Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 9

Title: Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 9

Author: Mal

Celeb: Chloe Moretz, Bella Thorne

Codes: MF, FF, cons, oral, viol

Summary: Chloe and Bella give Alex the surprise he was expecting, both of them.

Disclaimer:  This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. My favorite little rascal is definitely Spanky. Also, I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 9 cont. cont.

Alex awoke from his nap around ten. He stepped out into the main room to check on Taylor Swift before going to see what surprise Chloe Moretz had in store for him. Taylor was supposed to be in her room by now, for anyone not level 3 or higher, the main room was off limits after ten. But there she was, sleeping soundly on one of the room’s many couches. No doubt, she was exhausted after events of the last two days. e

He picked her up gently into his arms, and carried her into her own cell where he laid her down upon her bed, and drew the blankets up around her chin. She murmured something quietly, shifting, and curling into a ball as a small smile came to her lips. Alex kissed her softly on the forehead, and left her there to rest.

He left Taylor’s room, closing the door quietly behind him, going from there to the hallway outside of Chloe’s cell. As he approached her door, he could hear feint sounds coming from inside. Alex pressed his thumb to the panel, and the sight as the door slid open was awe inspiring. Bella sat on the bed, with her back against the headboard, her arms wrapped around about Chloe’s slim waist, keeping the blonde held firmly against her body.

Chloe sat straddling the red haired teen, holding her head gently between her hands, and writhing slowly in her lap. Both girls were completely naked, and their lips were pressed against each other as they shared a deep intimate kiss. Alex watched, as Chloe gently sucked on Bella’s tongue before pushing her own tongue into the Disney star’s mouth. The girls were moaning softly, and lightly caressing one another obviously enjoying feeling each other as they shared the deep intimate kiss.

Alex sat at the foot of the bed so he could continue watching, but the girls broke their kiss as the added weight to the bed announced the presence of their captor. Both starlets blushed, a soft hue of pink filling their cheeks at the embarrassment of being caught up in the moment, but smiled at Alex as they turned to look at him. Chloe spoke seductively as she gently kissed Bella’s cheek and neck, “I hope you don’t mind that we started without you, Master. We couldn’t help ourselves”

Both girls giggled, pressing their foreheads together as Alex shook his head and said, “of course not. I want you all to not just be friends, but intimate as well.”

Bella then said, “Master, would you like for us to continue the show?”

Alex grinned like a kid in a candy store. “Very much. For now, just pretend I’m not even here.”

Bella responded by gently turning Chloe back to face her, and then pressing her lips against the blonde teen’s. Chloe’s mouth opened immediately to accept Bella’s probing tongue, and they pressed their bodies close together, as they continued to kiss, and suck on one another’s tongues. Bella then lifted Chloe, and laid her softly down on the bed, so their heads were close to where Alex was now sitting. She pulled away from the kiss, and a thin wispy strand of saliva stretched between their lips, breaking just as Bella kissed the nape of Chloe’s neck, just below her chin.

Chloe bit her lip teasingly, looking up at Alex with her gorgeous ‘fuck me’ eyes as Bella slowly kissed her way down Chloe’s neck to her chest. Still watching Alex, Chloe gasped in pleasure as Bella gently sucked one of her puffy pink nipples into her mouth. Chloe turned her gaze downward to stare longingly into Bella’s dark brown eyes as the red-haired starlet turned her full attention to Chloe’s small pert tits. She ran her fingers through the other girls long red hair, cradling her to her chest and moaning softly as Bella moved back and forth between her boobs, gently sucking and licking nipples. It didn’t take long for Chloe’s nipples to become hard as Bella worked each one into her mouth while staring up into her amazing green eyes.

After several minutes of teasing, Bella finally lowered her face between Chloe’s slender legs, turning her gaze from the blonde girl’s green eyes to the enrapturing sight of her tiny, pink, teenaged pussy. Chloe had a neatly trimmed bikini area, with just a small thin patch of blonde pubs cut into a neat little triangle. Bella pressed her thumb against Chloe’s pussy lips, gently running up and down the perfect little folds of her twat, before pushing back the thin hood which obscured her little pink clit. Chloe gasped and moaned as Bella began rubbing her thumb in small circles over her now exposed clit. Chloe moaned, as Bella leaned in to lick and gently suck on it.

Bella Thorne began to eat Chloe’s pussy in earnest, licking her clit, and pushing her tongue as deep into the folds of her tight pussy as it would go. Alex stood up and removed his pants as Chloe began to grind her hips into the teen red head’s face, moaning and bucking at the attention she was receiving. Bella gripped Chloe’s hips to try and hold her in place as she continued licking and sucking on her clit and probing her tongue deep into her pussy.

Alex had a raging hard on from the scene he was viewing, he knelt on the bed, and placed his cock against Chloe’s full thick lips. She accepted it, opening her eyes to gaze up at Alex as she sucked gently on the head of his dick, while she pressed Bella’s face hard against her pussy, pinning it there by pressing her legs against the other girl’s head. Alex in turn took Chloe’s head in his hand, and began to push his cock in and out of her mouth. Chloe was making soft murmuring sounds of pleasure with a dick buried in her throat, and Bella’s tongue buried in her twat as she continued writhing in pleasure.

Alex pulled his dick from her mouth, and began to run it through her lips, using her lips like a soft wet crevice, he began to push his cock back and forth across her mouth. Chloe was licking and sucking on the underside of Alex’s cock as she began to buck and moan in orgasm. But, even as she came, Bella kept licking and sucking on her pussy, she even pressed three fingers into the young blonde’s tight hole just as the first orgasm over took her.

Chloe began to spasm almost uncontrollably, and Alex stood back while she bucked and moaned, and continued to grind her hips against Bella’s face until the wave of orgasms finally subsided several moments later. When she finally came down, Chloe giggled exhaustedly, laying back. Bella slid back up, and planted a warm, wet, passionate kiss on the young blonde’s lips. When she broke the kiss, Bella looked up at Alex, who pulled her to her feet, spun her around, and bent her over the bed, so that her pussy was mere inches from Chloe’s face.

Alex who was so turned on and frustrated from the amazing show he had just witnessed, wasted no time in plunging his cock into Bella’s sopping wet pussy. Bella moaned, pushing back against him, forcing Alex’s thick prick all the way in. Alex began to urgently thrust in and out of Bella’s tight hole, and moments later, felt Chloe’s soft tongue gently taking long licks against his cock, and Bella’s clit. Alex gripped Bella’s hips tightly, and began to slam his cock in and out of her as hard as he could, and Bella responded, moaning and thrusting back each time moaning as Alex’s cock was driven balls deep, and Chloe’s tongue would lash over both of their sex’s sending a wave of pleasure through each of them.

At this breakneck speed, Alex knew he wouldn’t last long, and soon found himself moaning, as his balls tightened, and the first load of cum burst forth from his cock. He continued thrusting in and out, slamming his dick deep into Bella’s pussy until the last of his cum had been drained and he felt his cock begin to soften.

He fell back into the chair with a euphoric laugh. “That was amazing” he said, breathing heavily, his arms and chest covered in sweat.

Bella rose up off the bed, and knelt at his feet. She ran her hand up his thigh, and gently began to stroke the head of his cock ever so lightly with the tips of her fingers. “I hope Master isn’t done for the night” she cooed. “We have so much more to give.” She was looking up at him with those big brown eyes giving him a pleading look.

As if to reiterate Bella’s statement, Chloe slid from the bed, into the red head’s lap, also looking up at Alex with a pleading look that simply screamed “fuck us.” Alex laughed again. “I’m not done yet. But I’ll need a few minutes to recover. Why don’t you girls give me some inspiration.”

While Alex sat recovering, Bella and Chloe made out. Chloe in Bella’s lap, Bella holding Chloe tight against her body. Their tongues probing in and out of each other’s mouths, their noses brushing intimately against each other. Chloe softly nibbled on Bella’s lower lip, Bella lightly fingered Chloe’s pussy from behind. They swayed back and forth, giving each other pleasure until Alex felt his cock begin to again stir and finally spring to attention.

After Alex became ready, he stood up, pushing the chair back out of his way. The two girls looked up from their position, Chloe in Bella’s lap. Their beautiful eyes said fuck me, their mouths mere inches apart, a thin strand of saliva connecting them together, Alex ran his fingers through each of their hair, gently cradling their heads in his hands. He moved forward just a bit, and pressed his cock between their lips.

They each took a side, wrapping their lips around one half of Alex’s cock, and looking up at him began to move their heads in unison, working their lips up and down the shaft of Alex’s thick dick. Their tongues would lash out, caressing the underside of his cock, and Alex began to gently thrust back and forth as they moved their heads up and down. It was heaven, looking down on them, looking up at him, his cock between their lips. Soon, they moved to the tip, and just started French kissing each other around it. The sensation was amazing, watching their intimate kiss giving him pleasure.

They worked his dick like that for several minutes, until it was covered in a thick slimy layer of saliva. He then pulled them to their feet. He instructed Bella to lay down on the bed, with her head hanging off the corner, and Chloe to stand over her, and bend down to lick Bella’s pussy, telling her that it was only fair to return the favor. He then pushed his cock gently into Chloe’s tight wet snatch.

He gripped her hips, and slowly moved his cock in and out of her tight teenaged pussy, watching while she lapped and sucked on Bella’s shaved cunt. A few moments of that, and he pulled out, and placed his dick against Bella’s lips. She opened her mouth and accepted his cock, sucking on it and moaning as she stripped Chloe’s juices from it, swallowing them while making contented noises. Alex went back and forth between Bella’s mouth and Chloe’s pussy, while the blonde teen worked ardently at the red head’s tight hole.

Soon Bella began to press Chloe’s head hard against her, and pushing her legs against her head. Alex quickened his pace, continuing to move back and forth, but thrusting harder and deeper into each hole. It wasn’t long after that when Bella began to moan and thrust against Chloe’s face, as wave after wave of orgasm over took her. That was when Alex pulled out of Chloe’s pussy, and thrust his cock deep in to Bella’s throat. As she was cumming so did he, blowing his load down her throat, causing her to sputter and gag.

Alex gazed down at his two teenaged nymphos, covered in sweat, one standing over the other, one covered in cum and saliva, the other in sweat and female ejaculate. Alex grinned. “Well that was fun.” He lent down pick up his pants, but Chloe stood, and pushed him gently back into the chair.

“Master.” She said, climbing into his lap and gently kissing his neck. “Won’t you stay just a bit longer?” Her lips felt amazing on his neck, and Alex was seriously considering breaking his rule against staying the night one of the girl’s rooms. That was when he noticed Bella had slid to the floor, and having covertly retrieved something from between the mattress, and handed it to Chloe.

He had just enough time to say. “What’s going on—” When Chloe pressed the toothbrush shiv against this throat.

“Now, listen up motherfucker” she hissed menacingly, “you’re going to let us go, or I’m going to ram this into your throat and watch you choke to death.”

Alex froze, not wanting to provoke her further. Chloe I—”

“Shut the fuck up” she said, pressing the sharpened plastic against his skin just hard enough that a few droplets of blood trickled down his throat. “Bella, use the duct tape in that drawer to bind his hands behind his back.” Alex said nothing, going along with it, and slowly placing his hands behind his back.

Bella jumped up quick and grabbed the duct tape and began to wind it tightly around Alex’s wrists. While she worked Alex cautiously spoke. “This is a mistake Chloe. The guards will never power the elevator. They have explicit instructions.”

Chloe showed him the shiv. “You’ll make them, or so help me I’ll fucking kill you!” She hopped up off his lap and handed the shiv to Bella. “Cover him while I put on a few clothes, then I’ll do the same for you.” Bella nodded, and the two girls held Alex at knife point while they each put on the few pieces of clothing they had.

They then stood Alex up, and walked him toward the door of the room. Bella kept the shiv at his throat, as Chloe was just a little too short to effectively threaten him with it. She however, took his ball sack into her hand whispering “if you so much as blink trouble, I’ll crush these.”

Alex didn’t try to fight. He had known all along that something like this was going to happen at some point. He wasn’t even worried. He simply let them lead him into the hallway. As they took three steps away from the door to Chloe’s room, that door suddenly slammed shut on its own. Chloe squeezed Alex’s balls painfully, causing him to fall to his knees. “What the fuck was that asshole, what kind of game are you playing?”

Alex gritted his teeth painfully taking several deep breaths before saying. “It’s the automated defenses. I’d lay down on the floor if you don’t want to knock your head.” Bella looked around in confusion. She turned to Chloe as if to say: what now.

She snatched the shiv from the other girl’s hand, placing it painfully to Alex’s neck. “What are you talking about?”

Alex pulled away from the blade as much as he could and said, “I have no control over it. The guards have explicit instructions.” Just then, Bella’s eyes rolled up in her head, and she passed out, falling heavily to the hallway floor. Alex threw himself away from the blade, falling onto the floor so he would avoid hitting his head when he passed out.

Chloe trembled, seeing Bella hit the floor with a thud, knowing her plan had failed and the punishment she would likely be due as a result. She felt the gas begin to work, her eyelids felt heavy. She knelt and laid on the ground too. Alex watched with a smile as a single tear of defeat rolled down the pretty young teenager’s cheek before she too fell unconscious.

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