel made of her big cleavage.

“Yeah, just like that! Fuck them hard, Steven!”

The man began to pump harder and faster. At the going rate, he was sure to blow his load all over her neck and those lovely breasts. Vida had sent him over the edge teasing today and he couldn’t hold back any longer. He began to breathe in heavy knowing the time was ineviteble. Harder, faster he thrust his rod between those breasts and finally he screamed out to her.

“Fuck it! You better be ready, cause I’m gonna cum all over you!”

“Oh yeah! Do it! Give me that pearl necklace I asked for!”

With a few more thrusts between her tits, Steven came to a stop suddenly and grabbed hold of his cock and stroked it fast. Vida leaned up on her knees and held her tits out for him, teasing him further.

“Do it, cum all over these tits Steven!”

A few strokes and some heavy breathes set in before the explosion was under way. Vida closed her eyes at the feeling of a warm wad strike up her left tit. Another wave of cum went flying over her right breast coating it equally. She closed her eyes and moaned as Steven emptied his cock over her lovely breasts. She felt more of the cum strike her breasts until he seemed to be empty and stopped.

“Damn, that’s what I’m talking about.”

“Yeah, you asked for it babe.”

She looked down at the mess he had made and smirked. Vida then grabbed his cock from him and squeezed the final drops of cum over her tongue to milk it. Steven had to catch his breath but it didn’t matter, he was ready to go for round two very soon. His eyes wandered down to watch her use her hand to scoop up some of the cum from her tits and suck it dry, but he was impatient about really fucking her.

“Get up babe, come on.”

Vida smiled up at him and decided to tease him. She knew Steven was strong with fucking and could go many rounds before he was finally tired but she couldn’t help but tease a man after an orgasm like that was spent over her beautiful body.

“You ready again? Thought you needed some time to recover after that!?”

“Fuck no! I want to fuck you now, we’re not done yet!”

She instantly got up from her knees stomping her high heels forward. Vida looked over her shoulder to make sure his desk was in view behind her and then she stomped those heels loudly into the floor stepping back as she teased him.

“Come fuck me over your desk!”

A sinister smile raised over his lips. Vida moved herself in front of his desk and looked down at the paper work. Not giving one fuck at all, she swiped her hand and knocked a bunch of the stuff over the floor before Steven could reach the desk and look over at her. As soon as he reached the desk, his hands went for the red thong pushing it down and exposing that dripping wet pussy that was begging for action. Vida planted her hands onto the desk behind her as Steven pushed in, guiding his cock to her lovely honey pot.

“Oh yes, come on and fuck me Steven!”

Her voice cooed in a seductive matter. Just as his rod slid into that juicy entrance, Vida brought her hands over his chest and moaned looking in his eyes. He placed his hands over her curvy hips and leaned in and kissed her passionately as he pushed his cock into her loving hole. She planted her heels right into the cheeks of his ass as he began to thrust into her now. Vida broke the kiss and then Steven grunted and spoke.

“Oh fuck yeah! You like getting fucked up that desk, huh!?”

“Yes! HARDER!”

Vida screamed to him and the desk created a commotion of rhythm beating. Her fat ass was planted right on top of it and despite being a luxurious piece it still shook and made racket. Over and over, his cock pumped into her loving pussy. She moved her heels, digging them further into his ass with scratches causing him to screech in pain and continue to pump into her eye harder. She stretched herself out on the desk and then he could see her breasts bouncing.

“Oh god! Yes! Fuck me! HARDER!”

No doubt the screams of her voice and the sound of their lustful event could probably be heard on the outside walls, but there was a reason that sign was hung on the door. Vida lost her grip on the desk and ended up falling her back on it, spreading her legs out wide as Steven just kept on hammering that sweet pussy over and over. His hands traveled over her strong stomach as he watched those big cum splattered breasts bouncing up and down with each thrust inside her.


Her voice screamed louder and with more pitch as she could feel her climax coming soon. Vida grit her teeth and threw her arms abount on the desk, knocking more stuff onto the floor and causing louder racket but nothing was breaking the concentration that Steven had of pumping his hard cock into her tight hole. A growling voice yelled between her clenched teeth and then Steven felt her body begin to shake and tighten up. Vida squealed loudly as she hit her climax.

“Oh yeah, you are so fucking tight and-”


The warm feeling from inside her was something of a dream, but Steven still had some way to go before he came again. Vida felt almost exhausted but even she knew that he wasn’t done with her. He pulled his cock from her pussy and looked down at her, the cum still on her tits that had ran down gleamed and shined from the light above. Stepping back, he took her hand to pull her up from the desk.

“Get up, turn around. Turn around babe and stick that ass up for me.”

That was the Steven she knew, Vida caught her breath and laughed as he pulled her up. She knew that she wasn’t leaving his office without getting a pounding on that thick beautiful ass of hers. It was what made her memorable as a model to begin with and she knew men would give anything for her ass. She turned around accordingly to his order and put her hands back on the desk, looking at the clean slate over it and the mess that was on the floor from all this fucking. A hard smack was felt on her right cheek causing her to moan and look over her shoulder.

“You always did fuck my ass anyway, I knew you would again.”

Steven brought his hand down into her hair and lightly tugged it causing her to moan at his rough play before he whispered in his ear.

“You’re damn right, it’s the best ass I ever had.”

His hands graced over the thick titanic built cheeks pulling them back, Vida hung her head down and closed her eyes as she knew what awaited her now. She felt the head of his hard meat stick pushing in and then gasped her breath as he eased his cock onto into her tight powerful ass. A soft laughter escaped her lips as she began to tease him.

“Yeah, that big ass huh? You enjoy it, yeah?”

Suddenly, Steven brought his hand back and smacked her left cheek hard before he began to slowly thrust into her and then answer her.

“Damn fucking right, I do!”

“Oh yeah, mmmmm, that’s it big boy, fuck that ass!”

Her comments caused him to want to play rougher, smacking her ass again as he brought one hand on her lower back and began to pump into her mighty booty while the other hand snatched up her hair and pulled it. Vida moaned and then laughed as she pushed her hands harder onto his desk.

“Oh yeah, that’s it! That’s it! HARDER STEVEN!”

Over and over, he pounded his long rod into her epic booty. Steven just held her hair there in position as he continued to pound that massive ass at a fast pace, pushing harder by her request. Though soon he knew that she was going to force him blow another load since this was the second round of thrusting he was doing with no break between.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, you gonna cum in my fucking ass Steven? Let my big fucking ass get you to explode again?”

That filthy, dirty language of hers was enough to send him overboard. Vida always knew how to push men with her language, one of her secret weapons in fucking. Heavy breathing escaped Steven’s lips but he couldn’t hold back anymore. He thrust himself between that lovely ass a couple more times before pulling out slowly and then quickly stroking his cock. His hand moved from her hair down to her back.

“Here goes, you better be ready babe!”

“Ohhhhh, you gonna drench my fucking back Steven? You already loaded down my tits, so you gonna dirty me up on both sides?”

“Might as well.”

While stroking his cock, Steven got a better idea in hand. He moved his rod back between the folds of her amazing booty and pressed them together, while his eyes looked down at his cock smashed in the middle of those buns like a hotdog. Vida felt it from behind and giggled a bit. She raised one of her arms and held her chin, as she just let him finish himself off with this kinky little side show. Steven pushed his cock up one last time and then he exploded squirting a hard wave of cum right up her back.

“Ohhhh, sweet God…ohhh yeah babe.”

“Ohhhhh nasty man!”

Steven breathed in harder as Vida was still laughing as the final wads were shooting of his drained cock. His cum made a pool up her back and began to slide down the small middle of her back, almost like a stream of water flowing down a creek. They both were exhausted and now time was coming back as Steven began to remember the place they were and where they were. He stepped back from Vida and caught his breathe while he moved his naked body to begin collecting the clothes on the floor. As for her, she was a mess with the cum smeared over her tits and now flowing down her back.

“I gotta get cleaned up and get dressed and then I might as well go home. I had a lot of fun though.”

“Yeah babe, me too. It’s always fun with you.”

Vida moved from the desk, stomping her heels as she looked around for a towel. On the floor was a mess of all his desk papers and other things that had been moved to the floor. Steven seen her searching about and then walked over to the mini bar and took a towel.

“Awww thanks Steven, I was just looking for that.”

“No wait, I’m gonna clean you up. I’ll do your back first.”

A smile graced her face as she looked at him and then nodded her head.

“Yeah that’s a good move right there, clean up your messes!”

The two of them laughed together as Steven moved the towel to collect the cum smears off her back. Soon they both would have to get dressed and call it a night. The cherry had been popped for Steven’s office by none other than a woman of gold standards.



The time spent back at the club was something that brought back memories to Vida. It was wonderful to see Steven again and catch up on old times while making new impressions on one another. She had went across town and heard about his son Jacob, the up coming football star at the local college. There was something on her mind that she couldn’t shake after hearing the family secrets of that blonde haired pop singer and how Steven said she “went through” the Diaz family between Tony and cousins Carlos and Ramón but not him. Weather Steven was lying or not, Vida truly believed his word. From him, there was another young man of the up and coming age of the family that she knew had been untouched by the excessive lifestyle.

Steven had told Vida about the party that was planned at the club for Jacob to celebrate his success making the football team as a starter. The boy played the position of safety on defense and had been a high ranked local recruit to the college. The pictures of him showed him as a handsome young man in terrific shape and with a face that looked like that of his fathers but with short cute black hair. Vida had other ideas in mind besides this club party for young Jacob.

It was a Monday afternoon while the party was waiting tomorrow evening. He was of legal age to drink and from Steven’s own admission to her, the father expected his son to get shit-faced drunk since he had been hearing about the stories of the parties from the college. The ideas Vida had in mind were about to come to a spark as she made her way to a local bar that she had been told Jacob would be at. She got the tip from a friend across town that worked security for the Diaz family at their club. Dressed in a white outfit with white pants and a white jacket with only one button that pulled over her big breasts that tucked them together with a bra in between, she stomped her heels into the bar and strutted her ass as she walked in.

The bar was empty for an afternoon, why a young college football star was spending his time at this place was an odd one. Vida observed through her eyes and spotted young Jacob at a table all by himself with a handheld video game up to his face pressing the buttons. He wore a typical white T-shirt and stonewashed jeans, a casual look. Vida slowly walked towards him and smiled as she looked down at him.

“Hello, are you Jacob Diaz?”

The young boy looked up at her with his blue eyes, his face was like a younger variation of his fathers apart from the different eye color.

“Who the fuck are you?”

Such hostility in that tone and choice of words, Vida just gave him a fake smile and replied in a sweet voice.

“My name is Vida, I’m a friend of your fathers.”

The young man looked back down at the handheld video game and began smashing the buttons.

“Oh look, I ain’t him. You can find him across town, now get lost.”

“Such a temper you have, let me further address you better Jacob.”

Vida sat herself down on the opposite end of the table and then the boy got aggravating puffing out an audible sigh as he turned the handheld game off and looked back at her.

“What do you want?”

Dropping her lip, Vida gave him a seductive little smile and then spoke in a sweet voice. Her cleavage exposed from the white jacket giving him just enough of a view of the fun he could be having soon enough.

“Well, put it this way. I owe your father, have known him for a long time. He asked me to treat you for a change. Says that he thinks all those college sluts you been fucking might be ruining you and that you need a real woman for a change.”

Vida grinned after she finished speaking. The young man looked back at her and chuckled before looking away and then back at her. Was she fucking serious? He thought to himself, it wasn’t unlike something of his father to do, as it had been done before. Jacob looked back at her and replied.

“You are joking right? How do I know you are really sent her by my old man?”

“Well, my name is Vida Guerra. I’m a famous model that’s been around before, and I have the tattoos as proof that I am who I say I am.”

“You know…I think I saw you before with my dad at a club back when I was young. I don’t know, been some time. But if you for real, I ain’t gonna say no to your offer. Take you back to my apartment and you can prove it to me.”

“That’s just what I was sent here to do, hun.”

The two smiled at each other. ‘College boys are so easy, but a jock is even better’ Vida thought to herself. He was young, and just dumb enough to think with his dick so fast that she didn’t even have to try to convince him to take her. Fresh young meat for her sexual adventures, this was going to be a lot of fun.



Time had slipped on by with the clock on this hot afternoon across town. True to the words of the deal, Jacob took the voluptuous curvy woman back to his apartment near campus. Vida and Jacob had shared a few drinks between kisses and now he was home alone ready for her to do her ‘job’ she had to do. The young man sat on the bed as he watched her go into a strip routine, unbuttoning the one little button that held her jacket together and then throwing it off. A big dumb grin came across his face as Vida then undid the button of her matching white pants and slipped them on down and stepped her heels out of them revealing her body in nothing more than a white thong and bra matching the white high heels. She looked at him like he was a hungry prey as she placed her hand on her stomach.

“Ready for some fun?”

“Fuck yeah I am!”

Just like his father with a reply like that, Vida smirked as she leaned him down and he fell on the bed with her on top. She pressed her body into him before placing a kiss on his lips and then began to trail her hands down his stomach. Once she lowered herself to his pants, she looked in his eyes and dropped her lip as she began to unbutton the top of his pants where the bulge of his mighty young cock was just begging for her attention. Suddenly a loud commotion was heard and the door behind her swung open to a young man.

“Yo Jacob dude, DUDE!!”

The young man had no idea he had walked in to a romp taking place. As his eyes seen Vida from behind with that enormous Latin ass his eyes nearly bulged out of his head as his jaw dropped. The boy had a bag of chips in his hand which he immediately dropped to the floor. This was the greatest ass he ever seen in his life.

“Fuck man, I’m in the middle of something!”

Jacob responded as Vida turned around to see the friend. He was of Caucasian decent and dressed in a pastel blue shirt with khaki shorts. The muscular body build with tattoos up his arms and curly brown hair told her this must have been one of Jacob’s team mates, more jock cock to handle.

“No wait, who is he hun!?”

The boy looked in her eyes and replied with a smirk on his face.

“My name is Fred, and who are you? God damn, that fucking ass is incredible.”

She laughed before responding to him as Jacob rolled his eyes. Little did she know that this had occurred before between the two.

“Vida, that’s my name.”

“Well Vida, you’re fucking hot let me tell you that. Dude! This chick right here has the best fucking ass I have ever seen in my life, I gotta get a hold of that”

Jacob rolled his eyes. He knew what this meant, little could she know what he and his friend Fred did on their off time. Typical jocks that usually were fucking hot broads late at night after practices. They had picked up a number of girls and fucked them together, as a team. Vida looked back at Fred and then at Jacob, and figured to roll the dice of dangerous lust. Fred was already starring at her from behind, she shrugged and responded.

“I think I can handle you both if that’s what you want to do.”

Fred’s eyes nearly bust out of his head and his mouth dropped. it was like he just won the lottery, if only he had any idea who she was and the fact she was at least 20 years older than the both of them. In his mind, Jacob had found this woman some how and brought her to the apartment to be shared with him. This one would be worth memories past all the slutty coeds they had been fucking together.

“Dude I am so in! Let’s nail this big ass, hot bitch!”

The die had been cast and now it was on. Vida wasn’t going to even try to talk her way out of this. Threesomes were not something she typically did, but how much she craved younger men from time to time, she was positive that she could handle them. Her body was strongly built and even though these were athletic jocks she knew she could take the pounding from both ends. She got up off of Jacob and then stood up in her heels to give Fred some attention, she kissed the young man on the lips and went to unbuckling the belt to his khaki shorts. Meanwhile, Jacob got up off the bed and began to undress.

Vida’s hand had slid into Fred’s pants to fondle his cock around. When she broke the kiss and opened her eyes, the feeling of a hand on her shoulder caught her attention and she turned to see Jacob naked standing before her. She turned her attention to him now and locked lips kissing while Fred finished undressing himself. Breaking the kiss, she turned to the other young man and seen they both were naked so she put both hands on their cocks and began to stroke them simultaneously as she lowered herself down to her knees.

“Been a while since I had two young men with their hard cocks in my hands.”

Down on her knees, Vida stroked them together; Fred in her left hand, Jacob in her right. They both were relatively around the same size, only difference being that Fred’s was more pink looking while Jacob was a little darker. Opening her mouth she turned to her right and decided to give Jacob’s rod the first go with her mouth. Flicking the head with her tongue, she opened her mouth and enveloped her puffy lips around it. While she began to suck on it, her hand still stroked Fred’s cock.

“Yeah, I can tell by looking at her that she has to suck dick like a fucking pro. This body is built to be fucked.”

It was Fred running his mouth like a typical college jock spoiled from all the sex they had been having. Vida didn’t let dirty talk move her from the concentration she was having of sucking one young cock between her lips. Bobbing her head up and down on it for a bit, she came up with a loud popping noise and then moved her attention to Fred’s rod. First she spit on it and then she wrapped her around Jacob’s cock and began to stroke him while she sucked on his friends. Bobbing her head up and down on it, sucking at a slow pace. Fred put his hands down into her hair to push her head down on it further, and then Jacob laughed.

“Yeah make her take your cock man, she can handle it.”

Jacob was sure from looking at her that she could take some aggression, Vida sucked Fred’s rod down over and over bobbing her head until he let go of the back of her hair. It was time to go back to the other cock for equal attention. She came up with some sticky saliva strings dangling and then spit on Jacob’s rod before sucking it back between her lips.

“Yeah I was right dude, she knows how to suck our fucking dicks.”

Fred bragged again as he watched the Cuban goddess stroke his fat cock while devouring his friends. Over and over, she slobbered all over that pole before coming up for air and alternating to the other one. Spitting on it as usual, and then wrapping her lips around it while her free hand stroked the other young cock. She started to get faster with her sucking and then alternated again, lodging Jacob’s pole back between her lips and Fred’s in her hands.

“Dude, I don’t think she can choose which one tastes better.”

“Oh, this is only the beginning buddy.”

Vida could have laughed at them joking about how well she handled the two of them with her sucking skills. She paid it no attention though at first, bobbing her head up and down as loud sucking noises came from below mixed with the young men moaning out loud. Finally she had enough and came up with another pop noise off Jacob’s cock as she looked up and both of them and pushed their rods over her cheeks to tease.

“You two boys enjoying this?”

“Fuck yeah I am.”

Jacob winked down at her after replying and then Fred nodded.

“Yeah, you are one nasty fucking bitch down there.”

She laughed at him, stroking their cocks in unison.

“You’re both nasty boys!”

“Yeah, you wanna get fucked up the ass Vida, huh? Ever since I walked in and seen that ass, I gotta have it.”

“Oh yeah? I think I’m ready for it!”

Vida took their cocks now and placed a kiss on the head of them both; Fred’s first, Jacob’s second. Since this was originally a prize for Jacob, she figured she would save her pussy for him first, but his friend was going to make sure he got her ass first and she would be happy to oblige. Jacob spoke up as he knew they were about to switch positions, they had done this with girls many times before to the point he was experienced.

“Let’s get a new position, Vida you ready for this? I’m gonna let Fred fuck you from behind while I take you up front, you ready?”

She nodded her head smiling as she climbed up from her knees.

“Yes! I said I could take you both on!”

Turning to look at Fred, Vida gives him the nod and orders him.

“Get behind me, and you both can lift me up and both fuck me.”

“Smart broad, you know how we like to take a girl together!”

A small laugh was shared between the two young men. Jacob stood in front of her and waited for Fred to come behind her. Vida turned over her shoulder and on cue, the two men placed their hands over her body and lifted her up. Fred gripped both cheeks of her ass and spread it as he lifted her, while Vida spread her legs to wrap around Jacob’s body, his hands planted over her hips. Looking him in the eyes, she could feel Fred from behind easing his cock toward her tight hole. Vida used her hand to grab Jacob’s long shaft from below and guide it towards her pussy. Once he was in position she brought her hands up to his shoulders and looked him in the eyes to give him a wink. The two jock mates thrust and penetrated her holes with their young cocks.

“Ohhhh yeah! Get ’em in there and fuck me!”

Both of them thrust into her in unison. Vida closed her eyes and moaned in pure ecstasy as she felt Fred’s fat cock drive into her thick huge ass and Jacob pumping his own meat into her pussy. She moaned louder in pure ecstasy as the two young boys began to push and thrust, fucking her in the middle of them. Her breasts began to shake and rub up against Jacob’s ripped chest.

“Oh god yeah, this IS the best ass of my life!”

“She’s fucking tight, I tell you that!”

“Yes! Yes! YES! FUCK ME!!”

Her moans turned into loud screams as both of the young men double penetrated Vida with their jock cocks. Pound after pound, they rocked her body sandwiched between the two of them. Pumping that immense ass and her lovely pussy. Vida threw her head back moaning out loudly while she dug her nails into Jacob’s shoulders.

“Dude, I need a break before I cum too soon!”

It was Fred’s voice speaking up. Vida heard him and laughed to herself while Jacob moaned. The poor boy needed a break before he blew his load too soon. Jacob knew what he meant, as they always had a messy ending with their threesome romps. With one final thrust into her pussy he responded to his friend.

“Yeah man I hear you, come on Vida we’ll set you back down.”

The two of them stopped completely and moved to set her back down, after their cocks had exited her tight holes. Those big heels stomped loudly over the wooden floor of their apartment room. Fred moved to sit down on the bed and now Jacob ran his hand into her brunette hair and grabbed her before winking and speaking to her in a sinister laugh.

“You can get down on your fucking knees and suck on my cock again.”

“Oh yeah, you gonna fuck my face then, dirty boy?”

“Since you asked for it, I fucking am!”

Vida lowered herself down to her knees but Jacob refused to let go of the back of her head. Starring at his cock again, she parted those big puffy lips and then he pushed her head down, forcing her mouth to engulf his cock. He began to buck his hips hard, and Vida stood there taking his cock thrusting into her mouth fucking it at a wild pace.

“Yeah, you like that!?”


Her mouth echoed an assorted rhythm of sucking sounds as Jacob fucked her mouth accordingly. He didn’t stop at all, bucking his hips wildly into her as Fred sat on the bed stroking his own meat slowly and watching his friend fuck the beautiful model’s face. The young man certainly lived up to the aggression that his father made a trademark in fucking. After a good bit of bucking his hips, Jacob pushed her all the way down to shove his cock as far as it could go down her throat. He held her there until he heard her gag and choke on it, her eyes watered up and streams of drool ran out the corners of her mouth. Finally, he released her from his grip and let the busty woman come up for air. Vida caught her breath as long strings of saliva went back from her lips to his cock and a flood of spit dripped down from her chin to her big breasts.

“Oh yeah, you fucking liked that Vida?”

Catching her breath, she looked up at the boy and laughed.

“Mmmmm yeah I did, you remind me of your father.”

Fred heard that comment and busted out laughing, while Jacob rolled his eyes. He knew the jokes that they were going to make in the future but now that Fred knew that his old man had a taste of this woman in the past, Jacob would be a bit embarrassed in discussion. Nevertheless, Fred had gotten up and was ready for another round.

“Dude, you ready to double fuck this hot bitch again?”

Jacob nodded at his friend and the only silence in the room was quietly reminding Vida to prepare for another sandwiching. One double penetration between their jock cocks wasn’t enough, they always shared both holes back and forth and wore a girl slap out but Vida nothing like the college sluts they had been fucking. She could handle and more to go with it. She stood back up and fixed her hair behind her shoulders. Her tits were gleaming in the spit that had flowed past her mouth, while her eye liner got a little smudged from her watered up eyes.

“Here’s your nasty boy, you sexy one.”

Standing in front of her was Fred with a sinister grin on his face. If these two weren’t typical frat boys they were the average jocks that got around. Both Fred and Jacob put their hands back on her to pick her up. Like before but in reverse, Jacob’s hands were sunk into the vast flesh of her enormous ass while Fred picked her up from her hips. She spread her legs and wrapped them around Jacob’s body while both of them used a hand to grab their cocks and begin guiding them into her holes. Vida closed her eyes before she felt the penetration of both her epic booty and that sweet dripping pussy. Placing her hands on the young man’s chest she grit her teeth before screaming out like a banshee.


“Yeah take it Vida!, TAKE OUR FUCKING COCKS!”

Jacob screamed out at her from behind, echoing in her ear loudly. She opened her eyes to see Fred’s curled up face as both of them were pounding their young jock cocks into her over and over. She could feel her breaking point coming soon for her pussy, Fred’s rod pumping into her hole harder and faster while Jacob was fucking her ass just as face as he had thrust her face moments ago. Her nails scratched down Fred’s chest causing him to scream out in pleasureful pain as her body tightened up and her legs shook a bit.


Her voice screamed at a high pitch, wailing like a banshee to echo throughout the upper floors of the apartment complex as she hit her orgasm cumming hard all over the jock’s hard dick deep within her. Her climax didn’t stop them from still pounding and thrusting rods within her holes but Jacob knew that he was coming close to blowing, causing him to slow down and call out to his friend.

“Hey man, let’s take it easy. I know I’m about ready to blow, you?”

Fred nodded his head up at Jacob with Vida looking at him and then over her shoulder.

“Yeah, let’s set her back down. You can load her down first, I need another break.”

The two boys lowered Vida back down to her heels on the floor, letting their jock cocks escape the grasp of her holes. Heavy breathing was exchanged for all three of them as Fred stepped back and then Jacob too charge by moving in front of her and snapping his fingers and pointing down to the floor, the young man retained control.

“Down on your fucking knees babe, come on.”

Vida obeyed his order accordingly, dropping down to her knees as she couldn’t help but hear the resemblance in that tone and sound of his voice echoing back of his father. Jacob approached her holding his cock before ordering her again.

“Those titties, fuck me with those things.”

“As you wish, you nasty boy!”

His request reminded her of none other than his father. She smirked at him upon the request and grabbed a hold of her nicely sized breasts and pulled them apart. Jacob moved to push his cock between them and then Vida smashed them together and began to quickly move up and down, pumping his rod between her beauties. All the while, Fred stood there off to the side stroking himself slowly as he watched her titty fuck his friend.

“Oh yeah, you like that nasty boy? My big tits fucking your cock?”

“Fuck yeah I do, I’m gonna fucking cum all over those big tits.”

“Mmmmm, just like your father.”

Once again Vida made a comment relating the father and the son. it was just a few days ago that his old man had unloaded over her breasts, she should have known the son was just as much a tit lover as the father. Over and over, she pumped her big breasts up and down fucking his cock. She leaned down and watched the head poke up each time she thrust down, taking her tongue and swiping the head each chance she got. After a good bit of time, Jacob brought his hand back and grabbed his pole to pull from her tits. Vida got the hint and held her tits up for him as she gritted her teeth and teased him with her filthy language.

“Yeah, you going to cum for me Jacob? Going to cum all over my big breasts?”

The boy said nothing, all he did was stroke his long jock cock as his hand came down to her shoulder to hold her there and get a good aim. Off to the side his friend stood stroking his own meat but Vida kept her attention on Jacob, locking eye contact.

“Cum on me, give it to me.”

He gritted his teeth and jacked himself as fast as he could and finally that hard work paid off as he groaned and shot a wave of cum onto her.


“Mmmmmmmmmm, yeah.”

Vida closed her eyes from the first feeling, the initial shot was so powerful it struck up her chin and lower lip in a thick wad of his seed, more wads of cum flew over her neck and dripped down giving her a nice pearly necklace, more of his cum splashed over both her breasts equally coating them down in his white spunk. As the power of his loads began to die down, he squeezed his cock hard for the final drops to drain over her left nipple. Vida grinned at the mess he made, quite similar to the load she received from Steven the other day. Like father, like son.

“Damn that was fucking hot, made you into a fucking mess.”

She giggled at the young man’s comment and replied.

“Yep, you sure did!”

“My turn, finish me off.”

It was Fred’s turn now to empty his balls on her. Since Jacob had finished with her breasts and made a sticky mess there, Fred knew what he wanted to paint into a nasty picture. He stepped forward and she opened her mouth right on time as his hand went down into her hair and he forced her lips over his fat dick for one last go. Vida sucked his meat stick, bobbing her head up and down for a good bit until he had enough of it and pulled at her hair. She slid her lips up to the base and made a loud pop sound to come off of it. She looked up to meet eyes with the jock and tease him by talking dirty to him, while his hand began to stroke his cock.

“You going to cum on me too now? Make a big mess of me?”

“Oh yeah, you have no fucking idea how messy I’m about to make you.”

She brought her hand up to his balls and playfully began to rub as she gritted her teeth and barked more naughty words to him. He held her hair and continued to stroke his cock, so close to the awaiting explosion.

“Oh yeah, really? You going to, OH!”

In that instance, Fred’s cock exploded and a hot wave shot up the left cheek of Vida’s face under her eye. The cum was so thick, a piece of it dropped down onto her tits. She closed her eyes and moaned as he shot another thick wave on her right cheek this time drenching her eye and catching above her eyebrow. Another wave followed striking her forehead and dripping down over her nose, more cum splashed on her right cheek until he began to lose steam and just finished by squirting the last bit over her tits. Her face and tits were a mess in the cum from both of their jock cocks.

“God…damn. Wow, you two made sure to get me good!”

“You asked for it babe.”

“Yeah, you fucking took it though like a champion.”

Jacob bragged first and then Fred chimed in. She wouldn’t lie that had enjoyed this, all of it. The young men had proven to be beyond expectations with traits of the father within Jacob’s spirit. Vida swiped her finger up to catch the cum that splashed in her right eyelid, so she could reopen her eyes and look at both of them standing there and starring down as if she was a masterpiece painting on display. For the last time she wrapped her hands on those big jock cocks and gave them admiration. First Jacob’s, she moved it to her lips and kissed the head. Moving over to Fred’s rod, she kissed it and looked up into his eyes before gazing over at them both.

“That was a lot of fun. Boys, you fucked a real woman today like men.”



The summer heat carried on, business as usual through town. History had been made in the minds of a father and son with the last name Diaz, along with another young man and a woman. Vida had disappeared into the shadows of her private life as she always did, happy to counter the point that she ‘went through’ a part of the family. Jacob had his big party at Disco Fever with family, sure enough as his father predicted he was drunk off his ass and surrounded by a harem of strippers along with his other college jock teammates. That was all last week by now and it was a fresh week of practice on campus and relaxing back at the apartment.

Jacob didn’t have the nerve to tell his old man about Vida. He believed her though, that she was a ‘gift’ that day for him. Just as Vida believed a lie that Steven told her to her face, so goes the story. The one person who couldn’t keep their mouth shut though was Fred who made mental notes in his mind about the references of ‘just like your father’ from Vida. As of a Monday night, the two young men sat in their apartment relaxing. Jacob was sitting in a chair having a beer, while Fred was sprawled over the couch snacking on junk food while they watched some cheesy 80’s low budget film. Fred’s mind was elsewhere tonight as he chuckled and spoke.

“Dude, your dad must be the best dad ever in the world.”

“What the fuck, what you talking about!?”

Fred laughed again.

“You know, that woman you had over here last week. The one wearing wearing and had that fucking huge ass. She was fucking amazing, better than any other slut we’ve had so far this summer.”

Jacob rolled his eyes before replying.

“What’s that have to do with my old man?”

“Oh you think I’m just gonna forget that? She said it, you were like your old man, ha ha!”

“Man, fuck you…”

Fred laughed again, seeing as he could irritate his friend with teasing over this. Jacob had blushed red across the room. He and his father didn’t always have the best of relationships but whatever the case was with Vida, he wasn’t going to deny the fun he shared.

“OK fine man, I’ll tell you. She used to date my old man…some years ago, she is around 40 something.”

From that comment Fred dropped his jaw and replied.

“Holy shit, she didn’t look that old. Whatever, best ass I ever seen. Yeah like I was saying, your old man is the best dad ever. To let us have some fun with that chick. I mean, who else gets that lucky in this town?”

Jacob rolled his eyes and shrugged as now his friend was going to brag and go in circles with talking about how great his father must be. Whatever the case, neither of them and Vida could deny the fun that was had. All etched in the back of their brains as wonderful memories.


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