Big Booty Bitches Ch. 6

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 6

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Maria Menounos

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com

This story is the product of inspiration from my good friend donut_plains and his Hotel Limbo stories, hope you all enjoy!


Miami Beach, Florida

Clouds passed over a clear blue sky during the day with light wind. The beaches were filled with people out having fun in the sun, meanwhile a party was going down on a luxury yacht across South Beach. It was just another day in Miami for anyone that lived the high life in town. Tony found himself sitting in a stretched out chair over the deck of this yacht while he wore a white suit with a red shirt underneath. The white pants he wore matched the suit with expensive loafer shoes. He went for a throwback look to this party, the shirt was unbuttoned on the first 3 buttons to reveal his hairy chest and a gold Cuban link chain hanging down. A dark pair of Aviator sunglasses sat over his eyes to blind the view of the sun.

This yacht however, was not his own. Tony hated to throw parties on his Love Boat yacht, for it was his home and he enjoyed the privacy within. This party had been organized by a friend in town, the usual high profile social gatherings on a yacht where anyone with money or status would come to get drunk and enjoy some fun out in the sun. Tony found himself bored at this party while sitting back and smoking a cigar at the chair. There was a number of people on the boat with loud music playing, the usual girls in bikinis that were a dime a dozen in South Beach. These kind of parties usually were a good place to find hook ups in his wild night life but today he had only went in person to this party to drink and relax.

From the distance came the form of a figure walking up the steps of the yacht. Tony sat back puffing on his cigar as his eyes studied this figure behind the dark tinted sunglasses. It was the form of a woman in a striped bikini stepping forward as she turned her head and the wind blew through her brown hair. He received an extensive view of a beauty who had a perfectly fit strong body with abs, and a cute belly button ring of a star dangling. The woman walked over to the left and his eyes remained in tact behind the sunglasses studying every curve and a thick round buttocks from behind. Tony smiled, what a beauty she was.

His attention had been taken away from a boring party, the man got up and placed his cigar in the little glass ash tray sitting next to a table where he had been laying on the chair for a bit. Tony followed this beautiful woman stepping onto the back deck of the boat where more party favors awaited from a small mini bar that was fixing drinks. The live band could still be heard from the front deck, the woman turned around to see Tony as he slid his shades up to his graying hair and greeted her lovely face with a smile.

“Well hello, what is your name, beautiful?”

The woman smirked at him as she instantly recognized him.

“Hello there, I am Maria Menounos and I take it you must be Mr. Tony Diaz?”

A smug grin washed over Tony’s face to hear this woman already address him by name. He offered his hand out to her, immediately for a greeting.

“Why yes, that would be me. Were you looking for me, beautiful?”

Maria shook his hand and smiled up at him before biting her lip. She had heard the stories from a close friend in Hollywood about him and within seconds of meeting, it seemed the tales of what a charmer he was were already going into play.

“Yes I was! I have heard about you from friend of mine who was telling me about some new nightclub you opened down here that’s been something of a hit. I wanted to meet the man himself.”

“Well, I’m standing right here. So, what friend of yours is also a friend of mine?”

The woman smirked at him while placing a hand on her hip, giving him ample view of her muscular built body.

“Jennifer Lopez, she didn’t tell you about me? I work with a news agency out in Hollywood, when I’m not handling my acting career or doing wrestling stuff.”

Tony nodded to her.

“Oh, yeah. She did tell me about you, but I stay so busy so the thought didn’t cross my mind.”

“I understand! She told me that she texts with you all the time.”

“So, are you out here to party with or something else.”

The man grinned and then Maria laughed at him in that signature laugh of hers causing him to chuckle himself.

“I would love to check out your club and party, but seriously speaking, I wanted to interview you.”

“You wanted to interview me?”

“Yes, but I can’t step outside my boundaries with my network. I have to focus exclusively on Hollywood and stuff with movies. So, I thought maybe I could focus on your club as a hot spot for action.”

“I would very much like that, you know where it’s at right? You drop by tomorrow night, go upstairs and check with my assistant. I’ll tell her to watch out for you.”

Maria smirked at him before nodding.

“Sounds like a plan, you’ve got yourself a date.”

“I’ll see you, then!”

The older man gave a wink at the beautiful woman before she began to walk off from in front of him. Tony turned to watch her figure walking from the deck of the boat as his eyes zoomed in on that amazing ass from behind. He couldn’t help but smirk at the sight of that juicy booty. The sun brightened his view and soon he pushed his shades back over his eyes. but his mind was occupied by something that was walking off. Soon he would leave this party and retreat back to his yacht where he had some phone calls to make with his brother Steven to check up on some deals that would have to be made later this week. Today was only Monday, but tomorrow was looking even better in company for a Tuesday night.



Loud music pierced through the ears of hundreds of people inside the building of Disco Fever. The dance floor was crowded while people shuffled their bodies to the rhythm of the dance music pouring beat after beat into the mega speakers. A DJ sat at the stage with his work station producing the best electronic flavored music he had to offer to a wild dance floor that dropped at the high tempo beats. All the while, from a staircase across the club was a pair of long tall legs climbing up in a pair of tight black leather pants that hugged every curve of a magnificent body. Matching leather heels stomped and stepped up the stairs until reaching the top when the woman smiled at the view from above.

Maria was dressed to kill. If this man couldn’t get his eyes off her body in a bikini, she was well aware how much a pair of leather pants and a tight green shirt would attract his eyes. What she didn’t expect was Tony himself to be waiting for her outside of the V.I.P. rooms. He had spoke to his assistant Maria about a date he was waiting for, the young woman had texted an alert to him after she heard of another woman with the same first name as her asking around for him: the call was made. Maria Menounos walked across the floor upstairs until she noticed the figure of what appeared to be Tony standing tall in a black suit with a little smile on his face. The beautiful Greek woman smiled as she approached him.

“So, there she is…”

“And, there he is!”

Tony stepped forward to offer his greeting to Maria, hugging her and placing a soft kiss on her right cheek. The brunette stepped back and turned around to give a sight of those tight leather pants fit over every curve of her legs and showing her tight amazing ass. He smirked at that sight.

“Very nice, you know leather pants only look good on a woman. I say, you gotta be brave to wear them as a man.”

She laughed at his comment and decided to tease him a bit.

“Really? I think you would look good in them, yes?”

“You must be out your mind! No way would I wear those!”

Tony laughed before Maria let out a long laugh in that funny voice that had gained her some fame in television. He couldn’t embarrass her though, it wasn’t worth it when most of his family had strong accents. He walked forward and looked over the railing at all the busy people walking about. From upstairs, anything could be scene. Maria stepped forward to him and then he smiled and spoke to her.

“So, how do you like the place?”

“I love it, I was downstairs some 30 minutes ago, shaking my ass on the dance floor.”

“Ohhhh were you? I wish I could’ve seen that.”

She laughed at him and smirked.

“I’m sure you would’ve! Jennifer told me that you had a number of clubs around here, but I take it this is the big place?”

“Indeed it is. My father had a club called Disco Fever back in the day, meant the world to him. It went under sometime around 1990, he used to say that the club died with the whole era of the wild 80’s.”

“Wow, so now I get why this place has that whole retro vibe.”

“Yeah, just opened last month. Been quite a hit so far, how about we go up to my office beautiful, and continue our conversation with some drinks in privacy?”

Maria nodded at him and smirked.

“I would love that, Tony.”

Offering his arm out to her, she latched onto him and he began to walk the Greek beauty back from the railing and towards the V.I.P. door where the deeper side of the club remained under heavy restrictions. While the man in charge made his retreat to his office, downstairs was a younger Diaz man smoking a cigarette sitting at a table as he watched some girls dance. Carlos was back in town to sort out some family troubles alongside his older brother Ramón. For now, Tony had given Carlos a specific job within the club to watch the bar and to come in as a manager behind the bartenders to keep a watchful eye on who could possibly be skimming money from the place. The funds were still coming up a couple hundred dollars short, more so than last month. Carlos had to earn his foot back into the business, or else his ticket would be back on the streets hustling.

Back in Tony’s private office, he opened a bottle of wine and tipped the bottle over to watch the red substance fill two glasses. Maria’s eyes looked down at the glass and then back up at his aging face before she spoke.

“Thank you, you know…I’ve heard a lot about you over the years from Jennifer.”

“Oh yeah?”

He raised his glass, sipping some of the wine as Maria just grinned and decided to drop the bomb on him early on. She wasn’t one to beat around the bush with a meeting such as this.

“Yeah, Jennifer spoke of you quite often. How you have these clubs…how you also do other things with beautiful women…”

Tony laughed as he watched Maria place the edge of the glass to her lips before drinking some of the delicious substance down.

“I take it Jennifer told you about all the fun I’ve had with her going on 15 years now.”

Maria licked her lips after having her drink and nodded.

“She’s told me more than that.”

Together the two of them took more drinks from their respective glasses, finishing down the first bit of the bottle that had been poured out. Tony could see the game that Maria was setting up for him, but she had other plans. She spoke up again.

“You know, out of everything I’ve heard about you…if it weren’t for the fact that I have to stick to interviewing actors and singers and such, you would be quite the man to have an interview with. I’m sure you have tons of stories of the Hollywood business.”

“Oh yeah? Those kinda stories you want, like what?”

Maria giggled at him before replying.

“Come on, what famous people you’ve met, which ones you’ve slept with…I’m sure a man like you has some trophies of achievement in that regard. Mind if I ask who is your most biggest achievement to get between the sheets?”

Tony laughed at her. In all his years, he certainly could brag. If Maria was attempting to stroke his ego, she was doing one hell of a job with it. He had his favorites over the years that he did consider to be milestones in his life, but there was no point in bragging about that here. Instead, he responded with a better game in mind.

“Why should I dig in the past for that? Are you looking to join the ranks for my diary, beautiful Maria?”

The brunette haired woman looked in his eyes before nodding.


He could see the game she was trying to play, however he didn’t reply to her. Tony simply turned around and moved to sit in his comfortable leather chair that sat in his little private room behind the office. The window had the shades pulled up and he could always sit back and watch the action going on at the club. Maria handled herself to pour another glass of wine and drink it down, swallowing down the savory taste. She turned her attention back to Tony and took a few steps towards him to loudly boom her high heels.

“You know, Jennifer taught me how to do some tricks in dancing.”

“Oh yeah, she did huh?”

“Yeah, I got the impression from her that you are the type of man that prefers a woman that knows how to move her body.”

“It’s the truth, if you are curious.”

Maria couldn’t respond to that little gesture. He was going to be easy for her, not unlike men in the past for her own amusement. Turning around after eyeing him down in his chair, she gave him the full back view of her legs in the tight leather pants. Surely, his eyes became stuck gazing into her huge ass. She placed her hands on the table in front of the window and pushed her mighty booty out before she began to roll her hips and do the ‘twerk’ motion. The man was impressed to say the least.

“Wow, that’s very nice.”

Ignoring his praise she took a step backwards and rolled her hips, pushing her ass out further to his view. The leather pants made use of every curve visible to his eyes as Maria moved her hands from the table in front of her and ran them up her hips while slowly bouncing her ass to the soft beats that they could still hear from this room. The private show was just for him, but soon she became ready to plant her ass over his lap. She turned to look over her shoulder before lowering herself down over him. Tony breathed in hard before moaning out to her.

“Lovely…you know how to handle yourself.”

“Mmmmm, you think?”

“No baby, I know!”

The comments of flattery had turned tables to now he was complimenting her. Maria closed her eyes and softly pushed down as she began to grind. Rolling her hips, she pushed her ass into his lap. She could feel the hardness of his cock growing underneath her juicy bottom. Tony knew what he wanted now for her, one of Jennifer’s friends that had certainly lived up to a reputation he adored. Maria sighed while continuing to give him this mini-lap dance, speaking up.

“You like that, huh?”

“Fuck yeah I do baby, you got a mean ass, that’s for sure!”

Maria slowly leaned back until she could feel his chest pressing over her back. Tony moved to breathe down her neck and place an inviting kiss right under her ear lobe. Pleasure seemed to be in the making but there was other business that needed to be fixed up first. Maria spoke out again.

“So, do you want to play with me or do you want to do our business first?”

Tony smirked to himself, this was a quick escape. Unlike his brother Steven, he didn’t really enjoy to use his office for sexual fun. That was what he had his yacht for instead, Maria would make a fine addition to his diary list of women that had slept with him back on the Love Boat.

“Business first, let’s get the details of this interview down right now. Tomorrow, you can come back to the yacht with me and I’ll show you what Jennifer has told you about that goes on down there.”

She let out a short and soft moan from her lips while still slowly rolling her hips, Maria was a little disappointed. The bulge that could be felt under her ass told her that he was all set to go, but waiting tomorrow would never hurt for the yacht adventure. Funny how a man such as him could put off a wait for the real fun.

“My company back in L.A. sent me out here, I have control over what exactly I want to cover for a story. I will mention your name briefly, so you can keep a low profile. Most of the filming will be done of the club. I have to leave town in a few days but we will be back later next week to do the filming, any time you want to put it on schedule.”

Maria then got up from his lap, turning around to look him in the face as he replied back to her with a grin over his face.

“That sounds good, I can arrange for around Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I’ll have the time then to get the club all situated for a publicity show, I can probably even get some of my famous friends to attend so it looks better on TV.”

She nodded to him.

“Very good, that should work out perfect.”

“So, where are you staying in town? Let me get my pen and paper and I want you to write it down. Tomorrow I won’t be doing anything and I can arrange for someone to pick you up and bring you to my yacht for some fun.”

Tony got up from his chair, standing straight up with the package in his pants sticking up. It almost made her laugh, but she couldn’t kill away the feeling of disappointment that he didn’t want to get down and dirty here in the room. The man made his way over to the table in front of the window and grabbed a notepad that was sitting under a book. Taking one of the pens he had, he offered the pen and notepad to her but Maria’s eyes were starring down at his stick poking up. Such a shame, she thought to herself.

“Alright, let me write it down for you. I’m staying in South Beach for the few days…”

Taking the pen, she pushed the button in with her thumb and began to quickly write down her hotel address for him. Only one little detail remained that she had to catch.

“What time you wanna pick me up, big man?”

“Make it 12, I’ll bring out the limo if you want.”

“I won’t say no to that, always nice to ride in style. Guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow, Mr. Big…”

Maria’s eyes looked back down to still see the big bulge sticking straight up in his pants. Her eyes ran back up to his in which she smiled.

“Too bad Mr. Big couldn’t play in here tonight…”

“Yeah too bad, that mean ass couldn’t come out of those tight leather pants too soon. Mind turning around for me?”

Without replying to him, Maria stomped her heel into the floor and moved her body for him. She wiggled her ass once more in the tight leather pants, while looking over her shoulder to tease him. His eyes were glued starring right at it, Tony reared his hand back and swatted a smack over her right cheek. Maria moaned at the feeling before giggling to him.

“Ouch, mmmmm you know how to spank it!”

“Ohhhh baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait till tomorrow, we’re gonna have a lot of fun.”

“I’m looking forward to it, Tony. See you tomorrow!”

She stomped forward in those high heels, clicking and clacking before she made it to the door to leave him alone. Tony couldn’t be more than satisfied right now, he looked over her handwritten note to see that she drew a little heart there. The interview she had in mind was the last thing he found himself thinking about anymore, it was all about that mesmerizing ass. Tomorrow could not come any sooner, before the night was over he was going to check in with his assistant Maria to give her the off day from his yacht to make some much needed privacy.



As the PM hours were hitting on the clock during the afternoon, the sun blinded down over the metallic silver finish of a DeLorean DMC-12 speeding up the Venetian Causeway in the usual traffic going back and forth from the main town to Miami Beach. Ramón sat in the driver’s seat behind a pair of sunglasses while he drove the car. His brother Carlos sat beside him, running his hand through his slicked back hair and looking out the window. Months had went by since the brothers had been in the same presence of one another. Carlos was finally a free man after serving 9 months in jail, his release had come two weeks ago before he quietly came back in town.

Carlos had been arrested back in late 2014 for weapon charges after he was busted by an undercover cop duo that had been working a string of major drug deals. Luckily for him, the bust was for guns instead of the coke that was part of the trade ‘drugs for guns’. Thanks to having a powerful family behind him, the charges were dropped to misdemeanors and serving 9 months of 1 year was better than looking at multiple years for getting pulled over with a car loaded with enough assault rifles to make a gun nut blush. Steven was not happy, but it was typical of Carlos. At 29 years old, it would only be accurate to say that he had been fucking things up most of his adult life and relying on the family to bail him out. He sighed while looking out the window before speaking to his brother.

“The old man has me working at that new club he opened, place is a fucking mad house with people.”

Ramón glanced over at his brother and smirked before putting his eyes back on the road. Traffic was slow today while the car drove over the causeway, he responded back to him.

“Oh yeah, the place does stay packed. So what does he have you doing in the club? I haven’t talked to Tony lately to know what’s up.”

Carlos sighed and then responded back in an annoyed voice.

“Man, he’s got me doing this fucking security thing. He wants me to watch the bar and watch over all the guys serving drinks and to make sure no one is taking money. He said something about money coming up missing from somewhere, he wants me to find out who it is. Guess he don’t want to watch no fucking surveillance tapes.”

“You need to be thankful for that job, hermano.”

“Yeah but-”

Ramón quickly cut him off to speak.

“You’re forgetting that it was all Tony that bought you that hot shot lawyer and got your charges reduced. Be a little more fucking appreciative for what the old man does for you.”

Silence filled the void of the car while Carlos couldn’t think to respond. Ramón’s point sunk through to him. While a few minutes of quietness passed on through and the car made a turn into South Beach, Carlos finally spoke back up.

“So where we going?”

Glancing back over at him, Ramón smirked.

“To go eat and then buy some new suits.”


Boom, boom, boom. The sound of heels stomping down the steps of the master cabin inside the yacht could clearly be heard throughout the empty room. Maria made her way down following Tony’s lead, as she had been sitting on the yacht for around 30 minutes now. The beautiful Greek woman wore a small white bikini underneath a black coat and matching white heels. Since his main focus last night was her juicy ass, she couldn’t help but tease him further and now they were venturing to the master cabin where the bed awaited. Tony didn’t want to waste any time with a teasing contest today. Once the door opened to the bedroom and he turned around in his robes, Maria smirked.

“I want to play with your big dick…I wanted it last night!”

Tony grinned to her while he sat on the bed.

“And you don’t think I wanted more than just to spank your ass? Come over here and get it!”

Time was not going to be wasted today, Maria stomped forward in her heels to run into the bedroom and quickly slung her black coat to the floor, revealing her perfectly fit body and that shiny gold star belly button ring. Lowering herself down to her knees, she watched Tony pull apart his robe showing that only a small pair of briefs underwear was covering her from his private area. She quickly sunk her nails in and pulled his underwear down to allow his cock to spring free to her.

“That’s what I want, right there…”

Speaking in a low sensual voice, Maria quickly wrapped her little hand around his rod and began stroking it nice and easy. Tony moaned, surprised how quick she was to go to work on him. Leaning in, she placed a kiss over the head and then grazed her teeth lightly over it while looking him in the eyes. She was hungry and he was going to be just what she devoured.

“That’s it baby, take it as you wish.”

Maria ignored him completely as she opened her mouth and enveloped her lips around his cock. She began slowly suck him while bobbing her head up and down, moaning into his shaft. Coming up, she made a loud pop sound as she came off his cock and looked up into his eyes.

“Yeah, that’s just what I am going to do!”

Ignoring him now, Maria went back down on his cock. Bobbing her head up and down, she sucked it nice and slow while using both of her hands to play with his balls down below. Once she got used to the fatness of his rod, she began to show off her deep throat skills. Over and over she sucked his dick to the point the head was jamming at the back of her throat and her lips were meeting in the bushy ball hair around his private area. Tony moaned loudly, it was unbelievable how skilled this woman was and yet he did not know of her until a few days ago. Maria came up again from his cock with a long string of saliva dangling from her lower jaw back to his rod. She looked in his eyes and spoke.

“Mmmmmm yeah, gotta get you nice and wet.”

Flicking her tongue back, she spit on his dick. Maria then loosened the little white straps to her bikini top before lowering her lips back down on his cock. She let her top fall down to the floor as she used one hand to cup her left breast while sucking on his cock for one final go. The man was speechless and soon she had a plan to really play with this big dick the way she wanted to. Bringing both of her hands to cup her tits, she came off his cock once more with strings of saliva dangling before she held her tits apart and leaned up to squeeze them over his cock. Tony moaned out to her.

“Awwwww man, tan increíble.”

He didn’t show much attention at all to her tits when they met yesterday, Maria was determined to prove to him that there was more to her lovely body than just her big ass from behind. Squeezing her tits together, she began to pump them up and down over his cock. Smiling up at him as she slowly began to fuck him with her breasts, Maria moaned out to him.

“Oh yeah, you like that, huh? My tits…you didn’t really give them much attention yesterday!”

“Yeah you’re right…fuck, they feel fantastic!”

Slowly pumping her tits up and down on him, Maria leaned her head down and opened her mouth. Each time the head of his cock pumped up, she flicked her tongue over it and tried to close her lips around it. Surely, he had to be getting close to popping a load at this point. She was positive in her oral skills to push a man over the edge early on and she knew very well he was planning on drilling her ass in the following rounds. Tony groaned, trying to fight off the coming orgasm.

“You’re gonna make me-”

“Cum!? I want it! Cum in my fucking mouth, dammit!”

She cut off his voice and let go of her tits to wrap her hands back around his fat meat stick. He couldn’t fight it off, no matter how hard he tried. Maria began to jerk him hard and as fast she possible could with her mouth open, waiting for the warm treat. If he didn’t believe that she was hungry, now she was proving it to him as now his face was curled up into a goofy expression and he panted before it finally came.


Panting and groaning, Tony couldn’t hold back from screaming his voice as his cock exploded over her waiting tongue. The initial wave of cum was so powerful it shot up the roof of her mouth and managed to ease out over her upper lip. Load after load of his hot spunk shot into her mouth, feeding his seed to her. Maria just moaned and looked into his eyes as he received the wonderful sight looking down at her below jerk out his seed all the way down to the final bits. Before she was done, she squeezed his cock one last time to make sure she drained out the final drops between her lips. Leaning up, she continued to hold her mouth open to give him the view of her cum-coated mouth before closing her lips and then swallowing it down audibly. Tony moaned just at the sound of her throat downing his load.

“You’re quite an animal Maria, I’m very impressed.”

“Yeah, I knew you would be…once you gave me a fair chance!”

“We’re not close to being done yet, I want to bend you over and give that nice ass of yours a good pounding.”

Maria laughed at him.

“I knew no matter how well I sucked that cock, that you STILL would be obsessed with my ass!”

“Well, what can I say? It’s a damn fine ass! Now get up and bend over this bed, so I can nail it!”

“Oh sure, after you’re done taking my ass, I’m going to put you on your back and ride you!”

Tony laughed at her shaking his head.

“That’s if you have any energy, I’m pretty sure I will pound most of it out of you!”

“You’ll see…just watch and see how well I can take it!”

A test was put into place here, at least in Maria’s mind. If he thought for sure that he could wear her out just by fucking her in the ass, she was going to prove him wrong. Her body was strong and built for fucking. Getting up from her knees, she followed his command by bending over on the bed while he got up and arched himself into position. Such a predictable man, just like Jennifer had said. Bending over the bed with her hands over the sheets and sticking her ass up for him, Maria turned her head while she could see Tony’s shadow from behind. The man took his hand and slid her white bikini bottom piece down and finally his eyes got to witness the beauty of her gorgeous ass. Tony took his hand back and smacked her left cheek causing Maria to moan.

“Awww, that hurt! Do it again!”

Another loud smack could be heard over the opposite cheek before he swatted her left again. Maria laughed in that trademark unique laugh of hers, but Tony was more fixated right now on something else. He used one hand to grab his cock and the other to pull one of her cheeks apart. She got the hint and used both her hands to part her cheeks for him. Soon enough, he was pushing the head of his cock to her tight little backdoor hole. Maria moaned, anticipating the moment.

“Go ahead…get it…IN THERE! YES!”

Maria screamed out as his cock slid into her tight hole. Tony reared his hand back and swatted at her cheek with his left hand while he thrust inside of her. The tightness of her back hole had to take him a bit to get used to. Sadly for her, the other hole that had been untouched so far was leaking in all of it’s wetness. Maria pushed her hands back on the bed, taking everything in her not to reach between her legs and begin to finger that lonely pussy. Before she knew it, Tony finally pulled back and began to ram her ass with his tight cock. She clenched her teeth and screamed out to him.

“Yes! That’s it! FUCK THAT ASS!”

Thrust after thrust, Tony rammed that beautiful Greek ass with his throbbing cock. Maria moaned out loudly, enjoying every single pump almost as much as he was. He placed both his hands over her cheeks so he could continue ramming into her as hard as he could, it was all his desire to give that ass the pounding it deserved.


It would have been worth laughing over at how she referred to him as ‘Big man’ but Tony was too busy concentrating on the pleasure that he was getting and that she was receiving from that lovely ass. Over and over, pound after pound he pumped into her like a mad man. If it was her goal to allow him to put himself into exhaustion from working her over, the job was getting done.

“God, this fucking ass was made to be pounded!”


Maria growled through her gritted teeth at him. She could not stop herself from getting louder, as fact was that she greatly was enjoying this. Tony was beginning to wear himself out a bit in energy as each thrust into her ass, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold up for fucking her body at this kind of intensity all afternoon. He already knew that soon enough, he would be unloading more cum for her, right into that amazing ass. Tony panted, as he caught his breath.

“Fuck! I can’t hold it back, this ass is too much! Gonna make me cum again!”

“Oh yeah, huh? You gonna cum in my THICK FUCKING ASS, TONY!? DO IT! GIVE IT TO ME IN THERE!”


By now they both were yelling their words at each other, Maria caught her breath the moment Tony had finally slowed it down with one final thrust. He had to slow himself down almost entirely before the ultimate ecstasy of pleasure was to end within her ass. Pulling both hands back, he made a double smack over her ass cheeks before roaring out his voice. He couldn’t hold back anymore as he finally came within her.

“You wanted it, here it is! Fuck! Feel that cum!”


Still yelling her voice to him, Maria could not wait to taunt him very soon as she could easily see that he had to have worn himself out with the way he pounded her ass. She closed her eyes and moaned at the feeling of his cock exploding within her bowels and sending that warm cum deep within her glorious ass. It was just what he wanted, she knew how to tease him the other night and now they finally were indulging in the erotic nature from last night’s temptations.

“Damn…that…that was a lot of fun back here.”

Softly patting her right ass cheek, Tony stepped back to allow his cock to slighter from her tight hole and free her. Maria looked over shoulder to see the fatigued expression over his face, thus proving that she was right in the assumption all along. He truly did wear himself out to the brink from hammering her from behind, soon she would make her move to take control for the final act of their naughty game. Tony stepped away from her and moved towards the bed, giving Maria the perfect chance to crawl her way on top of the satin sheets and then tease him with a smirk on her face.

“You know, I think you forgot about something big man…”

“Si Hermosa? What I forget?”

Without responding to him, Maria quickly put her hands on his shoulders and climbed on top to force his back onto the bed. Actions spoke louder than words at this moment as Tony now smirked and bust out laughing a little as she straddled both of her thick legs around him and got on top. Maria smiled down at him in pride that she managed to hold true to her promise, rubbing it in his face with her words.

“You thought you could just nail me back there as hard as possible and you would wear me slap out, huh?”

“And I did! Don’t say you didn’t enjoy it!”

“Of course I did, you big naughty man! But now I’ve got you, and I’m going to fuck you silly! MY WAY!”

Reaching her hand down, Maria wrapped her fingers around his hard shaft and lifted herself a bit to finally guide his shaft to her pussy. She had been begging for attention to her clit all this time while he was obsessed with her ass and now it was payback. Slamming herself down on his cock to impale her, the beautiful Greek woman moaned out loudly. Tony grunted and called out to her.

“Yeah! You gonna ride it like a fucking bull!?”


She didn’t have to reply to his words, the real response came in the form of action. Maria slammed herself down hard and began to pound into him over and over. Placing her hands down on his stomach, she began to ride him by lifting herself up and then slamming back down on that cock over and over as it thrust into her sweet pussy. Tony got the vision of watching her nice breasts bounce up and down as his wandered over that amazing tight fit body. The gold star pierced in her belly button bounced around, just as her hair went wild from her movements.

“Work it girl! Do your thing!”

Each time Maria came slamming down over Tony’s cock, his balls slapped against her ass cheeks. Over and over, she fucked the man just as he had done to her moments earlier. She moaned, running her hands to grab her bouncing tits when finally he began to buck his hips into synchronization with her downward thrusting. A rhythm had been created through their bodies.

“God that’s it, get it Maria!”

“Yeah! You like that, big man? You like having a woman fuck your brains out!?”


Maria couldn’t be happier with the pleasure sent into her body, his rod piercing through her moist opening over and over. At this point, she was sure that she was about to hit her climax. At the same time, Tony was reaching his final boiling point for the day after blowing two hard loads already to this amazing woman. It only seemed fitting that his final load would be sent within her lovely pussy. She gasped, breathing in hard while sticking rocking over top him as if he was her wild bronco underneath.

“Tony…I…I can’t take much anymore! Make me CUM!”

“Yes, I’m gonna blow too! I can feel it!”

While he grunted, she gasped and slowed herself down. Slamming one final time over his cock, she squeezed her tits and cried out in an ecstasy of pleasure as her body began to shake and release her sticky juices out to him. Tony moaned and gazed up at the woman who had just rocked his world this afternoon as he felt his cock explode for the final time today, the pleasure of both of them reaching their orgasm at the same time created a new level of pleasure. Closing his eyes, Tony spoke out amidst the pleasure.

“Wow…simply wow, I don’t know what to say. That was incredible.”

“Yeah…Mmmmmm, you are a lot of fun.”

“Same for you girl, damn…I could get used to something like that.”

A crackling sound was heard as Maria laughed in her signature unique laugh that once again caused him to laugh with her in unison.

“I bet you could get used to me, just shame that you made me wait like that…and you didn’t even give me a kiss!”

“Well, come and get your kiss.”

Smiling up at her, Tony held up his finger before curling it to give her the sign language to come closer. She didn’t hesitate to follow his command, leaning down for him and placing her hands up his hairy chest. Their lips finally met, smoldering from a soft touch into a blistering passionate kiss. It would have only been rude to end this steamy day without a nice kiss to top it all off. All those stories that Maria had heard over the past couple years from one of her good friends back in Hollywood had turned out to be true. Her curiosity was not only satisfied, a fun time was completely worth the trip.



On a Thursday night, anticipations could be felt within a lot of people involved with the Disco Fever management. Just last week, a film crew had come through and did recordings of the club for Maria’s spotlight report that would be aired at 5 PM tonight on one of the usual celebrity gossip news channels. Word of the club had already spread through out town thanks to local advertising and the internet. But tonight would be the night of main exposure to the club that wasn’t centered around local Miami news.

Steven found himself at the one place he spent the least time around: home. His Coconut Grove home sat quiet most of the week, even when he wasn’t home. It was just him, a maid, and the security guard he kept around to watch over the place. Right now, he was in the bedroom getting dressed for the usual night out when he would hit the Disco Fever club and do his work from there. Right now, he stood in his bedroom buttoning up his yellow shirt before he would be ready to put on the black jacket over it. The television set was on and waiting on the correct channel to watch the premier of the big insider story regarding the club he worked.

Much work had spent a week ago to run a retro theme for the club during the filming, as well as paying some money to models and some famous names that would make the cut for the small television piece of journalism. Right now, the screen flashed to Maria Menounos giving the audience an introduction to the program while speaking of Disco Fever.

“One night club in Miami has been attracting all the famous stars of Hollywood, we went in and had a look for ourselves at the fabulous Disco Fever.”

The screen flashed to a loop of the recording cameras that caught action from within the club. From scenes of the dance floor; the bar downstairs, a laser light show and finally, the DJ table up and moving. Suddenly, the screen went to a famous face that could be seen shuffling about within the dance floor and leaning over a man from behind. The voice of Maria Menounos began to narrate again.

“We caught Jessica Alba having one very fun night!”

While the program played, Steven watched the montage of scenes that featured Jessica Alba dancing on the crowded dance floor and having drinks. Soon, the screen went to a small mini-interview of Jessica Alba in front of a microphone expressing how much she enjoyed the club. Word was back at work, Jessica had been frequenting the club quite often as of late. She was expected to be there this for another Friday night just like last week. For now, Steven grabbed his jacket and got ready for work. Tonight was business, but the future looked interesting at the club for now.


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