Black Out

It was a warm august thursday morning on the set of “Foxxy

Friends,” the morning program at the Foxxy Network News


The show’s host this morning; the always pretty; Juliet Huddy

was in a hurry to get it over and done with. The reason for

her unrest was that today was finally the day! The day that

she moves from her shared office in the deep basement confines

of the Foxxy Net News building into her new, private, [and

spacious], office on the 10th floor!

“Come on; MOVE!” She thought
to herself as she stared at the

clock behind camera #1. As if time would move any faster if

she willed it to.

“Just one last segment and I can start packing my things and

escape from the dungeon.” Her nickname for the small, crowded

office she shared with Kiran Chetry; another of her co-hosts

on the show.

“God; it will be great to have space and privacy to myself!”

The pretty, leggy, blonde thought to herself.

“And I certainly won’t miss the sexual shenanegns going on

between Kiran and her ‘mentor’. Mr K. Fooling around with the

boss to get more on air time; It’s discusting!”

Yes, Juliet was more than ready to get her own office at

last! She was impatiently swinging her leg, pearched ontop of

the thigh of her other, miniskirted leg. She took little

notice of the fact that this caused her, oh too short skirt,

to hike up even higher than it already was. Revealing the

white panties she wore underneath to the grateful male members

of the show’s production crew.

Juliet usually liked the attention her long legs and great

figure brought to her. She liked nothing better than flirting

with the guys on the set and seeing their reaction to her

‘come hither’ ways.

It wasn’t a successful show if she wasn’t able to put a

hard-on in every man’s pants within viewing distance of her

long, gorgeous, gams!

But today was moving day; not flirting day!

“Thirty seconds.” The sound of the floor director’s voice;

Greg, the cute intern, snapped Juliet out of her mussings.

“Looking good; Jule’s.” A grinning Greg shot at her as he

returned to his spot next to camera #1. It was more than

obvious that Greg and his cameraman pal, Harry were fixated;

as normal; on her legs. She noticed the bulge of the

erections they both had in their pants.

“Some one’s going to be jerking off in a short while.” She

smiled at the thought of the cum that would soon be flowing

because of her legshow.

The final segment started. Juliet was seated next to the

pretty and perky little financial blonde; Terry Keenan. Terry

was there to comment on the previous day’s 100 point rise in

the stock market.

Juliet wasn’t much interested but tried to pay attention to

what the business babe was saying.

When the segment ended; Juliet and her male co-hosts; Mike and

Jullian; gave a fond fairwell to the audience as they turned

the show over to Patti Ann Browne, the cute brunette who was

doing this mornings news updates in place of Kiran.

Juliet rose from her seat and turned toward camera #1. It was

her intention to ask Greg and Harry if they would help her

move some heavy boxes for her up to her new office.

She immediately realised that these two had other things on

their perverted minds.

Greg and Harry were standing behind the camera; out of sight

from the rest of the shows production crew. They were;

however; in direct sight of both Terry and herself.

The two men had their hard cocks out of their pants and were

furriously jacking themselves off in full view of Terry.

A glance back at Terry showed she was aware of what the

boys were doing. The papers she held on her lap gave Terry

an excuse to spread her short skirted knees apart and give

the guys a nice view of her milky white thighs and black

panty covered pussy!

>From the smile on Terry’s face; she wasn’t about to close her

knees until Greg and Harry had spilled all their jism onto

the floor of studio A.

“it’s obvious that these two are a lost cause! I’ll have to

find another man to help me move.” As she thought this she

spotted the figure of Terry’s male business assistant Kevin;

leaning against the wall just off the program set.

It was apparent from his crossed arms and the scowl on his

face that he also spotted the guys jerking off to Terry’s

lovely legs.

Juliet knew that Kevin liked her a lot. In fact, the cute

business helper had told her right out that he thought she

was a pretty sexy lady!

Juliet knew she had found the help that she needed to make

the big move.

She approached Kevin and said; “Hi stranger. What’s up?”

“Those pervert’s dicks; That’s what!” he replied in disgust!

Juliet knew that Kevin secretly wished that he was side by

side with Greg and Harry; chocking-his-chicken at the sight

of Terry’s goodies.

“I have a favor to ask you.” Juliet whispered into Kevin’s

ear. At the same time she placed her hand on Kevin’s crotch

and gave his cock a gentle squeeze.

“Would you be kind enough to help me move some heavy boxes

up to my new office? I would be very appreciative if you

could help me out.”

Kevin moaned as Juliet’s soft hand caressed his rapidly growing

bulge in his pants. The fact that Juliet’s hot breath was

falling on his neck along with her tongue finding it’s way

into his ear; easily brought forth the answer which the pretty

blonde host desired.

“I’d be glad to.” he managed to stammer out. “But I have a

production meeting to go to. Today is when we prepare for

saturdays business shows, you know.”

“I’ll see you at 2:00pm. That should give you enough time to

finish your business.” Juliet gave Kevin a quick kiss on the

cheek and one last grasp of his now, full erection, in his


Kevin caught his breath and eyed the sexy morning show host

as she walked away. Her tight ass and long legs in full view

until she rounded she corner out of sight.

“Ready to go?” Kevin startled at the sound of Terry’s voice

as it pushed the thought of Ms Huddy’s figure from his mind.

“Only if you’re ready to leave.”

“Oh, I think that they’re finished now.” the pretty blonde

busines host said as she tilted her head towards where Greg

and Harry were standing.

Kevin could see the lewd smiles on his two friends faces as

they retuned their flacid manhood back inside their pants. Two

puddles of creamy jism stained the floor at their feet.

“Terry, you are SUCH a tease!” He said to her as they left

for the production meeting.

“Oh, you’re just jealous because you weren’t able to join

them!” She said with a wicked grin on her face. “After all,

you’ve done the exact same thing in front of Brenda, Dagen,

and myself at least 15 times!”

Kevin blushed as Terry said this. It was true! He had lost

track of how many times the business babes of Foxxy News had

let him see their ‘view of heaven’ while he pleasured his


The pay at Foxxy News was piss poor at best; but the

‘extra benefits’ the ladies presented from time to time, more

than made up the cash shortfall.

As they approached conference room #3 where the meeting was to

take place; Terry suddenly turned to her cute business

assitant and said;

“How about I make it up to you? We have some time before

the meeting.”

Kevin recognised the tone in her voice and the playfull gleam

in her sparkling blue eyes. Terry was about to go from tease

to please. And he was to be the lucky recipient of the

pleasure she was to give.

They went inside conference room #3 and Kevin locked the door

behind them. No need for Brenda or Dagen or even their boss,

Ned; to stumble on the ‘business meeting’ Terry had in mind.

Terry sat on the big conference table. She raised her pleated

skirt up and opened her legs wide to give Kevin a full

view of her soft legs and black panty covered pussy.

“I can see you’re not mad at me anymore.” she teased as she

noticed the bulge in Kevin’s pants.

“Come on stud! Whip it out! We don’t have much time you


“Yes, ma’am.” Kevin answered as he quickly dropped his pants and

exposed his rigid pecker to the smiling, pretty business blonde.

“You ARE ready for business; I see!” Terry’s eyes grew wider

as they took in the sight of Kevin’s erect manhood.

Kevin walked up to Terry and gave her a hard, tongue probing


His hands fumbled with the buttons on Terry’s black sweater.

He managed to undue all of them while their mouths eagerly

probed the insides of each others mouths.

When he slipped the sweater off of Terry’s sholders he was

pleased to see she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her small, perky

breasts and nipples were hard and ready for his hands and


He bent down and took one small breast entirely into his

mouth. His right hand found it’s way to her free tit and

began to tweak and fondle it.

Terry moaned as Kevin’s lips sucked and licked on her milky

white mound. She held his head as he went from one breast

to the next; kissing, licking, and sucking on her mounds of


After a few minutes he stopped his oral breast massage.

He looked at the beautiful business blonde and flippantly said;

“Hey; I’m the one who needs cheering up!”

Terry looked into his eyes with a playfull lust. It was time

to pay him back.

She dropted to her knees and found herself even with his

twitching penis. It was slick with his precum; the taste which

she enjoyed.

Her mouth opened slightly and her tongue snaked out. It found

the tip of his rigid member and licked the creamy liquid from


Kevin let out a loud moan as Terry kissed the cock in front

of her. She opened her mouth and slowly slid the entire

length of his tube steak into her tongue and throat.

The pretty blonde began a slow sucking motion of the mammeat

inside her mouth. Faster and faster she went; swallowing the

length of his cock and sucking it to it’s tip.

The only sounds were the sucking from her mouth and the moans

coming from Kevin.

He could feel his climax approaching; He grabbed the back of

Terry’s head as she continued to deepthroat his soon to

explode, manhood.

Terry stopped her bobbing and concentrated on the head of

Kevin’s penis. It started to twitch as her talented mouth and

tongue did their work of pleasure.

Kevin moaned as the buildup of jism was ready to spew forth.

Terry started jacking the pulsing member in her mouth and

opened wider to recieve his creamy gift.

Kevin spurted a stream of come into beautiful Terry’s mouth.

She jacked the twitching member as it shot a steady mass of

gooey cum all over her face and down her breasts.

When his penis had emptied itself into Terry’s mouth and on

her face and tits; She grinned up at him with the

satisfaction of a blowjob well done.

Terry raised up to her feet; fresh jism dripping from her face

and boobs.

She gave Kevin a final kiss.

“Does that make up for not letting you jack off with Greg

and Harry?”

“Hell yes!” He smiled at the cum covered face before him.

“Now it’s MY turn to taste you!”

“I think not!” Terry replied with more than a hint of regrete

in her voice. “We’re out ot time!”

A quick glance at the clock on the wall showed that Terry was

right. They just had enough time to clean up and dress before

the others arrived.

Just as Terry finished putting the finishing touches to her

makeup; the door which Kevin had unlocked just 30 seconds

earlier; sprang open.

Beautiful business babe Brenda Buttner and lovely business

correspondent, Dagen McDowell entered in a rush.

“You two are here early.” Brenda said.

“They probably had some last minute preparations to do.” Dagen

replied to the red haired Brenda as they settled into their


Brenda noticed a slight blush on both Terry and Kevin’s faces.

She looked at Terry and the perky little blonde slowly licked

her lips and smiled back at her.

“Terry, you DIDN’T,” began Brenda.

“Don’t worry; she didn’t swallow it all!” This came from a

grining Kevin.

The tall, slender, brunette; Dagen laughed out loud.

“Next week I want to have a pre-meeting discussion with you,

Kevin. Besides; I AIWAYS swallow!”


Juliet Huddy looked up at the clock. It was 1:55pm as she

finished packing the last of her belongings and office supplies

into a carboard box.

“Well, I’m ready.” she thought.

She was relieved when Kevin walked in at 2:00pm exactly.

“Right on time I see.” the pretty blonde said to the happy

young man before her. “Ready to get to work?”

“You bet!” Kevin announced with a certain level of glee in

his voice.

After the ‘meeting’ he just had with Terry Keenan; an

afternoon of lugging heavy boxes up to the 10th floor didn’t

seem too daunting a task.

Besides; Juliet was a sexy, and fun person to be around. He

closed his eyes for a minute as he thought back to earlier

that morning as Juliet had asked him if he would help her


Her hot breath and tongue in his ear along with the soft

touch of her hand on his crotch; were what he remebered. He

wondered just how she would show her appreciation to him for

his help.

His mind raced with the sexual thoughts of a ‘thank you very

much’ fuck from the pretty blonde host.

But reality set in when he reminded himself that “It’ll

probably be lunch; her treat; at the Foxxy News cafeteria; not


“Where do we start, pretty lady?”

Juliet blushed slightly at the compliment paid to her.

“You can start taking those boxes by the door out into the

hall. I was able to get a four wheel cart from maintenance

we can use.”

“We also have exclusive access to the freight elevator for the

next three hours. No reason to lug these heavy boxes around

any more than necessary.”

“That’s cool with me.” Kevin answered as he picked up the

first box and carried it into the hall to place on the cart.

He was grateful that Juliet had thought of the cart and the

elevator. He wasn’t too keen on the idea that he would be

lugging heavy cartons up 10-11 flights of stairs.

It only took him a few minutes to load the cart with it’s

first cargo.

“First loads ready.” he announced. Wiping a bead of sweat from

his forehead.

He walked over to where Juliet was. She was sitting on a

stool next to the remaining boxes to be moved.

The stool was very short and Juliet had to hkie up her short

leather miniskirt to sit on it. Her knees were up to her

head practically as she was almost sitting on the floor.

Kevin didn’t mind the unlady-like position she was in because

he got a perfect upskirt view of Juliet’s lovely legs and a

clear view of her white, lace panties.

If Juliet was aware of the view she was giving Kevin; she

didn’t let on. She was engrossed on the notepad she had in

her hand.

“This will work out great, Kevin. We should only have to make

two trips to move everything!”

She leaned forward a little and Kevin caught a glimpse of her

magnificent breasts in a lace bra through the unbuttoned top

of her tight white blouse.

Juliet studied the notepad for a few minutes more.

She looked up at Kevin and noticed him looking at her with

more than a hint of arrousal.

She didn’t mind that she was showing him more than what might

be called proper. Besdies she liked the fact that men in

general liked looking at her legs, her breasts, and even her

tight, sexy, behind.

The size of the bulge she saw in Kevin’s pants told her he

definitely liked what she was showing him.

For just an instant; a thought of sex went through her mind.

She was planning on thanking him for his help with dinner, on

her. After seeing the size of his bulge; along with the

sudden wetness between her legs; she might have to reconsider

her payment.

Kevin was cute; and she certainly turned him on! She

wondered if his cock was as big as it looked in his pants.

“Stop it, Juliet.” She scolded herself. “it hasn’t been THAT

long since your divorce! Besdies you just had sex last

weekend, remember? No need to follow through on these lewd

thoughts; is there?”

She looked up at Kevin and said in a non challant voice; “If

you’re through gawking at my pussy and boobs we can get this

show on the road. There’s work to be done.”

Kevin reached down and pulled Juliet up. Their eyes met for a

second and quickly turned away. Kevin noticed a slight blush

on Juliet’s cheeks. He also felt awkward. He was caught red

faced peeking at Juliet’s privates; upper and lower.

He didn’t mind the show.

It took the two of them about a hour and a half to unload

the first cart and store the belongings in Juliet’s plush,

new office.

Juliet was like a kid on Christmas morning finding the perfect

gift under the tree. Everything about her new office was just


They quickly emptied the basement office of the last of

Juliet’s things. When they had finished unloading the last cart

of boxes; it was almost 4:00pm.

“You know; I’m starving Kevin. Why don’t we call it a day

and step out for some dinner? My treat!”

Kevin was hungry. And the thought of having a ‘dinner date’

with beautiful blonde, Juliet Huddy was too good an opportunity

to pass up!

Juliet slung her carry all sholder bag over her sholder and

followed Kevin out the door, locking it behind her.

She turned and headed toward the freight elevator once more.

“Hey, wrong way!” Kevin admonished her.

“Come on silly! This is OUR private elevator until 4:00pm. or

did you forget?” She was in a good mood as the doors to the

elevator closed.

Kevin looked at the pretty host and she smiled back at him.

Kevin pushed the button to the lobby.

As the elvator started its downward journey; the two of them

were glad that this days work was nearly through.

Things were going great. Events would soon prove how wrong

they were in this belief!


As the elevator decended, Kevin looked over at the pretty

blonde standing next to him.

Juliet Huddy was absolutely beautiful. Her tight white blouse

coveed her nice firm breasts and the short, leather miniskirt

showed more than enough of her long, lovely legs to catch

any mans eye.

Kevin couldn’t believe that here he was; alone in an elevator

with lovely Juliet. On his way to a ‘dinner date’ of sorts

with the sexy blonde. Best of all; SHE was taking HIM out.

“Kevin,” began Juliet’s soft voice; “I want to thank you once

again for helping me move my things into my new office.

If there’s anything I can do for you; just say it;

and it’s done.”

Kevin had a great idea of how Juliet could pay him back.

Little did he know how soon; or in what manor; this would


The elevator slowed for a second or two, the lights dimmed

for a second as well.

“Ut, Oh! I don’t like the looks of this.” Kevin was


All of a sudden the elevator lurched to a stop. The lights

flickered and then went black; plunging the two of them

into darkness.

“What happened? What’s going on, Kevin?” There was real fear

in Juliet’s voice.

“Looks like a power failure. Nothing to worry about. There

are two emergency generators that are supposed to kick on

when this happens.” Kevin hoped that Juliet did not pick up

on his fear.

“Kevin; where are you?” Panic began to creep into Juliet’s

voice. She reached out her hand in the dark. She felt

reassured when she felt the strong grasp of Kevin’s hand in


“The lights should come back on, once the generators kick

in.” Kevin found that he was talking to calm himself as much

as to calm Juliet.

He was nervous and scared himself. He hoped Juliet

wouldn’t hear his shallow gasps for air; or hear the

pounding of his heart. No sense in both of them being


There was a tense silence for a couple of minutes. Kevin

could feel Juliet edge closer to him. She was trembling.

He put his arm around her and gave her a hug.

“Thank you; she softly sobbed. “I don’t like being in the

dark and I don’t like being in small places.”

Kevin held her even closer; the smell of her perfume and

the feel of her soft skin next to his gave him

confort as well.

Just then, the emergency lights of the elevator came on.

Juliet seemed to calm down somewhat but was still shaking

like a leaf. Kevin held her even closer and tighter. He

was afraid if he let her out of his arms; the pretty

host would be lost to him forever.

They both jumped with a start when the emegency telephone

on the back of the elevator rang.

Picking it up Kevin said with a sigh of relief; “I’m

glad to hear from you guys. When can we get out of


The voice on the other end explained that the emergency

power is on for now; but they can’t run the

elevators. They would task the generators too much.

Hanging up the phone, Kevin turned to Juliet. “Looks like

we’ll be here for the next 2-3 hours. They can’t use

the elevators until full power is restored.”

“Two, three hours? I can’t be alone for that long!” There

was real terror in her voice.

“Hey you’re not alone! I’m stuck too, remember?”

“Hold me. I’m frightened!” Juliet lost herself in Kevin’s

strong arms. She felt safe in their embrase.

“I always wanted to be alone with Juliet,” he thought to

himself. “Being stuck in an elevator wasn’t exactly what I

had in mind.”

“I’m really scared Kevin. Will you help me through this?

I need your help.”

“I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. What can I do to


Juliet moved her head closer to his. Her eyes glissoned

with tears. Their lips met and they locked themselves in

a wet, passionate kiss,

Their arms intertwined with one another. The closeness of

their bodies only inflamed the passion they were feeling.

Juliet suddenly parted her lips from Kevin’s. She looked

deeply into his eyes.

“I need you to make love to me! Fuck me! Make me

forget where we are and the trouble we’re in!

Can you do that for me, Kevin?”

He looked into her blue eyes; still moist from her fearful


“Yes. I’ll help you forget.” He pulled her closer once

again and kissed her hard.

They began to undress one another

with a renewed fury. Arms, legs, hsnds went everywhere at


Clothes were recklessly discarded.

They found themselves facing each other with nothing more than

Juliet’s lace bra and panties standing between Kevin’s rigid

cock and Juliet’s ready, waiting, and oh so willing love


Kevin stepped back and said to the still trembling figure

of Juliet Huddy; “Are you sure you want to do this? We

can still stop.”

Juliet smiled at him. She looked at his rigid penis, Twitching

up and down in anticipation of impaling itself into her

tight, blonde, quim; her tight anal browneye; and into her

warm, sensuous mouth.

She took off her lace bra and let it fall to the floor of

the elevator. She slowly removed her lace panties; revealing

her neatly trimmed bush to him.

“Yes, I’m sure! Now FUCK ME, Kevin. Make love to me!

Your wildest wet dream is about to ‘cum’ true!”

They entered each others welcome embrase again. Their lips

parted and searched the inner reaches of each others mouth.

Their bodies became one; flesh on flesh; savoring the texture

and warmth of their hot skin!

Kevin pushed Juliet to her knees. She began to kiss and lick

the turgid love pole in her face, Her tongue darted around

the head and shft. A quick flick of her tongue here; a long

lick and suck on his cock, there.

When he couldn’t take the shapely blonde’s tongue teasing any

more; Kevin sat Juliet against the back wall of the


He positioned his cock in front of her wiling mouth. She

opened wide and he slid the entire length of himself past

her wet lips and tongue; deep into her throat.

He had always dreamed of giving Juliet a face fuck she; [and

he]; would never forget. Now his dream bacame fact.

He grabbed the rail around the elevator wall and used it as

a handhold as he slammed his manmeat into the mouth and throat

of Juliet Huddy.

She grabbed his ass and eagerly guided his cock in it’s

journey down her throat. Each thrust pushed his soon to

explode dick to the back of her throat. Her sucking sounds

mingled with his moans.

“Yeah, baby! I’m going to cum!” His voice was rasphy as his

balls were ready to empty themselves into the pretty hosts


Juliet pushed the cock out of her mouth. She concentrated on

the round head with her expert sucking skills while she jacked

the base of his love pole.

“Yes!” he cried out as her cocksucking skill brought out the

desired result.

His cock spasmed over and over. The first two squirts deep

inside her warm, friendly mouth; whch she gratefully


Her furious handjacking brought forth three or more streams

of his love seed which covered her face and neck.

She stood up from her; now finished; cocksucking and gave

Kevin a kiss.

She smiled at him and said with a gleam of lust in her

eyes; “Now you please me! Eat me, fuck me, come inside me!”

Kevin kissed her from her neck down to her to ample, love

mounds. Juliet’s

breasts were big enough that he was only able to get half

of each one into his mouth at a time.

She moaned as he kissed, licked, sucked and manually fondled

her two flawless breasts.

He stopped sucking on them after a few minutes. Her nipples

were stiff and somewhat sore from his oral lovemaking.

Kevin kissed down her body until he reached her neatly

trimmed love mound. He looked up into her smiling face and

said. “Dinner is served.”

Kevin laid Juliet down on the wooden floor of the evevator

and spread her lovely, long legs wide. The inviting v shape

of her legs led directly to her hot, wet, pussy. Waiting

for his oral assault to begin.

He dove headfirst into her honeypot. His tongue was like a

guided missle. It’s mission: seek out and devour the red

little love nub; hidden underneath it’s protective cover of


Juliet moaned in pleasure as he hit his mark. This talented

tongue and mouth made quick work of her clitoris and juicy


She arched her back as he licked her love button one final

time. Her orgasm was swift and complete. Her pussy covered

his face and filled his mouth with it’s female juices.

Kevin lapped up what he could of Juliet’s love sauce.

He positioned himself in front of her spasming quiim and

thrust his recharged penis deep within it’s welcome grasp.

Kevin marveled at how tight her spasming nookie was. Each

thrust of his hips pushed his cock deep inside her warm,

tight, love mound.

Juliet wrapped her legs tightly around him as he completed

his fuck of her hot quim.

Juliet cried out in her argasm as his cock deposited it’s

creamy discharge into her undulating womb.

While she was still in the throes of her passion; Kevin

turned Juliet over and thrust his cum and pussy juice

covered cock up her tight ass hole.

Juliet gasped as the anal intruder impaled itself entirely

inside her browneye. Kevin pushed his ass reamer as hard and

fast as he could inside Juliet’s tight anus.

She bucked her hips back at him in rythym. Both their goals

were the same; to have him shoot his fianal load deep

inside her bowels.

Kevin shuddered as his ass tool emptied itself into Juliet’s

welcome ass!

When he had finished; he laid on top of the lovely lady;

not wanting to extract his spent member from her just fucked,


He finally pulled himself out and held Juliet in his arms one

final time. Neather one of them wanted this mood to be


Juliet gave Kevin one last kiss and then started to retrieve

her clothes.

Just then; the blair of the elevator phone jumped out at them

once again.

The voice on the other end said that power is being

restored. They should be rescued in about 20 minutes

if everything goes well.

The Black Out; and Kevin and Juliet’s dream fuck; were


When the elevator reached the lobby and the doors

opened; a round of applause greeted Kevin and Juliet.

It seemed like the whole staff of Foxxy News

was waiting to welcome them back from their ordeal!

Juliet gave Kevin a kiss on his cheek which brought

another round of applause from those gathered around the

open elevator.

“Thank you for helping me out and being there when

I needed you the most. I still owe you a dinner.

And a night of hot, passionate, fucking!”

Juliet turned and walked away. Her sexy, just fucked

ass; drawing stares from all the men present.

Terry, Brenda, and Dagen came up to Kevin. They

were all abuzz as to what happened.

“What happened?” Kevin answered. “Nothing much. I

just helped Juliet move some things; that’s all.”

Kevin secretly wished that Juliet needs somrthing

else moved. And SOON!

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