Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 17

Title: Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 17

Author: Mal

Celebs: Emma Watson, Chloe Moretz, Bella Thorne

Codes: FF, oral, rim, nc, viol, BDSM, slave

Summary: Emma gets comfortable in her role as master. Bella gets revenge on Chloe.

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Also, I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 16:

Yesterday had gone well, as far as Emma Watson could tell. She had effectively culled Chloe Moretz by turning her into a submissive toy, and thus ensuring that the little blonde teen would no longer be any threat to her. Unfortunately, Margot obviously hated it, and she spent the rest of the day avoiding Emma.

Taylor, now seemed afraid of her, barely managing to meet her gaze after she emerged from the restroom, and spending the rest of the day behaving like a lap dog. Jumping at any suggestion made of her, and doing her best to please Emma’s every request.

Bella seemed to be the only one ok with what had transpired between her and Chloe yesterday. She had been transformed by her experience in the restroom stall, seeming much livelier and more engaged with everyone, she even fed Chloe her dinner, though the toy did end up wearing a great deal of it, but Bella kindly rinsed her off with a face full of water afterwards. At this point, it seemed Bella would recover from her experience in the punishment room, and that if anything was good.

Emma woke, stretching her legs and yawning contentedly. At her feet, Toy slept above the blankets, curled into a ball, arms still handcuffed behind her. She began to stir, as her mistress did. “Did you sleep well, my pet?” Emma asked, sitting up, and gently stroking the teen’s long blonde hair.

Toy whimpered pathetically, “no, Mistress.”

“Are your shoulders sore,” she asked in a sweet voice. The toy only nodded, looking miserable. “Did you learn your lesson then?”

“Yes, Mistress. No sex, even with myself unless you say so. I’ll be a good girl from now on, promise.” She opened her beautiful green eyes, looking Emma in the eye. She did appear subdued and complacent, politely asking, “would, Mistress please unhook me?”

“Very well, but your release comes with a price.”

“I live to please, Mistress,” and she bit her lip, looking coy, and incredibly sexy.

Emma unhooked the cuffs, and Toy sat up, rubbing her shoulders. Emma pulled the toy into her lap, kissing her gently, deeply. Her young eager lips parted, accepting her mistress’s probing tongue. The slender brit lay back, drawing Toy with her, continuing the long sensual kiss. Their tongues passed back and forth for several long minutes, as their fingertips explored on their own, and when it finally broke, both girls breathed in deep, sighing in pleasure.

Emma smiled at her toy, brushing some stray hairs from her face. Toy swallowed, licking her lips in anticipation, squirming some atop her mistress. She gently pressed Toy down, pausing at her breasts to allow the nubile teen to lick and suck upon her nipples. Her new slave wasted no time, and began to eagerly suck and lick on Emma’s nipples, while the brunette ran her fingers through the toy’s long hair, gently massaging her scalp. She gasped deeply, as Toy plunged further down, and took her first long deep lick through Emma’s lower lips.

Emma held her toy there, by the hair, as she began to suck and lick at her clit, moaning as the young blonde swirled her tongue around that little bundle of nerves. Toy then began to greedily lap, suck, and delve into Emma’s increasingly wet twat. Her mistress began to writhe under her menstruations, moaning softly in pleasure, and holding her head lovingly in her hands. Soon, Emma began to thrust her pelvis toward Toy’s face, gently grinding her pussy into the young slave’s hungry mouth.

Toy redoubled her efforts, sucking on Emma’s sensitive clit, and rolling her tongue around it at a rapid pace. Her mistress’s back arched, thrusting her twat hard into Toy’s busy mouth, moaning loudly as she did. Emma’s pussy exploded in orgasm, even as her nubile slave girl continued providing pleasure. Toy sucked and lapped at her mistress’s pussy, while she regained her breath.

Emma pulled her toy gently up from her lap, kissing her softly when she reached face level, and tasting her own sweet sex on the girl’s full pouty lips. “That was wonderful my sweet little kitty. Do you want something in return?”

Toy shyly cast her gaze downward, biting her lip. “Only if my mistress wants me to have it,” she said in a soft, sexy, submissive tone.

Emma ran her fingers through Toy’s silky blonde hair, considering whether or not she should ease the sexual tension her toy must be feeling after being tormented all of yesterday. “Maybe after lunch,” she decided, kissing her on the forehead. “If you’re good.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

They got up after that, and with Ukuza’s help, found Toy a suitable token of her new position. It seems, Alex, had a small box of customizable slave colors in one of the storerooms. Emma found Toy a black leather collar, and personalized it by spelling out her new name in bold silver letters at the neck. At the back of the neck, was a loop to attach a leash, which Emma picked out a nice thick black leather leash to match, and led Toy into the main dorm on hands and knees, naked save for her new collar.

Margot, Bella and Taylor were sat around one of the breakfast tables, and all stared in wonder as the pair entered. “Time for weigh in,” Emma announced. “Margot, you’re up first.”

Emma replaced the stool upon which she normally sat to do the weigh ins, with her new toy. She sat there, on Toy’s back, her nubile teen slave on her hands and knees, reduced to little more than furniture, as Margot entered. The blonde Aussie paused at the doorway, stupefied, staring at the pair horrified in awe. “Strip,” Emma commanded, causing her to jump in surprise.

“Em?” Margot asked in concern, “could we talk…in private?”

Emma glanced down at Toy, considering for a moment whether to press the point that Toy was no longer a person, but decided for the moment it wasn’t worth it, especially if she wanted to get back on her former lover’s good side. “Ok. The exercise room?”

Margot nodded, and the pair left the restroom, entering the room across the hall, closing the door softly behind them. What’s up?” Emma asked, leaning back against the door, crossing her arms, and looking Margot in the eye.

Margot rounded, an angry expression on her face. “What’ve you done to Chloe?”

Emma smiled, “nothing she didn’t want,” she said with a laugh.

“She wanted that!” Margot demanded, heatedly emphasizing the want, her face turning red in outrage.

“Yes.” Emma responded simply. “Well, she didn’t say it, not in so many words anyway. But trust me, that is precisely what she wanted.” There was a moment of audible silence between them. Margot, trying to process what she had just heard, and trying to decide if it could be true. Emma, wanting to repair the breach between them, but not knowing exactly how best to begin.

“Mar— ”

“Look, I—”

They both spoke at once, interrupting each other.

“You go ahead,” Margot conceded.

Emma stepped forward, attempting to take, her former lover’s hand. “Margot,” she began, “I want to apologize to you. I know I’ve been a real… well, let’s just say I’ve been unsympathetic to you and the others lately. I—”

“You’ve been a total bitch,” Margot interrupted, giving the Brit a flat remorseless look, yanking her hand away from her former friend’s.

Looking down at her hand, and being rebuked by the woman she loved, Emma felt hurt and sad. She knew Margot was right however, she could only hope that the explanation of her behavior would be enough to salvage their relationship. After all, these were tight quarters, it could get very uncomfortable to be in such close proximity to Margot, should this break up prove permanent and or bitter. “You’re right, and if you hate me now, I guess I couldn’t blame you,” she said, looking up, and into Margot’s hostile eyes. “I, I just hope that maybe you’ll give me the chance to explain myself.”

“Explain! You turned Chloe into, into, into some kind of…”

“Toy,” Emma supplied. “It’s what she wanted though, you have to believe me. It’s what she needed to survive…” The look of contentious disbelief on Margot’s face supplied Emma with all the feeling of defeat she needed. “I’m sorry.” She looked toward the floor, turning to leave, muttering almost to herself, “you must be the only one not having second thoughts about leaving this place.”

“Wait,” Margot said, reaching out and taking Emma’s arm, stopping her from leaving. “What do you mean, the only one with second thoughts about leaving this place?”

“Can’t you see it,” Emma whispered, turning to face her former lover. “Taylor’s in love with the master. Bella’s broken, even if she still wants out, she’ll never be the same, and I think she knows it. Chloe…Toy, well, something happened to her in that punishment room. She came to realize something about herself, she loves rape… She desires domination. It was either us or her. If I hadn’t done what I did, she’d have tried to take over. Maybe she’d have succeeded, maybe not, but I wasn’t willing to risk the collateral damage.” Emma bit her lip, pausing before looking Margot in the eye again. “I have no right to ask for your forgiveness, just know that everything I did, from my self-righteous behavior, to turning Chloe into a nameless sex toy, was to protect you, and the others. To make the rapes stop. We might be prisoners, but fighting only gets us hurt.”

There was another long pause, it filled the room with its awkwardness. Margot stared off at the floor, trying to process. Emma desperately trying to think of something to add to make her former lover believe her. The slender Brit cleared her throat, looking again to the floor. “You, you know I still care for you, right?” Feeling a bit of embarrassment from her admission, and before a stunned Margot could stop her, Emma turned to leave, hurrying out of the exercise room. Saying, before closing the door behind her, “forget your weigh in today, you have a pass.”

She strode back into the restroom, distracted, emotional, but still had wits enough to notice Toy, lounging on her forearms, and not maintaining the rigid structure of a footstool. Emma scowled, watching as Toy hurriedly propped herself back up, noticing that her mistress had reentered. She seized a handful of the blonde girl’s hair, before giving her ass three hard whacks with the palm of her hand. “That’s not being a good girl,” she said taking her seat again. “Looks like you’ll keep waiting on that release.” Toy whimpered, as she retrieved her notepad from the floor. Emma sat up straight, pushed a stray strand of hair out of her eyes and just as she was about to call for Taylor, heard footsteps on the bathroom tile.

“What about you?” Margot asked, stepping inside and beginning to peel off her clothes for weigh in.

It took, Emma a moment to recover, a moment that Margot seized by sliding her red silk thong down her long sexy legs, kicking them into her hand, and tossing them in Emma’s face. The panties dropped to Emma’s lap, as the tall gorgeous Aussie stepped across the room, kneeling before her. Their faces were mere inches apart, Margot looked coy and playful, as she had in those first days they spent together, and Emma wanted ever so badly to kiss her. She leaned toward her former lover, tilting her head to do just that, when Margot’s finger on her lips halted her progress.

“What about you?” She asked again, her face flush with desire, her voice deep and husky with lust.

Emma swallowed in nervous anticipation. “What about me?” she asked in soft pleading eagerness.

Margot licked her lips seductively. “Do you think about leaving?”

“It’s complicated,” she whispered, drawing her face even closer to the gorgeous blonde before her. “But,” her voice thick with passion, “no. I want to stay here, with you, and the others.”

Whether or not it was the answer she was looking for, Margot gripped her face between her hands, and kissed her long and deep. Emma’s mouth opened in a soft eager sigh, and her lover’s tongue gently pressed inside. She sucked on it, turning her head, and offering the blonde her own tongue in return. Their kissed went on for several long minutes, Emma pulling her lover close, softly caressing her sides, and working her hands around to firmly grab her tight ass.

When the kiss finally broke, Emma found herself gasping for breath and grinning like a fool. Margot was smiling back at her, looking as beautiful and stunning as ever. Without breaking eye contact, Emma reached around and gave Toy a wicked slap across the ass, saying pointedly, “footstools don’t have eyes or ears.” Toy jumped, whimpering, but turned her head back to looking forward at the wall in front of her.

Margot momentarily glanced at the toy beneath her lover. “You want to get out of here?”

Emma only nodded, standing up and taking the blonde’s hand before racing out of the room, calling back over her shoulder, “you’re a toy again, and even toys need exercise.” Margot grabbed up her clothes on the way out, stepping into them as the pair made their way down the hall, and into the main dorm. They zipped through, ignoring the surprised looks of the two ladies sitting and waiting on weigh in. “Weigh in’s canceled for today. You both pass.”

Quickly passing through the security checkpoints to her room, the pair fell into Emma’s bed laughing and pulling at each other’s clothes.


Day 20:

Three horribly sweet days passed since Emma and Margot ran through the main dorm to go off and fuck. At the time, Bella Thorne assumed that’s where they’d gone. But, over the intervening days, the two barely left each other’s side, and suspicion became all but fact, as she had more than once stumbled in on them in the depth of night, necking in the dark while watching TV, they even did yoga and exercise together, it was a little disgusting how lovey dovey they were with each other.

It was roughly ten in the morning, who could ever tell in this place. But that was the time weigh in typically happened, so most days everyone gathered in the main dorm around then. Bella entered, expecting to see everyone eating, and getting ready to step on the scale. Instead, she found Chloe, naked, as she had been since the day the master left. She was curled into a ball on one of the room’s many couches, sobbing into a pillow.

While Bella had little pity for her former friend in the days since their return from the punishment room. The sudden transformation she’d undergone in the master’s absence, had peeked her curiosity. Nevertheless, she crossed the main dorm and made herself a breakfast of precooked bacon, and a frozen bagel with some cream cheese, while trying to ignore the pathetic blubbering coming from a few feet away. She sat and ate, looking up when Taylor came in to make her own breakfast.

The leggy pop star made some toast, looking around as she withdrew two slices of bread, “what is that noise?” she asked, sliding the bread into the toaster.

Bella glanced over to the couch where Chloe was lying, saying off-handedly, “just a naked dirty slut crying about her missing mistress.”

“Where is Emma,” Taylor asked, “shouldn’t weigh ins have started already?”

Bella shrugged, taking a bite of her bagel, “probably off banging Margot…” Then grinning wickedly at the sight of Taylor’s cheeks coloring with the thought of the hot girl on girl action between those two.

“Oh” she said, looking away, nervously, but fooling no one.

“You really should just fuck one, or both of them, you’re not really fooling anyone with the innocent ‘I’m not really sure if I’m into girls’ thing.”

“Excuse me?” she said, anger in her voice.

Bella was about to tell Taylor how obvious it was that she wanted to fuck the pair, and that whatever her stance on girl on girl had been on the outside it had obviously changed since. But, right then they entered, hand in hand.

“Morning, everyone,” Emma said in cheerful greeting.

Bella looked at the nonexistent watch on her wrist, mocking the snobby Brit’s tardy arrival. “Nearly afternoon, don’tcha think?”

Emma stopped in her tracks, giving the surly redhead the evil-eye. “What? What was that?”

She in turn, simply shrugged. “I was just wondering when weigh in was going to start. Well, that and whether or not you were going to let your…I guess slave would be the right term, permission to eat today, or bathe, or leave the couch for that matter.” Bella enjoyed the look of surprise on Emma’s face at the realization that she and Margot had just left Chloe in the main dorm overnight without feeding her or giving her permission to return to her room. She didn’t have any dislike for Emma, after all, she did help her get back at Chloe. “I just meant, if you’re going to let Chloe starve to death, I might watch.” On the other hand, Emma was playing the same games with her and the others that the master did, when he was here, so bringing her down a notch or three seemed to be in order.

Emma recovered quickly, her face returning to that of the haughty overlord. “What I do with my property is hardly your concern.” She gave Margot a pat on the butt, whispering something to her, presumably ushering her off to the restroom for weigh in, since that was where she headed. The slender brunette then returned her attention to Bella. “I have an idea.” She crossed the floor, picking up a thick black leather leash from the floor next to Chloe’s couch. “This is Toy’s leash. I’ve given her instructions that whomever is holding it, while it’s attached to her collar she must obey. Unless those orders run in direct contradiction to orders I’ve previously given her.” She lifted Chloe’s hair, snapping it in place on her collar, and offered the other end to Bella. “She’s yours for the day. Want to continue getting back at her? Want to humiliate her. Just want her to eat your pussy for hours… I don’t care. All I ask is you feed her, and get her a shower before you give her back. Sound fair?”

Bella laughed, stood up and crossed the floor to where Emma stood. She took the collar, leaning close to the brunette’s ear. “We’re gonna have to fuck one of these days…” she said in a deep husky voice. Licking her full lips at the thought, Bella’s dark brown eyes traveled down Emma’s tight slender body before returning to meet the Brit’s gaze, “definitely.” With that, Bella turned and lead Toy toward the restroom for weigh in.

Emma grinned as Bella walked away, admiring the teenager’s healthy round ass as she swayed off, leading Toy, who was on hands and knees. “Oh, and if you really want to get back at her. Toy really gets off on being treated like the dirty fucking slut she is, and she hasn’t had an orgasm in about four days.”

Toy whimpered pathetically, hanging her head as the pair stepped into the hallway.

Weigh in proceeded, though not as Bella would have expected, nor how it normally did. For one thing, Emma, didn’t take note of anyone’s weight. She simply watched the scale as everyone took their turn. She didn’t hand out any chore lists, just rattled off a few things that needed to be done. It was as if she just wanted to be done with it as quick as possible… Bella figured that she and Margot wanted to get back to fucking, or whatever it was they were doing before they came into the main dorm that morning. The theory didn’t prove too far off, cause as soon as the hurried business of weigh in was done, the pair headed back toward Emma’s room. Bella wondered if the contemptuous Brit would be in trouble with the master, upon his return, especially if she continued to shirk her duties. It would be ironic, she thought, if someone else was put in charge.

Once weigh in had finished, it left Bella and Toy alone in the bathroom. The tall athletic redhead gave a sharp jerk on her slave’s leash, “on your feet slut.”

The petite blonde rose from the floor to stand before her current mistress. She kept her head down, and her gaze directed at the floor. Her arms hung before her, and she submissively held one hand clasp in the other, incidentally covering her pussy. “You’re not going to hurt me, are you, mistress?”

Bella seized one of the teen’s tiny pink nipples, giving it a painful twist and yanking it back hard, enjoying as she did, the slave’s yelp of pain and surprise. “And If I am?” she said, leaning in to whisper in her ear. She coiled the leash around her wrist, grabbing Toy’s slender neck when the tightened leash drew her hand near. Her other hand found its way to the soaking wet fuck hole between the toy’s legs, sliding a finger between the tight folds of her little pink twat.

Toy shuddered in arousal, keeping her gaze submissively down cast. Thick liquid dripped from her eager hole, slicking her legs and Bella’s finger with its wetness. Her skinny legs began to shake in anticipation, and a soft sigh escaped her full lips as her former friend, turned mistress stroked her sex.

Bella tightened her grip on Toy’s neck, choking her, and beginning to deprive her of oxygen, all while squeezing her pussy lips between her middle and index fingers, rubbing her hot love tunnel up and down. “I’ll tell you what, you worthless little skank. You’re going to eat my asshole. You’re going to probe my filthy shit hole with your even filthier tongue, and you’re going to beg me to let you.” Bella leaned in close to Toy’s face, flicking her tongue across the slave’s pouty lips saying, “and, maybe, if you do a good job, I’ll give you that O you’ve been wanting.”

Toy’s knees were wobbling in excitement, thick pungent sex juice dripped from her legs to the floor, forming a small puddle. “Yes…yes, mistress.” Suddenly her knees gave out as a mini orgasm caused by a combination of Bella’s stroking and her own humiliation, rocked her. She collapsed, kept from hitting the floor by her mistress’s tight grip on her leash. Bella held her there, holding tight the leash, and causing Toy to choke. She let Toy sway and asphyxiate for a long moment, her knees too weak to support her. Finally letting her fall to the floor.

The tall redhead then began to walk from the restroom, still holding the leash. When it went taunt, she called out, “you coming, bitch?”

Toy lifted herself from the tiled floor, and followed her temporary mistress on hands and knees. Bella led her nubile little slave into the kitchen, and kept her promise to Emma by feeding her. Of course, she made Toy prepare the food, and eat it herself, while she lounged on a couch.

After she was finished, Bella led Toy back to her room, pulling the bitch along on hands and knees. Inside, she yanked the petite blonde to her feet by the leash about her neck. Pulling her close, and grabbing her around the waist before kissing her with passion. Toy’s mouth opened in a deep longing sigh, as the younger, but more forceful redhead kissed her. Bella’s tongue pressed into the toy’s open mouth as she moaned, and for a long moment, the two young girls simply shared a deep passion fueled embrace. Their tongues passed over one another in their delving’s into each other’s mouths, and for the briefest minute their entwined bodies could almost pass for the tender caressing of gentle lovers.

Then Bella, pushed the blonde onto her bed with a forceful thrust. She began to strip off her simple tee-shirt and shorts saying, “Remember, slut, do a good job and I’ll return the favor. However, if I catch you so much as touching that dirty stinking cock sleeve between your legs, I’ll handcuff you to the bed post, teasing and tormenting you till morning, get it?”

Toy nodded, keeping her gaze down cast and submissive. “Yes, mistress.”

Bella slid her blue cotton thong down her legs, kicking it across the room as she climbed onto the bed. She pulled Toy up into her arms, gently kissing her again. When she pulled back, both were breathless. She whispered clutching the blonde’s chin, forcing her to look into her mistress’s dark eyes, “knees or back?”

“Mistress?” Toy said, looking up for a moment in startlement.

Slapping Toy across the face, Bella sneered, “did I say you could look at me?” The slap caught her slave by surprise, forcing her to the bed. She landed on her back, near the center of the bed. “Back it is,” Bella said, straddling the blonde’s chest, and looking down on her pretty face. The blow had bloodied Toy’s nose, and she still looked a little dazed, as the sexy redhead slid forward, pressing her ass cheeks to the girl’s full pouty lips. “You ready to eat this shit hole? Cause I haven’t bathed in two days, and I really want to put this humiliation thing to the test.” To emphasize her point, Bella pressed her ass firmly against her toy’s face.

Toy whimpered pathetically, tears came to her eyes, and she looked away in shame, refusing to do her mistress’s bidding.

Bella began to grind her ass into Toy’s face, saying, “I don’t feel your tongue, slave. I guess you prefer torment then?” She reached behind her, grabbing a handful of puffy young twat. “This hole seems wet enough. I guess that means your disobeying me for some other reason. You want me to tease this stinking little hole? I guess you don’t want that O-oooooh”

Suddenly, Toy stuck out her tongue, and began to lap and lick Bella’s asshole for all she was worth. Her hands coiled around the young redhead’s hips, gripping them tightly, and pulling her crotch tight against her face. She shifted her tear streaked, humiliated gaze upwards, looking up in disgraceful lust at her mistress.

Bella watched in amazement, as Toy ate her asshole in earnest. Pushing her eager young tongue, despite what she would’ve at first described as reluctance at best, as deeply into her unwashed anus as it would go. Tears of shame leaked from the blonde’s pretty green eyes, but still she licked and probed. The leggy redhead began to grind her butthole into Toy’s face, lifting her hand from her obedient slave’s pussy, she transferred it to her own, and began to rub her clit in small tight circles.

Using the other hand, she pushed the blonde’s bangs away from her eyes, so she could stare back into that humiliated gaze unobstructed. “Don’t you look away, slut. I want to watch those pretty eyes while you lick my shithole.” She wiggled her ass, pressing forward, forcing more of Toy’s tongue into her rectum. “I want to see the tears of humiliation on your face as I force you to taste it.” Continuing to grind her ass into the blonde slave’s mouth, Bella sighed in pleasure as she slid two fingers into her warm wet twat.

Toy did an admirable job, maintaining eye contact, and rapidly pushing her tongue in and out of her mistress’s dirty asshole. Tears of shame continued to flow down her cheeks, and Bella was impressed that her slave could do such an amazing job at something she seemed to be deriving little to no pleasure from. She however, was rapidly rising to orgasm, working her fingers in and out of her tight teen pussy, and watching the submissive toy suck and probe her anus.

Suddenly, just as Toy pressed her tongue in as far as it would go, and Bella pressed her fingers in just as far, the redhead’s knees buckled. Her back arched, and a long low moan of ecstasy escaped her lips. Her slave didn’t stop working however, doubling her efforts to lick and suck her mistress to orgasm. Bella began to vigorously rub her clit, and grind her ass into Toy’s face.

The long legged, redhaired teen continued to buck and moan as she orgasmed over and over. She lost control of her body, falling backward, as she writhed and twitched in bliss. While she was no longer able to help herself orgasm, Toy was perfectly capable. She followed her mistress forward, keeping her tongue plunged into the younger girl’s asshole, and took over rubbing her little pink nub. Bella had half a dozen powerful orgasms, as Toy continued to eat her ass and rub her clit. She came and came till she could no longer stand it. Breathlessly, she pulled Toy up her chest, and despite where the slave’s tongue had just been, kissed her deeply, tasting her own asshole on the blonde girl’s lips.  “That was amazing,” she said through gasping breaths.

Toy slid down, cradling her head into Bella’s neck, as the redhead wrapped the little blonde in her arms. Bella kissed the top of her head. “I think you’ve earned your reward.”

Toy cooed, curling into her mistress. “Thank you, Mistress.”

Bella lay there for a several long minutes, basking in the afterglow, and catching her breath. She held Toy close, lightly stroking her back. When she was ready, she patted Toy on the back disentangling herself from her slave. She stood up, looking down on the submissive toy, and took hold of her long black leather leash. “You ready for your reward?”

The little blonde slave now known as Toy, looked up from the bed, and bit her lip seductively. A little smile touched her lips, and she nodded timidly. “Yes, Mistress.”

Bella’s expression turned from smiling content, into a cruel sneer. Suddenly, she lost herself to rage. Hatred fueled by watching as Chloe got off on her multiple rapes. She gave the leash a vicious jerk. “Out of my bed, skank.” That first pull yanked Toy nearly halfway out onto the floor, she choked and yelped in surprise. Toy tried scrambling to her feet, but, Bella kicked the back of her knee, keeping her on the floor. “Do dogs walk? crawl, bitch.” The tall redhead began to yank Toy out of her room and down the hall.

She threw open the door to the main dorm, and with once last savage tug wrenched, Toy out into the room. Bella walked around behind her former friend, who was now crying and looking around in shock, giving the blonde a good swift kick in the ass. The petite teen slid roughly across the carpet, crying out in pain, before sprawling onto her back. Bella crossed quickly to where she lay on the floor, bending down over her. “Here’s your reward you god-damned fucking bitch!” She spat down into the girl’s face, reared back, and kicked the toy right in her pretty face.

All Bella could see was red. Anger consumed her, she was ready to kill, Chloe for watching her all those days in the punishment room, watching and getting off on her torture. She was going to make her pay. Just as she reared back to deliver another vicious kick, Taylor was there, pulling her back.

“Stop, Bella. Please. It’s not worth it.” Wrapping the furious redhead in her arms, Taylor managed to pull her off the target of her aggression, and onto a nearby couch.

Toy curled into a ball, clutching her head, and began to sob.

Taylor held Bella tight in her arms, whispering soothing words into her ear.

Just as Bella began to calm down, Ukuza burst in. He seized her by the arm, and began to drag her out of the room.

She realized that the master’s guard was going to take her to the punishment room, and began to violently struggle against him. He tossed her to the floor as if she were a cotton stuffed ragdoll, pulled his taser, and fired.

Ten thousand volts leapt through Bella’s prone body. She seized, twitching against the current, felt as her bowels and bladder released. Tears blinked from her dark eyes, and she had just enough time to wonder what her punishment would be this time, before everything went black.


Day: 21

Cara Delevingne felt as if a great weight were pressing down on her chest. She felt stiff, it was so very hard to move. It was as if something heavy were holding down her eyelids. Her mind was hazy, she couldn’t process these strange feelings. It felt as if she were drowning in a sea of nothingness.

Slowly, the feeling began to fade, the weight lifted, and she was able to open her eyes. Though her eyelids fluttered open, the feeling of not being able to move didn’t go away, nor did her confusion. Her arms and legs were strapped to a bed, a hospital bed, there was an Iv in her arm, and she was in a very strange long narrow room.

She pulled tentatively at her restraints, wondering in her haze how she had gotten here. Even, where here was. The last thing she remembered was, the African village she’d been visiting… Wait! There’d been an attack. She remembered hearing an explosion, her guard, Philippe told her to get down and hide. There was gun fire, and screaming coming from all around… Suddenly, a grenade flew through the window. She gasped in remembrance, just before everything went black, another gun shot, this one much closer, and Philippe, his head, it just exploded. He was dead…

Cara began to pull more violently at her bonds, breathing erratically, and trying to free herself. That was when she noticed the man in the room. He was sitting in an easy chair, not three feet from her bed. He was large, and black and was watching an iPad with his headphones in. As she struggled, he looked up, taking note that she was now awake.

He stood, and she calmed down some, getting a good look. He was easily six-four, a bald head, and he was wearing some kind of black security uniform. Cara noticed he was wearing a side arm, and his arms were large and thickly muscled.

He placed a firm hand on her shoulder. “Do not struggle, Ms. Delevingne. You’ll only end up hurting yourself. My name is Taji, I am watching over you.” Taji, took a bottle of water from the stand next to the bed, placing it to her lips. “Drink. No doubt you have questions. I will answer what I can.”

Cara realized just how thirsty she was. She gulped down the water, swallowing nearly the entire bottle before Taji pulled it away. “Where am I? What is this place? What happened to Phillipe?” She spat her questions in anger, again pulling at the bonds which held her arms and legs to the running boards of the bed.

“Ms. Delevingne, I have told you to remain calm. The boss doesn’t want to keep you drugged for your entire journey, but if you can’t cooperate, you’ll force his hand.” To emphasize his point Taji again gently pressed down on her shoulder to minimize her struggles.

“Boss? What the hell are you talking about!” She continued fighting, pulling at her bonds, before Taji took a syringe from that same stand.

“This will render you unconscious, Ms. Delevingne. If you do not cease your struggling, I will administer a dose that will knock you out for twelve to fifteen hours. It’s either that, or I answer what questions of yours I can, and maybe we watch a movie to pass the time. The choice is yours.” He pulled his hand away from her shoulder, to tap the side of the needle, pressing slightly down on the plunger to expel any air inside.

Cara considered her options. It didn’t seem like she had much chance of escape, at least at the moment, and information was better than ignorance. “Fine,” she conceded in a huff, halting her fight, and laying back on the bed.

“A wise choice, Ms Delevingne. You have questions, yes?” He sat back down in his easy chair, leaning back to make himself comfortable. “Ask. I will answer what I can.”

Over the next thirty minutes, Cara learned that Taji, while under orders from his ‘nameless’ boss, attacked the village she was visiting in the Sudan. While the rest of his comrades drew the bulk of the warriors away from the village, Taji moved on the hut she was staying in. The ‘grenade’ was filled with a powerful knockout gas. He shot Phillipe in the head to prevent his following them, and carried her off to a nearby plane. They flew through the night to Lagos, where they entered this cargo container. The container was then loaded onto a ship bound for Quebec City. Taji was apparently not allowed to answer any further questions as to her ultimate destination, only that the entire journey would take ten days. He then issued a further warning to her that behaving was in her best interest. Telling her that his orders were nonspecific, but he was to keep her subdued and that not only did he have the drugs at his disposal, he also had a taser, or simply brute force, adding that he hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

Afterward, he allowed her to pick out a movie which played on a TV near the foot of the bed. Taji kept quiet, watching his iPad with the headphones in while the movie played, and when it was over, fed her a dinner of microwaved oatmeal. She was able to study the cargo container while the movie played, it had several amenities, including air-conditioning, a refrigerator, working lights, several fifty gallon drums of water, even a small bathroom, which had a ‘toilet’ and a bench for ‘bathing’ with a wash cloth.

“Taji,” Cara asked after eating. “If I behave, will I be allowed to get up and move around in here?”

He gave her a suspicious look, from over the top of his iPad. “That is eventually the idea,” he responded matter-of-factly. Seeing the glint in her eye he added. “You should know that escape, especially while we are in here, is impossible. This shipping container is buried amongst hundreds of nearly identical containers. Even if you should somehow over power me, there is no way to open it from this side, and even if you could, nowhere for the door to open.”

Cara nodded, figuring that was likely the case. Looking around again, in despair. “Taji, I just wanted to ask you one last question.”

“Yes, Ms. Delevingne?”

“Have I been kidnaped by the same people who took those five celebrities twenty days ago?”

“Yes, Ms. Delevingne. That is precisely the case.”

“May I ask the purpose for those and my kidnaping then?”

Taji paused for a moment. Cara wasn’t sure if he was going to answer. It seemed there were some questions he had been given specific instructions not to answer. “My boss,” he said after a moment, “is building a harem. You are to become one of his concubines.”

“I see,” she said swallowing hard her emotions, even as a few tears streaked from her eyes. That must mean, Margot, Taylor and the others had suffered the same fate. Fear and hopelessness surged within her. She couldn’t fight them any longer, her mind raced with thoughts of what awaited her at their destination. Thick tears ran down her cheeks, and she sobbed and cried for what seemed like hours, eventually falling into a deep sleep.

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