Bjork’s Show Stopper

Marsha was so excited. Here she was in Glastonbury at the big music festival. She had been enjoying much of the music, but the one artist she had been really looking forward to was Bjork. She had been a fan of the Sugarcubes and now Bjork was on her own, venturing out and doing new things. She was particularly happy with the fact that all attention was on Bjork now. She was infatuated with Bjork, her music, her style, and especially her looks. Marsha spent many nights listening to Bjork and letting her hands roam all over her body, always ending in intense orgasm.

So here she was, waiting for her favorite artist to come
on. Her friend that she had traveled with was off with someone she had met, but this didn’t bother Marsha a bit. In fact, it provided less chance of interruption. She wanted to give full attention to the Icelandic goddess she adored. While people were mulling around before the performance started, she made her way up closer to the stage. The only thing that bugged her was how at these large festivals, the audience could not get very close to the stage. It was also being filmed, so that prevented anyone from getting in the way of the cameras.

Nevertheless, she got as close as she could, almost up front. She was ready. It was unfortunate she couldn’t just strip down completely, as she was comfortable with her body and enjoyed being nude. She put her hair back in a pony tail and waited with anticipation. Her small nipples had become erect with excitement, knowing that as of late, Bjork often wore short dresses that displayed her beautiful legs for all to see. The sun was still shining bright which was sure to provide a good, clear view of the singer.

Just when she thought she couldn’t wait anymore, the band began playing “Human Behavior” and soon after, out came Bjork. A rush of adrenaline surged through Marsha’s body as she watched Bjork run around in a sexy, pink dress. It was very short as she was hoping. She let the edge of Bjork’s dress tease her eyes, as it was a thin, light material, freely bouncing with her every movement. Whether massaging her breasts, stomach or between her legs, she wished she could at that moment. She also had the strong urge to make love to Bjork and explore her body. She knew she was going to be aroused watching Bjork, but being so close to her and seeing her dark hair bounce around and tease the audience with her girlish movements, she felt she was going to explode.

Marsha danced in her own way to the music, like a belly dancer, dressed in jeans and a shirt with dirty blonde hair. She was mesmerized by Bjork, her beauty and her music. After only a few songs, Bjork slipped off the black shoes she had been wearing. Looking to one of the big screens, she was happy to see the camera shooting mostly full body shots, thus showing her feet. This caused a warm, tingling sensation to permeate all through her body and began to run her hands softly against her face and around her neck. The excitement increasing, she was giving herself goose bumps. She kept thinking what she would give to have the power to stop time and fulfill her desires. As she danced she closed her eyes and almost fell into a trance, her body moving as if by some other force.

Bjork had begun singing “Violently Happy” and this being Marsha’s favorite song, she tossed her sandals off while dancing. At that very moment, everything stopped. The music, Bjork’s singing, the crowd..everything. This broke Marsha out of her self-induced trance and opened her eyes to the scene. It was as if someone had taken a picture, preserving the moment exactly. Not one person moved. She looked to the stage and saw that Bjork was up on the tip of her toes, grasping the microphone with both hands, frozen in place. At first she was frightened, but quickly realized this was exactly what she had been thinking about. Could she have done it? It seemed impossible but it was the only explanation.

She quickly decided to take advantage of the situation, not knowing how long this would last. If it was her doing, she figured, then it would be hers to end. Since being the first person to probably ever experience this, she made an effort to be careful. Instead of trying to move forward towards the stage, she opted to get out of the crowd sideways. Slowly she made her way through. It seemed she could move a person’s arm but it took some effort and was not too concerned that she might knock someone over.

Finally out of the crowd, she looked at the stage as she walked towards it, climbing up and over various things. She walked towards Bjork slowly, still in disbelief that this was happening and that she was approaching a woman she has wanted for some time.

Standing next to her, Marsha looked around at the band and out towards the crowd. Nothing but a see of human mannequins. Now completely relaxed, she scanned singers’ body. The gleaming, black hair on her head, her sultry eyes, her flawless skin as it shined from her shoulders and down her arms. Marsha placed her hands on her own small breasts, massaging and squeezing them. Losing any inhibitions she had left, she pulled her shirt over her head and tossed in onto the stage. Her pants soon followed and as she now stood completely naked next to Bjork.

Standing to the right of Bjork, she gently ran her left hand through the singer’s hair. It was soft and silky as she brushed it back and out of her face. Leaning forward, she placed slow, light kisses on the cheeks of her face. She moved closer as her left hand continued down Bjork’s back, onto the dress and down onto her buttocks. Marsha felt her butt through the dress and raising it slightly, giving a glimpse of her panties underneath. But she didn’t want to delve into there just yet.

She moved her attention to her upper body, beginning at her neck. Moving to stand behind her, she gathered the singer’s hair in her left hand and ran her tongue up and down her neck. Marsha wrapped her right arm around front till her hand rested on the singer’s stomach. Passion was growing and she began kissing and sucking on her neck. The salty taste of Bjork’s perspiration just turned her on more as she relished the flavor.

Placing her other arm around her as well, her hands moved up to Bjork’s breasts and massaged them gently. She moved down her neck to her right shoulder, still kissing and sucking on her flesh. Bjork was leaning forward a little with her left leg farther back than her right. Utilizing the stance she was in, she kept kissing all along her shoulder and straddled Bjork’s left leg, putting it between her own bare legs. She wanted to taste more of her so she leaned down and gently lifting Bjork’s right arm, lashed her tongue at her armpit. It was warm against her tongue and the strong yet sweet taste danced along her tastebuds. She had begun moaning and could not get enough of it.

Giving the area under her arm one last kiss, she snaked her tongue up along the back of her arm to her elbow and planted a lasting kiss. Still, she wanted more and just let herself go freely. Kneeling onto the stage in place, she kept herself raised somewhat so that her swollen labia and clitoris rubbed against Bjork’s left heel and calf. Slowly humping Bjork’s lower leg now, her hands followed her and came to rest on the back of Bjork’s thighs. Her hands moved up and down them while she stared at them, so smooth, toned and perfectly shaped. She let her hands travel up higher till they disappeared under the dress. Each hand was on a cheek, the soft flesh feeling glorious against her palms and fingers. She squeezed repeatedly with both hands, enveloping the singer’s rear end. Still only watching the outside of her skirt and using the tips of her fingers, she followed the edge of the panties down between her cheeks. They were pulled tight between them and had crept up. A loud “pop!” sounded as she took the edges under her fingers and pulled them out, letting them snap back against her butt.

She didn’t want to orgasm just yet, so she rested her legs and sat on her knees. Both hands on Bjork’s thighs now, she kissed and licked them. Little trails of saliva could be seen as she explored them with her tongue. Starting around the back of her knee, she licked upward, then over to her right thigh, licking back down again to the same spot. Then applying her open mouth to the singer’s thigh, she sucked hard and bit with her teeth, leaving a big, strawberry colored mark where her mouth had been. She kissed the spot lovingly. Marsha did the same thing to her other leg, leaving her mark of affection.

She was in ecstasy now and her abundant juices were trickling down the inside of her own thighs. She liked this feeling and let them be, wanting to move lower now. She got to her feet and walked around in front of Bjork, Marsha’s bare backside exposing everything to the unbeknownst crowd. Turning around to look at the sea of people once again she thought about how fun it would be if they could see what she was doing. For a second, she pondered the thought that perhaps they could. That thought aside, she stood face to face with Bjork, placing her hands on hers. Bjork had been in the middle of belting out a note, so her mouth was wide open. Marsha saw her tongue and wanted to suck it so badly. But she could not, so instead she leaned forward, her hands still on Bjork’s, and ran her tongue along her lips, even licking into her mouth to her teeth. Moving up she licked up Bjork’s nose to her forehead and kissing it.

Once again, she knelt. Luckily, the microphone was offset some, so she had just enough room to kneel directly in front of her. She gently grabbed Bjork’s right leg and pulled it forward. Slowly, it moved till her toes pointed at Marsha’s face, her foot only a few inches off the ground. This was far enough and being that Bjork had been standing on her tippy toes, they were now pointed upward. Marsha couldn’t hold back any longer and took the opportunity to give her own body some attention as well.

Scooting forward and spreading her legs some more, she maneuvered so that Bjork’s right foot was just above her glistening wet lips. Marsha put her arms behind her and leaned back, supporting herself. She raised her hips just a little and the angle was perfect. The way Bjork’s foot was bent left only her toes to rub against. This was what she wanted anyhow, and proceeded to push against them. She looked up and fantasized it was Bjork herself rubbing her toes against her clitoris.

Bjork’s toes became soaked quick, shining in the sunlight. She thrusted harder and faster, her enlarged labia swallowing Bjork’s toes, then appearing again as they moved up onto her lower stomach and back down again. Using only her right arm to hold herself up, her left hand moved to her right breast and she pinched her nipple between her fingers. Marsha cried out, tossing her head back, moaning and reaching orgasm. With one hard thrust, she pushed until Bjork’s big toe momentarily sunk between her lips. She pulled back and it came back into view, covered in her orgasmic juices. She planted her left arm behind her again, catching her breath as the sensations subsided. She leaned up and looked between her legs. It had been big and the evidence of this was dripping onto the stage under her. In one motion she ran her hands between her legs, leaned forward, and took Bjork’s cute, little round toes into her mouth and sucked. Her hands moved to Bjork’s right lower leg and rubbed her nectar into the skin. For the next ten minutes, she sucked, licked and kissed her toes. It was wonderful enough to have Bjork’s toes in her mouth, but even better to be licking her own juices from them. It was delicious and it seemed to dissolve in her mouth like sugar.

She had now reached a state of nirvana and was lost in lustful and loving bliss. Having licked her toes clean, she gently set her foot back into place. Beginning at the top of the same foot and moving slowly, she licked the soft skin up to her ankle, then to her calf where the remnants of her orgasm were soaking in. She came to her knee, where she planted a deep kiss. Then continuing slowly along her thighs, she kissed and licked feverishly.

She was now where she had always dreamed of being. Slowly raising the front of Bjork’s dress, her white panties came into site. Marsha’s breath quickened and she became very anxious. Holding the dress up with her left hand, she placed her right upon the front of them. They were warm to the touch and became warmer as she turned her hand under and ran it between the singer’s thighs. She wanted to spend hours down there, taking in the delightful scent and drink it from the source, but she couldn’t. She decided that she wanted to leave it a mystery. So she removed her hand and simply placed a kiss upon the soft material that held the heavenly place in front of her.

She stood up, thinking and running her hands all over her own breasts while staring deep into Bjork’s eyes. Her hands had begun to travel between her thighs when she realized something. She hadn’t explored her backside thoroughly. She had to do it while she had the rare chance.

She walked around once again, her entire body now covered in a thin layer of sweat. Standing behind Bjork, she raised the back of the dress. The edge of her panties came into site as they hugged her buttocks, coming to a point and continuing down and under. She bit her lip and leaned down to plant kisses on each cheek. Like in front, she knelt at Bjork’s heels, this time behind her left foot. Unlike her decision previously, she decided to go a little further in this case. Holding the dress up with her right hand, she grabbed her panties and bunched them up before sliding them to the left side. They clung tightly to the cheek, but realizing she’d need both hands, she put her face in closer and let the dress fall and encompass her head. Now things were much darker and she felt like she was alone with the singer.

Starting with the right cheek, she ran her tongue in circles around it. She gripped the cheek in her hand and clenched it, then put it between her teeth and bit it, leaving visible teeth marks. Then she let go and kissed it several times, each time sucking it. During this time, she noticed something pressing between her legs. It was the heel of Bjork’s foot and without hesitation positioned herself accordingly.

She slid the panties to the cheek she just tasted and moved her hips up and down again, like before, this time her clitoris right at the top of the heel. It felt perfect. She did the same thing with the left cheek, licking all over it, now using more of her tongue. She grabbed part of it as well and bit it, again leaving teeth marks. Her juices were flowing profusely now, quickly wetting the back of Bjork’s foot.

She was even more turned on this time and kissed and licked more aggressively. She simultaneously slapped each cheek using both hands and watched her butt quiver for a moment, then rest in place. She slapped it again. Oh how she wanted Bjork to suddenly wake up and spank her for doing what she has done! She began grinding herself on the heel, wishing it could fill her up. She was sweating heavily with drops falling off her left nipple onto the back of Bjork’s thigh. They ran downward to meet her body again and mix with it’s other fluids. Every so often, she’d bring herself up higher and press into Bjork’s calf and let her swollen lips plant their own path of wet kisses down her leg.

Now rhythmically masturbating with Bjork’s heel, she brought her attention back to the butt in front of her. Still holding onto a cheek with each hand, she ran her tongue up the crease where her cheeks met. She wanted to see more, she had to. So, parting the cheeks slowly, Marsha beheld the small cavity. She moaned and humped more vigorously while staring at it, holding back from going further. Her eyes traveled deeper between Bjork’s legs and from the panties being pulled aside, she could make out a few dark, curly hairs peeking out from under the cotton.

That was enough to set her off. This overwhelming desire to do more gave her another orgasm. Her hands involuntarily let go of the cheeks, closing off view to the beautifully intimate place on her body. She wrapped her hands around Bjork’s butt, meeting at her stomach as she convulsed and thrusted against her entire left leg. She buried her face into her butt, crying out. Her whole body tensed one last time before slumping back. Her legs were shaking and she had to sit back on her legs folded under her. Her orgasm had been so strong that she had tears in her eyes and felt like weeping. She looked up at the back of Bjork with a feeling of great gratitude.

After sitting for several minutes to calm herself down, she stood up. She almost fell down again as her body was in need of some rest. She didn’t want to leave but knew she had to. It just couldn’t last forever.

Gathering up her pants and shirt, she slowly got dressed. She put her shirt on, then while stepping into her pants, she saw her digital camera laying on the stage. She had forgotten she had it and got an idea. But then she thought that it might not work given the circumstances. She tested it and it did for whatever reason, and with glee she started snapping picture after picture. She took a full body shot from each side. Laying down on her back between Bjork’s legs, she took a shot where her thighs came into view from each side, then up between her legs to her panties. She took close ups off every part of her she could think of. Her eyes, her open mouth, armpits, and several pictures of her feet as they had brought her so much pleasure.

Using up all the memory in her camera, she had to leave. She gave Bjork a sweet kiss on her cheek and made her way off of the stage. She felt like she was waking up from a great dream but fighting to make it last. But it was soon about to end. She found her spot and her sandals nearby. Placing her camera in a pocket it wouldn’t fall out of, she slipped her sandals back on. Everything continued from exactly where it had stopped. Marsha smiled to herself and again danced as Bjork sang her favorite song.

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