Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 7

Title: Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 7

Author: Mal

Celebs: Chloe Moretz

Codes: MF, cons, oral

Summary: Alex gets a surprise, and Taylor makes a tough choice.

Disclaimer:  This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. Also, I make no money from the distribution of these stories

Day 9:

Alex decided to sleep in the next day. Not because he needed a break, or because he was tired, but because he wanted Taylor to spend the morning laying in filth, contemplating what might be served by further rebellion. He got out of bed around 10 and pulled on his thin linin pants and stepped into his slippers before heading out to open the girl’s cells so they could complete their morning ablutions. But, as he stepped into the main room, he found Chloe already waiting for him. As a level 3, she had access to this room at all times, so it didn’t startle Alex too much to find her there. What did surprise him, was the manner in which she waited. She was sitting on the arm of a couch, facing the door of the hallway to Alex’s room, and she was completely naked.

When Alex stepped into the room, closing the hallway door behind him, she dropped to her knees and gazed up at him with ‘fuck me’ eyes, licked her lips seductively and said “Master, I’ve been waiting for you all morning,” in the most seductive voice Alex could imagine. He wasted no time, Alex strode across the room, the short distance to where Chloe was kneeling obediently and dropped his pants to the floor. Like the cum-hungry succubus she appeared to be, Chloe immediately wrapped those full beautiful lips around the head of his cock and began to suck.

It took no time for Alex’s cock to spring to full attention, as Chloe sucked eagerly on the head, gazed up at him with her gorgeous green eyes, and lightly pulled and squeezed his balls with one hand. Before long, Chloe was bobbing her head up and down like a veteran porn star, taking the entire length of his shaft into her mouth and throat. Alex was so turned on by the scene he had watched last night, and by the fact that this was the first time one of the girls had come to him without being asked, willing and wanting his cock that he didn’t think he would last long, especially at the pace Chloe was taking. Then, just as he was about to blow his load, Chloe pulled back, sliding his cock form her lips as she gently kissed the tip and rubbed the side of her face along the shaft, stopping Alex just short of orgasm.

“Master,” she said coyly, “not yet. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Alex groaned in pain and pleasure at being brought just to the edge and forced to stop. He looked down at her, as she was teasingly rubbing his cock against her cheek and smiling up at him. “What is it…” he asked breathlessly.

“First,” she said popping the head of his dick back into her mouth and sucking on it hard for just a second. “You have to choose. You can fuck me anyway you like…” she said licking his shaft from head to balls… “any place you like…” as she sucked on his balls, achingly causing Alex more pain and pleasure. “Or,” she said as she ran her tongue up the entire length of his cock, gently pushing her tongue against the head… “you can have your surprise.” When she finished, she again wrapped her lips around the tip of his dick and began to softly suck, careful not to let Alex cum as she did.

Alex laughed euphorically, gently stroking her head. “You’re going to make me choose?” He said with a grin.

Chloe just nodded, not taking her lips from his cock.

Alex lightly took Chloe’s hair in hand, and pulled her slowly from her position, kneeling on the floor. He yanked her tightly against his body, firmly gripping her ass in one hand and holding her head in the other. He moved his lips to her ear and softly whispered. “You know I could have both, right, my nubile little slave?”

“Of course, Master.” She replied as she wrapped one leg around Alex’s waist. “But what you want, is willing little deviants, not mindless fuck toys, right, Master?” As she said this, Chloe pressed her body close to Alex, angling her crouch so that her pussy lips gently caressed his cock, and she began to lightly grind, the lips of her pussy up and down Alex’s shaft.

Alex shuttered in delight, the feeling of Chloe Moretz pressed against him, her willing body, and the teasing game she was playing turned Alex on more than anything he had ever imagined. He breathed hot labored breath into her ear, kissing it and sucking on the lobe as he whispered, “I choose you.”

“Then have me,” she whispered breathlessly.

Alex lifted her from the ground and turned, pressing her urgently against the wall. Chloe wrapped her other leg around his waist as the mouths met in hot, wet, passion. She grabbed his cock, and slipped it inside her, moaning as she did.

10 am, was when the other girls, all level 2 gained access to the main room for breakfast, and their morning ablutions. So, Bella, Emma and Margot were caught somewhat by surprise as they entered the main room to the urgent, passionate love making between Alex and Chloe.

Alex, on the other hand, was too caught up in the moment. He didn’t even break stroke as the other girls came in and gathered round on the couches and chairs to watch the exchange. He held Chloe tight in his arms, supporting her weight and holding her in place as he fucked her harder and harder against the wall. Chloe threw back her head and began to moan loudly as Alex rammed his cock home again and again, harder and faster with each stroke. She began to buck wildly as she came, and Alex was having a more difficult time supporting her. So, he simply turned back and knelt on the ground, holding himself in her as he laid her onto the floor. Alex was enraptured by the vision of Chloe bucking and moaning on his cock to take notice of the other girls, and gripped her hips hard as he resumed his violent pace, back and forth. He leaned down to kiss her passionately as he pushed his thick cock in and out of her tight teenaged pussy.

She sucked on his tongue and moaned like a whore into his mouth and Alex felt him balls tighten as Chloe’s pussy clenched hard around his shaft. Alex shuttered in intense pleasure as the first load burst forth from his cock, but continued driving his shaft in and out as Chloe gripped his back and locked her legs over his hips. He continued to thrust as load after load shot forth from his dick, he didn’t stop his movements until his cock softened, and slipped itself from Chloe’s well used pussy. He collapsed on top of her, again kissing her with passion, as she cradled him against her.

It was the soft applause that finally alerted the two lovers from the attention of the other. Margot, Bella, and Emma clapped softly and Emma said “Good show,” with a smile. Margot took her friend’s hand and said to the others, “let’s give these two a bit of privacy,” as she led the others from the room to the showers.

Chloe laughed softly at the attention of the others, burying her head in Alex’s neck. “I think I’m going to die.”

Alex kissed her lips softly, “don’t do that. Besides, you shouldn’t be embarrassed.”

Chloe smiled and gazed up at him, sweat trailing down her forehead, “and why is that?”

“Because,” said Alex, as he softly kissed her neck, “you just showed them what they’re doing wrong. That, it is possible to enjoy yourself here, if you just let go. They’re still fighting it.” He rose up some to look down at her, gently stroking the side of her face. “And, while I’m’ not sure if you are, or if you’re just acting like it, I am sure that you’re enjoying it.”

Chloe pulled Alex back down, kissing him softly. When their lips parted she said seriously, “I don’t know, if knowing what I know now, that I would choose to be here. Maybe. But, yes,” she said grinning, “I am enjoying it.”

He smiled, kissing her again before saying, “we should probably get up now, shouldn’t we?”

“Yes, Master, I suppose we should at that.” They disentangled themselves from one another and stood up from the floor, each going toward their separate halls to shower. Chloe paused at the door to the hallway, “Master?”

“Yes?” said Alex turning to look at her with a smile.

“Do you still want your surprise?” She asked coyly.


“Later tonight, come to my room after 10?”

“Of course.”

“Oh, and one more thing” she said as he turned to leave. “make sure your guards don’t stop me from bringing a friend.”

Alex laughed, “I think I could manage that.”

“Good,” she said as she hurried off to the showers, and then to perform her daily duties alongside the girls who weren’t still locked up in the punishment room. Chloe spend the rest of her morning deflecting questions about Taylor Swift, where she might be, and what sort of punishment Alex surly inflicted on her for not playing along.

Alex on the other hand, went back to his room, took a long hot shower, changed clothes and went into his security room. He pulled up the security feed from the punishment room, and turned on the lights so he could see what, if anything was going on inside.

The room was quiet, Taylor lay on the mattress still, but as the lights came on she began to look around. The ring gag was still in her mouth, and Alex could only assume the pain she must be in from that fact alone. But, she raised herself up on her knees and murmured loudly around the gag, “MMhhhmmmh.”

Alex wasn’t sure if she was trying to speak words of acquiesce, or words of fight, but the fact that she wasn’t still staring off into space at least proved she was still alive, and not dead on the inside. He couldn’t help but feel bad for her, she looked terrible, thick white crust covered her face and chest, mascara and cum streaked her face, and her lips were chapped from mild dehydration. In this state she looked more like a street urchin than a popstar.

Alex got up, took some supplies from a utility cabinet, among them were two bottles of water and two granola bars and made his way to the punishment room. In the main room, he also took up a blanket, and a pillow. At the door, he used his thumb print to gain entry and quickly closed the door behind him.

Taylor immediately looked over to him and struggled to speak around the gag, “MMhhhmmmh.”

Alex held up a hand to quiet her saying, “calm down. We’re going to have a chat, and we can’t do so with you acting like that.” He placed the stuff he had brought down on the counter, noticing as he did the way she looked longingly at the water. “First off,” he said leaning against the counter. “Did you enjoy your stay last night, in my punishment room? You may answer by shaking your head or nodding.”

Taylor hung her head a little, shaking it no. “I trust then that you wish to leave here?” She nodded yes, in a very slow, sad up and down. “Good. Do you remember what I told you to do, in order to rejoin the others?” Again she bobbed her head up then down, hanging her head and softly sobbing. “Ok, ok. Would you like me to remove your gag?” She nodded again, with a whimper.

Alex went over to the mattress on which she was kneeling, and carefully, trying to avoid the really messy parts, removed the gag from her mouth. Taylor worked her jaw open and closed, obviously in extreme pain from spending ten or more hours with her mouth wedged open. Alex said “remember, you are not allowed to speak until given permission, I trust you don’t want any more punishment at this point?”

She shook her head no slowly, whispering hoarsely, “No, Master.”

“Good,” Alex responded. “Am I to assume, by your wish to leave, that should we get you cleaned up, that you’re willing to perform the act I asked of you last night? And that from here on, you will do your utmost to join our little community in a productive way?”

Taylor’s head was still bowed, looking at the floor, she seemed to flinch with each of Alex’s questions, and when he finished, she let out a few quiet sobs before replying “Yes, Master.”

Alex cupped her chin, raising her face and looking her in the eye. She met his intense gaze with one of defeat, as thin tears leaked from her eyes. Alex knelt, his face inches from hers. “Good,” he said with quiet menace. “Because, the next time you disobey me, or even if you seem hesitant about being here, what happened last night will seem like a vacation. Do we understand one another?”

She nodded again as the tears rolled down her face, “Yes, Master… I …” she said sobbing, “I’m your slave. I live to serve.”

Alex released her chin, “good.” He then began to remove the duct tape and the restraints holding her legs, and Taylor again sobbed, but this time from the pressure released as her bonds were loosened. She worked her arms and legs, rubbing them, and trying to combat the numbness which had no doubt set in. Alex said, watching her, “when you’re feeling up to it, use the hose to clean yourself up. The water, food and bedding is for you. I suggest flipping the mattress over. I’ll come back in a few hours, I expect you to be cleaned up, as best you can and ready for me. But you don’t leave here until I see you perform.

Taylor again nodded in defeat, “Yes, Master, I’ll be ready.”

Alex headed for the door pausing as he reached the handle. “One more question.

Taylor looked up from where she sat on the mattress rubbing feeling back into her arms, “Master?”

“Man, or Woman?”

Taylor seemed shocked. “Master?”

“Oh, as of now, you have no level, you are a… level 0. You don’t get the privilege of fucking me until you return to level 1 status. So you can either pleasure one of my guards, or one of my slaves. But I expect them to orgasm. Also, you live in this room until you do so.

Taylor swallowed nervously, it was a tough choice she knew how to pleasure a man, but her choices would be limited to the men who had gang raped her last night, or to a woman whom she had no experience with and frankly found the whole idea revolting. Her chin quivered as she struggled to answer, and fresh tears formed in her eyes. “…A…A man…. Master…”

Alex nodded and left. He had considered tormenting her further by asking her which of his men she had taken a liking to last night, but decided she had learned her lesson, or at least hoped she had.

He would get back to Taylor later tonight, give her a chance to clean up and come to terms with her choice. The only question he had as he walked back toward the main room was who Chloe had convinced to join them later tonight. He could hardly wait to find out.

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