Billion Dollar Harem pt. 4

Title: Billion Dollar Harem pt. 4

Author: Mal

Celebs: Emma Watson, Margot Robbie

Codes: MF, MFF, MDom, viol, nc, oral, cons

Summary: Alex and Margot teach Emma a lesson in disobedience. Then they teach each other a lesson in pleasure.

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Groundhog day is real, and that first step is a doozy. Also, I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 2 cont.

Emma still lay on the leather mat where Alex had deposited her more than twelve hours before. Seeing as it had been close to two days since she’d eaten, thirty-six hours since she’d been to the toilet, and was now going on twenty hours since she’d had anything to drink, Emma was looking even more distraught than Alex imagined someone who had just spent twelve hours laying on a thin leather mat with their arms and legs duct taped together might look. As he approached, he could clearly smell urine, without anywhere else to go Emma had relieved herself hours ago, and had been laying in a pool of her own piss for quite some time. Alex felt a twinge of guilt, but knew if he showed any weakness, that this lesson would be for naught.

He knelt before the huddled, exhausted looking Emma. She was sleeping, and looking quite uncomfortable. Alex ripped the duct tape from her mouth, violently waking her and causing her to cry out in pain. Emma’s first reaction was to whimper. Her lips looked chapped and she now had dark rings under her eyes from the past two difficult days. Alex grabbed a handful of her hair and hauled her into a kneeling position. She sobbed: “Master, please—”

But she was cut short as Alex slapped her hard across the mouth. “You don’t speak without my permission, remember, Slave?” He leered down at her, looking at the stagnate yellow puddle pooling on the leather mat in which she had just been sleeping. “It looks like you’ve had an accident, or maybe you really are just a nasty little whore. Which is it?”

Emma hung her head in defeat, and for a moment Alex thought she might not answer. Just as he was about to slap a response from her, she raised her head and looked up. Those magnificent brown eyes melted Alex’s heart, but he had to remain strong or else he might lose her for good. “I’m . . .” Emma sobbed “I’m a good girl. I’m sorry master. I couldn’t hold it any longer.”

He smiled down at her. “That’s ok” he said softly patting the top of her head. “You’re going to make it up to me.” Alex pulled his cock from his pants delighting in the look of repulsion and defeat in her eyes as he placed it against her lips. “You’re going to suck my dick, while sitting in a pool of your own piss. If you bite me, I’m going to strap you into the horse and fuck every one of your holes till you beg me to let you suck my cock. Then, before I give you that privilege, you’re going to lap up every drop of urine from the floor. Do you understand?”

Thick tears leaked from Emma’s eyes as she nodded in understanding. “Yes, Master. I promise I won’t bite. May I please suck your . . . your cock?” Alex answered her by slapping his dick against her cheek then placing the head firmly to her lips. Emma Watson opened her mouth and excepted Alex’s pulsating cock. She began to work the head, alternating between sucking and licking, and it didn’t take long for it to grow to its full length and girth.

“Take it all” Alex commanded. Emma swallowed, and took the head in her mouth, beginning to push his thick cock further and further down her throat. Her lips stretched around his prick, and she gagged and choked. Her eyes began to water, creating streaks in the dust and remnants of dried cum which hadn’t been fully washed from her face. But, Emma continued to push his cock deeper down her throat, each time she rose up, she managed to force a little more of it into her throat.

Finally, after several minutes of work, she buried her face in Alex’s pubic region, his entire cock was balls deep in her throat. He seized her head then, holding her in place. Emma excepted the position at first, trying not to fidget for fear she might accidently bite down. But after a few moments, she became oxygen deprived, and began to struggle against her predicament. Alex held her firm. He began to cum as her fighting increased in intensity, shooting his hot cum directly into her tortured throat. He pulled her head off of him just as she was on the verge of passing out, the last few spurts from his cock splattered across her tired face. Alex was impressed, to Emma’s credit, she never bit down.

“Good girl” Alex said releasing his hold on Emma, who immediately toppled to the floor, landing once again in the puddle at her feet. “Bring me the hose. Free her arms and legs, and get her out of that uniform.” Margot came over from the far side of the punishment room, where she had hooked a large hose up to a water spout in the wall. She handed her master the spigot, and began to peel the tape from Emma’s arms and legs after she drug the exhausted Gryffindor from that disgusting puddle by her hair. Alex sprayed the puddle with water, which drained at the far side of the room. Once Margot had freed Emma from her binds, she quickly got her out of the Hermione Granger outfit, and discarded the soiled uniform by the door. After which, Alex sprayed Emma down, cleaning her up of the past two days’ worth of filth.

Once she was clean, Alex led Margot and Emma from the punishment room to the main room, and ordered Emma to sit down at one of the tables near the kitchen. “Margot, fix her some oatmeal, and get her some orange juice. I’m going to get your goodie bag. I expect you both to be on your best behavior.”

Margot responded, “Of course, Master.” But Emma just swayed in her seat looking to be again on the verge of passing out. Alex left for his room, to retrieve the goodie bag for the second half of Emma’s punishment. By the time he returned, Emma was already looking better, having devoured the oatmeal and orange juice, she was now nursing a bottle of water. “She still seemed dehydrated, Master, so I gave her water as well.”

“You’re not suppose to speak out of turn, but I agree and I’ll forgive you this time.” Margot nodded, pouting a little at her mistake. Emma took another sip of her water, naked and tired, she seemed to be putting off whatever was next as long as she could. “I think that’s enough,” said Alex. “Come, Emma, its time for the second half of your punishment,” and with that, he led them both into Emma’s cell.

Alex sat back on the bed, placing the goodie back next to him. “Up on the bed you two, but first, Margot it’s time to ditch those clothes.” Margot did as she was told, and removed her white tee and panties, dropping them in a pile next to the door. While she was stripping, Emma moved on to the bed, clutching her breasts and huddling near the foot.

Emma seemed extremely uncomfortable as Margot climbed up next to her on the bed. “Emma,” Alex asked, do you know who this is?”

“Yes, yes, Master. She’s Margot Robbie from The Wolf of Wall Street.”

“Good,” Alex smiled. “Kiss her. Long and deep, like she’s the love of your life. Make me believe it, and things might not go to badly for you the rest of the night.”

In response, Margot held out her arms, inviting Emma to come to her. She looked over at Alex as Emma paused, giving him a wink and a smile. After hesitating initially, Emma crawled into Margot’s lap, wrapping her arms around her waist as Margot pulled her close holding her shoulders. Emma looked into Margot’s gorgeous blue eyes, again hesitating, she licked her lips.

Then went for it. She pressed her lips to Margot’s and opened her mouth excepting the other woman’s tongue like it was a life raft in the ocean. Their tongue’s passed back and forth into each other’s mouths for several minutes, and Emma adjusted her position in Margot’s lap so she was straddling the other woman around the waist, pressing herself even closer. Margot gently took Emma’s face in her hands, holding her and rocking back and forth as the kiss continued. There were soft wet smacking sounds as the two woman passionately exchanged saliva.

Margot lifted Emma, as the kiss continued to deepen, and laid her back on the bed, moving on top of her. Their mouths never parted in transition, their tongue’s, even as they moved continued to dart back and forth between each other. Emma wrapped her legs around Margot’s waist and cradled her there, as the other woman’s hand slipped from Emma’s face down between her legs where she tenderly began to press her fingers against Emma’s clit. Emma moaned passionately into Margot’s mouth, as she moved her fingers back and forth.

Alex had to admit, he wasn’t sure if she was faking it or not, but it was damn sure a nice show. He felt his cock begin to harden, and he pulled it forth from his pants and began to stroke it.

Margot pressed two fingers gently into Emma’s tight pussy as she playfully bit the brunette’s lip and smiled down at her when she moaned in response. She continued to work her fingers in and out of Emma’s twat till they were coated in her juices, all the while continuing to kiss her passionately.

Once Alex could hear the sloshing sounds coming from Emma’s pussy he said “that’s enough. Emma you remember what I told you last night?”

She tilted her head from her position underneath Margot, looking over at Alex, stroking his cock. “Yes . . . yes master. You said you were going to fuck me in . . . in my pussy today.”

“That’s right, you seem to be enjoying yourself, why don’t you come over here and go for a ride.” Margot slid off Emma and stood next to the bed, giving Emma a nod of encouragement. Emma rolled over, and climbed onto Alex’s lap. She pressed her pussy against his cock, sliding the lips over his now engorged phallus as she did so.

She cocked her head to one side looking into Alex’s eyes, as if she wanted to ask a question.

“You may speak.” Said Alex in response.

Emma seemed a little hesitant, but she continued to glide her pussy lips across Alex’s thick prick. After just a moments delay she said. “You want me to enjoy this? This isn’t just some twenty-four seven rape fest?”

Alex gently reached up in response, pulling Emma’s face close to his. “Of course not. I’ve wanted you my whole life.” Emma leaned down and kissed him. Sliding her tongue into his warm mouth, raising up as she did so to impale herself on his hot throbbing cock. They moaned into each other’s mouths and she slowly raised herself up and down. They broke the kiss, and Emma steadied herself by placing her hands on Alex’s shoulders, as her bouncing became more and more urgent. She leaned back and moaned loudly as she neared an orgasm.

Alex placed his hands on her hips, and helped Emma fuck herself into orgasm, by forcing her hips hard and harder onto his dick. Alex, despite his desire to hold back, couldn’t help himself. The sight of Emma Watson fucking herself to orgasm, and the feeling of her tight pussy clenching his prick like a vice grip was more than he could take. He exploded inside of her, moaning loudly as Emma and leaned forward to kissed him deeply.  Emma sagged against Alex as the wave washed over her. It took them both a couple minutes to recover, but Alex wasn’t quite ready for this night to end. He had one more thing in mind. “I think we’re leaving someone out” he whispered softly into her ear.

Emma turned and looked back at Margot, who was now wearing a strap on dildo from the goodie bag. Emma smiled, and rose up, pulling Alex’s softening cock from her pussy. “What are we going to do with this” Emma said with a mischievous grin. She knelt before it and began to suck on it like it held the last bit of oxygen on Earth.

Alex stood up off the bed and took a deep breath, he knew it would take him a few minutes at least to recover after such an intense orgasm. He watched Emma and Margot. The blonde Australian gently placed a hand on Emma’s head guiding her as she sucked on the dildo in order to lube it up. She looked over to where Alex stood by the bed and licked her lips while looking him up and down. Despite the intense orgasm he had just had, Alex couldn’t’ help but feel a shiver of pleasure run down his spine and he felt his strength for round two beginning to return. “Why don’t you two use the bed. I’ll join back in when I’m ready.”

Emma stood and looked over to Alex while she pressed herself against Margot’s tight body. “Yes Master,” she cooed and led the other woman to the bed by the plastic dick. Pushing her down onto it as they got close. She straddled Margot and slid the long, thick piece of plastic into her sopping wet pussy, moaning as she leaned down to once again kiss her deeply. Margot wrapped her arms around Emma’s back holding her tightly against her body as she plunged her tongue into Emma’s eager wet mouth and using her hips began to push the thick plastic phallus in and out of her greedy fuck hole.

Alex watched the two of them for several minutes while he waited for his erection to return. He was in awe. Margot held Emma gently but firmly against her body, they kissed deeply and passionately as she worked the dildo in and out of Emma’s pussy. After a few minutes, they both looked over to him and Margot said naughtily. “Master I think you’ve had enough of a show. Now get over her and fuck this horny slut in the ass, while I fuck her pussy.” Emma’s eyes traveled hungrily down to Alex’s cock as if to say “Yes that is exactly what I want” and Alex felt his cock spring to attention.

He reached down into the goodie back and poured a thick coating of lube all over his dick, rubbing it in as he made his way over to the bed. The two women paused in their fucking as Alex moved in behind Emma. He spread her taunt ass-cheeks apart and pushed the head of his now throbbing cock against the entrance to her asshole. It was a strange sensation as he pushed it slowly inside her. He asshole was tight, maybe not as tight as Bella’s had been, but the feeling of his dick as it slid over the plastic dildo in Emma’s pussy, the two separated by a thin layer of flesh was an altogether new, and highly erotic feeling.

Emma moaned loudly, pressing back against Alex as she was filled with two hard dicks. She raised her chest up off Margot, and pressed her back against Alex’s chest, turning her head so he could kiss her. Which he did long and deep. No one moved for a moment, except that is for the kiss they shared, allowing Emma to grow more accustomed to the feeling of having so much cock inside her. She broke the kiss and arching her back began to move her hips slowly back and forth. Margot grabbed her hips holding her firm, started moving the strap on in and out slowly at first, then gaining momentum.

Alex just watched for a moment. He placed a hand on the small of Emma’s back, in order to keep her from moving too far off his cock, and watched as she and Margot shared another deep kiss. He then grabbed both sides of Emma’s hips, and began to work himself back and forth, in and out of her tight little asshole. Margot’s hands intertwined with his, as they held Emma in place and together fucked both her holes, filling her as the rocked in and out of her pussy and ass.

Emma too, started to push herself urgently back onto both cocks. The feeling them both sliding in and out of her, of one moving across the other, pushing her insides apart, and separated by so little, she began to shudder in orgasm. It was all she could do to hold herself in place as Alex and Margot filled her. She reared her head back and moaned as wave after wave of orgasm rocked her again and again.

Alex felt Emma shuddering beneath him. Her asshole gripped his cock like it might never let go. He reached back and grabbed a handful of her hair as she tilted her head back and moaned. He used her hair to hold her on his dick as he began to slam his hips back and forth. Emma was shuddering, moaning and quivering all over as both dicks slammed in and out of her. She had lost all control of her body, she was now just a slave to pleasure as both dicks slammed orgasm after orgasm from her taunt body.

Alex knew he couldn’t last much longer, he pushed himself in as far as he could go and felt a mind blowing orgasm as Emma’s sphincter clamped down on his dick. He shot load after load into her. Then moaned loudly and their moans reverberated together around the room like choir in a church. His orgasm lasted several moments as Emma’s body continued to shudder beneath him. When he finally stopped cumming, both he and Emma simply collapsed onto the bed.

Alex, Emma and Margot lay in a heap for several minutes afterward, just breathing exhaustedly, and trying to catch their breath. After a long while of just lying there in a tangle of bodies, Alex realized that Margot, who had done so much to get them both off, had never gotten a chance to get herself off. He felt kind of bad, as he untangled himself from the mass and stood, sweat glistening off his arms, back and chest.

“It’s against the rules at this point” Alex said as he retrieved his pants from the floor. “But if I let Margot spend the night in your room, Emma. Do you promise to give her some pleasure in the morning?”

Alex could tell that Emma was on the verge of drifting off in to an exhausted sleep, but she was a trooper. She nodded a little absently and mumbled “Yes Master, I would like that very much.”

Alex smiled down at Margot, who seemed to be the best off of the three of them. She was cradling Emma in her arms and stroking the exhausted girl’s back as she drifted off to sleep. She smiled up at him, and he leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips. “You make sure she keeps that promise; you hear?”

Margot grinned up at him and said “I will, Master. Thank you for a wonderful night.”

Alex opened the door to the room feeling exhilarated. Perhaps even better than yesterday when he had first taken Emma’s mouth. He flipped off the lights and just before shutting the door responded by saying. “You’re quite welcome.” He returned then to his own quarters, took a quick shower and fell into bed, more tired than he had felt in a long time. He drifted off to sleep thinking how well things had gone. Two days and already Emma and Margot were willing little deviants in his harem. He still had to be careful, they were after all actresses, they could just be being playing him and looking for weakness, which is why he didn’t sleep in the room with them. But, all and all his last thought before he drifted off was about just how well things were going, and of wondering what tomorrow would bring.

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