Billie Piper And Jimmy Get It On !

Billie Piper and Jimmy get it on!

It was just another boring weekend in New York and I was just strolling
around the park which was near my house. I really needed to get away
from my work for a while so I thought the park would be the best place
to cool off. The park was rather quiet except for a few skate-boarders
showing off their daring stunts.

When I was about to leave the park, I hear a girl crying. Due to my
curiosity I followed the cries and came to the part of the park which
was facing the sea. I saw a girl which was about
16yrs old wearing black
jeans and a tight white top, she had her back facing me so I did not get
to see her face.

As I had nothing to do, I approached her and asked if I could help her.
The girl turned around swiftly and to my amazement it was none other but
the famous pop singer: Billie Piper!!!

I was blur for a moment as I thought that it was just a dream but Billie
tapped my shoulders and asked me what I wanted. I didn’t answer as I was
still shocked that I had finally met my favourite singer in person.

After Billie asked me a few times I finally answer her. I told her that
I was just curious why she was crying.

I then told her that she could tell me her problems and maybe I could be
able to solve them. Billie paused for a while then she said: "maybe I
might feel better if I say out my troubles but you have to promise me
that you would not tell anyone!" I readily agreed.

Billie told me that due to her music career she had to travel to
different countries and that made it impossible for her to make any good
friends. "Actually, the main reason that I’m sad is that my boyfriend
broke up with me yesterday!" said Billie in her sweet voice.

I was really enjoying every second with her as it was only once in a
blue moon that such a famous celebrity would ever talk to you. Billie
then told me: " My boyfriend broke up with me because he said that I was
not spending enough time with him but he must understand me as I have to
travel from time to time due to my career."

"You know what Billie?! I used to think that celebrities were very rich
and happy but I guess I am proven wrong this time!" I said. " Now I am
here in New York all alone, far away from my love ones, I am really
feeling very miserable." replied Billie.

We then sat at the bench like this talking for an hour.

By then it was getting late and Billie had recover from her sad state,
she was now much happier as she had say out her sorrows.

"How could I ever thank you for listening to my sorrows, you are such a
kind man!" said Billie in a grateful manner. I took this opportunity to
ask her to have dinner at my house: "Erm’ Billie, you could repay me by
having dinner at my house?!"

Billie went quiet for a while, as I kept hoping that the answer would be
yes. Billie then said: " I guess that would be nice of you!" " You mean
it!?" I replied still uncertain.

It was confirmed when Billie nodded her head.

I then led Billie to my house which was at the corner of the street. On
the way she suddenly held my hand and said that she wanted to feel that
someone cared for her. So I readily agreed to hold her hand.

Her hand was really smooth and supple but her breasts were nicer, I
guess she wore a cup C size of bra.

When we finally reached my house she was already sweating much to my
delight as I could get a clearer view of her nipples through her tight
white top. I brought her in and took her around my house to have a look
at my neat house.

"Impressive! I did not think that a bachelor would keep his house so
tidy!" said Billie. I was quite embarrassed but flattered. I then led
her to view my room.

At that moment I had to go to the toilet to do my business so I told her
to make her self at home.

I went to the toilet and wild thoughts ran through my mind, I thought
how nice if I could have sex with Billie. After urinating, I went back
to my room and to my amazement…

Billie was lying on my bed!!! As I entered the room my eyes were staring
at Billie’s eyes which were so electrifying. Billie then flashed a quick
seductive smile at me as if telling me to love her.

This made my penis rise a bit.

Noticing the slight bulge in my pants, Billie blushed. But she
approached me slowly and whispered to my ears something that I could not

" I know you want me inside you and I want you to, so quickly….make
love to me, treat this as my repay to you but please be gentle as I am
still a virgin." Whispered Billie in a very seductive way.

Unable to control myself anymore as my now fully erected penis was
starting to feel pain in my pants, I ripped off my pants and slipped
down my Calvin Klein underwear, taking out my 7 inch penis. I could hear
a slight groan from Billie as she saw my huge dick. I told Billie that I
would be gentle. Billie then started to undress first removing her white
top showing her breasts through her white-laced bra, then she glided her
black jeans off to reveal her vagina which was hidden by her white

Billie then stepped back a bit and started to dance with both her hands
massaging her tits over her bra. She then turned with her back facing me
as she slowly removed her bra throwing it at me as I smelled them.

Billie then spanned around to show me her huge tits with her cute
nipples. Her hand then slowly moved down to her pussy as she played with
it through her panty, she then removed a bit of her panty which revealed
a little of her untouched pussy hair.

This was too much for me as a little pre-cum appeared at the tip of my
dick. But I restrain myself as I continued to watch her strip-tease.

As my attention from my dick went back to her she had already taken of
her panty and now had one hand playing with her nipples and the other
hand rubbing her virgin pussy. She then told me to make love with her
now as she was getting too horny.

Billie then lied on my soft bed and spread open her legs. I then went
beside her and started to kiss her passionalty as she sucked my tongue.
Next, I move my mouth down to her neck kissing her sexy body inch by

When I reach her huge tits I took both my hands and started to squeeze
her tits. Billie gave out a moan as I squeezed and kissed her nipples
one by one. I then sucked hard at her nipples as her nipples grew as
hard as rocks and her moans got louder.

After sucking her breasts, I moved down to her pussy and slowly licked
her hair. I then tried to be a little adventurous and inserted a bit of
my tongue into her pussy. This time Billie gave out a really loud groan
much to my delight. "Man! Was her pussy entrance tight!" I thought to

After a bit of licking of her vagina, I got off her and Billie went over
to my 7 inch penis and started licking the tip of my penis which had a
little of my pre-cum. Billie then took my whole penis into her mouth as
she sucked my dick with pleasure. I groaned and shuddered as I got my
first orgasm after a long time.

Billie then continued to suck my dick deliciously, I could feel my semen
about to explode in her sweet mouth. I warned Billie that I was about to
come. Billie mumbled to me a sense of delight and I knew that she wanted
to have me come in her mouth.

At this very moment, my semen filled Billie’s mouth. She gave out a soft
yes. I could feel my semen splashing against the sides of her mouth as
she swallowed every drip of my semen deliciously.

After licking up all my semen, Billie told me that she was ready to have
me inside her, so I got above her, my penis just a few inches away from
her pussy. I told her to bear with the pain for a while as she was a

I then carefully placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy. Billie
took a deep breath and I slowly glided my giant dick into her tight
virgin pussy, I could feel that her hymen was still blocking the
entrance to her `golden valley’.

With much effort I managed to squeezed through her hymen and into her
fresh cunt. Billie screamed out loud as I entered her but after a few
slow `in and outs’ of her cunt her screams of pain turned into screams
of enjoyment.

I then started to glide my dick in and out of her faster as I felt my
balls rammed against the underside of her pussy. I then did this as one
of my hands played with her tits.

Soon, I cummed in her pussy as she received her first orgasm. I felt my
semen shooting against her vagina walls and I aimed my semen right up
her pussy, as she moaned and groaned receiving yet another orgasm.

We were in this position for a long time and I wanted to change the
position so I told her to go on all her fours like a dog as I fucked her
from behind.

Being adventurous Billie agreed. She went into a dog position, I got her
ready by inserting my middle finger into her asshole. Billie was almost
crying as anal sex always hurt a little. When she was ready, I took
position and inserted my dick into her supple and lush asshole. I went
in and out feeling her smooth asshole-walls, I got faster and faster
causing the whole bed to shake.

Billie was really enjoying her first fuck as I could tell from her face
expression. I thought to myself that such a famous singer would actually
have sex with a man she knew for about three hours! Billie really looked
like a bitchy slut as I continued pounding her with my penis.

After an hour of fast-pace fucking, we both got tired and decided to
stop. I then stood above Billie and aimed my hot juicy rich white cum
into her mouth as she swallowed every single drop. Billie then told me
to help her lick her wet pussy which was filled with her juices. I bent
down and licked and sucked her pussy, clearing up every drop of her

Billie then told me that she had to go, so she wore her clothes and told
me this: "Jimmy, you are a really great fucker and I thank you for
making sweet love to me I will always remember you and each time I come
to New York I will look you up for a second fuck, I promise, Love U!!!"
and Billie kissed me goodbye as she left.

I really look forward to a second time with my idol and now sex

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