Billion Dollar Harem pt. 14

Title: Billion Dollar Harem pt. 14

Author: Mal

Celebs: Taylor Swift

Codes: MF, oral, cons

Summary: Taylor yearns to fit in by seeking a promotion, and Emma plots a scheme to rise to the top.

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 13

Alex slept in the next day. Yesterday had been a long day what with the early morning session in the punishment room and Margot’s promotion later that evening. Before he went to bed, he gave Ulu specific instructions on how to proceed with Bella and Chloe’s punishment. Bella was to stay strapped to the horse indefinitely to be used and abused for his men’s pleasure. Chloe was to remain hanging for fifteen or twenty hours then taken down and chained to the wall where she would be forced to watch until he came to get her. Alex hadn’t yet decided how much longer he’d let their punishment go on, but at least one or two more days for sure.

He decided to stay in bed till about nine a.m. Still being a level 1, Taylor Swift couldn’t open the door to her room, and would need to be let out to use the facilities and get breakfast. When Alex finally did get up, he spent a half hour in his personal workout room, took a shower, had a simple breakfast, and gathered up the small package of items he’d need to give Margot to make her promotion to level 3 official.

The main dorm was empty when he entered, but he could hear the sounds of running water from the showers and a treadmill in use coming from the open hallway door. Margot and Emma were obviously awake. Alex placed Margot’s level 3 package on one of the rooms tables and went to open Taylor Swift’s room.

Taylor was perched on the edge of her bed, anxiously looking at the door when he came in. “Master,” she said timidly.

“Yes?” Alex responded, closing the door behind him and leaning against it.

“I…I just wanted you to know,” she shifted her gaze nervously from the floor to meet Alex’s eyes, then back to the floor. “I wanted you to know that I’ve decided it’s better to live here and accept what that means… than to fight.” She again met his gaze, a thin hesitant smile touching her lips. Then she slid off the bed and walked toward Alex, biting her lip coyly. She pressed her lean taunt body against his and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her pert tits and firm nipples rubbed against him through the thin fabric of the ill-fitting white tee-shirt of a level 1.

Alex pulled her tight against him, and leaned down to kiss her on the lips. Taylor’s mouth opened in a soft moan, excepting Alex’s probing tongue. She sucked on it gently, pressing her hands against her master’s firm chest, feeling his leanly muscled form. As the kiss deepened over several long moments, Alex’s hands moved down to grope her firm ass cheeks and Taylor wrapped one of her long legs around his waist. He began to rub and probe the slit of her pussy through her white cotton panties, as his member sprang to attention and made its presence known. Taylor moaned deeply into his mouth as she rubbed her stomach against it.

Breathlessly, she pulled away. “Master,” she said with a grin, “I really need to pee now. Can we continue this later?”

Alex laughed, genuinely amused. He gave her ass a playful pat as he gently pushed her away. Then opened the door and watched her retreat toward the restroom at a quick gait. Following behind her once he closed the door to her room. Back in the main dorm room, Taylor had just disappeared down the hall heading toward the restrooms and showers, Alex found Emma Watson sitting on one of the recliners.

Apparently, she had been waiting for him. Her knees were drawn up to her chest, her clothes clung seductively to her body, and her damp hair hung loose about her shoulders. “Master,” she inquired, “may I have a word?”

“Sure.” He answered as she stood from her seat.

“In private?”

“Ok.” He motioned her to follow him. Leading her into the hallway which led to his private quarters, but rather than taking her there, he brought her instead to one of the complex’s many storage rooms.

The room was filled with crates and boxes and held a wide variety of food and water, along with other essentials such as toiletries and cleaning supplies. Alex hopped up, taking a seat on a long wooden crate at the rooms center, while Emma leaned against it, looking up at her master. She touched his leg, a concerned frown touching her lips. “I’ve been thinking, Master.”


“I can see that it’s only a matter of time before you promote Taylor to a level 2, and, you should. She deserves it. Since coming out of the punishment room, she’s been assimilating nicely. While I understand she’s yet to…” Emma let the statement hang just a moment, feigning a nervous smile, “spend time with you,” she continued, finishing her thought. “But you’ve been quite busy with the punishment room, so that’s understandable. Never the less, it’s only a matter of time before she proves her willingness to become part of our group, and I think that’s great. Really.”

Alex could sense Emma’s anxiety. He could tell she wanted to ask him something without upsetting him. He gently touched her cheek, offering her a reassuring smile. “Ms. Watson, Em,” he said affectionately, “you may not bear the official title yet. But as far as I’m concerned, if you continue to prove yourself you will be the level 5, making you the leader down here. That makes us partners. Ask your question, fear not.”

She returned his smile with one of genuine devotion. “Thank you, Master. It’s about Taylor.”

“What about her?”

“It’s just, while I respect her aversion to being with a woman. I also think that there should be an incentive for her to do so. The girls are here to serve you, Master. Their capacity to do so is limited by any restrictions on sexual behavior they’re uncomfortable with or unwilling to perform. Since I know that you want us, at least outside the punishment room, to have choices about what we do. I think we, you should limit the availability for promotion based on what they are willing to do. Maybe with 2 being the baseline, everyone can be a 2. Since level 2 grants access to the main dorm during approved times, it just makes your life easier to set that as the base. Perhaps level 3 should have a ‘willingness to sleep with women’ requirement.”

Alex took a minute to consider Emma’s idea. It made sense, though he couldn’t help but wonder from where this was coming. “I like the thought,” he said after a moment, “but I’m curious about what brought this on? You want into Taylor’s panties?” He said with a grin.

Emma slid her hand up his leg, gently stroking his cock though the thin pants he wore. “Master, you’re my only desire.” As she said this, her gaze dropped from his eyes to the growing bulge in his pants. She licked her lips slowly. “I’ll fuck whomever you ask me to.” Her brilliant brown eyes slowly rose up Alex’s chest till she was again looking in his. “Do you want me to fuck her, Master?” she asked in her tantalizingly sweet accent and arching her dark eyebrows.

“Not…not right now,” Alex responded as Emma pulled the drawstrings of his pants and slid her hand inside. Surprised by the young brit’s lustful forwardness, his breathing increased and he gripped the sides of the crate tightly with both hands. Emma wrapped her slender hand around his shaft and began to work it teasingly up and down while gazing deeply into his eyes.

Grinning impishly, and teasing the head of his cock between her fingers, Emma pleadingly asked, “is there anyone, Master does want me to fuck right now?”

In answer, Alex slid off the crate to stand before his willing, nubile, sex slave. Pulling her into his arms and kissing her deeply. She moaned softly as he yanked her shorts down her legs and bent her over the crate. “Me,” he whispered into her ear as he slipped himself inside her…

Day 12:

Just over twelve hours earlier: Emma Watson watched as from the shadows of the darkened main dormitory as her master closed the hallway door leading to his rooms, and went toward the open hallway where the restroom, laundry room and exercise room resided. Emma knew Margot Robbie was down there working out and that likely her master was seeking out the blonde Aussie for his own form of evening ‘exercise.’  She followed him at a discreet distance.

“I’ve heard you’ve had a rough day. Anything I can do to help?” Emma heard her master ask, as he leaned against the entry way of the exercise room and looked in at Margot.

Emma knew Margot would be her biggest competitor to reaching level 5, and while she had to admit she still found the blonde haired, green eyed Aussie to be almost irresistibly hot, she could not allow those feelings to interfere with her former lover possibly beating her to becoming the harem’s leader. She hoped that maybe by eavesdropping she could learn how much of a lead she had on Margot, and maybe get some dirt she could use against her.

As her master went further into the room, Emma leaned against the wall just outside the doorway. She had to be careful, there were still a few hours till ten o’clock, which meant Taylor Swift was still in the main dorm. The former pop star turned sex slave had been watching TV in the dark when their master slipped past. But, that didn’t mean she might not get up to have a pee, and Emma didn’t exactly have a good answer for why she was standing there listening in.

“What did you do to her?” Margot asked of Emma whose personality she had seen dramatically change in the two days since her master finally broke her in.

“I taught her that sometimes the greatest power comes in surrender.” Emma almost laughed at her master’s response. Surrender—ha that was funny she thought. She had far from surrendered. Her new attitude, shunning Margot, behaving as if she were superior, and feigning undying devotion to the master were all an act to reach level 5 first. Becoming the leader of the harem was all part of her plan to escape this hell.

The only problem as Emma saw it was the fact that her master was in fact a highly skilled lover, and, despite her best efforts not to, she found him very handsome in a nonchalant, effortless sort of way. His natural charisma was very alluring, and the way he commanded attention the moment he walked into a room, quite frankly it made her pussy drip and quiver just thinking about it. But, she told herself again, what he had done to them was wrong, and she couldn’t let him get away with it. She was a proud activist for women’s rights, and this atrocity couldn’t go unpunished, no matter how attractive and skilled the perpetrator might be.

Emma was drawn from her thoughts as she heard her master telling Margot that he was going to promote her to level three. She clenched her fist in anger. Damn, she thought, this race was going to be close. “Second,” her master went on, expanding on the gift of promotion he was already giving her, was a second gift, “I want to assign one of the girls to you.” Emma was furious… “as a sort of mentoring project,” he went on. This is not good she thought, mentoring was one step from leading, right… “Who do you want to fuck every night?” Emma strained to hear Margot’s answer, hoping she might use that against her. But, her master and her former lover then began to fuck.

She sat down against the wall, listening to them screw and lamenting that if, and at this point if seemed the appropriate word, if she was ahead in the race, it wasn’t by much.

Day 13:

Alex and Emma reentered the main dormitory where Margot Robbie and Taylor Swift sat at a table quietly chatting. Alex was pleased that the two seemed to be getting along. He hoped that when Bella and Chloe returned from the punishment room they would reintegrate as quickly and easily as Taylor.

“Just what have you two been up to?” Margot asked giving the pair a cute, knowing wink.

Alex laughed, giving Emma a playful pat on the ass to usher her off to one of the room’s many chairs. “Have a seat, I have a couple of announcements.” Emma swayed toward a chair, giving Alex a show of her tight ass swinging side to side as she walked, but she held her head high, nose in the air, ignoring the rest of the room.

“First, I want to congratulate Ms. Robbie. As of today, I’m officially promoting her to a level 3.” He turned to her, and offered her the packet containing the clothes, snack items and IPod which were the rewards for her promotion. She took the parcel with a smile, clutching it to her chest. “I know that this might raise questions about who is now in charge of handling the day to day affairs, now that you and Ms. Watson are the same level.” Alex paused to look them each in the eye. “I have decided, that Ms. Watson shall remain in charge until I either promote someone else to a level 4, or I am given some reason to bestow those duties on someone else.”

Emma offered Margot and Taylor a haughty nod of satisfaction when they turned to look at her. Then returned her eyes to Alex whom she gazed upon in adoration.

Alex looked between the ladies, wondering how the development of Emma the self-righteous tyrant was going to work out. Marveling at her startling, nearly overnight transformation. He hoped that the power he was giving her wouldn’t permanently change her, at least not so completely. She needed to be strong and confidant to run the harem, but he also wanted her to have sympathy for the other girls. To be the good cop as it were, she couldn’t do that if everyone hated her. It was something he would need to discuss with her before making her the level 5.

“Next, I will be releasing, Bella and Chloe from the punishment room tomorrow. No doubt they will be in much need of comforting after their long ordeal. I suggest you all do your best to welcome them back and help them feel accepted once again. They’ll need your support and friendship to be reminded that they belong here, and that disobedience and escape attempts are foolish.” Alex looked over at Emma, who was watching him closely with a mysterious smile. “As the forerunner for the level 5 position, Ms. Watson I’ll be especially looking to you to ensure their transition back to the main dorm is a smooth one.”

“Lastly, given Ms. Swift’s behavior since her own return from the punishment room, and her newly professed desire to fit in and do her part. I’d like to meet with her to give her a chance to prove this disposition, and should she adequately display said eagerness, I will be promoting her to level 2 starting tomorrow.” Taylor smiled brightly at Alex and the other girls as if to reinforce what her master had just said. “I’d like you to ask the guard on duty to admit you to my quarters at 8pm. Just go to that door,” Alex said, pointing to the doorway which lead to his room, “and speak into the panel by the door. Ok?”

Taylor nodded in understanding, saying in a surprisingly cheery voice, “Yes, Master.”

“There is,” Alex went on, “one more thing. After careful consideration, I have decided that all levels of advancement will now have ‘willingness’ clauses. That is to say the willingness to perform certain sexual acts will be required for further promotion. Thus, if you are unwilling to do something that is a requirement for a given level, I’ll not force you, but you’ll also be unable to advance any further. I may add to this list later, but as of now, being a level 1 will require you to have willing consensual sex with me. Obviously, at level 0 you are confined to the punishment room, where your wants are irrelevant. At level 2 you will be required to provide oral sex upon request. At level 3, you’ll have to demonstrate a willingness to have sex with one of my other guests upon request or your own desire. Level 4’s will be prepared for anal sex, and for group sex with me and the other guests. Finally, to qualify to become the level 5, I will expect the candidates to help with breaking in troublemakers or new guests to our little harem when and if I decide to bring in any new ladies. Are there any questions?” Alex surveyed the group before him. Emma seemed quite satisfied with herself. Margot seemed accepting and not surprised by the list or their requirements. Taylor was the only one who seemed disappointed, as she had already expressed no desire for women. “No? Ok then. Taylor?”

She looked up from the floor with a somewhat sad smile. “Yes, Master?”

“Don’t forget, 8pm, ok?” He offered her a reassuring smile when she nodded.

“I won’t forget, Master.”

“Good.” He glanced at each girl in turn before turning and exiting back to his quarters for a nap.


Emma Watson took a shower after the meeting broke up. She was extremely satisfied with how things had gone. So far it was all going according to her plan. All that was left was to convince Taylor Swift that sex with women wasn’t so bad, and could even be fun. That all she needed was the right girl to show her the ropes. Emma was almost giddy with laughter thinking about how things would play out.

She found Taylor in the exercise room. The former pop star was lying on a pink yoga mat doing crunches. She was panting heavily and covered in a thin sheen of sweat from what had obviously been a punishing workout. Emma thought she was looking quite sexy even in the ill-fitting white tee shirt she wore over a white cotton thong, the outfit of a level 1. If it wouldn’t have interfered with her plans, she might have even considered trying to seduce her, it would surely please her master if she could bring Taylor to bed with them. That would have to wait for now, she had more important things than currying favor at the moment.

There were still a few hours before Taylor was supposed to meet their master, no doubt this brutal workout was a last-minute attempt to make sure she looked good for him. Emma assessed the tight toned body of the leggy blonde, her stomach had just the feintest hint of a four pack. If she was abusing herself for the sake of looking good, Emma reasoned she was over compensating, because she looked damn good. Her light brown eyes traveled up the singer’s chest, lingering ever so slightly on her pert round breasts, she could hardly believe that she had never had these feelings about women before that second night here with Margot. She shifted uncomfortably, feeling heat and wetness in her loins, and plunged ahead with her plan before the sight of Taylor’s bod made her change her mind. She cleared her throat to announce her presence, “Taylor, can we talk?”

Taylor jumped a little in surprise, still not used to being in such open company, where people could come and go so easily. “Emma” she said looking up from where she lay on the floor. “uh… sure, I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?”

“No, no, nothing like that. I was just wanted a quick word.” She offered the blonde a light reassuring smile, sitting down on the weight bench as she did.”

Taylor sat up, crossing her legs before her, padding her chest and neck with a nearby towel. “What can I do for you?”

“As you know, our master has put me in charge, and he has tasked me with helping all the other girls to fit in and feel as comfortable here as possible. I’m just concerned that with the new rules, and these ‘willingness clauses,’ that you might feel constrained about not being able to rise any higher than level 2.”

The former pop star looked to the floor, her cheeks reddening in embarrassment. After a moment, she shyly raised her gaze to Emma’s, biting her lip coyly. “Are you hitting on me?”

Emma smiled, and with great effort restrained herself from flinging herself at the long-legged bombshell before her. “No, I was hoping to help you. I think you should consider experimenting with women. Even if it takes some getting used to, and you only do it for our master’s benefit, it would allow you to advance to at least level 3, where there are more comforts and perks to be had.”

Seemingly still embarrassed by what she assumed was Emma’s roundabout way of hitting on her, Taylor lowered her gaze to the floor in front of her. She began to trace the floral patterns on her mat with a finger and said, without looking up, “what do you mean then?”

Emma let Taylor’s question hang in the air for a moment before answering. “Well,” she replied after the pause, “I think you should ask our master for help.”

“Help?” Taylor said looking up, her brilliant blue eyes shining with confusion.

“Exactly,” Emma smiled. “It’s only a matter of time before he brings in other girls. If you ask him, I bet he’d bring in one of your celebrity friends. I’m sure you’d feel more comfortable experimenting with someone you’re already familiar with, right?”

“I guess so…” she responded, not sounding very sure. “But, isn’t that kind of mean… I mean, asking him to kidnap one of my friends?” She looked up from the floor, her eyes shone with helplessness and fear. “I just don’t know if I could…couldn’t I just try with you, or Margot maybe, she’s been awfully nice to me lately?”

Emma felt heartbroken, she was torn, and almost decided to put a stop to her plan. But the thought occurred to her that the more women her master gathered, the greater chance he’d be caught. If he wasn’t caught this time, and she succeeded in her plan to bring Taylor’s friend in, she could rise to level 5, escape and everyone would go free anyway. The blonde singer sitting on the mat noticed the pause, but by the look on her face, took it not as hesitation, but that she had somehow offended her, and turned her gaze timidly back to the floor. “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea at all,” Emma responded. “I can’t help you, because I shouldn’t be seen showing favoritism, and I think Margot is just playing you so that she can rise to the level 5 position.”

“Really?” Taylor looked up, again she seemed lost and hopeless.

Emma nodded severely. “Margot is totally smitten with our master, she would do anything he asked. I don’t think she would look out for anyone but herself, were she to be made the level 5. I think your best chance is to ask our master to bring one of your friends in, to help you overcome your nervousness at the idea of sex with a woman. Do you have any lesbian or bisexual friends?” She asked, knowing the answer, and knowing that Taylor’s answer would set her plan flawlessly in motion.

The blonde singer responded exactly how Emma thought she would. After that, she told her she wouldn’t regret asking their master to do this for her, then she shooed her off to the showers, telling her that she should get ready for her ‘date’ with the master. As Taylor Swift left the exercise room to shower up, Emma caught sight of her own reflection in the mirror, the same mirror in which Margot Robbie had made out the previous night. She frowned at herself, feeling horrible that she had forced Taylor into such a disgusting choice, but knowing she was doing the right thing if she ever wanted to get herself, and the others out of this prison.


After passing through the checkpoint in the main dorm, Taylor made her way down the hallway to the master’s private quarters, passing doors on either side of the long-curved corridor as she did. She felt somewhat ridiculous in her ill-fitting white tee-shirt, which hung to her mid-thigh, but had an oddly wide neck hole, which often slipped down over one of her slender shoulders. She thought it would be nice to get a shirt that actually fit, and bottoms, which skimpy as the shorts the girls wore were, was still more than the thong that level 1s wore.

She reached the door at the end of the hall, and knocked timidly upon it. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach at not knowing exactly what would happen when it opened. After her treatment in the punishment room, she was terrified that what lay in store for her might be like that. At this point, all she wanted was to fit in, to do what the master wanted so she could stay out of trouble, and more importantly, the punishment room. Still, her many sexual experiences, despite their varied celebrity cast had been mostly disappointing, so she wasn’t sure she could perform properly for the master and was afraid that her lack of experience might again land her back in trouble.

The door opened. The master stood there, in his easy way, his light brown hair slightly mussed, and wearing only the white linin pants and slippers he always wore. She swallowed nervously as her blue eyes traveled up his body. He was quite a specimen she had to admit. With his lightly tanned skin and leanly muscled body, and those steely blue eyes. Taylor wondered why he had need to kidnap women, with looks, money and a body like his, she would have thought he could have nearly any woman he wanted. She smiled meekly as their eyes met.

“Good evening, Ms. Swift,” he said in a deep silky voice. “I hate to bother with this, but I’m going to need you to put this on while you’re in my quarters, at least till I can trust you a little more.” With that, he offered her one of those collared leashes many of the girls had worn in their first few days here. She took it with only a timid nod of the head, feeling uncomfortable making eye contact, and not wanting to upset him, she attached it snugly around her throat. “Would you come in?” he asked, once it was in place, adding “despite the clothes of your level, I think you look wonderful tonight.”

“Thank you, Master” she responded, shyly taking a few steps into the room, but keeping her gaze directed at the floor.

He motioned her to sit in a recliner near the middle of the room, and while she sat, he attached her collar to a metal ring built in to the arm. Once she was secured, he retreated from her sight, going behind her, where after a moment, she heard the clinking of glassware, and the distinct rattling of ice in a metal bucket. “I don’t know if this is true,” the master went on, “but I read somewhere that you like to mix Diet Coke and vodka. Is that true or just something you had to say out of a contractual obligation?”

Taylor pulled her knees to her chest, she was a little surprised that he had read up on her, though she supposed it made sense, he had to learn about her in order to abduct her. “I do like Diet Coke, Master. But, I…I don’t drink very often, usually when my friends party I don’t need alcohol to have fun.”

“That didn’t really answer my question. You do drink sometimes though, what do you like when you do?”

“I guess, usually I drink champagne, and I have been known to drink Diet Coke and vodka, Master. It kind of depends on the occasion.”

“Well,” he said, reappearing in her vision with a tray that held two tumblers, three cans of Diet Coke, a bottle of Grey Goose, a bottle of Maker’s Mark, and a tall metal bucket of ice, “we’re drinking tonight. I have champagne in the fridge if you prefer?”

“No,” she said, looking up for the first time since entering his room to offer him a curious glance with a raised eyebrow, “this is fine. I guess.”

“You don’t want to drink?”

“I…I guess I just wanted to know why. What’s this all about? I thought…” she swallowed nervously again, “I thought you just wanted…you know…” she looked back at the floor, scared she might have upset him with her hesitation.

He poured the rough equivalent of a shot of vodka over the ice in the tumbler closest to her, topping it off with Diet Coke afterwards. For himself, he poured the Maker’s Mark sans ice to about three-fifths full. “Ms. Swift,” he explained, “outside the punishment room, you are free to make your own choices. If I just wanted to take you whenever I felt like it, I’d just keep you in there all the time, and not bother with the rest.” He raised his cup as if to toast, going on as she lifted her glass to touch his, “you seemed nervous is all. I just thought a drink or two might help relax you some.” They each took a sip of their drinks, he looked deep into her eyes. His gaze, his posture, everything about him made her feel less hesitant, and she began to hope that what he was saying was true.

It lasted only a moment, before her nervousness returned, and she again looked down and away. This was the man who had kidnaped her, and forced his brutish guards on her, now he expected her to be a willing supplicant in this sick twisted game? Still, a choice was better than none, this easy going, dreamy Adonis was preferable to the rough hands of his men… “Master?” she asked anxiously.


She shifted uncomfortably in the recliner. “What…what if I’m never ready?” Looking into his eyes again, she could see the troubled look upon his face, the struggle which played across it. Immediately she regretted the question, and hoped his turmoil wouldn’t lead to anger.


Alex could almost laugh, he fought to maintain the straight, serious look on his face. He had Taylor right where he wanted her. “Do you know why I brought you here, Ms. Swift?”

She looked so docile, his men had broken her completely of any willful resistance, all that was left was passivity, her desire to not be here. She would do whatever he made her do at this point. But that wasn’t the attitude he wanted, what he wanted was for her to desire him, to be filled with longing whenever he came near.

Taylor looked up from her glass, taking another sip, this one bigger than the first. “I… I guess you thought I was attractive, you wanted me for my fame…my beauty…like a trophy?” She answered, hesitantly, but as if she had given the subject some thought.

“All true,” Alex answered, cupping her chin in his hand, lifting it to look her in the eyes, those amazing blue eyes. “But that’s not the only reason.” Drinking deeply from his cup, he watched as she too polished off her first cup. Refilling them, he continued on, “when I first saw you, my very first thought was, wow. This woman is amazingly beautiful.” Taylor’s cheeks colored at the compliment, and she took another sip from her newly refilled cup. “You’re talented, charismatic, people naturally like you. You’re rarely criticized no matter what choices you make. That’s a rare thing you know. But, to me, you always seemed lost. Like no matter your success, no matter who the fabulous new man you were dating that week was, you always seemed unhappy, unsatisfied.”

The truth hurt, and Taylor drank deeply from her cup, swallowing the entire contents of the cup in moments, watching quietly as her master refilled her cup for the third time. She could feel the warmth of the alcohol spreading through her body. She bit her lip, fighting back tears. When the master placed a fresh cup before her, she took it up and met his eyes as he went on.

“I brought you here because your beautiful, and famous. You’re one of the most wanted women on the planet. But, I also brought you here because I thought I could show you there is more to life than beauty and fame—”

“Like rape and degradation” she interjected. It was the alcohol and the situation that caused her to lash out. But, rather than the expected reaction of violence, her master only frowned.

“There is purpose and love.”

“Wait,” Taylor said indignantly, “you raped me because you love me?”

“Yes,” Alex responded, taking another deep pull from his tumbler of Maker’s Mark. “And to teach you that participation is better than the alternative. Think of it this way. Would you be here right now, if I had let you be? Of course not, you’d be lying on the bed in your room, bored and alone. But, because you spent a night or two in the punishment room you learned that it’s better to have purpose. You might have had purpose on the outside, but there it never gave you any fulfillment. Here, you’re needed, wanted, and I guarantee once you start to live here you’ll feel happiness and satisfaction like you’ve never experienced.”

Taylor knew immediately that what he was saying was true. On the outside, she had money and fame, but it always felt hollow. She had hot celebrity boyfriends sure, but they always seemed more interested in their own gratification than hers, all she ever wanted was love. Her master was offering her that, and seemed to genuinely, if in a rather demented way, mean it. “The others, Em and Margot…” she swallowed nervously, “you love them too?” She stared deep into his eyes, desperately seeking the truth there.

Alex smiled, his eyes conveyed exactly what Taylor wanted to see, but inside he knew he had her. She wanted to live in a world of rules, to be lorded over and controlled, but at the same time desired and loved, even more than she even knew. “I love all my girls,” he said putting down his cup and taking her hands in his.

Taylor slid her legs down the chair and leaned forward, scooting to the edge of the recliner, where Alex sat across from her on the nearby couch. She licked her lips, feeling emotion swell in her stomach, and warmth and wetness fill her loins. The leash around her neck allowed her just enough mobility to come face to face with her captor. She kissed him, tentative at first, she was still a little nervous from previous disappointing encounters with her former boyfriends, but she no longer feared the man before her, in fact she longed to be in his arms.

Her mouth opened in a soft moan as Alex slid forward and pulled her close. He lifted her to his lap as he shifted from the couch to the recliner, and gently pressed his tongue into her warm eager mouth. The armchair offered her a greater freedom of movement, restrained as she was by the leash about her neck. She straddled him, pressing her panty covered twat against the bulge straining in his linin pants, and rubbed herself urgently up and down against it as she sucked on his tongue.

After several long minutes of her grinding her pussy against his cock, and pressing her chest to his while they kissed passionately, Taylor said breathlessly into his ear, “isn’t there a head requirement for level two, Master?” She then ran her tongue into his ear, and sucked softly on the lobe. Alex shuttered beneath her, he was on the verge of cumming just from the lap dance she was giving him, when her hot breath touched his ear, and her tongue ran inside, his dick twitched, and it took all his willpower to hold back.

“I believe you’re right,” he replied, gently pushing her to stand before him. Grabbing up his forgotten drink, he downed it in three gulps while he took in the vision that was Taylor Swift standing before him. He then yanked her tee shirt down off her body, the white thong followed, she stepped out of both and stood before him fully nude. She was utterly amazing, long slender legs with just a hint of muscle tone, puffy pink pussy lips, a taunt firm belly, perky tits with small erect nipples and of course, her bright red lips, slightly smudged from the kissing they had been doing. She shyly put her hands behind her back, shifting nervously and biting her lip, but allowing the master his view.

Alex took just a moment to look her over, catching his breath and ensuring he wouldn’t blow his load the moment those lips touched his cock. Untying the string on his pants, he slid them from his legs and tossed them to the side. “Let’s see what you can do,” he said leaning back in the chair and folding his arms behind his head.

Taylor dropped to her knees and scooted up between his legs, looking up at him with her best ‘fuck me’ look. “Master,” she said, “I’ll do my best, but I haven’t done this very much, if you remember.”

“That’s ok, as long as you show willingness, and try to get better, and the best way to learn,” he said with a grin, “is to do.”

The former pop star lowered her gaze from his eyes to his fully erect, long thick cock. She licked her lips both in nervousness and arousal at its stature, before lowering her head, grasping it around the base, and wrapping her lips around the tip.

She had performed admirably on Ulu in her release from the punishment room, and Alex wondered, as Taylor slowly began sliding her lips back and forth on his cock, if she would display the same eagerness now. She began to pump his prick up and down in her hand as she ardently sucked and swirled her tongue around the head. Alex groaned in pleasure, suppressing the urge to grab her head and force himself deeper down her throat. She sat forward, sliding nearly half of his girthy rod into her mouth. Alex felt her gag, but she held him there, continuing as she did to pump her hand up and down. He watched in wonder as the skinny blonde bombshell began to bob her head up and down, her eyes rose to meet his, and her tongue pressed firmly against the tip of his dick. It popped free from her mouth as she tilted her head and enveloped the side of his penis in her lips, saliva dripped from her mouth, and her hand slid down to softly pull and squeeze on his balls.

The former pop star worked his cock like that for several minutes, alternating between sucking the tip, working either side, while pulling on his testicles, and sliding his meat as deep into her throat as her gag reflex would allow. Soon, Alex was on the verge of blowing his load all over her lovely face. He gently pulled her up into his lap saying, “just a sec. I need a breather before we go on.” She straddled him, sitting on his knees, breathing heavily and smiling down at him as he struggled to calm himself after her performance.

She took his hand in hers, raising it to her lips and started to suck on his index finger, locking her eyes on his as she gyrated on the edge of his lap. “Master,” she asked around the digit in her mouth, “can I be on top?”

“You want to be my little cow girl?” he asked his eyes traveling up her supple, slightly sweaty body.

She only nodded, twirling the leash attached to her neck in one hand, while cupping and squeezing her breast in the other. His finger slipped from her mouth and he ran it gently down her chest till it came to rest on her hip. She bit her lip coyly as his gaze again rose to hers.

He leaned back in the recliner, again taking in her form. After a minute, he nodded his accent and watched as she slid forward on his lap. Taylor Swift pressed Alex’s thick meat against her stomach, her pussy mere inches from it. He felt her squeeze the head as she teasingly rose, before slipping it inside and lowering herself on it. Together they moaned low and primal in mutual pleasure.

Alex watched in awe as the leggy pop star began to bounce in earnest up and down on his thick meaty cock, staring as it slid in and out of her amazingly tight, wet hole. She began to rub her clit at his behest as she gyrated and moved on his dick. It wasn’t long before her eyes closed in ecstasy as the first of many orgasms washed over her. He gave her ass a playful swat, causing her pussy to clench in surprise. Her eyes opened, gazing into his and she gripped the top of the chair for further support while continuing to bounce and moan.

Her perky tits jiggled hypnotically in his face while she rode her ride, and Alex felt himself near climax. He buried his face in them, sucking and licking her pert erect little nipples. Gripping her around the waist, he held her down, all the way inside her, if she continued her movements, he would pop, and he wasn’t quite ready to be done. Her tight twat clutched and milked his dick and Alex had to muster all his concentration not to blow his load.

Holding her at the waist, she leaned her head against his as their breathing slowly returned to normal. Alex unhooked the leash from her neck, lifting her as he did. Her long slender legs wrapped around his waist as they slowly went to the floor in front of the chair. He knelt before her, gazing down at the amazing sight of Taylor Swift, nude, hair splayed out on the ground, gazing up at him in lust and want while impaled on his dick.

“Do you trust me?” He asked as he began to very slowly move his hips back and forth, working a fraction of his huge meat stick inside her. She nodded her head, biting her lip while gazing up at him in adoration. “Keep your legs wrapped tightly around me, and don’t fight.” Taylor swallowed nervously, but locked her ankles behind his back and brought her arms up over her head. Alex lunged forward, seizing her long delicate throat in both hands and thrusting himself violently inside her.

Alex began to slam his cock in and out of her pussy, while slowly clamping down on her neck, carefully depriving the blonde pop star of precious life giving oxygen. Wet slapping sounds could be heard as Alex drove his cock home again and again, while Taylor’s eyes bulged and her face slowly went from pink, to red, to ashen. Before she passed out, Alex relaxed his grip, and the singer inhaled deeply. He alternated between giving her brief gasps of air and strangling the life out of her, all while pounding her pussy mercilessly with his fat prick.

After about three cycles of choking Taylor to near unconsciousness, and pounding her, she began to buck wildly on his cock. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she began to flail in pleasure, her pussy spasming uncontrollably around his dick. He kept a tight grip on her neck, allowing her just enough oxygen to stay conscious while she bucked in orgasm over and over again. After her tenth or twelfth frenzied fit of multiple orgasms, her legs slid off his back and she went limp. Alex released his hold on her neck but continued thrusting urgently till he spilled his load deep inside her. Taylor inhaled sharply and smiled up at him euphorically before slipping into unconsciousness.

Alex lifted the exhausted star into his arms and sat down in the chair holding her close to him. He poured himself another glass of Maker’s Mark and sipped it till she woke a few minutes later. “Hey,” he smiled down on her.

Touching his face, she dreamily smiled back, “hey.” Her hand dipped down feeling her throat where he had choked her. “That was amazing,” she said, her voice a little hoarse from being so vigorously strangled.

He kissed her forehead. “Congratulations on making level 2” he said with a smile.

She sat up, curling her legs in his lap, while burying her face in his neck and wrapping it in her arms. “Master,” she said in soft breathy tones, “I’ve never felt anything like that before.” She pulled away to look him in the eyes. “I don’t think I ever want to leave here.”

They held each other for a long while reveling in the feeling of simply holding the other in their arms. Finally, Taylor spoke: “Master. I was talking with Emma earlier about becoming a level 3. She told me the best way to explore the possibility of enjoying sex with women, was to ask you to bring someone here for me.” She again looked up into his eyes, “would something like that be possible?”

He looked down upon her, “maybe,” he said. “It’s no easy task to bring someone like you here. It’s very risky especially given that five world renowned celebrities just vanished from the face of the Earth. Who did, Ms. Watson have in mind to teach you?”

“Well, she told me that I should choose. She said I should pick a friend, someone who’s into both guys and girls, someone I’d feel comfortable around.”

“And?” he said with a grin. “Who’s the lucky lady?”

“Well, on the outside, I was really good friends with Cara Delevingne. She’s a famous model and actress. I’m sure I could help her fit in here, plus” she added, seeing the momentary look of surprise on Alex’s face, “she’s into both guys and girls so…it could be fun for both of us.”

Day 12:

Emma Watson sat outside the exercise room listening to the soft sounds of Margot Robbie and the master holding each other in the aftermath of a vigorous fucking, and breathing deeply. Emma felt the pangs of defeat all around her. Margot was hot and adventurous and it was only a matter of time before the master favored her to become the level 5. After all, he was already giving her generous gifts.

That was when she heard Margot whisper: “You want to know who I want to fuck every night? Let me tell you. It just might surprise you.” Emma strained to hear, and was rewarded by the name wafting through the air, “Cara Delevingne.”

“Good choice.” She heard the master respond quietly.

Emma left, returning to her room, the formulation of a plan to rise to level 5 already blossoming in her head.

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