Big Brotha’s 3

This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if
you are under age or easily offended. Stop reading


By Wonder Mike

Hi everyone, welcome to my hit show on Mtv, (that is so funny)
I am Kari Wuhrer star of the upcoming movies, Berserker plus the
greatest giant spider movie ever made, Arac attack, this is Big

I am sure you all know how this works, and if you don’t where
have you been? This is a hit show and you should be ashamed of
yourselves. I am getting on with it, leave me alone.

We have three
celebrities, (none as big as me) and we have put
them in a house fitted with cameras in every room, we have been
feeding them horny goat weed and wackiness has ensued.

We have acquired the services of four young men from the Lompoc
federal penitentiary, please welcome, Bubba Joe Tyrone Malone,
Marcus, Tyrone and Henry.

Our celebrities are The former pink power ranger, and co star
of Felicity Amy Jo Johnson.

Amy: I told you not to call me the pink ranger.

Kari: Shut up while I’m speaking.

Our second celebrity is former Nitro girl and wrestling valet,
and now the star of the pop group Diversity 5 Spice.

Or final star (so to speak) is the real star of the great B movie
based on the t v series Lost in space and the star of Party of Five
Lacey Chabert.

Kari: When we last left you, we had been joined by T v star Jessica
Beil, the only reason to watch Seventh heaven, Jessica welcome
to the show.

Jessica: It is great to be here, this is much more fun then 7th
heaven, and if I have to suck of the stars every day, I might as
well use it to further my career.

Lacey: So there are going to be four of us now?

Kari: You know better than that, one of you has to go.

Amy: I don’t want to go, I like it here, this is better than my

Kari: Don’t beg.

Spice: I am trying to set up the group, I can’t go.

Lacey: This is my best gig ever.

Kari: It has been great having you all here, but Amy Bye bye.

Amy: What? NO. Why? I’ll do anything.

Kari: No reason, I don’t like you, you got a fan letter, so your
gone. Take her away.

Kari: Jessica, once again welcome to the show, the fans are waiting
so lets get started.

Lacey, Spice, On your knees, take off those tops, good girls, rub
your tits, Spice, do the best that you can, that’s it Lacey you
have a nice set for 19 year old, not as nice as mine though.

Marcus, Henry, in front of Spice, Bubba, Tyrone in front of Lacey.
Girls get those cocks hard.

That’s it Spice, take Henry’s 12 inches in your hand, stroke it,
make it hard, now take Marcus in your mouth, that’s a good girl,
show all your fans how you became a Nitro girl.

Lacey, I want you to get Tyrone’s big black cock rock hard first,
that’s it take it deep down your throat, use you tongue.

Lacey: Don’t tell me how to suck cock, I am an actress.

Kari: Don’t tell me about being an actress, I have blown my way
through over twenty appearances, and that’s not including the time
I gave Rob Lowe a blow job in planet Hollywood.

Take that 12 inches all the way down your throat, that’s good Lacey
deeper, deeper, a little more, you did it, you are getting better
every day, you are going to be a huge star after you leave this house.

O k Lacey, now you can start on Big Bubba, Bubba get that fourteen
inches hard, that’s it, slap her across the face with it, harder,
bounce it off her head, now Lacey, take it down your throat.

Lacey: It’s too big, I can’t get it in my mouth.

Kari: Yes you can bitch, you’ve done it before, and Amy’s not too
far away, get that cock down your throat.

That’s it, how are you enjoying the show Jessica?

Jessica, So far this is just like being on the set of Seventh
heaven, but on that set, it would be me on my knees getting spanked.

Kari: That’s a good idea, Marcus slap Spice’s ass, that’s it, make her
scream, that is so cool, I can see your hand print on her ass, Spice
slam that cock all the way down your throat.

This is a great show, Henry, shove your cock down her throat too,
that’s it, take both those cocks down your throat, I knew you
could do it, suck both of those cocks.

Henry, Marcus, pull her hair and fuck her face, that’s it, pump
those cocks down her throat, lets see if both of you can get
your cocks all the way down her throat. It will make her a
much better singer.

Bubba, Tyrone, what are you do doing, I want to see both of your
cocks down Lacey’s throat.

Lacey: I can’t they are too big.

Kari: That’s fine, somebody go get Amy.

Lacey: I’ll do t, I’ll do it, please don’t kick me out, I need
to stay bad.

Kari: That’s it, get both those cocks down your throat, deeper, I
said deeper.

That’s it, both those cocks are down your throat, don’t you stop
Spice, keep sucking both those cocks, I want to see which one of
my girls can deep throat both cocks.

You did it, Spice, I am so proud of you, Bubba, Tyrone, pull
Lacey’s head back and jam those cocks down her throat, that’s
it, they are both all the way in.

Pull her hair, make her suck both those cocks, Henry, Marcus
yank Spice’s hair, make her suck both those cocks, I am
so proud of my boys, all four of you are rock hard.

I think it’s time to get on with the main event, Jessica, lets
get those jeans off, pull that shirt off over your head, you
have a nice rack, not as nice as mine, look at these, they
are perfect.

Jessica: I think I have a perfect set.

Kari: They are nice, but look at my perfectly shaped nipples,
I am shear perfection, anyway, more about me later, boys,
take her.

That’s it, Marcus, Henry I want each of you to suck one of
her tits, harder, bite those nipples, Bubba, Tyrone, I want
you each to stick a finger up her twat.

Finger fuck that bitch, do it you guys, ram those fingers
into her pussy.

Jessica: Finger me deeper, I need more fingers in me.

Kari: What are you waiting for you guys, there are thousands
of guys in the pen who would kill to be here, and I mean
it, I want both of you to shove two more fingers into her

Marcus, Henry, I want each of you to stuff a finger into
her ass, that’s it, shove those fingers all the way into
that tight ass, lets open it up.

Henry, shove that cock down her throat, that’s they way
I like it, fuck her face, choke her, grab her throat, make
her gag.

Jessica: I love it.

Kari: That’s enough, we don’t want her to pass out, yet.
Marcus, want you to work that cock down her throat.

Do it boys, shove both those fat cocks down her throat,
I think my panties are wet, this is almost as good as
watching The medicine show, (available on video).

Tyrone, bend her over, yeah, just like that, now
slam the cock into her, yeah baby, yeah.

Hold her by the ankles, slam that cock into her, Jessica
don’t stop sucking those cocks, what’s wrong with you,
Marcus hold her by the hair.

I want all three of you to pump those cocks into her at the same
time, you are out of sync, (showing every week on Vh1) that’s
it, you guys are poetry in motion.

Bubba, it’s time to bring out the big guy, push Tyrone
out of the way and slam that monster cock into her, yeah
baby, just like that.

Fuck that pussy, make her scream, I love it when they scream,
yeah, do it baby.

Spice: When do I get fucked?

Lacey: Yeah, when do we get fucked, it’s been almost three
hours, I need it bad.

Jessica: Fuck me hard, I said FUCK ME HARD, I came here to get
fucked good.

Kari: You heard her, slam that cock into her, that’s it baby
fuck her good.

I don’t think that’s good enough for her, Bubba, lay back, yeah
just like that, let Jessica ride you.

Jessica: Yeah, I love this, I am going to fuck you guys senseless.

Kari: I can’t wait until we actually start feeding her the horny
goat weed, this is going to be good.

Look at her bouncing up and down, I hope this floor is sturdy,
I haven’t seen anything like this, since, since, well since
I fucked the boys this morning.

I think she is wearing Bubba

out, Marcus don’t just stand
there, shove your cock into her pussy too.

That’s it, I can’t believe how easy both those cocks fit into
her pussy, I can’t believe she is riding both those cocks, she
is almost as good as me. I knew she craved black cock, I could
tell by just looking at her.

Tyrone, what are we paying you for, shove your cock down her throat.

Tyrone: What do you mean paying?

Kari: Forget I said that.

I think she is full Spice, get over there and suck Henry’s cock
we have to keep the show going.

That’s it, suck that cock, take it deep, suck it harder, I said
harder Spice, you can be replaced too you know, don’t think you’re

I think it’s time for the main event now, boys put the tramp
down and get over here, I want to show the fans what real fucking
is like, I have to warn you guys, you won’t see this in G men from

Bubba lay flat, hold that dick still while I sit on it, not
in my pussy stupid, stick that fourteen inches in my ass, yeah
I love it.

See how easy it goes in, do you like it when I wiggle my way
down on it, I though so.

My ass is so firm, it barely jiggles, don’t you guys love
it, I knew you did.

Pump that cock into my ass, that’s it do it hard, you know
how I like it, I have the best job in the world.

Henry, get your sweet ass over here, I need your cock in my ass
too, that’s it, slow, slow, work it in.

That’s it boys, both your cocks are all the way in my ass, pump
me good boys, fuck my ass like your jobs depended on it.

Marcus: This is the most demanding boss I’ve ever had.

Kari: Oh GOD, fuck my ass good, I love this, do it, I said
do it, yeah, just like that, I’m cumming.

Jessica, get your round ass over here, take these cocks
out of my ass, do it slow, first Henry, then Bubba, yeah
wait a minute, let me catch my breath.

Ok, Suck both those cocks bitch, lick them clean, work
both of them, yeah just like that.

There she blows, both of them are cumming in her mouth,
you better not spill any Jessica, suck both those cocks
and swallow all that cum.

Marcus, Tyrone get over there, Jessica’s almost swallowed
all the cum, fill her mouth up again with your seed.

That’s it, work those cocks down her throat, make her gag,
shoot your cum down her throat.

That’s the way I like it, shoot your loads directly down
her throat, swallow it all Jessica, you can do it.

Bitch, it’s spilling out your mouth and down your chin,
I though you were a pro, Lacey, grab a straw,
get over there and suck some cum out of her mouth.

That’s it Lacey, swallow that seed, you can’t get pregnant
that way.

That’s all the time we have for today, don’t forget to look
for Berserker, and the best giant spider movie ever, Arac
attack, you can also see reruns of sliders, look for the later
episodes when I starred, You need to also look for sand AKA

What do you mean? you can’t talk to me like that, I a star
And I’ll do what I want, don’t tell me we’re out of


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