Billion Dollar Harem Part 2

Title: Billion Dollar Harem Part 2

Author: Mal

Celebs: Bella Thorne

Codes: MF, MDom, rape, anal, viol

Summary:  Unsure of whether his first conquest will be sufficient to subduing the rest of his harem, Alex decides to make an example of a disruptive influence.

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. The Easter Bunny was actually the centerpiece of your last Thanksgiving dinner. Also, I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 1 cont.

Alex strode down the hall leading from the punishment room, feeling more powerful, and more in control than he’d ever felt in his life. He passed by the storage room, and the utility room, and stopped in front of the door that lead to the main dormitories. He paused there, to put on his pants, and think. He’d made a good impression with Emma, but would it be enough to inspire obedience in the other girls? His performance might inspire good behavior, and instill the idea that good behavior could be met with reward, even kindness. But he doubted it would inspire the necessary fear to make them aspire to maintain that good behavior. He’d need to be a lot rougher with the next girl.

Alex went into the utility room, using the thumb print scanner next to the door to gain entry. He went over to the cabinet which contained this rooms keys, likewise opened it with his thumb print, and took a roll of duct tape from the locked supply cabinet before locking the keys and the room behind him. Alex went back into the hallway which connected this room and the punishment room with the main dormitories. He used the thumb print scanner to gain entry to them, and from there, passed through the living area or main room of the dormitories to another hallway on the opposite side, which lead to his own quarters.

Each area of the underground complex was a series of security check points monitored by security cameras so that any one area could be put on lockdown and flooded with halogenated ether gas. This gas is used as a general anesthetic which when breathed in will render someone unconscious. Part of the security of the compound revolved around keeping tight control over small areas like hallways and bedrooms which could be flooded with the gas, then pumped free of the gas once the troublemaker had been knocked unconscious.

Alex locked the corridor behind him, and entered his quarters. Once there, he went from his bedroom, which was the first room off the hallway, to a more tightly controlled room, his personal security room. This room was a subset of the master controls upstairs, but could be served to override upstairs control should his men try to betray him. Alex had the utmost trust in his African soldiers, though, they had been given a very generous compensation benefit package to serve him so well. Alex sat down at the monitors to see what each girl was up to, and to decide who he was going to target next, someone he could make an example of. Each girl as it happens, had a different response to waking up locked in a strange dimly lit room, in unfamiliar clothes.

Taylor Swift, despite being the eldest of all the girls in his harem, at 26, was probably handling things the least well. She was curled up in a ball at the foot of her bed, hugging her pillow, and weeping like a small child. Alex watched, as the singer rocked back and forth, quietly saying “I’m ok, everything will be alright, I’m ok,” over and over again. After a few minutes of repeating the phrase, she would break out in to uncontrollable crying, before recovering enough of herself to begin the cycle again. Alex decided to pass on Taylor. She wouldn’t put up much resistance, and would serve as a poor example for the others.

Chloe Moretz wasn’t doing much better. She was sitting at the head of her bed, also hugging her pillow. She wasn’t crying however; she was just staring blankly out into space. Alex watched as she sat there for several minutes. She then got up, walked once around the small room, tried the door knob, said desperately to the door “What am I doing here? Who are you people?” Before she returned to sitting and staring again. Alex again decided Chloe was being a little too passive to serve as a proper example, and moved on to the next girl.

Margot Robbie showed some promise. She was pacing desperately back and forth in the short space in front of the door. She seemed angry at first. She shouted at the door “What the fuck is going on here! Where am I you sick fucking assholes. I swear to God when I get out of here I’m going to . . .” but it was at that moment she lost her steam, she collapsed before the door and began to sob uncontrollably. She might, Alex thought, put up a good fight if he came into her room and tried to fuck her . . . but based on what he had just seen, she seemed just as likely to give into despair, and he needed her to resist.

He turned to Bella Thorne, the eighteen-year-old Disney star was being surprisingly belligerent. She had torn the bedding from the mattress and thrown it around the room. The mattress, had been flung against the far wall, and the bed spring was resting at an odd angle against the other. She was violently pacing back and forth, making obscene gestures, and cursing colorfully at the door. Perfect.

Alex stood from the desk, went to the safe on the wall to retrieved his Taser, then strode from the room grabbing up the duct tape he had retrieved earlier as he left. He passed through the hall outside his room and into the living area of the main dormitory. There were eight cells attached to this central area, each with a six-foot-long hallway separating the girls room from the main room. Alex opened the door which led to the hallway outside Bella Thorne’s room, calling out as he did to the guards whom he knew would be monitoring his location. “Feed the security footage from Bella’s room to the rooms of our other guests.”

Each cell was equipped with a small monitor behind a layer of Plexiglas, to keep the occupant from destroying it. The monitor could be used to convey any information or orders that Alex might want all the girls to receive. In this case, a lesson in passivity and rule breaking. Emma, Alex thought, being in the punishment room, would be spared this lesson. He hoped she wouldn’t need it. Alex stepped into the hallway, closing and locking the door behind him. He then stepped up to the door to Bella’s room.

Alex made a lot of unnecessary noise unlocking the door, he wanted to make sure the young starlet would hear him preparing to enter. He opened the door, and just as he had expected, Bella Thorne was crouched and waiting to charge the exit. Alex side stepped as she ran for the door. Bella entered the hallway and stopped at the locked door a few feet away. Alex calmly raised the Taser, looked into the nearby camera, and fired. Bella was hit in the back with fifty-thousand volts dropping her to the ground like a sack of potatoes, and causing her to wetting herself in the process.

Alex slipped the Taser into his pocket and pulled free a stretch of duct tape, holding the free end in his mouth. He approached the stunned red-haired starlet, and wrenched her arms painfully in front of her and began to wound them tightly together with the duct tape before Bella could regain much of her faculties. He then grabbed a handful of that gorgeous red hair and hauled the young girl to her feet and led her into the bedroom. Alex pushed her roughly to the floor. He then tossed the Taser out into the hallway, and closed the door behind him, locking them in and it out.

Bella, had regained a bit of her strength, and had managed to stand on shaky legs. Alex approached her, reared back, and slapped her full strength across the face, causing her again to drop to the floor. He replaced the bed spring and mattress to the frame of the bed, and again hauled Bella to her feet by grabbing a handful of her hair. He placed his face close to hers and pointed them at one of the room’s three camera’s and said: “Take notice ladies, this is what happens when you fight. When you resist. When you break the rules. When you do anything, but what I tell you to do. Make no mistake, you’re slaves now, and I am your master.”

Bella was still shaky from being tased, but she be tried to pull away from Alex after he gave his little speech to the camera. Alex held her hair firm and used it to pull her down onto the bed. He sat on her stomach and wrenched her arms above her head. He used the duct tape to bind her arms to the head of the bed, despite her continued struggles. “Sit” said Alex slapping her again across the face, “still” slapping her across the other cheek. The first blow caused the skin of her lower lip to break, and a little blood to leak out. The second blow caused her nose to lightly bleed, but she now seemed much more subdued.

Alex climbed off of her, and tore the simple white tee-shirt from her body exposing her pert little breasts to the room. The gravity of the situation had finally sunk in for Bella, and she began to sob loudly. “Please,” she wailed. “You don’t have to do this . . . Please . . . just let me go. I promise I won’t –”

Whatever she was going to say was cut short, as Alex interrupted her by yanking her plain white cotton panties, that were still wet from the tasing, down her legs. Alex straddled her stomach again, just as Bella was about to say something else, he stuffed the soiled panties into her mouth and, pushing her mouth closed, duct taped it shut. “That’s better” Alex said softly sliding back some so he could lightly fondle her perky little boobs.

“You’re really quite beautiful” he said seriously. “But, don’t think it will save you here, all my slaves are just as lovely.” He pinched her nipple, and lightly pulled on it. Bella murmured around the tape, and thick tears began to stream from her dark brown eyes. “You advance here” he said, again looking at the camera, “by obeying.” To emphasize his point, he pulled and twisted Bella’s nipples painfully, causing her to cry out in a muffled scream.

Alex stood, and removed his pants. “Now, my little Disney Princess, I’m going to fuck that little eighteen-year-old pussy. The more you fight, the more I’m going to make sure it hurts, the more depravity you’ll cause me to sink to.” He stood over her then, looking down on her tear streaked face and began to stroke his cock. She looked away in disgust, and pulled her legs up to her chest. She was sobbing uncontrollably by the time Alex’s cock was ready to go just a few short moments later. Grabbing her leg, Alex pulled Bella to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs and climbed onto the bed between them. He then filled the palm of his hand with saliva and smeared it all over his throbbing prick.

Alex clutched Bella Thorne’s thigh in his right hand, and guided his cock into her teenaged pussy with his left. She began to struggle as he rammed his cock to the hilt. He held her legs apart with his body, and used his left arm to hold her down, with the right, he again slapped her across the face, all while he began to slowly and steadily rock back and forth inside her. She was no virgin, but god she was tight. Whoever had the fortune of plucking this cherry, sure hadn’t done so many times since. Bella’s pussy clenched around Alex’s cock, and despite the lubrication of his spit, he had to fight for every inch.

Despite the slap, Bella continued to fight. She was bucking and thrashing and trying everything she could to throw Alex off of her. “That’s good, you fight.” Alex seized her with both hands around the throat and began to squeeze, forcing himself again all the way inside of her. Alex held her throat in his hands, squeezing the life slowly from the starlet, even as she continued to kick and thrash. As he held her, Alex used his body to hold her legs apart, and began to move his hips back and forth violently. Slamming his cock in and out of her pussy with all his might.

Bella’s eyes began to bulge, and tears again rolled down her pretty cheeks. He built up momentum and in moments had established a strong rhythm. In and out he worked his cock, and began to ease up on her throat, allowing her to momentarily catch her breath, before clamping down again. He smiled down at her after a few minutes of rough pounding, he felt her pussy except his cock, he felt her juices flow. Even Bella’s eyes had rolled back into her head. She had stopped struggling, her long legs lay limply to the side and she was murmuring and crying as thick tears rolled down her cheeks. She was defeated. Alex continued to work his cock in and out of her until he was on the edge of blowing his load inside of her.

He stopped himself just at the edge. Alex hadn’t yet established the girls’ birth control regimen, and didn’t want them getting pregnant, but he was far from done with young Bella Thorne for the night. He pulled out and sat back on the bed, his chest and back thick with sweat. “You’re a pretty good fuck, for a stuck up bitch you know that.” Bella sobbed in response, a look of relief that her ordeal was over came over her face. “But, we’re not done yet.” Alex laughed and flipped Bella over onto her stomach. “You’re going to learn your place. Tonight!”

Alex spread Bella’s taunt ass cheeks apart, and pushed the head of his cock right up to the entrance of her tight, teenaged, no doubt virgin asshole. He gripped Bella’s shoulder with his right hand, and used his left to guide the tip of his dick inside. He then pushed her face roughly into the bed, and began to work his thick prick all the way to the hilt. Bella cried out, as best she could around the panties and the tape, but her eyes said it all. She was sobbing and crying profusely, but the look in those eyes said defeat as Alex finally worked his all of his cock inside.

He held himself inside her, and pushed her closer to the head of the bed, where he undid the tape which bound her arms to the bed. Alex then pushed Bella’s face against the wall and ripped the tape from her mouth, causing her to cry out in pain. He rammed his fingers past her lips and yanked the soiled undies from her mouth, as he did so, he pulled half way out, and thrust himself painfully back in. Bella cried out in pain, and sobbed quietly. “Please . . . please” she said. “I’ll be a good girl. I won’t fight back anymore . . . just please don’t hurt me anymore.”

“The first rule is” Alex said has he gripped her hips from behind and thrust himself in and out of her roughly, “you don’t address me unless I say you may, and when you do, you call me master.”

Her asshole was tight, incredibly so, and Alex was having to concentrate not to blow his load before he finished. He slid his prick in to the hilt, and said “Slave, you wanted to ask me something?”

Bella cringed as Alex’s thick dick pushed all the way into her, tears streamed down her face and she sobbed her response. “Master please, please don’t hurt me anymore. I’ll be a good girl.”

Alex smiled down at her. “Prove it,” he said, “fuck me. Fuck me till I cum inside your sweet little ass. I’m not going to help you. If you make me cum, I might show mercy on you.” Bella bit her lip in response. Alex wasn’t sure she’d be up for it; after everything he’d put her though. But to his enjoyment, Bella began to slowly rock her hips back and forth. She braced herself by gripping the headboard of the bed with her bound hands, and slowly pushed herself back and forth, on Alex’s cock. Alex leaned back some and braced himself on the bed, fully enjoying the view as Bella’s asshole slowly enveloped his prick, then rescinded till his head almost sprung free, before watching her tight ass glide back down to the hilt. Alex pulled his eyes away from the entrancing view of Bella’s asshole bouncing up and down on his dick to look her in the eye.

He couldn’t help but smile at the look of defeat in the young starlet’s gorgeous brown eyes. He could tell she wasn’t fully yet enjoying what she was doing, there were still tears leaking from her eyes, and she wasn’t watching him, but rather looking humiliated at the floor. But never the less, she kept a good rhythm, and eventually picked up speed. Her asshole clinched tightly as Alex neared orgasm, and she pushed herself onto his cock as far as she could go. That was it. The combination of her ass clinching so tightly, being buried balls deep in the young Disney star’s ass, and that look of defeat in her eyes and Alex felt the orgasm overtake him. He couldn’t stop himself, he grabbed her waist as the first load shot forth, and began to slam his dick in and out of her asshole as load after load dumped forth from his dick. He reared his head back and moaned in ecstasy as he felt his balls drain.

After the last of his load had been given, he pulled his dick from Bella’s now gaping asshole. He walked over to the edge of the bed, where she lay defeated and exhausted, and pressed his shit and cum covered dick to her cheek. He grabbed a handful of her amazing red hair and using her face and hair cleaned the mess from his softening cock. Alex went over to where his pants lay on the floor and said. “Now, if I hear so much as a peep out of this room before I say so, I’m going to fuck that asshole with a baseball bat. Understand?

Bella sobbed once, the shock evident in her voice as she softly said. “Yes, Master.” She then curled up into a ball on the bed and began to cry and shutter uncontrollably.

Alex looked up to one of the rooms cameras and said. “Let that be a lesson to all of you. Guards, end security feed from Bella Thorne’s room.” He then pulled on his pants and opened the door using the thumb print scanner. In the hallway, he picked up his Taser and went through the checkpoints to his own room. Where he took a long hot shower, and crawled into bed as day one of his celebrity harem came to its end. He couldn’t help but wonder what day two would bring.

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