Big Country

Story title: Big Country

Story by: Money

Celeb in story: Kylie Jenner

Story codes: Mf, oral, anal, breast expansion

Story summary: Celeb goes out to the country to lay low after a rough weekend caught on camera while the author finds an illegal dump site for HGH not far from his cabin.

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened it’s total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality any feedback or questions send them to now on with the story.

I loved the outdoors sometimes I would come out to my secluded cabin in the woods to unwind and unplug from society for a bit after talking to her mom this trip Kylie Jenner came with me to do the same and lay low after a dismal encounter at a club.

“Don’t worry we only need to be here for a week.” I said

“I can just hear the media laughing at me now.” she said

For only being 16 she was stacked as hell easily 36D’s if not bigger which nearly bounced out of her top as I pulled up to the door.

“Don’t let it bother you I put in an indoor spa last trip and have a private lake where we can swim.” I said

“That sounds like fun.” she said

She was coming around I think the idea of relaxing by a private lake without the paps knowing she was there made Kylie agreeable to staying around since the property fence extended from the road 6 miles in all directions with one way in and out.

“Ok settle into the spare bedroom and I’ll get a picnic lunch ready for the lake.” I said

“Ready.” she said

Kylie came out in a white bathing suit that barely came down to her legs with mesh cutouts between her ample boobs and hips leaving nothing to my imagination.

“My heart nearly stopped.” I said

“I thought your pulse would be racing.” she said

She was a relentless tease all the way to the lake brushing up against me in various ways having fun at my expense I was setting up the picnic table when she had a crazy idea.

“Your choice food, or swim first.” I said

“Mmmm…skinnydip.” she said

I thought Kylie was messing with me until I saw her getting out of her bikini and jumping in the water stark naked the picture being seered into my brain as she treaded water looking at me would last forever.

“Nice form.” I said

“Flattery might get you in my pants…if I was wearing any.” she purred

At 7’4 and around 250 lbs. I was very big for my size even my 18 inch long cock would have been too much for Kylie if we had sex the bulge in my pants was impossible to hide as she continued to tease me.

“Wow you really can float with those.” I said

“I can do so much more….what the??” she said

Her teasing suddenly stopped as her ample boobs started growing to ridiculous proportions before Kylie could get out of the lake her now cartoonish figure sported some 40F’s nearly making her tip over.

“Must be something in the water.” I said

“I’m feeling kinda funny….kinda sexy.” she cooed

I barely had time to think as Kylie came out of the water pinning me on the beach going right for my pants letting my 18 inch cock out her labido was clearly in control and on overdrive.

“You might want to slow down.” I said

“Like hell.” she said

I pulled Kylie’s legs apart driving my thick cock inside a very tight space her pussy being more snug than I thought it would be making her claw my back yet beg for more.

“Holy fuck that’s big.” she moaned

“Just getting started.” I said

I got a firm grip on her big rack pistoning in and out at a rather quick clip driving Kylie momentarily insane as she arched her back I started sucking on her boobs.

“UUUHHHHHNNNN….your slamming my womb….but I don’t care.” she screached

“Good to know.” I said

Her legs opened all the way as I plowed in further than anyone had before my 18 inches rubbing Kylie’s clit making her hips buck as a shock of pleasure ran up her spine.

“Gonna scream…soon.” she panted

“Go ahead…nobody can hear you anyway.” I said

I wasn’t sure how loud she would get but it was cool watching her suck her own boob trying to get milk out as she moaned watching me continuing to bang her brains out at a near reckless pace.

“Wow I can see the outline on my abs.” she said

“Cool.” I said

My dick was throbbing ready to explode I could only thrust a few more times before it would and Kylie’s hips weren’t stopping anytime soon.

“Do it you hung fucker blast that load inside me.” she purred

“Can’t hold it.” I said

Our orgasms hit at the same moment I barely heard Kylie’s scream over my dick plastering her love canal with my thick, sticky, baby batter her hips were bucking hard not letting me go as she squeezed her massive knockers I finally pulled out letting loose a second load just as big coating her tits and part of her hair in a somewhat thick layer of white goo some splashing on her neck as well.

A few days later

With the overnight rainstorms I went out to check for lightning strike damage while Kylie made dinner I didn’t see any downed trees or branches but did find buried growth hormone canisters that were empty from what appeared to be an illegal dump site far from any waste treatment plants I knew about around here if it had found it’s way into the ground water that fed the lake that would explain what happened to Kylie as I returned dinner was ready slightly scorched but good overall and Kylie was really frisky.

“Your acting like you swallowed a batch of sugar cookies.” I said

“Give me a chance and I’ll swallow plenty.” she said

I had no doubt she would as we moved to the indoor spa I called it a spa yet it was an extended bathroom with a jacuzzi, lap pool, and massage table hanging from the ceiling Kylie went straight for the table stretching out waiting on me.

“I see your expecting something.” I said

“Just get me worked up and I’ll make your week.” she cooed

Kylie’s outfit of a tight top and really short shorts were in my way so giving her the massage she wanted was more difficult than normal since she didn’t feel like getting naked.

“Making me work for it I see.” I said

“The better the massage the more naked I get.” she purred

Even with her boobs back to their normal size I kind of missed the other ones but with the added incentive of her getting naked for a great massage I found my opening.

“Well it’s a start.” I said

“A little lower.” she said

Kylie was really getting into it I found a spot on her lower back and worked it hard making her squirm under my hands the more she moaned the wider her legs spread her hands pawing at her shirt.

“Looks like your in the home stretch.” I said

“Soooooo good.” she moaned

Kylie was in heat in a big way pulling off her shorts while kissing me I was about to remove her shirt when her boobs started to grow again straining the seams before ripping in half with staggering 50G’s bouncing into view.

“Now those are impressive.” I said

“So’s your dick.” she said

I pulled Kylie into the tub feeling up her massive tits as I went making her groan wanting me to suck them again I almost did but held back making her want it more.

“Come on baby these things are sooooooo heavy.” she cooed

“I’ll cut you a deal I’ll do that if I get to fuck your ass.” I said

She agreed quick pulling my cock towards her anal ring getting it ready she must have been a total tease since she nearly screamed with less than half of my monster cock inside her or Kylie was a total anal virgin back there.

“All the way in.” she said

“If you insist.” I said

Kylie was far too tight to be an anal slut like the media had been making her out to be lately the more I pushed in the harder she gripped the tub and her tits clearly nothing my size had ever made it so far up her ass before.

“Don’t think I’ll need a vibrator after this.” she said

“Probably not.” I said

My hips were moving at a brisk pace before I picked up speedslamming Kylie’s ass hard the water was crashing around us like mini tidal waves on Kylie’s huge rack.

“This horse cock of yours is amazing.” she said

“I’m not done yet.” I said

I went full speed going balls deep on every stroke making Kylie shudder and scream as I went my thick shaft opening her anal ring as far as possible letting all 18 inches probe her insides.


“Ok.” I said

I picked her up out of the water getting one of Kylie’s huge tits in my mouth I sucked several times as hard as I could making her body spasm before I unloaded a large load of spunk up her ass it felt like buckets were flowing out of my balls churning along I didn’t feel drained until I pulled out of Kylie’s ass while it was still trying to milk cum out.

Saturday afternoon

Going back wasn’t as much fun as I thought getting Kylie out of the bedroom without a crowbar was a challenge I had to promise to return soon with Kendall in tow Kylie enjoyed herself but had a new fondness for the outdoors.

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