Birthday Telegram

Birthday Telegram

Aaron pulled up to the large house and smiled, not believe his
luck. In his mind he knew that this was going to be a nice tip as he
walked up to the door, preparing his voice for yet another singing
of his special "Happy Birthday." He rang the door bell and cleared
his throat, making sure he knew it was what he thought it was, he
pulled his jacket tight to his body. The door opened to reveal a
beautiful teenaged girl, about eighteen, he smiled.
"Hi, I am here
to deliver a message to a Ms. Portman," he said. With this she
smiled big and led him in, moving him to a big living room where he
thought he caught the scent of lust in the air and looked over,
spotting the fact that the VCR had a tape playing in it, yet the TV
was off. Then he looked about the room at the faces there and let
out a bit of a gasp. The Ms. Portman was none other than Queen
Amidala…Natalie Portman. Beside her on the couch was the lovely
Britany Spears and Neve Cambell. On a love seat sat a girl he had
never seen before and Katie Holmes. By this point his heart was
beating wildly, his eyes trying to take in all the beauty in the
room. The girl who answered the door cleared her throat, "I believe
you said you had a message for Natalie?" With that Aaron smiled.
"Ms. Portman…I am from the Happy Birthday Delivery Service
and…," setting down the radio he had been carrying he pressed play
and "Happy Birthday" started playing. As it did, he started singing,
his eyes locked in on Natalie’s as he did. As he sang, his rich
voice filled the room and the girls all started to smile. About this
time, he sped up his singing, the music picking up tempo and then
becoming a techno mix. With the change Aaron began to rock his hips
about, his hands running up and down his body, he pulled off his
jacket and tosses it aside, revealing his hard, muscled chest,
covered only by a wife-beater t-shirt. With that the girls all
started to hoot and hollar as Natalie blushed and clapped. While
Aaron was not the biggest guy…a mere 5’6", 130lbs., he was very
attractive…and cut with muscles, his auburn hair flowed past his
shoulders adn was pulled back into a ponytail. With the hoots
beginning he quickly ripped his pants off, revealing a pair of tight
spandex shorts covering him as he rocked his hips and moved closer
to Natalie, his legs were bulging with muscles. His dancing was
making the room smell of lust more than he thought before and he
noticed as he moved closer to the couch that Britany had her thighs
spread a bit. He reached out to Natalie as he dances, he grinned to
her. "Happy Birthday Ms. Portman…I am the gift," with that she
blushed brighter and stood, rocking her hips close to his. He was
immediately springing to life and the ladies all noticed the nice
sized buldge growing in his spandex shorts, he took Natalie’s hands
in his and guided them to his chest so she could feel the muscles.
When she began to rub him he grabbed the neck of the t-shirt he was
wearing and tore it off slowly, revealing his hard pecs and flat abs
to the crowd of girls. Natalie giggled as she rubbed her hands
slowly down Aaron’s body, "And what is it that my present is going
to do next? He is out of garments save what covers something special
indeed," she said as she looked down at the growing bulge as she
rocked her hips against his. At this point the music stopped and
someone turned on the TV, Aaron peeked over as he heard a lot of
moaning and realized they were watching a porno…a group of girls
gang banging a guy…and each other. He took a deep breath as he
had just expected a simple strip and leave, but obviously these
girls wanted more. The girl he didn’t recognize that was sitting
beside Katie smiled and spoke up, "My name is Trish and there is a
hundred dollars in it if you stay until we are done with what we
wish to do." Aaron laughed, "Well, a pleasure to meet you
Trish…and no money needed…what guy in his right mind would turn
a single one of you down…let alone all of you. I am off after this
stop anyway so I can stay until Monday if you wish." The girls all
giggled at this and he felt a hand moving down his shorts and turned
to see the girl who answered the door, a short blond headed girl
with really nice sized breasts. "I’m Lora…I hired you for Natalie
here….but I think we might all get a present," she said as her
tiny fingers brushed against her now hard cock. "Think I found a big
present girls. With that Aaron smiled brighter, "I am Aaron and the
rest of you really do not need an introduction…I recognize you
all…hell I have fantisized about you all." His word brought a
smile to the four stars’ faces as Lora pulled down his shorts and
dropped to her knees, taking his hard cock into her mouth, licking
it gently. "That feels wonderful," Aaron let out quietly as he
pulled Natalie to him and kissed her, his tongue deep in her mouth,
swirling about. Her hand fell to her friends head as she broke the
kiss and bent to suck and bite on one of Aaron’s nipples. Now he
could see why the smell of pussy was so strong, Britany and Neve
weren’t wearing panties, both had their short skirts pulled up and
were rubbing their clits slowly as they watched the three lovers
getting started. Aaron then looked to Trish and Katie and saw
something that almost made him cum on the spot. Katie had her hand
on Trish’s clean shaven pussy, fingering her as she sucked on
Trish’s breasts. Trish was a nice looking red head with breasts
about the size of soft balls but with large nipples that already
stood out, reaching towards the sky. With all that he could see and
feel now, Aaron knew that this was going to be the night of his
As Aaron turned his attentions back to the events at hand, he
felt that there were now two mouths on his hard cock, he put a hand
on each head. Lora and Natalie took turns sucking hard on his cock,
taking him deep in their mouths as he groaned. After several
minutes of watching these two beautiful girls suck his cock he
groaned and said, "I am going to cummm…." With that Natalie
Portman, who was the one currently with the member down her throat
groaned and pulled him deeper. While rubbing her head and looking
down to her, "Well, I do believe I am the one with the greatest
present this eve," he said staring into her eyes.
As she pulls off his cock she realizes it didn’t lose it’s
vigor after he came, she looks up and smiles. "My party, I get
first try on this nice hard thing," as she says this she stands and
begins unbuttoning the white blouse she wears, finally releasing
the last button, Aaron slides his hands into her shirt and kisses
her deeply. As he begins to rub her bare flesh he notices the
sultry siren that had been fingering herself on the couch now had a
small blond head between her legs, Lora was eating Brittany out now
and her hand was rubbing Neve’s cunt.
At this point he decided that Natalie was where his attention
belonged and he pulled her shirt off and tossed it to the side, his
hands sliding up her body to take her small, pert breasts into his
hands through the silk black bra she was wearing. Feeling his hands
must have been to much as she reached back and unfastened her bra
for him, then pushed off her skirt as her tongue mingles with the
attractive man before her. As she pulls back she turns around and
lays her stomach on the couch, he trim ass facing him as he
gets on his knees behind her. Looking back she smiles coyly to him
before saying the words he had waited for, "Fuck me hard, show me
what you have fantasized about so often." With this he shoves his
hard cock into hearing her moan at the penetration.

At this point the other two groups were doing a great deal.
Trish and Katie were now laying on the floor with their heads
between each others legs. Trish was sucking hard on Katie’s clit as
Katie tried to lick the hot pussy in her face. With the work
on her clit though, she could hardly think enough to push her
tongue into the hot cunt. "Oh damn Trish…that is so wonderful,"
at this she finally catches the girl’s clit in her mouth enough so
that she can begin to return the favor.

While those two were busy sucking each other’s clits the three
girls on the couch were now getting into a frenzy. Brittany was
rubbing Lora’s head with one hand, who had her tongue deep
into the girl’s pussy, pumping it in and out. Lora’s other
hand was working hard and fast inside Neve’s pussy, two fingers
pumping in and out as her tiny thumb tickled the girls clit.
Looking down to Lora, Neve smiled and groaned a bit, having just
released Brittany’s nipple, "God, Lora that feels wonderful,
please put another finger in me…I want it sooo bad," with that
she gently bites on Brittany’s nipple, long enough to hear a little
yelp from the girl before going back to sucking on it.
"Damn Neve…not that hard…HARDER!!," Brittany groans in
pleasure, her nipples hard as diamonds in Neve’s mouth, her full,
natural breasts responding to the actresses mouth. Her other hand
was reaching around Neve’s back and cupping the woman’s breast,
rubbing her nipple gently as her hips begin to buck.
At this point Natalie’s moaning and Aaron’s grunting begin to
overtake all the noise in the room as he slams in and out of her
pussy with his throbbing cock. With each movement his cock
glistens with the juices from her wet, hot cunt. "OH YES!,"
Natalie screams as she slams back against him, her walls tightening
around him as her juices flow over his hard cock. Feeling the
beautiful girl of his fantasies cumming because of his cock he
groans and begins to shoot his cum deep into the girl. As he slowly
pulls out of the girl, his cock still almost hard as a rock, he
turns her around and kisses her deeply, then sits back against the
couch and pulls her into his lap. They begin looking around the room
and see four girls flailing in pleasure as they release within
minutes of the two of them. As Trish and Katie untangle, both f
their faces are covered in juices and they begin to lick each
other’s face clean. Then turning to the trio on the couch just in
time to see Neve’s hips raise and her juices run down Lora’s
small hand. Reaching up she places her fingers up to Brittany’s
mouth, who takes them hungrily and begins to suck hard as her hips
buck. As she groans and begins to reach her orgasm she almost bites
Lora’s fingers off, her juices covering the girls face. Lora lets
out a low moan as she laps up the juices.

Aaron shakes his head with a huge grin on his face. "I think
I am the
luckiest man on Earth," he whispers as he licks Natalie’s ear

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