Billion Dollar Harem Part 1

Title: Billion Dollar Harem Pare 1

Author: Mal

Celebs: Emma Watson

Codes: MF, MDom, oral, rape, drugs

Summary: After inheriting a massive fortune from his parents, a man decides to build a celebrity harem and house them in a multi-hundred-million-dollar complex deep underground. After kidnaping his dream women, he first sees to subduing Emma Watson’s mouth.

Disclaimer:  This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Santa Clause was killed delivering presents to the middle east. Also, I make no money from the distribution of these stories.


His name was Alexander Whitley, and he is a billionaire. When he was sixteen, both of his parents died in a plane crash and he was the sole heir of their close to eighty-five-billion-dollar fortune. Alex, though, never wanted to run a fortune five hundred company, or become a beacon of philanthropy, quite the opposite in fact. Alex’s dream, and the plan he began to put in place upon his eighteenth birthday, when he took full control of his family fortune, was the creation of a harem. Alex however, didn’t just want to assemble a room full of nameless sex slaves, no. He planned to collect and enslave a harem full of beautiful celebrities.

He began by constructing a mansion deep in the untamed wilds of the Yukon Mountains, a place only accessible by helicopter. The complex would have all the features of a modern high tech celebrity manor. But under the manor, deep underground he constructed a multi-room bomb shelter complete with amenities and a high tech security system. While the mansion was being built, he took several trips to Africa. He met with many local warlords, and acquired the services of five highly trained extremely loyal men.

Five years after putting these plans in motion, Alex was ready to begin collecting women for his celebrity harem. His plan was simple, to collect five celebrities on the same night.  Collecting them in the same night would ensure that the disappearance of one or two celebrities wouldn’t arouse suspicion and thus make it harder to grab the other women he desired.

Using very subtle influence, Alex ensured that all five of his targets were all within the greater Los Angeles area on a special night in March. Chloe Moretz and Bella Thorne were filming movies in Long Beach and Anaheim. Taylor Swift, was performing a concert in Santa Monica. Margo Robbie would be spending a week in Malibu, going to the beach, and picking up a red carpet dress, which had been conveniently delayed a week to coincide with the arrival of the other targets. Lastly, was Emma Watson, she would be attending a conference on feminism in Los Angeles. She above all the others had been the target Alex had longed after for most of his life.

The Plan went off without a hitch. They waited till three am, went from home to home, hotel to hotel and quietly snatched and drugged each woman. Took her from where she was sleeping, and killed the few people who got in their way. They then took them to a quiet little airport outside of the city and flew them to a private landing strip in Canada, where they were transferred to a helicopter, and flown to Alex’s private mansion in the Yukon. The African soldiers were loyal and performed perfectly. They kept the ladies drugged and unconscious till they were laid down and locked in their respective rooms deep in the underground bunker.

Alex watched them sleep on the security monitors. After five years of planning, and a lifetime of dreaming, he’d done it. He had collected a harem of the most desirable celebrities on the planet. Alex wanted desperately to make Emma his first conquest, but she was also the one he wanted least to harm. He also knew that the tone he set with the first, would inspire the obedience of the others, and if Emma fought back he might have to get quite rough with her. Alex didn’t just want slaves that he’d have to rape each time he wanted to have them, no. He wanted his harem girls to become addicted to his cock. But before they could get there, he’d have to break them first.

Day 1:

Alex decided to start with Emma he hoped that he could ensure her obedience with a proper first time experience, and hopefully he wouldn’t’ have to hurt her . . . too much. It had been his lifelong dream growing up to fuck the girl who had played Hermione Granger. To see her mind broken and humiliated, to beg him to fuck her mouth, to delight in his every whim. He ordered Ulu, his head of security to dress her in the Hermione outfit, and take her to the punishment room.

Alex was waiting when Ulu brought her in. Emma’s head was still lolling to the side, and drool had pooled in the corners of her mouth from the drugs they had used to keep her silent during the trip. “Put her in the horse.” Alex said, as Ulu came in.

The horse was a very simple device, essentially a horizontal board with shackles spread out to about four feet on the legs. Her arms and head would go into a stockade connected to the board. This device would keep her bent over, legs spread wide, and her arms safely held apart. Effectively keeping her immobile, and in a very compromising position with easy access to all her luscious holes. While she was still out from the drugs, Ulu put a ring gag in her mouth, securing the leather strap tightly around the young starlet’s head. “Anything else boss?” Ulu asked.

“Nothing for now,” responded Alex. “Just keep an eye on the others, start your security rotations, I want the girls monitored twenty-four seven. And be ready with the safe guards in case something should go wrong.” Ulu nodded in assent and left the room.

Alex walked in a short circle around Emma as he waited for the drugs to wear off. He didn’t want to do anything beforehand. Her fear and pleasure would set the tone for subduing the rest of his little harem. As he moved behind her, he couldn’t help but lift the short little black skirt with the orange trim of Gryffindor around the edges. Underneath were plain white cotton panties. Alex admired Emma’s legs, and knelt there behind her. He slowly ran his hands up, starting at her ankles and coming to a stop at her thighs. He found his gaze drawn to those simple panties and felt his cock grow hard at what lay just behind that flimsy layer of cloth.

With supreme willpower he pulled his hands away and let the skirt drop, so it once again covered that perfect ass. He took a seat in a chair and waited for her to wake. When Emma began to stir, Alex stood, and began to take off his clothes. He loosed his tie, pulling it through the collar of his shirt, and removed his jacket, swinging it around the back of the chair. He crouched, and untied his shoes, sitting them on the chair. He dropped his pants, folded them and placed them on top of his shoes. As he began to unbutton his shirt, Emma looked up, slowly realizing the precarious of the position she was in. “MMhhhmmmh” she mumbled around the ring gag in her mouth. She then began to violently struggle against her bonds, thrashing around, and bucking, realizing the depths of her situation.

“I wouldn’t struggle so much. The more you fight, the worse I’m going to make this on you.” Alex folded his shirt and laid it on top of his pants. “Besides, you’ll only hurt yourself, and I don’t want to hurt you.” Alex gently stroked Emma’s face, crouching down to look her in the eye. She tried to flinch away from his touch, but the stockade held her in place, and looking into those beautiful eyes, he said: “now, in a second, I’m going to fuck that pretty little face of yours. Fuck it, until I dump twenty-three years of pent up sexual frustration down your throat. But before I do, I want you to realize the hopelessness of your situation. You see, instead of feeling scared or angry or thinking that you’re going to resist me, that you’d rather die than give in, you should feel honored. Honored. I built this place for you, you and a few other special guests. I spent just over a billion dollars for this day. A billion dollars, and five years of planning. You can’t escape from this complex. Even I can’t get out till the guards watching these rooms on the security monitors call the all clear. I plan to keep you and my other guests here for a very long time, and I hope you will come to enjoy your life here. But before that. . .”

Alex stood up, and began to stroke his cock looking down on the helpless Emma Watson, dressed as his childhood fantasy Hermione Granger. Once his cock was nice and hard he stepped in front of her. He gently took her head in one hand, and his cock in the other. He pressed it firmly against her cheek, moving his hips back and forth, he fucked the side of her face. Emma began to cry then, as the head of Alex’s cock passed back and forth over her eyes and across her face. Thick tears leaked from her eyes and rolled down her cheeks, ironically serving to lubricate Alex’s thick cock. Emma let out a quiet, hopeless sob as the tears continued to flow. Alex worked his prick against Emma’s pretty face till he was on the verge of blowing that precious load.

Alex pulled back then to give himself a moment or two to calm down. Emma just hung there, silent tears flowing down her face, and sobbing quietly. “That’s right, cry” he said. “Crying is your minds way of accepting your fate.” He stepped up again, this time sliding his tear stained cock between the metal ring holding Emma’s mouth open. “My God” he moaned as he gently pushed his cock to the back of Emma’s throat. “How do your tears taste” Alex jibbed as Emma gagged, and tried forcefully to pull away. The restraints held her firm. Alex held her head tenderly, and stroked her hair as he lovingly, deliberately, patiently moved his cock in and out of her prone mouth. He moved slowly, he didn’t want it to be over too quickly. After a few long moments of moving his cock all the way out to the tip, and slowly gliding it all the way back in, of feeling Emma Watson’s tongue lash back and forth across his dick, inadvertently stroking it as she tried to move it out of the way, Alex couldn’t take it any longer.

He gripped the sides of her face and began to hump it frantically. The lashings of her tongue became more active as he pounded his hips against her face. One, two, three more quick thrusts and Alex was a heartbeat away from dumping his load. Anticipating the moment, he rammed his cock deep into Emma’s throat, holding it there as ecstasy overcame him. He came. Holding Emma by the side of her head, leaning against her face and the restraints that held her, shuddering as the most intense orgasm of his life shook him to his core. He felt his balls drain as load after load of hot cum burst forth from his cock.

Emma began to cough and sputter, gagging on both Alex’s cock which was still balls deep in her throat, and a huge load of his salty white jizz. He pulled out of her mouth, and slapped his softening cock three times against her face as she spat and retched up a belly full of cum. Alex laughed. Never in his life had he felt so powerful, so alive. He scooped up the vomit, saliva and cum from his leg and stomach holding it as a pool in his hand. He knelt once again in front of her to look into those beautiful brown eyes which stared back at him in hatred and defeat. With the other hand he tenderly stroked her face. “You’re mine now. You must realize this.” He then smeared the contents of Emma’s stomach from his other hand all over her, running his fingers into her mouth, covering her eye lids. “You filthy, filthy whore, look what a mess you’ve made.” Alex slapped her once, hard. Emma flinched at the blow and let out a muffled sob. “But you’re my whore. You remember that when you think about trying to escape tomorrow.”

Alex stood up then. “I’m going to go take a shower now. I’m going to leave you to sleep in your own filth while you think about that. And while you’re thinking about how you might escape, think about this. Tomorrow, I’m going to fuck that sweet little pussy.”

Alex walked toward the door to the room, pausing as his hand touched the knob. Before he could press his thumb against the panel that would open the door, he changed his mind and walked back over to Emma. He knelt again before her saying “I’ll make you a deal, Emma.” Her cum covered eyelashes fluttered open, fighting the stinging pain as the liquid seeped into her eyes. “You may blink once for yes, twice for no. I’ll remove the gag from your mouth, and instead of making you sleep strapped into the horse, I’ll let you sleep on the mat in this room.” Alex pointed to the corner of the room where a simple leather mat and a threadbare cotton blanket sat. “But,” Alex continued, “you must first ask me very politely to remove you from the device, and once I do, thank me by saying: Thank you, Master. If you say or do anything other than that, I can promise you the position you wake up in will make this one seem like a luxuriant feather mattress. Do you understand?”

Emma hung her head in defeat. For a moment Alex thought she was going to refuse to answer, to defy him as long as she could, and just as he was about to stand and leave, Emma raised her head again, and with a look of anguish blinked once.

“Good girl,” said Alex, gently patting the top of her head. “I’m going to remove your gag now. You’re a smart girl. Remember what I said.” Emma blinked once again, and Alex undid the strap holding the gag in place, and carefully removed it from Emma’s mouth.

Emma opened and closed her mouth a few times, obviously the ring and the face fucking had caused her jaw to stiffen. For a moment Alex thought Emma was going to protest, to say something snide, or to inquire about why she was here or some other foolishness. But, much to his surprise she quietly, but obediently said, “thank you master.”

Alex had moved around behind her, to loosen the straps which held her legs to the board. “What was that, my dear. I couldn’t quite hear you.”

Emma didn’t say anything at first. Almost as if she was trying to decide if uttering the statement of appreciation louder would somehow make her defeat complete. She let out a soft defeated sob, then with a bit more volume said again, “thank you master.”

“That’s my good girl,” said Alex. “Now I believe you were going to ask me something.”

Again, Emma paused slightly, steeling herself against the humiliation of begging to be removed from such a demeaning device. “Master,” she asked with a sob and a whimper, “may I please be removed from these straps, and be allowed to sleep on the mat. . .”

Alex reveled in the sound of defeat in Emma’s voice as he released the strap that held her left leg to the table. “Because you have been such a good girl, I’ll allow it.” He undid her right leg and slipped the pin which held the stockade in its locked position from its ring, allowing Emma to come out of it. She rose up, leaning against the board on which her stomach had been resting, and rubbed her arms and legs. Then, used the sleeve of her Hogwarts uniform to wipe the mess from her face. “Your mat is there,” Alex again pointed. “If you behave, perhaps tomorrow you shall be rewarded.

As Alex began to leave, he noticed Emma looked as if she wanted to speak, but was unsure if she should, given the rules he had just laid down. Against his better judgment Alex said, “you may speak if you address me as master, but be warned the wrong sort of question will be punished.”

Emma seemed to hesitate, but then said, “Master, I’m very thirsty. May I have some water?”

“Go sit on your mat and I’ll fetch some for you.” Alex moved over to a small red cabinet which hung on the wall near the door. He pressed his thumb to a panel attached to it, and the door of the cabinet swung open. Inside were a ring of keys. “The keys,” Alex said, “open various pantries and refrigerators in the complex. They are a privilege that can be earned.” Alex used the keys to open a larger cabinet in the room. It held a small amount of food and water supplies. Alex tossed Emma a bottle of water, then locked the cabinet and the keys up tight. Then went to the chair to retrieve his clothes.

Emma opened the bottle and drained it quickly, using the last quarter to wash off her face. Alex smiled and said “you’ve been very good today. Keep it up, and you could earn a position of power in my harem.” With that Alex crossed the room, pressed his thumb to the panel by the door which swung open. “Lights” he called out, and the lights in the room cut out, casting the room into utter darkness. “Good night Ms. Watson,” said Alex as he closed the door behind him.

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