Big Booty Bitches: Ch. 3

Title: Big Booty Bitches: Ch. 3

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez

Codes: MFF, cons, oral, anal

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

The screen of the phone looked back into a digital reflection as a hand held it back and snapped the photo of someone’s self. A ‘selfie’ as it was called, the curvy woman smirked looking back at the photo of herself pleased with the results. Kim loved to take photos of herself, even if it was on the set of a photo shoot such as what was the current moment. The phone was already glued back to her face as she rushed to post the photo on one of her many social media accounts. Across the room, an older woman on the designer set rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Social life in the modern age is such a drag, I tell you.”

A man sat next to her who she spoke the cynical words to, all he did was shake his head to the older woman. The focus was of Kim Kardashian standing right before them posting on social media about her photo shoot already. She had come to Miami for this fancy shoot for a big magazine which was an instant easy pay day for anyone in her royalty. Across town however, there was someone else that was expecting her for a little business fun.


Cigar smoke filled the room of the office. Tony sat at his desk, leaning back in the chair and rotating it around a bit as he listened to one of his club managers over the speaker phone barking about an incident involving some loose change that was disappearing from funds. It was small money in the hundreds but was still a problem in the eyes of Tony. Regardless if he was a millionaire or not, he wanted every penny.

“You keep me updated if you find whoever this fucking nuisance is to our funds. I want you to double your eyes on watching the money that goes upstairs.”

“Will do, I’ll try my best to find out who’s behind this and watch everyone at the bar.”

“You don’t try amigo, you just fucking do your job. No trying, do it.”

“OK Mr. Diaz, I’ll talk to you later.”

The speaker phone clicked hanging up and then Tony sighed while muttering to himself. ‘Fucking useless idiotas, pay them to fuck my money like that.’ It was a Tuesday afternoon, he didn’t feel like spending all day stressing over a couple hundred missing from a club. On schedule today was supposed to be a very special day if all went well. He was expecting Kim to call him, as they had planned this last week and he was well aware of her presence in town. Now he had to check on Jennifer to make sure that she could make it back to the yacht.

Taking his cell phone, he stepped out of the office of his yacht and speed dialed the woman listed as J-Lo on his phone. Walking out of the lower deck to the mansion onto the back end of the boat as he looked up into the sky seeing the darkening clouds while listening to the phone ring.

“Hello, Tony is that you?”

“Yes Jennifer darling, it sure is!”

“Hey! Been expecting to you call, what’s going on with you?”

“Business comes first baby, but I’m free for the rest of the day if you’re up for any fun.”

“Hmmmmm…maybe Tony, will it involve me dancing again?”

“Not this time, got a surprise for you if all goes well.”

“I love surprises, can I come over in the next 2 hours?”

“Yeah that would be great, my guards will escort you through to my cabin.”

“Oh, like they haven’t done that before! OK Tony, been waiting for you to call to have some fun again, I’ll see you soon!”

Jennifer hung up the phone, as she gave him the hint of joy within her voice. Now Tony had to get in contact with Kim who he had talked to previously the other night. They had planned for a get together dinner and a private party on the yacht but if Jennifer was truly coming this would make quite a surprise to create the stuff that dreams were made of. It had been a couple years anyway since Tony had last received a taste of Kim, gone were the days when she would party it up and shake her famous ass in his clubs.

The man scrolled through his phone once again searching for her name to hit on speed dial as he retreated within the lower deck of his yacht. Before he could find her now however, the phone began to ring and in a strange coincidence it was Kim herself. Tony answered the phone.

“Hey Kim!”

“Hi Tony, what’s going on? We’re still up for some fun today, right?”

“Yeah, I got a surprise for you within the next 2 hours if you can wait.”

“Wait? I’m on my way right now. Just got done with a photo shoot and still wearing fresh makeup. Got all dolled up for you on the set today.”

“Well, I got a surprise but it has to wait 2 hours.”

“Whatever. How about I come now and sit and wait it out? I’m hungry anyway, we can have some late lunch on the yacht.”

“I guess that can work, I’ll be expecting you then.”

“Good, I should be arriving in about 10 minutes. Bye Tony!”

The phone died with a click and now the older man sighed. He was hoping Kim could have waited for Jennifer to get here to reveal the surprise he had been planning and hoping for. Not everything always worked out to perfection on schedule, but hope was not entirely lost yet.


Soft music played through the boom box stereo as Jennifer prepared herself for another adventure on Tony’s yacht. What they had done there for the years had become something of the norm but it didn’t bother her at all. One of the few men she could always enjoy a good romp with and come back for more. Right about now she was in her dressing room preparing a proper outfit. What was the sense in dressing up fancy anyway, when it was certain that her clothes would come off? Jennifer smirked as she thought to herself and decided to go with a ‘less is more’ approach of just a simple two piece white bikini. Something tight enough to make her signature ass bulk out and then some white flip flops over her feet with intentions of going barefoot.

She still had an hour before making the drive to the yacht but she figured she could arrive early to kill off time. He had a surprise after all, Jennifer couldn’t wait to find out what exactly that was.



“Mmmmmm, I had forgotten how well your chef makes slushie drinks.”

That voice was none other than Kim Kardashian herself sitting across the small patio table on the lower deck of the yacht outside. The clouds had swept over the sky on what appeared to become a rainy day but sunshine was still there. Tony sat across from her marveling her beauty in a small black one piece outfit with her massive cleavage bulking out. Her jet black hair was fixed up in a pony tail and her feet had platform high heels on. The outfit she had previously worn from the photo shoot only a couple hours earlier in the day. Tony sat back watching her drink the cherry flavored slushie that she requested.

“So baby, you shooting a new season of your reality show?”


Ignoring him, her eyes were focused on the large glass goblet as she slurped the cold substance up into her jaws almost fast enough to give her a brain freeze. Tony continued on rambling.

“So does Kanye know you’re out here with me today?”

A soft chuckle escaped his lips and he gripped as Kim looked up at him and just smirked.

“He knows not to get involved with my personal fun life, just as I stay out of his.”

“Oh I see…”

Tony laughed again. He couldn’t help but poke fun at the fact of a married woman choosing to spend time with him over their husband. It didn’t matter if they were swingers or not, it still was hilarious in his view.

“Why did you ask me that, hmmm? Planning on sharing me with another man this evening?”

“Fuck no! I just think it’s incredible that a woman as powerful as you can keep someone in line like that.”

Outside from the distance was the sound of flip flops coming up the small extended bridge from the port to the yacht. The security guards had been alerted to wait for two women today and now the second one was making her arrival on the boat. Jennifer felt confident though somewhat nervous at whatever surprise Tony had up his sleeve. The last time he had a surprise for her was a younger male to share her with but that was some years ago on her 40th birthday. Slowly, she was escorted around the back through the deck and to the opposite end of the yacht as she stepped out to see a woman with black hair up in a pony tail from behind and Tony sitting there having a drink with her at a small table. The man smiled when he looked up to see her.

“Jennifer! There you are!”

Kim immediately looked over her head and then smiled as she recognized the face. Was this the surprise he had in mind? Jennifer Lopez? Kim gave that typical fake smile of a greeting while she thought to herself. Jennifer on the other hand was a little confused before Tony spoke up.

“So ladies, this was my surprise meeting. I’ve dreamed about this for ages getting the two of you to meet on my yacht.”

Jennifer was a little confused while Kim just laughed and looked back at him.

“Tony, I’ve met Jennifer Lopez before.”

“And I’ve met Kim before a number of times, silly man!”

“Indeed you both have, but have you shared the bedroom before, sexy ladies? Ever had a man as deserving as me, squeezed in the middle of the two greatest asses in the world, eh?”

Always such arrogance from Tony, the older man felt he had earned it with his success in life. The two ladies looked at each other for a minute and then back at him. Kim spoke up.

“So this was your plan all along? You want us both to fuck you? What do you say Jennifer, how about we give him something to put him down for the day?”

Jennifer laughed nodding at Kim and then looked over at Tony.

“Yeah, let’s do it.”

“You hear that, Tony? When we’re done with you today, you aren’t going to be able to walk straight!”

No words could describe that smile on his face to hearing those words. The plan had succeeded. Tony got up from the table and now stepped forward as Kim came to his left and Jennifer came to his right side. Both of them looking up into his eyes as Jennifer now spoke.

“How about you go ahead and go in the bedroom and we’ll follow you.”

“That sounds fair to me.”

Stepping forward, Tony made the walk inside the deck as the sound of high heels and flip flops playing rhythm could be heard behind him. He led the ladies through the lower deck until they reached the main cabins where his master bedroom was deep within the yacht, far away from all eyes to see. No one was going to disturb them within these walls. Turning around to them, he sat on the large king sized bed, rustling through the golden sheets. Jennifer made the first move of kicking off her flip flops to go barefoot while Kim went down to her knees to begin undressing him. Jennifer would undress him from the torso.

“You have no idea what you’re in for this time, Tony. This won’t be like that time back in L.A.”

Kim spoke and then Jennifer followed on.

“Of all the surprises, i thought you had me some younger guy, didn’t know I would be getting help to work you over!”

Jennifer’s hands tugged at the buttons on his shirt while Kim had already knocked his shoes off and was now unbuckling his belt and beginning to slide his pants and underwear down. The women kept their clothes on figuring to undress their man first. Tony threw his arms up so his shirt would slip off and then he felt the cool air breezing as his pants came sliding down from below. Within a couple of seconds, he was essentially in the nude for them. Kim gripped her hand around his cock while Jennifer climbed on the bed on her knees and leaned over him kissing his cheek and watching Kim down below.

“Oh my god, he’s already fucking hard. Jennifer, you’re gonna have to wait cause I’m getting first taste!”

“Oh that’s fine Kim, go right on ahead while I tease him some more!”

Tony didn’t say a word between the two women teasing him. Jennifer pressed her hands over his shoulders while he viewed his eyes down below to see Kim and her hand jerking his shaft up and down. The big diamond ring on her finger shined bright enough to blind him a bit as she opened her mouth and licked the head of his meat pole before sliding it between her puffy cock sucking lips. She moaned over the shaft while Jennifer loosened the strings holding her bikini top together and let it fall down. She gripped Tony’s face and pulled him to the left side to smother him with her tits while the sound of sucking could be heard between his legs.

“Ohhhh, you like that Tony?”

Jennifer couldn’t help but tease him a little more. Kim was bobbing her head up and down on the shaft while he was licking at Jennifer’s tits. He moved his head back and looked down at Kim who was exercising her skills of deep throat action. He had almost forgotten how well she could suck his fat dick. Kim came up popping the head off her lips with a loud pop sound.

“If I don’t have to share down here…”

Kim flicked her tongue and spit on his dick before finishing her sentence.

“Then I’m just gonna enjoy this fat fucking cock.”

“Knock yourself out with it, girl! Make him cum before we take our clothes off!”

Tony’s eyes nearly rolled back in his head at them talking back and forth at each other. It was now a mission for Kim to make him hit the first orgasm today with her mouth. Jennifer leaned over and kissed his lips, locking their lips together while Kim enveloped her mouth back around his cock and slid it back down her throat. Jennifer quickly broke the kiss after a couple seconds.

“Not fair for you to be the one getting all the oral pleasure, Tony! I want some action!”

“Then get that fucking thong off!”

Jennifer climbed up on the bed now and moved over Tony. It was a dangerous situation but if she were to fall she’d fall forward over him which was more likely than falling backwards. Tony used his hands and slid down the white bikini thong piece exposing her shaved sweet pussy soaking wet for action. She leaned up so he could slide his tongue in the opening all the while Kim was devouring his cock below. Jennifer placed her hands up in Tony’s hair to guide his mouth to her pussy. She threw her head back, letting her brown hair wave around as she cried out.

“Mmmmmm, that’s it! Eat it Tony!”

Kim was alerted to Jennifer’s voice, coming up from his cock with a loud pop noise. When she looked up she was blinded by Jennifer’s enormous titanic-built ass. Kim laughed at the sight.

“Damn, that ass is fine Jennifer! Cannot wait to push mine up against it!”

“Ohhhhhhhh yeah girl! Push him over the edge, he’s gonna have to make me cum too!”

No words were needed as Kim realized she had complete control already of his orgasm. Tony had his tongue buried within Jennifer’s lovely mound, slithering it forward and back like a snake. Jennifer leaned up and pushed his back on the bed so her body fell over him while his face was essentially buried to her pussy. This gave Kim better advantage with his cock sticking straight up to devour it once more, sucking her puffy lips over it.

“Oh god yes, make me cum Tony!”

Jennifer’s words cried out to him as his tongue was working in a frantic pace. She stretched her body up to grab one of the golden pillows and sink her nails into it. The man was in a vortex of pleasure; eating Jennifer’s pussy and receiving the blowjob of a lifetime from none other than Kim Kardashian. This was what he had dreamed of happening to him just a week ago when he plotted this lustful event.


The voice of Jennifer screaming into the pillow in front of her. The only other sound coming in the room was Kim between his legs sucking his cock as if it were a peppermint stick. Jennifer was so close and the fact of the matter was, Kim had already pushed Tony to his breaking point. She tasted his pre-cum and knew that his time was coming short.


Jennifer cried out in an ecstasy of pleasure just as Tony felt his cock swell up and explode into the oral hole of Kim’s lovely body. His mouth was flooded in Jennifer’s juices, just as Kim’s jaws had received it’s waiting award of sweet sticky substance. While Jennifer remained stretched out over Tony’s face, Kim came up from his cock and licked it slowly before squeezing it to milk out the final drops of cum over her tongue. Jennifer slowly pulled her body and rolled over on the bed freeing the man from her grasp. Tony cried out in pleasure, swallowing her pussy juices.

“You two ladies know how to take me down!”

“There’s more where that came from!”

Kim winked at him from down below as Jennifer turned to look in his eyes with a smile over her face of pure lust. She was the only one that wasn’t fully naked at this point anymore, something that would soon have to be fixed. Tony smirked down at her.

“Alright ladies, we need a new position. Get off the bed Jennifer and Kim you get naked!”

“You’re telling me to get naked, Tony?”

“Yes! I want to see that huge ass of yours pushed up against Jennifer’s!”

“Whatever you say!”

Jennifer got up from the bed just as he had requested and now Kim raised herself from her knees and placed her hands on the bed to tease the man with an ample view of her massive cleavage still tucked in her little black outfit. Tony smirked and started to get up from the bed himself. There was a specific position he wanted them so he could look at their gigantic asses up against one another.

“Both of you turn around and put your hands on bed to stick those asses up!”

“Hold on big boy, I haven’t even got my clothes off yet!”

It was Kim’s voice in protest, teasing him as she winked and went to pulling at her outfit to let it fall to the floor and stomp her heels out of it. Those massive breasts looked amazing, as did her wet pussy dripping below. She was the only one who had not hit an orgasm yet so early in the day but that soon would change. Jennifer moved over to the front of the bed with Jennifer and as his request, they put their hands down over the bed and pushed their asses out for him. Tony moved behind them so he could witness the beautiful sight of what he considered the two greatest famous asses in the world pushed up against one another.

“Mierda, I am the luckiest man in the world to see this!”

“Oh yeah you are Tony, huh? My ass up against Kim’s, quite a sight, huh?”

“She said it! What are you gonna do, kiss them?”


Kim’s joke had brought a new meaning to the term of ‘kiss my ass’. Tony had stretched his arms out to place his palms up against their cheeks respectively; Kim to the left and Jennifer to the right. Sure enough, with her words he leaned right down and pressed a soft kiss over Kim’s right buttocks cheek and then moved over to Jennifer’s. Kim bust out laughing.

“Oh my god! You didn’t just do that!”

Next it was Jennifer busting out laughing at Tony’s playful gesture. As much fun as he was in the bedroom sometimes he was too much of a goof ball. Both ladies couldn’t believe their eyes sometimes and now the man was running his hands over both asses to tease them both while he spoke.

“So you too ladies ready?”

“Ready for what?”

Kim spoke up.

“Ready to get fucked. I’m gonna fuck both of you.”

“Well, how are you gonna do that Tony?”

Jennifer was curious.

“I’m gonna take turns that’s how.”

“Mmmmm, well I’m ready for you to fuck me, already. I’m the only one that hasn’t got to scream yet today.”

“Soon you will!”

Kim wanted him first and he would be happy to oblige. Stepping over to the left side he placed his hands over those glorious famous ass cheeks to spread them and then rub his hard rod towards her sweet sticky hole. Kim’s pussy already had been dripping wet from when she slobbered all over his cock moments ago. He pushed the shaft to her entrance and then slipped in.

“Ohhhh yes, this pussy always felt so amazing!”

“Get it Tony, fuck me!”

The talk only made Jennifer anticipate him more as she had to sit there and watch her friend get slammed in front of her. Tony took his time at first, thrusting his rod into Kim’s sweet honey hole. Each time he pumped into her and their skin met from the thrusts, it was like watching ripples of wave flow over her enormous ass that managed nice and firm. Tony took his time pounding into her for a bit before pulling out and now he had to give Jennifer a turn. She squealed as she heard his feet on the floor and could see his shadow over the bed.

“Oh my turn next, Papi?”

“Yes indeed!”

Slowly, he positioned himself and slid his cock into her warm wet hole. Jennifer moaned as she felt him enter and then he began to slowly pump into her. Kim sat there watching him just as Jennifer had watched seconds earlier. Tony raised his hand back and smacked Jennifer’s huge ass on the left cheek. Giving that pussy some thorough pumping with his cock for a bit before it was time to switch back over to Kim. He let his rod slither on out and then snapped his fingers.

“Back to you Kim!”

“Oh my god, Jennifer…he can’t make his mind up between us!”

Maybe that comment was true, they both laughed. With two gorgeous women right here bent over the bed like this, Tony wanted to try and give them both a proper fucking but wasn’t sure if that was possible the more he thought of. He made his way back to the left and slid his rod back into Kim’s waiting wet hole. A moan gasped through her voice as he began to rock steady, fucking her back and forth with his cock pumping her juicy tight hole. Kim didn’t want him to stop, she hadn’t had an orgasm yet today and she was going to make sure that changed. When it came time for him to alternate back to Jennifer, however his mind had wandered to another place. He just had to fuck Kim’s beautiful enormous ass.

“Ladies vamos, I gotta take Kim’s ass right fucking now!”

“I want to cum Tony, you and Jennifer both have already, but not me!”

“Oh I have an idea!”

It was Jennifer that spoke up as she turned to look over her shoulder at Tony.

“I’ll eat her while you fuck up the ass, how’s that Kim?”

“Mmmm, that’s rather kinky Jennifer. I’m all for it, I better get up on the bed and we get a new position.”

“Yes! Move up on the bed, both of you!”

Jennifer was the first to climb up on the bed, crawling forward before rolling on her back while Kim climbed up and towered over the older woman. Luckily for Tony, the roof of his master cabin to the yacht was high enough so he would not be close to hitting the ceiling with the top of his head. Kim bent over on all fours to expose her glorious, huge ass to his view. Jennifer leaned herself up so her mouth could plant itself upward into her wet pussy. Kim looked down as she could see Jennifer’s legs below her as she bit her lower lip. Tony on the other hand, was starring right at her titanic sized ass just as his hands pulled those cheeks apart and he went to inching the head of his meat pole right into the dark hole.

“Oh god, you two are going to fuck me crazy!”

“Indeed I am baby!”

“Oh Kim, you are dripping wet down here!”

Kim didn’t respond to Jennifer’s comment. all she could do was gasp for breathe as she felt Tony’s cock slide into her tight dark hole. At the same time, Jennifer’s tongue slid past the pink inviting lips of her pussy and now the ride was on as Tony thrust his rod deep into Kim’s bowels. She loved anal, how could she not with an ass as powerful as that?

“Ohhhhhhhh, that’s it! Yeah! Fuck my big phat ass, Tony! Fuck it! Mmmmmm Lick me too Jennifer, more!”

The curvy, voluptuous body of Kim had been caught in a heavenly ecstasy of pleasure. Soon Tony was pounding hard into her ass with each thrust, ramming her the way any man would dream to take that ass. All the while, Jennifer’s mouth lapped up and sucked into Kim’s loving hole. The woman moaned out screaming in pleasure.


Each time Tony rammed his cock into that huge ass, his balls slapped up against her creating a little friction of noise. Her pony tail beat against her upper back, the only thing that prevented her hair from waving about wildly. Jennifer had a hard time at first eating Kim’s pussy out with the way Tony was ramming her ass but she managed by pulling herself up, all the while Kim’s big tits were bouncing wildly from under. Kim screamed as she dug her nails into the golden sheets of the bed.


As much as she didn’t want this pleasure to end taking it from both her holes down below Kim knew that she wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. Tony was pounding her ass over and over and it seemed that Jennifer worked her tongue faster in between her pussy lips. Kim couldn’t take it anymore, she cried out loud as her climax was at last fulfilled. Kim wailed like a banshee to the feeling.


A sudden force came gushing between Kim’s legs and Jennifer felt the warm substance coat her mouth and run down her chin. She moved just in time for Kim’s pussy explosion to squirt over her chin and run down her neck. Jennifer laughed a little as it was the last think she was expecting of an orgasm so hard. Tony slowed down his thrusts before coming to a sudden stop. He realized Kim had hit her climax and he wanted to fuck the other woman’s legendary bum before he blew again.

“Kim, you flooded me girl!”

“Oh…did I?”

Tony bust out laughing as he eased his cock from Kim’s ass and heard their words. He stepped back now and began to lower himself down off the bed giving Jennifer clear space to begin moving out from under Kim.

“Jennifer, that ass is next. Bend over the bed for me.”

“Oh good, I gotta mouth full of Kim’s juices I need to swallow down.”

Kim laughed at Jennifer’s little comment. She needed a break to recover and what better rest was to watch Jennifer get it up the ass? She rolled over on her back laying there as she arched up one of her legs and propped herself up. Jennifer climbed off the bed and faced Tony, he immediately used his hand to swipe up some of Kim’s sticky substance and feed it to his mouth. Seeing the opportunity, Jennifer placed her lips onto his and kissed him as they both savored the taste of Kim’s pussy flavor. Breaking the kiss, Jennifer turned around for him and pumped out her epic ass while pushing her hands over the bed to arch herself up.

“I’m probably going to cum in your ass like I did last week, so fair warning.”

“You know I don’t have a problem with that!”

What a height of perfect pleasure; to swap pussy between Jennifer and Kim and now both of their asses. Tony couldn’t believe that so far he had not cum but he restrained himself pretty well. Kim’s eyes looked down at Jennifer with a smirk on her face as the two caught eye contact right as Tony’s hands stretched apart those powerful buns and he went to inching his cock inside of it. Jennifer breathed in as she felt his rod go in and begin to thrust further into her tight hole.

“Ohhhh Tony, that’s it…you know you want it. Go for it Papi!”

“You know, I really love when you call me Papi!”

“Fuck my ass Papi!”

Jennifer rightfully gave in to what he wanted, one simple word to stroke his ego. By now however, he was pounding into her ass hard and fast. Just like last week, Jennifer had to clench her fingers down into the sheets as Tony pounded that thick beautiful ass over and over, fucking it like there was no tomorrow.


Over and over, Tony lived up to her request ramming his cock in and out of that tight dark hole. Jennifer’s body began to shake as he knew he was close to his orgasm. All the while Kim sat on the bed watching and loving every moment of it. She could see the sweat dripping off his forehead and that cute little face of pleasure and frustration. Jennifer closed her eyes and moaned, knowing the time was coming short as he was pounding her harder as the seconds went by.

“FUCK! I’m gonna cum!”

“Oh yeah!? You’re going to cum in my great big, huge ass Papi!? Do it! Pound me and fill me!”



With one last thrust, he was completely spent for this round. Tony raised both hands and clapped her massive buns with a double slap as he cried out moaning to the feeling of his cock exploding in Jennifer’s ass.


“Mmmmmmm, I feel it Papi. That’s what I wanted!”

Kim chuckled at Jennifer’s words. It was hilarious for the both of them embracing their naughty ways with this man. Tony was a little bit fatigued from all the work he had been doing working their bodies. As he pulled his cock from her ass, he stepped backwards until he sat on the bed. Kim could see his back from her view and now Jennifer was climbing back on the bed.

“I think we’ve already worn him slap out, Kim.”

“No, he wore himself out. That’s what you get when you pound two big asses without taking a break!”

The two girls laughed, Kim was hoping her words would get to him for some motivation. She wasn’t done yet for the day, neither was Jennifer. The man turned his head with a smug grin as he spoke back up.

“I don’t need a break!”

“Good, because I’m hungry for that fat fucking dick again.”

“Again? I don’t think Jennifer has gotten a single lick yet.”

“She can get a taste with me then, but I want it now!”

“Come and get it!”

Jennifer focused on the conversation between Kim and Tony. Before she knew it, Kim had crawled off the bed and those high heels boomed loudly over the marble floor as she made it to the end of the bed where Tony was. Jennifer decided to play along to what he had said, indeed she had not had a taste of it yet. She followed behind Kim’s lead and before Tony knew it, both of the goddess women were on their knees in front of his eyes. He stood up off the bed so he could stand and get a better sight of it, proving to Kim that he still had energy for more rounds. Kim took a hold of his cock, stroking it as she looked up into his eyes with a slutty smile. Jennifer gripped his big balls and playfully used her fingers to massage them.

“You two down there are so gorgeous.”

“Are you just saying that cause your cock is in our hands?”

“Yeah, something along that line babe.”

Kim raised her eye brow and gave him a goofy smile. He laughed just as Jennifer did, that witty sense of humor of hers had really come to life today. While Kim could have easily sucked his rod just now, she just let go of it and allowed Jennifer to have her turn with his fat meat stick. Moving aside on her knees, Jennifer took control with full attention as her hands went to his shaft and began to stroke it. She looked in Tony’s eyes as she lowered her mouth and kissed the head. Within a couple of seconds her mouth had enveloped around it and she began to bob her head up and down sucking it. Kim looked in Tony’s eyes as she cradled his balls in the palm of her hand to further tease him.

Tony’s eyes couldn’t find a correct focus for the time being. He would shift to Jennifer and then over at Kim starring at her big breasts hanging down. Both girls gave him eye contact as Jennifer bobbed her head up and down for a bit before stopping and coming up with a loud pop noise. She flicked her tongue back and spit on the shaft as Kim took over now with her turn for some sucking action. Those pink puffy cock sucking lips squeezed over his cock as the black haired woman now began to suck it down just as she had previously done earlier. Jennifer’s mouth went down to his balls and sucked the left one between her jaws before alternating to the right. Between Kim’s sucking noises and Jennifer’s sloppy slobbering sounds the only other voice heard was Tony moaning in pleasure.

“You girls are something else, wow.”

Kim heard his words and came up off his cock with a loud pop sound to answer him.

“Yeah that’s right, two bad ass little sex machines right here Tony.”

She flicked her tongue back and spit on his dick before using her hand to stroke in her saliva as lube. It was now Jennifer’s turn however to get some sucking action. Kim leaned up and teased him with her eyes as the older woman took over parting her lips and sucking it down between her jaws. Jennifer pushed her sucking skills to the limit this time by showing off that she could deep throat it with ease. Kim’s eyes strayed from Tony’s to watching Jennifer devour his fat rod.

“Looks like she may have been more hungry than I was.”

Tony couldn’t reply to that. Kim was unaware of how many times that he and Jennifer met over the years, she knew his cock better than even his own ex-wife. Jennifer sucked into a frenzy as his balls were dripping wet from her saliva only seconds previously to this. While Kim probably should have put those balls in her mouth, she had other plans in the making that he soon would see for himself. By now his cock was drenched in the saliva from both of their mouths that had slobbered over it back and forth. Jennifer stopped and came up for air but not before applying spit over the head. She looked over at Kim to give her the nod.

“I got something I want to do besides suck it all day.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that babe?”

Kim didn’t reply to Tony at first. She placed her hands over her tits as her lips caught the head of his cock and sucked it. Some gobs of saliva dripped down from his shaft over the marble floor as Kim brought her big breasts up and then popped her lips off his cock right in time to lean her tits up and part them for a passage. She squeezed his cock to trap it between her big breasts, looking him in the eyes as she replied.

“How about that? You like your fat cock between my big tits, like this? Mmmmmm, gonna fuck my titties, Tony hmmm?”

“Ohhhhh yes! I love these big tetas!”

Jennifer laughed as she positioned herself behind Kim. One had to admire the woman’s busty chest, just as it was funny hearing Tony use the Spanish word to refer to them. Kim held her tits together in tact and then he brought his hand to her right shoulder. Jennifer leaned her head over the left so she could watch his cock drive up and down between those amazing boobs. Kim’s natural huge size completely made his cock disappear only to barely reappear again each time he thrust upward.

“Oh my god, that is so hot watching it slide back and forth!”

“It feels so fucking good Jennifer, mmmmm”

Tony could have laughed at the two girls trading comments right there but he was too focused on rocking back and forth as his cock slid up and down those marvelous great breasts. Kim’s ass wasn’t the only big asset of her lascivious curvy body, these breasts were made to be fucked too. Kim opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to swipe over the head each time it poked up between her breasts. Jennifer noticed and then spit on his cock, flooding the little creek that was made of those fleshy mountains pushed together.

“Ohhhh god, you know you keep fucking me like this and you are going to get a mess all over you.”

Kim gasped at his words and winked at him.

“I like to get messy, don’t you know that!?”

That was all it took to make up Tony’s mind, he didn’t have to reply to that. He got a little faster thrusting his cock between her breasts. For Kim’s sake, she had already swallowed the first load of the day and he had filled up Jennifer’s ass. It seemed fitting that his final orgasm would be a big messy one. He had the choice between her breasts or her face. Her hair was already up in a tight pony tail from the photo shoot earlier to give him a full clear view of her forehead to paint. The man grunted and moaned deeply at the pleasure as Jennifer teased him.

“Oh Papi, you going to give her that mess?”

“If that’s what she wants.”

“I do want it Tony, I want you to fucking load me down. Cum all over my face with that hot load!”

“Yeah? You want me to load you down?”

“Yep, I said it. Cum all over me. Let me know when you’re ready.”

For Jennifer, she didn’t feel left out much. He already filled up her ass with cum and she could feel it even now dripping out of her dark hole and running down over the marble floor. Kim on the other hand, loved getting a big sticky mess over her to finish the day and Tony was close to blowing as his cock was still pumping nicely between those epic breasts. He breathed in, he didn’t want this pleasure to end as he knew once this one was over he would be well spent for the rest of the day.

“Fuck, that’s it! I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes! Yes! Cum on her Papi!”

It was Jennifer’s voice that teased him. Kim let go of her breasts to free his cock once he spoke of coming close and now she sat back holding up her tits and closing her eyes. She opened her mouth and pushed up her lips into a duck face to tease him as if she was blowing him a kiss.

“Mmmmmm yes, fucking load me down.”

“She wants it bad! Papi, cum all over her face!”

Once again, Jennifer spoke up and she figured that she wasn’t going to be entirely left out here. As Tony slowly stroked his cock, she offered her right hand to wrap around it and he instantly got the hint. Jennifer jerked his rod as hard and as fast as she could aimed point blank at Kim. Tony nodded at Jennifer as he moaned.

“Her fair, aim it right up.”

“Oh my god, are you gonna-OH FUCK!”

Kim couldn’t finish her sentence on time as she felt the first wad of cum fly and strike her in the forehead. The blast was so powerful it stretched into her hair, causing her to close her eyes and brace for impact. Jennifer had aimed his cock a little too high at first. The next wave splashed over her left eye brow and drenched her eye lid and going down her cheek. Another wad flew over her right cheek and dripped down her face. Jennifer continued to stroke him faster as the last remaining drops of cum flew over her breasts.

“So fucking hot, oh my god I can feel it.”

“That was hot!”

“Yeah it was, ohhhhh man. You look gorgeous with all that cum on your face Kim.”

A moment like this proved to Kim why the pony tail was necessary even though cum still caught up in her hair. Jennifer moaned herself and giggled at the sight as she let go of Tony’s cock and turned her attention to Kim.

“I want to clean you up and swallow every last drop.”

“Mmmmm do that Jennifer, make sure you use your tongue.”

“I wasn’t planning on using my fingers!”

Tony laughed at the exchange between the two of them. It was cute and funny at the same time. Jennifer leaned down and as she had said, opened her mouth and began to lick up the cum that was blasted over Kim’s left cheek. The black haired woman sat there stationary in position with her eyes closed as she just raised her neck and moaned at the feeling of Jennifer’s tongue lapping up the cum.

“Oh, now that is what I wanted to see. Ladies that know how to look out for each other.”

Jennifer ignored Tony’s little comment, she was too busy cleaning with her mouth. She licked up the cum from the left eye and brow before moving to her forehead and catching it up with her tongue. Closing her mouth, she swallowed loudly giving Kim and Tony both proof that she had devoured his seed down her throat. The man moaned watching her clean Kim up. He wanted to speak but he couldn’t find the thought of words as this sight was too good to be true. No one would believe him if he had bragged about this story. Jennifer had cleaned up all the cum from her face and then moved down to her tits when Kim reopened her eyes and moaned.

“I think she’s a little cum vacuum cleaner, don’t ya think Tony?”

“Now you see that she loves to swallow it as much as you do.”

“Bible, I am loving this tongue cleaning!”

There it was without a disappointment in the day, Kim’s usage of the word ‘bible’ as a slang term for ‘I swear’. It was always a treat to hear her in person use those slang terms. She held her breasts up as Jennifer licked them dry of the remaining bits of cum. As for Jennifer herself, she didn’t feel it was fair if Kim was to swallow down two loads. This evened it out for them both to get a taste of his warm seed while also both receiving an orgasm of their own. Once she was done licking all of it up, she turned around and looked at Tony to give him an eye sight as she swallowed the last remaining bits and he got to witness her throat muscles moving.

“You ladies were incredible, just as I had dreamed.”

“Oh yeah what a surprise you had for me today, didn’t expect to get eaten by Jennifer of all people today. Oh my god, this was so much fun.”

Kim laughed and then Jennifer nodded her head as she spoke back.

“This beats having a young boy toy for a surprise! Much better!”

A grin swept over Tony’s face as he laughed to them.

“Yes, this was a day for all of us. We might as well get dressed, I hope the two of you stay cause I was planning on some dinner. My chef is really good, you can let him make you anything.”

“That sounds like a plan Tony, but I gotta go after this dinner. I’m supposed to make some calls back to L.A. and I’m probably on my plane out of her back there tomorrow night.”

“That’s fine baby, thank you for staying for dinner.”

Kim slowly got up from the floor and then Jennifer raised herself from her knees.

“If you don’t mind Tony, or shall I call you Papi for the rest of the night…I would like to sleep here on the yacht.”

“That’s perfectly fine with me baby, anything you wish!”

The remainder of the day now had been sealed on schedule. Tony would have dinner with the both of them and Jennifer would stay while Kim had to take off. His mind was absorbed into the event that had unfolded here with the three of them.



Time had faded on over town for Tony’s business. The lustful fun between Kim and Jennifer was now sealed into their minds of the past, he had some real business matters at hand that came after the break of a heavenly event of pleasure. The status of the money skimming back at one of his night clubs was still on his mind but at the moment he had to work with his younger brother Steven over Disco Fever. The re-opened club had become a boom of success, cashing in on the old disco nostalgia and a new generation of party goers with a taste for a retro flavor.

Steven had more important things to deal with, stuff that had been in the works for almost an entire year. Tonight at the club he had to bring it to Tony to at least give him a notification for when his departure would occur. The two brothers were sitting upstairs in their private V.I.P. room, Tony smoked a cigar while Steven had a drink and spoke up.

“I gotta head out to L.A. in a few weeks.”

“What for?”

“I have to meet with that special someone who asks for dough out of my pocket.”

Tony smirked hearing those words. He knew exactly who and what Steven was referring to.

“Oh Chris, that washed up pendejo?”

“Yeah, gonna pay him a visit since he keeps avoiding me and now he knows Ramón wants his money back too.”

“Wait, what? He borrowed money from Ramón? What a fucking fool.”

The two of them cracked a laugh together. Ramón was their slightly younger cousin, everyone in town knew not to trust him for a money loan. If Steven could be bad with his loansharking schemes, Ramón was ruthless with his greed. The thought ran through Tony’s mind as he was well aware of how they were dealing Chris going back to last year when he asked for a couple hundred grand to help with a movie project. That money had only doubled and tripled since he never paid it back. His career in Hollywood had been a dead end ever since his last three big budget films bombed.

“You let me know how that goes afterwards, I can’t wait to hear it.”

Steven got up from his seat and smiled at his brother.

“For sure man, I’ll let you know before I have to leave.”

“Take care Steven!”

He swaggered out the door and walked through the halls of the V.I.P. upstairs. Steven smirked to himself as the devious thoughts ran through his head while Tony sat back alone in his private room and drowned his brain in a bottle of liquor.


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