Big Booty Bitches: Ch. 5

Title: Big Booty Bitches: Ch. 5

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Scarlett Johansson

Codes: MMF, cons, oral, anal

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Los Angeles, California

From a hotel room, a man found himself undressing to call it a night. Steven had just arrived in L.A. a day ago on Saturday and before he was to get down to business with things he wanted to relax a bit in the town that he rarely visited. Being from Miami, he couldn’t say there was much in L.A. that made him want to stay longer than the fun house he had back home. But this was a business trip to sort out problems. A specific money problem that had become something of an amusement to Steven. Right now, he was in L.A. to see if he could meet a new person in the game that would prove to be worth some fun here.

A mutual friend to Steven and Scarlett Johansson agreed to tip her off about her boyfriend’s problems with money problems. Steven would never be able to figure out how a fuck up such as Chris could land one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood, but apparently it was a reality. If Scarlett was truly as caring as Sofia had told him days ago, he expected a call after she had been informed of everything going on in the shadows. Steven was hoping for that call at any moment, weather it was the money or a chance to meet her, he was not going to pass this opportunity up.

Right now he was laying in the bed of his hotel flipping channels trying to find a baseball game when his cellphone began to ring. Leaning over to grab it from the night stand, he noticed that the number was unregistered in his phone. Maybe this was the call he was looking for or maybe it was the wrong number, he answered it.


“Hello, am I speaking to a Mr. Steven Diaz?”

The voice on the other end was that of a woman with an accent hailing from New York. Steven decided to play it cool and calm as he answered her back.

“Yes, and who is this?”

“This is Scarlett.”


“Yes! I am calling you about an important matter that has been passed down to my ear about something regarding a good friend of mine. I was told that you are the man to speak to and you’re currently in L.A. where I am.”

“You heard right about that, I am in L.A.”

“Well, that’s good. Do you think that the two of us could arrange some kind of meeting tomorrow? Maybe in the afternoon?”

“Yeah sure, tomorrow sounds great Scarlett.”

“I would like to meet some place private if you don’t mind, I am a private person after all.”

“So am I, how about the back room of the Pink Flamingos diner? You know that place?”

“Yeah, it’s not far from where I’m staying. Tomorrow afternoon, around say 2?”

“That sounds great. I’ll be waiting for you, goodnight Mr. Diaz.”

He hung the phone up with a smirk on his face. If everything he had been told last week was true, this would be easy to get her involved. First base already conquered with this phone conversation. Luckily for him, despite not knowing L.A. very well the diner she wanted to meet was just a couple blocks from the hotel he had checked into. Tomorrow he would be there, and he had a great feeling about this meeting as soon he would wander off to sleep.



With a shining sun high up above and a busy day over L.A., it seemed a little odd that the Pink Flamingo’s diner wasn’t occupied with a large number of people. Steven didn’t know how slow the business really was at this place, since he rarely was in this town to know how things went. When he first walked in, the manager told him to go in the back room and wait. Scarlett knew the family that owned this place and had called them early in the morning to tell them about how she needed a place for a private meeting. Steven stood in the back room looking out the window to see his reflection in the black suit and the red undershirt. He had been waiting just a little over 20 minutes when the door opened and from the reflection he could see what appeared to be a woman.

Steven turned around to the sight as it was Scarlett herself wearing a small white dress. From her gorgeous face and long blonde hair down to the ample view of her busty cleavage. All the way down to her legs that had the finishing piece of beauty with big white matching high heels. He gave a soft smile before greeting her.

“Hello Scarlett, you look even better in the physical form than I could have imagined.”

A smirk graced over her puffy lips.

“Thank you, Mr. Diaz.”

“No, please! Call me Steven, all my friends call me Steven…”

“OK, whatever you wish.”

Scarlett approached him now as she walked towards the window and he turned to look in her eyes. Steven could see the glimmer of nervousness in her face, and a sense of stress. The woman sighed before she began speaking.

“Alright, so I guess I should go ahead and get to the point without much of your time. I was told that Chris is in trouble, who I am sure you’ve guessed by now is my lover. What would you call the bottom line of this?”

“Chris owes a lot of money. That’s the bottom line, babe.”

“Well, I’m here to help him. Whatever it takes, I know I really probably shouldn’t be helping him but I want to.”

Steven nodded, smiling at her before answering.

“You are a good woman Scarlett, Chris is very lucky to have someone as thoughtful as you to approach me to pay off his debt. Most women I know wouldn’t think twice to support their boyfriend the way you are doing.”

“Why thank you, it’s the least I can do. He didn’t tell me he was in trouble or that it went back a long way. You know how he is, don’t ever want to admit to something being wrong. So how much does he really owe you?”

“300 grand.”

“Jesus, that’s a lot of money…”

“And that’s not counting what he owes my cousin Ramón.”

Scarlett sighed looking down nervously before she responded.

“Oh my god, just…this is so embarrassing for me with Chris.”

“Well, you can pay it all off. You and me, let’s make a deal babe.”

“What kind of a deal, Steven?”

Steven smirked at her before sighing. What he had in mind was very dirty, but regardless if she truly wanted to help Chris the offer was on the table. Otherwise money exchange could go back in place.

“There are other ways instead of blowing money like this. Other ways, as in your body.”

She nodded at him, smirking a little before replying.

“I knew that option could be on the table.”

A sinister laugh cracked out of Steven’s mouth before he responded. He couldn’t help himself, how easy this was to get what he truly wanted.

“Good, good…I tell you what, you can pay it off with your body but only under my terms. Are you willing to hear my deal?”

“I’m listening, go ahead.”

Looking back into her eyes he smiled.

“You will use your body for pleasure with me, under my terms. It will have to be in Miami though, that’s the offer I make you. I will have to talk to Ramón and see what he thinks of the debts.”

Scarlett thought for a minute, looking down as she folded her hands. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary that she wasn’t used to. After a couple seconds she looked back up at and nodded with a smile.

“Why not? I don’t have a problem with doing this. Let’s arrange it, on your terms?”

“Can you come back to Miami, say….next weekend? I will have time to place this on schedule.”

“Yeah I can do that, I have to get out of L.A. anyway to do some stuff with a movie. This can be before I make the trip, no one will know.”

“Excellent. Now before I go back home to Florida and start planning, I need to know if you’re really in with this. And I mean, 100% fully down for what I will do for you.”

“Of course I am, I made the decision already. I only hope that I can trust you in return to keep your word that after this is all over, we can move on with our lives.”

Steven looked at her and nodded.

“You have my word, but I only ask you because…I have to talk to Ramón first about the money owed and between me and you, I can be very aggressive in the bedroom.”

Scarlett nodded at him and laughed.

“I can handle that, look…if you wanted to fuck me, you could have just asked. I was hoping we could work something out without the money.”

The man bust out laughing at her and then the two shared in the laughter.

“Alright, alright. This is just what I like to hear, now I gotta go. You call me when you get to Miami next weekend. I’ll have everything prepared for our day. Just one day and then everything is finished, Chris won’t have to worry about any of us beating the shit out of him for his bullshit.”

“OK, I’ll call you when I get into the city.”

She began to walk towards the door now and make her exit before turning around and having a final word with him.

“Oh yeah Steven, thank you.”

“No, don’t thank me babe. Your stupid ass boyfriend needs to be thanking you, without you he would be in a world of hurt in the near future.”

A big smile lit up on her face as she laughed. Sad but true, Chris should be the one thanking her for this. Scarlett could never let him know about this after the fact.

“Yeah you aren’t wrong about that, well I’ll see you soon Steven. I promise.”



Miami Beach, Florida

The morning clouds blurred the view of the sun from up above but couldn’t kill away the blazing heat.Light winds whistled through the palm trees while Steven was sitting in his Cadillac waiting for Ramón to come out to ride with him for breakfast. He had not told him at all about the deal he made with Scarlett back in L.A. earlier this week. He could have completely cut his cousin out of it and took the glory for himself but he figured it was best for them both to share her. This could be the most fun that loansharking Chris had turned into so far and now he was waiting for his cousin to join him for a ride to tel him about the whole deal. Ramón came out the front doors of his small condo apartment walking towards the shiny blue Cadillac in his blue jeans and a floral shirt before opening the passenger door and inviting himself in.

“Did you sleep good? I was beginning to wonder if I’d have to blow the horn.”

“Do you sleep at all? Fuck man, you’re always up all night working at the club and then it’s only 8 in the morning now, I don’t know how you do it.”

“It’s called working, Ramón. You get used to a tight schedule when you have a wife and kid before you’re old enough to legally buy a pack of cigarettes. Now let’s go outta here and go get some breakfast.”

Steven started the car again and soon the Cadillac was pulling out from the driveway of the condo apartment and heading onto the streets. They would have to cross over the long bridge connecting South Beach to Downtown Miami but first there was the stop for breakfast at a drive thru as Steven always promised Ramón when they made these short trips during the early morning. Today however was different for an early drive across town, Ramón knew something was up with Stevnen having a smile on his face which was rare.

“What you smiling about? Come on, man. Tell me what’s happening.”

“Oh I got something to tell you, alright Ramón. You won’t believe it at first, so prepare yourself.”

Ramón sighed, he wanted to roll his eyes but he managed not to.

“What? I know you been out to L.A. lately, you got any cash from Chris?”

“No, I got something better.”

“And, what’s that!?”

Steven stopped the car at a red light and looked over at his cousin’s clean shaven face, answering him with a smug grin on his face.

“Scarlett Johansson. She wants to help pay off her boyfriend’s debts.”

A look of confusion spread over Ramón’s face.

“What the fuck? How does Chris manage to date her?”

Steven laughed as he put his eyes back on the road and continued driving.

“That’s just what I said when I first heard about it, but I can tell you it’s true! I met with her in L.A. over the weekend.”

“Ay dios mío, and you aren’t kidding?”

“Hey man, I wouldn’t joke about that. I met with her in person and I have her phone number too. Anyways, cut to the chase of this; she wants to pay off Chris’ debts. But not with money.”

Ramón thought for a second at the hint that Steven had given him. The car rolled through traffic soon approaching the little drive thru diner that they would hit for breakfast before leaving South Beach.

“Are you implying that she wants to fuck you, to pay off the debts?”

“I’m not implying it, I’m saying it. We agreed to it.”

“Bullshit man, I call that fucking bullshit.”

“If I was lying, I wouldn’t be here telling you about it. She agreed to come into town for this, so she could pay off the debt with her body. I told you cause I wanted to know if you’re in or not. ”

The car pulled into the drive thru now as Steven looked back at Ramón who finally answered him after thinking for a minute. They had to wait for a couple cars in front of them to move forward before they could place an order here.

“Am I in or not, as in what? Are you inviting me in for that?”

“Yes! Chris owes both of us money, she’s willing to work it out with both of us. You in or out?”

“For a chance to bed her, yes I’m in.”

Steven smiled looking back at his cousin. He knew Ramón would give in eventually, it was all part of the plan anyway. He had no problem sharing Scarlett with a family member, since Ramón was involved with the loansharking deal with Chris. Steven spoke up as he pulled the car forward in line of the drive thru.

“Since you’re in with me, I want to use that small yacht of yours. Let’s take her out on sea and just fuck her all day from there. This is a classy lady, she likes her privacy. Your boat has that cabin room with the couch, all three of us have great room in there.”

“Yeah, that sounds good. I’m just shocked she would go that far out of her way to help some stupid pendejo like Chris.”

“I know what you mean, if my ex-wife would have been that nice to bail me out of trouble when I did stupid shit 15 years ago, who knows? We probably never would still be married.”

Ramón laughed at the comment, just nodding.

“Whatever man, let’s go ahead and eat. I’m starving this morning. We’ll talk more on it later.”

The car pulled up once more this time finally to the drive thru window. The two men would decide on their order for breakfast and then the morning carried on; business as usual. It was only a Monday morning, there was still a days in time before the weekend and Steven had to work his schedule for a clean weekend slate to set up this appointment to prepare everything.



Scarlett sighed to herself as she wiped the mirror or fog from her bathroom. She had just stepped out of the shower and began to wrap her long golden hair up in a towel to dry it faster. A lot had been over her mind this week as time had moved on and here she was in Miami on a Friday morning, earlier than she had planned to get this over. At least to her view, this was best to go ahead and do it and move on and not delay it. She had to fly down to the Bahamas after Sunday to work on some film scenes with a new movie, this was all on leisure time before film work would have her busy.

Back in L.A. she had thought about the choice she made. She had heard the stories from friends in Hollywood and all the rumors about the Diaz family. They had connections within Hollywood with famous names and key players with studios, despite all the rumors of the shady business deals and the underworld ventures, Scarlett determined that these men were bad news and could be something of a dangerous situation regarding Chris. It wasn’t so much that she loved Chris, she wasn’t sure sometimes with his decision making. Either way, she was positive that Chris truly did owe money since he was blowing it left and right on fancy sports cars and stuff that he did not need while speaking of starting his own movie studio project.

Right now none of that was on her mind, she was in Miami a day early and it was Friday morning. After showering and getting a change of clothes she decided to go ahead and call Steven to let him know. She didn’t know his schedule or timing so hopefully he wouldn’t be upset if she woke him up. The phone rang for a minute until she heard a voice answering it.

“Hello, Scarlett is that you calling?”

“Yes Steven, it is! I’m sorry, if I woke you up or anything.”

Steven laughed on the other end of the phone.

“No, babe! You didn’t wake me up. I’m down at the college football field about to watch my boy practice.”

“Oh, I’m just calling to tell you about our little deal we arranged. I’m already in town, there was no flights out booked to Miami for Friday so I had to go a day early. I have to leave around Sunday to head out for a film shoot.”

“That’s fine, this works out better since I was shooting for Friday with us. What hotel are you staying at?”

“I’m at a place called the Purple Nights Inn. Some expensive place in Miami Beach, you know the place?”

“Yeah I know that place, babe. Fine choice to stay, now here’s the deal; tomorrow afternoon I’ll call you and come pick you up. I have everything already arranged for us. We have our day, and then you’re free to go.”

“OK that sounds great, I’ll be looking forward to this tomorrow. Bye Steven, talk to you soon.”

“I’ll be seeing you tomorrow Scarlett, enjoy your stay.”

He grinned hanging up the phone. One day early, he couldn’t believe it. She had kept her word so far, Steven slid his phone back into his pocket as he put his sunglasses on and leaned over the railing of the bleachers. He was on the practice football field, attending summer practices for the college football team to watch his son perform.



Saturday morning came by over the city almost at what felt like a breeze. Steven closed duty at the dance club early the previous night as he had called Ramón and told him to go ahead and prepare the yacht. At 9 in the morning, he got dressed in a button up Hawaiian shirt and jeans and jumped in the Cadillac to begin the drive out to South Beach to pick Scarlett up. While driving down the long bridge connecting Miami Beach to the west side of town he picked up his cell phone and began to dial her number, waiting on her to pick up. Within seconds she answered.


“Hey Scarlett, it’s me. I’m on my way to come pick you up. Be ready.”

“OK, let me fix my hair up.”

“I’ll wait for you in the back parking lot. I’m in a metallic blue Cadillac with a white top, you won’t be able to miss it.”

“Alright, I’ll be there no worries!”

Hanging up the phone, Scarlett sighed to herself. She had been a bit nervous though she reminded herself not to be. This was not the first time she had made a sleazy deal like this exchanging sex for favors. She walked into her bathroom to fix her hair up, making sure it was split evenly for her face. She grabbed her pink trench coat and put it on, underneath she only wore a red bra and a red thong. Her feet were set with a matching pair of big red high heels to boom loudly over the floor. Buttoning the jacket up, she stomped her heels forward and locked the hotel room before proceeding out.

She took the elevator down after racing across the hall, luckily it was a lonely ride down. After the short ride, she walked out to the back parking lot as he had told her to, and sure enough there was the blue Cadillac waiting for her. She smirked at the sight and proceeded to the passenger door before opening it and looking in to see Steven’s face and then sitting down before shutting the door.

“Glad you could make it Scarlett, you look beautiful.”

Scarlett laughed at him as he began to pull the car out from the parking lot and back over the main roads.

“Thanks, you look pretty good yourself.”

The car moved out back into the streets and now Steven piloted them to the destination of the docks where the yacht awaited them. He spoke up during the drive as he noticed her looking out the window.

“I have to be honest about we’re gonna do real soon.”

She looked back at him and nodded.

“What’s that?”

A little sinister grin graced over Steven’s lips while the car moved.

“I’m not the only one with you today. I talked to my cousin Ramón who Chris also owed money, and he agreed that we both will be using your body to forgive the debts.”

A threesome had been set into play. Scarlett thought for a minute before she reacted, she wasn’t really surprised in a way. She had heard stories before and this wasn’t the first time she had been stuck between two men. She nodded at him and replied.

“OK, I can handle that.”

“You can handle that? You’re a tough girl, and a good woman at that. I wish my ex-wife would was more like you. Any man that gets a woman like you needs to hold onto them tight, I sure hope Chris appreciates what you’re doing for him in the future.”

She sighed at the thought of his words. Even though soon she was going to be stuck between two men, she couldn’t help but admire the fact he was honest with her up front and realized the good deed she was doing for the man that had her heart. She had her doubts deep down about Chris, she wasn’t so sure that he would go out of his way to do something like this for her. Time would tell down the road, while right now the car was approaching the docks. Steven stopped the car and then got out, walking over to the passenger side as he opened the door and helped her out. The least he could do was play the gentleman before he was to fuck her silly over the ocean.

Together they walked down the wooden dock approaching the white yacht as another man stood tall with his hands in his pockets and the wind blowing through his long brown hair. Ramón looked at Scarlett studying his eyes as Steven spoke up.

“Scarlett, this is my cousin Ramón.”

“Hello, Ramón.”

“Hello to you!”

The man answered her by leaning over and placing a kiss on her cheek. She smirked at the feeling before he stepped back and waved his hand towards the boat.

“Come on board, it will take us a short drive to get out from here.”

Scarlett stomped her heels forward and crossed the little bridge over to his yacht. The yacht was small in comparison to the mega boat that Steven’s older brother Tony had, but it was still a good size and had a large cabin deck inside. The two men followed on board and Ramón headed upstairs to the captain’s little room. Within minutes, Ramón began to begin the motors and for the next 30 minutes the boat would move from the docks and off east into open waters.


Within the cabin of the yacht, Scarlett patiently waited for the boat to stop. Steven had went out to the captain’s deck upstairs to help his cousin leaving her by herself inside. She sat on the couch that she was sure would be occupied by the three of them real soon. For a threesome, she had enough time mentally to prepare herself, knowing full and well that her body would be pushed to the limits. Deep down she wanted to enjoy this, even if it was truly as aggressive as she had expected. She unbuttoned the top of her trench coat to reveal her large breasts in the red bra and sat on her knees. Soon, she heard the sound of foot steps beating down the steps as the door opened to the two men walking in. Their eyes instantly glued to her body as she smirked and spoke up.

“Alright boys, you two ready for some fun?”

Ramón smiled nodding his head as Steven began to unbutton the top of his shirt and nodded at her and spoke.

“Yeah, let’s take our clothes off for you now.”

“Oh, so I get a strip show?”

Scarlett laughed watching the two men begin to strip. Ramón threw his short off revealing his strongly built chest and then Steven did the same. Both of them took their belts off almost at the same time as they had kicked off their shoes and began to remove the rest of their clothes by sliding their pants down and dropping their underwear. Scarlett unbuttoned the rest of her jacket and left it on the couch revealing herself in the red lingere. Both of the men had the bodies of Latin hunks and as they both kicked their pile of clothes to the side, Ramón looked at with hungry eyes and called out to her.

“Get down on your fucking knees.”

Steven spoke up behind him.

“Yeah get down there babe, and work our cocks.”

“I know just how to do that.”

She replied in a sassy tone with a smirk over her puffy lips as the blonde Hollywood bombshell went down to her knees and wrapped her hands around both of their cocks. Steven to the left, Ramón to her right hand. Stroking them in her hands, Scarlett looked up into Ramón’s eyes and then Steven’s as she continued to stroke both of their rods feeling them get harder within her grip. The two men began to moan and soon Scarlett would make use of her puffy lips. Breathing in, she spoke to them.

“I think you’re both ready now.”

“Oh sí, we’ve been ready!”

Ramón ran his mouth hoping that he would get her to suck his dick first, but since Scarlett was left handed she chose to favor Steven’s big rod on her left side. She opened her mouth and pushed down on the head while she used her right hand to jerk Ramón’s rod simultaneously. Slowly sucking Steven’s cock into her mouth, the blonde actress moaned bobbing her head up and down. Steven just watched, meanwhile Ramón was a bit impatient and brought his hand down to her back to claw at the little red straps holding her bra together. Scarlett didn’t let it phase her while her hand still stroked his meat and the bra loosened up from Ramón’s play.

“She knows how to suck, putting those lips to wonderful use!”

Steven couldn’t help but brag about her oral skills. Scarlett came up from his cock with a loud pop noise. She then turned her attention to Ramón. She began by spitting on his rod and then pressing her lips to the head while her left hand found Steven’s cock and began to stroke it as she pushed her mouth down and engulfed herself the taste of Ramón’s shaft. The man moaned out his words.

“That’s what I’m talking about right there! Big cock sucking lips doing what they were meant to be doing!”

Scarlett ignored his praise while her mouth began to bob up and down from his hard shaft. She slobbered all over it before coming up again with a loud pop sound and then alternating her way back to Steven’s cock on her left hand side. Just as before, her free hand found Ramón’s shaft and began to stroke it while she sucked Steven’s rod between her jaws. She began to pick up the pace now, sucking into a fury as her mouth quickly began to bob up and down. After a good bit of sucking, she once again alternated to Ramón’s cock spitting on it and then sucking it back between her lips. The man moaned while once again her left hand moved to Steven’s cock to stroke it at the same time her lips did work. After a good bit of sucking again, she stopped and moved to her left to give Steven some attention but he had something else in mind.

“Get that bra off, I want to fuck those tits.”

Without replying to him in words, Scarlett let go of both of their cocks and brought her hands down and begna to quickly pull her bra off her body. Since Ramón had pulled the straps minutes earlier, it came off with an ease. She gripped her impressive large breasts and held them up for Steven to slid his shaft between them. All the while, Ramón held his cock and pushed it towards her cheek before slapping it against her face. She got the hint and turned her head to the right just as Steven slapped his rod between her tits. Scarlett closed a grip on her breasts at the same time her mouth sucked the head of Ramón’s shaft.

“Ohhh yes, that’s it. Suck that fucking cock!”

Ramón ran his mouth while all Scarlett could do was muffle out a moan over his shaft in her mouth. Steven placed his hand on her shoulder as he now was crying out in pleasure at the feeling of his cock smashed between her glorious breasts pumping forward. Scarlett knew that her body was built for titty fucking and she greatly enjoyed it. She closed her eyes while sucking Ramón’s hard shaft and feeling Steven’s rod thrust up and down between her breasts. She made sure to hold them together as tightly as she could and the sound of his voice moaning told her that she was doing her job.

“I want to fuck her pretty mouth!”

It was Ramón speaking again, Steven nodded while thrusting his cock between her tits.

“Fair enough, I’ll take her from behind then.”

Their words were the only hint Scarlett got that soon she would be shuffled into a new position. She pulled her head up to come off of Ramón’s cock with a loud pop sound while Steven shuffled to grab his dick and pull it from her breasts. With herself free at the moment, she looked up at Ramón, starring into his eyes as he then commanded her.

“Stand up on your heels for me.”

Following his order, she got up from her knees and stomped her heels over the carpet rug over the yacht’s cabin deck. She put her hands on her knees to lean over while Steven found his way behind her and then she turned her head to look at him as he pulled at the little red thong that was covering over her entrance holes.

“Mmmmm, you are two naughty men.”

“Oh babe, you have no idea!”

Steven joked to her as she just moaned. Turning her head to look back at Ramón, the man ran his hands into her hair to curl up a grip in her golden hair. That was a sign of aggression soon to come. She felt the cool air hit her from behind as her thong was pushed down her knees and Steven now was starring at her dripping wet pussy. He wanted to go ahead and nail her lovely ass, but he figured it was best to save that hole for last. Ramón’s eyes watched his cousin while he got into position, while his own cock was dangling in front of Scarlett’s hungry lips. Once Steven put his hands on her lower back and began to inch his rod into her wet loving hole, he nodded up at the other man now and spoke briefly.

“She’s ready, let’s go!”

Scarlett moaned at the feeling of Steven’s rod enter her but her voice was cut off quickly as Ramón thrust forward for his pole to enter her mouth. With his hands locked into her hair, he thrust forward and began to fuck her mouth while Steven was slowly thrusting into her pussy to deliver pleasure from both ends entering her body. The blonde actress brought her hand up to Ramón’s leg to hold herself in this position of being bent over while standing in her heels. Steven placed his hands at her hips to get a better grip while thrusting his cock into her.

“Time to get some real fucking going on!”

It was the voice of Ramón bragging as he pulled Scarlett’s mouth and began to rapidly thrust his cock down her throat, fucking her mouth as she closed her lips around his rod and Steven pumped her pussy from behind. Scarlett expected aggression and here it was in a fast tempo as her body was rocking between the two Latin hunks fucking her into a frenzy.


Scarlett’s mouth created an assortment of sucking and slobbering noises that came to a stop as Ramón pushed her mouth all the way down until he felt his cock slam to the back of her throat. He held her there in position while Steven bucked his hips fucking her pussy at a steady pace. The beautiful blonde moaned before finally gagging and choking on the cock lodged down her throat. Her eyes watered up from his force, strings of saliva leaked from her mouth over the floor before Ramón let go of her hair to give a light break. She came up from his cock moaning and catching her breath as a flood of spit ran out of her mouth. The woman moaned and screamed.

“Oh yes! More! You two, fuck the shit outta me!”

A sinister grin swept over Ramón’s face as he looked down into her eyes.

“Exactly what you should be wishing for!”

She didn’t get a chance to reply as he pushed her mouth down and began to buck his hips once more. Steven moaned as his cock was fucking her pussy at a steady pace, bringing his hand back and smacking the left cheek of her ass while his cousin began to fuck her lovely mouth once again causing more sucking noises to echo from her muffled jaws.


Steven was far more focused on the sensational feeling her pussy brought to him but he didn’t want to cum early. Ramón on the other hand was too focused on her mouth and had other ideas. Thrusting his cock into her mouth at a harder and faster pace.

“Make me cum Scarlett, make me cum!”

Ramón had to cum in her mouth, it was the proper way in his opinion. Steven had other ideas, he wanted to blow a load within her ass first. From behind her, he began to slow down his pace as he felt himself building up to an orgasm as he looked up at his cousin and spoke.

“Go ahead, let her finish you but I’m waiting a bit.”

Ignoring his words, Ramón continued to thrust his rod into the gorgeous woman’s mouth until he finally breathed and knew it was time for him to explode. Steven had slowed down and was slithering his cock out of her pussy as Ramón pushed her mouth all the way down and then cried out.

“Fuck! There it is! YES!”

Scarlett’s mouth was pushed all the way down on his cock as Ramón exploded, filling her mouth with his cum. He held her there in place to make sure that he shot every bit of his load into her watery jaws. She let out a muffled moan at the feeling of his warm seed flooding her mouth, Ramón taunted her with a laugh and spoke.

“Can’t hear you Scarlett, my cock in your mouth is preventing that.”

Ramón couldn’t help himself but to taunt her with some words and a laugh. He felt in control and now he let go of her hair to let her mouth off his cock. Scarlett leaned up placing her hands over his legs to show him her mouth flooded in a mixture of saliva and his cum. Closing her lips, she swallowed it loudly. The man grinned from ear to ear like a winner and bragged to her.

“Very good, that’s what I like to see. A slut that swallows it down, time for you to get on top and get fucked!”

Steven reached back and slapped the left cheek of her ass to get her attention. She turned around looking at him as she caught her breath with her fatigued face. The real game had only just begin and Scarlett swallowed a breath before speaking.

“You’re gonna fuck me too, aren’t ya Steven?”

The man nodded at her but before he could reply, Ramón grabbed her hair again to pull her back to his attention and look back in his eyes.

“Get up on top of me, over here on this couch right now.”

She didn’t get a chance to do it by her own will, Ramón stepped backwards until the couch was directly behind him and then he took a seat while pulling her by the hair to come get up on top of him. She straddled him throwing her legs around and sinking her knees into the couch and then he let go of her hair. Scarlett turned around to watch Steven as he came up behind now and began to get into position. A little smirk was over his face, all the while Ramón ran his hand down to his shaft and began to push it towards her wet pussy just begging for attention. Scarlett took a deep breath to prepare herself for the double fucking session.

“Oh god, you both ready? Go for it, get those fucking cocks in me, do it!”

Scarlett brought her hand down to grab Ramón’s rod herself and hover her pussy over it before pushing the head into her damp opening. At the same time, she could see Steven’s shadow shading over the couch as he placed his hands on the cheeks of her nicely built ass and began to pull it apart. She looked over her shoulder and moaned as she teased him.

“Yeah, do it! Fuck my ass!”

“That’s exactly what I was gonna do, babe!”

The man stepped behind her and began to push his rod into her tight little hole back there. Scarlett placed her hands on Ramón’s chest and closed her eyes as she felt Steven’s rod sink in. Ramón wrapped his arm around her as his eyes went to those excellent breasts and within a few seconds he thrust his cock into her pussy while his cousin began to thrust into her ass in unison. Scarlett closed her eyes and cried out loudly.


Her voice raised in loudness as the men began to thrust their rods into her. Steven went slow at first to get used to the tightness of her hole but soon he leaned up and smacked both of her ass cheeks with his hands and now it was time to get some serious fucking pounding going on. He pumped her ass harder and faster, her body began to shake and her large breasts bounced in Ramón’s face. Scarlett gritted her teeth and screamed out.


“Fuck yeah! Take our cocks!”

Once more, it was Ramón running his mouth bragging in pleasure, Scarlett felt both their cocks enter her simultaneously fucking her thoroughly on both of her holes down below. She kept her eyes closed embracing the pleasure, this was not her first threesome with two males fucking her like crazy. Scarlett had done this in the past but it always took a bit to get used to at first. She screamed out in pleasure feeling their rods take her to a new height of pleasure.


A harmony was made over the couch between all three of them moaning. Her screams drowned out the men’s voices but not without the sound of a hand slapping over her ass while Steven fucked that gorgeous bottom like it was no tomorrow. He had prevented himself from busting a nut within her pussy and had saved this for her ass. All the while, Scarlett couldn’t hold on for much longer herself. Steven had worked that pussy and now Ramón was forcing her on the edge of bursting. She bit her lower lip and cried out to the both of them.


That was it, she couldn’t even finish her sentence as she felt her body tighten up and a climax reached while her pussy gushed juices all over Ramón’s rod pumping in and out of her. Scarlett suddenly felt a hard sting over the left cheek of her ass as she breathed in, lost in the ecstasy of pleasure when Steven began to yell out.

“You ready for some cum, babe!? HERE IT IS!”

Steven groaned out as he rammed his cock as far as it could reach in the tight hole of her ass. Holding himself there, he groaned and spanked her cheeks once more feeling his cock explode deep within her to give her bowels a creamy surprise. Ramón slowed himself down so he could embrace the feeling of her orgasm over his rod deep within her. Lucky for him, he had already blown his load before they began the double fucking time. He wanted something else from her amazing body though, and that was her ass.

“I want to fuck her up the ass now!”

Steven laughed at his cousin’s remark while Scarlett was catching her breath. He nodded to Ramón before answering.

“Yeah, that’s fine. I want that pussy again myself.”

Scarlett took a deep breath listening to the men speak of another double penetration session. She nodded and looked over her shoulder at Steven since he seemed to be the one in command her. The man was slowly slithering his cock from her tight ass when she spoke.

“Do you want me on top of you like this, or-”

“No, no! We’re gonna hold you up.”

“Alright then, that’s fine!”

Steven had cut her off to finish speaking, he didn’t like to reuse the same position twice. Scarlett began to lift herself from Ramón as his cock exited her lovely pussy. She was dripping wet of her own seed that gushed out of her opening while a thick stream of Steven’s cum ran out of her ass and down her leg. Once standing back up she turned to face him, Steven cupped her chin softly with his hand to lean in and kiss her on the lips. While they kissed, Ramón got up from the couch and positioned himself behind her. His hands went to her hips while Steven placed his hands around her body. Scarlett was alerted to their touching over her body and broke the kiss.

“You two ready? I’m ready for it.”

“Let’s go man, hold her up!”

Ramón gave the instructions as he and his cousin now began to lift her up off her heels and hold her up. Both men had a grip on her body as Scarlett looked back into Steven’s eyes and put her hands on his shoulders to have a grip on him while spreading her legs to wrap around his torso. She took a deep breath and swallowed to prepare herself, while both of them brought a hand down to their cocks and began to look for her rightful holes. She felt Steven’s first, the head pushing at her pussy before Ramón smeared his rod up the cum soaked hole of her ass. Scarlett raised her head and moaned as both of their rods slid into her holes. Clutching her nails onto Steven’s shoulders, the blonde woman moaned out.

“OH! YES!”

Her voice was cut off at the loud groaning of Ramón as he thrust forward into her ass and then Steven returned with a thrust forward into her pussy. Scarlett’s body shook between the two men fucking her furiously. In this position standing up, she didn’t have to worry about getting pummeled from behind like earlier, not that Ramón had it in him to pound an ass the way his cousin did. He liked to take his sweet time with it, just as he was doing now. Steven groaned while pumping that pussy for the second time today, yelling out.

“God, this body is fucking fantastic!”


“Oh yeah, you’re amazing babe I can tell you that!”

Scarlett teased him with her yelling voice. She had been lost in the pleasure of the two men pumping their cocks into her body in unison. Over and over, one rammed her ass while the other pounded her pussy. She couldn’t believe that they had not worn themselves out yet with stamina, but she still had enough left in her to burn the time. Her breasts bounced up and down each time they thrust into her body, she couldn’t help but tease them once more with sweet naughty words.

“You two like this!? Fucking me like this!? Gonna make both of you cum again!?”

Ramón grunted and responded to her.

“You want some cum? I’ll give you some fucking cum, all over your face! That’s what you get for cheating on your boyfriend to pay off his debts!”

She would have laughed if she wasn’t caught between the two of them, Scarlett moaned out to him and teased.

“Mmmmmmm oh yeah!? You want to cum all over my pretty face? Make a mess of me?”

“You know I am!”

“I will too!”

Ramón spoke first and then Steven commented. The man in front of her was ready to shift positions once again as he could feel his time coming short of blowing. Steven stopped pounding her sweet pussy and slowed himself down before sighing and speaking.

“If I don’t stop now, I’ll end up cumming, Ramón let’s set her down and have her finish us off.”

“Good idea, since she wants to get fucking glazed in cum!”

Scarlett moaned, they were giving her the break that she wanted. To end where they had once began this sleazy event. Both of the men let their cocks ease out of her body first before they stepped back and allowed her to step her heels back onto the floor. Just as planned, she dropped down to her knees like when the whole session began and wrapped her little hands around their big hard cocks. Just as before, Steven had her left hand and Ramón’s rod was wrapped in her right hand. She stroked them both together as she looked up at the two men and teased them with her with pretty eyes.

“You both going to cum all over me?

“Yeah, fuck yeah!”

It was Steven that spoke up causing Scarlett to give him eye contact while she jerked the cocks in her hands. She turned her attention to his rod to part her lips and slobber over the head while looking in his eyes. Just as before, she went down on it bobbing her head up and down on the shaft while her right hand stroked Ramón’s meat. After a good bit, she came off with a loud pop sound and then alternated her way to Ramón while her left hand found Steven’s shaft and began to jerk it up and down while her mouth bobbed up and down on Ramón’s cock. Both the men were in heaven even though soon they would be hitting their final orgasm for the day.

“God yes, that’s what I am talking about right there! Work it!”

Scarlett heard Ramón’s words and came up from his cock with a loud pop noise. Once again, she alternated her mouth back to Steven only this time with some saliva strings dangling over Ramón’s dick as she wrapped her hand back around it and went to stroking. Steven couldn’t get enough of her tits earlier and there was no way he wasn’t blowing his final load without spending time between them again.

“I want to fuck your tits again babe, bring ’em up!”

Hearing his words, she came to a stop sucking on his rod and released it from her mouth. She let go of Ramón’s shaft and brought her hands up to her huge breasts, holding them up as she parted them for Steven to slide his tanned meat between her pale beauties. Scarlett moaned, parting her lip as she looked up into his eyes and he began to thrust between her tits.

“Mmmmm, you like fucking those big titties, don’t you?”

“Yes I do, babe!”

Her mounds of flesh pounded over his meat stick, fucking it to a pulp as Steven thrust his hips and watched the amazing sight before him of her tits fucking his cock. Ramón wanted some of this action too now that he had witnessed it once again.

“Fuck me with those tits too, I want to feel those knockers!”

“Oh yeah!? Thought I was gonna leave you out, huh?”

Scarlett teased Ramón before letting go of her breasts to free Steven from her fleshy prison. Now she moved over to her right to equally give the other man a chance to stuff his rod between her breasts. She held them up and parted them just as Ramón slammed his cock in the middle. Scarlett closed the grip on her tits and looked down to spit on the head poking up from her cleavage. Finally, she began to move up and down, fucking his cock with her tits.

“Mmmmmm, just like that?”

“Yeah, just like that!”

Steven didn’t want to bother his cousin as the moaning was just enough to alert him how much pleasure he was having of her tits. Instead of forcing her to take turns, he just moved closer and pushed his cock towards her face until it was touching her cheek. Scarlett responded by turning her head to the left and then pushing her lips over Steven’s cock, sucking it while her tits pumped Ramón’s cock.

“Fuck, I don’t want this to end but I know I’m about to blow a huge fucking load for you.”

Ramón spoke though Scarlett couldn’t answer him. Little did he know that Steven also was on the verge of busting his final nut for the day. The man pulled his cock from her mouth with a pop sound, watching the little string of saliva break and drip over her chin. Steven now spoke up to give her the alert.

“I’m about to cum too, get ready for it.”

Her eyes wandered up at Steven and then at Ramón as she let go of her breasts to free the other man’s cock. Scarlett moaned before speaking to them.

“Hold on, let me make sure you both can get a clear shot at drenching me.”

“Nasty fucking girl. Cheating on your boyfriend to pay his debts and then begging to get cum on your face, I think I like you.”

Ramón’s words made her laugh. Her hair had been a mess from the pulling and the shaking of her body. Scarlett ran her hands up to push her hair over her shoulders and to give a clear shot to her face. Meanwhile, both the men jerked their cocks furiously in their hands. She raised her head waiting for the explosion that awaited, simply letting them get themselves off. Closing her eyes, she parted her lips and spoke teasing words.

“Come on, cum on me. Cum all over my face!”

“You wanted it!? YOU GOT IT! OHHH!!!”

Ramón was the first to blow, shooting a thick wad of cum directly up her face drenching her forehead and trailing over her right eyebrow. At the same time, Steven had his initial explosion.

“Oh, fuck babe! YES!”

The man grunted as a powerful wave shot up into her left eye lid and trailed down her cheek. Ramón’s cock blew another warm wave that got the right side of her nose and down her cheek, and again Steven’s cock sent a wad flying up on the left side of her forehead shooting into her hair. Scarlett moaned while another thick gob of cum hit her right eyebrow and yet another wad from the left side glazed her cheek. She smirked a little before giggling at the feeling of the warm substance. Both of them were losing steam of their orgasm and Ramón let the head of his rod fall to her lips to milk the final drops of cum while Steven pushed his cock up against her forehead to shoot one final small load over her face. Ramón pulled his cock from her mouth once he felt her suck the final remains of his seed out.

“Oh my god, you both made me into a mess.”

“Yeah we did, but don’t act like you didn’t ask for it babe.”

Scarlett laughed at Steven’s comment, taking her left hand and scooping the cum out of her eyes with her finger tips. She reopened her eyes while feeding her fingers to her mouth to suck the warm seed off. Her eyelashes gleamed in the sticky white substance causing both of the men to smirk down at her. Scarlett didn’t say a word as her hands grabbed their drained cocks, she brought Ramón’s to her mouth first and kissed it. Then, she moved to Steven’s rod and gave it a goodbye kiss. The deed was complete.

“Well guys, I won’t lie. That was a lot of fun.”

“Yeah it was Scarlett, I’m glad you came out here with us babe.”

She smirked up at Steven hearing his voice and then Ramón spoke up.

“I think it’s funny you had fun cheating on your boyfriend, paying off his debts like this. Man, Chris better be thankful for you. You just saved his ass from me.”

Scarlett laughed at Ramón’s comments before replying.

“I won’t lie, I had a lot of fun! It’s been a while I got to enjoy getting fucked by two hot men. I better get cleaned up. Thanks a lot for the mess!”

“You’re welcome, babe!”

Steven jokingly replied to her as they shared a laugh. She began to rise from her knees and then Steven spoke up again, this time to Ramón. The deed was finished and now the debts from Chris had been forgiven, Steven promised to keep his word for her and after this amazing day he would see to it that they never cross paths with Chris again out of respect for this woman. The couple hundred grand was small change to the millions they were making in another business, and the sex today made it all worth the time. The one person who deserved a little something in good nature for all of this was Scarlett. Steven would see to it that she was rewarded for her all of this.



Sunday morning came as usual for a busy day with an early sun high up in the sky, typical of the summer. After all the fun that was shared on the little yacht yesterday, Steven couldn’t get it out of his mind to take care of Scarlett. Even after the boat had docked yesterday evening, he took her out for a late dinner and dropped her off at the hotel. After going home, he thought about it all night before making the decision he was doing right now to go out to South Beach and wait to see her one last time. His Cadillac pulled up across the street of the Purple Nights Inn hotel in a parking space waiting for her. He figured she probably had called a taxi to escort her to the airport, but for a woman such as her he thought that it was better to pay respect by driving her out himself.

Steven got out of the car and placed his hands over the roof in a fold as he waited to see if she would come out. It was a typical busy day for Ocean Drive, the tourists were walking and with a summer day of clear weather there was countless girls in bikinis and men in swim shorts walking about to the beach that was close by. He didn’t call Scarlett on the phone or text her, he wanted to see the surprise on her face when she came out of the front doors of the Art Deco themed hotel. How she reacted would tell him if she had some growing feelings like he had.

The wait paid off over time, as Steven witnessed the blonde woman walking out in jeans and a T-shirt. Over her left hand was her luggage suitcase and big black sunglasses over her head. Scarlett looked across the street and saw the Cadillac and his smiling face. She smirked and walked her way over to join him at the parked car, the blonde woman spoke up.

“I was just about to wait for a taxi over here. What are you doing here, Steven?”

“Just thought I would see you off, I kinda hate that you’re leaving.”

Scarlett laughed at his words, she wasn’t sure if she believed him or not since this whole deal was business. Standing on the opposite end of the car as she spoke back.

“Are you serious, Steven?”

“Oh yeah, I’m serious babe. I mean what I say, some of us men don’t deserve a woman like you. I’m not going to say anything about Chris to you, he’s your man…but I will say this, I wish I had a woman like you 15, 20 years ago. Chris is young and stupid, you know? I did stupid things too when I was his age…”

She looked him over curiously while pulling her sunglasses up to look into his eyes when she replied.

“Really? Like, what did you do?”

“Oh, the usual stupid stuff you do in your 20’s. Gambling problems, check. Running out chasing women, check. Getting involved in stuff that might send you to prison, check.

Scarlett busted out laughing at his confessional, before she knew it he was laughing too. At least he was honest with her she figured. She walked from the other side of the car to meet him on the right and look into his eyes.

“I believe you now, I think…you’re a good man Steven.”

“And as I told you when we first met, you are a good woman Scarlett. If my ex-wife would have done something like this to get me out of trouble back in the day, we would probably still be married.”

She looked down and then back up at him with a smile. She didn’t want to respond to his words, Scarlett simply leaned in and kissed his lips softly. Steven embraced her kiss by putting his hands around her back and returning the kiss. When their lips finally broke apart, he looked down into her eyes and spoke.

“Will you let me drive you to the airport?”

“Yes, I would like that.”

The man stepped back and opened the driver’s door of his car and then Scarlett turned around and quickly walked to the passenger’s side, throwing her suitcase into the back seat as if she didn’t have a care in the world as she joined him in the car. They were friends now, Steven was going to look out for her when he had the time and was in L.A. again. Once they were in the car together with the doors closed, he started the engine and began to pull off before he spoke one last thing.

“I want you to call me if you ever need anything…anything, a friend, someone to talk to…if you move on from Chris or something happens with him, please call me.”

Scarlett looked back at him and nodded her head.

“Oh I will, no question about it!”

A respect had been made between the two as well as a new friendship. Steven smiled big as his eyes looked at the road and he began driving her down the streets, next stop was back to the airport to see her off. One trip he hated to make for someone but he would never regret meeting her personally like this to see her off.


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