Billie, Samantha And Louise body To body

Billie,Samantha and Louise body to body

Despite their music rivalry Billie Piper, Samantha Mumba and Louise
were close friends and often socialised. Prim and Proper Louise took
some convincing of their latest girls night which Billie and Samantha
had decided would encompass wearing the tightest,skimpiest outfits
they owned, drinking heavily and trawling round as many trendy London
nightspots as humanly possible.
Louise preffered to stay home and dress conservatively these days,
she had settled into a life of domesticity and her
days parading semin
naked for FHM were behind her. But she was pissed off with husband
Jamie Redknapp who’d opted for a "lads night out" rather than the
romantic candlelit supper she’d planned and she decided to take
Samantha and Billie grinned when they arrived to collect her and
found she upstaged the pair of them in the slutty stakes wearing a
plunging crop top that revealed most of her big breasts and a denim
skirt so short that it gave tantalising glimpses of the thong beneath
as well as her shapely,tanned legs. Billie and Samantha felt
positively overdressed in comparison, Billie’s developing frame barely
covered by a bra and see through shirt and tight leather trousers
while Samantha had opted for a black mini dress that clung to her
small,pert breasts and rode in to her slim waist before stopping just
below her black panties so that most of her long,chocolate coloured
legs were on display.
The three of them set off giggling hand in hand for a night of
naughty and vengeful behaviour. They took in most of the clubs and
pubs around London flirting outrageously with every man they met and
dancing together suggestively loving the goggle eyed stares of men and
women in the clubs.
All three of them though had made an agreement to leave together to
ensure their saftey so despite all being as horny as hell they didn’t
take up any of the many offers made to them that evening and arrived
back at Louises London home in the early hours in fits of drunken
"Ooh I can’t believe the way I’ve behaved tonight." Louise said
giggling mischievously "Jamie will go mad if her ever finds out."
"Whats up wi yer?" demanded Samantha "It was just a bit of flirting,
ye didn’t fuck anyone."
"She wasn’t far away with that guy in the toilets." giggled Billie.
"Oh yeah?" Louise countered "Well what about you with that bloke on
the dancefloor? He was feeling your arse and everything."
"Got to keep my public happy." Billie said grinning cheekily.
They all laughed loudly as they sat huddled on Louises large sofa.
"Jesus I’m so fucking horny after all that though." Samantha moaned
rubbing her bare legs suggestively. Neither Billie or Louise could
resist staring down as her short skirt had rode up to reveal her black
panties, tight pussy lips pressing through the thin fabric.
Louise, shocked to find herself aroused by the sight, jumped up.
"Anyone for coffee?" she asked awkwardly.
Billie and Samantha who were now staring dreamily into one anothers
eyes nodded vacantly and a bemused Louise headed into the kitchen
still thinking about Samanthas legs and the sensation of seeing up her
skirt, it was a feeling she’d never experienced before and it made her
uncomfortable but excited too.
She stood waiting for the kettle to boil absent mindedly and was
shocked to find her thoughts interrupted by a hand sliding up her
skirt and resting on her crotch and two other hands feeling her
breasts. She spun round to see a smiling Samantha face to face with
her and a crouched Billie looking up dreamily.
"What the hell are you doing?" Louise demanded angrily.
"Relax." Samantha said soothingly "Try something new."
She stared knowingly at Louise for a second then cocked her head and
began to move her thick pouting lips towards Louise.
"I don’t….I mean I’m not….I haven’t." stammered Louise her
protests were drowned out as Samantha began to passionately kiss her
and Billie slipped two long fingers inside her thong, through the
thick mat of brown pubic hair and into her tight,moist cunt.
Louise couldn’t resist even if she wanted to and if she was honest she
Growing more confident and relaxed she began to match Samanthas
passoniate kisses and found herself slipping her tounge into her black
lovers mouth while sighing and groaning with delight as Billie pumped
her pussy expertly and brought her to some of her most memorable
Samantha suddenly withdrew from the kisses and stared lustfully at
Louises scantily clad body, Billie stood up beside her and Louise
watched in awe as the pair began to kiss passionately and caress each
others firm teenage bodies.
"Lets get naked." Billie suggested turning to Louise.
Louise and Samantha nodded and the trio began to slip off their
clothes and the skimpy almost pointless underwear beneath. Naked, They
walked hand in hand through to Louises bedroom. She felt pangs of
guilt as she submissively collapsed on to the big bed and opened her
legs obligingly knowing she was being unfaithful but feeling far too
aroused to stop herself.
Billie and Samantha swapped roles Billie showering the newcomer to
their regular lesbian sessions with passionate kisses then bobbing
down to suckle her erect nipples and having the favour returned by a
screaming Louises whose slit was being forcefully stimulated by
Samantha’s long,skillful fingers and talented tounge.
"Oh fucking hell Sam that feels so good." Louise wailed as the black
girl brought her to yet another sticky orgasm then withdrew with one
of her sultry smiles and lapped up the jizz that covered her fingers
before bobbing back down and licking her white subjects cunt clean.
Billie also let out screams of pleasure as a busy Samantha used the
fingers on her free hand to slip between the eighteen year olds plump
ass cheeks and poke her tight anus agressively.
The sticky,sweaty lovers exchanged roles several times each having a
go as the submissive and having their openings explored and stimulated
by the other two. Samantha loved being dominated by "two white
bitches" as she described them and Billie and Louise found their
darker side awoke as they violently rammed a dildo Louise kept in her
bedside table in and out of the ebnony beauty’s surprisingly tight
black cunt and anus to screams of pain and pleasure from her.
The trio lay sweaty,soar and naked afterwards in an intimate heap,
legs intertwined and breasts pressed together reflecting on their
night of lust.
"I can’t believe I did this." Louise said suddenly "I’m not a lezza."
"Well we’ll make this a one off then shall we?" Samantha asked
grinning knowingly.
Louise shook her head vigorously knowing she wanted more and the three

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