Billion Dollar Harem pt. 11

Title: Billion Dollar Harem pt. 11

Author: Mal

Celebs: Margot Robbie

Codes: MF, oral, cons

Summary: Alex offers Margot a fantasy she can’t refuse, and she makes a choice he didn’t expect.

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 12:

It had been three days since Chloe and Bella attacked Alex, and they had yet to return from the punishment room. Margot Robbie was beginning to worry that they might never return. It was of small consolation by way of verifying they were still alive, that she would see her master appear in the central room at least twice a day only watch him disappear down the hallway where the punishment room resided. He would return after an hour, sometimes more, seemingly sated, and her and the other women were being spared his twice a day sexual appetite.

In those passing days, their captor barely spoke to her or Taylor Swift. Margot would watch with a twinge of jealousy and bitterness as he would lean in and whisper to Emma Watson each time he appeared in the main room. She would smile down at the floor, her cheeks flush with color, before responding back in the same whisper. Presumably she was feeding him progress reports and updates on her and Taylor’s daily routines. Lord knows Emma was certainly be strict enough with ensuring all their lowly and humiliating duties were being performed with diligence. One thing was perfectly clear, whatever had occurred when Alex promoted her to level 3, and took her back to his private quarters, had turned her new friend into her captor’s sycophantic disciple.

Margot spent most of those days depressed. She did her daily tasks, which included exercise, hygiene, grooming, dishes, swallowing her birth control and the most humiliating of all, the daily weigh in. “Tsk, Tsk, you’re four pounds over, Margot. One more, and I’ll have to report this to our master” Emma said, not taking her eyes from the clipboard in her hands.

Margot swallowed the lump in her throat and fought back the fit of tears she felt welling up inside. “Em?” she said he hesitantly, looking up from where she perched, nude, on the scale in the bathroom, for her morning weigh in.

Emma seemed surprised at the address, arching her dark eyebrows. “Yes,” she said, not looking up from her clipboard and continuing to jot down some notation about Margot’s morning evaluation.

Margot stood frozen and humiliated, her friend, her lover wouldn’t even look up to acknowledge her. She couldn’t fight it any longer, tears leaked from her eyes, slowly trailing their way down her cheeks. “I…I thought…what happened between us…”

“Hmmm. I’m sorry.” Emma finally looked up from her notation barely making note of Margot’s emotional state. “Sorry, Margot, what was that. I was distracted by this task list and making sure everything was being properly filled out. I wouldn’t want our Master upset.”

Margot nodded slowly, brushing her tears away with the back of her hand. “Sorry, it’s nothing,” she said picking up her shorts and tee-shirt from a hook by the door and putting them on before stepping out of the bathroom. Taylor Swift waited anxiously outside, she passed her saying nothing. Margot was barely holding back the tears as it was.

That was it, she thought, Emma was now right and truly broken, it was either that, or she was putting on one hell of a show. It was strange, she thought, the most out spoken feminist, and women’s rights activist among them was the first to succumb to Stockholm Syndrome. The fact that her former friend and lover was now clearly on the side of her captor hurt, but not nearly as much as the seeming loss of that relationship did.

Margot retreated back to her room as quickly as her legs would take her, closing the door behind her and collapsed onto her simple full sized bed. She drew her legs up to her chest, as her emotions finally got the better of her, and she fell into a fit of tears. She hadn’t cried since waking up here. At first, she was scared and a little hostile, then that second night, her captor gave her a new friend to channel her emotion into. Now that was gone and the enormity of her situation and her loneliness was all that was left. Margot cried and cried till she had no tears left, she cried till she was exhausted, and fell into a deep sleep.

She awoke hours later, her stomach grumbling from skipping breakfast. On legs, shaky and weak from hunger, she walked into the main room. She took a frozen dinner from the freezer and popped it into the microwave, pouring herself a tall glass of water, after all, she had to watch her weight. Sitting at the table watching the microwave spin her food in a circle, Margot wondered if this place would eventually have a similar effect on her. She felt numb.

One thing was for sure, she thought, whatever was going on in the punishment room was designed to break Bella and Chloe, in much the same way that Taylor seemed changed since her return. The microwave timer beeped, and she got up to retrieve her food. Sitting back down, cutting it mechanically, Margot wondered if it might not just be better to give in, to acquiesce. It seemed unlikely that anyone would find them, that her and the others would be trapped here till their captor tired of them.

Melancholy thoughts of despair filled her long after she finished her meal. They continued until the sound of someone crying reached her ears. It was coming from the hallway where the showers resided. It seemed she wasn’t the only having a rough day. Whether it was in hopes of finding a new friend to fill the void, or maybe just to discover if Bella or Chloe had been released, Margot got up and went toward the showers to see who it was.

She found Taylor Swift sitting on the bench in front of the showers, her legs drawn up to her chest and sobbing softly. Margot hurried over, slipping her arms around the pop sensation’s shoulders, and drawing her head to her chest. Taylor excepted the embrace wordlessly. Turning as she did to slip her own arms around Margot’s waist, and burying her head in Margot’s chest as she continued to cry. The Aussie stroked the singer’s light blonde hair and made soft soothing sounds to try and calm Taylor down.

The two set, entwined in each other’s arms until Taylor finished crying. Margot just sat silently holding her, knowing that sometimes you just need to cry. After she was all cried out, Taylor sat, clinging to Margot, not saying a word, so finally, Margot asked, “want to talk about it? If not, I understand. But, sometimes it helps to tell your problems to someone else.” She sat back just enough to look Taylor in the eyes, offering her a brave, smile. “We all need friends. I know I could sure use one.”

Fresh tears leaked from Taylor’s eyes as she spoke. “We’re never getting out of here…” Laying her head back against Margot’s chest, she went on. “What choice do we have? We’re going to die down here… It’s either submit, or be tortured to death…”

“Taylor!” Margot exclaimed pulling the popstar away from her chest to look her in the eyes, those amazing blue eyes, now smudged and smeared with black mascara. “Look. I know this place is terrible. But we do have some choices. We can choose whether to give up. We can choose how we submit. Our master may be a monster, but he does seem to want us to enjoy what he gives us, however sick and twisted that is. And, most importantly, we can choose our friends. We’re all each other has down here, and we need to support one another.” She gave Taylor her bravest smile, wiping the tears from the singer’s cheeks, and stroking a strand of hair from her exhausted looking face.

Taylor wrapped her arms back around Margot, enjoying the closeness and warmth of another human being. “I…I just don’t know if I can—”

“—We’ll get through it together,” Margot said, interrupting her. “I’ll be here for you, whenever you need it.”

“Thank you,” Taylor whispered softly, hugging Margot tight. They held each other again for a long while, neither saying anything, but this time there were no tears. After some time passed, Margot gently released Taylor, saying “we both have chores to do. Let’s talk later ok?”  Taylor nodded without a word, wiping her face and getting up from the bench to prepare again for a shower.

Margot spent a good bit of the rest of the day in the gym, working off some of her frustrated emotions, and preparing to not disappoint at weigh in tomorrow. She was in the middle of her cool down stretches when she noticed a figure standing in the doorway. It was her captor, the man who stylized himself as her master, standing there in just his thin white linin pants and a pair of simple slippers.

It still bothered her that she still didn’t know his name. But she had to admit, under different circumstances, she would have… Well, he was quite the specimen she thought. He was tall, not so tall as to be awkward, just tall enough to have complimented her in heels. His arms were long and leanly muscled, he wore an easy smile, his short, dark brown hair was slightly mussed, as if he didn’t care to brush it, and those eyes… The color of blue-grey steel hinting at something just below the surface, but revealing nothing and seeming to penetrate her to her core. Her knees felt weak under that gaze.

“I hear you’ve had a rough day.” He spoke, concern evident in his deep, silky voice, and Margot felt a twinge of heat building in her loins, and a flush come to her cheeks. “Anything I can do to help?”

“Let me go.” Margot snipped, turning back to the mirror continuing her cool down stretches, and doing her best to ignore him, and the unwanted feelings she felt welling up inside.

“Anything else?” He was closer now, leaning against the frame of the weight machine, his arms crossed across his tanned athletic chest. Although her back was turned to him, she could feel his eyes crawling over her body. It’s not like the shorts he forced them to wear did much to hide the curves and valleys of her form.

“Drop dead?” The answer leapt from her mouth before her brain could reign it in. But rather than the expected response of violence, Margot instead only heard a deep throaty chuckle.

“I’m afraid,” he went on in answer to the question, “that would go very poorly for you and my other guests.” He moved closer to her, now less than two feet from where she was standing, arms stretched out in front of her. “You see, my guards have—”

“We’re not your guests’ asshole. We’re your fucking prisoners…”

“Right you are, Ms. Robbie, quite right.” He took her by the waist then, pulling her into his chest, and turning her around so he could look her in the eyes. He brushed a stray strand of her long blonde hair from her face, and placed his other hand against the small of her back, keeping her pressed gently to his chest.

Margot was suddenly very angry with him. He had abducted her, held her for days against her will, raped her, but in his moment, she was most angry with how he had turned Emma against her. She pushed against his chest, stepping back away from him. “Don’t fucking touch me.”

To her surprise, he didn’t continue his advance, he just held up his hands in acquiesce. “Ok, ok, I just want to talk.” He then held his hands behind his back in a nonthreatening stance and started to lightly pace.  “Look, I know you’re mad about not being promoted…”

“You’re a real piece of shit you know that?” Margot backed up as far away from him as she could, pressing her back against the mirrored wall of the gym and crossing her arms over her chest.

“Careful, Ms. Robbie. I am being magnanimous right now. Further slight might cause me to change my mind.” His tone was even, not angry, just the faintest edge of threat. It caused Margot to shiver and glance to the floor.

“Talk?” Margot said, just above a whisper. She swallowed her pride, remembering that here, she had only the power he gave her. “Ok, fine, we can talk… You should know though that I’m not upset about the promotion. Well, maybe a little. I’m more upset with how it changed Emma. It totally went to her head, she’s like a completely different person now.”

“I know,” he said offering her an apologetic smile. “I had intended Emma to come away from our encounter with a certain degree of authority and power. It was an unforeseen consequence that she also developed a rather elevated level of self-righteousness.”

Margot looked up from her feet to meet her captor’s sorrowful gaze. “What did you do to her?”

“I taught her that sometimes the greatest power comes in surrender.”

“I guess that’s a lesson you plan to teach all of us?”

“Yes” he said, spreading his hands wide in empathy, “and no… Everyone is different, and in need of different things to make them happy.”

“I guess you think you’ve got it all figured out then. So, what do I need?”

“Attachment” her master said simply. “You need someone to need you, to want you.” He took a few steps toward her, again holding his arms out, but this time to offer her a warm embrace. “Am I, right?”

Margot hated him. She knew what he was saying was true. She had felt hopeless since Emma had begun to ignore her, and felt a glimmer of hope again after her interaction with Taylor earlier today. She stepped into his arms and felt tears of hope and despair fall to her cheeks as he wrapped his warm loving arms around her.

She felt her master’s hot breath on her scalp as he placed a soft kiss on the top of her head. “I’ll let you in on a little secret” he said after a moment. “I need you. I want you, ever so much. That’s why I brought you here. It wasn’t just to compliment one of the others.” He stroked her back lightly as she held onto him like a raft in a storm. “That’s why I want to offer you a gift.”

Wiping the tears from her cheeks, Margot looked up at him. “A gift? What kind of gift…”

“Well, first, I’m going to promote you to a level three. You more than deserve it, especially after how you comforted Taylor earlier today. Second, I want to assign one of the girls to you. Not Ms. Watson mind you. I need her where she is. But anyone else, your choice, as a sort of mentoring project. Who do you find the sexiest? Who do you most want to help fit in here? Who do you want to fuck every night?” As he asked that last question, his hands slid down her back and firmly cupped her butt cheeks, giving them a soft squeeze.

Margot swallowed hard against the lump rising in her throat. Despite herself, she pressed against the strong, toned body of her captor, feeling more aroused than she had since that first night when they had shared Emma between them. “Who do you want to fuck every night?” His words reverberated in her ears, and she felt flush with heat, closing her eyes and picturing herself in a sweaty tangled embrace with a certain someone. She hated herself for the feeling of longing and lust for the man in front of her. But she couldn’t deny it any longer, she wanted to be with him.

*          *          *

Alex smiled, knowing he had Margot right where he wanted her. Unlike Emma, he knew she had to give herself to him willingly. “Who do you want to fuck every night?” As the words escaped his lips, he felt Margot press her body tight against his, he could practically feel her pussy quivering in anticipation. She looked up at him, her vibrant green eyes afire with lust. “You, Master.”

As she spoke, Margot lowered herself to her knees, and untied the band holding his linin pants up. They fell to the floor, and she took his thick cock in hand and began to slowly stroke it up and down. Alex held his arms behind his back, despite his urge to take her, knowing it would gain him much more if he let her do all the work.

Margot began to suck on the side of his dick, just below the head, letting the spit flow from her mouth, and coating his shaft in a thick layer of homemade lubricant as her hand worked back and forth. Soon, Alex was standing at full mast, and the blonde Aussie wasted no time sucking the tip into her warm mouth and working her tongue in and around the head. Alex shuddered in pleasure as her lips sank lower, nearly swallowing his entire thick prick in one go, and feeling his head press against the opening of her throat.

Alex was amazed, she had no gag reflex what so ever, opening her throat and taking his entire length effortlessly. She began to face fuck herself, slowly at first and then more vigorously, bobbing her head up and down and running her tongue along the underside of his cock. Before long, his dick was coated in thick ropy saliva. Margot pulled away, and several strands clung to her lips connected to the pulsating head of his manhood. She bit her lip coyly saying “Can I make you cum, Master?”

“Not yet.” Alex pulled her to her feet, kissing her deeply and gently probing her mouth with his own tongue. He yanked her dark blue gym shorts down, and began to gently rub her clit with his middle and index finger as they kissed. After she was moaning into his mouth, he pulled away, and pressed her against the mirrored wall, slipping his cock into her warm, soaking wet hole. “We cum together” he whispered.

Margot stared at him through the mirror with her amazing green eyes as he pushed himself all the way into her tight pussy. She watched as he gripped her hips, moved up behind her, and slowly thrust himself back and forth. She bit her lip in pleasure, never taking her eyes from his as his thick cock worked its way in and out of her. “Let me see you kiss yourself in the glass. Will you kiss yourself for me? It would really turn me on.”

A slight smile touched her lips as she turned her gaze from him, to her own reflection. Leaning forward, her hot breath beginning to fog the glass, she reached a hand between her legs and began rubbing her clit in a slow circle. With a light teasing grin, she gave her reflection a soft peck on the lips. Alex slid his hands up her taunt sexy body, moaning as her pussy clamped down on his cock, he gripped her tits in both hands and whispered “you fucking tease.”

“You pleasure me, and I’ll pleasure you.” Margot breathed in short rapid bursts as Alex increased his pace. She began to ardently rub at her clit and thrust back against him, meeting him thrust for thrust. Alex was working her nipples between his fingers, and Margot groaned in pleasure as he lightly pinched and pulled on them. She felt herself building toward a powerful orgasm, and again raised her gaze to her own reflection.

Alex watched in reverie as Margot Robbie, thrusting back on his cock, and rubbing her clit in a hard, fast circle, leaned in and began to kiss and lick the mirrored glass of her own reflection. As she kissed herself, her gaze rose to meet Alex’s as she began to shudder in orgasm, moaning and thrusting herself back onto Alex’s cock. Soon it was only Alex’s strong arms supporting her, as her legs were shaking so badly. “I want your cum, Master” she gasped. To encourage him on, she again licked the glass of her reflection, kissing it, and watching him with her gorgeous green eyes.

With the show, she was putting on, Alex couldn’t take it any longer, he exploded inside of her. He continued slamming himself in and out, working himself inside of her till his balls were completely drained, and Margot was just leaning against the wall for support.

After his own orgasm was finished, he leaned forward, gently kissing her cheek, and whispered, “that was amazing.” Margot turned to face him, lifting her left leg, wrapping it around Alex’s waist, and sliding her arms around his neck. They slid to the floor, Margot straddling her master’s lap as their lips and tongues met in soft, warm passion. Alex pulled her tight against his chest, and gripped her ass and back in either hand. “You’re unbelievable” he whispered between kisses, holding himself to her and pressing her back against the mirror.

Margot raised her lips to his ear, gently sucking the lobe into her mouth. “Can I tell you the name of my desire now?” She ran her tongue into his ear, her breath hot and moist on his flesh. “You want to know who I want to fuck every night? Let me tell you. It just might surprise you.”

Alex shivered, as Margot whispered the name, her hot breath on his neck, and her pussy milking the last vestiges of cum from his well-used cock. “Good choice…” he said softly.

They held onto each other long after Alex’s cock softened and slipped free of Margot. He held her tight, thinking about her request, and feeling a new-found closeness for the Aussie that he didn’t quite expect.

She rested her head against his chest, knowing that like Emma, she was now hopelessly enamored of her captor, her master. She wasn’t even sure she cared about the realization of that knowledge, or how hypocritical it was that only a few hours ago, she was chastising Em for having that very same feeling.

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