Billie Piper: Behind The Scenes At The Brits

Billie Piper: Behind the Scenes at The Brits

By: Cyber slayer

As she sat in her seat in her dressing room dressed in her dressing
gown, she sighed. The papers had been on her tail for a while and
she felt like slapping the fuckers in the face and giving them a
good swift kick in the nuts. But The Sun Newspaper would probably
give the headline "Silly Filly Billy kicks Reporters willy" or
something stupid like that, and she’d get a battering by her agent.

So, she just keeps the anger contained. She doesn’t even have enough
time anymore to have a quick finger of her pussy, let alone a fuck.
She would have killed for a fuck that night, but little did she know
that all was going to be fine. It was going to be a good two and a
half hours before the Brit Awards started. While practicing her part
in the ABBA tribute along with everyone else, earlier that day, she
had noticed how little B*Witched had been wearing. Short skirts,
tight tops and knee high boots. They were dancing around, which was
developing Billie into a very horny mood. She was wet just thinking
about the moment. She slowly let her hand move down to her legs,
feeling her breasts through the dressing gown along the way. A
slight tingle as she touched them. She began to part her gown to
gain access to her sex. As soon as she even touched her clit, a loud
bang on the door made her jump from her seat and tighten the belt
around her waist. Her agent walked in. "Hey Billie, just to say
you’ve got time to relax. Nothing on for the next hour and a half,
except the brits…." He laughed. Billie gave him a cold stare. He
noticed. "Ok ok, sorry. Geez" and closed the door on the way out.
"Bastard, damm bastard. Well, now I have time to finish…"

She walked upto the door, and locked it. "Now let’s see if he can
get in" She walked over to her full size mirror, and opened the
gown. It slowly fell to the floor. She admired her naked self in the
mirror. Twirling around. "Damm, this body is too good to keep to
myself. I’m gonna get me a fuck tonight." She went to her wardrobe,
and grabbed her sluttiest outfit there. There wern’t many clothes,
so she had to make do with a skirt that was almost a belt; the
tightest top that bared her midriff; and she borrowed Edele’s
Knee-high boots. Edele was happy to lend them, and said to Billie
that those boots attracted many "large" men. Billie was surprised,
but Edele said "Oh come on, I was screwed for the first time at
about 15. I’m sure you are dying for a fuck. Also I can tell you’re
horny…" All prepared, she decided to go and sign some autographs
and see if she can find someone. She signed many autographs, and
recieved many stares from boys, and some occasional stares from
girls. She had worn no underware, so some boys got more than what
they asked for. "Can I have your autograph Billie ? Friend of mine
asked me to get it for him" "Sure, ok." She said, sitting down at a
table. The boy was about the same height as Billie, and was built
like a brick shithouse. She figured he was her age. Bille watched
him and trailed her eyes all over his body, slowly working her eyes
to the growing bulge in his trousers. She knew he noticed, and it
turned her on. She rolled the pen off the edge of the table, and
pretended that it was an accident. "Oh.." She moved to pick it up,
but the boy could see the glint in her eye. He objected and bent
down to get the pen himself.. "Don’t worry, I’ll get it." He went
under the table and grabbed the pen. At the same time, Billie opened
her legs obscenely wide and he got an eyeful of her wet pussy. He
went to touch her thigh, but she closed her legs. He stood up and
gave her the pen. Billie winked. She gestured for him to lean
forward. They became closer, and she whispered in his ear, "So, you
wanna come back to my dressing room and put both of us out of our
misery ?" He looked at her finger. It was pointing at his cock,
almost breaking through the fabric of his trousers. "Sure…."

Billie stood up and waved to the fans waiting inline. Her agent said
that she had to go. Groans filled the room, people swore udner their
breath and walked off. Billie led the teenager into her dressing
room, swaying her ass from side to side as she did. He was becoming
horner by the second. He was transfixed. They both eventually hid in
the room, locking it behind them. Billie walked up to the teenager,
putting on her "I’m so innocent" smile. He smiled with her as she
cupped his balls, and slowly stroked them. "If you play your cards
right, you might be able to have my phone number, and we can
‘accidentally’ bump into each other. Only if you make me buck to the
high heavens". "Oh don’t worry, you’ll get your release!" They
kissed passionatly, as they slowly started to undress each other.
Now they were both naked. Billie knelt on her knees, with his 8"
cock millimetres from her face. "My god, that’s big ! I’ve never had
it that big" "Well, time for a change" Billie took hold of the
monster cock with her right hand, and slowly pumped it. This ejected
a puff of air from the boy’s mouth. She had done this many times
before, but this time it was special. She didn’t know why, she just
felt it. She poked out her tounge, and licked the tip. The boy
shuddered. She knew it was time. She engulfed the cock. her grabbed
her hair as she bobbed back and forth, licking and sucking. She
could feel his balls tighten. She swallowed his cock as much as she
could, with his tip touching her tonsils. With it fully down her
throat, she hummed. The vocal chords finially triggering the release
of cum sending it screaming down her throat into her stomach. She
kept swallowing as the boy just moaned, with the occasional "Swallow
it bitch, all the way" also. Once it had slowed to a trickle, she
pulled it out. The cock was now shrinking. "Does Mister Dick not
want to play ?" She made him lay on his back, as she started to
massage his cock. She stuck her hand between his legs, and sent one
finger flying up his ass. The shock of this sent blood flowing back
into the limp cock, standing it at full erection. "That’s better"
She stood up, one leg either side of his body. She lowered herself
lower and lower, as she impaled herself on his cock. Inch by inch it
was swallowed by her eager pussy. She could feel the cock filling up
her pussy, something which had been missing since she became famous.
Finially she sat at the root. Billie and the boy both had their eyes
closed. Enjoying the pleasure of the warmness. Billie opened her
eyes, and started to rock her hips back and forth on his dick. He
opened his eyes, and cuped both of her tits. This gave a moan of
pleasure from Billie. She put her hands on his, as he massaged her
tits. "MM, oh yeah. This’s the spot. Just keep squeezing them. Keep
doing that, UH YEAH !" Fasted and faster she rocked. Soon he started
to pump his hips up and down, forcing her up, down, left and right.
The more he pumped, the more she moaned. The moans eventually turned
into screams, screams of her forthcoing orgasm.

"What the hell is that ?" Keavy said in her dressing room. The other
girls shook their heads, except Edele. They were all putting on
makeup and dressing etc. "Don’t you recognise the voice ?" They all
listened. "Oh come on" "No, it isn’t is it ?" Lindsay questioned.
Edele nodded. Sinead carried on. "Billie ? Billie is fucking someone
?" "Yup, Screwing some guy about her age. I saw them walk into
Billie’s dressing room. He’s cute. Shame we didn’t see him first,
would have been interesting."

upcoming story !

Faster and faster they fucked. Billie’s tits were bouncing around
every whcih way. The teenager concentrated his hands to her ass. He
slowly stuck 2 fingers up her ass. This made her rock faster and
harder. Her screams became louder, and more passionate. A balloon
was growing inside. She felt as if she was going to burst. Then
suddenly she did. An orgasm ripped through her body. She could see
nothing but white. Her orgasms rippled through her body as the
teenager came as well. She felt the streams of cum make it’s way up
his cock, and splatter all over her pussy wall. She could feel
herself filling up from the inside. She sat on his cock for a full 3
minutes, just enjoying the after glow of her orgasm. She climbed off
him, and they both layed next to each other. "Oh my god, they
was…..was….brilliant. I’ve never had a fuck like it" confessed
Billie. "Jesus Billie, you were……you rode me like a pro." She
looked at him with her puppy eyes. "Well I’m a pop star. I’ve gotta
be a pro.."

Soon after they both got dressed, and she guided him back to the
audience seats. She whispered to him. "Now none of this can’t get
out. If it does, it’ll be denied. Understand?" He nodded." Good,
now, how about I send you some more tickets in the post or something
? We have GOT to meet again." "I agree. Now when shall we meet again
?" "How about after the show in a few hours ?" "Sure," "And bring a
few of your mates. I must have them" "Ok, but there is just one
question…" "What ?" "Why ?" With that question, she started to
walk away. "billie ?" She stopped a few feet away, and answered his

"Because I want to !"

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