Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 15

Title: Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 15

Author: Mal

Celebs: Taylor Swift, Chloe Moretz, Bella Thorne

Codes: MF, MMF, fingering, oral, humil, rape

Summary: Chloe and Bella return from the punishment room, while Emma is given a big responsibility.

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Also, I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 14:

Taylor Swift awoke alone in her own bed early the next morning. Dark, vaguely hand shaped, purple splotches colored her throat from the vicious strangling she had experienced last night. She suspected her neck would be sore for the next few days. But, thinking of last night, the most intense sexual experience of her life and the Earth shattering series of multiple orgasms the master had given her, caused her pussy to quiver. Bringing her hand to her throat, she bit her lip, remembering the feeling of the master thrusting inside her. His thick pulsating cock working in and out as she was slowly starved of precious life-giving air, the exhilaration she felt when he again allowed her to breathe and her brain exploded from the simultaneous rush of oxygen and orgasm. Her other hand found its way beneath her new dark blue shorts to feel wetness already exuding from her warm twat.

She began to softly rub her clit in a slow circle. Her other hand slipped from her throat, to under her tee shirt, revealing her trim taunt stomach, as she gently squeezed one of her now fully hardened nipples. Two of Taylor’s long delicate fingers strayed from her clit, sliding effortlessly into her moist love tunnel, a soft gasp of pleasure escaping her full red slightly parted lips. Spreading her legs wide, she raised her knees and began to gently thrust her hips forward to meet the urgent movements of her fingers pressing inside.

Taylor grew warm from her efforts, and a thin sheen of sweat beaded on the fine hairs of her arms and stomach. She slipped a third digit into her pussy and moaned loudly in pleasure as she was overcome by her first self-induced orgasm. Her thoughts were filled with the image of her master thrusting inside of her as he hovered over her, his strong hands clamped upon her throat, her cradling his body close with her long legs. She began to twitch, and buck against her fingers as the thrusting of her hips brought her over the edge again and again.

Slowly, after several orgasms, she began to cease her hip thrusts, and she pulled her fingers, achingly from her dripping wet snatch. A thick layer of girl cum clung to them, and connected them to the now well-used opening of her pussy. She brought the fingers to her face, opening her eyes to gaze upon them. So aroused she was by the sight of the orgasms coating her digits, she just had to know. She licked her lips, wrapping them around her fingers, pushing them knuckle deep into her throat. She moaned quietly as she used her tongue to pull ever last drop of cum from her fingers, before laying contentedly back on the bed.

Somewhere, in the back of her head, she knew what she had told the master last night was true. That she never wanted to leave this place, or his presence. It was hard to process exactly what that meant, or what it said about her, but right now, she didn’t care. All that mattered was recapturing the feeling from last night and to do everything in her power to make the master feel about her, the way she felt about him right now. Taylor had always wanted to be in love, truly madly deeply in love, and for the first time in her life, she thought she truly knew exactly what that felt like.

She hugged herself tightly, a slow easy smile spreading across her face as she thought about him and how he made her feel. She rolled over on to her side clutching her knees to her chest as her hand again found its way between her legs. She was going to sleep in today.


Alex likewise rose early the next morning. He took a long hot shower after spending an hour in his personal gym, ate a breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast, then headed out into the complex to release Bella Thorne and Chloe Moretz from the punishment room.

He passed through the main hall, which was still dark at this hour, entered the hall which lead to the punishment room, placed his thumb to the scanner and entered. He didn’t need the dim lights to know that some of his men were here using what might be their last chance to get their nut off one last time. Taji and Zeru were on either end of Bella furiously pumping their hips.

Bella hung limp and defeated while the two huge Africans raped her. She looked terrible. There were dark rings under her eyes, her makeup had been long since smeared into nothingness, replaced by tear streaks which ran though the dried cum and piss that covered her face, the remnants of repeated assaults on her mouth. Her normally lustrous red hair appeared dark. It was plastered to her head from days spent unwashed, and had clumps of crusty dried cum clinging to the long thick locks. Across her forehead, the word ‘Slut’ was scrawled in black marker although the writing was now a little smeared as it appeared to have been the target of many loads of cum. She grunted a sad tired noise as Zeru filled her throat with his cock, the ring gag which had held her mouth open in the beginning had been discarded, it was no longer necessary. She had given up hours ago, and now allowed his men to use her as they saw fit. All thought of fight had been raped and beaten out of her.

Taji and his massive member filled Bella’s abused pussy as he slammed his hips back and forth. The former Disney starlet’s ass cheeks were both covered in black and blue hand prints from the vigorous spankings she had endured over the past couple of days. Her back and butt were also covered in dried cum and marker writing. Some of the words, ‘Bitch,’ ‘Cum Dumpster,’ and ‘Human Toilet,’ were still visible, while others were smeared to the point they could no longer be read. Finally, it appeared that at some point, one of the guards had inserted a string of anal beads into her ass, and a soft buzzing noise could be heard coming from them. Alex felt a little remorse as he gazed upon her. According to Ulu’s report, in the last 36 hours Bella had been used by him and his men at least four or five times each. Though Alex did feel a pang of regret, he had no doubt that this would send a message that would make anyone think twice before attempting to escape again, and for that, it was worth it.

By contrast, chained to the wall by her neck, not ten feet away from the action, was Chloe. She sat naked on the floor, the tight leash kept her from turning away from the display in front of her. Her face was likewise streaked with tears, probably from being forced to watch her friend endure multiple rapes over the course of two days, though Alex suspected the tears were just for show. But, aside from the mascara streaks she looked pristine. The young blonde noticed Alex, as he moved in and took a seat on a nearby chair to wait for his men to finish up. Her gaze turned to him a pleading look, which to Alex’s eye looked just the tiniest bit forced, came over her face.

“Stop them, please,” she begged, trying just a little too hard to sound sincere. “She’s learned her lesson, promise. We both have… I just can’t watch this anymore and Bella… she, she can’t take anymore. Please… Master…” her words trailed off into silence as she realized he wasn’t going to step in and stop the men raping her friend. Her eyes closed tightly, as the pleading look she offered him turned to something resembling despair, and fresh tears trailed down her cheeks as she began to sob softly. But, Alex’s keen eye noticed her hand in her lap, and her fingers pressing against her crotch.

Zeru grunted, causing Alex to turn his gaze from the fake show the blonde was putting on to the lanky African who pulled his cock from Bella’s mouth and was now stroking it furiously. He gave her face a quick hard slap with his other hand, and just as she flinched from the blow, he blew his load all over her face. Thick globs of cum dribbled down the redhead’s forehead into her eyes, and dripped down over her lips and chin to form a puddle on the floor. The redhead barely seemed to notice.

Bella just continued to hang there limply. The horse was the only thing keeping her upright. Her head though was still bouncing back and forth in the stockade as Taji continued to work behind her. Soon, he too grunted, pulling out and stroking off an enormous load all over Bella’s back and ass. He gave it a hard whack of his hand as he stepped away, though the captive redhead was too far gone to give much of a reaction. The two guards gave Alex a nod of respect, gathered their uniforms and stepped out into the hall to dress before returning upstairs.

Alex stood as the two men left. He walked over in front of Bella, whose blank gaze stared dully ahead not even noticing whom it was standing before her, instead she simply opened her mouth as if expecting another cock. He pulled the pin which locked the stockade in place, and threw it open, allowing Bella to stand up, though he doubted in her current condition she would even be able to move. The horse was more friendly to long term use than say hanging someone by their arms, but being pinned into it for close to 3 days would have taken its toll. He then freed her legs, and picked her up, carrying her over to the mattress in the corner of the room. She was sweaty and gross from being showered in cum and piss for almost 2 straight days, and Alex regretted picking her up, but saw no other way to get her over to the mat where she could more comfortably rest while he dealt with Chloe.

Chloe Moretz gazed up at Alex in fear as he approached. She hugged her legs tightly, using them to cover her bare chest. Her lips trembled, and silent tears rolled down her cheeks, dripping softly as they fell from her chin. She seemed nearly as traumatized as Bella, but Alex saw thought the ruse. He knelt in front of her, meeting her tearful gaze. For a moment, he just stared at her impassively. She swallowed nervously, afraid he was about to do something terrible to her. Finally, after a long drawn out moment Alex spoke. “I’m releasing you both today. I’m not going to ask if you’ve learned your lesson. At this point I assume you’d tell me anything I ask to make this to stop. I am curious though—” Quickly, before she could react, Alex reached between her legs, pressing his fingers firmly against her pussy. A soft wet squishing sound could be heard as his finger entered her. Alex offered the young blonde, who now looked very ashamed, an unsympathetic smile. “You’re wet,” he whispered. “You were getting off watching as Bella got raped, weren’t you?”

“No, Master” she said, squirming as Alex’s fingers pushed deeper inside her sopping wet twat. “I… I was, I was afraid I was going to be next is all.” She didn’t look very convincing, staring off at the floor next to her, refusing to meet Alex’s gaze. “I—” she interrupted herself, moaning deeply as Alex began to work his fingers in and out and pressing his thumb firmly against her hard clit.

Alex began to roll his thumb forcefully against her little pink nub, as his fingers made a beckoning motion, pushing her insides apart and thrusting deep into her. Chloe leaned back against the wall, spreading her legs wide, giving Alex all the access he needed to finger fuck the young teen. Soon, she was thrusting back against his fingers, and making no attempt to hide her pleasure. She was close, Alex could tell. He stopped, slowing his motions just as she was about to come. His eyes met hers as she looked up at him in surprise. “Tell me,” he whispered softly. “Tell me how you loved watching while Bella was raped over and over again. Tell me how you enjoyed being used like a piece of meat by my men. Tell me, or I swear you’ll never have another orgasm as long as you live.”

Chloe swallowed again, genuine fear in her eyes. “Master…” she whispered, “I can’t… Bella, she’ll hate me.” Her head lolled back, her eyes closing in pleasure as Alex again began to slowly move his fingers back and forth.

“Tell me,” he said as he again began to roll her clit and work his fingers. “You know you loved every moment. Let me hear it.”

Thick tears of shame dripped from her eyes, and rolled down her cheeks, even as her hips began to gyrate against Alex’s hand. At least, Alex thought, she had the decency to be ashamed of being so aroused by the sight of her friend’s defilement. Chloe clenched her jaw, and squeezed her eyes closed. “Fine” she hissed softly. “I loved it.”

Alex stopped his movements. “I’m afraid that’s not going to be good enough. Look at me when you talk, and speak clearly, and loudly enough for the whole room to hear. You wouldn’t want me to—” He slowly began to pull his hand away from her pussy.

Her hands clamped down on his wrist, trying to keep his fingers just where they were. “Please… don’t stop,” she whispered.

“You know what to do then,” he said, keeping his hand where it was. She released her grip, and Alex again pressed his fingers into her. He leaned forward, using his other hand, he began to rub her clit more urgently.

Chloe’s head lolled back against the wall as Alex pushed her just to the edge. She pressed her hands to the floor, lifting her ass and began to thrust her hips against Alex’s hand. Her breathe came in deep short gasps as she moaned loudly.

Alex glanced over his shoulder, momentarily and with great effort he turned his gaze from the young hot blonde on his fingers to the redhead on the mat at the other end of the room. She was still laying unmoving, but he noticed, her gaze was now more focused, she was closely watching her former friend buck and moan as she neared orgasm. “Tell me,” he whispered, turning his gaze back to Chloe.

She opened her eyes, looking lustfully into Alex’s. She licked her lips as she continued bucking against his hand. A low moan escaped her lips. “I… I” she said gasping for breath. “I loved watching Bella get raped!” Her first orgasm came crashing down on Alex’s fingers as she moaned the exclamation loudly. “I loved being manhandled by your guards.” She came again, thrusting her hips urgently into Alex’s hand. “I loved being treated like a dirty fuck toy, and watching as they used Bella over and over.” She lost all control of her body, her legs began to shake frenziedly. Her hips crashed into Alex’s hand again and again, and each time a thick spray of girl cum squirted out of her pussy, arching across the floor.

She had four more orgasms as Alex continued pleasuring her long after she lost the ability to move on her own. When she came down from the rollercoaster of pleasure, Alex brought his fingers to her lips. Greedily, she opened her mouth as Alex plunged them in. Chloe began to suck and lick on his digits, hungrily devouring every drop of her pussy juice. Alex turned away from the spectacle for a moment to glance at Bella. She hadn’t moved much, only enough to turn her head away from the display. He wondered, turning to again watch as Chloe sucked on his fingers, if Bella would ever recover from this.

Alex stood, pulling his fingers from Chloe’s still eager mouth. He unlocked the leash around her neck and hauled her to her feet by her shoulders. “Let’s go.” He said, nudging her towards the door. As the door swung open, the soft sounds of Bella crying could be heard. Chloe paused in the doorway, as if she was debating going to her, but a gentle push from Alex kept her moving in the direction of the main dorm.

As they walked the hallway between the two rooms Alex asked, “you were a level 3 before all of this, right?”

The blonde nodded, looking over her shoulder at her master as she continued walking. “Yes, Master.”

Alex nodded. “I’m going to make you a level 3 again. However, I’m not, for obvious reasons, placing you back in charge of running the day to day activates. Ms. Watson has been performing admirably in that respect while you’ve been gone, and I see absolutely no reason for that to change.” He paused for a moment at the door to the main dorm. “Needless to say,” looking down at her, “if you ever hatch another escape plot, or try to kill me ever again, I guarantee I can think up some punishments you won’t enjoy as much as those. Understand?”

She only nodded her head, and said in the sweetest voice possible, “of course, Master.”

Alex frowned wondering what that meant. But, he opened the door to the dorm, gave her a pat on the ass and said, “you just keep being the sex crazed little minx you were back there, and we’ll get along just fine from now on.”

Smiling innocently, she turned from Alex, and walked toward her cell, swaying her tight, firm ass as she went.

He watched her for a moment, before turning down the hall, and heading back to the punishment room. When Alex returned, Bella had curled into a ball. She was clutching her legs to her chest, and was sobbing softly. Sitting down next to her, Alex began to gently stroke her hair. She was still grimy, her hair matted from days spent sweating and being showered in bodily fluids. He could only imagine how she must feel, kidnaped, alone, her only friend declaring moments ago, how aroused she was at the sight of her defilement.

“Let’s get you out of here,” he said softly, trying to be comforting. “You’ll start feeling better once you’ve cleaned up.”

Bella sprang into his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck, and burying her face in his neck. Her sobs increasing in volume, her breaths coming in short labored gasps. “I’m so sorry, Master,” she said in short bursts. “I wish I’d never listened to her, never let her talk me into going along with her stupid plan.” After that, Alex couldn’t really understand much of what she was saying, it came out in a mumbled incoherent sob as she tried to breathe, talk and cry all at the same time.

Alex held her close, gently stroking her back and hair while she cried herself out. Eventually, the exhausted redhead fell asleep in his arms. He stood, easily lifting her as he rose, and carried the sleeping Bella from the punishment room. It was still early, but he found Margot Robbie sitting in the main dorm drinking warm tea, reading a book, and eating a bagel. He placed Bella gently down on one of the room’s many sofas, pulling a blanket over her naked form.

The blonde Aussie gave Alex a curious look as he took a seat across from her. “Good morning, Master,” she said inquisitively.

“I was hoping, that you might look after Bella. She’s been through a lot, she fell asleep before I could get her back to her quarters. I have a meeting with the guards, and I hoped you might see that she gets cleaned up, and back to her quarters with no problems once she wakes up.”

“Of course, Master.” She said with a radiant smile. “I’d be happy to. Anything else I can do for you, Master?”

“You can tell her that she will remain a level 2 for now. But that any further infractions of the rules will be met with much harsher punishments.”

She continued to smile, a mischievous glint in her beautiful green eyes. “Of course, Master.”

“Thank you, Ms. Robbie,” Alex replied, rising again to his feet. She returned her gaze to the book she was reading as Alex strode from the room, heading down the hall to his own quarters.

Back in his rooms, Alex took another shower, to wash the smell Bella had accumulated over days spent in the punishment room. He put on fresh clothes, and took the elevator in his rooms up to the mansion above. He had 8 am meeting with his guards to discuss among other things, the capture of Cara Delevingne.

The meeting was productive, Ulu informed him that Ms. Delevingne was currently visiting Africa, on a mission of goodwill, and that the location she was in was relatively close to the boarder of a dangerous warlord. He told Alex that if they moved quickly enough, they could nab her and place the blame on a nearby tribe. This plan however, would mean leaving the compound tomorrow morning, with only one guard to watch the harem in their absence.

He told them he wanted to move forward with this plan, and told Ulu to make preparations for their departure in the morning. Alex was a little worried about leaving, especially on such short notice, and with things being in such a tumultuous state down below, but this opportunity was too good to pass up. With a major celebrity like Cara being in Africa, and with his own investments in that part of the world, Ulu’s plan meant there would be very little chance of being caught, or encountering difficulties in bringing her back to the compound. It also meant, that Emma needed another promotion. Although he had stated clearly, that Emma was in charge, nothing emphasized that like rank. It was just too risky to leave with three of the ladies at the same level.

Once Alex had given all his guards instructions, tasks that needed performing, preparations that needed making, gear and supplies that needed packing, the meeting broke up. Ukuza approached him afterwards. “I saw something on the tapes, boss when I was reviewing the last few days. You might be interested.” Alex agreed, and the young African soldier led him to the control consoles in the main security room in the upper level of the mansion.

Here, every camera in the compound had its feed broadcast to a live monitor, so that anyone glancing at it could see what was going on down below. There were fifty screens in total, and normally two men on guard in here, and often a third pair of eyes to simply review old footage of suspicious behavior. The guards in Alex’s employee’s main job was to watch, to be on guard in case something unexpected happened, such as the incident when Bella and Chloe tried to escape. Almost every hallway in the compound could be filled with knockout gas from this room. The gas was a specially designed compound created by one of Alex’s companies that was used for non-lethal target take downs in both military and police actions. Alex sometimes wondered what the US government would think if they knew they helped design a weapon that he had used to kidnap celebrities. From this room, all the doors and locks in the compound could be remotely controlled, locked, unlocked, opened, closed. This room was in effect the control center of the entire compound, even the power to the only elevator could be shut on or off if that’s what was needed to keep the harem on lock down. Alex’s men had a specific set of command protocols he had set in place well before the plans to bring the ladies here had reached fruition, one of those, was to abandon Alex, or leave him for dead rather than allow his captives to reach the surface unsupervised.

Alex sat down in one of the rooms chairs, “show me what you’ve got, Ukuza. I’ve got a lot of things to handle today.”

“Sure thing, Boss, let me just pull it up for you.” The young African soldier sat at the main computer and pulled a feed to the main console. The footage showed Emma Watson, creeping down the hallway after Alex went into the exercise room to give Margot her promotion on day 12. He zoomed in to show Emma smiling as the blonde Aussie revealed whom it was she wanted Alex to bring to the compound. Next, Ukuza showed the sultry brit talking to Taylor Swift. The video showed how she subtly led the former pop star away from experimenting with one of the other girls in the harem, to asking Alex to bring in one of her friends. “If I had to guess,” Ukuza postulated, “Emma, Ms. Watson, knew that Ms. Swift was friends with Ms. Delevingne, and hoped to somehow use her arrival to drive a wedge between Ms. Robbie and Ms. Swift.”

Alex nodded, with a grin. “I think you might be right. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Good work.” Alex drifted for a moment, watching as Emma skillfully manipulated Taylor to get what she wanted. “Yes, very good work Ukuza. Put yourself down for a merit. You’ve earned a nice bonus for this.” He stood, gave the bulky young African a friendly clap on the shoulder, and then left to head back down stairs.

It was late morning by the time the meeting had ended, and Alex finally returned to his rooms down below. He ate a quick lunch and changed his clothes before heading out to the main dorm. By this time of day, most everyone was doing their chores or exercises. Though, he found Emma Watson in her cell, laying on her bed reading one of the books she had asked for.

She looked up, jumping slightly in surprise as her master came in unannounced. “Master?” she asked sitting up on the bed and pulling her legs to her chest. “Is something wrong?”

“Possibly,” he said, taking a seat on the bed a few feet from the girl who had been his childhood fantasy, and who had in no small part been the inspiration for so much of what he’d done with his life, including building this place. “Before I can decide if something is indeed, wrong,” Alex emphasized that last word to try and illustrate that he hadn’t yet made up his mind, “I’d have to first ask you why you manipulated Ms. Swift into wanting Cara Delevingne brought here, knowing that Ms. Robbie had just asked me to bring her here for her.” Alex fought back a grin, seeing the look of feigned surprise on Emma’s face. “Now, before you deny it, you should know, one of my guards brought this to my attention today, showed me the whole interaction on video. I know you did it, what I don’t know is, why?”

Emma’s face changed instantaneously. Going from feign surprise, to no doubt try and deny what she had done, to an impassive coldness, that gave Alex a momentary cause for worry that she might try something sinister. Then, she said in a flat emotionless voice, “I refuse to lose, Master.”

Alex laughed, a deep throaty chuckle. It went on for several moments, as Emma’s face again went from cold compassionless serial killer to scorned and rejected. “That’s good. Oh, you’re good Ms. Watson, but not that good. I could buy hurt, I could buy cutthroat will to win, but you’re no psychopath.” He gave Emma’s leg a mirthful squeeze. “That was funny.”

“Too much?” she asked, her voice returning to her normal even-keeled accent, no longer devoid of emotion.

“A bit, yeah,” he said, offering her a smile.

“It’s true what I said though.” She spoke softer now, almost as if she was embarrassed to admit that she had weakness. “I refuse to lose.” She smoothed the blanket in front of her distractedly. “I have to win, it’s got to be me. Even if it costs me my friendship with Margot. She’s too nice, too sweet to keep order down here, and order is what…” Emma swallowed nervously, Alex could tell she didn’t want to get in trouble. “…what we need to survive down here.” Emma’s eyes filled with tears, she blinked, and they fell in streams, rolling down her cheeks.

“It’s ok,” Alex said, pulling the slim brunette into his lap and wrapping her in his arms.

Despite the fact that he was her kidnapper, she had no one else to confide in, to turn to for help. Emma buried her face in his lean muscular chest and began to weep. “I…” she spoke in halting sobs, holding Alex like he was a raft in a raging storm. “I had to become…become what I knew they needed to conform to your rules… It was for their own good. To keep them safe, they need to follow the rules. To make them obey, I had to become the face of obedience… cold, hard submission.” She wept, gripping Alex tightly.

Alex knew what she was talking about. He felt the same way whenever he had to do something terrible to keep the ladies in line. Though if he was being perfectly honest with himself, he did sometimes enjoy doing those things too.

Emma looked up into Alex’s cool steely-gray eyes, her lip trembling, tears in her eyes. Alex could see she was struggling. Struggling with her own morality. She looked conflicted, he could feel love and hate coming from her at the same time. Suddenly, she slapped him once, hard in the face. It stung his cheek, but he let it go. He could tell she was trying to work through her feelings. She seemed quite surprised with the slap herself, sitting up and casting a fearful look into his eyes. When she saw he wasn’t going to retaliate, it all happened in an instant, she kissed him.

Sliding closer into his lap, she took his face in her hands, kissing him deep and passionately. Her mouth opened, excepting, sucking on Alex’s probing tongue. She moaned softly into his mouth. This wasn’t the short passion fueled kiss of lovers about to fuck, it was warm almost loving. The kiss of those in love. When it finally broke, she laid her head again against his chest, she whispered something, but it was low, Alex couldn’t quite make it out. He only thought he heard the word ‘love.’ He felt her breathing, for a long time she sat there, slowly calming down from the emotional ride she just took, her breath evening out. He held her, saying nothing for the moment while she calmed down.

After a while, Alex could only feel smooth easy breathing. She still held him close, arms wrapped around his chest, legs curled up in his lap, he gently stroked her back and rested his head against hers. “So, you pushed Margot away, tried to pit her against Taylor, so they would be so busy fighting, that you would become the only choice for the level 5? All because what, you wanted to protect them?”

Emma didn’t say anything at first, almost as if she couldn’t hear him. “I… I heard what happened to Bella later that first day. It was so… so cruel. Then, of course, we all heard about Taylor. Then, Chloe and Bella got taken away after trying to escape… I knew that if we were going to live through this, we had to submit.” She was quiet again, for a long time, just breathing.

Alex held her, gave her the time she needed, not saying anything. He figured if he gave her enough time, she’d come to the only conclusion left. And she did. “That was also when I realized that even if you wanted to, you could never let us leave this place. In some weird twisted way, we’re all in this together now. We can’t escape, and you can’t let us go. I doubt any of the others would ever understand. But, if that’s the case, I guess we better just make the best of it. There’s no point in fighting once the battle’s lost…right?”

She pulled away then, to again look up into his eyes. “I figured if the others saw me giving in. If they saw me mercilessly enforcing your rules, they’d submit too. If they submitted, I thought at least the rapes would stop.” She licked her lips. Alex could tell she was nervous, probably still working through all the thoughts and emotions which had just washed over her. “Then,” she looked away, almost as if she couldn’t bear his gaze, “then, I began to enjoy being with you…” Her voice grew quiet. Alex could tell it was a hard pill for her to swallow, admitting she had feelings for him.

“Ms. Watson, the level 5 position is yours, if you still want it. I can’t officially promote you yet, not till you meet the requirements. But, I agree with everything you’ve just said. Most importantly, I think you are the best choice to protect the girls, mostly from themselves. I have some things I need you to do for me today—”

Emma interrupted him, kissing him and begging— “please, don’t leave! You don’t need any other girls. Don’t kidnap Cara Delevingne. You have everything you need here, there’s no need to hurt anyone else. I—I’ll be whatever you need… just please no one else….” Fresh tears had fallen from her eyes as she pleaded with Alex not to add to his harem.

Alex’s expression shifted from one of understanding to one of anger. “I can’t do that.” He pushed Emma off his lap, onto the bed, and stood. “You will go around to everyone. Ask them what they might want from the outside world, a present for good behavior, something I could use to reward them. I’m leaving in the morning, and you’ll be in charge while I’m gone.”

He gazed down at her, she seemed sad and frightened by the change which had overtaken him, there were thick tears in her eyes. She blinked and they rolled down her cheeks. Then, in a deep commanding dispassionate voice he said: “I expect you to do this, if you expect to remain in charge. I expect you to run this harem like I would in my absence, providing comfort, discipline, and pleasure to our girls. Furthermore, when Ms. Delevingne arrives, you will help me introduce her to life down here. You’ll do all of this, or I’ll put Ms. Mortez back in charge, and based on what I saw of her today, I don’t think that would bode well for any of you.”

“You will bring the list to my quarters this evening. I expect you to do well while I’m gone. If I hear otherwise, I’ll have to look elsewhere for leadership.” He strode from the room without looking back at her, the door banging shut ominously behind him. As he walked toward the main dorm to return to his quarters, Alex could hear the soft muffled sobs of Emma Watson on the other side of her bedroom door. His hand on the door knob, he fought the urge to rush back to her, to tell her how much he loved her, to tell her he was sorry, that he would never hurt anyone else as long as he lived.

But, he didn’t go back to her. He returned to his quarters, made preparations to leave, to add another victim to his harem. After Emma left the note with him later that night, watching as she retreated from his gaze back to the main dorm, Alex wondered whether he would regret that decision. He wondered if she would ever be the same. She sacrificed her own morality to protect the other girls, but in doing so became a monster. He wondered if he would regret creating that monster…

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