Big Booty Bitches Ch. 8

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 8

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Rose McGowan

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, rim


This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Miami, Florida

A faded out pink sky was lit up over Miami, just before the night fall of darkness was to wash it all away within hours. Like any other sunset, it was beautiful over the city. The perfect prelude for a night of fun if one could afford the price. Steven was just the man that could pay for the pleasure, he would see what the night awaited him as his blue painted Cadillac had made the drive through South Beach and now he was parking the car out across from the hotels on Ocean Drive. His old friend would be waiting for him, a surprise reunion that he could not pass up after she called him on the phone.

Once he had parked his car, he got out and stood for a minute to soak in the dropping temperature with the sunset. A short cold front was brushing through the coast, something that could not go without being appreciated when the common weather was always heat. Knowing how his old friend liked to wait out an appearance, Steven waited for a moment before he seen the woman in black walking towards him. Her pale skin was something he could never miss even within the pedestrians walking through the street. With short black hair and beautiful brown eyes to top her curvy figure, the woman walked across the street to meet Steven who grinned big at the sight before him.

“Well, well…it’s fucking true! There she is, I could never mistaken you for anyone else!”

With a soft smile, the woman waved her hand softly. She wore a pair of blue jeans and a black tank top, while Steven was in a casual white suit with a pink shirt underneath. Their fashion wear may have been the opposite, but there was no mistaking a good style. Steven smiled as he spoke.

“Rose, I couldn’t believe it was really you who called me last week. I was shocked, at first.”

“Yeah, well I’m in town and I couldn’t pass up seeing an old friend.”

“Did you cut your hair recently? I like it.”

“Really, you do? I shaved my head a few months ago, it’s slowly starting to grow back.”

Steven smiled and nodded to her.

“Yeah, I mean it! It fits you, well come on babe. Where did you want to go tonight?”

“How about your new club? I seen it on TV…and my god, you still have this same old ass car?”

“Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Rose laughed at his comment as she walked off to the other side of the car and grabbed the door handle to invite herself in. Steven went on and climbed back in the driver’s side. Just like old times, two friends hanging out once again. It seemed like only recently in the past that Steven had met Rose McGowan. Back then, she was still on TV every week with her famous role in Charmed. He remembered the time they had first met, over 14 years ago as of now. With a sigh to himself, he started the car and then turned and smiled over at her.

“You know, i was just thinking…what year was it that we met? I remember it was a party for some rock band.”

“Oh, it was back in 2002. Yes, some band party. You were a lot of fun.”

“As were you, god 2002…”

Starting the car, Steven sighed before he got ready to pull back on the road. He spoke again to his old friend and lover of the past.

“Where has time gone over the years? I just turned 40, but I feel like I’m still in my 20’s since seeing you again.”

“Hey hun, I turned 43 just a few days ago!”

“Well, happy birthday from me! Shame on me for not calling you on your birthday!”

Rose laughed at him, as he pulled the car out and moved them back on the road. The old memories had already faded back into his head, but for her she couldn’t help but think about what he had said. Where had the time gone? The last time she had visited him in Miami was in 2007, almost 10 whole years ago. At the time, she was fresh off success of her ‘Planet Terror’ role. It seemed like such a long time ago to her, but Steven was already reliving those memories with her across from him in his car. Next stop: Disco Fever for a night at the club.


Back at the club, loud music filled the room as one man found himself sitting at the bar observing every woman that walked passed him. Putting a class up to his lips, Carlos consumed the alcohol while his eyes gazed over at the tight clothes and amazing curves of a woman that walked through and headed to the dance floor. A familiar song had crawled into his ear, as he found himself trying to remember the lyrics to an old 80’s hit that blasted through the speakers. Sitting there drinking, he was instantly alerted when he could feel a shadow behind him. The shadow made it’s presence known when a glass loudly was placed on the bar behind Carlos to get his attention.

“Working hard, eh?”

The young man quickly turned around to see the face of Tony Diaz standing with a frown over his face. The older man was dressed in a blue suit with a white shirt underneath but the main focus was the menacing frown over his face. Tony was one of the few men who could give off a perfect frown to show what he really was thinking his mind. Carlos immediately faked a smile and then addressed his boss.

“Oh, I’m just taking a little break at the bar!”

Tony looked over at him and nodded.

“You take a lot of breaks, you know that? I have been watching you for the past four days straight. All you do is sit there and drink and look at girls and maybe, get on the dance floor. Yeah, you think I’m stupid huh? You think I am not watching upstairs?”

“No! I know you’re watching, I just need a little off time!”

Carlos looked back over at the bar before smiling at Tony. That little smile on the punk’s face wasn’t helping his anger, but Tony was a man of controlled rage. He looked him over one last time before speaking. There was a job at hand and his patience was growing thin.

“Muchacho, I asked you to do one thing for me. That was a couple weeks ago. You’ve had plenty of time. Now I tell you, if you can’t find whoever it is back here skimming my money out of this place…you can get out on the street again and I ain’t wasting a penny on any lawyers if you wind up back busted by cops for doing something stupid.

Tony laughed before finishing his sentence, the laugh lightened his own mood. It was apparent from Carlos’ facial expression that the young man was in fear.

“3 days, that’s it. You got 3 days to find the thief in here, or you’re out.”

With a smile on his face, Tony reached down and patted Carlos on the shoulder as he began to walk off. He couldn’t help but toy with the kid’s emotions, seeing as how intimidating his presence could be at the right time. It was truly aggravating in ways, knowing to himself that he paid so much money for lawyers to fight and get his sentence reduced on trial. Carlos was always a fuck up in the family though, Tony knew well enough that. Steven however, had no use for him anymore and the kid wound up on his shit list with the whole arrest deal a few years back. Right now, the older man was exiting the club to go sit back on his yacht for the rest of the night.

While walking out the back door where his car was parked, Tony looked up to see Steven walking hand in hand with a woman. Despite the shaved head, he couldn’t shake the feeling that her face was oddly familiar to him. The woman spoke up.

“Tony Diaz, is that you, as an old man?”

Steven laughed at the comment as he saw his older brother shaking his head and laughing.

“Hey Tony, you remember Rose right?”

“Oh yes, Rose! Sorry, I didn’t recognize you at first. It’s been a long time hasn’t it?”

“Yeah, it has.”

Rose looked over at Tony for a minute, as he sighed and let out a smile. He didn’t want to seem rude in her presence, but he had already been on his way out for the night.

“I hope you enjoy your time at our new club, sadly I gotta run. Going back to the yacht and have to lay down before the meds kick in for my back.”

“Oh my god, you still live on that boat? Jesus, first Steven still has the same car, and you haven’t gotten off that boat to live. Do you men ever change besides the age number?”

Tony laughed at her before shaking his head.

“No, we never change, I guess! It’s wonderful to see you again Rose, make Steven’s hair turn gray so he can stop bringing that up to me around my son!”

Rose laughed at him as he began to walk off.

“Don’t worry, I’m the one that don’t have much hair right now!”

Turning his head as Tony walked off, Rose turned to look at Steven as they walked into the back door of the private entrance to the club. Rose smirked and spoke to him as the door opened.

“Does he really still live out on that boat?”

Steven nodded.

“Yep, be glad I’m with you tonight. He would probably want you to go out and dance for him on that yacht.”

Rose rolled her eyes.

“You know the answer to that would have been a big NO!”

Steven smiled and nodded back at her before agreeing.

“Amen to that one, babe!”

Together they walked into the back door of the club. Rose felt like she had returned to another world that she had not visited in a long time. It was odd seeing Tony again and half his head of gray hair. She remembered him from a long time ago, at one point they all were friends thanks to the connection of director Robert Rodriguez. How Rodriguez became friends of the Diaz brothers was something she never quite figured out, but she couldn’t complain. It led to a lot of meetings with Steven who served as a good boyfriend on the side when she needed an escape to indulge in a nice private life.

Steven was always the Diaz man that Rose preferred, the one that she felt she could relate to. He understood her years ago and even now, he still was the same. She didn’t quite care for Tony much, who seemed to always be thinking with his dick instead of his brains. There was a time many years ago, she would have become romantically involved with Steven had the chance not been ignored by both of them. Now, they walked together into the club as she got a sight at the spectrum blinking of neon lights and loud 80’s music pumping through the speakers. People shuffled around and walked about in the club, the dance floor was packed. Rose looked around and nodded before speaking to him.

“Wow, this place looks like it stays busy.”

“It does, quickly becoming the top club outside of South Beach. It’s much bigger than the ones we owned years ago.”

Rose took his hand and pulled him towards her.

“Come on, show me more of this place!”

“Right this way, baby!”

Steven took her over by the bar before he decided to walk her up the stairs. From above, it was much easier to see the action that went on down below. Together, they walked hand in hand by the railing as Rose’s eyes were able to witness the club. Down below, the DJ table near the dance floor appeared to always be a busy spot. Right now, a local talent was behind the laptops playing DJ with a mix of old 80’s songs webbed together in a medley. The atmosphere of the club was always a party house. Rose was impressed, but this wasn’t quite what she wanted from him.

“This place is nice, but I’m not really into partying anymore. I would rather spend some time with you.”

“Wanna go back to my office then?”

Shaking her head, Rose laughed.

“Believe me, I know what that would lead to!”

He grinned back at her, she knew him all too well. Rose thought to herself for a moment, before an idea came to her mind. One that would allow them both to indulge in pleasure for the sake of old times.

“How about I come back to your place tomorrow? You still have that pool, right?”

“Yeah, I still have the pool. Like you said before, nothing really changes in our world down south. Still have the same car, Tony still has the same yacht…I still have the pool.”

Rose laughed and then smiled.

“Great, I’ll come over tomorrow and we can go for a swim!”

“You still remember where my home is?”

“Of course, Coconut Grove. I think you’re forgetting how much time we used to spend together there, I know the place like the back of my hand!”

“Good, I can make arrangements for tomorrow afternoon. No one will bother us.”

“Wonderful, Ill see you then!”

Before leaving, Rose reached over and placed a goodbye kiss over his cheek. She waved at him as she began to walk off when it suddenly dawned on him that she had no ride back to the hotel.

“Wait! You want me to drive you back?”

She shook her head.

“No, I can call a taxi. Let’s not waste precious time tonight, we have a big day tomorrow and I don’t want to spoil it. Goodnight Steven, see you tomorrow.”

The woman of his past blew him a kiss before walking off. Steven stood there, his eyes surveying up her glorious curves and that beautiful ass. She began to walk down the stairs to head out of the club and here he was stuck in the thoughts of old times with her. He didn’t even notice his younger cousin approaching him, Ramón could see that Steven was lost in the sight before him. After noticing the presence besides him, Steven smiled and addressed his cousin.

“You look like you’re having a good time…”

Ramón sighed.

“No not really, not like I was last week.”

“Oh yeah, that was pretty funny. Had I not walked in on you back in the V.I.P. rooms, you would have been getting lucky.”

Steven laughed at him as Ramón simply shook his head and replied.

“Yeah, yeah laugh it up! But everyone knows what goes on in your office.”

Letting the comment slide and not bother him, Steven knew it was the truth. Had Rose went back to his office just minutes ago, they would be in for a world of pleasure. Tomorrow was going to be better though, the man rarely ever spent time home. With Jacob grown and in college and his wife divorced long ago, the old Coconut Grove home had become something of the past in Steven’s life. His bodyguard slept upstairs and the maid were the usual company in the house. He felt rather excited for a change to be back home, Rose knew just how to make him happy. Years ago, they had quite the excitement of adventures back around his home. Just as he remembered, he was sure that she would still brag about being the only woman in his life that he fucked in every room of his large house. Not even his wife received that kind of special treatment at the height of their marriage.



Wind blew through the palm trees outside the home, while gray clouds filled the sky. While the view appeared to have a thunderstorm on the prowl, anyone that lived in south Florida for years knew that the weather could be deceptive. Steven had no care if it was going to rain or not, as he stood in the bedroom looking out the window at his large pool. The pool had a weird oval shape with a square cut out on the south end. It was an artistic design from decades ago but none of that mattered as it still looked brand new despite age. The mansion itself had some age to it, as most people in the neighborhood were well aware that it used to belong to a drug lord back in the 80’s. Steven always found the stories funny, especially the rumors when he originally bought the house almost 20 years ago.

The old maid came walking up the stairs as she seen Steven walking out. Betty had been the house maid to this place for a long time. The days were well ahead of her when she watched Jacob grow up from a little boy to the spoiled jock athlete he was in college today. Steven wore a pair of pink swim trunks and a white robe covering him, as his maid looked him over and smiled. It had been so long since he was staying home on a week day for some fun.

“Your guest has arrived. I seen her cab just a minute ago from the window.”

Before Betty could finish speaking, the door bell rang.

“Oh my, there she is. Let me get it for you.”

“Thanks Betty.”

Racing down the stairs, the old woman went down the hall to reach for the door. She was greeted to a familiar face that lit up in a smile at her sight. Betty didn’t quite realize it at first, possibly due to the shaven head of Rose but the familiarity in voice would catch her attention.

“Hey there Betty, where’s Steven?”

“Oh my, Rose! It’s been a while since I last seen you. Come on in, Steven will be downstairs shortly.”

Rose stepped foot into the large mansion. While looking around, it appeared that not much had changed in appearance at least. The usual large family portraits were still on the wall, along with some paintings that she had always seen. She wore a jean jacket over her body, underneath was her pale skin tucked into a red one piece bikini. Down below, a pair of basic black flip flops were under her feet. She waited patiently for a minute before she heard someone coming down the stairs. The maid had already walked off, as she had duties to tend to. Within minutes, Steven had walked down from upstairs and was now joining Rose as he smiled at her sight. She spoke up.

“This place mostly looks the same, it’s as if I stepped back into a time portal and went back 11 years.”

Steven walked over and took her hand to walk her to the back door where the outer area remained, still the same.

“Well, if it helps you to know, the pool still looks the same and has crystal clear water.”

“I figured!”

Walking towards the back door, the memories flooded through Rose’s mind. She laughed as she thought back to just how much she and Steven had fucked in this house. Anytime she was in town years ago, she went straight to his place. None of that really mattered anymore though as she stepped outside with him to see his pool indeed had remained true to her memory. She walked out onto the marble stone walkway and began to undo her jacket before throwing it off to a white chair on the side. Steven went on and did the same, throwing his robe on the opposite to another chair. Rose turned around to look at him and seen his pink swim shorts.

“So, I’m not swimming alone?”

Steven shook his head and smirked.

“Not today, baby.”

She smiled back at him, kicking off her flip flops now and preparing to step into the water. The pool had a small walkway around the circular shape. It wasn’t until one drifted half way into the pool where the oval shape was, did the water become somewhat deep. Rose stepped her feet into the water and then sighed. It didn’t bother her at all that the sun was blocked in view from the gray clouds up above. Soon, she sunk her feet into the water and breathed in the feeling of coldness around her feet.

“The water is cold, damn! I picked the best day to come out and have some fun!”

Before he could climb down in the pool, Rose had already marched her way over to force the water to become knee deep. She turned and looked at him before floating on her back as she moved into the deeper side of the pool. She knew this pool all too well from years gone by. Steven watched her body float before he got in himself. Taking in a sigh as he felt the cold rush of the water, he splashed loudly as he moved in to join her close by. Rose reached her hand out as she sunk her body back into the water. Steven took her hand and looked over her beautiful body. The red one piece outfit made all her curves come to life, but his eyes could not move from her beautiful strongly built legs and those fantastic breasts. With them holding hands he pushed in the water to pull her towards him and spoke.

“You know, you didn’t tell me why you came to Miami yesterday.”

Rose moved over top of Steven, pushing her body onto his as he had pulled her to move over top of him. He loved the feeling of those big tits crushing up against his bare chest. Rose looked in his eyes and smirked.

“To see you?”

Steven shook his head.

“I ain’t buying that one, babe. As much as I adore you, it’s been almost 10 years. Please, tell me why you’re really here.”

“Fine, I’ll tell you. I’m shooting a low budget indie film in Miami Beach. I just flew out last week to meet with the director.”

Turning around in the water, Rose let go of his hand and pushed her ass over his crotch. Steven’s eyes wandered down to the sight of her beautiful buttocks. Rose pushed him back in the water to the point, he used his hands to reach out and grab the side. Steven replied to her after watching her body move.

“Oh really? You could always invite me to watch filming if you want the company.”

She giggled.

“No thanks, you would only be a distraction on the set. The movie is in a pretty tough spot right now, budget cuts…The director’s wife recently took him to the cleaners with a big divorce. We’re trying to get whatever we can filmed before the production is to take a halt. The movie probably will get put on the shelf after this and never touched again for a long time.”

Steven laughed at her answer to him before she pushed off into the water to swim forward. It reminded him only of himself in one light. Rose was there with him years ago when he went through his divorce with Tara many years ago.

“That sounds like me! My ex-wife tried to drain me with our divorce, funny I have more money now than I did back then.”

Rose smirked turning to look at him. He moved back in the water to meet her face to face.

“I think you came out OK Steven, you got to keep this big ass house. Since you bring her up, let me ask you; do you hate your ex-wife?”

Looking at her, he shook his head.

“No, how could I hate her? She was always a good woman, but we were put into a rough situation straight out of high school when I knocked her up. Both of us only 18 years old, had to drop out and live the hard life. I’m lucky the one to have come from an established family to support and help us when we were raising our son. Tara should’ve divorced me in the beginning when I cheated on her with a Cuban model who I still see from time to time. We were too young for marriage and I did a lot of dumb things.”

“Oh yeah, your boy Jacob…he’s gotta be grown now, right?”

Steven nodded.

“He’s 22 now! Time flies, don’t it?”

Rose laughed, offering her hand for him to swim closer towards her.

“Yeah, I remember when he was younger. Last time we spoke you said he was playing football, is he still?”

“Yep, he’s in college now. He will be starting on defense for the U, we were proud to get him to go to the college here since he’s a local boy. I absolutely wasn’t paying a penny to send him to Florida or Florida State.”

“Well, that’s wonderful. Guess you are officially a football dad now, I forgot to ask you…why did you change your cell phone number? I had to call the club and get that young snotty bitch on the phone just to get a hold of you. Who is she? Such a smart ass to me when I called last week..”

Steven laughed at her comment.

“That’s Maria, she is Tony’s assistant. Lately, he seems to be favoring a model as his current assistant, so Maria has been pushed back to handling the club’s phones.”

“I don’t like her! She is such a fucking smart ass!”

Rose pulled away from him again, swimming forward as Steven just laughed at her comment.

“You won’t get any disagreement from me!”

“Oh no, I better not! Cause I can make you pay in this pool!”

Looking at him with a smirk on her face, she splashed water his way playfully.

“To answer you at first, I didn’t change my cell phone number. I had to get a new phone a couple years ago, it’s a long story. Somebody got a hold of my old phone and was listening to my phone calls.”

Rose sighed.

“That’s too bad, shame on them! Well, I want to change the subject right now. It’s been a while and yet I still feel like we’re the same from years ago. I just want to have some fun now!”

Before Steven could respond to her, she dove underwater and swam between his legs. Once more, the playful side of her had come to life. He looked down and was taken by surprise as he felt her hand grab his crotch. Rose surfaced in the water behind him, her hand cradling his crotch as she could feel his cock beginning to grow hard. Steven moaned out to her.

“That’s quite a grip you got there, don’t ya think?”

“Are you complaining?”

“Fuck no!”

With a soft laugh, she answered him by tugging on his crotch. With barely any hair at all, Rose didn’t have to worry about her hair getting in her face like before when it came to swimming. Right now, it was time to get dirty. She wanted his cock and was not going to take no for an answer. Steven tried to turn around in the water and finally Rose let go of him and then pushed back as she quickly moved to the entrance of the pool. The man watched as she stepped backwards before him, looking almost like a statue with a fountain of water under her feet as she was at the steps. With his eyes gazing upon her, Rose began to push her bikini outfit off her body. Once she got it off, she stepped out of it and reached down to grab it and toss it to the side where the chairs were. Steven stood marveling the beauty of her naked body, she was soaking wet and still as beautiful as he could remember.

“This body is amazing, shame I haven’t seen it in so long.”

“Yep, shame on you!”

Rose offered him a hand as he approached the steps. She helped pull him out of the water as he looked over her body one last time. She approached him, pushing her huge tits into his chest as she kissed him. The man wrapped his arms around her and brought both hands down to squeeze her ass cheeks. Breaking the kiss, Rose stepped back and gave him a smirk.

“I think it’s about time you lose these swim pants.”

“Fine by me!”

She didn’t allow him the chance to take them off himself. Putting her hand between his swim trunks, she moved in front of the pool and then lowered herself down to her knees over the steps. Rose slowly slid his swim shorts down, watching his hard cock spring out from it’s wet hatch and free to her face. His swim trunks fell into the water below. For Steven, this was the view of a lifetime. From the corner of his eye, was the sunlight over the sky while gray clouds were everywhere. Down below in his view, was one of the most gorgeous women he ever knew in his life holding his cock in one hand as she played with his balls in the other. Rose stroked his dick up and down to make sure he was ready for her. The wetness of his skin forced his dick to glide easily between her fingers.

“You got what you wanted, Rose?”

Looking up at him, she nodded. The head of his cock was right at her chin.

“Yeah, your big meaty cock! This is what I wanted!”

Opening her mouth, she quickly ran her tongue over the head in a circle. Teasing him as she looked up into his eyes before pushing the first few inches of his rod into her warm mouth. Using one hand, she pushed into his leg while her other hand played with his balls. Rose bobbed her head up and down slowly a few times before coming up loudly with a pop noise. Looking at his dick, she flicked her tongue back and spit on it. Next, she lowered her mouth down to his balls and began to slobber all over them. Steven loudly out to her.

“Ohhhhh yes, you go baby! Always knew how to give those balls proper loving from that sexy mouth.”

She couldn’t respond to him even if she wanted to. Her mouth created a string of sucking sounds as her tongue lapped over his nuts. She sucked the right one between her laws before shifting to the left. All the while, his Latin dick remained stretched out over her pale face with both of her hands stroking it slowly. By the time she was finished with his balls, sticky strings of her saliva dripped down into the water below. Rose returned her attention to his meat pole, removing her hands and sliding her mouth back down on it. Steven put his hand on the back of her shaved head and pushed her down to take it deeper. Rose had deep throat skills, as he knew years ago. She pushed her mouth all the way down until her lips were at the base of his cock, giving him the feeling as the head hit the back of her throat.

“Ohhhhhh god, yeah!”

Steven moaned in excitement and pleasure. Rose kept her mouth down on his cock for a full minute before coming up with another pop noise. Long strings of saliva dangled back from his slobber coated meat to her warm mouth. Rose flicked her tongue back and spit on it again, taking her hand and stroking in her saliva on his shaft. She gritted her teeth and looked up at him before speaking in a low voice.

“Yeah, you always liked me to get messy with you.”

“I was gonna pull your hair, but since you shaved your head I don’t have anything to grab.”

Rose bust out laughing, still stroking his cock as she responded.

“I guess you don’t! I always did like it when you snatched my hair up though…”

Taking one hand to reach down to her breasts, she cupped her tits with her arm while stroking his cock. Steven knew her all too well, never one to waste the opportunity to put a terrific rack to good use. When she let go of his cock to grip her breasts, he knew exactly what was on her mind. Steven took a hold of his slimy cock from the base as Rose leaned up and parted her tits. Without saying a word, he pushed his rod between her breasts and she smashed them together. Rose moaned and held her tits together before thrusting up and down.

“Ohhhhhhh yeah, you never went without getting your tits fucked in my house.”

Shaking her head, she smirked as her tits pumped up and down over his cock.

“I know how to use them, I want you to fuck them! Fuck those titties, Steven!”

Placing his hand down on her shoulder, this was something he could not resist. He thrust his hips forward and moaned as he felt his cock pumping between those lovely breasts. Her pale skinned looked even more beautiful in the light of outdoors. Each time he pumped between those tits, the head of his cock peeped out. Rose looked down and spit on it before closing her eyes and moaning.

“Fuck yes, that’s it! Fuck these tits!”

Picking up the pace, Steven began to thrust between those tits harder and faster than before. Rose moaned as she felt his cock driving between her huge boobs over and over. She loved it when he became so absorbed in her tits, much like he always did over her gigantic ass. At this rate of pumping his cock between her tits, he was sure to force himself to cum. Taking a deep breath and moaning, he couldn’t hold back anymore. Steven slowed down before almost coming to a complete stop.

“I’m gonna blow if I keep on.”

“Good, I could use a taste. I want your cum in my mouth.”

“You got it, babe. If you want it, go for it!”

Rose let go of her tits after his word and then grabbed his cock back into her hand. She jerked him up and down fast before leaning down and sucking the head into her mouth. Knowing that he didn’t have much time to go, she began to bob her head up and down quickly. Slurping and sucking noises filled his ears as Steven was moaning loudly. She had him, there was no way he could hold it back now. Rose sucked his rod a few times and then stopped, only to come up and rest the head over her tongue just begging for him to blow his load. She stroked him hard and fast in her hand and finally Steven grunted and it was time to go.


She moaned feeling his cock explode and he got to watch wad after wad fly into her waiting mouth. Rose squeezed his cock one last time as more of his cum came spurting out, this was only the beginning of today. Once she had all of his cum drained into her mouth, she closed her lips and swallowed it down loudly. Still holding his cock in her hand, she smiled up at him.

“I love that taste, now we’re ready for some real action.”

“Are we, Rose baby?”

“Yes! I want you to fuck me in the pool! Pretend you never fucked my brains out in this pool years ago!”

With a laugh, Steven stepped forward and she stepped back until the water was knee high to her body.

“I have no problem with that, about time I made use of this pool again!”

Stepping back more, Rose ventured off into the deeper water as Steven swam towards her. Once their bodies were close, she put her hands up on his shoulders and moved over him. He guided his cock towards her entrance underwater and then Rose wrapped her legs around his body once she felt him enter her. Pushing her weight forward on him, Steven’s whole body almost went underwater as he could feel the water reach his mouth as he thrust his cock into her pussy. He put his hands on her shoulders to push forward in the water and now they rocked back into the water as they began to fuck.

“Ohhhhh, yeah! That’s it Steven!”

He couldn’t deny that he struggled a bit in the water at first. Rose pushed back and splashed up against the sides of the pool. Once her hands found the right side where the wall was, Steven found it easier to fuck her up against the wall in the pool. The water splashed between them as his cock entered and slammed into her pussy over and over. He was forced to go slow due to being in water, but he made sure that he still was giving her pussy the fucking that it deserved.

“Fuck me, Steven!”

Rose moaned out to him as she could feel his cock driving into her slowly. Pound after pound, the water splashed up against the wall. She moved her hands to hold the wall behind her so he could thrust into her in an easier way. Despite the slow pace between the water, he was doing a good job pumping into her. She closed her eyes and embraced the moment. Steven moved his hands to cup her big wet tits, squeezing them in his hands as he continued to thrust into her lovely pussy.

“Your pussy is still just as tight as I remembered!”

“And you are having to slowly take me this time! Can’t pound the hell out of me in a body of water!”

“Oh don’t worry, I’m gonna pound you later!”

A hint of things to come, Rose knew that she wasn’t leaving his home without getting her ass pumped from his meaty cock. Still, he pumped into her pussy before she reached her hands around to his back. Rose racked her nails over his back causing him to yell out in pain and pleasure.

“Oh fuck! You still can scratch me up!”

“Good, shame I didn’t leave scars years ago!”

She was close to cumming, closing her eyes and trying to hold back. Rose moaned and scratched her fingers over his back again. His hands moved so her big tits could flop up against his stomach. Water still splashing between them and finally it happened. Rose raised her head and cried out to him.

“Oh my god, FUCK! FUCK, YESSSSSSS!!!”

Crying out loudly, her voice found itself echoing through the air. What was originally cold water to their skin now felt like a warm temperature. Steven moaned as he felt her juices flooding over his cock. He took a deep breath before he began to ease his cock out of her pussy. Once he found the exit, Steven pedaled his arms back to swim backwards before turning around to walk up the steps. Rose took a deep breath to catch herself before she swam behind him to catch up.

“Wait, don’t just leave me behind!”

“Well, you weren’t far!”

“Very true, but I still want to be close to you!”

Steven realized that he did not cum yet. Not even in her pussy, he was saving everything for one last go at her beautiful buxom body. That gorgeous ass had to be his again, it had been so long since he felt it. He watched her rise up the steps and meet him face to face again. Taking his hand, Rose leaned in and kissed his lips once more. She knew what he was thinking about, his words had already hinted to it only minutes earlier. Breaking the kiss, she bit her lower lip and teased him.

“I know what’s next, Steven…you can’t hide it from me.”

He laughed at her, playing the act to give her a reason to tease him further.

“What? I’m not hiding anything but dirty thoughts.”

“Yep, dirty thoughts about my ass, right?”




“Fine, you don’t want to say it, I’ll just drive you crazy for a minute!”

Rose had something better in mind before she was to get pounded in the ass. She dropped down to her knees, splashing over the water that was at her feet. Wrapping her hand around his cock, she crawled between his legs forcing him to push his legs out further. Looking at his ass from behind, Rose took her tongue and began to lick in a circular motion around his ass. This was something she never did to him years ago but wanted to tease with it anyway. Rimming her mouth around his ass, Steven moaned and was caught by surprise.

“Holy fuck! I wasn’t expecting this!”

His eyes wandered up at the sky. True to his first observation, the gray clouds were just sweeping past the sky with no rain involved. He stood there, enjoying the feeling of her tongue traveling around the hole of his ass before he felt her finger push into it. At the same time, her other hand stroked his cock. All this teasing was driving him crazy to the point that her gorgeous ass was the only thing on his mind now. He called out to her.

“Rose! I’m ready, get on all fours for me! I’m gonna fuck that big ass of yours!”

Moving her mouth from his ass, she laughed and used one hand to smack his rear playfully.

“Oh yeah? You’re gonna fuck my ass, are you?”

“Damn right, I am!”

Crawling back between his legs again, Rose looked over the swimming pool as she sunk her hands into the water and gripped one of the round steps under her. Steven’s eyes remained locked on her massive pale ass that was right before him. He put one hand up to squeeze her left cheek, while using the other to spank her. Rose playfully moaned and teased him with her words.

“Ouch! That hurt?”

“Oh, did it?”

Rearing his hand back, he spanked her harder to the point it echoed a loud sound.

“Yeah! I like it when you smack my ass!”

Wasting no more time at hand, Steven pulled apart her massive ass cheeks and began to ease his long shaft into her dark hole. Sliding it in, he moaned out as Rose took a deep breath. She knew how he liked to pound her ass years ago, well aware of the fact that he wasn’t going to pass this up.

“Ohhhhhhhh, yes…get in there, fuck that ass Steven!”

Once his cock was in her ass, Steven put a hand on her lower back and began to pump into her nice and slow. Since she didn’t have much hair over her head, it was impossible for him to reach out and snatch her hair up the way he used to do years ago. He always loved to pull hair when he was fucking an ass from behind, today made a rare moment when he couldn’t achieve such thing. He couldn’t complain though and wasn’t going to, as he began to push harder and faster into her ass. Rose moaned at the feeling and called out to him.

“Yeah, that’s it! Fuck my big pale white ass!”

Pound after pound, Steven thrust his hard dick into her ass over and over. Rose’s body began to shake as she took the pounding from behind. Her eyes looked down at her reflection in the water. She could clearly see his figure hovering over her in the reflection. Steven groaned and yelled to her.

“God, I always loved fucking your ass!”


Rose’s words were not needed, but it was enough to continue pushing him into the frenzy as he rammed her ass with his huge cock. Over and over, he couldn’t stop himself from pounding her to the point of no return. He was going to end up cumming soon and what better place to shoot his load than her ass? Steven brought his hand back and smacked her left cheek while yelling out to her.

“I’m gonna cum soon, you know that, right!?”

“Yeah, yeah! You’re gonna cum in this big ass, aren’t you?”





With one final push into her ass, Steven spanked her again as he roared out to the feeling of his cock exploding within her.

“God, yes! There it is! You wanted it, you got it!”

“Ohhhhhhh yes, fill up my ass! Mmmmmmm!”

Rose moaned at the feeling of his cum deep within her. Steven slowly began to ease his cock from her lovely ass, just as the wind began to blow and shake the palm trees around his backyard. With his cock free from her ass, Rose used her hands and pulled her cheeks apart to feel his cum dripping from her dark hole down her leg. She caught her breath and moaned out to him.  as he spanked her ass one last time with his hand, Rose jumped at the feeling.

“Oh! You always have quite the touch!”

“Oh yeah babe, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!”

“You know I did!”

Crawling back into the water, Rose dove forward and began to swim once again as Steven just watched her go back into the pool. He looked up at the sky as more gray clouds began to move forward and now he couldn’t shake the feeling that a thunderstorm was imminent.

“You better be quick in that pool, love. Looks like we’ve got rain coming!”

“I’m just washing the cum out from my leg and ass, I’ll be alright.”

Steven laughed at her comment and grabbed his swim trunks to slip them on before speaking back up.

“Mind joining me for dinner?”

“I would love to!”

“Alright babe, let me go get us some towels and then we can prepare for dinner later.”

Rose splashed around in the pool some more before Steven walked back to the house to get some towels for them to dry off. It didn’t matter to him if all she had was a bikini outfit or not, he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to have dinner at his house with an old friend.



Carlos sighed in a breath of relief and excitement as he beat his fist over the white door of the V.I.P. room on a Wednesday afternoon. The club was empty at the moment but that didn’t mean that Maria wasn’t hard at work as Tony’s assistant handling the books on the club. Still, impatiently the young man beat on the door before finally catching her attention. The young woman rolled her eyes before reaching the door to answer him.

“You know, you only had to knock one time…”

“You took your time getting to the door! I need to get in touch with my uncle Tony, now!”

Maria sighed.

“Why don’t you call him yourself, for a change?”

“He won’t answer! Come on, I found the guy he wanted me to find who’s been taking money from the registers!”

“Whatever, come on in….”

Racing down the hall passing her on by, Carlos had to get to the phones to call Tony. He had a race against time the past few days to finally bust his ass and do some work and now the results were in. The one stealing money and taking his own was none other than one of the bartenders, just as Tony had suspected. With the phone call, Carlos knew he was saying his own ass from getting thrown out of the club without a job and to the poor thief, he was about to lose his own job.

Across town in South Beach, Steven put his sunglasses on as he walked through the beach holding a briefcase in his hand. He had been texting back and forth with Rose the past few days ever since their reunion back at his house. She told him last night that she would be on the beach with her director friend trying to shoot a scene.Steven could see the movie set from a distance as he kept on walking. The soft wind blew through the beach, but it was typically the busy place where a lot of people were soaking out in the sun and playing in the water. As he approached the set, Rose stood in a black outfit as she turned to see Steven in his white suit. She smiled and waved at him before he walked towards her and kissed her teeth.

“I told you not to come watch me on the set, you’re only gonna distract me!”

Steven laughed at her words before responding.

“I didn’t come here to distract you Rose, no worries. I have a present for your director friend.”

“What is it?”

Handing her the briefcase, he nodded.

“There’s 2 million dollars in that case. Take it, it’s his. You said it’s a low budget film, so that should be enough to cover the expenses, I hope.”

Rose gasped when she heard his words, refusing to accept his generous gift at first.

“Oh my god, why did you do this? You can’t, I won’t let you-”

“Rose baby, this doesn’t hurt me. I just wanted to help you out since we’ve always been close friends. Take it, please. You don’t even have to tell him it came from me, you can take credit for it yourself. Be the hero to this guy.”

Thinking for a minute, she looked up in his eyes and sighed. Deep down, Rose already felt guilty to take money like this but he could not be shaken. That was the Steven she knew, despite all the rumors and all the facts that she knew of him and his family; to her he was a man with a heart of gold. She took the briefcase from his hand and then sighed in a breath of relief.


“No problem, this is my gift to you.”

Biting her lower lip, Rose looked back at him one last time and spoke.

“I think I love you.”

Steven laughed.

“I know you do, baby. Believe me, I know you do.”

Leaning in, he pushed his lips to hers and they kissed passionately. He knew it was probably going to be the last time he seen her again, the least he could do was help her out with some spare money that would have simply been sitting away in a savings account if it weren’t for today. Breaking the kiss, Steven stepped back and smiled at her one last time. She took the briefcase and began to run off, kicking up sand as she moved across the set to meet with her director. Steven simply turned to look over at the beach and began to walk off. He sighed, as he felt deep down in his heart this was the woman in his life that got away. He walked the beach by himself thinking it over, it was just another day in Miami.


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