Big Booty Bitches Ch. 7

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 7

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Jessica Alba

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com

This story is the product of inspiration from my good friend donut_plains and his Hotel Limbo stories, hope you all enjoy!


Miami, Florida

Friday night lights were always the brightest in any town for eventful occasions. There was no exception when it came to the Miami night scene. The brightest neon lights were blinking tonight at Disco Fever, all in time to a populated dance floor shaking with bodies and a hot local DJ putting down the jams to move the people into his rhythm of beats. This was the biggest night of the week for the club, always with the most people inside and loudest music. Tonight was a retro special at Disco Fever. All the music from the DJ had a flavor of 80’s synth and new wave; remixed and modernized for the new era. The club was already packed as usual and the AM hours were still a few hours away.

From the dance club was a man shuffling about to the rhythm of the music. Ramón just couldn’t refuse indulging in the night life with his family’s club. The past few nights had been something of an event for him. He hoped that she was here again tonight, after she had danced with him the previously night. His attention was focused on his mystery woman, though he had business to take care of next week with Steven as well as Carlos. Tonight and tomorrow, Ramón just wanted to have some enjoyment to himself. Hopefully she was coming back for another round of dancing to top off the previous night.

Upstairs behind the walls of the V.I.P. entrance upstairs, sat Steven Diaz in charge of the scene. Within the walls of his private office, he sat on the phone to return calls after listening to his answering machine. Ramón couldn’t be bothered for any kind of work tonight. Moving to the bar downstairs, he waited for that woman to return. If she were to come back again, this would make the third night in a row of them dancing together. While her face seemed to be oddly familiar, the only thing he really knew about her was that her name was Jessica. Could it have been Jessica Alba? He wasn’t sure, short on the details. Tonight he would ask her if she returned to him.

Any sound from the bar was drowned out from the large number of people within the club talking, not to mention the music that was booming loudly from every speaker. Ramón sat at a stool from the bar and looked over at the bartender. The man was somewhere around the same age of himself, judging by appearance alone. A black T-shirt was over his chest with the Disco Fever logo. Ramón ordered himself a martini to start the night. He could not hear the sound of footsteps behind him, but soon the feeling of a hand on his shoulder caught his attention to spin around. He was greeted to the big smile of his mysterious woman as she stood wearing a bright red jacket and pants.

“Hey there, my new friend! Mind buying a girl a drink?”

A huge smile blossomed over Ramón’s face before smiling. It was indeed her, his wait had paid off. Here was Jessica standing before him in all her radiant beauty.

“Yeah, sure! What would you like, babe?”

“Scotch on the rocks, straight up! Thank you!”

She leaned in and placed a kiss over his cheek, causing him to blush a little. The bartender heard her request and went on to fix up the drink while she sat down on a stool chair next to Ramón. She could see from the look on his face that he was dying to say something. Dressed up in his pinstriped black suit with a pink undershirt, his look of the night was one in style.

“So, what’s on your mind? You look like you want to ask me something.”

“Oh, I do. Are you…Jessica Alba, by chance?”

The girl looked back at him with a smile over her face. He could not shake the thought from his head that he had seen that smile from somewhere.

“What do you think? Did you watch the news yesterday?”

“No, I didn’t. What about it?”

She laughed at him, just as the bartender placed the glass on the table for her.

“Goofy boy! I figured you would ask me that from the special that was on TV last night about this place.”

Taking a hold of the glass, Jessica put it to her lips and began to drink it down while Ramón paused his thoughts before responding to her. In all fact, he didn’t know quite how to approach this to her.

“Well…you look like her, I’ll just say that.”

Finishing the glass all in one big gulp, she set it back down over the bar and got up from her stool. Jessica looked back at him now and gave a little nod. This was all a game to her, she felt he would be fun to toy with. Deciding to mock him a little, she smirked.

“Well…whenever you’re ready to chase this Jessica, you can get off your ass and find me at the dance floor.”

She began to walk off as she noticed he turned his head to watch her. The dress up of bright red made her stand out from the crowd of other people wearing typical casual wear. Jessica turned her head and decided to tease him even further, taking her hand back and slapping one of her ass cheeks playfully with a smirk over her face. Finally, she walked off as all Ramón could do was sit there and watch her figure fade away. Before he could join her, he had to dig in his pocket and pay for both their drinks before the bartender could complain about it.

Minutes later, the music became a major focus. Jessica found herself on the dance floor, listening to the beats of the music while she began to shuffle her body and flow with the rhythm. Pushing her legs together and back, she showed off her trained dancing skills next to a couple that were barely moving whatsoever. The skill that she showed through her body was evident next to casual club going people on the dance floor just moving about. She wanted Ramón to come dance with her. From only a few days ago, he had proven to be a good dancer who could keep up with her at a frantic pace and accept her touching body.

True to the tempting words, Ramón found himself on the dance floor looking for her. Once he caught an eye of that red jacket she was wearing, he moved behind her and began to shake to the rhythm of the music. A high tempo keyboard based pop track began to play. He made his way closer towards her to the point he knew she would turn around to see his face. Moving his arms out, he stomped his feet down into the dance floor and then she turned around to see him. Jessica greeted him with a smile flashing her perfect pearly white teeth. Offering a hand out to him, Ramón grabbed a hand of her and swung her towards him. Jessica spoke to him as she leaned her back against her dancing partner.

“Come on Ramón, let’s put these people to shame with some real dancing!”

After speaking, Jessica pulled off him and let go of his hand. The beat of the music changed into a faster tempo, now was the time to prove her skilled dance training over the years. Stomped her feet backwards in front of Ramón and began to grind herself low on the floor before rising back up and swinging her hair. Placing her hand over her chest, she pushed her body out and did another grind right on key with the song slowing down on tempo. Ramón moved up next to her and Jessica took advantage to turn around to him. She bent over and pushed her ass into his crotch, forcing him to respond with raising his hand and spanking her right cheek.

Some wandering eyes from around them began to watch as Jessica now pumped her ass and did the ‘twerk’ grind up against him. With this part done and the music speeding back up into faster tempos, she turned around and grabbed his hand and spun him around. Moving face to face with Ramón, he starred back into those deep brown eyes. Jessica had the look of a hungry animal over her face. The song seemed to be coming to an end as it repeated the bridge part of the instrumentation. Ramón put his hands on her hips while she moved them from left to right on key with the beat. Still, the eyes of strangers around them looked on with curiosity and amazement at their skills.

Jessica was putting on a show on the dance floor at such an ease. The people around her served as no competition to anyone that had as much dance training as she did back in Hollywood. Ramón proved to be one man that could keep up with her and put his hands on place to her hips and swat her ass when the situation called for it. With the song coming to a close, she turned to him and laughed while she seen Ramón’s eyes looking over all the people around them.

“Three nights in a row, we work like a fucking team! Yeah!”

After speaking, she held up both of her hands to him for a double high five. Ramón clapped his hands to hers before they walked off the dance floor in all smiles. It was only one song so far they had danced but Jessica wanted off the floor anyway. She had better ideas in mind for them dancing. There was something about this man that she couldn’t quite get out of her mind yet. Last night she had witnessed him going beyond the V.I.P. rooms. It seemed he was a man in power and had connections to the club, she thought to herself before asking him.

“I saw you go in the V.I.P. door last night after we danced. So, you in with the owners or something?”

Ramón smirked, seeing this as a grand opportunity to flirt over how she ignored his question at the bar.

“Should I tell you, only if you tell me? Did I just have the real deal Jessica Alba, twerk that ass up against me?”

She laughed at him and raised her eyebrow to play along with this silly game.

“Oh, and kiss you on the cheek earlier too? Hmmmm?”

Without fully telling him, Ramón now got every word of her hint. It was true, this was really Jessica Alba standing before him. This was the real deal dancing goddess that had been putting the dance floor to shame with him the past three nights. Together they walked back to the bar before Ramón stopped and took her hand into his and held it. He looked back at her and smiled.

“Yeah, I’ll tell you why I get to go back there. The fellas that own this place, they’re my cousins.”

Her face lit up in a bit of a shock. Jessica had seen the news special from last night about the club, only because she was featured in it. She had paid attention to the program mentioning several times Tony Diaz and how he owned the club. Now she figured that Ramón must have been a family member.

“So you’re last name I assume is Diaz? Ramón Diaz?”

He smirked at her and nodded.

“And your last name is Alba, right? Jessica Alba?”

She laughed at him again while shaking her head and responding.

“Oh, knock it off already!”

“Hey, I didn’t deny it!”

“Neither did I!”

Making sure she got the last word in, Jessica quickly changed the subject. She didn’t want to get lost in small talk of this while she had something else in mind.

“So, Ramón Diaz…would you mind showing Miss. Alba here, my way to the V.I.P. rooms?”

Lowering her voice, she spoke in a more sensual tone to finish speaking.

“That way, I can show you how I like to dance…”

A nod of approval and a big smile over his face showed that Ramón would refuse to say no to that request. He knew exactly what she was hinting to. Holding her hand, he began to walk her towards the big stairs beyond the bar.

“Might as well, come on…I’ll show you to it.”

Together they went, hand in hand. Ramón walked her up the big black staircase and now trotted her up to the big white door that led to the inner den that was the V.I.P. rooms. The security guard by the door knew Ramón as a family member, so he didn’t say a word as he opened the door and walked Jessica in with him. Inside was a hallway stretching out where the offices were and lounge areas. He wanted to take her to a private place where they could properly move their bodies together.

“Come on, this way baby. No one ever goes to this part but me.”

Jessica giggled at him as he guided her down a long left hallway. They took a right turn and down the hall was a separate lounge area with a large white couch and a big screen TV, and a couple of big matching leather white chairs. Immediately, she identified the surroundings of the room and was prepared to take advantage of it. The couch served as a proper spot for her to have him sit. Walking about the room in her heels, she unbuttoned her jacket and began to take it off before snapping her fingers and pointing at the couch.

“Ramón! Sit down, right there for me!”

The snap of her fingers set the tone for the whole act. She was in charge, completely showing that to him with her voice of authority. Ramón didn’t refuse, he had a seat right in the middle of the couch while Jessica threw her jacket to the floor and revealed herself in a matching red top over her breasts. The loud bass sound of the music downstairs could still be heard within the walls of this private room. Jessica used that to her advantage to let the music beat as a rhythm in which she began to sway her hips once more. She threw her hands up into her hair and locked eyes while shuffling her legs and back and forth.

His eyes were focused solely on the beauty in front of him. Jessica put up a show for the beginning, shuffling to what rhythm she could hear in the background echoing through the private walls and now she turned around and swayed her ass. Bouncing her juicy bum to the music before bending over and doing the whole ‘twerk’ motion again. Ramón moved his eyes at center stage of watching that amazing ass bounce. After a good bit of shaking it, Jessica took a couple steps back and began to lower her ass down onto his lap.

“Ohhhhh baby, what a spot you found to sit down on.”

Jessica ignored his words and closed her eyes. She wasn’t going to let his bragging distract her attention from her main focus. She began to grind her hips in a rotation, slowly pumping that ass of hers into his crouch. She could already feel his hard cock growing under her and poking up into her plump ass. Slow and steady, she continued to rock him with her grinding action. Ramón moaned and ran his hands over the side of her bronze skin, feeling her strongly built stomach for a bit. She took the notion to lean back on him and then his nostrils inhaled the strong scent of her strawberry perfume.

“God, this is amazing…”

Still speaking, Ramón was in heaven with her. Already and they had not even taken their clothes off yet but she had this man wrapped under her finger. He closed his eyes and moaned to the feeling as she kept up the slow pace grinding that ass over his crotch. While this was all fun to her, Jessica had other ideas in mind. A lap dance was only the beginning of some real cozy fun and this couch provided the perfect place for them to be naked together. She came to a sudden halt from grinding and then got up from his lap and turned around. Looking down at his pants, she could see his hard member standing straight up simply begging to come out and play.

“Look what I did…”

Jessica spoke as her eyes went down to the big bulge sticking up in his pants. Ramón laughed at her.

“Yeah, look at what you did.”

With a smirk over her face, she didn’t want to waste anymore time. Jessica fell down to her knees now in front of him and watched him spread his legs to give her good room to get between those legs. She placed her had up at the big leather belt holding his pants together and began to undo the belt while using her free hand to playfully rub the bulge sticking straight up in his pants. Ramón was still in heaven. Not only did he get a lap dance from her, now she would have his cock in her lovely hands. This was a fantasy dream come true for him and any other lucky man in the world.

Suddenly the loud sound of a knock against the wall startled Jessica from down below. Ramón instantly turned his head to look and see a figuring stepping into the room from the hallway. He rolled his eyes when he realized the tall figure was Steven.

“Oh, did I disturb something in here?”

Steven had a smug grin over his face, unable to hold back from cracking a joke that he had just walked in what was about to become a nude show. Jessica was bothered by the rude man walking in and moved to get up from her knees. She grabbed her jacket off the floor and then turned to the man in the doorway and placed her hands on her hips before speaking to him in a demanding voice.

“Sorry, but I don’t do double dances when I’m focused on one guy like this.”

All Steven could do was laugh at her and tease her a little bit.

“I’d say you were pretty focused, had I not knocked on the door I would have been in for quite a show.”

Jessica smirked and replied back to him.

“Oh yeah, you would have only wished it was you. That’s the truth!”

“Yeah maybe you’re right, but I need a minute with Ramón here. You can wait in the hall, this is private business.”

She didn’t have to waste her time giving off a smart ass response, though she wanted to. Jessica simply put her jacket back on and stomped out of the room and into the hall. Steven smiled down at his cousin, ready to speak to him. Only, Ramón spoke up first after sighing.

“Had you just waited maybe, what? 30 minutes, I would be getting laid right now.”

“You know you aren’t supposed to be fucking girls back here, even if no one comes back to this lounge room.”

“So what!? And you mean to tell me that you haven’t fucked any ladies back at your office!?”

Steven shook his head, never dropping the opportunity to grill his cousin on silly stuff. At heart, he still had youth in him for joking around.

“You’re forgetting that my office has a door. A door in which, I can hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on it. This lounge area don’t have no doors.”

“Yeah, yeah whatever. So, what is the big deal? You come and bother me so I figure it has to be about something good.”

Ramón turned his head to look at Steven while he walked into the lounge area to face him. He went on speaking directly to him.

“I’m going to be busy next week around Monday, so I’m going to need you to watch over some things for me.”

“Oh, like what?”

“Your dumbass brother, that can be a start. Make sure Carlos does his job and don’t fuck anything up while I’m gone for a few days. I gotta tend to some matters in South Beach, but it won’t be long.”

“Yeah OK, I got you.”

Ramón sighed as Steven was now done, nodding at him.

“You better go chase your girlfriend, she don’t seem like the kind that likes to be waiting.”

Steven laughed as he watched Ramón quickly get up from the couch and begin to jog out the door and down the hallway. It was cute to him, but for Ramón this was something he didn’t want to lose out on. An experience with Jessica Alba was beyond any dream he could have imagined in recent years. Sure enough, she waited down the hall with her arms crossed. A smirk ran across her lips as he greeted her.

“Sorry about that, my cousin had to see me about something.”

“He’s rude!”

“Yeah, he can be in times. No disagreement with me.”

“Well, since we were disturbed there, how about you come over to my place tomorrow? I would have the proper room and time to really dance for you.”

“You…you would invite me over?”

Jessica laughed at him.

“Sure, why not? We’ve been having so much fun the past few nights, I think we’re ready to kick it up a notch.”

Ramón reached into the pocket of his jacket to grab his phone. Jessica took this as a sign that they were about to trade numbers.

“Wait, let me do that for you! Open your phone somewhere to a new contact. I’ll put my beach home address in and give you my number.”

Handing the phone over to her, Ramón watched and listened to her nails beating frantically over the screen as she quickly punched in the address and phone number. Once she was done, she passed it back over to him.

“Tomorrow, around 2 PM. I’ll be expecting you, don’t be late!”

“You know I won’t babe, I can’t wait.”

“Neither can I.”

Before Jessica could leave, there was one last thing for her to do. She looked up at Ramón and put her hand behind his head to bring her lips to hers. Softly, they kissed and the man finally got to taste those puffy lips of hers. Breaking the kiss, Jessica smirked at him and began to walk off leaving him by himself. She turned around one last time to speak.

“Don’t be late!”

Putting her hand up to her mouth, she blew him a kiss and then faded out in the distance as she approached the V.I.P. door and made her exit. All Ramón could do was stand there, his breath had been taken away in one form or another. He looked over the information she stored into his phone and seen that her home address was marked in the South Beach area. For now, he had to go back home and reflect on the thoughts of what was soon to come.



“I can get your call to Mr. Diaz, but you’re gonna have to wait on hold, please.”

A busy day within the office of Disco Fever in the afternoon hours was underway. Maria found herself playing assistant not only to Tony but now Steven too, working for both Diaz brothers. The weekend always brought in a heavy rotation of people into the clubs once the evening hours went down but now, they had to organize what was to be a party next week. Maria sat at her desk playing with the phone before Steven walked in and she looked up at him and sighed, shaking her head.

“You’ve got some woman that keeps calling over and over and over. I keep putting her on hold, it’s starting to get annoying.”

“Did she say her name?”

“No, just that she needs to get a hold of you. ”

Steven couldn’t figure who that could’ve been calling through the offices and not his personal phone. He walked over to the desk and raised one of the phones as he clicked the button with his finger and answered it.

“Yes, this is Steven Diaz.”

“Finally, you pick up the damn phone! Steven! How are you!?”

That voice was all too familiar to his ears. Steven grinned from ear to ear hearing the voice of one of his old friends. It was someone he had not spoken to in a couple years, just the reason to make him excited now with off days coming up next week.


Ramón pulled up his DeLorean car into the driveway and past the gates of what appeared to be a nice luxury home on the west side of South Beach, lurked in a low key neighborhood. Jessica had told him through texts that it was one of her vacation homes she used when she wasn’t off filming anywhere and needed a place to relax. Here he was, letting the door swing up to his car before stepping out and shutting it. He looked up at the front of the house, admiring the size of the place as the sun beamed down onto him. He dressed casually in a white suit and white pants with a blue undershirt. Approaching the door, before he could knock it swung open to her lovely face.

“Ahhhh, there you are, Mr. Handsome.”

Jessica stood wearing a two piece silky black outfit. Something small covering her breasts and giving ample view of her amazing abs over her strong stomach. Below, was cut off shorts of the matching outfit. She leaned in and placed a kiss over Ramón’s cheek.

“Come right on in, I’ve been waiting for you.”

“I know I have been waiting for this too.”

She turned around and walked him through the front door of her home. Loud high heels clicking and clacking across the floor, while the door shut behind them. Jessica walked him out of the living room and to what appeared to be a lounge area similar to the one from the club last night. Turning to face him, Jessica smiled.

“So, would you like to have lunch maybe? Or do you wanna pick up where we left off last night?”

“I think option B is more of my taste.”

Jessica smirked at him.

“Suit yourself, but you need to sit on the couch for me. Just like last night!”

With no need to talk her out of that, Ramón didn’t waste a minute to sit down on the couch. The room was dim in it’s shading of sunlight through the windows. Jessica flicked on the light and then stood in front of him. No music was needed at all as she began to move her body a bit. In her mind, the music was still flowing from last night. Putting her hands on her hips, she worked them in a rotation for a good minute before deciding on something better. There was no need to waste time like last night, no one would walk in and bother them this time.

Standing in front of Ramón, Jessica tore off the piece on her chest holding her tits together. Freed to the feeling of cool air touching her skin, she then tore off her little shorts to reveal her sexy body in nothing but a black G-string. The sight was enough to make Ramón’s cock spring to action up in his pants. Just like last night, Jessica had a big bulge sticking up in his pants just for her. She went down to her knees, just as before and this time she didn’t hesitate to begin taking off his pants. She didn’t have to worry about anyone coming in to spoil their fun.

“That didn’t take long, look at this hard cock sticking straight up. All for me.”

“Yeah, all for you baby.”

Unzipping the front of his pants, Jessica worked to get them down as Ramón joined in to help her. Pushing his pants and underwear down at the same time, her eyes were got big at the sight of his hard cock for her. She instantly wrapped her hand around his meat and began stroking it. He had a meaty rod, fat and long. Just the size that Jessica preferred of a monster cock. She moaned while sliding her hand up and down on it.

“Mmmmmm, nice and big. I can’t wait to taste this big dick.”

“I can’t either, ohhhh man.”

With a smirk on her face, Jessica held his cock towards her lips before leaning in and taking her tongue to lick the underside of it. She used her free hand to push into his leg and hold herself up while sitting firmly on her knees. Finally, once she was ready, she opened her mouth and slid his hard shaft between her puffy lips. Ramón moaned, this was what he wanted so bad last night but they were cut short. That thought was gone from his head as of now, while Jessica closed her lips together and began to slowly bob her head up and down on his shaft. He arched his head back and moaned out, this was beyond amazing.

“Oh Dios mío, work it! Yes!”

Jessica looked up to give him eye contact but with his head leaned back, she felt better to concentrate on this cock. Coming up with a loud pop noise to get his attention, he looked down into her eyes as she spit on the head and then rubbed her saliva into it. Taking her tongue. Jessica teased him by licking over the head in a circular motion. With his eyes locked down on her, Ramón watched her kiss the head and then sink it back past her lips. Jessica was done with the small teasing and delightful sucking, it was time to play hard ball with him. This would set the tone for what she hoped would be a hard fucking. She pushed his cock all the way down her throat until the head pushed into the back of her throat and her lips were buried in the bushy ball hair around the base. Ramón took a deep breath and yelled out in pleasure.

“Oh, fuck! Yeah! That’s it!”

The tone had turned into an overdrive of sorts. Jessica began to furiously bob her head up and down on that cock, sucking it down with aggression. Loud slobbering sounds were the only noise that echoed beyond the moaning voice of Ramón. The way she furiously worked him was driving him crazy. He couldn’t hold back, he wanted to be in control. Snatching her dark hair up in his hand, he controlled her sucking by pushing her head down and pulling her back up. Over and over, Ramón did this for a couple of minutes until he slowly began to pull her mouth from his dick. Jessica looked into his eyes like a hungry beast before the head of his cock popped out of her mouth audibly. Ramón addressed her.

“You know how to suck cock very good, I give you that.”


Flicking her tongue back, Jessica spit on his shaft hard. Ramón pulled her hair in response to the way she spit. He smiled down at her, but before he could say anything, she had her own demands.

“I’m gonna fuck this cock right now.”

Ramón teased her.

“Oh yeah, really baby?”

“Really, yeah!”

He had tempted her to the point that she wanted to prove it to him. Unknowing to Jessica, she had unlocked the aggressive ways that Ramón usually kept contained within the bedroom. Despite his hand up in her hair, she got up and straddled him on the couch. Ramón was forced to drop his grip in her hair as he looked up at her naked body sitting on top of his lap, he didn’t even realize how overly dressed he was right now. Jessica grabbed a hold of his cock from under her and began to guide it towards her dripping wet pussy. She gasped as she impaled herself down on his pole. Slamming herself down with a sudden thrust.

“Oh, damn!”

Ramón found himself slightly caught off guard from how fast she worked. Jessica had mounted herself on top of him and now she placed her hands on his shoulders and began to pump herself up and down on his cock. Loud smacking sounds could be heard as his balls slapped on the undersides of her ass each time she came down. Ramón instantly got the hint and began to buck his hips and thrust into her. He ran his hands to grab her bouncing tits and squeeze them.

“Oh yeah, you like that!?”

“Yes I do, baby!”

“You like me fucking you, LIKE THIS!?”

Jessica’s voiced raised in pitch as she gritted her teeth and concentrated on slamming herself down on his thick cock. Over and over she pounded herself on it, proving that she could fuck him like she meant to. Ramón kept his hands squeezing at her tits while he bucked his hips. He was a bit thrown off with how hard she was playing with him and he had yet to pound her in a dominating position. He was in for a world of pleasure and already enjoying every second of this goddess pumping herself up and down on his cock. Jessica screamed out to him, her hair shaking about wildly.


Clenching her teeth together once more, Jessica continued to pump herself up and down on him. She had to slow down a bit, knowing that soon he would force her to reach her orgasm. She managed to grind her hips over in his lap, as Ramón took a deep breath and watched her body do it’s work. Gripping his jacket from his shoulders, she cried out to him in a moaning voice.

“Make me cum, ohhhhhh, MAKE ME CUM ALL OVER YOUR FUCKING COCK!! YES!!”

Ramón groaned while pumping his hips as hard as he could into her pussy. Her slowing down gave him the opportunity to set in command. He wanted to cum just as much as she did, but he had better plans for busting a nut over this beautiful woman. Jessica began to breathe in heavily, while his hands moved from her tits down to her hips. He got to watch those nice breasts bounce a bit before Jessica rap her hands up to the back of his head. She sunk her nails into the back of his slicked back hair and moved her face closer to his before she closed her eyes and cried out.


That was it for her. Ramón felt her legs begin to shake just as her voice near his ear had almost made him deaf for the seconds being. He cupped her face in his hands and brought her lips to his just as she began to moan into his mouth at the feeling of her pussy juices gushing all over his cock. It was an amazing feeling and it was taking everything in him not to release at that moment and cum within her, even though for a brief second he wanted to. Jessica caught her breath upon breaking his kiss and looked back in his eyes.

“That…that was amazing…but you didn’t cum.”

Ramón grinned like a shark before responding while shaking his head.

“Not yet, I want that nasty fucking mouth of yours, one more time before I decide to cum.”

“Oh yeah!? You want me to make you cum with my fucking mouth!?”

“Yeah, that’s what I want!”

Jessica promptly got herself up and eased his cock out of her loving cup. She moved down to her knees quickly, not wanting to waste any time for him as she took that cock back into her hand and slurped her own juices off of it loudly. Ramón leaned up from his place sitting on the couch so he could watch her shove his cock back down her throat. He ran his hand up to grab Jessica’s hair once again and this time around, he was in control of her oral skills. He plunged her head down and thrust into her mouth forcing the beauty to take his cock.


Over and over, as Ramón pumped his cock into her loving mouth streams of spit began to leak out from Jessica’s mouth while she moaned and gagged over his large meat. He knew he didn’t have much time to properly enjoy fucking her mouth as much as he wanted to, so Ramón pushed her head all the way down to take his cock and then held her there for a good minute. It wasn’t until he heard her muffled voice choke and gag did he finally pull her up from his cock. Long strings of saliva dripped down his shaft back to her mouth before she flicked her tongue and spit a big wad over his already slobber coated shaft. Jessica looked up into Ramón’s eyes as he held his firm grip over her hair and then grabbed his cock. He began to stroke himself, giving her the hint that she would soon be covered in his seed.

“Oh, oh yeah!? You gonna cum all over my fucking face!?”

“Fuck yes!”

Her voice growled out to him. She gritted her teeth and barked out naughty words more as he continued to stroke his cock.

“You gonna cover me down in your fucking cum!?”

“You wanted it baby, you got it!”

His cock exploded with one last stroke of his hand. A thick wad of cum shot up over her left cheek. Jessica closed her eyes on the feeling his hot seed painting her skin. Another wad shot up under her chin, and then another spurt of cum had misfired and went down her neck to drip down to her tits. Ramón grunted, unable to hold back. Even with holding her hair in his hand, he didn’t manage to get a clear shot to paint her face down but there was another chance for later on. He let the head of his dick fall to her lips, Jessica opened her mouth and sucked the head to milk the remaining bits of cum into her loving mouth. He breathed in hard, feeling the lovely woman drain him with her mouth. Once she was done, Jessica looked up at him and opened her mouth to reveal a puddle of his semen mixed with her spit. She closed her mouth and swallowed it.

“Hot damn, that was amazing.”

“Mmmmmm, tastes as sweet as honey going down.”

Jessica used her finger to collect the cum dripping down her neck. She then brought her fingers up to her mouth and sucked them off one by one, devouring his taste. He smiled at the sight of this and had to compliment her.

“My cum all over your face, tan hermosa.”

“You’re a bad, bad boy Ramón”

He laughed at her response.

“So are you, and I ain’t done with you, just yet! Help me get these clothes on, so I can really fuck you!”

Without saying a word, Jessica went for his shoes to pull then off while Ramón undid his jacket and threw it off. Once she got his shoes off, she was able to push his pants and underwear completely free from his legs. He went on and threw off his blue shirt from underneath so they both were perfectly naked together. The only thing on their bodies was the jewelry of a gold watch and Cuban chain necklace on him, and the big black high heels that she wore. Ramón knew the final place he wanted to fuck with his cock. After doing her mouth and the riding she gave him with that tight pussy, there was only one hole left that he had saved for last. All the grinding she did on him the previous night had made this one worth the wait till the end.

“Get up on the couch for me baby, and I want you on all fours.”

“Oh yeah? You want me on all fours, you gonna fuck my-”

“Yeah, now get up there!”

From the moment he cut her off to finish the sentence, Jessica already knew what he wanted. She didn’t get the time to clean up the mess he had plastered over her face, but she didn’t have to worry about it. This was a nasty session and she took great pride in pushing him over the edge like this already. Ramón climbed up on the couch behind her, just as she presented herself on all fours like he wanted. That amazing ass was starring right at him and he couldn’t get his eyes off of it. He brought his hand up and spanked her right cheek. Jessica turned around and looked at him with her teeth gritted, she looked so beautiful and slutty with all the cum over her face. Jessica took a deep sigh as she felt him pull apart her powerful ass cheeks. She breathed in heavily as she felt his cock slip into her glorious ass.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, yes! Get it in there! I want you to fuck my ass, hard!”

“You know I’m going to, you’ll be screaming real soon.”

Ramón thrust his cock into her ass easily with the first go. He wanted to get used to the feeling before he was to really ram her. Jessica raised her head and moaned out. She knew it was coming, hopefully he wouldn’t need the encouraging words that she had to give other men. She knew her ass was made to be pounded and it was what she preferred. With a couple slow thrusts inside, she couldn’t help herself. She raised her voice to him.

“Are you gonna go slow all fucking day like this, or you gonna-”

Before she could complete her sentence, Ramón brought both of his hands up and snatched her hair into a grip to hold her head up. She moaned from his aggressive touch and before she knew it, he began to buck his hips as hard as he could. Thrust after thrust, he began to plow into that juicy ass. Gaping her mouth wide, she moaned out to him for more.


Ramón pulled her hair harder, yanking her head upward a bit as he continued to pound into that thick ass. Each time he thrust into it, her cheeks pushed into his hips and shook in the firmness of her skin. His balls created a slapping sound with each thrust, but nothing could drown out the screaming sound of her voice.


The cum drenched over Jessica’s face began to slide down her bronze skin. Her nails dug into the fabric of the couch, poking holes into it from the sharpness. Over and over, he pummeled her ass with each thrust back and forth. Ramón wanted to give her ass the proper fucking and now it was happening. His eyes remained glued down below to watching his cock drive in and out of her as he moaned, but his voice was barely heard in the screaming of her own voice.


Jessica remained screaming her head off, but Ramón was close to blowing his load. With one time shooting it over her face was not enough at all, he wanted to do it again. This time he planned to truly drench her in his semen.

“Fucking yeah! You’re gonna make me cum the more I fuck this ass!”


“No, I’m gonna cum all over your fucking face again!”


Ramón slowed down the drive of pounding her ass. Coming almost to a complete stop, he thrust into that mighty ass a couple more times as Jessica caught her breath. He kept the grip in her hair for a good bit with his final thrusts, but once he was ready to finally cum, he let go of her hair to give her the sign. Jessica leaned up and waited for him until he eased his cock out of her ass and then she turned around like a good girl and quickly met his cock in her face. This time around, she wasn’t letting him jerk himself off. She wrapped her hand around that big dick and began to pump it in her hand. She looked up in his eyes to tease him with her naughty words.

“You gonna cum all over my fucking face again!?”

“Oh yeah babe, you’re gonna be even filthier soon.”

“What’s that!? You’re gonna make me even more dirty!?”

“Fuck yeah babe, you’re gonna get it, ohhhh.”

“Yeah that’s what I want, cover my fucking face in your cum!”

It was coming, Ramón took a deep breath as he watched one of the most beautiful women in the world aiming his cock right at her face and begging for the splash. Breathing fast, he grunted and it finally happened.

“Oh, FUCK!”

He shouted as the initial blast from his cock shot up her right eye lid and drenched over her eye brow and forehead. Jessica closed her eyes, just as a second wad of cum went flying up her forehead and streaked into her dark hair. She continued to pump his cock in her hand as more cum splashed over her right cheek and nose.

“Ohhhhh, ohhhhh fuck baby, ohhhhh.”

His eyes nearly rolled to the back of his head at the pleasure of his second release. Like before, Jessica brought his cock into her mouth and milked the final remains of his cum. Her face was a mess caked in cum, both facials including the one from minutes earlier. With the cum splashed over her right eye, she opened her eyes and looked up at him with a bit of a shiny glimmer of cum in her eye brow. Moaning over his shaft before removing it from her mouth with a loud pop noise, she swallowed down his cum and then answered him.

“Mmmmm, that was fucking hot. And look at me, I’m a mess, mmmmmm.”

“Damn right, you are…damn right.”

Ramón ran his hand down to her head as she still looked at him and gave his cock one final last loving suck. This had been a very fun and dirty day for the both of them and now Jessica was ready to end it with getting cleaned up and having lunch or dinner as she promised.



A weekend could seem a lot longer to anyone when they were having fun. Ramón learned that feeling with the past weekend he had spent with Jessica. The nights dancing at the club that lead to a steamy show of blistering hot sex and then a couple dates before she left town again. He had went back to work, just as she left on the Monday morning. She didn’t text him goodbye which somewhat bothered him in a way, but how he could he care? He always had the memory now that would forever be engraved in his mind. So many men around the world could only dream of what he got to experience a few days ago.

Back at the club around 4 PM, Ramón rendezvoused with his brother Carlos for a little bit of drinking before the place was to get really busy in the evening hours. It was easier to have some drinks before the club would become packed with people as usual in the night life. It felt like only yesterday he was still dancing with Jessica. The thought of her was something he would much rather be doing than listening to his brother talk about sports.

Somewhere across from town at the same time of day was another man out driving to a rendezvous with a special someone. Steven sat behind the wheel of his Cadillac, cruising with some music playing as he watched the orange sky fading out in front of him. One surprise phone call had led to a wonderful meeting with an old friend and now he was on his way to go see her after she had called him again.


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