Billion Dollar Harem pt 6

Title: Billion Dollar Harem pt 6

Author: Mal

Celebs: Taylor Swift, Chloe Moretz

Codes: MFF, MMMMMF, MDom, Rape, Oral, Anal, Viol, Drugs, Inter, WS

Summary: Chloe and Alex try desperately to convince Taylor that sex in the harem can be enjoyable and preferable to sulking around. When their efforts fail, Alex calls in the reserves to teach Taylor that it’s his way or the hard way.

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Also, I make no money from the distribution of these stories.

Day 3 cont.

When Alex and Chloe entered the main room of the dormitory, Bella and Taylor were sitting at one of the kitchen tables eating a breakfast of oatmeal and orange juice. He watched them, as they listlessly ate and stared off into space without speaking or interacting at all. Alex frowned, as he led Chloe into her bed room and handed her the new level 2 attire for her new position. Attire for level 2 consisted of a thong, short cotton gym shorts, a tee-shirt in a size that would actually fit the lady in question, as well as socks, gym shoes, and a simple bra, should she desire it, all in a dark blue color scheme. Alex felt it was important that each level of attire be color coded to serve as a distinguisher between the levels, and that each new level came with it a new reward.

“For me, Master,” Chloe said as Alex handed her three sets of the new clothes.

“This is the attire for being a level 2. The other benefits for being a level 2 include, being able to address me without asking for permission, limited television time, one sweet snack and one beverage of your choice each week that you may keep in your room, and access to the main room from your own room during approved times. During those times, your thumb print will open the doors to the hallway leading to your room, and the door to your room, giving you access to the main room and the hallway with the toilets, and showers.”

While Alex had been explaining the benefits of being a level 2, Chloe pulled the ill-fitting white tee shirt over her head, giving him his first view of her perky teenaged boobs, she then dropped her panties, displaying her neatly trimmed bikini area. She then began to dress in her level 2 attire, leaving out, Alex noted, the bra. She packed the remaining sets of outfits into the dresser in her room and took out the level one uniform asking “what would you like me to do with this, Master?”

Alex took it up, saying he’d dispose of it. “Press your thumb to the panel in your room. Let’s get you entered into the system. Taji,” Alex said, again addressing the guard on duty. “Chloe has reached level 2, as long as she remains there, her thumb print will open this door and the door to the hallway outside from 10am to 10 pm.”

“Ok, Boss. It’s all set up. This’ll work till you disable it.”

“Understood, Taji, thanks. Now what would you like for your snack and drink, remember you get only one each week.”

Chloe shrugged. “Um how’s about Skittles and Mountain Dew.”

“Ok” said Alex with a grin “Skittles and Mountain Dew it is.” He patted the bed next to him and said, “why don’t you have a seat for a minute, I want to ask you something.” Chloe set on her bed, crossing her legs in front of her and leaning back against the headboard. “I wanted to ask you something about Bella and Taylor.”

Chloe nodded smoothing out the creases in the bedspread distractedly. “You want me to make friends with one of em? Try to help her fit in here better?”

“Exactly” said Alex smiling at her. “But more than that, would you be at all up to seducing one of them. It will help them to settle in if they are actually enjoying the sex they are having here, and I can’t give it to them all the time.” Alex added after a moment, “If you not into women, I get it, but if you are, it could lead to a quicker promotion to level 3.”

Chloe looked up from where she was still idly smoothing the bedspread, locking those gorgeous green eyes onto Alex’s. “We’re . . . we’re never getting out of here are we? Least, not alive. . .?”

Alex frowned as empathetically as he could, given that he was their captor. “No, I’m afraid not. I took great care and time constructing this place. I’m afraid you’ll never be found, and releasing you would . . . well I’m sure it wouldn’t go so well for me.”

Chloe nodded as if she’d already known the answer. “I’ll seduce one of em for you, Master. It could be fun; I haven’t really fooled around much with girls. My cousin and I practiced kissing when we were eleven . . . but that’s about it. I’d be up for it, which one would you rather I do.”

Alex couldn’t help but grin, Chloe was quickly becoming one of his favorites. “Frankly I think Bella would be easier, even though she was the one taught the lesson on the first night, I feel like she’s handling things here a lot better than Taylor. If you don’t have a preference, I think Bella. Bringing her into the fold might show Taylor that she can have some kind of a life here . . . If she won’t come out of this funk, I’ll have to take more drastic measures.”

“Ok. You want me to start now, Master?”

“Yeah, go ahead and start now, and remember you still have chores and daily tasks to complete, make sure they both know that as well. I’m going to have to go interrupt the new couple, give Margot her new clothes and get them up and moving.

“Yes Master.”

Alex went and got Margot and Emma up and moving, they had been lying in bed kissing and talking when he went in, and Alex couldn’t be more pleased with how things had worked out with the two of them. Hopefully Chloe would have some of the same successes with Bella. He gave Margot her new clothes, explained the benefits of being level 2, and was pleased when Emma expressed a desire to raise herself up as well. Then he got Margot’s thumb print put into the system, and the he retired to his quarters to leave the girls over to performing their tasks and chores for the day.

Day 8:

It had been just over a week now, since Alex had brought Emma Watson, Chloe Moretz, Margot Robbie, Taylor Swift and Bella Thorne to the underground prison he’d built for housing his celebrity harem, and for the most part, things were going much better than he’d ever imagined at this point. Three days after Chloe had practically sucked the life right out of his cock while he watched Emma and Margot in their first intimate encounter without him, Alex promoted her to a level 3, and at that rank, she is currently the highest ranking girl in the facility. On that same day, Emma was promoted to level 2, owing to good behavior in the interim since she had attacked him, and the nightly shows she and Margot put on, as the two women spent almost all of their time together. After her promotion, Alex allowed Emma and Margot to share a room, which they eagerly began to do. In the meantime, Chloe was making strides with Bella, and by the time day eight rolled around she too was a level 2. Though the two had yet to have sex.

Level 3 carries with it another set of benefits. The level 3 attire was essentially the same as level 2, except in red, and Alex upgraded the thong from cotton to silk. It also afforded completely open access to the main room at all times of the day. Of course access to other hallways, and the other lady’s rooms was still prohibited. It also allowed for unlimited TV time, which the girls had begun to manage as most of them now had at least some TV rights. In addition, the level 3 would be given a box of her favorite sweets, and a small case of her beverage to drink each week, as long as these treats didn’t interfere with keeping her target weight. Finally, Alex presented Chloe with an iPod (there was no wireless, or access to the internet in the underground complex) with 100 songs of her choice uploaded on to it.

The most troubling thing about the state of affairs on day eight was that Taylor was still living life like a robot. She, like the other ladies, had been taking their birth control each day, and Alex was grateful to not have to worry about blowing his load inside one of his girls. In the five days that had passed, Alex had given the girls more choices about sex, when they could have it, and the manner in which he would take them, but made sure they realized that he planned to have sex one or two times each day and that if no one volunteered he would choose for them. Chloe was the most willing, He had taken her several times over the passing days, but Emma, Margot, and even Bella had volunteered, and for the most part, while not outright enjoying the fact that they were sex slaves, at least came away from the individual encounters seemingly satisfied. Alex had begun, starting on the fourth day to ask Taylor if she was ready to spend time in the bedroom with him, hoping that she would eventually be willing to go on her own, and each day she had denied him.

As the day came to a close on the seventh day, Alex decided she would never willingly go. It wasn’t fair to the other girls that they continued to pick up her slack, and he decided it was time to take action. He wanted to shock her, to make her see that she was his sex slave, and that whether she wanted to or not, she was going to be a part of his regular sexual activities.

Alex had an old queen sized mattress brought down to the punishment room in the early part of the eighth day, much to the curiosity of the other girls, even Taylor in her ennui took notice of the two huge African security guards carrying it though the main hall.

Alex watched her face, while she sat at a table by herself eating breakfast. Chloe sat in his lap, and he took notice of her watching them carry it in. He couldn’t tell if Taylor realized the depravity he had planned for her if she denied his one last request for sex. Chloe poured a few Skittles into her hand and popped them into her mouth. She chewed, and whispered into Alex’s ear. “Your planning something for her, tonight. Aren’t you?”

Alex nodded, shifting his gaze from the automatronic Taylor, to the bubbly sexual deviant, Chloe. “Yes.” He whispered back. “Are you interested in helping?” He said stroking his hand up her thigh and gently touching her pussy before moving his hand back to her knee.

“Is there a promotion in it” she said, a wicked gleam in her eye.

Alex laughed. “Not yet. But it will put you on the fast track.”

Chloe leaned in and softly bit Alex’s earlobe. She held it softly in her teeth as she pulled her head away some till, teasingly it slid from her soft, hot, mouth. “What do I have to do?” she asked in a sulky, sexy voice.

“First, I’m going to give her one more chance. Then, I hope you know how to work a camcorder.” Alex gently pushed Chloe from his lap, and stood up, crossing the floor to where Taylor sat staring into her empty lunch tray. She flinched gazing up at him. “Taylor, I’ve given you ample opportunity.” She paled, and leaned away from him as Alex towered over her. “Let’s go to your room. I’ve decided you’re going to be my afternoon fuck.”

Taylor stood, and backed away from Alex, “no” she said, “I don’t want to.” She dropped her tray and ran from the main hall into the laundry room, the furthest room from the main hall, down the hallway with the toilets. Alex looked around, Bella had come from the exercise room covered in a thin sheen of sweat, and Emma and Margot peered out from behind one of the partitioned TV rooms to see what the commotion was all about.

“Ladies, as you all know” Alex spoke as they gathered around him. “Ms. Swift has been less than cooperative, and while I can appreciate that this is a less than ideal situation for all of you. I believe you have all come to realize that it is much more pleasant to acquiesce than to fight. To take some enjoyment from this place, whether or not you believe you will ever leave, rather than to sulk and bring down the mood of everyone else. I will be taking action tonight that I hope will turn things around for Taylor. Anyone wishing to assist, will be looked upon favorably for a promotion when I get ready to pass out the next round. Those who do not, should get ready for an early lockdown. In one hour I’m locking things down for the night.

An hour later, Emma, Margot and Bella were all locked back in their cells, Taylor was still hiding in the laundry room. Alex told Chloe to keep track of Taylor’s movements, that he would be back shortly. When he returned a few minutes later, Chloe reported that Taylor had moved from the laundry room, into the exercise room, saying, “I think she’s hiding in the equipment closet.”

“Wait here,” Alex said as he retrieved a large syringe from his pocket and pulled the cap before starting down the hallway. Alex entered the exercise room, which held two treadmills, two exercise bikes, a few different weight machines (free weights were too easily used as weapons), and a large space for yoga mats, balls, or other stretching activities. Taylor was nowhere to be seen. There was a large silvery equipment closet that held tape, powder, ice packs, heat packs, jump rope, that sort of thing, and plenty of room to hide. Alex approached it, and rattled the door, stepping to the side as he did.

Taylor burst forth from the closet, making a run for it. But she wasn’t fast enough, and Alex caught her arm as she ran past, twisting it, and hauling her to the ground. He quickly and unceremoniously shoved the needle into her arm and pressed the plunger. Alex then used his weight to hold her down, and within a few seconds she had stopped struggling, having been rendered unconscious by the drugs.

Alex picked up the unconscious, long legged singer, cradling her in his arms and carrying her from the room. He took her into the punishment room, Chloe following behind, and laid the skinny pop star down on the mattress. He pulled the oversized white tee over her head, and yanked her panties down off her legs, revealing her pert little tits, and a completely shaven bald pussy. Alex took a moment to stare down at the stunning sight that is Taylor Swift’s petite, perfectly formed body. Chloe, appeared at his arm, gazing down at Taylor, as a soft “OOOohhh” escaped her lips.

“Looking forward to eating that pussy?” Alex asked, pulling free a strand of duct tape. He flipped Taylor over on to her stomach, watching with a grin as Chloe nodded slowly, while she absently licked her full, made for cock lips and continued to gaze in awe at the body of the unconscious pop star. Alex bound Taylor’s hands together tightly at the wrist using the duct tape. Afterwards, Alex walked over to one of the supply cabinets in the room and removed a two-inch-wide, five feet long tube of pvc pipe. Feed through the tube was a thick length of leather cord with two small hoops at either end. Attached to each of these hoops were adjustable leather restraints. Alex, then tightly secured one of Taylor’s ankles in each restraint, ensuring that she would be unable to close her legs. Finally, retrieving the ring gag, he slipped it past her lips, and over her teeth, and bound its leather strap tightly around her head, making Taylor unable to bite down, or close her mouth.

Chloe and Alex then set up a series of stage lights around the mattress, as well as three camcorders mounted on tripods, and a fourth, which he gave to Chloe so when the time came, she could film the action. They then rolled Taylor onto her stomach, and sat, waiting for the drugs in her system to wear off.

As she began to stir, Chloe went around to each of the cameras, turned it on, and set it to recording the scene, while Alex removed his pants, helped Taylor into a kneeling position, and stood over her. Taylor’s long eye lashes fluttered open and she looked around in shock, screaming around the gag in her mouth “MMhhhmmmh.” Alex, holding her up by her long blonde hair, slapped her once, hard across the cheek to shut her up. Taylor sniveled and sobbed, as tears began to slide from her eyes and slowly roll down her cheeks.

“Although you don’t deserve it, Taylor, I’m giving you one more chance. Bend down, take my cock between into your mouth and push it as far as you can into your throat, and you may just enjoy the rest of the night. Refuse, and I’m going to fuck your face anyway, and I promise you the rest of tonight will be akin to hell.

Taylor began to struggle, shaking her head violently back and forth as she tried to free herself from Alex’s grasp, shouting and screaming around the gag. Alex nodded to Chloe, and continued to hold Taylor firm. She slipped in behind the struggling pop star, and took her hips in a firm grasp. Taylor paused her efforts to resist, again casting Alex a look of shock, as Chloe pressed her thick lips against the other woman’s sex and began to probe inside of it with an eager tongue. “Feels good, doesn’t it,” he asked. Taylor had given up the fight, her head hanging in defeat as Alex held her in the kneeling position by her hair.

Soon wet slopping sounds could be heard as Chloe was deeply probing Taylor’s pussy with her long tongue. She followed her deep investigation into the other woman’s pussy by intermittently taking long licks which gently slid over Taylor’s tight puckered asshole, even as she continued to sob and gasp for air. Thick tears fell from her chin and had begun to collect in a small pool on the mattress.  Even though she was hating it, Taylor’s body began to respond, and Alex noted several times when Chloe would pull back some, Taylor pushed back attempting to reconnect with Chloe’s deft tongue. As she neared an orgasm, Alex pulled her hair back so she again could look him in the eye. “This is your last chance, suck my dick, or learn the hard way.”

Taylor made no move, other than closing her eyes and letting her head loll in Alex’s grip. Chloe pushed her face back into Taylor’s pussy and continued to suck and lick while Alex slapped his cock against Taylor’s face, pressing it to her cheek and rubbing it against her till his prick stood at full attention. Then unceremoniously, and without warning, he rammed it into Taylor’s gapping mouth, gripping the sides of her head and angrily pushing it down her throat.

Chloe looked up from where she was and gazed up at Alex with those gorgeous green eyes. Her face pressed deep into Taylor’s pussy, tongue pushing in and out of her sex only to switch to flicking against her clit, or probing gently into her asshole and watched Alex as he forced his cock in and out of the popstar’s mouth. Chloe was making soft murmurs of content, and staring at him with those eyes. Although her gaze was unreadable, the sight of Chloe Moretz looking up at him as her face was buried in Taylor Swift’s pussy solidified his cock in a way raping the latter’s throat never could.

He continued to meet the teen star’s gaze, as he began to hump Taylor’s mouth, pulling his dick nearly free, before jamming it all the way back in. As she watched him, he couldn’t help but to build himself to orgasm. Just before he came, he pulled out and stopped himself, slapping his dick across Taylor’s face several times. “Ok, Ok, That’s enough, let me get in that pussy, before we begin the real lesson. Chloe moved aside without saying a word as she wiped her chin with the back of her wrist and gave Alex a mysterious smile before stepping off the mattress.

Alex knelt behind Taylor Swift, who had collapsed now that he was no longer holding her up by her hair. He grabbed her waist and pulled him to her, sliding his prick over the entry to her pussy once or twice as he did. He pushed into her, she was well prepared to receive his cock under the menstruations of Chloe’s tongue. Taylor was tight, but Bella and the others had proved to be less experienced, still Alex had hoped his first time with Taylor would have been easier. He gripped her thin hips and began to push himself in and out of Taylor’s tight pussy. Chloe had moved around in front, and placed Taylor’s sagging head in her lap, stroking the girl’s hair, and trying to comfort her. It didn’t take Alex long to reach orgasm, and after pounding in and out of her for just a few minutes, his balls drained deep inside her.

Alex pulled out of her, allowing Taylor to collapse on to the bed. She hugged herself, and began to weep openly, sucking in air through her gag as tears ran down her cheeks. Chloe stood up and touched Alex on his shoulder as he was putting on his pants. “On second thought, Master, I don’t’ think I’m up for this next part. Besides, it might go further toward gaining her trust if I wasn’t here for it.”

Alex smiled down at her, fully understanding the young teen’s predicament. She too was a prisoner here, and if things had gone differently, it might be her bound and gagged on a mattress. “I understand,” he said, gently cupping her chin and placing a light kiss on her lips. “I’ll lead you back to the main room once Ulu and the others get here.” It didn’t take long for the doors to the punishment room to open, and for Ulu, Taji, Ukuza, and Thando to come into the room, they were four of his five African security guards. Zeru was the fifth, and would join them, once Alex had taken over monitoring the security station in his room. Taylor would soon learn that obedience and sex with him was much better than the punishment he could dispense. Alex leaned down, whispering to Chloe, why don’t you wait by the doors to the main hall.”

Chloe blinked, breaking her reverie of staring as the four huge 6’5 feet plus men gathered around outside the ring of lights and began to remove their guard uniforms. They stared lustily down at the tiny body of Taylor Swift, as she lay weeping and sobbing, bound and unaware of what was about to happen to her as a combination of the lights blaring down on her, and the angle of her head hid them from her view. She nodded to Alex, leaving the punishment room, flinching as the door swung ominously closed behind her.

Alex went over to Taylor, and knelt by her head. “One of the things I promised my guards” he began with a sigh, “was a night with one of my captives, should any of them prove unwilling to assimilate into my harem. I am honestly sorry you couldn’t be led to reason, that you had to fight so vehemently. But . . . alas, here we are.” He reached down to gently stroke a strand of hair from her eyes before continuing on. “After tonight, you will make every effort to become a part of this group. Should you still prove unwilling, I will make life most excruciating for you. First, I will strap you into the horse, and stick an IV in your arm to keep you from dying of malnutrition. From there, I will simply let my guards have you whenever they want, night or day, your life will just be a string of what hole is being fucked now. I’ll let them bring down their dogs to have a turn at your pussy, and record you as they fuck you in every hole that can take a dick.” He continued to softly stroke the side of Taylor’s head as new tears formed in the corner of her eyes and softly ran down her cheeks as she began to whimper and sob.

But, Alex continued on as if nothing was amiss. “I’ll then take the video I’m about to make of these five African studs fucking you in every way imaginable, and see to it that the first copies are discreetly sent to all your friends and family. You can imagine your mother watching as you are fucked over and over again, as you moan like a whore while these five big black dicks bang you again and again. Tonight, cannot at this point be avoided. But,” he said running his fingers lightly though her hair, “becoming a permeant fuck toy, to be abused every moment till your death, can.”

He stood and moved away from her as Taylor’s sobs increased in intensity and volume. He pulled Ulu aside, and spoke quietly. “Despite the threat, keep you men in check, let them enjoy their spoils, but keep them under control. I’m not trying make a very expensive snuff film, understand?”

“Do not worry boss, we will use the lube, and take care not to cause her any bleeding.”

“Thank you, my friend. I hope you and your men enjoy this.” Alex left the punishment room and escorted Chloe back to her quarters, before taking up position in his personal security room. After he took over monitoring the station, Zeru came down, and joined the other guards in a circle around Taylor Swift.

By the time Alex’s five African guardsmen were gathered in the punishment room, Taylor Swift was shaking and sobbing loudly around the ring gag. Drool was pooling from the corners of her mouth, and her cheeks were streaked with black mascara and tear stains. She lay huddled, curled up in a ball on the mattress, violently sobbing, as they closed in around her. As they loomed over her, she began to sniffle, quieting down, and looking up at them, fear evident in her pretty blue eyes. They knelt all around her, and began warming their cocks up, slowly jerking off as they passed around a bottle of lube, which they applied generously. Ulu then said, “Taji your up.”

Taji was the biggest of Alex’s five guards, being nearly seven feet tall, and his cock was nearly the size of Taylor’s skinny little forearm. Taylor gazed upon the huge black man in terror as he grabbed a handful of her pale blonde hair and pulled her into a kneeling position. She began shaking her head vigorously and mumbling around the gag in her mouth. “MMhhhmmmh.”

“Don’t worry, Ms. Swift, you’ll be singing a different tune by the time we’re done with you,” and with that he laughed deep and throaty. He then climbed under, sliding his feet over the pvc pipe keeping her legs spread, and pressing her nubile body against his large muscular one. Her pale white skin contrasted sharply with his dark, coaly black skin. He lifted her by the hips, and slid his huge meaty cock into her now well-used, well-lubed pussy. His four comrades stood over them, watching and working their cocks, as Taji began to pump his hips, working his dick in and out of Taylor’s pussy.

While Taji worked Taylor’s pussy, Zeru, the smallest of the men used a lubed up dildo to prep Taylor’s tight little asshole for real penetration. Ukuza then moved around in front of Taylor and said “that mouth ready for some more work, and I don’t mean singin.” Then he pushed his cock through the ring gag and slowly began to work it in and out of her gapping mouth. Ulu stood and watched, while Thando took up one of the camera’s and filmed the action. Soon Zeru had Taylor’s ass ready to take a cock without causing her serious damage, and Taji slowed his fucking to let Zeru slip his thick black dick into Taylor’s asshole.

Taylor just hung limply has the three men held her like a rag-doll. Taji held her hips and was fucking her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Zeru held her shoulders, keeping Taylor from slipping off his dick ass Taji’s movement pushed Taylor up and down on his cock, and Ukuza held her by the hair and pushed his dick into her throat, pulled it out and repeated the process. There was little Taylor could do, arms bound behind her back, legs held apart by a length of pvc pipe, and her mouth held agape by a ring gag, as the three huge African guardsmen used her all three of her holes like a rental car. The three men see-sawed the tiny Taylor Swift back and forth till they dumped their loads deep inside her.

It was then Ulu and Thando’s turn. Taji crawled out from under the now limp popstar, and Zeru and Ukuza stood to watch. Ulu slipped himself into Taylor’s now gaping asshole as Thando helped himself to her mouth. The two men made short work of it. Thando held Taylor by the neck, ramming his cock in and out of her throat as Ulu mercilessly fucked her asshole. It didn’t take long for them to add their loads to the copious amounts of cum infesting Taylor Swift’s various innards.

After they were finished, the five men took a moment to rest, then gathered again around Taylor, who was too beaten and defeated to even cry. Her pale blue eyes were just staring non-reactively at nothing as they hovered over her. They then began to jerk themselves off. As each man neared his climax he chose a spot to unleash his load. Ulu and Taji covered Taylor’s face in jizz, while Thando sprayed his load all over the popstar’s stomach. Zeru and Ukuza blew their loads all over Taylor’s perky tits.

Ulu then said “My boss made sure that I delivered this messaged after we were done. He said to tell you that if you do not gain a more appreciative and cooperative attitude, you can expect this to become your nightly routine.” He then emptied his bladder, urinating all over Taylor’s face and into her mouth. The others followed suit, pissing hot thick streams of urine all over the defeated popstar.

As they left the room, Alex watched for a few minutes as Taylor lay there limp and unmoving. He hoped this would send a clear message that she was going to participate, and that it was up to her what kind of part she would play. He then shut off the lights, leaving Taylor to spend the night bound at the wrist and ankles, covered in piss and cum with nothing but time to ponder the lesson she had just been taught.

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