Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 18

Title: Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 18

Author: Mal

Celebs: Emma Watson, Bella Thorne

Codes: FF oral, anal, rim

Summary: In Alex’s absence, things continue to heat up in the harem. Also, hot girl on girl sex!

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Also, I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 20 cont.

It took Emma Watson the better part of an hour to calm things down, and to get Toy back to her room, with an ice pack for her cheek, and some meds for the pain. In the end, it was just a bad bruise. Physically, she’d be ok, maybe just a black eye. Mentally, Emma suspected it would only increase her need to be dominated, making Toy even more submissive. So, from that perspective, maybe Bella’s attack wasn’t such a bad thing. However, she couldn’t just let violent outbursts like that go unanswered. While she doubted Margot or Taylor would do anything similar, if she let Bella believe she could get away with violence, it would set a dangerous precedent for her or someone else to do it again.

She would have to approach Bella’s punishment very carefully. Go too light on her, and she might think she could get away with it again in the future, but go too hard, and she might end up like Chloe, broken. Emma was already worried about how Alex would view her creation of Toy. If she fucked up Bella’s punishment and turned her into something similar, or worse, a demotion would be the least of her worries. Alex might make her into a toy for his or someone else’s pleasure… that thought was unbearable.

Emma pulled the blankets up over Toy’s sleeping form, and kissed her on the forehead. She knew, now more than ever, that she was responsible for Toy. Having created her, she’d have to live with everything that meant. It was done. That action would have consequences, possibly for her, but certainly for Toy. It meant, for one thing, that the petite little blonde would be forever reliant on her for protection, for pleasure, hell for her very survival. After today, she couldn’t entrust that duty to anyone else, it would have to fall to her. Emma regretted that choice now, she wondered if it had been the right one. At the time, it seemed the only one she had. But, it was too late for all that now.

Margot was sitting in the main dorm on the arm of a chair awaiting her return. She gave the beautiful blonde Aussie a weak, tired smile as she entered the room. Her lover held her arms out, inviting her into them. She stepped into the gentle embrace, closing her eyes and sighing in contentment as the warmth of the other girl’s body spread through her. For a long moment, Emma stood there, clutching her lover, and trying desperately to sort out the jumble of emotions surging through her. She pulled herself together with effort, and the feeling of security, Margot was supplying. Remembering there was someone else who’d been involved, someone else for whom she was responsible, she asked: “Where’s Taylor, is she alright?”

“She went to exercise. I think she thought it would take her mind off things. This little incident shook her up more than she’s letting on. You should probably talk to her.” Margot pulled back some, looking into Emma’s soft brown eyes, and biting her lip coyly.

That look lightened Emma’s heart and she offered Margot a braver smile as she gazed into her loving blue eyes. They had spent so much time together these last few days, Emma felt herself falling even more for the woman in her arms. It was almost as if her heart would explode with all the emotion she was feeling. Holding her close, she could feel Margot’s heart beating, feel her chest rising and falling with each breath, a chill ran down her spine, and goosebumps pricked up on her arms. “I love you, Margot.” Emma said suddenly, leaning forward as she did to kiss the gorgeous blond in her arms. But unexpectedly, Margot turned away, looking down at the floor. Emma was shocked, hurt. She took a step back, covering her mouth with her hand. “What is it? Something wrong?”

“Em, we should probably talk.” Margot turned, taking a few steps toward the kitchen. Nervously, she wrung her hands together, before turning back to Emma. “Look,” she began, “it’s not that I don’t feel something for you. I do. But… It’s just everything is going so fast. Hell, we haven’t even been down here a month, and this thing with Chloe… I won’t lie to you, I don’t understand it, and I’m sure as hell not comfortable with it.” Thick tears leaked from her eyes. It was clear she’d been holding this in for some time. She wiped her cheeks with the back of her hand, swallowing hard the emotion in her throat. “Maybe…maybe you could pass her off to someone else…”

“Like who? We both know there is no one else.”

“What about, Taylor?” Margot said with a desperate shrug. “There has to be someone.” Her eyes darted about the room as if she were searching for an answer in the shadows of the room. “I just know that I can’t…I just can’t…”

It was more than Emma could take, she took a few startled steps backwards, running into the back of a nearby couch. “What, what are you saying?”

Margot stood her ground, crossing her arms, though she had to again wipe fresh tears from her face. “I’m saying choose.” Her voice was halting, thick with emotion. Her hands were trembling. “I’m saying I can’t…can’t deal with Chloe…Toy. I’m saying,” she sniffed loudly, “I’m saying it’s her or me.”

“This is about Cara? It is, isn’t it?” Tears came to Emma’s soft brown eyes, they trickled down her cheeks. “Somehow you found out the master left to fetch her. And, and this is your way of getting rid of me so you can be with her when she arrives. Admit it.”

“What?” Margot looked surprised, sitting heavily upon a nearby couch. “I had no idea that’s where he went.” Though she still looked upset, tears in her eyes, and for a split second she looked off to the side, a dreamy look on her face. She composed herself, wiping the moisture from her cheeks. “Look, Emma, if that is where the master went, it doesn’t change how I feel about you. I care about you, with all my heart. This has to do with Chloe, not you, and certainly not Cara.”

“Bullshit. If you cared, you could see that what I did, I did to protect Chloe, and to protect us all from her. I think you’re just using all this as an excuse, because you’re too weak to tell me you don’t want to be with me anymore.”

Margot set her jaw. She looked fierce, tears in her eyes, face wet from their trails down her cheeks. “You can be a real bitch sometimes you know that.” Looking away, she wiped the tears from her face. “You said you loved me. I don’t believe it. You don’t even know me. If you did you’d know that I’d never just abandon someone I care about.” She looked back into Emma’s eyes, fresh tears trailed down her cheeks. “You can believe whatever you want about Cara. This fight. This breakup, is about Chloe. I want no part of her. I can’t even look at her without feeling dirty, and without wondering if her fate is what the master has planned for us all in the end.” There was a long pause. The silence filled the room between them. “If you won’t put an end to what you’ve done to her, or pass her off to someone else, I’m done.”

Emma didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t abandon Chloe, for better or worse, she created her, it was her responsibility to take care of her now. “I can’t do that…” she said barely above a whisper. “She’s my responsibility…” She gave her lover a desperate pleading look. “You don’t have to do this…”

Margot sniffed again, wiping her face one last time. “Yes,” she said in a sob, “I do.” The two lovers shared one last look. Their eye’s thick with tears, both regretful, both immutable. Then, she left. Storming out of the room in long confidant strides.

Emma was stunned. Speechless. Helpless. All she could do was watch in shock and grief as the woman whom she had come to realize she loved completely, unconditionally, walked out on her. And in a heartbeat, she was gone.

She fled. Ran to her rooms as fast as her feet could carry her. Slamming the door behind her, she threw herself on the bed, curled into a ball, clutching her knees and cried. Emma cried and cried for what must have been hours. She cried till there were no tears left and when she could no longer cry, she slept, falling into a deep, troubled slumber.

Day 21:

Emma woke with a start as the deep voice of Ukuza broke through the monitor in her rooms. “Ms. Watson. Ms. Watson! You need to wake up now.”

She sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. What time was it, she thought as a long yawn escaped her lips. It must be early, she felt like she’d barely slept four hours. Then, it all came back to her in a flash, and she was wide awake. Margot. It was over between them, again. This time, she didn’t have a good excuse. It was her fault, and there would be no coming back from it. All she wanted to do was lay down, fall back asleep, and never wake up.

“Ms. Watson,” Ukuza continued, “you might like to know that, Ms. Thorne has now gone close to ten hours without food or water. I suggest you attend to her needs. The boss would be most upset if you allowed her to die because you’re too busy feeling sorry for yourself.” And with that, the screen cut out.

What an asshole, she thought. He could’ve brought Bella supplies. With a groan, Emma slid out of bed. She stripped off yesterday’s clothes, wrapped herself in a towel, and grabbed up fresh attire. As she gathered her things for a shower, the thought occurred to her that was perhaps the point. Maybe, Ukuza, and by extension, Alex didn’t want her wallowing in self-pity, and were using Bella as an excuse to get her up and moving.

At this hour, early in the morning, the halls and dorm were quiet as Emma passed through them into the restroom. She was grateful no one was up yet, she really didn’t want to see anyone, especially Margot. Things promised to be very awkward between them from now on. It wasn’t like she could avoid her, but it would be nice to put that moment off till she had a little more time to sort through her emotions. She needed a quick shower, and to put on fresh clothes before heading off to the punishment room. After she was done, she stopped in at a supply cabinet to pick up a couple bottles of water and a few granola bars before going in to check on Bella. Wondering, as she took the stuff how Alex dealt with all this, the harem, keeping all of them in check. It seemed exhausting, and he wanted more ladies to keep track of. She couldn’t understand it.

The redhaired teen was curled up on the mattress in the center of the room, still naked from yesterday. She looked up as Emma entered. “I brought you some food and water.” Crossing the floor, closing the door behind her, she took a seat next to Bella handing her the supplies.

With the look of a puppy who just shat on a rug Bella took the water and food. The look didn’t last too long though as thirst and hunger took precedence over guilt. She twisted open the water, guzzling it down in moments. Then tore open the first granola bar devouring it just as quickly. Emma watched as her captive satiated herself. When she was done, she looked away, down at the floor and asked, “so, what happens now?”

Reaching down, Emma brushed a few stay strands of red hair from the teenager’s lovely face, causing the now subdued redhead to look up at her in supplication. “That depends on you.”

“What do you mean?” Bella’s dark eyes filled with tears, and shined with fear that she was going to be put through another round of brutal rapes at the hands of Alex’s callous African guards. But at the same time, they held the determined willful look of one who was not yet broken.

“I can tell that you’re not sorry for what you did, and perhaps you even have justification for your actions. But you must also know that I cannot allow attacks like the one you perpetrated against Toy to go unpunished. To not address such violence, only leaves the door open for it to happen again. What I want to know is, if I let you out of here, are you going to be able to co-exist and interact with Toy, to live along side of her without doing anything like this ever again. We’re all going to be down here for the foreseeable future. These are tight quarters, you’re going to run into her. So, if you can’t get over it, I suspect you’ll be spending more time in this room than either of us would like. And once the master returns, it’ll be him deciding your punishment, not me.” Emma reached down, to pull the scared young girl into her arms. Bella slid up from the mattress, into her lap, wrapping her arms around the slender Brit’s waist, and laying her head against her modest chest.

“I’m sorry,” Bella said, holding Emma tight. “Not for what I did. She deserved worse. I’m sorry for the position this puts you in. I never wanted you to get in trouble for what I did. I was just so angry. I lost control.” She raised her beautiful dark eyes up to Emma’s, licking her lips nervously, coyly. “I’m glad you came.” She said, giving Emma a relieved look. “I was afraid it was going to be…the guards waking me up…”

Fresh tears filled her eyes and fell to her cheeks. Emma felt terrible for her. She gave the scared teen a reassuring smile, brushing the tears from her cheeks. “The way I look at it,” Emma said softly, “it was the guards who got us into this mess. I didn’t think they’d be the solution.”

Those words caused the gratitude in Bella’s smoldering gaze to be replaced with lust, and she stretched upward, kissing Emma on the lips. The slender Brit was taken by surprise, recoiling for a moment. “I’m sorry,” Bella said immediately. “I didn’t mean—” her words were cut off though, as Emma plunged back in, kissing the teenager in her arms with passion. Bella lips parted in a soft moan, and Emma took the opportunity to thrust her tongue into the younger girl’s mouth. The nude teen, slid up straddling the slender brunette, sucking on her tongue with vigor and holding her close.

Emma reached up cupping Bella’s tits as their lip lock continued with enthusiasm. She began to playfully squeeze and pinch her plump nipples in her fingers causing them to stiffen in arousal. With the other hand, she held the redhaired teen, cradling her neck, even as she fenced with her tongue.

The long deep kiss broke, and both girls breathed in deep, sharing a grin. “I want you so fucking bad.” Bella whispered, as she yanked Emma’s new black tee-shirt up over her head, tore the bra from her chest, and gazed longingly at her smaller, but very perky boobs. She bit her lip, gazing down on Emma with desire. Shoving her back on the mattress, Bella slid down between her legs, and sucked one of Emma’s pert puffy nipples into her mouth, licking and sucking with eager intensity. She moved from right to left, enveloping Emma’s other nipple in her mouth as she slid a hand down between her legs. The sexy Brit was wearing tight black yoga pants today, and Bella pressed her fingers firmly against her pussy lips through the flimsy fabric and began to rub on her.

Emma ran her fingers through the other girls long red hair, gently massaging her scalp and reveling in the feeling of her greedy young mouth. Moaning in pleasure, she gripped the side of the mattress, as the young girl’s dexterous fingers began to awaken her sex.

Bella went back and forth on Emma’s nipples till they were both hard and stiff, and continued to rub her pussy till it was pulsing and drenched in sweet sticky juices. When Emma began to breathe hard and heavy she sat up. Grabbing the waist bands of the thong and yoga pants, now soaked in the other girl’s sex, she yanked both off the brunette’s slim legs in one smooth motion, and grinning tossed them over her head, leaning back down to kiss her.

The older girl wrapped her arms around Bella’s neck and her legs around the redhead’s waist, cradling her close, and opened her mouth to the advance of her tongue. As the kiss broke, Emma grinned up at the redhead, and licking her lips seductively. “You’re really hot, you know?” They shared a giggle, before Emma rolled the sexy redhead onto her back, straddling her waist. “But I’m in charge here.”

Bella bit her lip, gazing at Emma’s taunt sexy body, and running her hands down the other girl’s slightly sweaty chest, and gently caressing her stomach. “Taking charge huh?” She said, giving Emma’s hips a squeeze. She rolled her own hips, grinding them against her partner’s. “I think I like that.” She gave the slender brunette’s ass a playful sexy slap. “Well, now that you’ve got me, whatcha gonna do to me?”

Emma gazed down at the gorgeous redhead beneath her, giving her a sexy little grin. “This,” she said in a husky whisper. Sliding forward till her pussy was poised just above Bella’s full, luscious lips. But rather than pressing down, and indulging only own sexual urges, she turned herself around, gripped Bella’s full hips and lowered her head between the redhead’s long slender legs.

The young redhead sighed in pleasure as Emma’s enthusiastic tongue went to work on her pussy.

Wrapping her hands around the older girl’s hips, she raised her mouth to the brunette’s shaved silky pussy. She ran her long tongue into the delicate folds of the Brit’s drenched hole, pressing it into her as far as it would go. Then taking a long lick which started at the top of her pussy, pressing against her clit, and ran up through her taint and ending against her puckered pink rose bud.

Emma was busy, sucking on Bella’s clit, and gently pressing a finger into her tight teen twat, as the redhead’s tongue pressed against her anus. She moaned loudly into the other girl’s sex, pressing her ass back against that heavenly tongue. She shuddered in pleasure, knowing her first orgasm was close, but trying not to neglect the deliciously sweet sex in front of her.

“Mmmm… so that’s your spot.” Bella whispered, as she began to wet her index finger in her mouth. With her other hand, the teen pressed her thumb against Emma’s clit, rubbing it in a slow circle. When her finger was good and wet, she pressed it against the Brit’s tight puckered asshole, licking her lips in awe as it disappeared, inside her.

Emma moaned again loudly, momentarily abandoning her attempts to provide Bella pleasure. She couldn’t believe how good the redhead’s finger felt as it went knuckle deep into her ass. The teen began to slowly slide her finger in and out of her butthole, while rubbing her clit with her thumb. Emma was close, sighing in ecstasy as Bella finger fucked her.

“I never would have guessed, the pristine, upright Emma Watson had an ass fetish. How delightfully dirty of you. I can work with that though,” Bella said softly. As the teen spoke, Emma began to shudder, and Bella knew the Brit must be close to coming all over her, so she moved in to finish it. Still working her finger in and out of the older girl’s tight forbidden hole, and massaging her clit, she leaned up and began to lick the folds of her pussy, plunging her tongue in as far as it would go.

“Shut up and fuck me,” Emma moaned loudly, pressing her ass back against the redhead’s probing digit. No longer able to concentrate on eating Bella’s pussy, Emma laid her head on the girl’s pelvis, holding tightly to her hips and trying not to get out of reach of the tongue pressing into her depths.

Rather than respond, Bella took her thumb away from Emma’s clit, and used that hand to hold the Brit steady, replacing the thumb for her lips. She began to suck and lick the brunette’s little pink nub, as she thrust a finger in and out of her.

It didn’t take long for Emma’s pussy to explode in orgasm. Her legs began to shake, as Bella pleasured her. She had three or four powerful orgasms, squirting pussy juice all over the teen’s face.

Bella let out a euphoric giggle as the fourth powerful spray shot out of Emma’s twat all over her face. As the Brit came down from the heights of pleasure, Bella gently lapped up the liquid, first from inside her still tender cunt, then from her the folds of her outer lips, finally tasting the last of it from her sweet slender thighs.

Emma just lay there, enjoying the feeling. “That was amazing,” she said softly.

“Mmmmhhh.” Bella responded. When she was done, she pushed the Brit gently off her, rolling her over on to her back, and looking down at her, with lust and mischief. “I saved the best for last,” she said with a grin, holding up the finger that had been in Emma’s asshole. “You want to taste it?”

“Um,” she said, looking at it in curiosity.

“Come on. I bet you’d like it.”

Emma nodded after a moment, “ok.” She opened her mouth, and the redhead, slowly inserted the finger into her mouth. Her lips closed around it as she swirled her tongue around it. It was sweet tasting, not like a pussy, but close. “Mmmmh” she moaned, sucking harder on the digit to extract ever last morsel of flavor from it.

Bella watched her lustfully. Eventually pulling the finger from Emma’s mouth, leaning down as she did to kiss her. The Brit’s mouth parted, and Bella’s tongue pressed inside. The kiss lasted several long moments, as they shared the aftermath of Emma’s powerful orgasm. Eventually they pulled apart, Bella retreating just a few inches to look her lover in the eye. A stray strand of saliva still connected their lips, it broke when Bella spoke. “I hope we’re not done yet,” she said with a grin.

Emma gently caressed the teen’s sides, running her hand down to her wet pussy. “I can do you now, if you want?”

“I had a different idea, if you’re interested?”

Smiling, Emma said, “oh really. What’s that?”

Lifting her gaze to the nearby supply cabinet, Bella said, “in that cabinet there. The master keeps an assortment of…toys. One of them is a strap on dildo. If you can get it, I’ll give that tight ass of yours a proper fucking.”

Giggling, Emma said, “what about you…” and to emphasize her point, she kissed the teen’s neck, and began to lightly suck on it while she stroked her sex.

“You may not believe this, but the idea of fucking you in the ass with a strap on, turns me on even more than the pleasure you could give me with that talented tongue of yours.”

“You really want to do this huh?” She said, looking into the redhead’s dark smoldering eyes.

Bella simply nodded, sitting up, and allowing Emma to get up.

It took only a few moments, for Emma to retrieve the dildo. There was an assortment inside the cabinet, and she allowed Bella to pick which one she wanted to use. The redhead laughed, as she selected the largest fake cock inside. A monstrosity more than ten inches long, and at least an inch and a half in diameter.

Emma wasn’t laughing, she was staring at the huge thing Bella was strapping to her waist. “You want to put that thing up my ass?”

Without looking up from working the straps, Bella said, “it’ll fit. It’s not much bigger than the master’s cock, and I’ve taken his. Don’t worry,” she said looking into Emma’s eyes, “I’ll be gentle.”

“Gentle, right…” Though she was looking at the dildo in apprehension, she couldn’t help but remember that night with Margot and Alex. Her first time with a woman. She and the master had fucked her senseless. The master did her in the ass while Margot used a similar strap on to fuck her pussy. She pushed the thought away. Thinking of her former lover was still painful after yesterday’s big fight.

Finishing with the straps, Bella saw the troubled look on the Brit’s face. She stepped up, gently taking Emma into her arms. “Today’s been fun. Yesterday, as I was being drug away, I was terrified with what today would bring.” She kissed Emma long and deep. When she pulled away she went on, “you could have used same punishments the master favors. But you didn’t. This is something I can do for you. To repay you, for being kind to me. To repay you for everything you do to protect us from him.” Then she looked into Emma’s eyes, a long moment of genuine caring. “I’ll be gentle. And I’ll give you the best fuck you’ve ever had. Promise.” She smiled again, giving Emma a quick peck on the lips. “Now get on the mattress,” she gave Emma a swat on her ass to hurry her along, before picking up a bottle of lube and following her.

Emma paused at the edge of the bed, looking back over her shoulder at the tall sexy redhaired teen. “How do you want me?”

Bella came up behind her, pushing her to her knees. Whispering into her ear, “on your knees. From behind, of course.”

Arching her back, and laying her head upon the mat, Emma offered her ass. She was tingling all over, she could feel her pussy becoming hot and wet in anticipation of that hard, plastic dick penetrating deep into her nether regions. Sucking two fingers into her mouth to wet them, she reached through her knees, bringing them to her clit. She pressed her fingers firmly against that little pink nub, and began to rotate them in a slow circle.

Moaning softly, she could hear Bella applying a generous amount of lube to the dildo. Then felt as the redhead squirted some directly onto her sphincter. It was cold, and she let out the cutest little yelp of surprise as the fluid ran down her taint, and dripped onto the floor.

Bella then pushed two fingers into her butthole, and she sighed deeply, they were covered in the lube, and the redhead began to work them in and out, opening her up to larger experiences. Emma bit her lip, and began to press back on the teen’s slender digits, even as she continued working her clit. Soon, she slid a third digit in, pressing them in till her knuckles rested against Emma’s butt cheeks.

“God, you should see your asshole gaping open. It’s beautifully dirty.” Bella yanked her fingers free, and pressed her tongue inside the Brit’s gaping orifice, sucking and licking up all the delectably tasty lube inside.

Emma was moaning like a whore, and when the teen began to eat her asshole like she was having dinner, her pussy exploded in orgasm as she rubbed her clit up and down. While she was still riding the wave of orgasm, Bella squirted more lube directly inside her, and slid a fourth digit into her, working her hand back and forth to send Emma over the edge two more times.

Giving Emma a moment to recover, as she came down from orgasm number three, Bella leaned over her, whispering in her ear, and sending shivers down her spine. “You ready for this monster cock, you gorgeous anal slut?”

Nodding, and biting her lip, Emma sighed as Bella began kissing her way down her spine. As she reached the bottom vertebrae, she felt the tip of the monster cock at the entrance of her now well lubed gaping asshole. The tip went in effortlessly, and she shuddered in ecstasy. Emma felt the teen grip her shoulders, and press forward. She lost it, all her senses were overwhelmed by the pleasure she was feeling. The long thick plastic cock slid deep into her anus, not meeting any resistance until the first five or six inches were buried inside.

Bella kept a firm but gentle grip on her shoulders, as she began to gently fuck her. Slowly, she worked inch after inch into Emma’s sphincter. After a few long minutes, she could get the entire dildo into the Brit’s asshole. Her lover, was lost to pleasure, she had given up rubbing her clit, and was now gripping the mattress tightly and moaning loudly with each stroke. She gave Emma two more long deep strokes before she felt she could safely go at it without causing her pain.

Emma felt it too, the dildo was now moving in and out of her with ease, and each time Bella pulled back and pushed in, it was the most incredible sensation she’d had in a long time. “Pull my hair you worthless fucking bitch.” She grinned back at Bella, hoping the insult would give her the balls to fuck her good and hard.

“You dirty little slut. That sounded so hot in your uppity posh accent.” Bella seized two handfuls of Emma’s light brown hair, and as she did, began to slam the plastic cock strapped to her waist in and out of the Brit as hard as she could.

Soon the room was filled with the hard, wet slapping sounds of Bella Thorne’s thighs as they smacked against Emma’s firm butt cheeks, and the loud whorish moans escaping the lips of the girl who played Hermione as her asshole was skewered with a huge plastic cock. Bella had a firm grip on Emma’s hair and pulling back on it to kept the girl from moving away as she slammed the cock home over and over.

Emma grunted in pleasure as Bella buried the cock to the hilt inside her. “You…you call that…hard? You…fuck like a bitch!” She began to slam her own hips back in time with each thrust, grunting and moaning each time the long thick phallus slid home.

Bella laughed euphorically. She released her hold on Emma’s hair, and hooked her fingers inside the Brit’s mouth pulling back on her lips and taking deep shallow strokes but doubling her pace. As she fish-hooked Emma, she reveled not only in the pleasure she was giving, but at the release of all the pent-up frustration and anger she had been feeling since her time in the punishment room. Emotions which she had only begun to deal with, seemed light as a feather, and flowed from her with each stroke of the cock.

The fingers in her mouth yanked her backwards onto the redhead’s thick dick, stretching her mouth at its edges. It was painful, but in a good way, and Emma’s eyes rolled up into the back of her head as Bella relentlessly fucked her asshole. “Oooooooh my goooood!” Emma wailed as her rectum was impaled over and over. The slender British actress then lost all control of her body. Her legs began to shake uncontrollably, thick strands of drool seeped from her open mouth, pooling beneath her, and her pussy began to clench and spasm in wild orgasm. Hot viscous liquid sprayed from Emma’s tight pink fuckhole, covering her thighs, legs and the mattress under her. She came again and again, held prone by the sexy teenager with the huge strap on cock as white lights exploded in her vision. All Emma could do was grunt and cum as she took that massive shaft deep into her asshole over and over, and with each stroke sticky wet girl cum erupted from her twat.

Bella fucked Emma as hard and deep as she could. Her arms, back and chest were covered in a sheen of sweat from her exertions. When the slender brunette began to cum, she held her tight, continuing to fish-hook her and working her hips forward rapidly. Drool poured from Emma’s mouth and Bella grinned, watching as her lover came again and again, till she was little more than putty in her hands. She came at least a dozen times, Bella lost count in the passion of their love making. She maintained that rapid pace, as long as she could, giving Emma several more orgasms. When she felt the muscles in her thighs begin to burn, Bella slowed her pace, allowing Emma to finally come down off the wave of intense orgasms. She removed her fingers from the Brit’s mouth, gripping her hips and carefully removed the massive dick from her anus.

Emma collapsed on the mattress, breathing hard and barely conscious. It was quite a site. She was covered in sweat and girl cum. Her pussy was still spasming, and her asshole was gapped open, displaying its soft pink flesh, raw and wet from being fucked hard. After a minute, she felt Bella’s arms wrap around her and the redhead’s taunt teenage body press against her back. Her lover whispered something soothing, but she couldn’t really make it out. Smiling, Emma fell into a deep contented sleep.

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