Big Booty Bitches Ch. 9

Title: Big Booty Bitches Ch. 9

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Britney Spears

Codes: MMF, MM, cons, oral, anal, facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com



Miami, 2006

Loud moans could be heard echoing from within the cabins of a yacht. The yacht by the name of ‘Love Boat’ had quite an experience going down below in the master bedroom cabin. A dream come true for two lucky men as both of them groaned at the feeling of pleasure they were receiving. A woman giggled loudly in her thick southern accent before speaking.

“Yeah, you both like that huh!? Gonna cum all over this pretty fuckin’ face!?”

“Ohhhhh yeah, you’re gonna get it!”

The voice was coming from Steven Diaz as he looked down at the face of Britney Spears. He stood on the left side of the room while Tony was on the right. Both brothers had indulged in the experience of a lifetime to fuck one of the most beautiful women in the world. This was something that so many men dreamed of having and here she was taking turns sucking their cocks. Sweat dripped from her forehead as her black eyeliner and makeup had smeared around her left eye. Cum drained from both her pussy and ass onto the floor. The two men had been fucking her for hours, their cocks explored all her holes multiple times. Now, everything was coming to an end as Britney stroked their cocks as fast as she could, begging for them to cum all over her face. She turned to her left and took Tony’s cock back into her mouth. The man moaned out loudly.

“Yes, suck it one last time Britney!”

While her mouth slobbered all over Tony’s shaft, her free hand was jerking Steven’s cock with a tight grip. Both men were moaning. Britney bobbed her head up and down on the older brother’s cock before coming off with a loud pop noise. Saliva dripped from her lower lip down to her chin. Steven put his hand on the back of her head in her blonde hair and shoved her towards his cock. Britney quickly wrapped her lips around it while her hand found Tony’s cock across from her. She pumped her hand up and down on Tony’s shaft while Steven thrust his hips while holding her head in place for him to fuck her mouth one last time. She gagged and created a number of loud slobbering sounds over his cock.


Steven pushed her head all the way down until he head the head of his long dick slam to the back of her throat. Holding her head there for a minute until he heard her choke and seen her eyes begin to water up, he let go of her. A long string of saliva dripped from her mouth back to his cock. Britney caught her breath and wrapped her hand back around his slobber coated shaft and continued to stroke it just as she was doing his brother’s cock. She held her face up and looked at both of them in the eyes; Steven first and then Tony to the right.

“I’m ready, cum all over me! Cum on my face!”

“Ohhhhh, you’re in for quite the splash.”

“Here it is, baby! FUCK!”

It was Tony who spoke first but Steven beat him with the first string of cum that flew over Britney’s face. She closed her eyes right in time for a thick string of semen to drench her right cheek and slide down. Tony grunted when his cock exploded and shot a wad over her left cheek. Both of them sent the next wave flying over her at the same time; Tony’s cock drenched her forehead in a thick wad while Steven’s cum hit her right eye and dripped down her nose. Britney kept her mouth opened and just moaned at the feeling of their hot loads striking her face. A wad struck her right forehead and dripped into her hair, and then from the left her forehead was glazed in another thick wad. She tried to open her eyes but quickly shut them again when she felt a thick wad fly into her left eye. The last spurt of cum from Tony’s cock flew over left cheek while Steven’s last drops shot up her forehead again.

Steven reached down and grabbed her hair from behind to hold her face up as he smiled admiring the view. She was a complete mess, the two brothers had emptied their balls all over her face and now it was almost as if they were starstruck. Steven couldn’t believe this was Britney Spears of all women sitting on her knees, caked in cum. She opened her eyes, slowly blinking with drops of cum glimmering in her eye brows. Looking up at both men as she took a deep breath, Tony turned to look at his brother and grinned. Steven was too fixated looking down at Britney’s cum covered face to see his brother starring at him. Tony spoke up.

“We just fucked Britney Spears, hermano.”

She laughed, opening her eyes to look at them and then smiled big with her signature smile and those pearly white teeth. She replied to those words calling her name.

“Yes, you sure did! That was a lot of fun!”

Tony looked over at his brother again who then turned to him and held his hand up for a high-five. The woman heard their hands clap loudly against one another. A dream had come true and this event would serve as only a prelude of things to come for Britney in southern Florida. She was a fresh newly made MILF after giving birth and was soon to be divorced and would go wild within months into the next year. Her friendship to the Diaz family all began with a famous woman named Paris introducing her to Tony a few weeks prior to this day.


The clock ticked on the wall, counting the seconds of the passing hour. Tony stood in his office, looking over the picture frames he had hung on the wall of his family. Some were old, some were of recent years. There was an empty frame waiting for his son’s birthday that was today, the big number of 21. Little Tony Jr was no longer a child, reaching the age of 21 made him a man. Tonight was going to be his birthday party celebration at Disco Fever. It only seemed fair that Tony gave his own son a party, when Steve had already given a party to Jacob months earlier.

It almost saddened the old man to look back at the photos and see how time had passed by. It seemed like only yesterday his little boy was going through grade school and now today he was legally an adult. It would only be a matter of time that he introduced him to the business and began to mold him the same way Tony’s own father worked him and Steven into the club life. The door to his office swung open and he figured that had to be Maria, turning around he was greeted to the smiling face of his brother Steven standing before him.

“Hey man, you busy?”

“No, just making space on the wall for the photograph tonight.”

Steven smirked, looking over the wall before nodding to Tony and speaking again.

“Guess who I just heard is in town on vacation.”


With a smile, Steven answered.

“Britney Spears, man…that’s who.”

Tony thought for a minute before slowly smiling and then laughing softly.

“Oh yeah, how could we ever forget about the time with her?”

The brothers laughed together before Steven responded.

“I know what you mean, man! Whenever I think about her, you know what goes through my mind. We got to fuck her back when she was on top of the world. I’ll always be proud of that one.”

“I sure felt like I was on top of the world that day.”

“Me too! Maybe you should call her up to come party with us tonight. It’s been what, 10 years now?”

Tony sighed as he thought about Steven’s words and nodded.

“Yeah, it was 10 years ago…Funny how time just goes on by like that, I don’t know if she’s still the party animal she was back then. I see her on TV and stuff, she looks hotter than ever from what I have seen lately. I’ll keep it in mind, but I don’t know if I should bother her.”

“Whatever you think man, I just thought I’d let you know. I’ll be around tonight for Tony Jr’s party, but I gotta run some errands with Ramón for now. I’ll see you later.”

“Okay Steven, you take care!”

He watched Steven walk out of the door before sighing to himself. Britney was back in town, that was kinda funny. Forever would they have the memory of that epic day on his yacht with her. It was just months before the year of 2007 when she had her infamous wild streak. That year began with a short lived yet prolific relationship she had with their younger cousin Ramón. Tony heard many stories of their time in the clubs and wild life even though it didn’t last for long. For him and Steven, they always had the memories of the past took back upon.

The funniest part about Britney Spears and her old times with the Diaz family was that Tony’s own son, had the biggest crush on the pop princess in his youth. He laughed to himself as he thought back to the times when he went through Tony Jr’s room and found the stash of pictures he had saved from her. Tony Jr had quite the shrine going for Britney in his closet, collecting various photo shoot prints and all her albums. Tony used to tease his son about the crush he had on Britney, all to see that little face go red and blush. Suddenly, he got the idea that perhaps she would be the greatest birthday present he could offer to him. To become a man at the age of 21, was there any other woman in the world that could make him into one besides Britney?

It was a long shot, but Tony was destined now to attempt this dream to come true for his son. To deliver Britney to him as a birthday present would make him proud as a father and would be a good way to welcome his foot through the door of the club life. This lifestyle would eventually be passed onto him as he was the future of the family. Tony walked over to his desk and immediately picked up the phone to dial in his assistant. Maria would know how to help him track down Britney, his guess was that she probably would be in Miami Beach enjoying her little vacation on the beach.



The sound of shoes beating into the sand were the only thing Tony could hear outside of the waves crashing up against the shore. He walked slowly along the beach, wearing a black shirt and white pants. He would be blinded at the bright sun if it weren’t for the sunglasses he wore. True to his trust in Maria, he had tracked Britney down and got in touch with her one of her managers over the phone. She requested to see him in South Beach. Again, true to his original assumption, she was indeed enjoying time at the beach here in the city.

It had been several years since he last seen Britney. In fact, Tony was a bit nervous about this meeting. He knew the request he would have for would possibly be a long shot, but he wasn’t going to go without trying his best. He was approved by her, as spoken from her manager’s word over the phone to see her. Still waking the beach, he turned to look as he seen a clear area with no usual tourists. There was only one body in the water and it appeared to be a woman walking up to the shore with a wave of water pushing beside her. As the body came closer, Tony stood as he looked it over. Taking his glasses off, there was no mistaking this person.

There she was in all of her glory. Britney had her golden hair tied up in a ponytail behind her with a pair of sunglasses covering her eyes. Her amazing body looked fantastic, still having a cute little belly button ring piercing. She wore a two piece white bikini with some pattern over the white fabric. Her huge tits still looked terrific and that entire body was a blast. Tony stood there starring at her beauty as she walked out of the water and he seen her bare feet sink into the wet sand. Raising her sunglasses above her hair, Britney smiled at him and waved her hand.

“Hey Tony!”

“Britney, how the hell are ya!?”

“I’m wonderful hun, you look different from the last time I seen you…”

He sighed before responding.

“Yeah, let me guess? My hair makes me look too old?”

“No! Don’t say that, I like it! You got that salt and pepper look goin’ for you!”

Laughing at her, he shook his head.

“Yeah, thanks babydoll…appreciate it.”

“So Tony, I know you didn’t come to me just to chit chat. My manager said you wanted to speak to me about something urgent. So, what is it?”

They both stood in the sand together as the water continuing washing on up behind them. Tony looked over at the water before swallowing down a gulp. This was a tough thing to ask her, but he didn’t come all this way out to waste her time. They were alone on the beach with no one to overhear their words. Finally, he spoke the words to her.

“I don’t know how to ask you this, but tonight is my son’s birthday. Tony Jr turns 21 tonight and you are his favorite person ever. You are his idol, he’s worshiped you for so many years. To him, you are his goddess. He’s had the biggest crush on you since he was young.”

Britney smiled hearing his words.

“Awww, how cute! Do you want me to meet your son?”

“Not just meet him…I was wondering if you would…make his dream come true tonight. Take him and fuck his brains out like you did me and my brother 10 years ago.”

With the heavy offer to her, Britney looked at him and then thought to herself. Was he serious? She had not seen him in years and he came all the way out here to ask for this? She spoke up.

“So let me get this straight, you want me to fuck your son for his birthday. Is that it?”

Tony nodded and then Britney bust out laughing. She spoke again.

“God, you’re crazy! Like, oh my god! I can’t believe you!”

“Come on, Britney! I’m serious! What do I gotta do to get you on board? His birthday is tonight, I’ll do anything for you to surprise him!”

Thinking about it, Britney smirked at him and then finally responded with a nod.

“Fine, I’ll do this for you…but only under one circumstance, it stays a low key secret. If I do this for you, you’re gonna owe me somethin’ in return.”

Tony nodded.

“You have my word on that, what do you want from me to pay you back?”

“It depends, we’ll see next time I’m in Miami. I will be sure to call when I’m back in town again, so you can pay me back with some more fun.”

“Well, that can be arranged rather easily…”

“What time is the party, Tony? Do I have to be there?”

He shook his head at her second question.

“No, you are the after-party baby. You get all dressed up with a good outfit, call me. I have a limo ride set up to bring my boy back to his penthouse apartment. You can be in the car waiting.”

“Okay, that works. All my good dancing outfits are back in Vegas, I’ll have to go buy some new slutty clothes real soon to get ready.”

Tony smirked hearing those words ‘slutty clothes’ from her lips.

“I’ll owe you big for this one, he doesn’t know I planned any of this. It’s going to be a huge surprise for him.”

Britney nodded.

“Alright, that’s fine. Let me go get the proper clothes, and put my own kids to sleep tonight and then you call me whenever and I’ll be ready.”

“It’s a plan, thanks baby!”

Leaning over, Tony placed a kiss over her cheek and she smirked at him. The man began to walk off when she waved at him and blew a kiss. While Britney may have changed a lot over the years to straighten her life out, she was still the naughty princess that Tony remembered. The memories would last forever and now this would make the perfect birthday present to his son turning 21. The night was several hours away but he already was thinking about what Britney said of him owing her. If the possibility was on the table for her to return for more fun, it was something that would not be passed up.



“Happy birthday, to you! Happy birthday to Tony Jr, happy birthday to you!”

“Blow out your candles!”

“Yeah, blow them out!”

A young man sat at a table as he overlooked a large round cake with 21 candles on it. His name was made in the icing in a bright blue color while the cake itself was made in pink. He leaned over and blew out the candles as family and friends clapped their hands. Tony looked over at his son with such pride, as he clapped his hands. The younger Tony looked up and smiled big as a camera moved his way to snap some photos. It was then, his father walked around to lean over and smile and make sure he was in the photos with him.

Tony Jr had lived a quiet life so far. Not one that enjoyed the wild lifestyle of an athlete like his cousin Jacob. His privacy was of far more concern, spending most of his time sitting on the computer and reading gossip on social media. He had dropped out of high school at 17 years old, yet his father didn’t care. The real career of his life was already paved before his eyes to go into the business and live off the family’s main venture of the clubs. He hoped that he could some how work behind computers if it had to deal with the club business, but that was still a decision some time away. His father was slowly working to mentor him into the role as working the office with management.

Not one for drinks, Tony Jr liked to keep a clean mind at all times. Taking no alcohol, he ate a slice of his beautiful cake in the company of his father and his uncle Steven. While they all called him Jr, he liked to go by the name of ‘Antonio’ when around his close friends and people in general. It separated him from his father’s own name. At 21 years old, he knew that his looks were good enough for most women he had met. With short brown hair and a small mustache, he kept an athletic body with working out every summer. Tonight was the first night he dressed sharp in an expensive suit, a gift from his father. The suit was pinstriped in black with a bright purple shirt underneath.

Without spending all the night at the club, he wanted to leave once it became 11 PM. The older Tony was well aware of this, his son wasn’t a party person at all. Everything had been prepared for him to receive the surprise of his life in the back of the limo awaiting him outside. Britney sat patiently in the backseat, while young Tony Jr was escorted out of the back door of the club. When his eyes seen the silver limo, he looked back at his father and sighed.

“Is this really necessary? You didn’t have to do this..”

Tony laughed at his son.

“You’re going home in style and class tonight, my boy! Something is waiting for you back in that limo.”

“Oh yeah, like what?”

“I don’t spoil surprises! Go see for yourself, and happy birthday my son!”

“Thanks dad, appreciate it..”

Stepping down from the steps of the back door, he approached the door of the limo. His father stood in the doorway of the exit, watching what was to unfold next. As Tony Jr placed his hand up on the handle to pull the door, it swung open towards him. Tony seen the face of Britney Spears look at his son with eyes of hunger. She gripped his suit and dragged him into the limo before reaching over to shut the door. The limo began to drive off and now the older man stood there laughing hysterically at what he had just witnessed. He clapped his hands together before walking back into the club, Britney lived up to the deal just as he knew she would. From inside the limo, Tony Jr’s eyes became huge as he looked over at the woman that had just dragged him inside. Swallowing his breath, he spoke in a frantic tone.

“Holy shit! You’re, you’re-”

“I’m Britney, yeah it’s really me!”

His eyes became huge as he starred into her gorgeous smile. Those pearly white teeth were all too perfect, there was no mistaking this face or that body. Britney wore a big white fur coat, under her stomach he could see a purple thong and then some huge knee high black hooker boots. She looked absolutely amazing, it was as if an old photo had come to life. The outfit reminded him so much of an old photo shoot he had in his collection. She sat on the seat of the limo right next to him. The fur coat covered both her breasts yet created a passage for him to view her strong built stomach. Britney leaned over and placed a kiss on his cheek, watching him blush from her touch.

“Happy birthday, Tony Jr! Is that what you call you?”

“Yeah, but you can call me Antonio. I like going by that better.”

“Ah, okay! No problem Antonio, did I surprise you?”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe this is real.”

A big smile curved over his face. He couldn’t question weather this was Britney or not, there was no way in hell he would mistake her perfect voice and body right before him. The question remained for him, just how did all this come about? He couldn’t help but ask her.

“How did this come to be?”

Britney smiled.

“Well, I know your dad from a long time back and he told me all about you. How you think I am a goddess and have been your big crush for a while, so I decided I would play the part tonight and make your birthday truly special.”

“Getting to meet you has been a dream come true, that much I can say.”

She smirked at him and spoke in a low voice while placing her hand over his shoulder.

“Meeting me isn’t the only thing you’re gonna get tonight…”

The subtle hint was implied with the touch of her hand running over his shoulder and to his cheek. Antonio closed his eyes for a minute and reopened them to see her loving face gazing into him like she was hungry for him. He knew what she meant in her words and before he could say anything, Britney climbed over and straddled him to sit on his lap. Tony didn’t tell her how sexy his son truly looked. She spoke back up again.

“Let me ask you Antonio, have you had a girlfriend before?”

He nodded.

“Yeah, I’ve had a couple.”

“Oh? Well, did you get lucky with any of them?”

Antonio nodded again smirking.

“Yep, I lost my virginity at 19.”

She laughed to herself while still sitting on his lap. No matter how hard he tried to play this cool, she could feel his growing cock under her ass.

“Damn, too bad I won’t get to be your first…”

“Oh fuck, I know! I’d trade both of them for you.”

“Well, I get to be your first woman. Think about it that way.”

Britney winked at him after speaking. She leaned over and pushed her lips to his for a small kiss, the first of many kisses tonight. Coming back up, she rolled her hips into his lap and moaned before speaking again.

“So birthday boy, are you ready for your lap dance tonight?”

Antonio grinned before speaking.

“Yeah, I am…but I think we should wait till we get back to the hotel. If we start now, we’ll be walking into the hotel naked.”

She laughed at his words before leaning down and kissing his cheek.

“You’re right, hun! You’re probably already gonna be walking out of this limo with your cock standing straight up in your pants, mmmmmmm. I can feel it.”

Moving off from his lap, Britney turned around before sitting beside him. She tugged on his jacket to pull him closer to her. Taking a hold of his hand in one arm, she pulled the fur coat aside to show him her huge tits, exposed freely. Antonio placed his hands over them, squeezing them softly. He could feel her nipples hardening up over the palms of his hands. Luckily, this ride was a short one and they would be in the hotel soon. Britney leaned in and kissed him again, this time passionately. He danced his tongue up against hers slowly, she was impressed with his skill at kissing. Cupping his neck in her hands, Britney pulled him down on top of her to continue kissing. They broke the kiss once they felt the limo stop, knowing this must have been the stop at the hotel.

“Oh my god! This must be your hotel! Come on, let’s get in and we can really have some fun!”

Antonio climbed off the woman of his dreams and then reached for the door behind him. Stepping out of the limo to an empty parking lot at the back of his luxury hotel suite. He offered Britney his hand to pull her out of the limo and was greeted to her smile.

“Come on baby, my room is at the top floor.”

Britney’s hooker boots stomped loudly onto the concrete of the parking lot. She pulled her coat together, to not reveal any of her body. Luckily, the coat was long and covered her boots mostly. They didn’t seem to notice the light rain over the darkened sky. Stepping forward, her big hooker boots splashed a bit of water before walking up the steps and entering the back door of the hotel. Antonio knew the layout of the place all too well, the elevator was waiting for them on the right side. Now, Britney’s boots stomped loudly over the marble floor. The sound echoed through the building. He quickly pressed the elevator button while waiting impatiently. Britney bit her lower lip as she looked over at him. Once the light flickered and the door opened, he sighed in relief to see no one was there. They both walked into the elevator together and then Britney looked at him.

“Yours is the top floor, right?”

“Yeah, the penthouse.”

She pushed her button over the top floor button and then smirked at him as the door shut. For the next two minutes, they were trapped within the small walls looking back at each other. Antonio was afraid to put his hands on her and begin touching her lovely body. He was mostly afraid of anyone seeing them after the elevator doors re-opened. Britney however, didn’t care. She stepped in front of him and cupped his face before leaning in and kissing him aggressively. Pushing him up against the wall, she darted her tongue into his mouth as the boy moaned and they began to kiss passionately once more. Since he was such a big fan, she wanted to do something special. Once the elevator stopped, she abruptly broke the kiss. She then turned around, throwing her hands up against the wall and then moved to grind her ass up against his crouch. Antonio moaned and looked back at her as she just smiled and waved before stepping off the elevator. It didn’t even cross his mind that they had just re-enacted a scene from her Toxic music video.

Now, all the focus was on her. Antonio quickly joined her out of the elevator and those huge high heel hooker boots could be heard stomping loudly over the carpet floor. A fun night with his dream woman wasn’t the only thing waiting for him behind the locked door of the penthouse. He anticipated the surprise she would have when she realized they weren’t the only ones in the room. Reaching the door, he slid the key in to unlock it and opened the door for her. Britney smirked at him and invited herself in. The penthouse suite was large in the open with a big couch and a coffee table sitting in the middle of the room. She figured his bedroom was somewhere but it didn’t matter at the moment. The lights flickered on and from the bedroom to the right and then, a figure walked out. Britney seen the figure of a man and then turned to look at Antonio and spoke.

“Oh, looks like you’ve got company besides me.”

The man across the room stood still once he heard the voice and overlooked the woman in the fur coat. Could it really be her?

“My god, you look just like…no, it can’t be!”

She smiled and spoke back up.

“Britney? Yes, this is the real deal standing right before your eyes!”

Antonio walked in front of Britney and then swallowed his breath. He was just about to reveal his biggest kept secret in the family with no one other than the woman of his dreams. No one knew the fact he was a bisexual man with a gay partner. Luis was his man and the two had been in a relationship now for 3 years ever since Antonio realized the fact he was not a straight man. He spoke up.

“Britney, I’d like you to meet Luis. He’s my partner.”

She turned to look at Antonio and smirked.

“So, you’re bisexual right?”

He nodded. Britney turned to look at Luis who was stunned to see her standing before him. The man was Latin, a tall build with a short shaved head. He wore a thin white shirt and black pants, revealing that he had some muscles and a couple tattoos on his arms. To her, he was a serious hunk. Little did she know, that both of the men absolutely worshiped her. For Luis, Britney was a woman of pure lust and an inspiration to him. He was a gay man at the age of 23 and she was his greatest idol after he came out. Unlike Antonio, everyone in Luis’ family knew of his secret and some had disowned him for it. But he didn’t care, he was a man of no apologies.

“I can dance for two, but the birthday boy is getting his present first if you don’t mind. So, are you bi too?”

Luis sighed before shaking his head. This was Britney Spears of all women, how could he lie to her?

“No, I’m not…but you, you’re someone I think the world of. The most sexy lady on earth, it’s my honor to meet you.”

“Awwww, you’re sweet! Well, if you want to play with me, I won’t say no.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

With a smirk on his face, Luis winked over at Antonio who just nodded and turned his attention back to Britney. The pop princess moved in and placed a kiss over his lips before turning around and stomping her hooker boots over the floor.

“Well, I’m in the mood to give someone a lap dance!”

“Hey man, why don’t you come join me?”

Luis didn’t refuse. He walked over to the couch and sat on the left side, while Antonio took the right. Britney watched then sit down and now all eyes were on her as she began to shake her hips and work in a groove. There was no music playing but with her skills, she didn’t need any music. She stood in the middle of the couch between both men and let her fur coat drop to the floor, exposing her chest in full nudity. Her huge tits were epic to see face to face and that gorgeous muscular body proved that she still was female perfection to Antonio’s eyes. Turning around, she pushed her legs out and then sat her ass right on his lap. He moaned feeling her on him once more as Britney began to grind her hips forward and push into his crotch.

She felt Antonio’s hands over the sides of her body and then she put her hands to his and brought them to her breasts. He squeezed her tits, while she breathed in heavily and felt him breathing over her neck. Antonio embraced this moment as her ass continued to grind over his growing dick while he kissed her neck. All the while, Luis sat across from them on the couch and his eyes were stuck on Britney. She was an alluring temptation to his eyes, even for a gay man. If there was one woman in this world that he would have, why not it be his inspiration? He tried not to think about it, just sitting there watching his partner receive his birthday present. Britney soon got up from his lap and stood between the two men. She addressed them both with her words.

“Since you two are lovers, mind giving me a little show?”

The two men looked at each other, but Britney’s eyes clearly could see the bulge sticking up in Luis’ pants. She could clearly see that he wasn’t the only man thinking of getting dirty. Antonio leaned over and pulled at Luis’ shirt and then Britney spoke up again.

“Hey! I’ve got an idea! Both of you, up…”

Motioning her hand, both of them followed her command standing up. Britney moved to sit in front of them on the couch and then they moved to stand in front of her. She fell down to her knees and playfully began to undo Antonio’s pants with her right hand as he stood right of her, while Luis was on the left. They both looked down at her and watched before Britney turned to Luis and spoke back up.

“You don’t mind if I take your pants off too, do you?”

Luis shook his head.

“No, go right on ahead.”

Even though he had not said it, Britney knew that if he was such a big fan of hers the man wasn’t going to say no to her. She used her hands and pushed his pants down first, watching his cock spring to action in front of her. She then turned her attention back to her birthday boy and finished pushing Antonio’s pants down to his ankles. The two men began to take take their shirts off and throw them to the floor. Britney looked up to see their muscular torsos built with nice abs, Luis had a big tattoo stretching over his right arm down to his chest. These two Latin men were serious hunks to her eyes and now she had her fingers wrapped around both their cocks. Looking up into Antonio’s eyes, she opened her mouth and moved it over his swollen rod. Britney began to suck his dick while her left hand stroked Luis’ hard meat.

Luis’ eyes watched his goddess idol on the floor sucking his lover’s cock before he turned and smiled at Antonio. The two men locked lips and began to kiss. Britney then began to focus on sucking his meaty cock. She bobbed her head up and down on it, while her left hand remained wrapped around Luis’ shaft. For Luis, Britney was the first woman to ever touch his cock. He had only been with men in his life and this was truly an honor to have his biggest inspiration be the only one to ever touch his cock. The two men stopped kissing and then Britney came off of Antonio’s cock making a loud pop noise. A string of spit flowed over his shaft back to her lips. She looked up at Luis as she moved over to his cock and stroked it in her left hand.

“I know you’re gay, but…would you mind if-”

He stopped and finished her sentence.

“No, I don’t mind at all! Go ahead, Britney! I’d be honored to have you do it!”

“Mmmmm, and I’d be honored to suck off one of my gay boys!”

She winked up at him as she flicked her tongue back and spit all over his cock. Stroking it one last time to rub her saliva into it, she lowered her head and took it into her mouth. As Britney began to suck Luis’ cock, her right hand stroked Antonio’s simultaneously. The two men couldn’t kiss again as they were too focused on watching Britney down on her knees pleasuring them. After a good bit of sucking Luis off, she moved her mouth back to Antonio’s dick and spit on it. This time she pushed their cocks together, watching them touch as she moaned. With both of their cocks pushed together, she opened her mouth and tried to stuff them both in while lapping her tongue both rods equally. Antonio moaned out.

“God, this is so fucking hot.”

“Yeah man, I can’t believe we’re living this right now!”

Britney focused her attention back to Antonio’s cock, wrapping her lips around it as she sucked on it some more. She kept her fingers wrapped around Luis’ shaft, stroking it up and down while she sucked off the birthday boy. When she came off of Antonio’s cock again with a loud pop noise, she looked over at Luis’ dick and could see the pre-cum already easing out of the head. She knew her sucking skills were top of the line but she didn’t want them blowing a load this early before fucking her. Britney stroked their cocks before smiling up at them.

“Are you ready to fuck me now, Antonio?”

The boy smiled and nodded at her.

“Fuck yes! I am ready, Britney baby!”

She turned to look over at Luis and then placed a kiss over his cock before asking him the same question.

“Would you like to fuck me too, Luis?”

The man nodded, he couldn’t believe himself. Despite being his own gay sexuality, he had all desire to give it to this woman.

“I would love to.”

Britney smiled and nodded.

“Alright, I want both of y’all to fuck me. But the birthday boy is getting his present first!”

Getting up from her knees, Britney figured the couch would be the best place for Antonio to experience his fantasy coming true. Sitting on the couch, she pushed down her thong revealing her wet and waiting pussy. It was shaved as always and the boy was stuck starring right at it. Pushing her thong down past the knees of her big boots, she was ready. Britney spread her legs, grinning at him as he stepped forward. Her huge hooker boots remained over her legs and finally, Antonio could see the leather pattern in them. Once he moved forward and pushed his cock towards her pussy, Britney moved both of her legs to arch them up on his shoulders. He grabbed at her legs as he watched the head of his long shaft sink into her tight pussy. Britney moaned feeling him enter her, slowly.

Watching the action, Luis felt somewhat left out. It wasn’t fair in his mind to stand there waiting for his chance to fuck Britney. He leaned over Antonio and placed a kiss over his cheek as he moved to stand behind him. For the birthday boy to receive one world of pleasure, it would be even better to receive two. Luis stood behind Antonio and grabbed his ass, the one hint of what was next to come. The boy quickly looked over his shoulder and yelled in excitement.

“Oh baby, you are-”

“Happy Birthday, Antonio!”

The moment could not be any better. As Antonio pushed his cock into Britney’s pussy, he felt his lover’s cock enter his ass. Antonio pushed forward as Luis grabbed a hold of his hips and began to pump his shaft into his ass. For a birthday present, this was everything and more than Antonio could of dreamed of. He held onto Britney’s boots as he pumped his cock into her pussy, watching her huge tits bounce. Her body was still perfection, he closed his eyes and moaned as Luis’ cock slid in and out of his ass. Britney could see the action going on behind Antonio’s body and she moaned, calling out to them.

“You boys are kinky! Mmmmm, yeah fuck me Antonio! Fuck me like you always dreamed to!”

Each time Luis pushed into him, Antonio slammed his cock into Britney’s lovely pussy. She was so tight and at the same time, he was feeling pleasure from behind as Luis pumped into him. He leaned down a bit, watching Britney’s legs push up revealing how flexible her body truly was. His hands went to her tits, while his body was bent over allowing Luis better access to ram his ass. Over and over, he moaned feeling Luis’ cock stretch him from behind. Antonio was forced to slow down his pace with Britney’s lovely entrance, forcing her to call for attention.

“Mmmmm, it’s so cute watching the two of you get it on, but I think I got what y’all both really want!”

Her words caught the attention of Luis who looked her over and responded.

“Oh yeah, Britney? What you got in mind?”

“Both of y’all, fuckin’ me. How about that?”

The southern accent slurred in her voice, Antonio looked down at her face. She had a mischievous little grin that only she could pull off without looking funny. Luis had already eased his cock from Antonio’s ass and now the birthday boy nodded to her.

“I want to fuck your ass next, baby.”

Leaning in, she kissed his lips and smiled.

“You can fuck me any way you want tonight, Antonio. This is your birthday after all.”

She moaned as she felt his cock pull from her pussy. Antonio moved backwards as both men looked down at her. Britney moved her legs and then leaned up to let her thong dangling from her knees finally drop to the floor. She turned her attention over to Luis, biting her lower lip before addressing him.

“Have you ever fucked a girl, Luis?”

He shook his head and then Britney giggled in excitement.

“Oh my god! I get to be your first, how awesome!”

Laughing to her, Luis just smiled. It was the truth, he would not let any other woman near him but this was Britney Spears. It was like he had no other choice, when it was a woman he looked up to for the better part of his life. Britney patted her hand on the couch as she motioned to him before rising up.

“Luis, sit here for me…”

She glanced over at Antonio and then smiled.

“I’m gonna get on top of him, then you get behind me and take my ass.”

“Got it.”

Once Luis sat on the couch, Britney moved over to him and straddled her legs on both sides. Sinking her knees into the couch she looked down at him and placed a kiss over his lips. She spoke as she put her hand around his cock and began to ease her pussy on top of him.

“You ever kiss a girl before?”

Shaking his head, Luis bit his lip playfully imitating what he had witnessed Britney do minutes earlier.

“No, but I just kissed one named Britney and I liked it.”

Without responding, she mocked the poor guy by biting her lower lip just as she heard him gasp for his breath while that hot pussy pushed down over his cock. It was the first time he had ever experienced this feeling of pleasure. Luis moaned and Britney spoke back up.

“How does that feel, baby?”

“Ohhhh, amazing Britney…”

Running her hands up the sides of his face, she cupped his face before looking behind her to see Antonio holding his cock and getting into position. With Luis’ rod lodged into her tight pussy, this was the only thing awaiting for some double penetration fun. Antonio sunk his knees into the couch as he used both hands to push Britney’s ass cheeks apart and let his cock push into her tight dark hole. She gasped for her breath as she felt both of the Latin men and their strong cocks enter her. Gritting her teeth, she moaned before calling out to them.

“Yeah! That’s it! Both of you, FUCK ME!!!”

It took a few easy thrusts at first for Antonio to get used to her ass. All the while, Luis began to pump his cock into her. Britney’s large breasts were in his face smothering him. Within a minute, Antonio had created a groove to ram his cock into her ass. Over and over, the birthday boy pumped her ass with his long rod. Britney’s body shook from both of their dicks pumping her holes. She closed her eyes and threw her head back moaning as her nails sunk into the couch.

“Oh my god, YES! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME, HARDER!!!”

Luis groaned, watching her epic boobs sway in his face before crashing over his sight. He bucked his hips, pumping the his goddess, the princess of pop. At the same time, Antonio pumped her ass with his big cock over and over. He was so close to busting a nut within her, placing one hand up her left ass cheek to give it a squeeze before yelling out to her.

“Britney, I’m gonna cum!”


Gritting her teeth, Britney screamed out to them again.


A groan escaped Antonio’s mouth before Luis began moaning. For him, he had never experienced a woman’s body like this and with Britney he was enjoying it. Even after this was over, he wanted to take her ass next. Luis groaned and closed his eyes before he felt his cock explode and send his orgasm deep within her body. Britney moaned feeling his hot load and as she turned to look over her shoulder, Antonio gave her thick ass a slap with his hand and then he exploded before crying out in his voice.

“Fuck! I can’t hold back!”

“Yeah, cum in my big ass, Antonio!”

She could feel the cum inside her from Luis’ cock in her pussy and now she felt the warm substance shoot into her ass as Antonio’s rod exploded. Closing her eyes, Britney licked hr lips as she enjoyed the pleasure they gave to her voluptuous body. She knew that her body was a fantasy to these two men and was working to give them every bit of pleasure they desired. Antonio moved to let his cock slide out from her ass and then he watched the trail of cum drip down her leg. Britney moaned, and looked down at Luis as she began to climb off him and release his cock from her pussy.

“I liked that!”

Turning to look at Antonio, she smiled at him before speaking again.

“You know how to pound my ass, just the way I like it!”

Antonio smiled at her as she caressed his cheek and kissed him on the lips. She turned to look at Luis who was getting up from the couch and then she addressed both of them. Now, she was taking command and teaching them new positions for this threesome play. Britney leaned down and began to slide one of her big hooker boots off. Luis leaned over to help her as he tugged the right one off and it fell to the floor. Then, with the left shaking off, she smiled at him.

“Thanks for helping me take those off! Now, get up! I need to you behind me-”

Looking back over at Antonio, she pointed at him and finished speaking.

“And you, you’re gonna get in front of me. Come on boys!”

Both men moved into the position that Britney had instructed them to do. Luis stood behind her and now Antonio was in front of her. Since she took off the big boots, it was almost crazy how short she was next to both men. She took them off for a reason, so they both could pick her up. She placed her hands up on Antonio’s shoulders and then looked over her shoulder before instructing them once more.

“Alright, both of you pick me up! Antonio, you can get your cock in me…Luis, once I’m off the ground, you know where to put it.”

She turned to look over her shoulder and to give the man a wink. Antonio placed his hands over her his and moved to pick her up. At the same time, Luis grabbed under her legs and the two men help her up as she spread her legs over Antonio’s torso. His cock entered her pussy and from behind her, Luis was pushing the head of his shaft into her mighty ass. Antonio moved his hands up to her legs and Britney moved them until her knees were bent over his wrist. Luis’ hands moved to her ass and both men held her there together as their cocks pushed into her holes. The pop princess moaned out lovingly. She threw her left hand up to cup Luis’ face behind her before they began to pump into her.

“Yeah, that’s it…Mmmmm, fuck me!”

Luis grunted as he could feel his cock stretching into her ass. Britney looked up at Antonio and then wrapped both of her arms around his neck. He pumped into her pussy while Luis pounded her ass. Within seconds, both of them had moved to a faster pace to thrust their cocks into her holes. She closed her eyes and moaned, they were fucking her just the way she wanted.

“Oh my god! Yeah! Fuck me! Yeah, just like that!”

Gritting his teeth, Antonio pushed harder. At the same time, Luis pumped her ass while his fingers pushed into the thickness of her ass cheeks. Each time one of them pushed forward, her body rocked back and forth. Both of her holes were coated in their cum from moments earlier making it easier for both of their cocks to glide into her holes and fuck her harder and fast. Her long golden hair began to shake around before she raised her neck and moaned out louder.

“Ohhhhhhh, yes!!! Make me scream! Harder! HARDER!”

“You like this, Britney?”


It was Luis who spoke up only for her to scream back at him. He began to pound her ass harder, all while Antonio bucked his hips and thrust his cock into her pussy. Both of them were pumping their hips as their cocks ran into her holes over and over. Britney could feel her body being pushed into overdrive and she was enjoying every last second of this. Antonio was already pushing himself into exhaustion but he couldn’t stop, this was his dream girl. He couldn’t help but brag a bit.

“God, this is amazing!”

“Yeah man, it really is!”

Both of them spoke but Britney didn’t care about their words. She leaned in and kissed Antonio on the lips as he started to lose his breath. While Antonio was forced to slow down his pace, that didn’t stop Luis from pumping into her juicy ass faster than before. He was amazed how much he loved to fuck her glorious ass. Britney threw her head back and screamed, just as Antonio began to thrust his hips once more.

“Ohhhhh, yes! You boys know how to fuck me!!!”

“Britney, I think I’m gonna cum again!”

Antonio spoke up and she turned to look over her shoulder before looking back at him again and answering him.

“Wait! Both of you! If y’all are gonna cum, set me down, I got an idea!”

Luis stopped pumping her ass and looked at Antonio, giving him a nod. The two of them came to a stop and began to slowly ease their cocks from her tight holes. Britney moved her legs for Antonio to drop his arms and soon she was placed back on her feet standing between them. She went down to knees and grabbed their cock into her hands. This time, Antonio’s dick was in her left hand while she gripped her right hand over Luis’ hard shaft. Stroking both of their cocks hard and fast, she dropped her lip and looked at both of them with her teeth gritted. Since she had already given them a lesson on how to properly fuck a woman between their bodies, Britney was about to teach them how to give an epic messy facial to finish the job. Looking at Luis’ dick, she leaned her head and licked the head. Moving over to the left to Antonio’s cock, she licked it equally and then spoke while looking at them.

“Alright, this is what I want to do. I’m gonna suck both of you and when you’re ready to blow, let me know.”

“Yeah, but what is your idea?”

Britney smiled up at Luis before answering him.

“You’re both gonna cum all over my face. I’m gonna show both of you, how to properly drench a girl’s face after a good threesome.”

Pushing both of their cocks together, Britney opened her mouth and the two men looked at each other. Antonio had a face of shock from her words. The two of them had given each other facials a while back within their relationship, but now they were about to drench the one woman in the world that they looked up to more than anything. They looked back down to see Britney stroking their cocks while trying to shove both of them in her mouth. She eventually gave up and moved to her left side to take Antonio’s back into her warm mouth. Bobbing her head up and down on it, her right hand stroked Luis’ dick simultaneously.

“Oh man, this is the best birthday of my life!”

Antonio couldn’t help but moan loudly and brag in his words. Britney came up from his cock with a loud pop noise and then moved over to Luis’ dick. Flicking her tongue over her upper lip, she spit on his shaft before pushing her lips down over it. She wrapped the fingers of her left hand over Antonio’s rod while she began to bob her head up and down on Luis’ meat now. He gasped for breath, absolutely shocked how easy she could suck him and work both of them at the same time. Even after the hard double fucking that she had endured, Britney still had the stamina and strength to indulge in the taste of their shafts one last time. Coming off of Luis’ cock, she alternated back to Antonio’s for one more taste while her hand stroked Luis’ again. She knew they were close to blowing, she could feel it as her tongue ran over those dicks one last time.

“Britney, I am close!”

Hearing Antonio’s words, she stopped sucking him and immediately came off his cock with a loud pop noise. She wrapped her left hand back around his shaft and held it while moved her attention to Luis’ dick and brought it back between her lips. Her hand slowly stroked Antonio’s meat pole, all while she bobbed her head up and down on Luis’ shaft furiously. She wanted their cum, right now more than anything. ‘Mmmmm’, she moaned over Luis cock before he finally groaned and nodded his head. The hourglass for his cum had reached a close end.

“I’m ready too now, Britney!”

Those words are what it took for her to release his cock from her mouth. Britney breathed in and gritted her teeth now as she held both of their slobber covered dicks in her hands. Stroking them slowly she looked up at both of them meeting their eyes. When she looked back at Antonio she had instructions for him.

“Baby, bring your hand down to the back of my head.”

Antonio was somewhat confused at first by her request but he followed her instructions anyway. Putting the palm of his hand to the back of her head. Britney looked back up at him and spoke again.

“Grip my hair! Make sure my head is tilted up so all that cum goes over my face when your cock explodes!'”

Finally, he understood her point. His fingers pulled into her hair and Britney’s head was tilted up now. Stroking both of their cocks, she looked over at both rods that were aimed right at her face. Both men were gasping for their breath and soon, she would get the glazing that she wanted. Luis did not want to disappoint her. This may have been the only woman in the world he would bend his own rules and have fun with, so he wanted to make sure that she was more than satisfied with him. He put his hand on his shaft and Britney let go as he took over stroking his own meat. When she seen Antonio’s face curl up, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth knowing that the time was here.

“GOD, Ohhhhh! FUCK!”


Antonio blurted out first but it was Luis’ cock that made the first blow. A thing string of cum shot up her right cheek and drenched over her eye. When Antonio’s dick exploded, the initial wave of cum struck up her left eye and over her forehead. Another thick string of cum shot over her left cheek and ran down her nose. Britney laughed, right at the same time that another wad of cum went flying over her forehead and drenching her eye. Even though both of her eyes had cum in her eye lashes, she still opened her eyes slightly before speaking.

“Oh my god, yes! More! I’m covered in this warm cum, keep cummin’ all over me!”

Small dots of cum ram into her hair as both of them shot more cum at the same time, drenching the middle of her forehead and dripping into her eyebrows and over her eyelashes. Antonio moved his hand from the back of her head as he could tell they had her in perfection position. Britney had so much cum layered over her eyes, that little drops of it her eye lash sparkled like glitter. She giggled again as more cum splashed over her cheeks and small streams of cum began to drip down from her face. A thick string of cum dripped over her nose and into the corner of her mouth. Both of the men began to lose steam and their spurts of cum became less and less. Britney noticed this and pushed her mouth over Antonio’s dick, sucking it for the final drops. She moved off his cock with a loud pop sound again and then laughed.

“Oh, yes! That’s how you finish me off! I gotta make sure I got every last drop!”

Moving her mouth over Luis’ cock, Britney sucked the head to milk the final drops of his cum over her tongue. Both of the men were exhausted and stuck in a moment of starring down at her cum covered face. She was absolutely drenched in their seed and then she smiled big for them with her signature pearly white teeth. Small drops of cum were in her hair and her forehead was dripping. Britney used one of her hands to scoop up cum from her left cheek and suck it down. Again, she grabbed their cocks one last time to place a kiss over the head. Antonio first, and then Luis second. Letting go of their dicks, she spoke back up.

“I just had a lot of fun. Made a mess out of my face, didn’t y’all?”

Antonio laughed, nodding his head before replying to her.

“Yeah, we sure did! God, you were amazing. Best sex I have ever had.”

“Awwww, thank you. Should I go get cleaned up in the bathroom or what about-”

“How about we clean you up, Britney?”

It was Luis who offered. She smiled before nodding.

“Oh my god, yeah! You both can clean me up!”

Never one to pass up swallowing cum, Luis’ idea was a perfect one. Both he and Antonio dropped down to their knees and began to lick Britney’s face clean. She giggled when she felt Antonio’s tongue on her left cheek and then Luis pushed his lips to her forehead and began to suck up all the cum from her skin. Britney laughed, she never had two men do this for her in the past but this wasn’t all. When Antonio moved from her face, she cupped his face in her hands and leaned in to kiss him. Pushing their tongues together, she moaned in his mouth as she tasted the cum between his jaws. After breaking the kiss, she put her hand on the back of Luis’ head and brought him down to kiss her next. Once again, dancing her tongue against his to taste the cum. When she broke the kiss, she smiled at both of them and used her fingers to scoop up some of the cum around her right eye and feed it into her mouth. They both watched her suck her fingertips dry of the warm substance and then she spoke.

“Mmmmm, tastes so good too. I’m sleeping here tonight, if neither of you mind.”

“You think I’m gonna say no to you?”

Antonio raised his eyebrow after speaking and Britney just laughed.

“No! I knew you wouldn’t mind, but I had to ask anyway!”

Slowly, she began to rise up from her knees. The two men got up from the floor following her, soon she had to go into the bathroom and get her face all cleaned up before it was time to go to bed. She turned to Antonio one last time and winked at him.

“Happy birthday, sexy boy! You were a lot of fun!”



Over a gray sky, rain began to pour down while the wind swept through the air. Britney arrived at the airport late in the evening as she was set to leave Miami, but not without enjoying the time she spent last night for Antonio’s birthday. She promised to keep the secret of Luis being his gay lover, just as Antonio promised never to brag like his father would have. She quite liked the young man, he proved to be quite different than Tony and she liked that in him. Before she parted in the morning, she let Antonio and Luis snap as many photos together with her as they wanted. It would be a birthday to remember for the rest of their lives.

Leaving Miami, Britney would remember Tony’s word of owing her. She would be back later on this year and she had the time to decide on what she wanted upon returning. Before last night, she wouldn’t have minded seeing Ramón face to face for the first time in so many years. Their relationship was doomed from the start but she didn’t hold grudges or hard feelings with him. All these thoughts remained in her head as she stepped on board for the plane and would be headed back to Vegas within an hour.

Across town someone else was feeling satisfied. Tony had received texts from Britney that she was very well pleased with his son from last night and that he had a blast for his 21st birthday. The old man had a smile on his face while walking through the doors of his office. He was greeted to seeing Maria sitting at the desk with a notebook writing down schedules for next week. She looked up to greet her boss.

“Morning, señor Diaz.”

“Ah, good morning Maria. You working on scheduling charts?”

“Yes, just as you asked for me to do.”

“Thank you, I’m glad I can rely on you.”

Tony walked over to the desk and opened the cigar box sitting on the right corner. Maria watched him and then thought to herself. She smiled, knowing last night with the birthday party at the club it was the first she ever met his son and she found him to be quite cute. He seemed a lot nicer than Steven’s son Jacob, who was an all around privileged jock.

“I had fun last night at your son’s birthday, he looked handsome in that suit.”

Hearing those words, Tony turned around and smirked as he looked over at Maria. The young blonde haired girl looked at her boss with her big blue eyes. She figured it was best to stroke his big ego, before she asked the question. She continued speaking.

“He definitely inherited your good looks, señor Diaz.”

Tony laughed.

“He did, didn’t he? I can’t believe he’s 21 now.”

She nodded.

“Yeah, he’s only 2 years younger than I am. So, is he gonna be back in the club sometime? I wouldn’t mind getting to see him again.”

The old man nodded before smiling. Tony knew exactly what Maria was hinting to, she didn’t do much to hide it in her words.

“Oh yes, dear…You’re gonna be seeing my son come back and he will be around here quite a lot, when the time comes.”

Walking over to the window, he looked down to see the emptiness of the club in the afternoon hours. Maria looked back down at the desk just before the telephone rang. She grabbed the phone and answered it, all while Tony looked out the window down at the club. He became lost in the thought of his son growing up. One day, all of this would be his. The time was so close to begin mentoring him. The future was made for the son to be the one to take the reins, when the time came. Passing along the torch just as it happened with Tony’s own father.


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