Billion Dollar Harem pt. 13

Title: Billion Dollar Harem pt. 13

Author: Mal

Celebs: Bella Thorne, Chloe Moretz

Codes: MFF, MF, MMF, oral, anal, rape, BDSM, tort, MDom

Summary: Bad girls continue to get punished.

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 12

Alex yawned deeply. It was three in the morning, he had a steaming cup of coffee in hand as he sat down at the control console in his room. Barely a half an hour had passed since Ukuza woke him to let him know that Bella had gone against his instructions, and had lowered Chloe to the floor. Alex took a long drink of the warm liquid as he focused the punishment room to be the featured camera on screen. With the coffee beginning to perk him up, Alex watched.

The queen-sized mattress, which had been in the corner of the room, now sat near the center, directly under the spot where Alex had strung Chloe up by her wrists little more than six hours ago. The blonde teen was still manacled, and the chain was still attached. Unsurprising since Bella would have no way to remove them. The ball gag which had been wedged in Chloe’s mouth, and the vibrator that he had placed against her clit had been removed, and now sat on the bed an arm’s length from the girls. Chloe’s head rested in Bella’s lap, her eyes staring off blankly at nothing. The young red head gently stroked her hair and whispered softly: “I’m so sorry for what happened Clo. I had to…to do it. It was the only way. The master would have done far worse if I had refused.”

Alex felt torn. On the one hand, he was angry that Bella had disobeyed him. Feeling the need to punish her mercilessly for her defiance. On the other, he was happy that this experience had brought Chloe and her closer together. Hoping that one day their relationship might deepen to something more intimate. In the end, his decision on how to handle this came down to the simple fact that he couldn’t allow such disregard for his instructions to blossom into rebellion.

He watched for another ten minutes as he drank his coffee, and thought up a few ideas with which to torment Bella. After his drink was gone, and he was feeling more awake, Alex gathered up a few items before leaving his room and heading toward the punishment room.

In the main room, he found Emma Watson sitting and watching Notting Hill in the dark. She looked up, pausing the movie and giving Alex a curious look. Three in the morning, entering the main dorm with a determined look and carrying a small bag which undoubtedly held no good, it’s no wonder she was surprised to see him. “Master?” she called out, standing and crossing the floor to where he stood.

Alex gazed upon her. She was a vision in the dim light of the TV, wearing the dark red tee and shorts of a level 3, her feet bare, and her hair down. Alex smiled down at her. “Yes, Ms. Watson?”

She stepped into him, wrapping her arms around his waist and placing her head against his bare chest. “I trust you’re going to the punishment room to do something nasty to Bella and Chloe?”

Gently touching her head, Alex nodded, saying “They disobeyed me, assaulted me, tried to kill me. They need to be taught their place.”

Emma looked up, into Alex’s steely eyes, partially hidden by the darkened room. Reaching up, she entwined her arms around his neck, and standing on her tip toes, gently kissed him on the lips. “Of course, Master, they should be punished for what they did. But remember, they’re young and scared. Perhaps you shouldn’t go too hard on them. Show them that they did wrong, but teach them that they belong here.” She smiled tiredly at him, stroking his chest softly before bouncing up and kissing him lightly on the lips again with a grin. She pulled away from him, and went back to her seat on the couch saying: “Just a thought, Master. Just a thought. Have fun.” With that, she pulled her legs up to her chest and raising the remote unpaused the movie.

Alex stood stunned for a moment. Then, blinking he strode toward the door at the room’s far end. At the open door, he called back to Emma over his shoulder: “Thank you, Ms. Watson.” She murmured an “uh huh” without looking away from her movie and Alex went through the door, marching down the hall toward the punishment room.

Bella and Chloe both let out a squeal of surprise as Alex threw open the door and turned on the lights, flooding the room in brightness, and reveling their disobedience. Bella immediately jumped to her feet, but before she could run, hide or fight, Alex raised his taser and fired. She collapsed in a blink, falling to the mattress, shuttering under controllably as the current rushed through her. Alex held the trigger for a moment longer, causing the seizing red-haired vixen to release her bladder. A thick acidic scent filled the air as the rancid fluid pooled under her naked body.

Chloe, who was still weak from days of mistreatment and lack of nourishment could only watch as her friend struggled under fifty thousand volts. Shrinking as best she could away from the puddle forming on the mattress. The manacles and chains at her wrists jangled softly as she shied away from the twitching Bella. She turned a frightened gaze and slowly shook her head no when Alex looked to her and asked: “you gonna be trouble?”

“Good” Alex responded. “Did she feed you, give you water?”

“Yes, Master,” Chloe answered timidly.

“Good” Alex said as he drug Bella off the mattress by her hair, duct-taped her arms behind her back and her ankles together, before laying her on her side. “Then, up you go,” he said to Chloe, before raising her back to the position she was in when he left earlier, naked and hanging by her wrists, her toes barely touching the floor.

“Master,” she exclaimed before Alex could reinsert the ball gag, “please, do anything you want to me, just please, please don’t stick that vibrator back on…” Tears leaked from her bloodshot green eyes, she was desperate and exhausted, proven by her speaking out of turn. “I…I just can’t take it anymore,” she added in an almost inaudible whisper.

Alex shoved the gag back in her mouth, tightening the straps and shutting her up. Scooping up the vibrator at his feet, he held it before her. “You mean this?” He smiled as she shifted on her tip toes away from it as much as her restrains would allow, which wasn’t much. Her eyes filled with fear as she nodded her head. “Are you going to be a good girl from now on?” Again, she nodded and Alex, satisfied for now, stuck the device back in the bag he had brought with him, much to the young blonde’s relief.

Having dealt with Chloe, Alex turned his attention to Bella, who was beginning to come around. “What should I do with you?” he mused to himself.

Bella, still not understanding her place, said “Master, please, I’m sorry. I—” Whatever she was going to say was cut off as Alex placed a swift kick to her ribs. Causing her to groan and curl into the fetal position.

Kneeling by her head, he hissed “you only speak when spoken to. Do you understand?”

She nodded, tears forming in her eyes and said in gasping breaths: “yes, Master. I’m sorry.”

“Good,” he said hauling her to her knees. “Are you going to continue fighting me? Or do I need to get rough with you?”

She swallowed nervously, looking up at him with her big brown eyes. “No, Master.”

Alex nodded in satisfaction, removing a small pocket knife from the bag and cutting her bonds. “Lay on the horse, face down.” Bella complied wordlessly, laying down, and placing her head and hands in the stockade grooves. Alex slid the top portion of the stockade in place, locking it down with its metal ring. He then adjusted the boards height, so Bella’s ass was sticking up in the air at the perfect level. Taking a moment, he admired her thick round backside, still bruised from the paddling two days earlier. Then he locked her legs in place, attaching them, spread wide to the rear legs of the horse.

Giving her ass a hard swat, he moved in front of her saying, “open up.” Again, Bella put up no resistance, as Alex slid the ring gag between her lips and wedged her mouth open. “Are you a cock loving slut?” he asked with a grin, pulling the tie on his pants and stepping out of them as they fell to the floor. Tears leaked from her eyes as Bella clenched them tightly closed and did her best, in spite of the stockade holding her in place, to shake her head no. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Alex slipped his flaccid, but still impressively thick penis into her mouth. But, rather than giving Bella the face fucking she was expecting, Alex opened his bladder. The young red-head began to sputter and gag in surprise as hot, salty urine burst into her throat. Stepping forward, and gripping the top of the stockade, Alex slowly thrust his hips forward, pushing his dick deep into her throat even as the piss continued to flow. Bella gurgled and struggled to swallow the rancid liquid rather than choke on it and by the time the waterworks had stopped, Bella had coughed, gagged, and swallowed most of the contents of Alex’s bladder. The rest covered her face, dripped painfully from her nose and left its thick acidic flavor to linger in her mouth.

Bella heard the door to the punishment room open, as Alex, who’s dick was still in her piss filled throat, began to thrust back and forth. His cock had begun to harden when she felt the hard swat of a large muscular hand on her ass, and a second meaty organ rubbing up and down against the opening of her pussy. She struggled, bucking violently against the restraints as the second, unknown assailant entered her with a deep groan.

Alex’s cock grew to full size and filled her throat, as Bella began to sob helplessly. Fresh tears ran down her face, leaking through her tightly closed eyes. That is, till a hard slap across her face

caused her to look up. “You look up at me while I’m fucking your face, or so help me you’ll live out the rest of your miserable life in this room” Her cheek stung from the blow, and her vision was blurry from the tears, but she managed to hold his gaze with her big brown eyes while his thick veiny shaft slid back and forth through her full pouty lips.

He stared down upon her pain filled face, damp from crying as he gripped her head at both sides and slowly slid his fat meat deep into her throat. Bella’s mouth was held open by the gag, but her lips were still able to close, which they did, stretched around Alex’s tool as it bored into her head. He held her gaze loving the sobs and tears she emitted as he fucked her face at a purposeful easy pace.

Meanwhile, standing behind her, Ulu was stretching her tight teenaged twat around his huge African dick. He, like his boss, was in no hurry to release, enjoying the torment he was bringing to this formerly rich entitled white bitch now suffering his massive cock. He gripped her thighs in both hands and methodically worked himself in and out, watching as each stroke pulled and stretched her cunt around his dark veiny shaft. Each time he drove it all the way in, he would rear back and smack her ass with all his might. The blow, which he sporadically switched from one cheek to the other, would cause her pussy to twitch and seize down tightly on his member.

The merciless African soldier thrust in, bringing a massive blow down on Bella’s thick ass, causing her to groan in pain around the member assaulting her throat. He then leaned forward seizing a handful of her hair, and hauled it over the stockade board which kept her head locked in place. He wound the long red locks around his wrist and began to yank back violently each time he thrust forward causing her to lurch in pain back onto his cock. Just as she was forced to push back against her attacker, Ulu would bring his free hand down in a hard blow slapping her ass.

The two men soon got in a groove. Alex thrusting into Bella’s throat. Ulu pistoning into her unwilling teen twat and yanking roughly on her hair while continuing his violent assault on her backside. It didn’t take long for their rhythms to sync up so both men could drive the full length of their cocks fully inside of Bella at the same time. The young teen was being skewered at either end, held helplessly by the horse. She was sobbing audibly, tears running in rivulets down her cheeks as Alex and Ulu steadily pounded he from either end. She struggled against the restraints holding her, but locked into the horse there was little she could do to escape. Wet slapping sounds could be heard as both men slammed their hips forward, impaling Bella between them and causing her to grunt and sob in pain and humiliation.

Right about the time Alex and Ulu were getting in sync on either end of Bella, Thando and Zeru entered the punishment room. They took lube from Alex’s bag and set their sights on young Chloe Moretz, who hung helplessly by her wrists in the center of the room watching in awe as Bella Thorne was spit roasted between her master and his guard. She gave them a look of terror as she realized it was she they intended on taking. Thando lifted her from her feet and said in broken English “you wrap legs, or things go bad.”

Chloe caught the jist, and not wanting to upset her attacker, or her Master, who looked up from his attack on Bella’s face, complied, wrapping her legs around his massive waist and locking her ankles together. Thando then impaled her on his huge organ. She grunted around the ball gag in her mouth, and leaned her head on his shoulder. The lube helped and his cock slid in to the hilt stretching her tiny teen twat around his massive shaft without tearing her insides. It wasn’t as bad as she had thought it would be, maybe she could handle this. That was when she felt the presence of Zeru behind her aiming his thick black shaft at the entrance of her pink puckered asshole. “MMhhhmmmh” she exclaimed, shaking her head violently and struggling to escape.

Thando brought down a heavy slap to her ass saying, “no.” She then cast a fearful glance to her Master, hoping he might save her, but he was once again preoccupied with Bella’s throat. Zeru again stepped up behind Chloe, positioning the head of his well lubed cock against her asshole. With Thando holding her tight, Zeru eased himself in. Chloe screamed a muffled howl of pain as Zeru slid his cock home. Tears of misery and humiliation rolled down her cheeks as the two men then began to see-saw in and out of the helpless teen.

Chloe moaned loudly around the gag in her mouth, she began to sob, taking deep breaths through her nose as the two huge members passed each other going in and out of her very tight holes. She clung to Thando’s neck, and kept her legs locked around him, because that’s the only choice she had. The tears continued to roll down her cheeks and her head bounced back and forth as the two soldiers took turns forcefully entering her. Soon, however, wet sloshing sounds could be heard, and Zeru said: “Hear that? This little white bitch is getting off serious.” The soldiers grinned, and redoubled their efforts, slamming back and forth in and out at a much quicker pace.

The punishment room was soon filled with the sounds and smells of sex as the billionaire and his three loyal soldiers ruthlessly abused the teenaged former starlets. Alex increased his pace, gazing into the helpless tear filled eyes of his slave and slamming his thick phallus in and out of her throat. His balls slapped against her chin and with each thrust he brought himself closer to filling her belly with his hot sticky load. Ulu likewise increased his speed, continuing to plow Bella’s tight unwilling twat as he pulled angrily on her hair and slapped her ass with each incursion.

Alex grunted, he was close. He held Bella’s head tight between his hands and began slamming his hips into her face taking long deep strokes into her throat. The red-haired teen gagged, sobbing violently. Ulu thrust in, a loud resounding WHACK filled the room as he reigned a blow upon her luscious ass. Bella grunted in pain, her throat seizing around Alex’s thick prick. He in turn groaned as his dick exploded. Hot sticky cum burst down Bella’s throat, flowing into her belly. As Alex came, so too did Ulu, filling her insides with his own load. Both men continued to thrust in and out till their balls were drained and their loads filled the rebellious teen.

Alex stepped away, as Bella retched up a stomach full of piss and jizz. She coughed and sputtered as it dripped from her lips and nose, forming a small puddle in front of her. Her master knelt before her as she lifted her tired brown eyes to his. He sneered, giving her another hard slap to the face. Before declaring in quiet menace: “I’m ready for you to tell me how sorry you are now. Perhaps if you beg, I’ll let you leave here tonight.” She gave him a pleading look, her dark normally stormy eyes filled with despair and defeat. The gag however, prevented her from doing anything other than the pathetic sob she gave in response. “No” Alex said. “Pity, maybe a few more days and you’ll be ready to beg. He stood up, looking at Ulu and saying: “you should really give this side a try, you won’t regret it my friend.”

Ulu let forth a deep throaty chuckle, as he walked around in front of the battered defeated teen. His long black dick flaccid from the recent orgasm still dripping from her abused cunt. He began to slap it across her cheeks, and rubbing it up and down over her eyes. Soon it began to rise, and he forced it between her lips.

Meanwhile, Thando and Zeru were nearly finished with Chloe. They stroked back and forth, grunting as they reached the end. Meanwhile, Chloe was holding tight to Thando’s neck, her head lolled back against Zeru’s chest as muffled moan escaped her lips and a wet slapping sounds could be heard as she came loudly on their pistoning black cocks. Soon, they filled her with their hot spunk. They pulled out causing thick cum and female ejaculate to drip from her holes and run down her legs to form a small puddle on the floor. Thando left then to return to duty, but Zeru went toward Bella. “My turn, Boss?” He asked looking at Alex and motioning to the teen’s round backside.

“Have at it my friend,” Alex responded. Zeru took Bella’s ass, as Ulu fucked her face. But, Alex paid them no attention. He strolled over to Chloe, who hung limp and defeated by her wrists. He gripped her face painfully in his hand, causing her to look up in alarm. As short as she was, hanging by the wrists so only her toes touched the floor put her almost at face level with her captor. Her beautiful green eyes filled with fear at the look on his face, terrified at what he might do to her now that he was finished with Bella.

Alex leaned in so close their noses nearly touched, whispering “I’ve ordered them to leave you alone for the rest of your time here. Your friend,” he nodded toward Bella who was again being skewered between two massive cocks, “will be taking dick after dick. One day, three, a week, I haven’t decided yet. But, you’ll watch while she is raped over and over, and she’ll watch while nothing happens to you. But you’ll both know the least of what will happen if you ever try anything as fucking stupid as the stunt you pulled three days ago.

He turned to watch for a moment as Zeru and Ulu abuse the red-haired teen, forcing Chloe to watch as well. “You may be asking yourself” he continued in whisper “why I’m not punishing you as well. At least in the same way,” he said laughing.

Taji came in to the punishment room in that moment. He looked over at Chloe and Alex while he disrobed, revealing an, even comparatively to the other African soldiers, an absolutely massive prick. He nodded his head and offered a wink to Chloe, shifting his massive equipment for her to see. Then, he turned and stood, waiting for his turn with Bella.

Alex laughed at the apt and timely arrival of the largest of his men. “When you were the one to plan the attack on me, and Bella was merely your helper. Should it not be the other way around?” He laughed softly again, feeling the tense fear emanating from the nubile blonde hanging beside him. “There are three reasons. First, when Bella returns to the main dorm. She’s going to tell the story about how helping, got her the worst of the punishment, and no one will ever help you or anyone else with something like that ever again. Second, after watching you be spared, while she suffers, Bella will blame you not me for her woes. She might come to hate you, which is regrettable, but you watch, she’ll become one of my most loyal and willing slaves after this. And finally,” he said looking down at the ever-expanding puddle at his feet, “it seems you might be enjoying this.” Chloe had the decency to look away in shame and humiliation, as a single tear blinked from her eye and slid down her cheek.

Alex gripped her face, turning her to again look him in the eye. His face became twisted in rage, and with a snarl he said: “and henceforth I suggest you become a model of obedience. If I ever sense even an inkling of a plan for you to attack me again. I’ll strap you to that horse and rape you to death, and I promise you, it will not be so quick or pleasurable as this.” Spittle flew from his lips as he snapped the threat, it sprinkled across Chloe’s face. Then, quick as a blink, Alex’s face shifted to his normal congenial self, composed and patient. He spoke quietly and calmly “blink once if you understand me.”

Chloe blinked once immediately, her eyes still wide and filled with fear.

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