Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 19

Title: Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 19

Author: Mal

Celebs: Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, Felicity Jones

Codes: FF MDom oral rape humil slave

Summary: Taylor is awakened to new things and Alex returns home with a vengeance.

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Also, I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 21 cont.

Taylor Swift woke the morning after the attack on Emma Watson’s toy, with much trepidation. Stretched out on her bed, and wearing nothing save the blue cotton thong of her current rank, she dwelled on dark thoughts. First and foremost, in her thoughts were the master, and when he would return. She had come to realize that she and the others, would never leave this place and was beginning to more or less come to terms with that. It helped that she had developed a deep sexual desire to be with him and felt that connection was growing into something more.

What bothered her was his extended absence, and the events which have occurred while he’s been gone. It was one thing to be brought here, and turned into sex slaves, but at least under the master, they had freewill, and a measure of security that following the rules would allow them to prosper and advance. Under Emma, chaos seemed to reign. She had turned Chloe into a mindless slut to be paraded around the harem in the buff and to be used and abused seemingly by anyone she chose to let borrow the poor girl.

There was also the fact, that all the structure and security which brought a small measure of order to their lives had turned into a sporadic, unpredictable rollercoaster of social hierarchy. She was thinking of the morning weigh in. Several mornings since the master left, Emma had abandoned the ritual entirely, others she rolled them through like cattle to get the whole affair over as quickly as possible. Then, of course, was the morning when she had forced them to partake in the creation of Toy. While before the incident, the former pop diva hadn’t given much thought to Chloe’s welfare. She still felt guilty over what had happened to her, feeling sick to her stomach whenever she thought about how she had in effect endorsed the girl’s assault, simply by being the first one to take part in it.

Then, there was yesterday. A day which saw not only Bella’s attack on Chloe, but also saw the bitter breakup of the harem’s power couple. Taylor did what she felt she had to, intervening to pull the angry redhead away from the target of her aggression. She owed the petite blonde that much at least for her part in creating her in the first place. But, the dissolution of the harem’s one and only couple came as a surprise. For days, since the master’s departure, the two had been inseparable, spending practically every waking moment in each other’s company. Taylor had to admit, thinking about them now, that Bella had been right. She was having sexual thoughts about both ladies.

Sitting up, and getting out of bed, Taylor got dressed, then headed into the main dorm to grab some breakfast before the morning weigh in, assuming there was one. She sat at one of the small tables near the kitchen, munching on a bagel, when Emma limped in from the door that lead to the punishment room. The normally very sexy brunette, was walking funny, like she had something stuffed up her keister. Besides that, her hair was a tangled mess, sticking out on all sides, and her clothes stuck to her body, like she had been sweating profusely, or she’d just been dunked in a tub of water.

Taylor gave her an odd look, which the Brit tactfully ignored as she crossed through the dorm into the hallway which led to her quarters. “Maybe there will be a weigh in today,” she said to herself, taking another bite of bagel. She moved to a couch to watch some TV while everyone gathered.

Soon, Margot came in, made some toast with jam, and took a seat nearby to watch the same show she was watching. The sexy Aussie, said nothing, but her eyes were puffy and red, like she’d been crying. No doubt a result of the fight and resulting break up from yesterday. “You can watch whatever, I just turned this on for something to do till weigh in.” Taylor said, trying to make some conversation to lighten the mood.

“Its fine,” the blonde responded. Taylor noticed, she wasn’t so much watching, as she was staring off blankly at the wall, and occasionally taking a distracted bite of her toast.

“I’m, I, I just wanted to let you know that… well, I’m sorry about what happened yesterday. And, if you need someone to talk to, or, whatever, I’m here for you. You can talk to me.” Margot only nodded, not really turning to look at her. Taylor, let it drop, figuring that she probably needed a little more time to deal with things.

Around 10, Emma came back into the room looking cleaned up and freshly dressed, though she still had an oddness to her gait. She announced: “I’ll be back for weigh in shortly, I just need to go and fetch Toy.” Then, she retreated down the hall toward Chloe’s rooms. Returning a short while later, with a nude, collared Toy. Emma led the bedraggled looking teen, who was again moving on hands and knees, by a leash. The petite blonde kept a submissive gaze locked on the floor, but the deep bruise over her right eye was still plainly visible. Taylor felt bad for the girl, again feeling that pit in her stomach which told her that some small part of this was her fault.

Emma stopped near the couch where she and Margot sat, looking between them, an unreadable expression upon her face. “I,” she began, “I wanted you both to know that Bella won’t be joining us today. She’s to spend the day in the punishment room for her attack on Toy. If she behaves, and convinces me that she won’t perpetrate another attack on her, I plan to let her return tomorrow.” She again shifted her gaze between them. Margot hadn’t turned to look at her, she still sat, facing forward and staring off at the wall. After a moment, Emma went on. “I’ll begin weigh in now. Please come when I call. I’ll begin with Toy.”

Weigh in proceeded in a fashion more in line with the Emma of before the master’s departure. Though she sat on Toy’s back, and lightly stroked the girl’s blonde hair when she wasn’t making notes in her book. Taylor was in the proper weight range, she had been working out a lot lately. Afterwards, Emma complimented her on the job she was doing, and thanked her for coming to Toy’s defense yesterday. She then handed her a modest list of chores before asking her to dress and send in Margot.

Not wanting to eavesdrop on what was surely going to be an awkward session, Taylor left after sending the Aussie in to be weighed. Passing through the main dorm, she returned to her bedroom. She laid back down on her bed to take a short nap. Hoping that by the time she woke, the former couple would have dispersed, going about their own business, and she could use the exercise room and shower in peace.

When she woke an hour later, Taylor gathered a change of clothes, and sundries for a shower. She passed through the main dorm, where Emma sat reclining on a couch, reading from her iPad, while Toy washed dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. The blonde was now wearing a frilly pink apron, but nothing else, and Taylor’s eyes lingered for longer than she would have liked on the young girl’s tight firm buttocks. Margot was nowhere to be seen, probably returned to her rooms. The harem’s current mistress said nothing to her as she walked by into the hall which lead to the exercise room.

Taylor placed her shower supplies, and fresh clothes in a pile near the door, before walking over to the mats to stretch. The mats faced a wall made up of floor length mirrors, and the area was large enough that four or five people could easily limber up, or do yoga in the space. She took a minute to admire her body. Taylor had been pushing herself hard since the announcement that the master would be gone for ten days, and she now had lean muscled arms. Her legs, though still slender had new definition. But what really illustrated her new-found commitment to exercise was the feint lines outlining the shape of her abs. Flexing her stomach, she could clearly see the well delineated muscles of a new four pack.

The reason she was working so hard, was because she hoped to impress the master upon his return. While the others spent their days fucking or lounging about, she had been spending three or four hours in here every day getting in the best shape of her life. Having no delusions about ever rising to leadership, Taylor instead hoped to gain promotion by virtue of pure sex appeal, and a willingness to do anything to please the master. That, she had decided, included being with another woman. Though she still wasn’t convinced it was something she would enjoy.

Almost as if she were reading her mind, Emma appeared in the doorway at that moment. She leaned against the door frame, admiring Taylor’s body from behind. The former pop diva saw the slender brunette in the mirror watching her like a hawk watches a mouse, which caused her to blush a little at the thoughts that were clearly on her mind. “You just broke up with Margot yesterday, shouldn’t you show a little decency, and wait at least a few days before you try and seduce someone else?” While it was true Taylor felt bad for the Aussie, it was clear that for now the path to power lie through Emma, and she wanted to play at hard to get.

“I should.” Emma said, swaying into the room. “But, the master left me instructions regarding you, before he left.” She crossed the floor, and leaned her back against the mirror as her eyes traveled up and down Taylor’s toned body, blatantly making her intentions clear.

Swallowing nervously at the lewd attention she was receiving, Taylor looked down at the mat beneath her feet. “He did?”

“He did.” Emma said, stepping closer, and placing her hands onto Taylor’s hips, causing the leggy blonde to look up, and into her soft brown eyes.

Taylor licked her lips, as a tingling sensation spread to her nether regions. “What, what did he say?”

Emma pressed her body against Taylor’s, looking up into the singer’s gorgeous blue eyes. The sexual tension between them was palpable. It was clear that despite her reservations, Taylor was very turned on right now. “He told me to fuck you.” She grinned then. “Specifically, he told me to seduce you. To open you up to being with women, and make you want to want being with them.” She trailed a hand up the slowly up the blonde’s side, up between her pert breasts, and gently took her chin between two fingers. She whispered, to draw her closer. “It would be dereliction of my duties, not to follow the master’s instructions, wouldn’t it?”

All thoughts of being coy had vanished. Taylor nodded slowly, leaning in closer so the shorter brunette could give her the kiss, she now realized she desperately wanted. “Yes,” she said softly.

Emma stepped lightly away from her then, causing Taylor to nearly fall forward into the mirror. She quickly retreated to the exit, calling over her shoulder, “Tonight. I’ll come to your room after ten.”

Bracing herself against the mirror, Taylor breathed in deep, realizing that she had been holding her breath nearly that whole time. The tingling sensation between her legs slowly rescinded, leaving behind the faint wetness of arousal.

The day passed in relative quiet. Taylor did her exercise routine as normal, and took a shower. After which, she completed the chore list she had been handed at the start of the day, which included vacuuming and straightening up of the exercise room, and the main dorm area. Thankfully, she wasn’t on bathroom clean up. That task, ended up being Margot’s. Apparently, there were perks for being on Ms. Watson’s good side. With her chores done, Taylor returned to the main dorm for a light lunch, and to watch some TV in one of the room’s little nooks. Around 9 that evening, Taylor returned to the restrooms to freshen up in anticipation of her encounter with Emma later that night. Before returning to her room.

As she entered her room, and sat down upon the bed, Taylor realized how nervous she was. It was like losing her virginity all over again. She got up, and began to pace. She stripped off her clothes and laid down on the bed, propping her leg up to try and look sexy. Then, thinking herself ridiculous, got back up, and dressed, before sitting on the edge of the bed and staring at the door. Now feeling like a puppy waiting on the return of its master, she again began to pace. Her fidgeting continued, till at last a soft knock sounded upon her door.

“Come on in,” she said, trying not to sound too eager, or foolish, and turning to face the door. It opened after the soft click of the lock, revealing Emma Watson. She was wearing the same short running shorts as her, except black, as well as a black tee-shirt. The slender brunette, leaned against the door frame, looking her body up and down with one thought clearly on her mind. Taylor took a moment to take in her beauty. She had always been able to admire an attractive woman. But before coming here, indeed until the past few days, the thought of having sex with one held no appeal to her. But now the prospect loomed, and she found herself nervous, and curious at the same time.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Emma said with a devilish grin, as a second figure appeared in the door frame, slipping her arms around the Brit’s narrow waist, and leaning her head against Emma’s cheek, “I brought a friend.” The friend, was Bella Thorne, who was watching her with an even more predatory gaze than Emma.

Taylor swallowed nervously, taking them both in. She wasn’t sure if there much of a choice in accepting her friend. The Brit sure didn’t sound like she was asking. “Um…” Taylor was at a loss for words, her gaze shifting between the two women. As she delayed, they moved in. They stepped toward her, edging her back till her the back of her knees hit the bed, and she fell backwards onto it.

Emma slid forward, sitting on her lap, gripping her chin, and turning her face so she looked from Bella to her. The Brit’s eyes smoldered in sexuality, and despite the tension, Taylor felt her loins begin to stir. “Don’t mind her. Bella’s just gonna watch for now.” She nodded slowly, gazing into those gorgeous brown eyes. With that, Emma moved in, slowly tilting her head and planting a soft kiss upon her lips. Taylor was surprised at the gentleness of the kiss, and the softness of the brunette’s lips. It was similar to kissing a man, if only somehow more delicate.

She returned the kiss, tentatively at first, then with more enthusiasm as it continued. Emma clutched her tightly, grinding her hips against hers, but it wasn’t until she felt hands on her tits that the first soft moan of the night escaped her lips. As her lips parted, she felt Emma’s tongue glide delicately into her mouth. Almost instinctively, she sucked upon it, wrapping her own arms around the Brit’s waist and pulling her close.

Their tongues lashed back and forth into each other’s mouths, as they held one another tight. Emma’s hands groped her chest, squeezing and pulling on Taylor’s tits through the thin fabric of her shirt. The kiss broke then, and both girls breathed in deep, grinning as they gazed into each other’s eyes.

Suddenly, Emma reached down, and yanked Taylor’s shirt up over her head. In a flash the pair were pawing at one another’s clothes, giggling, pulling and kissing till they were both nude, and laying back on the bed, wrapped in each other’s arms. The slim brunette lay atop the former pop diva whose long slender legs were wrapped around her waist. Taylor ran her fingers through Emma’s lush brown hair, cradling her close as the two again shared a long gentle kiss.

When the kiss broke, Emma turned her gaze to the now naked redhead, who was lounging in a chair near the foot of the bed watching and stroking her pussy. She gestured with her finger for the girl to come closer, and Taylor watched with a new-found lust growing in her sex as she approached. Sitting up some, Emma pulled Bella close, and kissed her intimately on the mouth. They shared a long deep kiss, tongues pressing back and forth. When it broke, Emma gently pushed the teenaged redhead down toward Taylor’s mouth, as she descended her slim sexy body.

Taylor gasped into Bella’s mouth as Emma sucked one of her small perky nipples into her mouth, and felt as her tongue prodded it gently. The eager teen kissed her, sliding her tongue into the blonde’s agape mouth. Taylor sucked on the redhead’s tongue with enthusiasm, as Emma licked and sucked on her nipples, causing them to stiffen in arousal.

That was when the Brit’s delicate fingers found her slit. She rubbed it softly, sliding her fingers up and down the entrance to Taylor’s warm wet hole. The former diva’s breathing became hot and heavy as she gasped and moaned into Bella’s mouth. Emma gently pulled back the fleshy hood guarding the singer’s clit as she rolled one of her nipples between her lips. Taylor arched her back, bent her knees and spread her legs wide, inviting Emma to journey further down. “Looks like someone’s enjoying herself,” the sultry Brit whispered as she took the bait, kissing her way down the blonde’s slim sexy body.

Emma placed soft affectionate kisses as she descended, and the leggy singer began to writhe in pleasure beneath her. Taylor ran her fingers through Emma’s hair, gently massaging her scalp as the Brit finally reached her pussy. She could feel the heat coming from it as she kissed all around her blood engorged lips. Then teasingly, she looked up with a grin, asking coyly “are you sure you want this?”

Taylor pulled away from kissing Bella to look down pleadingly at Emma. She nodded her head and said “God, yes. Please.” Maybe, it was because she hadn’t had sex for more than a week, or maybe she really was becoming attracted to women. But right then, Taylor didn’t care. She gripped Emma’s hair and pushed her face toward her dripping wet cunt.

Laughing, Emma Watson took a long deep lick, ending with her tongue pressing against Taylor’s engorged clit, which she sucked into her mouth. Taylor moaned low and deep, as Emma began to work on her pussy, and Bella lowered herself to suck on her nipples. Lost to pleasure, Taylor gripped the sides of her mattress with one hand, and held Emma’s head with the other. The sultry Brit dug in, eating her pussy with fervor and devotion. Bella continued to tease her nipples, but as Emma went to work, she slid a finger down behind her leg, pressing it coyly against her pink puckered asshole. They worked together, rubbing, licking and sucking until Taylor came loud and hard.

The girls responsible for her orgasm rose, and each took a turn giving Taylor a long deep kiss. It was an interesting experience, tasting her pussy on a woman’s lips, she had to admit, it was pretty arousing. As the sexy Brit pulled away, she said with a grin, “I guess you enjoyed that.” Seeing that she did indeed, she continued, “We can do a bit more, if you like. If you want to try some other stuff that is, Bella brought toys…”

“Toys?” Taylor said, looking over at Bella, who had produced a massive strap on dildo from a small bag.

“Or, if that doesn’t appeal to you, you could give eating pussy a try. I’m sure Bella would volunteer for that too, she’s feeling kind of pent up. Aren’t you?”

Bella nodded, giving Taylor a lewd look up and down. “Mmhhhm. That would be nice too.”

Emma stroked her cheek, causing Taylor to turn back to her. She kissed the singer lightly on the lips. “Or, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, we could go. Give you a chance to process all this…” As she spoke, she ran the tips of her fingers over Taylor’s tight toned stomach, tracing the lines of her four pack.

“Maybe,” Taylor said, looking around uncertainly between the pair, “we could do this again sometime… It’d be nice to, you know, have some time to think about all this.”

Emma nodded, giving her a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Ok. I understand.” She got up, and began to get dress. Bella followed suit. When they were done, the two women headed for the door.

“I. Could we talk, for a second?” Taylor said, looking at Emma.

She gave the singer an understanding smile. “Sure. Let me just let Bella out. She doesn’t have access to these doors.”

Taylor waited, while Emma showed the feisty redhead back to the main dorm. She pulled herself under her blankets, rather than dress, and as she did, could hear the muted sounds of their talking. Wishing she could hear what they were saying, she propped herself up against the headboard, covering her breasts with the covers.

Soon, Emma returned, sitting down on the edge of her bed as she did. “What’s up?” She asked, again offering her an empathetic smile.

Taking Emma’s hands, Taylor returned her smile. She was filled with emotion, and uncertainty. It was her first time with a woman, and she had to admit, she had enjoyed it more than she ever thought she would. She struggled with how to express what she was feeling. “I—”

“You had fun. But bringing Bella in was too much.” Emma gently kissed her hand. “I saw it on your face when she first came in the room. I almost asked her to leave, but I thought maybe you’d get into it as we went along…” She gave her hand a soft squeeze. “I get it. It was too much too fast.”

“Exactly. That’s exactly how I feel.” Taylor said, trying to pull the slender brunette closer.

Emma slid forward, offering Taylor a short but intimate kiss on the lips. When she pulled away, she was again smiling. “We’ll have to do this again…” She got up then, and went toward the door.

“I’d like that.” Taylor said, as Emma turned, giving her one last look.

“Good night.” She said, closing the door behind her.


Day 25

The remaining four days passed in relative quiet. Emma again executed her duties with precision and dedication, if with a little bias toward the woman who had scorned her. She wasn’t out right mean or unfair, it was more that there was a lack of compassion which the others enjoyed. For her part, Margot spent those days mostly in solitude. She did her chores, and her exercises. The rest of the time, she spent in her room, reading or listening to music, and hoping things would get better once the master returned.

Bella and Taylor kept their distance, but by the end of those four days, had begun to develop what could be described as a budding friendship. They spent their days, working out, Bella decided for now to adopt Taylor’s workout routine. The two bonded mostly over getting in better shape, which they spent about three hours a day doing. Separately, they each had their TV time, and chores, or spent some one on one time with Emma, who was happy to get to know them better.

Emma kept especially busy during those four days. In addition to her own workout routine, which wasn’t quite as vigorous as Taylor’s, she conducted the morning weigh ins. Keeping meticulous track of not just weights, and variances, but of who was assigned what chores, and how well they executed those tasks. When she wasn’t working on that, she had Toy. Emma worked hard to further develop her as a pet, giving her treats when she was good, and punishing her when she wasn’t. The blonde teen became quite adept at taking orders, and losing herself to being dominated by not questioning her mistress. By the end of the four days, she wouldn’t move a muscle without say so, and barely balked at any task given her, no matter how humiliating. She also spent several hours on the day before the master’s return scouring the punishment room from top to bottom. The entire harem pitched in, she even convinced Ukuza to bring down a fresh mattress, and by the time they were done it was sparkling like new. Lastly, Emma had a ton of sex. She spent time with everyone except Margot, and sometimes had it three or four times in one day.

Around nine o’clock that morning, just as everyone was getting up and ready for morning weigh in. Monitors in every room turned on, and his voice rang out through speakers in those rooms without. “Good morning ladies. I returned home early this morning, and I am very much looking forward to seeing you all again. Therefore, I would like you all to gather in the main dorm at the normal time for weigh in, so that I can address you all before the start of our day.” With that, Alex’s voice cut away, and the girls of his harem got ready for their day with a new-found excitement for what it might bring.

Alex emerged from the hallway that led to his quarters, shirtless, and wearing his usual white linin pants with comfy slip on shoes. The harem was assembled before him. Emma had them lined up behind her, standing like a chorus line and awaiting his presence. Bella and Taylor stood to her right wearing the blue of level two. Margot to her left and wearing level 3 red. Chloe, Toy, was on a leash at Emma’s feet and wore only the black leather collar that spelled out her name in bright silver letters. And Emma, she looked resplendent in black yoga pants and a tee-shirt, with her long chestnut hair falling in waves about her shoulders. “Good morning, Master. Your harem awaits,” she said with a smile, it was gorgeous and radiant.

“Ladies.” Alex said, walking forward toward the women of his harem. “I know that much has happened while I was away. This morning, Ukuza gave me a full briefing of events, as well as showing me some disturbing video.” He looked down upon Toy, who was on hands and knees at Emma’s feet, her gaze submissively fixed on the floor. Then, looking back up at everyone else, he continued. “And for the most part, I am content with how things proceeded. Except, in one regard. I feel in my absence, you may have been too quick to forget just who is in charge down here. It is not, Ms. Watson. No. I am your master. To prove it, I believe a show of fealty is in order.” Alex turned an impassive gaze upon Emma, who looked a little scared, but held her ground, even as she clutched the leash in her hands. “Drop the leash, approach, and kneel.”

“Master?” She said, swallowing nervously. Unmoving, Emma seemed held in place by fear.

Alex crossed his arms, doing an even more impressive version of Emma’s tyrannical overlord. His voice was clear, emotionless. “I said come here and kneel, or would you rather spend time in the punishment room?”

She hesitated only a moment before dropping the leash, and taking the few steps that placed her before her master. Once there, she fell to her knees, lowering her head in submission before him. Looking back up at the women assembled before him, Alex untied the string which held his pants up, they slid down his legs, and he stepped out of them. He took his flaccid cock in hand, and slapped it against Emma’s forehead. “Suck,” he commanded.

Emma looked up with tears of humiliation in her eyes. “Master, please. Here?”

Alex didn’t bother looking down at her. He was watching the others, and said in a deep clear voice. “Either you suck me off, or you spend the next five days strapped into the horse entertaining my men.”

Timidly, she reached up and took the base of her master’s cock in hand. Sobbing quietly, she began to stroke it up and down. Thick tears pooled in her light brown eyes, and ran down her cheeks. Alex, batted her hand away as if it were a mosquito. “Did I say stroke? Did I give you permission to put your hand on my dick?”

“No, Master,” Emma whimpered. “I’m sorry.”

“Suck.” Alex again commanded. Still crying, and with her mascara beginning to smear down her cheeks, Emma lifted her lips to the tip of her master’s soft hanging cock. Some of the others began to nervously look away, turning their gaze to anything but the vision of their champion on her knees, humiliated and debasing herself for the master’s amusement. “Do not look away. Watch. This display is for you, to show you why you follow, to show you that you have only what I give you. And when you abuse what I give you, there are consequences.”

Using only her lips, Emma Watson began to pleasure her master. She kissed the tip of his flaccid penis, as tears dripped from her chin. Her lips parted, and reluctantly closed around the head. Then, weeping almost uncontrollably, Emma began to suck on the tip, sliding her lips back and forth, and rolling her tongue along its underside. Alex laced his fingers through her hair, cupping the back of her head, and despite her reservations, or perhaps because of them, he soon became fully erect.

He grunted, “I think you’ve been eating too much pussy lately.” Then, using his grip on her head, forced his cock half way down her throat, burying nearly the entire length in one swift motion. Emma gargled, gagging on the violent intruder, and tears from a different source poured down her face. Then, still watching the assembled members of his harem, Alex began to face fuck the sexy Brit with deep, vicious thrusts. It took only three strong strokes for Alex to bury his hard-throbbing member balls deep in Emma’s battered throat.

He held her there, for a long moment, gagging and fighting to breathe, as he met the gaze of each of the women assembled before him. All save Toy, she had been conditioned to ignore such things. She kept her gaze steadfast on the ground before her. The others though, got the message. He was in charge. They were his, and the fanciful carefree times they had experienced while he was gone, were over. Emma sputtered on his dick as tears streamed down her face. She began to turn red from lack of oxygen, snot dripped from her nose while her master held her, choking on his massive member. Alex held her firm till she was on the verge of passing out, and just as her vison began to go black, he pulled himself back, allowing her a quick respite. She breathed in a deep fleeting breath, before her master plunged his cock back into her throat.

Keeping his eyes locked on the uncomfortable, embarrassed looks of Taylor, Margot, and Bella, Alex began to throat fuck the leader of his harem. He slammed his hips back and forth, his balls slapped against her chin as saliva poured from her mouth, and snot dripped from her nose. He kept that vicious pace for up for several long moments, battering in and out of Emma’s throat. Soon he was close, he knew he’d come soon. He yanked his prick free and began to stroke it with one hand, while holding the prone Brit by the other. “Open your mouth, whore and hold out your tongue.”

Emma knew better than to defy him, and did as she was told. Opening her mouth, and sticking out her tongue, she raised a defeated gaze upwards. Her face was an utter disaster, nearly instantly transformed from the pristine vision she’d been when he entered. Her mascara was destroyed, smeared and running in streaks down her face, her eyes were red and puffy from all the tears she’d unleashed, and her nose was bright pink, and dripping.

Alex grunted in pleasure, he couldn’t help but realize how turned on the sight of Emma Watson in such disarray made him. He stroked his cock in a frenzy and after just a few hard thrusts, he exploded on her face. Shooting four hot ropy strands. The first landed across her right cheek and over her eye. The second in a pool on her forehead, the third across her chin and lower half of her left cheek. Finally, the last landed in her mouth, laying across her tongue. “Swallow.” He commanded, looking down on her as the haughty overlord.

Emma retracted her tongue, closed her mouth, and with a look of defeat, as more tears streaked her cheeks, swallowed the cum in her mouth.

Alex hauled the Brit to her feet by her hair, and turned her to face the group. “Margot, step forward and lick my seed from her face.” She hesitated only a moment before moving closer. She too had tears in her eyes as she lowered her face toward Emma’s. “Don’t be greedy. Everyone’s getting a taste, only one lick.” The Aussie beauty lapped the cum from Emma’s chin and cheek, then looking to the master to make sure she’d done what he wanted. He gave her a nod, and called Taylor over. Margot returned to where she’d been standing, and as Taylor approached, Emma began to shake as she continued to sob. Her knees wobbled, her legs shuddered, she was being kept on her feet only by the master’s grip on her hair, and fresh tears of humiliation leaked from her eyes. The former pop star too, leaned down, licking the master’s cum from Emma’s forehead and swallowing it down. It was Bella’s turn then, she followed suit, coming forward and leaning over her lover. She took a long lick from her chin, up over her eye, as she lapped up the largest of the master’s three deposits.

When Bella was done, and had returned to where she had been standing, the master released his grip on Emma. She collapsed like a ragdoll at his feet, curling into a ball and sobbing uncontrollably as she clutched her knees to her chest. He looked them each in the eye one last time, said, “Any questions?” Seeing the fear and submission on each face, he seemed satisfied. He looked down to Emma, crouching by her head. Without mercy, he spoke again. “You have one hour to finish weigh in, and I expect to see you in my quarters.” He stood and turned to leave, adding, “and for god’s sake, clean yourself up. You look like a fucking slut.” And with that, he left, returning down the hall toward his quarters.

Day 25, Early in the morning:

Felicity Jones’ eyes fluttered open as she felt something slide into her throat, blocking her airway and making it difficult to breathe. She felt groggy as if in a great haze of darkness, but could clearly feel something moving in and out of her mouth. It was hard to see, her vison was blurry, but there seemed to be a shadowy figure standing over her. What was going on, she thought, where am I? Suddenly, she remembered waking in the dead of night as the door to her bedroom burst open. The room was filled with thick gas, and just before she blacked out she saw through the smoke and gloom figures in black wearing gas masks.

The haze lifted nearly instantly with the realization of the precariousness of her position, and the urgent, unrelenting thrusting of a massive cock going in and out of her throat. Thick tears formed in her eyes and slid down her face as she struggled futilely against the bonds which held her. Even her mouth refused to close, something had wedged it open. She fought, as best she could, trying to turn her head away from the man standing over her. But he had a tight grip on her face as her head hung over whatever it was she was strapped to, a board or a table if she had to guess. Kicking and twisting against the ropes that held her proved equally fruitless, as the man continued raping her mouth and throat with his huge prick. It didn’t take long, the man grunted in pleasure as he spilled a gigantic load deep into her throat. She sputtered and gagged on the viscous fluid, coughing up copious amounts of the substance, only to have it run down over her face and into her eyes before it dripped onto the floor.

When he was done, he turned away from her, she could see through the bleary haze of cum dripping off her face that he was a large well-built man. He pulled on a pair of pants, stepped into a pair of slippers and walked from the room without a word. The lights flicked off, casting the room into darkness. Felicity hung there, head and legs hanging off the end of some kind of board, and began to helplessly cry, alone in the dark.

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