Big Night

Big Night

By Robbins

Tom was at a party. He was a mind control
expert In demand In Hollywood. It was he
who got Sarah Michelle Gellar to be with
Freddie Prinz JR,and got Jennifer Garner to
leave Scott Foley. He has had his eye on
Estella Warren,and Helena Bonham Carter. And
tonight he would make his move. Estella was
one of the most beautiful women In the world,
and was the object of male desire. Tom was
going to enjoy her. He went up to her. He
flashed a ring at her. Her will faded. He


Helena walked In. Estella went up to her.
“Hi Helena” Estelle said. “Hi” Helena replied.
Tom came up to them. He flashed his ring at
Helena. Her will faded as well. Tom was happy
he now had them both In his control. “Let’s
go ladies” he told them. Helena,and Estella
went with Tom.

In the back of a limo Tom was with Helena,and
Estella. “Why don’t you two kiss?” he said.
Helena,and Estella started kissing. Tom was
very turned on by their kissing.

Tom walked Into the Bedroom with Helena,and
Estella. He sat on the bed. “Undress ladies”
he told them. Helena,and Estella removes
clothes. Tom removed his clothes. “Come to me
ladies” he told them. Helena,and Estella went
to Tom.

Estella was riding Tom’s dick with her pussy
while Helena had her hands on Estella’s
breasts,and were caressing them as Estella
was riding Tom.

Helena was laying on the bed as Estella was
on top of her caressing her breasts as
Tom was riding his dick Into Estella’s ass.
Helena enjoyed having Estella caress her

Estella was laying on the bed. Helena was
sucking Estella’s pussy as Tom was riding
his dick Into Helena’s Ass. Estella was
moarning during the great blow job Helena
was giving her. Tom continued to ride his
dick Into Helena. Estella enjoyed Helena’s
sucking her pussy.

Helena layed on the bed. Tom layed his dick
before her face. Helena had It In her
mouth. She was blowing It hard. Tom enjoyed
the blow Job Helena was giving him. At the
same time Estella was repaying Helena for
the great blow job Helena had given her
by sucking Helena’s pussy. SHe was really
going Into It. “Oh Helena!” Tom moarned.
“You are the best!” Tom replied. “I’m
cuming! I’m cuming!” Tom moarned In
pleasure. This was one night he would
forget. Helena,and Estella were great.

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