Bitch? Perfect!

Title: Bitch? Perfect!

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Carrie Underwood, Anna Kendrick

Codes: FF, celeb, cons, oral, anal, fDom, bond, toys

Summary: Anna Kendrick has a proposition for Carrie Underwood

Disclaimer: The following is a fictional, consensual story about two female celebrities based off of Anna Kendrick singing Carrie Underwood’s song ‘Before He Cheats’ in her upcoming movie ‘Pitch Perfect 2’. Nothing in this story is implied to be true, it is all from the mind of the author. Any similarity to real actions between these women is purely coincidental.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online. When it comes to request, I will take them if they interest me and I like the celeb (no Miley, no Ariana, no Scarlett and absolutely no Kardashian/Jenner).

Carrie Underwood was about to sit down to watch the latest episode of ‘American Idol’ on a hot April evening in Nashville, Tennessee. With her husband away, she had a plan for a nice, quiet night at home alone, something she had not been afforded in several weeks. The country superstar had been busy performing for several weeks before her husband’s season in hockey recently concluded.

As she turned the television on and tuned to Fox, she heard the familiar tone of her doorbell ring through her large house.

“Who the hell could that be at this hour,” she said to herself as she stood up, adjusted her white tank top, pulled her black shorts out of her ass crack and headed downstairs.

Carrie reached the front door and opened it up, seeing a short brunette woman in a leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up and a hot pink skirt that reached half way down her thighs.

“Anna?” the blonde asked, shocked to see Anna Kendrick standing at her door step.

“Hi,” she said, going in for a hug.

After the hug, Carrie invited Anna inside and led her into the first floor den. The visitor sat down on the couch while her host went into the kitchen, grabbing a couple beers by request. Upon entering the room, the blonde singer sat across from her guest and took a sip of her drink.

“So, uh, why are you in Nashville?” Carrie asked. “I thought you were filming the ‘Pitch Perfect’ sequel.”

Over the previous several days, Anna and the entire cast of the upcoming sequel had been hard at work filming. With most of her time spent on the job, there was no time for friends or fun. This was the first non-co-worker she had seen and the first real alcohol she had drank since the beginning.

“Oh the main cast has a few days off, they are doing some extra shots,” she explained.

“Nice, but, uh, that doesn’t answer my question. Why are you here?” the still-confused blonde asked.

“It’s nice to see you too,” Anna said with a laugh.

“It’s not that I don’t want to see you,” she responded with a laugh of her own. “You should’ve called, we could have planned the night out.”

“This is more of a business trip for me,” she said, further adding to Carrie’s confusion. “We want to use one of your songs in the movie.”

“Really?” Carrie asked. “Wow, what an honor! I’m sure if the producers call my agent she will let it happen.”

“That’s why I’m here,” the brunette said. “We tried that for the first movie and we got shot down but I’m sure you were aware of that.”

“Not at all, this is the first I’m hearing of this,” she proclaimed, a hint of anger in her voice.

“So now you know why I’m here, I want to sing the song and I need you to sign this paper giving me permission,” Anna stated as she pulled a paper out of her jacket pocket.

“Anna, you know I want you to do it but I have an agent for a reason,” Carrie said, pushing the paper away.

“No no, I checked with the lawyers, this is all legal and binding,” she responded, again handing the paper to her friend.

“I have to do things by the book,” the blonde said.

“What do I have to give you?” Anna asked. “Do you want money? I have plenty of money.”

“Anna, please no-“

“How about dinner? Do you want to go out to dinner tonight, I’ll pay for the whole thing,” she interrupted. “Anything you want, all the drinks you can handle, a big chocolate cake for desert.”

“Calm down, I’m sure-”

“I can set up a meeting with Clooney, we’re tight,” she again interrupted. “Well, not ‘tight’ but he occasionally answers my texts. How about Ryan Gosling, I have a bit of twitter history with him…don’t ask what it is.”

“Oh I know the history, I read it,” Carrie responded, happy to finish a sentence. “Listen to me, I will talk to my agent tomorrow and get it done, you can sing my song.”

“Sign the paper,” Anna insisted.

Carrie grabbed Anna’s hands and looked her in the eye, attempting to get her focused.

“You can sing the song, you don’t need my signature,” she slowly explained.

“Yes you do,” the actress repeated just as slow. “What do I have to do to get you to sign the paper?”

“Anna, sto-”

“Do you want a bitch? I can be your bitch?” she loudly stated.

“Wha-wh-what?” Carrie asked as her eyes went wide.

“I’ll be your bitch, I’ll let you do anything sexually to me that you want,” she answered before standing up.

“Are you fucking serious?” the stunned blonde asked.

Anna turned around and bent over, keeping her legs straight as her fingertips touched the soft carpeting. With one hand, she reached behind her body and hiked her skirt up, revealing the pair of white panties covering her privates.

“Go ahead, have a go,” she told her from between her own knees.

“Anna stand up, you are embarrassing yourself,” Carrie said as she stood up.

The bent over brunette reached behind herself again, this time grabbing Carrie’s hand and pressing it against her ass cheek. The country superstar was still in shock as she felt the fine fabric against her palm. Slowly, she shifted her hand around, rubbing the perfectly round ball of flesh.

“Wow,” Carrie said to herself.

“You like?” her friend asked.

“I can’t say I hate it,” she responded.

“So do we have a deal?” Anna asked as she reached back and stoked Carrie’s freshly shaven legs. “I’ll be your total bitch for the night…anything you want from me.”

“Bitch? Perfect!”

Carrie pulled her hand back and whipped it forward, spanking the skin on her friend’s hip. Anna giggled as she realized that she had won. While in mid-laugh, she felt her blonde dominator grasp the fabric of her panties and rip them down her legs, revealing her bare ass. The brunette spread her legs, giving her a brief look at the lower part of her pussy.

“What should I do, mistress?” Anna asked.

“Stand up straight and turn around,” she commanded.

Anna did as told and faced her friend. Carrie lunged forward and planted a hard kiss on her lips, swirling her tongue around over every tooth in her mouth. After pulling away, she lightly slapped her across the face.

“Anna, jacket off!” she yelled, fighting back a laugh at her own somewhat-joke.

Anna pretended to reach for Carrie’s crotch for a second before chuckling and unzipping her leather jacket, revealing a black ‘Carrie Underwood Blown Away Tour’ t-shirt that hugged her chest tightly.

“You suck up,” Carrie commented before pulling the shirt off of her, showing her lack of a bra. “You NAUGHTY suck up.”

Anna simply smiled at her comments, arching her back slightly to push her bare breasts towards her mistress.

“Get on all fours and follow me,” the blonde demanded, slapping her across the breasts before picking up the leather jacket.

Anna dropped to her hand and knees and crawled behind Carrie as she went up the stairs. Once they reached the bedroom.

“Sit,” the blonde said. “Stay.”

Carrie entered her bedroom and closed the door. Anna sat on her knees, kept her eyes locked on the doorknob and her fingers pinching at her nipples while she waited. A couple minutes later, the singer opened the door and stood in front of her submissive friend wearing a pair of leather knee high boots and a very small pair of leather shorts. Anna’s eyes kept going north until she saw her dominator wearing the same leather jacket she herself had been wearing earlier with a riding crop in hand. She smiled as she saw the pigtails that she had tied her hair into draping over each shoulder.

“Enter, bitch,” Carrie said.

The thirty-one year old had secretly been waiting for a situation like this for a long time. For years, she had had secret affairs that were built around her as the dominator with a younger submissive woman under her control. Usually, she had given her female fans the honor of a sexual thrill but this was the first time anyone with a notable name was in her grasp. Ms. Kendrick had no idea how much of a pro she had given herself to.

“Lick my boot!” she yelled. “Bottom to top.”

Anna dropped her face to floor and slapped her tongue onto the toe of the boots. She closed her eyes and slowly trailed upward, moaning with every inch. Carrie lightly whipped her with the riding crop on her upper back.

“Faster!” the blonde screamed.

The submissive woman trailed her tongue up faster until she crossed off of the boot and onto her leg. Carrie grabbed her by the hair and bent down, getting in her face. She planted another hard kiss on the girl before dropping her to the floor.

“Now the other one,” she commanded.

Anna followed her orders and licked up the right boot, leaving a thin run of saliva on the expensive leather. The dominant girl again smacked her with the riding crop, this time on her ass which was still uncovered as the skirt remained hiked up around her waist. Once her tongue passed the boot on this leg, she was again grabbed by the hair and kissed.

“Get on the bed, flat on your stomach,” Carrie whispered in her ear.

Once on the bed, Anna felt a rope tie around her wrist. Carrie secured her arms in place by tying her to the bedpost. The bitch moaned as she tested her ability to break free. Knowing that she was locked in place only added to the intense pleasure racing through her twenty-nine year old body. She buried her face into the mattress as she felt her mistress sitting on her back. She could not see but the blonde had a long, rubber dildo in her mouth, lubricating it up for use on the smaller woman.

“I hope you like anal,” she said after the toy popped out of her mouth.

“I wouldn’t know,” she responded.

“You will soon enough.”

Carrie tore the skirt off of Anna’s body, completely stripping her of any clothes, before shooting a thick wad of spit onto her ass. She tickled the puckered ass hole with her middle finger, spreading the spit around before grabbing the fifteen inch toy with both hands and placing the head at her entrance.

“Get ready bitch,” she said before pushing down.

Anna screamed into the mattress as her anal cavity was invaded for the first time. She was shocked at how uncomfortable it felt as two, three, four inches stretched the walls of her anus.

“Oh my god!” she screamed.

Carrie was laughing her ass off as she felt her bitch squirm around underneath her. With more force, seven, eight, nine inches slid into the five foot, two inch actress.

“Do you want more?” the blonde asked.

“Bitches don’t make that choice,” she quickly hissed back.

Carrie gave her ass cheeks hard slaps before inching the toy farther in. As the eleventh inch entered her, she let go of the toy and spun around to face the back of her head. She grabbed one of the pillows off of the bed, stripped the pillowcase and wrapped it around Anna’s neck. With minimal force, she began to choke her, causing her legs to flail around while her ass clenched and kept the toy in place. She continued to choke her for a few seconds before letting go.

“Beg for more,” she whispered in her ear.

“I want more, mistress,” Anna said through coughs.

The blonde spun back around and grabbed the toy once again. She quickly pulled most of the toy out before slamming it back down.

“Ahh fuck!” Anna screamed.

“You love this don’t you!?” Carrie yelled as she rapidly fucked her virgin ass with the large toy.

“Yes ma’am!” she yelled between short breaths.

The force of Carrie’s fucking of Anna forced them both to bounce up and down on the bed. With the blonde’s pussy rubbing against her back, her vaginal juices slid out from under the small piece of leather covering her. Within seconds, she was grinding herself against Anna’s back while still fucking her with force.

The pain Anna felt was starting to dissipate and become replaced with a weird arousal. She could not believe how good it actually felt with some time. While there was still some pain, the power of pleasure was greater and overshadowed it.

Carrie took the toy in one hand while grabbing the riding crop. As she grinded and bounced on top of her bitch, she started striking her ass cheeks with the crop like a jockey on a race horse, leaving red marks with each hit. Anna’s screams were getting higher in pitch. The combination of the ass fucking, the riding crop and the folds of the sheets rubbing against her pussy caused the younger woman to soak her mistress’s sheets in her succulent juices. Her body began to shake, making the dominant blonde notice was what happening.

“Are you cumming?” she yelled as she pulled the toy out. “Answer me, bitch!”

Anna was too focused on her orgasm to even notice a word coming out of Carrie’s mouth. The blonde placed the toy under her neck and started choking her with it as she whined.

“Did you just stain my bed with your whore cum?” Carrie whispered in her ear.

“Ye-yes,” she struggled to respond.

“Oh you little bitch,” Carrie grunted as she started to undo the restraints on Anna’s wrists.

Grabbing her brunette slave by the hair, the dominant woman dragged her to the large stain of cum on the bed and rubbed her nose in it.

“Bad girl!” she snarled. “Bad, bad girl. Clean up your mess!”

Anna’s tongue slipped between her lips and tasted her own juices off of the sheets. A small smile came to her mouth as her face was being shoved into the stain. Within seconds, her entire face was coated in a thin layer of her feminine lust. Carrie repeatedly slapped her cheek and called her a ‘bad girl’.

Without her bitch noticing, Carrie unzipped her leather jacket, revealing the inside curves of her breasts. She wiggled her way out of the tight leather shorts, letting her cleanly shaven pussy breathe. Anna’s eyes shifted up and were staring directly into her throbbing, wet clit.

“You tasted yours, now taste mine!” she yelled before grabbing her by the hair and pulling her face tightly into her sweaty snatch. “Use your fucking tongue!”

Anna let her tongue separate the lips and slide into her tight pussy. Carrie let out a high pitched squeal of joy as her probing began. She kept her eyes locked on Anna’s ass as she rubbed the girl’s face over her crotch, feeling her nose, lips, tongue and cheeks rub against her sensitive lips.

“Make me cum fast or you’re going to pay,” she said, letting go of her hair and leaning back.

Resting on her elbows, Carrie shook her chest enough to let her breasts free from under the jacket. She threw her head back and stared at the ceiling as Anna went to work on her.

With her tongue popping in and out, Anna rubbed two fingers against her swollen clit. Her eyes were open, staring directly up at her mistress’s heaving chest. The sight of her perfect perky breasts rising up and down only fueled her raw passion, making her tongue move as fast as possible.

“Faster bitch,” Carrie whispered. “You have one minute.”

Anna slid two fingers under tongue and matched the speed of her tongue. This was all Carrie needed to explode in orgasm, spraying her passion juice all over the younger woman’s face. The brunette shut her eyes and giggled as she felt the hot spray add to the leftover cum from her own cunt already present.

“FUCK!” Carrie screamed as she fell flat on her back and groped her own chest as hard as possible while her body came down from the high.

“Did I do good, mistress?” Anna asked as she kissed up Carrie’s body until she was nose to nose with her.

“Not yet,” Carrie said, gently rolling Anna off of her. “Stand up, arms in the air!”

Carrie got up and grabbed her riding crop as her bitch assumed the position. She put the heart shape end of the crop against Anna’s cunt and gave her a kiss.

“Which song do you want to use?” she asked her.

“I don’t know,” she answered, receiving a quick, hard strike to her clit from the plastic.

“Pick one!” Carrie yelled.

“Um, ‘Good Girl’, mistress?” Anna suggested, receiving another hard strike.

“Why would I let a bitch like you sing about being a ‘good girl’? Try again!” she screamed as she squeezed Anna’s cheeks in her hand.

“Uh, uh, ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’, mistress?” Anna guessed, wrong once again,

“Jesus doesn’t love whores; he would never take the wheel to save you. Again!”

“’Before He Cheats’, mistress?” she asked, this time not receiving a strike from the toy.

“There’s the answer I was looking for,” Carrie said as she leaned in and kissed her neck before nibbling on her ear lobe.

Carrie began to rub the end of the crop against her beat-red clit, giving her pleasure instead of pain. The amount of abuse her clit had taken only heightened the sensitivity of her already-sensitive nub.

“Suck on my nipples and I will make you cum,” the blonde whispered.

Anna dropped her face to Carrie’s chest and took the nipple between her lips while her hand tugged on one of the pigtails. She suckled like a newborn on the stiff bud, allowing her tongue to run over it, adding more pleasure to her mistress. In response, her dominator dropped the riding crop and hooked two fingers into her swampy cunt.

Both girls were sweating profusely as they concentrated on filling each other with pleasure. Anna had Carrie’s left tit in both hands while she sucked on it like a straw in syrup. The blonde was moving her arm up and down faster than she thought possible. The smell of the bitch’s musky scent was wafting upward, directly into all four nostrils. Pheromones shooting into their brains only forced the primal instincts of both girls to rush at Mach speed.

With Carrie’s fingers almost sliding out of Anna, the time had come for the brunette to lose control. Her knees wobbled and she grabbed onto her mistress’s shoulders to remain standing as her second intense orgasm rang through her body. The blonde’s hand was drenched in the sweet-smelling nectar as she pushed Anna onto the bed. While the brunette rubbed the rest of her orgasm out, her dominator placed a hand on her thigh.

“I’ll sign the paper, you little bitch,” she said with a smile before licking her fingers clean and leaving the bedroom.

Two minutes later, Carrie returned to the room with the signed paper, allowing Anna to use her song in the movie. She rested the sheet on the bedside table before removing her leather boots and lying down next to her friend, wiping some sweat off of her bitch’s forehead.

“I’ve had a lot of girls that I’ve called ‘bitch’, but you are the only one that put up with everything I threw at you,” Carrie commented.

“How many girls?” Anna asked, still trying to catch her breath.

“I’ve lost count but you are by far my favorite,” she responded.

“Awesome!” Anna exclaimed as she twirled her finger around one of Carrie’s pigtails. “I’ll be your bitch any day!”

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