Big Booty Bitches Ch. 30

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 30

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Vida Guerra, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Salma Hayek

Codes: MF, MFF, cons, oral, anal, spank, facial, titty fuck, slut, drugs, viol, organized crime

Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up. I do not make money from these stories. Please do not copy and plagiarize my work. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com




Miami, Florida


Through the early morning, the sun had risen through the sky, bringing daylight before the city. The light was visible beyond the curtains hanging over the windows, casting it’s rays into the room of the Fontainebleau hotel. Carlos was upstairs, just getting out of the shower as a special woman remained naked with her body spread over the white bed sheets. Downstairs, his cousin Ramón had been awake for a few hours. He had spent the night at his brother’s hotel, appropriately nicknamed ‘the fortress’ due to all the security that Carlos had on the floor. Last night had been Carlos’ birthday and Ramón was still processing the thought of what birthday present had been given to his brother. There was much to talk about with the woman, as Ramón was eager to learn just how and why she would slip her way into their grasp. She now belonged to a small collection of women that was Carlos’ little harem of loyal whores.

The lifestyle Carlos and Ramón had embraced had become one of fantasy. Carlos had becoming something of a drug kingpin and he planned to keep it that way. The dream had started with the idea of becoming rich off a few deals but had slowly morphed into something of a conquest. Carlos no longer cared or feared the other underworld figures of the city. Murdering Tito Munoz was to send a message across town. Gone were the days of looking up to the older drug barons of a previous era. There was a new generation hungry to take the center stage of the city’s drug world. Carlos was hungry and ambitious to take over Miami, already thinking of the possibilities now that he had split solo from Legba’s organization and had went into business with himself. No one was going to stand in his way. With his brother at his side, Carlos had the utmost confidence in himself.

Across the room downstairs, Carlos had not done much housekeeping when he was home. In the kitchen, he kept his tools for testing the purity of cocaine right on the table out in the open for all eyes to see. A black Ithaca 37 shotgun was propped up against the bar, sitting next to two AK-47 assault rifles and a few black boxes of bullets. Sitting among the boxes was a MAC-10 sub-machine gun without the clip. In the living room, two trays were placed over the coffee table with utensils of razor blades and metal straws. It wasn’t uncommon for Carlos to have guests who dabbled in a habit of powdering their noses. Whenever he needed the hotel room cleaned, Carlos made his whores do the work of housekeeping rather than call for room service. Through all afternoon hours, he usually had his hired henchmen coming and going from down the hall. The room had been nicknamed ‘the fortress’ due to how accessible his bodyguards and hired thugs were on the same floor.

Besides the bodyguards, Carlos had taken in a handful of women whom stayed in his hotel room or visited often. He liked to refer to them as his ‘loyal whores’. The first one he had picked up was a blonde haired and blue eyed girl named Nancy. She had previously began a career as a hooker in the streets of South Beach, working her way up to become a middle level escort. Carlos took a liking to Nancy based on her big tits. They were fake, but he didn’t care as long as they were nice and large. Nancy made herself useful any time he needed to get his rocks off. The second girl stood tall with black hair and muscular curves. Jocelyn fancied herself as something of the ‘Kim Kardashian of Miami’ as she tried her absolute best to mimic her idol. Unlike the other woman she slept beside, Jocelyn had met Carlos through an unusual circumstance. She had been previously been dating another man until Carlos stole her away by flashing his wallet and promising her a place at his side once he had made it to the top of the city’s underworld. The two girls were in something of a competition to be his right hand woman and future wife, but now they had a true heavyweight to deal with.

Vida Guerra was the latest addition to Carlos’ small harem of whores. She knew exactly what she was doing as she had so willingly offered herself up to the man. Pay back was to come in some form or another, as she wanted nothing more than to make Steven feel the same painful humiliation he had inflicted upon her back in Las Vegas. She was not a woman to forget things and she knew just how to shove a dagger right back at him after what he had done to her. Vida was well aware of the bad blood between Steven and his cousin Carlos. With all intentions, she had plans to help Carlos rub it in. In passing, she had heard of Carlos’ rise in swirling rumors. Once she had learned that he was building a harem of girls, she had made her move and willingly put herself up as his birthday present. Vida wasn’t worried about any other women. She knew they wouldn’t be able to compete with her, especially after last night when she had handled both Carlos and his brother Ramón at the same time. Unlike the other girls, she didn’t care about becoming his wife. Vida knew that Carlos would be more than happy to bring her along to rub her presence in Steven’s face.

In the living room, Ramón sat around on the couch. He thought about last night’s events, going over the fact he had finally experienced his dream fantasy by fucking Vida. All those years she had been dating Steven, Ramón had lusted over the Cuban model famous for her giant ass. It all seemed so strange that Vida would go from someone like Steven all the way to his brother Carlos. There had to be a reason for all of this and Ramón had all intentions of finding out why. He had to leave and go back to his own condo for a shower and a change of clothes, but not until he had spoken with Carlos and hopefully Vida too. All he wore was a shirt and his pair of underwear from the previous night before all three of them had become completely naked. While he sat there pondering his own thoughts, a phone began to ring across the room. As Ramón got up and moved across the room, Carlos had come racing down the stairs in nothing more than a black tied robe over his body. He grabbed the phone, quickly answering it.


Upstairs, Vida had climbed out of bed and washed her face in the bathroom. She could hear Carlos’ voice. A few minutes had passed before Carlos hung up his cellphone and spoke back to Ramón.

“Great, that was Salazar calling. He wants to set up another meeting tomorrow.”

Ramón looked back at his brother with a surprised look over his face. They had previously met with Miguel Salazar last night back at the yacht for Carlos’ little birthday party. From the distance, a shadowy figure could be seen from the staircase, but Ramón paid it no attention as he answered his brother back.

“I guess he liked what he seen of us last night.”

“Yep! He’s ready to do business. This time we’re going to negotiate the trade and talk all the heavy details.”

“Did he say where he wants to meet?”

“No, he left that choice to us. He said he don’t want any bodyguards and it must be a public place. I guess he wants to keep things casual.”

“I guess we could meet him at a club or something.”

“Yeah, I was thinking of that. There’s a-”

“Why not tell him to meet you at Disco Fever?”

The voice that called out over both of them was none other than Vida standing on the staircase. Carlos turned to look at the caramel skinned the goddess. She stood in nothing but a black thong and bra, almost as if she were posing on the staircase to tease them. A smug grin ran across her puffy lips. Smirking back at her, Carlos wanted to tell her to shut it, but he restrained himself. He usually never allowed his whores to get involved with his decision making, as he was quick to slap them in the face and tell them to shut up, but this was different. There was a reason Vida was suggesting them to schedule the meeting at the very same club they used to work security before they moved on to a different life. After thinking to himself, Carlos replied back, subtly taunting Vida about her relationship with Steven.

“Disco Fever, eh? That’s real funny. You got someone there you wanna meet?”

She smirked back at him and nodded.

“Yeah, why not? You know who runs that club and you can walk in there and show him who’s the new boss in town.”

Vida’s reply had sent chills down Ramón’s skin. Through the years he had been aware of her rocky on and off again relationship with Steven, but now he realized just why she had come to Carlos. She knew of the bad blood between the two of them and with a reply like that, everything was beginning to make sense now. She had her own card to play in this and was pushing to influence Carlos.

“So that’s why you think I should schedule a meeting there? Just so I can tell Steven to go fuck himself?”

Carlos wasn’t amused with his words answering her back. Vida stepped down from the staircase, walking over to him. She stood face to face, running her hand over his chest and feeling the texture of the silk black robe. Their eyes met. She wasn’t intimidated by him whatsoever as she answered him back.

“Yeah, you should. After what he’s done to you, I don’t see why you shouldn’t want a little revenge.”

With her right hand, Vida ran it over Carlos’ face. She touched the scar over the left side of Carlos’ forehead, gently caressing it as she starred back into his eyes and spoke once more in a seductive voice.

“After the pain he’s caused you, I think you deserve a moment to kick back at him. I’m with you now, that’s another thing to rub in his face…”

She smirked, flashing her perfect white teeth before carrying on with her words.

“Unless you’re scared of him.”

Vida’s words instantly enraged Carlos, striking a nerve. She knew exactly what she was doing by speaking to him in such a low tone and then using her final words. It was a risk she took, as she didn’t have the slightest fear in her. He gritted his teeth, instantly using both of his hands to snatch her up by the hair hard. Vida didn’t flinch or cry out. Ramón stood there watching, as he knew his brother was about to ‘put a bitch down in her place’ as he referred to it in words. Carlos glared back into Vida’s eyes as he responded in a stern voice while holding her hair tightly.

“You listen to me right now, bitch. I ain’t scared of anybody on the face of this fucking planet. No one strikes fear in me. Not you, not Steven, NO ONE!”

“Then prove it! Go schedule your meeting at Steven’s club and rub it in his fucking face!”

Carlos was shocked that Vida would yell back at him like this. Any time he snatched up Jocelyn or Nancy up like this, they would scream in fear. If a woman yelled back at him like this, his instant reaction was to rear his hand back and slap them across the face, but he didn’t with Vida. As badly as he wanted to slap her in the mouth, he couldn’t force himself to do it. He listened to her words and took them into consideration. When Carlos loosened his grip and let go of her hair, Vida continued to encourage him with her words.

“You owe this to yourself, honey. After what he did to you, you deserve to get back at him some how. I’ll go with you and you can rub it in his face that I’ve left him for a better man. You’re the boss now and you ain’t gonna take no fucking shit from him, ain’t that right baby?”

A smile appeared over Carlos’ face as Vida had spoke. His mind had been made up now. All this time, he had forgotten Steven’s existence until now. Before replying in words, Carlos used both of his hands to cup Vida’s face and then leaned in to kiss her hard on the lips. When their lips pulled apart, he moved his hands from her face and then turned to his brother who looked horrified at watching this scene unfold.

“It’s settled, we’ll have the meeting at Disco Fever.”

He turned back to Vida and pointed to her.

“But you aren’t going with me. You’re staying here and you’re gonna learn your place if you’re serious about being one of my whores. I expect you to do what you’re told and don’t ask any questions.”

Vida raised her eyebrow, surprised that Carlos didn’t want to bring her along with him. She didn’t argue back though, simply nodded to him and smiled.

“Yes, if that’s what you wish honey, I’ll stay here.”

“Good, then it’s settled. I’ll call Salazar back in a few hours and tell him to meet us there tomorrow afternoon. Vida baby, I’m gonna give you a couple hundred dollars to go shopping. I want you to go get some new lingerie sets and underwear. If you’re gonna be one of my whores, then you’re gonna fucking dress like one at all times. I want you to buy nothing but bras, g-strings and high heels, you understand?”

“Yes, basically stripper clothes is what I’m buying.”

“While you’re at it, make sure whatever heels you buy look like something a stripper would wear on stage. I like the ones that show off the toes. The sluttier, the better.”

After hearing all of the exchange between them, Ramón didn’t know what to think. He swallowed his breath as Vida stepped right past him, his brother’s eyes glancing down to watch her phat ass cheeks bouncing back and forth between the little thong between them. It all made sense to him now why Vida would give herself up to Carlos like this. Ramón realized this was some kind of revenge game to her, as she was getting back at Steven over something. Despite his brother’s hatred towards the man, Carlos did not share any feelings of animosity towards their older cousin. Steven had been nothing but good to him over the years. He helped him get jobs and had even split his earnings of a drug deal when Steven had to get rid of a kilo of cocaine from the car accident with Carlos some years ago. He had fond memories with his cousin Steven, going back to events that he would forever remember. This meeting tomorrow wasn’t going to end well  and he knew it. Ramón took in a deep breath as he silently asked himself: what should I do?


Outside a gas station Downtown, a metallic blue Cadillac sat parked near the front. A man was visible in the passenger’s seat wearing a light blue double breasted suit jacket with matching pants. Sean waited in the car, meanwhile Steven was in the gas station paying for two bottled sodas. After paying with a few dollar bills, he grabbed the plastic bag and headed out the front door. Over his body, he wore his usual white blazer jacket over a purple shirt and matching white pants. Once he stepped out of the store, he reached in his pocket for his cellphone while walking back to the driver’s side door of the car. He opened it, climbing in as he tossed the bag over to Sean. After shutting the door, Steven concentrated on his phone while Sean let out a sigh in shock.

“You’re calling her again?”

“No, I’m texting her.”

This had become a common habit through out the day for Steven ever since he walked through the front doors of Disco Fever. After last night’s hectic events, he had come to the brutal realization of what his actions had led him to. There was the problem with his son, but more than anything Steven had just realized that his relationship with Jennifer Lopez was now lost in the midst of his rage last night. He was heart broken, spending every few minutes either trying to call her cellphone or texting. Sean had watched and counted up to four times Steven had either tried to call or sent her a text message while they were in the car. They were out on lunch break during the afternoon and soon had to get back to the club. Once Steven had sent the text message apologizing to her again, he went on and cranked the car back up. Once he had pulled away from the gas station and moved back on the roads, Sean spoke to him again.

“Hey man, you gotta chill out. I’ve been sitting here counting how many times you either try to call or text her.”

“I don’t care. I’ve gotta talk to her about this.”

“The more you push a woman, the more unhappy she’s gonna be with you. Give her some space and let her cool down.”

Steven sighed back at Sean, moving the steering wheel as he took a turn in the road. He swallowed his breath, not knowing how to reply back to his friend. He had been over the moon in love with Jennifer and now he was left destroyed over their sudden end to what he hoped could’ve been a long term relationship. It was over and the pain he felt was too much to bear. He didn’t even want to think about the fact he had purposely betrayed Vida just to get with Jennifer.

“I fucked it all up last night. It’s all my fault and she tried to stop me. I don’t know why I can’t just stop and think when I’m mad. She tried to get me to calm down and I wouldn’t let her. I was so fucking mad, you just don’t know. I would’ve burned that club to the ground if I had the chance.”

“That’s not your fault, Steven. After what your son did, I don’t know how you went to sleep last night.”

“I didn’t go to sleep when I went home last night. I just sat down and thought about it for hours until the sun came up.”

Shaking his head, Steven continued driving as he spoke once more.

“I failed that boy, Sean. Losing a woman like Jennifer hurts, but nothing compares to knowing that you’re a failure of a parent. It’s all my fault, I should’ve raised him better. I screwed up somewhere down the line and he turned out to be a fucking punk.”

“What are you gonna do about that old man he put in the hospital?”

“I’m planning on visiting the man myself and apologizing to him and his family. I’m gonna write them a check today and pay for his medical bills out of my own pocket. It’s the least I can do. I would bring Jacob with me since he’s the one that should be apologizing, but I don’t think he wants to be around me again after last night.”

Silence fell in the car after Steven’s spoken words. Sean didn’t know what to say back to him that would be appropriate, since he had never been in a difficult position like this. All Steven could feel was pain and regret for last night’s events. Despite his efforts to apologize to Jennifer in multiple text messages, her silence in no replies was enough to tell him that there was nothing he could do to salvage their relationship. It was over so fast, all due to his brass reactions and unhinged anger. Beyond the heart breaking sorrow he felt over losing her, the incident with Jacob was taking it’s toll. All Steven could think about with him was those words Jacob had yelled back at him last night. It made him realize there wasn’t an easy fix to this anymore. There was much truth in Jacob’s words about him being a neglectful father towards him. All those words that Jacob had yelled back at him had become engraved in Steven’s mind. Perhaps it was true, he should’ve stayed with his mom back in Texas.

It had been years since Steven had last spoken to his ex-wife Tara. Among all the pain that he felt as a failure of a parent, there was also the despair of failing as a husband. He had married Tara out of high school after she became pregnant when they both were only eighteen years old. As teen parents, they had much responsibity burdened on them at such a young age. Tara had done her best to raise Jacob while Steven had went through desperate measures to make easy money. His father before him had a habit of dealing with the drug business beyond the walls of the night clubs the Diaz name was later associated with. It was that lifestyle which Steven had embraced in his young years. Tara had put up with all of it. Beyond his habits of cheating on her with multiple women, Steven would leave for long periods of time and come home without explaining any details for why he had suddenly disappeared on her with a child at home. Once Jacob was fifteen years of age, Steven and Tara divorced. She moved to Texas after Steven signed over custody allowing her to raise Jacob. The failure of marriage had now become the failure of raising their son and Steven knew it was all his fault. All that was left was for Steven to accent this as a fact and try his best to make the future better.



Carlos had closed some business back at the hotel, dealing with phone calls and seeing his bodyguards down the hall. Ramón had left early, returning back to his own condo and leaving his brother all alone to handle things himself. Carlos called back Miguel Salazar, informing him that he wanted to meet in Disco Fever of all places. Once he had closed his business dealings, it was time to kick back and relax in complete privacy. Nancy had called to see Carlos as she soon arrived by the time Vida had come home from shopping. The blonde haired former hooker wasn’t amused to know he had taken on another woman as a whore. She had enough competition to deal with from Jocelyn but now there was Vida who already had made her presence clear by walking around his hotel suite in nothing but a white g-string, lace bra and plastic stiletto high heels. Vida’s clothes left a stark contrast to the little silver one piece dress that Nancy had arrived in. Nancy never thought she’d feel more uneasy from another woman besides Jocelyn, but she already felt that she was in Vida’s shadow.

To make up for her nervous tensions, Nancy wasted no time making use to the little tray of cocaine that Carlos had sitting out on the coffee table. She used a round shaped mirror to spread out the powdery white substance into five little lines. Carlos had turned on some music from a stereo in the room before he ordered Vida to ‘work your booty like it was made for’. The music was synth driven dance music. Nancy was quick to learn of the other woman’s giant phat rump. Vida had climbed on the couch, sitting on her knees as she pushed her ass out and began to grind her hips in a rotation to twerk. While Vida was putting on a show of twerking that big ass, Nancy used the razor blade to chop up and draw four lines through what once was a pile of cocaine over the mirror. She glanced back at her own reflection while tapping the razor blade through the lines to make sure the lines were proper and straight. Once she was finally prepared, Nancy dropped the razor blade and picked up the small metal straw piece. She shoved it down towards one of the lines before lowering her nose to it and inhaling the powder up her nostril.

The high rush of the substance hit her hard after the snort. Nancy leaned her head up and took a deep breath. Carlos always hooked her up with the real deal when it came to cocaine. She didn’t have to bother fooling around with any cut product like she had previously done before meeting him. As she felt the numbing chill rush through her skin, Nancy pushed the straw down towards another line and proceeded to snort the next one. She felt her mind finally coming  to an ease as Nancy soon believed she could relax alongside the other woman in the room. While Vida was busy shaking her ass and Nancy was snorting coke, Carlos stood over the coffee table glaring down at his blonde whore. He was still wearing the black robes from earlier in the afternoon, only now they had been untied and he was ready to have some lustful fun. After Nancy had snorted a third line of the pure cocaine, she looked up and giggled as she saw Carlos’ face. He didn’t appear to be amused with her, but feeling the numbing drug in her system, Nancy was relaxed.

“Hey Carlos baby, you wanna take a hit?”

He shook his head at her.

“No. I never get high on my own supply, you should know that.”

Vida bit down on her lower lip back on the couch, just to avoid herself from laughing at his exchange with the other girl. She continued to grind her hips, working her ass in a perfect sync following the bass of the music.

“I wanna have some fun with you, so I hope you ain’t too high to suck me off, Nancy.”

After Carlos had spoken, Vida took her chance to say something aloud.

“If she can’t do it, I’d love to suck on that big fucking dick.”

Suddenly, Nancy screamed in frustration.

“No, not her! I wanna suck on it!”

Carlos couldn’t help but laugh at Nancy’s sudden reaction to the other woman’s words. He liked to see a bit of competition between his whores. Vida being here was just enough to motivate Nancy to try and outdo her now that she had some cocaine in her system. Before Carlos could even order her to take off her clothes, she had already loosened the shoulder straps of her dress and began to peel it off. Underneath the little dress, Nancy had on a black push up bra to show off her surgically enhanced double DD breasts. Down below, she had on a black matching thong and silver high heels. Vida was still busy working her hips to twerk her ass while Nancy crawled on the floor to approach Carlos. He dropped the robe, revealing his naked body and semi-hard rod waiting for some attention from the woman. He took a few steps back, standing near the couch so he could watch Vida’s ass bounce around while Nancy made her way to him.

While still pumping her ass back and grinding it into the air, Vida turned her head to look over her left shoulder. She watched Nancy finally reach her way towards Carlos. The blonde haired girl wrapped her left hand around his cock and began to stroke it up and down. Vida concentrated on twerking her giant booty, knowing that Carlos’ eyes were still locked watching her impressive ass cheeks bounce around and clap together. Nancy pushed her red lips around the head of his cock and began to suck on it after moving her hand down to the base. She could feel the numbness from the cocaine still moving through her face and neck as she worked her lips up and down. Sucking sounds were heard under the music still blaring from the stereo. ‘Mmmmm’, Nancy’s voice could be heard moaning as she looked up into Carlos’ face while slobbering all over his dick. He didn’t shift his eyes away from Vida’s bouncing booty until he had enough of Nancy’s efforts. Reaching down with his hands, Carlos snatched Nancy by her golden hair, pulling his cock free from her mouth. He then reared back his right hand and slapped her hard across the face.


Nancy cried out in pain as the slap sent her to the floor on her right shoulder. Though her face was numb from the cocaine, she could feel the stinging pain from Carlos’ hand.

“You stupid bitch! I told you to give me a blow job, not sit there and slobber on it like some fucking dumb crack whore! You sucked that yeyo up your nose and now you can’t work that mouth like it was made for.”

Vida came to a halt from grinding her ass. She licked her lips and began to climb off the couch, her heels hitting the floor with a loud boom. She spoke up to Carlos as she faced him.

“Let me do it. You know I can suck that cock better than this little slut.”

He glanced over at Vida, nodding before he ordered her.

“Get down on your fucking knees then.”

Not wasting any time whatsoever, Vida got down on her knees just as Carlos had instructed her to do. She pushed her right hand around the base of his cock and then quickly shoved it between her puffy lips. Her lips worked up and down, taking inch after inch of his swollen rod into her mouth. Vida wanted to demonstrate her skills in front of the other girl, so she slammed his cock hard to the back of her throat, deep-throating every inch of it and without choking or gagging. Carlos let out an audible moan.

“Fuck…That’s it…You see this, Nancy? This is how you should be sucking dick, not just gagging on it like the lazy bitch you are. Vida knows how to really work her whore mouth. Maybe you should keep watching in hopes that you actually learn something.”

Nancy rubbed her face with her hand. A red mark had already formed over her left cheek from Carlos slapping her. This had not been the first time he had slapped her. Carlos could leave his hand print across both her cheeks if he wanted to, as he had a habit of taking his anger out on the poor girl. She stuck with his abuse just for the sake of believing one day she could become his wife. Anything was worth becoming rich in the future to live like a queen, even if she had to tolerate a man like him. Now she was forced to sit there and endure watching Vida do a better job at sucking his cock. Carlos eventually put his hands into Vida’s long black hair, holding her in place as he began to buck his hips forward and face-fuck her.


Apart from all the various slobbering and gagging noises Vida’s mouth produced, she didn’t choke on his cock. Nancy sighed as she realized at this very moment there was no way she was going to be able to compete with this other woman. Vida was not like Jocelyn where she felt that she had a chance to push her aside and become Carlos’ wife in the future. She didn’t even know who this woman was but she could see why Carlos valued Vida over herself.

“Ohhhh, fuck yeah!!”

He cried out before pulling Vida’s hair to force her head up and his cock to flop free from her loving lips. A loud pop sound could be heard as Vida’s mouth became a gaping hole. A few strings of saliva dripped from her lower lip falling down to her breasts. Carlos grabbed Vida’s hair with both hands, pulling her up from her knees as he ordered her in his stern voice again.

“Drop the g-string and turn around for me.”

She let out a soft moan before using her hands to quickly shove her g-string down. Vida’s mighty ass sucked up the tiny string, as her full ass was visible regardless of wearing it. As she turned around to him, Vida pushed her ass out and rubbed it up against Carlos’ crotch. She could feel his hard cock poking over her right cheek. Carlos moved his left hand to grab at Vida’s right wrist before he ordered her again.

“Spread your fucking legs. Spread ’em out.”

As Vida began to spread her legs out for him, Carlos raised his right hand and sent it down over the right cheek of her ass with a hard swat.


Nancy’s eyes became enlarged when she watched Vida’s ass cheek bounce and wobble around from his hard spank. She had witnessed women with large rumps during her life, but nothing compared to this supreme titanic-size ass. Vida licked her lips when she felt his long shaft pushing through the crack of her ass. She closed her eyes, calling out to him.

“Yeah, you know you want that big fucking ass! Go on and fuck it! Fuck my ass hard, Carlos!”

He reared his hand back once again and smacked her ass hard while taking the first hard thrust into her ass. Vida moaned, feeling his rod push into her back door hole. Carlos then moved his hands to grip at Vida’s wrists. She stood there, pushing her hands to hold her phat ass cheeks back so he could properly ram her ass with his hard shaft. The sound of his rod pumping into her was soon heard loudly with his balls smacking against her cheeks. Smack. Smack. Smack. Their bodies created a solid rhythmic noise as Vida’s breasts bounced up and down with each thrust Carlos sent into her mighty ass. While he was busy fucking Vida’s ass, Nancy was still on the floor sitting on her knees. The blonde girl felt left out as she had to endure witnessing the woman whom was replacing her as Carlos’ main squeeze. She had to watch Carlos fuck Vida right in front of her eyes.

“Ohhhh, ohhhhhh yeah! Fuck my ass, yeah! I’m your whore! Fuck that ass, you own it!!”

As Vida yelled, her hair had swayed into her face, almost blocking her view. She kept her hands holding her ass cheeks back as Carlos continued to pound his big dick into her from behind. While Nancy was sitting on her knees in front of Vida, she pondered the thought of inviting herself into this fun by pleasuring the other woman. Though she was disgusted to know Vida was replacing her, Nancy couldn’t reject the wet feeling she had developed from her clit below. She had become horny in heat, eager to get involved and make this lustful act into one for three. Crawling towards Vida, Nancy ran her hands up the other woman’s legs and then called out to her.

“I wanna eat your pussy out, can I?”

Letting out a sharp moan, Vida opened her eyes while her boobs flopped up and down. She glanced down at Nancy and then dug her right hand fingers down into the girl’s hair, shoving her face between her thighs before answering her back.


When Carlos heard Vida scream to Nancy, he reared his right hand back to slap her ass while still thrusting into her.


Vida cried out in pleasure as she felt Carlos’ hand striking down over her right ass cheek once more. When she felt Nancy’s tongue slipping into her pussy, Vida moved her hand back to pull her ass cheeks apart once more. She felt the grip of Carlos’ hands over her wrists tightening as he slammed his cock into her phat ass over and over. Carlos groaned as he called out to her.

“This is the best fucking ass I’ve ever had! Nothing will ever come close to this one!”


With her eyes closed, Vida moaned as she could feel Carlos’ dick pounding into her ass from behind while Nancy was thrusting her tongue in and out of her juicy cunt. This was the experience of double pleasure and Vida was loving every lasting second of it. She heard Carlos grunting from behind her as he didn’t stop himself, still thrusting away as he pounded his fat cock into her giant, thick ass.


By now Nancy had begun twisting and twirling her tongue into Vida’s pussy, hungrily eating her like a loving whore. Vida couldn’t take much more of it while her breasts were bouncing up and down she was feeling the pleasure given to her into both holes down below. She knew it was only a matter of time that either she or Carlos reached the first orgasm of the day. The question would be between which one of them experienced their climax first? Vida was guessing that it would be Carlos since she had already previously sucked his cock and now he was ramming her ass so fast from behind. At this point, Vida didn’t care just as long as she had her climax for her own sake.

“God, that’s fucking it!!”

Carlos grunted out his words almost into a growling voice from behind Vida. Moving his hands away from her thick form, he took a few steps back before snatching his cock free out of her tight little hole from behind. He was ready to move positions, not caring whatsoever if Nancy was busy eating Vida’s pussy.

“Move! I want you on the couch.”


After speaking in his stern voice, Carlos swung his right open hand to smack Vida’s phat ass, watching the firmness shake while the sound echoed across the room. She gasped for her breath before raising her right foot and shoving Nancy aside. The blonde girl’s mouth was now disconnected from Vida’s juicy cunt, allowing the Cuban model to move away towards the couch just as Carlos had commanded. Nancy was left ignored on the floor only to watch Carlos handle the other woman. Vida turned around, grinning at Carlos as she laid her back down over the couch and spread her legs out. Stepping forward, Carlos grabbed his cock and was ready to push it back into her deep back door hole. Though her entry folds were clearly visible to his eye, he ignored them completely to push his cock back into her supreme ass. He moved his left hand to push it under her leg right where her knees bent. Vida gasped and moaned as she felt him beginning to pump his fat cock through her ass once more.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeah! Mmmmmm, fuck my ass! Keep going, Carlos! Don’t fucking stop!! YOU OWN MY ASS, FUCK IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!”

She was a bit disappointed that he didn’t finish her off after the licking that Nancy was giving her. Vida knew better than to demand something out of this man, so she used her left hand to hold up her other leg while venturing her right hand down to finger herself while he pumped his shaft through her thick ass. Closing her eyes, the Cuban model dropped her lower lip and began to moan out. She was so close to reaching that heavenly feeling. Thrusting her index and middle finger so vigorously through her labia, Vida cried out once more while she felt his cock pounding into her ass from this position with Carlos looking down over her.


His eyes glared down at her, watching those big bouncing breasts before moving to gaze into her face. It didn’t matter to Carlos that Vida had her eyes closed, for he had her exactly where he wanted his new whore; on her back, crying in pleasure as he pounded his cock into the best ass he had ever laid eyes on. Little did he know that her pussy was about to burst into a wet explosion before he could shoot his load within her. Her toes curled up in her heels before she began to belt out screams as loudly as her voice could shout.


Vida gasped upon crying out her final words. She was still twirling her fingers beyond the folds of her pussy as she had reached her climax. There wasn’t a care in the world of Carlos leaning over her pumping his dick into her ass, for her juices squirted and splashed over his bare stomach. Vida couldn’t hold herself back, as she needed to reach her climax more than anything. Carlos groaned as he was caught by surprise with her warm juices splashing over his skin. From the floor, Nancy could be heard in her seductive voice calling out, ‘mmmmm’. Her voice was an alert to Carlos’ mind, as he had previously forgotten she was in the room. He stepped back, pulling his cock from Vida’s busted cunt and then turned around to see his blonde whore on the floor. He pointed to his wet stomach and then snapped his fingers while calling out to Nancy.

“Clean this up. I want you to swallow every drop of her juices.”

“Mmmmm, I thought you’d never ask.”

Nancy’s voice replied in a low, slutty tone before she licked her lips. Carlos reached out to grab her hair, pulling her up a bit from her knees before her felt her tongue grazing over his skin. Vida sat back on the couch, catching her breath as she watched the other woman cleaning Carlos’ wet stomach. He soon turned his head and glanced towards Vida before snapping his fingers at her and commanding her while he stroked his cock with his other hand.

“Get up. I want you down on your fucking knees, right now.”

She didn’t utter a word in response. Vida simply smiled and hurried down from the couch. It was easy for her to simply guess that he wanted her down on her knees so he could paint her face into a sticky, white mess. She licked her puffy lips, listening to Nancy slobber all over his stomach until she had completely cleaned his skin of every excessive bit of Vida’s own love nectar.Running her hand through her hair, Vida let out a moan until she watched Carlos push Nancy aside from him. The blonde girl was shoved to his left side, leaving Vida facing him as her eyes gazed upward from her knees. Carlos stroked his cock as fast as he could, ready to unload his warm seed across Vida’s beautiful face. She leaned her head up and closed her eyes, sticking her tongue out as she patiently awaited her gooey award.

“Ohhhh, fuck yeah! Take this fucking cum, you filthy bitch! TAKE IT, OHHHHH YEAH!!”

Just as he roared his words, Carlos felt his cock beginning to erupt from the grip of his hand. Vida stuck her tongue out further as she felt the first string of his cum splattering across her face. The first wad went directly into her closed right eye lid. She stuck her tongue out again and again, though not a single string went towards her mouth. Carlos grunted as he stroked his cock, shooting his cum into her hair and across the right side of her face. Each time a new string slathered over her face, Vida would stick her tongue again and moan. ‘Ahhhh, mmmm, ahhhh’, her voice came off so sexy to Carlos’ ears. When he was done stroking his cock, Vida slowly opened her eyes and blinked while strands of his cum dripped from her face. She grabbed his rod and pushed her lips over the head, milking out the final drops into her loving mouth before kissing the head loudly.

“Ohhhhh, man. You really are the fucking best, that’s the absolute truth.”

Carlos’ words rang loud and clear to Nancy’s ears as she sat on her knees, watching in shock as Vida slid that cock back into her mouth and began to suck on it once more. From that moment, it was clear to Nancy that she wouldn’t be able to compete with this other woman. It wasn’t worth going toe to toe with Vida, as Nancy now realized that Carlos was replacing her and Jocelyn both as his right hand whore. This horrible truth had quite the sting, as Nancy only tolerated Carlos’ abusive side just for the hope of an easy living with his money. At this rate, she was beginning to realize that she was better off escorting again. She didn’t know who Vida was, but it was clear to her eyes that she wouldn’t be able to compete with this woman over him. Swallowing her breath, Nancy let out a sigh as she still watched Vida from the floor. She thought to herself about Carlos’ other whore Jocelyn. It would be a rude awakening for the other woman to know that she wouldn’t be able to compare to Vida either.



Wind shook the palm tress from outside the tall white buildings of Mercy Hospital. The sky had faded into a vortex of pink hue with clouds crossing over as the night hours would soon be coming through to wrap up the day. Staying true to his word, Steven had went to the hospital to visit the victim of Jacob’s criminal assault charges. The incident had become a top local news story circulating around the Miami Hurricanes football players who were involved in the charges. The victim was an older man by the name of Robert Jones, said to be at sixty-two years old. Outside in the lobby room, Maria sat alone with her legs crossed in her yellow skirt. Her long golden hair was fixed up, parted down the middle and waving over her shoulders. A black leather belt was buckled around her waist while her feet were pushed down into a pair of yellow matching heels. It was a surprise to Steven that she would want to come along with him. Maria had even offered to drive him to meet with the Jones family as he tried to do what he believed to be the right thing with offering to pay for the old man’s medical bills.

There was a reason Maria had chosen to accompany Steven to the hospital. With last night’s turning events, she felt he needed someone to talk to whom had went through similar headaches. Maria’s own brother was a criminal whom found himself locked up after a charge for trafficking narcotics. Steven’s erratic behavior last night over his son’s actions had brought back memories she had of her parents dealing with her brother’s criminal problems. Before she had left Baltimore, she had also had to deal with the headaches he caused that ended up leading to his long prison term. Since she had taken the job at the club working in the offices, Maria always felt closer to Steven than anyone else in the office. He looked out for her, almost like a father figure and now she felt it was time to repay him. While she waited for him to return in the lobby, she flipped through the pages of a health magazine that sat on the glass table near the chairs. Steven had been gone for over an hour before his figure was seen visibly walking the hall, brushing past a nurse. Maria looked up to see him, dropping the magazine before speaking to him.

“Hey, how did it go? Did you talk to the family?”

A blank expression was visible across Steven’s face. He stepped around to where Maria was seated in a chair before he replied back to her words.

“Yeah, I talked to them. I think they would’ve appreciated it more had Jacob came and apologized for his actions instead of me being here. I told them to forward any medical bills to me.”

“Are they going to let you pay them?”

“Yes, but they had to be talked into it. They didn’t want to cause the old man’s got insurance and he’s covered. I don’t think they understood that this is just something I wanted to do, cause I feel awful about the whole thing.”

“Well, I think Jacob should be the one to pay for them, not you. After all, he’s the who caused this mess to begin with.”

Steven sighed. Maria’s words echoed his original plan. He had all intentions of forcing Jacob into paying the medical bills himself to try and teach his son a lesson, but after their confrontation last night, he decided against it. He had failed him as a father and the realization was simply enough for Steven to realize there was nothing left to try and correct his son’s behavior. Not wanting to think longer on it, he looked back at Maria and spoke.

“Yeah, I wish that was the case but there isn’t any sense in dwelling on it, I suppose. Come on, let’s get outta here and go back to the club.”

Rising up from her chair, Maria stepped around beside him as they both began to leave the lobby of the hospital building. There was a long hall extending to the main lobby and entrance. While they walked together, Maria felt it was time to open up to him about why she had wanted to come along with him. The more she thought about his son Jacob, the memories of her brother burned through her mind.

“You know, I wanted to come with you for a reason tonight, Steven.”

He stopped walking and turned to look at Maria, raising his eyebrow before he spoke back to her.

“I figured there had to be a reason. I didn’t want you to ask you, but I knew you weren’t just coming along for nothing.”

Maria glanced down at the white floor beneath them before she gazed back up at Steven. She tried to smile, but only ended up sighing before she carried on speaking.

“Your son reminds me of someone who is very dear to me. The way you were acting last night, I can’t blame you for that. I’ve been there before where I get so mad over someone, I can’t control myself.”

Her confession was quite the surprise to Steven. From his initial thought, he figured Maria had to be referring to a boyfriend or a lover from the past. A nurse walked by in the hallway while he replied to her.

“That’s quite the surprise. You have a boyfriend I didn’t know about, Maria?”

She shook her head.

“No. I have an older brother like that.”

Steven raised his eyebrow while looking back at Maria. She swallowed her breath and continued.

“My brother was always a wild child when I was young, my parents could never do anything with him. No amount of time in juvenile jails could really fix him. When I got older, he became my problem and I had to deal with him like my parents did. I know how you felt last night, cause it’s happened to me before.”

Letting out another sigh, she turned her head from him. All the frustrating memories of her final months back home in Baltimore had come rushing through her mind. Steven moved his hand over her shoulder.

“Come on, let’s get outta here and you can finish telling me.”

He didn’t want their conversation to be overheard by strangers. With his hand on her shoulder, Steven quietly walked her out of the hall and back to the main lobby of the hospital. Once they had stepped out of the sliding doors, the cool breeze of the evening was felt with the wind forcing Maria’s long blonde hair to wave. She turned and looked back at Steven as they walked down the steps. He removed his hand from her shoulder and brought the conversation back into play.

“Where’s your brother now?”

“In jail, he won’t be getting out for a long time.”

She sighed, glancing her eyes around as she and Steven stood at the steps leading into the front doors of the white hospital building. The wind blew her hair into her face while she spoke to Steven again.

“Charles was always obsessed with some sorta get rich quick scheme. We didn’t have much growing up. Both of my parents worked jobs and didn’t come home until sun down. My brother always stayed in trouble. At first, he wasn’t that bad until he started messing with gangs.”

“What did he go to jail for?”

“Drug trafficking and assault with a deadly weapon. He thought he could just make one deal and get rich. Ride off into the sunset and have enough money to send me to college and live like a royal prince.”

Maria laughed, shaking her head.

“He was so naive. He never stopped to think about a plan B in case everything went wrong. If you ask me, I think Charles was used by whoever set him up in that gang. It happened a few years ago. Before his arrest, he put me on a plane for Miami with all the spare cash he had at the time.”

“So that’s how you ended up down here?”

She nodded her head and softly smiled. Steven let out a sigh while considering her story to him. He had never once thought about how Maria had ended up from Baltimore all the way down to Florida. In his mind, he always figured she was a college student looking for a job that would give her good pay to keep with the cost of living at a university. The story with her brother may have had similarities with his own son, but Steven couldn’t help but think of someone else in his life. A certain someone who was always obsessed with getting rich quick and living like a king. The name of that someone was one he didn’t want to think about. Maria continued on, speaking back to him.

“Seeing the way you reacted last night over your son reminded me of my parents. They used to have similar outbursts over my brother. I’ve been there before, I know how it feels when you try so hard and you can’t stop someone from doing bad things. I thought Charles would grow up, I was a fool to believe he could change.”

“I failed my boy, Maria. My son growing up to be a punk.”

“My mother and father both felt that way about my brother. I still can remember them crying during sleepless nights. They both used to talk about how they failed raising him. My father thought we were cursed with bad luck.”

Shaking his head, Steven sighed before he replied back to her.

“I don’t know where I failed Jacob, but I know I did. I’m glad you came with me now and we had this talk. I guess I can relate to how your parents must’ve felt.”

“Yes, this is why I wanted to come with you tonight. Ever since I met you and Tony a few years ago, you’ve always been something like a guardian looking out for me. In many ways, you remind me of my father.”

Her words were enough to force a smile to move across his face. Though Steven had been distraught over his feelings of failure towards his son, Maria at least helped make him feel somewhat better. For as long as she had been working in the club, he felt that he could trust her over time. The feeling became mutual as Maria herself had trusted Steven over Tony, knowing that he would be there for her and to ensure safety at all times. The wind blew once more, raking Maria’s long blonde hair across her face. She used her hand to sway it away from her view, looking back at Steven as he patted her on the shoulder.

“Thank you, I appreciate that. I’m glad you came along with me and we could have this conversation. Come on, we should get back to the club and enjoy our night.”

“Yeah, let’s get back there. I think I wouldn’t mind listening to some loud dance music about now.”



The afternoon sun hung high in the sky, casting it’s rays of sunlight as usual with not a single cloud among the blue atmosphere. The parking lot to Disco Fever only contained three vehicles that were commonly seen on a daily basis. During the afternoon, the club doors remained open but the bar and dance floor were unoccupied. It was the time of day when the janitors did required routine maintenance to clean the club and when the managers were upstairs behind that white door with the gold knob in the V.I.P. halls. Today marked a special day for a meeting as Ramón pulled up his DeLorean car opposite side of where Steven’s metallic blue Cadillac sat alone. Carlos grinned to himself when he learned that Steven would be inside the club for today’s event. Though it took some effort to talk him into choosing this place for a meeting, Carlos feared nothing at this point. He had Vida to thank for giving him the confidence to give Steven a headache today.

A few minutes after the DeLorean’s engine stopped in parking, another car pulled through the parking lot and moved into a stationary position. It was a black Lincoln car, pulling up in the corner where the large Disco Fever sign stood in the day time without any of it’s neon lights activated. Miguel Salazar stepped out of his car wearing a blue suit with a white collared shirt underneath. His eyes were shielded by a pair of sunglasses that he slipped off while stepping towards the front doors of the club. In front of him, both Ramón and Carlos entered the club. Carlos wore a black pinstripe suit with a white undershirt. The first few buttons were undone to reveal his gold chains. Ramón decided to wear an almost matching white pinstripe suit but with a pink shirt beneath the buttoned up jacket. With no security outside, they entered the club without any cause of concern.

Upstairs beyond the white door leading to the V.I.P. halls, Steven sat in his office behind his desk. He had arrived at the club only a few hours ago and had yet to leave for his lunch break. Sean was down the hall in the lounge room enjoying a drink while Maria was outside the V.I.P. halls. Steven had given up his attempts to have Jennifer call him back, deciding that it was best to leave that failure behind and move on. Under his white blazer jacket, he wore a light blue shirt and the same white matching pants as usual. Over his desk, there was a bit of paper work involving the recent earnings of the club. Steven took the time to concentrate on reading over the numbers, just as long as he could keep Jennifer Lopez out of his mind. With 2 PM fast approaching over the clock, Steven glanced down at his gold watch to see that it was soon time for lunch break. Before he could rise up from his chair, a frantic knock was heard outside the closed door. Steven raised himself up and called out.



The door came swinging open as Maria stepped through. A frightened look across her face had instantly alerted him that something was clearly wrong. She spoke directly to him.

“Three guys came in here and they’re sitting down at a table off in the corner. I didn’t know who they were until I had a look. It’s Carlos and Ramón. I don’t know who the other guy is. They’ve been here for about ten or fifteen minutes, I didn’t know they were here until now.”

Steven’s eyes suddenly became enlarged as he began to step away from the desk.

“Carlos is here? Are you sure?”

Maria nodded her head while he moved to the doorway of his office. This was a most unexpected turn of events. Steven thought to himself while taking a deep breath. Simply thinking about Carlos was enough to make his blood begin boiling. After a moment, he looked back at Maria after making his mind up.

“Get Sean and the security guys we have down the hall. I’m gonna handle this, but I want them down there with me just in case.”

“Alright, I’m on it!”

She ran off, her heels stomping loudly over the floor. It had been over a year since Steven was last face to face with his cousin Carlos. The memories of that night in the Berserker club rang through his mind. He had left Carlos bloody and bruised after a beating in the bathroom. Never did he think Carlos would gain the courage to show his face around here again after the beating Steven had given him. It didn’t matter to him that they were cousins. While Tony may have been one to forgive and look out for family, Steven didn’t share the same beliefs as his older brother. Carlos was a fuck up, one who would’ve been better off rotting in a jail cell if not for Tony’s generosity. Steven didn’t care that this was a family member to him. Family wasn’t about blood lines, at least not to him. The thought of seeing Ramón again was completely forgotten in Steven’s brooding anger for Carlos.

After opening the white door, Steven stomped up the rail of the club and glanced down. Sure enough, Maria had given him correct information. He was quick to identify Carlos, Ramón and a mystery man all seated together having some sort of discussion. The security guards had not made their exit from the door yet, but Steven wasn’t afraid of facing Carlos by himself. While making his way down the staircase, he questioned this appearance to himself. Why would Carlos come back here? It wasn’t something he planned to ask him in the following moments, as all Steven wanted was to cleanse this scum from the walls of his club. As he drew closer towards the table, Steven had caught eye of Ramón glancing over to him with a surprised look. This was the first time in almost a year since Steven had seen Ramón, but his eyes weren’t focused on the cousin he held dear. Ramón was seated in the middle of the table while Carlos and the mystery man were to the left and right side. When Steven stopped, Carlos finally glanced over his way and flashed a sinister grin towards his older cousin.

“Oh hey, Steven. Long time no see, huh?”

Carlos laughed after speaking. He then turned his head to look at the other man and spoke again.

“Miguel, this is my cousin Steven Diaz. You ever heard of him before? He used to be big time, that’s what people say.”

Ignoring the other man’s eyes looking at him, Steven fixed his view solely on Carlos’ face as he glared at him. Only now did he witness the scar across one side of his face from that night in the club when he had beaten him. Across at the table, Ramón sat with a mixed look of nervousness and fear across his face. Steven spoke directly to Carlos.

“I’m not here for a social chat. You’ve got one minute to get your sorry ass up and get outta my fucking club or-”

“Or what?”

Carlos grinned after cutting Steven off in speech. Such an act had made Steven become more enraged as he wanted to grab Carlos and start beating him senseless at this very second. Ramón swallowed his breath and finally spoke out, trying to calm the situation.

“Hey, hey! Can you guys stop, please? I…I don’t think we should be hurting each other. Steven, it’s so good to see you. It’s been a long time, I’ve missed talking with you.”

Despite hearing his other cousin’s voice, Steven didn’t look away from Carlos as he starred at him. He was waiting on Carlos to make a move that would justify a violent reaction towards his scum bag of a cousin. In the distance, Sean came hurrying down the set of stairs with two bodyguards behind him. Miguel Salazar noticed the company following and spoke up, trying to avoid a conflict under peaceful measures.

“Gentlemen, I think we’d be best to leave. We can discuss the rest of our arrangement outside.”

Carlos glanced away from Steven and then spoke back to the other man.

“Yeah, I guess we should…”

Turning to glance at the other man, Steven nodded at him.

“Get the fuck outta my club.”

Soon Sean approached the table, wearing his boxy double breasted grey jacket and matching pants with a blue shirt underneath. Carlos and Miguel got up, as Sean and the other two bodyguards simply pointed in direction of the door for them to leave. Ramón remained seated at the table before getting up and approaching Steven while the other two men left the club. Getting up, Ramón patted Steven’s shoulder and smiled at him.

“Hey hermano, it’s been a long time.”

Finally, Steven shifted his gaze back to Ramón. He offered him a smile and patted his shoulder in return.

“Hey, it’s been a while. How are you holding up these days?”

“I’m doing alright. Look Steven, I didn’t want Carlos to come here for his meeting. I didn’t want us to meet again like this on bad terms.”

The first thing Steven had noticed about Ramón was a drastic change in clothes. The suit and the gold jewelry was enough to tell him that he had taken an influence from his brother. This wasn’t the same man he knew as his cousin from what seemed like a lifetime ago. Ramón had changed and it was obvious that he took influence from his brother Carlos.

“So, I take it you’re running with Carlos now.This must have been some kind of deal or something, I assume.”

Ramón sighed.

“Yeah, we’re trying to make something happen with this guy. Carlos has a plan to get rich, ya know? We can run this city if we get a good leg through the door first.”

Steven rolled his eyes while shaking his head. Words couldn’t express how disappointed he was in his cousin over this. He always figured Ramón would be smarter than this, but apparently he wasn’t. All those times he had warned him about Carlos, none of it mattered. He was now following his brother’s foot steps and Steven feared it would be to an early grave.

“How many times did I tell you to watch yourself around Carlos? I know he’s your brother, but he’s still a fucking idiot. I gave up on him a long time ago when I realized he was never going to change his ways. Am I missing something here, Ramón? What made you want to follow him into this kind of business?”

“Steven, you don’t understand! Carlos has nothing left now that he’s pretty much shunned by you and Tony. That’s my brother. I know he’s a pain in the culo for you, but he’s the only brother I’m ever going to have.”

“That don’t mean you have to help him be a fucking criminal. Come on, Ramón. You know this as well as I do. Remember that incident a few years ago with the car accident and the bag of coke that busted all over the place? Remember calling me to help you out with that? Come on, Carlos is the only person you know who would fuck up something like that. I don’t buy that he’s all of a sudden turned into some kinda mastermind deal negotiator.”

Pausing for a moment, Steven glanced back into Ramón’s eyes before giving him sound advice.

“If I were you, I’d be concerned about this guy. Whoever this man is who came to meet with you. Carlos is a sucker. It wouldn’t be hard for someone to try and rip him off or better yet, another undercover cop to bust him like the last time he got thrown in jail.”

Deep down, Ramón had wanted to tell Steven right now that it was Vida who had encouraged Carlos to meet at his club and start this whole confrontation. Despite these thoughts, he immediately forgot when Steven had mentioned Carlos’ past. It was true, that the last time he had a major deal some years back, he was easy bait for a sting by two undercover cops who had lured him with ease. Ramón already had doubts about Miguel Salazar as a business man, going back to the meeting on Carlos’ birthday only days ago but it wasn’t anything he could do about it. Carlos called the shots and Ramón had already tried to shake him on this. Taking in a deep breath, Ramón nodded to him.

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that lately.”

Giving a smile, Steven wrapped his arm around Ramón’s shoulder as he walked him to the door. He continued speaking.

“Your brother is a fuck up, I’m sorry if that offends you but it’s the truth. I would just hate for something bad to happen to you because of him.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean but don’t worry about me. I know how to look out for myself.”

Standing at the doorway to the entrance, Steven turned and nodded at Ramón.

“I hope you’re right about that.”

“I am, don’t worry. The next time we see each other, Carlos won’t be here to ruin it. We can have drinks like old times, just you and me.”

Before stepping out of the door, Ramón turned to give Steven one last smile. This wasn’t the reunion between the two that either of them had hoped for. Steven felt as if he were truly witnessing what was a shell of a former man. From his fashion appearance alone all the way to blindly following his brother, Ramón was not the same man that Steven had once known. He turned around, moving back around the club where Sean was waiting by the staircase. Steven pointed at him and spoke.

“Hey, I think I’m ready to go for a lunch break. You wanna come along with me?”

“Sure, man. A little fresh air might ease the tensions after that whole event.”

For such a short amount of time working alongside Steven, Sean was quick to learn that his friend had quite the large lifestyle of mystery and drama. Apart from his sudden break up with Jennifer Lopez and now this confrontation with someone in the club he had to be thrown out, Sean was eager to learn more about Steven. He found this man and his life far more interesting than his previous job working alongside the Kardashian women for security.  While the Kardashians definitely had their share of drama and dirt under the rug, Sean never felt he could relate to their world since he had not grown up in a life of luxury. Something had told him that Steven lived a similar upbringing as him since they could see eye to eye on many things. He wanted to wait until they were back in the Cadillac, riding through the streets before bringing up any personal questions. A few minutes later, Steven had decided on going to a fast food restaurant for lunch. Once they were together in the car, Sean watched the road and finally began to speak about the incident.

“You know something, Steven? You’ve got more stuff going on in your life than I would’ve expected.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Steven replied while turning the steering wheel of the car and moving through traffic. Sean chuckled and continued.

“It’s not every day you meet someone who gets to date a famous woman like Jennifer Lopez. Not to mention your problems with your kid and today’s events with those guys in the club today. It seems life is a journey for you every day.”

“Two of those guys were my cousins. Carlos was the one in black, Ramón was the one in the white suit. We used to be close.”

“Used to be close?”

Nodding, Steven continued on speaking.

“Yeah, a long time ago. Carlos is a Class-A fucking moron, let’s just put it that way. I liked Ramón, I used to look out for him back in the day. Up until now, I always considered Ramón to be smart. Carlos was always a hustler with some dream of grandeur. I used to be in that lifestyle too when I was young, but I got out. Carlos thinks he’s something.”

“How did he get that scar on his face?”

Steven turned his head to look at Sean momentarily while answering him back.

“I did that. I put his face through a mirror sometime ago and it left that big scar on his face.”

With eyes focused on the road again, Steven took a deep breath before continuing on.

“I just hope I don’t end up living to regret not putting him in the ground when I should’ve a long time ago.”

He gripped the steering wheel as Steven had expected Sean to say something, but silence had fallen through out the vehicle. It was something that he thought about often, where Tony had given Carlos so many second chances. If there was anything Steven feared at this point, it was to see Carlos end up driving someone he cared about into an early grave. Of course, in Steven’s mind he felt all of this could’ve been avoided by Tony not using a good attorney to get Carlos a lighter sentence back when he was busted by those two undercover cops. Perhaps he would still be sitting in a prison cell had it not been for Tony’s stubborn ways of looking out for family. Steven didn’t care if he was related to Carlos. That didn’t make it right for all of the trouble Carlos’ had brought along with him.



Through the darkness of the night, the bright neon sign to Disco Fever lit up along with an array of lights to cars that pulled in and out of the parking lot. The mad house inside the club was just another night in Miami. Soon the midnight hours would be approaching and the DJ working the dance floor would be dropping his encore suite of songs. The loud atmosphere inside the club was especially felt for a special woman as she stepped through the doors and made her way to the staircase leading to the upper level of the club. A pair of big black heels were slipped over her feet, offering a subtle reflecting of the flashing lights above when she stepped up the first few steps and began to make her way up. This was a special call to see an old friend. A tight fitting pink dress hugged over every curve of her body while the front revealed her busty cleavage with the straps hanging over her shoulders. Once she reached the top of the stairs, the woman walked over to Maria and smiled. The time had come to go pay Steven Diaz a visit. Maria took out her cellphone and placed a short call, knowing that he was upstairs beyond the door to his office.


When Steven answered the phone, Maria giggled.

“You’ve got a special guest coming up to see you. I can’t tell you who, just consider this a surprise.”

She hung up the phone before opening the door to allow the woman an entrance to the V.I.P. halls. Steven hung up the phone and got up from his desk. Over the chair, he had removed his white blazer jacket and hung it there. Down the hall, he could hear what sounded to be high heels clicking and clacking. He opened the door to his office and was greeted seconds later to a familiar smiling face.

“Hello there, Steven Diaz. It’s been a long time.”

The smoldering southern accent belonged to a woman named Jennifer, but not the one Steven was often thinking of. It was Jennifer Love Hewitt here for a reunion that surprised Steven even more so than the events that had unfolded earlier today.

“Long time no see, Jennifer. It’s great to see you again, you look wonderful.”

“Thank you, dear.”

She stepped through the doorway and kissed him over his left cheek, just to watch his face flush in a red hue as the man blushed. Steven watched as Jennifer walked around his desk, almost as if she were glancing around to find a noticeable change in how his office had last appeared when they first met.

“So, what brings you back to my club? It’s been a long time since I last seen you.”

He walked around to shut the door as she turned and smiled at him before responding back.

“Well, I’ve been coming to this club every time I’m in Miami hoping to see you again. You’re never here.”


“Yes, I came by four times last year. Each time, that blonde girl outside told me you weren’t here. One time she said that you were out on vacation in Las Vegas.”

Steven laughed. It seemed like a coincidence to him, but he was willing to buy into Jennifer’s claims. He was just happy to hear from someone like her again. She continued on speaking.

“Last time I was here, we exchanged phone numbers. Maria called me today and said you could use some company, so I figured since I’m in Miami right now, I’d come on over and see you.”

“Oh, really?”

Like before, Jennifer smiled and nodded at him. Steven let out a sigh of relief before returning a small grin. Now he realized just what Maria had done for him. It seemed she wanted to take his mind off one Jennifer in favor of another one. Now he had to question her out of curiosity of her own marriage.

“So, last I saw of you in any media coverage, you were married with two kids. What’s a married woman like you poking around with a man like me.”

Jennifer let out a sigh.

“I…I’m probably going to be getting divorced soon. I’d rather not talk about it. We’ve been passing each other on the down side of our marriage. It’s been going on for about three years now. I’m looking to move on, you know?”

“And what makes you consider me for a man you’d like move on with? I thought we just had a one night stand together.”

She slowly approached him, watching his eyes shift from her face down to her heavy cleavage that almost pushed up against his chest. Jennifer replied in a low, almost seductive tone of voice.

“You seem like the kind of man who enjoys the same fun that I like to have. I need a man like that if I’m gonna get back into Hollywood, you know?”

Without saying another word, she pushed her pink lips to his for a soft kiss. As the kiss deepened, Jennifer threw her arms around Steven’s body and pushed her busty chest up against him. He responded by kissing her passionately and running his hands behind her to squeeze that wonderful tight ass hugging over her dress. When their lips finally pulled apart, Jennifer stepped back as Steven could only gaze back at her beautiful figure with his hands removed from her body. Jennifer licked her lips before speaking.

“Let’s cut to the chase, Steven. I didn’t come here to drink and I know you ain’t about to say no to a chance with me again.”

Giving him a smirk, she decided to tease him about the other man. Jennifer wanted to see Steven’s reaction if she mentioned his cousin since he had also been involved with their short love affair.

“I didn’t see your cousin when I walked in the club tonight, so I hope-”

“No! He isn’t going to be with us this time!”

She cracked up laughing in that cute southern accent she carried with her tone.

“Mmmmm, good. I like a man who don’t take kindly towards competition.”

Jennifer winked before stepping away from him. Her heels clicked loudly over the floor as she moved to his desk. All Steven could do was stand there and observe her every action. She had her own card to play here while all Steven could do was watch and try to predict where her actions would take them for the night. Over his desk, she found a few pennies of loose change that he had kept in a small container. Jennifer opened it to retrieve one of the pennies and then glanced back at him as Steven stepped over towards his desk. Her big brown eyes glared back at him as she bit down on her bottom lip.

“How about we have a coin toss to decide things? That’s how we did it last time, remember?”

Steven laughed.

“You’ve got a good memory, babe. I’m quite impressed.”

“I’m calling heads just like last time. If it’s heads, we go back to my place. If it’s tails, we’ll do it right here if your office. That’s if you still have that cute little sign to hang on the back of the door.”

“Don’t worry, it’s back there.”

After he spoke, Jennifer went on to flip the penny with her left hand. She tossed it up so she could quickly catch it within her own palm. After seeing the results, she smirked and placed the penny back on his desk.

“Well, it’s tails. Looks like you win.”

He walked around her and smiled before grabbing that old ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. It felt like a lifetime had passed since Steven had last placed it around the back knob of the office door. Jennifer ran her left hand through her hair before pulling one of the straps of her dress down while he opened the door to hang the sign in it’s rightful place. With the door closed once more, the time had come to heat up his office for old time sake. While thinking back to the last time Jennifer Love Hewitt in his office, Steven couldn’t help but smile to himself when reminiscing over that phone call she received while playing with his cock.

“Let’s hope that no one calls your phone this time when you’re down on your knees.”

Jennifer gasped before giggling.

“Why you think I didn’t bring my purse in the club with me? No one is going to be calling to disturb us this time.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear that.”

Steven stepped forward to Jennifer and kissed her lips once more. While their tongues pushed along one another’s, he moved his hand to brush off the other strap of her beautiful pink dress. As it came off, Jennifer shoved her dress down far enough for her to step out of it. The kiss broke as he moved his lips down to her neck and then she softly cooed while feeling his warm lips extending up to her right cheek. She stood before him wearing nothing but a black bra and thong. Once their kiss had broke, Steven stepped back and watched her eyes glance up at him as she reached behind her back to undo her bra. Her heavy breasts fell free as she snatched the bra away and dropped it to the floor. Steven wasted no time planting his hands over the smooth skin of her tits, squeezing them softly.

“Mmmmmmmm, yeah…You like mah tits, don’t ya?”

Her sweet southern accent slurred her speech a bit. Steven’s hands smashed over her breasts while Jennifer tugged her thong down to reveal her dripping entry. The only piece of clothing remaining over her body was her black high heels that she had no plans of taking off. His eyes remained locked over her famous tits, still squeezing them with his hands. Jennifer moaned once more before kissing his lips softly. The office was large enough to contain them, as Steven had a history of committing such lustful acts in his private space. Memories were still bouncing around through his mind of the last time he and Jennifer were alone together in his office. She pointed over to one of the chairs next to the coffee table in his office. The couch was across from it, sitting up against the right side wall. Steven followed her silent gesture and sat down in the chair.

“Sit right there for me, baby. I need to get your pants off.”

Jennifer was in control now for the time being. Her eyes gazed into his face so he could see her sultry smile before she dropped down to her knees. Her hands ran up the front of his white pants as she didn’t waste any time unbuttoning them and tugging them down. Steven didn’t worry about his shirt remaining over his torso. He rolled the bottom ends of his shirt up a bit as Jennifer shoved his underwear down to allow his hardening cock to flop freely from it’s clothed cage. The voluptuous southern brunette licked her lips while placing her hands to wrap around his swelling meat pole. Jennifer gazed up into his eyes to tease him with sweet, naughty words in her strong southern accent.

“Such a big, fuckin’ beautiful cock. Mmmmmmmmm…”

Leaning her head forward, she kissed the head and spoke once more.

“You just sit back and watch me. You’re gonna love this.”

What other choice did he have in this matter? Steven grinned as he watched Jennifer push her right hand down to the base of his cock and plant her lips over the head. Her left hand found a new position down below, cupping his balls and rubbing them against her palm. Her lips pushed down, sending the first few inches of his long rod between her jaws. Jennifer let out a muffled moan as she began to suck his cock, bobbing her head up and down. Steven couldn’t prevent himself from moaning aloud.

“Ohhhhhh, baby…”

It seemed funny in his mind to go from one Jennifer now to another. Steven was no longer thinking about the lover he had lost, as a different Jennifer was sitting on her knees in front of him. Relaxing in the chair, he watched as Jennifer Love Hewitt pumped her lips up and down his shaft, all while her left hand was massaging his ball sack. She continued to bob her head up and down only to stop and release his cock with a loud popping noise. Jennifer took a deep breath before spitting on his dick. With both of her hands, she raised them and gripped his cock upside down. Her eyes shot back up to his face as she lowered her mouth down to suck on his nuts. Jennifer wanted to glance up into his eyes while her mouth began to slobber over his balls while pumping her hands up and down his cock. It was all about the reaction from him that she wanted to see.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck! You know how to tease me, Jennifer.”

Steven spoke the first words that immediately had popped into his mind. Jennifer refused to move her big brown eyes from his face, all while he sat back and listened to the slobbering and sucking sounds that her mouth produced with drooling over his nuts. Her hands were still pumping his shaft back and worth, wanking him while she slobbered on his balls. Pushing her lips together over his hairy nut sack, Jennifer kissed it before she came to a stop and brought her lips back to his shaft. She moved her hands down to the base, taking the head back between her lips as she began to suck on it once more. Steven brought his right hand down to the back of her head, softly caressing her dark locks of hair while Jennifer bobbed her head up and down his shaft. She eventually came to a stop and slowly brought her lips back to the head. Letting go of his cock, Jennifer moved her hands down to her big breasts, holding them up. Her lips released his cock with a loud popping sound and then she brought her breasts up, quickly trapping his cock between them. Gazing back up into his eyes, she smiled and spoke to him in her low seductive tone of voice.

“Mmmmmmm, is this what you wanted, baby? To feel my big titties wrapped that fuckin’ cock?”

“Fuck yes, baby!”

She had him right where she had wanted him. Steven could only moan as his long shaft was squeezed between her big breasts. Jennifer glanced down at the head of his cock and flicked her tongue around it before she moved to position her hands folding beneath her nipples. Her tits smashed against his cock harder as Jennifer began to pump them up and down, fucking his cock at a steady pace. Steven groaned as he called out to her.

“Just like that, ohhhh fuck! Up and down, baby! Up and down, work it!”

This was a pleasure that he enjoyed more than most. The feeling of his long cock smashed between a good pair of big breasts was always enough to make Steven cry out in pleasure. This time, Jennifer wouldn’t have to worry about a cellphone ringing to distract them. All of her focus was locked on him as she gritted her teeth and gazed up into his eyes while pumping her natural boobs up and down. Steven watched as the head of his rod poked up with each thrust she sent down. When she picked up the pace and began to move them faster, he realized he wouldn’t have much time before blowing his load.

“Fuck, FUCK! You’re gonna end up making me cum, Jennifer!”

Suddenly, Jennifer came to a stop. She didn’t want to make him cum this fast, as she still wanted him to pound her from behind. After coming to a halt, she let go of her tits and grabbed his cock. She leaned down and kissed the head before moving up from her knees.

“Not yet! I need you to fuck me from real good before you end up cummin’.”

Steven could hear a sense of worry within her words. He got up from the chair, stepping out of his pants and underwear that were now nothing more than a pile of discarded clothes on the floor. Jennifer stepped away from him, moving to an open area among the office where she bent over and moved down to her knees. Knowing that his eyes were watching her, she took the time to tease him by shaking her thick ass. She moved it to the left before shaking it back and forth, forcing her thick cheeks to clap together. Steven smirked as he caught sight of her glancing beyond her right shoulder to look up at him.

“You missed this ass, Steven? Don’t lie to me.”

“What makes you think I’d lie?”

With a smirk on her face, she reached her left hand back and playfully spanked one of her thick cheeks. Steven stood there, watching the ripple move through her firm skin as he got into position directly behind her.

“So, I guess you want me to fuck this fine ass first, huh?”

Looking back behind her shoulder, Jennifer smirked at him before winking. Gripping his cock with his right hand, he used his left hand to pull her thick cheeks apart. Jennifer bit down on her lower lip when she felt his meaty shaft pushing through the crack of her ass. When Steven discovered her dark little hole, she let out a long moan while feeling him push inside.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, yeah…That’s it, right there. Get that big fuckin’ dick in my ass.”

The tightness of her back door hole had caused Steven to groan as he made the first thrust into her. He raised his left hand back before sending it down to spank her ass.


“Ohhhhhhh, yeah!!”

Jennifer swallowed her breath after calling out in excitement to feel his palm crashing down over her firm buttocks. Her hands and knees were pushed down over the cold floor while she could hear the loud bass booming from the music back in the club. Steven groaned as he began to thrust his cock forward, feeling the tightness of her ass with each inch he sent into her. Jennifer closed her eyes as she began to pant, feeling his rod ram into her once Steven had found a steady rhythm with bucking his hips. He raised his left hand up once more before bringing it back down for another hard spank.



Her eyes shot open at the feeling his hand bringing down a smack across her ass. Jennifer’s big breasts began to bounce from underneath her while her hair was moving with each hard thrust he sent into her ass. Steven groaned, as he had now found his pace of movements. Over and over, he slammed his hard cock into her thick ass. Jennifer couldn’t control herself any longer as she felt her big breasts bouncing up and down with each thrust he pounded into her ass. She wanted to reach up with her right hand and play with her clit so badly now. Her thick southern accent slurred her speech.


It was amazing for Steven to hear her words slur from her sexy accent. Steven grunted, still pounding his cock into her ass over and over. He didn’t want to stop, even if it came as a result of him blowing his load within her.


Unable to hold herself back any longer, Jennifer cried out in pleasure while taking her right hand and moving it between her thighs to find her dripping wet twat. With each thrust Steven sent into her, his slobbery balls smacked over the undersides of her ass cheeks. Jennifer closed her eyes, moaning louder while she dug her middle and ring finger into her pussy. No matter how much she enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock pounding her ass, Jennifer desperately needed it in her other hole.


Coming a stop, Steven groaned while pulling his shaft out from her dark little hole. He reached up with his left hand, grabbing her hair as he pulled her up from the floor.

“Come on, baby! Let’s go over here!”

Jennifer moaned and bit down on her lower lip while feeling his hand in her hair. Her heels stomped over the floor as Steven moved her over to the coffee table. She turned around as he let go of her brunette locks of hair. As she faced him, Jennifer bit down on her lower lip while falling to her back over the table. Steven wasted no time moving between her legs. She arched up her left leg to dangle her heel over his shoulder while her right leg spread out to wrap around him. Guiding his cock into her entry, Steven glanced down to gaze at Jennifer’s lovely body as he made the first thrust inside of her.

“Oh mah gawd, yes! Come on and fuck me! I don’t wanna have to wait any longer, fuck me Steven!”

Like before, her southern accent came out strong in a desperate cry of pleasure. Steven moved his hands down  over the sides of the small coffee table, forcing her left leg to bend as it was still mounted up over his shoulder. Jennifer placed her hands over her breasts, squeezing them as she felt his cock pumping into her pussy. Not a word was spoken between them as all they did was listen to each other’s moans and heavy breathing, all while loud bass of the music downstairs could be heard within the room. Her eyes never left his while feeling every inch of his cock pumping inside of her. Jennifer moaned to him.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeah! That’s it, that’s it! Fuck me, Steven! FUCK ME!!”

When her voice raised, Steven couldn’t himself back as he began to buck his hips faster and harder. Jennifer’s breasts shook within the grasp of her hands. She panted louder, her voice elevating with each passing second as she screamed to him.


Steven groaned, gritting his teeth as he had to silently remind himself not to blow his load within her. As he gazed back down at her pretty face, the thought had crossed his mind about covering her in his warm seed. Jennifer moved her hands away from her breasts, now allowing him to witness them in all their glory bouncing around with each hard thrust he sent into her. The small coffee table wobbled, moving a bit from the floor while Jennifer closed her eyes and began to scream once more.


He slowed down once he felt the warmth of her juices beginning to flood his cock from within. Steven groaned, dropping his lower lip but his moans were cut off by Jennifer’s loud screaming as she had reached her climax thoroughly. He moved her leg from his shoulder, stepping back so he could pull his cock out from her cunt before he ended up blowing his load inside of her. Excess juices dripped from Jennifer’s clit, falling to the floor that would make a stain in his office. She opened her eyes and leaned up on the table only to see him stroking his cock. Jennifer knew he was ready now.

“Are you gonna cum for me now, Steven?”

“FUCK YES! Get over here, baby!”

Reaching up, he grabbed her by the hair as Jennifer smirked at him and raised herself up from the table. She knew that he was about to make a mess for her. It was only a question of where exactly his seed was going to splash over her skin.

“Where do you wanna cum on me, baby? My tits or my face?”

“Your face! Get down on the floor for me!”

Jennifer could hear the excitement in his voice over the possibility to give her another facial. This time however, he wouldn’t have his cousin alongside him. They had given her quite the crossfire of cum when they had their threesome back in the day, only this time it was just her and Steven. He moved his hand to the back of her hair so he could properly hold her head in place while stroking his fat cock. She closed her eyes, moving her hands over her breasts to squeeze them in an attempt to tease him. Jennifer licked her lips and called out to him.

“Give it to me! Give me all yer fuckin’ cum!!”

Her southern accent had given her words yet another slur, sounding off as music to Steven’s ears. As the time had finally come while wanking his cock back and forth, Steven grunted as his meat pole began to finally explode.


Letting out a grunt, he moaned while a thick string of cum went flying out of his cock and over Jennifer’s beautiful face. The first wave splattered over her forehead. Steven lifted her head up, pulling her hair. He cried out as another thick string of his seed slathered over her closed right eyelid. Jennifer licked her lips, just as she felt another wad of cum go over her left eye lid and trickle down. She moaned when she felt another string of his cum going across her face, creating a mess that extended over her neck.

“Ohhhhhh, god! Jennifer!!”

Steven’s words cried out his words, still stroking his cock as he managed to squeeze out yet another thick string of gooey white semen to splash across her beautiful face. By now strands of his cum were dripping from her face and going down her neck. He let go of her hair and took a step back, admiring the mess he had created over her face. While Steven attempted to catch his breath, Jennifer sat on her knees and raised up her left hand index finger to scoop up a trail of cum she felt dripping down her neck. Steven stood there and watched her part her lips to feed the cum-covered finger into her lips and suck it off. He had made a mess out of her face that she would have to clean up before leaving the club. Was this only a one night stand or something more to come? Steven wasn’t sure, but he had a feeling that she would come around again, if she were sincere about her words regarding a divorce. Only time would tell for the both of them.



The hot afternoon sun was shielded away the eyes of Carlos and Ramón. The two brothers sat together in the front seats of Ramón’s DeLorean car. Carlos was the one driving, all while Ramón sat nervously in the passenger seat. Behind them on the road was a black Mercedes Benz car, following them to the meet up where they would exchange their deal with Miguel Salazar. Before Steven had busted their meeting in Disco Fever, they had agreed to an exchange in money for drugs. The vehicle behind them carried three bodyguards, all armed with sub machine guns. They were to serve as back up in case the deal went wrong. Both vehicles were on route to an abandoned warehouse on the east side of Midtown through Edgewater. Carlos had scoped the place out in the past and believed it to be a proper location for a big drug deal. The warehouse was decrepit and falling apart.

In the years passing, Carlos was familiar with the layout of the large warehouse, for he had spent time hiding there in the past. The main room was large enough for an open exchange, but the office part was a different story. It was something of a miniature labyrinth with destroyed walls and what he knew was a clear route of an escape in case anything were to go wrong. Carlos had stressed to Ramón that they would be covered by the building alone, despite how nervous his brother was. After the meeting at Disco Fever, Ramón was beginning to have second thoughts after his face to face conversation with Steven. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was up with Salazar. It was a hunch that Ramón had first felt back during the first meeting on Carlos’ birthday. After voicing his concerns to Carlos, the two brothers had found themselves in a bitter argument yesterday.

Carlos believed that whatever Steven had told Ramón, it was to set them up. Such a wild accusation had floored Ramón. No matter what Ramón tried to say, Carlos simply wasn’t hearing it. He refused to listen, as he had made his mind up from the start that if anything were to go wrong, he already had Steven pegged for the blame. He insisted that if Salazar turned out to be an undercover cop, then this must some how be Steven’s doing. Ramón wondered if it was Vida influencing him further on this, since she was the one who suggested and talked him into scheduling the meeting yesterday at Disco Fever. Whatever the case, he had come to realize that Vida was playing her own game for revenge on Steven. For what exactly, Ramón was unsure but somewhere down the line there had come bad blood between the two former lovers.

Through their arguments, Carlos had promised to Ramón once this was over, they wouldn’t have to see Salazar ever again. They make their exchange, count the money and then they were home free. When the DeLorean pulled down the street leading to the warehouse, Ramón took a deep breath. Underneath his blue pinstriped jacket, he wore a white shirt visible beyond the buttons. Over his neck, he wore one of his favorite cross necklaces to go with the other bits of gold jewelry. Carlos wore a beige colored suit with matching white pants and a light purple collared shirt underneath the jacket. He slowed down the car as they approached the old warehouse, noticing that they weren’t the first ones to come. The black Lincoln car that Miguel Salazar had driven to the club yesterday was visible beyond the gates to the warehouse. Ramón’s eyes glanced over the rusted black metal of the steel building while Carlos parked the car. Ramón spoke up while his eyes continued to observe the building.

“Looks like someone got here first.”

Carlos spoke while shutting the engine of the car off. He watched the other car park behind them through the rear view mirror connected to the door.

“Yeah, I’m sure he isn’t waiting for us all alone in there by himself.”

“Even if he is, he’d be a fucking idiot to try something stupid.”

After speaking his words, Carlos reached over Ramón’s side of the car over the passenger’s side to push open the glove department of the car. He pulled out the MAC-10 sub-machine gun that he had hidden within his brother’s car. Ramón watched Carlos dig into the inner pocket of his jacket for a clip to the gun. A rubber band holding a second clip was wrapped around it, put in place for easy access with reloading. Carlos shoved the clip into the gun.


With it properly locked in, he pushed the gun into the inner pocket of his jacket. It was positioned for easy access in case he needed to use the gun.

“Come on, let’s do this.”

The doors opened upward and the bright sun shined down below among both of them as they moved to exit the vehicle. Ramón swallowed his breath as he watched Carlos’ henchmen get out of their car, ready for this deal. All of them wore casual clothes. One of them was dressed in a white track suit, another in jeans and a pink shirt and the final one was wearing a purple sweater over a pair of white pants. All of them were armed with the same Uzi style submachine gun that Carlos was carrying in his jacket. For his part in the exchange, Ramón was unarmed and had to carry the bag containing the ten kilos of cocaine. He went into the black Mercedes car to retrieve the duffel bag. Once he had it in his hands, he returned to Carlos and nodded at him. The men were ready to enter the warehouse with Carlos and Ramón leading the way. The front door was left unlocked, giving the sign that Salazar was waiting inside.

Upon entering the warehouse, a musky smell filled the air. This place had not been of proper use for some time, as the place was clearly abandoned and had been home to vandalism with a showcase of broken glass and and smashed beer bottles over the cement floor surface. The door had led them into the main area of the warehouse, away from the office section that was over to the left side. Carlos appeared confident as ever, but Ramón couldn’t shake his nervous thoughts as he looked forward and could see the man himself waiting alone. This didn’t seem right to him whatsoever. A drug dealer who had traveled all the way from the Bahamas was here to make an exchange with no back up? Something wasn’t right at all. He had a hunch that something bad was about to go down but regardless his feelings, there was little Ramón could do about it. They approached Miguel Salazar who sat on the other side of the room wearing a grey colored suit with a blue shirt underneath. The man got up from his chair, offering a smile as he approached Carlos and Ramón.

“Ahhh, gentleman. It’s good to see you again!”

Across Miguel’s face, he grinned with his teeth. Ramón feared that the man could read his blank stare as one of nervousness, all while Carlos had the opposite emotion offering a smile in return. Behind Carlos and Ramón, the three bodyguards had spread out behind them, wielding their sub-machine guns in their hands in case the worst had come to pass. Miguel glanced down to see the duffel bag in Ramón’s hands and spoke.

“I see you’ve brought the stuff.”

“Yeah, and have you brought the cash?”

The man nodded at Carlos’ question.

“Of course, I’ve got it sitting right over here.”

Carlos and Ramón stood still, standing before him as they watched Miguel start walking backwards. His eyes never left theirs, as he seemed concerned that he was being set up since he was greatly outnumbered five to one. Once he had stepped back to the chair where he had been sitting, he bent over where he had set a black leather briefcase down on the floor. Undoing the metal locks on the sides, he leaned down and then glanced back up at Carlos while pulling one end of the briefcase up to reveal the money bundled together in stacks under rubber-bands.

“One hundred thousand in American dollars.”

Shifting his eyes over to Ramón, Carlos nodded at him to give him the single as his turn to reveal what was in the bag. Ramón licked his lips and then unzipped the front of the bag. He put his hand inside to grab one of the bricks of cocaine and held it while Miguel raised himself back up from the floor.

“100% pure white dust. Ten keys in this bag, you wanna take a look?”

Miguel smiled upon nodding. The man clapped his hands together before walking over to Ramón who offered him the duffel bag. His eyes shifted down to see the contents inside the bag and then he smiled again while silently counting them.

“Ohhhhh, very nice. You are both men of your word, I like that.”

“So, you happy with it?”

Carlos spoke up while Ramón stood there studying Miguel’s reactions. The man smiled back and nodded at him.

“Yes, I think I’m very happy. It’s a pleasure doing business with you Mr. Diaz. The money is all yours in the briefcase.”

“Alright, then the candy’s all yours.”

Nothing seemed to be bothering Carlos whatsoever. He stepped around from Miguel and went to retrieve the briefcase that was sitting on the floor near the chair, all while Miguel began to zip up the duffel bag while facing Ramón. Something still wasn’t quite right in Ramón’s mind. How could they reach an agreement so quickly? He expected the man to want to test his product, but Miguel did nothing of the sort. The bad feeling he had was still at the front of his mind. Suddenly, loud noises were heard outside the warehouse. Two of the henchmen turned around when the warehouse door was kicked open.


Three men came rushing through the door as Carlos stood there in complete shock. Ramón’s heart dropped as he realized all along that his hunch was correct. This was indeed a set up, a drug bust never the less. Everything now made sense. Salazar was an undercover cop. The answer as to why he had no back up inside the warehouse and didn’t even bother to test one of the keys of coke. His backup was waiting outside and now they were storming the building for a drug bust. Ramón let out a sigh as his heart began to race. All along, he was right about this man, as was Steven when he warned him yesterday. Miguel dropped the bag of coke and raised his hands up. Carlos was behind him, seething in rage. He reached for the MAC-10 machine gun within his jacket and moved forward as he seen what was now five cops storming the building. All of them appeared to be wearing police uniforms with bullet proof vests strapped over their torsos. Three of them held pistols while two of them were brandishing shotguns as they aimed forward at the henchmen.


Carlos let out a sigh. He was busted again. One thing went through his mind, the feeling of going back to prison for what now would be a severe sentence for having ten kilos of pure cocaine in his hands. He wasn’t going back. Not for this. If anything, he was ready to die before going back to prison and was ready to take anyone else with him in his final stand. The one person he wanted to kill more than anything right now was the man who set him up. Miguel Salazar had raised his hands and was playing along, but Carlos knew he had been set up. He stepped behind him, shoving the barrel of his MAC-10 machine gun to his back.

“You’re a fucking cop!? You set me up!?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

With not enough time to think something through, Carlos quickly made a move to wrap his left hand around Miguel’s neck while revealing the MAC-10 machine gun to the cops. His henchmen had yet to drop their guns, as this had turned into a stand off.


As one of the Vice cops yelled, Carlos pulled Miguel over him. The man cried out, moving his hands over to Carlos’ wrist as he was dragged forward as a hostage. Carlos used his other hand wielding the gun to push the end of the barrel directly to Miguel’s temple as he screamed to the cops.

“Fuck you! FUCK ALL OF YOU!! Put YOUR guns down or I’ll kill your fucking man right here!”

Now it seemed the tables had turned and this bust had become a hostage situation with Carlos calling the shots. From the other end of the warehouse facing the entrance, he had the small cubicle of offices to his right side. It didn’t seem the police had infiltrated the building to know the way around the little labyrinth like he did. If there was any chance to an escape, that was his one path. Through the office section led to a hole in the wall behind the building where he could jump into the water. He had to hope the cops had not called in the coast guard for help.

“You’re gonna drop your fucking guns and let me go unless you want me to make a mess with this pendejo’s fucking brains!”

After screaming more words, he glanced down at Miguel momentarily just to spit in his hair. The man whimpered as he realized there was nothing he could do as he was standing there was a hostage with a gun pointed to his head and Carlos using his body as a human shield. His strong words had given confidence to the henchmen still holding their sub machine guns. Only Ramón remained as the final man holding his hands up. He closed his eyes and said a small prayer, as he was now in fear that his brother was going to get them all killed in a needless shoot out over a deal they could’ve avoided. Why couldn’t he just listen to him for once? It was a painful realization to know all of his fears over Salazar came true.

“Easy, easy there. Put the gun down and we can talk about this.”

One of the cops holding a shotgun spoke to Carlos, trying to ease the situation but Carlos wasn’t having it. He became more angry each passing second, preparing the moment he would unleash his rage.

“No! You wanna fuck with me!? Then, let’s fucking do this!!”

He pointed his MAC-10 machine gun forward, recklessly aiming at one of the cops before pulling the trigger. By firing the gun, Carlos killed whatever small potential there was to settle this without blood shed. His bullets didn’t hit anyone from across the warehouse, as the cops took cover ducking. The loudness of the machine gun was soon followed by the officers returning fire at the same time as his henchmen opened fire with their sub machine guns.


As the guns went off, Ramón lowered his hands and ran forward to the left side of his view, trying to take cover behind what was a broken wooden desk. One of the henchmen moved in front of him and then was gunned down by one of the cops. As his body hit the floor, the cop in front of him opened fire with one of the shotguns.


The shot was intended for one of the armed henchmen, but instead struck Ramón point blank into his stomach. The blow of the 12-gauge buck shot sent his body flying backwards as he gasped his breath and hit the floor. Carlos witnessed his brother go down as he stepped backwards beyond the broken door leading to the office section. Fearing that his brother was now dead, he raised his left leg and pushed Miguel Salazar forward as he let go of him and then aimed the MAC-10 gun at the back of his head before squeezing the trigger. With the loud sounds produced from the gun and blood flying, Miguel Salazar’s lifeless body collapsed to his knees before falling over. Carlos took off beyond the office, quickly moving past the debris and hurrying to the exit he remembered behind the place. The gun shots had stopped as voices of the police could be heard inside the warehouse. They didn’t seem to be giving chase to him or if they were, they were far behind.

Once Carlos reached the rusted hole leading outside the warehouse, he stepped out into the sunlight and then jumped over the wall into the water. There were no boats below, so maybe the coast guard had not been called in. Luckily he could swim, but now he had to hope that he could swim far enough to get out of the water and back into the street. He was now a fugitive from the law and knew that his chances of escape were slim, but Carlos wasn’t about to lay down and go out without a fight. In his mind, he couldn’t believe the Salazar was in fact an undercover cop. Who could’ve set him though? Only one person remained in his mind that fueled a burning hatred. Now he had to watch his brother get killed or at the very least survive and go to prison. Someone was going to pay for this. Even if his assumption was wrong, Carlos believed that Steve had something to do with this in one way or another. His mind wandered about how convenient the timing was with Vida showing up to woo herself into his home and now this.

Back in the warehouse, all of the henchmen remained dead after the short gun fight. Ramón laid on the floor coughing up blood as the one cop who had shot him had moved over to him and held his hand. He felt his body growing cold as the time passed. This was his end and he didn’t have much time left. The cop had short curly brown hair and a clean shaved face. Though he spoke words to him, Ramón couldn’t hear or care about what he was saying to him. He had taken a full twelve-gauge blast to the chest and there wouldn’t be any surviving this even if paramedics were quick on the scene. All he could do was lay there while the man held his hand, waiting to finally die. Before he could let go, he went over the events in his mind one last time. Maybe his cousin was right yesterday. Despite the choices he made with his lifestyle, Ramón still didn’t have any regrets about his decisions. Only the regret that he couldn’t convince his brother to back out of this deal. All along, Ramón knew that Miguel Salazar had to be setting them up. If only Carlos had listened, perhaps things could’ve worked out better. He closed his eyes and softly passed on.

As the minutes passed and more police force entered the warehouse to survey the scene, a man in a black suit made his entrance alone. Beyond his black jacket was a white shirt and a small black colored tie. His black hair was short while his face remained emotionless with a big black mustache and a stern look over his Latin face. Since he didn’t wear a uniform or appeared undercover among the other cops, this man was clearly the sole one in charge. He was a man of small words, not here to talk unless it was necessary. His hands were shoved into his pockets as he stepped in and surveyed the scene all to himself. Across from the one dead body, there was a scene to the left side of the warehouse beyond the door leading to the destroyed office area where his undercover detective remained dead. The man walked over to see the body of his dead detective. In the office area, another Vice detective came sprawling out the cubicle area as he seemed to have discovered the escape path that Carlos had taken.

“He got away, lieutenant. There was a small path beyond the offices leading to a little exit in a hole. He must’ve got out and jumped into the water.”

The man didn’t reply back to his detective. The detective stood wearing a light blue jacket over a black shirt and matching blue pants. His hair was slicked back and he spoke with something of a Hispanic accent. He was clearly one of the lead detectives for the department. All he did was listen and continued glancing down at Miguel’s body in disappointed. After a few moments, he had decided what he wanted to do. He reached into his jacket to grab the walkie-talkie device and pressed the button down to give out a command in his voice.

“Seal off the area. Put up road blocks over the streets to check for drivers with Diaz’s description.”

“Yes sir!”

His eyes then looked back at his detective as he gave him an order.

“Go with Bates and raid Diaz’s hotel floor in South Beach. Call in back up if you feel the need.”

The detective gazed back to his lieutenant in confusion.

“He jumped in the water outside the warehouse. With the area sealed off, he can’t get far. He’s still gotta get out the water and sneak his way around somewhere.”

Suddenly, the man glared up at his detective and answered him back.

“He’s a cop killer now. He won’t be able to do business again. If he manages to get away, he’s going to go back to his hotel to pack up some things and leave town. We will be waiting for him if that happens.”

After hearing his boss’ words, the detective gave him a nod and walked off with his order. The lieutenant remained standing there as another member of the Vice squad soon approached him to discuss something else regarding the crime scene. Carlos and Ramón had brought much attention to themselves after months of previously working for Sylvio Legba. It all began the night they had killed Tito Munoz and raided his home for a stash of drugs. From there, Vice had opened a case and had been working to take the Diaz brothers down. They were so close and despite their failure to apprehend Carlos, they had come close. It cost a detective his life, along with Ramón Diaz who had been caught in the crossfire. Surveillance had been set up at the Fontainebleau hotel where they had been observing the brothers’ movements for a whole month. Despite their attempts at surveillance, they found it difficult to look inside the rooms among the floor Carlos had bought out due to his refusal of allowing room service to enter.

Now they finally had the legal means to issue a raid into those hotel rooms and see what was hidden beyond the doors. During all their time of profiling the Diaz Brothers, it was something of a mystery to them where Carlos and Ramón had stashed their supply of drugs. They now held ten of the forty keys and maybe were on the right path to finding the rest of the stash. The goal in mind was to crash the Diaz organization before the brothers had any chance of solidifying themselves as a new drug cartel in town. There was hope that raiding the hotel would set up a trap for Carlos to walk back into and be arrested on the scene. If they didn’t get that lucky, there were other means of tracking him down. The incident in Disco Fever had been documented, as well as something of a rocky history with other members of the Diaz family. It was decided by the lieutenant that someone would have to seek the person in charge at Disco Fever to break the news that their cousin Ramón Diaz was now dead. Given the problems in the family, perhaps someone would lead them to Carlos. It was a thin chance but worth the shot regardless in hopes to tracking down a fallen drug lord who had now become a cop killer.



As the midnight wind shifted, nothing could stop what had become a full party house within the walls of Disco Fever. The dance floor moved with an energetic crowd while the neon lights blinked in a perfect unison with the beat of a song. Soft Cell’s hit of ‘Tainted Love’ blared loudly from the speakers. Tonight’s DJ was a woman who specialized to bring that retro fever to the dance floor with a number of old hits to shake up the crowd. This was the midnight hour when the club could officially be labeled a mad house. Despite the thrilling atmosphere, Steven Diaz had locked himself behind the door of his private office while talking on the phone with a special woman. It seemed his meeting with Jennifer Love Hewitt had the chance to become something more than just two friends having a one night stand. The two traded small talk back and forth over the phone, laughing together until a knock was heard at Steven’s door.

“Hang on one minute, babe.”

Steven spoke into the phone before moving it away from his ear to yell.

“Come in!”

The door swung open as Steven looked up to see Maria stepped into his office with something of a grim look over her face. She wore a simple white blouse with purple pants on down below. The expression over her face had immediately alerted him that something seemed to be wrong.

“What’s wrong, Maria?”

“Steven, there’s some detective who came in here looking for you. He says he needs to talk to you about something important.”

This was certainly a surprise to Steven’s ears. Why would a detective seeking an audience with him and at midnight never the less? He looked back at Maria after letting the shock wear off his mind and answered her back.

“Alright, tell him to come in. I’ll talk to him.”

She left his office, shutting the door and then he spoke back into his phone to Jennifer.

“Hey babe, I gotta go. Something important going on here, I’ll call you back later.”

He hung up the phone and then took a deep breath. Why a detective would want to visit him was something of a mystery. Steven placed his cellphone over his desk before rising up from the chair. Over his body he wore a pink shirt, as he had taken off his light white jacket earlier tonight. His pants were a color of black while his shoes remained white. Steven moved to the window of his office, gazing through the mini blinds as he waited the man to arrive at his office. Within seconds, he heard a light knock. Approaching the door, Steven turned the knob and was greeted to a man with slicked black hair and wearing a blue jacket over a black shirt and with blue pants to match the color of his jacket.

“Mr. Diaz, I’m Detective Martinez.”

After speaking the man reached into his jacket to reveal his badge and spoke again.

“I’m with Miami Vice. I would like to have a word with you.”

“Sure, officer. Come in.”

As the detective stepped into his office, Steven shut the door behind them and then walked back to his desk. The man sat down across the desk where they could a conversation after Steven had sunk back down into his comfortable chair. He looked back at the detective and spoke again.

“How can I help you tonight?”

“Mr. Diaz, I’ve come to deliver some news for you.”

“Bad news, I suppose?”

“I’m afraid so. You are family to Ramón Diaz, yes?”

Steven nodded his head to the question.

“Ramón Diaz was shot today at a warehouse during a drug bust. He was dead before we could get him to the hospital.”

“Oh god…”

The detective’s words had brought a sudden shock to Steven as he sighed and leaned back in the chair. Just yesterday he had seen Ramón for the first time in what seemed like a lifetime. He had become a different person, something that Steven was afraid of. Now he was dead and Steven could easily guess how this came to pass since Carlos was a known fuck up. He raised his hand up to rub his head before speaking again.

“Ramón is dead? This is fucking terrible.”

“Mr. Diaz, I’m sorry for your loss. The shoot out happened today during the afternoon. It was supposed to be a routine drug bust but it went wrong. Ramón died in the shoot out. The other man involved however, he got away. We are looking for information for the whereabouts to Carlos Diaz.”

Listening to the man’s words, Steven was still in a bit of a shock. Ramón was dead but some how Carlos was the one who got away? It was like a twisted game of fates. The detective continued on speaking.

“I hate to burden you with this but it’s important. You see, we lost an officer today in that shoot out. We understand you and Carlos have something of a rocky history, so I thought maybe you’d wanna talk with me about it. He killed a cop and I wanna bring him to justice for it.”

So this was it? Carlos was a cop killer and Ramón had to die in the consequences of following his brother’s ignorant lifestyle. It was a tough truth to swallow but Steven knew this was a possibility of happening. Besides this hard truth, Steven was now curious how this detective some how was aware of his problems in the family with Carlos. It wasn’t enough to cause his emotions to force a reaction out of him with his following words.

“So Carlos is a cop killer and Ramón is dead now? What a fucking waste, I swear. I tried to keep him from following his brother’s foot steps, but he wouldn’t listen to me.”

Raising his eye brow, detective Martinez felt he was onto something now so he carried on asking him a question.

“Do you think you could help me track him down? I’m real sorry about Ramón. It didn’t have to go down that way. Carlos opened fire first and then it became a war zone.”

Steven sighed and closed his eyes before leaning down. He shook his head while processing the news that he wouldn’t be able to see Ramón again for the rest of his life. Their goodbye yesterday was now for a lifetime. He looked back at the detective and answered him.

“There’s no way I can help you. Carlos is a fucking scum bag and I tried to tell Ramón this so many times before. That piece of shit might be family to me, but that don’t mean I’ve gotta help him or associate myself with him. How did you even know that I have problems with my cousin?”

Since there was a level of honesty between the two of them, the detective felt he had a better chance if he were honest with Steven about a certain detail.

“Well, we know you were face to face with Carlos and Ramón yesterday here at this club. Remember that other guy you told to leave the club? Well, that was the cop that your cousin killed today.”

With this reveal, Steven raised his eyebrows and could’ve smiled if not for knowing his cousin was deceased now. So it was true all along, just as his first guess when he laid eyes on the third man yesterday. Steven had only guessed the man to be an undercover cop due to Carlos’ history of being set up by them in the past. If only Ramón had listened and not followed in his brother’s footsteps, all of this could’ve been avoided. After a silent moment of thinking, he decided to be honest with the cop about Carlos. It wasn’t like he could reveal anything anyway, since Steven had stayed clear of Carlos for a long time. He looked the detective back in the eyes and replied.

“I wish I could help you, but I can’t. That was the first time I’ve seen Carlos face to face in a while. He isn’t welcome here in the club cause he’s a scum bag. I know my family has problems, but I’ve worked hard here to keep this place clean and a good environment. I had not seen Ramón in many months until yesterday. He used to work here until I banned Carlos from the club. I tried to tell him not to get involved in this stuff, but he didn’t listen.”

“I see, I’m sorry for your loss.”

The detective let out a sigh and raised himself up from the chair facing the desk. He reached into his jacket to grab a small note pad and a pen. He stood there for a moment to jot down his phone number on one of the pieces of paper among the notepad and ripped it out. He then set it down on Steven’s desk.

“If you hear anything, you can contact me here at this number.”

“Alright, I’ll do that.”

Steven nodded to the man as he then walked to exit his office. He waited until the sound of the door shutting was heard and then Steven grabbed the piece of paper and balled it up to throw in the trash can next to his desk. Learning about Ramón’s fate was enough to upset him to the point that he wanted to leave the club tonight. He grabbed his jacket, and slipped it on. He then grabbed his cellphone and placed it the inside pocket of his jacket before storming out of his office. He stomped down the hall, ready to leave the club for the night. To his surprise, Maria was standing out in the hall waiting to speak with him.

“Is everything okay? What did that cop want?”

“Something terrible has happened, I’m leaving for tonight. Is Antonio still here?”

Maria nodded.

“Yeah, he’s outside on the dance floor.”

“He can take over for tonight. I’m leaving to get some fresh air.”

As he walked off, Maria came racing behind him. She could tell something was clearly wrong and wanted to know badly.

“Steven, wait!

He stopped and turned around to look at Maria before she spoke again.

“Can I go with you? If I take the night off, then will you tell me what happened?”

This was a question Steven usually would tell a quick ‘no’ to but for once, he was reconsidering it. After their heart to heart conversation a few days ago at the hospital, Steven felt more confident to share things with Maria. He gave her a nod and spoke back.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll drop you off on my way home. You’re still renting that home near Shenandoah Park, right?”

“Yes, I’ve still got that place.”

“Alright, I’ll take you home and tell you what’s happened while we’re on the road.



Through the dark roads, Steven drove his Cadillac while Maria sat in the passenger’s seat. It was quite a drive out to Coral Way to take her back home, but he wasn’t in any hurry. He took his time, driving over the empty roads once they had left the downtown area. The traffic lights flashed above for safety as they always did during these hours. There wasn’t any other cars on the street, apart from one that he noticed in the distance behind him at various times. He needed to get away from the club to process his thoughts and come to acceptance with Ramón’s fate. During the hour of driving, Maria’s mind wandered over what could’ve possibly happened that had shaken Steven like this. She didn’t want to ask him until an hour had passed and he had remained silent while sitting behind the steering wheel of the moving car.

“So, what was that about with the detective? I hate to ask, but I can’t help but wonder. What’s going on, Steven?”

“Ramón is dead.”

Maria gasped when Steven’s cold voice replied to her.

“Oh my god! Really?”

“Yeah, it happened yesterday afternoon. It was a drug bust, Carlos got away. That detective is looking for him. Remember that other guy he came to the club with them the other day? He was a cop. That’s how they knew about me.”

She didn’t know what to say in response. Steven took another turn through the streets as they were now close to Maria’s little house among a neighborhood. He slowed down upon reaching the curb near the mail box. Maria let out a sigh before glancing over at him.

“So, what are you gonna do?”

“I don’t know. It’s nothing I can do to help them. I’m really pissed that Ramón had to get himself killed. I tried to tell him to stay away from Carlos, he didn’t listen.”

“You wanna come in for a glass of water? I’m really sorry. It’s not easy losing a family member.”

“Yeah, but I seen this coming and should’ve been thinking about it, I guess.”

Steven sighed while turning the key in the Cadillac to shut the engine off. From the distance, he thought he could see what looked to be a black car down the left side of the street but he paid it no attention. Maria got out of the car and then he walked next to her, ready to go up the steps to the front door of her rented house. From the left side of the street, the black car began to pass by. The engine caught their attention. Steven turned around as Maria had stepped in front of him. A familiar face was visible from the driver’s window as it was rolled open. The face resembled Carlos who raised his MAC-10 sub machine gun and gritted his teeth while pulling the trigger to spray bullets towards them.

“Maria! GET DOWN!!”

As Steven screamed, the loudness of the gunfire sparked through their ears as the car drove off. Maria had stood in front of Steven and caught most of the bullets to her chest. Steven gasped as he watched her collapse down to her knees. Carlos had missed him and instead shot off several rounds into Maria’s chest while some other bullets hit the walls of the yellow painted house. The car drove off quickly as she collapsed to the ground.Steven fell down to his knees, cradling her in his arms.

“Oh god, Maria! No!!”

Her chest filled with the red stains of blood. Steven looked down into her eyes as she gazed up at him, breathing heavily. A look of confusion and sadness washed over her face as he grabbed her hand.

“Maria, please hang on! Please hang on for me!”

The blood dripped all over his white blazer jacket as Steven quickly reached to grab his cellphone and frantically dial in 911. With the phone ringing, he used his left hand to hold her hand, squeezing it.

“You’re gonna be okay, I promise! Please don’t go, Maria! Please hang on.”


He squeezed her hand tighter as she spoke to him. While Steven cradled her in his arms, the dispatcher over the phone soon answered him back.

“Nine-one-one, what’s your emergency?”

“I need an ambulance right now! My friend has been shot in a drive by shooting! You’ve gotta hurry, she’s gravely injured!”

In a frantic voice, Steven gave out the address to the dispatcher. Once the voice had told him an ambulance was on the way, he hung up the phone and moved his right hand behind her head to cup her head, holding her in his arms while he still squeezed her hand. Maria breathed heavily, gasping for breath as she coughed.

“Hang on, Maria. I promise, it’s gonna be okay. Please hang on, don’t give up! It’s gonna be okay!”



After the rain had washed away yesterday, a new day had dawned beneath the usual Florida sun light. Below the palm trees of his home, Steven stood alone bare foot with a water hose in his hands as he proceeded to clean his Cadillac in the driveway. A bucket with soap and a sponge sat next to the left side front tire, ready to be used. He wasn’t often home like this but since that fateful night, he had taken time off now for a whole month to sit quietly in his own seclusion to think about the events that had unfolded leading to the death of a dear friend. It was a painful memory that would live with him forever. After Maria’s funeral, it was his brother Tony who gave him an indefinite vacation to give him time away from the club to gather his mind. This had been the first time in many years that Steven had stayed at home for longer than just a few days at a time. For a month now, he only left home to go to the store and back. Bottles of whiskey and bourbon became his best friends to hide his sorrows and pain behind.

The night of Maria’s shooting, he was visited by the same Vice detective once again. Steven was certain it was Carlos who was responsible for the shooting but it wasn’t anything they could do about it or to track him down. One thing Steven didn’t understand was why Carlos didn’t turn the car around and make sure he was dead as well. There was no need for him to slay Maria as she became nothing more than a victim of circumstance. Every time Steven went over it in his head, he wished that he could’ve been the one to fall instead of her. Maria didn’t deserve what happened to her. The pain living with her dying in his arms was something Steven just had to accept. No matter how many times he wished it was him he could’ve taken the bullets, it wasn’t going to bring her back. After the shooting, Vice had expected Carlos to try and come back and rub Steven out again, but it had not happened. He wasn’t scared to leave his house and now that a month had passed, their case had become a cold one with no leads.

It seemed to be common sense that Carlos must have bailed town and left after the hit. He would’ve been a fool to stick around any longer. For Steven, he no longer cared about the cops’ perusing Carlos for justice. He vowed to himself that if he ever were to get the chance, he would kill Carlos himself to avenge Maria. No time behind bars would make up for what he did to her, at least not in Steven’s mind. As he stood bare foot outside his home over the tiles, he poured a shot of whiskey after setting the bottle of Jack Daniels over the hood of his car. Steven let go of the water hose and leaned over the car while taking a drink. His face had something of a small beard as he had not shaved since last week. His hair had grown a tad bit, becoming a bit shaggy. he wore a pair of black gym shorts and a light purple shirt over his body. His appearance had clear vision of his burnout status in life at the moment. Outside the gates of his home, a car was heard pulling up but Steven paid it no mind as he continued to drink. Steven soon heard a rattling over the gates that finally caught his attention.

“Qué pasa, viejo?”

The man who had spoke and stood before the gate was none other than Sean. He offered a smile as he stood in his pinstriped black suit. With a double breasted jacket covering his white shirt with a tie underneath. Steven didn’t reply back as he glanced away and moved to sit on the hood of his Cadillac. Sean invited himself in. He reached beyond the gate to unlock it and then stepped in. As he approached Steven, he studied his appearance, becoming concerned while he stopped to pour himself another shot from the bottle of whiskey. Sean took his finger and placed it one of the sections of the front left side light while speaking.

“It’s been a month now, you know? Everyone back at the club really misses you.”

Steven let out a sigh before raising the small glass to his lips to take another sip. During his absence at the club, Antonio was filling in as manager while Sean was working security. Maria’s place as assistant was yet to be filled. Deep down, Steven didn’t miss the club even if people back there missed him. During this time away, he was beginning to think of how the place was running him down mentally.  He then answered back after swallowing the hot alcoholic liquid down his throat.

“You planning on staying for some time, Sean?”

Sean offered a smile while grabbing the water hose, ready to help out with washing the car.

“Sure, why the hell not? I figured you might like to have some company for a change.”

Steven shook his head back to his friend and answered in a stern voice.

“No thanks.”

His response had surprised Sean who raised his eyebrows and then dropped the water hose. He understood that Steven needed space for the time being, so he walked back to the gates and made his exit.

“Alright man, have it your way. Steven, if there’s anything you need, you know where to find me.”

There was no point in replying back. Steven listened to him lock the gate back before climbing back into his car. While Sean started the car and began to leave, Steven sat there and held the glass of whiskey while thinking to himself. He remembered the conversation he had with him in the car some time ago where they discussed Carlos. Now he had lived to regret not ending Carlos and putting him in the ground a long time ago when he clearly should have. Time may have been moving forward with days turning into weeks, but it stood still for Steven. The days leading up to that fateful night constantly replayed in his mind. After thinking on it some more, he finished off the whiskey in the shot glass and was ready to wash the car now.



After washing the car, Steven went back inside his house to sit in the living room where he read the newspaper. It was something he liked to do every day for the past couple of weeks since he wasn’t working. While he sat with his feet propped up on the coffee table reading, his old house maid worked in the kitchen cleaning the dishes. For Betty, this had been the first time in many years she had witnessed a real depression move over Steven. Not since his divorce from his wife some years back had she seen him so distraught. The old man gave him his space, allowing him to handle it quietly while she took care of the house like she always did. As he sat there by himself on the couch, suddenly a knock was heard on the front door. Steven stopped and looked forward as he thought to himself that whoever was knocking on the door must have entered through the gate.

“Just one second! I’ll get it!”

Betty’s voice rang out, but Steven wanted to answer the door himself. If it was Sean, he was ready to give him a good cussing for disturbing him once more.

“No, that’s okay, I’ve got it.”

He got up from the couch and folded the newspaper before tossing it over the coffee table. Steven then stomped to the front door, opening it to see a familiar face smiling at him before speaking in a thick accent.

“Hello Steven. I hope I’m not bothering you, just wanted to check up on you.”

His face suddenly dropped in one of surprise. It was Salma Hayek standing at the front door wearing a one piece green dress with straps over the shoulders and with gold hoop rings dangling from her ears. His future sister-in-law standing before him was something of a major surprise. He stepped back, inviting her into his home.

“Hi Salma, it’s been a while. Come on in, it’s hot out there.”

This was something Steven had not expected one bit. While he thought that Jennifer Love Hewitt would call him back, she had not bothered dialing his cellphone after the news had spread of Maria’s death. He figured Jennifer wanted to distance herself from him and he couldn’t blame her one bit. Salma shut the front door while Steven walked back to the living room where they could talk. She didn’t join him right away as she walked into the kitchen. He grabbed a bottle of whiskey that he had sat out on a table in the living room and proceeded to pour himself a small glass. What he didn’t see was Salma having a quiet conversation with Betty in the kitchen. She offered her a wad of hundred dollar bills, telling her to go ahead and take the rest of the day off. Salma wanted to be alone in the house with Steven. After the small exchange, she stomped her heels over into the living room to see Steven sitting alone on the couch having a drink.

“So, dis is what jou been doing all alone every day? Jus’ sittin dere and drinking all day?”

Her thick Latin accent slurred her speech a bit. Salma stood in front of him while watching him raise the glass and take a sip. Steven didn’t bother answering her back until he swallowed down some of the alcoholic substance. He looked back at her and replied.

“What do you care?”

Salma raised her eyebrow and gave him a sharp look before moving to sit down next to him on the couch. Steven finished off the glass, swallowing every last drop of the whiskey down while she spoke once more.

“I care a lot. I may be marrying your brother, but I’m well aware that you’re the man with the balls in this family.”

Leaning over, he placed the glass on the coffee table while replying to her.

“That’s not been the case lately.”

“No, not lately but I know that can change like flicking a light switch.”

Her response almost made him laugh, but all he did was lean back on the couch and glance over to her from his left side. Steven figured Salma wanted to talk about Maria, but he didn’t want to.

“She died in my arms. There’s no worse feeling than lying to someone, telling them that it’s gonna be okay when you know it’s not.”

Steven sighed before he continued on.

“It should’ve been me to take those bullets and not her. She didn’t deserve that at all.”

She almost rolled her eyes at his words, but all Salma did was shake her head.

“And then what? Who would deliver us from evil without you here? Carlos deserves to pay for what he’s done. There’s no one else in this family who has the balls to do it besides you, Steven.”

“Is that what you came here to tell me, Salma?”

She looked back at him with a stern face. She was almost insulted by his words but let it go. Salma was here for a reason and he had to know this, regardless if his mind was swimming in booze.

“I know where Carlos is hiding. Dat is what I’ve come here to inform jou of.”

Suddenly Steven’s eyes became enlarged upon hearing the words in her slurred speech. Salma got up from the couch, standing in front of him as she placed her hands on her hips. She wanted to see his reaction, just to be sure he wouldn’t disappoint her with hearing her revelation to him. He leaned up from where he was sitting and spoke back.

“You do? Where is he?”

“Fort Lauderdale. He’s got a hotel room booked under a silly name. He’s all by himself just waiting for someone to put him out of his misery.”

“How did you find out about this?”

Salma smirked.

“I hired a private eye down here. You ever heard of a woman named Nancy who used to fuck Carlos?”

Steven shook his head at her.

“No. I’ve never bothered to know what women he gets around with.”

She chuckled before replying.

“She’s a wonderful lady if you ever get the chance to meet her. Carlos contacted her three days ago out of Fort Lauderdale and then she informed my P.I. He has nowhere to run any longer and is seeking help.”

“Did she inform the police?”

With a soft grin across her pink lips, Salma shook her head. Steven knew what this meant. If the woman didn’t give a tip to the police, she wanted Carlos to face a different kind of justice. Salma spoke.

“There is nothing more dangerous than a scorned woman. After what he did to her, she can’t wait to hear the news of his passing.”

Salma ran her hand up to her large cleavage and then shoved her hand between her breasts to retrieve a folded paper. She then placed it down on the coffee table near his empty glass.

“There’s the address and the hotel number. There’s a key in there for you, folded in the paper.”

Impressed with what she had for him, Steven couldn’t help but wonder how she acquired such a thing.

“How did you manage to get a key to his room?”

“You know I’ve got money. You’d be surprised what people will do for you when you offer them spare cash for a little something.”

He leaned over to grab the piece of folded paper. When Steven unfolded it, he took the hotel key and examined it before placing it back down. Now he knew where to find Carlos and deliver vengeance unto him. Not once did he consider calling and giving the tip to the police. This was a personal vendetta and one that Steven had all intentions of finishing himself. Looking back up at Salma, he smiled as he thanked her.

“Thank you, Salma. I owe you for one this. When I’m done with Carlos, he won’t be anyone’s problem anymore.”

“You’ll be paying me back soon, Steven. There’s a reason I came to you about this. As much as I love your brother, I know he won’t do what you will.”

Her eyes met his as she continued.

“You know what must be done and I know you’ll do it.”

Salma then loosened the left shoulder strap of her dress and smiled to him.

“But first, I think you’d enjoy a little motivation. Just something to get your mind back in order.”

Stepping back from the couch, Salma pulled the other strap of her dress and then used her right hand to reach behind her back and pull for the zipper. The dress came sliding down, revealing her body in a black lingerie outfit with stockings covering her legs and a black push-up bra containing her large breasts. This was a sight Steven never expected to witness from the woman who would soon be his sister-in-law. Despite this fact, he wasn’t about to turn her down for a little bit of naughty fun. Tony didn’t have to know about this. If Salma was going to do this with him, he was confident she could keep secrets. Looking back into his eyes, Salma began to speak again as Steven stood up from the couch.

“Jou wanna pay me back for the information? Then let me suck on a big cock today. How ’bout dat?”

Steven smiled as her accent had slurred her speech in an adorable way. Salma lowered herself down to her knees.

“I know I’d never say no to that.”

With his approving words, Salma didn’t want to wait any longer. Since she was now on her knees, she played with the front of his shorts. Her soft hand pushed over the front, feeling his bulging cock growing. Steven pulled his shirt off before glancing back down at her. Those big broke eyes glanced up at him as she began to pull his shorts down.

“Just my mouth. That is the only hole you’re cock is allowed to enter. Entiéndeme?”

“Yes, understood babe.”

She licked her lips and then proceeded to pull his underwear down. Salma gasped as she witnessed Steven’s growing cock before her eyes. All the times she had been with Tony, she never expected the day would come that she would lust for his brother. This was all an act with the intention of bringing Steven back to form. He had a job to do and Salma wanted to give him just enough motivation to be able to do it. Her right hand wrapped around his cock while he stepped out of his shorts and underwear. They were all alone in the house now with his maid having left from Salma’s bribe. As her hand slowly wanked his cock back and forth, the Mexican goddess let out a sultry giggle before speaking again with her strong accent.

“Dis is a great big cock. I always knew dat jou were packin’ a big one.”

Pumping her hand up to the head, Salma spit on it before gazing up into his eyes. Steven’s view shifted from her beautiful face back to her hand and then glancing at her heavy cleavage down below. Salma was in control and she was going to tease him any way she seen fit. Parting her lips, she slid his cock inside her warm mouth as she began to slowly bob her head up and down.

“Ohhhhhhhh, god…”

Steven groaned, moaning aloud. All those years he fantasized as Salma Hayek and he never thought that he’d live to enjoy this pleasure. When the engagement was announced between her and his brother, he didn’t think about this ever happening. Now she was down on her knees, devouring his long meat pole with her loving mouth. Salma bobbed her lips up and down after shoving her hand down to the base of his shaft. Steven moaned out as she closed her eyes only momentarily. She reopened them just to gaze up at his face before forcing her lips back to the head of his dick and releasing it with a loud popping noise.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, let’s get dis cock all nice and wet.”

After speaking in a low voice, Salma spit on his cock and slid it back between her lips. All Steven could do was stand there and watch as she proceeded to slobber over his cock once more. She closed her eyes as she began to bob her head up and down at a faster pace. ‘Mmmmmmm’, Salma moaned with her tongue pushed to the underside of his shaft from within her jaws. Within seconds, she began to push her lips the way down, devouring every inch of his long cock and burying her lips at the base where her fingers were wrapped around it. Steven gasped in pleasure.

“Fuck! Ohhhhh, god!!”

It didn’t take long for her to force him to yell. Salma maintained her position, allowing the head of his cock to hit the back of her throat until she had gagged. Pulling her lips back, she released his dick from her pink lips once more with a popping noise. Salma then looked down into her big tits, knowing that he couldn’t keep his eyes away from them. The black straps hung from her shoulders until she used both hands to pull them down. Her bra came off, collapsing into her lap with the right strap sliding down her arm. Salma grinned up at Steven before speaking.

“You like my big boobs?”

“Fuck yes I do.”

Salma smirked at him as she placed her hands on her breasts and squeezed them. It was a short show of play just to go the extra mile teasing him. She wrapped her right hand fingers back around his cock and brought the head between her lips once again. Salma’s eyes glanced up into Steven’s face as she locked eye sight and refused to break away. As she sucked on the head of his cock, she began to slowly stroke him with her right hand, all while tilting her head and still looking up into his eyes. The man was entranced in a feeling of pleasure. She continued to stare up at his face while bobbing her head up and down. ‘Mmm, mmmm, mmm’ she moaned while working her lips. When Salma brought her lips back to the head to release it with a popping sound, this time a string of saliva dangled from his soaked cock back to her lips. The pop noise echoed through out the living room of Steven’s home and then he threw his head back and moaned.

The time was coming for her to make a solid attempt at pushing him into taking control. Salma had heard the stories and rumors of how Steven was in the bedroom. She expected him to be different from his brother, going by what she had been told by others. Over and over, she worked her lips down while sucking on his length. Steven groaned but didn’t glance his eyes away from the sight down below as Salma was working his cock with her mouth. Though she had told him he could only fuck her mouth, his mind was on her breasts down below. There was no way he wanted to pass an opportunity not to have his cock between those beautiful nature tits. For now he simply stood there and didn’t make his move yet but was planning on it. Salma continued to bob her head up and down his cock before coming back up with another popping noise. As the strings of her saliva dangled from her open mouth back to his cock, she spit on the head. Steven placed his right hand down upon one of her shoulders while reaching down with his left hand. He squeezed one of her breasts and then hinted to her that he wanted his cock between them.

“Hold those titties up for me, babe.”

She knew what he wanted to do and Salma wasn’t going tell him no. Moving her hands down below, she held her breasts up for him and then smirked.

“Go ahead, querido. Smash dat big fuckin’ cock between my tetas.”

Hearing a bit of Spanish in her words had only made her voice sound sexier to Steven’s ears. With his right hand wrapped around his pole, he guided it towards the open valley that Salma provided from holding her tits apart. Upon feeling the firmness of her breasts pushing around his cock, he let out a moan while she smiled at him.

“Holy shit, this feels so fucking good.”

Steven’s words had caused her to giggle a bit. Salma always waited for the reaction from a man’s first time experiencing their cock placed between her massive breasts. As she held them together, Steven began to buck his hips forward and thrust his cock up and down between those lovely tits. Salma glanced downward, watching the head of his thick shaft poke up with each thrust. She flicked it with her tongue as Steven could be heard breathing heavily and moaning. Her eyes shifted back up to look into his face, teasing him as her words slurred from her heavy accent.

“Jou like dat?”

“Fuck yes!”

He cried out his words. Salma couldn’t stop herself from teasing him again with her strong accent.

“Jou like feelin’ dat big fuckin’ cock go up and down between those tetas?”

While still thrusting his cock between her wonderful boobs, Steven wanted to look into her face. He used both of his hands to wrap around the back of her head. Salma got the hint and raised her head, gazing up into his eyes as she felt every inch of his long dick pumping between her breasts. Salma moaned, starring up into his eyes as she pushed her lips together just to make a sensual face to tease the man even further. Steven’s fingers ran through her black hair from the back of her head while he continued to pump his cock up and down between her tits. The look over Salma’s face was all he needed to know that she wanted to make his cock explode in due time. Silence fell between them, as only moaning and breathing were audible from their voices.

She eventually broke eye contact with him, only to glance back and down and watch that big dick pump between her breasts. Salma licked her lips as he came to a sudden halt. She then let go of her breasts and grabbed his cock, pushing it back between her lips. Steven moved his right hand out of her hair while his left hand fingers were still roaming through the back of her dark hair. If he had any desire to take control, Salma had a feeling that he would soon make it known with his actions. She began to bob her head up and down on his cock, sucking it faster than she had previously done. Within seconds, Steven moved his right hand back over her head, curling up her dark hair while her hoop ear rings dangled and shook. He took control by holding her head in place as he began to thrust his cock forward and fuck her mouth.


Salma moaned and gagged as she left her mouth open, creating various slobbering and sucking noises. She looked up into his eyes for a moment before closing them and reopening to glance back at him a few seconds later. Steven groaned as he fucked her mouth, thrusting his cock in and out. This would probably be the only chance he had in his life of having fun with his soon to be sister-in-law and he wanted to enjoy every second of it.


Her mouth continued to produce slobbering and sucking noises until Salma squeezed her lips around his pole. Steven continued to buck his hips forward and drive that long dick between her lips. ‘Mmmmm, mmm, mmm’, her muffled moans were barely audible to his ears. At the rate he was thrusting his cock into her mouth, Steven knew he would end up blowing his load soon. Slowing down, he pushed her lips all the way down his cock until he heard Salma gag and choke on it. He then pulled her hair, forcing his cock free with a loud popping noise and strings of her drool dripping from her lips and his shiny pole. Her eyes gazed up at him as he called out to her.

“Hold your tits up again for me.”

She could’ve easily guessed he would want to fuck her tits again before blowing his load. Salma smirked, flashing her teeth but Steven had become impatient within seconds. He reached his hands down, grabbing her breasts as he held them up to wrap around his cock. Salma giggled at his actions before teasing him.

“Yeah, go on! You jus’ can’t resist my big tetas!”

Still gigging at him, Salma gazed up at his face as she licked her lips. She soon placed her hands over her breasts, holding them up while Steven was bucking his hips like before to drive that long cock between her big breasts. He had to be close by this point, Salma thought to herself. Steven groaned while pumping his cock between her tits.

“God, these are some of the best fucking tits I’ve ever had. I could seriously fuck your tits all day long.”

“Mmmmmm, I’m sure jou could!”

Salma replied back before winking at him. Still holding her breasts together for him to drive his cock between, she watched the expression of pleasure move across his face. Though he may not have said it out right, she knew he was close to finally blowing his load. Steven panted, breathing deeply as he didn’t want this moment to end but knew his time was beginning to close in. He gritted his teeth, letting out a grunt before he finally stopped bucking his hips. Salma watched him snatch his cock from between her tits. Steven then gripped her hair from the back of her head, holding her in place. She closed her eyes without uttering a single word, for Salma knew that her face was about to be covered in his hot seed. As Steven stroked his cock furiously in his other hand, he pulled her hair a bit more while breathing heavily. This was it, he couldn’t hold back any longer.


Steven screamed as his cock had finally erupted, shooting a thick wad of cum directly over Salma’s face. The first wad landed over her left cheek, drenching her nose before a second string of cum shot directly into her closed eye lid. She dropped her lower lip and moaned before softly giggling as she felt another string of his cum go over her forehead and into her hair. Steven pulled her hair once more, as he shot another wad of cum, this one splashing over her right temple and dripping down into her eyebrow. He began to let go of her hair as he felt his orgasm beginning to fade away. Salma began to slowly open her eyes, blinking as she grabbed his cock and brought the head back to her loving mouth. Steven tried to catch his breath as he watched her suck on the head, milking out the final drops of his seed. Once she was done she pulled it from her lips to make a final popping noise, swallowing the cum in her mouth. She glanced up at him as the cum dripped her face and she spoke.

“I hope this was enough to motivate you into getting your shit back together. You know what you must do now, Steven.”



Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The curtains pulled back from the window before an audible sigh was heard. Carlos Diaz looked out beyond the glass, gazing down at the view of the street to see cars moving through the roads. After getting out of Miami, he hid himself in a seedy motel in Fort Lauderdale. He believed the rundown building would be the last place authorities would look. After the night of the drug bust, he went to a storage house where he had been keeping some spare money, clothes and a gun just in case he ever needed to bail town and get away. For one month, he had sat all alone in his motel room quietly hoping the time would pass when he could leave. This was to become of his new life, one of running and trying to evade authorities. The motel room was booked under the name of ‘Orlando Gomez’. It was a subtle reminder of life back home, relating to an old friend he had known since childhood. Carlos figured eventually he would have to leave the state of Florida, so he made a few calls to the women he used to call as his ‘loyal whores’.

Vida was gone and with no way to contact her following the drug bust, he had not a clue what had become of her. Carlos didn’t bother going back to his hotel room in South Beach, since he figured it would’ve already been raided in the following day. After Vida, there was Nancy whom he had her phone number memorized in his head and could reach out to. He didn’t bother thinking about Jocelyn, for he figured that had probably moved on by now. Nancy seemed reluctant to help him and after she didn’t return his call in the following days, Carlos gave up thinking about her. He was on his own, all alone with just around six hundred dollars in cash. Eventually that money would run out and he would have to move and try to make another break. it was times like this he wished Ramón could be here to help him. Whenever he needed a hand, his younger brother was usually there but not anymore. To see him die before his eye still haunted Carlos. He knew he failed at killing Steven on that fateful night, but in an odd way he felt they were finally even now. He had to watch someone he cared about die in front of him, just as Carlos had felt from his brother’s passing.

It was a feeling he knew that would scar Steven just as he felt the pain of watching Ramón die. In the end, Carlos wanted Steven to suffer more than death, knowing this was something that would haunt him for the rest of his life. The motel room was a mess, littered with empty pizza boxes and bottles of alcohol. With a couple thousand dollars, he wasted no time using it to indulge himself in downing booze almost every day while locked in the motel room. Carlos stepped away from the window and then let out another sigh as he stood in the middle of the room. It was the afternoon and he was feeling as paranoid as ever. He knew that at any moment, the authorities could be busting down his door since he was on the run as a fugitive. In the past month, his mug shot had been seen on television as well as printed up in newspapers. Sitting next to the door was a dresser where he kept a black glock handgun at all times. The gun remained there for self defense purposes in case Carlos ever had to shoot his way out. It was a bad plan that would never work if he was outnumbered, but he didn’t care. Walking out of the living room, he went to the bathroom where he began to run the faucet for cold water to wash his hands.

After washing his hands, Carlos leaned down over the sink and looked into the mirror. He studied his face, as there had been something of a chance in appearance since he went on the run. A slight beard and mustache covered his face, as he had not shaved since the night he checked in to the motel. Carlos attempted to grow his hair, just to hide his infamous scar that had been highlighted on TV in the news programs alerting the public that he was a fugitive. It had all come crashing down on him when he felt that he was so close to becoming a big shot within Miami. All that work and now he was nothing but a shell of his former self with no one to help him out of the hole. All his money and the empire he was slowly building up had been destroyed almost in the blink of an eye on that fateful day. All that was left was the desire to run and not end up in prison. While standing in front of the mirror, he noticed something moving from the corner of his eye going back to the living room. Carlos immediately turned around as he was greeted to a figure standing before him. He took a deep breath as he stepped back in complete shock at who had entered his hotel room.

“Steven!? How the fuck did you get in here!?”

Standing before Carlos was Steven all by himself. He wore a grey suit jacket over a black shirt and matching grey pants underneath. His face was clean shaved, his hair recently trimmed as he didn’t look any different from the last time Carlos had laid eyes on him. Over Steven’s hands, he wore black gloves so he wouldn’t be leaving any finger prints behind. A grim expression was visible across his face. He starred Carlos down without answering his question. Carlos knew at this moment that his cousin wasn’t here for any kind of social visit. All this time he expected the police to eventually track him down. Not once did he expect Steven to be the one to enter his hotel room. He smiled while leaning back against the sink, as Carlos no longer feared him.

“So, I guess you’ve been looking for me for a while, huh?”

He let out a smug laugh while glancing down. Steven wasn’t hear to talk. When Carlos glanced back up at his face, he spoke again.

“You and me, we’re even now.”

Steven shook his head, still keeping his vision locked on Carlos.

“No, we’re not even. You and I will never be even.”

Stepping forward to the doorway of the bathroom, Steven wanted to make sure that Carlos couldn’t try and make an escape. When he had quietly entered the hotel, the first thing he did was move the gun away that was sitting on the dresser. He didn’t expect it to be this easy getting inside, but so far things were working in his favor. Steven spoke again.

“You know, I’ve been wondering something for a while. Why didn’t you turn around in your car and come back to make sure I was dead? You had to know I was unarmed. You ended up killing her instead.”

Carlos laughed at his cousin’s words.

“Seriously, you’re that fucking stupid? You tracked me down and have come all this way just to ask me that? Fine, I’ll tell you what. I thought I had shot you when driving by. It happened so fast, I seen you go down and I figured I got you. It wasn’t until the next day when I got out of town and seen it on the news that I ended up killing the stupid girl instead of you. At first, I was pretty mad but then I got to thinking…you know, this makes us even. I had to see Ramón get gunned down knowing there was nothing I could to save him. You on the other hand, you had to watch your friend die knowing you couldn’t save her.”

He smiled back at Steven and continued on.

“You know, Ramón told me what you said back in the club that day after you made me leave. How you were scared that I would end up getting him into a situation where something bad could happen to him. So now I must ask you, how does it feel, Steven? How does it feel knowing that you ended up getting someone you cared about killed all from being in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

Steven heard enough of this by now. He wasn’t here to talk, as this was a job of revenge. He took a few steps back and moved his right hand into his jacket to grab his old Beretta Model 81 pistol. A suppressor was attached to the end of the barrel, visible to Carlos who looked at him wide eyed while Steven slowly aimed the gun at his head. Giving a grin, he glanced back into Steven’s eyes while shaking his head.

“You aren’t going to shoot me. If you couldn’t kill me a while back when you had the chance, what’s the point in doing it now? We’re family and family don’t kill each other.”

He didn’t need any second thoughts from Carlos’ words. Nothing could change his mind at this point. Steven looked back into his eyes and pulled the trigger of the gun. The loud sound was suppressed by the silencer as the bullet was unleashed. Steven watched as Carlos’ body slung backwards over the sink. The bullet went directly into the middle of his forehead, killing him instantly. The back of his head shattered the glass of the mirror from behind him. After a few seconds, his deceased body fell forward and collapsed to the floor. Now it was all over. Steven took a deep breath while watching a pool of blood form around Carlos’ head. It was a shame that it had come to this. He would always have second thoughts on this could’ve been avoided, but at least it was over. Maria had now been avenged. Stepping backwards, Steven took one final look at Carlos on the floor and then he quietly began to leave the hotel room. He moved to tuck the gun back into the holster hidden within his jacket and now it was time to take the long drive back home to Miami and go back to work.



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