Birthday Party On My Farm

Birthday Party on my Farm

written by DJ Tension

This Story is fiction. It contains forced sex & sexual acts with animals. Please stop reading when you feel offened by humans having sex with all kinds of animals and women swallowing gallons of cum. All things happening in this story were just written for your excitement and are not true. Please know, when a woman says ‘no’ then she MEANS NO! Treat all women with respect. More stories coming soon.

English isn’t my native language, Please forgive my mistakes. Special thanx to ChavaĆ¢ for an “addictional eye” on this story *wink*. And now let’s go on with the
story… Enjoy, that’s an order!
Danny J.


The phone rang as I returned back into the house. “Hiiiii, Britney speaking!!” the voice on the phone said. Britney Spears is one of my closest friends, we have known each other for years. “Hey, how the heck are ya hon?” I answered. “I’m fine thank you dear, just a bit exhausted coz I’ve just finsished my world-tour.” she said. Britney had been in several cities all over the world in the past 3 months. “I need some relaxation now. Mind me coming up to your farm today staying for my birthday?” she asked. Of course I didn’t. Soon she would be 17 and she wanted to celebrate that day with me on my farm. Every year on her birthday she came for a visit.

The cab arrived and Britney paid the driver. I took her hand as she stepped out of the car. “You’re looking wonderful dear!” I said. “Thanks hon.” Britney answered with a smile appearing on her face. She followed me back to my house as the cab drove away. As she took me by her hand I could feel my cock getting harder and harder. Britney wore a white top and tight BlueJeans. I could see her hard nipples. “Hey, you always get hard nipples when we meet!” I joked. She looked at me and began to pinch her nipples through the top. “Yeah I know, I love beeing here, love how it smells, the silence – just everything. And that makes my nipples get hard”. She smiled as she put her hands back into the pockets of her too tight Jeans. I took her suitcase and guided her to the room she was supposed to stay in for the next days. Britney yawned, so I gave her a kiss waving a short “Ok, good night hon. Sleep well. And you know where to find me when you need anything.” Then I left, knowing what was going to happen the next day.


As Britney woke up she saw me standing by her bed. “You slept well dear?” I asked. “Mmmmmmmmmm… yeah! Thank you so much sweetie!” she answered with her eyes still closed. “So, now you’re fine and rested. I think now it’s time to show me how much you appreciate your stay here.” Britney opened her eyes and stared at me. “What… do you mean?” she stammered. “Suck me off Britney!” I ordered. “You’re kidding… aren’t you?!” she said with fear in her eyes. “No Britney, I’m not. So, suck me off now bitch! Come on, get my pecker and suck on it!” I ordered again. In this moment Britney realized that there’s no way out for her. She was all alone with me on my farm, miles away from the next town. Nobody could help her now, nobody would hear her screams. So she undid my pants and grabbed my 8-incher with her hands. “I said suck it, you slut!” I yelled at her. So she opened her mouth and I shoved my dick all the way in, slowly. I was astonished that Britney was able to take all 8 inches down her throat. “Gosh, this can’t be her first blowjob…” I thought to myself. To see Britney Spears taking my dick down her throat and gently sucking on it, drove me nuts. I was about to cum in her mouth, but I was sure when Britney could feel me squirting, she would try to make me cum all over her nightgown instead – or at least she would try to spit. I could feel my juices coming up and as I shot all my cum into her mouth I clamped her nose with my fingers and placed my hand behind her head. This forced her to swallow every drop of my sperm. “Yeah, that’s it bitch! Swallow it all down you slut! Oh god yeah…!!” I screamed as I could see her trying to swallow my cream. And when I finished penetrating Britney’s mouth, I took my dick out and ordered her to lick it all clean. “Are you satisfied now? Was it good for you?” she asked me with tears in her eyes. “Yeah sweetheart, that was wonderful. You were doing a great job! Thanks dear. Now get yourself in the shower!” I answered. She stood up and walked over to the bathroom. I could see her licking her fingers clean of my cum.

“That wasn’t very nice what you did to me a few ago.” Britney said as she came back into the kitchen. I was cooking lunch for us as she walked by and sat down on a chair. “I mean, I admit that your cum tastes wonderful. But you should have asked if I would let you fuck my face and cum down my throat!” She looked at me and began to eat an apple she had grabbed from my table. “I know dear, I’m sorry that I forced you to suck my dick and swallow my cum. But always when you come to my farm, you’re teasing me and I’m not allowed to do anything to you! You just got me so damn hard and I couldn’t resist anymore.” Britney smiled at me, got up off her chair and walked over to me. “I didn’t know you were wanting to fuck me. Is there anything else you’re dreaming of me doing it for you?” she said, wrapping her arms around my hips. “Oh yeah dear, I have so many thoughts… and so sick that I cannot tell you.” I said, my face turning red. “Oh come on hon, we’re alone here. And I promise that I won’t tell anyone about what you said or what’ll happen while I’m here. Really, I promise!” I turned myself and wrapped my arms around her hips too. “Ok Britney, you want to know then I will tell you. So many times I was jerking myself off by thinking you’d get fucked by an animal. Or better, by many animals. And it also turned me on to think of you shoving things up your pussy and ass… just, several things… you know what I mean?” Britney knew exactly what I meant, she went over to the other side of my kitchen and took a huge cucumber out of the fridge. “You mean, these kind of things dear?” she asked and winked. I took one of my kitchen-forks and showed it to her. “This too yeah, but actually I was thinking of these kinda things!” I answered. “God, I’m already wet! You want me to put that fork in my pussy??” She came back to me and took the fork out of my hand. Britney pulled her shorts down to the floor and bent over the table. With one hand she spread her lips apart and with the other she shoved the fork slowly up her pussy. She shoved it in as deep as she could, moaning very loud. I couldn’t watch that scene without doing anything. So I walked up and rubbed the cucumber around her anus. “Please be careful, it’s my first time having anything up my ass.” she begged. I spat on her anus and lubed it up to put the veggie deep inside her tight hole. Britney was still moving the fork in and out of her wet dripping pussy. I placed the cucumber again and shoved it slowly in her asshole. “Mmmmmmmmmm…. oh god yesssss!” Britney moaned. I shoved the cucumber almost all the way in and began moving it in and out. “Yesss, fuck my ass with that huge cucumber! Gawd yeah, make me cum, make me cummmmmmmmmmm!!” Britney screamed as she climaxed. I was licking her clit while she was penetrating herself with the kitchen-fork, so she shot all her juices over my face. “I.. I’m sorry…” Britney stammered, as she saw me with her cum all over my cheeks. I love women’s juice, so I licked it all up and swallowed it down. Britney sank down to the floor, she never had such a hard orgasm and was really exhausted.

As I entered the stable Britney was already at the horse, stroking it’s fur up and down. “Hey you girl! You couldn’t wait for me huh? Already wet again??” She smiled at me and nodded. I could see in her eyes how horny she was. After all we had done that day she was horny once again. She must have missed being fucked so bad. I could see her eyes even sparkling as she saw that I brought two dogs behind me as I entered the stable. “Wow, some company for me. You’re too good to me!” Britney whispered. Then she saw the glass I held in my hands. “Hey, why the glass?” she asked. “You’ll see why Brit!” I answered. She was already stroking my horses’ cock as I walked over to her. “See, the cock’s getting hard already. Only by stroking! I bet it’s not the first time that Zorro has been involved with a woman!” Britney was getting wet again. Quickly she ripped her clothes off and stroke the horses’ cock up and down her pussy. “Suck the huge cock Brit!” I ordered. She got on her knees and tried to take the cock in her mouth. “Come on you slut, take it deeper!!” Britney tried hard to swallow the whole cock. “Good Brit, you’re a good cunt. Now stand up and bend over. Take that huge cock in your fucking pussy!” She did what she was told. Slowly the cock slid into her wet hole. “Now move forward and backward on that stick!! Come on you bitch!” I got horny by watching the famous Britney Spears getting fucked by a horse. So I walked by and took my pecker out of my jeans. “Suck mine while you get hard fucked Britney!” I ordered. She quickly began sucking. I grabbed her head and began facefucking her. Before I was ready to spurt, I took my dick out of her mouth and shot all my cream in the glass. “Good Brit, now take that cock up your ass!” She stared at me. “What? Uhhh… I cannot… Uhhh… take that… Uhhh… huge cock…. Ohhhh yeahhh… up my ass! Mmmmhhh gawd…. It’s too.. Uhhh… tight! Uhhh…” Britney was breathing hard. “Brit, you’re gonna shove that cock up your tight ass, understand!” I ordered. So she took the cock out of her pussy and shoved it slowly in her tight asshole. I put the glass on the floor and left to get the shovel I had somewhere in my backyard. When I found the tool, I returned to Britney. She seemed to pass out, the huge horsecock deep in her anus. I told her to spread her pussylips apart. Slowly I slid the shovel in, moving it in and out of her wet dripping hole. These scenes got me hard again and I ordered her to get on her knees. I removed the shovel in her pussy and as she was on her knees, I shoved it up her ass. “Now put your fake titties together, I wanna fuck ’em!” She did what she was told. I began to fuck her huge boobs hard and fast. With each thrust the shovel moved a bit deeper in her ass. “P… please stop. That tool is now 20 inches up my ass. It’s hurting so much!! Please stop…” she begged. So I stopped tit fucking her and ordered her to stand up. “Now suck me off first, then the horse.” She bent over and began to suck my dick. Before I was about to cum I told her to stop and to suck off the horse instead. Once again I shot all my cream in the glass. As Zorro was ready to cum too, I told her to let the horse cum in the glass. It seemed like Zorro wouldn’t stop spurting load after load. The glass was half-filled with cum now. “So sweetheart, now it’s time for the dogs. Suck them off!! Right now!” I ordered. Britney walked over to the two waiting dogs and got on her knees, still having the shovel up her ass. She had my permission to take it 5 inches out of her tight hole, so it was still 15 inches in. Quickly Britney began to suck one doggie’s cock while stroking the other’s dick with her hand. I could see she was getting tired of the action today, so I allowed her to suck the dogs off without having sex with them. Just as they were about to squirt, I ordered her to guide their cumshots in the already half-filled glass. As both dogs spurted their huge load in the glass, we left the stable and went back to the house for a nap.

“Today I’ll have a great surprise for you Britney!” I said as she entered the kitchen to take a cup of coffee. “Wow, what d’you have planed for me?” she asked. “I said surprise hon, so I won’t tell!! Just see what’s going to happen soon.” Britney sat down on the table taking a gulp of hot black coffee. “Yes, exactly this is going to happen sweetheart. ” I said with a smile. Of course she didn’t understand what I was talking about. So I took her by the hand and we stepped out of the house. There were already a couple of guys waiting with beerbottles in their hands. “Hi everyone! My name is DJ Tension, I’m the producer of that movie.” Britney looked at me still not understanding what was going on. “So, here are the instructions about the next few hours. This is the actress, the star of this movie, Mrs. Britney Spears. Say hello to Brit guys!” The crowd was screaming a welcome. Britney was still confused and asked me what kinda movie we will do together with so many people. “Ever heard of Bukkake, Brit?” I asked.

“Eeehmmm… y…. is that the thing where japanese girls get completely covered in cum from dozens of guys?” she whispered. “Yeah, exactly that’s it!!” I said. “You won’t ask me to do that, will you?” she asked with her eyes wide open. “I’m not sure if I wanna do that!” I grabbed her arm and forced her to walk over to the guys. Quickly everyone tried to grab that sweet little girlie. She looked so innocent in her yellow top and tight brown pants. Since she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples got stiff very fast. It didn’t take long for the guys to see that. “God, have a look buddies, her nipples are already hard. Real big hooters for a 16 years old slut! Well, now let’s begin the game…!” Two guys grabbed her arms and pushed her down on her knees. Quickly all guys were stroking their dicks and everyone tried to be the first one getting sucked off by the young girl. “Welcome to Celeb-Bukkake No. One!! Starring the famous singer Britney Spears & 100 horny guys!!” I screamed. Guy after guy shoved his tool into Britney’s mouth and she sucked as hard as she could. “Ok buddies, I need 50 guys to cum over her face and the rest will cum in this bowl here!” I ordered. “Just tell me when you’re ready to squirt!” It didn’t take long until the first few guys were about to shoot their load. So they stood in front of Britney and squirted stream after stream over her pretty face. One guy even forced his tool in her mouth and back-throated her. Britney quickly swallowed the load he shot deep in her throat. She seemed to know there would be still more to come… After the first cumshots, Britney was covered with a lot of cream already and there were still about 30 guys standing in the row to jerk off over her face. I managed that all other 50 guys shot their load in the bowl. It was about one liter of pure sperm and the guys knew what will happen to their semen. After 2 hours, all 100 guys had jerked off – some even twice or three times. But all shot their load either in the bowl or all over Britney’s body. She was still on her knees, completely covered in cum. Her hair, the face, her chin, even her clothes were soaking wet of cum. She didn’t really like it but she didn’t have any choice. “Wow… I counted 143 cumshots today Britney!! Over your face and in the bowl. And now hon, look at me. Do you see that glass? Do you remember what’s in there?” I helped her to stand up and guided her to the table with the bowl. “Yes, it’s the glass from yesterday. Containing my cum, my horses’ and my two dogs cum also.” I emptied the glass in the bowl. “Now Britney, let’s come to the final part of this movie. You’re completely soaked in cum. 50 guys shot more than 67 loads all over you. Now it’s time to get the other 50 guys satisfied.” Britney’s eyes were almost closed, she couldn’t hardly see how much cream the bowl contained. “I… cannot… please…. let me…. go…” she stammered. “Brit hon, you’re gonna drink that!! Empty that bowl! NOW!!” She was too tired to say anything. So she took the glass and filled it up with the mixed cum. I guided the glass to her mouth and she opened it. Gulp by gulp she emptied the glass. So I filled it up again and guided it to her mouth. Britney swallowed as much as she could. When she was about to throw up, I stopped for a short moment and gave her time to refresh. Then the game continued. Britney emptied glass after glass of that human and animal mixed cum, and didn’t stop drinking until the bowl was empty. She had now the cum of 101 guys, a horse and two dogs in her stomach. “Brit, you’re not going to throw up! That’s an order! But you’re allowed to sit down now.” She sat down and looked at me with her body completely covered in cum. Tears were running down her cheeks. “Happy Birthday Britney, and welcome to your party! I guess the movie could be sold all over the world, if you think about telling anyone about this!!” But Britney promised me to keep all this as a secret… remember?


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