Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 8

Title: Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 8

Author: Mal

Celebs: Taylor Swift

Codes: MF, oral, nc, inter

Summary: Taylor works for release from the punishment room.

Disclaimer:  This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. This story is like a box of chocolates in a microwave, hot and messy. Also, I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 8:

Chloe Moretz didn’t want to think about what was happening to Taylor Swift on that mattress in the punishment room. She sat in her bed, her back resting against the headboard, and her pillow resting in her lap. She was pretty sure her Master would be watching the show, and neglecting the job he was supposed to be doing, which was monitoring her and the other girls. She had done her part, ate out Taylor’s pussy. It was even kind of fun. But she had no intention of sticking around here to potentially suffer the same fate. So she was busy using a nail file to shave the handle of her toothbrush into a shiv, and depositing the leavings into her pillow case.

She didn’t know if the other girls had given up the thought of escape, or if they were just playing along till they could find a way to out, but she wasn’t going to wait. She planned to lull her captor, fuck, she didn’t even know his name, into a false sense of security, and when the opportunity was right put the make shift blade to his throat and force him to let her go. If she could get the others free she would, but Chloe had no intention of rotting in this prison as the fuck toy of some billionaire rich boy with a god complex.

Chloe worked well into the night, believing, and rightly so that Alex was far too distracted by what was happening to Taylor Swift to notice what she was doing. By midnight, she had turned her toothbrush into a wicked shiv with a point that she was sure could puncture her Master’s jugular vein if needs be. But she wasn’t sure she had gotten close enough to him to be able to pull off her plan. She needed him to be in love with her. She needed him to trust her, and she didn’t think he was quite there yet. As she filed, Chloe thought about her Master’s motives, and what he might want. If, she thought, he just wanted slaves, he was clearly rich enough to have a dungeon full of them… No, he must want us to want him, she almost laughed at the idea it was so obvious. Well, she would make him fall head over heels in love with her. She would make him think she wanted nothing more than to stay here with him forever. But, she mustn’t push him too far, too fast…if it wasn’t believable, and with those guards watching her every move, she had to be careful and only strike when the time was right.

So she came up with a plan, a plan that would start with a nice surprise for her Master come morning, and if things went right she would snare him in her net with a master stroke later that night. Then, after he was hopelessly enamored of her, she’d get him in his room, she was counting on there not being cameras in there, and put the shiv to his throat and force him to release her.

Day 9. Cont.

Around 5, after Taylor had a few hours to clean up and ponder her future in his harem, Alex sent for Ulu. He had given his head of security explicit instructions to not shower after his activities last night, and to take a good long run after breakfast, anticipating the fact that Taylor would choose a man. He didn’t want things to be too easy for her, he planned to make her work to get back in his good graces and to rejoin the others.

Once Ulu arrived from upstairs, the two men walked together towards the punishment room. They passed Emma Watson and Margot Robbie sitting, snuggling close as they watched TV. The two new friends seemed to be doing more necking than watching however, and Alex couldn’t help but smile at the two of them and anticipate the three of them spending more time together. It also gave him the answer to his question about who Chloe had recruited for her surprise tonight. Alex thought it would probably be Bella, but after seeing Margot and Emma on the couch, he was sure of it.

Alex and Ulu entered the punishment room, and Taylor awoke from her napping, startled by their entrance as Alex flipped on the lights. “Taylor,” Alex began “you remember Ulu, the head of my security. If you wish to leave here today, you’ll be servicing him.” Ulu walked toward the mattress, unzipped his jacket and laid it over the horse. He stopped near a chair in the room and continued undressing while Alex spoke, and while Taylor gazed up at him in fear and revulsion. “There are two conditions, if you wish to leave here today. First, you may only use your mouth, and two, you must bring him to orgasm. Failure to follow the rules will result in Ulu fucking your face till he’s finished, and you staying in this room another day. Do you understand?”

Without taking her eyes from the huge African security guard, Taylor Swift nodded slowly. “Yes, Master, I understand.”

“Good. Ulu whenever you’re ready.” Alex moved closer as Ulu approached the young timid popstar, and took a seat on the chair so he could get a good view of the action.

Ulu towered over Taylor, and glared down at her. He hated pretentious entitled celebrities who thought the world revolved around them, and this bitch, in his view certainly qualified. His boss, was the exception, Alex had given Ulu and his men a good life, with more freedom and riches than they ever could have had in their homeland, and for that he gave him his loyalty. “I want you to know, before you begin, that this big black dick was buried in your tight little asshole last night, and that I haven’t showered or cleaned it since then.” As he spoke, he laid his long thick black cock against her face, enjoying the flinch in her eyes as he pressed his dirty, sweaty prick against the pale white skin of her face.

Taylor swallowed nervously up at him, blinking fresh tears as she raised up and took the head into her mouth. Ulu stood, holding his arms behind his back in order resist the urge to seize her head, as Taylor began to timidly suck on the head of his dick. Her face soured, and she flinched noticeably as the taste of day old cum, sweat, and her own asshole permeated her mouth. After several moments Ulu’s cock was still as flaccid as it had been when he placed it to her cheek, and he said, “you better work harder than that, slut if you expect to get me off. Hell, at this rate you won’t even get me hard.”

Alex added from the sidelines. “Oh, I forgot to mention, you have six minutes. If Ulu can withstand you for that long, you fail and you remain here for another day.”

Taylor turned to face Alex, Ulu’s cock slipped free of her mouth as a look of shock and anger flashed in her beautiful blue eyes. Alex thought she was going to say something, to protest or argue, or claim how unfair this was. But a steely look of determination came over her face as she looked at Alex watching the seconds tick by on his watch. She turned back toward Ulu and took his flaccid penis back into her mouth with new found resolve.

She slid her mouth all the way down the soft meaty love stick and began to suck and move her lips back and forth down the dark shaft. Taylor sucked vigorously, sliding her mouth back and forth, and pushing Ulu’s thick black cock all the way down her throat. It didn’t take long, with that kind of attention for it to become rock hard and fully erect, and Ulu groaned as Taylor pushed him deeper and deeper into her throat.

She looked up at Ulu with a longing gaze, trying her best at the smoldering “fuck me” look. It was obviously having an effect as Ulu licked his lips and gently took her head in his hands. Taylor made sure not to break eye contact, as her soft pink lips slid up and down Ulu’s thick shaft. She pressed as much of it as she could into throat each time she went down, and each time managing to get more and more of it into her throat.

It didn’t take long for Ulu’s cock to become coated in a thick layer of slimy salvia, and for Taylor to finally fit all of his massive dick into her throat. Once she was there, she held herself on it, choking and gaging while she flicked her tongue out and began to lap at Ulu’s balls while his entire dick was in her mouth.

Ulu groaned in pleasure, and Taylor knew he must be close. She pulled back, keeping her lips wrapped tightly around his dick. She began to bob her head up and down, keeping a good pace and each time she went down pushing his entire cock into her throat and licking his balls before retreating back till only the head remained in her mouth.

Finally, Ulu gripped her hair and began to thrust his hips in time with her movements. He took three long strokes into Taylor Swift’s now well used throat before rearing his head back and moaning loudly in pleasure, as he spilled his seed into her mouth. Taylor gagged and sputtered as her mouth filled with cum. It leaked out the sides of her lips, and when Ulu released her head she turned to spit the rest onto the floor.

Before either Alex or Taylor realized what was happening, Ulu slapped Taylor hard across the face, sending her reeling back onto the mattress. “You swallow my cum from now on, you dirty slut!”

Alex leapt from his seat and jumped between Ulu and Taylor before Ulu could descend into further violence. “Ulu, that’s enough my friend…” Alex gently pushed Ulu away from Taylor and back over to where his cloths sat. Ulu went grudgingly, but continued to glare menacingly in Taylor’s direction. Alex whispered, “what the fuck! That’ll be one demerit for acting out of turn. I’d dock your pay as well if this wasn’t something I could turn to my advantage.”

Alex looked back over toward Taylor as Ulu pulled up his pants. She was sitting where she had fallen back on the mattress, looking at the floor, a few tears rolled down her cheek as she gently rubbed the spot where she had been slapped. “Ulu, you know I respect you. But you can’t go abusing my property like that. You understand. You can’t just lose your temper; you’ll end up killing one of them.”

Ulu took a deep breath as he began to button up his shirt. “Yes, of course. I’m sorry, Boss. I won’t let it happen again.”

“Good,” Alex said giving Ulu a friendly pat on the shoulder. “Now, why don’t you make your way back upstairs and review some of the security footage of the past few days.”

“Yes sir. I will see to it.” Ulu left the punishment room without even glancing back at Taylor who was now sitting and sobbing softly.

After the door closed behind his head of security, Alex turned and went back over to Taylor, kneeling next to her. “I’m sorry about that. I had no intention of him hurting you. Look, I know you’ve been through a lot these last two days. Are you ready to get back to your room, back to the routine? I hope that we can put this behind us, and that you are ready to rejoin our little group as a productive member?”

Taylor nodded slowly, as a few more silent tears trailed down her cheeks. “What choice do I have,” she said softly. “It’s either that or…this…” She looked up at Alex and smiled bravely. “Yes, Master, I am ready.”

“Good,” said Alex as he crossed the room and tossed to her the oversized white tee-shirt and panties of a level 1. “You’re back to a level 1. When you’re ready, I’ll escort you back to the main area where, I’m sure you’d love to have a shower and brush your teeth.”

Taylor agreed as she put on the clothes, and the two of them left the punishment room. As they walked, Alex went on. “I plan to give you a few days to recover. But during that time, I expect you to get back into your routine. If you show signs of integration, after a few days and of course a display of willingness, I don’t see why you can’t be promoted to a level 2, how does that sound?”

“Master?” Taylor asked, stopping suddenly in the hallway as she turned to look up at her captor.

“Yes, what is it?”

“I…I was just wondering. We don’t really have any choice in the matter… Why, why play this game. Give us this illusion?”

Alex smiled as empathetically as he could. “I know,” he began “that you’re here against your will, and that this isn’t the ideal circumstance. But, I honestly want you to enjoy your time here. I’d like us, all of us to be close, like a family. So I guess what I’m saying is there is no illusion. You’re here, you can’t get out so I hope you want to make the best out of that situation, not dwell on something you can’t change.”

“You’re…you’re saying we won’t ever leave?” Taylor looked away, swallowing hard the bitter pill of reality. “I…” she said after a moment, “I guess I knew from the beginning that we’d never get out.”

Alex cupped her chin, lifting her face to look her in the eye. “Outside, your old life, that’s in the past. Here, now, that’s your future. I hope you can accept that.” He kissed Taylor gently on the lips, and took her hand in his as he led her out into the main room.  Once there, he let her hand slip from his and whispered softly to her to go take a long hot shower and try to come to terms with life here. Then he left her and returned to his own rooms to take a nap before Chloe’s big surprise later that night.

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