Billion Dollar Harem pt. 3

Title: Billion Dollar Harem Pt. 3

Author: Mal

Celebs: Emma Watson, Bella Thorne, Chloe Moretz, Margot Robbie, Taylor Swift

Codes: MDom, viol, no sex

Summary: Alex helps the ladies recover from the trauma of their first night in captivity, by showing them kindness, and laying down the ground rules. He must also control an unexpected troublemaker, while two ladies express a desire to advance in the harem’s power structure.

Disclaimer:  This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. The tooth fairy grinds up teeth, chops them into lines and snorts them. Also I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 2:

Alex woke after five or six hours of sleep. He never slept more than that as he felt it was just wasting time he could spend doing something else, especially since he had a newly formed harem full of hot celebrities in need of his dick. Alex took the pile of bundled up clothes, his suit from the previous day, and sent it up the laundry shoot to be cleaned. He planned to spend the next few days down here, breaking in the girls and teaching them the rules so that they could feed and clothe themselves relatively unsupervised.

As he wasn’t planning on going out, Alex just pulled on simple linin pants and house slippers. Although this complex was deep underground, and many of the floors were just treated polished stone, the rooms were none the less kept quite warm by a combination of naturally occurring hot springs, and more conventional large scale house heating. So even the stone floors were relatively warm, and comfortable to walk upon.

Alex left his quarters, passing through the security checkpoints, and into the main room of the central dormitory. But before he did so, he collected a number of collars and leashes from the utility room next to his quarters. Until he could develop a routine, and a bit of trust, he had to be careful, even a pampered celebrity priss might overwhelm him, when there were five of them. He went first the hallway behind which Chloe Moretz had slept, leaving four collars behind in the main room. Alex secured the hallway door, then opened the door, unannounced into the nineteen-year-old nubile starlet’s room. She flinched visibly upon his entrance, and the unexpected illumination as he flipped on the room’s light.

Her reaction though, was nothing compared to the way she cowered away from him, shrinking back into the furthest corner opposite him, as he stepped inside, closing the door behind him. “Chloe,” Alex said in a commanding tone. “Do you wish to freshen up, use the toilet and take a shower? Remember when you answer me, to address me as master, or you shall be punished.”

“Why are you keeping me here, are you—” Alex cut her off by stepping quickly across the room and slapping her face hard.

“You do not speak, or ask questions, other than those I pose without first being offered permission. Did I give you permission to ask such a stupid question? You saw what I did to Bella Thorne last night. It is obvious why you are here. If you do not answer my first question now, I shall leave you to spend this day hungry and searching your room for a suitable place to piss and shit. Do you want that?”

Chloe looked both horrified and terrified at the same time as she slowly shook her head no. “No Master,” she said in a quiet whimper.

“Good, now do you wish to use the facilities and eat breakfast or not?”

“Yes, Master, please. I really have to go . . .” Chloe’s face flushed with embarrassment as she tried to convey her physical needs to Alex.

Alex couldn’t help but wonder why she would feel upset about such a silly thing, but let it pass owing to her age, and her situation. He tossed her the collar and said. “Put this on. Make the strap tight, but not so constricting that you can’t breathe. If you don’t make the strap tight enough, I can promise you I will, and you won’t like it.”

Alex could tell Chloe wanted to ask him a question, but he was testing to see if she would once again speak out of turn. After a moment of looking down at the collar hesitantly, Alex assumed she came to the only conclusion that if she wanted to pee, and wanted to eat she’d damn well better put on the collar. So, with shaky arms and a few fallen tears, Chloe Moretz placed the collar around her neck, and fastened the strap securely.

Alex approached her after the collar was in place, hooking the leash to it as he inspected the tightness with which she’d secured it. He then showed her the other end of the leash. It was in many ways like the same leash people use to walk their dogs every day. It had a hoop which one could slide their wrists through to ensure their animal had a harder time running away. But there was also a metal handle worked into the leather just past the hoop. This handle contained three small plastic buttons. “Do you see these buttons, Slave?”

Chloe swallowed nervously looking a little humiliated at her new title. “Yes Master, I see them.” These buttons are keyed to my thumb print. Should I press the first one, it will deliver a massive volt of electricity through the collar similar in effect to the Taser you saw me use to incapacitate your roommate last night. I have designed these so that I may lead troublemakers around the complex without fear they will try something foolish. With good behavior, and obedience, it is my hope you will not need this anymore, and may pass into most areas of the complex freely. Till then . . .” Alex nodded toward the door. “Walk.”

Alex lead Chloe out of her room through the check points and into the last door which branched from the main dormitory room. This small hallway had four doors. “The door on the right” Alex said motioning toward the door to urge Chloe toward it, “is the toilets. Right now you and your roommates all share this room. There are three stalls, and only the hallway door is locked, these rooms are always unlocked. He motioned for her to go in, and she did so silently. Inside they were met with a stark tiled floor and a room with three door-less stalls. “Sit,” Alex said “pee, I’ve got four others to take in here today, and I want to get this over with.

With much embarrassment, Chloe moved to the stall, and slid her panties down as she sat, in an effort to maintain as much modestly as possible. Feeling a little obligingly, Alex moved around to the side of the stall, where he could give her at least a modicum of privacy. Even so, it took Chloe several minutes to finally piss.

Afterwards, he took Chloe back to the main room. The main room of the dormitories was basically a hodgepodge living-room, dining-room, and kitchen all rolled in to one. The kitchen held a large refrigerator, a freezer, a microwave, a sink, and even a stove with an oven. Though Alex was currently keeping power from the stove, at least till he could trust his girls more. The area outside the kitchen held three small tables, each with four chairs, along with a three other chairs with swivel arms, upon which someone might place a tray. The bulk of the large room was made up of the living area, where two large couches, a smaller couch and three recliner style chairs, faced at various angles three different flat screen televisions. Power was currently being kept from the TVs.

Alex motioned Chloe to the kitchen, where he attached her leash to a ring built into one of the tables. The leash had a good seven-foot lead, allowing a bit of freedom, but not enough to go far from the table. He then went into the kitchen saying “The Taser in the collar is designed to go off should either the leather loop, the collar itself, or the buttoned handle become damaged, so I wouldn’t stay to far.” Chloe took this to heart, sitting at one of the simple chairs at the table to which she was attached. She sat patiently while Alex fixed her a bowl of Oatmeal and a bottle of orange juice. “Normally, once you’ve been given a bit more freedom to move around, I hope to give you all more options for food and drink, but for now this is it.”

Alex was watching Chloe expectantly, as he sat the food and drink before her. She watched him for a moment before realizing what was expected of her. “Thank you, Master” she offered shyly as she picked up the plastic spoon and ate quickly. Not surprising since it had now been close to twenty hours since she’d most likely eaten.

“I’m going to leave you here while I fetch the others for their morning ablutions. Remember my warning about the collar, and consider this a test on your way to earning privileges.” With that, Alex began to assist the others in a similar fashion to the rest room, and to the main dormitory so they could be fed and given drink.

Taylor Swift, came along like a docile little doll. Apparently she was so traumatized by what she had seen on the monitor in her room, any thought of displeasing her new master had been rendered almost unthinkable. Soon, she too was sitting at the table across from Chloe and eating with much less enthusiasm. Alex watched, as the two celebrities made note of one another, but neither at this point seemed to press the rules, and kept quiet.

Next, Alex fetched Margot Robbie, the native Australian, was a bit defiant, after having witnessed what happened to Bella last night, but after a slap or two, and realizing, at least for now anyway that she had no way of escape, accepted the collar, the trip to the restroom, and her food quietly and obediently. He placed Margot at a second table, not wanting to crowd people, despite his desire that they get to know one another, even to become friends to some degree with each other.

Bella, was nearly catatonic, as Alex stepped into her room. She breathed a faint “Master?” as Alex took a fresh tee-shirt and panties from the dresser in this room, and helped her to dress. Once clothed, he slipped the collar around her neck, and said. “You need to get up now Bella. I’ll take you to the restroom where you can pee and wash your face, then we’ll get you some food. You’ll start feeling better once you’ve eaten.” Bella nodded in silent assent and mumbled a faint “Yes Master,” as she rose to her feet. Alex led her to the restroom, and sat her at the table with Margot once she was finished.

He had saved Emma for last. Alex was dreading what he would find inside. The last thing he wanted was a broken, defeated shell of a woman. Emma Watson. In some ways he loved her, she had been the focus of so many of his fantasies growing up. In other ways, he hated her. Because, even for him, with all his power and wealth, she was unattainable. This harem he had built had been done so that he could achieve what he could acquire in no other way.

Ulu’s voice broke over this hallway’s intercom before he could open the door to the punishment room. “Boss, you should know, that I think Ms. Watson is planning to assault you when you open the door. She has taken the ring gag, and seems to be using it as a sort of knuckleduster.

“Thank you Ulu, I shall take be ready for her then.” Alex opened the door to the punishment room, and flipped on the lights. He turned, sensing movement in the corner of his eye, just in time to avoid Emma’s attack. She had indeed taken up the ring gag, and wrapped it tightly around her fist and was trying to pummel him with it. He side stepped the blow, catching her wrist and wrenching it behind her back as he did so. “That, Ms. Watson, was a mistake.”

Still holding her arms, he tripped her legs out from under her, falling with her and straddling her back. He used the weight of his body to hold her down, and fastened the collar around her neck while she struggled to free herself. He hopped up quickly and once he was free from her mashed the button, sending fifty thousand volts rushing through her. She collapsed, twitching and flailing.

He grabbed her by the hair, and drug her to the utility room just down the hall. He took duct tape from the cabinet, and bound her wrists behind her back and her ankles together. Then bound ankle to wrist, and finally spread the tape over her mouth. He picked her up, tossing her over his shoulder, and carried her to the main room. He laid her down on the third table, attaching her collar to its ring. By the time she was secured and attached to the table, she had come awake and began to struggle against her bonds.

Alex sighed in frustration, lifting her head from the table by her hair and slapping her violently across the face. “Sit still, or what you got last night will seem a dream.” This assertion caused the other ladies to look up from their depleted bowls of oatmeal, and glance curiously in her direction. Emma too, for the first time seemed to notice that she was not the only female captive in the room, her eyes widening as she realized who the other women were.

“This,” said Alex, gesturing to the main room, “is the main dormitory living area. Some of you will recognize the doors against the far wall as the rooms I took you from this morning. Other stupid bitches will get their lesson later.” Again the ladies seated around the tables turned to look at Emma, only mostly secure in the thought that their captor had meant her. “This area” he continued “will be where you will spend the bulk of you time here in my compound. There are amenities and positions of power to be earned with good behavior and obedience. The first of which begin at level 1. Most of you, are at level 1 right now.” He glanced again to Emma Watson trussed up on her table like a Gryffindor turkey as if to emphasis the one person not at level 1.

“Level 1, grants you the clothes you are wearing now, a simple white tee and panties. It grants you basic access to this room, the kitchen, and access to the doors behind me which lead to the restroom, the shower, the laundry, and the exercise room. I’m not going to go into all the benefits now, but there are five possible levels you can achieve. Keep in mind, that there can be only one level 5 at a time. The level 5 will eventually serve as my eyes and ears in the harem when I am not here, and will have the authority to administer punishments, as well as assigning daily tasks. Also note that only a level 5 will have access to the hallways leading from your rooms to this room, and for now you will depend on myself and the guards to bring you in here each day.

Aside from basic cleaning and cooking tasks, there are a few standing duties I expect you to preform each and every day. The first is exercise. I expect each of you to spend at least two hours in the gym each day. Believe me, I did not bring you here so you could grow fat. You will be weighed each day, and you will be given a very small variance level. Failure to maintain your target weight will result in increased exercise time, and or limitations on provided food. Second, is grooming and hygiene. Again, I did not bring you here so that you could change how you look or protest showers in an attempt to turn me off of sex with you. You will be expected to bathe and maintain your looks to the standard of a photo I shall provide for you. Failure to maintain an amiable odor and your appearance as presented, will result in loss of privilege, and or trips to the punishment room. Lastly, you will become friends with the other guests here. I do not want you sulking in your room, coming out only to perform your tasks only to retreat back to its depths. You are expected to spend at least twenty to thirty minutes each day talking and learning about your fellow harem girl. Because eventually, they could become your roommate. Again, failure to not adhere will result in loss of privilege, and trips to the punishment room.

The hallway door which leads to the restroom and the shower is now open. I will come around and remove your collars. I invite you to explore the rooms, and get to know your neighbor. The other two hallways leading from this room are off limits. Do not attempt to enter them. The TVs and the stove will regain power if and when I feel you can use them responsibly. After I deal with Ms. Watson, I will come around and have you weighed, assign this week’s tasks, provide you with your photo, and have you create a list of the items you will need to maintain that appearance. After this week, the lady with the highest level will be responsible for many of these jobs.” Alex moved over to Chloe and began to remove her collar. “I remind you again, you cannot escape from here. The exit to the surface is through an elevator only my men control, and I can assure you nothing you offer them will be able to exceed what I give them for their loyalty. So, do yourself a favor, and don’t try to escape. It will not go well for you.”

Alex went around to each lady in turn, removing their collars adding, “feel free to move around and talk with each other, remember I expect you to become friendly.” He then picked up Emma and carried her back into the punishment room, where he tossed her down on the mat. “I’m going to leave you here for . . . well let’s just say a while. Give you some time to think about how foolish attacking me was. When I return, I hope you are more amiable, but either way, you can expect punishment for your actions.” He then returned to the main room where he proceeded to weigh each girl, assign them an exercise regimen, daily task list, gave them a photo of themselves in an appearance he expected them to maintain, and took a note of the items they would need to maintain it. He also gave them each their birth control pill, which surprisingly they each took without protest.

Alex then returned to his own quarters where he spent most of the day watching his little harem on the security monitors, and noting how each girl was handling this new found freedom. Watched, as the spoke quietly to one another, mostly to cry and express concern for their situation, and to wonder what Emma had done, why she had been dressed differently than them, and what her fate might be for her disobedience. Each girl took a shower, and explored the rooms which were open to them, spending time in the exercise room, and sleeping on the couches in the main dorm, as they were given little else in the form of entertainment.

Alex too, took a short nap, giving his security instructions to wake him should any problems arise. He then returned to the main dorm, at what would be about thirty-six-hours since they had been kidnaped. He had left them alone for close to twelve hours, and wondered what sort of scene he would be met with upon his return to the dorm.

When he entered, he was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. Chloe and Taylor were sleeping on the two bigger couches.  Margot was holding Bella in a close embrace as they lay together on one of the reclining chairs. They both looked up, and rose from the chair as Alex gently shook Chloe and Taylor awake. Alex said softly, “I’m glad you all seem to be getting along so well. I think we’ve had a good first day or so. Tomorrow, I’m going to let you prepare your own breakfasts, and take yourselves to the restroom, however you should use the facilities now, as once I put you back in your cells you will need to remain there until tomorrow.

Alex waited patiently while they each made a trip to the restroom. Once they had all returned to the main room, Alex spoke again. “I want to promote one of you to level 2. Level two will grant you better fitting clothing, and more varied in both color. As well as the privilege to help me with assigning tasks, and ensuring they are completed each day. The first of you promoted to level 2 shall gain this privilege until I promote someone to level 3, or you do something to loss that rank. Do I have any volunteers? And before you answer, you should know that the path to this promotion lies in helping me administer punishment to Ms. Watson.”

Both Margot Robbie, and Chloe Moretz both stepped forward and said. “I’d like to volunteer, Master.”

Alex smiled at them both. “I’m very proud of both of you for this. Unfortunately, I can only promote one of you right now. Margot, I’m going to select you for this promotion. Not because of your behavior thus far. In that regard, Chloe is much more deserving. I’m choosing you, because you comforted Bella in a time of distress, and what I want most from this harem is a sense of family, and of caring for one another. Comforting her, brings us closer together, and I think your doing so has been a great help to her recovery. Please have a seat while I return the others to their cells.”

Margot sat down and waited patiently while Alex led each girl in turn from the main room back to her own cell. When he returned he said. “I’ll now explain what we’re going to do to Emma as punishment for her assault on me. If after I explain, you don’t want to cooperate, that’s fine, but I will promote Chloe instead of you, and I will punish Emma without assistance. Do you understand.”

Margot smiled, she had a wicked gleam in her eye which Alex interpreted as her desire to help regardless of what he was about to say. “Yes, Master, of course I do.”

“Good.” Alex explained the plan in great detail, Margot even laughed in certain places, revealing a naughty side the public had only been given hints of when she was cast in the roll of Harley Quinn. When he was done explaining, Alex asked her: “I’m assuming, from the look on your face that you are up for this?”

Margot again smiled wickedly and in a cooing voice replied, “Yes Master.”

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