Billion Dollar Harem pt. 12

Title: Billion Dollar Harem pt. 12

Author: Mal

Celebs: Bella Thorne, Chloe Moretz

Codes: MFF, MF, MMF, oral, anal, rape, BDSM, viol, tort, MDom

Summary: Bad girls get punished.

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 10

It was the morning after Alex had been attacked by Chloe Moretz and Bella Thorne. He needed a new girl to run the harem, and had chosen Emma Watson. He had given Emma two hours to finish up with her morning routine and change into her new level three clothes before joining him in his private quarters. Alex intended to spent most of that time in the punishment room.

The pain in his groin reminded him oh so clearly of the attack against him last night, and Alex had every intention of using the ensuing punishment to break the two teenagers, and turn them, at least temporarily, into the perfect subservient slaves. Ulu and Thando had helped him move them from the hallway outside Chloe’s room to the punishment room, where Alex had seen personally to their extreme discomfort.

They were exactly where he had left them. Chloe was strapped into the horse. Her legs bound to the legs of the vertical board, which kept her bent over at the waist and her arms and head were held in place by the stockade at the end of the board. She was completely naked, and the height of the board had been raised so that only the tips of her feet could touch the ground. She had a ball gag in her mouth, and a vibrator, held in place with a bit of duct tape, pressed against her clit. Its slight buzzing could be heard reverberating about the room, and she was squirming as much as the horse would allow. By now, the pleasure caused by the vibrator would have become agonizing pain, as evidenced by the tears covering her face, and the snot dripping from her nose from hours spent crying.

Bella was suspended from the celling by her arms. Like Chloe, she had been raised high enough so that only the tips of her feet could touch the ground, but whereas Chloe’s weight was supported by the horse, Bella had only her wrists and toes to support herself. No doubt, she had spent the intervening hours shifting her weight in a tortuous attempt to alleviate the pain on her joints and toes. She was wearing only a plain white cotton thong, which was now covered in a thick wet patch, no doubt from the vibrator Alex had placed against her clit before hanging her up. In addition to the vibrator, a long string could be seen hanging from between her legs it was attached to the anal beads he had shoved up her tight little asshole. She could be heard faintly whimpering, although most of that sound was drowned out by the dildo Alex had pushed into her mouth. The thick flesh colored phallus was held in place by a ring gag at a point just before the opening of her throat. So, she could still breathe, if only through her nose.

Both flinched from the relative hells he had placed them in as Alex flipped the lights on. “You might be thinking,” Alex began, picking up a thick studded wooden paddle, “that you’re ready to start begging for your punishment to be over. That you’re sorry for what you did to me last night.” WHACK! The sound filled the room as Alex smacked the paddle against the palm of his hand, causing both teens to again flinch. “I can assure you, you’d be wrong.” He walked across the room to where Chloe was being held tight by the horse. “You’re nowhere near sorry yet.”

Alex gently caressed Chloe’s tight little butt, giving it a firm squeeze. She shifted as best she could, and mumbled something around the ball gag stuffed in her mouth. No doubt it was a plea for forgiveness. Alex wanted nothing to do with it. He reared back, and with all his strength brought the paddle down on Chloe’s ass. WHACK! The sound filled the room, her ass jiggled under the blow and a sob found its way from around the gag. Tears again rolled down her face, as Alex brought the paddle down again and again on her soft milky teenaged flesh. He paddled her ass again and again, each time bringing the full might of his arm down. With each blow Chloe would whimper pathetically, sobbing and crying, the gag drowning out all attempts to beg forgiveness. When he was finished, her small round ass was covered in black and blue welts, her head hung limply in defeat, and long strings of saliva and snot dripped to the floor. Alex leaned in close by her ear and whispered: “bad girls get punished.” To which she answered only with a wheezing sob.

“Your turn” he said looking over at Bella. “Would you like down?” The question was mocking, and she answered with a fervent nodding of her head. He lowered her to the ground slowly, knowing that her legs were in no shape to support her full weight. The last thing he wanted was for her to smack her head on the unforgiving stone floor. After unlocking the manacles around her wrists, and pulling the dildo from her mouth, he hauled her to her feet by her hair, and draped her body across Chloe’s back. With so much time spent suspended, Bella could scarcely move, let alone fight back. WHACK! The noise bounced from her healthy round ass. Again, Alex brought the full might of his arm down with the blow, and all the red-haired Disney princess could do was whimper and sob. Rearing back, he brought the paddle down again, and again, till her ass was likewise covered in black and blue welts, and tears ran in rivulets down her face.

Alex did nothing, as Bella slid helplessly to the floor after her spanking. He retrieved two bottles of water from the supply cabinet and asked “thirsty?” Both girls nodded and murmured accent. Having been bound for more than half a day, and with the tears and the successive orgasms from the vibrators, no doubt both were beginning to feel quite dehydrated. “Good.” Alex said as he pulled the top from the first bottle and moved over to Chloe. “I’m going to remove your gag now. If you try to talk or beg for forgiveness in any way, the current punishment will seem a dream. Do you understand?”

Chloe nodded, as much as the stockade holding her in place would allow. Alex pulled the gag free, and held the bottle to her lips, allowing her to drink the bottle down. When she finished, he removed the lid of the second, and had her drink that one too. He then moved to Bella, who had collapsed in a heap at Chloe’s feet. Using zip ties from the security cabinet, he attached the young red head’s wrists to the front legs of the horse. Then used rope to stake her legs to the floor in the spread-eagle position, pulling her body taunt. This effectively pinned Bella to the floor, immobilizing her, with her head positioned directly between Chloe’s legs.

He then replaced the gag in Chloe’s mouth, and turned both girl’s vibrators back up, causing them to groan in unison. “I hope you’re thirsty too.” Alex said leering down at Bella whose mouth was still held open by the ring gag. He then left the room, flipping off the lights, and again casting the room in darkness. The last thing Alex heard before the door closed behind him was a very audible groan of fear, as Bella realized just where her drink would come from.

Alex smiled as walked toward his room and his meeting with the now level 3 Emma Watson.

Day 11

Alex entered the punishment room early in the morning, having gone to bed soon after Emma left. He was feeling particularly sated after their meeting, and felt like he might have finally broken down her defenses. The nubile brit had almost thanked him for the fucking he had given her, and she seemed more than satisfied when she left him for the showers. He felt hopeful that she would become a loyal and willing servant capable of running the harem with little oversite.

The door opened, and immediately the smell hit him. Covering his nose, Alex flipped on the lights. The sight which lay before him was both revolting, and highly satisfying. Both girls were again just where he had left them, and were still sobbing profusely.

Chloe’s legs were slicked with urine and female ejaculate, and the soft buzz of vibrators could be heard still plying their menstruations. Tears streaked her face, and sweat matted her normally lustrous blonde hair. Alex grinned. She looked an absolute mess. No doubt she was in agony, not just from the vibrator, which had been buzzing away for more than a full day with no respite, but also from the stockade itself holding her in place. Now, the horse was a little more forgiving than a conventional stockade, as it provided support for her body, but spending more than a day held in place had surely locked her joints and caused her limbs to go numb. None the less, with snot dripping from her nose, and sobbing around the ball gag in her mouth, she seemed quite relieved to see Alex.

Bella on the other hand, barely noticed the lights or Alex’s arrival at all. Her sobbing seemed not to be caused so much by his arrival and the hope of alleviation, but more out of circumstance. Her face and chest were covered in sweat and urine. But, worse than that, the primary source of the room’s odor came from a long thick shit which lay across her face. Being pinned the way she was, there was little she could do to remove it, and worse with her mouth held open by the ring gag no doubt she had also been tasting it, probably for hours. Her body was assuredly in less pain than Chloe’s, being simply pinned to the floor. But she was almost catatonic from the trauma of being pissed and shit on at some point in the night.

“Damn” Alex exclaimed, causing Bella to slightly stir and Chloe to give him a pleading look, “you bitches look like absolute hell. I’m guessing,” he continued his taunt, “you two did not sleep well.” He pressed his slipper-clad foot to Bella’s face, smearing the turd into her skin and pressing it into her mouth. She whimpered pathetically as he rubbed it in. “Chloe, did you shit on Bella?” He paused making a tsk of disappointment “that was certainly not kind of you. It’s only been a day. What you just couldn’t hold it in? Not even for the sake of your supposed friend?”

Chloe looked at him desperately. She tried to shake her head, to somehow deny that she was at fault as fresh tears fell from her eyes. “You want to say something?” Alex continued taunting. She did her best to nod, as Alex pulled his foot from Bella’s face, wiping his shoe across her chest, and leaving a dark streak as he did. He pulled the gag from the young blonde’s mouth, again threatening her, “do not plead for lenience, or try to apologize. We are not there yet, and you would hate for me to make this worse, wouldn’t you?”

His threat halted her, and she paused in her speech. “I…” her voice was hoarse from dehydration, even though she had been spared the worst of it. “I didn’t—” Alex slapped her hard across the face, interrupting whatever it was she was about to say.

“Who am I? You will address me properly, or you will suffer far worse.”

Chloe looked at the floor in despair, fresh snot dripped from her nose, and her tongue reached out to taste the blood on her lip. “Master,” she began, her head still hanging in defeat, “I didn’t mean to. It…it was an accident.”

“You accidently took a giant dump on your friend…”

“Master, it was the vibrator, I…I couldn’t help it.” She looked up, defeat and humiliation plainly evident in her normally beautiful green eyes, which were now bloodshot and weary.

Alex however, couldn’t bring himself to feel pity for her just yet. He went about the task of removing Bella from her restraints, careful not to get any of Chloe’s accident on his hands. Bella was still pretty much out of it, and rather than trying to get her to move on her own, Alex simply drug her by her legs across the punishment room floor. He propped up against the wall, and used the hose, sprayed her clean. He then removed her soiled panties, the vibrator, anal beads, and the ring gag from her mouth. Bella slowly became more herself as the filth was washed away and the toys were removed. Even using her arms to cover her nakedness when Alex stepped away to bring her food. He handed her two bottles of water, and a granola bar, all of which she furiously consumed.

After she finished her meal, she looked up at Alex with vehemence, twitching as if she was about to jump up and make him pay. Alex instantly produced a taser, holding it in front of her. “I wouldn’t do that if I was you. There are far worse things than being shit on, I can assure you.” She settled back down, wordlessly. “Besides, I’m not the one who did this to you.” He shifted his gaze to the nubile blonde being held by the horse. “Chloe talked you into helping her, didn’t she? She handed you the knife. She’s the one who pissed and shit on you, not me.”

Bella shifted her angry gaze from Alex, to Chloe.

Alex leaned in closer, whispering so only she could hear. “Do you want to sleep on the mattress tonight?” He pointed to the queen-sized bed on which Taylor Swift had been gangbanged by his men. “Would you like some more food and water?” “Do you want to get Chloe back for getting you into this in the first place?” As he spoke, he watched as Bella’s emotions ran from hope and relief, back to anger.

“What do you want me to do, Master?” Bella spoke, never taking her dark stormy eyes from the form of the teenaged blonde being held in the horse.

“Simple” Alex responded, pulling a long, thick, purple strap-on dildo from the same bag in which he had produced the food and water. “Fuck her the same way she fucked you, hard and mean.”

Bella’s eyes never moved from Chloe, as she reached up and took the strap-on from Alex. She wasted no time, rising to her feet, and stepping through its leg holes. Quickly adjusting the straps, she tightened the apparatus securely about her form. Alex was a little impressed, at how quickly she put it on, wondering if she’d done this before. Then, with a look of determination, she strode purposefully up behind the unsuspecting Chloe.

Alex moved to a chair on the edge of the room, dragging it over next to Chloe to get a better view of the action. As he took his seat, Bella yanked the duct tape holding the blonde teen’s vibrator in place away, and tossed the still buzzing little rabbit aside. Then, she took a firm grip on her victim’s hips and rammed the thick purple dildo deep inside her. Chloe grunted and sobbed as the plastic phallus rammed in to the hilt.

Alex watched, enthralled, as Bella’s lean athletic body flexed. Her abs were amazing and her long thin legs tensed as she thrust forward. Bella flipped her long red hair out of her eyes and firmly gripping Chloe around the waist, began to ram the dildo in and out of her. She started slow at first, moving the thick purple plastic out to the verge where it nearly popped from the blonde’s tight young pussy, before thrusting her hips forward, and violently ramming it all the way back in. Each time Bella forced the dildo in, Chloe would let out a grunt of pain. Fresh tears formed in her tired green eyes, and her head began to rock back and forth as much as the stockade holding it in place would allow.

After a dozen or so of those brutal strokes in and out, Bella reared a hand back, and smacked Chloe hard on her ass. She then began to work the dildo in and out at an ever-increasing pace. Slamming her hips back and forth, and making the purple dick disappear in and out. Filling the room with wet slapping sounds as her hips bounced against Chloe’s butt and her cock slid in and out of the blonde’s tight wet hole. Every few strokes, Bella would again apply a good hard smack to Chloe’s still black and blue cheeks. Before long, Chloe’s head hung in defeat, rocking back and forth as she stared blankly at the floor. She was sobbing softly, tears dripping from her cheeks and a long stream of snot hung from her nose, stretching nearly to the floor.

Alex stood and moved over to the front of the horse. Lifting the ring which held the stockade piece in place, and throwing the top piece off, effectively freeing Chloe’s head and arms from the restraint. Alex grabbed a handful of her damp matted blonde hair, lifting her head so she could look at him. Her eyes were tired and bloodshot. Alex bent down some and whispered in her ear, “feeling sorry yet?” Anger filled her eyes, as her head rocked again to Bella’s thrusting. Then, still holding her by the hair, Alex yanked the ball gag from her mouth. But before she could say or do anything, he slapped her hard across the face, dazing the blonde teen.

Alex dropped his pants while she was still out of it and thrust his rock-hard cock into her mouth. Her arms were useless from hours spent locked in the horse, and hung limply at her sides, and she was either too exhausted or knew better than to fight the oral intrusion. He gripped her head between his hands, and, matching Bella’s pace, began to slam his dick back and forth in her throat. Lifting his gaze, Alex met the dark unreadable eyes of the redhead on the other end of their blonde fuck toy. She grinned wickedly and redoubled her efforts.

Chloe hung helplessly between them, Alex fucking her throat, and Bella ruthlessly ramming the strap-on in and out of her pussy. She was gaging, grunting and sobbing from the assault, and all she could do was hope that soon it would be over.

Alex was thrusting in Chloe’s throat, but stood enraptured by Bella, whose tight taunt body was now covered with a thin sheen of sweat from her exertions. She continued watching him with that mysterious smile as she too fucked her blonde one time friend. It was that look, and the tight contractions of a throat fighting for air that finally brought him close to the edge. He rammed himself into the hilt, and reached across the barely conscious body of Chloe, to grip Bella by the hair and pull her face close to his. He kissed her passionately and deeply as he exploded inside the girl between them. Bella sucked his tongue into her mouth, and rammed her dildo into the hilt, giving Chloe another good hard slap across the ass as she did so.

Alex had a mind-blowing orgasm. He held himself inside Chloe’s throat as rope after rope of hot cum burst forth from his cock, and continued to kiss Bella long and deep. They held the kiss, their tongues intermingling, until Alex’s balls were drained, and Chloe was retching cum from around the dick in her throat. He pulled back, breathless, and slid his cock from Chloe’s mouth. Cum dripped from her lips and ran from her nose, and he slapped her with his softening meat three times across the check. Though she barely seemed to notice as she was nearly unconsciousness from the assault.

Alex let Bella recline on the mattress, after giving her more water and food. She ate, as Alex took the manacles which had once held the red haired former Disney princess suspended from the ceiling, and place them on Chloe’s wrists. He suspended the young blonde in a similar fashion, lifting her till only the tips of her toes touched the floor. Chloe hung limp, exhausted and stiff from two days in the horse, and was completely unable to fight back as Alex strung her up and replaced the ball gag in her mouth. She did however, have the strength to look upon Alex in terror as he used a fresh piece of duct tape to reapply the vibrator to her aching clit. A long low groan of pain and sorrow slid from around the gag as Alex turned the vibrator up to max.

He left them then, giving Bella three bottles of water and a couple granola bars. Telling her that she could leave tomorrow if she behaved and took care of Chloe by giving her a few sips of water, and a few bites of granola throughout the day, but not to take her down. Chloe only sobbed and whimpered as Alex left his instructions, by then beginning to feel the tension of hanging by the wrists and the renewed pain of the buzzing rabbit on her clit. “Yes Master,” was all Bella said. Alex left, feeling that things were progressing nicely.

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