Billion Dollar Harem pt. 10

Title: Billion Dollar Harem pt. 10

Author: Mal

Celebs: Emma Watson

Codes: MF, MDom, oral, cons

Summary: Alex gives Emma a promotion

Disclaimer:  This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Trouser snakes, why did it have to be trouser snakes? Also, I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 10

After confining Bella and Chloe to the punishment room with the help of two guards, and seeing personally to their extreme discomfort, Alex went back to his room. He took a long hot shower. Then sat down on his recliner, placing a cool pack against his aching balls. He fell asleep watching TV, and considering the ways in which might punish the girls for their foolish attack last night.

Alex awoke a few hours later, balls still throbbing and with a twinge in his neck from sleeping in a chair. His first inclination upon waking was to head into the punishment room and wreak havoc on the girls who did this to him. But, he thought playing the long game with them would be far more effective at this stage. Let them hang with gravity pulling on their arms for a day, or laying in their own filth, shackled to the floor. A few days of that, combined with a few other ideas he had, should do the trick nicely.

In the meantime, he’d need someone to take over the day to day activities of the harem. Someone to over-see the girls and make sure they were keeping up with their duties. He’d need to promote someone, now that Chloe and Bella were down to level zero, and everyone else was either a one or a two. Someone smart, capable, someone even keeled enough to not try anything so foolish in the future. Alex thought that Emma would be perfect for this. After all, she’d already seen what spending time in the punishment room was like, and was likely smart enough to have figured out by now that escape from the complex was next too impossible.

The only problem was, that Margot had so far been a model of obedience and she had expressed a desire to rise in the ranks. Which meant she would likely be upset if he promoted Emma over her. Alex sat up in his chair, adjusting the position he was sitting in too ease the pain in his neck, and thought about this dilemma. Still aching and tired, he rose around 10, having reached a decision. But, before heading to the main room, he gathered up the clothes needed to promote someone to a level 3.

He left his rooms, and went to Taylor Swift’s cell. As a level 1, she still needed the doors and hallways opened for her. She was up and awake when he entered, and was quite relieved to see Alex. She smiled with a faint blush of embarrassment in her cheeks, and hurried off to the toilets. “Good morning to you too,” he called after her with a grin.

Back in the main room, Emma and Margot were up, and having a bit of breakfast. Alex sat on one of the other tables and waited for Taylor to reemerge from the bathroom. Once they were all in the main room, and the girls were all having their breakfasts, Alex spoke. “Last night,” he began, “Chloe and Bella tried to kill me.”

He paused, as the girls exchanged looks of surprise and wonder. “Needless to say,” he continued, “they were unsuccessful. I want you all to know that they are being punished, and will likely not return to the main room for several days.” Alex looked at each of them in turn. Taylor shuttered at the mention of the word punishment, looking down at her food with a solemn expression. She knew her place, at least for now Alex thought. Hopefully the lesson would inspire her to participate. Margot and Emma exchanged looks of concern, as if they wondered if they too might be punished for the actions of others.

“Don’t worry,” Alex went on. “I am not holding any of you accountable for their actions. However, I need to promote one of you. I need someone of level 3 or higher who can see to all of the day to day activities. To make sure that everyone is performing their daily routines and maintaining their weight and appearance.” Taylor and Emma looked to Margot, assuming she was the likely choice given that she was now the only one of the group not to spend a night in the punishment room for disobedience. “Emma. Are you interested in the job?”

“Me, sir. What about Margot? She’s been the most well behaved out of the group.” Emma spoke, putting her arm around the blonde Aussie with whom she had been spending so much of her free time bonding with. The woman whom she’d had her first lesbian experience with, and with whom she’d since taken as a lover. The two women shared a look of compassion, and Alex almost changed his mind. He had wanted the girls of his harem to bond, he even hoped they might take to sharing each other’s beds as lovers once they learned to appreciate it. But, this bond could also be dangerous if he let it grow to much more.

“I’m not asking Margot, I’m asking you. If you’re not interested, I’m going to demote everyone back to level one, and require that Margot return to her own cell each night.” He paused for a second as the two girls again exchanged looks of concern and compassion, while Taylor ate her oatmeal in silence. Watching the back and forth between the two groups like a spectator at Wimbledon. “I need to have a way to maintain control till I can decide who I want to ultimately promote to level 5 and put in charge down here.”

“But…sir” Emma continued.

“Master. I’m your master, Ms. Watson, not a sir.”

Emma swallowed nervously at the reminder of her situation. “Ok, Master. Why me and not Margot?”

Alex paused for a moment in order to properly formulate his thoughts and articulate his response in the least hurtful way possible. “I think,” he said offering Margot an empathetic smile. “I think that Margot is kind, sweet and playful. But, quite frankly I think she is too squeamish to be responsible for discipline. The girl who becomes the level 5 must be able to maintain control down here in the same way I would were I not here.” He looked between them again. “Do I think Margot, should her attitude and behavior continue as it has, be able to rise to level 4, and have nearly all the benefits of a 5? Sure, of course.” Alex stood up and offered Emma the packet containing three sets of red form fitting tees, gym shorts, bras, and three silk thongs all in her size and added: “This is your promotion to level 3. Take it, or everyone goes back to level 1, at least for now.”

With a pained look directed at Margot, for the slight at being promoted ahead of her, Emma reached up and took the package from Alex, looking down at it with a frown as she did. “As you know, Ms. Watson, level 3 grants you access to the main hall and the adjoining hall with the restrooms and gym at all hours of the day, as well as unlimited TV time, a greater amount of the snack and beverage of your choice, and an iPod loaded up with one hundred songs.” eHeHe He gazed down at her as she nodded, taking all the information in before continuing. “I’ll give you two hours to change, and finish your morning routine, then go to the hallway outside my room and ask the guard on duty to allow you access. There are somethings I’d like to discuss with you in my quarters.”

During the hours Emma spent finishing her breakfast, showering, brushing her teeth, and fixing her appearance to resemble the photo she was given on that first night, Alex went into the punishment room. He spent a while in there, repositioning Chloe and Bella, and changing up the torment they were enduring while ignoring their pleas and cries for mercy. He wanted to punish them, to ensure that the would never try anything so stupid ever again. But leaving them in certain positions for too long. That might cause permanent damage, and that was the last thing he wanted.

Once he was finished, he returned to his quarters, took something for the pain in his head, grabbed a cool pack for his aching ball sack and a beer from his fridge, and sat down heavily in his recliner to await the arrival of Ms. Watson.

A short while later, Alex was dozing in his chair when a tentative knock sounded upon his bedroom door. He rose, gathering up as he did so a corded leash from the end table. He opened the door, and took in the sight. There stood Emma Watson, curly brown hair falling in waves around her shoulders, her deep brown eyes staring up at him, clad in short dark red gym shorts, her new red tee-shirt through which he could just barely make out the lines of a bra, and wearing an almost innocent look of consideration. “Damn…” Alex whispered taking in the view. She was as perfect as perfect gets.

“You wanted to see me, Master.” Emma said, shifting slightly in place and glancing to the floor in slight embarrassment under the weight of the lustful heavy gaze of her captor.

“I did. But first, fasten this around your neck. While I’m pretty sure you’re not going to try anything, my balls are really not looking for a repeat of last night.”

Emma took the collar, and fastened it tightly around her neck. Alex then led her inside, and attached the leash to a ring in his recliner. He sat down and positioned her in front of him. “Stand here, let me get a good look at you.”

She stood there in front of him, holding her arms behind her back and looking extremely uncomfortable as Alex ran his hands up her legs to her thighs, while his eyes roamed lustfully over the supple curves of her body. Alex turned her around, and gently cupped her ass with both hands before slipping his fingers between her legs and beginning to gently stroke her pussy and softly caressing her back. “Master…” she began nervously. “I thought you wanted to talk. This… this is kind of weird…” She let out a little yelp then, as Alex slid a finger inside her shorts and started rubbing her clit.

Alex continued to grope her for several more minutes, getting more and more bold with each passing moment. He had her in his lap now, one hand was up her shirt, the other was slowly running a finger in and out of her pussy. Emma still looked uncomfortable and was tearing up a little at the intrusive, matter-of-fact way her master was going about this. Normally he at least pretended to be sensitive, and romance them a little before he started in on the fondling… She was beginning to get scared that he was going to do something terrible to her to teach the others a lesson in behavior, when he suddenly pulled his hands away and pushed her roughly to the floor.

Alex stood up from the chair and began to walk in a circle around it. “Do you know what you are Ms. Watson?”

“Master?” She looked over at him in confusion. “I’m afraid I—”

“The question is simple. What are you?”

“A wom—”

“Wrong! You, Ms. Watson are my property. You are a slave to my will. If you have any free-will, any agency to do as you please, it’s because I allow it.” He paused in front of her, looking down at her and gently brushed a tear from her cheek. “If I so chose, I could strip away all your benefits, tie each and every one of you down and fuck you like animals till you were dead. Do you deny it?”

“No” she said with a faint sob, “I don’t.”

He began again to pace around the chair, watching Emma as she stared at the floor. She was taking in the full weight of what her captor had just said, and softly crying. “Let me ask you another question. Do you think any of you has even the slightest chance of escaping here?”

She simply shook her head in response, continuing to not meet his gaze as he walked in a circle around her.

“Why then do you think I allow you and your roommates to wander around this complex, to more or less do as they please here as long as they abide the rules? What benefit do you think it has for me? Could I not get what I want from you all, and with less trouble if I just kept you tied to your beds and used you like the fuck toys you are?”

Emma was truly scared now. She was sobbing now, tears openly rolling down her cheeks, causing her mascara to bleed and leave dark trails down her cheeks. She looked up from the floor to where Alex stood a few feet away. Her arms where trembling, and were she not kneeling on the floor, no doubt she would have ended up there anyway. “Master, I…”

Alex gave her a disappointed look. “Come now. You have a degree from a prestigious university, and are widely considered a very intelligent woman. Wipe your face, stop cowering like an ingrate and answer the question.”

Emma brushed the tears from her cheeks with the back of her hand, sniffling as she did. “I. I guess, Master it would be a lot more work for you if had to keep us restrained all the time.”

Alex shook his head again disappointed. “Hope, Ms. Watson. Hope is why I let you all wonder around this place. You see, I want your friends hopeful that they might one day escape this place. I want them to loosen up and accept it here. It’s my experience that the tighter the noose the more people struggle against it. I need them hopeful. Not, rebellious. Do you understand?”

Emma nodded slowly. “Yes, Master. Give them some distractions, some freedoms. Keep them just fearful enough, and they’ll willingly do whatever you ask of them.”

Alex smiled, crossing the floor and cupping Emma’s chin in his hand. He gently pulled her to her feet. “Do you know why I’m telling you all this?”

Emma bit her lip nervously. It was extremely sexy. “You need my help?”

Alex pulled her close, enveloping the young brit in his strong arms and smiled. “That is part of it, yes.” He ran his hands down her supple back, grabbing her tight firm ass in both hands. “It’s because I know that you, more than any of the others, know that you’re never getting free from here. You know that you have no choice but to comply. To do whatever I ask you, whenever I ask it from you. Because you know that whatever I ask, the punishment should you fail to perform would be much worse. That attempting to escape, or to harm me is pure folly, and you realize that if you’re forced to be here you might as well be the one with the power. Because you know that I’m going to give it to someone, and that it’s better to have it than to not. Finally, you believe, perhaps rightly so, that with this power, you might be able to protect the other girls.” He ended his speech by sliding his fingers between her legs and rubbing her pussy through the tiny gym shorts she wore. Asking, as he massaged her cunny lips, “am I right?”

Emma at least had the decency to look embarrassed and ashamed of the truth Alex spoke. “Yes,” she whispered, panting softly at the feeling of power he was bestowing on her and at the feeling his fingers were giving to her.

Continuing to grind his fingers into her moist hole Alex asked in a whisper. “What are you?”

Emma was breathing hard now. She had to admit she wasn’t sure if she was so turned on because of what he was doing to her, or because of what he was saying, and how he was treating her. Breathlessly she responded, “Yours, Master.”

He worked two of his fingers into her, and Emma let out a soft moan, burying her head in his neck and beginning to softly suck on it. “And you’ll do whatever I ask of you from now on?”

She nodded in response without letting Alex’s neck flesh leave her mouth. She was breathing hot and heavy as Alex worked his fingers deeper into her pussy, and she began to hump at his leg and moan as she sucked upon his neck. Alex rubbed and worked on her pussy till she was on the precipice of an orgasm. He stopped just before she could cum. Pulling his fingers, drenched in her juices away, and slowly slid them into her mouth. Emma began to suck obediently upon them, running her tongue up and down each and staring hungrily into Alex’s eyes and she moved her mouth up and down on his fingers.

“I’m not going to let you cum till you beg for it. And before I let you beg, you’re going to drop to your knees, tell me what a good girl you are, and beg to suck my dick.”

Emma lowered herself like the devoted sex slave she was slowly becoming. She stared into Alex’s eyes as she dropped to her knees and rubbed her cheek softly against his crotch, pressing his dick against her face. “Master” she said in a soft cooing voice. “May I please suck your dick?”

“Tell me what a dirty little cum-loving slut you are first.”

Emma pulled his pants down, continuing to gaze up at him like he was a god, and she his merely mortal slave. “Master” she begged, “please. I need your cum. I’m such a dirty little slut, Master. Please give me your cock.”

Alex’s dick sprang to attention, looking down at Emma on her knees begging like a whore for his seed. The thought of her talking dirty to him, turned him on more than any of the others. First of all, the accent was obviously way hot, but it’s the thought of the pure, pristine, feminist, Emma Watson begging like that which made Alex’s cock hard as a rock. “Suck my dick then slut. But, you may only use your mouth. I don’t know where those filthy whore hands have been. Place them behind your back as you worship my dick.”

Without so much as flinching at being called a dirty whore, Emma folded her arms behind her back, gripping her wrists in either hand and wrapped her lips around the thick pulsating head of Alex’s cock. She held it there in her mouth, running her tongue around it in a circle, probing the tip, and sucking the head gently. Alex placed his hands on her head, running his fingers through her silky brown hair, and meeting her gaze as she worked the tip of his dick.

He let out an audible moan as she first slid her lips down his shaft. Stopping half way down before pulling back and rolling her tongue around the head. She then began to face fuck herself. Bobbing her head up and down on his shaft, forcing more and more of his cock into her throat while maintaining eye contact. She slid her lips up and down his shaft, watching him with her hungry brown eyes till she finally forced the full length of her captor’s throbbing cock into her throat.

Alex pulled her to her feet and turned her around, and bent her over the arm of his recliner. He yanked her shorts and panties down with a rough jerk. Then he spat on his fingers and was surprised to find her pussy already sopping wet as he ran them into her. Emma let out a moan of pleasure as his fingers breached her, pushing her hips back to meet his hand. He then pushed his cock, dripping and covered in a thick layer of Emma’s saliva inside her.

Emma gripped the arm of his chair, and pushed her ass back to meet the first thrust of Alex’s thick pulsating cock. “Fuck me like the dirty fucking whore I am.” She called to him as he buried himself deep into her pussy. Alex took her hair in one hand, and pushed her face roughly into the seat of the chair. With the other hand, he reared back and gave her ass a good hard whack, causing her to moan into the seat, and her pussy to clench tightly around his shaft.

He began to slam himself in and out of her tight little hole. Emma moaned even as he kept her face buried in the seat cushion, and thrust herself back against him each time he pushed forward. It wasn’t long till she was bucking and moaning as she neared orgasm. Alex slowed his thrusting, grabbing a handful of her hair and yanking her back roughly against his chest. “Now slut” he said in a whisper, “beg me for your orgasm, and tell me where you want my seed.”

“Oooh, Master” she grunted in ecstasy. “May I please cum Master, I’m so close now…please…”

She yelped in surprise has he again gave her ass a good hard slap. “Tell me where you want my cum then bitch.”

“Please,” she said in panted breaths as Alex continued to pound in and out of her pussy, his thrusts rising in motion and intensity. “Please let me swallow all your cum, Master. Please I’ll be your good little girl if you let me drink it all down.”

Alex seized her hair and used it to force her back against his dick harder and hard as he thrust into her tight little pussy. He gave her ass one last smack, as he felt her pussy shuddering around his throbbing cock. She moaned loudly, losing all control of her body as Alex held her hair and forced her back on to his dick over and over again.

He was close now. He yanked his cock out of her and pushed her down to her knees. Like an obedient cum-hungry slut she opened her mouth and said “please give me your cum, Master.”

Alex rammed his dick into her mouth, and in two quick thrusts buried it to the hilt, before spilling his seed deep into her tiny throat.

Emma swallowed as much as she could, sputtering and gagging as she did. Her eyes were watering, and cum spilled from the sides of her mouth and her nose. Alex held her there, her nose buried in his thick pubes till the last drop of jizz had been expelled from his cock. Emma started to turn red, and her eyes began to bulge before he pulled out, allowing her again to breathe.

Covered in sweat and breathing heavily, Alex sat down on his recliner and gazed upon the disheveled mess that was, Emma Watson. Her hair was standing on ends from being pulled. She had cum and sweat running down her face, and a large dark patch of drool had spilled all over her shirt. Her shorts and panties were bundled around her ankles, and there were thick wet patches of girl cum coating her legs. She looked over to him with an exhausted smile, leaning her head against his knee and saying, “Thank you, Master.”

Alex sat there for a few minutes, petting Emma like an obedient dog while he caught his breath. After a short while, he stood up, and disconnected her leash from the ring in his chair. He stood her up and began to walk her toward the main hall. In the hallway outside his room he said to her. “I am going to be looking to you to lead and discipline the girls. Show them how to behave properly, and report to me any suspicious activities. Prove to me you can act as my presence when I’m not here, and you will become the level 5. Understand?”

She looked up at him with her gorgeous brown eyes, tired from the hard fucking he had just given her and said “of course, Master.”

Inside the main hall, Alex unhooked the collar from around her throat, gave her a gentle pat on the ass and said, “Go take a shower, you look like a dirty slut.”

She just smiled and walked to the showers, shaky and bow-legged.

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