Billion Dollar Harem pt 5

Title: Billion Dollar Harem pt. 5

Author: Mal

Celebs: Emma Watson, Margot Robbie, Chloe Moretz

Codes: MF, FF, cons, oral, voy

Summary: Alex watches the intimate encounter between Emma and Margot in the morning, whilst Chloe pays him lip service.

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. My father was slaughtered by a six fingered man, prepare to die! Also, I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 3:

Alex woke early despite the very active evening he had participated in the night before. He pulled on the simple linin pants he preferred to wear when he planned not to leave the complex, and stepped into his slippers. Stepping into his security room he pulled up the live video feed from Emma Watson’s cell and sat in his cushy leather arm chair. The sight was, for Alex, mesmerizing. They were still asleep; it had only been five hours or so since he and Margot Robbie had banged Emma into such an intense orgasm that for thirty or forty seconds, all she could do was shutter uncontrollably. Emma was wrapped in Margot’s embrace as the blond Aussie spooned her from behind. They had obviously turned over at some point in the night, and Margot had deposited the strap on atop the goodie bag on the floor by the bed.

Now, Alex fully admitted to himself that Emma might have subsumed the role of a freaking little fuck demon willing to take on him and Margot Robbie, just to lull him into a false sense of security, and that Margot might very well had volunteered for the job in the first place for the very same reason. But, there was one thing he knew for a fact, Emma had several very real, very intense orgasms last night. No woman is good enough to fake that shit, and that meant, willingly or not, Emma had enjoyed herself, and he was willing to bet so did Margot. Though the thought of deception concerned him, he was more interested in was seeing if, and how Emma might keep her promise later that morning. He would deal with any deception when the time came, but hoped it never would.

Alex pressed the intercom button at his security station to communicate with the guard on duty upstairs. “In three hours, I want you to pipe a message into Bella, and Taylor’s rooms, informing them that their cell doors and the door to the main room will automatically open, and that they may use the facilities, fix themselves breakfast, and lounge in the main room. Encourage them to use the time to get to know one another.”

“Yes sir,” replied the voice of Taji, the guard scheduled for this shift. “Do you want me to lock the hallway doors leading back to their rooms, once they are in the main area?”

“Yes, please do so, and you may inform me of any disturbances, but for the next few hours I would prefer not to be bothered.” He had plans for this morning.

“Of course, sir. I will see that you are not disturbed unless there is a problem.”

“Thank you, Taji. Keep up the good work.” With that, Alex stood up and fetched one of the collared leashes from the utility room located down the hall from his quarters. Then, proceeded past the checkpoint and into the main area. From there, he went into the hallway leading to Chloe’s cell. At the door to the teenaged starlet’s room, Alex paused and readied himself. He had been surprised by Emma’s assault yesterday, and did not intend to suffer such an incident again. After mentally steeling himself, Alex quietly opened the door to her room, and turned up the lights until Chloe’s sleeping body was dimly illuminated.

He sat down on the bed near her head, and lightly stroked the hair out of her face. She awoke with a start, but recovered quickly seeing that Alex, at least for the moment, had no intention of harming her. Alex smiled down at her. “Good morning, sleepy head” he said in a whisper.

Chloe looked around groggily. “What . . . what time is it?”

Alex gently stroked her cheek. “Time is irrelevant here,” he replied softly. “But you should be more careful. Remember, you are not yet allowed to speak out of turn, and you failed to address me with the proper title. But—” he leaned down and kissed her forehead, “I’ll forgive you this time. It is quite early, and you are still getting used to being in this place.”

“Thank you, Master” Chloe replied, leaning her face into Alex’s hand and smiling sleepily.

“I was wondering, are you still interested in making level 2 today?”

“Yes, Master. If I am going to be here, I might as well be more comfortable” she said looking up at Alex with those amazing green eyes.

“Good. This promotion is going to involve giving me head. Are you comfortable with that?”

Chloe Moretz grinned suddenly— “head, Master, is how I got the part in Kick Ass.


Chloe nodded mischievously. “I was twelve years old, and the part had come down to me and this other girl you’ve never heard of.” She looked down at the bed then, a sad expression coming over her face. “If I hadn’t sucked that producer’s dick . . . it might be her here instead of me.”

Alex ran his fingers lightly though her hair. “I wouldn’t worry yourself to much with thoughts like those. What if’s will drive a person insane.”

She nodded again, smiling up at him bravely. She sat up, and placed her hand in Alex’s lap. “You want me to do it now?” She asked, brushing her fingers up and down his shaft though the thin pants he wore.

Alex pulled her hand away before he became unable to do so. “Not yet. I have arranged for something very special this morning, and I’d like you there with me when it happens. Hopefully, you’ll feel like doing it then.”

“Does it have anything to do with Emma Watson moaning like crazy last night while you and that other chick fucked her brains out?”

Alex laughed. “Precisely,” he said, finding it amusing that she must have heard them through the walls of her cell. He frowned down at the leash. “Since we will be going to my quarters, I’m afraid I must—” He stopped mid-sentence, as Chloe took up the collar and secured it tightly around her neck.

“I understand, Master. No worries.”

Alex laughed again. “Chloe, I’m going to promote you to level 2 starting now. One of its many benefits is speaking to me without being told that you may. As usual though, stupid questions are still to be met with punishment.”

“I understand. You ready to go? We wouldn’t want to miss the show.”

“The show?”

“Yeah” she said with a wide grin. “I assume you told those two chicks to do each other when they wake up, and you want me to suck and fuck you while you watch.”



“You just might go far here.” Alex said with a laugh. He led Chloe to his quarters, and attached her leash to a ring built in to the recliner in his bedroom. “The lead should give you some allowance to move around, but if you’d be more comfortable somewhere else, it could be a little bit?”

“No, I’m fine here, Master. Do you want me to sit in your lap, or crouch by your feet on the floor?” Chloe said twisting her hip and teasing out a strand of her hair seductively.

“You can sit in my lap if you like, once I get the feed from Emma’s cell transferred to the TV there so we can watch.” The TV was one of those sixteen thousand dollar 88’ OLEDs. A thing of beauty. Alex was anxious to see how the different angles from the camera feeds would look, and how good the resolution would be. Considering how much he’d paid for the security cameras and the system itself, it better be damn good. Once he got the feed coming through to the TV, and refamiliarized himself with how to switch from camera to camera, and put up a multi camera view, Alex sat down.

Chloe sat in his lap, and propped her feet up on the arm of the chair as both she and Alex turned their attention to the screen. “They look really sexy laying there, Master. . . Do you think what they did for you last night was just a show to build your trust?”

Alex found himself liking Chloe more and more. He placed his hand in her lap, and slid his hand up inside the oversized tee-shirt she wore, so he could tenderly caress her inner thigh. “I admit” he said as she parted her legs a bit to give him an easier access. “I have considered it.”

Chloe sighed softly as Alex softly stroked the upper most areas of her inner thigh while they sat and waited for Emma and Margot to wake up. She began to run the fingers of her left hand through Alex’s hair, using her right to keep her balance on the chair. She watched him intently, as he shifted his gaze from the screen, to staring into her eyes.

The way Chloe was watching him, Alex found it impossible to tell if she was playing the same game that she had just inquired about. Right now though, with his hand inches from her teenaged pussy, her fingers softly caressing his scalp, and staring at him with those “fuck me” eyes, Alex wasn’t sure he cared.

He didn’t have much time to ponder it, or take Chloe up on what her eyes were hinting at, because right about then, Emma woke up.

She turned over with a lazy smile, feeling all warm and glowy after what had been undoubtedly the best sex she’d had in her life. She’d have to reconcile that later as it had come at the hands of a woman she hadn’t even known three days earlier, and the man who’d kidnaped and raped her. Because it certainly wasn’t Margot’s fault, that they were prisoners here, and she was the one here now, not him. Emma had never been sexually attracted to a woman before. But after what had transpired last night, she couldn’t deny that she found Margot stunningly beautiful.

“Hi.” Emma said softly with a warm smile as Margot opened her eyes.

“Hi yourself” Margot replied, in her charming Aussie accent returning the smile.

Emma looked away shyly as Margot’s amazing blue eyes met hers. “You know” she began after a minute. “I’d never been with a woman before last night.”

“No? Well you certainly fooled me.” Margot said as she pulled Emma closer, gently brushing her nose against her new friend’s.

“Had you?” Emma asked with an inquisitive laugh and a broad smile.

Margot returned the smile with a grin of her own. “I’ll put it this way, you don’t get that good with a strap on, without having used one.” Both girls giggled softly then. Margot leaned her head forward, gently touching her forehead to Emma’s. She raised her gaze, to look the other woman in the eye. “It was just a couple times in college” Margot went on jovially. “I never really talked about it, I don’t think anyone in the business even knew I had bi-sexual tendencies.” Margot turned serious then. “You know, this . . . this place. I don’t know what to make of it or of ‘host,’ but, I’m really glad we’ve met, and I hope you weren’t just putting on a show for his sake.”

Emma raised her gaze, locking eyes with the other woman. She had never, even with her own boyfriend, felt as close or as attracted to someone as she did now. She felt a little ashamed, because that was exactly what it had been at first. She wasn’t sure how Margot would take it, but she felt she had to be honest with her. She might end up being the only friend she’d have for a long time. “At . . . at first it was just a show. I didn’t want that . . . that man to hurt me or degrade me anymore.” Tears leaked from her impossibly beautiful brown eyes. “I know . . . I know I’m supposed to be this strong feminist woman but . . .” Emma’s lip began to tremble and another flight of tears rolled down her cheeks, tracing the same path the first ones had fallen.

Margot gently pushed a finger to her lips, and wiped away the freshly fallen tears. “This. This is an impossible situation. You can’t expect yourself to just instinctively know what to do, or how to handle it.” She careened her head forward to lightly kiss Emma on the lips, tasting as she did the salt from her tears. “All we can do” she added, again brushing her nose against Emma’s, “is the best we can. Nothing more. Look on the bright side we’ve met each other.”

Emma laughed her soft little laugh and smiled broadly, feeling more like herself already. She leaned in and kissed Margot again. Lightly at first, then after a minute opening her mouth to willingly accept the other woman’s tongue and gently probing her mouth with her own. She pulled away after a few minutes of soft, passionate kissing. “I . . . believe I owe you something this morning.” She said with a grin.

“You might be right” Margot replied running her hand up Emma’s side, and brushing a stray strand of hair from her eyes.

“Will you tell me what to do?” Emma said biting her lip coyly. “I’ve never done this before.” In response, Margot passionately grabbed Emma pulling her close, and rolling on top of her. Their mouths and tongues met in hot wet frenzied kissing, while their hands began to caress and squeeze the soft spots of the other.

Alex’s pushed aside Chloe’s panties, and by the time Margot had rolled on top of Emma he was urgently pushing his third digit in to her tight warm pussy. She moaned softly into his ear, having wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs now splayed wide to give him better access. Alex worked his fingers in and out of Chloe as he watched two of his dream women have passionate lesbian sex in a prison he had built for them.

His cock felt impossibly hard, a fact which was disproven when Chloe reached her hand inside his pants, and began to gently stroke back and forth along its length, before taking the head between her thumb and forefinger and rolling it softly between her fingers. He had to focus not to blow his load when Chloe pressed her tongue into his ear and began to softly nibble on his earlobe.

Chloe’s breathing increased, as Alex worked his fingers harder and faster in and out her, as her hot moist breath wafted against his neck, and her tongue intermittently darted in and out of his ear.

Alex felt like he might cum any minute with the way Chloe was working his shaft and head between her deft fingers, and redoubled his efforts to get her off. He rubbed her clit under this thumb as he worked his fingers inside, making a come hither gesture, and gliding his arm back and forth. Chloe’s head lolled back and she began to buck against his hand, moaning even as he pushed his fingers deeper inside her.

After the wave of orgasm passed, she kissed Alex on the lips, pressing her tongue against his and moaning like a whore into his mouth. She was still working his dick like a porn star, and Alex had to mount every last ounce of willpower not to blow his load right then. Chloe broke the kiss, and slide off his lap and on to the floor, kneeling before him. Alex lifted his ass, and slid his pants to the floor, marveling as he did at Chloe’s stunning green eyes, and those impossibly full lips that seemed made with sucking dick in mind. She wrapped those lips around the full, throbbing head of his cock, cupping his balls with one hand, and fingering her pussy with the other. Just for a moment before he knew he’d loose himself to the menstruations of Chloe’s mouth, Alex looked up to see what was happening on the screen.

The cameras in every room were invisible, but Margot must have figured out where one of them was from watching Bella on that first night, because she was staring right into it. Emma and Margot now occupied the center of the bed, and Margot had mounted Emma’s face. She was gently rocking her hips back and forth, as Emma’s tongue pulsated in and about the opening of her pussy. Her eyes locked on the camera, knowing that Alex must be watching.

She cupped her perfect, perky little boobs, licking her lips and gazing seductively into the camera, before reaching down and running Emma’s pussy lips between her fingers. Emma moaned, then placed her whole mouth over Margot’s pussy sucking her clit and running her tongue deep inside her hot wet hole. With one last look at the camera, Margot lowered her head between Emma’s splayed open legs, wrapping her lips around the other woman’s engorged clit. A wet sucking sound followed, and both women began to moan. Emma raised up her knees and pressed Margot’s face deeper into sex, as both women began to rock back and forth sucking and licking each other like long time lovers.

Alex lost track of what happened next between Emma and Margot, because Chloe was swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, and gently pulling and squeezing his balls. The next time he would look at the screen, the two lovers would be spooning in the intimate embrace of post-coital cuddling, talking softly and giggling. But for now, Alex was forced to turn his attention to the cum hungry succubus trying to part him from his soul, through his cock.

She was gazing up at him with those gorgeous green eyes, never breaking eye contact, and slowly sliding those impossibly full lips up and down the shaft of his cock. Every time she would bring her lips to the tip, her tongue would swirl and probe in and around the head. Alex gripped the arms of the recliner. He didn’t want to force her, and the only way he could stop himself from seizing her head and fucking it till his balls were resting on those lips was to bear down hard on the arms of the chair.

Chloe seemed to know that Alex wanted her to do it herself, because she was delighting in teasing him. She would slowly increase the speed of her head movement and the intensity with which her tongue moved and probed, bringing him just to the edge of an orgasm. Then she’d pop the head from her mouth and ask in the coyest voice imaginable something like: “Am I doing it right, Master.” Or “Am I being a good girl, Master?” Alex could only nod, and focus on those eyes as she slid his hard wet shaft back into her mouth and began to suck and bob, all the while staring at him with those eyes.

Just when Alex didn’t think he could take anymore teasing, and was on the verge of grabbing her hair and face fucking her, she again popped his dick from her mouth and said: “Master, would you like me to suck on your balls?” Alex only nodded fervently and stood up, spreading his legs to give her access. Chloe ran her lips up and down both sides of his cock before tenderly taking his balls into her mouth, sucking and lightly tugging on them. She grabbed his cock then, and began to work her hand up and down his now well lubed shaft. She switched from right to left, sucking with varied levels of intensity, all while staring up and him, and working his shaft, like an engine works a piston.

Alex couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m going to—” The first thick ropey strand of cum burst forth from his cock and sprawled itself across Chloe’s angelic face. The second landed in her mouth, as she moved from his balls, and began to jerk Alex off, right into her mouth. Three, four, five more spurts and Chloe had begun to drool cum from the sides of her lips. She closed her mouth and swallowed. She looked like an angel in the snow. She ran a finger across where the first strand had hit her on the cheek and eye, collecting it up and sucking the contents from her finger. All while watching him with her perfect green eyes.

Alex fell into the chair, letting out an exhausted sigh. Chloe climbed into his lap kissing and sucking on his neck. Alex couldn’t believe it, the little slut wanted more. He briefly looked up at the screen, and seeing the two ladies finished he pulled Chloe close to him. “You ready for breakfast.” He asked after a few minutes. She nodded into his neck and stood up, waiting for him to unhook her slave collar from the chair and lead her from the room.

Alex changed his pants, and fetched up Margot and Chloe’s level 2 attire from a chest in another part of his bed room. He then unhooked her and lead her into the main dormitory area . . .

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