Big Booty Bitches: Ch. 4

Title: Big Booty Bitches: Ch. 4

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Sofia Vergara

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

The loud sound of thunder crackled over the sky in Miami, grey clouds had rolled over the bright town giving way of a small storm going through. As the wind whistled through a set of palm trees, a pair of high heels clicking and clacking over the concrete parking lot was the louder sound. A tall woman in a black dress made her way into the club Disco Fever, with her a tall bald bodyguard who always accompanied her for protection. Tonight was the perfect night for a meeting. Inside the club was loud music, the neon lights were a blinking spectrum as some kind of high tempo dance music was playing from a DJ table above the dance floor. The floor itself was a wild frenzy. Still the woman walked her way around the club until she went upstairs. It was her first time visiting but after some phone calls the other day with the man himself and his assistant, she knew where to go and what to look for with that white V.I.P. door. Just as planned was a blonde haired girl standing outside holding a clipboard. She was soon met to the sight of the woman in the black dress, standing her curvy body in front of her.

“Jou dat woman I spoke to over the phone dis morning?”

Maria looked up at the strong Colombian accent. She had learned to expect it from working as Tony Diaz’s assistant now for several months.

“I beg your pardon?”

The woman put her hands on her hips and then the bald headed man stepped forward with a blank expression. Maria had a moment where she had forgotten something at first, she laughed for a bit to try and shake it off and balance the mood as she didn’t want to upset these two people.

“Oh! I am sorry! I just had a blonde moment, señor Diaz has been expecting you.”

A smile curved over the silky lips of the woman in the black dress hugging over every curve of her voluptuous form. Her hazel eyes and black hair made her look familiar to Maria, not counting that amazing Latin accent that sounded stronger than any of the men that she dealt with from the Diaz family. Maria spoke up again.

“Señor Diaz is in there. Go down the right hall and make your turn to a door that is white and has a gold knob on it. You can’t miss it, I’ll go ahead and phone him.”


The voice was in a rude matter but what could Maria do? The door swung open and then the loud heels stomped into the floor as the tall bodyguard was behind her. Maria sighed to herself as she reached for her phone out of the pocket of her jeans. She quickly texted Tony to alert him that his friend was arriving. ‘You’ve got company, that lady friend of yours is coming to see you’. Hitting her thumb over the send button, she sighed and then shoved her phone back into her pocket and proceeded to walk downstairs to hit the bar. Her job was over for this little assignment of looking out.

Tony was sitting in his chair enjoying a drink when his phone buzzed with a text. Grabbing the phone from the arm rest of his large chair he read it quickly and then smiled to himself. It was funny to him that Maria had no idea just who this woman was and within a minute she was knocking on the door as he smiled brightly and yelled.

“Come in! It’s not locked, invite yourself in honey!”

With the knob turning, the door swung open to an amazing view of Sofia Vergara standing before him with a big smile on her face.

“Hola Tony!”

“Sofia! It’s wonderful to see you!”

Those heels stomped forward as she ran up to hug the man. Tony got up from his chair and embraced her in a nice hug, feeling her soft dress that smashed her body up against him. From the doorway her bodyguard watched for a minute and decided to give them privacy as he stepped back and let the door close locking them together. The man knew his place not to interfere with business like this.

“How long has it been since you were in Miami, baby? 4 months?”

“No! Six, goofy man! I not been here in six months, and look at dis place dat jou got here now. You rockin’ and a partyin’ like it’s 1985 again!”

“Oh yeah, that was the plan. Always wanted another disco joint like my old man had back in the day, bless him.”

Sofia’s strong accent was wonderful to listen to. Not even Tony had an accent as remarkable and breathtaking as hers. She looked around his personal office for a bit and then at the window that showed the club down below where the dance floor was moving Turning around as she stood in front of him and watching him sit back in his chair, she figured it was better to get to business first and then maybe pleasure later.

“So, jou know why I come to see jou, yes?”

“I think I can take a guess. You did say you had something important to talk about on the phone but wanted to see me in person about it.”

A smile graced over her lovely red lips.

“There is dis man back in L.A. around Hollywood who’s gotta big mouth…jou see, he likes to talk. Run his mouth…”

Tony nodded, he figured exactly who she was talking about.

“Is his name Chris Shay?”

Sofia nodded with a grin on her face as she spoke louder.

“Yeah! Dat’s him! He had a guest episode on my Television show, jou know the one?”

“Yes honey, I know your show. I watch it when I can.”

A laugh escaped Sofia’s lips as she blushed, the fact he could admit to watching her show when she was right here made her smile.

“Well, he likes to run his mouth about jou, and Steven! Sits there throwing a fuckin’ pity party for himself, saying that jou and him are the reason he can’t start his own movie studio and how he ain’t got no money anymore.”

“Honey, do you know that he owes Steven a lot of money? Money he’s owed for a couple years now?”

“Yeah! He brought dat up to me! Says that Steven gave him a couple grand and now he is asking for double back or something that he says isn’t fair to him. I don’t know what dat whole mess is about, but I figure that jou should know!”

Tony smirked at her before replying.

“That sounds about accurate. He hasn’t paid off his debts, Steven has been looking for him lately.”

A sinister laugh escaped Sofia’s lips as she looked back at Tony, stomping her heels around to lean up against the little mini bar on the right side of the room. His eyes wandered up her silky strong legs and up to that lovely cleavage begging to spill out from her dress.

“I do this, only for a man like jou or Steven! I am going to deliver Chris, directly here!”

“Oh yeah babe, how do you plan on doing that?”

Sofia smirked at him before responding.

“It’s already done! I am simply irresistible to a man like that, he is coming into town tomorrow off da plane. He thinks dat I am gonna take him out for a romantic retreat on a cruise where he can fuck me in the Caribbean.”

Tony bust out laughing and clapped his hands. He and Sofia had been friends for a long time now, well over 15 years back when she was known more as a model and not the older sex symbol that she had become later into her career with a break out of stardom. This was just the kind of help that he loved from having a friend in the business to help with family matters like this.

“This is amazing Sofia, so what time is that plane coming? You said tomorrow, right?”

“Yes! Tomorrow! I figure that Steven can say ‘ello to him right as he is coming off the plane!”

“I’ll call Steven right now and tell him about-”

“No need to, Tony! I already spoke to him an hour ago!”

Sofia cracked up laughing at the thought of the whole situation, Tony was laughing too at the thought of it. Chris was in a world of trouble for tomorrow, the table was ready to crash down on his debts that were stacking up as the months went by.

“I appreciate all this honey, so are you in town more than just tonight?”

“Yes, I’m staying for a few days actually. Jou wanna do somethin’, hook up?”

“Yeah, I’d love to hang out with you on my yacht again.”

A smirk crossed his face as Sofia bust out laughing.

“Jou naughty man! Always have someone on dat boat wit you!”

“Well what can I say? I like to live comfortable. Where are you staying this week?”

“I will be staying at the Fontainebleau, why? What jou gonna do, send me flowers?”

“Maybe honey…You never know just what kind of gift I might send to you.”

Tony winked at Sofia as she laughed at him again before moving from his mini bar. She walked over to his chair and leaned down and spoke in soft voice, she couldn’t resist the fact she was happy to see him again.

“I’ll call jou after tomorrow. I know tomorrow is gonna be a busy day.”

“Yeah I hear you babe, Steven will have his hands full tomorrow. How about we have some fun Thursday? Today is Tuesday anyway, always a busy day in the week.”

“Dat sounds good! Thursday, if jou don’t call me, I will blow up jour phone!!!”

“I know you will! Take care honey!”

Sofia leaned down and placed a goodbye kiss over Tony’s cheek before stomping those loud heels back to the door and making an exit to rejoin her bodyguard. Tony sighed after she left the room. The whole deal with Chris owing money was only a distraction from other things he had on mind, he would let Steven do his own business but for now he wanted to party it up with Sofia. She had become quite an asset of a friend with her booming success back in Hollywood of the past few years. Tony had known her going back to the late 90’s when he helped her get some modelling gigs around Miami, one favor that she never forgot within their glorious friendship.



From outside the Miami International Airport, Steven walked through the doors and back looking over the place. From Sofia’s words he went on and pulled up a flight schedule so he could accurate time when Chris would be stepping off the plane. The method in play was that Chris could easily be spotted as Sofia was to call him on the phone. Outside the airport, Steven had his cousin Ramón waiting in a black Mercedes. So far, 30 minutes had passed waiting on him. The plane had already docked on it’s schedule for 10 A.M. and soon Steven was sure he would see the man of the hour while all the other passengers arriving in Miami from the plane were making their exit.

Steven walked out of the front doors, avoiding security and sure enough as he turned his head there was Chris Shay standing tall with his blonde hair and clean shaven face with a cellphone up to his ear. That had to be Sofia calling him, he had a luggage bag in his hand and Steven approached him. It appeared that he was trying to call someone on the phone and couldn’t get it to work as he moved the phone to try and redial. Steven approached Chris from behind to surprise him.

“Hey there man, long time no see.”

The blonde haired man turned around to hearing that voice and looked back at Steven with a shocked expression turned to fear. Steven could easily see how afraid Chris of this surprise meeting, forcing him to smile at Chris to further drive the fear into the man’s heart.

“Oh hi! Steven! I-I was just about to call you since I came to town to do stuff!”

“Come on Chris, let’s take a ride…”

Steven wasted no time putting his hand over Chris’ arm to guide him walking from to the black Mercedes car that was waiting right outside the airport. Ramón could be seen in the driver’s seat behind his big sunglasses and short brown hair. Chris swallowed hard in fear as he knew what all this was over but there was no way he would fight it off in fear that it would only make things worse. Steven pushed him to the back door of the car.

“Get in, before I make you ride in the fucking trunk.”

Willingly, Chris opened the door breathing in as he threw in his luggage and shut the door from the inside. Steven went on and climbed in the passenger’s seat up front and now the door’s locked and Ramón drove off from the airport. It was shakedown time for poor Chris who would be subjected to the Diaz men’s methods of handling unpaid debts.

“Don’t try anything stupid, asshole or you’ll make this worse on yourself.”

That voice was none other than Ramón himself as he drove the car out of the Airport and over the streets of Miami. Where exactly were they going was a mystery at least to Chris who was boiling in the fear of these brutal men and their loansharking deals. It was too late for regret though.

“Look…Ramón and Steven, I know this about the money.”

“Talk then, you cheap snake.”

Steven chuckled as he looked through the mirror overhead of the dashboard and could see the sweat dripping from Chris’ white face. The smell of fear was in the air of the car amidst the sighs and blank expressions of the passenger in the back seat.

“I just need a couple more months OK? I got the finalized blueprint down of where I’m going to open a film studio in L.A. and then I’ll make the money and I’ll pay you back what I owe you.”

“You owe us double what I gave you back in January, and that’s not counting what you owe Ramón here.”

“300 grand, make that 60 grand now since you can’t pay me back.

Ramón spoke up informing Chris of the new deal. He owed him double, in full estimate it was $360,000 in debts. The number had become excessive a long time ago as this had been going on dating back to last year. Chris had only borrowed a little under half of the current estimate. The man sighed to himself knowing that it would probably be impossible to pay off these dark men. Steven spoke up.

“That’s not why we have taken you for a ride. So, someone who is a great friend to our family informed me last night that you have a big mouth and like to talk shit.”

A dawning moment to Chris’ mind. He knew exactly who it was, without considering how fast things had went since stepping off the plane. Eventually he probably would have figured it out on his own but now he knew that Sofia had sold him out to her Diaz friends. Steven leaned back to look at his face before he spoke again.

“Now you know, that special someone you thought was yours to play with has some very powerful friends. Next time watch your fucking mouth.”

The car came to a stop off the side of the road. They had crossed over into Coconut Grove on the east end where a local hospital was near by. Steven got out of the car and then proceeded to open the door and let Chris walk out. As he stepped out of the car, Steven grabbed his luggage bag and slung it onto the ground and then kicked Chris over to fall face forward on the ground.

“I want my money next month, you fucking worm! If I don’t have it, then next time you’ll be rushing into this hospital right here after we’re done with you!”

Wasting no more time with this useless fool, Steven got back into the passenger’s side of the car and then the black Mercedes sped off. Chris picked himself up off the ground and grabbed his luggage. The thought kept running in his mind that Sofia had set him up, he would know better than to trust that woman for now on.



Dark clouds swept across the sky with light rain rustling through the palm trees outside the parking lot to the Fontainebleau luxury hotel in Miami Beach. Tony figured he would pay a visit to Sofia after they had some talk on the phone yesterday and with bad weather brushing through it didn’t seem ideal for a rush to the yacht where she liked to soak in the sun when she came to visit. It was time for them to have some company together since she had come to visit, it had been a while since he spent time with her.

Sofia was a special friend not only to Tony, but to the Diaz family as a while. He had watched her career for over 15 years, always helping in the shadows get her modelling deals and try to give her the big push that rightfully would pay off with her breakthrough back in Hollywood. She had a star on the Walk of Fame and Tony was very proud of all of this between their swinging romps. This deal with Chris was just another example of what a valuable piece on the chessboard she was with connections.

Tony stepped out of the elevator and began to march up the hall of the upper floors where the luxury apartments were. He knew the room number, as Sofia had to told him on the phone earlier and here he was dressed in a casual black suit as he was going up to see her. Once he found the room number he had memorized, he went to knock. Sofia’s loud voice called out.

“The door is unlocked, come on in!”

True to her word, when he turned the door knob he seen that it was indeed unlocked. Tony invited himself in from her words. The living room of her apartment was empty of any soul, just the coffee table had a bottle of wine opened and the smell of a candle burning a lovely raspberry scent filled the room. Suddenly, Sofia’s strong accent of voice called out.

“Jus’ one minute, Tony!”

She knew it had to be him since he had called half an hour ago to tell her he was on his way. She was in the bedroom finishing up her dressing of jewelry with a diamond necklace to go with her blue dress. Underneath that dress was the true surprise, all the while Tony was walking about in the living room as he called out.

“I’m right here, honey!”

Soon the sound of high heels stomping was heard as Sofia revealed herself from the left side of the living room stepping out of the bedroom. Her blue dress was low cut to give him ample view of her amazing cleavage and a grin came across her face showing those pearly white teeth.

“You look magnificent Sofia!”

She smiled at him before placing walking over and placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Jou look great too, handsome man. So, did jou talk to Steven about his big day with the big mouth?”

“No, not yet. I don’t know what they’re up to.”

“Oh, I figured dat he told jou by now.”

Sofia laughed as she walked past the room going over the couch as sitting down. Tony followed her to have a seat right next to her. She turned to look in his eyes and then he spoke to her.

“We’re very lucky to have you as a friend, let me tell you about that. He’s been chasing that idiota around for months.”

“I’m jus’ doing my job as a friend, Tony. That’s what I am here for.”

She slowly got up from the couch, stomping her heels over the floor as she moved about while she could feel his eyes studying her. She didn’t want to waste all their time tonight talking about business matters, this was time to get down and dirty to the real situation that called between their bodies.

“So, are jou here to talk lover man? Or do jou want to do somethin’ fun?”

Tony grinned at those words. Sofia had turned her back to him and stood as she pulled apart the small robe piece that held her dress together for it to easily come off soon.

“Well…since you put it that way, I wouldn’t mind having some real fun.”

Sofia turned around facing him as she pulled her dress and snatched it from her body to let it fall to the floor revealing herself only in a white bikini and thong. Her long black hair swayed over to reveal her beautiful body in all of it’s glorious busty form. Sofa ran her hand through her hair as she looked at him, knowing that she could easily change his mind into an overdrive for lust.

“Just, oh my…I’m at a loss of words over this body you know, honey?”

“Yes! And I just had a birthday! Looking good for being 44 years old, eh?”

Tony laughed and clapped his hands. Sofia pushed her legs out and did a little strut as she walked over to him. Since he was sitting on the couch in a perfect position she decided to take advantage of that and sit down on his lap. Nestling her ass over his lap as she looked into his eyes, blinding him with her epic cleavage. He leaned in and pressed his lips to her, kissing her as Sofia managed to grind her hips a bit and work her ass over his lap. A little teasing could go a long way with the right man. When they broke the kiss, his voice had changed into a moaning symphony.

“God baby, it feels like it’s been forever. I want to do some bad things to you, honey!”

“Oh yeah, like what Tony? I want jou to fuck me. Fuck me over dis room.”

“I will gladly do that for you honey!”

Leaning in, he kissed her lips again. Sofia broke the kiss abruptly to throw her head back, giving him a clear view to run his mouth to her neck and kiss a trail downward while his hands went up to squeeze those big epic breasts. Moaning out to him in her thick accent while he kissed her neck, Sofia untied the string of her white bra to let it fall and free those big breasts for him to squeeze in his hands. Tony pushed his face down to her breasts to smother himself in the flesh of her amazing tits, Sofia responded by pushing her tits up for him so he could get lost inside them before yelling at him in her thick Colombian accent.

“Yeah, jou wanna play wit those big titties lover man? Mmmmmmm lick ’em up!”

Upon her words, his mouth opened and he pushed her right nipple between his teeth to swipe his tongue over it. Alternating to her left tit, Tony slobbered all over it like a hungry animal begging for what was to come real soon. Sofia had enough of this teasing though, under her buttocks she could feel his rod stiff and hard as it was poking through his pants. She was hungry for his cock and would not be saying no to it this time. She slowly raised herself from his lap and lowered herself down on her knees, looking him in the eyes as she went to unbuckling the leather belt holding his pants together.

“It is time, time for some real fun!”

“Ohhhh yes it is honey, get those pants down, will ya?”

After his belt was undone, Sofia put her hand at the top of his dress pants to pull the button apart and then Tony offered a helping hand by pushing them down while she slid the zipper down. He wore nothing but his white briefs in which she pulled down too so his old cock could spring out and was ready to play. Pushing his pants down past his knees, her hand reached for his cock and stroked it within her grasp. She looked up into his eyes and smirked before laughing and teasing him with dirty talk.

“Dis cock is mine…”

Leaning in, she kissed the head and then finished speaking.

“All mine tonight…”

Tony’s eyes were glued on what was about to unfold. Sofia kept her hazel colored eyes looking at him as she opened her mouth and pushed the head of his rod past her lips. Before sucking, she popped it out of her mouth loudly and then used her tongue to lick around the head in a circular motion. Finally done with teasing, she was ready to taste some much desired meat. Opening her mouth, she sucked it between her jaws and then began to slowly bob her head up and down while using her free hand to play with his balls. Tony threw his head back and moaned.

“Oh fuck…yeah, suck it honey….so amazing, you were.”

This was far from the first time Sofia was on her knees for Tony. They were 5 years apart in age and knowing one another for over 15 years, this went back a long way. Sofia ignored his words and pushed her mouth down as she used both her hands to push into his legs to give her the correct spacing so she could show off her deep throat skills. Over and over, her mouth bobbed up and down on his shaft still at the slow pace. Needing a break, she came up with a loud pop sound and spit on his cock before wrapping her hand around it to soak in the saliva and then tease him with naughty words.

“Yeah! Jou like dat!?”

“Oh, fuck yes honey!”

Ignoring him, she flicked her tongue and spit on the shaft again while teasing him once more.

“Mmmmmm, dis cock tastes so fuckin’ good in mah mouth.”

“Does it honey? Ohhhh yeah.”


Sofia’s voice slurred a bit in her thick accent, this made the experience even sexier. Tony loved when she talked, especially when she would begin yelling. She went back down on his cock this time, bobbing her head up and down in a fury. It seemed she wanted to push him over the edge as fast as she could and so far she was doing a great job. Tony threw his hands up over the couch and cried out in pleasure.

“Sofia honey! Fuck!”

This didn’t alert her, she was still bobbing her head and sucking his meat stick down her throat with such intensity. Tony grunted as he clenched his face up, he couldn’t hold back from her aggressive oral skills that already were pushing him over the edge. Sofia could feel his dick tensing up in her mouth and knew that his time would be coming. She pushed his rod all the way down until he felt the head slam at the back of her throat and her lips met in the bushy hair around his private area. Holding the position, she looked her eyes up at him and then slowly came off his cock. Making a loud pop noise over the head while strings of saliva ran back from his pole to her mouth. Sofia flicked her tongue back and spit on his rod, only to wrap her hand back around it and stroke it to rub in her spit.

“Yeah, jou gonna cum for me now!?”

“Oh god, fuck! You pushing me over the edge!”


His wish had been fulfilled already, she was yelling at him in that loud voice he loved. He nodded and yelled back at her, but not as loudly.

“Yeah! I’m gonna cum, alright!”


Wrapping both of her hands around his slobber coated rod, Sofia stroked him as fast as she could while parting her lips and showing him her mouth just begging for that reward. She wanted to taste him so bad, to swallow every last drop. That was the proper way to begin a romp between the two. Tony grunted and then spoke.

“I’m gonna blow…. so soon.”

“Mmmmmm, yeah jou give it to me! Cum in mah fuckin’ mouth! Ahhhhhh!”


That was it; her words and the touch of her hand had done it, a big wad went flying right into her mouth. Sofia held her mouth opened and moved forward a little bit so she could rest his cock over her tongue as more cum came spurting out and puddling her tongue in his warm white seed. The man breathed in trying to catch himself as she drained his cock with her hand and each wad entered her mouth. Sofia moaned with the final weak bursts while she closed her mouth and swallowed. Letting go of his cock, Tony groaned loudly in pleasure.

“Ohhhhh man, asombroso…You are one of the best in the whole world.”

Swallowing his load, Sofia opened her mouth again taking his cock and squeezing it one last time for the final drops to be milked over her tongue. She looked in his eyes while swirling her tongue over the head and then let go of it and nodded at him before replying.

“Dat’s right! No one, not even dat young lil’ slut who works for jou, knows how to suck dis cock correctly! It’s mine tonight!”

Tony could have laughed at her words if he wasn’t trying to recover from the orgasm she forced on him. Sofia’s comment was directed at his young blonde haired assistant she met days ago. She had figured that Tony probably had already fucked that girl in every way possible, but Sofia knew that she could work his cock better than any young slut since she had so many years of experience with this man. She softly got up from the floor now, standing on her feet.

“I want jou to fuck me now.”

“Oh yeah, you want me to fuck you? How do you want it, honey?”

“From behind, like jou used to do years ago!”

“That can be arranged then!”

She laughed as she looked down and noticed his pants were still around his knees and he had yet to remove his clothing from his chest. He had completely forgot as she could tell from that dumbfounded look on his face. She moved over the couch, turning behind him to expose her ass still with the white thong on while he began to take his shoes off and shake down his pants. Since he had to undress himself, this created a little wait for them to get some real fucking going on. She decided to tease him as she had arched herself on all fours with her hands positioned over the right arm of the couch. While he stripped himself down, Sofia wiggled her huge ass at him to tease him. His eyes caught the sight and he laughed.

“Oh I see what you’re doing there, very naughty honey.”

Sofia laughed at him and continued to shake her ass slowly. He had already gotten off his jacket and shirt and now his shes had been removed while he was shaking down his pants. She still was not entirely in complete nudity with the little thong on. She wanted this position and he was going to give it to her from both holes, while Sofia teased him again yelling.

“Like I am gonna forget how much jou love a woman wit an ass like mine! Jou better fuckin’ spank it, Tony!”

“I’m planning on doing more than spanking it, honey!”

“I know jou are!”

It was no secret, he always managed to fuck her ass before they were done and truth be told, Sofia wanted. But he had to take her pussy first. He climbed on the couch with both feet and came behind her, placing the palm of his hand over her white thong to pull his fingers up and snatch a grip of it so it could be pulled down revealing the line that was the crack of her amazing ass split into both cheeks. True to his word of honoring her request, he used both hands and slapped both cheeks accordingly. Sofia squealed at his touch.

“Do dat again!”

Once more, he brought one hand back and slapped her right cheek while his free hand held his cock and began to guide it to her soft, wet opening. Sofia closed her eyes while she could feel the head of his rod pushing into her pussy. With the position set, Tony thrust his rod into her to begin some real fucking. Sofia moaned at the feeling.

“Ohhhhh yeah, dat’s it…”

Tony planted both of his hands up on her lower back near her hips while he thrust himself in. He wanted to get into the rhythm first, while he remembered how aggressive Sofia tended to prefer it. A soft moan flowed from her lips while he breathed in and took it slow, he spoke to her.

“Just getting into a groove, baby. I know what you are wanting deep down and I’m gonna give it to you.”

“Oh? Jou know I like to be fucked raw…”

“Yeah, I would never forget.”

Sofia laughed a little, she could feel his cock slowly driving into her and then with a hard thrust forward she got the hint that he was ready to begin some serious fucking. Keeping her grip on the arm of the couch soon Tony began to plow into her faster and harder. She moaned, this is what she wanted.


“Oh yeah!? You got it!”

Tony began to slam his cock into her harder and faster, this is how she wanted it and this is how she was going to get it. Ramming that tight pussy, he pumped his cock harder and faster. Her body held up perfectly with the strength of her voluptuous form.

“More! MORE!”

Sofia’s voice yelled at him, and Tony replied by bringing his hand down and snatching a grip on her long black hair. Sofia squealed out to him at the feeling.


Snatching her hair harder, Tony continued to pump into her. Each time he thrust into her pussy, her glorious ass cheeks bounced a little in their firmness while he fucked the Colombian beauty as hard as he could just like she had desired. Soon she would be hitting her climax, as she already was so close, screaming at him as loudly as she could like a wild animal.


The goal in his mind was to make her cum before he slid his rod into that amazing huge ass. Over and over he pumped his cock into her and then Sofia was finally hitting her busting point as her body tensed up and in between the rough pounding, she grit her teeth to distort a loud scream while she came.


Sofia’s voice cried out loudly as Tony made his last thrusts into her, not wanting to force himself to cum. He could feel her juices gushing over his cock causing him to moan as he softly slid his rod out and moved both of his hands down to her ass cheeks to pull apart. Sofia was strong and she knew what was coming next, this is how they usually had a sexual session. His cock was coated in her love nectar while he pushed it up against her tight back door hole. She took a deep breath and then spoke.

“Jou gonna fuck dat ass, wit jour big fuckin’ cock?”

“Yes! You know it honey, you ready for it!”


Softly, he pushed his rod into the tight small hole that was of her ass. Once it slid in, he moaned out loudly as she laughed a little. It took him a few thrusts to get used to the tightness of her thick booty but soon enough he reared his hand back and smacked her right cheek hard. Sofia yelled to him.


Rearing his hand back, he did it again three times; spank, spank, spank. Thrusting forward, he began to ram his cock into her ass while holding it together with both hands planted on her cheeks. Tony grit his teeth and then she yelled out at him again in that thick accent of hers.


“Yes honey! YES I AM!”

Her words were the only motivation that she needed to push him into a fury as he bucked his hips and began to plow into her ass. His balls slapped up against the underside of her ass creating a smacking sound between their heavy breathing and moans. Over and over, Tony’s cock drove into her glorious ass and fucked it to a pulp.

“Jou gonna cum in dat big thick fuckin’ ass, Tony?”

“Yes! You know I am!”

She couldn’t help but tease him with her dirty talk, but the truth was that Tony took a lot back to hold himself from blowing in her pussy moments earlier. With one final push into her thick bottom he couldn’t hold back and he yelled as his cock exploded deep within her bowels.

“Fuck! There it is, you wanted it honey, then take it!”

“Ohhhhh, mmmmmmmm…jus’ what I wanted, indeed!”

Sofia closed her eyes and let out a long soft moan in her lovely voice. She felt his creamy cum flood her from behind and Tony was now out of breath trying to muster his strength together as his cock slowly exited her bottom. Once free from her body, the man stepped down from the couch and sat down as a thick line of his cum began to drip from her between her cheeks. Sofia moaned once more as she moved her hand to wipe up the little stream of cum and feed it to her lips.

“Jou know how to handle it back there, not many men can.”

“That’s right, cause you needed a real man to pound your ass like that.”

“Mmmmmm, jou never disappoint.”

While he sat on the couch and caught his breath to prepare himself for the final round, Sofia had other things in her mind. She wasn’t entirely done yet and she knew the best way to tease him was to push him over this. She sat back next to him while throwing her thong to the floor that had been pushed down to her ankles. Sofia placed her hand down on his leg as she turned and starred into his eyes with a sinister smile over her lips.

“Jou worn out yet?”

Tony shook his head before replying.

“No, I am not done with you yet honey. No way, we’ve got more to do.”

“Oh yeah? What jou wanna do now?”

Looking in front of them at the large wooden coffee table, Tony nodded at her.

“On that table right there honey, lay down on it.”

Complying with his request, she got up from the couch stomping her heels on the floor as she turned to face the table and then sat on it before laying her back flat. It was a long coffee table with a wide height but narrow width. Her hands hung down from the table while she felt her back stiff up a bit from the uncomfortable feeling of the hard wood under her. Tony rose and looked down at the beautiful Colombian goddess before, as she smirked and teased him.

“What jou gonna do with me in a position like dis?”

A smirk came across his face as he began to stroke his cock.

“Let me get on top, hold those tits up for me honey.”

She raised her eye brow, if he wanted to fuck her tits he should have just said it. Sofia preferred to be on her knees any time she showed off her titty fucking skills but if this is what he wanted, she would give it to him. Looking at him as she held her tits up she yelled out to him.

“Oh yeah? Jou wanna fuck…MAH BOOBS!?”

Her voice raised loudly on her final words, he replied with a grin over his face.

“Yes I am, honey!”

Tony hurried to climb over the table and sit on her stomach and straddle her for this next session. The way she screamed those final words at him in her lovely voice was enough to push him to the point he wanted to fuck those beautiful breasts now. Once on her stomach, he pushed his cock to slap between her very impressive busty chest. Sofia pushed her tits apart to trap his cock and then pushed them together as he watched the entire thing disappear in the folds of her flesh and then he thrust forward. Sofia sat her head back at the edge of the coffee table as he began to pump between her breasts.

“Jou like dat!? Dis cock between mah boobs!?”

“Yeah! This is what I wanted!”

Teasing surely paid off, ever since visiting him in his new club a few nights ago Sofia was bound and determined to tease him with her amazing cleavage. His cock thrust and pumped between those great large breasts. Over and over, Sofia just held her mounds of flesh together while each time the head would pop up and she could see it in her eyes. She almost decided to flick her tongue over it, but this was all for him. She wanted to see how badly the man could exhaust himself would fucking those tits.

“God, these are so amazing!”

“Jou like dat, huh!?”

“Yes! Yes!”

Tony didn’t stop at all, pounding his cock between those breasts as he felt a drop of sweat fall from his forehead. He may have been pushing 50 on age, but he still had the balls and the body to really deliver with a proper fucking. Sofia moaned as she watched his face curl up, he was beginning to slow down a bit with his pumping between her tits. This gave her the sign that he was close to cumming and there was one place she preferred his final load of that sticky white substance.

“Jou gonna cum again!?”

“Yeah honey…Yeah, I’m getting close to blowing.”

“Good, jou can cum all over mah big fuckin’ breasts.”

“What’s that Sofia!? You want me to load down your tetas!?”


He made sure to get her to yell in that voice one last time before he would have to force his orgasm. From his view, the diamond necklace she wore shined in his eyes while his cock was pushed between her breasts. Making a few final thrusts between her trap of flesh, Tony grabbed his cock and pulled it from her tits as he went to stroking it as fast as he could. Sofia worked to tease him by putting her hands over her nipples and slowly massaging her tits as she held them up begging to be drenched in that warm gooey mess he was about to be making.

“Cum on me, cum on mah boobs Tony…”

“Oh yeah honey, FUCK! YES! OH!”

Loudly grunting and clenching, his cock exploded to send a wad flying over her right breast drenching it in his load. Another one shot over her left tit equally as Sofia closed her eyes and embraced the feeling of his hot seed glazing over her beautiful tanned skin. With this being his third orgasm for the day, it was far from his most powerful but it was still a good bit of cum to soak those breasts down. By now, he was completely exhausted and out of breath. Sofia opened her eyes and looked up at the mess while taking her hands and smearing it in.

“Jou made me very…very dirty.”

“Well, you invited me in.”

She softly laughed at him over that comment while taking one of her hands and brushing the palm over her mouth it clean of his seed while starring into his eyes and then responding.

“Mmmmm, always tastes good too.”

“I think you’ve worn me out now, you can be proud of that.”

Again she couldn’t help but laugh as he now moved off of her from the table freeing her from the uncomfortable hard table. While Tony stood up, Sofia leaned up from the table and then sat down on the couch. Her tits were a complete mess and she would have to get cleaned up, he didn’t want to leave however. To spend time with a friend like this and after such amazing fun, Tony hoped she would let him spend the night.

“You mind if I stay the night with you, Sofia? We can cook dinner or get take out, I don’t feel like going back to the yacht. It’s supposed to rain tonight anyway.”

“Sure, dat sounds wonderful! We can order pizza from downstairs, dis hotel has a pretty good menu on takeout. I gotta get cleaned up since jou made a mess of me!”

Laughing at her, he got up from the couch and went to collect his clothes to properly redress himself.

“Well, honey how about you take a shower, and I’ll go ahead and call room service and order us the food.”

“Very good Tony, make sure jou get some mozzarella sticks and order a bottle of wine too!”

“No problem honey, I got it.”

She moved from the couch to take off her high heels that she had been wearing before walking her naked body back to the bedroom where the bathroom of her luxury suite was. Sofia proceeded to take a shower while Tony got dressed and called up room service to order their dinner and wine. Outside, the rain was coming down hard with thunder crackling from the sky.


The midnight hour hit on the clock as pitch darkness had flooded the sky. Tony was sleeping on the king sized bed with his arm stretched out where Sofia would be. Only right now, her body had gotten out of bed and she was in the large living room space of the luxury apartment. Tony was a man that snored in his sleep like a loud monster, it may have been difficult to sleep through but that wasn’t the true reason why she had crawled out of bed. She checked her phone to see if Chris had the nerve to text her anything after the meeting with Steven yesterday. He didn’t seem to have the balls to say a word to her after it, that was the smart thing for him to do.

In a white night gown and with her hair curled up into a pony tail, she sat at the couch that had once shared her body and Tony’s and now she was scrolling through the contacts on her phone until she reached Steven and dialed him up. Even though it was midnight, she knew Steven was always a midnight person with his work and would answer. After a few rings, she heard his voice answer the phone and then she smiled.

“Steven, I hope I’m not calling too late.”

“Oh no, you’re not calling late at all. Has Chris called you at all today?”

“No, what did jou do to him?”

Sofia giggled while she heard Steven’s voice crack into a small laugh over the phone.

“Nothing I haven’t done to him before. That snotty mother fucker better not call you over it.”

“So, he pay jou back any of dat money he owes?”

“No, not yet. Probably won’t anyway.”

Sofia grinned to herself, as she had a sinister thought. Just to make sure Steven was aware of a little something with Chris if he wanted to get someone else involved.

“Well, I should tell jou something…”

“Yeah, that’s what Sofia babe?”

“Jou know who he is dating in Hollywood, right?”

“No I don’t.”

With a wicked laugh, Sofia responded softly with the answer.

“Scarlett Johansson.”

“Oh, really?”

Steven sounded surprised over the phone as Sofia laughed again.

“Yeah! Really!”

“How the fuck does that guy manage to hook up with her!?”

“That ain’t why I told jou, hun! I hear dat she is real good wit money. Highest paid actress in Hollywood. I figured, jou want the money dat Chris owes, maybe jou should contact her.”

“Hmmmm, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks Sofia, I owe you one for this.”

“No problem, jus’ watching out for my friends! Goodnight Steven, take care!”

Hanging up the phone, Sofia laughed to herself while a bolt of lightning flashed through the big windows of the apartment. She knew what kind of man Steven was with business, he would get something out of meeting Scarlett on the sake of Chris’ debt problems. On the other side of town, Steven looked out the window of his office in Disco Fever, starring at the flashing neon lights from the dance floor as he became lost in the thought of this new revelation. Suddenly, the thought of going to L.A. seemed like a reasonable idea after this weekend. Either way, this was going to be a lot of fun.


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