Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 16

Title: Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 16

Author: Mal

Celebs: Emma Watson, Chloe Moretz

Codes: FF, FDom, humil, slave, WS, fingering

Summary: Emma Watson rises to the challenge of running the harem in Alex’s absence.

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Also, I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 15:

Emma Watson woke to the creaking of her bedroom door. She froze in place, momentarily forgetting where she was. The soft silhouette of a man moved against the wall, as she fought to open her eyes. In the grogginess of being woken up, it took her a few moments to remember where she was, that she had been kidnaped, forced to live in a dungeon against her will, the sex slave of a man whose name she didn’t even know, and that despite herself, she was beginning to have very intimate feelings for him.

She lay there, unmoving, remembering that just hours ago, she and the master had argued bitterly over his departure to acquire more women for his harem. How he stormed off, slamming the door behind him as she begged him not to leave. The shadow had to be the master, she thought. No one besides he and his guards, including her, had access to the hallways outside of, or the bedrooms themselves of anyone else, and she doubted any of the guards would have cause for an early morning visit. No doubt the master was leaving her some last-minute instructions for what he expected of her while he was gone. They had both been short with each other when she brought the list of gifts to his quarters last night, and as such she figured that must to be the purpose of his visit.

The shadow moved across the wall, she heard its footsteps on her floor and the faint rustling of cloth. Barely breathing, she didn’t want him to think she was awake, being a little bitter still after his blank dismissal of her pleading attempt to make him stay. She watched as he produced several objects and placed them on the dresser in her room. It, the shadow, turned toward the door, and Emma thought he was about to leave. But it lingered for a moment, hovering over her.

She closed her eyes, and tried to regulate her breathing, she didn’t want to talk to him. She was still angry. He was always asking her and the other ladies to accept their situation, telling them he desired their happiness, even as he proved unwilling to compromise for it. In spite of all of this, she found herself caring for him. A man who had kidnapped and raped her and four other celebrities, a man who seemed intent on doing so again. But still, she couldn’t forgive his blatant disregard for the wishes of those he claimed to care for whenever those desires happened to run in contradiction to his own.

Emma felt her master’s gaze on her back, heard his quiet breathing. She could tell he wanted to talk to her, to wake her and pour his heart out. The tension between them was almost audible, but still she pretended to be asleep. “Emma,” he whispered, more to himself than to what he believed was her sleeping form. “I, I’m sorry I’m not a gentler person, like you. I wish I could do what you wanted, be who you want me to be. I just can’t.” There was a long pause then, when the master spoke again, Emma wasn’t sure how long had passed, for a moment she thought maybe she had actually dozed off, as opposed to pretending to do so. “I hope you can forgive me for what I’m about to do. I love you.” The door closed hurriedly after that.

Emma, found she was quite stunned by the master’s self-reflective admission of love and remorse, and by the time she could pull herself together enough to get up and follow him, he was gone. She returned to her rooms, flipping on the light to see what he left for her. The first thing she noticed was a plastic bag with a note on top which read ‘Welcome to Level 4!’ inside, she found six slim black tee-shirts in a similar style to the red one she now wore. In addition to the shirts, she found three pairs of black yoga pants, three pairs of short gym shorts, a handful of black silk thongs, an assortment of silk bras and sports bras, and finally, a new pair of black gym shoes. These must be the approved outfits for level 4, the yoga pants are new she thought, and placed the bag on her bed.

Sitting next to the bag with her new clothes was a small box containing a month’s supply of granola, and a note saying ‘there’s fruit and juice in Storeroom A, ask Ukuza for access.’ Emma preferred healthy snacks and juice to greasy or sweet treats for her rewarded snack food and drink. Next to the granola, was a new iPad, again with a note, this one read ‘Gryffindor Password. Ukuza will help you load movies and games if you want them.’ She pushed the home button, causing the screen to light up, asking for a password. Emma smiled, which password could it be she thought, lighting up as it came to her. “Caput Draconis.” As she uttered the first password to Gryffindor Tower, the screen turned over, revealing the home page to her new Ipad, and a document from her master called ‘The Coming Days.’ She clicked on it, bringing up the following message:

Ms. Watson,

I do terribly regret the way we parted company last night. It was not my intention to leave you on such short notice, on such a sour note, without even laying out a reasonable explanation of what I expect of you while I’m gone, and for that, I am truly sorry. As I stated last night, the level 5 position is yours, if you still want it, provided you maintain a satisfactory level of control while I am gone, and display a willingness to participate in Ms. Delevingne’s initiation, when I return. I’ll be receiving daily updates on your progress.

Now, down to business. I will be gone approximately ten days. Ms. Delevingne is in a remote African village, it will take us several days to track her down and retrieve her. After that, I plan a short stay in London to pick up a few things, and conduct some personal business, then I shall be on my way back to you and the others. While I am gone, I expect you to maintain control as you see fit. My recommendation would be to tell the others I am away on a business trip, but that the guards remain above, and that any misbehaving will be met with very strict punishment. In truth, only Ukuza remains above, I need the rest of my men to extract Ms. Delevingne. I would feign ignorance should Ms. Robbie or Ms. Swift inquire on her behalf in conjunction to my absence. That being said, you have all the power over the other girls, and full authority to authorize any punishments you see fit. However, do realize that you only have Ukuza to draw on for support, and I believe it would be most unwise to alert the others that he is alone. I have given you access to many of the hallways, storerooms and the punishment, as well as a locker containing a taser and several of the shock leashes, should you need them. You will be responsible for keeping food and other supplies on hand.

I have found that the key to maintaining control is to project strength, when strength is needed, and comfort when that is needed. This is my advice for dealing with the others, and my take on their personalities:

Ms. Thorne: is in a fragile state. She will need the comfort of you and the others. I would do your best to keep her active and involved in activities in the coming days. Try to get her to reconnect to the others, that includes, if she is willing, Ms. Moretz.

Ms. Swift: is just beginning to appreciate, even enjoy her life down here. She will miss me greatly, I fear. I would try to connect with her. Perhaps show her that she does not need Ms. Delevingne for an ‘awakening.’ That should be fun, I will regret missing it.

Ms. Moretz: has had an awakening of her own, since coming here, specifically in her time spent in the punishment room. She has, it seems, developed a certain fascination with rape, enjoying watching, as well as participation in it. Using it against her, will not help keep her in line. She has become a creature of voracious sexual appetite, and enjoys toying with others. I believe, she will do almost anything to get what she wants. Tread carefully with her, give her too much attention, and she will end up owning you. Give her too little, and she could become violent.

Ms. Robbie: is, as you said last night, sweet and good natured. I find it very hard to offer you advice for dealing with her, given the way you have presented yourself to her and the others in your bid for power. My advice would be to come clean with her, tell her what you told me, mend your relationship. It is always better to have allies than enemies. Above all, I would council love. She loves you still, I can see it. Return it, and she will be yours even more than she is mine.

I wish you the best of luck in the coming days. I feel you are more than up for the task, or I would not have entrusted it to you. If you attempt to escape, I will not blame you. With the knowledge I have just given you, and access to a taser, you might even succeed in reaching the mansion above, and perhaps from there, freedom. It is my hope that you chose not to, for both our sakes. I feel we have become close… Do know however, that should you escape, I will no doubt be imprisoned before you ever see me. But, before they take me away, I shall release video footage of you and the others, in all its vivid carnality. While, I have no doubt the world would view your plight with the greatest sympathy, they would also no doubt watch in wonder at just how quickly you succumbed to lascivious lust. I do regret having to levy this threat, but without knowing just how you will behave in my absence I feel it is best for both of us…

With well-wishing and love, yours,


Emma blinked, there were tears in her eyes, they slipped free, rolling down her cheeks. He’s giving me the power, she thought. It might not be the best of choices, but it is a choice. I can escape if I want to… The strength left her legs, she sat down heavily upon the bed. Clutching the iPad, staring at his words to her, Alex’s words. She knew his name. “Well fuck,” she whispered. “What do I do now?”


Margot Robbie woke, a skinny redhaired teen cradled in her arms. The former Disney starlet smelled much better after a shower, and the color seemed to be returning to her cheeks. Yesterday had been a bit of a struggle for both of them. Margot had spent almost the whole day trying to get the traumatized teen to eat. The rest of the day passed in relative silence, while Bella thought through her problems, curled up in Margot’s lap while they watched Frozen on repeat. After the third rendition of Let It Go, they retired to Margot’s room to sleep.

Bella murmured something sleepily, curling into Margot’s body, pressing her back into the blonde Aussie’s chest. She slowly came awake becoming more cognizant of herself, remembering where she was, and what she had just gone through. As this realization came over her, she became less responsive, more withdrawn. Her legs drew up to her chest, where she clutched them tightly, and her dark brown eyes stared off blankly into the dim light of Margot’s bedroom.

Margot felt so terrible for the girl, gently stroking her hair and arm as she felt her slim body stiffen in the realization of where she was. “It’ll get better,” she whispered, “We’ll get through this together, I promise.” Pulling the teen close, she gently spooned her, holding her and trying to comfort her. “We’ll lay her as long as you like.” At least till hunger or thirst, or some other reason compelled them to get up, she thought. That reason came soon enough. Around 10am, a voice came through the speakers in her room.

The speakers were for the master or his guards to quickly communicate with the entire harem, though he very rarely used them. The voice however, wasn’t his, or even one of his guards. It was Emma. The master’s beloved Ms. Watson, the first woman for whom she had ever had strong, intimate feelings, the first woman to break her heart. Now, it seemed she was relaying messages on his behalf. Her voice was clear, and smooth, but Margot noticed, as she spoke, a very slight hitch indicating nervousness. She doubted the others would notice, but she knew Emma better than they. “Good morning,” she said. “I have important information to pass on from our master. Please gather in the main dormitory in ten minutes for the morning weigh in and chore assignments.”

It was a good thing Emma had given them ten minutes, because although both she and Bella had fallen asleep fully clothed, it took nearly the entire allotted time to rouse the redhead enough that she could be coaxed out of bed and get her moving toward the main dorm. Margot swung Bella’s arm over her shoulder, and they went together, out of the room, and down the hall. Everyone else had gathered by the time they arrived.

Taylor sat near Emma on a reclining chair, idly nibbling on a bagel. While, Chloe stretched out on a couch, eyes closed, seemingly bored. Emma, stood in the center of the room, near the TV nooks, she was slightly pacing, but seemed mostly confidant. She was wearing all black, a new tee-shirt, shorts, and even black tennis shoes. She must have been promoted again, Margot thought, as she directed Bella toward a nearby couch. Emma and Taylor turned to look in their direction as they entered, Chloe seemed indifferent, and they took their seats. Margot perched on the edge of the sleek leather sofa, turning her attention to the young brit, her former lover, and tried to smile. Bella, pulled her legs to her chest, rested her head upon her knees, and turned her eyes in Emma’s direction, without really focusing them on anything.

The slim brunette’s eyes lingered on Bella for a moment, Margot couldn’t tell if the look was one of pity, or the deliberation of a problem, and how she might deal with it. It only lasted a moment, however, as she turned her gaze to take in the group, and began to speak. “Good morning, everyone.” She beamed a smile around the room, seeming cheery and excited, more like her old self, before the promotion which placed her in charge. “As you can all see, and have probably guessed by now, I’ve gotten a promotion to level 4.” She took a moment to gesture to her new clothes, and do a little spin. As she did, a grunt of discontent rumbled from Chloe. Emma cast a quick disapproving glance in her direction, which went totally unnoticed by the blonde-haired teen, whose eyes were closed and who seemed to be barely listening.

“Anyway,” Emma went on, looking back at the group. “You remember last night, when I came around and asked you all what you’d want for a present. The reason for that, is because the master left this morning to conduct some personal business. He didn’t tell me what he was doing,

or where he was going, but he did say that he expected to be gone for ten days—”

“Ten days!” the exclamation echoed, as Chloe stood up, frantically looking around the room. As if the master was just hiding behind one of the couches waiting to pop up and surprise them. She then turned on Emma, spitting her words in vehemence, “I guess he left you in charge.” She bound violently across the room, getting right up in Emma’s face.

Emma was unfazed by the teenager’s outburst, standing her ground, even looking amused by the petite blonde’s attempt at intimidation. “He did indeed,” she said calmly. “He also gave me full authorization to administer punishments, and” she said, leaning in to whisper in Chloe’s ear, “he told me all about your little fascination with rape and your borderline addiction to sex. So, unless you want to spend the next ten days alone, locked in your room with only a bucket of your own shit to keep you company, and no one to fuck that tired, worn-out slit between those scrawny ass legs of yours, I’d suggest backing the fuck off me, and taking your seat.”

Margot strained to hear what Emma said, but only caught a few words. Whatever she said caused Chloe to pause. For just a moment, the blonde teen seemed poised to punch Em in the face, but just as quickly she backed down, like a dog with its tail between its legs, and took a subdued seat back on the couch.

Emma smiled, looking back around the room as if nothing had happened. “The master, has given me the full support of his guards, who all remain above to do whatever I might need to maintain control and administer punishment. However, I see no reason why I should need their services, as long as we can all remain civil.” She paused, looking around the room. “I want to come around and talk to each of you individually, and do the morning weigh in, but first, are there any questions?”

Margot looked around the room hoping someone might ask the obvious question so she wouldn’t have to. Taylor and Chloe looked like someone had gut punched them, staring off impassively at the floor like beaten dogs. Bella was watching everything, but hadn’t really moved since they sat down. Not a one of them seemed unbound enough to meet Emma’s gaze, let alone ask a question of her. Slowly, not really knowing why, Margot raised her hand.

“Margot? A question?” Emma asked with enthusiasm.

“Uh, yeah,” she said lowering her hand into her lap and wringing them together. “I know the guards are up there and all, but isn’t this the perfect opportunity to try and escape?” She looked around the room desperately for support.

Taylor was actually sobbing, Margot watched as tears dripped from her chin. What had the master done to her she wondered, eyeing again the dark bruises on her neck. She had seen them yesterday, but had been so busy dealing with Bella that she hadn’t a chance to ask the pop star what happened. Still, when Taylor was in the main dorm yesterday, she didn’t seem subdued, quite the opposite in fact. She seemed elated. Now the news that the master was gone and she was crying. Margot wondered if the former diva fallen had fallen in love with him? Feelings she herself was fighting even now.

Chloe was still sitting on the edge of the couch, looking like someone had taken away her favorite toy, fidgeting with her hands and watching Emma from the corner of her eye like she was a lion on the hunt. Her attitude had taken on a dramatic change with whatever it was Emma had whispered to her. As opposed to yesterday, when she was strutting around the compound like she owned the place. She even went so far as to make some lewd remarks to both her and Taylor, all while ignoring Bella like she was invisible. Margot had even heard her masturbating in the shower to the distinctive buzzing of a vibrator. Clearly something had broken in her during her time in the punishment room.

Bella, well she was still so traumatized Margot doubted she even heard half of what had transpired. She still had dark rings under her eyes from days spent strapped to that horse, and being woken up erratically over three days to be raped senseless by the master’s guards. Margot wondered if the once perky teen would ever be the same. One thing was sure, Bella would never try to escape at this point.

Perhaps, Margot thought, before Emma answered her, I’m not the only one who’s had feelings for the master. Maybe I’m not the only one who’s had second thoughts about leaving here. Still, she had to ask. This might be their one chance to escape, and she wasn’t yet so enamored of the master to realize this opportunity would likely never come again.

“Escape?” Emma laughed. “I hardly think that’s possible, and frankly I can hardly believe you’d even suggest such a thing. There are five armed guards up there, just aching to rape us into submission.” The sultry young brit, her former friend and lover, raised her head haughtily, once again taking on the mannerisms she’d become familiar with over the past few days. “You have never been to the punishment room. You don’t know what awaits us there. How dare you suggest escape. I should send you there now and let the guards drive that will from you with the same gusto that robbed Bella of those thoughts.”

Emma paused again for effect. It worked. Margot felt a cool keen chill run down her spine. The slender brunette, in her tight running shorts looked less like a prisoner, and more like a queen surveying those whom she had power over. She gazed down upon Margot as one might look at an insect. The cold arrogance of totalitarian power awash on her face.

“Escape?” said the young brit. “I hardly think so. No. None of us are ever leaving this place. I’d suggest you give that idea up right now, or I will send you for punishment.”

Margot almost laughed. It would have been comical, the tone of her voice, her stature, it was all way over the top. Almost as if she was putting on a show…. Still Margot looked at Emma, and found she was afraid. “No,” she squeaked, looking away from her former friend. “I’m sorry.”

“Good. I trust there are no other questions.” Barely waiting the space of a heartbeat for an answer Emma said. “Please see me one at a time for morning weigh in and chore assignments.” With that, she turned, picked up the notepad containing the girl’s weight records, and swaggered off toward the restrooms.


Chloe was called first for weigh in. She rose from the couch, a mixture of emotions filling her. On the one had she was enraged at being humiliated in front of everyone. But on the other, she was terrified that Emma would make good on her promise, and lock her alone in her room till the master returned. The one thing she couldn’t deal with was isolation. The only way she had been coping with the situation of being down here, was through her interactions with everyone else.

She’d had fun with the master, she couldn’t help but admit that. He was easily the best fuck that she’d ever had. But, what really got her pussy quivering, was the thought of being man-handled, dominated, being filled with thick hard cock, or watching it happen to someone else. The thought of watching someone get raped, of wanting to be treated like a dirty fuck hole would have utterly disgusted her before coming here. In retrospect, she thought as she made her way toward the restroom, it happened slowly. It began in the master’s room on the morning of the third day, when he brought her there to pleasure him while he watched Emma and Margot have sex. She’d had plenty of sex before that, mostly with douchey little stage hands and runners, teenagers like herself, who had no idea what the fuck they were doing. The master showed her there was a whole world of pleasure out there, and somewhere between her escape attempt, and being chained to that wall for days watching as Bella was fucked against her will over and over again, she learned something about herself. She loved being a dirty fucking slut. She loved cock, and she didn’t give a good god damn about leaving this place. All she wanted, all she could think about was pleasure, the explosion of orgasm, the feeling of rough hands on her body, doing whatever they wanted.

The door to the restroom swung shut behind her. This was only her second time being weighed in. Before, the punishment room, she had been in charge, she had done the weigh ins. Now, it was that stuck-up bitch Emma Watson. “Strip,” Emma said in that annoying as fuck accent. Chloe grimaced, wishing there was something she could do to put things back to how they were before she tried to escape. But there wasn’t, so she stripped. Pulling her tee-shirt over her head, she was braless, and her perky little tits jiggled a little as she tossed it to the floor. Her shoes, socks and shorts followed, she wore no underwear. Yesterday, she had tidied up her pubic hair, shaving close all around her slit, which despite what Emma had said was a tight little innie that looked amazing.

“Up on the scale,” commanded Emma in that pretentious condescending tone.

Chloe stepped on to it, giving Emma a look which suggested just how very much she’d like to punch her in the face. The uptight brit seemed not to noticed, as she impassively studied the scale before turning to making some notations in her book. Chloe, deciding that Emma was done with the weigh in began to step down from the scale.

Without looking up, Emma said: “Did I say we were done? Back up. Don’t move till I say so.”

Sighing, Chloe stepped back onto the scale. “Is this what you want?” she asked sarcastically.

Emma didn’t even bother to look up from her notebook. A moment passed as in silence as she wrote in her book. “Turn for me, arms out.”

Chloe scowled at the top of Emma’s head, she was getting pissed. The slender brunette ignored her, pretending to write in her book, as if she didn’t even exist. “Fine,” she said in a huff, turning in place on the scale, arms out to her sides, so her backside now faced Emma. “This what you want? A good look at my— Whoa! Wha—”

Chloe yelped in surprise as she suddenly felt Emma’s had slide between her legs, grabbing a handful of her puffy young twat. The element of surprise allowed the snobby brit to easily push her against the tiled bathroom wall. Then, she raised her lips to Chloe’s ear, lightly stroking the young blonde’s tight pink pussy lips, asking, “is this what you like?”

Chloe struggled to escape the hold, but Emma simply seized a handful of her long blonde hair, and pressed her face roughly against the wall. Holding her with a strength that belied her stature.

“Let go of me, you fucking bitch!”

Emma’s delicate fingers went to work, sliding back and forth across her tender young slit, teasing her clit and gently probing her outer lips. “That’s right, struggle. Isn’t that how you want it?” The blonde teen bucked and fought, as Emma’s fingers continued to stroke her sex. Using the weight of her body and the tight grip on her hair, Emma held Chloe firmly in place. When she finally settled down, accepting that she couldn’t escape, Emma brought her fingers up to Chloe’s mouth. “Open up, slut or I’ll jam these into you bone dry.”

Chloe couldn’t believe what was happening, Emma Watson, pristine champion of women’s rights and outspoken humanitarian was about to finger fuck her with or without permission. Her pussy twitched at the thought, her eyes closed in pleasure, and her juices began to flow. She opened her mouth in a low moan of pleasure, even as Emma pulled violently on her hair and plunged three fingers knuckle deep into her throat.

Emma hissed, “You better get these nice and wet, or trust me, you’ll regret it.” As she leveled the threat, she began to savagely ram her fingers in and out of Chloe’s mouth.  The blonde teen gagged violently each time Emma pushed her digits up to the third knuckle, holding them there, and causing Chloe to generate copious amounts of saliva. Soon, Emma’s whole hand was covered in thick ropy spit, and Chloe was in tears, forced to her knees from the vicious assault.

“Good,” Emma said, looking down at her hand, then past it to the tear streaked Chloe. Suddenly, Emma curled her lips in a vicious sneer, catching Chloe by surprise when she spat a thick, fat, wad of saliva right in her face. The blonde teen flinched as the clear slimy liquid caught her in the eye. Emma used the opportunity to yank hard on her hair, pulling her to the floor. Then proceeded to drag her, even as she squirmed and kicked, into the nearest stall. She hauled Chloe, whose face was now amess of tears and running mascara, to her knees. Stood ever the young pitiful looking blonde, and said, “let’s see if you really are enjoying this.” With that, Emma pushed her face first into the toilet, effectively bending her over the bowl, with her head in the water. While Chloe fought to breathe, Emma buried three fingers into her now sopping wet pussy.

Holding the struggling teen under the water, Emma began to ram her fingers back and forth inside the teenager’s tight hungry hole. It didn’t take long for Chloe’s pussy to begin twitching uncontrollably from Emma’s cruel invasion, and a wet sloshing sound could be heard. After a long twenty-thirty seconds of finger fucking, Emma let up the pressure, giving Chloe just a moment to breathe. Chloe gasped, gulping in oxygen, and moaning like a whore, even as she fought to catch her breath.

The slender brunette’s fingers however, never stopped moving, and each time she rammed them home, a thick spray of girl cum shot out of the teenager’s quivering cunt, spraying its thick slippery fluid all over the tiled floor. Chloe was in heaven, breathing heavily, and sighing deeply in long loud gasps even as she began to push herself back toward the brit’s thrusting digits. “Oooooh God! Soooo fucking good! I’m gonna—” The end of her orgasm was cut off, as Emma again plunged her face into the cold murky yellow water inside the bowl. Her words were cut off, but Chloe’s pussy exploded in orgasm, and a thick sheet of cum sprayed out, coating her legs, Emma’s hand, and the floor. Emma held her there, continuing the three-fingered assault, as Chloe’s legs twitched, and her hips bucked, and her knees shook. She held her there ramming her fingers home again and again not stopping till the lascivious, bucking blonde was on the verge of passing out, held her till she collapsed in a quivering heap before the bowl.

Emma leaned the virtually unconscious teen over the toilet bowl, her head hanging just above the water, and gasping for each breath. She reached behind her into the waist band of her shorts, producing a pair of metallic hand cuffs. Then locked her writs together behind the bowl, pinning her against the toilet. Chloe came around just as the cuffs locked in place. Blearily, she looked up at Emma, “what are you doing?”

“Weigh ins,” she said casually as she stood up, brushed her hands off, and left the stall. Chloe listened as Emma crossed the short distance to the stool where she sat conducting weigh ins, heard the rustling of pen and paper as she took her seat. “Taylor,” she called out loudly, “you’re up next.”

Is she just gonna leave me here, while the others have their weigh in. The thought flashed through Chloe’s mind. Simultaneously, she felt nauseous and humiliated, but her pussy quivered in anticipation of being put on display in such a vulnerable, humiliating fashion. Rattling the handcuffs, she tested how difficult it would be to extract herself. The tank was flush with the wall making it impossible to free herself without ripping the toilet from the floor, or somehow breaking it. Feats both requiring someone much stronger than she.

Chloe resigned herself to the humiliation, even as she heard the tentative arrival of Taylor Swift, who anxiously spoke, “we heard an awful racket. Is every—” It must have been that moment, Chloe figured when the former pop star saw her lower half hanging out of the toilet stall, heard the jingling of handcuffs against porcelain, or was otherwise altered to her presence.

“Everything’s fine,” Emma responded. “Strip.”

Mortified, Chloe curled her legs up, trying as best she could to hide herself in the doorless stall while making as little noise as possible.

“Ignore, Chloe for now, Taylor. Strip off those clothes and get on the scale or you’ll join her.”

Chloe listened, as Taylor removed her clothes and went through the motions of weigh in. That humiliating daily ritual to make sure the girls remained at their target weight, with no more than five pounds’ variance. They were then given their daily chore list, and often special instructions, like if the master wanted to see someone specific that day. Chloe sat in the relative silence of Taylor’s weigh in. Emma typically handed them a paper list with all instructions, and recorded their weight in her notebook. As thus, it was quiet. The only noise was the occasional squeaking of the scale when Taylor shifted her weight, and the soft jingling of metal on porcelain. The whole thing took less than five minutes, but it was five minutes where Chloe kept thinking they were going to come in and see her sitting in a puddle of cum, dripping in piss water, handcuffed to a toilet.

“Ok,” Emma finally said. “Weight looks good, your right on today. Good work, Taylor. Here is your chore list, you may get dressed.”

Chloe listened as Taylor stepped down and began to dress, wondering what was to come next, what would happen with her. She doubted Emma restrained her just so she could sit and listen to the other’s weigh ins.

“And before you go. Take this, it’s ruby red lipstick. Your first chore of the day, is to humiliate Chloe. I want you to go into the stall there, where she’s handcuffed, write something degrading on whatever body part you choose, and do something demeaning, be creative. But you don’t leave till I’m satisfied.”

“Do what?” Taylor asked in confusion.

“You heard me.” There was a keen edge of threat in Emma’s voice, Chloe could tell she meant every word. “Go!”

Chloe listened to the soft footfalls of someone approaching her stall. Turning she saw a timid looking Taylor standing at the opening, clutching the tube of ruby red lipstick, and looking terrified.

“Sooner rather than later, Taylor, I have better things to do today than stand here watching you.” Emma’s voice was cool, commanding, the former diva shuttered when she spoke, even Chloe shivered a little hearing it.

A look of determination came over Taylor, as she stepped closer. Chloe hid her head in the bowl, too humiliated to even look her in the eye. She flinched at the soft waxy touch of the lipstick on back, just above her ass. Felt, as Taylor spelled out the word ‘Slut’ in a halting script. The leggy singer, then grabbed a handful of her hair, leaned over the prostrate teen, and pulled her face out of the bowl. Taylor mouthed the word ‘sorry’ then spat in her face, before shoving her head back into the water.

Chloe sobbed in embarrassment, she felt both ashamed and aroused at the same time, as if the two emotions were one state of mind. Her pussy spasmed, she felt an urgent hunger, a need, to have Emma’s fingers, anyone’s fingers, or the master’s fat dick back inside of her. She realized, that being humiliated, instilled an immediate need in her, the need to be fucked senseless. But instead of sex, Taylor left, and the sultry brit called out: “Margot, you’re up.” Chloe whimpered pathetically.

The next two weigh ins proceeded similarly to Taylor’s, the same halting uneasiness, the same timid uncomfortability as they were weighed in. Emma, even gave them both the same first chore of the day, that of furthering Chloe’s humiliation.

Margot approached the prostrate teen in relative confidence, she had participated in Emma’s initiation not that long ago, and despite her naturally sweet disposition seemed to be able to channel the same ‘I don’t give a fuck attitude’ that she brought to the role of Harley Quinn. She lifted Chloe’s head from the bowl, scrawling the word ‘Whore’ across her forehead, then raised her arm and slapped her across the face, before dropping her head back into the toilet bowl. Again, Chloe felt a simultaneous rush of arousal and debasement. She needed someone to fuck her, now more than ever.

It took Bella several moments of staring at Chloe bent over the toilet, sobbing, before she could move forward. The lipstick in hand and a look of righteous determination on her face. Emma, didn’t even say anything to make her hurry, just leaned against the stall opening, waiting patiently, giving the redhead all the time she needed. She went to work with the lipstick, doing more than just scrawling one obscenity. She drew cocks all over her, and wrote words like ‘Cum Dumpster,’ ‘Human Toilet,’ ‘Fuck Toy,’ and ‘Bitch’ all over her. Bella was a woman possessed. She tossed aside the spent lipstick tube, licked her hand, making it good and wet, and started paddling Chloe’s ass till it was bright red. All the while, Chloe was moaning and crying uncontrollably, face down in the toilet bowl. When Bella was done with the spanking, Chloe was helplessly prone. She raised her leg, placing it on top of the toilet’s tank, then unleashed a thick torrent of steamy piss, which hit Chloe in the back of the head. The hot, fetid liquid ran down her face in rivulets, before dripping from her chin, nose and lips into the water.

Chloe wept, her salty tears intermingling with the acidic piss still dripping from her face. She heard Bella thank the woman who did this to her, and walk out of the bathroom, seemingly a new woman. Several minutes passed. Chloe wasn’t sure if she was miserable because of the way her fellow cellmates had treated her this morning, or from the fact that her pussy, despite all that had been done, was still hot and demanding attention. It ached, begging her, someone to touch it, to bring it to the release that only her degradation could inspire. “Please,” she whimpered, not excepting that anyone might still be listening, so long had passed.

Emma laughed behind her. “Please what? Fuck you? After all that, your dirty little fuck hole still wants something inside it huh?”

Chloe let out a wail of despair, looking back at Emma watching her, arms crossed a look of snide condemnation on her face. Tears streamed down her face, she nodded her head fervently. “Yes, please…. I need it. I’m begging you.”

Emma smiled sweetly. “Beg, I don’t think you’ve begun to beg.” The slender brunette quickly stepped up behind her, knelt and roughly grabbed her pussy, squeezing it hard. Chloe flinched in surprise, but swiftly recovered, moaning like a whore, and pushing her backside against Emma’s palm. Emma laughed again, pushing her thumb inside Chloe’s throbbing hot fuck hole. “You really are a dirty fucking slut.”

Chloe bit her thick luscious lips, moaning and gazing at Emma like she was her savior. “Please. I’ll do whatever the fuck you want. I’ll be anything you want. Just, just fuck me like you did before.

Emma watched her, considering, taking her time. While she knelt there, looking down at Chloe, the blonde nympho began to gently push her hips back and forth on Emma’s thumb. “First,” Emma began, “you’re gonna tell me who’s in charge down here.”

Chloe stared into Emma’s dark brown eyes, pushing her ass back on the brit’s thumb, looking every inch the whore she had become. Covered in lipstick drawn dicks and insulting words which seemed to perfectly describe her, Chloe moaned. “The master.”

Emma yanked her thumb free, reared her hand back and slapped Chloe’s tiny round ass with all her might. “Wrong! Try again, skank.”

“You, mistress?” She asked, twerking her ass up and down, and gazing longingly at Emma’s hand.

“Good,” Emma said, reinserting her thumb, and grabbing a handful of hot teenaged twat. “Now, whose fucking bitch, are you?”

“Yours, mistress,” she said, purring like a kitten and beginning again to fuck Emma’s thumb.

“Are you going to be my little pet? My little kitty?” Emma asked, petting her head with her other hand, before running her other thumb into Chloe’s very eager mouth. The sexy little blonde began to suck on it hungrily.

Chloe just nodded, not stopping her menstruations on Emma’s piss coated thumb.

Emma nodded her head thoughtfully. “Pets,” she said after a moment, “need a name. What should I call you little kitty?”

“My cat’s name was Wrinkles… How bout that?”

Emma pulled her thumb from Chloe’s mouth, slapping her hard across the face. “Slaves don’t name themselves, whore. Now, shut your cock sucker and let me think.” Her brown eyes studied all the markings on Chloe’s defiled body. ‘Fuck Toy’ was somewhat smeared, and now just read ‘k Toy.’ Emma pulled her thumb away from Chloe’s mouth, using it to smear out the ‘k.’ “Slut, or Whore, just seem too obvious for a dirty fucking bitch like you,” she said after a moment. “That settles it, until I tell you otherwise, you answer only to the name Toy. That’s with me, with everyone. You got that?”

Chloe nodded submissively, keeping her green eyes downcast like a good slave should.

“Good,” Emma said, beginning again to softly pet her new toy. “Also, you don’t fuck anyone, and I mean anyone without my permission. You understand that? You’re my fucking toy, get it?”

Chloe nodded again, keeping her eyes down, even as she slowly pushed her pussy back and forth on Emma’s thumb.

“Good.” Emma stood up, and reached over Toy, unlocking her handcuffs. “Into the shower, slut. You smell like piss and you look even worse.” As Toy stood, Emma hurried her along with a hard slap to the ass.


Emma stood, watching her toy head into the shower. Waited, listening as she washed. After what she felt was sufficient enough time for Toy to be clean, she followed, stripping her clothes as she went. Pulling the curtain aside to reveal the slender blonde, soaping down her perky little tits with one hand, and rubbing her pussy softly with the other.

“What the fuck! What did I just tell you!” Emma stepped in, and seized a handful of Toy’s hair, pushing her to her knees and looking down at her in anger.

Toy yelped in surprise, “I didn’t mean it, mistress. I wasn’t going to cum, just you know, relieve the tension.”

Emma scowled, pulling Toy’s face into her crouch. “Eat it, bitch, and maybe I’ll forgive you.” Toy’s tongue eagerly pushed into Emma’s pussy as the warm water from the shower cascaded down over them. Emma sighed in pleasure, briefly remembering a time when she had never even been with a woman. Now she was breaking one, turning her into her personal slave. What happened she thought? Her contemplation didn’t last long however, as Toy began to suck ardently on her clit, sliding her tongue as deep as it would go into Emma’s tight little hole. Emma held Toy’s hair in her hands, and began to grind her cunt ruthlessly into the blonde teen’s face, using it as her own personal vibrator. Under Toy’s menstruations, soon, Emma was moaning and humping her head, and it didn’t take long for her to cum all over the blonde’s pretty face.

Emma pulled Toy to her feet, and kissed her gently. She pinned her to the shower wall, and began to rub her little pink nub. She stroked her and finger fucked her right to the point of orgasm, before pulling her hands away. Emma ignored her slave’s tortured whimper of pain at being denied that which she most desired. “Follow me,” she said, stepping from the shower. She led Toy back to the stall she had occupied earlier, picking up the handcuffs from her pile of clothes. “Toy,” she commanded. “Hands behind your back.”

Toy looked at the handcuffs in horror, realizing what her mistress intended to use them for. She gave her a pleading look. “Mistress, please…”

Emma ignored her. “If you ever want to cum again, I suggest you do as I say.”

Toy complied, and Emma locked her hands behind her back.

“Now, I suggest if you want to eat today, you go beg one of the others to feed you. And, if I see you wearing clothes, clothes are for humans, you’re a toy, or I catch you humping the couch, I’ll lock you in your cell for the next ten days, and you’ll be lucky to ever get fucked again. You understand?”

The little blonde toy only nodded, keeping her gaze submissively on the floor.

“Good. Now out of my sight before I change my mind.” Toy left, and Emma sat in the changing area, putting her clothes back on and marveling at just how far things had gone since this morning. Wondering if the master, if Alex would have been proud of her today.



Emma blinked, there were tears in her eyes, they slipped free, rolling down her cheeks. He’s giving me the power, she thought. It might not be the best of choices, but it is a choice. I can escape if I want to… The strength left her legs, she sat down heavily upon the bed. Clutching the iPad, staring at his words to her, Alex’s words. She knew his name. “Well fuck,” she whispered. “What do I do now?”

An hour passed as she sat staring at the floor. Part of her knew she wanted to be here, to be with Alex, and Margot. That same part knew that returning to the real world was impossible now, she would be forever seen as a celebrity who had been abducted. No matter what happened, she knew that outside of here, she would be pitied for the rest of her life. But here, here she could at least have her dignity, could have power and friendship and love. Yes, maybe even love.

But first, first she would have to secure her position as master of this harem. While the master was gone, she would have to become the master. She stood up, peeled off her level 3 uniform, tossing it to the floor and donned her new clothes. With new clothes, and a fierce look of determination in her eye, she left to become the master.

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